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via Two Sisters in Jackson - great spot near state Capitol. Lots of docs from local hospital there.
The Colonel has got nuthin on LA Chicken. Legit fried chicken. Best…
Fried Chicken and Fried Rice make the best meals 👌🏾
I still need to know if deep fry or crowding iron skillet is best for fried chicken. Also, buttermilk or egg
Nashville's Hot Chicken! By far the best fried chicken I've had in…
Just had the best fried chicken right now 🙌🏽
My hubby makes the best fried chicken 🍗. Like 100% consistency. Never misses the mark!
Just ate at The Red Rooster. Best fried chicken I’ve ever had.
The best fried chicken I ever ate was just consumed here.
The best oven fried chicken - Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and baked right in the
These places don't cluck around. eggscuse my pun. . 16 fantastic fried chicken sandwiches in Los Angeles via
Denver Biscuit Company for the best fried chicken and biscuits in Denver
Besides applying to transit, ordering chicken fried rice last night was the best decision I've made since coming to college
Homemade fried chicken is always the best I'm so hungry
So go vegan except for fried chicken. 😉 Best to minimize impact rather than maximize it…
Fried chicken sandwiches are Toronto's juiciest new obsession on a bun. Here, our ranking of the city's best:
16 fantastic fried chicken sandwiches in Los Angeles
The two best types of chicken are baked and fried.
Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy. The best comfort food! Enjoy!
The fried chicken at Bantam King is the best I've ever had! Makes me sad I don't live in D.C.
Day 1 of break you best believe that I will be on patio eating fried chicken, mac & cheese, and greens w/ a Long Island.
Last round up for Maybe the best fried chicken I've had here (@ Terry Lynn's)
just had THE BEST chicken fajitas at marina 84 in fort lauderdale ugh plus fried pickles and spicy ranch omggg
Doughnuts and fried chicken. I make the best dietary decisions :)
I'm not saying I know the secret to life but the best moments of my life have included fried chicken.
Umm, Fritzi Coop has the best fried chicken burgers, and this is from someone who's eated Ludobirds multiple times.
thanks to for his Korean fried chicken recipe...friends took all the spare ones home but OMG best w…
24hourspolls: Do you like fried or grilled chicken best?
I like Collards best, but any will do, with some mac and cheese, fried chicken, corn bread!
One of the most unusual new fried chicken offerings is at Nickel & Diner, an updated lunch counter.
the fried chicken at Dixies BBQ is the best in the city.
.wheres the best place to get chicken fried steak in LA
fried chicken was a creative song from that album. Not the best one but I liked the artistic value behind it lol
I just made the best fried chicken I've ever made.
Monell's for lunch, best fried chicken around 🍗
Update: 2 hour was worth it. Best fried chicken ever
Sauteed chicken harts with a squeeze of lemon, a cold beer and a plate of fried zucchini- best weird chicken dinner ever.
More fried chicken, pizza and sushi are on the way to Indy this year.
Best place to snag sum fried chicken?
I have said it before I will say it again fried chicken is the best food on planet earth
That my closest food option involved Korean fried chicken and dark & stormys means Minneapolis is the best place to conference.
I took snake hunting today, and she wasn't very excited. So, I took her to Mary's for the world's b…
They're lucky to have you. I'm loving it up here on my quest to find all the best fried chicken joints in town and report news
The club isn't the best place. To find fried chicken. So Mini Stop is where I go
I love fried chicken but I can't help but wonder if the skin is considered the best part in the cannibalist community also
One of the best parts of the day; my roommate made enough fried chicken and chips to feed a whole army... just for me a… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sometimes the best friendships are formed by the most unlikely pair. Happy Bday Cheers to a new year filled with m…
Jenna's Asian Kitchen has been on Eater Austin's Best Fried Chicken list multiple times, and now we have...
I liked a video Is This the Best Fried Chicken in America? Willie Mae's Scotch House in New Orleans
Michigan's Best Fried Chicken: Day 2 takes us to Cedar Springs and Muskegon: John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman will…
Michigan's Best Fried Chicken: 16 things we loved on day one: Amy Sherman and John Gonzalez are traveling the state…
Michigan's Best Fried Chicken: Day 1 takes us to 4 stops in West Michigan: John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman will visit…
Michigan's Best Fried Chicken: Our poll results, and where we will visit: Amy Sherman and John Gonzalez are on the…
They fry it, we try it: Help us determine our finalists for Michigan's Best Fried Chicken: John Gonzalez and Amy…
What is the Saginaw area's Best Fried Chicken? Bavarian Inn of course. Please show us your love by voting now
Best Fried Chicken in the Metro Detroit area? Vote now
Vote for Best Fried Chicken in the Upper Peninsula/Northern Lower Peninsula: John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman are…
What is the Saginaw area's Best Fried Chicken? Vote now
Best Fried Chicken in the Kalamazoo area? Vote now in…
I am selling of some of my BEST cookbooks that I have collected over the years. 14 total. 1st one is Rachel Rays Express Lane meals, her easy 30 minute meals cookbook, 2nd is Treasury of Campbells soup recipes, 3rd is The Best Recipes in the World by Mark Bittman, 4th is A man (or woman) and his Pan- 140+fun and easy recipes, 5th is 101 Hurry Up Hamburger recipes, 6th The World's Best Fried Chicken recipes, 7th is Top Secret Restaurant Recipes, 8th is Rival 208 page best of Crock-Pot Cooking, 9th is Better Homes and Gardens Homemade Cookies Cookbook, 10th is Better Homes and Gardens All Time Favorite Casserole recipes, 11th is What to Cook (175 easy recipes/meal ideas, 12th is Betty Crocker's 432 page Cookbook, 13th is Better Homes and Gardens recipes from Prize-winning Cooks, and 14th is the awesome Food Networks Favorites from Chefs like Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck and 7 more Food Network favorites!! These are all is good to great condition. & are hardback, 7 are softback. Man ...
Best Fried Chicken in DC! Available tonight. Sous vide before getting Old Bay breading and fried.
"America's Best Fried Chicken" is served at the Willie Mae's Scotch House located in the historic…
Thirsty Thursday Karaoke and a Qualifier for the Seattle Singer Showcase! The Seattle Singer Showcase is moving to the Drift On Inn in Shoreline tonight at 10pm. I heard it is the best place to audition due to its small rotations. I had one person predict it would be the easiest place to go to place into the finals on Feb 22nd. Hosted by KJ Xtain and judged by 4 judges. Want regular karaoke hit up the following venues! Capitol Hill's newest venue is the World of Beer off Pine! It starts early at 7pm and goes until 10pm! Sing on the awesome stage and hosted by KJ Silva. Bourbon Jack's Honky Tonk in Kent for some all Country Karaoke at 9pm! Hosted by DJ Bombchelle! Line Dancing class before karaoke! Mill Creek's Twisted Lime has KJ Nomi in the house. Starts at 9pm and has great food and drink specials with KJ Nomi's Cray Cray night thats always a blast! Waterwheel Lounge tonight has KJ Aphrodite filling in for Epik! Karaoke at 9pm! Best Fried Chicken! Finn McCools is always packed with Karaoke goodness eve ...
So Excited for the new edition coming out on Wednesday! We'll be out delivering Wed, Thurs, Fri. In this issue is… The Search for the Best Fried Chicken! ( Rhonda Owens, Carol Teague ) Kameron's Scooby Doo Pizza Party ( Kelly Hensler, Desi Govea) Two Thumbs Up Restaurant Reviews on Pourhouse , JD's, The Vine An African Safari Big Foot Revisited…. All our wonderful writers and their columns and so much more! Feel free to share this please! Look for our big red boxes with the FRIED CHICKEN ISSUE all over Gilmer, Fannin & Pickens this week! And please tell us what you think!
Nanny's Cafe has the Best Fried Chicken in downtown Montgomery.Bring a friend to Thanksgiving Thursday and Enjoy. Peace Love and Good Eats!
Willie Mae's - Best Fried Chicken in America. If your in New Orleans for Super Bowl? Must place to eat.
Dirty Bird to Go is a New Tribeca Restaurant Serving Some of the Best Fried Chicken in NYC; Tribeca Delivery of Dirty Bird to Go Dishes is Convenient and Delicious
Best Fried Chicken in towne! Head on over to the Red Arrow and tell 'em Uno sent ya!
Bob & Dudley Morning Show on KLBJ Austin running a March Madness bracket-style Best Fried Chicken in Austin throw down starting next week, apparently. In my best Texas voice, "ain't nuthin I like more than a little competition. Come & take it!" Thanks to our peeps who called in already this morning.
According to Food And Wine Magazine. Mama Dips Kitchen in Chapel Hill make the list for the Best Fried Chicken in the U.S.
Well, here you go: Best Fried Chicken --
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