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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Let’s face it, what he said wasn’t any worse than what Mike Miss said bout Beth Mowins. And like Mike miss he apologized.
Uh oh Al Michaels is about to get fired and replaced with Beth Mowins! Please no! LOL!
I have nothing personal against female broadcasters but Beth mowins I cannot tolerate her nasally drone sorry
With Carolina Bears game moved to CBS next Sunday making 7 games for them does that mean Beth Mowins will call another NFL game
and that's not even the worst part of this clip. Beth Mowins is.
Social media crucified Beth Mowins on MNF in Week 1, and no one says anything about Stockton being past his prime like a mother.
Contact ESPN Beth Mowins is painful to listen too-Please don't let her announce anymore Florida Gator games
I assume you mean worst “male” commentators because you clearly didn’t take Jessica Mendoza and Beth Mowins into account.
Browns deserve to have beth Mowins and James Lofton call the remaining 10 games.
disagree with the ranking. First Beth Mowins is easy tip 10. Where's J Mendoza?
So you are labeling me sexist and ignorant then, because I don't happen to care for the sound of Beth Mowins voice.
After the high of being in the crowd at ALCS, this game literally lulled me to sleep. That and Beth Mowins.
I watched on but luckily, I had a Yoko Ono album here to drown-out commentator, Beth Mowins.
UPDATE: your TV is muted : thanks to Beth mowins! Really disappointing commentary. Please take her back to big 10
Beth Mowins is the equivalent of cousin Eddy calling a football game.
Many bad cfb announcers exist and Beth Mowins is among the worst I’ve ever heard. This is awful
I'm not sure if it's Beth Mowins or the Florida offense which makes this game difficult to watch.
It has nothing to do with her gender, but Beth Mowins is the worst play-by-play voice I have ever heard on a national broadcast.…
The Aggies had to beat the Gators, the ref’s, the ugly UF uni’s, and we fans had to beat Beth Mowins on - ugl…
It's like ESPN2 is a special circle of *** for teams that suck, and Beth Mowins is there to torment the damned.
It's just WAYYY TOO MUCH, my 7yo who emulates different announcers cuz he loves sports broadcasting says "Oh no not Beth Mowins"
I cant listen to Beth Mowins call the UF-Texas A&M game anymore. I feel like its Reba Mcentire trying her hand at sportscasting.
Only thing worse than those uniforms was Beth Mowins commentating.
Never let Beth Mowins call a game ever again
Listening to Beth Mowins makes me feel like I'm watching Women's Basketball or figure skating, She knows football.but that voice,
Great win by the Aggies over Florida...worst part was having to listen to Beth Mowins call the game.
I can't believe I just endured Beth Mowins for over 3 1/2 hours all for the Gators to lose.
Beth Mowins is equally as annoying announcing football as she is softball. 🙄
As if it wasn't bad enough to watch but then I have to listen to Beth Mowins call the game. Awesome
Beth Mowins just said Franks is from outside Pensacola which is accurate if being 3 hours away from something is "outside" of it.
I’m going to need Beth Mowins to stop talking
Beth Mowins is announcing the Fl vs Tx A&M game. She is doing a great job. It's sad that female announcers receive so much hate.
I always feel like Beth Mowins is barking at the mic.
Rather have Lou Holtz commentating a football than Beth Mowins
I bet you Beth mowins isn't happy that the Aggies have taken the lead.
Everyone trying to drown out Beth Mowins voice
Beth Mowins looks like she lives in a trailer in rural Florida and beat cigarettes with the patch
Beth Mowins looks like my 4th grade librarian that accused me of stealing gel pens at the Interscholastic Book Fair
Beth Mowins voice gets on my nerves. She sounds like a manly Reba
Beth Mowins sounds like a female Harry Carey!
There's only one thing worse than the Florida Gator uniform, and it's Listening to Beth Mowins for an entire game.
its actually Beth Mowins. Both very difficult to listen to
*gets hit in the backfield* "oh lets see where the forward progress puts him" EAT MY *** BETH MOWINS
Beth Mowins talking about how if we beat GA, "we're right back up on top of the east" shows she has never *ever* watched one of our games.
I complain about Gary Danielson, and the very next week Florida is playing on ESPN2 with Beth Mowins. You win Universe, you win.
Beth mowins. Is she impersonating Howard cosell?
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I hope Beth Mowins does not talk during sex
I like Beth Mowins. I think she does an excellent job covering various games.
Beth Mowins is like Erin Andrews to me. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Any game Beth Mowins is on I automatically turn off. Her voice might be the worst voice in sports commentating history.
Beth Mowins has the worst voice for an announcer I've ever heard it literally makes me change the channel lol.
Thank God for radio! Let's see *** Hubert or Beth Mowins..hum no brainer! Like I said... thank you radio.
I was going to watch the A&M game but then I heard Beth Mowins. Hard Pass.
Beth Mowins can call a football game.
Beth Mowins' voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It's really annoying.
Fire Beth Mowins and whoever hired her.
One of my favorite commentators in football is Beth Mowins. The best NFL talk show host is Josina Anderson. FOH
Yesterday had a give and take about female brdcsters and Beth Mowins who I think is awful. Let's talk Sam Ponder. She's excellent
They should be more concerned about how trash Rex Ryan was. Beth Mowins did a good job.
Beth Mowins, first woman to call NFL game in 30 years, gets America talking
That's right. But I wasn't doing the actual commentary as Beth Mowins is doing in NFL.
Everyone saying Beth Mowins is good. You didn't know that before this game?
I am all for women in sports but please never let Beth Mowins call another NFL game. Her voice was so ann…
To be honest, I'd rather listen to blather all night than have to listen to Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan. has hit a new low!
The first win of the season was that much more fun to watch with announcing it
If yr ok with Jon Gruden talking like a Teddy Ruxpin that's dropped acid but think Beth Mowins' voice is annoying...yo…
ESPN featured the first female NFL play-by-play announcer in Beth Mowins. And the verdict is in: Rex Ryan genuinely sucked.
had never heard Beth Mowins to my knowledge before that. Wasn't bad sounded like she would be great at calling basketball
you guys have ruined MNF!!! Don Meredith is rolling in his grave. Beth Mowins is terrible. Women should not cover football games.
the world needs more Beth Mowins tbh
Sergio was the best part of that broadcast. I'd take him over Rex Ryan and Beth Mowins any day.
Beth Mowins is a good broadcaster. Informed, precise and excellent at pretending Rex's jokes are funny
Help me to understand how I celebrate Beth Mowins as the first female NFL sportscaster when gender is just a social con…
I hope Beth Mowins isn’t wearing open-toed shoes; Rex will never keep his concentration…
Even the sound mixing was terrible. Beth Mowins (play by play announcer) sounded like she was on AM radio.
Audience: How can ESPN's Monday Night Football Broadcast get any worse than Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan? . Sergio Dipp: Hold…
Beth Mowins calling the late MNF game?. Can't wait to get this extra sleep tonight
DUH! is scared of being called racists, can’t pander to Hispanics if u fire them for failing.
Beth Mowins was excellent. Next time, she deserves a better analyst.
Currently watching this game in Espanol to avoid Beth Mowins.
ESPN's Beth Mowins will call tonight's Broncos-Chargers game, which is a big development for women in sports.
History making performance was made during Monday Night Football, and it had nothing to do with players on the field http…
Beth Mowins is making history tonight, becoming the first woman to call a nationally televised NFL game
C'mon Sandra, no one is allowed to have a bad night, and especially if you don't sound like 'everyone…
I don't believe Beth Mowins was good enough, or prepped well enough. And Rex Ryan didn't help.
ESPN: "We can't have Robert Lee on a UVA/W&M game cause he'll get made fun of. Meanwhile, here's Beth Mowins, Rex Ryan and S…
It’s no surprise excelled on Monday Night Football broadcast, writes http…
Just trying to enjoy some late night NFL and FREAKING BETH MOWINS STARTS TALKING THROUGH MY TV
Beth Mowins is the real deal. She and Gus Johnson need to be calling games every week.
I thought Beth Mowins did a good job. Too bad she was paired with Rex Ryan.
I love that we can celebrate firsts like Beth Mowins' last night. They matter. Because not everyone wants to listen to wome…
It seems we'll never be lacking for examples of misogyny.
Really enjoyed Beth Mowins' commentary on the NFL last night, people saying she's just got the job because of 'PC Culture' are dumb.
Live look at Rex Ryan and Beth Mowins commentating
Ed Werder is let go, but Beth Mowins and Sergio Dipp are promoted to MNF.
What specifically didn't you like, Softy? Are you against having a Woman announcer? I thought Beth Mowins did a goo…
Alongside Rex Ryan in the announcing booth, Beth Mowins became the first woman to do play-by-play for a nationally…
Beth Mowins & Rex Ryan are why the mute button was invented
I wonder what shoes Beth Mowins opted for, knowing she'd spend entire game in TV booth with Rex Ryan.
It’s no surprise Beth Mowins excelled on Monday Night Football broadcast.
ESPN's Sergio Dipp says he 'meant no disrespect' in his highly mocked 'MNF' report
What'd you think of Beth Mowins' historic game-calling last night?
Beth Mowins doing play-by-play for Chargers-Broncos is the 1st time in 30 years a woman has called play-by-play for an NFL g…
Because Beth Mowins can't work a day game after a night game. Royals didn't want their fans to endure a…
After listening to Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan (plus Sergio Dipp) call a game I now understand why ESPN pays Jon Gruden so…
WHY? Has it taken so long for Beth to get her shot? She is insightful and keeps you in the gam…
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Last night, called doubleheader, becoming the first woman to do so for a national broadcast.
Love Beth Mowins. I've heard her call NCAA softball games for years. Knowledgeable and smooth. Was the only p…
Beth Mowins is 1 of my favorite 🚺 announcers but I don't want to 👂🏻 her commenting 🏉 games. Sorry. Give me a NFL player/coa…
Beth Mowins will be the first woman to announce a nationally-televised NFL game!. alum http:
.is the first woman in 30 years to call the on TV. Here's some of our interview:…
Fans: "God, Rex Ryan and Beth Mowins are calling the game. Not sure this broadcast could be worse.". Sergio Dipp: *stutter…
Beth Mowins is her name. Nice of the audio crew to adjust her levels to that of a man. You dudes just worry about y…
It made the game unwatchable...Was really looking forward to that game. I had no preconceived notions about Mowens, but after a couple of minutes I had to mute it or turn it off. It was HORRIBLE! ESPN has to know how bad it is,,,obviously trying to make a cultural statement at my expense. Whatever...Do what you want ESPN, but at least broadcast a version SAP that has the sounds of the game without announcers or I'm out.
Beth Mowins, Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn make Monday a historical night - via
Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan was an abortion of a broadcast. Jemele Hill would have been better. Yes, that bad But Beth ain't getting fired
Beth Mowins is the worst though, I can't stand her voice...
Beth Mowins is the only part of this MNF crew that has made this listenable.
Beth Mowins has been great on my end and who cares what her gender is?
As the first woman to announce a Monday Night Football game, Beth Mowins, you are rocking it!
Im waiting for halftime to joke on Sergio Dipp. Leave Beth Mowins alone. She doing good.
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Beth Mowins isn't the only woman who is capable of calling a Pro Football game. I'm sure a lot of women can excel at that job.
Beth Mowins, Rex Ryan and Sergio Dipp. This broadcast is rough
Beth Mowins' is the 1st female to call an NFL game in 30 yrs but her annoying voice tone sets women back at least a century.
Beth Mowins voice will always remind me of two unranked B1G teams playing at noon on ESPN2.
Those who are saying Beth Mowins is bad must have not watched Sam Rosen call a Bears preseason game. She's doing just fine.
I think Beth Mowins is terrific. Wish they'd give a her a qualified color commentator. She's been work…
I'd rather listen to police sirens, than Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins sounds exactly like Doris Burke on commentary and it's really throwing me off.
Beth Mowins is not exactly awful. Rex Ryan is AT LEAST 5 beers in. Sergio Dipp is... well.
Don't really understand the hate on Beth Mowins. She's not obnoxiously annoying, she seems knowledgable, she's handling Rex. So??
Beth Mowins makes me want to watch the game on mute. She's bad, but no where near Doris Burke
Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan are the Worst Announcers in the History of the NFL. Beth Mowins has the Worst Voice , worse than Cris Collinsworth
Beth Mowins is solid...technically great, nice tone to her voice, can't see any reason for people to complain.
Having watched a lot of college football and college volleyball, have no problems with Beth Mowins.
When you pumped up for but you hearing Beth Mowins voice
Rex Ryan & Beth Mowins will have their own like Michael Smith & Jemele Hill if they continue this med…
Sorry Beth Mowins it's a penalty in football now a foul.😑
I wish the confederacy would've had a General named Beth Mowins so I didn't have to hear this.
"Sergio Dipp" has gotta be an intentional ESPN attempt to get him trending over the terrible Beth Mowins and even worse Re…
It's not really fair to saddle Beth Mowins with a guy who can barely speak English and Sergio Dipp.
I need more Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan in my life.
Actual footage of Beth Mowins, Rex Ryan and Sergio Dipp right now.
Vown Miller of the Denver Browncos. I love Beth Mowins. And I also hafta watch Fargo after this.
Beth Mowins: The first female play-by-play announcer to call a Monday Night Football game via
Beth Mowins deserves to be paired with actual professionals on this broadcast
I'd imagine Beth Mowins has worked harder than many other men in the same profession. It's not right but sadly where we are...
If you want a reason to believe in humanity, the volume of absolutely vile email to 9NEWS about Beth Mowins is relatively lo…
Beth Mowins is successfully carrying an entire broadcast. She's doing play-by-play and color.
Beth Mowins is one of the best announcers in football.
Beth Mowins: From Backyard Quarterback to MNF’s 1st Woman in the Booth
You'd think was tanking to get the first pick in the draft with Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan at the helm. WOW
Beth Mowins on PBP, Rex Ryan on Color, and whoever the *** Sergio Dipp is on sideline. 😑😑😑
hating on the knowledgable and crisp Beth Mowins while giving mumbling Rex Ryan a pass is a great way to tell on yourself.
ESPN "Well put Beth Mowins on the late game, nobody could be worse than her". "Hold my beer..."
If you don't want to listen to Beth Mowins, has the Espanol broadcast of on ESPN2. Much better play by play!
Beth Mowins has called college football games for years, and everybody still hates her.
The only thing worse than listening to Rex Ryan and Beth Mowins would be to watch them wrestle in Cris…
Listening to Beth Mowins I can't help but envision how many other girls are watching, "saying that's what I want to do"!
The only question is who's worse at their job on this broadcast: Rex Ryan, Beth Mowins or that poor sideline reporter kid? It's a clown show
Tragic broadcasting combo of Beth Mowins, Rex Ryan and Sergio Dipp > tragic events of 9/11. .
Not sure whose worse to listen to - Beth Mowins on ESPN commentating NFL or Tracy Austin on TTC talking tennis.
Here's how TV is: Beth Mowins starts calling play by play. Everyone hates her. 20 years later, she's a legend everyone misse…
So glad that Beth Mowins is getting a chance to kick all the *** she is kicking in the booth tonight.
People ripping Beth Mowins for announcing Monday Night Football are confusing the *** out of me. How can a commentator be bad?
Beth Mowins: our thougts are with florida tonite as Irma left some pounded by up to 2 feet . Rex: she got a boyfriend?
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Beth Mowins becomes 1st woman to commentate NFL game in 30 years.
Rex Ryan is learning on fly. Sergio Dipp is out his league. That this telecast is watchable tells you how amazing Beth…
Feeling for Beth Mowins right now. She’s T-Mac trying to drag Andrew DeClercq (Rex) and Pat Garrity (random sideline dude?…
To all those criticizing Beth Mowins- How about you give broadcasting a football game that millions of people are watching a try?
Only difference between Beth Mowins and Jim Brockmire commentating styles: Brockmire is annoying ironically.
Beth Mowins & Rex Ryan the worst professional commentating duo of all time god ***
It's weird hearing Beth Mowins call MNF. I'm used to her voice while I'm hungover and watching a noon Northwestern-Iowa…
I feel bad for Beth Mowins, being teamed up with 2 morons
Rex Ryan voice is flat & doesn't sound great for tv but I love listening to his coaching insight. Beth Mowins sounds like
Chris Berman is rightfully a sports broadcasting icon, but when it comes to calling a game, Beth Mowins is a definite upgrade.
Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan. Wow that's not good for my ears.
Found a way to make her sound better, the Mute button.
Beth Mowins, a Syracuse native, will be the second-ever woman to call an NFL regular-season game tonight.
Not even close. I'd take Pam Ward or Beth Mowins over the PBP crew we had. It was like Sna…
My Great Great Great Aunt 9 times removed fought in the Civil War. Her name was Beth Mowins.
ESPN call up another female ex-softballer to call games. This isn't Google, people.
Beth Mowins actually will call, with Rex Ryan, a MNF two weeks earlier. And Gayle Sierans was the 1st fe…
LMAO Beth Mowins I'm dead. she sounds like she's in pain when she's talking. cant believe she wo…
If Beth Mowins was smart, if CBS offers her a full time contract, she should take it
Beth Mowins will be 1st woman to call play-by-play for NFL game on CBS when she teams w/ analyst Jay Feely for
Congrats to Beth Mowins! Sorry you have to start with a loss.
Beth Mowins making history this NFL season
Beth Mowins will be calling select NFL games for CBS this season.
And Beth Mowins and Jay Feely should be great - especially if Feely is as good on the general game as he's been on kicking-specific items
CBS announces Beth Mowins will call Browns-Colts in Week 3
I buried the lede here. The real news is Beth Mowins will call Colts-Browns in Week 3, the first woman to ever call…
Beth Mowins to become first woman to call play-by-play for CBS.
2017 NFL broadcast teams released, includes Beth Mowins as an unexpected, but perfect plus.
Beth Mowins to be first woman to call NFL play-by-play for CBS. Read more:
Beth Mowins to call Browns-Colts game biologically suited to call games or is it sexist to say?
Beth Mowins will call the Sept. 24 game between for CBS. Jay Feely will be the analyst.
announces Beth Mowins to call Browns-Colts game. Its about time, Beth has called college games for years & does a *** of a job
You'll be able to hear Mowins' voice on September 24th call the Browns and Colts game for the first time on CBS.
Beth Mowins called bowl games in 2012 and 2013 — was very friendly. Happy to see this news.
Terrible idea. Beth Mowins is the absolute worst. It's bad enough they let her ruin college football Saturdays.
Good luck Beth Mowins, will Rex let her get a word in?
Report: Beth Mowins to become 1st female commentator in 30 years ESPN will break a 30-year l...…
For the first time in literally 30 years smh but that sounds cool anyway
Report: Beth Mowins will call MNF game, only second female broadcaster for the NFL via
It's been a long time since our days in Kalamazoo and the LLWS. Congrats, my friend.
I think Beth Mowins was assigned the MNF game because LeBron isn't clutch and John Wall didn't have a father figure. Just me though.
Beth Mowins does a great job covering just any sport! She’ll be great doing an NFL game.
Beth Mowins would be a billion times better than Gayle Sierens was. A solid professional announcer.
Mike Greenberg's new morning show is set debut in early January. Wingo to join Golic sooner. Media column: http…
ESPN to have first woman announce Monday Night Football game, per report
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Report: Beth Mowins to become first woman since 1987 to call NFL game
guys Beth Mowins crushes it calling college football & softball..excited to hear her call NFL game
Mowins would be the first woman to call any regular season game since 1987.
ESPN is set to assign Beth Mowins & Rex Ryan for its MNF opening doubleheader on Sept. 11. Media column: https:/…
Report: Beth Mowins to become 1st female NFL commentator in 30 years.
Sport > For the first time in NFL history, a woman will call play -
In related news, "Beth Mowins is perfectly fine" might be my most unpopular sports take.
A Beth Mowins - Rex Ryan booth is going to be incredible.
Report: Beth Mowins to call NFL game for ESPN.
Oh God no. I'm for women in the booth, but Beth Mowins?? No. I'd rather they bring back Pam Ward
ESPN's Beth Mowins to make history as play-by-play announcer for an NFL game this fall
So is Firing everyone but Beth Mowins keeps her job, um mm please do us all the honor and fire her!
Will Beth Mowins still be ruining college football?
Please tell me Beth Mowins was one of the 100.
Any word on Beth Mowins leaving yet? I keep checking but nothing so far
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Thankful Beth Mowins will still be calling that 11 AM Big Ten game on ESPN2
not saying you should fire her, but Beth Mowins could be used for anything BUT NCAA football.
Please lay off Beth Mowins & her strained voice sound from college FOOTBALL games. She's ok for college SOFTBALL games. ESPN
*** some big names getting released by ESPN, none of them named Stephen A, Jemele Hill, Beth Mowins, Seth Greenberg, yet.
Aw what??? Y'all lay him off but keep Beth Mowins?
Hey while you're at it please ax Beth Mowins. Insufferable on fall Saturday mornings
I am sure ESPN will keep us in B1G Ten *** with Beth Mowins
Did Pam Ward or Beth Mowins get laid off?
Vitale being on the same list as Beth Mowins is beyond insulting... baby!
As soon as I hear her voice, on goes the mute button and I watch the game in silence.
I cringe whenever I hear Beth Mowins trying to sound like a man calling a NCAA basketball game
I hate to see people get laid off but if espn lays off Stephen A Smith, *** Vitale, Jemele Hill and Beth Mowins I wont be upset.
Hey as long as Beth Mowins continues to do iowa football games that's all I care about. :)
I hope Beth Mowins is the first to go
I would argue that Beth Mowins is the worst. Makes CFB unwatchable.
would someone tell Beth mowins that in *collegiate athletics, you are a *freshman/not "rookie"- thanks-
This article is 16 days old but I just came across it...this is way overdue.
Can't believe Hawkeyes don't get Beth Mowins for
Rex Ryan is the ESPNU analyst in the booth right now with Beth Mowins calling the Florida State spring game. Another job to fail at LOL!
Beth Mowins? Reads her prompter well! Voice not pleasant to listen to. Rather listen to Hillary screech! NOT! Please NOT FOOTBALL!!!
Nah, B-Mo. You forgot the most important question: What type of stuntman stuff will Beth Mowins pull when throwing…
*mind blown* 11w needs verified accounts, I thought that was an imposter. is Beth Mowins real!?!?!?!
Yep it'll be either McDonagh or Beth Mowins on pbp
The worst part about iowa scheduling weak teams is getting stuck listening to Beth Mowins call the games!!
30 seconds in an elevator with Beth Mowins would kill me! Can't stand her voice!!
As an Iowa fan I'd gladly trade you MTSU called by BETH MOWINS for Oklahoma called by Gus Johnson.
Beth Mowins and Suzyn Waldman are also much better than Mendoza
First Beth mowins doing hawkeye football games and now this Sunday Night Baseball woman. I don't get it
It's not sexist to say Beth Mowins has a bad voice if she was a man I'd dislike her voice just the same
guys in all seriousness Beth Mowins has a terrible voice
Nick Faldo, Beth Mowins, Bill Walton. I'm sure they're great, but it's time for their voices to heard by family & friends and not the world
You know who the absolute worst is? Beth Mowins. She's horrible calling games.
It's just Allison Williams and Beth Mowins and DA in my Fan Club!!
I tried to watch the FSU spring game but I couldn't stand Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins musta went to the Doris Burke School of Broadcasting - cause I can't tell their two voices apart.
Beth Mowins keeps saying "for Florida State" as if there's another team out there.
I feel like the reason the mute button was made was because of Beth Mowins voice
Beth Mowins is broadcasting the Florida State with Rocky Boiman and Rex Ryan. Perhaps a preview for 11 am kickoff Big Ten games this fall.
Hey now!!! Missin football season!??? How about Beth Mowins!? Turn it to ESPN and you can get your fix for...
Dear lord with have Beth Mowins announcing the spring game, shoot me now 🙄🙄
Crap, Beth Mowins for the spring game
Aand Beth Mowins is calling the TV muted.
Is Beth Mowins the right woman to get this shot?
Not to say I don't like Stockton, but it might be time for him to retire. via
Although she's contracted to ESPN, I wish FOX would hire to replace *** Stockton on PXP. via
Beth Mowins is great at softball. Not at football.
Beth Mowins may call a MNF game which would make history as no woman has called a nationally televised NFL game.
Only a rumor, but if true, this would be big. NFL could have first female announcer in 30 years.
Beth Mowins may become first woman to call a national regular-season NFL game, first to call reg-season since '87:
Who's Beth Mowins? I don't watch ESPN news, just the games.
Me and some ESPN announcers/ladies at the NCAA Women's Regional in Lexington KY. Allison Williams, Beth Mowins, DA
I'm trying to be fair here, but Beth Mowins?? Really?
This would be progress long overdue. She does college games well. Better @ PBP than Chris Berman.
Beth Mowins is why I hate those 11am ESPNU games
Is this the same Beth Mowins who has been the voice of 11am on for the past decade?
I think Beth Mowins will call a nationally televised game NFL game this fall. Stay tuned.
There are reports that ESPN may use Beth Mowins to replace Chris Berman on the MNF season opening doubleheader. Who would you rather hear?
There are rumblings that Beth Mowins could be replacing Chris Berman calling half of ESPN's MNF doubleheader.
Preliminary talks are going on within ESPN to put Beth Mowins in the booth of the Week 1 late-night MNF game.…
I've never seen Beth Mowins & Doris Burke in the same room together. Convinced it is the same awful announcer!
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Beth Mowins would be better than Chris Berman, but that is about it.
Not understanding 1 word on this ESPN Spanish broadcast is still way better than listening to Beth Mowins or Dan Dakich
wyr swim in alligator invested swamp after bathing in fish guts or sit n meeting room & listen to Beth mowins talk for an hour
agree to disagree I guess. When I was 18 I wasn't aspiring to play for Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins is actually lit right now
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