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Beth Mowins

Beth Mowins (born May 26, 1967) is a play-by-play announcer and reporter for ESPN and CBS. She mostly calls women's college sports but became only the second woman to call nationally televised football games for ESPN in 2005. She and Pam Ward are the network's main female play-by-play broadcasters.

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Beth sounds like Reba McIntyre. She even resembles Reba. Best of luck in your broadcasting career. Reba rocks and so do you.
"There are people in the room tonight who are going to make it big" Beth Mowins tells Newhouse students in the audience.
Not a huge Beth Mowins fan, but she's well spoken and gives some great advice
"I really had to work on coming out of my shell." Beth Mowins talks about her early years starting off in broadcasting
"Why wouldn't you go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is." -Mark Twain. This is the best advice Beth Mowins has been given & follows.
Beth Mowins says she has definitely gotten jobs because she is a woman and that she has also not gotten a lot of jobs because she's a woman.
"If I'm the only one, I'm not different. I'm unique." -Beth Mowins on being a woman working in sports broadcasting
Beth Mowins prepares equally for all games no matter how "big" or "small" the games may be.
"ESPN is constantly looking for women play by play announcers"- Beth Mowins
"All it takes is one person to decide, we want a woman to do that...Finally starting to see the glass celling disappear."- Beth Mowins
"I did quite a bit of sideline reporting.It's the hardest job in TV.I didn't want that. I wanted to be a play by play announcer"-Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins found her love for sports at an early age, and realized at a young age that she loved to talk about sports.
Beth Mowins talks about being the PA announcer in high school for football and men's basketball games
Beth Mowins, ESPN play-by-play announcer, talks about her childhood & sports
"You had to prove your worthiness and that's something I've carried into broadcasting" says Beth Mowins
"A lot of times I was the only girl in the room or working on a game, but I felt comfortable"- Beth Mowins
"From the time I was 6 or 7 years old, I wanted to be a sportscaster"- Beth Mowins, ESPN Announcer
Beth Mowins knew color commentary wasn't for her, but play-by-play is something she was very interested from a young age
Beth Mowins here with just getting underway here in the Herg
ESPN pbp Beth Mowins at SU to speak for tonight.
John Nicholson, director of the Newhouse Sports Media Center, is leading the discussion here with Beth Mowins
Nice crowd on hand to see Beth mowins speak at the herg
At the Herg Auditorium in Newhouse to hear ESPN's Beth Mowins speak
At for the talk with Beth Mowins, play by play announcer for
Two great events tonight: Pat Lafferty of BBH and Beth Mowins '90 of ESPN!
Beth Mowins will be speaking to Newhouse students and more at 8 o'clock tonight (11/4) in the Hergenhan Auditorium.
Please get rid of Beth Mowins. Can't stand to here her try to do college football. Her voice is awful.
Well the bad News is it's a Beth Mowins game. The good news is I believe we are 2 and 0 in Beth Mowins games.
Beth Mowins - best announcer, Div3 Title IX sports. Vote for her at
Beth Mowins is calling the Husker game. Get ready for a week of thinly veiled misogyny.
Beth Mowins and Anthony Becht will be on the call for Saturday's Nebraska/Northwestern game.
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Dear please stop letting Beth Mowins call football games. Signed, every football fan ever in the history of the universe.
and lamentations were heard across Husker nation as ESPN2 and Beth Mowins are announced as the crew calling next Saturday's game
Main thought from the ISU game.. "How in the world does Beth Mowins have a job??"
Thinks: 'Should check back in on TCU vs ISU game'. (Changes channel). (Hears Beth Mowins' voice). Thinks: 'Dear God, what was I thinking?!'
. All the love from Big Ten fans, as well ...
viewers, it's not just you . . . Just gonna leave this right here.
All due respect to Beth Mowins but it's like listening to the lost member of the SNL Delicious Dish cast
ESPN's Beth Mowins has the most annoying, grating voice. Can't stand listening to her do the game.
Im so glad Beth Mowins doesn't commentate on Wisconsin games anymore
Iowa State has a "sack mamba" according to Beth Mowins. Who knew?
Beth Mowins is the worst ESPN Announcer in history!
Someone tell Beth Mowins that TCU is NOT in Dallas. Fort Worth!
What did TCU and Iowa State do to get Beth Mowins on the call?
to be fair, it could also be Beth Mowins voice.
What's with you worrying about female commentators?? That is Beth Mowins. She also does women's basketball.
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Disrespectful to no. 3 having Beth Mowins call the game.
Can we please never have Beth Mowins call our games again. She is awful.
Beth Mowins is the female half of the crew at espn.
Beth Mowins just isn't cutting it. Talking head with no knowledge.
Muting my tv because I can't stand listening to Beth Mowins commentate.
please no more Beth mowins. it's not the gender it's the voice.
Flag on the play...15 yd penalty on Beth Mowins...Annoying awful impersonation of play by play announcer on a football broadcast.
It's Beth Mowins, who I didn't know called regular CFB games on ESPN 2. I knew I'd heard and liked the voice before!
Beth Mowins. I knew I'd heard and liked that voice before.
. TCU lost Doctson, Turpin back to back plays . Defense is clueless . Only Beth Mowins is more clueless.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ... . NO MORE BETH MOWINS ON I'd rather listen to somebody that had never seen a football game!
I hate Beth Mowins. Would rather listen to screeching nails on a chalkboard.
Viewers victimized by the cluelessness of Beth Mowins.
someone please get Beth Mowins off the TCU game by halftime. She has no idea who these players are. Multiple name mistakes in 1st.
Beth Mowins and Anthony Becht are a close second then.
Why do women announcers have to call men's sports. Aggravating. Got Beth Mowins on CFB and have had Jessica Mendoza on MLB. .
Couple of things. . 1.Beth Mowins is the worst. 2. No way that's a pick.
Watching the TCU game and couldn't help but notice how ANNOYING Beth Mowins voice is.😫
Beth Mowins calling ISU game. Couldn't have a better announcer with a better team. Wow, surprised I was even able to type that without LOL.
Beth Mowins commentating this game is every Big 12 fan's worst nightmare
Beth Mowins makes me want to take a rusted screwdriver to my temple
Beth Mowins is calling the TCU game? I love her.
What happened to Beth Mowins doing the 11am Big 10 game on ESPN2?
Beth Mowins makes this game even more unbearable to watch
I actually feel bad for ISU fans. Beth Mowins is commentating.
Favorite to kick Beth mowins off the air forever
"Coach Johnny Majors has his ISU team fired up and ready to play tonight!" -Beth Mowins (in about 5 minutes)
Beth Mowins is not a good football PBP or color analyst.she trys way to hard and her voice is really annoying
Iowa 7-0, oh yeah Iowa State game has the A team ESPN crew of Beth Mowins & Anthony Becht. Wait, who?
I cannot watch the Clones with Reba McIntyre, I mean, Beth Mowins calling the game. Uff-Da!!
Beth Mowins "Iowa State already with one more conference win than they had all of last year." Well, yea. They had 0 last year.
Just when ISU fans think it can't get worse, they get Beth Mowins as an announcer.
It's not a new pronunciation, Beth Mowins... it just took you this long to discover you were saying his name wrong.
Seems it's every week, but at least Beth Mowins isn't calling our games. She's the Britta--she's the worst.
at least we don't have to listen to Beth Mowins!
The only person needing to pronounce Gesecki's name differently is Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins isn't a bad announcer, but man her voice really bugs me.
It feels like Beth Mowins does every *** Penn State game. (I don't like it)
Have to say I like Beth Mowins on the mic. Good announcer
I am impressed by the sheer width of Beth Mowins' hair
it's Beth Mowins... But I didn't know that until they showed her😂😂😂
Beth Mowins is a really good announcer. Big fan.
Beth Mowins calling a game with your football team playing almost makes you want to mute it, or scrape your eardrums out. Ugh.
can you please lunch Beth Mowins in the face? She's ***
Why is always stuck with Beth Mowins? One of the worst announcers ever
Beth Mowins is the announcer. I thought the PSU sanctions were over?
Please no more Beth Mowins and her broadcasting partner for PSU games...TV is muted...
I'd rather listen to children crying than listen to Beth Mowins.
there could not be a more shrill and irritating voice to listen to than Beth Mowins. I think her voice actually triggers migraines.
The best Stat of the year so far in college football isthe amount of times I've had to hear Beth Mowins voice: 0
Beth Mowins voice gets on my nerves.
Mendoza is good analyst because she's a good analyst. Beth Mowins is bad at PxP because she's bad at PXP. Nothing to d…
it's not that Beth Mowins is a woman, I just feel like it's "welcome to the NPR college football hour" when she commentates.
Why does Penn State always get Beth Mowins to announce our games. Come on espn let get some new blood in the booth.
I hate that I feel this way, but if Beth Mowins is calling a game, I'm changing the channel. I just cannot stand her voice
Thank you for Beth Mowins who makes football and the idea of heterosexual sex thoroughly unenjoyable.
Beth Mowins doing Penn State, sweet love listening to Beth.
Beth Mowins is the voice of Big 10 football and you can't convince me otherwise
Also, I've mentioned how much I hate Beth Mowins, right? Thank goodness Galloway isn't with her this year.
Sexist pig, what is wrong with Beth Mowins, I love Beth.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And after gameday, everyone changes the channel when they hear beth mowins
Love when Beth mowins announces the games I watch
Penn State playing at noon so of course Beth Mowins is on the call
It is impossible to watch a college football game with Beth Mowins on commentary 🙉🙉
Was Super Pumped for and then Beth Mowins was doing commentary. Smh. 😒
love listening to Beth Mowins call a B1G game
I get so excited for college football Saturday's until I hear Beth Mowins voice
Anthony Becht and Beth Mowins calling on ESPN. PSU receives opening kick and returns to 23
I would watch the Indiana-Penn State game but Beth Mowins is announcing so no
Heard Beth Mowins and I don't know if I have ever changed the channel quicker
Why does Penn State always get the Beth Mowins game? She's one of the worst announcers in college football
For those watching at home, ESPN's Beth Mowins will be calling today's game. I chatted with her yesterday.
People who think the sanctions have been lifted haven't listened to a game called by Beth Mowins or Matt Millen.
Man, I hope Beth Mowins won't be in the booth tomorrow
ESPN's Beth Mowins talks Penn State, and why she avoids social media
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I chatted with ESPN's Beth Mowins, who will be calling the Penn State-Indiana game tomorrow.
.got an exclusive interview with Beth Mowins, who’s calling Penn State-Indiana tomorrow:
Escaped a Beth Mowins play-by-play game. Glad I'll be marching with the for tomorrow's game!
Final 3 home games next year: Rutgers, Purdue, Northwestern. Somebody get your restaurant recs for Beth Mowins ready.
Pam Ward was bad, but I like Beth Mowins.
I have no problem w/Jessica Mendoza calling games. However, every time Beth Mowins calls a Hawks game I want to blow my TV up
that means Beth Mowins.perfect! Glad I will be listening to the radio!
"She (Beth Mowins) may suck in her professional life, but the odds are pretty good that she doesn't suck in her private life."
Iowa is undefeated in 2015 games that Beth Mowins does not announce. Fingers crossed.
Interesting. game Sat. vs Indiana has been moved to ESPN (from ESPN2). Beth Mowins will have the play by play.
Somehow, someway, by some obvious God-blessed extraordinary source... Iowa dodges the Beth Mowins at noon on ESPN2 time slot.
ESPN has many competant announcers who can call this game, Sean McDonough, Dave Pasch, Beth Mowins, Brad Nessler, the list goes on.
Beth Mowins and Pam Ward both regularly do college football commentary on ESPN networks.
and miss "Pete Carroll genuflecting to Jack Del Rio's moxie" - Beth Mowins ?
NFL Network should pickup Beth Mowins, Tim Brown, Matt Millen as a broadcast team. Pure football hilarity.
Beth Mowins asked announcing team what to expect from 2015'Raiders. Matt Millen said 'at least' nine wins.
Beth Mowins explaining fantasy football to Matt Millen.
Beth Mowins SUUuCCKKS, Please don't ever do this to me again.
They need to bring back Papa or just have Tim Brown and Matt Millen announce the games because for some reason Beth Mowins voice annoys me.
I've enjoyed Beth Mowins play call on the Network this preseason!
it's too bad Beth Mowins couldn't be calling this game
If he did a game with Beth Mowins, I'd put a gun in my mouth...
combine Doris Burke and Beth Mowins and whaddya get? Ryan Ruocco.
you're a male version of Beth Mowins
Beth Mowins is actually really good doing CFB, it's just a shame she is partnered with Joey Galloway who is awful
Who is the girl on ESPN? She knows her stuff and isn't annoying! Fire Beth Mowins and replace her with this girl!
Jessica Mendoza is really good at it! Also Enjoy Beth Mowins doing play by play during games.
As someone who watches a TON of CFB I enjoy listening to Beth Mowins. Better than alot of others who call NFL games.
Beth Mowins was a girl with a dream of being like Pat Summerall. Friday, her dream comes true with the Raiders
Enjoyed her work for last 10 yrs. RM .on covering the while pregnant. :
Beth Mowins on calling NFL Games, Tim Howard to be an analyst for EPL ...
Just read about Beth Mowins doing preseason for the Raiders, baby steps but someday Amy on the Celtics call? I would listen
Beth Mowins on calling NFL games, Tim Howard finds new role in soccer
Beth Mowins discusses women calling games; Tim Howard the analyst via
Beth Mowins discusses women calling NFL games (-
Media Circus: Beth Mowins on calling NFL games; and Tim Howard's new role (by
.on covering the while pregnant. The media column:
The do what no sports TV net will do. Make a women an NFL play by play announcer. The media column: htt…
Lots of good soccer stuff in new media column
Refreshing to hear someone say they like Beth Mowins. She’s not bad, but people carry over Pam Ward hate for some reason.
Mowins has the most annoying voice and she NEVER Shuts up. Get rid of her.
Already a positive, Beth Mowins is nowhere to be found.
And with that Beth Mowins heart just sank.
ESPN's softball announcing team = Jessica Mendoza's sensible hair sandwiched between the rat nests of Michele Smith and Beth Mowins.
Just found out my dad was good friends with and graduated from grad school at Syracuse with Beth Mowins... I don't want to live anymore.
it's actually Beth Mowins but that doesn't change the level of awfulness
Beth Mowins was so excited to use her pre-planned "War Eagle Walk Off!!!" line she used it a bit prematurely.
Beth Mowins is the worst commentator in sports history
Beth Mowins- "It's a War Eagle Walkoff!" Uh- nope. Just a tie game. ESPN can do much better than her in this setting.
Please shut up beth mowins yo a babbling announcer that nobody care about what you have to say
Beth Mowins thinks that 7 is more than 9, apparently.
Beth Mowins DOES sound like Coach Z...thanks for pointing that out,
Beth Mowins nipples get hard every time she announces an SEC softball game
Once again Beth Mowins sucking up to the SEC
"and she crashed into the ground" ???. really, Beth Mowins? it's not like the ground jumped up at her.
Beth Ann Mowins is as legendary a broadcaster as anyone in the trade today.
Beth Mowins just said Oregon has won 10 of the last 4 match ups with UCLA. ummm... math, Beth?
Beth Mowins is the worst announcer ever!
Beth Mowins has been commentating the World Series for god knows how long and I'm pretty sure everyone is annoyed with her
can we get someone other than Mowins to call the games
I'll say this again, Chris Weber is right up there with Beth Mowins for worst color commentary.
Beth Mowins Impersonator on this rainy softball day
Beth Mowins OU tilt is becoming sickening.
I know some people hate women announcers, but I love Hearing Beth Mowins with Olympic Gold Medalists Michelle Smith and Jessica Mendoza.
Who would you rather listen to, Beth Mowins or Pam Ward?
Doris Burke Holly Rowe and Beth Mowins were all sexy hot and very understanding and dateable and all lookalikes as well. Erin Andrews Charissa Thompson is another fine example along with Suzy Kolber and Linda Cohn.And Rebecca Lobo and Kara Lawson did an excellent job calling the game by working with Beth Mowins too.
Yay, Beth Mowins / Stephanie White are the broadcasters in the ND pod games; I thought that's who we'd get. lol
LINDA COHN,Doris Burke,BETH MOWINS dam right they are ready for ya! The world of sports lady's!
he's almost as bad a s Beth Mowins.
Agreed, her and Beth Mowins can go away.
Enjoying call tonight on Came across piece on her:
Why is Beth Mowins consistently doing Gonzaga games... She's on of the worst I've ever heard call games.. Smh
"It will end the discussion, at least for a few days, with Joe Lunardi about whether they will be a seed.." -Beth Mowins. need I say more?
Beth Mowins is on the 'Zaga/SMC call? Ah jeez, I wish ESPN didn't have to break up Dave Flemming and Sean Farnham on WCC games.
Turned on Gonzaga and immediately hit mute with Beth Mowins on the mic.
Love Beth Mowins at the mic. Whoever this color guy is... eh. He's ok
2-Things I'm taking away from this Gonzaga-St.Mary's Game. Gonzaga can't guard 5 at the Y. Beth Mowins voice is very annoying.
If there's a worse broadcasting crew than Beth Mowins and Stan Heath, I don't want to see it.
Gonzaga you know you dont deserve your ranking when Beth Mowins announces your game.
Been waiting all day to watch the Gonzaga/St. Mary's game just to find out that Beth Mowins is announcing.
And Beth Mowins is the announcer for a GU Espn game again..?! She is awful!!! Smh...
Can't watch this Gonzaga game. Can't watch any game Beth Mowins does. She's as bad as Pam Ward.
Would love to see the salute to Gary Bell Kerry Carter made that Beth Mowins referenced after his three a few minutes back.
Doris Burke fighting with Beth Mowins for worst commentators.
Beth Mowins is no doubt the worst announcer in all sports. Please STOP talking and never commentate another basketball game.
you only hate Beth Mowins cause she's your direct competition in the fall 😂😂😂
Beth Mowins is basically like listening to your ex-wife chirp-on mindlessly about things you could care less about. Annoying voice.
Beth Mowins is actually the best part of that broadcast team, which is sad because she's average at best.
Worst commentary team ever already exists. Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
Ahh, Beth Mowins calling Westminster get me stoked for all the 11am starts on ESPNU this fall
Little Giant Ladders
You didn't hear Beth Mowins talking repeatedly about the potential "four-way tie for first" in the ACC last night. :/
I'd rather hear about Doris Burke & Beth Mowins competing in an all day exciting vocals competition!
3 months until women's college world series! Can't wait to see what Beth Mowins has to offer in OKC soon!
thaeppskidd talking with Beth Mowins and Carolyn Peck, who will be calling the game for ESPN2 today.
Beth Mowins is worse than nails on a chalkboard, velcro, & that screaming child in the restaurant that needs to leave.
Agree. Pam Ward and Beth Mowins have done a fine job on Saturdays.
This St Mary's-BYU game is annoying enough with Beth Mowins commentating, now there's a lady screaming at the top of her lungs...
Beth Mowins just called Saint Mary's the Bulldogs, god she ***
You will regret this in a few years, BYU girl behind Beth Mowins.
a great way to spend a Saturday evening listening to versatile voice of Beth Mowins call play by play of BB game at St Mary's
Beth Mowins is the biggest offender.
Does Beth Mowins double as Dan Dakich for ESPN during basketball season?
gonna need Beth Mowins calling the rest of this Duke-Louisville free throw fest on a landline.
Another positive of OSU winning national championship & probably preseason No.1? Less chance of Beth Mowins calling an OSU game in 2015.
Beth Mowins is the Nickelback of CFB people... people hate her because it is the popular thing to do.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
it's too bad he gets paired with Beth Mowins during the season
Galloway a rising star Didn't Beth Mowins carry his semi articulate *** for the season? How's her career going?
could be worse, Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway.
Little help here, what channel are Beth Mowins-Joey Galloway announcing on?
Couldn't get Beth Mowins to announce the game so they got Herbstreet
I think we can all agree that Beth Mowins is the worst sports announcer ever😬
Just one more game and then we don't have to see Herbie or listen to Beth Mowins for awhile. No more hype and bs.
during the CFB season I only do it when Beth Mowins is doing our game on ESPN.
THE GAME, how about putting Beth Mowins on an NFL game of your life to date, but how about that year and hosted an all star game
Don’t exactly understand what people’s problem with Beth Mowins is. Seems like a good play-by-play announcer to me.
Thinking about a running a Kickstarter campaign to buy out Beth Mowins ESPN contract so she never announces a game again? Any backers? Ughh
I just can't take Beth Mowins' voice. Sorry but geez she makes me want to mute the game
Beth Mowins puking-out another play-by-play at the Military Bowl. She hurts my ears.
My version of *** would be to have Beth Mowins narrate everything I do.
Just noticed that Beth Mowins is calling the Military Bowl with Joey Galloway. Has ESPN put a woman in the booth for a football game before?
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As bad as the Sun Bowl has it with Carter Blackburn doing PBP, it could be worse. The Military Bowl drew Beth Mowins.
No one likes Beth Mowins.. Worst announcer in college football.
Watching a football game being commentated by Beth Mowins is torture
Why is Beth Mowins a broadcaster this is worse than listening to Verne lundquist
Beth Mowins doing the Military Bowl, to the chagrin of everyone watching the Military Bowl
Beth Mowins hyping up the Southwestern Conference "rivals" Arkansas and Texas as if that matters to either of them...
Trying to listen and watch a little of the Military Bowl, but don't like the play-by-play commentator's voice, Beth Mowins. Boo ESPN. Changing the channel.
The one way to ruin any sporting event is to have Beth Mowins call it.
OmG!!! It is turn the sound down on the tv and listen to Bluegrass as I watch VT vs. Cinn. Beth Mowins announcing any sporting event = take a pencil and gouge my eardrums out.really ESPN.she must have something over on someone.
I have no opinion on Beth Mowins, but please tell her that she is in. uh NAP uh luss. NOT . ANN ap uh luss
Beth Mowins is calling the Tech game 😩
I really don't know who is worse - Beth Mowins or Joey Galloway. Plus, the field is hard to look at
Watching the Military Bowl. If there is a more annoying announcer than Beth Mowins, I've never heard him or her. Listening to Beth makes a cold water enema followed by an unsedated colonoscopy a preferable option.
Beth Mowins is commentating the Military Bowl? Guess I'm watching it on mute
HATE Beth Mowins, she's so flicking annoying, oh btw, did she ever play football?
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I think Beth Mowins is much better than people give her credit for.
Why is this horrendous announcer Beth Mowins doing the tech game?!
Hard to listen to this game with Beth Mowins calling it..
For all those wondering who's calling the game: it's. Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway and Paul Carcaterra
Only 12 more minutes till I can turn on a football game that isn't being called by Beth Mowins.
I can't stand the announcer for the Military Bowl game! Beth Mowins is horrible! Switching channels cause it's unwatchable!
Beth Mowins is a terrible announcer. She has already made three mistakes in identifying teams, players, and history.
It's started already. The voice of Beth Mowins calling the Military Bowl between Virginia Tech and Cincinnati.
Beth Mowins *** I feel like I should be watching women's college basketball instead of football with her as a commentator.
when Beth Mowins announces for she NEVER shuts up..
The Bible doesn't say exactly what *** is like but it's a safe bet that Beth Mowins & Joey Galloway doing commentary is part of it.
Beth Mowins is a bootleg Reba Mcintire whose voice I prefer not to hear.
Beth Mowins is trending right now. Too bad it's for sucking at football play by play and not for something more admirable.
Is mad about the int. or that Beth Mowins is doing the game?
Beth Mowins just deactivated my chill mode.
It makes me happy to hear Beth Mowins do the play-by-play for the We need more ladies in the broadcasting booth.
lets have Beth Mowins be the first female to do college football play by play -- and also the last.
Doris Burke is not calling this game. That's Beth Mowins.
Ugh. Beth Mowins for Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati. Watching on mute is looking pretty sexy right now
Got to watch the game on mute tho because they let Beth Mowins on the play by play. Most annoying broadcaster on TV
Beth Mowins calls it an interception. But refs are debating. SMH. Keep quite Beth!
I love Joey Galloway, but he and Beth Mowins is the worst ESPN College Football crew ever assembled...
“Beth Mowins calling Scot Loeffler’s offense? . /withers away into oblivion” absolutely right. The worst of all worlds.
You know your bowl is high up on the ESPN chain when you get Beth Mowins commentating your game
If you think Verne&Gary are bad, just give a listen to Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway in this Military Bowl!! Ugh!!
Beth Mowins is just a treat to have in the booth!
ESPN's Beth Mowins = lower tier bowl. . Pam Ward has called the game for ESPN twice. I see a pattern.
Beth Mowins is ruining this game for me 🚮
When you turn on a football game and hear Beth Mowins announcing
If Beth Mowins is announcing you game. You know you're not in a real bowl game. ...
Beth Mowins is doing the Military Bowl, which means she won't be doing the Pinstripe Bowl. This pleases me.
I love that Beth Mowins is calling the Military Bowl
Love that Beth Mowins is one of the sports casters for the VA Tech vs Cincinnati game
Am I the only one who can't stand Beth Mowins?
Can't watch the Military Bowl because I can't stand Beth Mowins voice and style. She has no style.
Beth Mowins again? I swear the NCAA has it out for Penn State
Beth Mowins voice makes me wish an apocalypse would come and kill all of humanity so I'll never have to hear her voice again.
Beth Mowins is still Terrible, even though this is "just volleyball."
Beth Mowins is killing me with her pronunciation of Libero 😅
Beth Mowins is just terrible. Absolutely terrible.
Thank goodness isn't broadcasting with Beth Mowins tonight.
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