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Betty Boop

Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick.

Esther Jones Olive Oyl Lady Gaga Cab Calloway Cotton Club Mickey Mouse Max Fleischer Aunt Bethany Marilyn Monroe Barnacle Bill Dizzy Dishes Alexander Hamilton Snow White

I liked a video Betty Boop in Blondie's "Heart of glass" (ntch remix)
We love Grampy! From the moment he first graced the silver screen, in "Betty Boop and Grampy" (released August...
I've woken up with the Betty boop theme tune stuck in my head and it's really worrying me bc I've never watched Betty boop
Still swollen but less swollen compared to the last two evenings. From Alvin the Chipmunk to Betty Boop today.
Please pray for Betty Boop, 36 hours into my loving care.
goodnight my little pony, goodnight betty boop goodnight Harry potter and goodnight spongebob OKAY I'm done 😴
Also, I think Betty Boop is a nightmare creature and deserves to be burned at the stake.
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Hi Betty, I'm going out on the quad bike today so. I'll probably be up to mischief...😜. How are you Ms Boop?
I can't not wish Miss Betty a Happy B'day. So Happy B'day, Boop
All finished painting the Betty Boop pillow. Now I just need to stuff it and seal it.
Ive been called two of my favorite characters(betty boop and rizzo) so i think this haircut was worth it 😀
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Betty Boop wallet .. via
But why is he sleeping in a betty boop blanket?
Why does Jean Hagen sound like a 6 pack a day smoker? I thought she was Betty Boop
Betty Boop gives Satan an icy stare and freezes him in 'Red Hot Mamma' (1934)
Little Giant Ladders
Betty Boop gets her first emoji in time for (Courtesy:
I'll all for Hannah John-Kamen's Aneela voice. She sounds like Betty Boop.
"Did you see the gams on the Betty Boop cosplayer over near the Timely Comics table?"
I watched the Betty Boop cartoon named after this song once. It was... weird.
In Carlisle PA & just saw a 4' plus stewardess Betty Boop. We thought of you!
It was a bold move of whoever owns the licensing rights for Betty Boop to focus exclusively on pediatric nurse scrubs.
Nutty Professor, starring Jennifer Jones and Mila Kunis. Directed by Spike Jonze, music by Betty Boop. Budget: $500,000
Black History Pop Culture Fact: The Betty Boop character was actually inspired by the performances of a black singer named…
Tell shorty she look like Betty boop
Betty Boop rose 🌹 planted!!! Used my funky tool that suggested. Phenomenal!!!
Idk about devil, but she definitely appeared to be in love with herself and used her "Bett…
Happy 12th Birthday to my sweet Betty Boop. I miss you every day but am so thankful for the years we had together 💙…
I added a video to a playlist Mae Questel as Betty Boop (live action film clip)
In case you missed it, here you go 🙌 Betty Boop Hoola Boop.
Betty Boop trusted the rescuers and brought them to her pups.
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Betty Boop in her castle, just after a stretch:
Check out the latest fashion news from Betty Boop on our blog at and learn...
Betty Boop Resin Alphabet Letters. Now available from our eBay store. Check them out.
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Betty Boop Pet Tag Design"
Betty Boop car seat cover. For your ladies
Original Betty Boop drawings by the man who designed her, the great Grim Natwick (1890-1990).
The real Betty Boop was a black woman just gonna drop that for ya
I quoted from The Devil's Ball song in a Sandman Slim novel and it looks like Betty Boop did a music video that fea…
There yoj look at the fact that Betty Boop is in Funny Face, aka Aunt Bethany from Christmas…
Esther Jones also known as the original "Betty Boop"
Betty Boop or the person that inspired her I should say Esther Jones. BEAUTIFUL!
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I'm sure you'll find something. But her big eyes make me think of Betty Boop or Liza Minelli.
I just learned Aunt Bethany was the voice of Betty Boop!!! 🦃❤😊
I liked a video from 1920s Makeup Transformation | Josephine Baker | Betty Boop
Apple's new iMessage store, brands from Burger King to Betty Boop want in on your texts -
I think I know this animation. Is it based on Cab Calloway? And Betty Boop was in it?
LOST in Lake Alfred, FL. Please share so we can get Betty Boop home!
I loved watching Betty Boop when I was younger😍 my grandma had an obsession, so I started watching it
Elmer Fudd to Betty Boop for the td
Mae Kwestel (1908-98) the voice of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl, Little Audrey and Casper, the Friendly Ghost.
~Puts on a naughty nurse costume and sticks a thermometer in mouth with a Betty Boop wiggle~ This is serious. You need bed rest.
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Hello Start your right with this adorable number from "Betty Boop's Rise to Fame" -...
For Betty Boop lover at women secret 360mall by aly…
Does Acme make a right-wing noise machine and has the NDP bought one?
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Some folk better be happy I love drinking tea instead of spilling it... (Vine by Butterfly Beauty(Betty Boop))
This car was stolen in - full of photo albums from evacuees. Has Betty Boop stickers and bobblehead. https:/…
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your 1930s Pop-eye/Betty-boop-esque commercial was refreshing and innovative. It made me smile ear-to-ear. 👏🏼👏🏼 to the marketers!
Miss Esther Jones. The really "Betty Boop." Although the animations showed her to be white, her history is black. ✊🏾
Betty Boop, Hanna Barbarians and some Warner Bros. public art in Downtown Oakland: via
Especially since Betty Boop wasn't white either. She was based off of Esther Jones, a black woman.
More people better than Milner at corners... Betty Boop. Robocop. Fireman Sam. Gail Platt. Stephen Hawking. Samwell Tarly. Dane Bow…
Betty Boop and Popeye star in Jean Paul Gaultier summer fragrances - MoodieReport
Hey!!! Betty Boop sounds exactly like my Aunt Bethany!!!
Felix the cat, woody the woodpecker, , Garfield and Betty Boop
and she stole it from the REALLY real Betty Boop...Esther Jones. Everyone knows the first Betty was black.
📷 thesoftghetto: We’ve all heard of Betty Boop. But how many of you knew that she was based off of a...
Betty Boop tee hoodie and crewneck sweater available on with free US…
Where should I get my Betty Boop tattoo? 💋🍒
so happy ur ruterning for x r u also gunna play the role of Betty Boop and be in Gypsy musical film soon? Also new music?
I got dat white girl too I'm talking Betty boop
I would describe myself as two cartoon characters: Squidward-like personality in the body Betty Boop.
ha, I remember when you wanted to get a Betty Boop tattoo.
I liked a video from Betty Boop: So Does an Automobile
"Betty Boop is a personal hero of mine. She's so confident.". -
Betty Boop was inspired by black Harlem jazz singer, Esther Jones
Betty Boop in: The Old Man of the Mountain (1933) via
You can even compare me to Betty Boop but even Betty got her identity stolen. Not us.
man I promise I just said the same thing..cause the pic i just seen the Bish look like Betty boop
They have tons of characters out. We saw Betty Boop, Lucy and Bettlejuice. Pretty cool.
Sometimes it's good to look back at the classics. An interesting look at one of the firsts, Betty Boop.
BOOM! Love the look on Betty Megyn Kelly Boop's face. Kudos to whoever captured this. 👍
Wearing boxer briefs makes me feel like Betty Boop 😰
The real Betty Boop sued the cartoonist who used her likeness.
Betty Boop was based off of Esther Jones aka Baby Esther. An AFRICAN-AMERICAN singer of the 1920’s h
Betty Boop white but her history was black. Character stolen from singer Esther Jones. …
5. The cartoon Betty Boop was inspired by Esther Jones, a black jazz singer
Black History Month Fact:. Esther Jones was the real Betty Boop! . The iconic cartoon character Betty Boop was...
Answer: Betty Boop was inspired by Jazz singer Esther Jones!
Esther Jones was the real Betty Boop.. she was an iconic jazz singer introduced by cartoonist Max Fleicsher.
Hi! I was wondering if there will ever be Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, or Powerpuff Girls Pop Vinyls? I LOVE THEM ALL!
Esther Jones, who performed regularly at the Cotton Club as Baby Esther was an inspiration Betty Boop
Betty Boop painted white in animation but her history is black htt…
I'm watching Betty Boop in Barnacle Bill...back when she was a dog and not a woman. I like Betty Boop.
It's been an odd night. I'm now (unexpectedly) drunk and at home watching Betty Boop in Barnacle Bill.
In case ya'll didn't know, the real inspiration behind Betty Boop was Esther Jones, a black jazz singer.
Did you know that Alexander Hamilton, Beethoven, Jackie Kennedy, St. Nicholas (Santa), & Betty Boop were all part blac…
Shelly our Merchandising Manager sent us this picture of her "Betty Boop" coming home from the Puppy Spa with her...
Betty Boop, Bimbo & their pals battle Old King Cole in Chess-Nuts (1932) on the Cel Bloc at
Does the name Esther Jones sound familiar? Maybe not, but we bet you've heard of Betty Boop!
Betty Boop was actually inspired by a black women (Esther Jones)
fact of the day: the cartoon Betty Boop was inspired by a Harlem jazz singer named Esther Jones. https:/…
Esther Jones is Betty Boop idgaf who told you otherwise.
Dogs, dogs, dogs. Barbie shares the space with Topo Gigio and Betty Boop & more.
Ever since I learned Aunt Bethany was the voices of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl, I can't unhear it.
is that Billie Jean and Betty Boop's illegitimate child?
Celebrities have always been in animated films, from Cab Calloway singing with Betty Boop in the 30s to Orson Welles as Unicron in the 80s.
Today's short: Betty Boop, Bimbo, & the walrus ghost of Cab Calloway in the classic 'Minnie the Moocher.'
Folk that like Betty Boop. What's that about? She looks like a nightmarish sexual Frank Sidebottom.
Mae Questel, the voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl, 1936
Great story about Mae Questel, the person behind the of Betty Boop, Olive Oyl & more
I want to see a Popeye vs Betty Boop presidential race. I expect there would be shocking revelations from both sides.
Fun Betty Boop 80s circle skirt. Outfit from the other day.
Betty boop is face down, *** up in celebration of this star's 18th…
My aunt has Betty boop paper towel, so please relax
go for it! I'm going to volunteer, did I tell you they've changed her fkn name to Betty boop hah
All tea no shade but Betty Boop Boop is better than Taylor Swift's discography
tip tops the joint with Betty boop on it 😂 on Fillmore
Vividly That was the day Betty Boop and I started water aerobics together.
Going away from the brief revelation that I saw 2 betty boop cartoons and back on topic...
to quote Betty Boop in Who Framed Roger Rabbit: "Whatta lucky goil!"
I think I did the most random thing I could do:. I watched 2 Betty Boop shorts
Didnt know Betty Boop was originally a Black woman
I knew your Betty boop looking ahh was coming some time tonight 😒😂
Betty Boop in the clouds photographing the clouds
What is it with Puerto Ricans & Betty Boop though?!?! My grandma has figuras EVERYWHERE of her 😒
A Betty boop steering wheel cover that's what I need
Red Betty Boop Briefs: With wider girth to catch more juices. Price listed is for one days wear. ...
Betty Boop was a terrible cartoon and I hate so many black women are obsessed with her
And just like everything else in this country... she was whitewashed too... Betty Boop
If I could be any cartoon character I would be Betty Boop
Five Plus x Betty Boop collection launches in
It's hotter than Betty Boop's Bosom & we all know she's white hot.😈😌
Betty Boop Pendant and necklace for sale on my page via
Cake of the day. Happy 50th birthday to big 'Betty Boop' fan Alison, we hope you had a great day!
Betty Boop ain't got nothing on me. @ Raleigh, NC
Someone left their car keys, it had a betty boop keychain. Good thing I turned it in or someone would have taken a Lexus.
Betty Boop was modeled after black singer Baby Esther who also used the phrase "Boop-oop-a-doop" in her songs
I added a video to a playlist Banned Cartoons Popeye Betty Boop 1933
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Rokko still wears my Betty boop Pj bottoms from 3 years ago 😂
Y'know, Betty Boop would look terrifying in real life.
5 of 5 stars to Chicken Soup for Betty Boop by Tom Clements
Betty Boop, Olaf, and a bottle Crystal Skull vodka. What could possibly go wrong? . New post on the…
I'd Scooby-Doo Daphney while Betty Boop watched. Told Judy Jetson yo can get on top. Yeah, of course I'd do Wilma but Betty's mad hot
Ever seen Drawn Together? It's a cartoon reality show with parodies of characters like Link and Betty Boop. It's also rated 18+
Aug 9 1930- Betty Boop made her cartoon debut in Dizzy Dishes
shut up! How many Betty Boop contests did you win!?
Betty boop ceramic like a tree colorful , LINK:.
boop and pudgy hanging christmas ornament westland decoratio, LINK:.
Droll, witty, nostalgic of Betty Boop, Rube Goldberg, a disco-loving chicken & more
Betty Boop is Cornish! lol . ...I interpret The Catcher in the Rye differently. . Is Tradition Invented?. via
Photo shoot throwbacks: the "Betty Boop" design in a dress and in a shirt. We do it all. Order yours…
i wonder if it's taking over the Betty Boop store space
Arian looks like a black Betty Boop.
The Sexy Minx pictured on adorable coin purse, comes with pouch bag
Betty Boop was based off of a 1920's black woman named Esther Jones, "Baby Esther."
Betty Boop: Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators inc...
Lady Gaga was in talks to be the voice of Betty Boop in an upcoming film reboot
I dreamed last night that I listened to the final version of my and I sounded like Betty Boop. .
in package new Red & Blk NWT Canvas w adjustable strap licencd via
NEW!... Wikileaks suggest to voice Betty Boop ...pls RT
Breast Cancer Awareness
Lady Gaga will voice Betty Boop in upcoming film reboot
Sunday morning cartoon. from 1936, Betty Boop & Pudgy in "We Did It!"
Photoset: bad-imagination: gdirtydime19: termanal-velocity: thesoftghetto: We’ve all heard of Betty Boop.
According to Columbia Pictures, Lady Gaga is set to voice Betty Boop and do some of the music for an upcoming movie. (v…
Betty Boop salutes your fundraising & will donate to for each figurine sold.
Red white polka dot Betty Boop sweater top small
I really shouldn't have put my hair in rollers last night, I look like Betty Boop today
Lady Gaga to voice Betty Boop in Upcoming Movie - Lady Gaga
Koko the Clown sings "St. James Infirmary Blues" in Betty Boop's Snow White: I love this Video 📹 ❤. I don't know why
Betty Boop: Dizzy Dishes - a first for Betty Boop, much like the last several weeks
ooft we are stunners, ly long time betty boop! Thank ya darl💜💙💚
I'm about to look for my Betty boop DVDs 💃💋
Euro-kidding me more like this song is for teens,as the older people know its just a Betty Boop mixed with Paul Simon rip off.
matta fact you look like Betty boop FACK you mean
Huh... I never noticed Betty Boop was part of your ink there... I must of been distracted by... something else.
Someone told me I was built like a buff Jessica Rabbit/Betty Boop 😭😭😭😭. Lol
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Loving my Betty boop purse. I just love her tho.
Fun lil walk in betty boop cholita tattoo! Ive been getting some fun walk in tattoos!…
Betty Boop Handmade Hat now on display by Dare to Be Dazzled
People used to hate me and Shaq relationship 😑😑 lol especially when it involved Betty boop.cauae Shaq was not Friendly 😂
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Betty Boop Pager Case Attaches to your Belt Ships Free in the USA
The more and more of this Betty Boop guy I see, the more and more of actual Betty Boop pictures I want to spam him with.
As usual, delusions for our Christy. Betty Boop maybe
.lol me too, wasnt a minute ago. Betty Boop is oppressive
Im kinda disappointed in myself that I didnt think of Betty Boop when I saw it from feed
I would punch Betty Boop. The poodle one sounds amazing though.
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All yall who love Betty boop . She wuz black
This is the cutest Betty Boop I've seen. Makes my day
Can not explain how much i love our Betty-Boop!! 😍😘
like why was that a trend? I used to see all my Bori friends with Betty Boop and Hello Kitty pajamas in the streets, baggy *** plaid ones 2
Betty White: Betty Boop: Essential Collection 2: Newly re-mastered in HD from 4K scans of the original negatives and
Will Rogers never met Marie Harf. The Betty Boop of the press briefing room.
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she's gonna have Betty Boop pajamas and her baby hairs gelled down.
Halloween ideas thanks to new hair: Mia Wallace (obviously), Miss Fisher, Aeon Flux, if I curled it Olive Oyl or Betty Boop, color? Leeloo
Win a pair of Candle and some coolproducts.
"Betty Boop may have been drawn white, but her history is black. The character was actually stolen from Cotton Club singer Esther Jones"
It mighta been betty boop at one time, but betty boop done drooped!😂
Black History . This is the original Betty Boop . Esther Jones. In the late 1920's singing in Harlem at the Cotton...
How many Betty Boop fans know that...
I love Betty and vodka but boop to cleaning
Wow! I just won this for free, Betty Boop
Noticing that a Betty Boop song is included in YEP. What I've gotten myself into ! XD
Photo: freshbrainss: Lace/Cash/Blood by FreshBrains:  A fanmix for Beatress Johnson, my Betty Boop queen...
Original 1930s Betty Boop Doll by Cameo, 12 inches tall, made of composition and wood
That time the model was late and I provided a leg to draw- Dr Sketchy's tribute to Betty Boop Aug…
Betty Boop.When my hair was short (& curly) I was called this so much I grew out my hair (no curly)
Sure everybody has one just for scotch. But the Betty Boop ones make you happier
with Betty Boop bc this time last year I was in Florida 😭
I'm the black Betty Boop, in my black matted coop. ♣️
Graham Tarbett just said he shagged Ellis Braid on pink Betty Boop bed covers what a guy
novel note: "Betty Boop was originally a caricature of Helen Kane" and "Black Betty may refer to a nickname given to a number of objects"
Mae Questal, the legendary voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl
Only when it senses danger. Betty Boop. Like 10? If you want to~
CK just yelled to me from the other room: . "Hey Livi! Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop? I just had an abstract thought." . 😹😹
Of course Betty Boop was based off a Black woman. What white woman you know got finger waves?
I added a video to a playlist Betty Boop The New Deal Show (1937)
Esther "Baby Esther" Jones the real life inspiration for Betty Boop.
that is very cute. Extremely Betty Boop like :)
Max Fleischer who invented Betty Boop (in the same way Disney invented Mickey Mouse) and the rotoscope. He made Superman a lot cooler.
Betty Boop Photo: This Photo was uploaded by jorgepaz59. Find other Betty Boop pictures and photos ... -
Happy hump day folks. Rockin the new Betty boop shirt today!
Betty Boop / Plastic Doll / Alien. . Another beautiful day for transformation. . Instagram:
I have a great need to draw Betty Boop and Bimbo. and Felix.
Just compared my behavioral gestures to Betty Boop in a casual conversation
Lazy calendars tho. Look! Even this Betty Boop calendar looks like the photos were all taken from the same session.
So. I'm gonna be Betty boop for thescon.
CDN prevues: Betty Boop wants Kevin's help to get a confession from Joe on tape
Photoset: betty—boop: So who is up to join the mile high club tho ✈
Photoset: betty—boop: Toy Time! Demand was super high for another video so here ya go :) I still haven’t...
BETTY BOOP - twin bell ALARM Clock, new in box NIB
that's the second betty boop I've gotten lol do I really remind people of her?
Nicole, the woman with the Betty Boop voice, just won almost $80,000 on with an incredible guess on the final spin.
above average day. Trending back upward. Though one of the chicks sounds like Betty Boop.
I've been through h double hockey sticks today on Twit. But, I survived. Meanwhile, Betty Boop asked about you.
And check out my fricken betty boop pjs in that one pic tho yo. Legit was woken up from a nap to shovel snow.
The next best candidate for president, Betty Boop For ...
Cast Revealed: Danielle Aykroyd, Betty Boop, Tammy from Tammy, my grandma, and Dwayne "The Rick" Moranis as Spookster
I liked a video Betty Boop's Rise to Fame (1934)
one the humans in that car is nicknamed Betty Boop. The other human is probably tired of that.
Betty Boop is kitten in foster care with Purrfect Match Adoptions, Sydney. Looking for a new home!…
so let me get this straight, white people are upset about Annie being black in the movie, but they clearly made Betty Boop white?
I liked a video Who is the best? Lola Bunny, Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit?
My Aunt Betty loved Betty Boop. She had all kinds of BB stuff. :-)
I had the Betty Boop slot machine up to $150 before it fell to $10. There goes my Weebly domain registration money. (cries self to sleep)
There's something about St. James Infirmary by Louis Armstrong that reminds me of Halloween. Probably the Cab Callaway video w/Betty Boop.
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Since moving to LA I've been told I look like Betty Boop, Elvira, Bette Davis, a gothic Kylie Jenner, & Casper the ghost. It's a wild world.
What is great about Betty Boop is very clear. She is an animated cartoon character who has not lost her immense popularity over the course of time. If anything, as the years do go by, she seems to still be hanging in there very strong. This is something that does say an awful lot about the power of animated cartoon figures and just how they do manage to become cultural icons with the passage of time. Betty Boop is no different from Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. This is because she is a little lady that is just as famous as the Disney cartoon characters are and for all the right reasons. All the right reasons are that people do grow to love these wonderful characters and they do develop their own adoring personal legion of fans from all across the world.
An update about "Betty Boop" who we reported on our page yesterday. An x-ray reveals no broken bones and her...
Blossom Dearie crisp vocal inflections like a hip Betty Boop and just as snazzy as Rosie the Riveter ala Norman Rockwell.
"Real Live *** of America" by ZaZa Ali I wrestled with addressing this. Not bcz the blatant disrespect of Black People - Our Culture & History, Our Men & Our Sojourn - does not warrant my time. No, in the end that is the only reason that I've allowed myself to bend down into the pool of slop which is the Kardashians - Not stepping into the mud - Just standing near enough to the scene to be heard. It is the intended targets of my logic and reasoning that I am concerned about. In an era where being dense & upping the anti on dumb seems to be the currency of the day, somehow addressing the Queens of said anomaly almost seems fruitless. Like trying to reason with Betty Boop about reading a book, or Marilyn Monroe about the plight of third world countries. More than likely, it is a waste of time. However, 2014 seems to have become the year of attacking the image of Blacks in America - by Black, white, & anyone in between. Every other day, a new quote is being released from the mouth of some careless fool - ...
Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty bares her breast cancer surgery scars in a new series of controversial illustrations by artist aleXsandro Palombo. Betty Boop, Lois Griffin, and Disney princesses are baring skin and scars as the subjects of a new series of illustrations intended to support brea…
Betty Boop will always be my favorite😊
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C:"idk what to name the ranger danger...". N:"betty?". C:"nope.". N:"boop?".
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This is a 1998 NEW plate block of 9 "Fantastic Career" Betty Boop stamps. Stamps were issued in Guinea and the International Collectors Society.
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BETTY BOOP IN PRETTY BLACK DRESS...! Seen any of the original Betty Boop cartoons from Fleischer Stu
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After Betty Boop goes speeding in her car, Freddy takes her to court to tell the judge about her boop-oop-a-doop and Betty goes for a trial, so she is not guilty as charged.
Whoo hoo, happy Weekend to you all, my friends, Enjoy Saturday, and shake, rattle and roll, xs Har and Betty Boop
This a music video using the Betty Boop cartoon " The Big Boss ". The songs used are Cherry Poppin Daddies "When i changer your mind" and "Dr.Bones". I do th...
😍 Awww this hair cut and your eyes make you look like Betty Boop
Check out 2cute4u Betty Boop Novelty License Plate via
Betty Boop Live Wallpaper Just install the app and set as your live wallpaper.@ https:…
She had a lot of work done but looks great - in a Betty Boop kinda way. Ppl say she has no talent but she captivates the world
my mom dukes got the same Betty Boop blanket
I have an obsession with Betty Boop & I love Marilyn Monroe. That's where the name Monröe came from 💋
Betty Boop is now available for adoption! This female Domestic Short Hair is 3yrs old. Learn more at
Dad said he doesn't like my glasses bc they make me "look retro, like Betty Boop or something". Since when is that a bad thing?😂
Ape said I look like Betty boop. I'm so not down for myself anymore
Catchy, and unique Betty Boop t-shirt design personalized with name, also available on hoodies, on sale now!...
My fav line from the album: "Slip me a little crimson, Jimson. Give me the low down, Brown. What's the scoop, Betty Boop?"
That's a shame, you did a very convincing Betty Boop.
Don't let my truck's spiced pumpkin air freshener and betty boop floormats fool you, it's a manly truck!
I thought everybody knew Betty Boop was a thot
Betty Boop can get that ring tho lol
Fruita Water will be at Canton On November 28th, 29th and 30th and Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop will be there also...
The voice behind Betty Boop was Mae Questel, who also played the voice for Olive Oyl and Little Audry
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