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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Horrible! Even with a complete blowout, Beth Mowins has ruined this game for me. I had to mute the 2nd half.
Dear please never let Beth Mowins commentate another Iowa game everher voice makes me want to punch her in the ***
I'm all for women announcing football games but Beth Mowins is terrible. Mute your TV and turn on
Anybody else find Beth Mowins announcer for the Hawkeye game annoying?
Did Beth Mowins just say Buckeyes instead of Iowa?
Wish Beth was Mowins my yard instead of calling this game.
Terps vs Hawkeyes but the play by play Beth Mowins is giving is horrible. I'm ready to mute.
If memory serves me right, Iowa has a losing record when Beth Mowins calls Iowa games
I don't know what's worse: that not being a fumble or having to listen to Beth Mowins talk about it
But I hate Beth Mowins even more. About ready to mute the TV and listen to the game on the Radio while still watching it.
Witvoet is a terrible referee. Beth Mowins is a horrible commentator. That was a fumble if it was Rudock. Guaranteed.
Beth Mowins. Ground can't cause a fumble, correct. But such an irrelevant comment to the situation. Great announcing duo
Beth mowins reminds me of that one annoying person. U all know who I'm talking about
An excited Beth Mowins is worse than nails on a chalk board.
If you think that Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are the dream team, you're doing it wrong.
Every Saturday ESPN says F you to America and then they let Beth Mowins call a Big Ten game.
This Iowa & Maryland game is alright but Beth Mowins' voice always drives me nuts.
Joey Galloway must really need a job. Can he sue ESPN for having to work with Beth (Ben) Mowins?
Few things are worse than Beth Mowins calling a game.
Tried to watch Maryland-Iowa, but Beth Mowins is announcing.
I've never heard a good thing about a game when Beth Mowins is on the call. How does she still have a job?
On days that I'm watching a game Beth Mowins is announcing I can't possibly express my gratitude enough to whoever developed the mute button
Beth Mowins needs to stick to commentating softball and leave football alone. She doesn't know what she's talking about..
Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins have got to be the worst commentating duo in sports history
Beth Mowins has a terribly annoying voice.
I could watch this game with the tv muted. Silence is better than listening to Beth Mowins talk. 👊🙅😡
PSA: Beth Mowins is calling the Iowa v. Maryland game on ESPN 2 - Avoid at all costs.
The moments when the sound cuts out are the best parts of a Beth Mowins-Joey Galloway broadcast.
Beth Mowins and Maryland are equally horrid
How does Iowa always get stuck with Beth Mowins?
it's because Beth Mowins called us the Huskers
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Its Beth Mowins. They're doing you a favor
Nothing says you dont matter more than Beth Mowins doing play-by-play for your college football team
sound problems on ESPN2 or just ESPN muting Beth Mowins for viewers?
Beth Mowins, "great defense so far by the Huskies."
Did Beth Mowins just refer to the Hawkeyes as the Huskers?
I'm okay with these audio issues that ESPN2 is having. Beth Mowins is turrible.
Beth Mowins' mic keeps going in and out. So enjoyable when it's nothing but silence.
This is actually good. I don't wanna hear beth mowins
Beth Mowins is brutal to listen too! Give me that analyst spot.
Nothing better than hearing Beth Mowins voice 😨✌️
Beth Mowins is so awful that if she covered an MSU national championship game, I would not watch it.
Dear Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway please stop talking, like forever
Beth Mowins calling play-by-play the Iowa-Maryland game... looks like I'll be watching this game on mute.
My comment? It has nothing to do with her being female. I don't like her. I like Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins is doing the Maryland game, I just hit the SAP button. It makes more sense in Spanish than listening to her (him).
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway twice in a fan add deserves this kind of punishment. Go Hawks!
Beth Mowins calling the Hawkeye game today
The best part of watching an Iowa game at a footie bar is no Beth Mowins
Turned on Iowa game. Heard Beth Mowins. Turned off game. 😲🔫
Was going watch Iowa Maryland game then heard Beth Mowins voice turned channel quickly
How did the Iowa game get stuck with Beth Mowins?
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway on the call for the iowa game.mute
2 words you never want to hear on Saturday: BETH. MOWINS.
the sweet sounds of Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway
Excited to hear "The Pirate" Beth Mowins on the call today. Yards!
This Maryland-Iowa game being called by Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins is currently airing in the 3rd circle of *** ..
She is unlistenable. The most annoying voice to ever call a game!
Completely agree on Bailey and Beth Mowins sounds like a pirate when she says yards.
There are women who've dreamed of being play by play announcers who I'm sure are much better than Beth Mowins. Lazy choice Espn.
Beth Mowins: "And when we come back, we're getting Barry Alvarez in this booth, because Illini."
.that's what I thought at first, but turns out Beth Mowins is from NY. Maybe she's a Wisconsinite at heart?
I wonder if Beth Mowins is tired of calling Illinois games
It takes a lot to make a football almost unwatchable, but Beth Mowins' awful commentary is doing a pretty solid job.
I see its Wisconsin's turn this week to have Beth Mowins mispronounce all their names.
You know a college game is boring when they have Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins commentating.
oh and you get to hear Beth Mowins. How nice.
Beth Mowins accidentally referred to Illinois QB Reilly O'Toole as Dan O'Toole in the 2nd quarter.
The big men at ESPN must be deaf. It's the only explanation as to why Beth Mowins is allowed to speak into a microphone.
Just turned on the Ill/ Wisconsin game. Beth Mowins gave me a migraine headache in 5 minutes of listening to her.
I automatically make other plans when the Badgers play on ESPN2. Beth Mowins is awful.
Beth Mowins is calling the game. I guess a cat in a blender had other obligations.
Can't even watch Wisconsin play because I can't stand Beth Mowins
Quick, someone make Beth Mowins say something Wisconsinny.
how do u know your hot garbage u have your game 2 weeks in a row announced buy Beth Mowins
Wake up and turn on game only to find Beth Mowins is calling game.
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Want to watch IU vs. Wisconsin but Beth Mowins is on the call. I'm sorry no one should be subjected to that.
Do Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway call ALL the Illinois football games or does it just seem that way?
Not much worse than turning on the game only to find out Beth Mowins is in the booth. Mute it is.
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway? Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
I don't care for her style of college football announcing.
so…Beth Mowins again today. How we feelin about that?
Everyone watching at home this Saturday as amped for some Beth Mowins as I am?
could be worse. Could have Beth Mowins doing play by play along with Matt Millen.
If you need a reason to come to the game Saturday, Beth Mowins is doing the game on TV. You won't have to listen to her…
Ed Cunningham is worse than Pam Ward and Beth Mowins. I went there.
Beth Mowins just said that was Illinois down 11 that the missed PAT hurts because now they need two scores. *** ??
Purdue-Illinois is a rough watch, both with the play and with Beth Mowins doing play-by-play. Only one reason to watch this game.
If Joey Galloway & Beth Mowins are in your broadcast booth again, that's enough of a reason for me.
This Purdue Illinois game is terrible, and so is Beth Mowins
Listening to Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway argue about the college football playoff is just so painful
Quality call by Beth Mowins. Other qualified women out there and should support Mowins with additional female callers
Good. I was going to have a meltdown if Beth Mowins was calling the Wisconsin game. She absolutely ***
Illinois-Purdue in a game called Beth Mowins. This is what *** must be like.
It's fitting that Beth Mowins is announcing the Purdue-Illini game
If *** exists I'm sure it has Illinois Purdue on TV with Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway doing play by play
what's worse the illini d or Beth Mowins as an announcer
Beth Mowins is an abomination unto football.
Beth Mowins, the main commentator for the Purdue-Illinois game says "four yards" just like Coach Z does.
Don't know what's worse - the Purdue/Illinois game itself or Beth Mowins doing the play-by-play
Beth Mowins is the most annoying sports ESPN announcer ever.
I get it. I just can’t stand Sean McDonough and Ohio St. And I refuse to listen to Beth Mowins on ESPN2.
Great thing about watching Big XII football? It's predominantly on Fox. No ESPN=not having to endure Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
Beth Mowins thinks Purdue Pete is called "Boilermaker Pete", don't expect anything from her pal.
Loving that this Purdue @ Illinois game is being called by Beth Mowins.
Purdue vs Illinois with Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway? I think that's the definition of rock bottom
Beth Mowins makes me want to drive a large spike into my skull. She is proof that hates Michigan State.
Newhouse sports with a cool speaker coming up
can't wait for the Beth Mowins call on that one...
oh crap, does that mean Beth Mowins?
Michigan football is in serious jeopardy of having Beth Mowins call the rest of their games.
Beth Mowins above average play-by-play by the way. Guessing unpopular (but accurate) opinion.
I tried to watch the Wisky/BGSU game, but Beth Mowins ruins football for me.
Elsewhere, Wisconsin 62, Bowling Green. Think Beth Mowins just said Badgers have more than 600 yds rushing.
Ok, I know it's terrible to stereotype, but Beth Mowins sounds like a raging *** Is she? Not raging, but ***
You know how the networks have "A" vs "B" play by play combos? Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are calling the game...
It took eight TDs, but Beth Mowins FINALLY mentioned Gaglianone by name. And she did pretty well on the pronunciation.
Thank goodness Beth Mowins is calling Wisconsin-Bowling Green - a game I have no interest in watching.
Beth Mowins is just as bad and she is in Madison lol
I'd love to catch some of the Wisconsin game, but Beth Mowins is unbearable. time to make a change
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway, easily one of the worst duo of announcers in sports.
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Watching BGSU game. Beth MOWINS Is horrible. Sounds like she has something on her mouth.
Why does everyone hate Beth mowins calling football games? I love her. It reminds me of her calling softball games.
Wanted to watch the Wisconsin game, but Beth Mowins is calling it. So I can't. Or else id have to kick someone.
I want to watch this wisconsin game but I can't listen to Beth Mowins for that long
I wanna watch the WI game, but Beth Mowins..
Turned on the Bowling Green vs. Wisconsin game and turned in after 2 seconds. Why? Beth Mowins...
lol is it. Someone tell terry lash Beth mowins and Dorris Burke aren't the same person
Berlin alum Dallas Lewallen gets a big shout out from Beth Mowins on ESPN broadcast
Beth Mowins has said James White twice now.
Just settled in to watch some Wisconsin Badger football and it's *** Beth Mowins on the call. I'm out.
How in the *** do Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway still have ESPN announcing jobs? I've heard better crews do MAC games on ESPN3.
Beth Mowins voice is seriously worse than nails on a chalkboard
Beth Mowins said Kendall Montgomery but I didn't see it.
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are painful to listen to.
Looks like I have to watch the game on mute. Cannot stand the sound of Beth Mowins voice.
I could do without Beth Mowins calling this BG game.
You know it isn't a big game when Beth Mowins is the analyst
I'm not listening to Beth Mowins all day.
Great Beth Mowins is doing the wisconsin game right now, come on ESPN!
Beth Mowins 😒 she's reason alone to own season tickets. So you never have to hear her call your games
Iowa gets confused with Idaho and Ohio. Beth Mowins goes next level and calls Iowa "Auburn"
Big Ten Network is replaying Pitt and Iowa with Beth Mowins on the microphone. Great.
.sat down with Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway, and Paul Carcaterra this afternoon to preview BG vs UW
They need Brent Musburger,Mark May, Jesse Palmer, and Beth Mowins on 1 broadcast and see how any people watch that game. I bet 0 ratings..
Beth Mowins. Please stop. Your voice is absolute torture and I can't listen to you any more
And to top off iowa playing so poorly we have to listen to beth mowins annoying voice talk about it
Hey how about putting Beth Mowins on an NFL game or two? She's fantastic.
The reason Iowa is struggling is beth mowins
Beth Mowins always sounds so surprised when an underdog is winning. She is so hateful, stick to softball Mowins.
You know ESPN doesn't respect Iowa when they send Beth Mowins to commentate. She know less about football ...
Beth Mowins is the worst announcer for football. Can't stand that voice!
Beth Mowins is a terrible announcer to watch a game.
In case you wondered Beth Mowins is still an awful commentator.
Beth Mowins pronounces Brandon Scherff just like an old prospector talking out of the side of his mouth saying "sherriff".
Beth Mowins doesn't know what down it is. YOU HAD ONE JOB
Also, I'm just going to say that I don't really dig Beth Mowins as a commentator and I miss my B1G announcers
I actually don't mind the terrible sound on ESPN2 because it means less of Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway
And idk how Beth mowins has a job. I'm salty today
Beth Mowins may cause me to break my TV
I'm glad Beth Mowins was able to offer her insight on that 3rd down play to tell me it's ruled an incomplete pass.
Beth Mowins says yards like a pirate.
Does Beth Mowins think before she opens her mouth, or does she just spew out whatever comes to mind?
Oh, that's why I wasn't watching the Iowa game, Beth Mowins. Ugh.
Can somebody over there at please inform Beth Mowins how to properly pronounce Brandon Scherff's last name?
Beth Mowins calling college football games. What are you doing? Experiment over. No insight on anything.
I should be all about female sports announcers but can beth mowins please stfu?
My's Beth Mowins doing the Iowa game. Still rough.
SO much wrong with this game already. Beth Mowins as a commentator, 2 qbs playing is BS and Iowa hasnt scored yet
Watching a game with Beth Mowins announcing is like watching a game with my mom..she doesn't know whats going on but she still talks aboutit
Cyclones lost today but it could be worse, the Hawkeyes fans are stuck listening to Beth Mowins and the most boring color guy Joey Galloway.
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway should go to ESPN 8 and call Dodgeball
why the *** is Beth mowins still announcing Iowa games
Am I the only one who finds Beth Mowins voice irritating?
tough break for the hawks drawing Beth Mowins for the play by play today.
Beth mowins is to college football what Dorris Burke is to college basketball 😑
How did we get stuck with Beth Mowins?
I’m actually sort of missing Beth Mowins after Cunningham for two weeks. Bless my heart.
May I have to put this game on mute...Beth Mowins' voice is like nails on a chalkboard
he is tied with Galloway as the worst announcer ever. Rather listen to Beth Mowins then either of those 2.
I wish Beth Mowins would commentate my life.
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Beth Mowins doing the Iowa game. Yay Yay Yay not really.
Why does Beth Mowins have to call the Iowa game?
Dear ESPN, . Please get a new commentator not named Beth Mowins for College Football. Sincerely,. Hawkeye Nation
I hate when Beth Mowins does iowa games.
Beth Mowins announcing this game means it better be over by half
Gross Beth Mowins is announcing. Why isn't announcing for ESPN yet?
Beth Mowins is calling the Iowa game 😑
Beth Mowins calling game. Flipping to radio and syncing game to satellite. Ugh.
Can't find anything about Mowins being married, but if she is it's probably to the same gender. And this is not *** bashing, it's just the truth. She makes my wife nauseous too. I refuse to watch any games she is attempting to broadcast. She is the worst commentator - female or male - that I've ever experienced. She knows absolutely NOTHING about sports. Shame on you ESPN for having her grace any of your telecasts. Tuned to watch Michigan-App State game and was fortunate to be in the area and listen to radio broadcast while muting TV. She better not be doing Oregon-MSU game tonight or I'll upchuck my dinner - and hopefully on her lap. And she lives in Saginaw, MI? I used to live there and it's one of the armpits of Michigan. Guess she must gravitate to armpit locations. Please ABC/ESPN get rid of her before you lose any respectability. If she's doing Oregon-MSU game tonight guess I'll mute the TV and turn on closed captioning.
Listening to Beth Mowins call a football game is possibly the only thing that is worse than listening to Pierre McGuire call hockey games!
add beth mowins to the awful announcer list. Shrill, lispy, talks way too much
Beth Mowins getting a little too excited about "two sustained drives" by App St in a 49-7 game.
Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins taking the time to spitball some Nascar during the Michigan game. Brilliant!
I'd almost rather have Beth mowins than these announcers
especially when Beth Mowins is announcing. How she has a job confounds me.
at least it isn't Beth Mowins. However the Kent State game has her name written all over it.
So thinks so much of Michigan that they have the famous Beth Mowins doing the play-by-play. On the deuce.
Beth Mowins is brutal to listen to.
It's not just that Ohio State-Navy is a close game. It's Verne Lundquist over Beth Mowins.
I would be enjoying this Michigan game so much more if Beth Mowins wasn't announcing it.
Dear Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway, Paul Carcaterra and everyone else at
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway with 1 sided announcing is ridiculous!!
Beth Mowins needs to stop talking. 🙉🙅
According to Beth Mowins, 10 of Michigan's 30 plays in the first half gained at least 10 yards.
Beth Mowins is the worst college football announcer
Man, not even Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway can rain on our parade today. Just gotta remember this is a warm-up. Bigger battles to come.
Beth Mowins is even awful to look at, and even more so to hear
just can't stand Beth Mowins as a commentator. Very annoying.
Beth Mowins has already ruined my Michigan experience today
I didn't think it got worse than seeing the reminders of the 2007 App State game, but then Beth Mowins started commentating…
- Want to hear a real puker? Listen to Beth Mowins do play-by-play on ESPN for the UM game... yuck.
Beth Mowins is the worst commentator ESPN2 could have possibly selected. I'm getting depressed just listening to her speak
Dear tv producers, if I turn on my tv and hear Beth Mowins calling the game the first thing that I am going to do is hit the mute button.
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are just dynamic together - next Herbstriet and Musberger IMO
Beth Mowins has been pretty solid calling this Michigan game. Most of the criticism she gets is undeserved.
How is Beth Mowins employed as an ESPN announcer
Please, please, take Beth Mowins of your broadcasts. She's horrible.
Was looking forward to watching Michigan, then Beth Mowins happened
When is Beth Mowins' contract up? Sincerely, all college football fans.
Want to watch the UCLA/Virginia game but Matt Millen is broadcasting. Want to watch the UM game but Beth Mowins is broadcasting. Ugh.
Beth Mowins is the best announcer ever.
Beth Mowins just referred to the Michigan Union as "Union Hall."
How bad was Pam Ward? Heard Beth Mowins's voice just now, had a split-second "Oh, no" reaction before realizing it was her, not Ward.
Its disgraceful that Beth Mowins is announcing Big Ten games.How is she employable as a football announcer?ESPN has no st…
KILL ME NOW!! Beth Mowins is doing the Michigan game!
Anyone got a link to the Michigan radio broadcast? Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway suck.
.I'd rather listen to Stephen Hawking or Mike Tyson announce than Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins voice may be the most annoying sound I've ever heard
As if isn't bad enough but Beth Mowins too? C'mon really she can't call games
Beth Mowins calling the Michigan-App State game ... I know what game I won't be watching. She's a good broadcaster, just not my style
I think everyone can atleast agree that Beth Mowins is the worst college football commentator on ESPNs payroll
Was gonna watch the Michigan game but Beth Mowins is announcing it so looks like that idea can't happen anymore
If Beth Mowins could never commentate another Michigan game, that'd be great
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway have to be the worst announce team in the history of humanity.
She's not. Pam Ward hasn't called college games in years. That's Beth Mowins.
these 2 have me longing for Beth Mowins and Pam Ward combo.and thats saying an awful lot.of awful
UC vs Ohio State is going to be aired on BTN but somehow the Kent St vs OSU will be on ESPN. That game has Beth Mowins written all over it.
I can sit in the announcers booth and do the same if not better job as Beth Mowins and Jessica Mendoza
Beth Mowins and Jessica Mendoza are the announcers, Mendoza I think has a crush on Oklahoma
Indeed, although I believe she is on the team, right? Beth Mowins and Jessica Mendoza are the
Beth Mowins & Jessica Mendoza prepare for night session at WCWS. OU-Bama at 8:30 on ESPN2.
So, uh, where are Jessica Mendoza and Beth Mowins?
yup, I expect Pam Ward and Michelle Smith to do the day games and Beth Mowins and Jessica Mendoza do the night games
Jessica Mendoza is awesome as a softball broadcaster...Beth Mowins, however, is equally as bad
Dear ESPN, I'd enjoy watching athletic competition much more if I didn't have to listen to Beth Mowins. Please fire her. Most annoying commentator ever.
Beth Mowins and picked up charges on their way to the restroom at the half...lmao
Beth Mowins picked up a charge on the way to the restroom! Lov it!
Beth Mowins has an atrocious voice. Just because it's women's basketball doesn't mean you have to talk like a bull ***
Whenever I hear Beth Mowins say during the women's tourney, I think of my WWE days.
Is pbp announcer Beth Mowins the voice of Mr. Peabody's "Sherman"?
ESPN's Beth Mowins just walked down broadcast row at the Joyce Center. Called vs Notre Dame "the game of the tournament." Agreed.
Beth Mowins, you are the reason I prefer to watch on mute
. Stephanie White teamed Beth Mowins they are the best in women's sport
Beth Mowins just called Touchdown Jesus "Three-point Jesus." Yes, we're watching basketball. But... No.
Ha Beth Mowins called it 3-point Jesus, I guess that Notre Dame Jesus is interchangeable to whatever sport is going on at the campus :)
Beth Mowins is an outstanding play-by-play announcer. I'd take her over Gus Johnson absolutely every day of the week.
I miss college football so much. I'd honestly watch an Iowa game broadcasted by Beth Mowins right now...
Beth mowins should stick to women's basketball
[ESPN Video] Shootaround With Beth And Debbie: . Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli break down who they thin...
Bria Goss, Jennifer O'Neill and DeNesha Stallworth are talking to ESPN's Beth Mowins, Steph…
N'Western getting rid of football would equal no more listening to Beth Mowins & Joey Galloway doing their noon games on ESPN 2
Is rather listen to Beth Mowins and Doris Burke cover a game than listen to Jeff VanGundy slobber on the Heat's nuts all game.
There is not enough cough drops or tea in the world to fix my sore throat tonight. So this is how Beth Mowins sounds.
Beth Mowins Isn't Alyssa Thomas the ACC player of the year, not Kayla McBride?
Hope your ears are okay -- at least you get to work with Beth Mowins. She's terrific, IMO.
ND’s lead is “only” six at the half and that translates to “all Notre dame can handle” to Beth Mowins.
If only they would send Beth Mowins to the SEC network my life would be complete.
you have to include Beth Mowins in there somewhere. talks and acts not only as a man, but an annoying man!!
I like Kara Lawson. Not the biggest Beth Mowins fan
Beth Mowins is trying to make sound like it's competitive, nice try. That's some HARD work.
I am now blocked by Grant Wahl, Steve Alford, Beth Mowins and Adam Jacobi. Alford and mowins- i deseved it. Wahl and Jacobi r just cowards
Beth mowins blocked me for critiquing kara lawsons face
Ready for to have an upset! Tune in now to ESPNU with Beth Mowins & Brooke Weisbrod
if career choice was right now: the next Beth Mowins or the new host of the morning show?
I would rather be waterboarded then have to listen to Beth Mowins & Jon Crispin call another half hour of a 1 minute game.
Crispin and Beth Mowins have no idea what they are talking about
Having had some PxP experience, i can attest how hard it is to work w/ a terrible analyst... I feel for Beth Mowins...
Beth is the best! I really appreciate the way she calls a game. No hokey career reminisces, who she had lunch with a week ago Tuesday or 'he thought about' speculations. Often I turn the sound off on the television and listen to the game called by local radio commentators, not musings and opinions about what the coaches should be doing.
But guys. Beth Mowins is on the call. Pro’s pro for Gonzaga.
Beth Mowins is probably a sweet lady, but she got to go. Got to.
NO!!! I can't go a Saturday without Beth Mowins?! I thought I escaped her wrath, but here she is doing Zags-SD game
you love Beth Mowins midnight basketball
How does Dan Dakich get ever single iowa game, he is the Beth Mowins of college basketball
Every time I read something about Khalil Mack, unfortunately taken back to Beth Mowins "singing" Return of the Mack.
Beth Mowins loves commending refs for making the right call
Yeah, I do not enjoy Beth Mowins. She sounds like Brad Nessler on helium.
Beth Mowins is doing play by play (kinda-not really, more like play by every 5 or 6 plays) for CU-ASU. Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins calling Jonathan Gilling an "offensive weapon" is like me calling the living conditions for whales at Sea World "lavish."
Oh and for the record it's Beth mowins not Dorris but still
what's the deal? Beth Mowins calling the Colorado/ASU game without you! Now i have to listen to jon crispin lol
Beth Mowins called a guy dressed up as a Power Ranger - a Daft Punk...get ur reference's right & trust me that statement will not make u hip
Have one day off this week and just realized marquette plays mcdermott at 7 and colorado has asu at 10 with both games being televised. Heres to hoping its gus and bill for the marquette game and beth mowins is nowhere near boulder to make it a magical evening
I thought Joey Galloway had it rough this year with Beth Mowins. Terry Gannon with Johnny "I am wearing a bedazzled headband" Weir is worse.
The mute button is my only defense for Doris Burke and for Beth Mowins.
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