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Best Director

The Best Director Award is an award presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

Damien Chazelle Best Picture George Miller Adam McKay Best Film Academy Award Mel Gibson Academy Awards Best Actress Martin Scorsese Best Actor Sanjay Leela Bhansali Christopher Nolan Ridley Scott Mad Max Sofia Coppola Fury Road

Congratulations to Aki Kaurismaki who has won Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival:
is officially joining the Oscar race. Here's why it has a shot at Best Picture and Best Director:
has joined the Oscar race. We look at the film's chances for Best Director and Picture nominations:
Christopher Nolan has only ever been nominated for three Oscars, and none for Best Director. Almost as absurd as Gary Ol…
Best Director according to Ranbir😍. Imitiaz ali sir. Anurag Basu sir. Rajkumar Hirani Sir. Choose only one f…
Congratulations & winning Awards for Best Director and Best Sound Design!. https…
Never too early for Oscar talk! IMO there are 3 women who might get nommed in Best Director this year. Coppola, Bigelow a…
Thrilled to hear that Sofia Coppola has won Best Director http…
Congrats to Sofia Coppola for getting Best Director award at Cannes! Weird to think her film Marie Antoinette was booed.
Congratulations Sofia Coppola! . The second woman to win Best Director at Cannes Film Festival in 71 years.
'The Square' wins top prize at Cannes Sofia Coppola is Best Director - New Straits Times Online
Sofia Coppola becomes second woman since 1961 to win Best Director at for her film, "The Beguiled." https:…
Why no "Best Editor" category in the That's like not having a "Best Director" category in the Academy Awar…
PERSONAL SHOPPER won Best Director and nominated for Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival. Kristen Stewart is mesmerizing. One o…
and Janet Gaynor, Best Director and Best Actress for "7th Heaven".
I haven't been outaged by Pepsi or a dude thrown off a plane. I was outraged by Mel Gibson not winning Best Director. I'm doi…
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This film won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 2013 Austin Fantastic Fest
At the first Academy Awards, Frank Borzage won for Best Director, Dramatic Picture for 7th Heaven
Creepy fact: . Rosalind Ross was 5 years old when her boyfriend Mel Gibson won Best Picture & Best Director for Bravehe…
CONGRATULATIONS to the 5 male film directors nominated for Best Director for getting there on merit alone. Very…
Best Director nominee Mel Gibson wore a Giorgio Armani black one-button shawl collar tuxedo to the
Damien Chazelle makes history with Best Director win
Damien Chazelle wins Best Director and becomes the youngest filmmaker to do so htt…
: Damien Chazelle bags his first Academy Award as a Best Director for La La Land
Oscars 2017: Damien Chazelle becomes the youngest person to win Best Director award
Best Director award goes to Damien Chazelle for
Academy Award for Best Director goes to Damien Chazelle for La La Land
At 32, Damien Chazelle is the youngest ever winner of Best Director at the
Gosling embraces Damien Chazelle after Chazelle's win for Best Director for the film
Damien Chazelle wins the Best Director award for 'La La Land'.
Damien Chazelle is the youngest person in history to win Best Director.
Damien Chazelle takes home Best Director for La La Land - the youngest person to ever win this category.
Congratulations to Damien Chazelle on his Best Director win! 🎬 The youngest dir…
At age 32, Damien Chazelle is now the youngest Best Director winner in history.
To present the Endy for Best Director, here are Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark.
Only 3 other Black filmmakers have been nominated for Best Director before Singleton, Lee Daniels, Steve Mc…
Next year, I fully expect to see Lars von Trier gladhanding, granting Us Weekly profiles and kissing babies in pursuit of Best Director.
Who became the oldest director to win an in 2005 for Best Director for the Million Dollar Baby? T&C a…
John Ford then was like Ang Lee now: two Best Director wins but no corresponding Best Picture. This was his third w…
Oscar Snub Martin Scorsese should've gotten the nomination for Best Director for 'Silence'
Just in case you forgot. The Academy didn't even nominate Martin Scorsese for Best Director for Taxi Driver back in the 1970s.
In the 89 years of the Academy Awards, there have been 445 men nominated for Best Director and only 4 women. Just think about…
Mel Gibson gets a nomination for Best Director because the Academy loves a good anti-Semite comeback story.
Mel Gibson beats women, is a known misogynist, xenophobe, & anti-semite but he still gets nominated for Best Director? Okay
Profiling the nominees for Best Director of the 62nd nominated for
Damien Chazelle takes home the for Best Director! . He dedicates this award to dream…
Damien Chazelle wins Best Director for what a talented guy. Dedicated his award to all the dreamers 😍
.LaLaLand's Damien Chazelle takes home the for Best Director!
Damien Chazelle wins Best Director for at the Awards:
Motion Picture Academy had better nominate this film for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Obama Impression!
Special shout out to ADG Best Director Award winners Bentley Dean & Martin Butler for your Best Director nominations from the AACTA Awards.
“The best know how data can drive value creation” – Erica Hensens, LBS’s MBA programme director…
John Tavares The Actor: from Neil Best of Newsday, The director had a question for John Tavares: “How do you feel…
with daniel dae kim BY LARRY TENG, one of your best roles, ROB.
Chef trainee Gerard de Vera with our director Ms. Rachelle. Want to train with the best chefs...
80% of the film is same & performance is seems equal but SK Action Power is Great but AK Director best.
Alan Salomon Publicity Director for the St Louis Blues received award from the for best team Media Guide O…
Shoutout to - our Executive Director for the past six years. We wish you the best of luck, and hope t…
Executive Director of speaks on Best Practices in "Digital Development and Openness" at
Wishing Enactus Nigeria Country Director the best of life after this. . Few hours to take her away finally. . 💒 💒
Remember when he was directing 5x18 about Stelena. One of the best episode ever. 💕. Paul Wesley As Director Today http…
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Check out the 10 best ways to ask a volunteer to serve — from an experienced advertising director.
Bob Allen - classy gentleman and one of the all-time best, Prayers for his friends and family.
I understood that I was not the best director in the world nor the wors...
online promos so far by 1 of d best 4 recent star films😍👍 Director-Title-Heroine upda…
Breaking 1-day VEVO record with 10.9 MILLION views, Best Song Ever, by James Corden and (director)Ben Winston was an inst…
Our Remarketing Director, Martin Potter, will be hosting the Best Practice Remarketing Seminar today at…
Congratulations to Bob Shennan on his appointment as Director of BBC Radio, & our best wishes for the role…
Sorry, rant over now. A positive note for the Director and Writer Paul W.S. Anderson, I enjoy 'Event Horizon', I think its his Best Film :)
I've been ranked amongst the 30 best globally in the field of Finance/Equity Markets &served as Associate Director@
Today we're joining at - Our Director will later be joining the judges for the best
All the best Anni! This one is another exciting film! Eagerly looking forward. Good luck Director
today. Wishing our Stylish Star Dynamic Director and the cast and crew all the best…
The best movie director is waiting for us!
“Theatre is the best arena to talk about politics” - we speak to writer &
Huge thanks to Director of Performance for 4yrs over record breaking Sochi/Rio cycles. Bes…
Vivien Kusumowardhani, President Director from talks about the best practices in at
Our marketing director ranks 38th best influencer in 2016!
A seamless transition from legendary music video director to creator of the best football movie ever.
Our Editorial Director at our table lovely poster in the back…
Laura Miller, Director of Online Engagement, Office of Digital Strategy sharing best practices…
Pouring user effort into managing and memorising difficult passwords is not best use of The Compliance Budget
Director : "Take the best of it, you need to act like a real dead person. No movements". Xiumin: *sleeping*. Baek: *sleeping…
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck will develop a live-action take on the best-selling graphic ...
We would like to wish Director & Solicitor Advocate Ranjit Uppal the best of the luck at the Law Society Excellence Awards…
Nominee for The Award of BEST VIDEO DIRECTOR 2.0 Celebrating Excellence, Behind the sce…
Tomorrow PHH Program Director Leaves for Singapore. Let's All Wish JB the Best as He Teaches the Powerhouse…
today. Wishing our Stylish Star our Dynamic Director and the crew all the best.
Hear from our founder and Director on best practice for clay tile roofing
Oscar 1979 -. Best Director for Michael Cimino . -presented by Ali McGraw and Francis Ford Coppola.
On 7th March 2010 Katheryn Bigelow became first female director to win Oscar for Best Director for - The Hurt Locker
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In other news: we've been nominated for 3 Offies! Best Play, Best Director & Best Male Performance!! 😊
Off to Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards where I'll be awarded Best Director of a Music Video for Charade and it'll be screened!
Director Olivier Assayas won the Best Director award for his film Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart
COSM gave Kristen the Cesar Award. Personal Shopper gave Olivier the Palme d'Or for Best Director.
Anyone says the Oscar race is a mess, just remind them that Benh Zeitlin didn't debate David O. Russell the year Ang Lee won Best Director.
The prize for Best Director goes to Matt Ross for CAPTAIN FANTASTIC
We hope you do! . Director, Chloe Zhao was the Best Director winner, American Indian Film Festival
Congrats to Tifany Figueroa & MHS grad Chaz Borja for their short film Amateurs" awarded "Best Director" in the Central Or Film Festival!
Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins share the Academy Award for Best Director for thier work on West Side Story today in...
Congratulations to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for winning Best Director for 'Bajirao Mastani'👏👏
has been nominated for 14 including Best Animated Feature, Best Director & Best Screenplay! htt…
Ordinary People won Oscar 4 Best Picture,1980. Redford got Best Director, beating Martin Scorsese, who was nominated for Raging Bull.
'Room' is nominated for 8 IFTA Irish Film & Drama Awards this year, including Best Director and Best Script
Guys here is the full list of 2016 national awars check it . Best Film: Baahubali. Best Director: Sanjay Leela...
2nd nomination for P&P, Best Director of a short documentary from Nice, France, World Cinema Festival 2016...
Oscar 1979 - Ali McGraw and Francis Ford Coppola - Best Director for Mic... via
The year of Luis Ospina! Tribute and Best Director at or FREE now!
Power!! Luis Ospina, Best Director at Watch his opus for FREE now!
"But Mad Max had innovative way of create special effects!". Then Jurassic Park should have won Best Picture and Best Director in '93
Best Director. OscarsMy pick: Tom McCarthy for SpotlightWill win: Alejandro Innaritu for the Revenant.Vamos, Alejandro.
He won for special effects on 2001: A Space Odyssey. It wasn't even for Best Director. He should have won for The Shining.
Best Special Effects, Best Director, Best Film!!! Could our mermaids get any luckier???!!!
Congratulations to Walang Take Two for receiving the award for Best Director of a Foreign Language Film at the... https:/…
Julie Taymor. 1st woman to win Best Director of a Musical at the Tonys. Films include Titus & Frida.
Jane Campion: 2nd woman to be nominated for Best Director for The Piano. Also made Bright Star & Top of the Lake.
Nominations include Best Musical Revival for both & and Best Director for Jonathan Kent with
72% for history of Oscars - looks like 63 Best Pictures of 88 also took home Best Director - per Wikipedia.
And now, the Omar for Best Director. The nominees are:. Spike Lee. Ryan Coogler. Ava Duvernay. Kasi Lemmons
Six is a huge rout for Fury Road! George Miller for Best Director, Australian of the Year, PM, G-G and captain of our cricket team!
Things I'd have loved: Idris for Best Actor, Marjane Satrapi or Todd Haynes for Best Director, What We Do In the Shadows for Best Screenplay
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To me, the Oscars is A Beautiful Mind beating Mulholland Drive and Gosford Park for Best Director. To be surprised is to not get the Oscars.
Atom Egoyan will be at our Mar 1 event He was nominated for Best Director for The Sweet Hereafter at the
doesnt it bother anyone that Christopher Nolan never earned a single Best Director for the Oscars?
If Iñárritu wins Best Director, it will be a three-peat in that category for Mexico. Alfonso Cuarón was the first Mexican to win in 2013
Congrats to Alejandro G. Iñárritu for winning Best Director, Motion Picture for at the https…
THE BIG SHORT will most likely be the film nominated for Best Director that I will miss out on seeing before the ceremony.
George Miller SHOULD win Best Director at the but I don't see it happening
As long as George Miller wins Best Director and Adam McKay becomes an Oscar winner in any capacity (adapted screenplay, Picture) I'll be ok
Join us in congratulating our fearless leader on his nom for Best Director!
Revelation of the day: Adam McKay got a Best Director nomination before Christopher Nolan.
The man behind the grandeur, Sanjay Leela Bhansali wins Best Director for
Congrats to George Miller on his multiple Academy Award noms this morning & his first as Best Director! https:/…
.gives the 'Best Director' award to Sanjay Leela Bhansali at
Like Ang Lee is the equally open 2012 Best Director race, Inarritu was the only director nominated at BFCA, Globe, DGA, BAFTA, and Oscar.
wins Best Film and George Miller takes home Best Director at the Awards
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Inclined to agree on this piece on why George Miller should win best director at the
Best wishes to Cathy Warren RN just retired as director and supporter of patients for years
Looking forward to a lecture from Wendy Mason today (director of AA2a), some priceless knowledge ahead! Got my best notepad ready.
Happy from all of us at the best address. We'd like to thank Gilles, our Key Accounts Director of...
Our casting director for A&A, Carol Goldwasser, is nominated for a best casting award! Vote for her!
Its official Remaking by and Director Srinivasan All the best
here's our Director getting his best use out of our bubble wrap
Tech Savvy Engineers Awarded as Best SolidWorks Reseller 2015 in the Region" Director- Dilip Singh accepting the...
Yes can certainly help with that, can you DM (Event Director) the best way to contact you
This year's oscar best director, picture & actor for sure... 👌 ★ The Revenant (at —
Written by humanutopia's Programme Director and well worth a read
Ville Juurikkala - amazing rock photographer & director, working with the best Finnish bands. http…
'We hope that all of you will do your best to qualify for . > IOC Director to athletes
New director vows to make this year's Stockton Heath Festival the 'best ever'
Q1) out of 42 films nominated for Best Film, actor, actress, director & writing - how many films have won it? bonus, Name them
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film 🎥 by starring gorgeous n my cutie . All d best for all . Hope u gonna rock 😍👌
Latest video essay: Who Deserves for Best Director? For me it's who turns film into visual music:
Voice over all day of 'my best' . 3 years In the making with my director
Best of luck to a most courageous & accomplished actor, and director Hansal Mehta for a seminal movie
Woohoo, congrats to Sir for winning the Best Director (Tamil) for our film in Filmfare
Woohoo, Second Award for our Movie at | wins as the Best Music Director.
Yaay, another award for wins as the Best Music Director at the .
Best Music Director for Kaththi and Most Played Song for VIP at SIIMA 2015 :) Thank you to all the fans for the love! …
Thank you IIFA and to all the fans for Best Music Director.. Happy to take home the first IIFA for the South :) https:…
It's day: policy director on and what needs to change:
karan I think the industry could do with another female director,should be rooting for me :) our 2 best fil…
without a doubt the Best Film I've seen for the past 12 months. The director had me from start to finish.
1971 the year that French Connection won Best Picture, best director for William Friedkin and…
Seven Boats, the short film by writer/director Hlynur Pálmason, won the Best Nordic Art Film award at the...
Of those two, one was winning Best Director - like Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan, Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Adam McKay did an exceptional job in The Big Short but he won't get the Best Picture nor the Best Director award...that due to the fact...
Piku does it again! Bags 'Best Film' & 'Best Director' awards at the Indian Film Festival in Russia. http:/…
And what about Ridley Scott? Maybe he should have been nominated for Best Director...??
Ridley Scott didn't get a Best Director nomination in this years Oscar's. I am shocked. Thoughts?
Ridley Scott getting snubbed for a Best Director nomination for "The Martian" is more proof a black man cant get any respect in Hollywood.
Spotlight ahead for Best Picture, but Alejandro Inarritu & George Miller lead Best Director:
First ever black Best Director nominee not bothered by Oscars whiteness: ‘There’s only so many slots’
These Bloated Ego's over a popularity contest called the Oscar's. *** 8 Best Picture and 5 Best Director what about the other 3
Blog from - bets on George Miller for Best Director, Linford Christie in The Jump, Broncos to beat Pats
George Miller winning Best Director last night at the awards was great. Not sure if it'll translate into an though.
The Critics Choice Award for Best Director has been won by George Miller for "Mad Max: Fury Road".
George Miller wins 'Best Director' for Fury Road at Critics Choice awards. WITNESS!!!:
Fury Road had a total of 13 nominations and went home with nine awards. In addition to Best Director, it won for Best Action Movie.
Celebrating my fellow immigrant, Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu on being nominated for Best Director for the second year in a row.
Adam McKay, the director of Anchorman, Step Brothers, & Talladega Nights now has an Oscar nomination for Best Director, and that's awesome.
domain names
Let's all take a moment to realize that the director of Anchorman and Talladega Nights is nominated for Best Director.
Also Theron for Best Actress for Mad Max, Man from UNCLE for best costume and score. Adam McKay should get a nom for Best Director.
Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki will win Best Director and Cinematographer at the oscars this year...again. Count on it
Iñárritu wins Best Director for The Revenant, cue all the guys complaining that Emmanuel Lubezki actually does all the work.
I would be happy with Haynes, Iñárritu, or Miller for Best Director. Jennifer Jason Leigh or Alicia Vikander for Best Supporting Actress
It's looking more and more like George Miller is gonna get thumped for Adam McKay in the Best Director race though.
Prediction: Leni Riefenstahl wins the for Best Director for
Roberto Benigni became only the fourth person to be nominated for Best Actor, Best Director and Best….
Congratulations to George Miller, awarded the Robert Altman Award for Best Director of 2015 by the Kansas City Film Critics Circle
Next up...the Robert Altman award for Best Director!!
i can't wait to hear Adam McKay's name called during the Oscar nominations for Best Director
I agree but Cary Fukunaga is SO HOT and there's a dearth of eye candy in Best Director. Most directors look like Peter Jackson.
Congratulations to for winning: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Ensemble, & Best Screenplay from the
Best Director: George Miller, Mad Max Fury Road, twice the votes as Todd Haynes.
4 nominations for . Best Director. Cate Blanchett for BA. Rooney Mara for BSA. Best Adapted Screenplay
Will Steven Spielberg pick up an 8th Best Director nom for acclaimed
Steven Spielberg would tie Martin Scorsese & Billy Wilder with an 8th Best Director nom
Whoever shot this vine should win an Academy Award for Best Director.
Yeah. But I'm also thinking they will treat it like Far From Heaven. 5 noms but no Best Picture or Best Director
Fab news that Centre Stage Theatre Company has got 3 NODA nominations for RENT! Best Musical, Best Director and Best Ense…
Adam McKay deserves a seat at the Best Director table this year. THE BIG SHORT does things stylistically I've never seen do…
I almost forgot we did PD internship in Dayang Asu. Kudos for Best Director and Best Cinematography awards in C1 Originals!
Congrats on your Award nom for Best Director for Million Dollar Quartet!
Best Director of a Feature Documentary goes to... Decoding Baqtun
Congratulations to "5 Ways to Die: director Daina Papadaki - winner of the Best Director award from Cluj Shorts...
Steven Spielberg reacts to being snubbed for a Best Director nomination for 'Jaws' at the 1976 Oscars.
On this date in 1964, the movie musical "My Fair Lady" premeired in New York. It would win Best Picture, Best Actor & Best Director.
Gm "Life Is Too Short" movie just won Best Director antoineallen and Best Actress for Drama…
Got some amazing news guys. We won. Just won Best Director for Drama Ensemble Feature Film for my award winning... http:/…
Cary Fukunaga could get FOUR Oscar nominations for Beasts of No Nation: Best Picture, Best Director, Cinematography & Adapted…
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Best hero best music best dialogues best director best support actor anni awards ki one movie edhaina vundhante adhi
Celebrating talented winning Best Director&Best Short for his incredible film with
On that red carpet last night with our unequalled director, The best!
Best winter headdress: my article in Director Magazine
Many congratulations on being nominated Best Actor..Best Director. It's an Honor onto itself. Fingers crossed for you Robert
Hard&Love withone of the best director to work with❤️ http…
Congratulations bhaurao karahade , producer and director , all the best for his first film KHWADA to be released on 22/10/2015
Also of note: George Miller being promoted for Best Director and Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) for Best Original Score.
Our Director of Golf Instruction made list of Best Teachers in Texas AGAIN! So proud of
Winner of Best Feature Doc in association with . Winner: One Million Dubliners . Director: Producer: R…
Happy birthday to our Executive Director, Dalinda Guillen. Best regards, EDC Staff.
is undoubtedly best movie of the year! If Denis Villeneuve makes few movies like these, he might become my Favourite Director.
THANKS For BEST DIRECTOR / BEST FEATURE for Holly...Would!!! Glad to see it finally get some LOVE 😍 ht…
If George Miller doesn't get a "best director" nomination, it's an absolute joke. AK
Never complaint to God about the. Difficulties of LIFE; because a great. Director always gives the most. Difficult role to the …
Had a good time talking with about his role at MU. Best of luck as he starts a fam here
Action director Jai Singh thinks is the best action hero as he does real action.
So we won Best Director and Best Ensemble Cast at LAIFFA http:…
Director of the best true horror film that I saw at Hoping to bring the film to Portland soon.
Our women's fashion director, Lynwood Holmberg, in market curating the best for our customers.
"This is just the first 20, the best is yet to come..." - Festival Director, Mr Billy Domingo.
HappEILY LizQuenDay. . Sure hit movie, Best Actors & director.
The Legend of Barney Thomson received Best Film, Best Director and actor noms for Congrat…
So honored to win Best Director for & Best Supporting Actress for
oh just gripping. I'd like to see Best Director, Cinematography, Actress, and Supporting Actor (Benicio) nods!!
Today's birthday wishes go out to Steve McQueen, who turns 46. Long before he won an Oscar for Best Director for...
Just sayin', Bob Fosse is the only person in Gods lifetime to ever win the Emmy, the Tony & the Oscar for Best Director all in the same year
Of the 87 Academy Awards ceremonies to ever happen, 1 Best Director award has been given to a woman
And the Award for Best Director goes to Nadeem Baig for
The award for Best Director goes to Nabeel Qureshi for 'Na Maloom Afraad'!. Follow the updates here:.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Congratulations to Nabeel Qureshi on winning the award for Best Director!.
Best Director (narrative feature): Chloe Zhao for Songs my Brother Taught me
Great night last night at Raglan Film Festival Awards. Picked up Best Director for Saint Jude .
next, the 1st sequel to win for Best Picture Oscar, its six wins included Best Director , Best Support Actor & Best Adapted Screenplay
And Robert Wise was also nominated for Best Film Editing for Citizen Kane, Best Pix for The Sand Pebbles & Best Director for I Want to Live!
In 1975, Geoffrey Holder won a Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical for
Stephen Spielberg watching Oscar noms in 1976 - to see if he's nominated for Best Director
Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Director and UK Film of the Festival... 4 nominations at the first ever
If the Academy Awards were real...Mad Max: Fury Road would be nominated for: Best Director, Best Actress, Best Editing ,Best Visual Effects,
Super crazy-awesome news. I was awarded an "Honorable Mention" for "Best Director" by the Los Angeles Film Review... http:…
The Tony Award for Best Director of a Play goes to Marianne Elliott!
Congratulations to Marianne Elliott on her Best Director of a play Best Choreographer music…
The legendary Tommy Tune, winner of this year's Lifetime Achievement Tony, presents the Best Director of a Musical Tony.…
This was Spielberg's first Oscar nomination for Best Director and the only time it wasn't matched with a Picture nod.
Here to present the award for 'Best Director' is former Miss Universe Canada Elena Semikina
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Congratulations to Matt Holcomb for his nomination for Best Director read all about it here:
Won the 'Best Director' Oscar in 1956 and it's got James Dean & Liz Taylor in it, so... DOUBLE YES.
Nominated for Best Choreography, Beat Technical & Best Director!!! Go Leixlip!!! Well done to all especially Claire Tig…
best dancer, best singer and best director! So amazing!x
Is it possible to vote for the best video Engineer, illuminator, director, event planner? :D
d 2nd best tamil film tis summer (3.5/5). Lots of applause to director pls be true nxt year.
The best day of my life as a far! Working with some familiar faces and new ones. I LOVE IT!!...
Bob wins best director for bringing cookies to rehearsal after hearing me say I wanted some. Now we have cookies at every rehearsal.
you have shown that as an actor and director, are the best ever. A beautiful movie
The best thing about the visual choreography is it prevents the director from constant camera changes.
Bring Back Hrithik Kareena, OK, but which director will be the best choice to do this good work!. KJo, JoyaAkhtar or Bhansali!!
I approached the director about helping with the program so that we can figure out how to best serve the students.
Thanks EC for trusting me with the post of Director Media Arts,Will try my level best to come upto your...
I talked to Tom Show host, writer, video director--about why being creatively restless is the best. htt…
9-1-1 Dispatch Center Supervisors reveal the 3 issues that keep them up at night: via
The 5 go-to beauty looks to bring out your best every day this summer!
Best Director Prize Un Certain Regard Journey to the Shore by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. French distrib: /Condor sales:
BEST DIRECTOR PRIZE. Kiyoshi Kurosawa for KISHIBE NO TABI (Vers l’autre rive / Journey to the Shore)
best wishes to you on your 42nd b'day. Keep Giving Best Movies as Writer, Producer, Director, Editor.
Kiyoshi wins The Best Director Prize for Journey to the Shore.
Ok, library and organizational folk: what's the best job title you have seen for someone who is "assistant director"?
Something tells me that come June 5, Doug Ellin's best movie as a director will still be PHAT BEACH.
PREMIO CANNES: Un Certain Regard Award for Best Director. Kiyoshi Kurosawa por "Journey to the Shore"
'Aloha From Hawaii' director and producer, Marty Pasetta has died: Marty Pasetta, best known amo...
from wins Best Director award with his film at in
All the very best for entire team especially my favorite director Vetri maaran...
doing awesome things right now mate! Everyone give Australia's best director a follow!
Coach was also officially named best dressed coach by the meet director
Japan's Kiyoshi Kurosawa wins Un CertainRegard best director prize for Journey to the Shore.The Treasure bags Talent prize
: not one of the best directors, you are The Best director. Loved all your movies.
Guttted that CEMETERY OF SPLENDOUR got nothing but pleased for Kiyoshi Kurosawa got a nod for best director
Congratulations to Juriaan Booij for winning the Best up and coming Commercial Director at the 2015 Awards
Day in the life: Director of courses Kenny Mackay on 'best ever greens' & 100-hour week
:Promising Future to and Best Director to Jury-prize to Win
The winner of the Best Overall Director Award goes to.. (Drum Roll please)
Best director in Certain Regard, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, "Journey to the Shore.l
With The Hurt Locker, Bigelow became the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director[2]…
The best director prize in Un Certain Regard goes to Kiyoshi Kurosawas JOURNEY TO THE SHORE
Kiyoshi Kurosawa takes best director Un Certain Regard. That's Asian directors with 3 of first 4 prizes.
S/o to the best sports director good luck today in your game!
Women over 55 are the group best suited to leadership says PWC
So excited about 's "Knock Knock"! is a true Renaissance man but best as writer/director!
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