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Bert Blyleven

Bert Blyleven (born Rik Aalbert Blijleven, April 6, 1951 in Zeist, Netherlands) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played from to , and was best known for his curveball.

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With home runs flying, John Lackey on pace to make the wrong kind of history -
The record for a single season is 50, set by Bert Blyleven in 1986. (Jose Lima surrendered the 2nd-most with 48 in 2000).
Bert Blyleven is absolutely letting the Twins farm system have it on the air right now. Wow!
Bert Blyleven: "The need better quality coaching in the minor leagues." Bert's on a tear; good for him.
MN at it is not close. Bert Blyleven is an absolute moron
Actually back in the summer of 69 was a horrible draft except for Bert Blyleven and maybe Dwight Evans
"Today I think we saw the not so good bullpen." - Bert Blyleven, Master of Understatement
Hmmm, some of my favorites were John 'Tonight Let it be' Lowenstein, Bert 'Be home" Blyleven, Jose 'Can you See' Cr…
Bert Blyleven: "With his speed Tomlinson beats out the infield bunt." . Is there any other kind of bunt? I'd love to see an outfield bunt.
Not bad but it's not a Bert Blyleven curve.
And it's even worse when you have to listen to Bert Blyleven describe it.
Bert Blyleven was trying to secure the bag live on FSN
John Brebbia looks a lot like bearded-era Bert Blyleven. MSM isn't talking about it though.
The most HR given up by a starter in a season is 50 by Bert Blyleven in 1986. Masahiro Tanaka is on pace to give up 51 HR this year.
Blyleven ripping is so great. Bert gives zero F's
"See, that's why Danny Valencia's been on 7 different teams" - Bert Blyleven
There's also a Bert Blyleven ball in the lot.
Take it from a Dutchman ... A "Holland" could be Dutch, but more likely would be of Britis…
Bert Blyleven has to be baked every time he commentates a Twins game.
You guys have your own Bert Blyleven? You're so lucky to get to hear about how soft today's players are like us!
1971 Topps BERT BLYLEVEN ROOKIE RC Minnesota Twins PSA 8 NM - MT . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
Best exhibition of curveball mastery since Bert Blyleven.
Scary facts: Grilli given up 17 HR in ~60ip for or 2.6 HR/9ip. season record for HRA, Bert Blyleven 1986, 50 HR, 267ip (1.7/9IP)
"hardest thing to do is hit a round ball with a round bat and hit it solid." - Bert Blyleven .
Today in 1992, Bert Blyleven joins Herb Pennock as only MLB pitchers to win games both in their teens and their forties…
Tom Hamilton just brought up the name Bert Blyleven. Gotta be the worst name in sports history right?
What a pleasure to listen to a broadcast WITHOUT Bert Blyleven!. Thank you! Smalley and Tori fit in just fine!. NO MORE BERT
Pictures of my Mom (& sometimes me & sometimes a cardboard standup of Bert Blyleven):
2-1 Cardinals in the third...We will have a special appearance by Bert Blyleven. He will join in the booth tonight.
is the Bert Blyleven of He was never the star, but he's slowly looking like a Hall of Famer after all this time.
Oddibee "Young Again" McDowell, Bert "Be Home" Blyleven. There is no doubt that Boomer was in his prime on ESPN SC.
Bert Blyleven always loves to talk about the foul territory at Oakland. Fulmer loved it, though since…
We'll always have Bert Blyleven pronouncing it incorrectly at least.
Bert Blyleven was Euro, too . . . sort of
Two pitchers born from 1951-1960 had at least 60 bWAR: Bert Blyleven and Dennis Eckersley.
Analytics got Bert Blyleven in and might fail to get Tim Raines in. Isn't that amazingly dumb?
Blyleven in but John and Kaat not. Wins and ERA same. Did K's really make a HOF difference for Bert? Seems like all 3 s/b in.
Does Bert Blyleven know how his Hall of Fame vote rose? via
hey cool quote here from MLB HOF Bert Blyleven "If I worked for AT&T I'd want to be with AT&T as long as I can"
Who, me? I like Bert Blyleven just fine. One of the reasons I started the thing in the first place.
says the man who didn't like Bert Blyleven
Hunter and Hawkins to broadcast Twins games on FSN: *** Bremer and Bert Blyleven remain primary team in the booth,…
Bert Blyleven remains primary color man on FSN broadcasts, but Hunter, Hawkins, Smalley and Morris will rotate assignments when he's absent.
Bert Blyleven had his jersey retired on July 16, 2011
Bert Blyleven...the greatest curve baller of all time!
The top Major League Baseball nickname of all-time... Bert "Be Home" Blyleven.
Breast Cancer Awareness
His birthday is April 6, and his name is Bert Blyleven!
Jose Berrios & John Ryan Murphy will be on a bus with Bert Blyleven & Dan Gladden for 4 days traveling through ND/northern MN... Bless them
He's an enawmiss researcher. He's a compiluh of research. He's the Bert Blyleven of research, ok?
If you ever questioned Bert Blyleven's love of farting, may this signed baseball remove all doubt.
Historically, nobody has ever done more with less of a name than Bert Blyleven.
My dad introduced me to baseball. Then one of my friends asked if I could play on a team; m
Shocking Truth Revealed on Twins TV Broadcast: Bert Blyleven has never had a Pearson's Salted Nut Roll.
On Twins TV broadcast, Bert Blyleven sounded physically pained when Ynoa was removed from the game.
Bert Blyleven wants to reduce the number of intradivisional games. Preach, Bert.
Bert "be home" Blyleven will always be my favorite Chris Berman-ism.
Bert Blyleven was on the We Are Family Pirates? This is news to me
Got the Twins the next two nights. Taking avatar requests. Also, Bert Blyleven is here, and he still loves to fart.
The Traveling Hall of Fame Tour hits the Twin Cities today, at the Mall of America!.
.+ his 🍩 = how we feel @ 4:59pm on Friday. More from your fave MN athletes:
This was career win for Tomlin. Now tied for 50th in Indians history with Bert Blyleven & Justin Masterson.
*** YA ! If the Twins come through to tonight all hail Bert Blyleven!
Here is a Bert Blyleven card bringing Thousands
I hate when Bert Blyleven says, 'He has all four pitches.' . There are other pitches, Bert.
Totally thought this was Bert Blyleven running for Minn. House in my district.
Get ready, Minnesota. Bert Blyleven previews the traveling coming your way:
9/13/86-hit 7 HRs, 5 off Bert Blyleven, to beat 14-1 at the Metrodome.
Today in 1986, in a 14-1 win at the Metrodome, the Texas Rangers hit a club record 7 home runs off Bert Blyleven & the Minnesota Twins.
Perhaps he had Bert Blyleven on the brain.
1973: Bert Blyleven had a WAR of 9.9 with 325 IP/25 CG/9 SO and came in 7th in the Cy Young voting. Yes, I'm bored.
Throwing no-nos while wearing No. 28 are James "Tex" Carleton (Ed Halicki (and Bert Blyleven (
would have been 1 of 24 ever! Nobody goes for Bert Blyleven gear either, not the point.
Cleveland's pitcher Miller resembles Bert Blyleven about the time of 1987 World Series
I see your Kent Hrbek block and raise you a Bert Blyleven.
The only pitcher to serve two home runs to Worthington was Jack Morris. He got Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens.
.traded Bert Blyleven for just as the did in 1976.
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I hear ya. Time for Tribe to make Berrios look like Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven struck out Jose Canseco in the ninth inning for his 15th K of the day, a new single game record.
With Bert Blyleven as the construction worker?
Oklahoma-born Jimmy Walker wins his 1st major golf title--- the PGA. He is a Bert Blyleven look-alike. Nice going, Jimmy.
Congratulations to Bert Blyleven on winning the PGA Championship!
Looks like another complete game victory for Bert Blyleven. No bullpen help required.
Jimmy Walker looks like a mix between Bert Blyleven and Wade Davis.
Bert Blyleven under par might just win this
I'm from Southern California, so I feel much more comfortable with a golf club in my hand tha
In other news: Baseball Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven hit with a grape again. He's a menace! ;-p
. I did, I especially liked the Blyleven. I was going to make one myself until I found yours.
"bert blyleven is a big fan of Bigfoot" GOD
"You can put Santana anywhere on the field and he'll make plays" -Bert Blyleven, who apparently has never actually watched Santana play 😂😂😂
How well do Tim Laudner and Bert Blyleven remember their careers? Find out in this edition of Trivia!
I respect Bert Blyleven. But I believe Smalley or Morris would be much better as a permanent analyst. It's time for a change
I love baseball. I love watching baseball. As a broadcaster, I get to watch the best 7
You're familiar with the iconic picture of young Bert Blyleven in this shirt, aren't you?
June 21, 1976: Rangers pitcher Bert Blyleven allows one hit over 10 innings and earns the 1-0 win over the A's on Tom Grieve's home run.
Bert Blyleven won his 250th game on this date in '88. Story on Almanac:
I need Bert Blyleven on dis team tbh
Is Bert Blyleven looking for credibility by trying to look like an Edward R Murrow type?
I still remember watching Horner homer off Bert Blyleven in his first major league game.
Can this please be Bert Blyleven's last year in the booth? Twins games are so much more enjoyable when he's gone. Keep TK out of there too.
Two Twins players are part of the list: Tony Olivia and Bert Blyleven
Meet hall-of-famer on the field during the batting practice + 4 tix!
Martin Prado: *basically jumps out of the park to swing at what would've been ball 4*. Bert Blyleven: "make 'em swing the bat, and he did."
Bert Blyleven: "I think we all know Jepsen has been struggling a little."
I have rod Carew. Bert blyleven. And then I'm about to get Ernie banks. And Matt holiday throwback
I know I'm not alone, but I did not miss Bert Blyleven one bit in the FSN booth
Barry Bonds vs Bert Blyleven no official plate appearances during regular season. I don't think they faced each other in
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When you're not at the top of your game and you feel like the other te...
I'm probably one of the few people that liked 'Water World' with Kevin...
The Twins have built the bullpen of Bert Blyleven's dreams – so bad that you can't pull the starters.
You don't have to be the biggest or the strongest to reach your goals, hard work and perseverance are also rewarded. - Bert Blyleven
On this date in 1970, of Fame pitcher Bert Blyleven made his debut
June 5, 1969: Bert Blyleven was drafted by the Minnesota June 5, 1970: Blyleven picked up a win in his MLB debut vs Senators
I doubt they'll be here but perhaps they've hired a Bert Blyleven impersonator to go around circling people.
Most HR allowed vs (all-time). 38 Brad Radke. 35 Justin Verlander (including one today). 34 Bert Blyleven . 34 Mike Mussina
CORRECT! Bert Blyleven had 34 wins for the Pirates and 33 wins for the Angels. 5th in career K's. Born in Zeist, Netherlands
This is ridiculous. All I need is this card to complete the twins for Bert Blyleven and I can't buy it?
Bert Blyleven gave fans the middle finger as he walked off the mound in 1976: https…
Acquired by Texas on this day 40 years ago, HOFer Bert Blyleven, in a trade that sent Roy Smalley to Minnesota.
Couple ideas:. Circle this Bert Blyleven, the Lynx hunt for 37. Or The rest of the league stinks,37 wins 4 the Lynx
Bert Blyleven..subject of 1 of the greatest signs in sports history:. "Bert will have us home Bly-leven"😆.
I prefer the twins games when Bert Blyleven is on vacation. I actually learn basebally things.
Twins fans are lucky to have Jack Morris on radio and Bert Blyleven on TV giving insights during games.
Jack Morris, I appreciate the awesome 91 season, but I need Bert Blyleven back in the booth with Bremer
look when Ted Cruz is Ted Cruz, he's bert blyleven. He's a compiluh!!
Fun Fact: HOF pitcher, Bert Blyleven was the first MLB player born in the Netherlands.
Bonus: yesterday's DET/MIN on replay. . Downside: Bert Blyleven isn't calling the game so I won't hear his disappointment when MIN loses.
*glances at calendar today* Bert Blyleven was born in the Netherlands. Can they take him back?
*** hum. Bert Blyleven was last pitcher to have more career shutouts than his actual age.
Remember when we all united against Bert Blyleven?
August 1, 1986 - Bert Blyleven of the records his 3000th career strikeout. …
Can you do a 94 Bert Blyleven tips video?
Someday I'm going to write a Markov text bot that talks like Bert Blyleven
Waiting for that glorious day when Bert Blyleven says a guy stole a base, but didn't get a good jump.
Bert Blyleven's curveball, but that ages me.
Blyleven on Berrios being pulled from his first career MLB start: . "Knowing him he's not going to give up." Great insight there Bert.
Today in 1984, Dwight Gooden becomes first teenager to strike out 10+ batters in a game since Bert Blyleven in 1970. ht…
Good 1st Inning for Jose Berrios. Stayed calm & got outs even with a lead-off single and Bert Blyleven talking about how nervous he is.
Bert Blyleven just said that Tommy Milone is a pitcher. Glad he's here. I thought Milone was a cotton candy tester.
Eduardo Escobar has 20% of the Twins hits so far this season...and why does Bert Blyleven insist on pronouncing Chicago, She-cago?
Jered Weaver has a 118 adjusted ERA, the same career mark as Bert Blyleven, Madison Bumgarner, Tom Glavine and Cliff Lee.
How would you like to have a pitching staff of Nolan Ryan, *** Perry, Bert Blyleven, Ferguson Jenkins, And Cole Hamels!
I'm giving away something for you on 1979 Topps Bert Blyleven Get it here -
Your goal as a hitter is to get on. And if the third baseman is playing bac...
Hey, Happy Bert Blyleven DAY! 2.8!. What are some of your favorite Bert Blyleven memories?
>> Twins great Bert Blyleven: Veterans candidates 'just didn't go in'
Did Fred McGriff have a similar career as Bert Blyleven?
Mike Piazza handled his Hall of Fame snub a lot better than Bert Blyleven did, and that's why writers finally got around to voting for him.
Jim Rice and Bert Blyleven were two of them
How is Bert Blyleven in the & some that aren't is RIDICULOUS! Trammell, Sweet Lou, etc. Avg SP shouldn't be in!
the winningest pitcher in the 80's can't get in but Bert Blyleven did. Crazy
Its the cases like Bert Blyleven that show that why the HOF is a joke. Got 18% in 1st year to 80% year 14. 14 years to decide!
Would also love for you to explain how Bert Blyleven & Phil Niekro are so much better than Steve Carlton due to WAR
have you ever seen Chris Russo and Bert Blyleven in the same place at the same time? Didn't think so
Bert Blyleven was elected to the Hall of Fame with a higher voting percentage (79.7%) than Cy Young (76.1%).
He just claimed to have seen every game Bert Blyleven pitched
In 2011, Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
the more "moron voters" will take a "2nd look"...good example is Trammell compared to Blyleven..Bert took 5 years after 50%
Pretty sure I saw Bert Blyleven at the McDonalds on Lake Street.
My faith in you has been boosted after hearing your reasoning why you never voted HOF for Bert Blyleven. Well said.
My Dad told me much later like "Yeah, your Mom had their weird obsession she wanted to marry Bert Blyleven."
Check out this great item: 1991 Topps Bert Blyleven Large MAJ LEA TOTALS Error Variation Angels
Does anybody know why bert is not announcing?
Lot of 2 1980 Topps Bert Blyleven nrmt, sharp, no creases, Pirates
Bert Blyleven? Roberto Alomar? Goose Gossage? Come on..which reminds me, *** Posey? Dale Murphy is a legend compared to them.
Bert blyleven who? We should make Morris the permanent color guy. He calls guys out and doesn't sugar coat things. LOVE IT
Clayton Kershaw has his fourth career game with 14+ K. That's as many as Kerry Wood, Mike Mussina, & Bert Blyleven had in their careers.
Bert Blyleven holds the record for most home runs given up in a single season with 50.
thanks for the Bert Blyleven reference. You just bumped this staff into Hall of Fame status. Just made my point.
Holds one of the best nicknames in baseball from Chris Berman. Bert "Be Home" Blyleven
So enjoyable to listen to Jack Morris again on telecast. Love it when Bert Blyleven takes time off.
BERT BLYLEVEN AUTO 2000 fleer GOTG greats of the game INDIANS
You will not get this kind of analysis from Bert Blyleven. Roy Smalley should be the Twins' GM.
Not quite a Bert Blyleven curve yet, but Tyler Duffey has a nasty hook. Hope the continue to develop this guy. He's got good stuff.
ICYMI, to make the Hall of Fame, Mike Mussina will need a Bert Blyleven-like rise in votes. That's a tough order.
On a scale from Joe Mauer to Bert Blyleven, how over-rated is the State Fair?
yeah but Bert Blyleven thinks he's been great. Move him to the pen...
If I bring this sign to Target Field tomorrow, what are the chances *** Bremer and Bert Blyleven will put me on TV?
"Rosario, they compare him to Rod Carew" - Bert Blyleven
Bert Blyleven tossed a no hitter in his last start of the 1977 season for Rangers, then went to Pirates in 1978.
Seriously, why isn’t Bert Blyleven the Old Dutch spokesperson? At least for their ad at Target Field?
Cole Hamels is the 1st pitcher to start a game for a new team after throwing a no-hitter since Bert Blyleven in 1977
In 1986 - Bert Blyleven (Minnesota Twins) became only the 10th pitcher to strike out 3,000 batters in his career.
in 1986, Kirby Puckett and Bert Blyleven did this . . .
Yeah but will Bert Blyleven circle you on TV if you ask him to?
30 years ago today, the Indians traded Bert Blyleven to the Twins for four players.
Vin Scully just talking about the time "Bert Blyleven" gave up two inside the park home runs.
Classic Kevin Jepsen factoid: His signing scout with the . as a 2nd rounder in 2002 was Todd Blyleven, son of Bert. .
Interesting note. Bert Blyleven's son, Todd, was the Angels scout who originally signed Kevin Jepsen in 2002 as a second-round pick.
I hated to leave off Frank Viola/Jack Morris/Kent Hrbek/Gary Gaetti/Bert Blyleven off the Team from 1980-Present for
Lots of good broadcasters in the house! Hawk Harrelson, Bert Blyleven, and Dan Shulman!
Bert Blyleven counts down to Byron Buxton's birthday.
For as good as Jim Peterson is for the TWolves, Bert Blyleven is that bad for the Twins.
*** Bremer and Bert Blyleven obsessing about Brian Dozier's batting average. It's a shame so many people can't learn to look beyond that.
Ha, I just pictured *** Bremer and Bert Blyleven calling the and it was kind of awesome.
Bert Blyleven just said the Angels won the World Series in 2005. Uh.
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Liliana gets an autographed ball from Bert Blyleven!
45 years ago today of Famer Bert Blyleven made his major-league debut at age 19
Got to meet Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven and *** Bremer!
Anthony LaPanta and Bert Blyleven keep saying Hicks is better from the left side. They're using his season stats, not career stats.
I think Bert Blyleven said someone had a career year in yesterday game alone. Impressive, if true.
Baseball scholar Bert Blyleven mentions great Red Sox hitters, like Mike Greenwell, fails to mention Ted Williams. Glad he's here.
Is it just me or is Bert Blyleven more tolerable as a commentator when *** Bremer is absent?
Mike threw out the 1st pitch and went up to the booth to meet Bert Blyleven and *** Bremer!!
Lance McCullers did something that only Bert Blyleven, Dwight Gooden and Kerry Wood have done in last 50 seasons. http:…
I have a signed Bert Blyleven baseball card from around a 1993/1994 car show. I'll see if I still have it in a box.
Free: 1990 score HOFer Bert Blyleven autograph card. Check it out -
I asked Bert Blyleven if an 18 year old should throw 173 pitches in one day and this is his response:
Of the 38 ahead of them, only Sam McDowell, Jim Bunning and Bert Blyleven played with the Pirates as some point
never heard of till today. Take your word on that. George Brett, Bert Blyleven were good back in the day
Felix Hernandez tied to Bert Blyleven as the pitcher with more starts (106) of 7.0 or more IP and one or less runs allowed, before 30 years
that's fair. I'll start the Bert Blyleven-Esque PR campaign
If you go back and look at the history of pitchers its obvious. Bert Blyleven, Don Drysdale, All HOF No TJ. Why?
completely accurate view of downtown Detroit according to Bert Blyleven
I can actually tolerate watching Minnesota Twins baseball when Bert Blyleven is not in the booth.
Bert Blyleven has just put in for a job transfer to Milwaukee
Breaking: Bert Blyleven declares Pittsburgh to be "nicer than Detroit."
I am blocked by Bert Blyleven for some reason and I still have no idea why so if it's him, we apologize, Bert.
In light of Hunter blow-up last night, remember that never allowed a grand slam. Bert Blyleven + Bob Feller (HOFers), 8 each.
Rikishi is more like Bert Blyleven, lots of mediocre gimmicks with mild success.. He was a compiler...
Baseball Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven was born on April 6, 1951. His tshirt is awesome.
Would be much better than Bert Blyleven.always wanting pitchers to pitch 8 or 9 innings despite the pitch count
Reagan was an underappreciated genius in his time. He was the Emily Dickinson/Vincent van Gogh/Bert Blyleven of politics.
Ms. Netherlands was asked what the greatest contribution her country had made to the world was and she did not answer, Bert Blyleven.
All about Bert Blyleven : height, biography, quotes - see at
Having an absolute blast at today. Bert Blyleven is so friendly!
Bert Blyleven walks by with about 20 or so people chasing him for pictures.
Check out our one-on-ones with Joe Mauer, Bert Blyleven and Trevor Plouffe tomorrow on
I know he played baseball but Bert "Be Home" Blyleven could be there as a great nickname guy
Bert Blyleven gives, receives pies in the face | Star ...
Jordan Schafer, Trevor Plouffe, and Bert Blyleven were all I knew 😂
Trevor Plouffe, Jordan Schafer, Bert Blyleven, Tony Oliva and Cory Provus will be at the Twins stop. Meal starts at 5:30.
1986: Bert Blyleven wins the game, but gives up a record 50th gopher ball.
You have Phil Niekro, Bert Blyleven, Jim Palmer, but no Whitey Ford? Are you kidding me?
At Fan Fest. Got to chat with Bert Blyleven and Lou Brock as well.
For some weird reason, Bert Blyleven was in my dream last night. We were eating Lucky Charms and watching hockey.
“thank you for the Bert Blyleven reference! Smart of you to use his curve ball as an exampl…
“Great shot of a young Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven, just a few years on (Ca. 1985) after returning to Minnesota from Cleveland.
Great shot of a young Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven is shaking his head right now
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And in one of the seasons Bert Blyleven had a WAR of 9.9 and got 1 vote for Cy Young. 1 vote!
“Bert Blyleven shirt > Jeremy Guthrie shirt I heart to Fart.
A reminder of when Bert Blyleven refused to apologize to everyone standing behind him for his shirt choice.
Bert Blyleven never had to apologize for this t-shirt…
Bert Blyleven of all people had a better winning percentage.
We needed Bert Blyleven there to tell us for the millionth time: "that's an out in Oakland"
The last time the Royals made the playoffs, Bert Blyleven was the Indians All-Star representative..
Hey I think you could use this pic of Bert Blyleven for something
Looking for something on Google, found a stylish picture of Bert Blyleven instead.:
Bold sports prediction: After the firing of gardy I expect *** bremer and bert blyleven to come out of the booth and co-coach the twins.
bert blyleven had the best WAR ever
"Probably his biggest HR of this season" - Bert Blyleven after Gordon had a come-from-behind walkoff HR. Bold take Bert.
This Derek Jeter stuff has gotten a bit out of hand. He is a Hall of Famer, but he's the same sort of one as Bert Blyleven.
You know another losing season is ending when Bert Blyleven says on air that "a lot of the women I dated had adam's apples."
Apparently Bert Blyleven didn't know women didn't have Adam's apples.
Bert Blyleven just learned women don't have Adam's Apples then said some of the girls he dated did.
"Women don't have Adam's apples?" -Bert Blyleven, living and learning in real time on TV.
How about Hawk Harrelson and Bert Blyleven working together?
Ex-Twin Bert Blyleven tosses his second 1-hitter of the season on this date in 1973 in a 4-1 win over the A's.
Like, what percentage of New Yorkers would even recognize Bert Blyleven?
Did I just see Bert Blyleven in a Firestone commercial in New York?
top 3 that u watched? Bert blyleven? I say Maddux, pedro n randy johnson.
Who are your top 3 all-time MLB starting pitchers. For me: Nolan Ryan, Bert Blyleven & Clayton Kershaw.
40 years ago today, Bert Blyleven won the 7th of his 15 career 1-0 CG SHO.
I love the old fashion 12-6 curveball. I think Kershaw has surpassed Doc Gooden & Bert Blyleven— my 2 favorites. *** that’s a pretty pitch.
Kluber will be the 1st Indians pitcher with a WAR of 7 or higher since Bert Blyleven in 1984
when did Bert Blyleven come out of retirement??
Ricky Nolasco is total puke garbage. 5.64 ERA and 4.40 FIP going into the game tonight. Looks like Bert Blyleven in his prime. NICE LINEUP!!
First night in Minnesota... We took in a Twins game, met Hall of Fame pitcher Bert Blyleven, and Nick ended up on...
Blyleven, Morris relive 1987 ALCS: Pitchers Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris remember the 1987 ALCS be...
At the Twins game tonight. Met Bert Blyleven. Had a ball for him to sign he tried but twas too waxy for ink
No, I get that. I just don’t understand why on earth you would choose to listen to Bert Blyleven.
You never know what you might see during Hall of Fame Weekend. If you build it, Bert Blyleven will come.
Bert Blyleven, when asked if he called *** Allen *** or "Richie": "I called him Mr. Allen."
1970: Gail Hopkins and Syd O’Brien touched 19-year-old Bert Blyleven for home runs in the 5-3 win at
HOFer Bert Blyleven matched Estrada in one year
*** you, Jack Morris, who just said "that's an out in Oakland", something Bert Blyleven can't ever stop saying on pop foul balls
Bert Blyleven on 'I like him, he may have a weird warmup, but I like him'
Congrats to on 5th 200 strikeout season. Only Tom Seaver and Bert Blyleven (6) had more in first 7 MLB seasons.
Bert Blyleven thinks Chicago is pronounced 'Sheecago' and it makes my ears bleed.
Reason to hate the Twins.Bert Blyleven is a terrible announcer and an ***
I don't think Barry Larkin and Bert Blyleven are HoFers, either.
Is Bert Blyleven contractually obligated to talk about his playing career that ended more than two decades ago?
Bert Blyleven would love this. Pitch count? We don't need no stinkin' pitch count lol
Every man my age looks like Ron Gardenhire or Bert Blyleven or a combination of Ron Gardenhire and Bert Blyleven.
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Bert Blyleven says are team that relies on pitching, defense and waiting for the 3-run homer. "What a downer." replied *** Bremer.
"The Mid-Atlantic Sports Report" is live on MASN HD! Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven will join the show later, live from Camden Yards!
Bert Blyleven with stirrups & the ability to make batters move their feet. Current hurlers lack both.
Great, another white guy. MT If you build it, Bert Blyleven will come.
Bert Blyleven on "The numbers speak for themselves. Great athlete. He could have played football too" h…
Don't forget: Bert Blyleven used a human being as a paper towel today
Bert Blyleven got pied by this fan and then wiped it on her face
People lined up to try getting a hit off Bert Blyleven. This woman did, Bert got pie'd, then shared with her!
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