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Best Picture

The Academy Award for Best Picture is one of the Academy Awards of Merit presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to artists working in the motion picture industry.

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Thank you Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival for the Best Picture - Short Film...
Oscar Week! Until 9th Mar, its awards season so come and see all the Best Picture nominees with
If Louise Blanford had presented Best Picture at there would have been no mix-up and no need for an Emma Stone publicity stunt.
Congratulations! 👏🏾 directed has earned the award for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards.
Watching The Broadway Melody for my year of Best Picture project. This bad in every way.
a BLACK LGBT movie won Best Picture for being as real of a story as it gets. . MOONLIGHT won where Brokeback Mountain failed…
Really? Kneeling on the couch was the best angle for a picture? U can do better than that
I still.dont know how won best picture..
Following the best picture mix-up Sunday night, Cheryl Boone Isaacs has sent a note to Academy members. read mor...
EXCLUSIVE security cam footage reveals what happened to the Best Picture envelope
If Paul Blart Mall Cop doesn't win best picture I'm going to scream
DinoYt should have won best picture
I'm sorry but I really wanna know why MoonLight won best picture 🤔
wins Best Picture after is mistakenly announced
And the Academy Award for Best Picture goes to: La La Land
The 1st Best Picture-winner. from a black director. with all black cast. with an LGBTQ story. made for 1.6M. It changes everything.
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Don't let yourself think about "messing up" picture urself & tell urself you'll have a great game & play ur best. That's a…
'Moonlight' wins best picture after Oscars announce wrong winner. Congrats to all winners of
Academy President Assures "Changes Will Be Implemented" in Email to Members: Following the best picture mix-up……
A movie that cost 1.5 million dollars to make won Best Picture. . You can raise that money. Write your story, don't giv…
monomi is the best thing to take a picture of because she doesn't BLINK
Ignore the Best Picture snafu, the best part of this Oscars article is the librarian in the press room
With a slide rule & pencil, Katherine Johnson's story led to up for best picture. Her story:
sis, that ending was hilarious!When they thought La La Land won Best Picture, but they were like " Oops m…
Photos: The best images from the win over Wisconsin, including that magical 3-pointer.
stage manager says accountants ‘froze’ after wrong winner for Best Picture was announced https:…
Got Fandango, uncommon is probably his best picture.
something bad: *happens* . me: well it's ok because Moonlight (2016 dir. Barry Jenkins) won the Academy Award for best picture
Calling an "homage" isn't giving it the respect it deserves. Here's why:
MOONLIGHT - BEST PICTURE 2017 "I was a wild little shortie, man. Just like you. Running around with no shoes o…
The moving acceptance speech Barry Jenkins intended to give for a Best Picture win. Printed in full:
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43 million Americans saw Trump's speech last night. That's 43 million more than saw Best Picture "Moonlight."
have you seen fences, lion, or Hidden Figures yet? Those are best picture noms I havnet gotten around to
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Shoutout to gome for letting me take the best picture via his own creativity & set up 🙌🏾
The best picture I've taken in my life !!
KATY HERE. I lost a bet for best picture (I wanted moonlight...
The boys who won Best Picture are now models:
"and the Academy Award for Best Picture that Mike Huckabee Has Seen goes to...'Ernest Goes to Camp'!"
The Oscar mistake was crazy, but what if Meryl had won Best Actress, and Faye Dunaway announced "Florence Foster Jenkins" as Best Picture...
If Meryl or Huppert won Best Actress, we could have had a world where Florence Foster Jenkins or Elle won Best Picture for 5…
The two accountants behind the Best Picture bungle at the have been dumped by the Academy
JUST IN: "La La Land" wins Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards.
and directors reflect on Best Picture fiasco as Oscars producer compares it to the Hindenbur…
See how the stars reacted when they found out they hadn’t won Best Picture
is our indie VOD pick of the week. It's not just the Best Picture winner, but a new indie film classic:…
.says he really, really wanted to laugh during that Best Picture flub:
More Oscars drama: the Best Picture award somehow ended up at the house of Ving Rhames, who then forced Chris Lemmon to take it.
Oscar stat: Moonlight is the 12th Best Picture in a row without a Best Actress nomination. The Academy do not vote for…
It is Ben Affleck won an Oscar® for 'Best Original Screenplay' & 'Best Picture' and Casey Affleck won 'Best Actor'!.
WATCH: Inside the Best Picture blunder; how did the envelope mix-up really happen?
Black History Month 2017: Get Out is the number one movie in the country and Moonlight is the best picture. I'm celebrating.
Meryl's face during the Best Picture mixup.
Oscars Best Picture: Moonlight, a film about 2 black *** guys that no black people saw.
Still waiting for the cast and crew of Dances With Wolves to announce that Goodfellas actually won Best Picture in 1990
Watch the moment when "La La Land" is mistakenly announced best picture winner
I'm sorry there's been another mistake. The Patriots have won best picture.
Watching the producers slowly tell the team they didn't win Best Picture is WILD. Keep your eyes on the b…
How did that huge Best Picture flub — which mistakenly named the winner over — happen?…
Read the Academy's statement on the Oscars Best Picture mix-up
Did you expect any less? can't have other headlines overshadow him. SICK via
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And the Oscar goes to...Moonlight for Best Picture!
My ex says she gave me the best years of her life, saw a recent picture of her, I guess she was right
SPOTLIGHT wins best picture last year. MOONLIGHT this year . . . Def gonna make a movie and call it FLASHLIGHT.
Wow, I can't believe that they mixed up the Oscar for Best Picture that badly
I liked a video Celebs REACT to 2017 Oscars Best Picture Mistake
One NYT reader's reaction after "La La Land" was mistakenly named best picture at the Oscars instead of "Moonlight"
The Academy's statement on the 89th Oscars Best Picture.
First LGBTQ Movie to win Best Picture and it was BLACK!!! You're welcome *** 😘😘😘
Mistakes happen. We all make them. Unfortunately for it happened in front of a global audience
Moonlight was the true winner for best picture last night. (La La Land,fake news)
WATCH: 'La La Land' announced as Best Picture winner, but only until a mistake is realized with 'Moonlight' being the real…
Oops, was it Karma or the Russians hacking that caused the announcement of the wrong movie at the 😂.
The Oscar for best picture was given to ... the wrong movie. Awkward.
Was this the real winner for Best Picture? You decide.
Hollywood madness, the Oscars ceremony ran almost 4 hours -- 3.5 of that boring. The best picture screw up might have be…
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Wait, there's been a mistake! The award for Best Picture goes to.
Best Picture 2016: Spotlight. Best Picture 2017: Moonlight. This bodes well for my new film, Fleshlight
Are we entirely sure about the Best Picture winner?
Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' wins Best Picture after some confusion - CNN
Sorry, gang, but the "biggest flub in Oscar history" is still giving CRASH Best Picture.
Accounting firm PwC — which has run the balloting for the past 83 years — on tonight's Best Picture mixup:
"Hey girl, someone messed up." Ryan Gosling's on-stage reaction to that Best Picture mishap is priceless.
tell me again how incompetent is when you manage to read the "Best Actress" card when announcing "Bes…
d21 most overrated: Forrest Gump. I will NEVER get over this one winning Best Pict…
'Russians almost got away with reacts to blunder .
Here is Samuel L. Jackson after the Moonlight Best Picture win. ❤
Maybe the media should investigate any Russian involvement in the Oscar's best picture mix-up. LOL.
Moonlight is the first LGBTQ+ winner for Best Picture and the first film to win it with an all black cast. THIS IS JUST…
Ryan Gosling reacts as the true winner of best picture "Moonlight" is announced at the
Who do you think switched the Best Picture card?
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Faces in the crowd as “Moonlight” was named best picture. In a bewildering end to the show, “La La Land” was first announced a…
PwC blames their accountant for the Oscars Best Picture mix-up
POTUS' intellect is less valid than La La Land's Best Picture award. At least there would have been merit to that argu…
i love trevanté's reaction to winning best picture
Moonlight is the 1st Best Picture winner with an ALL-Black cast
WATCH: Moment where crew/cast of 'La La Land' realizes a mistake had been made and 'Moonlight' actually won Best Picture.
A black film won best picture and no slavery or maids were involved in the making of the film.
The best picture goes to The American beauty
See the biggest celebrities at the Oscars reacting to the Best Picture shock at the exact moment of the mixup
The real, real Best Picture was the image I had of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh enjoying the nuances of the Bridges of Madison County.
Creepy fact: . Rosalind Ross was 5 years old when her boyfriend Mel Gibson won Best Picture & Best Director for Bravehe…
La La Land winning Best Picture: Alternative Facts at its finest
great pod! FYI Broadway Melody won just Best Picture and Spotlight only won one other award.
The Academy's official transcript of the Best Picture snafu is WILD
Here is an explanation from for the Best Picture mix up at the Oscars last night.
Emma Stone on the Best Picture confusion: "I was holding my Best Actress card the entire time."
I wish Faye had just confidently purred, "Best Picture: Emma Stone". - Drew Droege
Congrats LaLaLand for all those wins, even if Best Picture isn't one of them (whoops), and Fantastic Beasts... & I don't know much else yet
'Academy are yet to clarify exactly what happened..' MT explanation for Best Picture gaffe?
Barry Jenkins says he had Warren Beatty show him the Best Picture card after he accepted MOONLIGHT’s win
Someone: "Hi, good morning". Me: "Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, won Best Picture last night at the Oscars. It's a film a…
I think the Best Picture mix-up was an honest mistake, but I know that Faye Dunaway has already bludgeoned someone over it.
The best reactions to the Best Picture flub
"Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins on what he was thinking during that Best Picture mix-up: "I was speechless." (Watch)
Hollywood reacts to the Best Picture mix-up
Emma Stone reacts to Best Picture shocker, calls one of the greatest films "of all time"
Hollywood reacts to the Best Picture mix-up by via
"Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins still hasn't received an explanation about that Best Picture flub (Watch)
Warren Beatty appears to be holding the infamous Best Picture envelope at the after-party
Warren Beatty just pulled a Steve Harvey and read the wrong Best Picture winner! 😲
And thanks to Warren Beatty for the moment he announced the wrong Best Picture. Gold. ;)
Warren Beatty looking at the card trying to figure out how Emma Stone could win Best Picture
Sounds like Damien Chazelle is skipping the press room, post-Best Picture snafu
Congratulations to 'Moonlight' (for winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards + a big bow for Damien Chazelle
Anthony Anderson and Lara Spencer now with Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel not addressing Best Picture mix up. Lara should dig.
I don't understand how one film can sweep up most major categories then lose the Best Picture win. Politics at play.
It's never too late to win Best Picture. Still holding out for Doctor Strange.
Moonlight winning Best Picture over La La Land like that was kinda like Derek Fisher's 0.4 shot.
"Is that the craziest Oscar moment of all time? Cool! We made history!" -Emma Stone, very zen about the Best Picture moment…
I still can't believe Emma Stone won Best Picture.
Many congratulations to the Moonlight team on the Best Picture win! 🌝
winner for Best Picture: Moonlight (after a crazy mix-up)
Best Picture at the Academy Awards was literally Fake News.
We have no idea what just happened, but is the Oscar winner for Best Picture. Let's celebrate!
CONGRATULATIONS !!! Former UT All-American starred in Moonlight the 2017 winner for Best Picture!
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Moonlight wins Best Picture, but La La Land caught the Golden Snitch
Congratulations to the cast and crew of on your win for Best Picture!
DYK: Scorsese’s "The Departed" is the only remake to win Best Picture. Go See the original Hong Kong classic: "Infe…
Serling: A Best Picture's "like trying to establish that an orange tastes better than an apple":
The took a moment to pay tribute to one of the real-life heroes behind one of the Best Picture nominees.
All the King's Men (1949) won Best Picture,Actor for Broderick Crawford & Actress for Mercedes McCambridge…
Trump won the election. Patriots won the Super Bowl. Adele won Album of the Year. La La Land winning Best Picture would make…
Which movie deserves the Academy Award for Best Picture? Give us your opinion in this
Movie of the day: Dallas Buyers Club. It's crazy how Best Picture nominees get ignored after award season.
I name this article male tent-pole lover and woman with no sense of history outside her own life determine best pic…
It's like reached into my brain with this, if I was smarter and a much better writer. He nails it.
So how do you like my Netflix original series slash YouTube original series so far? I'm being nominated for best picture at the Oscars.
Which Best Picture winner features the line: “I coulda been a contender?"
Oh God I only have two days to see LALA LAND so I can roll my eyes when it wins Best Picture.
Mike & Katie right Best Picture wrongs with Monday Morning Oscar Picks
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The are this weekend! Which movie do you think will win Best Picture? -
There have been 537 films nominated for Best Picture since the Academy Awards started in 1927. Here they are:
But what do I know...I'm a dumb white guy who thinks & are the two best Best Picture nominees.
Anyone wanna see the best picture from my birthday dinner
I watched the 2016 Best Picture nominees and ranked them. This was hard because the only one I loved was Arrival.
Where Oscar best picture nominees are liked most.
I have watched every Best Picture nominee for the last several years and Hacksaw Ridge is among the laughable WORST.
Everyone try to save a little outrage for when La La Land wins best picture
If La La Land wins best picture, then that's an indication that theres been NO REAL PROGRESS when it comes to embracing POC art.
you could guarantee a Sixers title or a Fast/Furious best picture win. Which one?
Barack Obama should present best picture at the oscars.
In other news I'm continuing my best picture nominated film marathon LaLa Land - really really liked it. Hidden Figures up next
I finally did it!!! With two days until the Oscars I finally finished watching every film nominated for best picture this year.
About to start to watch Hidden Figures rn. Nominated for Best Picture. Here I go
Ranking every best picture winner since the Oscars began
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"La La Land" will win Best Picture, but decades from now "Moonlight" will still matter. It's that simple.
Want to take a picture of the in You should turn off the flash for the best lighting effects…
Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel is disappointed Deadpool wasn’t nominated for Best Picture
John C. Reilly is the first person since 1939 to star in three Best Picture-nominated films in the same year
Hey Oscars, is it too late to add a tenth Best Picture nominee? Because Seth Meyers has the formula down pat:
Zootopia is nominated for Best Picture at this year's Movie Parliament Awards. Vote here -
Still tryin to reason how Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture :
Mahershala Ali & on their marvelous work in two Best Picture contenders, Moonlight and Hidden Figures🙏 https:/…
The Academy Awards is just around the corner. 2017 predictions for Best Picture, acting categories, and more:
LION is nominated for 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture!. See Saroo's incredible story on the big screen...
*** or High Water is nominated for Best Picture at the Check out our review! 👍🎬🎞🎥
With $132 million and counting, is the highest grossing Best Picture nominee
For your consideration . . . FENCES. Nominated for four Academy Awards, Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay,...
John Cazale died in 1978. Every film he appeared in was nominated for Best Picture.
John Ford then was like Ang Lee now: two Best Director wins but no corresponding Best Picture. This was his third w…
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Love can change your life. 🌃 is now nominated for 14 Academy Awards including Best Picture! See it now:
A early prediction that "The Greatest Showman" could be in the running for Best Picture at the Academy Awards 😳
Due to an early death at 42, John Cazale only appeared in six feature films - but every last one received an Oscar nom for Best Picture.
just like Best Picture winners American Hustle, The Help, Inglorious Basterds, Little Miss Sunshine, and Sideways.
is directed by Garth Davis, who also hve a Gold Lion (!) at d Cannes Lions International Festival. has 6 noms, inc Best Picture
Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, one of eight nominations. Its an astounding film. . Moonlight is a...
Regal Cinemas: For those who wish to binge through all nine Best Picture nominees…
Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters offer passes to see all 9 Best Picture nominees
See all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars.
Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture! Thank you to the Academy for three nomin…
Not the best picture ever, but I love when dotyxox cuts my hair. I look so much better, even if…
These are the movies up for Best Picture at the 2017 See the full list of nominations at
Beginning my Oscar best picture viewings. First up: Moonlight
You know when this picture is the best they could get.
The cinematography in La La Land was stunning. Not my pick for Best Picture, but I can see why it's up there. Emma & Ryan both dynamite.
Seen it on Strictly: Professor Will Brooker said Ryan Gosing's (pictured with Emma Stone) 'real…
Moonlight was a masterpiece. If it wins best picture I won't be surprised
No Oscar Best Picture winner that won the Golden Globe for Screenplay, lost the Oscar for Screenplay
Plan = See all 9 best picture nominated movies. Upload 9 review videos all at the same time. MOVIES!
is the best picture I've ever seen. New favorite movie.
My best friend since elementary school drew this picture for a chance of a scholarship and she exceeded by passing a w…
If la la land doesn't win best picture at the oscars.
I think I'm gonna see the rest of the best picture nominated movies just so I can know for sure that La La Land doesn't deserve to win
G'Day Reddit Australia, what's the best picture you got from Australia Day yesterday?
This might be the best picture I've seen in my life
Best picture I've ever seen of him, honestly.
"La La Land" led the nominations with 14 nods, including the top prize of best picture.
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Took this picture of my kids with their best friends recently (mine are on either end). Looks like an album cover.
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How did not get nominated for Best Actress?! At least Hidden Figures was nominated for Best Picture.
Not the best picture of me but. Justin, I'm sooo happy for you and proud of you for making…
All the young Reds with their flags at the game. Should be hundreds more like these. Best picture at the game for years. Liv…
Regal Theaters is showing all the Best Picture nominations for just $35. So whos down
Streaming crashes the Oscars: Amazon becomes first service with Best Picture nod
If wins Best Picture, it would be the 2nd BP winner w/in title role.
The best part of my day at work today was the adorable, kind hearted little girl drawing me a picture ❤
Family of refugees finds home in Sedona:         
is screening all of the Best Picture nominees for just $35.
I rewatched THE SOCIAL NETWORK on my flight. Can we resubmit it for Best Picture?
not the best picture but im SO HAPPY with how this turned out 😍 my tattoo artist is a goddess ❤️
Nominated for 8 Academy Awards including BEST PICTURE, is a game-changer & flat-out masterpiece. Step into the…
Share your favourite picture of Paris using our hashtag. Every week, we’ll share the best ones! Our 1st sel…
The Academy Award nominees for best picture can include only movies I've seen.
Hey second go around: does anyone want to join me for the Best Picture Showcase at AMC? 2/18 and 2/25 I believe.
The movie critics are calling "MAGICAL" is nominated for SIX Academy Awards, including BEST PICTURE.
ARRIVAL has 8 including Best Picture. See it back in theatres this Friday!
The best day of my entire life was when I discovered the picture of Trump sticking his tongue out like an invalid
For all of you who are having a rough is a picture of me planking. Perhaps the best plank of all time?.
is now the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Picture! This weekend, step into the light, witness the magic,…
Hacksaw Ridge was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Here's an analysis of the film:…
It's time to shine 8 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture!
"Moonlight," a film about the life of a young black *** man in Miami, got 8 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.…
If 'Green Room' had taken place back stage at the Oscars, starred A-listers & had songs about the industry, it'd be up for Best Picture too.
*** or High Water will get a Best Picture it should + Nick Cave/Warren Ellis score.
Watching "Hidden Figures" - I don't think it's "Best Picture" material, but it's very enjoyable.
it was nominated for Original Screenplay and Best Picture though
Congratulations to on winning Best Motion Picture – Drama at the 2017
Ryan Gosling wins Best Actor in a Motion Picture for La La Land
Emma Stone and present the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture.
Vince Vaughn takes the stage to introduce a clip from Best Motion Picture - Drama nominee ht…
Congratulations to - Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television -
The city of stars has never shined so brightly. ✨ Congrats on 7 wins including Best Picture!
and win 'Best Picture' awards at last night's .
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I liked a video La La Land Wins Best Motion Picture, Musical at the 2017 Golden Globes
Viola Davis wins best supporting actress in a motion picture for Fences
Congratulations to Isabelle Huppert on winning Best Actress – Motion Picture, Drama at the 2017
Congratulations to Viola Davis (- Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Fences (-
Viola Davis wins Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for 🙌
Ryan Gosling wins 'Best Actor in Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical'.
Can you guys please photoshop my dog in funny places and situations with this picture. Best ones will get featured in the…
Kristen Wiig and team up to present Best Motion Picture - Animated.
.wins Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made For Television! Congrats!
Isabelle Huppert was honored at the for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama! See how she feels after t…
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And, the extraordinary movie ‘La La Land’ has won Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. The movies won 7 awards in total a…
Here to present Best Performance By An Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy is Matt Damon! https…
Emma Stone wins 'Best Actress in Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy' .
Congrats to for winning the award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture at the ♏️✨ h…
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture goes to
.takes the stage to present the penultimate award of the night: Best Actress in a Motion Pictu…
THREAD. (This is also VERY similar to the time 12 Years won Best Picture at the Oscars but Steve McQueen was denied for…
La La Land takes home Best Picture, comedy or musical at the
And the award for "Best Picture - Drama" goes to - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers *cast of Nocternal Animals storms the stage*
For your consideration in all categories: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.…
Cancel the Oscars, already won Best Picture with their "T-Shirt" video
Star Wars ROGUE ONE is an Academy Award material. Story about sacrifices. Should be one of the nominees for Best Picture & other categories.
Today In 12/16/1988: Rain Man is released, first (and only) film to win Berlin Golden Bear and Best Picture
So Deadpool got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture... Wasn't expecting that. .
Look, who even cares at this point, but all the movies nominated for Best Picture comedy/drama Golden Globes were writte…
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Deadpool nominated for Best Picture and Ryan Reynolds for best actor at the Golden Globes. There is a level of awesomeness to that.
Big honor for the movie based on Lynchburg's Desmond Doss. Hacksaw Ridge nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture.
And the for Best Picture of 2016 goes to."La La Land"
I nominated Cannibal Holocaust as Best Picture . from the Motion Picture Academy
Congrats Damien! La La Land is officially the frontrunner for Best Picture at the Oscars
Just watched 4 seconds of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN on Spike and still can't believe it lost Best Picture...and I love SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE.
Congrats to for winning Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Audience Award, & Ensemble Award at the 🌙 well deserved
.had a big night at the It won Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Audience Award, and Ensemble Cast Award!
MOTHER won Best Picture at 2010 Asian Film Awards & the prestigious Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Festival. The art of storytelling!
Tracy & Taylor appeared in the most Best Picture nominees w/o ever appearing in a winner. This is the one they starred in together
COLD OF KALANDAR takes home Best Picture! Catch it this Sun at 6pm
This is like Paul Blart: Mall Cop winning Best Picture, but much, much worse.
I was speaking on Best Picture noms. Yes it won Best Actress, Make-up & sound-mixing
Best Picture winner Around the World in Eighty Days debuted in theaters on this day sixty times around the sun ago.
I will never understand how The Imitation Game didn't win the Academy Award for Best Picture. God this movie makes me cry every single time.
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Calling it now, the Academy Award for Best Picture this year will go to that movie where Kevin Spacey turns into a cat
If the Oscar nominations were announced tomorrow, what would be nominated for Best Picture?
How Shakespeare in Love beat SPR for Best Picture is a befuddling mystery.
This blood clot medicine commercial with Chris Bosh, Brian Vickers, Arnold Palmer and Kevin Nealon will win Best Picture in 2017.
Mos Def should've won best actor over Sean Penn. Be Kind, Rewind should've won Best Picture over Slumdog Millionaire. I'm serious about this
My nominee for Best Picture of the year - maybe the best picture ever,...
I can go to a museum and see art. I can see the Best Picture. I can see the Grammy winner for best song. Hamilton, however, costs thousands.
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