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Bernie Wrightson

Bernard Albert Berni(e) Wrightson (born October 27, 1948, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.) is an American artist known for his horror illustrations and comic books.

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A moment of silence in honor of illustrator and production designer, Bernie Wrightson who passed away yesterday...
Rough couple of days...Chuck Berry and Bernie Wrightson are gone, and now we learn that journalist/novelist Jimmy Breslin…
In March 2017, we've lost comic-book greats Jay Lynch, Skip Williamson, and Bernie Wrightson. Cherish the delights they brought us.
Man, Jay Lynch, Chuck Berry, and Bernie Wrightson all in one weekend. heaven just got A LOT cooler.
thebristolboard:. Rare Swamp Thing illustration by Bernie Wrightson from the Comic Art Con… https:…
📷 page 6 from Green Lantern (1960) by Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Cory Adams, Denny O’Neil and...
The Creepshow comic is arguably better than the movie. Bernie Wrightson, man! I think Stephen King scripted it, too.
I'm really happy with the EC Comics/Bernie Wrightson-ish feel. Soundtrack was Bowling For Soup. Weird, ya?
Maybe not quite as good as Bernie Wrightson's work on "Swamp Thing" but pretty *** close
Forgotten masterpiece: Complete original art by Bernie Wrightson...
📷 thebristolboard: Forgotten masterpiece: Complete original art by Bernie Wrightson for “The Monster...
"Give me a little more Bernie Wrightson on the eyes." - Greg Nicotero giving the world's greatest feedback to a guy making zombie masks.
The Bernie Wrightson splash page art from the graphic novel Batman/Aliens is featured in the
Furies! Signed by Bernie Wrightson, for the later special edition of Dark Forces
A Bernie Wrightson signed piece of werewolves terrorizing a woman hits the
A Bernie Wrightson signed original illustration of a ghoul and tombstone features in the
Comicpalooza 2016, got to hang with the great Bernie Wrightson. Got a nice Swampthing print signed by him also.
A Bernie Wrightson signed piece of grave robbers encountering zombies features in the Auction
Swamp Thing V1 by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. 1st App. Patchwork Man. See more @
Complete original art by Denny O’Neill (story), Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson from Green Lantern 84. HOLY MOLEY.
I am simultaneously 10 feet from Sean Patrick Flannery, Billy West, and Bernie Wrightson. Qualifies as a good start.
Definitely one of my favourites, along with David Mack and Bernie Wrightson. So good they must be aliens. Great...
George Perez, Neal Adams, Jim Shooter, Bernie Wrightson, Marv Wolfman, and Chris Claremont will be at the Indiana Comic Con, April 29-May 1.
First issue of Swamp Thing. Haunting swamp horror drawn by legendary Bernie Wrightson. I still have mine!
Drawing with kings: John Buscema, Bernie Wrightson, Alfredo alcala and Franklin Booth. Art gotta be worth their influence.
An author to read at Uncle Creepy frontis by Bernie Wrightson via
Sweet! Excellent weight stress on the pose! Very convincing. A bit of Bernie Wrightson feel going on.
Bernie Wrightson October Spotlight: Jenifer, 1974. I couldn't resist putting up the opening page from this...
I dare you to say her name... Jenifer by Bernie Wrightson, 1974. In our discussion about the creepiest characters...
dead, she said and the ghoul by Steve Niles and Bernie wrightson.
Bernie Wrightson's Freak Show and the early issues of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Doc Macabre (of 3) by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson: Got ghosts in your garage?! ...
I'm also hoping to squeeze in Frankenstein, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson. Wrightson's got your HERE:
On a note, some Real Ppl To Worship if you're into that kind of line quality: Franklin Booth, Bernie Wrightson, Nicolas Delort
It's definitely not Bernie Wrightson. But he did mention that they hired someone to mimic his style.
And remember that Frankenstein illustrated by Bernie Wrightson? Nice.
Halloween in coming so with that here's Bernie wrightson | Bernie Wrightson - Frankenstein
Bernie Wrightson, co-creator of one of my fave DC characters: Swamp Thing.
Batman The Cult by Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson, Batman Snow by Dan Johnson, JH Williams and art by Seth Fisher
That Kelley Jones cover has some serious Bernie Wrightson hatching work going on.
"Love feels like dying." From the criminally-underrated "Cycle of the Werewolf" by Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson.
original pencil art by Bernie Wrightson for Stephen King's The Dark Tower
Bernie Wrightson back cover art from Badtime Stories, 1972. Elvira of Dark Side
Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson's early and hastily rejected Swamp Thing concept art.
Abyss featuring "Wrightson’s Revolting Rhymes" (published on pages 25-32) as illustrated by Bernie Wrightson.
Cycle of the Werewolf original book cover illustration by Bernie Wrightson, published by Land of Enc
There can be only one Bernie Wrightson!. The October Spotlight shines on Mr. Wrightson. Bernie Wrightson's...
Aw man happy first day of Bernie Wrightson Appreciation Month!!!
New on original Bernie Wrightson art, CGC SS Stan Lee & Todd McFarlane books and more!
Photo: travisellisor: the cover to Secrets Of Haunted House by Bernie Wrightson
"Dark as a Dungeon," Bernie Wrightson's tribute to Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Glen is such a gentleman and such a nerd. We talked about comics, art, Bernie Wrightson and cats.…
Yesterday when someone mentioned Bernie Wrightson I could have sworn I heard some crickets.
I am hearing with no confirmation hat Bernie Wrightson is fine and should be back at the show after a physical incident yesterday
Witnessed Bernie Wrightson collapse and need to be taken away by paramedics this evening. He and his wife are in...
I sure hope Bernie Wrightson is okay!
Bernie Wrightson wasn't already in the hall of fame? They must not have been doing that very long.
Foto: zooophagous: psshaw: wonderful-strange: Change for a Dollar? by Bernie Wrightson, 1976. I was...
Bernie Wrightson gets called up to claim his Hall of Fame We'll see if he is here to claim it!
Bernie Wrightson is here after being too ill to accept his Hall of Fame entry last year!
Nice... They're letting Bernie wrightson accept last years hof award
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bernie Wrightson is here to receive his hall of fame award from last year. Great guy!
Bernie Wrightson's edition of Frankenstein was first published in 1983 under the Marvel imprint, and
Nice! If you like that you need to check out Frankenstein art by Bernie Wrightson. It'll blow you away!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is Mr. Bernie Wrightson. Quite literally my first love in comics. I was almost unable...
I've arrived in San Diego. Sat next to Bernie Wrightson on the flight!
Roots of the Swamp Thing signed by Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre Sealed Box of Trading Cards FPG >
and Bernie Wrightson was not as groundbreaking as Marvel Zombies cover art.
2007 Bernie Wrightson illustration of H.P. Lovecraft in his study.
Illustration by Bernie Wrightson from Stephen Kings Cycle of the Werewolf. -
Happy Saturday! Here's Bernie Wrightson's scary story with some cats! Welcome to Annex Comics and Newport, Skull...
How many of you are Bernie Wrightson art fans? I'm asking for a reason. This is important, so let me know!
Everyone is a Bernie Wrightson fan, right?
House of Mystery 179 first professional comic work of Bernie Wrightson
Punisher P.O.V. by Bernie Wrightson In this edition of all time favorite comic book covers is a painted cover b
On Natl. cartoonists day, I'd like to acknowledge my inspirations: Don Newton, Steve Rude, Bernie Wrightson, Schulz, Kubert, so many.
Photo: travisellisor: the cover to Twisted Tales by Bernie Wrightson
Photo: the cover to Twisted Tales by Bernie Wrightson
Today's read! Features a brilliant Bernie Wrightson story. I know will appreciate this one!!!
Picked up some old Eerie and Creepy magazines with some good Bernie Wrightson art in them!!!
Went to Creature Features in Burbank & Anthony ended up with creature from the black lagoon vs Santo original art by Bernie Wrightson. Lucky
Who introduced you to Neal Adams, Richard Corben and Bernie Wrightson? Graham Ingells?
I just purchased a Creepshow graphic novel from the 80's. Great art from Bernie Wrightson and your stories. Love it from UK.
Okay Anton I dont usually do this but I couldnt resist and I am also going to add comics series as well. Rules: In your status list 10 books that have stayed with you. Don't take more than a few minutes they don't have to be great works just ones that have touched you. then tag 10 of your friends, including me so I can see your list. no particular order. 1. Bernie Wrightson: A look back. I spent hour after hour reading this and looking over the art work. a real inspiration for me. 2. Violent Cases by Neil Gaiman What a wonderful graphic novel from start to finish. I just cant get it ut of my head and its been 20 years 3. Mage : the hero discovered. This is the indy book that started it all for me. I read books from the big 2 but this, TMNT, and Gizmo were my first indy books. 4. The Thief of Always by Clive Barker This story always haunts me. 5. Good Omens by terry Pratchett and Neil gaiman. C'mon its good Omens. I remember filming a scene in high school for Michael J Robinson in the grave yard ...
I thought I'd share a pic of one of the best to ever put pencil, pen, or brush to paper--the great Bernie Wrightson! A super artist and a really nice guy.
Bernie Wrightson's original art from the first page of the first Swamp Thing story! Yowza!
What do you think is THE scariest comic ever? I say "Jenifer" by Bruce Jones & Bernie Wrightson. Only comic that ever actually disturbed me.
  Author Returns To IDW To Unite A Monster And A Madman  San Diego, CA (December 12, 2013) – Visionary author and celebrated comic creator Steve Niles is returning to IDW in 2014 and bringing the most nefarious fiends along with him. Debuting in March, Niles weaves together a grave team-up between Frankenstein’s monster and Jack the Ripper in the terrifying new series, Monster & Madman.   A lost soul, Frankenstein’s monster seeks refuge from his waking life but finds no comfort in the bitter harshness of his surroundings. He sets out to free himself from his lonely isolation and during this journey he finds himself at the doorstop of a creature more sinister than he could have imagined, the madman, Jack The Ripper.   “Niles reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief,  “In the same way that Ozzy was always finding great new guitarists to bring his macabre visions to life, so too is Niles always finding amazingly talented and ...
That's cool! . My first GN was Spider-Man Hooky, which was also my introduction to the greatness that is Bernie Wrightson.
House of Mystery July, 1972 issue. Awesome Bernie Wrightson cover! For sale on our website for…
I'm already working on next year's Halloween costume. Started growing my Bernie Wrightson eyebrows three months ago!
wait wait, a betrayal? Bernie Wrightson drama I've never heard of?
by the way, heard someone refer to you/your work as the Second Coming of Bernie Wrightson. Your divine status is coming along nicely
re: 'Silver Bullet', as a kid, I loved Bernie Wrightson's illustrations in 'Cycle of the Werewolf' (and still do) >
The Gargoyle (1985) covers. by Bernie Wrightson. by Jon J. Muth. by Dan Green. by Mark Badger.
From the sublime Bernie Wrightson to the ridiculous
Being new to this group, I dont wanna break any rules, so if Im out of line here, delete this and PM me. I have some kits Id like to sell OR trade. First is THE MUNSERS LIVING ROOM in box. Second a solid resin garage kit of LAND OF THE GIANTS Snake attack. Third-Lindberg GODZILLA and Lindberg EXOSKELETON. Fourth--Large solid resin kit I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTERE SPACE with Alien holding bride with detailed base. Fifth-Geometrics Medusa kit, and one original Bernie Wrightson kit--IM BACK---Painted and built up, but figure is detatched from base and lead hand needs to be re-attached too. Im against recast kits and this may be one...but I have ANOTHER IM BACK kit that is built up but needs painting AND the lead hand is missing. Easy to sculpt and both kits are identical. Please PM me if you are interested in a buy, trade and Im into Classic Horror and Harryhausen. Offers accepted as well ! Thanks for your time !
Lilith typically symbolizes rebellion, rage and an untamed sexual nature. She was mainly a malevolent female night demon, mainly in Ancient Jewish tradition, but also in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Greece. Also in medieval ages her stories were given new interpretations, in relation with magic, in literature and in art. The first malevolent demons, either male or female with related name were found in ancient Mesopotalia, about 4000 BC, male Lilu and female Lilitu, both storm demons bringing diseases, od invading in women’s or men’s sleep respectively. The name Lilith was Jewish and is traced from 700 BC. Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1863) In some medieval stories Lilith was referred as the first Adam’s wife who created together with Adam. They have conflicts about sex domination issues, so Lilith, as an independent character left Adam alone. But God, supporting Adam, threatened her, so she accepted the curse to kill infants in order to keep her independence. So she invaded houses with ...
My top 5 dream artists to draw comic buttholes would be-. Bernie Wrightson. Charles Burns. Wood Ware Kirby
Looking at the work of Bernie Wrightson with tonight. Home is where the horror is!
Love that book. Made me fall in love with Bernie Wrightson.
Bernie Wrightson's portfolio of illustrations for Stephen King's 'The Stand', part one.
Bernie Wrightson is possibly my favorite artist of all time. So cool
thanks for letting me join this exclusive group! i am a big fan of corbens works since i got DEN in my hands as a little comic fan. since then i tried to track down as much of his works as possible. it´s hard to find all because i can´t find a list of all his works. there is a lot he has done for CREEPY, but i only have a few. the POE-works for example. DEN is the ultimate fantasy saga. it has everything that gets my blood pumping: the universe, the landscape, the old mysteries, machine guns, aeroplanes & sword fights, glorious violence, the creatures and of cause the sex. sometimes i wish there was more of it to discover. a movie (done right) would be great, but i guess it will only end up as another RIDDICK. by the way: dont you think that corben and bernie wrightson have a lot in common? i´am very exited to look around this group and maybe find some treasures. by the way: i am from germany - any german comic fans around? thanks again and have a good time discovering the corben universe!
SHIPPING UPDATES! -all Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein print suites have now shipped. - all Mystery Tubes are now shipped. If you ordered, you should see 'em shortly! We're now back on schedule, doing our regular 'ship w/in 48 hours' thing with all in-stock items. We got a little busy there for a few weeks!
Moving right along... This one has illustrations by Bernie Wrightson!
Welcome fiends.the wait is over! As we get closer to Halloween we have saved the best for last. This Halloween we are proud to be releasing the first line of prints in our Sketch Book Heros prints. We start this with a bang with one of our favorite artists of all time...Mr. Bernie Wrightson. Thes...
CREEPY PRESENTS BERNIE WRIGHTSON Writers: Various Artist: Bernie Wrightson Dark Horse, 2011 I grew up reading CREEPY and EERIE magazines. They were my EC comics during a time when you couldn’t get EC comics very easily. Every month,… [ 276 more words. ]
Well here's a little gem from 1971. First app. King Kull. Pencilled by non other than the incredible Bernie Wrightson!
Wowee! No wonder it takes Bernie Wrightson a month to complete a page!
So far, creepy like the Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson version.
"I was raised on EC horror comics, Creepy magazine, Jack Davis, John Severin and Bernie Wrightson. I want to give...
Can't wait for Texas Comic Con this weekend! I'll be sharing a table with Ryan Alvarado Draws. Stoked to see fellow creators/friends Steve Niles, Bernie Wrightson, Tyler Crook, David Liss , Austin Rogers, Cody Schibi, Mark Nasso, Jon David Guerra, Robert Wilson, and Bobby Smith. If you live in Texas and like comics, you should try and make it!
thanks to Dewayne Chase, Jeff Stout, and Cameron Rogers. House Of Secrets number 92, first appearance of Swamp Thing and Creepy Presents: Bernie Wrightson HC both signed by the man himself, Bernie Wrightson. I wish I could have met him myself, but there's always next time...and next time I'm taking Creepshow and Cycle Of The Werewolf.
Palencar promised his upcoming painting for a Jeff Ford story will be "Andrew Wyeth meets Bernie Wrightson." The sketch is terrifying.
I Want to meet Alan Davis, Bryan Hitch, Travis Charest and Bernie Wrightson!!! You guys are my biggest influence.
Founded by director and longtime film/animation professional Larry Whitaker. To develop, promote and produce original film content in the tradition of film fan favorites. Currently in development on an animated full-length feature film “GHOST TRAIN” with artist Bernie Wrightson and producer Howar...
why didn't anyone tell me Bernie Wrightson was drawing another Frankenstein book with Steve Niles?
My buddies Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles have another great book hitting this week - the highly-ainticipated FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE! I've actually seen many of Bernie's pages from this already, and they're (as to be expected) amazing. Pick this sucker up on Wednesday, the first issue sold out so don't miss this one!!
Apparently, today is both Bernie Wrightson's and Jean-Claude Van Damme's birthday. I'll go with Bernie.
I'll be a gust at the Dallas Comic Con Oct 19-21 with Bernie Wrightson and tons of other great guests
Lance's upcoming biography ,"Not Bad for a Human", will be published by my bud Steve Niles' Bloody Pulp Books. How cool is that?! Lance has been a part of the Hollywood and theater firmament for decades: What a career! Terminator, Aliens, Pumpkinhead, Millenium, Dead Man, to name but a few. It's written by Joseph Maddrey with lots of excerpts of Lance speaking. To paraphrase Steve: "Really cool stuff. No salacious stuff, just great stories about working in Hollywood. Very gritty and real." The book will be also be illustrated by fellow Lance Fans, Tim Bradstreet, Tom Mandrake, bro Bernie Wrightson, as well as by yrs trly. Speaking of which,i did a B&W portrait study of Lance for a promo tee-shirt ( what a truly great face to try and capture on canvas or paper) I'll be doing a new Image or three for the bio as well. It's such a cool project. And the title is perfection. I spoke with Lance last week. What a great guy. Incredibly warm and a true artist--really committed to his passion for acting. Fascin ...
On sale this week from IDW Publishing is Frankenstein Alive, Alive! which sees Bernie Wrightson return to the subject of one of his most
Ghost Rider by the master, Bernie Wrightson. GR never looked better.
My long list includes Trevor Goring and Bernie Wrightson. My short list is Vic Reeves and JAKe Detonator.
Hoping to have Bernie Wrightson, Bob Powell and Darwyn Cooke waiting on my doorstep in a box when I get home. What..? That's not creepy...
finished The Dark Tower V (Wolves of the Calla) by Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson
The kind of things that happen at Comic Cons - middle of a portfolio review with my pal, and editor at IDW, Denton Tipton, and Gene Simmons sees my art from afar, walks over and starts commenting on how he sees in my work - a little Bernie Wrightson, a little Jack Kirby, a little Wally Wood. He loved it. Then he walked off to sign autographs to an enormous line. Gene Simmons. Surreal.
Bernie Wrightson! I just met him for the first time at Heroes Con and blubbered like a baby. Dream come true!
who is the secret final guest in the works??? Please be Mark Millar or Bernie Wrightson!!
OK, So, I have been putting soem thougth into my next tat. I do NOT want to be like EVERYONE and get a LOT of BAD ink on my body. While I was getting my little X-men piece on my arm (awesome b-day present last year) one of the shops I was shopping around at had an artist (pen and oencil artist not an ink man) who has a dream of combining two very very big things that are great into one AMAZING piece. He had just never found anyone geeky/brave enough for it. He wanted to do a scene from the iconic 80's run in Uncanny X-men Days of Future Past. In the art style of Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein graphic novel. You can look up on google images if you are THAT curious, but I will be posting two seperate pics to give an idea and I would like to hear some thoughts from my ink freaks. Or anyone. Peace and Love
Had a great time at the Big Wow! ComicFest today. Lots of families and kids were there, and it was one of the most kid-friendly conventions I've ever been to. Highlights for me included moderating a panel discussion with Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson and selling a copy of The Looney Tunes Treasury to the great Gary Arlington, founder of America's first comic book shop.
and I'm off to meet Tim Vigil, Steve Niles, Bernie Wrightson and Thomas Jane! Today I'm the kid!
would like to thank Dale Eaglesham, Fiona Staples, Peter David, Camilla D'errico, Tony Moore, Bernie Wrightson, and Bob Layton for signing my stuff. Too bad I won't be attending the Calgary Comic Expo again.
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