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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Best thing about the game: no Beth Mowins!
I would rather hear Beth Mowins and Anthony Becht call a football game than Kirk Herbstreight and Chris Fowler.
please fire Joe Buck. He is THE worst commentator.I hate listening to him so much that the game is on Mute. I'd Rather hear Beth Mowins
Literally the only person I would not pick over Phil Simms to call a game is Beth Mowins. That's literally it.
It really has gotten worse and now you have ESPN's gender at any cost you get Beth Mowins.
Dave Neal is approaching Beth Mowins-esque levels of awfulness
Thanks for letting me know. Was thinking 'bout tuning in. Hopefully Beth Mowins isn't one of them.
If your bowl is so bad that Beth Mowins is assigned to it, it should be flushed like a corn-studded turd the next year.
In the movie version of the Birmingham Bowl, can Beth Mowins be played by Rachel Dratch please?
why head to the Q when you can listen to the dulcet (check that, ear bleeding) tones of Beth Mowins?
Beth Mowins deserves a better broadcast partner than this.
I see no one showed up to watch the And just to punctuate that no one cares, ESPN sent Beth Mowins to commentate.
"He goes right up the middle in a gaping hole."---Beth Mowins.
It's not bowl season until Beth Mowins says "yeeahrd line" in the Poinsettia Bowl
Beth Mowins is calling the Poinsettia Bowl. Oh boy...
Is there not a women's basketball game that Beth Mowins can be announcing? smh.
I guess I'm a sexist because whenever Beth Mowins is doing college football play by play, I have to mute the sound. She's just annoying.
Beth Mowins on the call for the Poinsettia Bowl. Boise vs. Northern Illinois..get to ESPN now!
Eww, Beth Mowins. She's terrible. Almost as bad as Aaron Taylor.
Was gonna watch the Poinsettia Bowl but as soon as I heard Beth mowins voice I instantly reconsidered that thought.
Ugh, I forgot Beth Mowins was on the call for the Boise State game.
Just trying to watch what is usually a good game and Beth Mowins shows up.
Beth Mowins...please stop announcing football games. It's not a sexist thing whatsoever. Your voice does not match play by play
How did I for forget Beth Mowins was casting our game. *** to be me right now!
Oh c'mon I just want to watch some college fball and Beth Mowins is the announcer.
Beth Mowins sounds more like a man,than many I know. Wonder if she's like Bruce Jenner,and had a sex change operation? Very masculine!!! What do so-called women know about college football,that makes them qualified to call the games? They've never played the game,in high school,college,or the pros -just fans like I am.Maybe I should be hired. All for women's lib,but hate it when someone's trying to prove a point. Also,this year,they put a girl on MLB game of the week-WHY? She played softball in HS and in college/Olympics.That's got nothing to do with pro baseball.She analyzes what the athletes are thinking,etc;she can't possibly relate from a girls softball scenario to pro baseball.This is strictly politcally correct stuff.Pathetic.
Can't wait for you and Beth Mowins to call softball games. luv you guys.
How many miles is it from omaha to the UNL campus? Beth Mowins hasn't told me yet
it was sarcasm Andy, beth mowins says it about every 10 seconds
Sorry, but Beth Mowins has the most annoying voice
omg I just want to watch Husker vball win a national championship and now I'm subjected to Beth Mowins again?
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just chillin right behind Beth Mowins enjoying a soda
Also, I'm impressed with Beth Mowins. Volleyball isn't the easiest sport to do P-by-P on and balance it properly. She's very good at it
This is strange but Beth Mowins is still hard to listen to.
Every time I hear Beth Mowins speak, I feel like I'm watching an irrelevant football game.
thank god Beth mowins is only working one game
Beth Mowins, Anthony Becht, and Paul Carcaterra will call the Auburrn-Memphis Birmingham Bowl on ESPN.
ESPN needs to realize that just because Beth Mowins call college football and softball doesn't mean she can call volleyball.
Morning Take Question of the Day: Did you enjoy Beth Mowins on the Husker Volleyball call last night?
Nothing like some Beth Mowins at 5AM on SportsCenter
Beth Mowins ...get a new *** job had over a month to learn the main players names in the vb game for Nebraska smh
Beth Mowins reminds me of being really bad at football and really good at volleyball.
Beth Mowins has a nice voice but why doesn't ESPN get someone with more volleyball knowledge to call the Finals?
I don't know what a good volleyball play by play person sounds like. But I think Beth Mowins is killin it.
will you remember to make fun of Beth Mowins tomorrow for calling the Libero the "Lee-Bro"
The less than brilliant announcer"Beth Mowins" says after the first point in second set."and a point for Texas"
Beth Mowins is killing it. "And Texas with the first point, the Jayhawks off to a nice start."
Beth Mowins: "And a point for the Texas Jayhawks in this second set". Me: ?
Someone tune into ESPN2 in 20 minutes and tell me how Beth Mowins pronounces Osawatomie
Beth Mowins...let me just turn the volume off really quick
Beth Mowins is a gypsy who curses my life.
Beth Mowins & Karch Kiraly have all the color of a 1870 photograph.
really needs to add some color to the NCAA Volleyball Championships. Because Beth Mowins & Karch Karily sound like pig vomit.
I dare anyone to give me a worse commentator than Beth Mowins. I will wait
Ah, the familiarity of Beth Mowinsโ€ฆ They really should have played this match at 11am
One of my favorite weekends of the year and Beth Mowins go together like peanut butter and jelly. :-)
Blitzer is trying to make Carly the Beth Mowins of this debate. Weak.
I said NBC because they own all NBC affiliates, including MSNBC. Idk if I'd rather that or have Beth Mowins as anchor in Cali
Beth Mowins dropping Surrender Cobra reference on air, all such instances should result in getting royalty checks in the mail
beth mowins is gonna irk me this entire match, I just know it.
The Big Ten champion is ... 'Michigan'?: Did Beth Mowins design the shirts?
There is just something about Beth Mowins voice
Poor fans in the Austin Regional get to listen to Beth Mowins.
who'd thought Beth Mowins would be an upgrade.
I have another question -- Isn't the limit on using the jargon "buck"-something in a broadcast or convo one? Come on, Beth Mowins.
at least Beth Mowins isn't ruining the broadcast today wasn't a good experience. Stick to softball Beth Mowins. She ain't the next Keith Jackson
Beth Mowins calling UGa vs Tech, so at least we don't have to listen to her today!
Listening to Beth Mowins call this is painful...
Beth Mowins ruins every gamecast. It's not because she's a woman, it's because her voice is unfortunately quite unbearable.
Good lord, I had to put the tv on mute because of Beth Mowins, awful
Beth mowins might have the most annoying voice on the planet, if it wasn't Georgia playing I wouldn't be watching
Let's keep Beth Mowins's face off camera
Beth Mowins looks like she should be selling houses
Beth Mowins please kindly never announce for us again
My stepdad is really trolling Beth Mowins announcing this Georgia game right now. He doesn't like her terminology very much.
I do not want to hear Beth Mowins speak ever again.
Any game w/ Beth Mowins as your play by play sounds awful.
I'm watching on and Beth Mowins is calling the game. It's the first time I've ever heard a woman commentate football.
Beth Mowins honestly makes Verne and Gary sound good. Thats what a lousy football play by play analyst she is
Beth Mowins & Anthony Becht have been saying all day that "UGA's defense is struggling. They can't stop GT.". Um...3 turnovers & no points?
Wanted to watch Georgia v GA Tech but I can't. Ya know why?? Beth EFFING Mowins is announcing.
I would take Verne and Gary over Beth Mowins any day of the week.
Maybe Beth Mowins is onto something here. Brice Ramsey can punt, maybe Keith Marshall can kick off. Have we actually tried it?
Honestly I'd take Vern and Gary over Beth mowins
No offense to anyone, but listening to to Beth Mowins is downright painful.
I hate the sound of Beth Mowins commentating.
Will somebody please STOP letting Beth Mowins call games in the power 4! Isn't there an Ivy league gm nobody cares about she can do.
Beth mowins OMG SHUT UP don't you have a softball game to be at
I'd really like to watch the game with the volume on but Beth Mowins' voice makes me homicidal. Thanks
Beth mowins is making my ears bleed.
Beth Mowins announcing this is like fingernails being scraped slowly down a chalkboard!!
Beth Mowins, with her twangin' upstate NY accent. Keith Jackson she ain't.
Beth Mowins. She always is. Sounds the same when she calls softball and women's basketball.
I just went down the rabbit hole reading so much anti Beth Mowins hate on here. You people just can't handle a woman in the booth. So sad.
You know, I thought Verne and Gary were the worst announcers I've heard, then I heard Beth Mowins open her mouth
Beth Mowins. 3-8 record. Ron Cherry. Noon kick. So, this is what *** is like?
When you realize Beth Mowins is commentating the Georgia-Georgia Tech ๐Ÿ™ƒ
We got Beth Mowins and the dude just said "Sonny" Michel... And y'all still think we should keep Richt lol
OF COURSE Beth Mowins is calling the Georgia/GT game. Freakin fantastic
when's the last time a woman did the PXP for a UGA game? But, Beth Mowins does a great job!!
Was excited about the Georgia-Georgia Tech game until I heard that voice. Totally changed my mood. Please take Beth Mowins out of all football commentating. Perhaps eulogies might be more up her alley.
just tell me Beth Mowins & Joey Galloway won't be commentating the game tomorrow and it's already a better game lol
Thankful for Beth Mowins not calling this game โค๏ธ
I'm thankful that we play on ABC Beth Mowins
*finds out Beth Mowins does the Georgia- Georgia Tech game* Is suicide an option?
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. if it's Beth Mowins and Andre Ware at the same time I'm going to drink bleach๐Ÿ˜‰
Beth Mowins is calling the play by play for the UGA vs TECH game. . Thank God for a button! .
Joey Galloway shouldn't be on the show. He is terrible. Right up there with Beth Mowins smh
Espn tried with the Beth Mowins curse, now Sports Ilustrated with the cover. Will Iowa pass the "curse?"
he was really good I thought? Like MILES AND MILES AND MILES better than Beth Mowins
you gotta be kidding me... I would rather listen to Beth Mowins call every game for the rest of eternity
He must have schooled with Beth Mowins. Barf
please let Mike know Beth Mowins is calling GT-UGA Saturday. It's come to this...
CFB: ESPN Beth Mowins - Listening to Beth Mowins for three hours is equal to listening to a stuck pig squeal. Goodโ€ฆ
Beth Mowins and Joe Buck in the same weekend...pinch me. Ugh.
Beth Mowins yesterday, Doris Burke today. ESPN hates us
I hate Beth Mowins with a passion. Almost made it the whole season without hearing her do a hawk game
.my top 4 announcers this wk Gus Johnson Beth Mowins Brent Musburger Matt Millen
Dear . Please stop letting Beth Mowins call football games. She is the worst. I'd rather listen to Vern Lundquist mumble for 8 hours
Is it bad I hope Beth Mowins' flight to Iowa was canceled and there will be no announcer for today's Iowa-Purdue game?
Sam Adams should be calling the game. Heister is as bad as Beth mowins
Cough, cough, Beth Mowins was calling the game, cough, cough...
Freezing cold, snow, win and NO Beth Mowins
Wait was that Iowa's first win ever while Beth "Thot Pack" Mowins was calling the game?
I will not watch another college football game with the volume on that Beth Mowins is commentating.
The best part about freezing your *** off watching the hawks in person. Not listening to Beth Mowins.
11-0 AND also "perfect at home"! Thanks for clearing that up Beth Mowins.
Tough duty but they did not have to listen to Beth Mowins!
I finally figured out Beth Mowins does the voice over work on this commercial .
I can't stand this Beth mowins as a commentator
You've hit college football viewing rock bottom when you get to the Beth Mowins game.
Josey Jewell has been really good this year..also Beth mowins has been good today
Beth Mowins: Most annoying, stupid and worst announcer in college football.
Beth Mowins better her watch her mouth about my boy TB12!! I'll roundhouse her ***
Someone needs to straight up assassinate Beth mowins
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Beth Mowins is the absolute worst analyst I've ever heard. Go away.
My wife likes Beth Mowins because she thinks she sounds like Reba.
not watching. Did you get the unfortunate pleasure of Matt Millen or Beth Mowins?
Beth Mowins should stick to Softball announcing...she is so awful.
Beth mowins voice is like nails on a chalkboard
I would like to petition that Beth Mowins should never call another Iowa football game.
Of course the only channel my tv loses signal to is the one the game is on. Maybe God realized I couldn't handle more Beth Mowins
Watching the second half on mute because Beth Mowins is just too much to handle...
Beth Mowins should have a job that doesn't involve talking. ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿผ
Beth Mowins has the same inflection as & used to on SC when she says "Brought to you bah..."
Beth Mowins really should have chosen a career path that doesn't involve talking... My God!
Even Beth Mowins knows there's a screen coming with Mitchell at RB.
its the Curse of Beth Mowins.she ruins everything
and I are competing for Beth Mowins' love.
it must not take much to become an announcer for ESPN. Especially when you have Beth Mowins an announcer! Turrible
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On the flip side, Beth Mowins is doing the broadcast. That's a win. NOT!
Delay from TuneIn online stream of Dolph and Ed + tiny rewind on ESPN 2 = No more Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins voice sounds like Steve Buscemi's face
I wish I was at Kinnick for the game..mainly so I wouldn't have to listen to Beth Mowins
As if Iowa wasn't painful enough to watch right now they are forcing us to listen to beth mowins
Gun to your head, who would you bang. Pam Ward or Beth Mowins?
: Beth Mowins or Pam Ward. As a Penn St fan you know you aren't relevant when they call your 11am game
Stephen A. Smith and Jocina Anderson BOTH on Sportscenter? I guess it's second-string Friday. Who's next, Beth Mowins and Doris Burke?
ESPN Beth Mowins is horrible have a clue! Send her *** out west so we don't ever hear her !
Beth Mowins calling any SEC football matchup is just wrong! Insult to my MANHOOD!
I wanted to watch that game, but I can't stomach Beth Mowins.
please get rid of Beth Mowins calling games. I had to switch to another game because her voice is so annoying, like a SNL parody
Pretty sure Beth Mowins got her start on CB Radio. Nobody can possibly enjoy listening to her.
not to jab at an announcing colleague but Beth Mowins
sorry but so hard to listen Beth Mowins do this SEC game
This has to be my punishment for hating on Jesse Palmer. Who thought it was a good idea for Beth Mowins to commentate a football game?
Beth mowins! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.. Great at Women's college basketball, not SEC football.
These guys are really awful. Give me Beth Mowins.
Flips to Florida/Vandy. Hears Beth Mowins announcing. Throws the TV out the window.
Does the play by play announcer of the game Beth Mowins remind you of anyone?
I can't believe the main ESPN channel has such poor play-by-play & color commentators. Who did Beth Mowins threaten to sue to get that job?
Thanks for the updates. I am sure as heck not listening to Beth Mowins.
A source has indicated to me that Beth Mowins is calling The Gator game.
sure wanted to watch Fla/Vandy cant listen to Beth Mowins tho. I guess Chewbacca and Charlie Browns teacher weren't available
why is Beth Mowins announcing this game
Every time I hear Beth Mowins I think I'm listening to a softball game
Isn't Penn State undefeated with Beth Mowins in the booth? Leave her alone y'all .
I would rather listen to a baby cry for a year straight than listen to Beth mowins voice.
I respect Beth mowins. She does good work.
Cannot handle Beth Mowins as college football commentator.
*** Gatas, let Beth Mowins get settled in before you start motor boating Vandy.
"You're getting a noon kick.". Uh, oh. "But it's on ESPN, so you're getting Beth Mowins instead of Andre Ware.". ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’ฏ
The dulcet tones of Beth Mowins calling this gator game. ๐Ÿšฎ
My Penn State day improves - Beth Mowins is not announcing today's game
I was gonna watch the game, but then I heard Beth Mowins.
is tuning into the game and not having to listen to Beth Mowins!
I'd rather listen to drywall screws in a garbage disposal than listen to Beth Mowins call a game.
Can we boot Beth Mowins off this broadcast!
The minute I hear Beth Mowins is doing the game I switch channels
I'm sorry, I just CANNOT listen to Beth Mowins. I can't stand her voice.
Beth Mowins voice is so annoying. Might have to mute this gator game
Beth Mowins gets to they opposite end of campus.
I don't have anything against women commentators, but I can't watch a game Beth Mowins is calling
Dear God, Beth Mowins for the next three hours? Help me.
I'm beth Mowins and I'm joined in the booth.*turns channel*
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Was gonna watch until I heard Beth Mowins voice.
Thank God PSU doesn't have Beth Mowins calling the game this week.
Why is Beth mowins calling our game?
Beth sounds like Reba McIntyre. She even resembles Reba. Best of luck in your broadcasting career. Reba rocks and so do you.
"There are people in the room tonight who are going to make it big" Beth Mowins tells Newhouse students in the audience.
Not a huge Beth Mowins fan, but she's well spoken and gives some great advice
"I really had to work on coming out of my shell." Beth Mowins talks about her early years starting off in broadcasting
"Why wouldn't you go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is." -Mark Twain. This is the best advice Beth Mowins has been given & follows.
Beth Mowins says she has definitely gotten jobs because she is a woman and that she has also not gotten a lot of jobs because she's a woman.
"If I'm the only one, I'm not different. I'm unique." -Beth Mowins on being a woman working in sports broadcasting
Beth Mowins prepares equally for all games no matter how "big" or "small" the games may be.
"ESPN is constantly looking for women play by play announcers"- Beth Mowins
"All it takes is one person to decide, we want a woman to do that...Finally starting to see the glass celling disappear."- Beth Mowins
"I did quite a bit of sideline reporting.It's the hardest job in TV.I didn't want that. I wanted to be a play by play announcer"-Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins found her love for sports at an early age, and realized at a young age that she loved to talk about sports.
Beth Mowins talks about being the PA announcer in high school for football and men's basketball games
Beth Mowins, ESPN play-by-play announcer, talks about her childhood & sports
"You had to prove your worthiness and that's something I've carried into broadcasting" says Beth Mowins
"A lot of times I was the only girl in the room or working on a game, but I felt comfortable"- Beth Mowins
"From the time I was 6 or 7 years old, I wanted to be a sportscaster"- Beth Mowins, ESPN Announcer
Beth Mowins knew color commentary wasn't for her, but play-by-play is something she was very interested from a young age
Beth Mowins here with just getting underway here in the Herg
ESPN pbp Beth Mowins at SU to speak for tonight.
John Nicholson, director of the Newhouse Sports Media Center, is leading the discussion here with Beth Mowins
Nice crowd on hand to see Beth mowins speak at the herg
At the Herg Auditorium in Newhouse to hear ESPN's Beth Mowins speak
At for the talk with Beth Mowins, play by play announcer for
Two great events tonight: Pat Lafferty of BBH and Beth Mowins '90 of ESPN!
Beth Mowins will be speaking to Newhouse students and more at 8 o'clock tonight (11/4) in the Hergenhan Auditorium.
Please get rid of Beth Mowins. Can't stand to here her try to do college football. Her voice is awful.
Well the bad News is it's a Beth Mowins game. The good news is I believe we are 2 and 0 in Beth Mowins games.
Beth Mowins - best announcer, Div3 Title IX sports. Vote for her at
Beth Mowins is calling the Husker game. Get ready for a week of thinly veiled misogyny.
Beth Mowins and Anthony Becht will be on the call for Saturday's Nebraska/Northwestern game.
Dear please stop letting Beth Mowins call football games. Signed, every football fan ever in the history of the universe.
and lamentations were heard across Husker nation as ESPN2 and Beth Mowins are announced as the crew calling next Saturday's game
Main thought from the ISU game.. "How in the world does Beth Mowins have a job??"
Thinks: 'Should check back in on TCU vs ISU game'. (Changes channel). (Hears Beth Mowins' voice). Thinks: 'Dear God, what was I thinking?!'
. All the love from Big Ten fans, as well ...
viewers, it's not just you . . . Just gonna leave this right here.
All due respect to Beth Mowins but it's like listening to the lost member of the SNL Delicious Dish cast
ESPN's Beth Mowins has the most annoying, grating voice. Can't stand listening to her do the game.
Im so glad Beth Mowins doesn't commentate on Wisconsin games anymore
Iowa State has a "sack mamba" according to Beth Mowins. Who knew?
Beth Mowins is the worst ESPN Announcer in history!
Someone tell Beth Mowins that TCU is NOT in Dallas. Fort Worth!
What did TCU and Iowa State do to get Beth Mowins on the call?
to be fair, it could also be Beth Mowins voice.
What's with you worrying about female commentators?? That is Beth Mowins. She also does women's basketball.
Disrespectful to no. 3 having Beth Mowins call the game.
Can we please never have Beth Mowins call our games again. She is awful.
Beth Mowins is the female half of the crew at espn.
Beth Mowins just isn't cutting it. Talking head with no knowledge.
Muting my tv because I can't stand listening to Beth Mowins commentate.
please no more Beth mowins. it's not the gender it's the voice.
Flag on the play...15 yd penalty on Beth Mowins...Annoying awful impersonation of play by play announcer on a football broadcast.
It's Beth Mowins, who I didn't know called regular CFB games on ESPN 2. I knew I'd heard and liked the voice before!
Beth Mowins. I knew I'd heard and liked that voice before.
. TCU lost Doctson, Turpin back to back plays . Defense is clueless . Only Beth Mowins is more clueless.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ... . NO MORE BETH MOWINS ON I'd rather listen to somebody that had never seen a football game!
I hate Beth Mowins. Would rather listen to screeching nails on a chalkboard.
Viewers victimized by the cluelessness of Beth Mowins.
someone please get Beth Mowins off the TCU game by halftime. She has no idea who these players are. Multiple name mistakes in 1st.
Beth Mowins and Anthony Becht are a close second then.
Why do women announcers have to call men's sports. Aggravating. Got Beth Mowins on CFB and have had Jessica Mendoza on MLB. .
Couple of things. . 1.Beth Mowins is the worst. 2. No way that's a pick.
Watching the TCU game and couldn't help but notice how ANNOYING Beth Mowins voice is.๐Ÿ˜ซ
Beth Mowins calling ISU game. Couldn't have a better announcer with a better team. Wow, surprised I was even able to type that without LOL.
Beth Mowins commentating this game is every Big 12 fan's worst nightmare
Beth Mowins makes me want to take a rusted screwdriver to my temple
Beth Mowins is calling the TCU game? I love her.
What happened to Beth Mowins doing the 11am Big 10 game on ESPN2?
Beth Mowins makes this game even more unbearable to watch
I actually feel bad for ISU fans. Beth Mowins is commentating.
Favorite to kick Beth mowins off the air forever
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"Coach Johnny Majors has his ISU team fired up and ready to play tonight!" -Beth Mowins (in about 5 minutes)
Beth Mowins is not a good football PBP or color analyst.she trys way to hard and her voice is really annoying
Iowa 7-0, oh yeah Iowa State game has the A team ESPN crew of Beth Mowins & Anthony Becht. Wait, who?
I cannot watch the Clones with Reba McIntyre, I mean, Beth Mowins calling the game. Uff-Da!!
Beth Mowins "Iowa State already with one more conference win than they had all of last year." Well, yea. They had 0 last year.
Just when ISU fans think it can't get worse, they get Beth Mowins as an announcer.
It's not a new pronunciation, Beth Mowins... it just took you this long to discover you were saying his name wrong.
Seems it's every week, but at least Beth Mowins isn't calling our games. She's the Britta--she's the worst.
The only person needing to pronounce Gesecki's name differently is Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins isn't a bad announcer, but man her voice really bugs me.
It feels like Beth Mowins does every *** Penn State game. (I don't like it)
Have to say I like Beth Mowins on the mic. Good announcer
I am impressed by the sheer width of Beth Mowins' hair
it's Beth Mowins... But I didn't know that until they showed her๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Beth Mowins is a really good announcer. Big fan.
Beth Mowins calling a game with your football team playing almost makes you want to mute it, or scrape your eardrums out. Ugh.
can you please lunch Beth Mowins in the face? She's ***
Why is always stuck with Beth Mowins? One of the worst announcers ever
Beth Mowins is the announcer. I thought the PSU sanctions were over?
Please no more Beth Mowins and her broadcasting partner for PSU games...TV is muted...
I'd rather listen to children crying than listen to Beth Mowins.
there could not be a more shrill and irritating voice to listen to than Beth Mowins. I think her voice actually triggers migraines.
The best Stat of the year so far in college football isthe amount of times I've had to hear Beth Mowins voice: 0
Beth Mowins voice gets on my nerves.
Mendoza is good analyst because she's a good analyst. Beth Mowins is bad at PxP because she's bad at PXP. Nothing to dโ€ฆ
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