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Bette Davis Eyes

Bette Davis Eyes is a song written in 1974 by Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon and made popular by American singer-songwriter Kim Carnes.

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"Khloe, can you play Bette Davis Eyes?" -Ariana as we're trying to sleep
" She'll take a tumble on you, . roll you like you were dice,. until you come up blue,. she's got Bette Davis Eyes.."
Day 18: A song from the year that you were born. Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes 👌🏽.
Bette Davis Eyes de Kim Carnes she's got everything that you need ♫
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes . This is much better ❤️
"Bette Davis, in 'Now Voyager', 1942 the woman with the bright eyes loves to smoke. smokin…
I'm about to leave to get my haircut, but Lady Bird is making it tough since she started hitting me with those Bett…
To combat dark circles, Bette Davis would apply cucumber to her lids at night and used petroleum jelly under the ey…
The song on the jukebox when you walk into a bar can totally set the tone for the evening. Tonight was "Bette Davis Eyes."
Now playing Bette Davis Eyes [June 1981] by Kim Carnes Follow us and help us grow!
her hair is Harlow gold. her lips are sweet surprise . her hands are never cold. she's got Bette Davis eyes
When I was 4, my favorite actress was Bette Davis, but only because my favorite song was Kim Carnes's 'Bette Davis Eyes.'
As far back as I can remember I've always wanted to hear Bob Dylan do a straight cover of Bette Davis Eyes
Being born when Joe Clark was PM means you remember when your mom's favourite songs were Bette Davis Eyes and Flashdance (What a Feeling...)
Playing rad track from the 80s: Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes.
More 80s fun on the station. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes via
Love "Bette Davis Eyes"? So did Kim Carnes. That's why she covered it. Yes, it's a cover.
Listening to Crunchy Tunes - Bette Davis Eyes covered by Oliver North Boy Choir on
I think I'm going for Kevin Davies Eyes. Play on words of two cracking songs - Bette Davis Eyes and Dickie Davies Eyes
Today in 1981: Kim Carnes was at with one of The Top 500 Songs of the Rock Era, "Bette Davis Eyes". .
starts her 9th and final week at No. 1 on the with “Bette Davis Eyes" in 1981.
Now playing Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes. Listen to TNT Radio at TuneIn.
When you hear "Bette Davis Eyes" and it reminds you of as Liz Taylor - 1 of my fav AHS characters :)
Yes! That's me. "He's got Radovan Karadzic hair" to the tune of Bette Davis Eyes. Every few months.
On this day in 1981, "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes hit # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Held total of 9 weeks. https…
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes was the Billboard magazine Hot 100 No.1 hit on July 18.1981
Pearl brags to Steven that she was the subject of Kim Carnes' hit single, "Bette Davis Eyes.". Garnet later assures him this isn't true.
Bette Davis Eyes by Jackie DeShannon It was a cover, what a surprise! Thanks Tommy Vance
oh me. I like that song . Bette Davis eyes :)
So Bette Davis jumped on him and began to claw his eyes out "Now you ARE blind" she shouted.
. Her hair is Harlow gold. Her lips sweet surprise. Her hands are never cold. She's got Bette Davis' eyes. In her bag .
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes now playing on LG73!
Not sure. But I’m pretty positive that has Bette Davis Eyes.
yes! Keep going with the introductions please!! Hope she appreciated [Her eyes are better than Bette Davis's though..] :-D
Smashing Bette Davis Eyes in the shower! Eat your heart out Kim Carnes!
I just wanna listen to Bette Davis Eyes on repeat all night so I think that's what I'ma do
🎶 Her hair is Harlow gold... she got Bette Davis eyes 🎶
Bette Davis. The Rich Are Always with Us, 1932. All eyes and talent :))
Kim Carnes' 'Bette Davis Eyes' on on now. Classy, catchy... and a contender for best handclaps on a pop song ever!
Bette Davis Eyes was originally recorded by Jackie Deshannon?! Bloody ***
If you have a quintessential white girl karaoke song, ask yourself why it isn't Bette Davis Eyes
I added a video to a playlist Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Extended Mix)
Kim Carnes had the smash hit in 1981. This version came 1st - Bette Davis Eyes - Jackie DeShannon
can I please add to the Dean Ray playlist-. * You & Me. * Budapest . * Crying. * Stolen Dance. * Bette Davis Eyes
love love love Bette Davis Eyes by Dean Ray. Thanks a million bestie! Catch you tomorrow xx
is last track still open? Haven't heard Dean Ray with Bette Davis Eyes yet; could you please give it a spin for me sweetheart? 🙏
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes on u r simply raaawkin -disturbin my black lite - down down statusquo?
A song tribute to Sal Buscema's 90s output set to "Bette Davis Eyes"
I'm listening to Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes on
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes. Never gonna give you up - Rick Ashley. Another you - Armin van Buuren. Walking after midnight - Patsy Cline
I cant get "Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes" out of my head thanks to last week's episode of American Horror Story...
How did AHS know I love 80's montages to Bette Davis Eyes???
TFW you do a karaoke duet of Bette Davis Eyes with the co-owner of a super cool store of weird and/or dead stuff and TV show!
Malin Akerman dancing to Bette Davis Eyes on a dark stormy night is my aesthetic
You all loved Kim Carnes' hit song 'Bette Davis Eyes' now get ready for her next big hit 'Steve Buscemi Eyes'
better than having hungry eyes, or worse... Bette Davis Eyes
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes is in The Plough Bar & Grill. Download it now at
You may have Bette Davis eyes but I have knees.
Bette Davis Eyes. Jesse's Girl. that Phil Collins dirge that probably hundreds of people committed suicide to. Relax . don't doo et!!!
That's the point. An dive got bette Davis' eyes
I bet Lyndsey Rowley does a killer karaoke version of Bette Davis eyes
Even Malin Akerman stripping cannot make Bette Davis Eyes even slightly less awful.
If she has Bette Davis eyes, whose eyes does Bette Davis have?.
Now playing: Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes at - Buy it
🎶She'll turn the music on you. You won't have to think twice. She's pure as New York snow. She got Bette Davis eyes🎶
All the boys, think she's a spy, she got Bette Davis eyes 👀
. 🎵She got Greta Garbo stand off sighs. She's got Bette Davis eyes🎶
that last Bette Davis Eyes scene killed me
I'm not emotionally stable when hearing Bette Davis Eyes, so putting it in the end of The Final Girls was not okay for me, lmfao.
Bette Davis Eyes is playing outside of work and is reminding me that I cried like a little baby at the end of The Final Girls
She's got Bette Davis eyes 🎼🎵🎶~now I have that song stuck in my head 😜
I just used Shazam to discover Bette Davis Eyes (Club Mix) by Tradelove & Sam Obernik.
I've got Bette Davis eyes and my grandfather's eyebrows.
Google search: how to Bette Davis eyes please for the love of God.
Loved singing Bette Davis Eyes! Would love to see performing his single IOU 😍🎸🎉🎶
Yep, I'm always the girl you never saw coming. I've got Bette Davis Eyes. day I was born .
Bette Davis Eyes might be a near perfect song.
For Christmas, all I want is all 5 Taylor Swift's albums plus her cover of Bette Davis Eyes 😍💕
You know that song Bette Davis Eyes? I don't think that's a good thing. Like, today's version would be Steve Buscemi Eyes.
Always loved this song, but the video will make even a crow blush | Kim Carnes - "Bette Davis Eyes"
Fave♡. When I saw this photo, I remember the song " Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes.
Number 1 for 1981, here's Kim Carnes with 'Bette Davis Eyes' as the 80s takeover of continues.
Bette Davis Eyes by Jazzystics Featuring Karen Souza is in Harrods, London. Download it now at
She's pure as New York snow and... Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes 😎
Is there a better synth line than the one from Bette Davis Eyes?
I really love you version of 99 Red Ballons and Bette Davis Eyes. Should you recorder a greatest 90's amazing songs.
Kim Carnes sings “Nobody Knows”. In the early 80s, she introduced me to Bette Davis w/ her song “Bette Davis Eyes”.
5:48pm Bette Davis Eyes by Sexton Blake from Sexton Blake Plays the Hits!
no but I was like 'hey you look gor-' and she was like 'EYES LIKE BETTE DAVIS I WANT YOUR EYES I LOVE YOUR EYES EYES'
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes on Lyft's radio. Loved/love this track.
Turns out Bette Davis has got Bette Davis eyes.
The One That I Love by Air Supply ended Bette Davis Eyes reign. Was that an improvement? I just don't know.
If you’ve been wanting Bette Davis Eyes better go grab it soon!
“Favorite cover Taylor's done?” drops of jupiter, bette davis eyes, good riddance
I have big eyes. I wonder if they're as big as bette davis'
on HitMusic80s Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes at …
Tay's cover of Bette Davis Eyes will always be my fav 💙
Bette Davis eyes is playing at fatburger 🔥
One of my favorite songs when I kid in the 1980s. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes via
Foxes' Bodytalk sounds like a modern version of Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes 😻
Sometimes all I really need is Brandon Flowers' cover of Bette Davis Eyes
you too :) Was lovely getting Bette Davis Eyes, plus Carol & Ron too !
To be fair I was quite convinced 'Bette Davis Eyes' was sung by Rod Stewart so... X
No1 on the Australian Chart 34 years ago (1981) * Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes *
Kim Carnes was awarded the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1982 for Bette Davis Eyes.
When I hear "Bette Davis Eyes' I always sing it as "Sammy Davis Eyes'
Can we all just appreciate Taylor sining Bette Davis Eyes
On this day in 1981 Kim Carnes performed "Bette Davis Eyes" on "American Bandstand."
Pop quiz daily from my jukebox. "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes was at on 23 May. In which year? (22/5:1976)
James is ruining my love of classical music by singing Bette Davis Eyes over Albinoni's Adagio.
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes. Listen it now to Concept Radio!.
Taylor's cover of Bette Davis Eyes blesses me every time
I have allergy eyes. Not to be confused with Bette Davis Eyes.
I love this cover that i get to love the song. :) Dean Ray - Bette Davis Eyes
Bette Davis Eyes on repeat while I dodge this traffic.
* Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes * was top of the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 1981
Just a reminder that this cover of 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Paul Dempsey exists.
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes: my mom used to sooth me with this song as a kid... I got teased for having big eyes
Still loving Kylie's cover of 'Bette Davis Eyes' Should have been on the Kiss Me Once album though.
In love with this. Not arsed. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Big up for This is my jam: Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes on Stevie Nicks Radio ♫ ...
*sung to the tune of Bette Davis Eyes* . "She's got Susanna Hofs eyes."
So engrossed listening to Bette Davis Eyes on the way to the gym I managed to blank the guy I'm kinda seeing.
I want Bette Davis Eyes playing @ my wedding. I love this song so much.
Here's our cover of "Bette Davis Eyes", the song made famous by Kim Carnes in 1981. It will appear on a ltd hand numb edtn of 220 double 10" vinyl, released ...
I could listen to Taylors cover of Bette Davis Eyes over and over
" LuvPug: Bette Davis Eyes is probably my favorite song about organ donor awareness."
Kim Carnes' less successful follow up up Bette Davis Eyes
for me, this is the 80s in a nutshell... ♫ Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
"Bette Davis Eyes" the Kim Carnes classic by Tradelove + on "In The on Original UK No.10 in 1981
Jeremy Vine making an *** of it there on . "Here's Bette Davis Eyes.". *Dont fear the reaper begins playing*. D'oh!
Evanka Osmak has a great voice. Would love to hear her sing Bette Davis Eyes at karaoke.
So much of modern indie music is retrospective but MAN Bette Davis Eyes is so modern sounding.
I liked a video Days of Our Lives: EJami - Bette Davis Eyes
Now playing on : Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes. 80's : Nothing but the best!
'Bette Davis Eyes' should have made it to the . I have been obsessed with take on that song for days.
A little Bette Davis Eyes and a plate lunch. Today is fantastic.
If only she'd ever written anything half as good as "Bette Davis Eyes."
I don't even care. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes is a great tune!
I also thought 'Bette Davis eyes' was 'better days ahead'
Guess what - Bette Davis Eyes 6:05am. Down your drink!
The original and best version, I feel. Bette Davis Eyes - Jackie DeShannon (1974): via
Imagine a world without Taylor's cover of Bette Davis Eyes. I cannot Taylor Swift
We've just said our cat has Bette Davis eyes. In a jar, but they're actually peeled grapes. We're not normal, are we?
Bette Davis Eyes: one of those sing-in-the-shower songs you think you know pretty well - until you study it properly for band practice!
Kim Carnes is top of the charts 1981 with 'Bette Davis Eyes'.
I think the guy that sang Bette Davis Eyes last night on X Factor was my fave 😍😇
On air now:. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes. Listen to Concept Radio!.
I liked a video Taylor Swift covers "This Love" and "Bette Davis Eyes"
important life update: listening to nothing but 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Kim Carnes for the foreseeable future
Alvin and the Chipmunks covered Bette Davis Eyes. I don't care why. God bless America. via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Catching the last of with Bette Davis Eyes!
[[STEP BACK SUNDAY - SUMMER 1980]] Some people point to Bette Davis Eyes as a Kim Carnes summer song but for me it’s this one…A remake of a Smokey song that actually came out in summer. More Love by Kim Carnes -
She got Bette Davis Eyes and I got nostalgic feelings and that ambivalent "cry all day" mood.
I've noticed I find brunettes more attractive but if I marry a blonde I'll sing bette davis eyes to her at my wedding
Brandon Flowers - BETTE DAVIS EYES: STILL 1 of my favourite He's so cool in this!😍👌
~~The 80 Days of Cruel Summer~~ DAY 79. Kim Carnes, Bette Davis Eyes. Bette Davis Eyes is the third best selling single of the entire 1980s decade, spending nine weeks at number one during May, June and July of 1981. The song still astounds us with mystery and lyrics like, " She'll wet your appetite." We know it's those big expressive eyes that tease us and make us fall in love. Those lovely ladies of summers past that teased and taunted us with beautiful eyes, curvy legs and pouty lips that seductively smoked a cigarette. These ladies had taken lessons from the legend Bette Davis herself and embraced their life and used what God had given them. This Summer when your out having fun with the crowds( shopping, concerts, picnics, amusement parks etc) find the girl in that crowd with the Bette Davis eyes and VAVOOM, know she has a great story to tell you.cause."She's got Bette Davis Eyes." What memories do you have of the Classic 80s song?
lovin Leighton Meester's version of she's got Bette Davis eyes that I listened to on Youtube!
Had a dance to Bette Davis Eyes earlier, so whatever happens tonight, at least that did.
"Kim Carnes-Bette Davis Eyes", sound recording administered by: EMI Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for f...
Listening to American Top 40 tribute to Casey Kasem on KOOL 108 and reminiscing on some of the Top "oldies" that include: Physical (Olivia Newton-John, top hit in 1982) ... Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes, top hit in 1981) ... Call Me (Blonde, 1980) ... My Sharona (The Knack, 1979) ... Shadow Dancing (Andy Gibb, 1978).
So I'm listening to classic American Top 40 with Casey Kasem . Top 100 songs of 1981. It's on B101 (no Deb Sweetman ,Byron is not with me lol). Ok everyone so is the top song of 81' "Endless Love " or "Bette Davis Eyes "?. No googling etc either . I was in 12th grade lol.
She's got Bette Davis eyes.I was born in the wrong era for everything
Bette Davis eyes is playing on the radio
There's just something about this track -> Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
My fave old song from the 80's. Bette Davis Eyes
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC JUNE 20th (Don't forget to "LIKE/FOLLOW" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1948: CBS-TV debuts its new variety show, entitled Toast of the Town, featuring performances by Martin & Lewis and Rodgers & Hammerstein, and hosted by an New York Daily News entertainment columnist and critic named Ed Sullivan. The first show was produced on a budget of $1,375. Only $375 was allocated for talent and $200 of that was shared by the young stars of that night's program, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It would go on to become The Ed Sullivan Show and become the longest-running variety show in US history at 23 years. 1953: Eddie Fisher was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with “I'm Walking Behind You.” The American singer had a variety television series, Coke Time with Eddie Fisher on NBC from 1953 - 1957.1956: Elvis Presley performed on Wink Martindale's television show in Memphis, Tennessee to promote a local benefit concert. 1959: In Paris, The management ...
She's got bette davis eyes ;) . Love that song lol. Hmm wtd. I shoulda went hung out over there for the eve ffs :p ..
Karaoke tonight. Already sang Bette Davis Eyes. Next up: Heart of Glass.
I'm working on a parody of the song "Bette Davis Eyes". It's about my ex and called "She's Got Amy Schumer Thighs"
I'm just a man smoking in a car listening to Bette Davis Eyes on a Saturday night. I know how to live.
Watched 1935 "Dangerous" with Bette Davis and Franchot Tone tonight. What a treat to slip back into a time when movies were smart character driven fantasy fulfillments. Oh yes, those Bette Davis Eyes.
Dont Go..Envouge. Bette Davis Eyes..Kim Carnes. Little Lies..Fleetwood Mac. Sign ur name..Terrence Trent Darby. Shape of my heart..Sting. Patience..Guns and Roses. Long Gone..Guy. Sometimes it snows in april..Prince. This list is for u who asked..classic hits! Sum of my favs
What song shuffled onto the iPod this morning??? 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Kim Carnes...great song...and even better was the book report I wrote on Bette Davis in the 6th grade
I'm now hearing Jerry Orbach's Eyes to the tune of "Bette Davis Eyes," so thanks for that.
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes I have been wanting to do a song with the amazing Julz for quite some time. This is the first of 2 songs we have planned. Keep ...
*sings doctored version of Bette Davis Eyes in your honour*
Does "Bette Davis Eyes" make anyone else happy to not be dead?
Bette Davis Eyes (Live) by Taylor Swift on Speak Now - World Tour Live in SuperLoud Essential ♪♪
Listen to Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes on AOL Radio. You'll find everything about Bette Davis Eyes, including a list of AOL Radio stations it's been featured on and albums it's been recorded on. Create personalized radio stations with all of your favorite songs, artists and albums on AOL Radio.
Just when I thought id hit failure, Gwyneth Paltrow starts belting out the chorus to Bette Davis Eyes. Bang, 3 more reps. Gwyneth you've still got it!
Bob Dylan hasn't had this much influence since Buckwheat covered Bette Davis Eyes
Kim Carnes' distinctively raspy, throaty voice graced one of the biggest hits of the '80s, the Grammy-winning smash "Bette Davis Eyes," which spent nine weeks on top of the Billboard charts in 1981. Carnes was born in Los Angeles on July 20, 1945, and during the '60s began writing songs for other artists while performing in local clubs and as a session vocalist. In 1966, she joined the popular folk group the New Christy Minstrels for a time, later leaving (along with husband/songwriting partner Dave Ellingson) to form the duo Kim & Dave. Thanks in part to her folk-music background, Carnes landed an acting role in the 1967 film C'Mon, Let's Live a Little, a folk-themed musical with a staunchly anti-radical viewpoint. In 1971, Carnes' "Sing Out for Jesus" was recorded by blues legend Big Mama Thornton for the soundtrack of the film Vanishing Point, which also featured Kim & Dave's performance of the song "Nobody Knows." This success landed Carnes a solo deal with Amos, the label on which the soundtrack had ...
I don't have Bette Davis Eyes, but I DO have Geena Davis Gums. It's not as sexy, but I can scare small children...
She'll expose you when she snows you, she knows you, she's got bette davis… ♫ Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
I think 'Bette Davis Eyes' might be the only song in the world that I literally cannot stand
I can stomach your Bette Davis Eyes, your Karl Malden Nose…even your Steve Buscemi Teeth. But your Madonna Ciccone Arms are a…
All my Christmas stuff down anf listening to Casey Kasem counting down the Top 100 songs from 1981!!! No.3 was Lady by Kenny Rogers. No.2 was Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. No.1 was Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes!!!
Favourite Songs - Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. The pain in her voice is basically like a wound to the chest.
If you say Taylor can't sing then I literally want to shove her cover of Bette Davis Eyes up your crusty ***
is now playing Tradelove vs. Sam Obernik - Bette Davis Eyes (Original Extended Mix)
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes . Gosh I love that 80's song :')
Kim Carnes performs "Bette Davis Eyes" live as the musical guest on the cult classic comedy show Fridays. You can buy The Best Of Fridays at:
Normally when I get a cold I kinda sound like Kim Carnes, which isn't a bad thing really. I mean sounding like the chic who sang "Bette Davis Eyes" can be sort of cool. Of recent however, I sounded like Fran Drescher and there is no way I can put a positive spin on that..
Ugh Taylor's cover of Bette Davis eyes is so perfect like I know most of you hate her but her music is insane listen to her album fearless
Taylor's cover of Bette Davis Eyes is so beautiful, why can't mine sound like that :(
I just used to tag Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. Those eyes 8 )
I really enjoy Taylor Swift's cover of Bette Davis Eyes. Is that wrong? Actually I don't care.
Bette Davis Eyes reminds me of "oomf" when we went to subway with his friend.
Kim Carnes on celebrity ghost stories. Do you think she saw the ghost of . bette davis's eyes?
...Bette Davis eyes... and she'll tease you...
Bette Davis Eyes is a great song idgaf
Bette Davis Eyes is one of the best covers of taylor tbh
Greta garba, stand-off sighs...she's got Bette Davis eyes
Read the line about Joan Crawford 'peaking', screaming like a maniac. My God. Bette Davis would roll her eyes so bad they'd go to China.
Thanks to you, now I can't stop listening to Bette Davis Eyes.
This one came out in 1981, 8 years before I was born and I love this song it's called Bette Davis eyes. 😥
I've heard brilliant "Bette Davis Eyes" many times, but that's the first time I've seen Kim Carnes on video. Spooky :-)
All the boys think she a spy, she's got Bette Davis eyes
Singing about Michele Bachmann to the tune of "Bette Davis Eyes," but substituting "Steve Buscemi.". Sing it with me.
Taylor's cover of Bette Davis Eyes is literally perfect.
cover of 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Johnny Thistle on
hah! U r BOTH foggy & grey on this early December morning! it was Kim Carnes not Kim Wilde that did Bette Davis Eyes :P
Kim Fowley. Or Kim Carnes (y'know, for that Debaser/Bette Davis Eyes mashup we've all been clamoring for)
your covers of Drops of Jupiter , Bette Davis Eyes, and Nashville are flawless.
Throwback to when Coach Nicks and Namen dang Bette Davis Eyes to us 😊👌
still mad that guy who put "$100 on his card" at karaoke skipped Eternal Flame, Bette Davis Eyes, AND Buddy Holly.
You are listening now:. Bette Davis Eyes, of Kim Carnes. Listen this in
Two of my music guilty pleasures: Mamma Mia by ABBA and Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes.
Love what you said! Loved it when Bette Davis presented an award to Kim Carnes she had won for Bette Davis Eyes.
"Bette Davis Eyes" is really just such a fantastic pop tune no matter who sings it tho. Kim Carnes, Brandon Flowers, Leighton Meester, etc.
The song of the day is Bette Davis Eyes
Taylor Swifts version of Bette Davis Eyes is amazing🙌
Brandon Flowers singing Bette Davis Eyes is my second favorite cover to The Killers playing Romeo and Juliet.
MADE FINALS in Artists In The Plus RECORDING CONTEST WITH GRAMMY WINNING PRODUCER Val Garay! Finalist number two for the song "Boohoo" !!! WOOHOOO! You can start voting on Monday-Friday! Val Garay has chosen the five finalists in the Recording Contest. Starting Monday up to 9 PM Friday you can vote for the winner! We will announce the winner live at Village Studios Friday night! More on Val Garay Val Garay is a legendary Producer/Engineer with a career spanning almost 4 decades when he started as a young singer/songwriter in the late 60’s. He’s garnered over 100 gold & platinum records with total record sales over 125,000,000 worldwide. He’s had massive number one hits and one song alone was in thirty one countries around the world and in the Billboard charts for 16 consecutive weeks. He’s been Nominated for Grammy’s on 9 different occasions and won for the “Record of the Year & Song of the Year” with Bette Davis Eyes in 1981 and an Emmy Nomination for Neil Diamond’s TV Special, “Glad Yo ...
You are listening to Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
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Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. But do any of y'all know the song Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes?
One of the sexiest voices in music.OH and Great Song! – Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes, from
Do people know that the Kim Carnes version of "Bette Davis Eyes" is a cover?
Want a real shock? Listen to the original "Bette Davis Eyes" (and compare it with Kim Carnes' cover.
Oh memories of roadtrips with the Ps – Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
Playing Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes on the BigRigRadio Show Live 24hrs
Just heard Bette Davis Eyes for the 1st time in years. Man, Kim Carnes sounded like she gargled glass.
"Megan Draper teeth" is now stuck in my head to the tune of "Bette Davis Eyes."
In Billboard's 55 or so year history 8 songs have been number one on the week ending on the 4th of July (gee, what are the odds) and they are: 1960: Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Connie Francis. 1964: I Get Around, The Beach Boys. 1970: The Love You Save, The Jackson 5. 1981: Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes. 1987: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), Whitney Houston. 1992: Baby Got Back, Sir Mix-a-Lot. 1998: The Boy is Mine, Brandy and Monica. 2009: Boom Boom Pow, Black Eyed Peas. We have made a lot of interesting choices for our Independence Days but unfortunately not interesting enough to warrant an episode.screw it, I'll tweak it somehow.
Dear Taylor Swift you are no Kim Carnes, so don't ever try to sing Bette Davis Eyes again my ears are bleeding.
This week in 1981, Kim Carnes had the single with "Bette Davis Eyes." Here's a live version (possibly...
Verdona the Anodite "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes The only Verdona I ever made
She's got Bette Davis Eyes. At the moment I have Amanda Bynes Eyes.
1981, This date in Music History: Kim Carnes had her first and only Top 10 album with Mistaken Identity. Released in the spring of 1981, is the career-defining, Platinum-plus sixth studio album by Kim Carnes. It was one of 1981's biggest albums and produced Billboard's song for the entire year, "Bette Davis Eyes". It was nominated for the Album Of The Year Grammy Award. The album spent four weeks at on Billboard magazine's Top Albums chart, and was subsequently certified Platinum. The album spawned three singles, "Bette Davis Eyes", "Draw of the Cards" and the title track, which peaked at and on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, respectively. The Mistaken Identity Tour found Carnes at the peak of success, selling out arenas and large venues.
The official song of Acre Architects in 2013 is 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Kim Carnes. Drop by for a listen if you are near
in 1981 "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes topped the chart. Sadly, the follow up "Jimmy Krankie's Cap" proved less successful.
I’m dancing to Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
Giant black dude in Five Guys singing every word to Bette Davis Eyes. Next song was Hole/Celebrity Skin. I sang that one.
You can sleep on this if you want, but white women over 40 wont... ♫ Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
Today we're feeling 'Bette Davis Eyes' by Kim Carnes as the sun shines on South Molton Street
how, after all these years, did I think "Bette Davis Eyes" was "Better Days Aside"
Bette Davis Eyes is such a tune, and I don't even know if I prefer Brandon's version to Kim Carnes'.
It occurs to me that I should probably update my "Kim Carnes = raspy voice" reference since "Bette Davis Eyes" came out in 1981.
Bette Davis Eyes makes me want strap on a leotard and do my very best Irene Cara impersonation.
Cheeky sing along to some classics, currently belting out Bette Davis eyes
Bette Davis: “She could look demure while behaving like an empress. Blonde, with eyes like pearls too big for ...
On a scale of bad to really sad, that’s Bette Davis Eyes.
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Dance Mix) 2003 . Listen to the beat of the 90's on
In the car listening to "Blend" on XM radio. Gotta love a station that plays "Bette Davis Eyes" & *** Hey" back-to-back
Bette Davis eyes will always be a great song 😉
Love this song. Have from first time I ever heard it. Fab Brandon Flowers cover of "Bette Davis Eyes" Live from Abbey Road.
If Bette Davis’ eyes and Eye of the Tiger had a fight, who do you think would win? It would be 2 against 1, but that 1 is from a tiger
"this song came out in 1981, 8 years before i was born, and i love this song - its called Bette Davis Eyes"
Bette Davis Eyes is my favorite song EVER!
Bette Davis Eyes always makes things better
Goodbye horses, and Bette Davis eyes are probs my new two favourite songs.
i sound like the lady who sang Bette Davis Eyes 
all of this NFL Draft information is so hard to keep straight... did i hear an analyst say Geno Smith has 'Bette Davis eyes'?
I think you have Bette Davis eyes! Give me ten and ill call. Busy evening, had to go to the butchers, because I'm an adult now.
Our Cosplay Spotlight this week has got Bette Davis Eyes. Check out as the scintillatingly sexy Mad Moxxi!
Let it be known: any psycho girl I know, your ringtone in my phone is Bette Davis Eyes. That is all.
just learned that Kim Carnes' version of Bette Davis Eyes was not the original. Thanks
So I randomly find myself singing Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes. No idea why, but I do like the tune!
Ohmygod you're singing Bette Davis Eyes. I love that song.
Are you singing Bette Davis Eyes? That’s one of my most favorite songs EVER!
Marty Feldman Eyes: I've had the song Bette Davis Eyes stuck in my head with the lyric Marty Feldman Eyes f...
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