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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Beth Mowins will be the first woman to call a nationally-televised NFL game:.
Beth Mowins called bowl games in 2012 and 2013 — was very friendly. Happy to see this news.
Terrible idea. Beth Mowins is the absolute worst. It's bad enough they let her ruin college football Saturdays.
Good luck Beth Mowins, will Rex let her get a word in?
Report: Beth Mowins to become 1st female commentator in 30 years ESPN will break a 30-year l...…
For the first time in literally 30 years smh but that sounds cool anyway
Report: Beth Mowins will call MNF game, only second female broadcaster for the NFL via
It's been a long time since our days in Kalamazoo and the LLWS. Congrats, my friend.
I think Beth Mowins was assigned the MNF game because LeBron isn't clutch and John Wall didn't have a father figure. Just me though.
Beth Mowins does a great job covering just any sport! She’ll be great doing an NFL game.
Beth Mowins would be a billion times better than Gayle Sierens was. A solid professional announcer.
Mike Greenberg's new morning show is set debut in early January. Wingo to join Golic sooner. Media column: http…
ESPN to have first woman announce Monday Night Football game, per report
Report: Beth Mowins to become first woman since 1987 to call NFL game
guys Beth Mowins crushes it calling college football & softball..excited to hear her call NFL game
ESPN’s Beth Mowins reportedly will be the first woman to call an NFL game since 1987
Mowins would be the first woman to call any regular season game since 1987.
ESPN is set to assign Beth Mowins & Rex Ryan for its MNF opening doubleheader on Sept. 11. Media column: https:/…
Report: Beth Mowins to become 1st female NFL commentator in 30 years.
Beth Mowins will become the first woman in 30 years to call an NFL regular season game (by
Sport > For the first time in NFL history, a woman will call play -
In related news, "Beth Mowins is perfectly fine" might be my most unpopular sports take.
A Beth Mowins - Rex Ryan booth is going to be incredible.
Report: Beth Mowins to call NFL game for ESPN.
Oh God no. I'm for women in the booth, but Beth Mowins?? No. I'd rather they bring back Pam Ward
ESPN's Beth Mowins to make history as play-by-play announcer for an NFL game this fall
So is Firing everyone but Beth Mowins keeps her job, um mm please do us all the honor and fire her!
Will Beth Mowins still be ruining college football?
Please tell me Beth Mowins was one of the 100.
Any word on Beth Mowins leaving yet? I keep checking but nothing so far
Thankful Beth Mowins will still be calling that 11 AM Big Ten game on ESPN2
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not saying you should fire her, but Beth Mowins could be used for anything BUT NCAA football.
Please lay off Beth Mowins & her strained voice sound from college FOOTBALL games. She's ok for college SOFTBALL games. ESPN
*** some big names getting released by ESPN, none of them named Stephen A, Jemele Hill, Beth Mowins, Seth Greenberg, yet.
Aw what??? Y'all lay him off but keep Beth Mowins?
Hey while you're at it please ax Beth Mowins. Insufferable on fall Saturday mornings
I am sure ESPN will keep us in B1G Ten *** with Beth Mowins
Did Pam Ward or Beth Mowins get laid off?
Vitale being on the same list as Beth Mowins is beyond insulting... baby!
As soon as I hear her voice, on goes the mute button and I watch the game in silence.
I cringe whenever I hear Beth Mowins trying to sound like a man calling a NCAA basketball game
I hate to see people get laid off but if espn lays off Stephen A Smith, *** Vitale, Jemele Hill and Beth Mowins I wont be upset.
Hey as long as Beth Mowins continues to do iowa football games that's all I care about. :)
I hope Beth Mowins is the first to go
I would argue that Beth Mowins is the worst. Makes CFB unwatchable.
would someone tell Beth mowins that in *collegiate athletics, you are a *freshman/not "rookie"- thanks-
This article is 16 days old but I just came across it...this is way overdue.
Can't believe Hawkeyes don't get Beth Mowins for
Rex Ryan is the ESPNU analyst in the booth right now with Beth Mowins calling the Florida State spring game. Another job to fail at LOL!
Beth Mowins? Reads her prompter well! Voice not pleasant to listen to. Rather listen to Hillary screech! NOT! Please NOT FOOTBALL!!!
Nah, B-Mo. You forgot the most important question: What type of stuntman stuff will Beth Mowins pull when throwing…
*mind blown* 11w needs verified accounts, I thought that was an imposter. is Beth Mowins real!?!?!?!
Yep it'll be either McDonagh or Beth Mowins on pbp
The worst part about iowa scheduling weak teams is getting stuck listening to Beth Mowins call the games!!
30 seconds in an elevator with Beth Mowins would kill me! Can't stand her voice!!
As an Iowa fan I'd gladly trade you MTSU called by BETH MOWINS for Oklahoma called by Gus Johnson.
Beth Mowins and Suzyn Waldman are also much better than Mendoza
First Beth mowins doing hawkeye football games and now this Sunday Night Baseball woman. I don't get it
It's not sexist to say Beth Mowins has a bad voice if she was a man I'd dislike her voice just the same
guys in all seriousness Beth Mowins has a terrible voice
Nick Faldo, Beth Mowins, Bill Walton. I'm sure they're great, but it's time for their voices to heard by family & friends and not the world
You know who the absolute worst is? Beth Mowins. She's horrible calling games.
It's just Allison Williams and Beth Mowins and DA in my Fan Club!!
I tried to watch the FSU spring game but I couldn't stand Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins musta went to the Doris Burke School of Broadcasting - cause I can't tell their two voices apart.
Beth Mowins keeps saying "for Florida State" as if there's another team out there.
I feel like the reason the mute button was made was because of Beth Mowins voice
Beth Mowins is broadcasting the Florida State with Rocky Boiman and Rex Ryan. Perhaps a preview for 11 am kickoff Big Ten games this fall.
Hey now!!! Missin football season!??? How about Beth Mowins!? Turn it to ESPN and you can get your fix for...
Dear lord with have Beth Mowins announcing the spring game, shoot me now 🙄🙄
Crap, Beth Mowins for the spring game
Aand Beth Mowins is calling the TV muted.
Is Beth Mowins the right woman to get this shot?
Not to say I don't like Stockton, but it might be time for him to retire. via
Although she's contracted to ESPN, I wish FOX would hire to replace *** Stockton on PXP. via
Beth Mowins is great at softball. Not at football.
Beth Mowins may call a MNF game which would make history as no woman has called a nationally televised NFL game.
Only a rumor, but if true, this would be big. NFL could have first female announcer in 30 years.
Beth Mowins may become first woman to call a national regular-season NFL game, first to call reg-season since '87:
Who's Beth Mowins? I don't watch ESPN news, just the games.
Me and some ESPN announcers/ladies at the NCAA Women's Regional in Lexington KY. Allison Williams, Beth Mowins, DA
I'm trying to be fair here, but Beth Mowins?? Really?
This would be progress long overdue. She does college games well. Better @ PBP than Chris Berman.
Beth Mowins is why I hate those 11am ESPNU games
Is this the same Beth Mowins who has been the voice of 11am on for the past decade?
I think Beth Mowins will call a nationally televised game NFL game this fall. Stay tuned.
There are reports that ESPN may use Beth Mowins to replace Chris Berman on the MNF season opening doubleheader. Who would you rather hear?
There are rumblings that Beth Mowins could be replacing Chris Berman calling half of ESPN's MNF doubleheader.
Preliminary talks are going on within ESPN to put Beth Mowins in the booth of the Week 1 late-night MNF game.…
I've never seen Beth Mowins & Doris Burke in the same room together. Convinced it is the same awful announcer!
Beth Mowins would be better than Chris Berman, but that is about it.
Not understanding 1 word on this ESPN Spanish broadcast is still way better than listening to Beth Mowins or Dan Dakich
wyr swim in alligator invested swamp after bathing in fish guts or sit n meeting room & listen to Beth mowins talk for an hour
agree to disagree I guess. When I was 18 I wasn't aspiring to play for Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins is actually lit right now
Beth Mowins analyzing women's college basketball and WNBA will never get old to me.
ESPN hates me. I flip on the Women's tournament to watch Ohio State and who do I hear? Beth Mowins.
Is Dan Dierdorf and Beth Mowins doing the Iowa state game? Sounds about as bad...
This female announcer for the ISU game sounds a little bit like Beth Mowins and I don't love it.
How is Beth Mowins not the over all number one seed? Voice like finger nails on a chalk board And Holly Rowe is a gem
No need to waste your time. Beth Mowins will win hands down, no contest
Pick Beth Mowins for the upset even though it's not an upset because Beth Mowins ***
if Beth Mowins doesn't at least win her religional as the most hated sports personality, there isn't justice.
C'mon, y'all. Gary *** but Beth Mowins is nails on the chalkboard.
I thought it was Doris Burke or Beth Mowins out there.
This female announcer for the Iowa State game is the Beth Mowins of college basketball 😫
"Never follow your shot" - Beth Mowins. How is this lady still doing games.
also Beth Mowins vs Gary Danielson is a lot tougher than a 1 v 16 seed should be
tbh ain't easy for me either to distinguish between Burke, Beth Mowins, Pam Ward, Antonelli, all female broadcaster voices LOL
follow Football action this fall at 6:30am every Saturday, live on Lifetime, featuring Beth Mowins!
a nooner with Beth Mowins on the mike! Can't wait.
yep just checked ESPN3. Welp...Chuck better than Beth Mowins 😂😂😂😂 because you know *** well she's calling it
He and Beth Mowins could have an interesting *** who call Iowa games" contest
On the level of hatred for Dan Dakich as Beth Mowins. God I hate his voice.
Beth Mowins: "The lead was as big as 15 and after a 12-0 run is now down to 4"
Don't act like he ain't stole from the Albino Rhino. Schooled those bars back in June (30 min mark) & do it err wee…
Lots of truth here. . NOBODY worse than ole Beth Mowins
Only watching this Florida/Mississippi State game for Beth Mowins commentary.
Beth Mowins just called us Florida State are you kidding
Beth Mowins might actually be worst than Dorris Burke
Beth Mowins is awful. Her voice is terrible.
domain names
It's impossible for Beth Mowins to not sound biased
Beth Mowins makes games unwatchable. Voice is worse than chalkboard screech
Do Beth Mowins and this other fool realize that pretty much every school has the same equipment in their weight room?
Don't like the black unis and HATE hear Beth Mowins calling a men's (or ANY) game - get a grip ESPN
Beth Mowins and Dalen Cuff need to go
I struggle with Beth Mowins. Mainly just because of her female voice.
I think some people still confuse Pam Ward for Beth Mowins.
Beth Mowins is the absolute worst. It's punishment to have her on your game. Same with Ed Cunningham. Jokes
Beth Mowins and Dalen Cuff will call Saturday's Florida-Mississippi State game for ESPN (2 p.m. tip).
I would rather watch Beth Mowins call 24-hours of a chess tournament.
Hey I think I found something that's worse than Beth Mowins... ⬇️
To: . From: AWSM @ OkState. Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget to join us Thursday at 5:30 in JB 104 wi…
Good no Beth Mowins now pray for a REAL REF crew to call the game
Can't decide what's worse. ESPN using 4 screens, or Beth Mowins announcing.
Beth Mowins prolly spelled that wrong is the only woman capable of doing play by play announcing & does it better then some men.. like levy
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You know there are too many bowl games when Beth Mowins is doing play by play.
Watched every bowl game this season, but I absolutely refuse to listen to Beth Mowins of butcher another football game.
Imagine your a GA or TCU fan. Your team's made it to the Liberty Bowl. You flip on and find Beth Mowins is doing the game. Day ruined.
… why is Beth Mowins ever calling a football game … even if it’s the Liberty Bowl? “silver britches” ?
Beth Mowins annoys the crap out of me. I'd rather listen to call a whole game with
making me wish Beth Mowins was calling the game instead
need some work on acoustics of Beth Mowins broadcasts... her voice is just not the crisp, clear sound needed for play-by-play!
sadly this is a better crew. Could have had Beth mowins like the last game. Ugh
Anthony Becht was so annoying today. I sold Beth Mowins short, she actually did a great job
By the way, Beth Mowins was your punishment for not paying more attention in Spanish class so that you could watch ESPN Deportes.
Had to mute our TV while watching the Liberty Bowl Beth Mowins makes listening to the game a horrible experience
Beth Mowins when UGA beat TCU after she hated on UGA all game
Best thing about the end of the 2016 Liberty Bowl.not having to hear Beth Mowins voice the rest of the day. 😱 Makes my ears hurt.
🙉Beth Mowins and Rocky Boiman made it tough to watch
Despite the refs, Beth mowins, visor, and 11 o'clock game, the Dawgs pulled it off!
Way to You won the and somehow made the afternoon enjoyable despite having to listen to Beth Mowins!
Refs blew this game Georgia gets lucky beth mowins no one cares about espn and lucrative deal with sec
Dear ESPN: Every time I hear Beth Mowins do play by play for a college football game, I immediately change the channel.
Today is a good day. Ronda Rousey fights. Nebraska plays and Beth mowins is not announcing 😊
I am watching the Georgia - TCU game, and is it just me or is Beth Mowins voice so annoying?
Sorry Beth Mowins has to go. Wish this game was a blow out so I could turn it.
Beth Mowins and Reba McEntire could be twins today.
Just want TCU to come back and finish this game . CANT STAND BETH MOWINS!! Women should not be . should...
Beth Mowins needs to stick with softball.
Hearing Beth Mowins commentate this game is making me miss college softball. Especially the World Series!!
Beth mowins and Anthony Becth worst announcers
you guys should go ahead and let go of Beth mowins
Lord help us. Beth Mowins hurts my ears.
I feel like i have to mute my TV when beth mowins is calling a game.
Hillary lost the election- we shouldn't have to listen to Beth Mowins.
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Might just be me but I don't enjoy hearing Beth Mowins call a football game
It's difficult listening to this broadcast with Beth Mowins calling the game. She sounds like a congested boy who just…
Tfw you hear Beth Mowins on the Liberty Bowl call and not on your game
I can't stand listening to Beth Mowins voice
Why watch the and not the Gary Danielson & Brad Ness Nessler > Beth Mowins
Stevenray28 for a second I thought you were announcing the TCU game! You and Beth Mowins sound the exact same (she has a v manly voice)
A filer for your TV that changes Beth Mowins words into Jennifer Lawrence's voice.
They seriously don't have any better announcers than Beth Mowins? It's like fingernails on a chalkboard😭
you are the epitome of PC. How the *** else could Beth Mowins be calling this game (even if it is only the
if Beth Mowins is the worst ESPN announcer ever
I need less Gary Danielson or Beth Mowins and more Gus Johnson this bowl season. Brutal
Just could not take anymore of Beth Mowins commentate the Go Dawgs! So, I'm now watching some Trees in the 🙄🏈🌲
Omg this is atrocious beth mowins sounds like a manly reba McIntyre. With pointless commentary... .
You know the sprit of Christmas is over when Beth Mowins is calling a bowl game.
I was wrong earlier it's worse than Doris's Beth Mowins. Both are at the bottom of the barrel of announcers I want to listen to
Who suggested that Beth mowins where this brown leather jacket to cover the Georgia game.
stop letting Beth Mowins call games
Not sure on NFL but there are some that call college: Beth Mowins & Pam Ward. Doris Burk does NBA while Jessica Mendoza does MLB.
Beth Mowins really needs to stop w the FT jinx. Tell the stats after the free throws.
Beth Mowins calls a good game though. Like hearing her call WCC games.
Beth Mowins is a national treasure.
Was gonna watch BYU and Colorado until I heard Beth Mowins voice announcing ... MUTE
you got Beth Mowins calling your bowl game.
Beth Mowins is simply awful, ruins any game she is broadcasting.
The College Cup soccer game make having a root canal without deadening pleasant. Beth Mowins would be perfect announcer for it.
as bad as these commentators are for the Tucker-Valdosta game are, I'd rather listen to them than Beth Mowins!
oh good Lord, now I run outside w/out a coat on & play in traffic on I-380 just to save me from Beth Mowins!
"And now we take it to Beth Mowins court side..."
Right now it's a toss-up between Washington and Beth Mowins for worst performance.
I'm just glad I don't have to fight Drake for Beth Mowins.
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Washington finally plays a nationally televised game and we get Beth Mowins on the mic. Sigh.
Beth Mowins replaces O'Brien as voice of women's Final 4
Syracuse native Beth Mowins to call Women's Final Four games for ESPN
Can radio folks take a shot each time Beth Mowins mentions "Slash and Bash" during the game?
I was so hoping Beth Mowins would be calling the game.
There are a total of 38 bowl games...and the Liberty Bowl is the only Beth Mowins game. 🤕.
ESPN will feature Beth Mowins as the lead announcer for the Liberty Bowl broadcast.
. I just posted on a message board, that Chris Fowler is slightly better than Beth Mowins.
As long as Beth Mowins isn't there, I'm good.
Beth Mowins commentating the Georgia game is the perfect ending to this subpar season for the Dawgs! My TV will be on mute!
ESPN coverage for Georgia-TCU game on Dec. 30: Beth Mowins, Anthony Becht, and Rocky Boiman.
I think I speak for every Hawkeye fan when I say PRAISE JESUS ITS NOT BETH MOWINS!!
Not happy at all that Beth Mowins is doing our bowl game at all
Fox Sports should have spent a few more bucks and gotten Beth Mowins to call this game.
I'd rather listen to Pam Ward and Beth Mowins call a dame together than listen to Stacey
ah, men's games?There aren't many. Off the top of my head - Doris Burke, Jess Mendoza, Beth Mowins, Kate Scott.
Thanks to and I got to join these woman to call a pro football game! via
This is fitting for Leidner, still remember beth mowins comparing him to big ben😳
UF vs FSU is prime time on ABC tonight, months ago both fanbases swore the game would be on ESPN 8 the ocho with Beth Mowins commentating
Thank you for not giving us Beth Mowins today. Thankfully this season is over, and I appreciate making our last day bearable.
Not going to lie, Beth Mowins is pretty good. Like some diversity in the booth too
*** it! I just tuned into the WMU/UT game only to discover Beth mowins is calling the game.
game is on CBS for those who want to watch. no word if Beth Mowins is
I forgot how much i don't like Beth Mowins at ESPN until this game
Some want to put Beth Mowins into an NFL pxp play booth. Just botched possible MAC Championship matchup. Toledo didn't beat Ohio.
really brought out their A team for commentary. When I'd rather have Beth Mowins, that says something.
Once again ruins a perfectly good college football game with this Beth Mowins. No wonder they suck anymore, the game is unwatchable.
This broadcast crew makes me wish for Beth Mowins and Ed Cunningham.
When you wanna watch and realize Beth Mowins is still on TV
watch with 5 little ones so you don't even hear it. They are no Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins is doing play by play in the W. Michigan/Toledo game. My ears are already dripping blood.
PJ Fleck should get used to hearing Beth Mowins for the future at Purdue...
The exciting and fantastic Beth Mowins on Black Friday is a CFB holiday tradition! Best female Sportscaster in America
At least Beth Mowins isn't doing this game.
Hawkeye fans... you thought Beth Mowins was bad. These guys are brutal.
Allen Bestwick is just as bad as Beth Mowins
This announcer is bad. I miss Beth Mowins.
Yo they need to put a bullet in this announcer. He's worse than Beth Mowins. Didn't think it possible.
so far this ABC crew is making me miss Beth Mowins
That Beth Mowins does Iowa games is the best part of the intro. So Iowa.
I'd rather listen to Beth Mowins than Troy Aikman
What if Beth Mowins calls the MICH/OSU game Saturday? Likely isn't happening but what if?
See what happens when ESPN doesn't give us Beth mowins?!?
See how Iowa play when Beth mowins is not calling Iowa football
I would rather listen to Beth Mowins
Thank the good lord the Buckeyes game is over only because of Beth Mowins and her annoying announcing.
We all survived Beth Mowins, you guys!!! HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!
one of the commentators being Beth Mowins and them talking about a "cool camera angle" for half an hour... Quality
😂 Beth Mowins is about to start doing card tricks at the next Maryland offensive 3 and out.
25 yurd td catch apparently accoring to Beth Mowins. Not sure what a yurd is, but congrats to Victor.
"True freshman out of Fort Lauderdale, running fast in those short pants" -Beth Mowins
Dear , never assign Beth Mowins to another Buckeye football or basketball again. Thanks
Beth Mowins incorrectly gives Burrow and Athens HS a state championship. They lost that game but man, it was close
God is punishing us today by giving us Beth Mowins
This poor *** in the booth w Beth Mowins probably wants to kill himself
Beth Mowins is as good as any male counterpart. Prepared and knows her stuff!!
Finally got the name of the announcer. It's Beth Mowins and her droning is worse than the game itself. Volume down, radio on.
excited to see in today's game. Too bad Beth Mowins said N.Ridgefield!!!
Beth Mowins announcing the buckeye game is a big miss
Please do not denigrate Greater Syracuse Sports Sports Hall of Famer Beth Mowins
Please do not have Beth Mowins call another ODU game again. I am not against women doing this, but she is awful. AWFUL. STOP IT!!!
It's Beth Mowins, what do you expect. At least she's better than Pam Ward used to be.
"The one stumble, the loss at Ohio State". - Beth Mowins, everyone.
Yes the Buckeyes only loss was that stumble at Ohio State, Beth Mowins
Apparently Demario McCall is from North Ridgefield... nope, another reason why Beth Mowins is the worst. It's North RIDGEVILLE!
Beth Mowins calling the buckeye game.
This Beth mowins on ESPN announcing the Ohio State Maryland game is awful!!!'
I thought Beth Mowins only did noon games.
Just turned on Ohio State (I was at work earlier). All I heard was Beth Mowins. UUGH. WHY?!?!?!?!
Beth Mowins shouldn't be allowed to commentate football.. actually she shouldn't be allowed to commentate any sport. Ever.
I want to pierce my eardrums with with an ice pick as soon as I hear Beth mowins calling a game. Man, she ***
Beth Mowins is terrible. Listening to Keels on delay was a great decision.
i m having the worse day , have to listen to Beth mowins awful voice all day , she ***
What did OSU fans do to deserve having Beth Mo Mowins call our game? It's excruciating 😣
Beth Mowins is assaulting my ears and Maryland's uniforms are assaulting my eyes. Good think is winning.
Lmao Beth Mowins & Co are always the worst announcing team ESPN fields. They're proving it numerous times today 😂
*** it! I turned on the OSU game just now to hear Beth mowins voice. might just go back to Badger game. Please relegate her to soccer.
Why is Beth Mowins calling this game? She is horrible.
And Beth Mowins is burning your ears
Why all the Beth Mowins hate here? It's almost like you people don't want a woman Prez or anything...😉
can I mute beth mowins without muting the entire game
How is Beth Mowins a football announcer? She brings nothing to the game: Mutes tv
/ When Beth Mowins is announcing your game, you know it's going to be a lopsided blowout
Hey why do the get stuck with Beth Mowins doing their game? She is pathetic.
Well, my mistake. It's Beth Mowins. And her weird *** Syracuse accent. Seriously, do other people sound like that from there???
I don't know which is more painful- listening to Beth Mowins or having to watch the game like this.
I hear our president elect Trump is responsible for Beth mowins calling the osu game. Next we are going to hear mark may is in his cabinet
Great opening drive except for Beth Mowins' voice. I am switching over to SAP and I don't even understand Spanish
I see that the Buckeyes and Terrapins have been punished with Beth Mowins calling their game. .
Don't know what's worse: Beth Mowins or Maryland's failed attempt at color rush uniforms.
Maryland's ugly uniforms and Beth Mowins. Awful. Don't know which is worse.
oh my god why are letting Beth mowins call the Buckeye game , worse voice in the world, now I have to watch with no sound
I have to watch team USA lose last night in cbus now they're forcing me to hear Beth mowins what kind of sick joke is this lol
why does Beth mowins have the OSU game again
Between Beth Mowins and Marylands solid red uniforms I might throw up...
Is having Beth Mowins as an announcer part of our ncaa sanctions? I thought those were over
When you find out Beth Mowins is calling this weeks Buckeyes game
Can't stand the ones like Beth Mowins. Voice is irritating. But Suzy Kolber would be great I think.
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