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Curve fitting is the process of constructing a curve, or mathematical function, that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints.

1st Scigebra Lab of Yr! Learning to create & implement an experiment; predict results using Line of Best Fit!…
What Kind of Life Insurance is the Best Fit for You?. Read Blog:
Not surprise at all. Kids arent ATMs, they need prep b4 going. The Mideast Came to Idaho St. It Wasn’t the Best Fit.
I loved this band when i lived in LA Milo Greene performs "Perfectly Aligned" for The Line of Best Fit via
Beautiful song and beautiful series...Johnny Flynn performs "Detectorists" for The Line of Best Fit via
Charlotte Carpenter streams The Fault Line EP on Best Fit ahead of its release on Friday
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard drop brilliantly weird “Trapdoor” video on Best Fit:
Sufjan Stevens shot in London for The Line of Best Fit by Jason Williamson
Tamaryn streams new record Cranekiss on Best Fit | The Line Of Best Fit via
Tropics performs “Rapture” in a stunning new session for Best Fit: Tropics man Chris Ward performs the title t...
PETER BRODERICK 9/10 album review in The Line of Best Fit,.
Renault Megane with a new custom exhaust Fitted by DKUExhaust Best Fit, Sound and Performance
25) "Line of Best Fit" Album: You Can Play These Songs With Chords. [Better than the 'Airplanes' version!]
As his debut album Other Rivers drops, a beautifully empathetic clip accompanies the new single from Matt Hegarty and premieres on Best Fit today.
Lovely words here from Chris Jones at The Line of Best Fit. To say the record brings the phantom Lady Mondegreen...
Line of Best Fit - Parquet Courts sign to Rough Trade for new single “Sunbathing Animal”
Line of Best Fit - Nas working on autobiographical TV series with The Wackness director Jonathan Levine
Line of Best Fit - Stevie Nicks officiates wedding of Deer Tick frontman John McCauley and Vanessa Carlton
Cillian Murphy talks music, Money video, w Best Fit...
Line of Best Fit - Original artwork from The xx, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Foals up for auction on Ebay
Line of Best Fit - Kanye West gives guest lecture at Harvard University
Line of Best Fit - Watch James Blake, Franz Ferdinand & more perform live on Jools Holland
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Line of Best Fit - Charlotte Church to host third annual John Peel Lecture
Line of Best Fit - Peaking Lights Sound System plot UK and European dates
Line of Best Fit - Dan Aykroyd makes surprise appearance as Blues Brothers‘ Elwood Blues on Jimmy Fallon
Line of Best Fit - Nile Rodgers gives keynote interview at International Music Summit
Line of Best Fit - Tim Armstrong reunites Operation Ivy on new track.
Line of Best Fit - Lana Del Rey shooting new short film featuring portrayals of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus
For fans of... M83, Crystal Castles, James Blake, Grimes "...beautifully crafted electro-pop..." - Mix Mag "...lush..." - The Line Of Best Fit "A warmth that's hard to achieve..." - BBC introducing With their acclaimed debut EP How To Build A Life Raft gaining attention from Mix Mag, The Line of Best Fit and pioneering producer Skream, as well as providing the soundtrack to a TV advertisement campaign, Saturday Night Gym Club return with their second EP The Nowhere Team out now. The EP has gained attention from Notion Magazine, The 405 and a full stream is available on Clash Magazine's website now. To celebrate the release, the band have revealed a brand new video for the EP track 'Suddenly The Feelings Are Ours'. The video premiered first on VICE's music site but you can watch it now on the band's YouTube channel. Consisting of Alan Sanderson (vocals, beats/sampler), Conor O'Kane (vocals, piano/synths), Nick Crowe (vocals, bass) and Tom Bounford (violin, synths), SNGC came under the spotlight ...
I know what you're thinking: "What if I attached a faucet to a watermelon and filled it with spiked watermelon juice so party guests could serve themselves right from the melon?" Well, my husband finally turned that dream into a reality. After testing three different types of faucets and spending the entire afternoon of our housewarming party creating his masterpiece — only to have it clog just hours before guests arrived, resulting in a mad dash to Home Depot and the supermarket so he could do it all over again — he's now perfected the model so all you have to do is build it. Want to impress guests with a DIY watermelon keg of your own? Read on to find out how... What you'll need: • 10-pound seedless watermelon • Sharp knife • Big spoon • Big bowl • Drill with a 1/2-inch drill bit • 3/4-inch ball-valve faucet with a handle that's easy to turn with one hand • PVC-to-faucet adapter that will screw into the back of the faucet • Rubber O-ring that fits the back of the faucet • Blender . ...
~ Once again, as kids are still on school holidays and i do wish some time with them.i have no availabilites left for clients next week! . Sorry. I appreciate your understanding. Week commencing Mon 15th availabilites are: Mon 15th: 9am, 2pm Tues 16th most times still available (As was going to have day off, but plan to work now) Wed 17th: 9.30am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm or 5pm Thurs 18th: 12pm Fri 19th: 12pm I suggest you get in as early as possible as i havent been able to fit people in over school holidays, and everyone will be after an appointment! I really dont like to see my clients dissapointed, as i try my best to make sure everyone gets a time slot! ~
It is well,my brother,make u nor worry. My Sister, make u nor cry again. For everything wey get begining, ego surely get an end.No matter Weitin u dey go through, ur wahala nogo fit kill u Today,any how ebi oo,make we thank God for our life.Odiwomma,if edey bi like say katakata wan swallow u and many people say u nor go fit make am again,na which person own u go believe o,na the one God Talk concerning my life.If any thing u put hand nor gree work out for u,make u nor loose hope about Tomorrow,my brother,make u smile God's time is the best,God blessing nor dey add sorrow for life.Odiwomma,It is well.
"So whoever cleanses himself [from what is ignoble and unclean, who separates himself from contact with contaminating and corrupting influences] will [then himself] be a vessel set apart and useful for honorable and noble purposes, consecrated and profitable to the Master, fit and ready for any good work. (2 Timothy 2:21 AMP)" Day 263: Lord today I am thankful that You reminded me of this verse. It is my life story since I have committed my life to You and laboring for Your kingdom. This verse, in this version, has me absolutely speechless. I love You Father and to be used by You is the best gift You've given me.
If your're an imposter: * your don't really know who you are; you can't define yourself. * you are different person at home to the person you are away from home. * you change who you are and the way you behave in order to fit in. * you cheat on your partner. * you don't know what your assignment is on earth; you don't know why you exist. * you buy expensive things that you can't afford, in order to impress other people. I encourage you all to make a conscious effort to find your purpose in life, and then go about living the best life you can-the life you are meant to live!
'Women' are the best VEHICLES in the world : - 2 beautiful headlights in front, - 2 great bumpers at the back, Self-lubricating when HOT, - Finger touch ignition, - Automatic engine oil change every month, - All types of pistons fit, - Multiple seating styles & adjustments, - Great accessories, - Highest mileage : 9 mnths in just 5 ml! That's why MEN r dying to get a ride!
“I am really gifted to play under the leadership of MSD” – Micheal Hussey “If i am supposed to select a team sachin will be the opener and Dhoni will be the captain” – Steve Waugh “I would go to war with Dhoni by my side” – Gary Kirsten “Dhoni is one of the greatest captain I have ever seen” – Sourav Ganguly “MSD should continue as captain till 2019 World Cup” – Sunil Gavaskar “Dhoni’s not the the type to play for records” – Kapil Dev “MSD the best captain I have played under” – Sachin Tendulkar “Dhoni can take India forward” – Rahul Dravid “Dhoni is a great captain” – Anil Kumble “Dhoni empowers his players” – Stephen Fleming “I am learning the ropes of captaincy from MS Dhoni” – DJ Bravo Greats have said thn who are you to criticize Dhoni? Just Because your fav Batsman doesnt perform and is out of Team you are criticising Dhoni ! Wake Up Haters even Pak,Lanka and Bangladesh Respects and wants him to Captain there Teams !
I had the best time ever last night :-) happy smiley Sally :-)
Best nights sleep I've had In ages :) Feeling ready for a day of fun in the sun with izzy . First on the list the purchase of a paddling pool that mummy can fit in too :) sausage shop goodies defrosting. I can feel a happy day heading our way :)
ADD YOUR OWN BREAKING NEWS: 1. Okada killed two people inside trailler... 2. Christiano Ronaldo impreginate Funke Akindele... 3. Lil Wayne features Pasuma in his new single... 4, Eyinmba will sign Messi dis January... 5. Baba suwe joined Illuminati, signed in by Jay z... 6. Beyonce is in love with Terry G... 7. Primary school pupils don dey graduate at class primary 2. 8. University and Poly students are now putting on school uniforms... 9. Obama claims EDO STATE as his home town... 10. New Arsenal manager is Chief Olusegun Obasanjo... 11. Chris Brown wears agbada and slippers to the grammy awards... Keep it rolling.. Don't End the Fun, Add yours. Gud morning.
Motshewa Letsaba wrote: Why should you wish you were in anybody's shoes when you hardly know how they fit? I have learnt to be the best in what i do and i know no-one can replace me anywhere and in any sphere. I am and original, my god is not in the cloning business. He mkes originals! Make the best of what you do, besides you have this beautiful life to live only it the fullest! Amen happy sunday.
Received a bag of clothes from a friend I haven't seen for almost 20 yrs. Still haven't seen her as she lives 300km away but a friends brother brought them down. Best part I can fit into (as in get done up with major muffin top) size 14 jeans and comfortably in size 14 dresses!
Tik Tok , which college apps is the best ? Fit insta also . Recommend ?
Seeking for color that suit your hair the best? Here it is. Don't hesitate to walk in for advice. From RM88 onwards! What you waiting for~ P/S: Free scalp checking available for scalp fit treatment.
United's current midfield is worst in top 5 premier league sides after Spurs signed Paulinho Agree?? -k26
Mars in Cancer 2013 Warrior planet Mars gets watered down in careful Cancer Mighty Mars is moving into cautious Cancer from July 13 to August 27, a challenging transit for the planet that wants us to get things done. Mars gives us our fighting response -- our ability to take action and get things done. Mars is assertive and action oriented. Not really concerned with much else, the purpose of Mars is to rev us up and get us from Point A to Point B in our lives. Cancer is a sensitive Water sign. Concerned with emotional security and nurturing, she doesn't exactly sound like a natural fit for aggressive Martian energy, does she? In many ways, the answer is "no." Mars in Cancer is debilitated astrologically. In other words, Mars is not in a happy place when touring the zodiac sign of Cancer. This doesn't mean you're doomed to watered-down energy during the transit of Mars in Cancer, however. As a matter of fact, Mars in Cancer can pack quite a punch. Mars in Cancer will fight, but it will fight for what it's ...
Update your maps at Navteq
Any ideas as to where I can get a cake for a christening in the next three hours???
What movies taught us? If you are good at something, never do it for free – The Dark Knight Heroes Aren’t Born, They’re Built - Iron Man Hope is a good thing. maybe the best of good things. and no good thing ever dies - Shawshank Redemption "You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can't do something themselves, they want to tell you that you can't do it. You want something? Go get it. Period." -The Pursuit of Happyness You can ape a big man, but you can’t be that big man unless you do something about it - Once upon a time in Mumbai There is so much beauty in the world.So sit back and enjoy the ride in peace. - American Beauty What if you don't live till 40 ? When will you chase your dreams? – Zindagi naa milegi dobara Only the fittest shall survive and you gotta get out of your skin to get fit. - Cast Away Nothing is perfect in this world; we got to make it perfect - Rang de Basanti Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer - The Godfather It's Simple to be Happy... But it's so Dif ...
Awe god, crawling is a nightmare. Knackered chasing G about and it's only 9am!
The brekkie brigade are here again ... I was just halfway through a good nightmare and these gang of jovial hedonists come banging at the door OK OK who's next! Sun: Scouse ste on his fantastic disco karaoke from around 5.30pm! Mens Tennis Final (Featuring Andy Murray) 1pm Nothing but the best in sport, fun and entertainment... (The home of rock n roll and every other kind music under the sun) The Grand old periodic building of the elite and fit for Royalty ... OPENING HOURS IN THE SPRINGFIELD... Fri and Sat 9am - 1am . Sun 9am - 12.30am . Mon - Thurs 9am - midnight . The SPRINGFIELD we all love the old enchanted magical fine establishment because it's the best by a country mile
wow, 1:12 a.m and just got home from the hospital. it was a good visit, as well as could be consitering. i wear a pair of his pajamas every night and the funny thing is he have me a cute pair of mens psś a long time ago so i would have a pair when ever i slept at his house. well, he was wearing mine today and ive been wearing his, lol. good thing the ones he gave me are mens. but they were just so compfy, he gave them to me cuz they fit me so good and short on him. will be spending all week there. i can take a train, then a shuttle bus the rest of the way but only on week days. this will help mom from having to take me all the time and i want to spend all the time i can with him. his daughter sabrina and i are getting along well again, thank god, we always have but i guess she went threw the same thing pretty much as i did when we lost aunt sissy. her best friend jessie talked to her and i really appreciate it alot. sabrina was nice enough to give me a ride all the way home. they brought up his morphine ...
TRY YOUR NAME AND SEE WHAT IT IS! A: hot B: loves people C: humble D: makes people laugh E: has gorgeous eyes F: people wild and crazy adore you G: very outgoing H: easy to fall in love with I: loves to laugh and smile J: is really sweet K: really silly L: smile to die for M: intelligent N: caring O: has one of the best personalities ever P: popular with all types of people Q: a hypocrite R: class bunker S: cute T: lucky U: good looking V: not judgmental W: very broad minded X: never let people tell you what to do Y: is loved by everyone Z: can be funny and dumb at times "Does your name fit you??? Hit LIKE if it does and comment if it doesnt
Well yesturday was awsome guys big thank you to everyone who helped make *** gate what it was deffinately a very well run show for what did not look like our first full contact show allot of guys who dont get thanked enough for the stuff they do so when u see them next give them a pat on the back. The warriors fought hard last night and everyone got a good result. Im sorry to say my fight ended in a draw it was a tough fight in there not only was u fighting the oppent u had to fight the blistering heat. But I AM STIL THE BRITISH MIDDLEWEIGHT PRO CHAMPION that is all that matter big thwnk u to alex for giving me that tough fight you fought hard my friend
If you were to become a Rapper,which Record Label would you want to be signed to?
I need to go to bed blah gota go to a meeting at work at 9am 󾰑 but can't sleep cuz shes the only thing I'm thinking abt :) her smile her laugh , the way are hands fit together , the way I feel when she touchs me , how we can act like best friend n still b lovers , me n her got that one of a kind type of love! We running this show , nobody will ever take yu place , yu hold the key to my heart ! I was a fool for ever letting you go!! upie still in love are my other half my feelings tonight
WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS: Alvaro Negredo could sign this week, while Micah Richards looks set to stay according to today's press round-up. Read all about it: do you make of today's links?
Leader of the New School   I’ve always been a little bit jealous of the musicians who have always been into music ever since they were kids. There’s this principle by Malcolm Gladwell that it takes around 10,000 hours to get really good at something, and I feel really insecure that I haven’t put that amount of time into actually singing. A lot of the singing I do is in the shower, whether you believe it or not. Which kind of *** if you’re a vocalist in a band trying to make it into the bigtime mainstream success. Like I said, I’ve always been a little jealous of those wunderkinds who can play like 16 musical instruments (sometimes at the same time), read sheet music, and write songs that can make stones cry. Sometimes I wonder what kind of musician I am (retrospect is always good, in my humble opinion) and the answer comes up a blank. So, if you please, step into my world. Help me figure out. I wasn’t musically inclined as a child. I was always a reader. According to my mother, as soon as ...
I mean it was the best fit for him systematically
Who wants a edit with Justin...I'm picking 5 to 7. Who ever comments the sweetest comment will get one;) -swaggiebiebz-
Would like to thank Phill Gates for the best 5 years of my life -happy anniversary baby I wouldn't be who I am today without iv not been able to get to the shop this public declaration of love will have to do for now.i know you love them 󾌩 couldn't love you anymore & can't wait to be your wife xx
So you're telling me If I can score 4 tries in one match, I could possibly be on stand by for NSW?? Pfft McMannus
KEEPING TEMPO Share This Print Devotional Download Audio Pop-Up Player Scripture Reading: Leviticus 25:1-7 In the seventh year the land is to have a year of sabbath rest, a sabbath to the LORD. —Leviticus 25:4 In Old Testament Israel, even the land was to fit the six-and-one Sabbath pattern that God established when he created the world. In today’s reading, God tells Moses that when the Israelites entered the land the Lord was giving them, the people were to see that the land had a regular time of rest—“a sabbath to the LORD.” Six-and-one is the rhythm of God’s creation. It’s our tempo too. The pattern of six days of work followed by one day of pausing from work is written into the very core of our being. When we live by that rhythm, we’re living in step with our created nature. Keeping Sabbath has nothing to do with forcing a legalistic duty on our lives. Keeping in step with God’s rhythm in us doesn’t add a burden to us; it frees us to live by the pattern that God himself modeled. Th ...
Don't let your friend lose motivation to get fit. Be the best Fit Friend you can be!
Clay has been training people since 1991. He has trained hundreds of clients with his “Fit To Play” (adult), and “Stronger Faster Better” (juniors) athletic performance programs.
Caesarean Section or Vaginal Birth – What Difference Does It Make? Why bother going through the process of giving birth vaginally when you can have a planned caesarean section? Increasing numbers of women today appear to be subscribing to this view. Maternal request for delivery by caesarean section is reportedly on the increase and has been blamed, in part, for the continuing rise in the caesarean section rate. The level of maternal request is a controversial issue. The National Sentinel Caesarean Section Audit report notes that studies report rates of maternal request ranging from 1.5% to 48%. Much of the variation is due to unclear definitions of ‘maternal request’ and whether there was also a supporting clinical indication. But the use of ‘maternal request’ as a reason for carrying out surgery is a non-sense, since it simply indicates who instigated the decision. Clinical indications are not, after all, lumped together under ‘obstetric preference’. Until audits standardise the terminolo ...
Paddling pool down, I repeat, paddling pool down... Now, do I dare let the Hubster go out and buy a new one on his own? Not sure we can fit a splash-landings in the garden!
I sit and I talk to my only escape, my internet friends who rapidly became best mates. YOU are home and angry ,because im online again.,. shoudent I be cleaning, or mowing the lawn. Or may be YOU are out , playing with your friends , leaving me home where the work never ends. Then YOU come home Drunk., YOU shout and YOU swear, and smash up the furniture with out as much as a care , Threats and rages as we dont do as were told, You cutting the power is rapidly getting old. I sit and watch and pretend to ignore which infuriates YOU even more Nothing s good enough , the house is not clean, YOU call me some names and continue to scream The food that I cook is not fit for YOU the king , so out YOU throw it out and the dog *** in. I am tired of YOU picking all the time , I need some peace and quite and some time for me , without a doubt Of course I cant because your never home and looking after children is beyond your realm. I have come to realise its all about YOU,..were we fit is only when it sui ...
My gorgeous fit nephew/new best buddy brightens up my lounge and my life x
Making Ramadan Special We discuss the blessedness of Ramadan in detail with our children and we allow them certain privileges, especially for the ones who fast. We try not to spoil them but to make their days of Ramadan memorable by allowing them to do things that they usually are not privy to in other months such as: Getting to stay up one or two hours later at bed time Using our best tableware and eating with fancy crockery and cutlery Being allowed to sleep in another sibling’s or to have a slumber party on the floor in one big room in the house Sometimes getting to choose a favorite meal or dessert for Iftaar Visiting the masjid more often Getting to invite over a special person for iftaar one evening We try to teach our children about the ibadah aspects of Ramadan in an easy and simple way. When children are young, it should not be too strenuous or cause them undue hardship, but rather it should be more a training for them with good memory attached. How We Explain Fasting To teach our young childre ...
If I were doing a disney medley... what songs would you want on it? ;)
Heelo QHians :) Gold Awards is around the corner and our QH cast has been nominated for many awards there Karan Singh Grover has been nominated for "BEST ACTOR" & "MOST FIT ACTOR" (MALE) categories in the Gold Awards. Surbhi Jyoti has been nominated for "BEST Debut In a Lead Role" (Female) - Karan Singh Grover & Surbhi Jyoti nominated for Most Popular Jodi on Television Now we all know our Karan & Surbhi deserves these awards more than anyone else. So all of you BETTER vote for them NOW:Open link & Click on 'Vote Now' 2: Register Yourself 3: Login with your Email & Password & Vote - other categories where the QUBOOL HAI team is nominated: "Best Supporting Actor(Male) - Vaqar Shaikh As Rashid Khan "Best Supporting Actor(Female)-Shalini Kapoor As Dilshaad Khan "Best Actor in Negative Role(Female) - Alka Kaushal As Raziya Siddiqui Best Television Show (FICTION) - Qubool Hai Please do vote cause QH deserves to win :) ♥ Asya
As far as music culture goes, EDM is the one who will accept the outliers, the new who get bullied, the ones who feel like they may not quite fit in. This community is exceptionally in its ability to bond all kinds together, and I am not exaggerating when I say it saves lives, our audience is intelligent and kind, discriminating only in regards to which sound they like best. Our audience unprecedented in their drive to proactively support each other. c: EDM is more then a genre it's a way of live
Inside Responsive Design: The Pros And Cons Of The Popular Mobile Strategy | 9Digg - What the web is talking about right now design, a technology that stretches or shrinks Web pages to fit differently sized screens, has emerged as the most-often recommended manner of optimizing content for mobile devices. This dominance was cemented in mid-2012 when Google recommended responsive design as the best strategy for smartphone-optimized websites. As the iPhone, Android phones, and iPad became bestselling consumer gadgets, businesses realized their Web presence needed to translate to those smaller screens. Otherwise, their websites would bear tell-tale signs of a business clueless to mobile: tiny text, tinier links, and a jumbled layout. They risked lost traffic and sales. These days, responsive design is recommended as the gold standard. But as with most technologies in a multi-device world, it has disadvantages, and it’s not right for every business, or every application. In a new report from BI Intelligence ...
Never compromise who u are so that u can fit in,every person worth remembering embrace their uniqueness.BE THE BEST YOU.
WHITE COLLAR BOXING EVENT!!! Do you have what it takes to go from BEGINER to WINNER? JOIN NOW! Call Steve Dawes for Entry and Event Sponsoring 01242 863498 0...
Been up 24 hours and now have a full day ahead of me with no break...deep breath.I'm trying my best to fit every person into two very short weeks of leave so please bear with me :/
You need to have a reasonable level of fitness for cycling, be it competitive or recreational. The general definition of physical fitness is simply being in shape or having good health. One of the best ways to get fit and stay that way is through cycling, be it on the road, on the trail, or on the trainer. Physical fitness offers many benefits including: better health greater strength more flexibility increased energy improved appearance positive attitude and mood and many more
Dear brainless & impotent Minister, The best way to keep Malaysia safe is to put everyone in jail, guess that will fit your needs?! ! ( If you need more laws to catch and lock up without reason to get job done, anyone can take your seat... what made you so special then!? S.T.U.P.I.!!!) Raykat Malaysia
David Lee's best fit on the Dubs is as a 6th man coming off the bench. He provides instant offense and you can run the offense thru him and
Your legacy continues ;-) looking at dates for term 3... is there a best fit for a visit?
Best weather for yonks and im on nights, my luck.!!!. Nite all
Mum support:I guess I'm writing in for some advice, comfort and support - anything! I think I am a good Mum, although I don't know if I am. I am nurturing and loving and am lucky enough to be able to stay at home full time. I did work part time when my first child was born until we had our second. Since being home full time I feel like my patience has decreased and I'm not enjoying motherhood all of the time. I am anxious a lot as well. My fiancée works a high stress job and doesn't offer a lot of support because he has nothing left. I feel like this is my undoing, I feel empty at times, like I have nothing left to give because I am so focused on the kids and maintaining the household (as well as keeping hubby happy). I did read your post the other day about this. But what I want to know is do other Mums (or Dads) ever lose their temper or feel like they can't cope? I know I should leave the dishes and not worry about the washing but I do, and I don't know how to stop. I sign up to Mum forums for support ...
Dugan at fullback, r u kidding me, I'm going for Queensland
I know I can fit more pots and hanging baskets on the deck!
A Perfect gift for me on MSD's B'day!!! A match win over the best team as a captain!!! For a moment after winning, flt like MSD Thanks to my team Guna Sekar Ganesh Ram Gowri Shankar Thamizh Navin Gopinath Gopinath Vijay still, we miss you Praveen Kumar S
1. Just wondering how many sleeps per day other 10 month olds are having & if still breast fed how many feeds? Also roughly how much are other 10 month olds weighing ? I know every bub is different but just good to know 2. I was wondering if some mums can give me the most important thing they found with there babies in the first few days after birth. Im a ftm to be and im scared im going to do something wrong. 3. Hi, my DS has been on solids since 4.5 months and he is now 7 months. He will eat pretty much anything I give him, but it has to be puréed to within an inch of its life. If I try to give him anything just mashed or even slightly lumpy he will gag. He will happily chew a rusk to pieces. I thought by now that he would be able to eat some lumpier foods. Things like toast or pieces or cooked veg seem to be completely out of the question. Is anyone else's bubs like this? 4. Hi, my 7 week old dd had her 1st lot of vaccination last wednesday. It turns out the votarvirus vaccine hasnt agreed with her be ...
A fantastic night with Aron Azza Woodall and The Beano Band at The White Hart in Taunton last night. Hope the op goes well Azza and sees you fighting fit and blowing up a storm soon.
On the phone with the Legendary Jeff Bhasker. Planning my upcoming trip to Malibu, Los Angeles. Brand new stuff coming your way s.o.o.n. Jeff Bhasker, Bruno Mars, A.R. Rahman, Chikaadee. All in the Works. Thank God for everything. If you forget where you're coming from in the past, you're not fit to go anywhere in the future. Never forget your roots. Loyalty. Bottom Line. :D Kisho Kumar a.k.a. Chikaadee Chikaadee - The NatioN - WorldWide Hu$$lers
Well the hedge and grass won't cut itself . Best get on with it and see if I can fit a little ride in before BBQ at sisters.
4 good things: 1. CF Tauranga Showdown. First comp I've been to and watched live. So proud of our athletes that competed. Primo Crossfit box! Nice to see some of the people that we met during On Ramp. Amaaazing CF physiques out there! Too much team. We had the best support crew :) 2. A fun-filled night with the K-Fit crew at Ron and Robs. Thank you for your awesome hospitality, as always. I hate you vodka. Mixed with Moss and Mungi's mischief encouragement, you made me do things even I wouldn't do lol I'm giving up hehehehe Aroha, delete the evidence please, don't make me beg. Lol. 3. My nephew Kuraroa Tarau. You are the best haka man my darling. I am so sorry I missed your performance! Aunty never misses! Nemind. The girls have a present for you :) love you sweetheart x Congratulations Te Kura o Te Teko. 4. A lovely afternoon at Aunty Tracey's. Scrumptious dinner, relaxing, dying silently lol. Love our Sunday dinners. Settled in at home now with my girls, ready for the new week x "A W.O.D a day keeps t . ...
I am Knick and Nate fan but I see best fit for Nate is Kobe injury replacement on Lakers
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Today is summers christening day so busy getting everything organised hopefully it will be an amazing day
Its high time i show dem the real camp dey never jam so how dey wan make it no dey form gangstar on top party beat here's the good news no bible they no fit hold me am too hot to handle incase u never know life is too short, i bring sound from my cd no x-dos i make ur best mc burst the mic muna --- Buhari attributes poor education to ineffective leadership in Nigeria
Two Best Friends Play has basically filled the void that Game Grumps left for me The only difference is TBFP talk over cutscenes but they know what they're doing :)
First ladies’ impunity should stop — Falana * " The post of the First Lady is not a creation of the constitution. In other words, there is no mention or reference to the post in the constitution or any other statute in the land. So, the question of assigning responsibilities to the office does not arise"
Update - leaving Mass General. Liver was not a good fit. My friend has the best attitude about all this. I wish this were easier for her. If you are able to, please consider being an organ donor.
Fielding (cricket) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search "Third Man" redirects here. For the 1949 film noir thriller, see The Third Man. For the philosophical argument, see Third Man Argument. A wicket-keeper (bending down) and three slips wait for the next ball. The batsman - out of shot - is a left-hander Fielding in the sport of cricket is the action of fielders in collecting the ball after it is struck by the batsman, in such a way as to either limit the number of runs that the batsman scores or get the batsman out by catching the ball in flight or running the batsman out. A fielder or fieldsman may field the ball with any part of his person. However, if while the ball is in play he wilfully fields it otherwise (e.g. by using his hat), the ball becomes dead and 5 penalty runs are awarded to the batting side unless the ball previously struck a batsman not attempting to hit or avoid the ball. Most of the rules covering fielders are in Law 41 of the Laws of cricket. In the ear ...
Be Ambitious, But still aim for a simple life… Be Determined, But yet Learn to Compromise… Be Thoughtful, But yet keep your Peace of Mind… Be Emotional, But be the Most of Your Emotions… Look at Life, at People, But don’t be Tempted… Have a Faith in God, But Always Give Your Best Enjoy the Gentle Breeze, But keep Balance in the Storm.. Enjoy the Little Pleasure of Nature But Remain Fit For The World… !
Does your LO have something special he/she has to sleep with? *My daughter absolutely has to have her Pillow pet, Bubble Guppie Stuffed Animal & Her Teddy Bear I bought her when she was little lol :) ♥Ashleigh (2)
With great pain, agony and distress, I write this. The public sector banks have of late turned into unfair, exploitative, hostile and unhealthy organizations to their own personnel and this development has taken place especially during the last 7 years. Most of the staff members have begun to feel it is no longer safe to continue in the bank’s service. Many staff are driven to the decision of putting in their papers under VRS or otherwise. It is a pity that many officers are laying down their lives while in service due to the unbearable stress and the ill-treatment at the hands of the management. Where are the public sector banks heading to? PLACEMENTS Placement is one area the meaning of which is not known to the managements at present. The management mantra of ‘Right man at the right place’ remains only on paper and is taught only in Staff Training Centres/Colleges. Personnel are given placements haphazardly, solely at the whims and fancies of those at the helm of affairs. Unfortunately, the ...
No more struggling to recover or launch your boat ! Ever been frustrated trying to load your boat on to the trailer ? You just get lined up and a wake or gust of wind appears from nowhere, next thing you know you're alongside your trailer not on it. Well, Floatem Poles could become your best friends when launching or recovering your boat from the slipway. These innovative new boat accessories actually extend as you enter the water, the deeper you get the more they extend, always visible above the waterline. They protect and guide your boat on and off the trailer, reducing the effect of wind, wake and currents. Floatem Poles fit most trailer and boat combinations, they come complete with all the neccesary hardware and a pair of guide cushions, in a choice of colours red, black, navy blue, white, royal blue, green, yellow or day glow orange Easy to use ! The quick and easy way to centre your boat and trailer. Single handed launch and recovery is easily achieved. Floatem Poles are low profile telescopic guid ...
Good morning! Beautiful summer's morning outside, who's been out there getting their healthy/fit body on? All the best to all the young people making their boroughs proud today @ the London Youth Games @ Crystal Palace Sports Arena.
APC, danger to Nigeria — Ezeife Third Republic governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, in this interview with ALLWELL OKPI, states that adopting a two-party system would help Nigeria overcome its political woes President Goodluck Jonathan recently suggested a two-party political system for the country. Do you agree with him? I’m a staunch supporter of a two-party system. It is the best for the country because it is based on distinct ideologies – the conservatives on one side and the progressives on the other side. If we want to adopt it, then we should have the courage to register the National Republican Convention again. The Social Democratic Party has already been re-registered and many people are showing interest. Considering the present political situation, is Nigeria ripe for such? The situation on the ground does not seem to encourage the establishment of a proper two-party system based on ideological distinction. The All Progressives Congress cannot be a part of a proper two-party ...
Having a home gym in the spare room was the best idea EVER! Oh Mr Smith you are rather fit ;) Dear me
Myles has his first day at school tomorrow. so happy for him. your going to make a difference in this world. Your going to make amazing friends and have an amazing time.
Stuck for 10 minutes lookin 4 an outfit.
When I first became saved one of my first prayers to God was for him to remove the image of euro Jesus out of my mind...I told HIM that unless HE did, I was going to have real problems with bowing down. In the twinkling of an eye, it was replaced with an image very similar to this one. Its been on and crackin ever since.
Newcastle Knights winger James McManus has been named in the NSW Blues squad for the Origin 3 decider, which will be played at ANZ Stadium on Wednesday, July 17.
Study the propaganda devices on the front of this handout. Then read the passages below, and in the space provided, write the name of the device used. Created especially for Tiffany’s: ruby earrings set in 24-carat gold. Seventeen thousand dollars. Not just for any woman. _ My opponent claims to be a democrat, but in truth he is a lying, un-American enemy of the people. _ Sugar is good for you! It provides fast energy, gives you those all-important carbohydrates, and satisfies your craving for sweets. _ Everyone is talking about Munchy Pizza! Everyone’s raving about Munchy Pizza. Everyone’s munching on that Munchy Pizza. Don’t you want to munch a Munchy’s, too? _ You know, I grew up in this farmland, this great heartland. Many’s the time I went out in my jeans and pitched hay. I know the problems, the hopes, and the dreams of the farm families. A vote for me is a vote for your kind of people. _ Your dream house. This deluxe home is just the thing for the discriminating buyers. It ha ...
Now that people are strategising for 2015, what are your plans? I have no plans actually order than for an Igbo man to be president. This is what Njiko- Igbo is fighting. I have no other plan, and if anybody tells you that I have another plan, the person is lying. My first and last plan is for an Igbo man to be president. - See more at:
BANANA - Very interesting FACTS This is interesting. After reading this, you'll never look at a banana in the same way again. Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90- minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way a banana can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet. DEPRESSION: According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier. PMS: Forget the pills - eat a banan ...
1: Name, Height? Justin and 6'3 2: Was your last relationship a mistake? eh 3: Do you miss your last relationship? nope 4: Who did you last say "i love you" to? my mom lolll 5: Do you regret it? no lol 6: Have you ever been depressed? nope 7: Are you a boy or girl? boy 8: Are you insecure? nope 9: What is your relationship status? taken 10: How do you want to die? asleep 11: What did you last eat? chinese food 12: Have you played any sports? baseball football soccer lacrosse but mainly baseball 13: Do you bite your nails? no 14: When was your last physical fight? few months ago 15: Do you have an attitude? probably i dont know. 16: Do you like someone? my girlfriend 17: What is your real name? justin fornander? 18: Have you ever read a book? several 19: Are you gonna get high later? no 20: Do you hate anyone at the moment? no 21: Do you miss someone? no 22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti? twirl 23: Are you fit? yes 24: Have any pets? dogss 25: How exactly are you feeling? normal 26: Ever eaten food in a car ...
If he wins tonight, he will be the most loved Brit on the planet. And if he doesn't, he will be the Scot who gave his best. I'll be rooting for him. Come on, Murray!
12 months ago today I was lacing up my boots to walk the Kokoda track, how time flies. Was the best experience of my life with the greatest bunch of Australians I have ever met.
Career Management People are the most important resource an organization can have. So, it becomes prime responsibility of the organizations to take care of their employees and give them an opportunity to grow especially to those who are career conscious and deliver performance. Career in 21st century is measured by continuous learning of the employees and identity changes in due course of time rather than changes in age and life stages. Career development of employees is not a mere responsibility of organizations, rather it is their obligation to address the ambitions of employees and create such job positions where they can accommodate their growing ambitions. Employees are career conscious and they’ll stick to an organization where they feel that they have an opportunity to showcase their talent, grow to the maximum possible level and achieve their objectives. When we talk about growth, it can have different meanings to different people. Some may look at it as a fat package, some may want to climb up ...
I'll be editing and listening to music for a couple hours here, feel free to keep me busy with questions.
Y Gurls to de form?Seriously,if u nt cute nd u gaf nufn upstairex u shud be On a lowkey.Always be ur sev,no mata wia u re
Once upon a time there was a man. He was a very rich man who was also very humble. He worn plain clothing and lived in a plain house and while he was very rich he gave most of his money to charity anonymously. He helped to build houses, and even played beautiful music on a French horn at festivals. All of this was in vain, for after a time, the townsfolk soon found out about the man’s fabulous wealth and praised him for his good works and generosity. Now one day the townsfolk decided to give this man a gift. Each person thought long and hard about what a man who could afford anything had need of. Some spoke of a manor for him to live in, others spoke of a fine horse for him to ride, but one woman spoke of getting him a French horn of his own and explained how the man would always borrow one from her when he played during festivals. The townsfolk saw this as clearly the best gift they could give him and set about to make it without the man knowing of its creation. Weeks past and the townsfolk created a F ...
Hello my dear divine seekers. I feel the great need to address this issue openly and honestly. Foremost I would like to say that this group is not meant to be part of a capitalistic "new age" movement--but rather about consciousness, and enlightenment through the understanding of self-- and being respective of other's belief systems that do not hinder your or other's enlightenment journey that comes from within. Our own energies, bodies, observations and visions that are free from the constraints of economy and provisional restraints. It is extremely unfortunate that in our contemporary world the universal and ubiquitous movement for understanding, solidarity, love, compassion and peace has been made purchasable through false commodification and the misappropriation of symbols of oppressed groups and utilized in a manner that are not respective of their origin. I ask kindly, with all my being, that all of us take the necessary steps and measures to use our most empathic and understanding selves to not dis ...
You are a person of grace and tasteful style. You are classic, natural and romantic, all in one! You love a timeless, clean and tailored look and your style bends towards elegant and minimalistic. You are gifted with a natural athletic body and your fit and toned body is envied by lot of women. Lets work on adding curves at the right places and adding a touch of femininity to your look. Star Stunners who match your fashion personality are: Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diya Mirza We will do our best to get you dresses that do justice to your style and body type! Alka, Sneha Style Experts,
domain names
Candy Jax might want to consider changing their home-made shop 'sign'. It doesn't really inspire much confidence in their business..
Laurie Daley has named a 20-man NSW squad for the State of Origin decider on July 17 that includes Jarryd Hayne, James McManus and Boyd Cordner.
Does anyone on my fb know where I can buy a maxi dress but in the petite section? I bought one from a normal shop yesterday but have to take it back as it trails on the ground loads - I look like a kid who's raided their mums dress up box lol. I usually shop in their teenagers section but couldn't see anything I liked :( Shame I have to take it back, it's gorgeous
Find live, breaking sports news, live scores and all sports results here on the Wide World of Sports website.
If u r on fit 2day,its the best day 2 thank God 4 granting u anatha.Hv a blessed sunday
Can you answer these questions honestly, from the heart, and not erase any? Yes What reminds you of the last person you kissed? Absolutely nothing cause I barely know him Do you ever think about the past? Only to reminisce not feel sorry Do you believe ex's can be friends? Totally one of my exes is one of my best friends Does anyone know your password besides you? Yeah probably a lot of people Are all of your friends virgins? No way lol What are you wearing right now? T shirt and shorts Do you want to see somebody right now? Yeah actually I do! Would it be more likely of you to fail Science or Math? Seeing as I need a brush up math class for mcc I'm gunna go with math Did anyone see your last kiss? Probably not it was behind a garage Kill the spider or let it out? Kill it! Are you short? Yes :( Do you have any siblings over the age 21? Yes 1 brother Whose bed did you sleep in last night? Mine! Who was the last person you hung out with? My mommy and Karen What were you doing at 9 this morning? Feeling awfu ...
Poor Leonard's Almanack by Leonard Roy Frank Street Spirit, June 2005 GANDHI: 100 Teachings Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) was one of the most important historical figures since the Buddha. Influenced by the teachings of Hinduism, Christianity, Henry David Thoreau, John Ruskin and Leo Tolstoy, Gandhi introduced nonviolence in leading India's struggle for liberation from British rule. The three essentials of Gandhi's nonviolent direct action are constructive programs (spiritual, educational and economic development); noncooperation (strikes and boycotts); and civil disobedience (protests, marches, sit-ins and other demonstrations). Gandhi's legacy of nonviolence became a permanent fixture in the political world of the latter 20th century, most notably in the U.S. civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. during the 1960s and in the East European and Central Asian independence movements of the early 1990s. Presented here are 100 teachings drawn from Gandhi's writings. Perhaps in our time t ...
Laws of teshuva (repentance): [NOTE: The first part of this law, as translated in the past class, posed the question why the Torah promises us reward and punishment in this world -- plenty vs. famine, peace vs. war, health vs. sickness etc. -- if the true reward we will receive will be in the World to Come.] "All of these matters (i.e., rewards and punishments of this world) truly did and will come about. And when we fulfill all the Torah's mitzvos (commandments), we will be granted all the good of this world. [Conversely,] when we transgress [the commandments], all the evils written [in the Torah] will happen to us. "Even so, such good is not the final reward for the mitzvos, nor are such evils the final vengeance which will be exacted from one who transgresses all the mitzvos. Rather, the following is the explanation. "The Holy One gave us the Torah; it is the Tree of Life. Anyone who fulfills all that is written in it and knows it thoroughly (lit., 'knows it with total, correct knowledge') will merit t ...
Glory to the almighty God for he saw it fit that you and I can see the best of today
Another special day in Vegas. Had a scumptious meal and cocktail at the Hard Rock cafe after 7 hours of shopping. Had to buy another suit case to fit it all in. The grandchildren will be spoilt. Celine Dion was extremely entertaining. One of the best performances I've seen. Talented lady, amazing staging and excellent support musicians. Everyday has been unique!
Romans 12:1-2 The Message (MSG) Place Your Life Before God 12 1-2 So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.
On a positive note for Rugby league supporters, Merritt isn't in the NSW team..
So, word on the street is that I need to get S some proper shoes. Where is the best shop to shop in these days?
Habang gumagawa ng study panels for a comics, may naki-usyoso at nag-comment: "Wow, nagigibo palan kamong manga?" In my mind, I was stabbing him with a Mongol Does it look like I'm drawing something in a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century and in a Japanese language narrative? Hindi lahat ng comics ay manga. That is the problem with some of these so-called manga addicts nowadays. No sense of cultural history. Shallow, superficial fandom at its best. Ang tawag sa kanila: Mangang hilaw.
Basically tonight reminded me of all the reasons Jennifer Renee Reynolds is my best friend. To much fun. Felt just like our Harry's days :-) best part "drunk" calling Anthony L'Herault even though we aren't drunk. Only thing we drank was water :). Good night now to cuddle with chunk and go to bed after I eat this hot n spicy and sweet tea.
I do my life by how i see best fit !
Thanks Everyone for the thoughtful Birthday Wishes! It was a very special weekend. Got to play with the Band on Thursday, open and close Lagoon with my entire Family and extended Family on Friday, and Seven Peaks on Saturday! We couldn't have fit much more in! Best Wishes and Love to you all!
I am off to the Scottish Open tomorrow to film with a couple of tour vans. Let me know some question's to ask the guys on the van. I will pick the best ones and get some answers for you guys.
To all my lovely gorgeous peeps in Byron - am so excited to be moving to Newcastle tomorrow with my wonderful husband for our new adventure, the next chapter in my book, will miss the Bay and especially the beautiful beaches and love and free spirits but this isn't goodbye as we will be back! Work prospects are looking great in Newcastle, also looking forward to reacquainting with old friends down there, us getting fit but most of all getting PB's clean bill of health - I love him to pieces!! But you all know that already! Thank you Dennise Simmons for the most wonderful night rocking with JPY @ Byron Surf Club last night! Happy Birthday my darling friend and you know that I love you so much & miss you already, photos to come xx
Done put on ya best fit, tryna impress them ***
CiDrep Cloud Computing Strategy that can offer the best fit for SAAS, PaaS and IaaS for your Business. Contact us.
what are your plans after highschool? — Go to any school that offers me and where I think is best fit for me
I know nobody cares about the Astros, but who is best fit for Norris and how good is the anticipated (by you) return?
Chuck, w/the offensive weapons that we have, isn't a Felton/Prigs the best fit?
What color's the best fit with light blue?
If you somehow left Impact, what team would be the best fit for you personally? !!! There's a few streams you can pick that best fit with your computer!!
First forward, second forward or as a winger... what is the best fit for Ishak Belfodil?
The CEO Space Forum hosts a broad & deep pool of mentors, so you can find the best fit for your business' unique needs
this is honestly the best fit is Denver..
Can't control the contracts of players who are the best fit or who are available.
Jason Jones was probably the best fit for Drowning Pool (excluding Dave Williams). Too bad he bailed.
In news Derek Roy signs with on 1 year deal don't know money terms but, he was 1 of 2 centers I believe best fit are system (1)
not looking good. Nolasco was the best fit for us.. *** dodgers. Oh and peavy is on the DL by the way so he's a no
Which 1D member could best fit as your sibling?
my prediction was on the spot regarding his move. Best fit for him too. Lakers are better w/o him.
I'm kidding man. Take off where ever the best fit is for you!
Travel planning is literally my favorite thing to do! It's like a puzzle to find the best fit of correlating dates and prices. 😁
(Cont) Doesnt fit Dwights play or that Rosters, The Rockets are Dwight Howards best fit with a Coach who can help maximize his abilities
Some off y'all so confused about life cause if you knew any better it wouldn't be about free before 11 or who has the best FIT!!!
Forlan would be good for MLS, maybe not best fit TFC
yeah but its the best fit. Least amount of pressure as the rest of the team still needs to get set.
Line of Best Fit - Timbaland and Jay-Z patched up former beef to work on new album
Waiting on the best fit. He will be visiting three different locations next week.
Where does Nate best fit? To play for the rest of his career?
With Calderon signing with DAL, the best-fit FA still on the market for MEM to sign is probably...
Line of Best Fit - The Eagles founding guitarist to tour with band for first time since 1975
disagree there I feel Warriors would've been his best fit if they would've shed Boguts contract as well
I think Beck makes the roster. for guys like Watson and others its the best fit for them in Mil. Smith has to prove himself
GALAXY Note 8.0 - The best fit for your lifestyle needs: via
Line of Best Fit - Simon Reynolds gives his take on present-day EDM culture
Some of these girls eyebrows look like the line of best fit on a line graph 😂
yea u deff right about tht.I think iggy in golden state might be the best fit out of all the trades tho
Ppl put their best fit on to go to to Gtown but only end up buying Chipotle.
Column: Naming the new high schools should be based on what's the best fit. Everything else will take care of itself
Have questions on what Lynx grill will best fit your needs come chat with us we are ready to help
is it weird that I want to find the best fit curve to this?
You took the time to sign FOUR autographs for me, in different colors to best fit the photos... thank you sir!! You're a legend.
Don't be surprised to see Dustin Penner as a potential consolation prize for Bergevin and the Not the best fit …
Free Agency--Best Fits~ ~Dwight Howard, Best Fit: Dallas -- The Mavs present the ability to build around Dwight exclusively, and while the team is not a championship contender next season, the opportunity to win in two years is very real. Mavs owner Mark Cuban has proven that he will do just about anything to win -- Dallas had the highest payroll in the league when it won the title in 2011 -- and Howard is still just 27. A four-year deal is sensible. ~Josh Smith, Best Fit: Houston -- This hinges on what happens with Dwight Howard, but Smith is an incredible shot-blocker and transition talent, and a profound two-way player. He brings big-time versatility because of his athletic ability and defensive presence, something that Houston really needs. ~Andre Iguodala, Best Fit: Cleveland -- The problem with "Iggy" is that he cannot be the top dog. He may not even be comfortable playing second fiddle, but when he's consistently a third option, this guy can be awesome. That's exactly why I say the Cavs, who are st ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Line of Best Fit - Paul Smith collaborate with Nottingham record store for two day London pop-up
Line of Best Fit - Brian Wilson working on new solo album with Jeff Beck
Line of Best Fit - Matthew Dear plots only London date of 2013
Line of Best Fit - John Parish at Privatclub in Berlin
Line of Best Fit - The Strokes guitarist working with Brody Dalle
Current favourite on the album: Edwyn Collins performs 31 Years for The Line of Best Fit
Line of Best Fit - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Glasgow’s Barrowlands
Disclosure collaborator Sam Smith gets reworked by LA producer Todd Edwards in this Best Fit exclusive.
Sorry for the delay in posting this information. It's been a busy day already! And the Immie (Image Matters) Award goes to: Best Color - Jane Fonda. In a sea of pale muted colors and lots of black and metallics, she stood out in a yellow Versace gown. The color was stunning, the fit was fabulous, and only Jane could pull that off. Kudos to her for looking so fab and taking a chance on a color few people can wear well. Best Fit - Halle Berry. Also in Versace, the fit of this architectural black and silver gown was amazing. The lines of the dress, from the strong shoulder to the column skirt suited her perfectly. And no one looks as good as Halle with very short hair. The perfect complement to the simple yet stunning gown. Best Overall Style - a tie! Jennifer Lawrence in a pale pink Dior Haute Couture gown that was the epitome of movie stardom and Charlize Theron, also in Dior Haute Couture, stunning in a structured white strapless gown.
Line of Best Fit - Listen: John Cooper Clarke sits in for Jarvis Cocker on BBC 6 Music
Best Fit guest on Edith Bowman's Review Show on BBC Radio 1 this coming Tuesday (26 Feb). The best part? You get to help choose what gets played.
Line of Best Fit - Local Natives plot October UK tour, reveal new video
The Line of Best Fit is proud to premiere the video debut from the amazing John Murry. The Graceless Age is John Murry's first solo album and his debut prope...
Line of Best Fit - Thurston Moore to tour UK with Michael Chapman
NBA Gold's Prospect Scouting Report: Cody Zeller Position: Power forward/Center Height/Weight: 6'11 School: Indiana Year: Sophomore Best Fit: Hornets, Kings, Bobcats Notes: Very skilled for a player of his size, Cody Zeller is an excellent shooter who can run the floor well, much like his older brother Tyler. He will most likely play power forward in the NBA, but he will be able to stretch defenses with great outside shooting. Though he's not a great rebounder or shot-blocker, he will be nearly impossible to guard. "LIKE" for another prospect scouting report. (Yes, this is from I have permission to post this by Greg Swartz. Not everyone goes on that site.) - Dan
It wouldn't be Christmas here at Best Fit without *** *** *** Canada. Back for it's fourth year and featuring a host of the very best in Canadian music, with some acts kindly recording tracks especially for this year's compilation.
Line of Best Fit - Listen: Local Natives perform in session for Lauren Laverne
In the run up to two Best Fit shows in the next week, stream the incredible new album from Sweden's El Perro Del Mar.
All the best "Today na chop till I fit chop no more
We're back on this Tues (30 October) guesting on the Edith Bowman Review Show. Pick what we play:
Line of Best Fit - Best Fit on Radio 1 next week: YOU pick what we play
How to get ski fit and where to go for thirst class après-ski via (via
jst let us knw if u wnt 2 b part of d love family...but my GD will decide if u re fit 2 join d family RAYMOND!
Best of luck to all members running, stewarding, helping or just roaring on next Monday at the big one in Dublin.
no matter which actor says he's 'better' than u in any way..that's THE most pompous statement!UR THE ONE & ONLY,best&most fit actor!
ammiiinnn amiinnn makasih ya fit RT"happy birthday ca all the best for you..makinmaakin+++ yaaa caa yg baik ;)"
Happy El-Kabeer, May Allah SWA grant us what best fit us. Amin.
I'm really ready for ROTC again like I feel like I fit in best there. 💙
So good live and I was lucky enough to see this stripped back performance
Watch: François & the Atlas Mountains play a secret forest session at this year’s End of the Road Festival
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
What is the sexiest piercing that would fit me best?
Happy birthday maaf telat ya fit, best wishes for you
"Bats voice is Peter Welles, and doesn't fit right. Plus no internal dialogue, with has some of the best lines in the comic!"
The best consolation is to share the pain of a crying friend in silence, than to say a word that doesnt fit the situation
Dis wud fit into some of d best Man Utd goal celebration I Luv It!
Well has a big old iron bathtub that could fit the 2 of us "snugly" & an open fire & best of all a big queen size bed. :-)
Lake the biggest trade coup: A TOTAL of 35 players have landed at new AFL clubs - but who is the best fit and wh...
It must b early after next year but havent chosen bhobho cauz got canada..Aus and UK...not sure exactly where i wud fit in best.
Best get up got lots to do today gotta fit it all in
This evening photoshoot with an 18year old boy, who suffers from cancer and wants beautifull pictures to remember him in his best fit days.
'What is the best thing about JLSters?' Aston: 'You're all fit!' - trust ast
‘Man at his best is a moral being, and it is only as a moral being that he is fit for self-government’
'Whats the best thing about JLSters?' 'Your all fit' aw Ast ya shouldn't of bbz
“Fancy danny from mcfly so bad” this is why you're my best friend. HE IS SO FIT! ❤
what costume do i best fit besides the one im wearing lolz!!! Im having the best costume at My Job nd this time i wanna win ha lol!!!...(B Honest)...NEXT WEDNESDAY!.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
No Keystone Pipeline Obama says, need to become more green and invest in renewable energy Obama says, you can build a coal plant if you want but it will bankrupt you Obama says "Your electric bills will necessarily sky rocket". HM, well, his friend " I don’t pay enough taxes (refuse to donate tax money)" Mr. Buffet monopolizes the trains that brings the oil from Canada to Texas. 90 BILLION dollars, that’s 90,000,000,000 yeah with 10 Zeros, pumped into renewable energy so car battery companies, solar panel making companies, "greener" car companies, based in the US and around the ?world?, can open up shop and declare bankruptcy before a single product is made or make a car that cost more 2 times as much to make than they can sell it for. we had 500 coal plants in the USA before Obama, now were down to 300, and it will be only 200 on January 1st. he won’t let America drill on federal lands or grant 'permission' for American companies to engage in deep sea drilling. We know what that gets us, BP! He pay ...
Friends (hopefully), It saddens me that politics becomes a wall between people - yet another contributor to the modern-day social phenomenon of alienation. Politics is full of deception - almost the complete antithesis of truth - the real information, the facts, the true reality of events and policies are impossible to discern; the collective frailties of human nature are bundled up in the world of politics; and yet, in spite of this fact, we allow the insane political discourse to draw lines between relationships - friends and families alike; choosing to align ourselves with those who have accepted the same political thought system - the thought system that seems to best fit our view of reality, our view of what will protect our hard earned security; so, so, sad. In no social arena is human ignorance more prevalent - more insidious - because it is the arena where the fight for control of the minds of the masses is played out - and, the individual's ability to think freely is so, so rare for it is the abi ...
Hello everyone! Leaving Naples in two weeks to start my new job with Aveda Corporate in Tampa. I will be coming down once or twice a month to take care of my loyal clients. Please contact me to schedule your appointments asap. If you would like to stay with someone local due to your schedule please contact me and I will refer you to another stylist that I know will best fit you and your hair need :)! - Wish me luck and see you soon!
My fellow Americans. Today, I cast my vote for who I believe is best fit to run the country between now and the time that I am elected President in 2016. Unfortunately, you will have to suffer another 4 years without my guidance. However, as Americans and patriots, I'm positive that you will be able to manage until that time. Steve in 2016.
Should you consider insuring your pets against injury and disease? Here is a list of pet insurance pros and cons.
"Chakravuha" is one of the finest movie of Prakash Jha after "Gangajal".Really actor selection is also best fit into the film charactor.Though the movie is based on dispute over current Naxalism & Government but every one should watch it.Abhay Deol & Arjun Rampal played a storming role.
Is voting to re-elect the best president this nation has ever seen. Between his foreign policy, economic standpoints and amazing public speaking ability, there is no denying he is the best fit to lead our country into the future. Vote Ronald Reagan 2012
Lord help me to find tools to make me more effective in the use of my time. Bring the right people across my path to educate me about how to use the tools best fit my personality and Gifts.
People, people, people! Stop voting bipartisan for the sole reason that you feel third-party candidates "don't have a chance". It's your right and privilege as an American citizen to vote for any candidate, regardless of popularity. Waste your vote on whoever you feel would best fit the position, but you should consider all of the candidates, not just the ones shown on large corporate news stations.
One of the undisputed best songs of the year now has an official video. 'Be Safe' by Lulu James with production from Hostage & Kidnap Kid..
As TBT ThrowBckThursday i need everyone to take a pic of their oldest Demarco Solar Fit and tag me in it who ever has the best fit gets a special treat lol Shamar ready set Go
Urgently seeking a Bilingual Psychologist for Hyattsville, MD (MUST HAVE U.S. DEGREE). We would appreciate if you can spread some words, or know someone who may best fit, then please send resume to jsingh , We offer H1-B visa and Green Card Sponsorship, including other great benefits. Thanks in advance for sharing.
I got an interview today at 1400 with what seems to be the ideal/ best fit place to work for me. Wish me luck, pray, bang gongs to your heathen god, whoop up a spell etc etc for me.
A a true child of God would not teardown a person no matter if they would vote for him for president or not They would pray for them and choose the one that they thought would best fit the qualities of who Jesus is and what God wants done Without showing God's love for one another our actions and words are empty and bankrupt
Spa Treats - A Health / Spa Salon HTML Template with exclusive features at low cost..Get it now at .
Last dry day to ride the bike to work before we are plunged into dark nights of winter! Roll on spring. Best fit the clear visor before i go.
I feel like people create a version of others to best fit in with their mindset
1. read all details under each picture. Price and size are already posted for each item. 2. Comment "MINE" if you're 100% sure of buying the item and send your order form. Reservation is good for 2 days only. No order form, no Reservation. 3. we will send you a message through text or pm informing your total amount due. 4. payments must be settled within 2 days through BPI bank deposit or cebuana lhuiller. 5. shipping is made through JRS Express. shipping fee is shouldered by the buyer. 6. No haggling. Happy shopping! :)
Vote for the candidate that is the best fit for you! Find out with this great quiz! It mentions NO names during the quiz and will list you compatibility percentage for every candidate and even the areas with which you agree and disagree on for each one!!!
Throughout the first half of his senior season, Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey receiver Delvon Hardaway has continued to prove he is capable of playing Division-1 football. After Friday night's rivalry game versus Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw, the 6-foot-2, 180-pound prospect discussed his current offers and the programs he's continuing to hear from. "I picked up a Colorado offer a few weeks ago, so right now I have that and San Jose State. The UCLA coaches (receivers coach Eric Yarber and running backs coach Steve Broussard) were out at the game tonight and I've been hearing from them, as well as Washington State, Oregon State, Ohio, and Boise State. "I'm just keeping everything open, getting ready to make my midseason highlight tape. A lot of colleges have been asking for my film; they want to offer, but they need to see the film first. Once I get that out, hopefully everything else will be good," he said. For now, Hardaway says the two schools who have offered are recruiting him the hardest and are also ...
Random thought... Of all the sports that have cheerleaders, I think baseball would be the best fit... Don't you?
Hello and Welcome to Psychopathic Psychiatric Assistance, Please listen to the automated Menu and choose from the following options that best fit your mood and or symptoms. If you suffer from Necrophilia, press 1, but we highly doubt you're suffering. If you are obsessive compulsive, press 2, 100 times. If you have multiple Personalities, press 3, 4, 5, and 6. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to Nibaru. If you are co-dependent ask someone to press 8 for you. If you are paranoid, we know who you are, what you want, and were going to kill you. Press 9 and stay on the line long enough that we may trace your call. If you are depressive it really doesn't matter what number you press, because know one cares about you and we don't either. 71717171 press dyslexic are you if. If you have low self esteem, you should probably hang up as your call isn't worth our time. If you're Schizophrenic, we are confident that the voices in your head what secret number to press. If you have short ...
Ok I have been having fun messing with all of the whiny libs that think Obama is still the best thing since sliced bread and want everything to be the fault of others. Let's put things in a new light Obama said that he would have things fixed in 3 years or he would be a one term President. The debt is worse, our credit rating is worse, our income is worse, health care is going down the toilet, the security of the nation is worse now than ever before and the biggest supporters of Obama are people who want the UNITED STATES destroyed. So with all of that in mind either vote to save America or figure out which 3rd world communist country you best fit in with and move. This is America Land of the free and Home of the brave Love it or leave it.
10/24/2012 12:32 PM "Forgive" say you Grace. I do forgive, I just never forget. But I am always just and fair. In other words Grace, one must ask themselves this question 'If I forgive someone, do I still have the right to include or exclude them in my life from that point forward; not rendering good or ill will towards them just not making them a friend as in times past?" In your case, the answer would be "Yes". I have gone overboard, over and beyond, any measure a reasonable person would under far more ideal conditions; and have still fallen short of your expectations and desires. In a family two children not getting along are separated by the parents if nothing else works. In our case nothing else works because there is only ONE PERSON who is trying to reciprocate or make an attempt at conciliation. In other words, being played a fool only makes you look the fool; because you are still under the impression we can be friends. And we cannot now or ever. I know your character and spirit way too wel ...
Fb family, we have to be in prayer for our country, the race between our President and Governor Romney is running neck and neck based on what I just read. God knows what's best and who is best fit to lead our country. Please be in prayer that candidate that has our best interest would be voted President, or should I say remain president.
I have put in a lot of applications this week and sent out alot of resumes. The one that I think is the best fit for me with everything is witn Eagle Finance. Of course I will take any of the jobs but please pray that the one I am offered is with Eagle Finance.
Opportunities for OT's, PT's, RN's , and Family Practice Physicians in Maryland, USA. If you know someone who might best fit, Please recommend and share with them. Send resume to jsinghH1-B visa and Green Card Sponsorship offered. Thanks.
Anyone interested in going into the medical field? Come see me at Concorde Career College!!! I will def help you find the right career that will best fit you in the medical field.
I know dis may sound foolish but i think Ryan Giggs will best fit the position that will be left vacant after the retirement of SAF. I hope all united fans will share the same sentiment wit me. UNITED FOREVER!
Ahead of her appearance at London's White Heat tonight, we find out more about Louisa Rose Allen's recent tour with Marina and the Diamonds, her love of M&S and the haunting sound of Foxes.
Why is it important to clean up the kitchen prior to a home inspection? Many inspectors actually start their inspection in the kitchen, making it a great place to make a great first impression. A kitchen inspection includes the plumbing, electrical and built-in appliances. That means a professional inspector is going to look under the sink, open doors on appliances, including the stove and dishwasher, and look inside the cupboards. The inspector is going to need to be able to see the bottom of both sides of the sink and visually observe what is behind electrical panels, even those that might be hiding in cupboards. To facilitate the process, prior to the inspection: • Remove the garbage, cleaning supplies and other materials from under the sink. • Remove items in front of electrical panels. • Clean up dirty dishes and put them away. • Remove items from inside the stove. • De-clutter and clean the countertop. The end result will be a complete inspection that provides accurate information with les ...
If I were a cartoon character, which one do you think would best fit my personality! Comment below and why?
Hear the musicians of Veronneau describe their Jazz Samba Project CD. Celebrating 50 years of Brazilian music with classic bossa nova's, interpretations of c...
We’re in the homestretch of the Presidential elections, with a tight race. Obama and Romney finished up their last debates, and now their fates...
Being human is a wonderful experience. Example of a tangible experience, you are at a game show and you see a barrel of money or the mystery prize. Most will take the money; others are optimist about the mystery prize. Do we want to take what is front of us or explore the possibilities of the inner-verse, us? All the lessons learned are passed on the generation to come and yes even ourselves, if we choose to incarnate again. As spiritual beings first, we have access to a vast wealth of knowledge. Sometimes the answer for what we seek in not a book, unless we are directed or drawn to it. Most often we hold the answer to the lesson desired and usually the answer to best fit the situation of the moment we seek it. To receive the desired answer, we must be in a place of receptivity. Our lesson adds to the collective knowledge for others to access, yet our lessons are our own. No one else can learn them for us, yet others can direct or support us. Your human self must be in alignment and willing to do the work ...
Swedish Best Fit-favourite Faye and alt-pop singer Foxes play a sell-out show at White Heat at Madame JoJo's in London. Sara Amroussi-Gilissen shoots.
I want to take this moment and reflect on a sermon I heard a few weeks ago. Sometimes our dreams (God main purpose for us) takes a greater patience than we think. Just because YOU are ready and fully prepared, does not mean that those instrument to your blessing (and theirs) are fully open to being receptive right now. Just because you are ready to show the world what you got, doesn't mean that right now the world is ready to receive it. Like a live theater show, God has to design and set the stage for the lead role (YOU) to truly shine. Sure you have your lines memorized and you are READY to act, but God needs to prepare the other people, set the stage, and plan the amazing show at a time that's best fit for the audience to REALLY receive it. So have patience. He knows you want it bad, and he knows you want it NOW. But for MAXIMUM blessing, he has to set the stage just right for you to shine and make a true impact. KEEP MOVING FORWARD
Happy Wednesday!!! Fb fam, please don't allow this Election to STEAL your Joy, yet more your Soul! As Americans, we have the Freedom to our Rights as well as our Opinions! NOONE should ever have to Fear Retaliations because of their Opinions! We may not Always Agree, But, please,Respect each other enough to DisAgree Agreeably! No matter what race, religion, or gender you are, we may soon have to HELP each other. So, I say to each of you. VOTE for who you Believe is best fit for Presidency and any other office. Above all, TRUST GOD! Blessings!
Thinking about joining the army, navy or military...i wonder which one would best fit me..decisons decisons
Words cant explain how much i love my parents! When you have two parents like mine that u can tell them anything no matter what and dont be judge but corrected whether u wanna hear it or not, you just dont take for granted the two humans that God decided were best fit to raise you. smh Thank you for mine thru the good and bad
Don't ever ask me to stop posting! If you do not like my posts then I believe there is a simple solution-I do not know how- but you can some how choose to "not like me". I love this country and I refuse to be silent. I live in a country where my God gave me the right to vote and the obligation to vote for the candidate that I choose best fit. I do not pray for this election to be over instead I watch and listen diligently to what is going on not just for me but for my family and my children. I make myself listen to both sides just so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the choice I make is the best possible choice. Our America is my America and I will continue to post.
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Years ago James Tuckerman from Anthill Magazine told me "The best spontaneous stuff is well rehearsed." I've found this to be very true. It's not that you are trying to trick anyone into thinking you are coming up with something on the spot, it's that you build a deep well of resource that you sort through in order to bring what best fit's the moment. That way you don't cut across anything else happen but build upon it. Generally I prepare knowing I'm only going to give 1 or 2% of it. That's how the spontaneous works.
Headwinds Wow, Romney has tremendous headwinds. Educated folks just think it's only smart to be Democratic (how did that happen - I guess the best fit is a sort of phony noblesse oblige). Union folks (public employees, teachers, unionized industries, etc) only vote Democratic because there's a long-standing quid pro quo between the two groups. Black folks only vote Democratic because Democrats treat blacks just like spoiled children. *** and those folks that just like *** sex vote Democratic because - well Democratic attitude is "what's wrong with it? Medical science has it all under control, sort of". Tens of millions of women and men who have paid for abortions vote Democratic for the same reason. And then there are those folks who vote Democratic because their mother and father had all sorts of praise for FDR, like, that's why they lived in a house after WWII instead of a cardboard box. Yeah, right, tooth fairy please step aside. If Romney wins against the absolutely horrible set up we get ev ...
I'd like to see a complete overhaul, led by groups of unanimous consensus. -- Issues talked out by the groups until everyone in the group has their voice heard, and everyone in the group supports the product of it's initiative. -- Not just 2 or 3 parties with platform agendas to sell for the whole package, but something like a true republic. -- Separate the politic from the persons and focus on defining the intentions, issue by issue. Let the actual hiring of administrators be done by a process of selection based on those whose pledges and resume's best fit the intentions of people in the many small or large focus groups who can define their positions well enough to be in unanimous agreement, and then be voted on by the show of majority support. -- Debates should be well defined between separate potentially conflicting interest or issue groups, and published only after a process of clarification and fact checking satisfies the unanimous consensus of those appointed to the process. (not ad-lib by the perso ...
We all know Obama, and Romney have their own personal Agendas. Our job is to pick the one who's, best fit for our country as a whole.
I am looking to hire full time and part time warehouse help. Day shift 8am to 5pm. Part time will be flexed to best fit the employees availability. Let me know if you know somebody who is interested.
It took all of me not to blow up on dudes status on how he "knows" Romney is the person best fit for office; "You know what, I was going to ask why.. but it doesn't matter. It's obvious that you and I don't have the same moral values and take on what a leader to represent America should have.. that and you're entitled to your own opinion and choice for President. Happy voting!" Obama 2012.
In math today we used a scatter diagram to show the correlation between on base percentage and runs scored in MLB. They then make a function in the form of a liner equation and draw a best fit line. I wonder what my OBP and Runs Scored would look like? :)
As Election Day 2012 is only days away and we contemplate all it means to us as a nation, I’ve found it surprising that some people are still undecided while other voters are still contemplating writing in their third-party candidate. This election may very well mean the difference between liberty ...
I have held my lip. I guess it's time to say my peace. I have a son in the military. The military fight terrorists, extemists and rebels. It is clear to me, after studying up, that our current President is not the best fit to keep my son safe while he protects us because he is softened to their plight. Also, I whole heartedly believe this is a Christian nation, which our current leader is not. It is the duty of true Americans to stand by our soldiers and our "In God we trust". This does NOT mean that I support Romney, it means I support my son, my military and my God. Done.
Oohh we are learning about linear equations and line of best fit...excuse me while I sleep!
Glass Animals, Walls and more added to London's week-long Illuminations Festival series of events.
An Inspiring Moment Life Change Begins In Our Minds Romans 12:2(NLT)"Don't copy the behavior and customs of the world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you,which is good and pleasing and perfect." Everyone has a mental outlook of life which is colored by our experiences , observations, and the influences by figures of authority. Our thought process is impacted through many avenues which may have been helpful or harmful to us. We truly are products of our environment. We see life and our role in life based on our personal history which has shaped the way we think. Have you ever wondered why you act, think and believe certain ways? Usually our current situations and relationships are as such because of positive or negative influences during the course of our lives. We actually learn to strategize and manipulate our situations as well as other people to create an environment in which we are most comfortable. We create an en ...
What name can best fit alady who whenever she sees aguy da only thing iz 'ninunulie soda'
Well, I've got a new member of the team. That was one of the toughest decisions I've ever made, and really want to thank everyone for their "sales pitches" I guess you could call them. I feel this is the best fit for me and where I'm currently at career wise. Building my brand right now will prepare me even further for when that day comes to turn pro. I'll worry about the rest when that time comes. Right now, it's about getting better in all facets of my game. 2013 we're ready for you!
Granny is off to a Job interview I went to two on Friday~~ After today I have to decide which one is the best fit for me!!
what you've always wanted. Eddi Front 10" up for pre-order now.
The new solo façade from Danish artist Cæcilie Trier (Chimes & Bells), CTM is a bold departure of past projects towards a more danceable and seductive form of future pop.
Line of Best Fit - Smashing Pumpkins reissue ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’
Line of Best Fit - Watch: Divine Fits perform on Jimmy Fallon
A Cloud Nothings side-project that drops the angst in favour of fun. Best Fit review Chomp – Buddha Jabba Momma.
Bleacher Report - Golden State Warriors: Who's the Best Fit to Start at SF for
The "densely packed" Centipede Hz might, one day, become your favourite Animal Collective album. Best Fit review:
Yann Tiersen performs Ashes exclusively for The Line of Best Fit.
New Line of Best Fit comp is out with songs by and and other mighty fine Canucks on it:
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