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Bert Blyleven

Bert Blyleven (born Rik Aalbert Blijleven, April 6, 1951 in Zeist, Netherlands) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played from to , and was best known for his curveball.

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Rikishi is more like Bert Blyleven, lots of mediocre gimmicks with mild success.. He was a compiler...
Baseball Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven was born on April 6, 1951. His tshirt is awesome.
Would be much better than Bert Blyleven.always wanting pitchers to pitch 8 or 9 innings despite the pitch count
Reagan was an underappreciated genius in his time. He was the Emily Dickinson/Vincent van Gogh/Bert Blyleven of politics.
Ms. Netherlands was asked what the greatest contribution her country had made to the world was and she did not answer, Bert Blyleven.
All about Bert Blyleven : height, biography, quotes - see at
Having an absolute blast at today. Bert Blyleven is so friendly!
Bert Blyleven walks by with about 20 or so people chasing him for pictures.
Check out our one-on-ones with Joe Mauer, Bert Blyleven and Trevor Plouffe tomorrow on
I know he played baseball but Bert "Be Home" Blyleven could be there as a great nickname guy
Bert Blyleven gives, receives pies in the face | Star ...
Jordan Schafer, Trevor Plouffe, and Bert Blyleven were all I knew 😂
Trevor Plouffe, Jordan Schafer, Bert Blyleven, Tony Oliva and Cory Provus will be at the Twins stop. Meal starts at 5:30.
1986: Bert Blyleven wins the game, but gives up a record 50th gopher ball.
You have Phil Niekro, Bert Blyleven, Jim Palmer, but no Whitey Ford? Are you kidding me?
At Fan Fest. Got to chat with Bert Blyleven and Lou Brock as well.
For some weird reason, Bert Blyleven was in my dream last night. We were eating Lucky Charms and watching hockey.
“thank you for the Bert Blyleven reference! Smart of you to use his curve ball as an exampl…
“Great shot of a young Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven, just a few years on (Ca. 1985) after returning to Minnesota from Cleveland.
Great shot of a young Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven is shaking his head right now
And in one of the seasons Bert Blyleven had a WAR of 9.9 and got 1 vote for Cy Young. 1 vote!
“Bert Blyleven shirt > Jeremy Guthrie shirt I heart to Fart.
A reminder of when Bert Blyleven refused to apologize to everyone standing behind him for his shirt choice.
Bert Blyleven never had to apologize for this t-shirt…
Bert Blyleven of all people had a better winning percentage.
We needed Bert Blyleven there to tell us for the millionth time: "that's an out in Oakland"
The last time the Royals made the playoffs, Bert Blyleven was the Indians All-Star representative..
Hey I think you could use this pic of Bert Blyleven for something
Looking for something on Google, found a stylish picture of Bert Blyleven instead.:
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Bold sports prediction: After the firing of gardy I expect *** bremer and bert blyleven to come out of the booth and co-coach the twins.
bert blyleven had the best WAR ever
"Probably his biggest HR of this season" - Bert Blyleven after Gordon had a come-from-behind walkoff HR. Bold take Bert.
This Derek Jeter stuff has gotten a bit out of hand. He is a Hall of Famer, but he's the same sort of one as Bert Blyleven.
You know another losing season is ending when Bert Blyleven says on air that "a lot of the women I dated had adam's apples."
Apparently Bert Blyleven didn't know women didn't have Adam's apples.
Bert Blyleven just learned women don't have Adam's Apples then said some of the girls he dated did.
"Women don't have Adam's apples?" -Bert Blyleven, living and learning in real time on TV.
How about Hawk Harrelson and Bert Blyleven working together?
Ex-Twin Bert Blyleven tosses his second 1-hitter of the season on this date in 1973 in a 4-1 win over the A's.
Like, what percentage of New Yorkers would even recognize Bert Blyleven?
Did I just see Bert Blyleven in a Firestone commercial in New York?
top 3 that u watched? Bert blyleven? I say Maddux, pedro n randy johnson.
Who are your top 3 all-time MLB starting pitchers. For me: Nolan Ryan, Bert Blyleven & Clayton Kershaw.
40 years ago today, Bert Blyleven won the 7th of his 15 career 1-0 CG SHO.   10% Off
I love the old fashion 12-6 curveball. I think Kershaw has surpassed Doc Gooden & Bert Blyleven— my 2 favorites. *** that’s a pretty pitch.
Kluber will be the 1st Indians pitcher with a WAR of 7 or higher since Bert Blyleven in 1984
when did Bert Blyleven come out of retirement??
Ricky Nolasco is total puke garbage. 5.64 ERA and 4.40 FIP going into the game tonight. Looks like Bert Blyleven in his prime. NICE LINEUP!!
First night in Minnesota... We took in a Twins game, met Hall of Fame pitcher Bert Blyleven, and Nick ended up on...
Blyleven, Morris relive 1987 ALCS: Pitchers Bert Blyleven and Jack Morris remember the 1987 ALCS be...
At the Twins game tonight. Met Bert Blyleven. Had a ball for him to sign he tried but twas too waxy for ink
No, I get that. I just don’t understand why on earth you would choose to listen to Bert Blyleven.
You never know what you might see during Hall of Fame Weekend. If you build it, Bert Blyleven will come.
Bert Blyleven, when asked if he called *** Allen *** or "Richie": "I called him Mr. Allen."
1970: Gail Hopkins and Syd O’Brien touched 19-year-old Bert Blyleven for home runs in the 5-3 win at
HOFer Bert Blyleven matched Estrada in one year
*** you, Jack Morris, who just said "that's an out in Oakland", something Bert Blyleven can't ever stop saying on pop foul balls
Bert Blyleven on 'I like him, he may have a weird warmup, but I like him'
Congrats to on 5th 200 strikeout season. Only Tom Seaver and Bert Blyleven (6) had more in first 7 MLB seasons.
Bert Blyleven thinks Chicago is pronounced 'Sheecago' and it makes my ears bleed.
Reason to hate the Twins.Bert Blyleven is a terrible announcer and an ***
I don't think Barry Larkin and Bert Blyleven are HoFers, either.
Is Bert Blyleven contractually obligated to talk about his playing career that ended more than two decades ago?
Bert Blyleven would love this. Pitch count? We don't need no stinkin' pitch count lol
Every man my age looks like Ron Gardenhire or Bert Blyleven or a combination of Ron Gardenhire and Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven says are team that relies on pitching, defense and waiting for the 3-run homer. "What a downer." replied *** Bremer.
"The Mid-Atlantic Sports Report" is live on MASN HD! Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven will join the show later, live from Camden Yards!
Bert Blyleven with stirrups & the ability to make batters move their feet. Current hurlers lack both.
Great, another white guy. MT If you build it, Bert Blyleven will come.
Bert Blyleven on "The numbers speak for themselves. Great athlete. He could have played football too" h…
Don't forget: Bert Blyleven used a human being as a paper towel today
Bert Blyleven got pied by this fan and then wiped it on her face
People lined up to try getting a hit off Bert Blyleven. This woman did, Bert got pie'd, then shared with her!
Bert Blyleven and Bryan sharing stories. Good times!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A very happy 62nd birthday to the Hall of Famer with a legendary curveball, Bert Blyleven.
Saw Bert Blyleven just now. Reminded me of this awesome baseball card:
I really need a 1971 Bert Blyleven rookie ...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my all-time Tribe favorites BERT BLYLEVEN.
This week, for our card, we stopped off in 1989, where we found this Bert Blyleven card!
*** Allen & Greg Gagne are the last to hit 2 inside the park HR's in a game. Bert Blyleven was a SP in both games! ht…
Possibly the scariest photo of Bert Blyleven ever?
A rookie of rookies...Bert Blyleven very early on. Photo from the great
And that Bert Blyleven enjoys his birthday?
Bert Blyleven just compared Phil Hughes to Catfish Hunter and Jim Palmer... Both are hall of famers
How come everyone from Minnesota looks like Bert Blyleven?! .
Stroke Bert Blyleven's Beard for Luck Night is also a good promotion.
Paul Molitor, Joe Mauer, Tony Oliva and Bert Blyleven are here for a press conference as MLB All-Star ambassadors http:…
well technically yes. Bert Blyleven does Twins games too.
Bert Blyleven said it best: "That's how divisions are won." One of the bigger moments of the 2014 s…
When was the last time Bert Blyleven was on a Twins telecast? A week before the All-Star game?
With 61 career shutouts, Nolan Ryan has one more than Bert Blyleven, who essentially made the Hall of Fame on that one stat.
It seems like Jack Morris and Bert Blyleven are the only announcers that seem to be frustrated when we the lose. Also Gladden too.
This short piece on Bert Blyleven’s curveball remains one of my favourites.
they learn they can't see around a 6'4" go ...go uncle Bert blyleven
Yes, but is he moving runners over to please Bert Blyleven?
that stadium was so,so horrible for baseball. Here's Bert Blyleven trying to hammer a rat in 86 or 87
Steve Atwater and Tim Brown are the Bert Blyleven of the ...
1986: Minnesota's Bert Blyleven pitches a 2-hitter and strikes out a club-record 15 batters to become the 10th with 3,000 career strikeouts.
Today back in '54 NYG Mel Ott his his 500th HR, '86 Bert Blyleven reached 3,000 strikeouts & '93 Reggie Jackson was inducted into the HOF
Congrats to you both. Well-deserved! Does this make me the Bert Blyleven of the
better yet, Bert Blyleven struck out his 3000th batter in '86
It's National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Induction Weekend in Cooperstown. Every baseball fan, if able, should make the pilgrimage to at least once. Two years ago Matthew & I made the pilgrimage for the induction of Ron Santo and Barry Larkin. It was a fabulous father-son weekend! Among the many highlights of the weekend was my selection to represent Cubs fans in a game show with HOF members Phil Niekro & Bert Blyleven just prior to Saturday's ceremonies on Doubleday Field. Phil Niekro & I gave it our best, but we lost a close match to Blyleven & Joe from Cincinnati. Today's cover picture was taken by a HOF photographer just after the event.
So in this red carpet parade, Tony Oliva, Paul Molitor, and Bert Blyleven shared one truck, but the Target dog got his own Corvette.
Marco Estrada has allowed 26 hrs in 102 innings. Bert Blyleven gave up a record 50 in 271 innings in 1986.
Just an observation, nothing more here. With that HR, Marco Estrada is now dead even with Bert Blyleven's 1986 season pace for HR.
If anyone is curious, the major league record for most homers allowed in a season is 50. Bert Blyleven, 1986.
I hate Bert Blyleven's voice so much.
Hall of Famers like Bert Blyleven and Jim Palmer? Yep that's kind of cool too.
Bert Blyleven could still pitch for this bombshell of a squad
The tone of Bert Blyleven's voice tells me he's thinking he could come down from the TV booth & pitch better than
Bert Blyleven says infielders should put their gloves by the base on a steal attempt. Glad he's here.
*runners on 1st and 3rd* Bert Blyleven: "a 3 run homerun hear would be nice but a base hit would be even better" champ
Bert Blyleven - "Kelly Johnson is 0 for 7 as a pinch hitter so we have that going for us". What an ***
Bert Blyleven trying to explain why an RBI single would be better for Twins than a three-run homer. Uh...
How do you say 'derp' in Dutch? “"Home run would be nice, base hit would be better."-Bert Blyleven
"Home run would be nice, a base hit would even be better." - Bert Blyleven, Hall of Fame player and professional announcer
The other two pitchers to win 10 or more games in their first 6 seasons prior to turning 26 are Bert Blyleven and Denn…
I LOVE the backs of 1991 Studio. Bert Blyleven collects baseball cards.
Today's ERA King - Once again, we travel in the baseball time, looking for the ERA Kings of a baseball season. When the machine stops, its stops on the American League and the year of 1974. Here are the top 4 pitchers in ERA for the American League and the year of 1974. 1. Catfish Hunter-Oakland-2.49 2. *** Perry-Cleveland-2.51 3. Andy Hassler-California -2.61 4. Bert Blyleven-Minnesota-2.66
Mike Krukow “eliminates” using the telestrator his 1st victim, Twins announcer Bert Blyleven. That was 9 year ago today!
Rick's Picks for the World Cup: How this thing is going down! The following teams advance: Because they are good-Brazil, Holland, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, England, Switzerland, Uruguay, Italy, San Antonio Spurs, San Francisco Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, Martin Kaymer Because they pulled a switcheroo, and substituted the women's team- USA Because they are, well, French-France Round Two: San Francisco Giants beat Brazil- Tim Lincecum pitches a no-hitter stunning the host-country team, causing riots in the streets...oh, there were already those... Holland defeats Switzerland despite excellent play from Swiss goalkeeper Heidi. France defeats the Toronto Blue Jays because they are, well, French. This ends Canada's best hope for bringing home the cup. Germany defeats England after Martin Kaymer sinks a clutch 25-foot birdie putt on the final hole. This sends English fans rioting through the streets of Recife, much to the delight of residents who think Carnival has returned! The USA defeats Italy 10-0 ...
Topps photo of a very young Bert Blyleven.
And Bert Blyleven RTSomewhere Rik Smits is having the time of his life.
I'm waiting for Bert Blyleven and Randall Simon to take to the pitch for the Netherlands at some point here today.
There was a pitcher named Bert Blyleven. He was not with me on mile eleven.
think it's more for guys like Andre Dawson and Bert Blyleven. The truly immortal are immortal regardless, IMO
Bert Blyleven warms up at the Met before a start against the Yankees in 1973(?)
Debating if I should turn this Bert Blyleven ball into a HOF ball...
Estrada chasing Bert Blyleven (50) and Jose Lima (48) for most HR's allowed in a season.
(pops head in), "who are ya... Bert "Be Home" Blyleven?" (backs out, falls over fan outside 95.5 studio)
Jack Morris somehow makes Bert Blyleven sound like a top quality color commentator with thoughtful insights.
Meh. I watched Bert Blyleven give up 50 in '86 alone.
Frank Viola & Bert Blyleven must be rolling in their graves.
Nothing makes me realize how good Bert Blyleven is like having Tom Kelly fill in for him.
In your color commentator, you want some passion and some excitability. Jack is no Bert Blyleven...
Fun fact: Blyleven used to set fire to his teammates shoe laces in the dugout, after they fell asleep listening to Kelly
Not sure what's worse for twins play by play.. How annoying Bert Blyleven is? Or how boring Tom Kelly is?
bert and *** are main. When bert is gone the others fill in...all the old ladies love bert blyleven. Tk is very dry, but gd.
Bert Blyleven is not in booth tonight, so no one is getting circled. Twins have the lead though.
1-3, 1 RBI in 17-3 loss. I surrendered more gopher balls than Bert Blyleven.
Really digging Roy Smalley filling in for Bert Blyleven on Twins broadcasts ... almost as much as Tom Kelly.
Let Lynn Barker and Steve Balboni in too. Bert Blyleven is in, why not invite everyone?
Bert Blyleven once struck out 9 batters in a game - all on called third strikes.
Over the 22 year career of Bert Blyleven, he pitched in 692 games, and only 7 were NOT as a starter.
Bert Blyleven, warrior in the battle of life against death:
Don't you think Bert Blyleven goes on vacation a lot 4 a guy who has an off-season? Gordon and Harwell never had vacations
Could Bobby Abreu be an offensive Bert Blyleven? Unlikely, but an interesting comparison nonetheless.
Today in 1976: Bert Blyleven packs up & is traded a day after giving Met Stadium fans an inappropriate salute.
Roy Smalley is a billion times better than Bert Blyleven.
now has 95 Ks. The last pitcher to win the AL strikeout crown was Bert Blyleven in 1985.
Bert Blyleven is John Madden without the charm.
Bert Blyleven just threw out a Animal House reference on the twins broadcast
Bert Blyleven, Frank Viola, Coke & sweet corn. Dinner doesn't get much more American than this, boys…
Bert Blyleven would approve of your mindset.
"What a great crowd on hand today for this November home football game for South Dakota State." Bert Blyleven - truthseeker.
"What a great comeback by the Twins." - Bert Blyleven, compensated liar.
we should wish it was Bert Blyleven. Royals were good back in those days
The are making Collin McHugh look like Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven says no one touched the ball on the drop between Escobar and Parmelee, so no error should be given. *Head explodes*
Best clubouse snap ever taken. Bert Blyleven, probably in his year as a Ranger. RT
Bert Blyleven just said who doesnt like Joe Mauer. I dont think does.
I assume Twins fans just trust that Bert Blyleven saying he stunk meant he stunk. I loved Baker.
except Bert Blyleven is in the HOF. And Dock Ellis. who was just Dock Ellis
Stride with pride! Join FOX Sports North’s Bert Blyleven & the Minnesota Stroke Association at the Strides for Stroke Walk on May 17th.
Major League Baseball today marked the official start of All-Star Balloting for the 85th All-Star Game, which will be held on Tuesday, July 15th at Target Field, the home of the Minnesota Twins. Major League Baseball and the Twins held a press conference at their ballpark today, which included Jim Pohlad, owner of the Twins; Dave St. Peter, President of the Twins; Tim Brosnan, MLB’s Executive Vice President of Business; Six-time All-Star Joe Mauer; Hall of Famers and T-Mobile All-Star FanFest Spokespersons Rod Carew, Paul Molitor and Bert Blyleven; Eight-time All-Star and T-Mobile All-Star FanFest Spokesperson Tony Oliva; Barb Johnson, Minneapolis City Council President; City of St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman; Mike Opat, Hennepin County Commissioner; and Emcee Cory Provus, Twins radio play by play broadcaster. MLB’s All-Star Balloting Program is the largest of its kind in professional sports. The last two years represent the two highest totals in balloting history, including a record 40.2 million ball . ...
Bert Blyleven turns 63 today. Here in 1986 he poses as a lefty on St. Patrick's Day.
This Date in History (1944): C Manny Sanguillen is born. Traded to CLE w/Bert Blyleven from PIT after '80 yr; released 2 mos later.
FELIZ CUMPLEANO.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a MAGNIFICO Roberto Alomar, at the young age of 45 years old is the third MAGNIFICO from Puerto Rico inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. The second son of former Major League infielder Sandy Alomar, Sr. and younger brother of Sandy Alomar, Jr., Roberto played 16 amazing years with the Padres, Blue Jays, Orioles, Indians, Mets, White Sox, Diamondbacks and White Sox. Roberto was meant for destiny since his early days in Salinas. As soon as school ended Roberto would join his dad for the summer. In 1974, 75 and 76 Sandy, Sr. played for the New York Yankees and Roberto had Thurman Munson, Graig Nettles, Willie Randolph, Lou Piniella, Gene Michael, Catfish Hunter, Felipe Alou, Bobby Bonds, Eduardo Figueroa and fellow future Hall of Famers Fergie Jenkins, Bert Blyleven and *** Perry as his mentors. In his 16 year career, Alomar was voted to the All-Star Game 12 times, won 2 World Series, 10 Gold Gloves, 4 Silver Slugger Awards, American League Cha ...
Wow, they said Bert Blyleven threw the best curve ever.
Its the 2nd round of first draft in baseball history in 1965, the Yankees decide they want an infielder from Capron Oklahoma high school, Danny Thompson. Thompson who was born in Wichita Kansas, decides not to sign with the Yankees, instead plays college baseball at Oklahoma State. Thompson would be 67 today, but die at the young age of 29, weeks after 1976 season. In 1967, he is drafted by the Reds and once again, they are not able to get his name on a piece of paper. Its January secondary draft of 1968, he is drafted by the Washington Senators. He breaks in with the Twins in 1970 and plays in the ALCS. He plays for the Twins thru part of 1976 season. He and Bert Blyleven are traded to the Texas Rangers for Mike Cubbage, Jim Gideon, Bill Singer, Roy Smalley and $250,000. He finishes the season with the Rangers and passes away because of leukemia in December of 1976
I would say more of a Bert Blyleven, but that's fair
I love baseball. I love watching baseball. -Bert Blyleven
compared to Tom Seaver, Bert Blyleven or Timmy's efforts.
The only question being, would Bert Blyleven be the one farting, or the one lighting the fart?
Got this in the mail today from my parents. Signed by Bert Blyleven! So cool!
Hey everyone! Don't forget the Twins Winter Caravan will be at Cloquet Ford Chrysler today! Taco Johns will provide free tacos at noon and the Twins arrive shortly there after! Courtesy of WMOZ-FM your FM Twins Station!!! Come join us! Terry Steinbach, Bert Blyleven, Trevor Plouffe and Anthony Swarzak!
Twins Caravan this morning at Michael's on the Course in Virginia. It'll feel warmer talking baseball than watching the weather! Bert Blyleven, Terry Steinbach, Trevor Plouffe, Anthony Swarzak, and T.C. 10:00 - 10:30 Silent Auction -- 10:30 free program and a chance to talk some Twins baseball!!
I get to meet Bert Blyleven, Terry Steinbach, Trevor Plouffe, and Anthony Swarzak in 2 hours... So Pumped!!!
Twins Winter Caravan will make a stop tomorrow at The Brickyard 12:15- scheduled to appear - Bert Blyleven, Anthony Swarzak, Trevor Plouffe and Terry Steinbach
Twins Caravan will be at Webber Ford in Detroit Lakes at 1:30 Today say hi to Anthony Swarzak,Trevor Plouffe,Terry Steinbach,Bert Blyleven
This is a very sad day. I have so many fond memories of The Dome. Watching the Twins and Gophers play. Having my picture taken with Bruno after he called Geoff and I over the rope at fan appreciation day, to the displeasure of security. Witnessing Bert Blyleven's most famous "call" in '86 when he said the Twins would win it all the next year. Seeing a monster truck rally. Going to Twins Fest, only to be recognized by Torii Hunter from when he was in Winona. Playing third base there my junior year in high school. Getting blown out of the stadium as you exited. Seeing what was supposed to be the last Twins game, only to have game 163 played there 2 days later... Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome, you were ugly, impersonal and we all complained about you. But you were home.
I had a great day of golf with Camp Commish and Baseball HOF member, Bert Blyleven. And yes, he kicked by posterior! Can't think of a better way to spend a day! Headed home tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing many of you at TwinsFest next weekend!
If history is any indicator, I would place my bet on Bert Blyleven being involved somehow.
Twins caravan is coming to the brickyard in Hibbing next Wednesday with bert blyleven,Terry Steinbach and a few others. I should go to get some autographs
I'll be more like Bert Blyleven. . But obvious UGA bias from DarWorld.
How is it Bert Blyleven has only been the head coach at Arkansas for one year and he's already making $4 million?
Bert Blyleven would've been great on American Idol except he's a little pitchy.
Although with that kinda of money u expect a firstblot HOFer which Kevin Appier, Bret Saberhagen and Bert Blyleven are not.
4 weeks 28 days - Spring Training will be here - 785 players have worn the number 28 in baseball history. For the 19 seasons, Bert Blyleven worn 28, the longest in baseball. 2nd for 18 seasons would be Vada Pinson. Tied for 3rd, 16 seasons, Sparky Lyle and Cesar Cedeno
Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven and Terry Steinbach coming to Ely, Mn on January 22. A stop on the Twins Caravan. Can't wait.
Bert's real name is Bertha Chipotle Store 315 Blyleven. His mother gave birth there after eating a burrito
hey it wasn't my decision to name my Chipotle chain "The Home of Bert Blyleven, Where He Eats All His Food"
that's what happens when you run nonstop Bert Blyleven contests, they all run together and you forget which is which
I liked it when Bert Blyleven threw the ball at the other team
Share your favorite Bert Blyleven moments with Chipotle and win up to $1,000,000!
Pretty sure the record is 50 by Bert Blyleven.
Bert Blyleven allowed 50 HR in 1986 and 46 in 1987, more than Schilling's 37. Am I missing something?
... Didn't Bert Blyleven give up 50 homers in 1986?
My vote goes towards Bert Blyleven is in while Pete Rose, Joe Jackson are not.
Random Hall of Fame thoughts. Congrats to D. Brooks, J. Lynch and T. Dungy on making final 15. Brooks absolutely should be first ballot, Lynch may have to wait another year or two but will get in eventually. Baseball HOF sidebar. If Bert Blyleven is in the Hall Jack Morris sure as he'll should be., then again, Blyleven has no business in the Hall.
Jack Morris didn't get in the Hall of Fame. As a Tiger's fan he was one of the best but I can see why the writers didn't vote him in. He would have had the highest ERA of any pitcher in the HOF and during his career he was never like his peers Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Ron Guidry, Nolan Ryan, and the non-roids Roger Clemens but if Bert Blyleven got in I don't see how you can deny Jack Morris. But he was never a dominating pitcher over a period of 3-5 years that you need to be in the HOF and he didn't have numbers like Maddux and Glavine.
Jack Morris should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I can't believe he's not in already. It was bad enough the H.O.F took forever to induct Bert Blyleven!
Fun fact: prior to today's induction of Maddux and Glavine, only ONE starting pitcher has been enshrined in the baseball hall of fame who was born after Jackie Robinson broke the MLB color barrier in 1947 - that man being Bert Blyleven, who almost didn't make it himself. An entire generation of starting pitchers is being severely under-represented in the HOF. Black Jack Morris deserved to be inducted.
Frank Thomas, Maddux and Glavine, a pair of 300-game winners who pitched the bulk of their careers for the Braves, were the favorites, but the 571 voters outdid themselves by also adding Thomas. It was the first time since 1999, when Robin Yount, Nolan Ryan and George Brett were elected, that the writers put three first-time eligibles into the Hall. Maddux, who won 355 games, the eighth-highest figure in Major League history, saw his name appear on 97.2 percent of the ballots, falling short of the all-time mark still held by Tom Seaver, who was elected on 98.84 percent of the vote in 1992. Glavine, who won 305 games, fourth-most among left-handers, was at 91.9 percent, and Thomas, a first baseman and designated hitter, who batted .301, hit 521 homers and amassed 1,704 RBIs in 19 seasons, 16 of them with the White Sox, finished at 83.7. "This has been a stressful 48 hours. I am so excited that I'm in the Hall of Fame," said Thomas. "This is something that I will have to sit back in the next three or four d ...
The BWAA has once again proved that Baseball and Halls of Fame in general are garbage. Jack Morris deserves the honor and the wait that Bert Blyleven had is ridiculous.
To the baseball writer (Ken Gurnick, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat reporter for who didn't vote for Greg Maddux to enter the 2014 MLB HoF class today: Mr. Gurnick gave as his only reason for voting solely for Jack Morris (it was Jack's 15th and final time on the ballot, so I won't fault him for that), was that '"As for those who played during the period of PED use (which he defines as starting in 1992), I won’t vote for any of them."' Really, Mr. Gurnick? By that same logic, you should return EVERY DIME of the money you were paid writing about baseball in the aforementioned "period of PED use". Maddux never had a Clemensian late-career uptick in numbers, no post-age-35 growth of head/hat size (I'm looking at you, Barry); his numbers were consistently good over a long period, then declined (you know, like normal athletes do). He never tried to blow hitters away with 100+ MPH heat, but with the control, placement, and movement that beat hitters just as much (if not more). Moreover, is the 'If the ...
Glad Maddux, Glavine and Thomas got in, but Biggio got screwed. As for Jack Morris, he's not a Hall of Famer. You can't use the excuse that the PED guys (Clemens, Bonds, Piazza, etc.) stole votes from him/logjammed him out of the Hall. He was on the ballot with his contemporaries like Tommy John, Bert Blyleven, Goose Gossage, Andre Dawson, Jim Rice, etc., for much of the 15 years he was eligible. He didn't become a popular vote until the PED backlash in the last few years. Jim Kaat and Tommy John have numbers similar or better to Morris and neither got in. To quote Ron Washington, "that's the way baseball go."
2010 -Andre Dawson, "The Hawk", is elected to the Hall of Fame getting 77.9% of the votes cast by the BBWAA. P Bert Blyleven and 2B Roberto Alomar fall agonizingly short of election, missing the honor by 5 and 8 votes respectively. Dawson, the 1987 National League MVP, played 21 seasons in the majors, principally with the Montreal Expos and Chicago Cubs, hitting .279 with 438 home runs, 1591 RBI and 314 stolen bases
Game of the every team's best team from the 1970's project is officially in the books. Dave Parker's two run homer in the 1st started the rout, as Larry Christensen (3-4) was sent to the showers in the 2nd and the '79 Bucs rolled over the '77 Phils, 11-3. Bert Blyleven earned the W for the home squad to move his record to 4-3 on the campaign. Both teams now stand at 29-22 and in a tie for second place, 5.5 games back of the '79 Expos in the N.L. East.
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from 1959 to 1983 Jim Kaat had one of the longest pitching careers ever in 25 years he won a very amazing 283 games and lost just 237 for a decent .537 winning percentage better than hall of famer bert blyleven. keep in mind that kaat was this awesome fielder. He won 16 gold gloves the most by a pitcher all consecutive. only greg maddux has as many. in fact he could be in the hall becasue he was so awesome flashing the leather as a pitcher. his loss total would have been lower had he played for better clubs he spent most of of his years with losing teams. He did finally reach the post season and did well at age 43. with the 82 cardinals going 5-3 with 2 saves. he won 20 or more game 3 times including a year in which he was only the second pitcher to wn 25 games and not with a cy young. in 1966 he went 25-13 with 304 inninngs pitched and 205 strikeouts. he also pitched in over 4,500 inning and had over 2,400 strikeouts.
I am in the midst of a project that sees each franchise represented by its best squad from the 1970's. This project is a full 162 per team season, which equates to 1,944 regular season games rolled when it's all said and done. I finished game a few minutes ago. Seeing as how tomorrow is a non work day due to the cold spell, I am saving game for tomorrow. These types of landmark games add to the fun factor in a big project such as this one. I'm in no rush to complete it and have no timetable laid out, but hitting important marks such as is a reminder that progress is being made toward the ultimate goal of finishing the entire project. I will post the results from game tomorrow, which will see the '77 Phillies (29-21) visiting the '79 Pirates (28-22). Larry Christensen (3-3, 2.79) will square off against Bert Blyleven (3-3, 2.80).
1/5/11: Bert Blyleven is elected to the as a member of the on his 14th try.
This date in history (2011): Former CLE players Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven are voted into the Hall of Fame.
Spent the day playing baseball with Frank Viola, Kent Hrbek, Bert Blyleven, Ron Coomer, and a ton more.
January 5th, 2011-After narrowly missing induction last year, Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven are elected to the...
But if Bert Blyleven is in the Hall of Fame, you have to put Jack in there.
So based on this argument, Bert Blyleven was not a Hall of Famer, right?
I love it. Everyone campaigned for Bert Blyleven for Hall of Fame yet Jack Morris is being ridiculed when people campaigned for him.
the judges are the same fellows who put Bert Blyleven in the Hall of Fame I bet
Bert Blyleven and Harmon Killebrew at 68 and 67 on top 100 players list. Is he a closet Twins fan?
"One told me of a time when Blyleven, in front of a bunch of fans, pretended to poop out a candy bar and then ate it"
I love writing. His top 100 baseball player blogs are some of his best... .
OK, let's try again. No. 68 on my 100 greatest baseball players list with the REAL rookie card in it.
You may not agree with No. 68 on my 100 greatest players, but there are baseball cards in it, including
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Twins Winter Caravan, Thursday 01/23: Bert Blyleven, Terry Steinbach, Trevor Plouffe, Anthony Swarczak, and Rob Antony, whom I’ve never heard of. Specific locations and times have not yet been announced.
if Bert Blyleven is in the HoF (and some argue Schilling for his WS), I think have to include Morris
Bert Blyleven and Kent Hrbek signed baseballs. MORE Twins memorabilia will be posted soon :)
Three. Roberto Alomar (second base) Roberto Alomar Getty Images Sport Born: February 5, 1968, in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 2011, he was elected to the Hall of Fame (90% of the vote) together with pitcher Bert Blyleven. MVP of the American League Championship 1992 with the Toronto Blue Jays All-Star and 1998. He was selected to 12 star classic and won 10 Gold Gloves . Lifetime batted .300, with 2,724 hits, 210 homers and 474 stolen bases. One of the best Latin players of all time.
It is always difficult to make a selection of the top 10 players who have played in Major League Baseball, by country. In this case, account leave out Ruben Sierra, Jorge Posada receptors and Javier Lopez, Jose Valentin, Mike Lowell, Carlos Baerga, etc.. Here's our choice: 10. Vic Power (first base) Vic Power Born: November 1, 1927, in Arecibo, Puerto Rico His real name was Victor Felipe Pellot Pove, although a master Pove changed the name of his mother by the 'Power', with which he was known in the majors. On defense has been one of the best players of the first base to the point of winning seven Gold Gloves in a row between 1958 and 1964 in the American League . In 12 major league seasons he hit 126 home runs and 1,716 hits for .284. Selected to seven All-Star Games . 9. Carlos Beltran (Outfielder) Carlos Beltran Getty Images Sport Born: April 24, 1977, Manati, Puerto Rico In 212 fulfills its 15th season in the majors. Until last May 8, added 312 runs, while only 53 hits needed to arrive at 2,000 hits a ...
They changed their mind, rather stunningly, about Bert Blyleven. It can happen. Not with Chass, but with the rational ones
Bert Blyleven was the active career leader in WAR among all pitchers & batters after the 1990 and 1992 seasons.
Was expecting you to say the Twins were signing Bert Blyleven.
Happy New Year Bert & Blyleven family, may '14 be good to you all!
Happy New Year's to you all. Opening the vault today Happy Birthday to Robert Dennis Owchinko (born January 1, 1955) part of the Expos in 1986. Bob Owchinko is a former professional baseball pitcher. A left-handed pitcher, he played all or part of ten seasons in Major League Baseball, between 1976 and 1986, for the San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, and Montreal Expos. With the Expos he pitched in 3 games for 15 innings. Owchinko , from where he was picked in the first round (5th overall) for the San Diego Padres in 1976. Over his career, he worked extensively as both a starter and in relief. In 1978,he won a career high 10 games with the San Diego Padres,along with posting career low average of 3.56. In 1979,he Appeared in a career high 42 games. In 1980,he was included in a six player trade on December 9th for Bert Blyleven and Manny Sanguillen.
1985 AL West Tourney Oakland 6 Minnesota 4 (10 innings) Oakland's Dwayne Murphy carried the A's past the Twins. His bases loaded double off Bert Blyleven tied the game in the 6th, and his bases loaded double off the dubious Twins closer Ron Davis in the 10th sealed it. Steve Ontiveros and Jay Howell combined to toss 5 2/3 IP of no-hit relief. Kansas City 7 Oakland 0 Speaking of no hitting, Bret Saberhagen allowed one lone infield single to Carney Lansford of the A's as the Royals won easily 7-0. A five run 2nd knocked A's starter Tim Birtsas out. Frank White added a 2-run homer in the 7th. The Royals clinch their automatic bid into the AL tournament.
Metrodome Memories: Bert Blyleven in 1987 defeating the Royals for a division tie, they'd clinch in Texas.
It's been a long time since I've been in the Metrodome in Minneapolis and as ill-suited a facility it is for almost everything you could think to do in it, every single time I was there was a good time. They weren't all World Series wins, but the place has a lot of memories. Bouncing super balls outside trying to reach the roof with Joe Anderson and Max Herrnberger, Stoney Hiljus stealing an autographed ball Bert Blyleven clearly meant to throw to me (they made Stoney a judge! He's a common thief!), game 6 in '87 screaming my head off with Joe as the Twins won on the backs of Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbek and the mayhem around it with the Hamline crew after game 7. Performing at the various party tents for the Super Bowl and Final Four, sitting with my high school friends watching our friends and classmates win the 1987 State High School football championship inside of it and the times in the 90's I wandered in for a day game with a comic or two and being reminded that as broke as I was, I had my freedo .. ...
Throwing the first pitch, singing the National Anthem, getting autographs, getting mooned by Bert Blyleven
Adios Metrodome! I have some great memories there including my first ever MLB baseball game (Bert Blyleven v. Scott Erickson), working a concession stand for the Twins-White Sox game during their Division race in September 2003 with about 60,000 fans rockin the place, Twins-Red Sox in 2001 with two Nomar HR's (and about 10,000 fans - PA echo was so bad you could not hear who they were announcing at the plate), the Vikings-Titans game where I was all decked out in Packers gear, Vikings-Seahawks a few years back when Favre was on fire, and I also got to play ten baseball games on the same field as many legends, including a 6 AM game with the temp at about 95 to melt the snow on the dome. I probably won't miss you, but thank you for the memories!
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TRIVIA-The answer tot he question of who are the two pitchers to give up 500 home runs in their career is Robin Roberts and Jamie Moyer. Per usual the two dependables in Larkin LAND Chris "Heavy Nettle" Nettleton and Jack "Clarence Clemmons aka the Bog Man" Passetto came thru with the correct answers. is there no stopping this dynamic duo. It is almost time to call in the reneforcements aka the ESPN Legend "The Schwab" This would be the Rumble in the Jungle( Don't you love it when I am bored LMAO?) Today's question: Of the following four pitchers who has NOT thrown a no hitter? Bert Blyleven, Steve Carlton, Vida Blue and Dwight Gooden? Come boys and girls lets get it on
At the 1977 MLB Winter Meetings the Pirates traded Al Oliver and acquired Bert Blyleven and John Milner.
Have a problem with Bert "Numbers" Blyleven. I would take either of the guys I mentioned over him in a 1 game playoff.
agreed. I'd put Bert blyleven in there too. I'm just happy he made it to the HOF
And now.what you all have been waiting for! Below are the list of items up for bidding at the silent auction. Bidding will open at the start of the first game on Friday night and end sometime during the fourth quarter of the final game on Saturday. Please message in bids via the tourney FB page or by contacting Jenny Kislow. Dollar amounts listed are starting bids on the specific item: $50 Appleton getaway with hotel and reserved WI. Timber Rattlers baseball tickets $50 Tailgatez $50 GC, Freddy's Mexican $20 GC, $30 Taco John's GC $50 $50 Diamond Showcase GC, $25 Quality Foods IGA GC, 100-wing party at The Bar (four locations) $40 $25 2510 Restaurant GC, $20 Freddy's Mexican GC, $25 Quality Foods IGA GC $75 $50 Minocqua Brewing Co. GC & lodging GC at Best Western in Minocqua $75 $50 Headliners Salon GC, $20 El Tequila GC, $20 BB Jacks GC, $20 Heartbrakers Bar & Grill GC & $15 Dixie Lunch GC (Antigo area sponsors) $25 "I Will Survive" Inspirational Print, Caren(r) Original Bar Soap, Hand Cream & ...
And how about Herb Pennock, Bert Blyleven and Mike Morgan as pitchers with MLB wins in their teens and forties?
Baserunner Bert Blyleven tries to avoid a catcher's tag, bring back those stirrups!
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues to devalue its brand by the sheer number of mediocre artists that get nominated. Chic? Are you serious? Procol Harum? A one-hit wonder that never put out a solid album. I like the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, but the only reason for them to be considered is the fact that they backed Dylan at his famous Newport Folk Festival appearance. Deep Purple, Heart, Joan Jett, and Rush are all marginal at best---sort of like the Bert Blyleven of Rock and Roll. The ones who deserve in: Albert King, Randy Newman, NWA, Public Enemy, and Donna Summer (although I rely on my kids on NWA and Public Enemy).
My Mom always wanted to marry Bert Blyleven.
Apparently it's a night for crazy baseball trades. In that same vein, I propose: Current Bert Blyleven and $10 million for Michael Wacha.
I got suckered into this, but as a somewhat honorable man I'll do this. Six things people rarely know about me: 1. I had the former Gov. Mickelson of SD wink at me when I was a kid and felt especially sad when he died in a plane crash. 2. I have relatives living in Colorado, Alabama, Illinois, and Ohio. 3. I've met Ice Cube, John Micheal Montgomery, Collective Soul, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Ben Stein, Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, Johan Santana, Bert Blyleven, and Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray. 4. I was at the 1999 NFC Championship Game when Gary Anderson missed "The Kick." 5. I don't really like scary movies. Mostly because I saw a lot of the classics when I was a kid. 6. I swore I'd never watch the movie "Titanic" when it came out...And I still haven't seen it to this day.
Okay...thanks Temre Sawyer Phipps And Dan Walsh, and Standard Fruit, etc... You have inspired me to add 12 random things about me that you may or may not know about me. Here we go... 1) I snorkeled once in Laguna Beach and while underwater randomly ran into Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger) and he was wearing a speedo. 2) I used to go stunt flying with my Uncle Mark as a kid. (he was a stunt pilot for film) 3) My friend Robert Harrington And myself used to try to find the coolest elevators in So Cal and ride them for fun and had our own rating system (geeks) 4) I hung out with Jeremy Irons and Sean Astin 5) Richard Sherman took me to lunch at the Magic Castle. 6) I have body surfed a 10 foot wave (never ever do it again) 7) I have hiked to the top of Half Dome twice 8) I have climbed Mt. Whitney 9) I slammed against the Left Field wall as Baloo trying to catch a Home Run Hit by Donald Duck at Anaheim Stadium. 10) I hit a base hit off of Bert Blyleven with Lance Parrish behind the plate catching. 12) I sa ...
one of my faves from that period: Kent Hrbek, Frank Viola, Bert Blyleven(and that sweet curve ball)
Lincecum’s strikeout total through his first 7 seasons ranks as the 3rd-most, behind Tom Seaver (1,655) and Bert Blyleven (1,546).
Season Ticket Holders in our Owners Boardroom listening to our Chalk Talk w/Bert Blyleven thanks Bert
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Bert Blyleven after last night's ALC clincher. "Take a good look, Twins. That may be you celebrating on the field next year." IALTO
I once met Bert Blyleven. Although Josh Hamilton would be my "biggest" celeb I've met.
"Watch you guys watch. And take it all in" Bert Blyleven to the MN Twins. Yep. just get Gardy to 1000. Ffs
For those curious for the answer to yesterday's trivia question -- name the 7 former Twins players in the Hall of Fame -- here's your answer: Four of the seven went in as Twins: Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett and Bert Blyleven. Two more were local boys who came home to play here in the 1990s, though they went in with other teams: Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor. The tricky one: Steve Carlton -- longtime ace for the Cardinals and Phillies in the 1970s-80s -- was picked up by the Twins late in the 1987 season. He was long past his prime and didn't make the postseason roster (though he did get a World Series ring), and he retired one month into the 1988 season.
Robinson was 14-3 in his rookie year. Bert Blyleven taught him his curve ball. He had guts. He could hit too
300 Ks is awesome. 200 Ks is Bert Blyleven. Really good but meh.
Sept. 22, 1977: Bert Blyleven earns the second no-hitter in Texas Rangers history, striking out 7 with 1 walk in a 6-0 win over the Angels.
I love it when Bert Blyleven says buttocks. :D
2000 -- Jose Lima of the Houston Astros sets a National League single-season record by allowing his 47th home run in the Astros' 12 - 5 loss to Cincinnati. The major league record for home runs allowed in a season is 50, set by Minnesota's Bert Blyleven in 1986.
This date in history: (1977) RHP Bert Blyleven tosses the second no-hitter in club history, blanking the 6-0
Only Pirates pitcher who had a better curve in one game than AJ Burnett? Bert Blyleven. And that's saying something!
so Bert Blyleven exhibited integrity, sportsmanship? I remember him being a huge ***
Added to the Hawks Golf Fundraiser: an autographed Joe Mauer baseball & an autographed Bert Blyleven baseball; courtesy of the
For Giants fans... Bad news is that the Giants lost 5-1 today to the Yankees. Good news is that Tim Lincecum posted his 1,500th career K. He did this in 7 seasons and only two pitchers have had quicker strikeout rates (Tom Seaver and Bert Blyleven). -SayHeyinSJ
Bert Blyleven had as many complete games in 1985 as Andy Pettite did in his career.
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Wow. Bert Blyleven does not like Alex Rodriquez. And he shouldn't. He's a cheat.
Only hall of famers Tom Seaver and Bert Blyleven have struck out more batters than Tim Lincecum through their first 7 seasons. Lincecum currently has 1,501 punch outs.
Lincecum has 1501 career strikeouts. Only Tom Seaver and Bert Blyleven struck out more in their first seven seasons, per
Here's Bert Blyleven back in the day.
Bert Blyleven is the Jerry Lawler of baseball color commentators.
In the last hour, Bert Blyleven asked me a question and I ate wild boar. Pretty nice afternoon.
Bartolo Colon became the first pitcher to have 20 wins against the Texas Rangers, the most by any pitcher against Texas. With the win today, Colon broke a tie with Bert Blyleven, Dennis Leonard and Jack Morris, who had 19 each.
Matt Birch (Jered Weaver holds on for the win today, he becomes the 5th A.L. pitcher since 1910 with 10 wins in each of first 8 seasons of his career. Other four on the list are Lefty Grove (1925-32), Eddie Lopat (1944-51), Bert Blyleven (1970-77) and Andy Pettitte (1995-2002).
Just remembered. Saw Bert Blyleven at Birdies last week when picking up a pie. 2nd time I've bumped into him over the years. Last time was at Skyline Chili.
Today in History 1849 - In Hastings, NY, The first recorded death in a boxing match occurred after Chris Lilly knocked out Tom McCoy. McCoy died a short time later. 1923 - George Burns (Boston performed the third unassisted triple play in baseball history. 1932 - Joe McCarthy became the first manager to win pennants in both baseball leagues when his New York clinched the American League pennant. 1946 - Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox) hit his only inside-the-park home run. 1949 - The Ladies Professional Golf Association of America was formed. 1965 - Willie Mays became the fifth player in major league history to hit 500 career home runs. 1970 - The first New York City Marathon took place. Fireman Gary Muhrucke won the race. The race was run entirely inside Central Park. 1971 - The World Hockey Association was formed. 1971 - Frank Robinson (Baltimore hit his 500th career home run. 1981 - John McEnroe won his third consecutive U.S. Open. 1986 - Bert Blyleven (Minnesota surrendered five homes runs. The game rais ...
So there I was getting ketchup at culvers in Shakopee last night when I do a double take at the person next to me. It was Bert Blyleven. I kind of felt stupid after the fact because after I did my double take I said to him your beer Blyleven(of course he knows who he is). I then shook his hand and sat down thinking how dumb to say that
At dinner at Culver's and who walks in but Bert Blyleven. Circle me Bert!
Clayton Kershaw is my own private Bert Blyleven.
And to add to the awesome Bert Blyleven autograph photo, here is the famous interview he once gave on farts:...
Hall of Fame MLB Pitcher Bert Blyleven Loves To Fart. He was known for farting in the dugout, bullpen, locker...
9/11. Bert Blyleven. Is the fact that they rhyme a mere coincidence or an implication of something more conspiratorial?
Twins' team is good with Bert Blyleven and sometimes Jack Morris.
Neither Bert Blyleven nor *** Bremer can pronounce "Cespedes." It's entertaining to count how many different ways they can say it.
I'm giving away: 1987 Topps Bert Blyleven. Check it out -
Good article on Bert Blyleven's superior curve.
I'm giving away: 1981 Donruss Bert Blyleven. Check it out -
I'm giving away: 1985 Topps Bert Blyleven. Check it out -
I'm giving away: 1984 Topps Bert Blyleven. Check it out -
Bert Blyleven, presumably w/a straight face, just said: "you have to earn your callup" in reference to Hicks. Thanks for the laugh!
How about Bert Blyleven to be next manager of Twins?
If the Wild Card Game is Texas vs Cleveland, who should throw out the first pitch? Toby Harrah? Julio Franco? Bert Blyleven? *** Perry?
Feedback anyone? Wish to know if PdF just added to Cesar Tovar post is manageable, worthwhile:
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