Beth Moore & Joel Osteen

Wanda Elizabeth Beth Moore (born Wanda Elizabeth Green on June 16, 1957) is an American evangelist, author, and teacher. Joel Scott Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American author, televangelist, and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. 5.0/5

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Saying people are not at war with the Joel Osteen, John Piper, or Beth Moore versions of Islam does not ingratiate…
False teachers like Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, Mike Bickle, aren't merely misguided,& don't "mean well". They're TRYING to deceive you 1Jo2:26
But its ok for Beth Moore to associate with those who do (Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer)???
As YOU daily study the WORD OF GOD, do you NOT learn and discover that you have been LED ASTRAY from the TRUTH of God's Word, ALL YOUR LIFE, by MANY 'well-meaning' 'pastors and teachers'? As 'well meaning' as many 'religious' people have been, YOU AND I have been TERRIBLY LED ASTRAY FROM THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD, by many seemingly 'well-meaning people' such as Dave Hunt, Charles Finney, Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers, Beth Moore, James Robison, Paul Crouch, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and MANY OTHER DEADLY FALSE TEACHERS who are DISTORTING and TWISTING GOD'S WORD, to YOUR eternal destruction. MANY UNTOLD MILLIONS, AND PERHAPS BILLIONS, OF PEOPLE are 'CLEVERLY being LED ASTRAY from the SALVATION OF THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, by the MANY FALSE TEACHERS of our day.
Who is the most DANGEROUS and SPIRITUALLY DEADLY person to your eternal soul? It is the person YOU BELIEVE, who tells you 'The Word of God' means 'this', when in fact the Word of God DOES NOT mean 'that'. Every FALSE RELIGION, and every FALSE CULT LEADER, and every FALSE TEACHER, 'specializes' in 're-defining' and 'twisting' what the Word of God 'means', into a LIE, and a DECEPTION, to cleverly LEAD ASTRAY many gullible, biblically-illiterated people, into Spiritual Darkness. Please be aware, the MANY FALSE TEACHERS in our world today are VERY POPULAR, and WIDELY BELIEVED. If I NAME THEM, you will be SHOCKED to learn that perhaps some of your 'favorite teachers' are actually FALSE TEACHERS, who are CLEVERLY deceiving you, and leading MANY astray from the Truth of Scripture. [i.e. The pope, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, T.D.Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Beth Moore, Pelagius, Arminius, Paula White, Kenneth Hagin, Paul Crouch, Bennie Hinn, Rick Warren, Bil Hybels... and, sadly, MOST of the so-called 'teachers' on t . ...
How many anti-Biblical liars and heretics are proclaiming a FALSE GOSPEL, and mis-representing the Gospel of Christ, in this world? Sadly there are MANY... and they seem to be 'trusted' and 'believed' by MANY GULLIBLE people, who KNOW NOT THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD. If YOU watch TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] TV, and MANY OTHER TV networks, and many 'radio false preachers' and 'internet false preachers', and you are gullible enough to believe these many people are honestly teaching the TRUTH of God's Word, and NOT merely 'using' this venue to DECEIVE people, then you clearly have not read your Bible... you are among men, most pitiful and naive. If you 'think' and 'believe' the pope, and Joel Osteen, and Bennie Hinn, and Joyce Meyer, and Rick Warren, and Paul Crouch, and T.D. Jakes, and Kenneth/Gloria Copeland, and Paula White, and Beth Moore, and MANY other false, anti-biblical heretics are 'telling the truth', then you have obviously NOT read your Bible. And many false prophets will arise and lead many ...
Your browser does not support the HTML 5 audio tag. Click Here to Download this episode Program segments: • Patricia King Prosperity Heretic • Joel Osteen's Promotion of the Son of God Movie • Beth Moore's Future Outpouring "Prophecy" •...
I love Beth Moore and Joel Osteen I put this traker together of my favorite videos please share and enjoy.
YES. Lot's of Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren in our library (with great stuff too). Tons of subtle Calvinism
We are a non-denominational ministry and therefore attract critical comments from religious people. We are aware that there is negative gossip about The Daniel Plan in the media. We encourage you to refer to reliable sources for information. Also remember that all Christian leaders are attacked- Beth Moore, Ann Graham Lotz, Sarah Young, John Macarthur, Max Lucado, Mark Batterson, Joel Osteen...and Rick Warren, to name a few. You need to filter the content through scripture NOT people and discern with the Holy Spirit. In a world of free speech, anyone can tell lies, gossip and devalue people or ministries. Use the Holy Spirit to judge, not people. If you have prayed and the Lord has guided you to study the Daniel Plan or read a specific author book, then don't let the devil and father of lies pull you off course.
- you show off your new sleeve with tats of Beth Moore and Joel Osteen
Why do you suppose the MODERN PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN CULTS of Rick Warren [Purpose Driven], Bill Hybels [Willow Creek], and Joel Osteen [Your Best Life Now], and Robert Schuller [humanistic egoism], and Kenneth/Gloria Copeland and Joyce Meyer, and Creflo Dollar, and Paula White [word of faith], and anti-trinitarians [T.D.Jakes], and Beth Moore [false pseudo-biblical Bible twister] have SO MUCH INFLUENCE over so many FALSE CONVERTS to Christ? ANSWER: Because of the PROFOUND BIBLICAL IGNORANCE and BIBLICAL ILLITERACY of MILLIONS of 'Christians', who attend 'churches' where the WORD OF GOD is NOT TAUGHT. but INSTEAD, MILLIONS OF "TRADITIONS OF MEN" are TAUGHT.
How can you KNOW that a false teacher is a LIAR, and NOT A TRUE BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN??? EASY: READ YOUR BIBLE] That's EASY. Just look at his/ her FRUIT, as Jesus Told Us, and you can QUICKLY see that these people are LYING TO YOU, and TWISTING THE WORD OF GOD into a 'FALSE THEOLOGICAL PRETZEL' in order to DECEIVE YOU and LEAD YOU INTO DOCTRINAL ERRORS. When men and women such as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Robert Schuler, Paul Crouch, Kenneth Copeland, TD Jakes, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinn, Beth Moore, Paula White and THOUSANDS OF OTHER FALSE ANTI-CHRIST TEACHERS teach LIES concerning Christ, and the Gospel, you should, by the Grace and Discrernment of God's Word, recognize that these DEADLY LIARS are merely DECEIVING people, and NOT TELLING THEM THE TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE
What do you think when you hear an obvious 'wolf in sheep's clothing' falsely 'tricking' people into a false religious system, that is devoid of Sound Biblical Doctrine??? In other words, if some false teacher [wolf in sheep's clothing] such as the pope, or Joel Osteen, or Rick Warren, or Bill Hybels, or Rob Bell, or Joyce Meyer, or Beth Moore, or Benny Hinn, or TD Jakes, or Kenneth Copeland, or Paul Crouch, leads THOUSANDS of people into a false man-made system of lies and deception... WHY do you suppose God allows these people to lie and deceive multitudes of people into ERROR?
Sadly, there was a day, many years ago, when I was deceived to believe men such as John Piper, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Bill Hybels, TD Jakes, Joyce Meyers, Beth Moore, and several others were True Biblical Christians, and NOT ANTI-BIBLICAL HERETICS. Sadly, these people have since proven themselves to be ANTI-CHRIST, and GOD-HATING MEN. My Question: How can any sincere, godly man know if any such men are true 'lovers of God', or HATERS OF GOD???
Sadly, there are many DEADLY, FALSE TEACHERS deceiving and leading many souls AWAY from the Truth of Christ, and being heavily promoted in our days, that are destroying the FAITH of God's People... There are MANY Ungodly, anti-Biblical false teachers such as Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Robert Schuller, C.Peter Wagner, Rob Bell, Mark Driscoll, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland,TD Jakes, Paul Crouch, and many other, as well as women anti-Christ false teachers such as Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Gloria Copeland, Paula White, and many others. Why do you suppose there are so many millions of gullible, Biblically illiterate 'followers' of these FALSE TEACHERS?
For a long time now it has mystified me at the number of people, pastor’s and lay persons alike, who was raised in old time Pentecost, have now have turned to false prophets such as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, T. D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Oprah, and several others, for their inspiration! After much wonderment I have finally come to the conclusion this is the result of two things: (1) They have lost their first love and are now lukewarm, or (2) even though they have preached and taught for years and years, they only have head knowledge of the Word of God, and are carrying on in the flesh and not the Spirit. In either case, it is so sad to see so much of this in our supposedly Pentecostal churches.
On my page you will get TRUTH it may not be welcomed and some might take offense but i owe it to the lord to follow through with his word. I see many who profess to be christians & yet The word of God isnt sufficient for you. You want to know why I say this? Your love of false teachers ! Plain and simple. Folks Joyce Meyers is a false teacher and and adulteress , Look it up! Some of you here are such blind sheep! Joel Osteen, Benni hinn, Td Jakes , Rick Warren , Creflo Dollar, on and on! Beth Moore, Jesse Dupantis, Joseph Prince To name a few. People of God study and research these people out and cast the "idols" down!
What are your thoughts on Prosperity Evangelists like Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Paula White, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Beth Moore, etc.? False prophets or true, bible teaching/believing evangelists that have gotten wealthy legitimately? Just curious to what you guys think...
Keep away from Francis Chan ya'll, he's one with the catholic church and their "new age movement" he actually believes that if you fail to give money to poor people you'll go to *** Where is that in the Bible? Each one of Rick Warren's minions like Chan, Beth Moore, John Piper, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Brian McLearan, Louis Giglio and others, they are pushing the whole "good deeds get you into Heaven" propaganda, the same satanic doctrine taught in both freemasonry and the catholic church! (which subsequently created freemasonry under their jesuits and rosecrutions). Rick Warren's mentors were all freemasons, coincidence? Same lingo, same feathers, which leaves most True Christians to see that Warren IS a freemason! Francis Chan is always aligned with Warren... he often speaks at his saddleback church...he even does contemplative prayers with other heretics Beth Moore and John Piper...there's video of it if you don't believe me lol. Don't let satan's ministers dupe you by sounding all "nice/comforting" . ...
Day 16 Sometimes in life we face difficulties that we really don't know the best way to handle. Praying for guidance and wisdom and also studying the bible is greatly important. Seeking wise council whether it be a pastor, deacon, or any other Christian or someone who has had the same struggle as you is also a wise thing to do. But one other thing that I find VERY encouraging is to read books that address the issue that I am facing. So today I am thankful for all of the authors who have inspired me to keep striving to be the best that I can be. Max Lucada, Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, John Gray, Phil McGraw, Dave Ramsey, Willard F. Harley, Iyanla Vanzant, and so many more have each touched my life and help me to be stronger in my daily walk as a Christian. I'm thankful for their guidance!!
Wendi Thornton PAUL MENTIONED NAMES AND I WILL TOO; FALSE TEACHERS... Paul and Jan Crouch, Beth Moore, Rick Warren, John Hagee, Todd Bentley, Rodney Howard Brown, Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Joel Osteen, Francis Chan, Mark Driscoll, Hank Hanegraaff, T.D. Jakes, Carlton Pearson, Mike Murdock, Rod Parsley, Joseph Prince, Derek Prince, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller, Charles R ussell, Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White, John Wimber, and the list goes on...Each one takes scripture out of context, and gives their own 'revelation from God', changing the verses to make them support their false teachings. All you need to do- like I did- is get your KJV Bible and read it, know it, and God will show you error and expose the false teachers to you.
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Instead of that bum Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer check out Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, Ravi or Beth Moore (for women) YOUTUBE them now!
Happy to see no Joel Osteen in the current catalog since he is a FALSE TEACHER. Joyce Meyer & Beth Moore are also FALSE TEACHERS
A short list of popular false teachers, new age church movement leaders, contemplatives, gealth wealth gospel etc- .Rick Warren .joyce Myer .Beth Moore .Rob Bell .Joel Osteen .Brian McLaren .Sarah Young .Tony jones .Doug Pagitt .Spencer burke (and if I missed one please tell me I would love to know)
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