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Betty White

Betty Marion White Ludden (born January 17, 1922), better known as Betty White, is an American actress, comedienne, singer, author, and television personality.

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You Brown Nose mofo look at Betty White she the real queen
History revealed when Arthur Duncan and Betty White were reunited on spinoff of Little Big Shots on
Betty White is on Little Big Shots and I might cry because she's so cute and I love her so much
The odd ball celebrities I want to have at E3 one day. Betty White and Regis Philbin. Just imagine.
If we can include the deceased, Robin Williams as DM and John Candy. Then Betty White, Bill Murray, Magg…
MovieTalk Question: Guys, what's the release date for "Life is a Gas - The Mark Ellis Story" w/Scott Baio & Betty White?
Betty White is out of time after being in ACC 45 days, her being alive is a miracle. Pls share her story for an adopte…
41 years ago today...Anitra Ford, Greg Morris and Betty White, with Brett, Richard and Charles on 'Match Game '76' with Gene Rayburn.
*** it!.We saved Betty White but lost Father Mulcahy. 😣
Eddie Vedder is now the Betty White of grunge music.
Eddie Vedder just became the Betty White of grunge.
Y'all need to stop joking about Betty White's death. It's not funny STOP GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK
When I thought betty white had died
y'all need to keep Betty White's name out y'all mouth.
wow ⚡️ “Betty White has died, confirms publicist.” by
⚡️ “Betty White has died, confirms publicist.” by
Don't ever worry about Betty White trending. She is immortal.
Lie about Betty White dying again and see what happen part 2
for every Betty White death hoax, she gets another year added to her life.
I honestly have a mini panic attack every time Betty White trends
When you're happy Betty White is still alive but mad y'all out here lying.
YALL GOT ONE MORE TIME TO PLAY AROUND AND SAY THAT BETTY WHITE DIED. Now when she really dies imma think that it's a joke 😐…
Mary Tyler Moore & Betty White on how Betty White was cast on the MTM Sh... via
BREAKING: At the age of 95, actress Betty White woke up peacefully in her home in Los Angeles this morning.
Betty White is so old she starred on a 7-season TV show about being old that went off the air before most of you were born
Betty White with the chance to say something about Brett Somers!
Betty White and Brett Somers zinging each other on old Match Game episodes is everything I'm about
03-31 Betty White is older than the NBA and Mickey Mouse, but not New Mexico
Back in ST Olaf, cross stitch, Golder Girls, Betty White, Rose by megsinstitches via
Grandma Will Do, starring Betty White, with David Hasselhoff as her son and Adam West as her amorous neighbor.
I'm sure I'm not alone in this but I'd love to hang out with Betty White. . Maybe even call her a cute grandma nickname.
It really bothers me that there is a generation that will know Betty White from Hot in Cleveland and not Golden Girls...
xXx, starring John Terry and Betty White. Directed by Kevin Smith, music by Big Audio Dynamite. Budget: $100m
"I can express how I feel about you with one finger." -Betty White to Carol Burnett on "Hot In Cleveland."
only Betty I acknowledge is Betty White (and my grandma)
It's no secret that America loves Betty White
Totally forgot Betty White was Eric's grandma on "That 70's Show." 🙌🏼. Thank you
The Ultimate love story with Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Love this Hallmark Channel Movie. The Lost Valentine.
Wow what an episode of the "Love Boat" Loni Anderson, Robert Stack, Betty White and the Village People via
Ima just make a few guesses right now if it comes true I'm psychic. . Queen Elizabeth . Bill Cosby . Betty White
We form a protective circle around Betty White. One of us faces Death, slams a staff down into the Earth, and insists,. YOU•S…
Avery Brooks is such a treasure. I feel the same way about him that some people do about Betty White.
hey it's been a long day, here's a video of Betty White rapping "Africa" by Toto with Donald Glover and Danny Pudi. https:…
Betty White & Johnny Carson in Funny Skit as Adam and Eve on Johnny Cars... via
Watching a Family Feud episode that has Rory Calhoun, Betty White, Audrey Meadows, Caesar Romero, and Keenan Wynn among the contestants.
1995 Game Show Network promo with then-new cameos by Jim Lange, Gene Rayburn, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Betty White.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Dan and Andrew don't know who Betty White is..
She is nobody and never will be a Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Betty White, Roseanne Barr, G…
Addition: Yanda got Betsy DeVos, Betsy Ross, and Betty White mixed up.
One of my favorite SAG moments was when Betty White used her Lifetime Achievement speech to roast her friend, Sandr…
That's one bashful swerve for Betty White, one scary fail for George Bush
Betty White too.We were blessed to have Mary in our lives. So many wonderful memories.
Excited to be a guest on Betty White's new show. In 1943 her husband Allen Ludden was my commanding officer, thus Betty's m…
I hear Betty White just invested $2 million with this theatre and event company,
Out now: the new starring Sally Field, Nicole Kidman, Betty White, Dudley Moore, Drew Barrymore, Rob…
Happy 95th birthday today to Betty White!
Betty White turns 95 today. So to celebrate, here's a video of 5 times she was the cutest human ever.
LIVE: Betty White turns 95 today! What is your favorite Golden Girls moment?
Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, Betty White and Michelle Obama all born January 17th?!
I feel like I should have cake, you know, to celebrate the birthday of Betty White and Michelle Obama 🍰🎁🎉🎈
Strange how it's Jim Carrey's, James Earl Jones', Betty White's, Michelle Obama's, Steve Harvey's, and Muhammad Ali's Birthday all today 🎂🎁🎉
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Betty White & Michelle Obama & Muhammad Ali are the only ones I care for today:) . Steve Harvey can take his Capricoon self on.
Please join me in wishing the illustrious and a wonderful birthday! (Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Kid Rock, Betty White.)
Lots of wonderful people celebrating birthdays! Happy Birthday to Betty White, James Earl Jones, Muhammad Ali, and 🎉🎊🎂
Happy Birthday She's 95 years old today! Thank you for being our friend!.
Two days of beautiful birthdays. Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama and Betty White today, and yesterday, the ageless Sade. G…
So it's Betty White, Michelle Obama and James Earl Jones' birthday today. That is pretty dsmn epic.
Happy Birthday, Watch her talk on TODAY in 1987 flashback
Happy Birthday, Betty White! She turns 95 today. Here are 5 things you may not know about her
I got scared when I saw Betty White trending but it's her birthday! 🎉 Woo! Happy 95th Birthday Betty White!! ❤️😊
No I deadass thought i was rey see " Betty white dead " I'm happy it's her birthday too 😭😂
Betty White's best 'Golden Girls' advice in honor of her 95th birthday
"I'm a teenager trapped in an old body." - Happy 95th Birthday to Betty White!
Happy Birthday Betty are truly the definition of GOALS
of course, Betty White is about the only person left alive who REMEMBERS what Vichy was. lol
So glad that Betty White is trending in a very good way! Happy Birthday !!
Little Giant Ladders
Happy 95th birthday, 🎉 Check out these celebrities who are still crushing it over 90:
.is 95 years old! Here are 95 reasons to love her: Happy Birthday, BETTY WHITE! https:…
I know we all felt the same when we noticed Betty White was trending….
Happy Bday to the only Golden Girl left! Shout out to Betty White ☺
Happy 95th birthday, Betty White! Here's how the actress has evolved through the... by via
Betty White is 95 today, which means she's old enough to remember the last time a Republican came to power by winning the…
Betty White is trending and I am happy (and relieved!) to see that it's because it's her 95th birthday. WHEW. Hit it one…
Happy 95th Birthday to Betty White, the goldenest of Golden Girls, who saved our souls by surviving 2016. I love you, Bet…
Happy Birthday Betty White. You brought comedy for every generation~ . Thank you so much
Legendary entertainer Betty White is celebrating a milestone birthday.
15 years ago we had Hope, Cash and Jobs. Please don't let Betty White get genocided.
Betty White turns 95 years old today!. If anyone's gonna save the galaxy it's going to be her. Happy Birthday, Ms. W…
Happy Birthday to Betty White. 95 never looked better!
Happy Birthday Betty White. There is no one better.
95 years old, & still cooler than any of us. Happy Birthday, Betty White!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Happy 95th birthday to this beautiful soul I love Betty White so much shes a Golden Girl forever 💖
happy 95th birthday to America's most protected and loved woman! The one and only queen, Betty White ❤️
today's birthdays - Dian Fossey, Betty White and Michelle Obama - this should also be a national holiday
Happy 95th Betty White! & Johnny Carson as Adam and Eve on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show via
Betty White is in my 5 fave nonagenarian list along with Stan Lee, Gloria Richardson, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry. Hon. mention: Jimmy Carter
On this Betty White day, here's a blast from the past: Betty with Johnny Carson from 38yrs ago, playing Adam & Eve.
We The Black Delegation will like to trade Jennifer Holliday and a future 1st round pick for Betty White ..
I love Jane Leeves and Betty White so idk why I never watched it
Omg how lit would it be if there was a movie starring Betty White and Cicely Tyson
And is it possible that I can love Cicely Tyson AND Betty White at the same time? And I'm glad they BOTH survived 2016?
At the age of 88, who is the oldest person to host Saturday Night Live?. A. Milton Berle. B. Betty White. C. George Burns. D. Bob Hope
Me: oh, it's Betty White's birthday today. is that the lady who made the flag?. Me: YOU MEAN BETSY ROSS
Bruh.I thought...whew. I was bout to say! Lawd, not Betty White. Anybody but Betty. She good. We good. Thank God. htt…
when you realize Vera Lynn, Betty White, Olivia de Havilland, Doris Day, Cher and Barbra Streisand (and others) sur…
I mean let's all be serious here... we all know we would definitely sacrifice Mariah Carey in 2016 to keep Betty White f…
I'm just happy we came into 2017 wit Smokey Robinson, Bill Russell, Henry Winkler, Michael Franks, Betty White, Morgan Freeman & many more
Dear 2016 thank you for not taking Betty White, Olivia De Havilland, and Loretta Lynn
Also promised to fill Rob Ryan's spot with Larry King and replace current head cheerleader with Betty White.
Long as next year doesn't take Celine Dion, Betty White, Diana Ross, and Fran Drescher from me, imma be ok.
Another one down. C'mon Betty White just a couple more days hold on you can do it. Make it to 2017
If 2016 tries to take Betty White from me there will be confrontation
Today I heard a little girl say "All the good people are dying. I really hope they don't take the Queen or Betty White"
We gotta keep my girl Betty White alive
Get yourself a girl like Betty White ... looks and acts all sweet & shy on the outside but inside lurks a brilliant & extremely naughty mind
Betty White has lived for so *** long I wouldn't be surprised if she just died on New Years Eve.
A protective bubble needs to be placed around *** Van *** Betty White, and Julie Andrews
Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84 via Betty White is safe ! RIP Debbie R!
Well, I'm pretty sure that guy in South Carolina has Betty White covered, so I'm thinking about setting up a go...
to have a space to keep Morgan Freeman and Betty White safe for the next three days.
If 2016 tries to take Betty White... it's gonna catch these hands
Update your maps at Navteq
Someone needs to go check on Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Betty White
Until 2016 is over I'm going to need hourly picture updates on Tina Turner, Betty White, Loretta Lynn and Reba!! 😔
for the love of god, can we please get 24/7 surveillance on Elton John, Paul McCartney and Betty White for the next four days?!?
Is anyone keeping an eye on Betty White, Tony Bennett, Bob Barker, Marion Ross, and Sidney Poitier since we still have 3 days to go in 2016?
I need Cher, Diana Ross, and Betty White to be protected at all costs
Can we put a 24-hour watch on Paul Simon, Mavis Staples, Bob Dylan, & Betty White for the next three days please?
Someone please put Betty White and Morgan Freeman in witness protection. We need to hide them from 2016.
All needs to do is smash Dolly Parton, Angela Bassett, Vanessa Williams and Betty White and he would have officially sma…
Like, do I go ahead and buy the complete set of The Golden Girls before Betty White leaves us, or wait until after?
3 days to go and we don't want to *** Death off. Death needs to leave Betty White, David Attenborough and Michael Gambon alone
Can we please keep Morgan Freeman, Ian Mckellan, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee and Betty White under 24 hour surveillance for the next 3 days?
Can we please put David Attenborough, Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith, Betty White and the Queen into a nuclear bunker for the remainder of 2016
I swear to god, you have four days left, 2016. If you take Betty White, Julie Andrews, or Meryl Streep, no one will forgi…
I feel the need to go find Betty White, Julie Andrews, and Maggie Smith and surround them with some kind of protective…
2017 better stay away from Betty White, Barbra Streisand, and Julie Andrews
I think we need to put Betty White, Julie Andrews and Sean Connery in protective custody at least until 2016 is over!! .
In terms of older idols, if we lose Bob Dylan, Stan Lee, Elton John, Betty White, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen or other gems I'll RIOT
Wait. I saw Betty white was trending and I was afraid to click the hashtag. She's not dead though. Whew.
If you take Betty White, we will riot. . Sincerely,. The American People
When you see Betty White trending and get scared but find out she's still alive.
Somebody better protect Betty White the rest of this week. I don’t think I could handle it.
Forgive me but- ain't nobody worried about Betty White.
Every time I see Betty White trending I get so scared.
Man launches GoFundMe to 'Protect Betty White from 2016'
4 days left in 2016 . We must protect betty white and Stan Lee. At all cost.
Dear 2017... Dont you even THINK about touching Betty White.
Man sets up GoFundMe to raise money to protect Betty White from 2016 via
Dear 2016,. Don't touch Betty White, don't look at Betty White, don't even breathe on her wrong. Sincerely,. Literally ev…
You cannot have Betty White. Hurry up & make ur exit!
LRT: Seems legit. It's either that, or Betty White is winning The Game.
This GoFundMe campaign is going to do its best to protect Betty White, 96, from 2016's insatiable hunger for misery.
Dear 2016, if you take Betty White or Dolly Parton I'm DONEEE. Stop your nonsense. I mean it.
Saw that Betty White was trending. She's not dead. Just people are talking about her.
When Betty White is trending, and 2016 has four days to go
Build a wall around Betty White to keep her safe.
Dear 2016.. Dont you even THINK about touching Betty White.
With all these celebrity deaths, it is an important reminder that we need to protect Betty White at all costs
After celebrity deaths in 2016, Spartanburg man launches GoFundMe to protect Betty White
We do still have Willy Nelson and Betty White..
God please protect Betty White, Reba, Melissa Peterman, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Johns & Jackie Chan if he's still alive idk at this point
Man started Go Fund Me to protect Betty White from 2016
Stories like this make the job fun: A man started a Go Fund Me account to "protect Betty White from 2016"
When you hear that Carrie Fisher died and then you also see Betty White trending
Betty White holds the Guinness Book of World Record title 4 being on TV longer than any female entertainer(more tha…
people to protect for the rest of 2016:. Tim Curry. Ozzy. the rest of the OG Star Wars cast. Betty White. The Queen. Paul McCartney. Ringo Starr
.. Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Betty White or really any old woman remotely related to the screen and/or stage
Dude. Betty White trending right now.NOT good for my heart. Ya'll need to stop. Don't test 2016. We're 3 days unti…
Y'all, we gotta find Betty White and put her in a secure storage facility with 24/7 maximum protection security. 2016…
Shannon Doherty, Joanna Lumley, Julie Andrews, Angela Landsbury, the Queen and Betty White are my absolute limits. I'll be completely done.
If 2016 takes Betty White. You guys know what we have to do, right?!?
Too many beloved icons gone in 2016. So before 2017 dawns, I need proof of life from Betty White and Carol Burnett. Hang on! We need you!
Please can Betty White let us all know she is okay?
Everybody is dying and Betty White at home at 94 like.
Has anyone checked on Julie Andrews lately, what about Carol Burnett or Betty White? 2016 is not taking them too.
Just did a quick head check and we still have Betty White, Kate Bush, Sidney Poitier, Brian Blessed, Jackie Chan & Larry Storch …for now.
all I want for Christmas is Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Vera Lynn and Betty White to survive until New Year's. and all of next year.
Watching an episode of Match Game 78 on Scary that the only 2 celebs still alive on it are Betty White & Don Sutton.
There's a week and a half left. Hide Patrick Stewart, Judy Dench, Betty White, and the last two Beatles. Ok, at least Paul. Hide Paul.
I like to think that 2017 can't be worse than 2016 but then I remember people like Mel Brooks and Betty White are in their 90s, so...
Let's be real, I'm only watching Lake Placid because Oliver Platt is hilarious, Betty White is a treasure, and Bill Pullman is beautiful.
It's a showcase showdown between Bob Barker & Betty White re: who's gonna live longer... who ya gonna bet on?. Happy…
McVeigh has to. Do something Roby has to stop deer in the Headlights. And Gil needs to play like Andrew White not Betty White
Oh my God, Betty White is actually everything that you would e...
Then he told me about his neighbor's Aunt Betty that he grew up was Betty White. Took my father 26 years to share this info?
Betty White is thinking the same thing I am...what a hottie!!! 😉
Just Pinned to Childhood on Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Betty White in The Golden Gi…
Nipsey Russell "..just be a nymphomaniac+a multimillionaire." Betty White "I may not be a multimillionaire but 1 outta 2 aint bad"
Nipsey Russell *** Clark, Betty White, and others regularly referred to him as 'the poet laureate of television.'" :) Betty White on a unicorn next to Dale Earnhardt now looks like Mark Grace spooning Don Zimmer.
Betty White will shock the world with her mini cassette recording of THE DONALD gnawing on the door to her Hollywood Squares dressing room.
That's one bashful dawg for Betty White, one salty leap for my peeps
I need some ideas for my Betty white costume guys. Any takers?
I would pick Lizzy Caplan. Are you still lobbying for Betty White?
Lake Placid Betty White might be one of my favorite Betty Whites
the last time the Cubs made the World Series, Betty White was 47 years old.
I get my Jeans at K mart. They're as good or better than designer brands. Dickies cover my bony white *** just fine
Betty White is 94 & is still a badass... she's life goals tbh
Last time the Cubs were in the World Series, Betty White was the same age as Javier Baez is today
Betty White at home with her dog in 1952
That's one iced out selfie for Betty White, one jacked up dub for fam
The last time the Cubs won the World Series:. - WW1 hadn't happened yet. - Was 14 years before Betty White was born
Betty White was 23 the last time the Cubs were in a World Series
White People: Lol black people/poc are so sensitive stop playing victim you're not oppressed. Me: Lmao you're so white…
Sliced bread is the best thing since Betty White
The best thing that ever happened with a board. True story of love after death. NOT
Well, I mean, if a joke or humor is bawdy, it's got to be funny enough t...
Mark Ballard said his aunt Betty Moody White, pres of Elyria NAACP, passed away this morning "This is a shock to all of us."
Betty White is the best thing to happen since Betty White.
Hayes is slower than Betty White on skates
Biggest compliment ever. Betty White is my hero
Betty White's Chicken Wings FRIEND or FOLLOW ME! I am always posting awesome stuff on my timeline! Y
Nice ..very nice... Maybe next will be Betty White..or Kirstie Alley..or Jamie Lee…
That's one grumpy catfish for Betty White, one dope dime piece for eels
That's one shady butthole for Betty White, one wack mixtape for feels
Betty White too, though I assume it's her PR staff that does it.
Betty White saying "I MIGHT HAVE AIDS!" is hilarious, despite the obvious drama they're trying to play up.
Betty White knows how to have fun on Friday! For today’s show us your best -DAB- with a picture or video cl…
Betty White can get it. . Yes, this is a fact.
Betty White pretty in purple 8X10 color photo
That's one iced out rari for Betty White, one dope fail for North Cackalacky
Carol is our 'Betty White of the North', Daniel. And she was RIGHT!
I'm pulling for the Cubs since they haven't won since Betty White was -14 yrs old, but I enjoy watching Eduardo Nunez & Span celebrate!
also one time Matea saw Betty White and she said " wait is that Paula Dean?"
My grandma named their new baby kittens Snot, Betty White, and Hellen Keller and she has reasons behind all the names😂
It started when you saw Betty White shaking her saggy butt cheeks at a sassy grandma event. .
Betty White my favorite old person besides my grandma 😂
You ever ruin your own day by remembering Betty White is the last remaining Golden Girl and her mortality is a curse we all…
Cameron really just sent me a gif of Betty White dabbing and nothing else. I'm so done with him. 🙄
"Maybe I can find a home remedy for chlamydia on Pinterest." - Betty White
Jack Black and Betty White. Jennifer Grey trying to remain neutral.
It doesn't matter what movie or year it came out John Witherspoon, Morgan Freeman, and Betty White have always been old!
Is this a movie for a Friday night? The town that wouldn't let me leave ! Staring Linda Pearl & Lee Majors,special guest Betty White
Presented at Hero Dog Awards.Betty White was honored along with some incredible dogs.Now that's my kind of award show!…
Tyler is the best thing since Betty White
yeah - we have 1 (Betty White); Doris Roberts was allowed to stick around too.
Regis Philbin-no way-he's one of Trump's best friends. Betty White supports zoos. Only Bob is the better choice!!
*** my cousin Eric was drawing dogs with Betty White ??
OR: Katherine Helmond, Betty White (who should play herself), or...Olivia DeHavilland.
The difficult part about this election is deciding who im going to write in. Im torn between a roll of toilet paper, Aqua Man, & Betty White
Pretty sure Police Academy reboot starring Jenna Fischer, Angela Bassett and Betty White is now happening
Im such an old soul.. Ive been sitting here for the past hour listening to Marvin Sease , Bobby Rush , Marvin Gaye , Betty White.. Lol
Don Francisco is incomparable. He's like Ryan Seacrest mixed with Joan Rivers mixed with Tyra Banks mixed with Betty White.
And I'm more likely to get a date with Betty White than Kate Upton or Katy Perry. This conjecture is ridiculous.
Betty White nails her dramatic reading of "U.N.I.T.Y."
Betty White honors Queen Latifah by dramatically reading her lyrics
I wish somebody would make a movie or tv show with Marla Gibbs and Betty White. That'd be dope.
Betty White is my fake grandma. Along with Morgan Freeman as gramps.
Betty White will never die. Her, Morgan Freeman, and Garrett Morris will never die.
I wanna see a throwback show! Call up Fannie Flagg, Jimmie Walker, Betty White. Let's go old school!
Betty White should star in your next Ricky Bobby flick as a driver: "Musty ***
And none of those panelists come close to comparing to Richard Dawson, Betty White, Charles Nelson Reilly, etc.
That's like having a crush on Betty White. Classy, rich... but way gross man
Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Betty White and Brendan Gleeson !! Well it must be Lake Placid (1999) on the UKHS DVD
Betty White is schooling Bea Arthur on EPCOT Center. This is just like a dream I had once.
I'm scared hollywood will whitewash the In the Heights movie. Macklemore as Usnavi. Betty White as Abuela . Megan Fox as Dani…
Betty White and Lucille Ball, 1987. 2 of the most amazing women. Two of my favorite ladies :)
That's one amazeballs rari for Betty White, one ugly shade for a capella
Betty White and Lorne Greene hosting the 1965 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.
i wish!!! Remember that movie Lake Placid with Oliver Platt, Betty White and Bill Pullman??
remember when he helped Betty White to the stage at the MTV movie awards while wearing a *sweater vest*?
Step one: find a chuck Norris fact. Step two: replace chuck Norris with Betty White. Step three: enjoy
Back to the future remake. Starring Kevin Hart as Marty McFly. Jai Courtney as Biff Tannen. And Betty White as Doc Brown
When you find out that Betty White is older than sliced bread.
I would gladly trade Betty White for Doris Roberts. Can't stand Betty White.
But the real question is how did Betty White get to make out with Bradley Cooper before I did?
Betty White is everyone's white grandma
Betty White kicks it for & Multi-Factor Auth. "Get off your virtual butt, use MFA, and call your grandma"
should be simple enough for a grandma to get it. Leave it to Betty White!
Use all the animals from U.S. ACRES, too. Bring in Jon Arbuckle's buff grandma (voiced by Betty White) as a third-act secret weapon
yeah mainly Bea Arthur and Betty White they were the worst for it
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
"Bea Arthur was a real cun--, hi, I am Betty White for Life Alert"
Bea Arthur and Betty White reportedly didn't like each other much, and it was SO apparent in certain scenes. Lol.
Who knew Snookie, Betty White and Joaquin Phoenix -- the dogs -- all live in Beaver County?!
Can someone explain why Marissa Tomei is playing Aunt May in the new Spidey flick and not Betty White?
Prince, Bowie, and Robin Williams are all gone... *** is the world going to do when Betty White and Bill Murray go?
Also the grim reaper better leave Betty White alone! I love Betty White!
Honestly I cried when Robin Williams died, and I will cry when Betty White dies
I just did some research and found out that Betty White is not dead. We'll that's what you for listening to rumors
One more shot from today cause I can't resist sharing Miss. Betty White! Betty…
I had to da goodbye to Betty White (AKA) Miley Cyrus today... Ima miss you ... Thank y'all for attending my car's funeral tho.
So who is going to die first (and probably this year) Johnny Manziel, Katt Williams or Betty White... My money is on Johnny football
I am so sad about Doris Roberts. She was my second Betty White.
Hilarious new show with Betty White and Jane Leeves CROWDED on NBC. Here is a clip of yesterday's show:...
Awesome job on the episode with Betty White and Jane Leeves! The 2nd episode is looking good so far! :-) good work Miranda!
How awesome was it to work with Betty White and Jane Leeves? Bet you had a fangirl moment.
What was the funniest part about working with Jane Leeves and Betty White?
Don’t miss the legendary Betty White and Jane Leeves in Sunday’s special hour of at 9/8c on NBC!
Watch tonight’s back-to-back episodes of at 9pm on NBC. Betty White! Jane Leeves! Carol Kane! Our Amazing Regular Cast!
That's one basic burn for Betty White, one ugly shade for eels
Just wish Betty White would have gone to prom with me...
only old celebrities are suppose to look Betty White
Spoonman, Betty White, and Mark Spitz walk into a bar.
Peter Chiarelli put the Bruins in Salary Cap Purgatory. The defense corp is horrible. Chara skates like Betty White .
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