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Better Way

Better Way is a song by singer-songwriter Ben Harper. It is the first track on disc two of his 2006 album Both Sides of the Gun, and was released as the album's first single.

Paul Ryan

This is Paul Ryan & the Republicans "Better Way" agenda folks we better or we are gonna SCREWED again. h…
Fun fact: "A Better Way" is the campaign slogan of Robert Redford's character in "The Candidate."
A Better Way is a sham. Paul Ryan talks about what is wrong with the government and he IS the government, he won't fix a thing
All your ideas regarding a,"Better Way," are just schemes to ensure that people like the Koch Bros won't have to pay fair share
Speaker Ryan on the House GOP's "A Better Way" agenda: "what we have found is that this is what people want."
Inspiration for the weekend: Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry has A Better Way to End Panhandling via
Paul Ryan highlights 'A Better Way' agenda in convention speech to Wisconsin delegation
"The way you get a better world is, you don't put up with substandard anything" - Joe Strummer. With Jim Jarmusch https…
I thought you knew me better babe, than to think that I would do you that way.
Ready to advance to your next level of fitness? You're ready for Coming Jun 4th - a better way to sweat!
Imagine your idol seeing you talk the way y'all are talking. 17 snakes™ are actually disrespectful bullies who have nothing better to do.
Tonight's show has been better than the last 2 ppv you have done that's how it should be for PPV not the other way round
Is sex really that great? The way you guys be talking about it, my first time better be phenomenal lmao
Oh, another way to be a better feminist, Don't pit women against one another to score political points
Was way better kicking a rugby ball about than going up town tonight, cost me nothing 😋
What better way to celebrate than a trip to one of these 11 awesome cities?
Green is likely a better way to get on ballot (at least 45 states). Indies have till at least Aug in 38 states.
Howie better stay out of Puig's way if he values his life! # Puig is a runaway train! OF walls fear him!
Inorite?. *** of a lot cooler than DD vs. Bullseye, imo. Never liked Bullseye at all really. DC has way better assassin characters
No better way to wind down after work than to binge watch Supernatural.
I bet if I was a relief pitcher for the my Era would be way better then Drew Storens 😂 pathetic 7.80 era just sad
The best way to move on from a past relationship is realizing you deserve better for yourself and your future.
I think your class goes a long way in allowing people like me to participate; better yet, START relevant conversations.
well for deadpools first solo movie, I still think it did way better.
Theater but not as good as DOFP & First Class but way better than X3. Probably my 4th fav superhero film this year out of 4
I think OKC match up way better than GS against Cavs
showed so much class, was really worried for Makubu. Way better than Creed!
"you better climb out the same way you got in." -my mother if I ever fell in a gorilla's pit
Badly. I say you react the way he deserves. Tell him: "You don't love me enough to get a vote." Or better: say nothing.
In left field? Michael Saunders has been one of, if not their best hitter this year. He's way better than Revere.
I just want my kids to be better than me and the best way I can do that is to at least plant the seed that they shouldn't do the bad I did
To anybody with a jetski: I miss you. We should definitely hangout soon. What better way to catch up than by ripping on the…
What better way to spend a Bank Holiday than relaxing in final landscape? http…
But at least they came up with a way to call private parts in a better way.. Instead of oda they called it onyemba
Teaching people from warzones feels way better than making movies about them,though I hear even more sad stories,a never ending horror trip.
Thanks 💙💕💙 can't think of a better way to spend Sunday
What better way to highlight school gardens than with a visit from Watch scenes from her visits here:
There is not a better way to wind down after the 500 than to sit on the patio and listen to music at !
Never tried to change the world, just my life. And in changing my life for the better I noticed that it effected others in a positive way
About to rip some lips w/ these two. No better way to spend a day off.
Well, it was football weren't it, so automatically way better, like.
In my opinion the best thing from that episode of was was way better than I expected! 👍
So, what I liked to have happened yesterday, happened in a different but better way.
Is there really any better way to kick off the countdown with
. No way!! 😯 I'm so sorry to hear, Kim. Missing your hometown show, it must be serious! Hope you're feeling better soon.
Black mom "the same way u got ur *** down there u better get out, if I have to get your *** out you gone wish u stayed wit th…
The combat feels way better than I though it would! Sweet!
I need to find my way back to the start, when we were in love things were better than they are ♪
No better way to blow off some steam than to set off explosives inside fruit at a state park with your best friend
Make it a family affair, brunch is definitely better that way! 󾆝󾆞󾆜󾆛. Thanks for the shoutout,
I can email it to you but you better turn your phone way down
Well Sox, it better be up from here. Like way up.
I just backed Legion Solar - A Better Way to Energy Independence on
Greens launching " Better Way" refugee policy. Helping Australia reclaim its moral and just self
There’s a Better Way to Brainstorm - Association for Psychological Science
There Has to Be a Better Way to Pay for Health Care - Christian Broadcasting Network
A Better Way to Train with Matt Cooke from Game Like Training -
A Better Way - Wall Street to All Streets via *WATCH THIS*. To all my Network Marketers Stand Up
A Better Way to Text That Doesn’t Kill Your Neck Stephanie Lee on Vitals, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker
be way better than they are and that stems from a coach who wants COGs over playmakers
Can't think of a better way to spend my weekend, was such an amazing experience, wanna be back at Walsingham house 💔
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The iTunes Connect UI for TestFlight changed in a way I don't think is better. Especially for the list of External Testers.
I'm having a Marvel movie marathon and i couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday.
I read this the wrong way and it got even better.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here as much as you can, sorry it started off this way but hopefully it gets better
I mean there way better evidence. But that jus happens to be my favorite lol
Big shout to n Couldn't think of a better artist to lead the way than for Bhangra! Big moves for …
Is there a better way to spend a Sunday than sitting on the couch sipping ice tea? Yup probably
her accent is disturbing, still way better than her singing. But one has to give it to her, she is very very talented.
U of H better win the AAC the way they played last night
least it gets the job done!! Drinking to many jack and cokes at the bar! Bars are way better also way more expensive
It would be better with Mathis & Herramans, but y'all let chip have his way!
I want to become a tour program designer just so I can remake the honeymoon tour program and do way better than whoever designed it
ISACA survey says two-factor authentication, a short-term authentication code are the better way to prevent a breach of personal information
Special players make their teammates better only way offensively to do this is giving them good passes to score easy
"Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better..."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It could also be the case that both sides are willing to wait to see if their hands get better. Either way, RF is in charge.
wanna be the best what better way to by studying the best lol Kobe a smart man
No better way to spend my Saturday night 😍
No better way to lose than to take all weapons off the table. Stupid, stupid Republicans.
there's not one song that we've heard that's better than Love & War, All the way home, Where it Hurts and the rest.
Looking back on a year ago, I'm way happier and in a much better place in life with better people around me 🙌🏽💯
ABODO: ABODO is a better way for renters and property managers to connect online. via
I hope my car will start when I try to start it...I cld use some good vibes and energy sent my way for a better week this week! :-)
you are on fire mate.. I laughed at the thought if you consult like that tomorrow..better if mareez explains marz this way.
panthers has a way better defense than saints and Josh won't connect with Colston like he needs to. . He's not Drew Brees
On the way home from another successful . Thanks for helping make the end of this year way better than the way it started. Cheers!
I never had *** Barrel before but I bet they way better than Ohio
Play and Trade way better then GameStop
maybe when Pacific Rim 2 gets officially canned, Kojima and GDT can crowdfund a more low-key sci-fi film that ends up being …
"Congrats to the JV squad for getting a win against BYU yesterday. Way to make the B1G look better!"
Website Builder 728x90
First gage and now kylie and isabella, I'm praying that next year is way better bc this one has been pretty awful to many good souls taken
forgot about that one...GM is way better.
I'm digging my way, I'm digging my way to something better...
Detours are never meant to stop you from getting there, but to give you a safer/better way to get there!
The good things in my life are better with you sayang. I love the way…
Wow! looks great - what better way to round off an amazing - tootopia's photo
Every month God literally makes a way...EVERY SINGLE MONTH and every month it gets a little better
No better way to spend a Sunday than looking at photographs
Still baffled why OMY lost. Ik mino missed a beat but it was much better compared to bby the way they tell their story was hearth clenching
Edelman is playing way better than C*lvin though if we wanna keep it a buck.
Put on your dancing shoes and swing by Morgan Levy Park Community Center for Latin Rhythm Nights! What better way... http:…
What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than applying for a Color Core?
that hates every girl that has been involved with you in any way, and that loved you before me because I d…
This is one of the most athletic & perfectly timed catches ever! The only way to make it better is at a World Series
How is MSU and Utah given that 1) in common opponent Utah's win was way more impressive and 2) Utah has the better resume. SMH
All purpose parts banner
And what better way to offset the morning hike in the hills than with a BIG FAT LOTABURGER BREAKFAST BURRITO 8D
What better way to welcome fall than to catch the International Arts Festival and our moving sale in the...
Ben Harper - Better Way. I believe in a better way.
I just wanna be better and do stuff the right way more
definitely thought I took way better pictures than this but yeah
Watching is way better than watching a scrimmage lol 😄
oh *** that's way better than me. Ty I'll do that😂
The fact that Peru is playing way better than USA
I should know better than to listen to The Weeknd when I'm feeling some type of way but I just can't help myself.
I knew there had to be a better way to help bikes be seen in traffic! And then LucidBRAKE was “born.”
Thank you very much! I also found changing the device name works too … but I like your way better
”You know life is worth the struggle when you look back on what you’ve lost and realize what you have now is way better…
Spending all my weekends working is way better than going out all the time. I'd rather be making money than partying
No way this is so stupid, R u going to tell me Bostic better than Foster. Just ruined my friday.
Spencer/Columbus band, no better way to start the football game!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
$2.35 in Minneapolis MN...WAY better than $2.85 a week ago..not so cheap. 🙀
Well, down a set 63 to Have to do this the hard way. Doable, but cut down errors, serve better .C'mon
We need to stop putting our all time on things that don't help us in any way, focus on Jesus and how to grow to becoming a better Christian!
Dallas is gonna be way better than Houston I can guarantee it 😱😱
I'm not an expert but that seems like a way better neck tattoo.
About to pay off that TRAFFIC TICKET? STOP. Here is a better way!
What better way to start the holiday weekend than with the possibility of winning $1000?
if you can´t naturaly be goofy and clumsy around your better half, then your relationship probably *** tbh lol
Broo Jay from bayview better come my way 😍😍 send me his nimber!
Season 5 of supernatural is just getting way better 😳😭
NOBODY knows the way my attitude is set up better than me, so if I'm asking you to give me a minute or two DO THAT.
The only way to get better is accepting reality, life goes on...
They better be a perfect 100-0 at swerving any shot attempt sent their way
New Pad. Every day, in every way, it’s getting Better and Better.
If my education is a business, then I demand WAY better customer service. I can't recommend future consumers to come here
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Is there a better way to spend a Friday night?
College is way better than high school. I love it
in no way shape or form am I better than you or will I ever be better than you
Three questions every entrepreneur should ask according to Therefore, what?. Isn't that interesting?. Is there a better way?
Life is way better if you laugh at everything
Re: Don Orsillo: BOS owners need to come up with a better way of addressing the decision than ignoring people who pay for …
Nooo don't do it. It's better that way xD
I got a way better bond with my hats
i thought Foster was way better than Shea and Bostic...
About to play some with Come watch me be obviously better than him in every way.
If you think Red Lobster has the best cheddar biscuits... You're mistaken because Paula Deens are WAY better
What better way to get the kids to faster in the morning than with this unique slide staircase?
Way better pace original is too slow as well
Ain't nobody loves me better, make me happy and make me feel this way. Ain't nobody loves me better than u ✨
Wow.. After , what a better way to conclude the night...
Kehlani's cover of hotline bling is way better than the original
She looks and sings way better like this
end up being way less offensive. Like what the *** we were supposed to get better.
we love the burger but we love the lobster bun. Which is better?? There's only one way to find out - EAT!!!
The only way you can correct the bad things in your past is to add better things to your future.
Officially licensed in the dragster and theres no better way to celebrate than a cold pint 👌🏻
When the day gets better the night gets brighter I always feel this way
Is Amazon better than EBay or the other way around?..
Between & I don't know who has the better beats. . Both of them always sending fire my way.
doing a duet was way better than holding hands. . Everyone that's read this just sung it in their heads 😂
Teen Beach movie is making my Friday night way better than yours. Enjoy your hangover tomorrow.
Our new episode is out! It features Herk Harvey and Dario Argento talk. No better way to spend your weekend:
Better Grades Find an easier way to learn. Find out what that system is here
{PS} Real Shoplifters Star in Ad for Harvey Nichols, Where There's a Better Way to Get Freebies
*** Christians and Culture Wars: There is a Better Way to Engage These Issues and It's Called Civility
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
“Why We Need to Design a Better Way to Kill Satellites - Another issue for Space Law.
What better way to enjoy your Sunday but by watching some girl's basketball ! 🏀 LSU vs TexasAM
There's no better way to get to know Paris than by eating your way through it, right?
Mfs better watch the way they talk to me
This is going to be the way to earn elites?! thought it was going to be a better system!
I want to with PUMA! Way better conditioning for running!
“Donuts anyone ? this would look way better is she was holding a KFC bucket
A better way to have explained me being “skeptical” is that I’m skeptical we currently know what exactly people will do with…
Its money outchea better get you some
Two brothers that don't settle for less, always pushing for better, only way is up!!!
what better way is there to fill it than a mix of bargains from Walmart and overpriced Disney merch
What a weekend. Although, it could've been way better. ✌
What better way to start march than with snow ❤️❄️ let winter live on!
"Black Widow is the best fighter. She's way better than Iron Man and Thor." - My 6yo son explaining the Marvel Disney Infinity characters.
They already do! They work better in Linux, as Python comes standard so no weird install issues. Thnx for the support either way!
“I want to try making things right because picking up the pieces is way better than leaving them the way they are” - S…
Shaykh Salih Ibn ul-'Uthaymeen said: . "By Allaah..we do not know any way that is better than that of the Salaf." . [Al-Bid'ah, (Page: 23)]
that makes me feel so much better, I'm in my 3rd year (no way will I get through the 4th) but pushing to at least get a degree!
Why do people use social media as a way to say "my life is better than yours?" I'm actually unfriending people who I no longer care about.
One loyal female is way better than a million ***
Hey Chris, is tappath still supported? Or is there a better version on the way?
i hope that's true cuz my iPhone 4 cam is still way better than my galaxy s4 cam.
Watching Tourplay literally puts me in a way better mood :)
What's funny is.. I am way better off without you. 👏
eh m9 is way better camera . Performance. built qualiy from the looks thoug!!
trust me, as a Canadian you guys get way better sports coverage.
if or have made your life better in any way!. Let's show them…
Paid off holiday, what better way to book another after, oops
Every chance I get to make it better, I just find a way to let it go.
Being confident in your work isn't a bad thing but broadcasting about how you're better than everyone is definitely not the…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Midnight chat after ages with my darling :D woooho! Nothing better way to end weekend!
{ I'm listening to It sounds Soo much better Vedo's way. He's good at what he d…
Is it really that hard to close a door all the way? Come on a four year old would do a better job by slamming it
Most of y'all are listening to Reflection, way better Harmonizers than us!.
🎌💂 - be blowing it wide head *** , but you cute ' I like you way better with your hair cut 😌 .. AGG ***
I'm not being offensive. I like you, you're clever. Way better than the other subhumans that wish to argue with me.
I've had way better days. But oh well 😪
Lost: My motivation to do school work . If found, pls don't return it because things are better this way
Often it is better to slow down to put aside our eagerness so as to listen & remain with someone who has faltered along…
Making mistakes is WAY better than faking perfection.
Skyline range with the 308 and my crappy shooting the gun still shoots way better then I can. Every time I put...
Like, the show is for kids between 11-15. Twilight story is way better tbh. There's no life in it. Lol
Stay single until someone actually complements your life in a way that makes it better not to be single. If not, it’s no…
Crazy how david could sing way better then that lil *** when he was that age he used to make 6th n 7th grade girls cry from singing nbs
Feels SO good to not be working this morning. I've dearly missed Compass Church. Way better than live streaming the service!
Update your maps at Navteq
Its up to you to make ur life better i swear!!! You can make a change some way.
I know it's better this way but I hate that's in not in my control.
On the way to what you planned to happen, something even better comes along. -Janice Endique
Got nothing better to do this lazy Sunday? How about listen to me talking about books in an overly enthusiastic way?
Dear I am still on hold. I believe I'm over the one hour mark. I want to speak w/ a live person. There HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!
What better way to celebrate my dream & spend this Sunday than to re watch this epic 🎍
I'd like to say thank you to my bestie and sister and my Pikabiatch that introduced me to Of Mice and Men. . My life just got way better. ✨✨
cheaper than watching your football team, 2 hour demo, 4 courses with wine and extras what better way to spend a Sunday
A Better Way to Hire by Grant Cardone Interview about Hiring via
Is There a Better Way to Deal With Student-Loan Debt?: … Americans, while the habits of Asian...
Iggy is better? In what way? Bc she has a single with an overrated pop song? She will never be
Arsenal is way better than Liverpool and Liverpool fans know it but they don't want to deal with it
Photo: mariethorhauge: I am going to Sweden for the christmas holidays - and what better way to get into...
The one in Sukhumvit is way better !?!? (at in Bang Rak, Bangkok)
I'm saying after the show they had last night, better be turnt all the way up🎉🎉😜
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
What's a better way to spend a fiver? That random or gifts for homeless animals?
Dear I hope one day I can find a better way to tell you how much you mean to me. Follow me, PLEASE. I lov…
What better way for U10s to finish 2014, than with a 38-5 away win against
No Gouffran please. He's not a bad player, but Cabella is better in every way.
I wish that also spanish Green Party gets more support. No better way to sustainabilty
Reliving the 90s - Cheesy way to spend a Sunday but better than getting out of bed!
Can I show you an easier way to do that? You get better cubes of cheese if you cut it like this.
VLC’s Dark UI mode looks way better just btw
Are you feeling alright? This is a good way to feel better for the holidays
Ailee's version of Problem is way better than that plastic's...
Ailee's problem is way better than ariana's
Just remember that you talking to me yo,you better watch the way you talking to me yo
I believe there should be a better way to start each day… instead of waking up every morning.
I think we're on our way to better days, better days
U have to be open to the idea that things might not turn out the way u planned, and in doing that u might find they turned out even better.
Are you feeling alright? Here is a way to get better for the holidays
Its good to be happy 😊😊😊😊 even better when its yourself making you feel that way!
You gotta make it your own way, but you'll be alright now sugar. You'll feel better tomorrow, come the morning light now baby.
Are you feeling alright? Here's a way to get better for the holiday
Solo pool party. Summer in Jozi is way better than you think.
There's no way Efe Ambrose is a Celtic center half. Surely something better in the academy than him?
I tHink it was WAY better than the Tom Jane version!!!
Is there a better way to observe winter solstice than this??? Rev. Nancy Schluntz will be joining me today at...
Way till evulgation the better euphoria shallop immunity: ITdPfjZT
Always look for the worst in every situation. That way things can only get better.
masti got a 3 star rating get it checked too!! The movie did way better than xpose !!
We're here to help entertain your brain. So what better way to do that than to build a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine?
It's December tomorrow! I can't think of a better way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas than unintentional comedy from Patrick Stewart.
As the last days of summer start winding down, the excitement for fall begins. Soon the air will be brisk and the leaves will turn from bright and lively greens to deep and russet reds, golds, and browns. There's no better way to experience the spirit of the season than by dusting off the binoculars and hitting the open road. Colorful Foliage Trees in this Photo taken in the hills of Napa Valley making the drive a treat to eyes.
What better way to wake up a sleepy town than with a 1200cc
Packie's last song and what better way to finish great night had by all
There's a better way to store celery. Try this 15-second tip. Get more tips:
For those a bit more interested in SQ... What better way to spend a Sunday evening than a bit of tuning (in anticipation for @ Summernats) with one of my personal favourite "sq" cds... SANTANA "supernatural": highly recommended... Does anyone else have a favourite SQ reference disc?
Suzanne showing us that girls can ride! Big gaps, drops and creative lines at her local woods in Woburn, Bedfordshire. After finishing her first full season of DH racing in the UK, what better way to complete the year with a rad session back at home - without the pressure! Bring on next year...
What better way to spend your time than having fun & excitement on a day at the races!!! Hear the hooves roar with a 2015 Annual Membership on sale now for only €99 at Barker and Jones, Naas or online at
I got 3 poorly little ones and what better way to put a smile on my boys faces Despicable me 2
Just paid my first traffic infringement in 11 years! Could think of a better way to spend those $200 like buy 100 Grinch figurines from the $2 shop
There IS a better way: This is not just hatred of Israel, nor is it inciting violence. This is robbing the future from Palestinian children. This is child abuse and Palestinians children, our future neighbors and partners for peace, deserve a brighter future. Free Gaza from Hamas. Free Palestinians from incitement. by Israel Defense Forces
We missed the first 44 mins due to UK immigration but hey what better way to start our trip to the UK than watching 45 mins of city after a 16 hour flight ;)
Off to drop off some yummy cupcakes to our local fire fighters. They just came through our suburb to give the kids some lollies with Santa. What better way to say thank you to some amazing people.
Right, cause the police are anti-Consitutional law. Squelch free speech. That's the way to police us better. smh
I am a big problem. I am hard to face. When you see coming, better know your way.
This only takes into account taxes and regulations. There is no way ND will have a better economy than CA and NY
better way to look at it is - the is being seen above party politics.. Just the way it shud be ..
Madison gave me the answers to the test, and I got a way better mark then she did!
When you are fully engaged in living you will go from becoming, to being your better self. via
"you ugly so we equal" I look way better than your Jackson five looking ***
Actually, it would be way better if these boys came to my country for once
/light way to better future in Argentinian villages
Thanks Charlotte :) Go get tested now! No better way to spend a Monday afternoon than looking after your health ;)
She can do better. There is no way I'd sit silently while he's spewing his own brand of ugliness.
If you are from the South and try and argue that it's way better than the North don't follow me because I don't even wanna listen to it ✋
I love how God takes away something you thought was good and gives you something way better
There's a better way to do school. has your answer!
Why does coffee always smell way better than it tastes??? Yuck. .
HeughMorning!! wishing your december to be better than your november. Lets start the month the right way, shall we? ht…
TRAFFIC ALERT: Major slowing on NB I-5 thru National City. Multi-vehicle crash at Mile of Cars Way. NB I-805 not much better. Watch
No better way to start off our Monday morning than feeling everything about those shots at the doctor
We're heading that way people whether u like it or not, so u better accept it.
... would still be better than being outside, ticketless. I'm quite sorry you feel that way.
Update your maps at Navteq
No better way to ring in December than with a 60 degree day! 😍☀️🙌
Why do the Australian online boutiques have way better clothes than anything I find in America
“I need some hair on my head. Im over bein bald”I love you better that way
life's way better when I'm not stressing money
No better way to kick off the morning than a hearty McDonald's breakfast with
Dat enraging feeling when someone underestimates you and thinks you're not capable of something, but in reality you're …
Sometimes it’s better to be alone. No one can hurt you that way.💯
What better way to celebrate National Day than with a special show on the amazing UAE team? Tune in to
Teachers who go out of their way to enforce that hat rule clearly have nothing better to do.
I need to learn to chew better. I bite the inside of my lip way more often than a 23 year old should.
No better way to start a day off than with fresh coconut water
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