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Better Man

Better Man (sometimes written as Betterman ) is a song by the American rock band Pearl Jam. Written by vocalist Eddie Vedder, Better Man is the eleventh track on the band's third studio album, Vitalogy (1994).

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3 things: can TWD come back now, why does heartburn always hit me before sleep, Better Man by Little Big Town sums up my love life. The end.
It kind of bugs me that every time the radio plays 'Better Man' by Little Big Town they have to mention that Taylor Swift wrote the song.
Better Man by Little Big Town speaks volumes to me
Better Man by Little Big Town really touches my feels
I added a video to a playlist Little Big Town - Better Man
The perfect song for girls with daddy issues. Better Man by Little Big Town.
I feel like Better Man by Little Big Town is currently the most under rated country song.
Here's my cover of Little Big Town's "Better Man". I just LOVE this song!.
"Wait for a godly man who is ready to lead you. Gods timing is always better,always."
Man, someone better pick Sanchez up. Tough month.
Alex is a wonderful young man.If you haven't met him,I highly recommend it.He will change…
Mr. Myers, is it better to suppress what the man said so that the world views the event differently?
I wonder what we would've become if you were a better man
This man walking around talking to everyone and playing pranks. I better get to go home early if we slow enough for allat.
Sorry women but if you want to be treated as equals you'd better be ready to throw down if you hit a man 😶
Hairy man butt makes the world a better place
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Find a woman that is too good for you and become a better man for her. That's how you get to the forever you always dream…
Sending selfies to bub always make my day better and my heart warm 😍💘 oh how I love this man 💍
Only a woman can change a man for the better: money's not the answer❗ get you a loyal queen and keep her 💯
Jaehyun better come collect his man or I will
+ a better man.". He rested his forehead against Dazai's, his eyes now shut. "Until you can't remember anything bad +
Look better than every man in my perimeter 😍
☹️😒 omg man my card better be here Monday dude
my overall goal is to get a better relationship with the Man above . once I get right w/ Him like I need to ,everything w…
got to sit down and watch Yoga Hosers.Gotta say nothing better than watching Kevin Smith sausage get smashed!Great movie man
lawmakers better get on board the Trump train that's why we voted for the man. Get over yourself Rubio
gotta be better than before ! I don't pray but thinking of you man 😘
yes watching it too. If ur gonna dress as a woman surely u should look better than u do as a man or is that just me?
Be strong man. She's in a better place 🙏🏾
Me when better man by Little Big Town comes on lol
my man has never looked better I'm sO SHOOKENED
Thanks happy Christmas. Hope you are feeling better. Catch up with you after the big man comes. https:/…
Hope everything gets better Q you strong man!
If you treat a man as he is, he will stay as he is. If you treat him as he ought to be, he will become the bigger and bett…
what's ur feelin man when u've taken these massive titties from Better Late Than Neve…
Man, makes me happy! ❤️ Rough day instantly made better. Thanks, James, Lars, Kirk and Robert.
You better believe it! Full TKO to the Hipster, will be out!! Michael would destroy him in shot!! Hey man, nice shot! 🔥😈😂
Ladies and gentelmans song of the day Better Man // ft .
“You’d like to try to leave the world a little better than when you came.” –Neil Armstrong Hear the story of the...
Great educator, even better man. Wishing you great health in retirement First Sergeant!
Pain makes u stronger, tears make u braver, and heartbreak makes u wiser, so thank the past for a better future
Could not have a better man for the job. Sam the man.
No. If I don't want you that's it. You better respect that, not some imaginary man 😑
one moron on a plane with Ivanka and you call that 'constant'?. Makes no difference. Obama is a far better man than that ***
Man don't be talking all this noise about doing better in 2017 if you not gone put it in action fr fr. Otherwise you waiting ya breath🙄
America better Listen Up! . Man who interrogated 9/11 muslim mastermind has warning for the United States...
A better life where he could rule the disgusting white man and follow allah in raping, pillaging, murder
How do you end an album better than Kendrick did with "Mortal Man"
Men will ruin your life anyway tbh, at least the view is better with a bearded man.
that's awesome man. Much better news than cowboy Rb gave offense line high dollar stuff.Kids need it
Rihanna knew better not to wife Drake. She had that man simping on national television and never claimed him. She's truly…
Better Man by Little Big Town i've never been able to relate to a song as much as this one...😳
Better Man by Little Big Town is probably the most amazing and most relatable song ever right now. thanks for sharing
Better Man by Little Big Town is my new favorite song
The song Better Man by Little Big Town absolutely destroys me
I think every girl has a part in their life that relates to Better Man by Little Big Town
According to 'Rolling Stone Magazine', Little Big Town's "Better Man", written by Taylor Swift, is the best country song…
Better Man by Little Big Town relates to me in ways that I could never explain but dang yall, I don't think another song could compare.
We surprised one of our shops in the Sports Shop Network today (Better Man's Barber Shop in Cary, NC).. What a fun…
I think Taylor gave Better Man away just cause it's so country and she's not going back to country. At least I wish she'll still do pop.
Glenn Beck: ‘Obama Made Me a Better Man' Once again who gives a carp what a has been megalomaniac has to say.
which one of your hits did you have a gut feeling it was really a hit when you wrote it ? I think it would be Better Man
i wish you were a better man : Little Big Town - Better Man
My buddy Zack getting it done. He's a great outdoorsman and an even better family man. Good friend
as long as you think Buddy Robinson is better, a man who cannot skate, it's hard for me to take you seriously on this, Jeff.
Change is good but ones are better 😏
I can say is a better man than i, if an interviewer asked me if getting 5% was worth trump, my response wouldnt be as calm
Another reason why baseball is better than football... this man is a football fan.
Any man that said anime isn't a real anime *** sure the animation looks pretty but the story details are better…
Buy and stream latest single, Better Man, written by Taylor Swift.
Man that was insane ! What a great show this gets better and better each week!
In case you haven't heard: Taylor Swift wrote a song that Little Big Town released called Better Man.
Who did Taylor Swift write "Better Man" about? Investigating Little Big Town's new single:
So I'm at work and this old lady jus told me I'm a good looking young man.. She better quit playin before I cuff
My man has my back to the fullest. Couldn't have asked for anyone better💍
I know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand, and I just miss you, and I just wish you were a better man. -…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
This month is all about growth. I'll be a better man at the end of November.
Surprise! The songwriter of is none other than
to the man, CEO's are too busy to care about gender, they care about profit, meaning who can do a job better
Celtic v Man City = Draw. Man City v Barcelona = Win. That means we are actually better than Barcelona (if you ignore…
Apparently Taylor Swift isn't done with writing country tunes.
better get a few more runs... Just saying man, I don't like this as much as I did an hour ago.
Can't stop won't stop listening to Better Man by
Better be able to answer to that man in the mirror. Only you really know..
Better man- Little Big Town is the ultimate feels and even more feels because Taylor Swift wrote it
Today was such a good day between all the LBT announcements & the Better Man vid!!
We might still be in love if you were a better man. 💔
i love but man do i miss you on the air big fella. Feel better and i hope i hear you on air soon!!!
but you hire whoever is best for the job? If he finds a man thats better for a job than a woman available he will give the job
If feeling defeated ,. 👉 A man with a worst past can create a better future (Umar Ibn Khitab)... So cheer up it's never too late✌
Thoughts on Better Man: I’m still just heartbroken for Taylor. I know she’s strong and she’s going to be fine, she is fin…
me when I found out that Taylor wrote Better Man
I know i'm probably better off on my own, than loving a man who didn't know what he had when he had it
Last Christmas I got awesome deals on clothes for my lil man and my godson. Old navy better come thru this year lol
oh man someone talking about a fish getting bitten to death? BETTER START PARANOIA AND ANXIETY *** even though ain't nothin' in my trauma
😂😂😂Rs better pay attention to the man upstairs 😂😂😂
If you haven't heard Little Big Towns song "Better Man", then you need to take a listen😭 so worth it
Sarah the boss is the man. Known fact that the more you listen to Bruce the better your life will be
hey man, something about you has changed for the better. I like you so much more for some reason. We'll bang, o…
I can't see myself even arguing wit a bish no more man. not bc I think I'm better it's just I'm mentally not even there..…
Hi I've been home for 3 minutes and I'm crying thinking about what Taylor might sound like singing Better Man
listening to better man and i feel so good bc country and taylor wrote it counTRY
Petition for a studio version of Taylor Swift singing 'Better Man'. This is very important.
stillgotscars: These lyrics for Better Man demonstrate the insanely beautiful lyricism that Taylor has...
It's better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man 🙏🏻. —Psalm 118:8
If you're just sitting around waiting for change it'll never happen,nothing changes unless you change, you want better? do be…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Love that Taylor Swift wrote Better Man. Hate that she gave it to Little Big Town☹️️
Little Big Town's new single, 'Better Man,' was written by Taylor Swift via
Little Big Town have revealed Taylor Swift as the songwriter behind their latest single, "Better Man". . Loving...
Little Big Town on not saying that Taylor wrote their new single "Better Man" until the song was released! 📝
.revealed Taylor wrote their lead single "Better Man" off their new album! get it…
Taylor Swift did release new music this year — she wrote Little Big Town’s "Better Man"
Read the beautiful but saddening lyrics for the Taylor Swift written song 'Better Man' below - you can purchase the song…
Hear the song Taylor Swift wrote for Little Big Town, the cutting "Better Man"
Guys listen to Little Big Town's song " Better Man" written by Taylor Swift and read the lyrics !! 😭😭
Little Big Town has released the music video for their Taylor Swift written song 'Better Man'.
I just found this link! Little Big Town said Swift wrote their new single "Better Man"
.drops "Better Man" music video, reveals as the songwriter ▶︎ http…
Taylor Swift revealed as songwriter for Little Big Town's "Better Man"
i'm doing all i can to be a better man 💛 ♫ Better Man by Robbie Williams
Better Man, Brown Skin Girl, and Lisa Sawyer by Leon Bridges makes the sun shine a little brighter through my window panes 😁
Better Man by Pearl Jam will always be one of my favourites
Better Man by Paolo Nutini is in Stanley Gate Inn, Ormskirk. Download it now at
Did you know? The newest release from Phil Perry - "A Better Man" was on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart the…
I dig Pearl Jam, but this was obviously written by a dude. "Better Man" This is Such a Lie Stone Gossard is Awesome!
Better Man by Paolo Nutini is just so beautiful ugh
LIVE on Pearl Jam live at Madison Square Garden NYC - Better Man
Lord I'm doing all I can to be a better man... "Better Man, Robbie Williams".
A Better Man by Brian Kennedy is in The Sun, Lancaster. Download it now at
This crowd singing 'Better Man' live at Madison Square Garden is chill-inducing.
watch it be a quiet one! I have better willpower than u man
You better put in some extra works since ya man so broke
In a relationship, there's gonna be girls prettier than your girl or guys doing better than your man and that's where the loy…
» man does that? Why? But Bucky didn't know any better, but Bucky thought it we Dean, /but/ Bucky hadn't listened to his «
I'm all over Villarreal tonight, & at 28 outright. Man Utd & Liverpool 11.5. Villarreal much better than them. Granted harder draw
Jared goff is the pick at 2 not wentz im so tired of all these people thinking wentz is better after one practice c'mon man goff
Buy Miche Bag Online!
That *** man. Whatever it is, it'll get better. Though YTG does sound like good fun
Man I'm hungry and this guy in here eating this whole pizza ain't making it no better 😒😅.
Yup. Man, no one brought out the college is better than the NBA folks more than Aaron Craft.
I encourage every man to make himself a better man everyday cause trust and believe it's a woman doing the same and when y'all meet bruhh
If I can't get Hamilton tickets, I'll do you one better and I will become the greatest living scholar on this man watch me do it I'll do it
The song that started it all hit the charts today in '89; and I'm still leaving here A Better Man!
Happy Birthday to the big man It's a great day to be a Saint! Even better when it's your birthday! 🏀
currency doesn't make you better than the next man. It doesn't.
This already better than evol. Don't @ me.
Richard Whately~ A man who gives his children habits of industry provides for them better than by giving them a fortune.
It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. Psalm 118:8
Man makes anything he can but a woman makes a better man. - James Brown
WOW! This team of injured Man United players is ten times better than the XI LVG has picked tonight.
Ah man! Well hope your day gets better hun! :)
I'm easy to find, call me whenever you need some green and I'll make you feel better- Weed Man
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Man Utd Injured XI is better than Man Utd fit XI
Congrats to all! But special congrats to Earle the Pearl! A great coach and an even better man and friend!
I love what I do. I love who I am. Everyday I am a better man.
I know you're busy thinking of who to buy for Man Utd but call me, I got ideas. Let's make Utd a better club
About to get off work & trade Montejunas, Thorton & 1st round. Man better be something in the works or I'm..💀
man I hope so😭 this Nashville trip should make me feel better
this man deserve big up 👏🏻👏🏻 he enjoyed each & every movement of lahore qalandar match i really wish LQ wil do better next time
... It's allot better then the Getter Robo subs. Even tho it is clearly the ones who translated Michiru as MAN in the subtitles.
Saw a man who is clearly married eating like Bojangles food is way better than what his wife can cook.
A genuinely think even moorings dads band are better than the artic monkeys man
Man I don't get why not wait for an official version it would sound way better.
i ordered this last night using Postmate and it was delivered by a long-haired dude who told me to "feel better, man"
sure man I'll download some better aimbot brb
I heard them man united are better *hint*
Sherwood would suit Man Utd better than Mourinho, claims Parker
by default ? Lol ok man. Gailey was familiar with fitz. If he felt he was better I doubt he would name geno the starter.
"Gurl,Am like a Man United fan right now with my man,like I want to let him go but I don't want to coz I know he can do better" 😩
congratulations man I love TNA and know you will make it better
if you listen to TLOP in a different order it's way better man, try it
Celebrating this amazing man today! We are so blessed to have shared so many! Each year gets better! I love you!
I'm good bro. Had triple hernia surgery few years back. Pretty rough stuff. Get better quick my man!!
This is wrong man it makes me so mad
hope you get even better soon big man WRTP
Feel better giving my seat up for an old man on the train than if I'd have sat down all the way home 👐
If a girl doesn't push you to become a better man don't waste your time with her..
people are jealous of JB's success bc they feel Chris can do the same well tell that man to get a better team or make better songs
Yall *** gotta do better man YALL so young just out here that's sad you ain't gone never have a *** FAREAL cause you thre…
man my boys better pull this one out they been takin Ls since jimmy been hurt smh
Jimmers isn't a big man but we better get his ***
I don't care what anybody says Shinedowns version of Simple Man is better than the original .
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I knw my point too is u seems to b against Mou over LVG, I love LVG but the man has failed Mou wl do better dan him
Great job on Rod Carew Special.Greatest hitter,better man. https…
Raptors need to go all in man the window is closing... The cavs are vulnerable and other teams are starting to get better.…
2 of my younger brothers are better than me but not I'll torch him any day even as an old man
of course SVG is more effective as an executive than a black man is...even though the pistons win 20 games a year.he's better, ok?
The pistons are making great moves man , the roster got 20 times better within 2 days . Crazy
Looks a better day than my day of recovering from man flu!
I know your pain man. I had back surgery 1 1/2 years ago and nothing is the same. Hope you feel better man!
"A Better Man for a Better Ghana" John Atta Mills became the 3rd president of
Watch Leon Bridges' rousing take on "Better Man" on
is saying she needs to shut up, she flexing, they liked her better when she didn't talk? like man FOH with all that tbh…
Man he ain't no better than the next man kickin up fuss
My *** friends understand women better than any straight man I know!!
I have battled anxiety & depression for the past 6 years. I am a better man for it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stro…
U give everything to someone then they put U on blast.Better ahead man.Gotta find someone that makes me better wish it was you. It wasn't U
I'm just happy to help you grow to be a better man so you can treat your new girl better than you did with me.
Congratulations to Sean Lee for making his first career Pro Bowl!! A great man then and even better man now.
omg apparently I'm a man i better go ask a womyn 2 define what i am what i can think + not act upon seriously? :)
If u call somebody a fool you'd better b the wisest man in all the land or else ur an even bigger fool
When i find love again, i'll be much better than the man i used to be... When i find love again, i'll have a better plan for us...
No. 17 John Lackey, a man who seems to get better with age.
Knowing that today was my last day to smoke😔😭 man oh man these days better hurry😤
The Prostate Massage Manual: This is what every man needs to know for better prostate he...
My man better know how fortunate he is that I love a clean home😁 cuz some of these *** are filthy 😂
I thought when the Reds got rid of Dusty that they'd make better decisions.. Man was I wrong
Gists: How to make your boyfriend better in bed:
You better stop playing in that man *** before you get food poison
Charles Woodson is the final player off the board. The man who led Pro Bowl voting at safety wire to wire deserves better. …
Nobody protects your better than a man who loves you.
. The man is a proven advocate in both thought & deed & is in a much better position to speak than you Dr.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
No better coach or man than John Calipari
Man if you're a big time celebrity in this day and age you're better off leaving some stuff unsaid publicly. People will air you out.
I like him better on the game than on his show. He is a good play by play man. His commentary not so good.
Have yet to eat since breakfast 😕 I have to take better care of myself man.
Any man that don't take care of his kids has severe mental health better off without him!
Diggle: Don't do it whoa --he pointing the burner at me you better tell this man the codes.
saw you this morning. Well done young man! Looking forward to your future work. Hope your Dad is feeling better.
really hope he starts to get better soon man if you need me I'm here.
I gotta start picking better choices of females man.
sike I'm trippin.. that man waay better than you 😪
Man I'm serious education better pay Tf off, I'm trynna win Atleast $50 an hour & be set.
I've come to realize that school aint about what you learn and know its bout your grades and GPA man fucc dat.I've learned better things
Slowly getting better and better. If learns how to get to the FT line 5-10 times a night, oh man.
Cruz is getting pretty desperate absolutly unhinged. Trump is the better man.
But what if it's Chocolate Ice Cream? How much better can that get? 😏🍫🍦👙
nothing better , man we'll be back at it soon enough Fr
Andrew Neilson, Leafs 2015 3rd rounder, better d-man than Gardiner right now. Will score 75 points this year in Lethbridge.
These 10 style hacks will help you become a better dressed man:
Man, EnemyGG's getting better at this whole esports thing. :V -
Congratulations to this man for pushing me harder and making me a better writer since 10th grade, you deserve it 💯
Its wonderful to a be a feminist but a man hating feminist is what I will not stand for. You're no better than Men who…
How to make your boyfriend better in bed:
idk who this Brittany chick is but she better keep her hands off my man 🔪🔪🔪
If you really think Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia people can dance better than Ivory Coast Congo and Togo then idk man.but we all have opinions
Nobody's got anything on the man is on a whole different level and just keeps getting better
Nothing make a man feel better than a woman Queen with a crown that be down for whatever👑
why would I be embarrassed about a man I choose? I wouldn't be embarrassed I would advice him what's better for him.
LMAOO ahh man she ain't leaving if I do that.. She better get on board she know who she is too👀😂
I knew this song back when I was 15. Form 3 in English class; intro by my english teacher ~ Better Man via
Better Man by Jamie Champbell Bower 🎵🎧. "Better Man". You come crying to me like I’m… (at Stella's Space) —
Better Man on the Classic Rock Station? *** guess i'm getting old
I'm so sorry to everybody I disappointed last night. I'm feeling better now. I really hope everyone can make the resch…
OMG LIAM!!! Thank God your feeling better. You scared me man😭
Speaker chair held hostage by 1 man demands, better empty like it was with Boehner
This man's going to the world series...For bowling. he's better then you at everything.
Now we can understand why the APC never wanted Saraki as Senate President. The man has no principles. David Mark was by far a better SP
Man better do what I do and still somebody Bae lol
I have a better idea. How about he reviews Mega Man X7? The Patreon goal was met.
A man stopped to pick her up out the road...she's in a better place now tho
Caitlyn Jenner winning "woman of the year" is pretty saying a man is better at being a woman than a woman
A female that pushes you to become a better man >>
A man has one opportunity to hit me. They better make it good because they will NEVER have that opportunity again.
Every man should want their woman to be successful. I will always lift her up and encourage her to do better.
Man you look better with your mask off.
Thank you man! I've been working on being a better me
Little Giant Ladders
You better be careful Chris Cuomo has a man crush on trump.
Is there such a man that's honest enough confront his insecurities vs projecting them on and belittling others to feel better about himself
7 hrs sleep over 2 days. My little man needs to get better as my brain is feeling very foggy 😳😷
I hate the phrase "You The Man!" because I think most women are better at being "The Man" than men.
ESSEX SENIOR LEAGUE ROUND-UP: Ten-man Basildon United get the better of Bowers ... - Echo
If she makes you a better man then don't let her go bruv, don't be stupid
A will never be a better than a real MAN! Do you agree? 💪👷🔧
Man I gotta applaud myself for keeping it 💯 w/ people. For better or for worse, I'm really about this life.
Right. And what terrible horrific thing have women done to say we deserve a man? We deserve something better.
As the man I'm pose to shave the better pillow
Couldn't say it any better, big up man like Faron
- An Aquarius man is unlikely to make changes even when he knows it is for the better.
thanks man I appreciate it, I hope your tongue feels better 😌
The day he RT's you will be your greatest achievement on here, better then your fake quotes.
I spy a sitar in "Street Fighting Man." In my opinion The Beatles do it better
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I fight back crying like I do puking. Once I let myself, I feel so much better until my three year old says "Man up, you b…
If a girl doesnt push you to become a better man, dont waste your time w/ her
Help your man to Be a Better Dad with Rick Johnson. Live now Best Family
"Bruce Jenner winning "Woman of the Year" is saying a man is better than a woman at being a woman." lol
It's so hard to stay happy and positive during hard times. I guess this is what's going to make me a better man in the f…
I really need another man so I can take better pictures. Xx
He was the strongest man I've known but he's in a better place now😔 rest easy Coach John, I won't ever forget you❤️
"I envy your will to be a better man in a world where better men don't even stand a chance on this earth
Three three is better than Kirikiri... Bar Man abeg give me one more bottle!!!
You always need to surround yourself with people that lift you up and challenge you to be better musician and better business woman or man
More Champions League action from 18.00 - where better to watch it than Deoch an Dorus - both Man U and Man City...
man I got in a game with you and then you afk :( :P better luck sniping later, Welcome back to 'Murica
You have to be a better man in other to be best family man
I tried...could of done better but, man I have mad respect for you, keep killin it.
Manchester City have a better schedule going into the derby, says Louis van Gaal
"Send someone to love me . I need to rest in arms . Keep me safe from… ♫ Better Man by Robbie Williams (w/ you) —
My Christian song Better Man is up for winning 50 thousand dollars by the award winning producer John Shanks it made judge's pick.
Good post on a topic that deserves more attention: How Therapy Helped Me Become a Better Man
But everything worth fighting for is worth the ups and downs.… ♫ Better Man by Lady Antebellum (w/ Firmansyah) —
I added a video to a playlist Jamie Campbell Bower - Better Man
I don't know why, really, and no disrespect to Bill, but I've always imagined Hillary when I listen to Pearl Jam play "Better Man."
Lord I'm doing all I can. To be a better man. - Robbie William, Better Man
just give it time man, it eill get better.. im sorry again to hear Tom. take as much time as you need!
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