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Best Regards is a limited edition 5-cd box set released by Buckethead, in collaboration with Bryan Brain Mantia and Melissa Reese.

Best regards, Mr. President from Mexico, the best of the best for both countries, Blessing.
Best regards from Mexico Sr president the best for both countries in the matter of economic commerce.
To Belinda & the gang from Shannons, thank you for donating the 2 tickets to our good friend Ian Graves. Best…
Best regards, Mr. President from Mexico, neighboring and cooperative country.
Hi there would there be any chance of getting a photo autograph! Of Tony Blackburn! This is my last option! Best regards Tony Jay
You're welcome. Best, kindest and warmest regards, Michael.
Hi Mio! I just want to give you my best regards, I'm happy for knowing you at Sandy's channel. Greetings from Mexico!
Thanks Jackie for the follow! Feel free to ask anything from my expertise! If I can be of any help feel free to ask. Best Regards, Tom
Congratulations for your spectacular performance!!! Best Brunhilde of the World!!!. Reg…
Have you got a packet ( for Mr.MIKA's birthday ) from Japan ?. Thank you and best regards, Eriko
I'm gonna try my best to squeeze in a drawing when I can, but don't expect to see a whole lot from me in regards to that.
Please accept my regrets, as I am unable to attend. I'm just swamped at work... Best regards,. Bob https…
You can find the name change fees on the link below. Best Regards,. YP.
Every senior national-security professional I know regards Trump as something between (at best) a reckless...
Welcome back, and best regards and wishes to your wife. Glad the fam is back home. Just like the Xbox…
My pleasure, lovely to meet you and all the best for the future. Kind regards Noel
PHP Developer having minimum one year experience in CodeIgniter or Laravel Framework. . Best Regards,. Warm Regards…
Not to forget Sir Alan Wilkins .. Best Regards to him .. sort this out plz ..
Cngratulations Glenn Meehan on his absolutely beautiful 2017 Street Glide Special! Thank you Glenn, Best Regards...
This kind of encouragement make our life hope & stronger to stand up again 🙏 my best regards
Dear Einy, I think this can be changed by the Lost&Found where you addressed the loss to. Best regards, Hatice
Best for the refugees. Now, Obama also did bring up the Russian in regards to the election but it…
Yes i do saal, going to morocco again this year? Aw send my best regards to your family yaah
5/ DC has tried to put their best foot forward in this regards, even if it's ignored by most. But…
Wonderful, Peter! I am hoping to be in town that week and, if so, will definitely make it! :) All the best! Warm regards.
Happy Eid El-Fitr Mubarak. ..Best regards for your family.. with all happiness, peace…
Between and cannot catch a break in regards to her husband sleeping with her best friend
It is glad to announce that COLLECT RICH CO., LTD is successfully online for 4 months. Best regards,. COLLECT RICH CO., LTD Support Team
I sent a few messages to wcarle on the site in regards to the GB API, is he the best contact?
Dear Tara, I´m glad to be of help in this case. Best regards, Hatice
Dear Tara, many thanks for your feedback. We try to fix the luggage problems our customers have asap. Best regards, Hatice
Dear Tara, yes unfortunately in this case only a creditcard or (online) paypal can be offered. Best regards, Hatice
... very to my style I hope it is to your liking and your approval, best regards Luis Borja
We´re sorry that you have this trouble. We hope they get ur issue fixed soon. Best regards, Hatice
Hi Spoon, I'd like to Interview on FACE. Best regards, Dale
Hi Leonardo, our Service Team has quite a lot of calls at the moment, could we maybe help? Thx and best regards, Hatice
Dear Agin, I hope your luggage will be found soon. Sry for the inconvenience and best regards, Hatice
Hi,. I've never seen a pet armadillo. How lucky you are to have one. Best Regards. Michael
Hi, sry that your luggage is still missing. The team is searching for it and they try their best. Kind regards, Hatice
... pleasure of serving you again in the near future, this time to your complete satisfaction. Best regards.
They understand. That's not the issue. What are they gonna do? That's the correct question. Shock can freeze you. best regards
Best regards to Minister of Civil Aviation Shri ji on his birthday. His vision & acumen drives Indian civ…
Our team did their best to leave as soon as possible. Regards 2/2
Awesome! Yes, he is in it. Out next Wednesday. Best regards.
Is there a best number to reach you on in regards to the incoming restaurant at South Steyne? Feel free to DM me. Thanks.
Hi Tessa, yes please and sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards, Hatice
I guess I'm stupid too bc I call zero O sometimes. Best believe I'll call your *** out next time you do…
Pls contact with ur V-no, they´ll help u to get refung instead of voucher. Thanks and best regards,Hatice
Am I the only one who regards this game as one of the best in the PS1 era??
EMPR Outworld might be the greatest manager ever. Best eye for talent, sends his regards with his warrio…
Dear Camille, pls write in English so that we can understand and help u. Thanks and best regards, Hatice
Dear Henry, we hope you enjoy your trip and will be glad to see u on board soon :) Best regards, Hatice
In regards to yall best not let them with the comeback, Runner, on the 29th. They debuted it at
Beautiful art and expression drawed in black in regards
. Thank you very much ... Best regards
Here's a good summary of the return on investment with regards to various home improvement jobs. . BEFORE you...
Hello. We have followed you and you should be able to DM us now. Best regards, Nicole.
Hello. Please follow and DM us for further assistance with your Speedy 30. Best regards, Nicole.
We strive to ensure we provide the best customer service. Please send us direct message in regards to your flight
hello my friend any new podcasts to come? Do you have a podomatic address? Miss your show. Best regards and respect.
Nice Look John. I'd like to interview you on FACE. Best regards, Dale Pinkert
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Hi Kumo, I'd like to Interview you on FACE. Best regards, Dale Pinkert
-I wanna thank especially one of the first people i ever rp'd with thanks, sorry for lack of replies. -best regards
They are "the best" at providing alternative facts. Thanks for broadening my vocabulary. 😇 Carry…
My best regards to everyone who is celebrating Eid today. May Allah bless you all. Eid Mubarak.
Let's celebrate the Magic of who changed me to read novels more wholeheartedly. 😊👍 Best regards to all from 🇵🇭
Ivanka Trump opens up about faith and family just women to women, the best regards to you and yours with God blasts😇
Hi Neil you were in the flight IB6586 if so, the new flight is schedule for 16:00 hours today, Best Regards
Mr. Fat, . Don't stick to me as if I'm your best friend. Remember, you are just a part of my life journey. . Regards, . Venkatesh Veera
Hi Duka, I'd like to interview one of your analysts on FACE. Best regards, Dale Pinkert
Thank you for joining us once again Best regards from the IMEX team!
Yeah i know lady, best regards, hugs
Hello, can you share the official press information on this? I couldnt spot it in your blog o…
Hi Paul,. Sorry for the delayed reply... We will continue on your last DM. Best Regards, . CS
Suspeccted that, swedish is a small language. Best regards
(2/2) Our charity partner is UNICEF. We wish you ALL the best with your future activities. Best regards / Dinis
further assistance, please call us on 955 5800 800 alternatively write on supportBest Regards, Yatra Care !
Thanks for coming back to us. We are sorry that you could only book on the day and not in advance for this…
We are grateful to you for being there Ma'am. Regards and Best wishes !
I Tried my best to convey message. "ALL ARE NOT ENEMY OF OTHERS" . But ur mentality is…
Hi Alex, I'm sorry about that. If you want you can DM me your car reg, autocentre and contact number…
We would like to extend our thankyou to ARMYBOX's for helping us with this poster. Best regards💕🙆
That's sound like an awesome plan, I wish all the best luck then jisoo and send my regards to jennie ok ?
Sending best regards , prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery! God Bless!
We apologize for the inconvenience caused. In order to best assist you, kindly DM us…
Dear and . How long will it take to start impeachment proceedings? We're all fed up with him. Bes…
where in the central station is the meeting based? Can't seem to find the location. Best regards, Wim
happy anniversary to you all! Best regards from the Netherlands 😃
Hi, thanks for letting us know. This truck belongs to a customer, so we will inform him about it. Best regards
Very happy to have had the opportunity to meet you. best regards
Lahi2 man sad gud tag beliefs with regards ana sad.. hihihi so go on on what's best for you gel
Happy Thursday, have a spectacular morning, best regards!
How r u Karan ? All the best for KKK. Warm regards
Ah well another year, no change. As ever best regards staff involved, maybe not best regards to the bus driver who maybe should have s…
Apologies for the delay in coming back to you Arowa. Kindly refer to our recent email. We await your response. Best regards.
Republic will certainly stir the rot of the rotten to come out in the open. Thank you, Arnab. Regards & Best Wishes.
third person. Request you to kindly get in touch with pay u money to get an update. Best Regards, Yatra Care
. . Looking forward to hear a positive action from your side. Regards and best wishes.
. . Season Greetings. Thank you sir to receive our campaign for tax free sanitary napkin. Regards and best wishes.
Really hoping for the best with regards to Nicky Hayden.
Hi, How unfortunate that this has gone so wrong. Fortunately, we've already had contact through customer s…
Hi. Thank you for the follow. Best regards, Robin
Welcome! Have a pleasant stay, best regards from FRA & enjoy your flight to Poland.
What is the best way to contact you with regards to a question I can't find an answer for on your site?
it is one of best regards Bible nice
Simply earn more with the before-after-WOW-effect!. Here is the detailed information.…
We did not mean to trouble you regards to anything. We'll certainly do our best to have the issues resolved ASAP.
Great holiday music , I like your new songs LOWI SOLITO. ME ENAMORE l like you very much ,best .regards
We wish a wonderful stay at FRA, David - welcome & best regards.
in regards to yesterday's conversation about the flag... A SC company made my VW logo into a MD Flag. B…
Hi, where are all complete description for Raleigh Beatz 18? and wich size from bike saddle to ground? Best regards
Hello, could you DM us the details and we will have a look into it. Best Regards SuperValu Team
This is our latest position everything is OK . Best regards Chris . Atlantic Yacht Deliveries Ltd.
Many thanks and best wishes, if I'm feeling jazzy, warm regards
We are certified Android developers and can help you with your android app. Let's get connected to dis…
You, are very cool ! 😃 Thx for RT. MP some postal address and the original work is yours. Best regards ! Mao ht…
your order number and registration email address and we'll do our best to help. Kind regards,. BA.
Hi Michael, could you please PM me back? I would like to ask you something directly. Best regards Pascal
Can you please follow me back? I have a special request for you. Thanks. Best regards, Wouter
Thank you for your time Superintendent! Best regards from !
hi there, I'm trying to contact your support number but it seems unavailable. How can I best get in touch in regards to a listing?
I did lighting for over 20 yrs and this is a Spectacular photo. Thank you for sharing.…
Getting control of my problem skin has been one of the best things I've done with regards to my beauty routine ❤
Dear Chef Satish (GURU),. It's a great pleasure to received that admirable email. Best Regards. Mahesh Raj Dhakal
Hi Melissa, when did you lodge the complaint? Best regards, Mario
thx for following! And thx for supporting and talking about independent films. Looking forward to reading your work. Best regards!
thx for following! Always happy to support Vegas friends. Best regards!
I can't wait for HV's comeback. And send my best regards to Nara noona!😊
Seeing reunite with his fam is too priceless. I'm sooo happy for you, Russ! Best regards to Tita, Tito and to your Kuya! 💙
Hi Wendy. is not responsible for passport control, is in charge or it. Best regards.
.to assist you in regards to your upcoming stay. We look forward to welcoming you and your family next w…
Hi Sir Big thanks for following me Big respect best regards B-Wheel Swiss live reactable EDM art…
Welcome to Istanbul! . My wife and I will be at the concert tomorrow. . Good luck and best regards to you all!!!
Happy days. Best regards with my Easter color and TEZ tour.
Hi Deb, I still in love with this song, OotB was my first CD, best regards from Chile
"Signing Off: The Most Effective Ways to End Your Should you write Thanks, Cheers or Best regards?…
Congratulation Batch 3 for your very good result,Best of Luck for your Future. Regards,. Miss Uzma Malik — feeling happy
Hi Cecilia, thanks for the RT, best regards, Neil
Full regards for the Hon'ble judges but I am going to vote for the best
to fellow out in Best regards to you and yours, and have an outstanding weekend!
This is very sad news. Get well soon . Best Wishes for you always. Regards.. ..
I  just asked the National express to pay me the £50 which I paid to the taxi . Thank you . Best Regards . JAMAL AL KALBANI
message and we will forward your request. We would also need a valid email address. Best regards, Mario 2/2
As I communicated with you, I will certainly meet you in delhi. Kindly honor our visit. Best Regards. Dr.Mahadeva T
A picture of my Galatasaray jersey collection since 1993. . Best regards from Germany.
Thank you! 😃 We look forward to welcoming you again on board soon. Best regards, CG
. Hello,. Can we contact in Spanish?. Best regards. joseppallarols
Happy birthday to the best mom friend ever! Enjoy your day bro. *** regards mo na lang ako kay james. See you soon…
So glad you enjoyed your stay😀Thank you very much for sharing these nice pictures! Best regards,…
Congrats Ma. Best regards to your kid
Thank you very much and I sent the email sometime ago, Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards. M
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
My best Twitfam so far by you always!! Pathy send her Regards!! ❤️ always
. Hello,. Can we contact in Spanish?. Do you have Baccarat online?. Best regards. joseppallarols
Friday Accumulator por gentileza de Best Regards for all
Pick por gentileza de Best Regards for all
All the very best for your latest release Best regards from all of us here at Emmay! 👍🎬
.for the safe mode on windows 10, 3 restarts are required. Whose idea was it? tell that *** *** my…
Please, tell us your booking number. Best regards.
Please write to customer.servicewith your booking information and reference number an…
Hi! We were just able to DM you with some information, please check it when convenient :) Best regards / Dinis
yes Maharajji correct as Gita Gyan in kalyug 100% karma is Great.t. Best regards. Radhe Radhe. Today I can see your katha at tv
Dearest Danny, all the best for your BD and many happy returns! What a pleasure to meet u in Ipswich, thanx. Kind regards Ingrid😘
I've seen this happen across the Valley & nauseates me. Best investors ensure their founders lead happy and nurture…
Hi Ariana, thank you. We are happy to hear that and you're very welcome. Best regards, Mario
.many thanks for the rt. Happy you like it! Best regards from Barcelona!
Hi Mr. . I hope a nice day for you. Best regards.
Update your maps at Navteq
My best regards to everyone and your families. Thank you once again for all the support!!
Mr President thank you for. for showing the world that. The USA will not be bullied. best wishes. Regards. PJM Australia
what can I say for you? Samir happy birthday Samir best regards god willing the next year will be better than the last days
Very glad to hear you are okay! Have a great weekend. Best Regards, Marelis
Sweet Dreams are made of these , who am I to disagree sang Annie Lenox . This is the latest song fr…
pass on best wishes and regards to Mauro, Bas! Absolutely love his passion and fight calling. He has a lot of fans!
Now you send me your hardened regards, when once you sent me love. Your "my best wishes", they make me suspicious.
Best regards from Uruguay. You are The best.
Morning. We inform you that you need to contact as soon as possible our customer service: Best regards.
Good morning. We have answered you by DM. Best regards.
Dear Demmi, we have received your email. Please rest assured that we will get back to you as soon as possible. Best regards *S
Best regards to all. Let's join together having the bless of Jesus, to build nation with unity and show the power of us to world.
Really sir,always you give best regards to all great leaders, b,cos you have proved yourself a great global leader
Request your patience in the interim. Best Regards, Yatra care
With regards to the day of Jummah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in a hadith:. “The best day on which the sun has...
All the best to Challenging Star 's Movie and to Whole Team releasing tomorrow . Regards - ht…
With ownership of what will be will be - we can only hope for the best!. With regards the game today...another huge game - win it & ☺️
Let us receive His offer of forgiveness and place our trust in Him for salvation. Have a blessed Good Friday!. Best Regards,. PUSU 2017
Sustainability, growth and residual income. I can show you. Best Regards
Uganda 5th Best Exhibitor Thank You for lifting our colours high my regards to Edwin Muz…
Thx for following me! Let’s discuss common business opportunities via . best regards from Andreas
If you have any questions, you can email me at all. Best regards,. DOPE.
Happy holi to you Sir. Best regards,. Ajay Rana,. Banuri HP
Thanks for your message. We have replied to you. Best regards!
the method is simple, relax and receive positive affirmations, IK it sounds like BS, but just give it a shot, ok?Best regards
Best wishes to you and ur loved ones for a courful Holi filled with sweet memories and moments. "Happpy Holi". Regards. . Jitendra mishra
we don't offer a direct flight starting April 2017, only with a stopover. Best regards, JP.
watched the documentary. You are fighting the right fight, thank you for being the voice for those that can't. Best regards!
My dear brother who disappeared:) I hear you. I wish he gets better. Good morning! Regards and best wishes to you f…
, Thank you so much , have a great week too :-). Best regards from
Happy holi sir may ur all wish come true you are the best PM ever Regards .may you live forever for our country .jai bharat 😊
Breath of Fire III was a sleeper hit in all regards. In my opinion anyway, the best the franchise has to offer.
is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors!. Happy Holi . Best Regards,. Anil Sharma
same to you sir,most welcome with regards and best wishes of the Day
Welcome,thank for greetings,wish you best joy & regards of the world with regard,May God bless you all the beautiful colours
Gonna call our local Conversation Officer & inquire (ok... that's all, at least for now) Best regards, Ann!
To my dearest intern coming by next Monday. I prepared a "gift" for you on your table. Best regards, your loveliest Asst. Manager ❤️
thank you for your post. We will make sure to convey your feedback to the boutique. Best regards.
So many folks miss you My best regards to your smart, beautiful wife Dr. Jill. ☺ ❤
David, I sent a note regarding OM your way with regards to a charity request involving Best to you
My best regards and wishes to u Bhrata
In almost all regards, the free market prevails as the best system to have.
May You Lead and Prosper this Country to World Best Destination. Regards Always and…
. Best regards, it's a wonderful picture they share, the photographer is great ...
unpopular choice but best in regards to pure talent was Kewell IMO
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Hi & thx for following me! Hope we can connect in the future and maybe do a project together! Best regards.
Dear food ads no one eats in slow motion with their eyes closed. Best regards regular people.
Happy Holi, Sir. May God bless you with health and happiness. You are the best PM ever. Regards.
You're the best thing that's ever been mine 💑🔐🙈💕. *regards kos naghawid ug folder* 😂😘.
I photographed the weekends game at Watsonia on Sat and Sun, your club is welcome to these. Best regards…
Routing this case To for further action. Best regards
passenger should have the boarding pass on their own device in order to pass through security. Best Regards, Rik 2/2
TY Ms. Jones. You falling in 💑with Harold as Winthrop got his coronet = fond memories. Best Regards, Kenn of
Hi Howard, you are more than welcome. Sorry we were not active when you needed us, but we are here now. Best regards, Rosie
Hello Beci, we contacted you via direct message. Best regards!
Hi! What's the best way to get in touch with the UK office in regards to internships?
DAE still think about signatures in email? If I'm being sincere, I sign "sincerely". Rapid conversation: nothing. Warm wishes: best/regards
Hi Nick,. Sorry for all the trouble. Can you please DM us details?. Best Regards, . CS
Hey Natasha, we don't offer Paypal atm. Please check out our payment options: Best regards!
then please book directly at Thank you for your cooperation. Best regards, Ric 2/2
2/2 Therefore, we regret that we are unable to assist you any further. Please accept our sincere apologies. Best regards.
You can then click on the size and add your email address or use ´Search in store´ to check store availability. Best regards.
Hi If you are interested in free templates Joomla,Magento and regards.
Do your job! Best regards from pro bono Utah protester.
Hey Paul Martin thanks for the follow!Thank you! ,I invite you To Join My List Best regards Mannaan Be
Hi I'm a radio Plugger, do you have a Video Premieres Submission address? . Best regards Lander PR
Hi. Thanks for your interest. However, we regret that this popular T-shirt is no longer available for purchase. Best regards.
Mr. Baron has an extraordinarily fast mind.He can fit an hour in 30 minutes. Amazing. Best Regards
should be able to print this in the machines at the airport, does it not work? Best regards, Marie
it will deter you from future purchases. All the best and have a pleasant day. Kind Regards Marie
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Please clear cache, and change browser. If persists please let us know. Best regards. Paulo
any changes or cancellation to a booking will have applicable charges. Best Regards
Sr/Mm here you have Joomla,Prestashop,Drupal and others free themes. Best regards.
. Convey my best regards to respected Sushmaji on her birthday .
Will do. Pass on my best regards to the legend that is Mark Stanley 👍
Hi Peter, Could you please get in touch with our CC team to get this fixed?. Best regards,. TomTom team
Aww congrats!! Wish you both all the best for the future along with luck, health and happiness 😄Best Regards Rob
Hi Chloe, you are welcome! Have a great day Best regards, Audrey
. Dear . I know Azerbaijani,Turkish, Russian and English. If you advise me he can job?. Best regards Emil
*** My best regards to him oo. So sorry
. The best . Waiting to see you guys !! regards😉😉
many thanks for the update. We try our best to offer our best support. Best regards
. Some lovely and interesting . artworks in this series. You always surprise and delight us. Thank you. Best Regards.
Lot of unnecessary hyphens here, my dude. (PS, best regards on upcoming impeachment. Love!)
Hi Chris,. Sorry for the trouble... Can you please DM us the email address for your Avid account?…
Im very sorry o hear about the branch delay. I will contact them for clarification. Best regards, Marelis
Dear body, . PLEASE for the love of god, don't get sick. . Best Regards, I leave for Vegas tomorrow.
Nuffield Brighton, and wish you all the best in the future! Kind regards, (2/2) ^JP
Hi guys,thanks a lot for your friendship! Best regards from Italy! We hope you like our stuff :D.
Best phantom ever! I saw your performance in Broadway last april and it was amazing!. Regards from Chile!
anyone I could speak with regarding Sponsorships? Many thanks and best regards Vanessa
Your package should arrive in Indonesia within 15 working days. Best regards
Hello, sorry to hear that. Please check here for our Fees and Charges link Best regards. Paulo
I'm glad to read that you received your parcel . :-) I wish you a nice day. Best regards, Monique ^MA
Hello . Sir, We would like to discuss a possible business synergy. Kindly share the best mode of getting connected. Regards.
You're momless start from now on . Best regards . Keik and nunu
Sorry you feel this way, please DM me your query and I will try my best to assist you further. Kind regards, Amrick
Thanks for the Like and best regards to the UK :-)
Resp.sir, Supply of uniform under process. Suitably instructed to be polite with customers. Thanks and best regards
Dear ,. I'll never stop rocking with you. Best Regards,.
I'm interested in what you understood by High-performing *** "in life". :-D . Best regards from Madrid!
Thank you and kind regards from London. All the very best of luck with your writing career
hi could you send to Me your mail adress and your comminucation information for business. About vegetable noodles. Best regards
Good morning Rebecca, could you please give us your order number to check the status? Best regards
Hi guys. What's the best email address to get you on in regards to a product issue? Cheers.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I know it is not much help but I will be along this Saturday to help you with some of that stock. Best regards
He will only consolidate a massive loss. Best regards,
. ate cc grabeee galig niyooo po!!. I hope i can meet you at your upcoming uaap games!!!. Best regards sa career mwuaaahh!
..and read it.. I'm looking forward to do it and to know your opinion about Scorsese's 'Silence'. Best Regards! Daniel :-)
Congratulations to President D.Trump.Wishing you all the very best to you. With Regards,. Laxmidhar Sial. BHUBANESWAR -INDIA.
I tend to forget it since it's pretty low-key, but Scum's Wish is probably the best show I'm watching this season, in most regards.
Of course! Your best love and regards has been sent to my fellow members. We really hope to see you eonni. Maybe a private lunch +
It's never too early to celebrate Chinese New Year. Send your best regards to your friends with XIN's finest Roast…
eagerly waiting to see you back on PRIME TIME TV. Best Regards . KK
Amaizing, you are the poetry with a cup of coffe. conquest the world my mermaid. best regards. kissess.
Sustaining your Leadership mindset. Each letter a powerful reminder of how to be the best Leader at all levels. Regards Raymond
the joy of Leadership! Practice it Want it and Believe it. Best Regards Raymond
thank you for a "vigilant " watch over this great nation. Best regards to you and family.
YOU can! do it! don't sit around waiting for someone to do it for you...YOU! must do it . Best Regards Raymond
Sendin my best regards to the Tomlinson family on baby Freddie's 1st birthday, I wish u all the best. .
Happy belated Birthday, brother! Hope you had a great day. Best regards for all your classes.
I think in regards to Obama, the best is yet to come, he's no longer bound by the political red tape and having to bite his tongue.
what would be best tips for bulking in regards to diet and workout plan as I'm in school? Should I follow ur lean bulk?
Congratulations! . To Ivanka, to your family, to the peoples of America!. Donald Trump - . President!. Bes…
Extend best regards to her, please. 😊
Si. sincerely appreciate your efforts. Best regards
...with an update on your request. Best regards.
/Hello Nicole, thanks for the RT, stay good😊 Best regards
You too! Nice to know we can still be civil. Sincere regards & best wishes for us all.
Best Harvest Moon I ever played with regards to neat characters was probably Rune Factory 3.
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