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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Fox Sports should have spent a few more bucks and gotten Beth Mowins to call this game.
I'd rather listen to Pam Ward and Beth Mowins call a dame together than listen to Stacey
ah, men's games?There aren't many. Off the top of my head - Doris Burke, Jess Mendoza, Beth Mowins, Kate Scott.
Thanks to and I got to join these woman to call a pro football game! via
This is fitting for Leidner, still remember beth mowins comparing him to big ben😳
UF vs FSU is prime time on ABC tonight, months ago both fanbases swore the game would be on ESPN 8 the ocho with Beth Mowins commentating
Thank you for not giving us Beth Mowins today. Thankfully this season is over, and I appreciate making our last day bearable.
Not going to lie, Beth Mowins is pretty good. Like some diversity in the booth too
*** it! I just tuned into the WMU/UT game only to discover Beth mowins is calling the game.
game is on CBS for those who want to watch. no word if Beth Mowins is
I forgot how much i don't like Beth Mowins at ESPN until this game
Some want to put Beth Mowins into an NFL pxp play booth. Just botched possible MAC Championship matchup. Toledo didn't beat Ohio.
really brought out their A team for commentary. When I'd rather have Beth Mowins, that says something.
Once again ruins a perfectly good college football game with this Beth Mowins. No wonder they suck anymore, the game is unwatchable.
This broadcast crew makes me wish for Beth Mowins and Ed Cunningham.
When you wanna watch and realize Beth Mowins is still on TV
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watch with 5 little ones so you don't even hear it. They are no Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins is doing play by play in the W. Michigan/Toledo game. My ears are already dripping blood.
PJ Fleck should get used to hearing Beth Mowins for the future at Purdue...
The exciting and fantastic Beth Mowins on Black Friday is a CFB holiday tradition! Best female Sportscaster in America
At least Beth Mowins isn't doing this game.
Hawkeye fans... you thought Beth Mowins was bad. These guys are brutal.
Allen Bestwick is just as bad as Beth Mowins
This announcer is bad. I miss Beth Mowins.
Yo they need to put a bullet in this announcer. He's worse than Beth Mowins. Didn't think it possible.
so far this ABC crew is making me miss Beth Mowins
That Beth Mowins does Iowa games is the best part of the intro. So Iowa.
I'd rather listen to Beth Mowins than Troy Aikman
What if Beth Mowins calls the MICH/OSU game Saturday? Likely isn't happening but what if?
See what happens when ESPN doesn't give us Beth mowins?!?
See how Iowa play when Beth mowins is not calling Iowa football
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I would rather listen to Beth Mowins
Thank the good lord the Buckeyes game is over only because of Beth Mowins and her annoying announcing.
We all survived Beth Mowins, you guys!!! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!
one of the commentators being Beth Mowins and them talking about a "cool camera angle" for half an hour... Quality
😂 Beth Mowins is about to start doing card tricks at the next Maryland offensive 3 and out.
25 yurd td catch apparently accoring to Beth Mowins. Not sure what a yurd is, but congrats to Victor.
"True freshman out of Fort Lauderdale, running fast in those short pants" -Beth Mowins
Dear , never assign Beth Mowins to another Buckeye football or basketball again. Thanks
Beth Mowins incorrectly gives Burrow and Athens HS a state championship. They lost that game but man, it was close
God is punishing us today by giving us Beth Mowins
This poor *** in the booth w Beth Mowins probably wants to kill himself
Beth Mowins is as good as any male counterpart. Prepared and knows her stuff!!
Finally got the name of the announcer. It's Beth Mowins and her droning is worse than the game itself. Volume down, radio on.
excited to see in today's game. Too bad Beth Mowins said N.Ridgefield!!!
Beth Mowins announcing the buckeye game is a big miss
Please do not denigrate Greater Syracuse Sports Sports Hall of Famer Beth Mowins
Please do not have Beth Mowins call another ODU game again. I am not against women doing this, but she is awful. AWFUL. STOP IT!!!
It's Beth Mowins, what do you expect. At least she's better than Pam Ward used to be.
"The one stumble, the loss at Ohio State". - Beth Mowins, everyone.
Yes the Buckeyes only loss was that stumble at Ohio State, Beth Mowins
Apparently Demario McCall is from North Ridgefield... nope, another reason why Beth Mowins is the worst. It's North RIDGEVILLE!
Beth Mowins calling the buckeye game.
This Beth mowins on ESPN announcing the Ohio State Maryland game is awful!!!'
I thought Beth Mowins only did noon games.
Just turned on Ohio State (I was at work earlier). All I heard was Beth Mowins. UUGH. WHY?!?!?!?!
Beth Mowins shouldn't be allowed to commentate football.. actually she shouldn't be allowed to commentate any sport. Ever.
I want to pierce my eardrums with with an ice pick as soon as I hear Beth mowins calling a game. Man, she ***
Beth Mowins is terrible. Listening to Keels on delay was a great decision.
i m having the worse day , have to listen to Beth mowins awful voice all day , she ***
What did OSU fans do to deserve having Beth Mo Mowins call our game? It's excruciating 😣
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Beth Mowins is assaulting my ears and Maryland's uniforms are assaulting my eyes. Good think is winning.
Lmao Beth Mowins & Co are always the worst announcing team ESPN fields. They're proving it numerous times today 😂
*** it! I turned on the OSU game just now to hear Beth mowins voice. might just go back to Badger game. Please relegate her to soccer.
Why is Beth Mowins calling this game? She is horrible.
And Beth Mowins is burning your ears
Why all the Beth Mowins hate here? It's almost like you people don't want a woman Prez or anything...😉
can I mute beth mowins without muting the entire game
How is Beth Mowins a football announcer? She brings nothing to the game: Mutes tv
/ When Beth Mowins is announcing your game, you know it's going to be a lopsided blowout
Hey why do the get stuck with Beth Mowins doing their game? She is pathetic.
Well, my mistake. It's Beth Mowins. And her weird *** Syracuse accent. Seriously, do other people sound like that from there???
I don't know which is more painful- listening to Beth Mowins or having to watch the game like this.
I hear our president elect Trump is responsible for Beth mowins calling the osu game. Next we are going to hear mark may is in his cabinet
Great opening drive except for Beth Mowins' voice. I am switching over to SAP and I don't even understand Spanish
I see that the Buckeyes and Terrapins have been punished with Beth Mowins calling their game. .
Don't know what's worse: Beth Mowins or Maryland's failed attempt at color rush uniforms.
Maryland's ugly uniforms and Beth Mowins. Awful. Don't know which is worse.
oh my god why are letting Beth mowins call the Buckeye game , worse voice in the world, now I have to watch with no sound
I have to watch team USA lose last night in cbus now they're forcing me to hear Beth mowins what kind of sick joke is this lol
why does Beth mowins have the OSU game again
Between Beth Mowins and Marylands solid red uniforms I might throw up...
Is having Beth Mowins as an announcer part of our ncaa sanctions? I thought those were over
When you find out Beth Mowins is calling this weeks Buckeyes game
Can't stand the ones like Beth Mowins. Voice is irritating. But Suzy Kolber would be great I think.
When you are 3-2 coming off a loss you get the 11 am tv slot with Beth Mowins as the announcer
Listening to Beth Mowins is preferable to. (bueller?, bueller?, anyone?) I hear crickets
Dude must have never heard Beth Mowins call a game. She is WAY due a prime time game.
If this makes me a sexist, so be it, but I get really disappointed when games are called by Jessica Mendoza or Beth Mowins.
even better, maybe you can steal the main 12pm attraction, Beth Mowins, from Iowa for the day for that prime slot
yellow shirt on Saturday please Beth Mowins!
yellow shirt on Saturday please Beth Mowins
yellow shirt on Saturday please Beth Mowins?
So now we're saying Beth Mowins hasn't had a good colored guy? Come on, give her more credit than that.
Beth Mowins deep voice at 11am is a scary sound! Way deeper than Joey
wish I had this for next Saturday so I don't have to listen to Beth m…
Probably being forced to add another woman to the booth. Beth Mowins gonna do baseball now?
can you please wear a yellow shirt on Saturday Beth Mowins?
Hawks at Gophers 11 a.m. Saturday. ESPN2. Yes, that means Beth Mowins-Anthony Becht in booth and Rocky Boiman on sideline.
ever thought about having Beth Mowins on the podcast? Not sure if you have & I just missed it Wouldn't mind hearing from her
Why do Iowa fans hate Beth Mowins so much?
for God so hated the Hawkeyes he gave them Beth Mowins for every ESPN broadcast for eternity.
Hey why do you still allow Beth Mowins to have a job and WHY do you insist she announce Iowa games? Ugh. 😩🔫
Here we go again...Beth Mowins is on the call for Sat. The good news is:. You don't have to listen to the TV...
When they write it in the history books 2016 Iowa Football will be known as the "Beth Mowins Season."
Beth Mowins again?!? As if us fans aren't getting punished enough for the Hawks underperforming... 3 with her alrea…
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better question is whether Iowa fans can make it another week having to listen to Beth Mowins and he…
Beth Mowins announcing the Iowa game AGAIN. Thank god I'll be watching in person. Cannot stand her voice and terrible insight
Omg, we are on ESPN. Now I gotta pray no Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins' voice reminds me of a yak slowly dying on the side of a road with no water to ease its pain...
Beth Mowins hasn't done the last two games (thankfully)
I'm going to guess Beth Mowins and Anthony Becht. She and he usually do the noon games on ESPN networks.
There should definitely be a Beth Mowins cap lol
Two things: Beth Mowins isn't that bad and your follow trains are stupid.
Iowa is bad as it is, but when you add Beth Mowins into the equation, that gives them about a 1/5 chance in winning…
No changes to Iowa's depth chart. And ESPN's crew with Beth Mowins, John Congemi and Rocky Boiman get their 3rd Hawkeye game in 4 weeks.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! We are suffering enough with the sub par football, then ESPN kicks us while we are down. Go…
is trying to alienate Iowa fans with Beth Mowins and in game Christian McCaffrey & Stanford previews...
Is Beth Mowins a UI employee? They sure give her a lot of our tax dollars to call Iowa games..
Dear God of Football, I understand punishing IA fans for last yr's 12-0 w/ this yr's team, but including Beth Mowins each week is just mean.
dear ESPN. It's a bad year for my Hawkeyes. Can you please not make it worse by having Beth Mowins broadcast the Iowa vs MN game
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please tell me Beth Mowins will NOT be commentating that game...her voice=nails on chalkboard
if wasn't bad enough watching the Hawkeyes play we get to listen to Beth mowins Saturday
wasn't he always stuck with Beth Mowins? That couldn't have helped him
are you trying to ruin my week? Not looking forward to Beth Mowins...BM again
I'm scared it's Beth Mowins announcing again
Likely getting Beth Mowins again. Deserve it, too.
In other news, hearing Beth Mowins at 1am is very confusing cuz now I think it’s 11am and I’m wondering where Purdue is.
Beth mowins s/b announcing logs or women's tennis. She stinks at NCAA football! Looked for game on another channel, no luck. UCLA/az
I can't understand a single word the announcers are saying unless they say "Pantalones," but at least it's not Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins says YARRRDS like says CARL with his thumbs
Here ya go West Coast friends! You may have managed to avoid the nightmare that is Beth Mowins.but alas, ha!...
I can't take any more Beth Mowins, so Grand Prix of Malaysia it is.
.why do you have to ruin by having Beth Mowins commentate the game?
Not sure what's more boring, watching uclas offense or having to listen to Beth mowins
Now Beth mowins is ruining PAC 12 games? Come on ESPN.
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Feel for these fans-Beth Mowins announcing. Like fingernails on chalkboard. Suggest mute
Beth Mowins with the call on this AZ/UCLA game is like ESPN telling me to go to sleep already
Going from Clem/UL to the dulcet tones of Beth Mowins and Anthony Brecht in AZ/UCLA is college football *** like drinking an old warm beer
I heard you folks in TV land got Beth Mowins calling this UCLA game... You shoulda been here at the Rose Bowl in person.
Beth mowins not on the 11am B1G slate ❓❓❓
They put Beth Mowins on the Left Coast tonight?! 😞It's almost like ESPN wants me to go to bed
ESPN did something right and out Beth Mowins on the late game. I should sleep like a baby
The only game I can find has Beth Mowins?.pass
Beth Mowins is a worse announcer than one.
Hearing Beth Mowins announce this Arizona/UCLA game is just making me miss college softball season more ⚾️
OMG! Listening to Beth Mowins is making me appreciate Joe Buck a little more. Replace her at halftime.PLEASE!!!
Your team is awful when Beth mowins is calling your game
I hope ESPN isn't paying Beth Mowins for announcing your game. Giving women announcers bad name as well as you
Beth Mowins just called Eldridge Massington a TE. This after she said Goforth was back to return a kick for Arizona.
PAC 12 fans didn't wait all day to have Beth Mowins call their game.
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Beth Mowins said that Hemmila was a receiver.
Beth Mowins on the call of Arizona v. UCLA in this week's edition of Yes, please.
Beth Mowins informs us that COLORADO could be in first place in the Pac-12 South if current leads hold. DON’T PULL OVER. THIS IS BAT COUNTRY
Me when I turn on college football and Beth Mowins is calling the game
How refreshing to have. Beth Mowins in the broadcast booth for ESPN she's terrific...
I thought Beth Mowins was strictly softball…
In my mind, Beth Mowins is the official voice of Iowa football.
Beth Mowins: "Arizona in the all white jerseys from head to toe". Jerseys cover head to toe? ***
Arizona-UCLA has written all over it, but Beth Mowins ...
Welp tuned in to the football game only to hear Beth mowins announcing.
Ugh, Beth Mowins ruined the WCWS broadcast and now she's out for football
Chuck Long is terrible, like Beth Mowins terrible!
Beth Mowins must be at a wedding or somethin
Beth Mowins isn't commentating the Nebraska game after all, praise the lord
Sad thing is, if we lose, we cant blame it on Beth Mowins,
What's more surprising, Texas having 3 PATs blocked, or Beth Mowins NOT announcing this Northwestern-Iowa game.
My worst nightmare is a Beth Mowins/Andre Ware announce team
So grateful we don't have to listen to Beth Mowins doing the Iowa game. We've endured her enough for the season.
Good thing this game isn't on ESPN2. Beth Mowins would make me want to drink till I black out.
No Beth Mowins to assault my ears. Hooray! NW unis to assault my eyes. Bo.
The got demoted to thats a good thing, no Beth Mowins today 😃
I really needed a week off from Beth Mowins. Thanks ESPNU.
Well we didn't get Beth Mowins today but we got somebody who doesn't know how to pronounce our coach's name.
[LA Daily News: Farther Off the Wall] College football Week 5 in the L.A. TV market: Beth Mowins on UC
College Football Week 5 in the LA market: It's UCLA win-win with
ESPN is obviously punishing Iowa for last week's poor performance by putt Beth Mowins on this game. Kicking us while we a…
Female NFL play-by-play gigs ahead, despite historic ... -
Beth Mowins should mediate the debates
nothing better than waking hungover and hearing Beth Mowins giving play by play
Watching the Auburn replay those were probably the worst announcers I've ever heard on live television. Makes Beth Mowins seem great
"As Iowa and Minnesota play for the coveted Floyd of Roswell trophy..."---Beth Mowins
Oh God...if LSU/UF is a noon game, that means there is a high probability that Beth Mowins is commentating.
I'm just happy we don't have Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins, Anthony Becht and Rocky Boiman on the call for ESPN on Saturday for UCLA/Arizona.
thank you no Beth Mowins My ears have been saved
At least it's not Beth Mowins. Or worse, Aaron Taylor.
looks like Beth mowins is going to start looking at orbitz today for flights to MSP
Beth Mowins is the Cooper Bateman of commentating games.
Here would be my four alternate moderators: Rick Allen, Ernie Johnson, Beth Mowins, Mike Joy
Replace Beth Mowins / Ed Cunningham with Stingray, who says no.
Beth Mowins is announcing the Raider game must mean I've entered the Twilight Zone
Watching OAKvsSEA and listening 2 Beth Mowins call the game. She's got some skills, just needs a little excitement in her call.
so weird that the Raiders have beth mowins (softball announcer) as their announcer now😳
announcer Beth Mowins? She must be related to someone up stairs... She doesn't know football.
Are men no longer entitled to a single sanctuary? Listening to Beth Mowins is like getting a tooth pulled.
I hope raiders go back to playing on cbs so i dont have to listen to matt millen and beth mowins all year.
Whoever gave us Beth Mowins should be fired. You've done the impossible: you've killed the enjoyment of watching football.
Beth Mowins is calling the Raiders game on NFL Network if you miss her. She thinks Hayden Fry is the coach.
Beth Mowins has such an authoritative delivery on Raiders' games. But audio mix sounds off. Too much crowd noise competing w/commentators
Just turned off Raiders Seahawks: thanks NFL network for forcing us to listen to Beth Mowins. Can men no longer have a sanctuary?
Am I the only one who can't stand Beth Mowins announcing the game??
How bad is it for Raiders when they hire Beth Mowins to do TV pxp. *** I have to listen to her "Yaaards!"
Been a Raiders fan since Daryl,George&warren wells, please get rid of Beth Mowins, my god she's a HORRIBLE announcer
Let me get this out of the way. Yes I like Beth Mowins. She's fine. Men, get over it.
OMG Beth Mowins is calling the Hogs game Saturday on SEC network, mute the tv and listen to Chuck and Keith on the radio. You're welcome.
he's painful, put him with Beth mowins and that combination could actually elevate terrorist threat levels.
Beth Mowins will become the second woman to ever call an NFL game on TV via
I swear I heard myself wishing Beth Mowins was calling this game. Just that bad.
At least Beth Mowins shows plenty of emotion and enthusiasm for the game.
I would take Beth Mowins over these clowns
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here is story: 96 year history NFL.just 1 game called by female. Is the audience prepared?
Must read article via highlighting the talents of and
If Beth Mowins EVER calls NFL games. I'll quit watching & become a soccer fan. "yards"
Uphill battle for female NFL game announcers via
Good discussion on when we will have a female NFL play-by-play announcer. Might be topic tonight.
that excerpt is from this article on women in NFL broadcasting:
When will a woman get a full-time play-by-play job calling the NFL? I talked to people in the business about it:
Network execs say a women will be calling NFL play by play full-time by end of the decade. Media column: https:/…
Heads up you were close: Ted Robinson is the radio vox & Bob fills-in when Ted is elsewhere
Uphill battle for women in NFL play-by-play roles may soon reach a turning point -
I'm p sure beth mowins still does play-by-play every sat for a game that gets on espn2 in some markets.
Can't tell what's worse: Beth Mowins calling a college football game or FirstTake today. Don't plan on finding out.
If I could tell a story like Paola Boivin, conduct an interview like Rachel Nichols, or call a game like Beth Mowins I'd be set.
must suck watching espn2 Penn state games with Beth mowins
Beth Mowins and Raiders move the NFL in right direction: Oakland Raiders will have Beth Mowins in the booth doing…
And the 4 week Beth Mowins softball nightmare is finally over.
hey Beth Mowins I hope you see this
Beth Mowins pronounces it 'au-BURN'. Get real, You can do better than this.
Beth Mowins just said that Auburn's last 5 games have been decided in the last inning. Technically speaking, aren't ALL games decided then?
Beth Mowins can hardly contain her excitement about Paige Parker and Oklahoma being 3 outs away, please Auburn, shut her up.
This just in: Beth Mowins just discovered everyone has a mom and dad
I may have to mute this game like I do bowl games cause of Beth Mowins 🙄
Really no fun watching in silence but just can't handle Beth Mowins.
This game was much better last night when I didn't have to listen to Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins needs to just stop talking
ESPN's Beth Mowins talks about the WCWS and the walk-off grand slam she called.
Will someone ask Jessica Mendoza to please swap seats with Beth Mowins!
She gets facts wrong and has an extremely annoying voice. She introduced the OU pitcher as the PAC 12 player of the year. I don't mind women announcers, but can't stand her voice.
Beth Mowins is the Joe Buck of softball
Congrats on that catch. ESPN's Beth Mowins called it one of the iconic moments in the history of the
hey Beth Mowins do you like auburn now? 😅
A walk off grand slam for Auburn! Cannot get better than that. Beth Mowins with another great call at the
Beth Mowins, I'm gonna need you to be quiet.
I swear if they bring up how we lost the 2007 and 2013 championship games again.we know Beth Mowins, we know.
Beth Mowins wants OU to get the lead so bad so this Paige Parker girl can pitch.
I wish Beth Mowins and Michelle Smith could act a LITTLE more like auburn doesn't deserve to be here
Rally ladies and shut Beth Mowins up!
Whitney Jordan is NOT from Athens GA. She is from Athens AL. Mowins
I actually don't hate Beth Mowins calling college softball. Now can we please take her off calling college football??
Someone needs to tell Beth Mowins it's not a sacrifice bunt if there's no play made. It's a base hit.
Somehow, ESPN has managed to replicate Doris Burke's voice in Beth Mowins and I'd still rather listen to babies cry.
Beth Mowins and Michelle Smith are terrible. Need new announcers for such a great event.
Heard Beth Mowins calling the Women's CWS game and became painfully aware that Purdue football is coming soon and there's nothing we can do
Still so dope that I met Michele Smith and Beth Mowins in Tennessee!
Beth Mowins is the worst ESPN commentator in history
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We get to hear Beth Mowins gloat over Oklahoma for the next couple hours. Shoot me now.
Beth Mowins and Wolfman Jack...the same voice.
It annoys me when Beth Mowins constantly informs us the tying/winning run is at the plate. We can count.
Beth Mowins is the absolute worst to listen to, and she's been 110% pro Oklahoma this game.
Alright, I've kept quiet long enough. But when are people, especially ESPN, realize that Beth Mowins is a TERRIBLE announcer!!!
We get it Beth Mowins, get off of Oklahomans nuts and call this game equally.
Dear God - Beth Mowins and Pam Ward have got to be the most annoying play-by-play announcers on TV.
Hey could we not have anyone else other than Beth Mowins for play by play???
I'm not sure if Michele Smith and Beth Mowins have ever called a game without being biased toward one of the teams.
"It could've been a lot worse". .but it wasn't so that was yet another irrelevant statement by Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins needs some new phrases. "She kept knocking on that back door..." 😂
after Beth Mowins said "Sandy Simmons" like 3 times within one inning, I muted it 😂
Michele Smith and Beth Mowins are the Verne and Gary of college softball.
It was worth it to lose, just so we don't have to hear Beth Mowins say "Geor-cha" anymore. Still says "Coll-itch" tho.
Beth Mowins just mistaked LSU for UCLA lol bruh...
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if the ratings on WCWS are soaring then maybe they can do better than Beth Mowins and Pam Ward
Dorris Burke is almost as bad as Beth Mowins.
Am I the only one that thinks that Beth Mowins is the worst announcer ever?
Can Beth Mowins Of ESPN close her mouth? She is annoying at best.
My dream as a softball mom us to hear Beth Mowins said my kids name on TV. a girl can dream right?? JP its all up to you kid.
No one should have to listen to Beth Mowins for that long. She'll be narrating my nightmares this evening.
I'd watch the game but I can't stand Beth Mowins.
beth mowins is such a jinx ESPN fire her asap
I wish the ESPN announcer Beth Mowins would go on mute
BTW, Beth Mowins ain't great, but she ain't terrible. There are worse working steady.
BTW, what percent of CFB fans have no idea Pam Ward hasn't called a CFB game in years and isn't Beth Mowins? 75%? 90%?
Beth Mowins replaces O'Brien as voice of women’s Final 4...
Is the game on the radio so I don't have to listen to the puking Beth Mowins??
Definitely not a fan of Beth Mowins' annoying voice announcing...
I missed this last night, but Beth Mowins asked Ehren Earleywine in in-game interview last night about the pro-Earleywine hot air balloon
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a deaf-mute would be better than Beth Mowins
Now if PSU and Pitt are really lucky Beth Mowins will call the game
easy there - when you have to listen to Beth Mowins do your games then you can complain
I'm not saying Brent needs Saturday Night Football back but he can't call noon Big Ten games on ESPN2 over Beth Mowins? C'mon man...
That's not my predisposition. I like Jessica Mendoza on SNB. But Beth Mowins is awful. On the flip side, Joe Buck is horrible.
nobody drops a return of The Mac reset like Beth Mowins
I like Steve Levy. But has he ever called a CFB game in his life? Yet he & Beth Mowins are on ESPN's CFB coverage while Brent is on SEC Net.
Joey had to be with Beth Mowins at first, now he has it good after taking Mark May's spot and expanding it.
Two softball regionals in Louisiana. is No. 10 national seed, No. 14. Beth Mowins suggests ESPN "A" team to Laf.
It would be nice if Beth Mowins started posting offensive memes so we could get a break from her and still watch the NCAA softball tourney
Beth Mowins wanted that ball to be gone so badly.
I never have been able to stand Beth Mowins, but my gosh, these other ladies are awful.
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