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Best New Artist

The Grammy Award for Best New Artist has been awarded since 1959. Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were handed out, for records released in the previous year.

Sam Smith Grammy Award Grammy Awards Starland Vocal Band Tori Kelly Paul McCartney Meghan Trainor Fifth Harmony Bob Newhart Kanye West Fetty Wap Brett Eldredge Lauryn Hill Bobby Shmurda Bryson Tiller Best Pop Vocal Album New York

"Grammy winner for Best New Artist goes to... Meghan Trainor". first of all, you funny af bc you know that's Tori Kelly's Grammy don't play
I was nominated for Best New Artist & Best Music Video at the 2017 NGEA Awards. I hope to see you there Sept...
We want Chord Overstreet nominate at 'Best New Artist' because he deserves, released the single ***
Ya'll better have voted for either SZA or Young M.A for VMAs Best New Artist award.
BTS were doubting themselves thinking they'd never win Best New Artist and just 3 years later they won Album of the Year at t…
See the first jazz artist to win a for Best New Artist, celebrate this Fri…
to vote because you're rooting for this crooner to win Radio Disney's Best New Artist .
I think my new black and white portrait of is the best portrait of Jay that I have done 🎨🎤
Spotify is by far the best music app for me. Done found *** of new artist with good music.
MEL GIBSON? BILL COSBY? R KELLY? Watch my best friend in my new obstacle course, CAN YOU SEPARATE THE AR…
Calling it now but Khalid WILL win best new artist at next year's Grammys !
.The Canadian indie rockers were recognized as the Best New Rock/Alternative Rock Artist.
Didn't do a February mix, my bad, March one is going to be the best one yet.. hot new music by almost every artist that's hot right now 🔥🔥🔥
Former President George W. Bush's new art book lands on USA TODAY best-seller list:
Best tattoo artist in Orange County? Or LA? Or SoCal in general? Time to get some new ink...
Hear Dweezil and Frank Zappa Shred on a New Song, 'Dinosaur' the best
Receive the Best Promotion for at California's for New Artist. Submit NOW‼️.
OK all you Grace fans need to help make Grace win Disney Radio best new…
.sent a "thank you" video for her for Best New Country Artist. Congrats, Kelsea!
International Women's Day is a perfect time to rave about MAITA, who is easily the best new music artist of 2017
14.01.2015 - iKON wins the “Best New Male Artist” Award at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards (4th Music Award win in total)
Make sure you head over to and vote for me as Best New Artist. Polls…
Thomastik-Infeld artist Georgy Gusev says of the new strings, "They bring out the best qualities of my...
I've just voted for you as Best New Artist for the Latino Radio Disney Music Awards!!!
My new CD 21 Summers was a 2016 Grammy Contender for Best New Rock Album for The 59th Annual Grammy Awards! What...
New post: "George W. Bush, artist, has best seller with 'Portraits of Courage'"
has won the best female artist and best new vision awards at this past Space Shower awards. Congratula…
can win her FIRST music award! We can help, just follow this link and VOTE! 100 Votes/day VOTE NOW! ht…
In celebration of winning Best New Artist, here's some pics and I took this weekend…
Noah is nominated for Best New Artist and Best Breakup Song for the vote here:
Please vote for my sister for Best New Artist! Steeple…
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Congratulations to for winning Best New Artist at the iHeartRadio Awards 🔥
I vote for she is the best new artist
Our dearest fans, We can simply vote 100 times for GRACE in the following link website Everyday.…
Have a few seconds? Click here then cast your 100 VOTES for
third son is the best new artist out IMO
NEWS: .has won the Best Female Artist and Best New Vision awards at the Space Shower Awards
bobby reaction when ikon won the best new artist LOL.
Chance The Rapper won best new hip-hop artist at iHeartRadio Music Awards 👏
Honestly Demi deserved a Best New Artist nom back in 2008 or 2009
Tomorrow a new entry, but what is our best of these five?.
15 yrs ago, Alicia Keys snagged 5 Grammys for her debut, including Best New Artist & SOTY. Catch her on 'The Voice' Mo…
Chance won Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance, and Best New Artist at the Grammy's independently. .
The Recording Academy was already cancelled after screwing up Best New Artist in 2011 and last year but uh
Chance The Rapper is the first black hip-hop artist to win the award for Best New Artist at the since Lauryn Hill in…
Bob Dylan didn't win a Grammy until 1980. Crooner Robert Goulet beat him out for Best New Artist in 1963.
The second ever winner of Best New Artist in 1961 was Bob Newhart
The 5th Annual Grammy Awards in 1962 introduced Robert Goulet as the Best New Artist, Bent Fabric's Alley Cat as...
We want nominee for Best New Artist at the this year!
Zayn won his first solo American Music Award tonight for Best New Artist! Congrats
I'd like to congratulate the 2016 Best New Artist, they've always been around but ppl acted like they discovered a…
Congratulations to who took home the Best New Artist of the Year award at the while wearing Versace.
2010 when "Run this town" beat "Knock You Down" & when Zac Brown Band beat Keri Hilson for Best New she…
Why familiar faces Chance The Rapper & Anderson .Paak are up for Best New Artist
You cannot say the other 3 people in the Best New Artist category besides The Chainsmokers & Chance work as hard as Sha…
Genuinely curious about how the Grammys define the "new" in Best New Artist if Chance The Rapper somehow still qualifies
Chance The Rapper just received his first Grammy nomination for Best New Artist 🙌
.and are both nominated for Best New Artist at the 2017 Grammy Awards.
Chance The Rapper made history today with his "Coloring Book" project. Best New Artist? More like AOTY.
⚡️ “wins Best New Artist of the Year at the
🔌 Bryson Tiller has been nominated as Best New Artist for the VMA awards!
Bryson Tiller wins again tonight with Best New Artist
The 2016 BET Awards are on tonight at 8P/7C. Don't forget Kehlani is nominated for "Best New Artist."
dude. i've been saying Nasty should've received all these "best new artist" accolades.
The Best Artist In NEW ORLEANS all under one roof to showcase their talent to the City
Let's do a Concert with all the Real Up & Coming Artist in New Orleans and See which MC can rock the Crowd the best
Thanks-nice edition! Check out my Best New Artist win https:…
junhoe's beautiful, sincere and precious smile when they won Best New Male Artist at MAMA 😢💖
My new favorite artist is Amrit (wait for it). "Mouth" is the best new song I've heard in awhile.
Give this man the Best New Artist Grammy and any other available awards
.is one of the best you will see. An artist. Peep his new special!
Best of luck to the most humblest artist I know. My bro Sukshinder Shinda on the release of his new single Trend.
How did Nathan not win best new artist? We voted CRAZY on here. I thought the winner would be Nathan or DNCE
artist Shamir's Ratchet earned Best New Music. Catch him this summer at the fest
Thanks for your support. Generation Next. Still in the running for best new emerging artist nearly 20 years later
The best feeling is finding a new band/group/artist and instantly falling in love with them 😍
Cody Jinks might be my favorite new artist, behind Aaron Watson. Texas country is easily the best, Nashville, stay home.
Thank you for all the support and feedback of the new single ! Thank you also for the Best Hip Hop Artist Award. (
I hate when artist release there best music from their new album before it drops, and those songs turn out to be the best songs in the album
and they gave Meghan Trainor the Grammy for Best New Artist... 😒
Tori won best new artist at the rdmas what the fuqkdhqkdn she's singing talk idnqhd I wanna yell it
Black Science is the best thing going. will become your new favourite artist
I thought was done, hmmm Badman U Just suprised me with a new tune. Zambia is blessed to have produced my BEST Dancehall Artist
So had the pleasure of meeting last night has to be one of the most humblest artist I've met 🎤 new best friend 😂
.is winner at the for Best New Artist! Big congrats!
If the do not recognize 's talent this year as Best New Artist...
Worst Grammy Awards decision for Best New Artist? Vote at via
Rodney Dangerfield won the 1983 best new artist Grammy for "Rappin' Rodney.".
I'm starting new year by listening to the best artist ever, but somehow i ended up on a shinee video, my year is ruine…
Ailee when she won best new female artist ' MAMA 2012 ' 💗💗💗
to vote for Best New Artist at the Awards!. 🏆🏆🏆
The trans condition is a beautiful mystery; it’s one of nature’s best ideas: Anohni, the artist once known as Antony htt…
Google RDMA's best new artist voting; each vote there counts as 100 votes
👉🏻 Google "radio Disney music awards best new artist voting" it counts 100👈🏻 https:…
YES! 💪. Link: radio disney music awards best new artist voting.
Google "radio disney music awards best new artist voting" and give nathan 100 votes!!
Thank you as well for the best new artist nomination ! ❤️
tea. At least best new artist is irrelevant
💥RT💥 Vote for to win Best New Artist at the . ✨🌐
VIP Karen Hibbs, from New Haven CT, will be back for the second year. Karen was our Best of Show artist in Glass...
Almost came with the best new artist in 2004
Urban Jamz Awards - Best Male Artist - UJA 112 to 8000 Watch my brand new video →
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💥 Keep voting for to win a for Best New Artist this year!💥. http…
Everyone go vote for as best new artist ❤️
RTEveryone go vote for as best new artist
she lost best new artist to Bon Iver a few years back. WHERE IS HE NOW? Lol nowhere to be found.
Congratulations Jason Dy for winning best new artist!
Miley should have been nominated for 'Best New Artist' at the Grammys in 2008 because of 'Meet Miley Cyrus'
and REPLY if you remember voting for Best New Artist at the EMAs!.
The Struggle: At the 2014 Grammy Awards, the duo won awards for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album, beating th...
Inclusive, since Sam Smith won Best New Artist just last year, Timberlake has 8 noms & Eminem won the 1st yr. Next? http…
2NE1 is the only girl group to ever win Best New Artist at MTV Video Music Awards Japan beating CNBLUE,LMFAO & more! https:/…
Robert Yancy, Natalie Cole's son says the first African-American to win a Grammy for Best New Artist deserved a...
TIL that Bob Newhart won Best New Artist and Album of the Year at the 1961 Grammy Awards via /r/
Tori Kelly should have won Best New Artist. She deserves it way way more than Meghan Trainor.
Imagine that ...the band that placed 2nd to The Starland Vocal Band for 'Best New Artist' of 1976
Looking at the list of Best New Artist winners, and yeah, it's a total crapshoot. Starland Vocal Band in 1977. ***
Shawn should've been nominated for Best New Artist! I bet he would've won!!
This is somehow worse than learning that Foreigner lost Best New Artist to Debby Boone in 1978.
OMG 4th Impact got the award for the Best New Artist of the year!! So proud of u girls
As Aaron Sorkin pointed out in Sports Night, lost Best New the Starland Vocal Band. Take heart & be patient ;)
Adele won Best New Artist, but so did Starland Vocal Band.
The good news about Meghan Trainor winning Best New Artist is that we'll never have to hear from Meghan Trainor ever again!
When are the going to bring back the Starland Vocal Band to present Best New Artist? They were so deserving when they won.
to Best New Artist nominee getting ready for last year
Best New Artist nominee, talks upcoming TV appearances with at
After country sensation Chris Stapleton won Best New Artist and Male Vocalist of the Year at the 49th CMA Awards, Caleb Caudle wrote on
"this year will be fun!"2016 Grammys Poll: Vote for Who You Think Will Win Album of the Year, Best New Artist & More
I just wanna be best new artist at the BET Awards one day ...
and the Grammy for best new artist goes to.
Artist 'Best Ever' new Street Art for the wide open walls in Galoya, The Gambia https:/…
WHAT IF zayn gets nominated for best new artist at the 2017 grammys
I ALWAYS won the Grammy for Best New Artist & got a long standing ovation
"You just reminded me of MAMA Awards when we won The Best New Female Artist award. It was a real shock for us because →
Okay so to confirm . 1. Moving out of Dovan flat because I like change and new things. 2. Evan is still my best bud and I wi…
Thank you again everyone over at , It was such an Honor to perform & win "best new artist"
You're welcome. Check our new sounds. Spotify:. Best regards
Wow! Kathryn has been nominated for the Scottish Variety Awards as best new Scottish band or solo artist - please... ht…
Lady GaGa - One of the best pop artist of the new generation, powerful singer and songwriter with iconic looks!
Taylor Swift @ the Grammy Awards in 2008 nominated for Best New Artist (her 1st nom & red carpet)
We want to be nominated for Best New Artist! .
- bagel cheese Danish Lipitor 80mg 47 degree Sunday best new artist James Bay joy of being into his music message
Tory Lanez is best new artist out RN. Tiller ain't got that spot bc he don't have enough heat out. More music may make me change my mind.
We believe deserves to be nominated for Best New Artist!
I think should be nominated for 'Best New Artist'
it was some stupid award like best new artist.When mackelmore came out along with a couple other white rappers.
Congrats to Brantford's Dan Thompson on his nomination for Best New Country artist of the year on New Music Weekly!!
LIVE NOW: Best New Artist nominee is taking over our Snapchat! . Add 'thegrammys' & follow along!
It runs in the family! David Velasquez, dad to won the 1970 Dove Award for Best New Artist! Listen at
Tori Kelly received her first Grammy Award nomination. She is nominated for 'Best New Artist'
And for Best New Artist. Oh man! She'll get the award, this is so true. And please Grammys, let tori perform. Ugh
I like a lto of Jody Watley's songs. She did good after Shalamar. Even got the Grammy for Best New Artist. ♫
August 29, 2002: Avril Lavigne accepts the award for "Best New Artist in a Video" at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. …
"Other wins included teen sensation Lali, who won both best album by a female and best new pop artist." -ht…
Go support one of the best hip hop INDEPENDENT artist and cop his new album you won't regret it!
Show love and cast a vote for ya dawg . Nominated "Best New Artist" at
Make sure y'all Vote me best new artist .
Fetty Wap better win Best New Artist at the Grammy's
Swear is one of the best new artist out now 🙏🏼
The best make up artist in NYC my dear, talented, sweet friend is launching a new web…
Keep voting for Shawn for the as Best Canadian Act, Best New Artist & Best Push Artist!
shawn mendes nomination on Best new artist of the 2015
Congratulations to for her new job u go my little sandwich artist ps I want the best cap there xoxoxox
Never forget u so excited best new up & coming makeup artist on my side at luv u bunches
The New Artist Profile is On Today At 8am Est! For the best indie gospel artists in the la…
in studio now for The best in R&B. Who's your favorite new artist? Also, text 29555 and you can win 1k credit this hour
Please vote for me Jemel Brown El Mariachi for "Artist to pay attention to" & "Best new artist" at…
[is the New of Who's the next Best New Artist of 2015 MAMA?
Got my vote, Easily best new comer Grime artist. Best around atm!
Billboard thinks Fifth Harmony could be nominated at the 2016 Grammys for Best New Artist 😭😍. http:…
Wiz won a BET Award for Best New Artist in 2011 and his song, "Young, Wild & Free" was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2013
In 2009 Gaga won Best New Artist, this year it's Fatty Wap. Pop Culture's officially hit a new low. Yet again. http…
When Justin was only 17 he was nominated for two Grammys, Best New Artist and My World 2.0 for Best Pop Vocal Album
...and of course, Katy Perry's reaction when Fifth Harmony won 'Best New Artist'.
Musical Monday trivia time: In what year did Shelby Lynne win a Grammy Award for Best New Artist?
Congrats for winning the Best New Artist of the Year. Idol mo din pala si Song Bird. You really have a power…
How the fock can Sam Smith win Best New Artist
Best New Artist had to go to congrats! Tune in now!
If I can't tell which name applies to the site & which is your band when you're telling me they're a "Best New Artist " at given site? Nah.
Photoset: themochagoddess: Me on Sam Smith winning a BET Award for Best New Artist
Sam Smith you missed the this year because you're white?! We kid! Congrats on your Best New Artist award!
Sam Smith wins Best New Artist. Anthony Anderson accepts on his behalf: "Sam Smith isn't here tonight because he's white"
- Won Grammy Award for Best New Artist of 1978. It reached on the UK Singles Chart. Topped Hot 100 chart.
Reviews of new pop, country/blues, jazz and classical releases: Lynne's Grammy was for Best New Artist, even tho... http:…
What British singer received three Grammy Nominations in 2007 for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist?
Este, Danielle & Alana Haim, are the first sister trio to receive a Best New Artist nomination http:…
Every now and again I remember that Bob Newhart won the Grammy for Best New Album and Best New Artist. Bob Newhart owns so much.
I feel like when Drake lost the Best New Artist grammy to Justin Beiber and muttered I quit. I feel like that towards my people
That Grammy nomination for Best New Artist is calling their name. That was a nice *** prediction. Hoping for the best.
Esperanza, coming Thurs wasn't the first grad to win Best New Artist, see //
Calling it Tori Kelly nomination for a Grammy under the category Best New Artist
Amy Winehouse - accepting Best New Artist at the 50th Grammy Awards
32 years ago today (23/02/1983), was nominated for a Grammy Award as 'Best New Artist'. h…
And the GRAMMY goes to... for Best New Artist at the 33rd in 1991
Hits Magazine predicts will be nominated for Best New Artist at this years Grammy Awards!…
is nominated for BEST NEW ARTIST for the 2015 B.E.T. Awards
The Best New Artist has a lot of good nominations but no way do any of them deserve it over Sam Smith
HDD Predicts a grammy nominations for best new artist & best electro / dance album . … ♫ Track 9 by Fifth Harmony
Remember when Justin won best new artist in 2010 and was the youngest person ever to win in http…
Slim, why tf is Sam Smith nominated for best new artist on BET?!
This is how u know BET is a joke. best new artist: Dej Loaf, Bobby Shmurda, Rae sremmurd, Fetty Wap, and then they put Sam Smith 😑
Why tf Bobby In the best new Artist category and his ah I'n jail 😑😳just doesn't make since to me @ all
Fetty Wap, Sam Smith, Bobby Shmurda.. All best new artist nominees for the BET Awards. I don't get it 😳
Buh wait! Tinashe is also in the Best New Artist category?! What what?!
remember when bon iver won best new artist half a decade after his first album release bc I do
Bobby is gonna Best New Artist, believe that.
Sam Smith is taking best new artist
I'm sorry but all these one hit wonders are being nominated for best new artist
Everybody in the best new artist had a good year so that's gonna be a tough one.
Bobby Shmurda nominated for best new artist
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I hope dej loaf wins best new artist
HDD predictions for Best New Artist front-runners are not very accurate. Predictions x Nominations (2013, 2014, 2015) h…
What a tough category... Congrats to for best new artist!! 💗💕
HDD predicts a Grammy nomination for Fifth Harmony for Best New Artist
Q: What duo lost their Grammy for Best New Artist from the eighties?
Just voted for and best Male artist and best New artist respectively...
Have you seen all the great bands in the best New Artist category? Haven't voted for your faves yet? Check out...
So i take it they are eligible for Best New Artist? I don't care what anyone says but i like the girls chances for a Grammy
I'm guessing PNC is goin to be yayas "New Zealand's best artist" P and No.
Guys! don't forget to vote for to win best new artist at the KCAS!!
Shakey Graves is the absolute best new artist I've come across in a long time.
Hey we aren't trying u...just saying congrats on being nominated for Best New artist at 2015!
I'm so excited to share the new YouTube channel of artist and my best bud Ali LaRock! She's a tremendous artist...
I got a whole slew of new Brendan fans coming out July 11th Columbus OH to help celebrate my birthday with the best artist !
2012 best new Asian artist Group MAMA . my nominee for is EXO
Go vote for my boy Caso Banz for Best New Artist. He got my vote
Jax I love you! I have my tour ticket 4 U! U should B new female artist! Adam Lambert should sweep the rest MALE BEST..
did they even announce best new artist? I know the boys didn't win but still 😔
I literally find a new artist or become interested in a cool celebrity and Niall becomes best friends with them Can Niall leave me alone
please check out my new video Doez - Best be believing please like/comment/subscribe thank you RT
If you're a young *** artist in New York APPLY TO THIS. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
New Artist Spotlight: Wolf Alice: London quartet is ready to deliver one of the year's best albums with 'My Love Is Cool.' Wolf Alice...
Let's get Tori a TCA nomination for Best New Artist! . Use + and tag …
When I'm N the Atlanta looking 4 new artist 2 check 4... I hit up the best open mic N the A!
she even beat out Zac Brown for best new country artist once upon a time!
Fetty got one good song, one other song thats kind of annoying and he deserves best new artist... Interesting
because he has 10 songs he deserves best new artist ? Lol
I really hope Fetty Wap gets that BET award for best new artist.
.won the 2015 Best New Artist Debut with "don't call no ambulance". Title song:
Want to hear the best music in the world? Check out Ryan Bengard on You Tube - AMAZING! New Artist
Breast Cancer Awareness
new dade county artist. Next best thang.
Check out my best bud He's a talented new artist chasing his Dream with a sound all his own
“Get with - UK tour on sale now: . Kanye's new best mate
We're voting for 5sos for best new artist and they're voting for us back for best fan army, i love our relationship so much.
5SOS help us to win best fan army, so let's help them to win favorite new artist!
If B, then I will take it as my new artist name, whose art evolves around depicting the curves of the woman. Best regards, ACID YOLK
5sos are voting for us to win Best Fan Army but you guys can't vote for them to win favoirte new artist? cool!
Fun fact: Country star Gretchen Wilson won Best New Artist at the 2004 American Music Awards over Kanye West.
This picture is so cute. Lady Gaga when Sam Smith won Best New Artist at the Grammys tonight
When Sam Smith won Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Song of the Year
"In 1981, Christopher Cross won Record, Album and Song of the Year as well as Best New Artist."
Will indie artist Paul McCartney be nominated for Best New Artist at next year's
if you're proud of Sam Smith on winning a Grammy as Best New Artist
Sam Smith is nominated for each. of the "Big Four" awards —. Album, Record and Song Of The. Year and Best New Artist
Plot twist: Paul McCartney and Missy Elliott both get nominated for Best New Artist this year.
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Paul McCartney got a feature with Kanye West and Rihanna all in the same year. Best New Artist at the Grammys '16, tbh.
Paul McCartney gonna win Best New Artist at the VMAs this year
[🎉🎉] . Congratulations to GOT7 for winning Best New Artist of Seoul Music Awards! . 👏👏👏.
The 2015 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards are well under way! This category is one of our all-time faves: Best New Artist. Vote here!
Have you voted for Shawn Mendes in the category 'Best New Artist'? . If you havent you can vote here:
5SOS won Best New Artist and Best Album at the Hollywood Music Awards!! (
In the strangest Grammy battle of all time, Bob Newhart beat Leontyne Price for Best New Artist in 1961.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won Grammys for Best New Rap Album, and Best New Artist. Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for Best Actor in DBC
Young Thug BET Best New Artist this year right? right? — That's like winning the award for being the tallest mid...
Check out the 2015 nominees for Best New Artist -- a group hailing from Rock, Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop & Country
Iggy could be 1st Female Hip-Hop Artist to win Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.
Sam Smith SHOULD win Best New Artist. emphasis on the word SHOULD
The nominees for the 2004 Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist were Chingy...G-Unit...Ruben Studdard...and Kanye Wes…
Way to go The boys took home 3 awards tonight - Best Push, Best New Artist, and Best Australia…
Happy birthday to the great Corey Glover (born November 6, 1964, Brooklyn, New York) an American singer, guitarist and actor. He is best known as the lead singer of the rock band Living Colour and has toured as the vocalist for the funk band Galactic. Glover was an aspiring actor when guitarist Vernon Reid drafted him into Living Colour in 1985, reportedly after seeing Glover singing "Happy Birthday" at a friend's party. He had appeared as Pvt. Francis in Oliver Stone's classic Vietnam war film, Platoon, and starred in a short lived television series called Signs of Life.He has also hosted various shows on VH1. Living Colour found immediate success with the release of their debut album, Vivid in 1988. It eventually went platinum in April 1989 and again five years later. Also in 1989, the album's single "Cult of Personality" won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance and the band was named Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards. Living Colour released two more albums (Time's Up and Stain) bef ...
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CMAs on WJCL: Georgia Southern University alum Cole Swindell just lost Best New Artist to Brett Eldredge on the CMA Awards... Who do you think deserved it more?
is currently in second place for Best New Artist! Let’s show our pride and keep on voting!
Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson present the Best New Artist nominees at the 1976 Grammys...
We're missing California and Cody Lovaas while editing his promo video & music video in a cold and rainy Stockholm. Btw, he won Best New Artist at San Diego Music Awards last night! Congratulations sötnos!
Billboard predicting 5SOS will be nominated for a Grammy under Best New Artist (http:/…
predicts Grammy nominees for Best New Artist including Ariana Grande, 5SOS, and Sam Smith! Who's your vote?
Mess at Sam Smith and Charli XCX losing Best New Artist to Fifth Harmony. This is what happens when awards are fan-voted.…
Hollywood, California (The Adobo Chronicles) - The 31st MTV Video Music Awards will be handed out this Sunday, August 24, in a televised ceremony at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Award categories include: Video of the Year, Best New Artist, Best… [ 148 more words. ]
Watch win Best New Artist at the 49th in 2007
Almost three decades after winning a Grammy for Best New Artist and launching one of contemporary music’s most diverse careers, Bruce Hornsby still makes joyful noise as he discovers clever and expansive ways to chronicle dynamic musical snapshots of his often generously collaborative journey.
**SAVE THE DATE** Friday, June 13th GREG NAGY took his rightful place among today’s leading American roots musicians with the 2009 release of his first feature album, Walk That Fine Thin Line. A multi-faceted artist in the most classic sense, his songwriting, singing, and guitar playing beautifully reveal Greg’s personalized blues; music refreshingly and honestly infused with elements of soul, r&b, rock, and gospel. So unique and impressive was Greg’s debut release that it earned him a prestigious Best New Artist debut nomination from the Blues Foundation in Memphis, as well as favorable reviews from hard-to-please critics at top media outlets like Down Beat, All About jazz, Blues Revue, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Living Blues, Hitting The Note, Elmore and more. Blues/roots DJs throughout North America, Europe, and Australia responded enthusiastically to Greg’s music, with Walk That Fine Thin Line debuting on the National Living Blues Radio charts at number fourteen, and peaking at numb ...
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Jamaica ready to Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay.- Jamaica is ready for Reggae Sumfest, the greatest reggae show on earth, now in its 22nd year. In the festival to be celebrated next July 13-19 will participates four-time Grammy nominated and BET Best New Artist winner, Wiz Khalifa that will join Tessanne Chin, Jamaican sensation and winner of NBC’s The Voice as headliners of Reggae Sumfest 2014. Wiz Khalifa who has been steadily making a name for himself in the global music industry is set to display his talents on International Night 1, Friday, July 18. Since winning Season 5 of NBC’s hit show The Voice, Tessanne Chin has had a full schedule of appearances on the Caribbean and international stage. Last month, she made history when she was invited by first lady Michelle Obama to perform during the special Women of Soul Concert at the White House. Chin will take the stage on International Night 2 on Saturday, July 19 which brings the festival to a close. “Reggae music is synonymous with Jamaica and every ...
Jared Leto presents the Best New Artist award to Lorde! She sent a video message because she is home sick.
On February 26, 1997, the Grammy Award for Best New Artist went to a 14 year-old Country singer. What's her name? (Leann Rimes) Wonder what ever happened to her?
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Macklemore accepting his Grammy in 2014 for Best New Artist.
Justin Moore got "Best New Artist?" He's been around for almost five years...I'm not even a fan and I knew that.
My vote for Best New Artist goes to Brett Eldredge. I have already worn out his album. Who does your vote go to.. Brett, Justin Moore, or Kip Moore? ~Bree
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