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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Doris Burke Holly Rowe and Beth Mowins were all sexy hot and very understanding and dateable and all lookalikes as well. Erin Andrews Charissa Thompson is another fine example along with Suzy Kolber and Linda Cohn.And Rebecca Lobo and Kara Lawson did an excellent job calling the game by working with Beth Mowins too.
Yay, Beth Mowins / Stephanie White are the broadcasters in the ND pod games; I thought that's who we'd get. lol
LINDA COHN,Doris Burke,BETH MOWINS dam right they are ready for ya! The world of sports lady's!
he's almost as bad a s Beth Mowins.
Agreed, her and Beth Mowins can go away.
Enjoying call tonight on Came across piece on her:
Why is Beth Mowins consistently doing Gonzaga games... She's on of the worst I've ever heard call games.. Smh
"It will end the discussion, at least for a few days, with Joe Lunardi about whether they will be a seed.." -Beth Mowins. need I say more?
Beth Mowins is on the 'Zaga/SMC call? Ah jeez, I wish ESPN didn't have to break up Dave Flemming and Sean Farnham on WCC games.
Turned on Gonzaga and immediately hit mute with Beth Mowins on the mic.
Love Beth Mowins at the mic. Whoever this color guy is... eh. He's ok
2-Things I'm taking away from this Gonzaga-St.Mary's Game. Gonzaga can't guard 5 at the Y. Beth Mowins voice is very annoying.
If there's a worse broadcasting crew than Beth Mowins and Stan Heath, I don't want to see it.
Gonzaga you know you dont deserve your ranking when Beth Mowins announces your game.
Been waiting all day to watch the Gonzaga/St. Mary's game just to find out that Beth Mowins is announcing.
And Beth Mowins is the announcer for a GU Espn game again..?! She is awful!!! Smh...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Can't watch this Gonzaga game. Can't watch any game Beth Mowins does. She's as bad as Pam Ward.
Would love to see the salute to Gary Bell Kerry Carter made that Beth Mowins referenced after his three a few minutes back.
Doris Burke fighting with Beth Mowins for worst commentators.
Beth Mowins is no doubt the worst announcer in all sports. Please STOP talking and never commentate another basketball game.
you only hate Beth Mowins cause she's your direct competition in the fall 😂😂😂
Beth Mowins is basically like listening to your ex-wife chirp-on mindlessly about things you could care less about. Annoying voice.
Beth Mowins is actually the best part of that broadcast team, which is sad because she's average at best.
Worst commentary team ever already exists. Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
Ahh, Beth Mowins calling Westminster get me stoked for all the 11am starts on ESPNU this fall
You didn't hear Beth Mowins talking repeatedly about the potential "four-way tie for first" in the ACC last night. :/
I'd rather hear about Doris Burke & Beth Mowins competing in an all day exciting vocals competition!
3 months until women's college world series! Can't wait to see what Beth Mowins has to offer in OKC soon!
thaeppskidd talking with Beth Mowins and Carolyn Peck, who will be calling the game for ESPN2 today.
Beth Mowins is worse than nails on a chalkboard, velcro, & that screaming child in the restaurant that needs to leave.
Agree. Pam Ward and Beth Mowins have done a fine job on Saturdays.
This St Mary's-BYU game is annoying enough with Beth Mowins commentating, now there's a lady screaming at the top of her lungs...
Beth Mowins just called Saint Mary's the Bulldogs, god she ***
You will regret this in a few years, BYU girl behind Beth Mowins.
a great way to spend a Saturday evening listening to versatile voice of Beth Mowins call play by play of BB game at St Mary's
Beth Mowins is the biggest offender.
Does Beth Mowins double as Dan Dakich for ESPN during basketball season?
gonna need Beth Mowins calling the rest of this Duke-Louisville free throw fest on a landline.
Another positive of OSU winning national championship & probably preseason No.1? Less chance of Beth Mowins calling an OSU game in 2015.
Beth Mowins is the Nickelback of CFB people... people hate her because it is the popular thing to do.
it's too bad he gets paired with Beth Mowins during the season
Galloway a rising star Didn't Beth Mowins carry his semi articulate *** for the season? How's her career going?
could be worse, Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
Little help here, what channel are Beth Mowins-Joey Galloway announcing on?
Couldn't get Beth Mowins to announce the game so they got Herbstreet
I think we can all agree that Beth Mowins is the worst sports announcer ever😬
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Just one more game and then we don't have to see Herbie or listen to Beth Mowins for awhile. No more hype and bs.
during the CFB season I only do it when Beth Mowins is doing our game on ESPN.
THE GAME, how about putting Beth Mowins on an NFL game of your life to date, but how about that year and hosted an all star game
Don’t exactly understand what people’s problem with Beth Mowins is. Seems like a good play-by-play announcer to me.
Thinking about a running a Kickstarter campaign to buy out Beth Mowins ESPN contract so she never announces a game again? Any backers? Ughh
I just can't take Beth Mowins' voice. Sorry but geez she makes me want to mute the game
Beth Mowins puking-out another play-by-play at the Military Bowl. She hurts my ears.
My version of *** would be to have Beth Mowins narrate everything I do.
Just noticed that Beth Mowins is calling the Military Bowl with Joey Galloway. Has ESPN put a woman in the booth for a football game before?
As bad as the Sun Bowl has it with Carter Blackburn doing PBP, it could be worse. The Military Bowl drew Beth Mowins.
No one likes Beth Mowins.. Worst announcer in college football.
Watching a football game being commentated by Beth Mowins is torture
Why is Beth Mowins a broadcaster this is worse than listening to Verne lundquist
Beth Mowins doing the Military Bowl, to the chagrin of everyone watching the Military Bowl
Beth Mowins hyping up the Southwestern Conference "rivals" Arkansas and Texas as if that matters to either of them...
Trying to listen and watch a little of the Military Bowl, but don't like the play-by-play commentator's voice, Beth Mowins. Boo ESPN. Changing the channel.
The one way to ruin any sporting event is to have Beth Mowins call it.
OmG!!! It is turn the sound down on the tv and listen to Bluegrass as I watch VT vs. Cinn. Beth Mowins announcing any sporting event = take a pencil and gouge my eardrums out.really ESPN.she must have something over on someone.
I have no opinion on Beth Mowins, but please tell her that she is in. uh NAP uh luss. NOT . ANN ap uh luss
Beth Mowins is calling the Tech game 😩
I really don't know who is worse - Beth Mowins or Joey Galloway. Plus, the field is hard to look at
Watching the Military Bowl. If there is a more annoying announcer than Beth Mowins, I've never heard him or her. Listening to Beth makes a cold water enema followed by an unsedated colonoscopy a preferable option.
Beth Mowins is commentating the Military Bowl? Guess I'm watching it on mute
HATE Beth Mowins, she's so flicking annoying, oh btw, did she ever play football?
I think Beth Mowins is much better than people give her credit for.
Why is this horrendous announcer Beth Mowins doing the tech game?!
Hard to listen to this game with Beth Mowins calling it..
For all those wondering who's calling the game: it's. Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway and Paul Carcaterra
Only 12 more minutes till I can turn on a football game that isn't being called by Beth Mowins.
I can't stand the announcer for the Military Bowl game! Beth Mowins is horrible! Switching channels cause it's unwatchable!
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Beth Mowins is a terrible announcer. She has already made three mistakes in identifying teams, players, and history.
It's started already. The voice of Beth Mowins calling the Military Bowl between Virginia Tech and Cincinnati.
Beth Mowins *** I feel like I should be watching women's college basketball instead of football with her as a commentator.
when Beth Mowins announces for she NEVER shuts up..
The Bible doesn't say exactly what *** is like but it's a safe bet that Beth Mowins & Joey Galloway doing commentary is part of it.
Beth Mowins is a bootleg Reba Mcintire whose voice I prefer not to hear.
Beth Mowins is trending right now. Too bad it's for sucking at football play by play and not for something more admirable.
Is mad about the int. or that Beth Mowins is doing the game?
Beth Mowins just deactivated my chill mode.
It makes me happy to hear Beth Mowins do the play-by-play for the We need more ladies in the broadcasting booth.
lets have Beth Mowins be the first female to do college football play by play -- and also the last.
Doris Burke is not calling this game. That's Beth Mowins.
Ugh. Beth Mowins for Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati. Watching on mute is looking pretty sexy right now
Got to watch the game on mute tho because they let Beth Mowins on the play by play. Most annoying broadcaster on TV
Beth Mowins calls it an interception. But refs are debating. SMH. Keep quite Beth!
I love Joey Galloway, but he and Beth Mowins is the worst ESPN College Football crew ever assembled...
“Beth Mowins calling Scot Loeffler’s offense? . /withers away into oblivion” absolutely right. The worst of all worlds.
You know your bowl is high up on the ESPN chain when you get Beth Mowins commentating your game
If you think Verne&Gary are bad, just give a listen to Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway in this Military Bowl!! Ugh!!
Beth Mowins is just a treat to have in the booth!
ESPN's Beth Mowins = lower tier bowl. . Pam Ward has called the game for ESPN twice. I see a pattern.
Beth Mowins is ruining this game for me 🚮
When you turn on a football game and hear Beth Mowins announcing
If Beth Mowins is announcing you game. You know you're not in a real bowl game. ...
Beth Mowins is doing the Military Bowl, which means she won't be doing the Pinstripe Bowl. This pleases me.
I love that Beth Mowins is calling the Military Bowl
Love that Beth Mowins is one of the sports casters for the VA Tech vs Cincinnati game
Am I the only one who can't stand Beth Mowins?
Can't watch the Military Bowl because I can't stand Beth Mowins voice and style. She has no style.
Beth Mowins again? I swear the NCAA has it out for Penn State
Beth Mowins voice makes me wish an apocalypse would come and kill all of humanity so I'll never have to hear her voice again.
Beth Mowins is still Terrible, even though this is "just volleyball."
Beth Mowins is killing me with her pronunciation of Libero 😅
Beth Mowins is just terrible. Absolutely terrible.
Thank goodness isn't broadcasting with Beth Mowins tonight.
Beth Mowins needs to learn how to pronounce Libero if she's gonna call a vb game
I'm a woman who LOVES CFB and I can't stand listening to Beth Mowins either. DON'T assume it is "a man thing".
The only other female play-by-play for AU game was Beth Mowins vs Utah St. That gave her a highlight for her reel.
If Beth Mowins commentated everything... thanks for this!
“Hate List Revealed: I love that the Big 10 is all about Beth Mowins!
Turn on the Maryland game and the first thing I hear is Beth Mowins. The Doris Burke of college football. Why does ESPN…
my Iowa Hawkeyes always lose when Beth Mowins is commentating so it's definitely plausible!
Justin Kutcher and David Diehl might be the worst announcing team I've ever heard, and I've sat through Beth Mowins college games.
Great to have one of the BEST Beth Mowins at Hilton for VB coverage! Need to get her back for hoops!.
Beth Mowins: "Madi Bugg...continues to spread that butter"
Beth Mowins' voice is pretty much the worst sound I have ever heard. .
Oh yeah, Karch and Beth Mowins doing this VB game. They are so good together.
Get ready. Beth Mowins is on deck for the Final Four!
"Criswell playing with a lot of emotion tonight" uh Beth Mowins, that's every night.
The sports world needs more Gus Johnson and less Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins scheduled for only one game 👍
thoughts on if Beth Mowins will ever be on a high profile bowl game?
Just imagine Beth Mowins and Matt Millen in the booth together. The amount of suck would be astronomical.
this is the equivalent to the Beth Mowins/Joey Galloway announcing tandem. Puke.
As a Wyoming alumni I was thrilled to hear my favorite announcer Beth Mowins call the Pokes last game. GO WYO!
I have no problem with women announcers, but Beth Mowins is terrible!
*** is defined by an 11am kickoff with Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway on the play by play.
we need to make a Beth Mowins bingo chart for when she is covering your game. It would be an Internet hit. .
thought it interesting that Beth Mowins specifically said Boise was trying to chase down Marshall. ESPN talent hadn't said that
Fresno and Nevada fans got to listen to Dan Hawkins tonight and we had to listen to Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway speak monotone.
I can't stand Beth Mowins. That other dude is pretty awful too.
"...And then Wyoming rattled off 42 unanswered points..." What game is Beth Mowins watching?
Beth Mowins may not be aware Florida fired their coach. It’s just a train wreck now.
Donte Deayon has scored 2 TDs this year (50-yd INT return at UConn, 75-yd punt return at WYO). Both were called by Beth Mowins
if I have to hear Beth Mowins say Jay Ajayi one more time I will jump off a *** bridge
Has there ever been a better PBP/color duo than Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway on I think not...
Matt Miller’s career is over? Is Beth Mowins insinuating he was being payed to play? Or does she have no clue about anything.
who hires Beth Mowins to call a college football game?
I was thinking of watching Boise State/Wyoming until I turned it on and Beth Mowins was calling it. Thanks for the free time.
Everyone is invited to my New Years Eve Party! Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway will be there to Co-MC and bring in the New Year with energy!
Beth Mowins mascara is all over the place. Doesn't ESPN have makeup people for on air talent.
I feel bad that has that poor, sweet Beth Mowins stuck in Wyoming.
I love football, but hate Beth Mowins. Struggling to decide if I want to continue watching this game
Cant decide if Beth Mowins is a transvestite or just a donkey that stumbled into commentator booth and miraculously learned how to talk
What the *** does Beth Mowins from ESPN know about a quality football team?Herd hater.   10% Off
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway on the Wyoming-Boise call. They have to be thrilled to be out of 11AM purgatory.
I just found myself absentmindedly watching Boise St and Wyoming, and just realized I was freely subjecting myself to Beth Mowins. Help me.
Can't watch the Boise St vs Wyoming game on . I'd rather jam pencils into my ears than listen to Beth Mowins call a game.
Beth Mowins now calls late night Mountain West games? Oh the humanity...
I thought Beth Mowins had the day off.
Turned on the Boise State game and I hear the voice of Beth Mowins. Oh *** no!
Did Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway get demoted from 11:00 B1G games to late night games in Wyoming?
Beth Mowins is awful. She over pronounces so badly it sounds like a bad Saturday Night Live skit. Maybe a spot on the next Anchorman!
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are calling a scoreless Mountain West game right now, in case anyone's having trouble sleeping.
Just a big F you from ESPN to Joey Galloway. Broadcasting a Wyoming/Boise State game starting at 8:30 with Beth Mowins.
Any reason why has Beth Mowins working a Saturday night?? Stick to the 12 noon start Big 10 game on the Deuce
Boring BSU match for the Brown & Gold. Beth Mowins should be in the kitchen baking you a cake, not doing CFB P-B-P
The ESPN team with Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway > the team that includes Chris Spielman.
Well, so far Beth Mowins has dissed Goodale... "must've had the wind at his back". OR that's what he does most of the time!
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway, who normally call the noon ET game on ESPN2, are calling Boise State-Wyoming right now on ESPN2.
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Is Beth Mowins the first woman to ever broadcast a Boise State football game???
Oh dear God please no Beth Mowins is calling this game.
For ESPN2, Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway and Paul Carcaterra have the call.
Anyone else thankful Beth mowins not doing our game ?
This announcer who isn't Matt Millen is, dare I say, even worse than Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway for how pro-Illini he has been.
Skills behind the mic and on the court! Watch play-by-play announcer hit a half-court shot.
These announcers are brutal. I almost want Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway. Almost.
Thank god we don't have Beth Mowins!
You know what I'm thankful for? Not having Beth Mowins announce the Penn State - Illinois game.
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway on the call for Pre-game fights encouraged, bonus points for poor sportsmanship!!
Kyle Crane is the reason Beth Mowins is still announcing games on ESPN.
do you like it when the Reba sound-a-like Beth Mowins calls an ESPN college football game?
Imagine watching a game commentated by Doris Burke and Beth Mowins.
I really hope that Beth Mowins or another female will do the women's college cup semis and the final this year.
The ESPN2 crew for the game this weekend is Beth Mowins and the insufferable Joey Galloway...
sex with Beth Mowins? That is gruesome. Imagine her yelling "SPANK MY *** "
Can the please prevent and Beth Mowins plane from landing to announce the Penn State game this weekend?
think it was Beth Mowins on Maryland TV broadcast
I can't wait to hear Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins call the Penn State game this weekend
when I hear beth mowins calling a game I want to watch I get an immediate hangover and it starts raining outside without fail
Beth Mowins sounds like a motivational speaker at a Minnesota correctional facility. Oh my god. Horrid.
Beth Mowins/Joey Galloway is THE WORST crew on earth. Only Ronde Barber and the Pens announcers are in the same neighborhood.
According to Temple's game notes, Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway will have the call for Penn State-Temple on ESPN2.
Beth Mowins will be doing the game with Matt Millen. The field reporter will be a llama named Steve.
I'm not as upset about the loss as I am about the fact that I had to listen to Beth Mowins again.
Chris Collinsworth is the NFL version of Beth Mowins.
Hey Beth Mowins, think Ditka can save these Bears for the second half?
The only thing that could make this game any worse for Bears fans, would be a broadcasting duo of Beth Mowins and Cris Collinsworth.
Bears fans could use a little Beth Mowins right now
at least it's not that guy Beth Mowins.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Michelle Tafoya talks exactly like Beth Mowins should. There I said it.
how is Beth Mowins not on this list? Can't watch a game she's announcing. Even thinking about her voice is making me angry.
according to Beth Mowins, he's still the coach
“This is the kind of game that's going to lead to Beth Mowins calling for Hayden Fry to r…
Is anyone surprised about our good friend Beth Mowins not knowing what's going on?
I put 100 percent of the blame on Beth mowins.
What is Iowa's record when Beth Mowins is on the mic because please stop it.
Best thing about BTN doing at is that Beth Mowins & Joey Galloway won’t be the broadcast team. 11 AM in Champaign.
luv the live call acknowledging Hayden Fry wants to discuss, 15 years after he's retired. v authoratative Beth Mowins.
How much longer is ESPN going to continue to pay Beth Mowan to make a sham of college football broadcasting ***
in iowa they call it Losedex, how are you still alive after a noon beth mowins/Hayden Fry loss to Minnesota?
Hey Beth Mowins, we're not Iowa State, and Hayden Fry is not our coach anymore.
And now Beth Mowins thinks Minnesota is playing Iowa State today...
We'll see if Chuck Long can lead Iowa back in this one --Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins thinks Hayden Fry is the current coach of the Hawkeyes.
I HATE Joey Galloway and beth mowins. Hey are just awful
I think I'd rather have Beth Mowins announce this game then Herbstreet
Beth Mowins had a bad game today, Again. Joey Galloway was even worse. How do these people still have jobs? Seriously!
Beth Mowins just said Hayden Fry called that timeout. Seriously.
Just FYI, Beth Mowins is an *** Let her call SEC games only she would fit in with the uneducated.
Hayden Fry is going to be hot at HT. Need to get the ball to Tim Dwight more next half to quiet the metrodome crowd. -Beth M…
In Beth Mowins' defense, Hayden Fry has only been out of football for 16 years.
beth mowins can't believe Bo Jackson fumbled in that spot
Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins are debating the merits of using a bronze versus real pig as a traveling trophy. I think we're don…
Yes! Beth Mowins just referred to Kirk Ferentz as "Hayden Fry."
- But Hayden's still the coach; at least that's what Beth Mowins said today. After all, he did call a timeout.
Beth Mowins is a life ruiner. She ruins peoples' lives.
Chuck long could of taken the Iowa offense back today- Beth Mowins
at least you didn't have to hear Beth Mowins talk a bunch of crap
Love how Beth Mowins said Hayden Fry coaches the Hawkeyes. Wish she said Hayden Fox & Dauber
I wished that Beth Mowins would do the 2014 women's college cup games. I'm not a fan of Glenn Davis. He's not a good announcer
on 69 yards? has over 200 yards and crazy kick returns. You have no idea BC Beth Mowins is making this game boring
"If they have 2 teams in (SEC) then a couple other conferences wont have teams in the final 4" beth mowins
Beth Mowins just spoke words referring to 3 SEC teams making the playoff.
Men hate on Beth Mowins for daring to call football games while female but she can slide a Fletch reference in better than anyone.
Beth Mowins has done a really good job with this game today.
Any chance Beth Mowins will be taking her smooth sounds to a local karaoke bar in Lincoln tonight?
Beth Mowins makes a 40 yard gain sound as exciting as assembling furniture.
My 1st time ever listening to a female play-by-play football announcer who is calling the game. Great job Beth Mowins.
My wife says she's distracted by how much Beth Mowins sounds like Reba McIntyre. Really?
In just can't listen to Beth goodness...terrible
Joke of the day... . What does a shop vac and Beth Mowins have in common?
“Beth Mowins ❤️ Randy Gregory.”. She is going overboard with the crush!
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are calling the Nebraska game, so I guess I'll watch something else
Mark Pelini, Tim Beck, and Beth Mowins are all horrible!
I think Beth Mowins has a crush on Randy Gregory and I'm okay with it
Beth Mowins is still terrible but that's probably why she's on ESPN2
I love Abdullah and Gregory as much as any but Beth Mowins on ESPN2 needs to talk about something else just once
I hope Kemoko Turay has a big sack later so the Beth Mowins will have another chance to talk about past Randy Gregory sacks.
Did Beth Mowins just say there are plenty of Illinois fans in Nebraska?
Her name is Beth Mowins. She has been calling games for at least 7 or 8 years I think, usually the noon game on ESPN2.
Nothing says college football Saturday like Beth Mowins.
Female football play by play announcers (see specific below) should be banned, indefinitely. Beth Mowins, you are terrible!
I'm not sure which is worse to listen to, Beth Mowins calling the Husker game or this deranged Spanish guy on the Madrid Barca stream
Hey you just lost a viewer of Rutgers-Nebraska because Beth Mowins is announcing
Beth Mowins drives me frickin' crazy! what is it about her voice? Changes my mood in SECONDS, for the worse. MUTE button wear out.
You can hear the pants suit in Beth Mowins' voice.
don't know how you do it working next to Beth Mowins but props to ya.
Beth Mowins (and Doris Burke for that matter) I think get way too much shade. Got no problem with either and Burke for sure knows her stuff
Nebraska deserves to have Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway calling their game😷
And of course Beth Mowins refers to Nebraska's D as "the Blackshirts" lol god she's awful.
Doesn't Beth Mowins have someplace else to be?
Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway talk like someone's taking a nap 5 feet away from them.
Because when you think "Big Ten Football", you think Nebraska against Rutgers on ESPN2 with Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
Imagine Beth Mowins and Ed Cunningham on a crew together. I would literally kill myself before listening to that.
Well, I was going to watch the Rutgers/Nebraska game, but the voice of Beth Mowins ruins everything.
Joey Galloway and Beth Mowins are doing the Nebraska vs Rutgers game. . ::Mute button::
Don't know if I'm gonna be able to listen to Beth Mowins this entire game
Ah, the soothing voice of Beth Mowins. Maybe I'll just listen to nails on a chalkboard for 3 hours instead of the game.
Turn on game Nebraska. Beth MOWINS speaking. Worst voice ever. Has a rod in her throat Must turn off.
Think Beth Mowins is a little harsh with how she's judging Gary Nova's performance last week...don't think he played that poorly at all
Hmm, which game to watch.. (turns on Rutgers vs Nebraska) . Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.. . (changes channel)
I apologize for whatever I did to deserve Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
I'm not sure that I can handle Beth Mowins' voice for the entire length of a football game.
Nothing better than Beth Mowins for an 11am game. Oh yes there is, it's called Lloyd Christmas' most annoying sound in the world.
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Why is Beth Mowins the announcer for every freaking game I watch? Just shows that hates the Big Ten
Beth Mowins is the worst announcer ever.
Beth Mowins should not be calling this Nebraska game.
Plug your ears husker fans we have Beth Mowins
Why is BETH MOWINS broadcasting this game right now!? This is awful!
This is why the B1G gets absolutely no respect nationally. When you have Beth Mowins calling game for team with best record in conference
Why does still use Beth Mowins!! Can we start having a second commentary to listen to!! Her voice is piercingly annoying.
Have to listen to Beth Mowins all day.sounds terrible
Horrible! Even with a complete blowout, Beth Mowins has ruined this game for me. I had to mute the 2nd half.
Dear please never let Beth Mowins commentate another Iowa game everher voice makes me want to punch her in the ***
I'm all for women announcing football games but Beth Mowins is terrible. Mute your TV and turn on
Anybody else find Beth Mowins announcer for the Hawkeye game annoying?
Did Beth Mowins just say Buckeyes instead of Iowa?
Wish Beth was Mowins my yard instead of calling this game.
Terps vs Hawkeyes but the play by play Beth Mowins is giving is horrible. I'm ready to mute.
If memory serves me right, Iowa has a losing record when Beth Mowins calls Iowa games
I don't know what's worse: that not being a fumble or having to listen to Beth Mowins talk about it
But I hate Beth Mowins even more. About ready to mute the TV and listen to the game on the Radio while still watching it.
Witvoet is a terrible referee. Beth Mowins is a horrible commentator. That was a fumble if it was Rudock. Guaranteed.
Beth Mowins. Ground can't cause a fumble, correct. But such an irrelevant comment to the situation. Great announcing duo
Beth mowins reminds me of that one annoying person. U all know who I'm talking about
An excited Beth Mowins is worse than nails on a chalk board.
If you think that Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway are the dream team, you're doing it wrong.
Every Saturday ESPN says F you to America and then they let Beth Mowins call a Big Ten game.
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