Betty Boop & Dizzy Dishes

Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick. Dizzy Dishes is an animated short film created by the Fleischer Studios in 1930 as part of the Talkartoon series. 5.0/5

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Aug 9 1930- Betty Boop made her cartoon debut in Dizzy Dishes
Betty Boop: Dizzy Dishes - a first for Betty Boop, much like the last several weeks
information that i found out about betty boop .. that i didnt know about .. Betty Boop was first created as a dog character by Grim Natwick and appeared as the girl friend of another dog named Bimbo. Betty's figure was modeled after Mae West's and her singing style taken from Helen Kane the "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" Girl. The voice of Betty Boop was that of May Questal. Max & Dave Fleisher first produced the Talkartoons for Paramount. Max drew his first comic strip for the "Brooklyn Daily Eagle" in 1902. In 1915 Max, Dave and Joe Fleisher invented the rotoscope which revoulutionized animation. It gave a much smoother, more life-like quality to the motion of the characters. Betty Boop made her debut as a sexy canine cabaret singer in the Max Fleischer short "Dizzy Dishes" on Aug. 8, 1930. In 1931 Betty's friends Koko the Clown and Pudgy, Bimbo's replacement, were introduced. Betty Boop evolved into her own with "Betty Co-Ed" when she shed her dog identity and the long ears became earrings. Betty Boop's beginin .. ...
first Betty Boop cartoon from 1930 hope you like
On this date in history: 1930 - Betty Boop debuts in Max Fleischer's animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes.
On this day in 1930, animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes premiered with new star Betty Boop. Boop-oop-a-doop!
August 9, 1790…The Columbia, the first ship to carry the American flag around the world, returned to Boston Harbor following a three-year voyage.1854…Henry David Thoreau published "Walden," detailing his experiences in a cabin he built at Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts, in woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson.1859…Nathan Ames patented the escalator.1910…A.J. Fisher was granted a patent for the electric washing machine.1919…The fictional character Zorro first appeared in an edition of the popular magazine All Story Weekly. Zorro was the creation of Johnston McCulley, a former police reporter and author of numerous pulp fiction stories who later saw his creation adapted into 40 movies, numerous film serials and, a year before McCulley's 1958 death, "Zorro" became a popular ABC-TV series starring Guy Williams.1930…The cartoon character Betty Boop, a caricature of singer Helen Kane, debuted in "Dizzy Dishes," an animated film in the "Talkartoon" series by Max Fleisc ...
Today ih History: 1995 - Netscape, one of the first World Wide Web browsers, goes public and doubles in value on its first day of trade. 1930 - Betty Boop, popular animated cartoon character, debuts in Max Fleischer's Dizzy Dishes 1638 - The Bronx, New York is settled by its first European, Jonas Bronck of Holland.
Cartoon sex symbol Betty Boop made her debut on this date in 1930. She appeared in a Max Fleischer short called "Dizzy Dishes," and she was a real dog. She'd been created as a counterpart to Bimbo, a little hound who was Fleischer Studios' answer to Disney's Mickey Mouse. Bimbo needed a girlfriend, so Fleischer drew a sexy French poodle. Eventually, her floppy ears evolved into hoop earrings, and Betty became a human, rather than a canine, flapper.
On 8 August 1930: Cartoon character Betty Boop's first appearance in Dizzy Dishes
is older than Betty Boop: 1926, Betty Boop debut in "Dizzy Dishes" 1930
Betty Boop (S1) Minicell Film Cell: Betty Boop made her debut on 8 August 1930 in "Dizzy Dishes," the sixth inst...
Biography - Betty Boop: Queen Of Cartoons: She first appeared onscreen with the body of a woman and the head of...
Leonard Ellis, author of "The Definitive Guide to Betty Boop" Will be joining us on our fan cruise next week!
Betty Boop started her career as a dog. "Dizzy Dishes" via
Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by animator Grim Natwick, appearing in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop series of films produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures. With her overt sexual appeal, Betty was a hit with filmgoers, and despite having been toned down in the mid-1930s, she remains popular today. She has been featured in two different comic strips, one in the 1930s and another in the 1980s. Betty Boop made her first appearance on August 9, 1930 in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes, the sixth installment in Fleischer's Talkartoon series. The character was modeled after a combination of Helen Kane, the famous popular singer of the 1920s and contract player at Paramount Pictures (the studio that distributed Fleischer's cartoons), and Clara Bow, who was a popular actress in the 1920s who had not managed to survive the transition to sound because of her strong Brooklyn accent which nevertheless became a trademark for Betty. The character was originally created in the mode ...
Betty Boop first appeared on August 9, 1930 in a cartoon known as Dizzy Dishes. Betty was categorically a female with long eyelashes, a feminine tone of voice and seductive moves. She wore high heels, short clothes and a garter belt. Betty’s character was based within the popular 1920s singer Helen Kane and another similarly popular performer, Clara Bow. Bow’s strong Brooklyn accent became Betty Boop’s brand accent. The cartoon had a resurgence in the 1980s, that maybe explains a number of the request that today's collectors have for the figurines.
Betty Boop-oop-a-dooped her way to the silver screen in the Max Fleischer short Dizzy Dishes on August 8th, 1930. Since then, she?s been captivating audiences for over 70 years with her inno
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