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Betty Wright

Bessie Regina Norris, better known by her stage name, Betty Wright (born December 21, 1953), is a Miami-based soul and R&B singer-songwriter, who won fame in the 1970s with hits such as Clean Up Woman and Tonight Is the Night .

Happy Birthday Al Green Angie Stone Rick Ross Michael Jackson Kanye West Southern Soul Buffalo Soldier Johnny Taylor Willie Hutch Bobby Womack Candi Staton Marlena Shaw Lenny Williams Steve Harvey

AFTER THE PAIN by BETTY WRIGHT.remixed by GoDj Idol by Go Dj True Pioneer (SCRATCH E MANN)
Ok so Betty Wright was on keke Palmer snap preachin ok 🙌🏾 she needa b my auntie or somethin 😂
Bro Betty Wright was kicking hella knowledge 😅
All of my babies know that I preach all day... I ain't trying to hide ...
Ms. Betty Wright & Keke Palmer gave me all my life this morning on snapchat 😇
The fact that is just chilling in my hood having casual conversation with THE Betty Wright! Getting all of my life. Yes!
I would say I am viewed as the oldest teenager in my family because th...
Betty Wright was spittin true knowledge on 's snapchat. She left me with a whole different outlook in things
.says she demanded the same pay as for "House of Cards"
& Betty Wright's impersonations of Eddie King in 5 Heartbeats had me rollin 😂 I'm about to go watch it rn on Netflix!
Currently tuned into "Soul Food Course 4: Angie Stone, Al Gre..." by - at
Princeton is serving y'all Barry White and Betty Wright at the same time and y'all sleep.
"When you abide in your calling there is no competition." - Betty Wright
KeKe Palmer got Betty Wright on her snapchat. What you know bout Betty, KeKe? 👀
On Air: . Betty Wright - I'll Love You Forever Heart And Soul . Only on ! . Tune in! moves...
I love Betty wright we have the same birthday and I use to listen "tonight is night" before I went sleep before I even knew what she (1/2)
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I just used Shazam to discover Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright.👍🏾💃🏽
Betty Wright giving me life on snap.
If you know who Smokey Robinson, Patti Drew, Otis Redding, Betty Wright, Temptations, and/or the Delegation. I applaud to…
Actual concerns at the point. Y'all check on Berry Gordy? Check on Betty Wright! All of them
Shariece Wright is here to represent all who look like her & whose American Dream is just as real
I'm listening to Tonight Is Night Pt.1 (Rap) by on
grandpa out listening to Betty wright talking bout " o u don't kno nun bout this child,This my old jam" 😂ik a Lil old school jams pops💯
I'm tired of people disturbing the peace, getting on the radio and sounding...
This my song! Betty Wright radio rides lowkey lol
Now how do I add Betty Wright's "Thank You For The Many Things You've Done" if it's not even in the *entire* collection? 😳
Sounds like the start of a Betty Ren Wright novel
"I found GOD to be universal but JESUS is personal" -The Late Great Queen Betty Wright , wife of The Late Great Rev. Timothy Wright
Every Sunday my Aunt Connie turn on some Betty Wright and clean tf outta her house
I love competition because I've always run faster when somebody was running...
I'm not about to play with Deja and Her new HG Betty Wright 😂
Betty Wright sung about losing her virginity. Mary Jane by Rick James...
I'm so excited about summer just for the outside concerts! Last one I went to was Betty Wright, the SOS Band, Regina Belle, & Lenny Williams
If he can listen to Johnny Taylor, Sir Charles Jones, Mel Waiters and Betty Wright w/ me then he is definitely a keeper.
Betty Wright - Mother Wit, Etta James - the best of Etta James and Mary J. Blige- my life
Richard "Dimples" Fields and Betty Wright - She's Got Papers On Me. I love that song
I've been listening to betty wright after the pain non stop lmfao.
Doesn't Betty Wright have a song, I think it's 'No Pain, No Gain', where she says a piece of a man is better than none at all?
CLEAN UP WOMAN –•– Betty Wright. Reaching on the U.S. Pop Singles chart—where it stayed for 14 weeks. (New)...
We've reached the screaming along with Beyoncé, Fetty Wap, and Betty Wright portion of the evening.
on & Betty Wright all your kissin' sho don't mak
listening to Betty wright's Tonight is the Night and that seems like a song you would like
Listening to Betty wright and there's so much sexual stuff on the album I can't even
A whole lot of Marvin Gaye and Betty Wright.
girl blowing it, then it's not even Betty wright or Anita baker or nun😒
Lexus in here trying to hit Betty Wright high notes 😭😭😭
6. Betty Wright - Tonight Is the Night (the song that only the grown folks can sing
Playing Betty Wright - Tonight Is the Night, Pt. 1 [Live] on Front Porch Jamz your home of R&B ,Southern Soul,Blues, and Gospel
Making Thanksgiving dinner and listening to Betty Wright 🙌🏾🙌🏾
I sure hope Betty Wright still got that same man.
on & Betty Wright i love the way you love
Mom dukes stay bumping betty wright lol helping her out for tomorrow with her old ***
Betty Wright coming across the playlist! 🙌🏽
Betty Wright, The Floaters, Curtis Mayfield, The O'Jays, and Johnny Taylor always makes the day better. jams
Hidden Gems on today 3pm, Sat & Sun 9pm music by 4 Tops, Supremes, Candi Staton, Willie Hutch, Marlena Shaw, Betty Wright & more.
Who knew Michael Jackson, Eddie Lavern, and Betty Wright sang backup on All I Do by Stevie Wonder?
chile Betty Wright go to my auntie church and stay in my grandma neighborhood 😴
Sitting in a caddy, wright like Betty🎶
Still: Need Betty Wright to turn her intro and hook on Rick Ross' Sanctified into a full song. ASAP, pls.
I know Tonight Is the Night word for word. Including the beginning when she's talking. Betty Wright is everything.
are beautiful and thier vocals are original mrs.Betty wright alot of her other songs where before her time !
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Betty Wright sounds like young Michael Jackson in some of her old music
a great put down of wanna be playas is on Richard "Dimples" Fields "She's Got Papers" track where Betty Wright plays his wife
That Betty Wright have you feeling some type of way
Betty Wright & The Whispers are coming to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, August 29th at 8pm!...
Baby 102.9 is showing out this morning playing Betty Wright!!! Yas
Betty Wright live album is pretty dope
smoke sumthin n jam some betty Wright
Listen to all your favorites from 1970 - 76 on Betty Wright Clean Up Woman
Listening to Betty Wright's "After The Pain". That moment she get on that "Don't blame Mr. Charley. Mr. Charley...
Pandora just tried to play a Trey Songz song on Betty Wright's Pandora station. Smh
For we're bringing in the Cleanup Woman, Betty Wright!
One week from today is the Southern Music Fest in Greenwood starring Betty Wright, SOS Band, Regina Bell, Lenny...
RTKick starting with Angie Stone ft. Betty Wright - Baby
Kick starting with Angie Stone ft. Betty Wright - Baby
To misquote Betty Wright, it's like learning your man while you're earning you're name.
I liked a video Betty Wright Clean up Woman (live)
and a Betty Wright LP in beautiful condition.
Betty Wright sanged that song baby...
My b, this Betty Wright. But Shirley was wrong on Woman to Woman too. They both was bopped af
I got so many 😩 But Betty Wright No Pain No Gain... Only cause it reminds me of my Queen 🙌
In order to get something. You got to give something. In order to be something. You got to go through something. - Betty Wright
Betty Wright always charged up the women in the situation...not once did she blame Mr.Charlie !!
Betty Wright said "havin' a piece of man is better than havin' no man at all" I Don't Agree That's Some BullShxt
Listen to Betty Wright thats what you call WIFE MATERIAL. Nicki is only wife material to *** like Meek
I feel such pride when I hear Betty Wright in places for away from Florida. Keep jammin',
Just Reviewed Let It Burn on Love it to the core. It's got that Betty Wright-Keep Love New feeling, AWESOME
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman - - - click to tunein >
Here's how we get Sunday started Tonight is the Night by Betty Wright Come get some of that good music, y'all.
Betty Wright has always been a giant. Ms B you are a Legend.
can't believe Tim didn't know Betty Wright or the Temptations especially being that miss robbie is his momma
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On this Betty Wright tonight. Yall know nothing about it. 🎶👌🙌
Tim you really didn't know of the Temptations and Betty Wright?
U don't know Betty Wright oh lawwd oh ok that mean I'm old skool lol
We'll dam how long tim been lock up he don't know betty wright or the temptations 😂😂
I'm just ready for the crawfish and boiled meat and to listen to some Jackie Neal & Betty Wright 😪
Betty wright x tonight is the night
Carol is just like Betty Crocker.if Betty Crocker once shot a little girl in the back the head.
Listening to Betty wright after the pain
"I was earning my man, while I was learning my man something you young girls would not understand"- Betty Wright.
Clean up woman by Betty Wright gives me the funky chops lol 😎
Where Is The Love by Betty Wright is in The Sun, Lancaster. Download it now at
These girls need to listen to some Betty Wright!
I just listed: 'Betty Wright Live', for $10.00 via
Bruh it's 4 o clock and these mfs in here Playing Betty Wright
Fun fact nobody knows YG used a betty Wright sample on go so deep on the 4Hunnid Degrees mixtape
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Now Playing! Richard Dimples Fields - She's got papers on me with Betty Wright
Listening to some old school funk from 1973, Betty Wright's "Let Me Be Your Lovemaker"
Is it too much to ask to find someone that listens to Lenny Williams, Bobby Womack, Rose Royce, Tina Marie, and Betty Wright in Spokane?
I just listed: 'Betty Wright Live', for $8.00 via
Music was just as nasty back in the day as it is today Betty wright was a freak! She be going in on tonight is the night
Betty Wright 1x on this thirsty Thursday or .. lol it's about that wine opener of yours lol
Ppl next door listening to no pain no gain by betty wright. 🎶
Here's one I did of Betty Wright (using that famed album cover as ref) . Last one I swear, it's game time now. ;)
Has anyone ever heard of the studio version of "Tonight is the Night" x Betty Wright? I've always heard the live one.
Type of kid who can appreciate Bring It Back and Tonight is the Night by Betty Wright playing right after each other on Spotify lol
Give us your feedback on the music we play and automatically qualify to win 2 VIP tickets to Blues B-Q with Betty Wright & more!
Betty Wright-Tonight is the Night: Happy Chinese new year 2016
Listening to Betty Wright. One of those mornings.
Not one, but TWO rocking project from today's blog guest, Betty Wright
SO blessed to have Feb 18 proclaimed Betty Wright Day! In Miami Dade County, I will never forget where I came from... …
Why 106.7 and 98.5 not playing Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, and Teena Marie? That's what I feel like listening to. 😞
What a tag team Angie Stone Betty Wright
Cooking Sunday lunch, drink in hand. Shuffle has just unearthed Amy Winehouse, Dr John, Betty Wright and the Rebirth Brass Band. Perfect.
What do Bob Marley, Betty Wright and Rihanna have in common? Jamaican-born Miami music legend King Sporty. The...
Sad to hear of death on Monday of Noel 'King Sporty' Williams. He was 71. Sporty co-wrote Buffalo Soldier and married Betty Wright. R.I.P.
RIP to Jamaican + Miami music legend King Sporty, writer of "Buffalo Soldier," husband of Betty Wright + all-around OG i…
Why don't they have someone like; Al Green,Betty Wright, Pattie Labelle.etc or someone like that. These children dont know REAL music.
Be a cook in the kitchen a lady in the streets u can't show ur teeth to every guy u meet its alright to be a lil sweet but be a mother with the kids an u know wat in the sheets no pain!!! # betty wright
Happy 61st Birthday to the "Clean Up Woman," BETTY WRIGHT! She was born Bessie Regina Norris on December 21, 1953...
"Tonight is the Night" and Today is her Day! . Happy Birthday to Betty Wright. Born. Bessie Regina Norris Dec...
Happy Birthday to super soul singer and songwriter Betty Wright!
Video: Born on this day: December 21, 1953 - Grammy winning R&B singer/songwriter Betty Wright (born Bessie...
To night is the night van Betty Wright.
Happy Birthday to the GRAMMY Award winning and R&B Pioneer Award winning singer Betty Wright!!!
12/21/1953 Betty Wright, singer I love the way you love
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Happy Birthday to the sassy lovely Betty Wright!!! Love her music!!!
Betty Wright. Singer. Bessie Regina Norris, better known by her stage name, Betty Wright, is a Miami-based soul and...
Happy Birthday to soul and R&B singer-songwriter Bessie Regina Norris, better known as Betty Wright (born Dec. 21, 1953).
Super star Betty Wright - is 61 today and she is still soulfully gorgeous. Lets celebrate her birthday on the...
Happy Birthday Betty Wright - Tonight is the night A big inspiration to many.
12/21/1953 Betty Wright, singer Slip and do it
Put staple singers, Luther, Betty wright and all that on my phone. That way my granny can't complain about the music I listen to. 😂
Kortnee Simmons ink mega deal with Indie Music Factory. - Kortnee Simmons is one of a rare lineage of artists who possess a gift that far exceeds his age. The recording studio being his first love and second home, he declares, “Without music there’s no life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” This singer/actor descends from the “First Family of Hip-Hop.” Nephew to Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons of RUN DMC fame, and entertainment mogul Russell Simmons, this young man is determined to step out of that shadow and make a name for himself. Simmons has performed with Chris Brown, Betty Wright, Maurice Starr, The Heartbeat Boyz, The Los Mega Boys, Blake Akana Chung, and many others through different mediums. One of his past projects include portraying music icon Sam Cooke in an original musical entitled, “Sam Cooke: Where You Been Baby?” Constantly honing his craft, he is determined to prove that big things come in small packages.
Rick Ross, Betty Wright, Big Sean & Kanye West x Sanctified 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I like Yeezy verse he killed it 1 of my fav songs from da album
Private party flexing with the legendary Ms. Betty Wright and abebelewis last night. Only if you knew…
My grandson Rashod Jr really does have that"Betty Wright" "fro! Gotta teach him how to pick it tho,
Betty Wright said it best, No pain no gain!
Singing some Betty gain
Stevie had Michael Jackson, Betty Wright, and Papa Levert on the same hook. discussion ends there.
Betty Wright is seriously on repeat .
lol what you know about that Betty wright music ?? 😂😂
Secretary by Betty Wright from 45 (Alston) spun by Papa Ray at 4:20pm on Soul Selector (Mon Nov 3rd)
I'm really in my cas jammin to Betty wright
Shoorah! Shoorah! by Betty Wright is in Elk Bar, London. Download it now at
My pandora has been on Banks and Betty Wright radio for the past 3 days.
finna jam that Betty Wright - No Pain No Gain . that sound always get me right , frfr
Having a piece of man is better than having no man at all BETTY WRIGHT LIED 😂😂
Good morning & kisses back at u, Ms Betty whose truly a RIGHT WRIGHT in this status. I'll indeed Rock t…
Confession I'm a hopeless romantic. I watch wedding shows n read love stories. I like long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, cuddling, leaving poems on my pillow when I leave, slow dancing in the dark to Betty Wrights song Quiet Storm, watching my lover sleep, holding hands, passionate kisses, and making love with full eye contact. :)
Goin thru some difficulties in ya relationship ? Girl , just blast some Betty Wright lol you'll be fine lol 🎶😉❤️
How many of yall remember your mama playing that Betty Wright when yall was young
Mellie could set this monologue to music and it'd be a Betty Wright song.
U cant show ur teeth 2 every Guy U meet-it's alright 2b a lil sweet..b a mama to the kids & u know what in the sheets
Singing TONIGHT is the Night (in my Betty Wright Voice) I'm Super Proud of Shonda Rhimes with 3 shows…
Y'all pleaseee tell me why I am in my room jamming to Betty Wright😂😂
Betty Wright a real chick man.! Not because of da subject matter she spoke on BUT because she told HER truth
And if you don't know who Betty Wright is, her music is old school, yet timeless. Can learn a few thing from that woman lo…
in my Betty Wright voice: tonight is the night. :-)
Betty Wright was a mess on this intro to tonight is the night 😭😭😭
Betty Wright said No Pain No Gain. In order to get something you gotta go through something. Something like that.
We have a mission for you! Can you help make 104yo Betty Musker's birthday extra special?
Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman.Your listening to the radio show on
this betty wright LP ...just gem after gem for cutting
A classic most of us can relate to >>> Betty Wright-Tonight is the Night: via
can I sing Betty wright after the pain and point at Jodii?
they all need to go listen to a Betty Wright song, lol
dude listen to Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright. I know you'll love it Listen to the long version think its the live one
A little bit of pleasure is worth a whole lot of pain . - Betty Wright
Listening to Shirley Murdock and Betty Wright this morning. Whatcha listening to???
I'm gonna head to bed listening to some Betty Wright.
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Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman on WOWRadio Where Women RULE! Listen on your iPhone or iPad!
In other news. I've replayed "Baby Sitter" by Betty Wright about 80x today lol.
Ace Hood feat. Betty Wright - Save Us! What a nice song! Loving the rap, chorus and beats! Mmmm! Mellow to the hip hop savy ears of mine!
On my HoneyMoon night play that Betty Wright for my Wife Tonight is the Night!!!
It's my little sisters 12th birthday today. She'll be at the show tonight. She's called Niomi Wright (or Boo for short) :)
Did you miss my interview w/the beautiful catch it here be show 2 follow The 2
Love it, no one like Ms Betty Wright.1Love
It's Hard to Stop (Doing Something When It's Good to You) by Betty Wright, from
Betty wright made music for the soul
NOBODY is perfect, but as betty wright say it's better then no man so ill just take the little piece of man ive an work with it
What yall youngstas know about that Betty Wright - Tonight Is The Night. 🔊
This Saturday's 'Jazz Dance Hour' is a keyboard players special, including Joe Sample and The Crusaders. Joe was due to play Ronnie Scott's later this week but has pulled out due to ill health. We wish him well. Also featured will be Tania Maria, Patrice Rushen and heroes of the Hammond Jimmy Smith and Brian Auger. The 80s/90s/Noughties 'Cellar' in the first hour features Betty Wright, Calvin Richardson with a Bobby Womack song and Lee Fields. Lee provides some of the vocals for the upcoming James Brown biopic 'Get On Up'. An amazing JB soundalike! New music from among others Angela Johnson, with her best set to date. See you Saturday at 2.
Listening 2 is like listening to Mavis Staples, Aretha Franklin, Michael McDonald, Macy Gray, Betty Wright, and Al Green in one!
Aretha, Betty Wright, Natalie Cole, Millie Jackson, Denise LaSalle, are the mother board...
Honey, Betty Wright & Shirley Brown were the Queens of Petty
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Homegoing Memorial Services for Ruth Wright beloved mother of Betty Wright 4500 Gatlins Funeral Home 10133 S. Halsted (Thursday) viewing 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm. (Friday) 1:00 - 1:30 viewing / 1:30 - 2:30 Homegoing Services. Let's continue to keep the family in our prayers. Those of you that are blessed to still have yours give her a hug for me. Those of us who are less fortunate can only tell you that pain is indescribable. Cherish your moments and love her unconditional. Thanks Ms. Wright for blessing and treating me like one of your own. We will miss you telling it like it TIZ.
I can make ya hit a high note like betty wright , then swallow them mike N ikes
Long-time Rose State College Regent Betty J.C. Wright is to be honored by induction into the Oklahoma Educators...
No pain. No pain no gain. Something are worth waiting for.. Can't show your teeth to every guy you meet.. You can't give up cause things get hard. Betty wright... Jamming to my old school while I clean up.. Lenny, Marvin, teddy b, shilery greAt artist...
There's too many women with the Betty Wright Syndrome: They rather have a piece of a man than no man at all
Screaming Happy Birthday to the world's GREATEST auntie Betty Wright! Am I or am I not a day late...LOL 😄😄😄 (Thanks BC)
You would never know unless you go through the pain. No pain no gain. Betty Wright taught me that
I'm singin n (Betty Wright voice) 2nite is the nite that the Spurs goin all the way!!!
Posted to our wall by Wee Roo "WERU Community Radio presents a great jazz performance by Maine's Bill Barnes Trio, recorded live on the Wicked Good Music Hour on Saturday, May 14, rebroadcast on Monday, May 16 at 9 AM and on-demand at now. Although jazz has always been his passion, Bill actually began his professional career in the late sixties as a backup musician for touring R&B recording acts. His first national tour was with Atco Records star Arthur Conley (“Sweet Soul Music”) on a series of concert dates to promote the release of Conley’s second hit single, “Funky Street.” Since then he has played with recording artists such as Eddy Floyd, Spider Turner, Sam the Sham, Rufus Thomas, The Drifters, The Coasters, Tommy Roe, The Marvelettes, Len Barry, Gary US Bonds, Dion, Little Eva, Gabrielle Goodman, and many others. On the concert stage he has opened for a diverse lineup of top acts including Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, Dobie Gray, Tommy James and the Shondells, Blue Oyster Cult, ...
Just left my aunt's house in the Bronx where we honored all of the men in our family by cooking for them and showing them appreciation my family Stephen Wright Angelina Reed Adolph Tina Wright Darlene Wright Betty Wright-Adolph I love my family
School is out neighbors are jamming two door down listing to Betty Wright and now Send for me oh the memories. We have our bathed and in bed for Camp in the AM Yippie Jayla and Jaléësa Ross are two very ready girls let the summer begin. Oh I don't hear the music maybe I need to sing out the window Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't stop the music! Was enjoy the old school. Good night all be safe
Tonight is tonight in my Betty wright vc
- Save us Ft. Betty Wright (Prod by Reazy Renegade) Powerful song my brother, very powerful
Jamming my life used to be track after track of Betty Wright albums. Thank you God Almighty for deliverance. Whoop whoop
Don't forget this is the last day to get your Betty Wright discounted tables starting tomorrow they go back to regular price.
Thanks for my Father's Day gifts and hanging out with us this weekend Betty Wright&Joe Wright :)
Father Day Cookout !!! Play Betty Wright again DJ .. More New Friend 's we setting it Off
Got some betty wright my own lil zone
You aint black if growing up yo granny didnt play Betty Wright
June 20th The Legend Betty Wright will be LIVE in Concert in LUBBOCK, TEXAS go to any select-a-seat location for tickets
Blasting blues through the house, just like the old school radio stations. At noon they swap from gospel to blues. :) Betty Wright
Happy Father's Day to my pops. Mr. Wright aka Dessi aka Betty
The effervescent and incandescent miss Betty Wright
To my wife i love u with r without a reason all the thing i went through he bless me with u i love my wife and i scream this from the mountain top like betty wright no one going to love like i do my wife who better than her keith sweat nobody
If you learn the secret how to forgive a longer life you'll live!!. WRIGHT. PAIN NO GAIN
Anything worth having at all is worth working for an being patient for... # Betty Wright # No pain No Gain
Happy fathers day to all dads, especially to my dad and father in law. Betty Wright, internet here is really poor but will try to Skype/call today. If we don't manage to get through will you pass this message on x
boy this that Betty Wright .. You too young for this ..
Turning up wit auntie and family jamming of Betty wright! So many memories!!!
On this day in music history: June 14, 1975 - “Rockin’ Chair” by Gwen McCrae hits on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at on the Hot 100 on August 2, 1975. Written by Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, it will be the biggest hit for the Florida born R&B vocalist. The song is originally written for singer Betty Wright, but when she passes on it, co-writer/producer Clarence Reid will record a version of it. When Reid’s version is shelved, Gwen McCrae (the wife of fellow TK Records artist George McCrae (“Rock Your Baby”), will be given the opportunity to record it. Using Reid’s already recorded track, McCrae will overdub her vocals on to the multi-track master, with her husband George also contributing background vocals. Released on TK’s Cat Records subsidiary, it will quickly become a smash on the R&B chart, crossing over to the pop chart two months later. “Rockin’ Chair” will sell over a million copies in the US alone. The track will also be sampled numerous times ...
Listening to me some Betty Wright. Ya'll better watch out for the clean up woman
Betty Wright playing in the barber shop, y'all youngins don't know anything about that
My girl Betty Wright doing her thang on on
This Sunday lunch 12 til 2 a nice selection of tunes for your ears with cut's from The Isley Bros, Jeff Perry , Randy Brown, Betty Wright ect and not forgetting the sofa soul selection
AYEEE! I wanna send a shout out err'body that grew up going to tha Pool Hall n Meadville! Whether it was ran by Byrd,Faye & Jerry,Janice or jus FAYE by her self! If tha jukebox was on you'd be SURE to hear After tha Pain by Betty Wright,Tha Ghetto by Too Short or STROKIN...Clarence Carter Clarence Carter Clarence Carter.ew $&Clarence Carter,lol!
Man I won't even lie me n my OG just had a blast.. From Anita Baker to Salt n Pepa. Slick Rick n Doug E Fresh to Betty Wright and Rob Base..Chubb Rock and 213. Maze and Frankie Beverly. Karen White..I can't even give you too much of what we just just had to be there..n guess what. *** WE MADE IT!! Warner Robins wsup bih!
A bunch of DMX, Betty Wright, Monica. "4. What music was played in your house growing up?"
Six Lies Wives Tell Their Husbands Knowing what to say and when to say it is part of being a woman. Sometimes, total honesty puts a woman in a bad light or endangers her matrimonial integrity. That’s why wives have to pad the truth or tell their hubbies what they want to hear once in a while. It doesn’t make them liars really, just wise wives. Check out these ones and what your wife truly means when she uses them. Your mother is my mother Ah, in your dreams. In her dreams, she probably has killed your mother many times. You don’t even want to know how the number of times she has bought rat poison to serve along with mama’s dessert. Why do you think the air conditioner in mama’s room is the coldest in the house? It’s just her upbringing and what the pastor would say that is keeping her from becoming a murderer. For as long as mama continues to check her pot of soup and act the self-appointed BoT Chairman of your marriage, I cannot guarantee her safety. I love you just the way you are Lose that ...
I listen to sanctified just for betty wright only!
What a superb Bowie, Betty Wright, Al Green, and now The Dan. Proof positive that the mid-70s are underrated.
Betty wright too.! You probably don't know about that though lolx
But y'all don't know nothing about that brown liquor blues. Brown liquor, cards/dominoes, and playing Betty Wright
I can go from loving Beyonce & Boosie to Kanye West & Aaliyah to Betty Wright & Thomas Ealey ... ehhh Johnnie Taylor ...( sp )
Before I lay it down: “Imagine life without the one you love”. Sometimes, Julle gets on my *** nerves. I KNOW I do the same to her. I get on her all the time about doing too much; going too much; being involved too much. It’s not that I try to control her or limit what she does, all I care about is that she gets the right amount of rest and takes care of her body. Every now and then, I have to MAKE her sit down and say “no”. It doesn’t happen often, but when I do, she knows I mean business. Those of you who know us well, can testify to how busy we both are. I guess I move around just as much as Julle does, possibly more, especially during my basketball season. She gets on me, too, knowing that when I’m tired I have the tendency to get a little grouchy. I guess being together for nearly 18 years has a lot to do with how well we know each other. We both are a little flirty; we say things “off the wall” and we’re not afraid to show our affection for each other in public. It’ ...
Betty Wright sung the mess outta that chorus on "Sanctified".
So im listening to the Betty Wright station on Spotify. She has a song called U-R-A *** and you don't know).
A nice warm candlelit bubble bath, and a glass of wine, while Betty Wright serenades the bathroom... Best night
Betty Wright ain't nothing to play with 🎧
Heather Meek angel meeks Alisha Wright betty wright Elizabeth Dunlap Montana Heath Maddy Deckard u have till next sunday to complete this challange if u do not succeed u will o my charity $100
well family/friends been awhile sence i've worked over time so tonight is the night and im not talking about betty wright im talking about getting this money right LOL
been working hard in the gym getting my weight up feeling some soreness in my left elbow.No pain, no gain like betty wright said
Soul singer Betty Wright defends collaboration with Rick Ross: 'He is a genius' via
Totals: Betty Wright- $8.00 Ashley Parks Ginanni- $5.00 Kristy Nicholson- $8.00 Santana Bailey- $4.00 Sabrina White- $2.00 Tasha Compton- $4.00 Shay Shanesha Jones- $2.00 Let me know when you guys can meet, if we don't already have a meet set up! :)
Singing Betty Wright "I'm Nervous, I'm trembling, waiting for Papa Johns to brang my pizza on in"... lol lol
Now Playing! Betty Wright - it's hard to stop (doing something when it's good to you)
Betty Wright got me cooling bruh no lie
Hang if u can hang no pain no gain (BETTY WRIGHT)
Betty Wright, No Pain, No Gain. If I'm not mistaken, the lyric is "you can't show your TEETH to every guy you meet", n'est pas?
As Betty Wright said "Tonight is the night.." lol Yes that is right, it is all going down tonight. I…
Betty Wright .yes you can always count on that old school for directions can always tell who grew up on this music and who is new to it ..
."Don't blame Mr Charlie, Mr Charlie is just a man, and he's doing the best he can." - Betty Wright :-(
My cousin Josue Louissaint put me on to Betty wright and Ive been hooked ever since
Jamming Tonight is the night by Betty Wright
Reading the lyrics to Betty Wright songs... She needs to write a book..I'm learning more by reading the words to "No pain, No gain" than I did reading the whole Steve Harvey book!!
Ok listening to Betty Wright...reflecting on life thinking bout my im all smiles.."think back to your very first time!! LOL
Like (Betty Wright) said I guess it's better to have a piece of a man ,or No man at all.But that what she said .
Just sitting here listening to Betty Wright and thinking how my favorite aunt tee Barbara Gen use to have me sing it I miss her so much she was bout the only one who understood me RIP I miss u aunt on my dad side.
In order to get something. You gotta go through something. pain gain ♥️ ~Betty Wright~
*** yeah thats Betty Wright - No Pain No Gain early on Monday morning... Talk about the Madness...
Billy Ocean - there'll be sad song Betty Wright- tonight Joana amatrading - more James Ingram - someone Manhattans -ready to love u again Lakeside- baby I'm lonely Its a saterday enjoying cleaning with these and more ... Wat r u playing ?
Man 102 is jamming Betty Wright .Al Green got me feelin some type of way
Translation to Betty wright Tonight is the Night.
The legendary Betty Wright receiving her Core DJ Award from
After 10pm on BIG 98.5? "Clean Up Woman" by Betty Wright, "Suavecito" by Malo, "Rock-N-Roll Gangster" by Aalon for my big Sis Denise Ingram, and "Color Him Father" by The Winstons!! Please share with your friends that Big 98.5 has the Cinco De Mayo holiday on lock!! Check it out!
I think I am in love with Betty Wright's voice 😍
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Up cleaning and listening to betty my own zone.
man i love it when Ms Betty Wright hit tht high note.
Y'all but Betty Wright cut up in BR hunty!
Deniece Williams, Betty Wright, and O'Jays are getting me through my studying.
I've watched 39 episodes of Ugly Betty in 3 days, god knows how I've found the time ha.
Listening to Betty wright.after the pain.doing my hair jammin
5th track from the B side of Hard to Stop album by Betty Wright released in 1973 on Alston. Classic Miami blues infused SOUL!
Betty Wright says if loving u is wrong I don't want to be right. So true
Listening to clean up woman by betty wright that BS but just joking sounds good
Elizabeth Goforth, Chelsea Dowty and Betty Wright... C.J. will be just about the right size to do some fun photos next time...I for sure want to do the planter one...
Lol this song I shouldn't know, but I do oh man she's crazy ♫ Tonight Is The Night – Betty Wright
Betty Wright still is one of my best professors; BE A COOK IN THE KITCHEN. YOU GOTTA GIVE IN ORDER TO GET!!
like seriously, why did they stop making Ugly Betty, it's the BEST.
Mr, gone to dog care me playing Betty Wright me and my 2-ll tonight is the night ,
Tonight is the Night x Betty wright .
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