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Beth Phoenix

Elizabeth Kocianski Carolan (born November 24, 1980) is a Polish-American professional wrestler, better known by her ring name Beth Phoenix.

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I know you are losing the title soon since Harts get screwed around Survivor Series, but I hope you wi…
Need some major glo up and to rise up out of the flames like the god *** Phoenix in Harry Potter! Feeling like such a glum potato 🥔😐
I just watched a video of Maria vs Beth Phoenix on the Night of RAW in 2008. Although Maria lost she showed great a…
Beth Phoenix defeats Sami Zayn via A kiss in a Ladder Match at Backlash
Beth Phoenix defeats Beth Phoenix via doing a lucha thing in a Tag Team match on Sunday Night Heat
We got an inter-gender match? Haven't seen those since Beth Phoenix's WWE days
It's been a long time since intergender matches happened in WWE. Last time I think was Beth Phoenix vs Santino Mare…
Beth Phoenix vs. Melina (backstage fight) After Melina bumped into Beth and they lost their Tag Team match to Micki…
Women's Champion Mickie James and Maria vs. Melina and Beth Phoenix. Maria and Mickie both got great pops as faces.…
Maria and Mickie James V. Layla and Beth Phoenix. On this Christmas edition of Smackdown, Mickie and Slammy Award W…
Day two of the Made In America Tour! What’s up Phoenix!? Check out my “OTTO-matic” cup holder!😎🔪 (📸: https…
The Asheville Holiday Parade is just 10 days away! WWE Hall of Famer Beth Copeland (Beth Phoenix) is Grand Marshal:
Or... 280 characters, or whatever. Sometimes my attention span is too short to remember such things.
With my 240 characters, I'm going to ask to stop selectively enforcing their rules. You permanently suspen…
do you know when The DLC featuring Beth Phoenix and Ruby Riot and the rest of the DLC supe…
Victoria should've been in WAY before Beth Phoenix. *** has Beth Phoenix even done.. besides marry edge. 🙄
John Cena & kurt angle got title entrances.So beth phoenix title entrance better be in she never ever…
Word. It's been done a lot. WWE is still wrestling with just having women…
Beth Phoenix defeats Big Show via the WMD in a Street Fight at Over The Edge
Why would that happen when Jacqueline was powerbombing grown men in the early 90s? Sable Bomb? Chyna being IC Champ…
vs I’ve always wanted to see this match happen, reminds me of Beth Phoenix vs Santino Marella
do you know Beth Phoenix's DLC attire date?
and I want to see Stacy keibler Torrie Wilson Beth phoenix Melina Perez as diva cards
I bet you if Ronda Rousey made her debut in WWE, shed either be a clone of Beth Phoenix or a female Brock Lesnar.
Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina were the 4HW of the Diva era. No accepted.
Luke Harper defeats Beth Phoenix via the Sister Abigail in an I Quit Match at Unforgiven
Two more buildings recommended for the NYS and National Registers of Historic Places
If Beth Phoenix gives her iPhone a Glamslam I guarantee Apple will not recover!
Feud of the year: Beth Phoenix vs the iPhone glitch
I would love to see Eve Torres or Beth Phoenix
I think it's gonna be a comedy thing like Santino vs Beth Phoenix…
Remember when Kelly carried Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix 3 PPVs in a row?
I’m waiting for her to destroy him like Beth Phoenix did to Santino, lmao!
Becky bout to destroy him like what Beth Phoenix did to Santino. LMAO!!!
35. Natalya turns heel by attacking Aj Lee and joining Beth Phoenix's side.
E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness | Shane Helms and Talking Mae Young Classic with Beth Phoenix: via
Rick Rude defeats Beth Phoenix via the Brouge Kick in a Tag Team match on Smackdown Live
Junkyard Dog defeats Beth Phoenix via a RKO outta nowhere in a Match on the WWE network for $9.99 at Wrestlemania 33
Beth Phoenix defeats Ezekiel Jackson via the East River Crossing in an Empty Arena at Backlash
Maria just rocking the Beth Phoenix tee. Has there ever been a greater woman!?
Juan, did you mark out when Beth Phoenix mentioned Simon Dean?
"If you ever feel like you don't fit the mold, that is because you weren't meant to. You were meant for greater things."-Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix with the Simon Dean shoutout! For the win!
Canisius College shoutout from Buffalo's own Beth Phoenix at
Beth Phoenix mentioned Simon Dean and the crowd was like who? 😂😂😂
Beth Phoenix just gave you your Simon Dean reference with her speech!
Beth Phoenix with the first on-air Simon Dean reference I've heard in YEARS.
Never got her proper chance imo. Same with Beth Phoenix too really. She could have been even GREATER
Beth Phoenix comes out with Rosa Mendes. Is she still employed? Phoenix says if Marella loses, Santina is on the Khali kiss cam.
I'm apparently going to be going to the same school as Beth Phoenix. She's a grad student and I'm an undergrad. So cool!
This was a dream come true for this match Trish Stratus and Cena vs. Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. Jorish
Santino Marella should induct Beth Phoenix, Its only right !!!
Santino Marella has to be the one that inducts Beth Phoenix into the hall of Fame
Santino Marella inducts Beth Phoenix or forget about it
One of my favorite Santino Marella moments is when he came out with Melina and Beth Phoenix at WrestleMania 24. Priceless.
I liked a video WWE John Cena and Trish Stratus vs Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix
New video by WWE: Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs. Kofi Kingston and Mickie James: SummerSlam 2008 - Winners T…
Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim on WWE Superstars is so Underrated.
Daily reminder that Kelly Kelly, Mickie James,Melina,Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool are my mothers
I'd love to see John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, Victoria, Kharma, Kaitlyn, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, & Jazz.
Aside from Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix at Survivor Series 2011, Lumberjill Matches sucked. Even in that one, the Lumberjills were pointless.
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Aj Lee in 2012 "sure Beth Phoenix rag doll me all over the ring I'll be fine" Aj Lee 2016 "A leaf injured me"
Wrestling sex positions,when Cena should break Flair’s record, Beth Phoenix return & more in
If I hit like, it will no longer have 77 likes. Oh, what to do, what to do? ;)
It was everything I hoped it would be. ;)
Srsly, THIS is the promoted ad that appears in my feed? YOU CLEARLY DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL. The fact that t…
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right Beth Phoenix Natalya Ivory Jazz Jacqueline Lita Victoria Trish Molly.. and now is when u decide to do a Haic :/
Having the honor today to step into the same ring that Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix and other…
omg I forgot all about beth phoenix
I liked a video Beth Phoenix joins the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 - Custom
why do they keep bringing back irrelevant hacks from the Ruthless Aggression era that weren't even over back then? Give us Beth Phoenix
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. Beth Phoenix - Now retired from the ring. Married to Edge. Makin' Babies. Loving life.
The day that this man return to the WWE is the day I will go nuts, same goes for melina, Mickie James, beth Phoenix…
I think Rick flared daughter should fight Beth Phoenix I think that be a good match
2016 has sucked so far. I wish I could just fast forward to 2017. I really hope your Dad pulls through. Much love & light.
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I can't be the only one that'd mark out for a Beth Phoenix return!
My father-in-law is also very ill, and I've been a mess lately.
I'm so sorry to hear this. Much love to you & your Dad.
Melina, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Lita, Jacqueline, or Jazz in a HIAC would have been intriguing.
I have yet to decide what to do for Halloween! I might do Beth Phoenix cuz I've always wanted too!
This is why Beth Phoenix wants to come back
Melina Mickie James Michelle McCool or Beth Phoenix would've rocked a hiac match or a steel cage I wish they were in wwe now
I thought Dana was Beth Phoenix for a second to think I almost got hyped for Dana.
I like how they making basically the new Beth Phoenix. Hope they give her a WWE Women's Championship shot
Dana Brooke vs Beth Phoenix make it happen
Tell me why I thought Dana was Beth Phoenix
oh my Beth Phoenix just attacked Bayley!
Okay, so she is better than Trish, Lita, Molly Holly, Beth Phoenix, Eve, Mae Young, Jacqueline? I can keep going.
how did we get from Beth Phoenix to Summer Rae lmao
Chyna vs Beth Phoenix would be a dream match
Reliving the memories.Maria Menounos, Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix,
2012: - Nikki Bella managed to overcome Beth Phoenix in a Lumberjill match to become the new Divas Champion htt…
Kelly Kelly main evented Smackdown, something that Melina, Candice Michelle and Beth Phoenix never accomplished. https…
A highly anticipated divas match at the time, Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka at Elimination Chamber (2012)
WWE did one when they ran OVW, Katie Lea vs Beth Phoenix
WM28, Beth Phoenix was the 4th to take the belt. She competed in a Tag Team match with Eve Torres against Maria Menudos and Kelly Kelly
Bull Nakano, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Sara Del Rey, and Manami Toyota. My top five at least.
Here are photos of our recent tour of the David Wright House in Thanks,
Michelle McCool's first WWE Women's title reign is longer than any title reign by Melina, Layla and Beth Phoenix. http…
I love it when my cat poofs in his sleep. What is he dreaming about? He's a lazy house cat!
Its like Beth Phoenix or someone like that who I believe could beat a male wrestler.
so... if you're on from 6am to 7pm... do you just sleep at the studio? (Love you on Mason, Remy & Alabama!)
I thoroughly enjoy the Bella Twins, and I LOVED Beth Phoenix when she was around but none of the others appeal to me.
Layla is the only Diva who beat Beth Phoenix with a finisher in a PPV match. She managed to do it 3 times in a row. https…
Turns out I was already following COTA. I must have known how awesome/disappointing you were a while ago!
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Kelly Kelly vs Eve vs Beth Phoenix should've been at WM28 with either Kelly or Eve winning but then the whole Layla thing wouldn't work
my very first match I ever seen on tv was you fighting beth phoenix and I just want to say thank you for everything!
Tamina's match with Beth Phoenix for the title is proof that with the right time & the right opponent she can do wonderful things.
the Streamwood, IL location's inability to get order right is staggering. Time to stop going there altogether.
which feud do you love being in with or Beth Phoenix?
trike ride Phoenix Arizona with my wife - Patty --Bill and Beth
Jericho just looks like a fat Beth Phoenix now
I would like it to be Victoria or Beth Phoenix, but probably Jacqueline.
I would like to see Beth Phoenix in the hall of fame
does she remind you of Beth phoenix?
Beth Phoenix used to do that move right? They'd recognize it.
Heath Slater should ask Beth Phoenix for advice on battling celebrities; she creamed Maria Menounos constantly...wait a minute...
Do you have your tickets to see at Beth Hebrew Synagogue in yet?
From Glamazon to super mom: Beth Phoenix on life after WWE | via
Beth Phoenix is the Diva with the longest time spent in a Royal Rumble match (1 minute & 37 seconds).
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Eve Torres is so underrated. She was the best Diva in WWE in 2012 after Beth Phoenix left. She deserves way more credit for her work. 💜
Victoria, sable, Chyna, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Michelle mccool, and Molly Holly all deserve a spot in the hall of fame someday.
On this day in 2008, Trish Stratus returns to team with John Cena, to face Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella on Raw! https:/…
Would love to see Sting, Owen Hart, Vader and Beth Phoenix inducted into the HOF this upcoming year.
Beth Phoenix was the sole survivor of the first ever Divas SmackDown vs Raw traditional Survivor Series tag match. https:…
Beth Phoenix held her only WWE Divas Championship reign longer than any title reign by Mickie James and Melina. https:…
exclusive. I can't believe I forgot Beth Phoenix.
Just talking about how amazing Beth Phoenix is with the boys after some beers on a Thursday night. As one does
Aj Lee is still the best divas champion. Eve torris Layla nikki brie Beth Phoenix.
And was pretty obsessed with Beth Phoenix.
my pick was Beth Phoenix. She's a fitting choice I thought
Phoenix, Scottsdale chefs salute fall with new menus
I would rather see beth phoenix become WWE champion then reigns
working with the negative can make for better pictures • @ The Phoenix
LOL did beth Phoenix actually say that
but then... We'd never know... And we'd never get to hear her lovely voice! It's a hard trade off!
I could DEFINITELY get on board with this :D
lol Apart from her soothing voice, she's smart, she's funny, she's knowledgeable, and she's attractive. What's not to love?
same here, her voice is just so soothing, I feel like it would cure illnesses for reals
if Susie Wolff were to sign on for Top Gear, I might actually watch the new show. Just saying...
Paige beth Phoenix never attack her friend like that you ruin everything I sill not buying it
You will be greatly missed in F1, and you will continue to be an inspiration! May you find great joy in your future endeavors!
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Page just Super DDT'd Nicky Bella and Beth Phoenix. Lawd these girls got…
woke up to see that has returned.that's what's up. :D. ADR at the PPV, The Usos last night...Bring back Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix and Melina competed in the first and only Divas ''I Quit'' Match, at One Night Stand PPV.
Phoenix open was fun too. Now called waste management.
Is The Miz just taking Maryse's old robes and sewing them together with Beth Phoenix's old capes?
choose on kelly kelly or Beth Phoenix
remember when Kelly Kelly kept attacking Beth Phoenix
phoenix strangled Beth he had it coming
Can somebody Please Create Beth Phoenix i seen a few but they was trash lol
Male fanatics are always salivating.. I liked Trish, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Layla and Kelly Kelly.. But I'm not a huge fan of the
Beth Phoenix defeats Eve Torres with a Glam Slam from the top rope.
Next is a Lumberjill Match for the Divas Championship, Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix (c) w/ Natalya.
I don't blame him. I'm quite pleased too!
He looks quite pleased with himself.
I'm not a fan of Reddit, but I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it was funny.
I think Bottas might be sleeping easy tonight! :-D
Racing incident. But I don't think Valtteri minded the outcome.
okay, so I might admit that Botta got his revenge...
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Beth Phoenix is the only Diva to win the Divas Championship at *** In A Cell PPV.
Noway. I would choose either Torrie Wilson or Beth Phoenix???
Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres vs Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos at Wrestlemania 28. (2012)
All about Beth Phoenix ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
They've had the talent before, (Beth Phoenix, Natalya, etc) but Ronda has a way of making the biggest dude-bros melt for her.
to Summerslam 2011 when I successfully retained my Divas Title against Beth Phoenix.
Bayley reminds me a lot of Aj Lee, but like back when she used to job to Beth Phoenix.
wow first a Beth Phoenix wannabe and now Kharma wannabe
You remember that night Championes costume when Fought against Beth Phoenix?
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🍁🍂 "Sometimes in the fall, fall, fall, fall..."
NatbyNature,did u talk 2 Beth Phoenix when she cried in pain after she lost the divas title 2 Nikki Bella in a lumberjill match in 2012?
Started the day early in Phoenix. Making a brief stop here in hometown of
When Trish returned to help John Cena and beat Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix was the closest WWE was ever gonna get for a "New Chyna"
I stopped watching wrestling when Beth Phoenix manly *** was like debuting
I remember seeing a booking for Beth Phoenix and another superstar at Navy Pier a few years ago. Maybe times changed since then.
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remember when Alicia Fox beat Beth Phoenix while she was champion and was the trend in the world and then never got a title match
Alexa Bliss has a lot of potential. Dana Brooke is like a successor to Chyna & Beth Phoenix. Am I getting annoying yet?
Can you imagine if Beth Phoenix returned with on her side along with ! 😍
Imagine if the divas revolution happened years ago, with Laycool, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Eve & Melina 😍
It looks like it was from a longtime ago since Beth Phoenix is divas champion. has a nice ring to it.
Divas of Doom Natalya and Beth Phoenix I miss her and them wen they were teaming😈😈
Natalya won more matches in her career than Chyna, Beth Phoenix and Nicole Bass combined.
My Favorite Divas Wrestler is Beth Phoenix she was a good actress ever! Love you Beth ❤️!
Beth Phoenix was boring,couldn't get over,injured people on purpose,worst title reign in history. She deserved more than a black eye tbh.
yeah,I thought that was odd 2 not anymore tho 😘
So as it turns out, we're the worst at pub quizzes 😂😭
Anyone else notice that most Divas who win their last matches are blondes? Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Ashley Massaro, Beth Phoenix etc.
Former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix... just found out she is a new mother. That was why she quit not too lo
I actually think the embracing it works since Paige/Becky are on that same page. Too bad Beth Phoenix already used Glamazon.
Some someone they said had a Beth Phoenix vibe to her... I thought she'd be taller. - RevRay
My Newest artwork addition to join my fanart showcase features the Dominant Glamazon herself, Beth Phoenix! http…
I remember when Beth Phoenix killed Candice Michelle's career in that 2 out of 3 falls match on raw
Natalya, Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres Reunite Today: Get more news, photos and…
Speaking of Divas, Natalya just posted this awesome photo of Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres & herself from a catch up...
Nikki Bella has officially surpassed Beth Phoenix's Divas title reign of 204 days.
dream match at WrestleMania 32 Beth Phoenix vs Nikki Bella for the WWE Divas Championship.
Today in pro-wrestling history the first ever ECW champion was crowned, and Beth Phoenix def. Michelle McCool to...
On this day: Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix in an Extreme Makeover Match for the Women's…
Also on this day in WWE History - April 25, 1999 (Backlash). Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool (c) in a...
On this day in April 25, 2010~ Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix .
Photoset: On this day: Beth Phoenix def. Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship in an Extreme...
Today in History: Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool in an “Extreme Makeover” Match at Extreme Rules 2010 via
That and the confusing of Beth Phoenix for Natalya.
I want the divas division to be built back up again like bring back some divas like Melina, Beth Phoenix. I love the divas
when will I be getting my invoice for my Beth Phoenix photo?
You people better pick Beth Phoenix and Melina vs Ashley and Maria or Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James
beth phoenix has got nothing on end of story the Real Gun show :)
Same here. She looks like she's going to be a Beth Phoenix mixed with a Bella twin. I don't know how to feel about that.
Just found out Edge is married to Beth Phoenix... Gross. I don't get it.
Photo: On this day: Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. Michelle McCool & Layla When Michelle McCool was hurled...
HISTORY!. We win a franchise-best 58th game, taking care of Phoenix 96-69
I added a video to a playlist beth phoenix dress code 911
Announcing the Beth Wittenberg pop up show at Phoenix Mayet Photography
I think you have an awesome career ahead of you. You should be a Beth Phoenix type; gorgeous but can beat up guys too
The Divas have really gone downhill since the likes of Kelly Kelly/Kharma/Beth Phoenix left. AJ leaving has truly butchered it
Well, I did like Beth Phoenix at one point, because she beat up AJ, but then she got fired that same day.
No, I wouldn't. I'm not like that. And no, not really. Naomi, Beth Phoenix, and Tamina have potential though.
"It's springtime, and everything's coming up roses" especially at Beth Ami Temple, Phoenix - Paradise Valley,...
I'm sure they're hoping Dana Brooke turns out to be Beth Phoenix V2.0, at least that's what I'm getting out of it...
Beth Phoenix wrestled a few years too early. She'd be huge now.
I don't think the divas they have signed are ready for that. Nbut if u can get me Beth Phoenix and chyna then yea
Personally brother I think Chyna,Lita,michelle mccool,Beth Phoenix,and Natty are allot better than both of them
Beth Phoenix was overrated and boring tbh. Her title reign made me stop watching WWE.
"Do you guys remember when I hit Beth Phoenix with the GTS? Good times, good times."
the only ones from this generation that are even remotely close are Beth Phoenix and Michelle Mccool
HOF yes, but not ahead of Victoria, Mickie James, Ivory, Jazz, Molly Holly, Sable(idk if she's in), Beth Phoenix, Chyna
My sister just tried telling me that Beth Phoenix wasn't a Diva.. Never wanted to hit her more.
muscle gain? U tryna become the next beth phoenix or something
don't know why but I want to see beth Phoenix make a comeback to divas division
So sad to hear about Aj Lee leaving WWE! She's done so much for the struggling Divas division and this is the worst loss …
the outfit in the gif is reminding me of Beth Phoenix
“Which Diva past or present would you like to face at a Wrestlemania? Bet…
Next match at WM28 saw Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos (i don't know either) beat Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres
I agree to a point but even before 2009 they still had Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, Nattie, and Michelle McCool.
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I miss Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres as well to be honest needs to
Candice Michelle enters to the worst entrance music in history. God I fancied Beth Phoenix. Well done Edge.
Candice Michelle, Melina, Ashley, Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Mickey James, Kelly Kelly, all new divas at the time...
Paige is the best thing the women's division has seen since Beth Phoenix and Mickie James
want the likes of melina, Beth Phoenix, Michelle mccool back! Then the bellas would be nobodies again 😂
you right I'd probably say Paige, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool and Lita
It had a brill i quit match between Melina & Beth Phoenix plus Jeff Hardy should be back in WWE.
Last one I can remember that was even half as good was Beth Phoenix vs. Melina vs. Mickie James (lol)
Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Victoria, Jazz.all put on good matches
Really? *** I hate we never got to see her vs Beth Phoenix
But I know Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix & Natalya are all married. I don't condone dirty macking so I just say "if I was 10 years older"
I know I've said a lot about Awesome Kong but, in my defense, I would do the same for Beth Phoenix or Natalya before she lost weight.
She had to end her run in WWE before it really got started because she was pregnant. I wanted to she her vs Beth Phoenix.
Some stories coming in the next few days: Q&A with former pro wrestler Beth Phoenix; feature on Horseheheads tennis ace Meredith Braiman.
Tiger Woods hasn't played in the Waste Management Phoenix Open since 2001. But that could change. via
She's basically female Davey Richards and makes me miss Beth Phoenix.
Her thoughts on the I Quit match with beth phoenix? IMO, her best match.
I want Melina and Beth Phoenix in the HOF as well.
Animal-cruelty case in # Phoenix involves more than 100 mistreated animals. reports- via
He wants to be Beth Phoenix so bad, there's only one Glamazon
The never seem to fail to make me cringe at some of their segments. Makes me wish Beth Phoenix and Lita was in
I hope does become a villainess. She could be the Black Beth Phoenix!
Where Natalia Natalia powerful muscles that have girlfriend Beth Phoenix and Team Divas Of Doom
1st time I saw Lita & Beth Phoenix, I could tell they had something really special. Felt the same thing 1st time I saw Becky.
She has and I always thought when she was divas champion she was overshadowed by Laycool & Beth Phoenix
Edge has a daughter with Beth Phoenix k bye I go sleep with a broken heart
2nd match: ,Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs Kelly Kelly, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox & Eve in 4on4 Tag Team match
I miss Beth Phoenix.I wish the WWE could bring her back. BY:
Hit Beth Phoenix with Glam Slam off stage and kill her AJ win
Today in History: vs. vs. for the Women’s Title
Beth Phoenix Talks Overcoming Injuries, Her Inspiration for the Glam Slam, the Royal Rumble & More | Diva Dirt
On this day in 2008, Raw's main event sees Beth Phoenix & Santino take on John Cena.and Trish Stratus! -
Not NY, we only have Beth Phoenix and you.
favourite Diva is a tuff one. Now: Natalya or Bellas, Past: Beth Phoenix, Lita, Kelly Kelly or Torrie Wilson
Aj Lee, Sable, Beth Phoenix, and Stephanie McMahon are pretty much the only divas that have a chance of being in the hall of fame.
I'm very happy for Edge and Beth Phoenix. They prove that life after wrestling can be blissful with effort.
Today in History: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly at *** in a Cell 2011 via
"Superstars 23/12/10 LayCool vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly" I actually really liked this match 👏👏👏
when Trish and Lita were there it was wrestling now its all about eye candy and I miss Beth Phoenix
Kyle MacDonald, Phoenix Interactive CEO, & Beth Petrie, Dir. of Cybersecurity at Citi, are keynote speakers
bring back Beth Phoenix! If anyone could do it, it's The Brain!
What happened to good female wrestlers? Mickie James, Beth Phoenix etc.
It's barely no divas. I really miss Kelly Kelly, Kaitlyn, Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix, Michelle Mcool. Where are they now?
Hey, you guys remember when Layla was having cool Divas Championship matches with Beth Phoenix two years ago?
Lita, Trish, Chyna, Victoria, Molly Holly, Ivory, Jazz, Mickie, Melina, Michelle Mccool, Beth Phoenix can you all come back please?
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lmao sounds like Beth Phoenix needs to get himself back to wrestling
Ty muscle is bigger than beth Phoenix
How could mess up you and Beth Phoenix. You ladies could've easily been the Divas version of the Road Warriors.
Kelly Kelly owes Beth Phoenix everything. Beth carrie... — I'm not gonna say anything, because it was in my head...
Nattie's like the extreme better version of Beth Phoenix
Having ads for Plan B Contraceptives before a kid's video is outrageous and offensive!My 2 year old has seen this ad several times
well we could all go on w double date. I just need to put Beth Phoenix in her place 👋
We need another diva that was like Chyna, Beth Phoenix, and Kharma.
Mhm', I mean, Nikki betrayed Nikki and joined Steph'. You didn't betray me, but you did join Beth Phoenix.
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