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Beth Karas

Beth Karas is a Senior Reporter with truTV, providing commentary on a number of high-profile cases, including the rape trial of Kobe Bryant, the Martha Stewart trial, and the murder trials of Robert Blake and Scott Peterson.

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I followed Beth Karas fb for awhile, some odd people started posting there too tho.
Nobody does it better then Beth Karas!!
I love Beth Karas but I refuse to pay for something I can get for free somewhere else. LOL
Just in : Beth Karas on King Jordan Radio This Thursday @ 9:30pmEST !!. Talking news & Law !
Beth Karas: "[Reeva's] face being clean does seem to indicate it's been wiped off." @ +- 25 minutes
What a bunch of BS—even Beth Karas disagreed w their ridiculous idea that sanitized the crime scene.
Beth Karas on Oscar Pistorius sanitizing the crime scene?
of will air on Listen now by visiting
I've read both his & her texts @ Beth Karas. You are wrong, barely talked 2 her
I haven't subscribed to Beth Karas website so I haven't been able to read them. I really should.
Yes. I hope someone is able to stream it. Beth Karas' site has a reporter that sits in on hearings.
good side big time didn't he? Saw his mom on a Beth Karas Skype. She's weird.
why do I have to put information to see this Beth karas
I read about it on the Super Duper FB pg-as far as I know, Beth Karas is the only 1 w/documents & I don't subscribe
I believe it was txt msgs not discussed in court @ Beth Karas website. I think she posted all msgs.
Beth Karas on The Casey Anthony alleged Sit Down TV Interview on KJR!! via
Hamilton Collection
return's to KingJordanRadio talkin trial show starts 930pmes Link to Listen:
I am not an *** or troll. That was a legal question from an expert, Beth Karas!!! Think before you respond!!
Beth Karas says ~May. Who will remember whatshername by then?
I'll be sure to be watching, I just love you Beth Karas, ur so totally AWESOME & REAL, A FAN SINCE COURT TV DAYS, YEAH! :-)
I thought Beth Karas was smarter than that.
Yes it is. Beth karas, Joey Jackson, Monica maelstrom all said she screwed up.
and everything she said can be used against her in her appeal according to Beth Karas
...with dear friend and esteemed colleague Beth Karas...moments after sentencing of Jodi Arias...
HLN-Beth Karas says Jw was in the background all this time, then spoke today. JW has been doing her dirty work her with CaCha.
OH, Thank the HIgher Powers, Beth Karas. And the Family and WE are Released from this tedious and horrific journey!
I was reading Beth Karas statement that she predicts it will be over by noon
Beth Karas predicts at noon it will be finished
great job for all you do Beth Karas
BETH KARAS on what occurs at sentencing & in MAXIMUM security cell @ Perryville (Video date 4/6/15).
Notice that Beth Karas didn't bother to speak up either
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Beth Karas didn't call her out either or straight out say who she was
I can't believe that Beth Karas and Diane Dimond are letting this women go on... Shut her up.
Here's a link to Skype show with and .
Did you see the painful facial expressions Beth Karas made while M McGees mother allowed to spew lie after lie?
For those who missed it, like I did: . Diane Dimond w/ Beth Karas, . Video call in's by viewers.
I'm surprised that Beth Karas didn't catch on right away, I knew it was her as soon she said her son was a "friend" of TA's
My mother (Kim) and I will be on Crime Time Live tonight with Beth Karas and Diane Diamond. go there at 8pm :)
What's Next in the Never-ending Jodi Arias Saga? Beth Karas of KarasOnCrime with the Latest!
I think she has to file within 2wks. Beth Karas says the 1st appeal is on the state; the rest is on JA!
Beth Karas talks about case. Begins at 26 minutes.
It's nice to get updates that aren't all Here's one about .
Thank U! Apparently the vids were "lifted" from Beth Karas' website! I'm sure Crimetimevids will upload soon.
Right! Can't remember either. Might have been Beth Karas or Joey Jackson!
I haven't seen any yet, but I know Beth Karas is trying to get transcripts of the ex parte meetings in chambers.
They aren't Beth Karas' copyrighted vids. They are the vids.(MCSC) Couldn't that site have pd for them too?
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Beth Karas and Kinsey both wrote endorsements for the book.
Read complete gmail chat and journals at Beth Karas site. Don't go by Nurmi, educate yourself. mattered!
The complete gmail and both of their journals are on Beth Karas's blog.
new episode Anne Bremner,Beth Karas, & Dwane Cates on Jodi Arias at
get legal on this joeyjackson Beth Karas
Federal Government should investigate that juror! I hear Beth Karas! Go Beth!
We the people want trial coverage all trials covered by Joey Jackson nancygrace and Beth Karas
a healthy AM reminder..Bring some snacks from home to avoid Movie Candy and Beth Karas chocolates!
What # should I search to get most info. Not seeing beth karas or troy posting
HELLO! Courtroom people. Can we get info other than Beth Karas handing out *** chocolate.
I respect Beth karas and it was on her website I saw a lone juror left on break and came back! Spectator said
wondering if Beth Karas can write off her espresso coffee bean chocolates on her taxes. :)
If trial continues beyond today, I'll have to give Beth Karas another 6 bucks for my subscription.
I am going off what Beth karas reported on her website yesterday
Jennifer, Cathy and Jeff Gold, Paul Sanders, Beth Karas &Jen with Trial diaries all agree and contradict that post
Beth karas said the deliberations are back on and yall are just waiting.
Am feeling chipper today! And hoping no repeat of strange scene from yesterday. BETH KARAS says Jury deliberating 4 35 m.
Beth Karas reminds me of Jodi, very vain in that she loves it when ppl say how skinny she is, way she dresses. Looking for comp.
even Beth Karas reported that they were deadlocked a…
even Beth Karas reported that they were deadlocked and she was there
Beth Karas needs to go get real answers from Perryville like Troy Hayden did.
According to Beth Karas, he was much more subdued this time. Nurmi was the aggressive one this time.
Nurmi just showed up per Beth Karas.
So that's pretty cool that Beth Karas helped you out w/ Maria DeLaRosa. Congratulations!
that was someone who had a sister in law that lived in Yreka. She was dismissed, she asked Beth Karas if she was Nancy Grace
"Jodi has a big smile as she talks to Willmott" per Beth Karas
Beth Karas is saying this could be the end..Both lawyers at sidebar...
Beth Karas reports 20 friends, family, supporters for ; only 1 for
Per Beth Karas Attorneys just went into chambers without or the court stenographer.
Beth Karas is reporting increased security in hallway...I think we are going to hear a verdict in 10 minutes!
Has this ever happened before do you know Beth Karas, so this means jury isn't deliberating now ?
what the heck has happened to HLN Karas Nothing but the same News over and Over !
Beth Karas is starting the jury clock at 9:30 mst until we have confirmation a bit later.
Wonder if Beth Karas got wind of their latest stunt?
yes it's true. Will have to watch on pay sites like Beth Karas' & TrialTalk. Trial was not been streamed, there is no access.
No way! I bet Beth Karas or one of the other journalists is going to stream it.
Life or death? Day 3 of deliberations in the penalty phase retrial . ~ Beth Karas
Remember everyone - IGNORE TROLLS..Beth Karas, Jen Wood & Cathy are right there (among others) & we will hear from them B4 anyone :)
as per Beth Karas, last jury deliberated 13hrs 48min in penalty phase..
but trial diaries and BETH Karas paid website blog reporting-
- Yes, it is true. posted by Beth Karas last night
What is she claiming was racial? Something doesn't add up w one person singing a song for lunch w Beth Karas present.
Beth Karas reported it in tonight's video.
Beth Karas reported that the defense investigator died. She didn't say his name.
Some one here said Beth Karas is reporting it.
Yeah! I think ur AWESOME Beth Karas, my daughter & I have been following u since the Court Tv days, think ur GREAT @ ur job!!
Is that Beth Karas and Michael Keifer talking to her! They have both been pro-defense IMO!
Then the trial watchers, some of whom are bloggers, took photos of me and Beth Karas talking to De La Rosa and posted t…
Link for Talkin Law Radio show with Professor Romano author "Racial Reckoning" and
Beth Karas says Witness has been effectively impeached. That's enough for me.
He follows Beth Karas and Mike Watkiss too .. they are media people .. I don't think you can draw the conclusion you did.
Beth Karas said she would stream it for sure, and I bet/hope plans to also.
That's not what CH stated to Beth Karas and on her site
Beth from TWD is a prostitute in this episode of Law & Order my life is ruined
Just listened to Beth Karas and she says Demarte is a rock star witness especially under cross. Suck on that supporters.
By the way, I started reading the journals on Beth Karas' site. Amazing that no journal entries exist of actual dating time
So it seems that the SW Troll on Beth Karas' page is Gone- Finally, as is All of her *** comments.
- I'm subscribed to Beth Karas' site and she interviewed him
Wonderful site if you want the latest on the Arias trial. Beth Karas' new site.
Link to listen TALKIN LAW radio live 930am Dec31 with Attorney Robert B Macaulay and Beth Karas
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.Tell that to Ryan Smith, Beth Karas, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Vinnie Politan -- all fired. HLN is being occupied!
Latest on Jodi AriasS trial by none other than Beth Karas.
I will be on "Talkin Law" Radio this Monday at 930 AM ET, Listen live at
thanks ill check it out. I don't care for jvm much she's fake! But I do like Beth karas
Beth is Karas on crime down again today ???
Talkin Law with Dan... hosted by Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser Beth Karas on coming up! Tune in now!
Listening to Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser: Spec... by Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser With Beth Karas 5 Mins to Air
Beth Karas, after 30 years of following trials and as a trial lawyer has NEVER seen anything like this.
Great trial coverage by Beth Karas on her new website,
Thank you. Intend to tune into BlogTalkRadio Dec 5 @ 1CT. Listening to tonite 7CT for Tricia's show w/Beth Karas
Chris Dardon and Beth Karas guest Thurs Dec 4th 8 PM EASTERN on True Crime It's going t...
Christopher Darden is my guest tomorrow, (Thurs) Beth Karas updates the Arias trial, and more, 8:00 PM EASTERN
BETH KARAS is a 'class act!' Beauty& polite, a real lady! Really miss seeing Beth on HLH ,too.
If the witnesses won't testify for it is bad 4 the State and Beth Karas could be right.
No way is Juan going to subpoena the defense's crackpot witnesses and Beth Karas has confirmed that she did not report that.
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I read that the one who spoke to Beth Karas said she stared at her and she thought she was "creepy"
hope you will be just as supportive when she gets slapped with a big old lawsuit from Beth Karas
I took the liberty of swiping Beth Karas' comments.I think it's fair. She decided to make me pay to defend my comments! Not!
That is how it sounds to me also. However, Beth Karas on 3tv gave a milder impression.
I don't KARE who you think did it -- she's gone, Vinnie, Ryan Smith, Beth Karas -- all canned. Call it a coincidence.
This blonde lady on is the 2nd coming of Beth Karas, I swear. (Beth did herself in on the case.) .
she desperately wants to be part of this case,when Beth Karas blocks you,know you are nutter
Great picture on Beth Karas site. Must see.
T&T: Beth Karas Launches  Beth KarasIn mid October 2014, right before the start of the ...
Surprise! (not) Beth Karas just blocked me from her message board.BK doesn't deal well w/ dissenters! Ha! .
Actually, only Beth Karas has a paid member site from HLN. But I subscribe to
True Crime Radio Thursday Nov 20th with Beth Karas and Sheryl McCollum -
If you missed tonight's show with Sheryl McCollum and Beth Karas just go to the True Crime Radio archives at
2night 8 PM ET go to and click on the "Listen Now" tab to hear the live show featuring Beth Karas and Sheryl McCollum
Your girl won't have a job for too long. We've already smashed JVM, Vinnie, Beth Karas, Ryan Smith ... more to come
Remember Beth Karas is at the Jodi Arias trial and is reporting the details on her site Beth is the BEST reporter!
Nancy Grace,JVM,Beth Karas and many others made sure that this trial became a charade first class. Judge is protecting
How does someone mistake beth karas for Nancy Grace ? Someon doesn't know the differents.
All my mobbers are upset 'cause we fired Jane Velez, Vinnie Politan, Beth Karas, and more to come. Now my mobbers are clinging to Nancy.
Doubt it since he/shes a felon. She's posting on Beth Karas' FB page saying "all the haters have ruined all their lives"
it is crap! Is that the juror that wondered if Beth Karas was Nancy?
ask them if it's true that Jason webber got JVM, Beth karas, and vinnie fired from HLN. That's Jason's latest claim.
The following is an excerpt from Beth Karas' new site, Karas On Crime, posted with Beth's express permission.
Want the best coverage in the Jodi Arias sentencing trial? Here you go Nobody reports like Beth Karas
Get out of Ms. Beth Karas's brain, will ya?
Hasn't Beth Karas done enough damage? Impersonating Nancy. She shld be ashamed for trying to steal NG's spotlite
Here's OccupyHLN info on the matter.
Beth Karas on the juror that approached her. . It Happened Outside the Courthouse via
I adore Beth Karas. And anyone who mistakes her for Nancy Grace SHOULD be bounced from the jury.
you haven't signed up pleas do so. Continuous coverage by Beth hype just the truth
It Happened Outside the Courthouse - The trial was in its morning recess, and a few of the regular court watchers ...
Is this a conflict of interest, like Beth Karas, Nancy Grace?
I was thinking the same thing! Hope they weren't asking if Beth Karas was Nancy Grace, too. LOL ;-D
Ah yes! 10/22/14 was over the juror talking to the media, Beth Karas. How much more complicated this going to get?
who doesn't know the difference between Beth Karas and Namcy Grace? Clearly she wasn't too bright .
A juror in the Jodi Arias sentencing phase retrial was dismissed during the start of the afternoon session Wednesday after approaching journalist Beth Karas and asking if she was Nancy Grace.
Juror on Arias case dismissed bc "she was a Nancy Grace fan" yet asked Beth Karas if she was Nancy Grace? Makes ZERO sense
Beth Karas is gonna be on Extreme Talk from the True Crime station...the link I sent earlier
but it's not just Nancy. It's Beth Karas, Monica linstrom, Jen, wild. Others too.
I got a link for you girls, heard Beth Karas on there recently..
I Think so. I know he posted a video about Beth Karas testifying.
Levi Page & Beth Karas R guests at 8 PM ET Tonight. In about 35 minutes. Go to and click on, "Listen Now" at 8 PM ET
That's right!! Dang woman yesterday talking with Beth Karas & then insults her by asking if she's NG?!
Mdee, what did I miss? Thought it was Beth Karas that juror spoke to?
Levi Page is my guest along with Beth Karas tonight 8 pm Eastern on Chat room open ET.
So nice to see you! What is Spree Cast, and how can I find it? With both Beth Karas + you,it's bound to be a success.
LOVE Beth Karas. Glad to see her again. Wish her great luck!
Beth Karas is one of America's top legal analysts. She is in Phoenix and covering the Jodi Arias trial for her new venture. Jane gets the inside scoop from Beth about the re-trial!
hv u seen this talked to Beth Karas in Phoenix re . The juror problem and Beth's new venture!
and chat about and Beth's new venture
Juror to Beth Karas: "Are you Nancy Grace?" Juror says Karas looks familiar. Karas says she used to work for Nancy Grace
juror Number 9 ousted after approaching Reporter Beth Karas and asking if Beth was Nancy Grace--media groupi…
.reporting for duty. Juror excused for reportedly (overheard) approaching Beth Karas and asking if …
really? We know who Beth Karas is, that she used to work for and you don't need to call her "the reporter"
The fact that the juror asked if Beth Karas was Nancy Grace proves that juror never actually watched Nancy Grace.
A Jodi Arias juror was given the boot today because she walked up to reporter/legal analyst Beth Karas and asked Beth if she was Nancy Grace. Beth reported her and she was dismissed.
Juror dismissed in Jodi Arias penalty retrial: Legal expert and journalist Beth Karas was approached by a juro...
Dave, you need a PR makeover unless you'd like the same fate as Vinnie Politan, Jane Velez-Mitchell, & Beth Karas. :)
I wanted to follow Beth Karas & found him, she wasn't talking much on FB
I remember I got a pic with JVM did not know who she was. Beth Karas too
Beth Karas posted this ...The new jury must be death-qualified, and able to set aside any opinion or knowledge...
update, c/o Beth Karas: . From the first panel of 100 potential jurors, 54 were excused (19 for being...
Do hope u will join my conversation with Monica Lindstrom, Beth Karas, Nicole DeBorde, Joey Jackson and Fred Teece.
Can't believe Vinnie is leaving!You let Beth Karas go but keep Jane Velez?.Really?I love Joey Jackson.Get rid of Jane.Obnoxious
HLN has chased off Jean Casarez, Beth Karas, Ryan Smith, Kyra Phillips, & now Vinnie Politan. No hope now
“Get off the treadmill a tornados coming -Beth watch out everyone Beth is on tornado watch hide ya kids
Get off the treadmill a tornados coming -Beth
Its so nice not to listen to her bias *** anymore...I really do miss seeing Beth Karas tho...
Coast to coast crime with Courtesy of .
Beth Karas and author Douglas Preston talk about the latest in the Amanda Knox case, her upcoming retrial, and the Italian justice system.
Beth karas was, by far, my favorite journalist on Court TV, In Session, and finally on HLN. I was shocked when I discovered she had been let go. I had noticed she'd been off screen for awhile but assumed she was on a well deserved vacation following the Jodi Arias trial. Ms. Karas was the only remaining reporter with credibility, and smart as a whip to boot. She really knew her stuff! Jean Casarez has always come across as fake and just too self serving. Same situation with Vinnie Politan but on a much larger scale. The only positive I can take from this is that about the time Beth left, HLN no longer covers trials. Because of this, I no longer watch and neither does anyone else I know. If I want to watch the news, I watch cable news channels like Fox News or CNN. HLN never held a candle to them but what they had, that was special, was gavel to gavel court coverage. Bad move HLN, no more Beth Karas, no more court watching, no more viewers.
She just can't stay out of the spotlight. Learned today Beth Karas was supposed to interview late 2011
Click here to support Juli's Journey to recovery after Stroke by Beth Karas
I love beth karas .Shes so classy and unbiast and can tolerate Nancy Grace.
Tune in Sunday night (Dec. 15) to Oxygen Network's "Snapped" at 9:00 pm ET for part 1 of the monster's story. Part 2 airs the next night at 10:00 pm ET. Beth Karas, along with many others who attended or followed the trial, were interviewed for these two shows. Of course, we would have preferred a tribute show to Travis but thought we would post this just in case anyone was interested.
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I liked something of Beth Karas 's on FB, look at the number of likes she has
ILLUMINATI v. DR. CONRAD MURRAY, BAPHOMET MIND WARS & THE ASSASSINATION OF MICHAEL JACKSON 21 10 2011 Illuminati v. Dr. Conrad Murray, to Lynch a Black Patsy on National Television The case against Dr. Conrad Murray for culpability as the “Patsy” in the death of Michael Jackson is among the “unseen” well beyond the rule of law of the courtroom. It is a clandestine Illuminati attack upon Dr. Murray to anchor and re-image him in the mind of the world public opinion as the Lone Nut killer of Michael Jackson through a slick mass media psychological warfare persuasion, manipulation, and mind control program. “… I believe that the CIA controls the media system in the United States.” - Media Mogul, Ted Turner[1] I suspect that Turner, above, with the Master “Hidden Hand” gesture had been a willing participant in Operation MOCKINGBIRD all along fronting for the CIA. CNN’s very own daring candy man, Anderson Cooper, out of Yale University received his training with the CIA. The candyman sugar-c ...
Beth Karas posted that Martin Macneill tried to kill himself yesterday.
Editor's note: This is the second of a two-part interview with the family of slaying victim Travis Alexander. During the first part of the interview, Alexander’s siblings told In Session's Beth Karas about how they found out about their brother's death. Jodi Arias deserves the death penalty, accordi...
Comments on Justice4MJ group and then Beth Karas' interview with journalist Lee Thomas who also has vitiligo... please excuse the commercial at the end, I go ...
Hey trial buddies! Beth Karas is talking the MacNeill case on Lifestyle Talk Radio Network NOW!
Hey Pita- Beth Karas is doing that radio show TODAY. I'm listening to it now!
YES!! Go away Nancy Grace/Jinkasauras.bring back BETH KARAS. Won't watch til they're gone.
I miss Beth Karas too.she's a real sweety. They should never let her go.=(
Jean Casarez needs 2 just jump off the roof & end my sooo hate her & I sooo miss Beth Karas!
Jean was very wrong about some Arias jurors, too - missing Beth Karas' legal reporting on HLN.
nice to see you here. I miss Beth Karas's coverage of trials.
Why do all the women news anchors, except Christi Paul and Robin Meade, sound like they're SCREAMING. I miss Beth Karas.
Show starts at top of the hour with Beth Karas and Police Chief James Kolar about the GJ indictments of the Ramseys
Beth Karas just so happens to be a media commentator AND a RESPECTED PROSECUTOR! FYI!!
Beth Karas says The settlement conference in Jodi Arias was scheduled to begin three hours ago. I'll update when, and if, I get information.
Sign up for WildAboutTrial spree cast happening TONIGHT at 9 pm. Exclusive interviews. Beth Karas and
Not on HLN,but I follow Beth Karas,Jean Caserez,so I'm seeing quite a bit about it..Btw,how far away is your interview?
Beth Karas interviews Tom Mesereau, the former defense lawyer for Michael Jackson, regarding the Katherine...
Video: b-marco: Live interview with Tom Mesereau by Beth Karas
Tom Mesereau and Beth Karas discuss the AEG verdict: via
is Beth Karas joining your gold club/crew/team? You are getting HBO to watch that program? Another show begins?
When news that Zimmerman was once again "detained", the story was broken by guest Beth Karas on Judge David...
Beth Karas of Court TV and Jayne Weintraub from HLN on Judge David with the biggest legal cases in the nation!...
Justice with a Snap with Judge David Young - Sep 09,2013 Always wanted to as Beth Karas from HLN and Tru TV a ques
Hello. Anything coming up with Beth Karas soon? I really miss not seeing her and having her perspective.
as of '94 no parole in AZ for M1; u need gov's ok or u never get out; Beth Karas sd she'd have 2 do 80%
Best chat quote "If you were on Wikipedia, we'd know more about you". The Beth Karas article is very limited..
I just watched the Beth Karas video about it today so behind the times
I heard Beth Karas say that some of the stuff in the book she helped JVM with was stuff that was kept out of the trial. Idk
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beth karas helped her ya know, she was on the WAT spreecast the other nite said
Don't miss interviewing this Thursday at 8pm ET on our sweet WAT spreecast:
great show luv Beth Karas , Jay Thomas a total jerk , don't get him back as a guest.
Thank you JVM!! Bless you for your opinions at 7:38 pm supporting Travis and blessings for Beth Karas back on HLN!!
The radio show guy. At least Beth Karas was there...
we got to meet Beth Karas in Toledo covering the murdering priest trial. Son has Court TV shirt on!
hatred causes blindness to the truth; beth karas is lawyer whose eyes discerned truth. Ask ms kares for opinion.
I gave beth karas credit for seeing a subtle remorse...not what u & I may have liked. Very suttle. But that is jodi.
Did you miss the Beth Karas show on Friday? She featured on there for the whole hour :) If...
Beth Karas radio show covering the Kyron Horman case -
This is the entire radio show by Beth Karas today. Thank you again, Beth. (cj)...
I am going to take a second & share this clip...Beth Karas was talking about this show on her talk-radio show...
What a great show that Beth Karas did today for Thank you so very much Beth! . If you missed it, there...
I heard Beth Karas say yesterday they have to have all 5 months of transcripts ready for trial, & she doesn't see it happening
Check out and talking about legal cases for
Wild is Beth Karas going to cover the Michael V Lane trial that starts Monday its in Las Vegas
Click on it & you can watch repeat & Beth Karas will be doing it weekly.
Beth Karas:. I'm hosting a radio show tomorrow from noon to 1 p.m. ET on the Lifestyle TalkRadio Network. You can...
BETH KARAS will be live streaming on tonight at 9pm. Spreecast?
**OLD VIDEO/ARTICLE**. This is a good one to share! It also has Beth Karas, who I look very forward to hear what...
is Mind Fthis entire JUSTICE system. It's beginning to look like its the Jodi Circus Sentence her!
Ya the spree candy cast is here. Just click the play button :)
Watching spreecast of Beth Karas tonight -- she looks and sounds wonderful -- so great to see her again!
Thanks! More to come very soon! Jane Velez Mitchell and Beth Karas are on next week! Showtime TBA.
PLEASE SHARE!! (sg). Beth Karas is doing a radio show on Friday, August 16th, from noon to 1 pm Eastern Time...
Miss the spreecast with and Watch it here:
RSVP for the 1st Live Court Discussion with .and .on .
40 minutes until our spreecast with and starts. Tune in and join in the action here:
HLN is loosing credibility . Beth Karuss, was the only pungent that wasn't put for herself. I turned to Beth for information I knew would be put through a personal filter. Such as a murdered fiance .. Beth, everything happens the way it should. CONGRATUALTIONS WILD..!!& BETH !! WTG!
On Food Network there is a new show called the "SHED" the mother looks like Beth Karas from HLN...check it out.
OH I meant to tell you. I got clearance the other day. Better than your clearance too. Beth Karas got it for me. :P
We need national attention back on Kyron. So, I am providing a link to Beth Karas, she is one of many links I will...
did we just see Beth Karas in a salmon sweater in the front of the court room?
Beth Karas.. I'm surprised no one tried to attack him in the courtroom !
Beth Karas sounds exactly like the Target Lady from .
You never see Jeanne Moos and Beth Karas on screen together because they share the same voice.
When and where are we going to hear from Beth Karas???
Beth Karas I luv u. So happy to have u with us again.! :)
it was so funny I had said a while back when I 1st found wild don't suppose you could knab beth karas! and they did!
I almost didn't recognize you with you new pic! did you see news about beth karas?
this is so great! I said a while back don't suppose you could knab beth karas! AND THEY DID!
WAT Welcomes Beth Karas She shouldnt have lost her job anyway!
T&T: joins as their senior legal analyst.
oh yeah did y'all hear that Beth Karas is going to be covering trials for Wild About Trial?
wild about Beth Karas wherevr I can watch her! Congrats sister, I have missed u on tv!!!
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yeah hwild. This is the best news. Beth Karas is very fair, knowledgeable, and smart as a hwhip!
Don't know how u pulled this off but WOW! Thrilled. Btw love design of header
I know you are at work good news Beth Karas is going to be working for Wild about the Trial. YEA
Glad to hear from u Beth Karas missed u now will follow u on
Congratulations! I'm still waiting patiently for the announcement of the Beth Karas show.
Beth Karas! The best reporter on TV. I am so glad you're here; I have always been a fan of your great reporting. Wow! CourtTV
WAT welcomes our new senior legal analyst and contributor Beth Karas! .
It's great to be covering crime stories & trials for as a contributor and senior legal analyst.
Where is Jean Casarez? And bring back Beth Karas. My ears hurt listening to Jane Velez-Mitchell.
Why did they ever let Jean and Beth Karas go? They were always non bias and gave great insight about the trials they covered. Shame on you HLN the people that are covering the trials are not lawyers and we should go back to Court TV and cover the trials with real lawyers.
I'm guilty of thinking Beth Karas is smokin hot.
Bring Beth & Jean back! They have such class & are very professional. What the heck is HLN thinking? Why not can the RUDE Nancy Grace?
I miss Beth Karas. She is all about legalese - and no drama.
Oh no, just found this! Not sure what to say. partying With the Prosecution: Why HLN Let Beth Karas Go via
partying with prosecution why Hln let Beth karas go. that's the sight I read this on
found out why Beth Karas was let go she was partying w prosecutions witnesses think on Casey's trial &jodi's
how is Beth Karas? It would be nice if HLN or CNN would let us know. Please give her our best wishes if you see/talk with her
- I agree. Throw Beth Karas in there also.
seems like ratings "bug" hit CNN 2 hardly cover the news now! why not just expand format (with Beth Karas)
Really looking forward to Beth Karas! Any chance for Dr. K. Randle at some point? Hope so!!
Beth Karas has a phenomenal new website!
well I never!! We should have a Beth Karas, Jean Le Grand sing off to see which one stays on HLN.
Beth Karas is very pretty for somebody that age (to bear).
I read some article Beth Karas was let go b/c of prosecutorial interaction. But the source is extremist occupy HLN.
keep beth Karas & throw JVM and Nancy Disgrace in a dumpster with feces. Although thats really not a nice thing to do to feces.
why not keep Beth Karas and fire this one? What is your interpretation?
Khazana Khali hai. Nawaz Sharif took his family to China on Haoomti Kharcha. Bhai Khazana to khali he lakin sirf awam kliye :) in k liye to kabhi khali nahi *** sakta :/ Saeed
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