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Betty Wright

Bessie Regina Norris, better known by her stage name, Betty Wright (born December 21, 1953), is a Miami-based soul and R&B singer-songwriter, who won fame in the 1970s with hits such as Clean Up Woman and Tonight Is the Night .

Shirley Brown Sam Cooke Mel Waiters Al Green Marvin Gaye Millie Jackson Johnny Taylor Otis Redding David Ruffin Ray Charles Minnie Ripperton Johnnie Taylor Lenny Williams Stephanie Mills Staple Singers Anita Baker Nat King Cole

Loving life listening to a touch of Betty Wright
15 dsys in hoping I got some bay bay E40 kids in me we breed what we need from the ground up like betty wright say No Pain No Gain. see some little nibbles dropping stay tuned game changers
I'm listening to Go! (Live from Showcase Live, Foxboro, MA/2010) [Bonus Track] by Betty Wright using
. Nemiah got me on this Betty Wright !
I'm listening to You and Me, Leroy by The Roots & Betty Wright using
Ppl swear they know ol skool music I know ol skool Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Etta James, Betty Wright. .
Gerald & eddie levert - already missing you Gerald & eddie levert - wind beneath my wings Kenny G - songbird Letta mbulu - music in the air Jonathan butler - many facesTeddy pendergrass - my greatest inspiration Betty wright - tonight is the night Whitney houston - miracleLuther vandross - when you call one meLuther vandross - a house is not a home
Watch these *** front for these *** n they Chevy rite, pull up next to em n 550 bumping Betty Wright
I remember wakin up to you in da kitchen cookin an cleanin and BETTY WRIGHT singin to da top of her lungs "DONT BLAME MR CHARLIE MR CHARLIE IZ JUS A MAN AND HEZ DOOIN DA BEST HE CAAN DATZ WHY I STILL LOVE YOU LIKE I DO!" I MISS YOU MOMMA!
I miss my studio flow. I am excited to work w/ a producer that I met while networking. It's funny when you didn't know that they knew who you were before you even knew of them. :-) Chances are I underestimate the music I do. All I here is... "I'm a big fan." I didn't even think people were listening. So, beats are being thrown at me. I must say, I speak about reality. I could do twerk music but there's still a massive amount of people wanna here a female on her Betty Wright type ish... And that's what I'm on. MIA representing Heart!
Im fina go cut on me some Betty Wright!
I there were a way i could be with you guys right now on fairfax with Mama cleaning the house ..jammimin to Betty Wright..Loc dancing around..the Sisters dancing around and Mama cha chaing lol... i love you so much..Melody Mann..our new Angel on our side..
Betty Wright- After The Pain what need to listen to
I'll put on some Betty Wright and act like nothing ever happened between me and mine. Lol.
My ol skool ladies I know ur feeling dat Betty Wright/after da pain
Morning state of a nation address family.. My line up 4 today 1 Betty Wright - Valley of lonely 2. Angie Stone - no more rain 3 Brenda Russel - Ideal world 4. Bruce Hornsby - Mandolin rain 5 Carl Anderson - My love will 6 Goodfellaz - If your walk away 7. Gregory Hines...
Running a little late but slow jams is on with: Shanice/i'm crying, Deniece Williams/black butterfly, bloodstone/if u play ur cards right, Lenny Williams/cause I love u, Betty Wright/after da pain, Stephanie Mills/i feel good all over, Lisa lisa/all cried out, Shirley Murdock/as we lay, can't go on without u, Atlantic Starr/secret lovers. That's all folks.
S/O to my Aunt for my love of old school music she played the *** outta betty wright... I know every song lol
Listening to Betty Wright Pandora Station great way to end my Sunday
lmfao am i the only on who enjoys listening to Betty Wright?
No Pain No Gain is the ONLY song I can sing JUST like Betty Wright. When I tell you I dont miss not a note, not a scat not a nothing!
somebody got Betty Wright bumpn crossed the street
It is better to have peace of mind than no peace. Feeling stress free. Haven't felt this way in a long time feels good to be with some one you wanted. They say its blessing or meant just glad I got my second chance this time I want let him go . Now I am complete. No pain no gain.(in my betty Wright voice)
Second battle trivia question. the winner of this question gets a map of the old lil Misissippi TMohawk) signed by Glass. - In te battle Millie Jackson vs Betty Wright who lost?
Betty Wright on Jools and a cuppa making me happy
when you treat your man wrong there's always a Betty Wright waiting right around the corner.
Love is a flower that needs the sun and the rain. Betty Wright. From the song"No Pain No Gain".
I added a video to a playlist betty wright - no pain no gain
T.o.t.m fb up cleaning... bumping my oldies... Etta james.. Betty wright.. Al Green.. Otis Redding just to name a few..
Sunday soul with Betty wright on my playlist .2nite is the nite
She said be a cook in the kitchen a lady in the street a mother to ur kids and a freak in the streets. pain no gain...ok betty Wright. ...yall youngins don't know nuttin bout that lol
Wow, what a party last night. The Hippies came out in full force and Rocked Kettering House of Classic Rock sponsored by Flashback. If you were one of the few who missed it I will post pictures of the wild and crazy event in the picture section later this afternoon. Special thanks to Flashback who knows how to throw a bash. And even more special thanks to Sheryl, Melissa, Cori and Krissy who fought and battled the crowd all night long serving the customers. Thank you all for coming, it was a great theme night. We would love suggestions if anyone has an idea for a different theme. Cheers, Jack and Betty Wright
Im feeling like Betty wright*After the Pain* oowee an the makeup S.x *Got me feeling some type of way this morning* ok let me do some work now ! My relief u can come on in early lol
Mix Gwen McCrae - Move me baby Betty Wright - Where is the love Miami featuring Robert Moore - Hey ya´ll we´re Miami
you can't dance in Betty's .. Although it's legal to dance on Betty in Lithuania .. The EU it's up the wall
ok.. Next time we're in Betty's you can demonstrate...!
5 year Vs 5 months thanks Betty Wright after the pain time has taught me that have a piece of a husband is better then not have one at all so I'm gonna take what I got in work with it back in the day people use to say don't blame Mr Jarmon cuz Mr Jarmon is just a man in he 's doing the best he can to provide Sometimes I think God steps back it allows us to go to some things in life so we'll know what you feel like
I still can't cook a meal without listening to Betty Wright song After the Rain thanks to my Aunt Rusty ha Stormy Sample Euleslie Sample Darren Sample
Had a blast but im ready to get back home and to work. I knew it was coming gotta leave the past behind me with no regrets... tonight is the night as Betty Wright says lmmfao. ..
Betty Wright better quit it . She be having you in yo mood .,
Y'all know that song "My First Time"by Betty Wright? Music Choice say she released that when she was 15😳😐
Betty Wright will have women undervaluing their self-worth, accepting straight bull, and exposing their kids to unhealthy relationships.
Betty wright made a great song about how women shouldn't cheat but men should and will
At every black family gathering After The Pain by Betty Wright will be played. Lol it's only right
My teacher really got us listening to Betty Wright and Sam Cooke for class tmrw!! lit.
Joyce was a person with no past according to friends. She was a "singer" even had friendships with Isaac Hayes and Betty Wright.
Chillin with the homies Brenton Wood, Mary Wells, The Temprees, Temptations, Barbara Mason, Betty Wright, and all them niggaas ...
So I'm over here jamming BETTY WRIGHT 😏 no pain , no gain.
- let me play my Betty Wright real quick ;
- Betty Wright , Tonight is the night
I'm about to quote some Betty Wright
Had 2 turn my Betty Wright and ojays on lmao
Betty Wright just played on my shuffle. Had to pause her..
'Listening to Betty Wright - Tonight is the night, you make me a woman.' - rubina on The Angel Network
Betty Wright was the original auntie with terrible advice.
Hey quick question! Anybody know what Betty Wright looked like?
Sitting in the caddy wright like betty
Love me some betty wright , but she fcked my head up when she said " having a piece of man was better than havin no man at all . *** 😒
better known as the clean up woman... Wright told us all about her
if we use the same logic that makes Beyonce a feminist icon, why not Lil Kim? Amil (for the heads)? Foxy? Betty Wright? (for the real heads)
We was riding listening to Betty Wright & Shirley Brown. The turn down was real.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dj EH3 at it again... Betty Wright, Johnny Taylor, Mel Waiters, ZZ Hill, Reu Davis, Sir Charles, Bigg Robb, Help me finish my Juke Joint playlist, who is missing?
why Funky Dineva and alcohol got me in a Shirley Murdock-Betty Wright kinda listening mood...Tonight is the night as we lay baby!
Good morning my friends listening to: 1. My love is by Betty Wright. 2. One man woman by Milira... 3. I kinda miss you by Manhattans. 4. Every time by Britney Spears. 5. Endless Love by Diana Ross ft Lionel Richie. # missing someone#
Na Betty wright done got me where I needed to be today na! Whew!
&& I swear if it wasn't for Betty wright x after the pain I would have been in my feelings every day... And we dnt need that...
Video: Tonight is the night ~ Betty Wright Rosario debuts tonight @ LA Fashion Week!
Betty Wright got me in the zone cleaning right now lol
Bout to put on sum betty wright nd start my cooking nd cleaning
So some lil *** broke in my car and stole my iPod. I'm so 💔. Goodbye Keith Sweat, the Ojays, Betty Wright, Teddy P, Kels...everybody
BRZ. as Betty Wright used to sing "no pain, no gain", this is a very Nice concept that makes you to learning how to appreciate
I'm sitting here listening to Betty wright
“sample that betty wright tonight is the night”-or "After The Pain"
Y'all little kids don't know nothing about Betty Wright
Betty Wright know she speak alot of truths !!
i pick Betty wright over Mariah any day.
Im fist to listen to BETTY WRIGHT all nite
I've been listening to Johnny Taylor and Betty wright pandora station for hours!
This chick singing now reminds me of Betty Wright
I need to add Otis Redding and Betty Wright to my playlist
Please continue to check our website out for current updates on the Betty . Wright Aquatic Center...
I adjusted my Otis Redding playlist to add Betty Wright & David Ruffin. This can only go ONE way. (._. )
Betty Wright need to be some of you dumb *** idol, I ain't lyin'
Who keeps giving the microphone to Betty Wright? And why?
Betty Wright and MJB review coming to soon! 😜
I'm 20 years old listening to betty Wright like know im shootin bad
I'm in mood for some Betty Wright tonight.
Betty Wright is everything. She taught a lesson with Cleanup woman...
Chris just reminded me of my girl Betty Wright though...the kids don't know about her though.
Deedy need to listen to Betty Wright. Chanda too.
Mya need to listen to Betty Wright. Lol.
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Tiera just reminded me of my Betty Wright concert😩😂. I was too tipsy that night but enjoyed my big sisters to the fullest.
bout to put some Betty Wright on nd finish this cleaning nd packing..
"Tonight is the Night" Music has always been something that I have clung to. As far back as I can remember, music has always been there. I remember singing in choir - my sister and I, my grandmother playing the piano as my grandfather sang along with his rather robust bass voice and my mother singing and listening to her favorites on 45s and lps. Sam Cooke, the Spinners, the Temptations, Mahalia Jackson, Al Green, Marvin Gaye... you name it. Today, I was listening to some music online and came across an old Betty Wright tune that transported me to my teenage years. I busied myself with work with the music played and never really heard it end. My thoughts totally engrossed in my project. I finished that one and decided against more music, opting instead for some 'soul' food. I clicked on a TD Jakes sermon and settled in to listen. Before long, the tears were flowing and his words filled the room. "Lord, do something I've never seen before." As his message ended, I picked up a book, Chicken Soup ...
many people mistake I'm Catching *** for Betty Wright.Two awesome singers (Betty and Natalie)
Clean Up Woman by Betty Wright is a beat makers dream n a great song
Don't forget that the Betty Wright Swim Center Annual Summer Pool Closure begins on Friday, August 30, 2013 at...
My 7 year old niece loves to listen to The Whispers, Betty Wright, Smokey Robinson and J Moss
It's better to have a piece of man than no man at all... -Betty wright! Y'all agree?
Betty Wright!! like her home address is: the quarter note
“Y'all remember y'all very first time 👈 I like this one doe 😫🎤”I love Betty Wright!
Betty Wright Tonight is the night lol on my radio
Tonight is the night . . . That you make a woman (Betty Wright voice) !
NP- Betty Wright- No pain, No gain. . I love this song. I may be young, but i know great music.
Freeloading , BETTY WRIGHT order to get something / you gotta give soomething // ***
.Betty Wright isley brothers Calvin Richardson me and zoya be jammin
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I added a video to a playlist Betty Wright Clean up Woman (live)
One of my mama's faves .. miss her .. Betty Wright-Tonight is the Night: via
"Betty Wright got HITS What you know about that ole funk"
"I was earning my man, while I learning my man, something you young girls, might not understand."- Betty Wright
Idk what I luv more. Rap... Or classic R&b. Anita Baker, Commodors, Norman Connors, Betty Wright... What y'all know
What y'all know about Lenny Williams, Peggy Scott, or Betty Wright
just listen to After the Pain by Betty Wright you'll b alright
Nothing to do with my life so here I am listening to Minnie Riperton, Betty Wright, and Mariah Carey hit the whistle registers perfectly.
Lol why does Betty Wright hold her songs for forever?
I want Betty Wright to sing HBD to me in a medley with Tonight is The Night
Betty Wright's underrated overall. I love her whistle registers too. Forgot to mention her (
Heard this on The Daily Wrap Up up screaming,that's my jam.Happy Holiday every1.Betty Wright Tonight Is The Night Live
Betty Wright vs. Barbara Mason vs. Shirley Brown. Thats what I call conflict lol
I'm gonna have to find mama's Betty Wright CD
. Just had a pure Betty Wright moment
Y'all don't know anything about Betty Wright lol
. Betty Wright can teach y'all young girls something
Man me and riding down 460 .blasting Brandy, Prince, Betty Wright, Isley Brothers, Avant.
A little Betty Wright with a touch of humor
Keith singing tonight is the night by Betty wright 😂😂😂 lmao he serious too
been listening to oldies this whole time ! Lenny Williams ! betty wright ! Al Green ! the ojays ~!
tonight is tha night imma make you feel like a woman .. Betty Wright in my ear . Judge me please !
And I in here listening to Betty Wright lol
Listening to Betty Wright Songs at the moment!! .
I just used to tag Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright.
You can't see for looking x Betty Wright
Ace Hood - Mama ft. Betty Wright Women look at our relationships with our MOTHER'S to get an idea of how we TREAT WOMEN WE LOVE. V8
“We're enjoying your Betty Wright banter on here ;)” I'd love to say we're bantering but really there is no Betty!
We're enjoying your Betty Wright banter on here ;)
“my cleaner is called Betty Wright : ) How Spooky !” Why you lying dad? She's called Christina
my cleaner is called Betty Wright : ) How Spooky !
Y'all don't know lmao Betty Wright is OUR ***
10-18 BW bringing knowledge she's Not crying on her 🎼 : Betty Wright - In the middle of the game .
You have got soul n you have inspired someone out there.Nat King Cole,Millie Jackson,Betty Wright,Billy Ocean n Michael Jackson
You Texas folks don't kno about Mel Waiters, or Marvin Cease, or Johnnie Taylor, or Betty Wright, or Wilson Meadows, Or Sir Charles
I'm on my Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, O'Jays, Stephanie Mills, Betty Wright type groove this Morning...
"If the shoe don't fit the size, why keep tryin' it on?", just a taste of some of Ike Turner's feminist manifesto (yeah, I know, but just check it out) "Game Of Love" on Joan Osborne's 2012 Bring It On Home. This is one of twelve vintage blues tunes she has resurrected from varying degrees of obscurity. If you don't already love her and aren't willing to try, you can take the next few days off, 'cause I'm in a serious Joan mode. Included are songs by such blues giants as Ray Charles, John Mayhall, Bill Withers, Muddy Waters, Otis Redding, Al Green and Slim Harpo (via the Stones, in the case of "Shake Your Hips). She also gets in a little New Orleans with Allen Toussaint's "Shoorah! Shoorah!" (check out Betty Wright's version as well) and reintroduces a lost treasure in Olive Brown's "Roll Like A Big Wheel". The title track comes from the Sonny Boy Williamson hit and when Joan belts out Clarence Carter's "I'm Qualified" the only response can be: amen sister!! Joan Osborne - "Game of Love" (Live at WFUV) - ...
Last night was one of those shows that I wish we had recorded! Especially the first set! The combination of the versatile Jay Miles on keys/vocals, the pure genius of Jeremy Jeffers on keys, with DeAndre Moten drumming, gave us a sound that exceeded my expectations in the absence of guitarist/lead vocalist Earl Harris. Joining us in the second set was the vivacious Lorri Holliday who covered the "decades of diva" between Betty Wright, Chaka, and Jill was a night of music worthy of the 3rd Scenario brand. I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Palmdale Hotel last night expecting, and receiving more than your money's worth, and of course this was all made possible by Emile Mouton's Humblerhythm Jazznites and PalmdaleHotel LiveJazz! Tomorrow, after praising God who makes all things possible, at CCFC, I'll fly up to Oakland, California where I'll join my brothers in the Paris Escovedo Band at Yoshi's where we'll pay tribute to the legendary Santana/Azteca pioneer Thomas "Coke" Escovedo, P . ...
sitting here listening and downloading music!!! I love music its my escape to clear my head! and I don't listen to all that rap and up to date music. I'm on that Sam Cook, Kem, David Ruffin, Womack to Womack, Betty Wright, Sir Charles. just to name a few thanks to Tangee Sims for bringing me up on real music that has meaning to it! # In Love with music
I'm listening to Tonight Is The Night by Betty Wright on Pandora
Y'all having problems Betty Wright will help lol
Cool. He made have came and I missed him...but then Betty Wright was a stranger here too.
Trae got me listening to Betty wright after the pain
Next year they better do Tina turner or betty wright . I grew up with my grandma so I know alll the oldies
Next year Betty Wright better be getting a contribution
Cuss my momma put me on all the *** ! Luther vandross , isley brothers , betty wright , etc..
Next year I wana see betty wright perform ..
Cuz if yo mama ain't never blasted no Betty Wright or Anita Baker on a Saturday rlly don't know what love is
Shirley Caesar Marvin sease Betty wright the five heart beats Al Green. All of that stuff I was brought up on
Gap Band Pandora station is one of my fave. Especially on Saturdays during my early morning cleaning! Followed by Betty Wright station.
Why couldn't they honor Betty Wright or something ???
They should of had Betty wright on hea
So my 9 yr old sees Charlie Wilson on TV and breaks out into Betty Wright "Don't blame Mr Chalie.. Mr Chalie is just a man" bye lil girl
is it me (in mama joyce voice) or when did Charlie become a legend..Maybe I wasn't born yet..Yall should have gave dat award to Betty Wright
Mariah is great but I still think Betty Wright got on her them high octaves!
I just wished for: 'Keep Love New' by Betty Wright via
Woman to woman x Betty Wright and Shirley Murdock
Y'all don't know I love me some Betty Wright.
Tonight is the night and I'm not talking Betty Wright I'm talking Betty White
from last night Ms Betty Wright Art show in Coconut Grove.. My makeup was done by…
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Oomf on that Betty Wright flow lol that's my song though
Lmao what Betty Wright know bout lil Wayne
In Whole Foods jammin' to Betty Wright's "Shoorah Shoorah!" Perfect way to kick off today's festivities!
I listen to old ppl music a lot, it teaches yu so much! Especially BETTY WRIGHT! Tht lady knows she come wit it...
sorry I was thinking of Betty Wright's no pain. My bad.
Listening to this Betty Wright almost made me turn around and go back home. This that liqour and good food music. But I must go to work!!
Betty Wright said Wayne was just stupid on the track. Lmao. up watching bet
ok got an email that explains it. Seems I have Betty Wright tune in the mix that your software has picked up. Nothing I can do?
Shout out to Betty.Wright for the personalized artwork to go home with from the Art Exhibit. Lovely…
No ya Betty Wright
After The Pain by Betty Wright is a super old, 8 minute song & I know every single word! Its FAVORITE song lol!
Im studying Betty Wright and Ojay's for some samples. Write something reminiscent of that era yet appealing to this generation
That was those Betty Wright “having a piece of man is better than having no man at all. So I’m going to take what I got & work wit it” days
live from the "Caged Bird Sings" art exhibit! ft. the artwork of Recording Artist Betty Wright!!
I believe that's Betty Wright righh there ?
I love betty wright music but I think one of the dumbest things she said was: "Havin' a piece of man is better than havin' no man at all"
In one of the thinking rooms analyzing the art of Betty Wright
Attending the Betty Wright.Art Exhibit...amazing artwork by the vocal legend..
Lord.Lord.Lord.R.I.P. Bobby Blue a baby n I no summin bout that.its this new generation that don't no nutchin bout MUSIC.if u did not know who he was among some other greats like Maze ft. Frankie Beverly, Ojays, Temptations, Minnie Ripperton, B.B. King, Gladys Knight, The Dells, Al (b4 REV.) Green, Chaka Kahn, Anita Baker, George Clinton, Betty Wright, Shirley Brown.hold up let me stop.bout to have me a if you dont know theese dont know NOTHING!!! They are R.I.P. "UNCLE" Bobby! oan when I get up there I know just where to find you: "MEMBERS ONLY SECTION".
I know at my wedding Ima have to play Mel Waiters, Johnny Taylor, Betty Wright and all that lol
"The clean up woman; Will wipe his blues away; She'll give him penny lovin' 24 hours a day; The clean up woman; She'll sweep him off his feet' She's the one to take him in; When you dump him in the street (exerpts of Betty Wright -The Clean Up Woman) Advice: There isn't any class in being a clean up woman. She breaks up marriages, sleeps with your man, tries to win him over with her body and destroys her own character. Now, I respect Ms. Wright but the mentality has gotten a lot of women in some serious situations. Stay in your lane; respect your sisters' relationships and don't take anyone's scraps!!!
stage presence reminds me Millie Jackson and Betty Wright with a hip hop/spoken work flavor!
This Tuesday at Dome-Dome-Bar Crown-Hotel - Paige Delancey and her band make their Dome debut. Originally inspired by the great jazz and big band singers such as Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee, and Nancy Wilson, Paige has recently expanded her repertoire to include songs from Motown and the great 1950s/60s blues, soul, and rhythm and blues artists such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Betty Wright, Jackie Wilson, Aretha Franklin etc 8-10:30 pm this Tuesday, June 16 $10/$8 members.
What major headliner would you like to see come to the Lloyd Pavilion? R Kelly, Mary J, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Fantasia, Uncle Charlie, TGT, Betty Wright, etc.? We wanna hear from you!
Betty Wright dis a.m. tonight is the night! Lol!
I wanna listen to some betty wright right about now!
it's alright to be a lil sweet! Oh that's my song I love me some Betty Wright
Are you listening to Betty wright lol
Betty Wright was the ultimate story teller.
I know 90% of Betty Wright's music word for word... adlibs and all.
I'm about to play some Betty Wright. I need some brown liquor.
Clean Up Woman by Betty Wright and drinking Rye. Perfect ending to a long *** day.
Betty Wright made that grown woman music! They don't make songs like that no more
Betty Wright be saying somethings. Boy I tell you
You know *** bounce mixed Betty Wright x After The Rain? lmao nothing is untwerkable to bounce *** and I love it lls
"I wanted to highlight the vintage soul sound and reconnect w/Curtis Mayfield/Betty Wright sound & put it into a contemporary context." - CR
Yall betta quit listenin to Betty Wright tell yall a piece of man betta than no man nd Mary J. tell yall u nd Mr. Wrong got a special thang.
So you're singing Betty Wright now? OnTheFin: No pain, NO GAIN. In order to get something, you gotta give something.”
Excelente! como ve si incluye a Betty Wright con Don´t forget to say I love today algo de 70's y Welcome again.
Betty Wright - what a treat on a Friday afternoon.
I just used to tag In The Middle Of The Game by Betty Wright / The Roots.
Betty Wright- Tonight is the Night is one of my favorite lowrider oldies music
Thank you Betty Wright, Dina Hartke, Chelsea Dowty for helping with Donna Goforth and Angel Marie s party! And a special thanks to Kathy Pitts! For scheduling headache, Robin Dunham, Dian Prentice and Dan for helping to make it a special day:) And last but not least all you good secret keepers at the Apple Cup Cafe! You are all so loved XOXOXOXO!
They playing my auntie Betty Wright song on the radio
here are a few legendary female artists who detained the throne of R&B. The late Bessie Smith (Queen of The Blues) Dinah Washington (The Queen) who also inaugurated the legendary Queens Booking Agency in New York. Aretha Franklin (Queen of Soul)Carla Thomas (Queen of Memphis)Irma Thomas (Queen Of New Orleans) and Queen Latifah (Queen of Hip-Hop) This particular queen began a long and successful run of R&B classics at the age of 15 and help put on the musical map the sound of Miami. Ms. Betty Wright.
What happen to for better or worse. We traded our vows and now my heart is hurt. Wo... They don't play the good ole blues down here in Texas. No Sir Charles Jones, Marvin Sease, Johnnie Taylor, Mel Waiters, Floyd Taylor, Betty Wright, etc. Man I kinda miss Arkansas right now. Miss the all blues Saturday.
Turns 90 today. The matriarch of my family as I know it. We would spend countless hours on the farm walking the catwalk, playing the piano, collecting eggs, baking, cleaning, taking rides to the store...the list is endless. The Emeraude perfume. The little things that make her happy. The husband, the 5 children, the 7 grandchildren (and those that I also count as my cousins) and countless friends and family of her own that she always shares stories about. My cousin Christine wrote this about our family history a few years agoThrough the years, Dairy Farming has always been a difficult and labor intensive career. The number of active Dairy Farms in Maine is dwindling, and it is important to save the legacy of the farms from the past. Here is the story of the Clifford Dairy Farm. I asked my mother, Betty Wright to tell me about my ancestors, since I know so little about them. It was amazing what she told me. My grandmother’s full name is Mildred Lydia Nurmi Clifford, usually called Mildred or Millie by he ...
Betty Wright, Syleena Johnson, Yolanda Adams and Mary Mary doing me right today. I need a spirit lift.
Watching my 50+ aunts, cousins, etc shuffle on the dance floor to Betty Wright and The Staple Singers is making me very happy!
Betty wright was so Pretty in her day it was pitiful ima go watch her when I get home
Why I thought Betty Wright & Betty White was the same person for the longest? Lmao
Leaving her with just the crumbs.*then Betty wright sets him straight!*
Popped up on my playlist. Betty Wright & The Roots
"You think too long you might think wrong." - Betty Wright: Valley of the Lonely
If u a female & u can relate to the song After The Pain by. Betty'Wright i salute u cuhz Lord knows it aint easy..
*** y'all listening to that better out on Betty wright
What ya'll know about that Betty Wright x Clean Up Woman , Staple Singers x Do it Again , or Chaka Khan & Rufus x Sweet Thing ?!
Tonight is the night by Betty Wright is my cut!
Sometimes flowers just mean: Lets just be friends LMAO! No pain, no gain - Betty Wright.
Betty Wright keep it comin chieffa uh yay!
I just used Shazam to discover After The Pain by Betty Wright.
Members of the Board of Directors, Peter Dulligan, Dr. Clarence York & Derrick Wright, present the Betty Pendler...
well u need sum extension in my Betty wright voice (gotta play catch up)
The moment when the entire church sings Betty Wright's during the sermon... PRICELESS!!!
You know wats tight.. I listen to Betty Wright more than I listen to nowaday rappers
“Why won't you give your love to me,when you know n I know that my love could set you free from the valley of loneliness...Betty Wright
I got all kinds of music on my phone... it goes from Wayne to Beyonce to Betty Wright to Celine Dion lol
This girl listening too Betty Wright 😹😹 what's realy going on
*Last year it was Monica & Betty Wright who blessed the stage to a sold out crowd. This year it's…
Lisa Fischer, Minnie Ripperton, Chante Moore, Deneice Williams, Betty Wright, etc they ALL can SANG in their whistle register.
Darondo, Betty Wright, Fela: Funk, soul & afrobeat from around the world & into your ear. Global Dap today 10a-12n ET
I added a video to a playlist No Pain No Gain by Betty Wright w/ Lyrics
say Kelly will you do a remake of After The Rain by Betty Wright?
Toledo teacher linked to area's early leaders
You can't show your teeth to every guy you meet. -Betty Wright
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Tonight is the night like Betty Wright
"We can play some Marvin Gaye or a little Al Green, We can listen to some Prince... Or get right with Betty Wright,"
I was earning my man while I was learning my man # Betty wright
They got this L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole .playing on my Betty Wright Pandora. It's taking I have not to hit thumbs down lol
Listening to some good ol Betty wright
About to be on my Prince and Betty Wright flow
This is gold standard, but, also see Betty Wright's live version and Carmen McRae's version too!
the pieces are coming together.. Im gonna reach out to betty wright today.. the clean up woman she said shed produce me if i dropped my
Tonight is the night x Betty Wright
In here sippin remy 2 steppin to betty wright.
Came up slightly today. Betty Wright, Striesand, LTD on wax, tank, sweet shirt. plus got some pants I needed on sale from the lil mall joant
Betty Wright x tonight is the night >>
Tonight is the night - Betty Wright Y'all don't know anything about this lol
Have you ever been to SPAIN in the slow lane, holdin' your name, playin' Betty Wright "No pain, No…
I actually don't ever remember hearing of Betty Wright before but I love and it is a really good album.
Thinkin bout my grandma listenin 2 Betty Wright
Busy day in the HCMC ER. Having a beer and back for round 2 tomorrow. Need a funky unwind: Shoo-rah Shoo-rah by Betty Wright?
I love DC for this reason partying with my Latinos brothers & sisters while sitting outside listening to Betty Wright "tonight is the Night"
I liked a video from Shyann singing Betty Wright " No pain No gain"
have you seen my legs?! I'm the thunder thigh queen! Backfat Betty, and Tina the talking tummy! I'm gonna need my inhaler lol
Betty Wright be teaching the young.
She must be listening too Betty Wright or Sir Charles ion no what to due.. In my Betty wright voice
Bumpin Betty wright tonight's the night.. Old school
Taking a break from singing Betty Wright songs. I love this kid. sfprice13 raised us on good music.
Betty Wright-no pain no gain, after the pain, tonight is the night.. Like dayum guh, sup witchu?
Why am I so in love wit Betty Wright
Karen Wright, Betty Balata & Amy Fonseca are the 3 closest people to me outside of blood those 3 are all I need 💞😍
Tonight's the night like Betty Wright, but I'm chilling
Wow!!!...n the one n only Betty Wright!!!.she's a legend for all too!!...
- Love is a flower that needs the sun & the rain. A little bit of pleasure worth a whole lot of pain. -Betty Wright.
"If you want a do right woman, you gots to be a do right man" - Betty Wright
my suggestion : Betty Wright's cover of the Police : "Every breath you take" (from Reggatta Mondatta"
(Watch "Betty Wright - Don't thank me baby,thank yourself" on YouTube)
Betty Wright said she was earning her man while she was learning her man... something i see this generation doesnt understand
My voice still isn't back to 100% but imma be even more hoarse after singing Betty Wright all the way to work!!!
Y my mama playing betty wright..tonight is the its on repeat...i guess she thinkin bac!
But Betty Wright is in Charleston on Saturday y'all. And I'm opening up for her.
betty wright keep love new-playing now now now only onStudio number 07957 580 614
Yes Betty Wright lol Don't blame Mr. Charlie, Mr. Charlie is just a man and he is doing the best he can..”
But I'm old school tho, so I got Frankie Bev and Maze, Marvin Gaye, Betty Wright...All my new music is bootlegged.
Who every gave my mother this cd ima need to speak to them . Let her stay on Betty wright
We gone ball after the pain like Betty Wright
"I like it, i love it, i aint too proud to show it!!"-- Gone Betty Wright... I got such an old soul!
cleaning and listening to Betty Wright
My Love played this for me over the weekend, and man, oh, man, did this song speak to me! Lol
Listening to Betty Wright omw to work. Jammin
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