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Bernie Williams

Bernabé Williams Figueroa Jr. (born September 13, 1968) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder and Puerto Rican musician.

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But as a great admirer of Obama, Biden, Hillary and Be…
You should do some research into Mike Tokes. Bernie supporter vegan who is now MAGA?
Doesn't mean he didn't support Bernie.…
He is from Connecticut how many Trump supporters you…
You focus on a racist rant from a d…
I knew the guy was a Bernie Supporter just here to t…
Clearly looks like he changed his min…
He was a closet Bernie Supporter. He's f…
The deranged Bernie supporter you mean? That was terrible
Where's the proof he supports Trump di…
Just like this racist Bernie supporter. What's wors…
Bernie Sanders isn't giving up the fight for $15 – and now he has some Congressional support
He voted for Bernie Sanders snowflake. I repeat he…
Bernie Williams GW homer in bottom 11 of a playoff, barely a celebration. I don't like how every "walkoff" win today guys go nuts
My brothers note to Bernie Williams that I found yesterday tucked away in our baseball card collection
From my brother, a letter I wrote when I was 10 to all-time great Bernie Williams, asking for an autograph
Er, the guy supported Bernie not Trump.
Why are white liberal Democrats the most racist pe…
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Yankees Bernie Williams USPS stamp. via
listening to Bernie Williams play jazz this evening & thinking about his consistent high-level baseball ability
Will The DNC disavow? Will Bernie or Hillary or Mark Zuckerberg? How about Brian Williams or Rachel Maddow? Anyone?
Of course. Just look at the paraphernalia head first guys wear on their hands vs a feet first guy. Lear…
Check out Bernie Williams Signed Les Paul Pee Wee one of a kind
on 5280 Light Jazz Bernie Williams - And So It Goes from The Journey Within - Tune in now…
Bernie bros STILL are discussing Hillary's emails and the DNC. Trumpsters don't think Russia is a big deal. The Kremlin…
Guess what ? He is A Bernie supporterAnd guess what else most the people that commit…
& Bernie & Stein Supporter.He even threatened to kill those who voted Trump & Hillary on January 1…
You won't hear a peep from Mike or the far leftist crowd about how killer supported…
Fixed it: You won't hear a peep from Bernie or Jill about this appalling crime.
I seem to remember Bernie Williams hitting right handed vs. Tim Wakefield
Oh and BTW, the killer was a Jewish supporter So can I blam…
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I know I won't be lonely... Ever Again - Bernie Williams. Tony
my life goal: to be a combination of Hayley Williams, Bernie Sanders, and Jenna Marbles all in one human form
Why would he denounce the Portland attack? The perp was a Bernie Sanders supporter.
Sore Hillary or Bernie loser? The world has been laughing at our national deficit for the last 8 years.
Chillin in the West by BERNIE WILLIAMS... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
Interesting you haven't said this same thing to Bernie, who is older than her and got four million less votes.
Bernie Williams says the inquiry must proceed carefully because there can be no room for mistakes.
Would be the first since John Olerud and Bernie Williams.
have to thank the Detroit Red Wings & Alex Delvecchio for selecting Center Fred Williams instead of Bernie Federko.
Short list of players Mike Trout has passed in career WAR in 2017: Bernie Williams, Joey Votto, Jason Giambi, Orlando Ceped…
Mariano Rivera . Jorge Posada . Bernie Williams . Derek Jeter . Were the reason I grew up watching & are gone 😕
Wow, my wonderful student Bernie Williams was inducted into the Sigma Tau Delta English honors sh…
this has to be 1st in 4ever that Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, or Alex Rodriguez not on OD roster
Peace to the Yankees. My first favorite baseball team. Bernie Williams. David Justice. Hideki Matsui. The Core 4. All that.
love the renaissance. Guys like Bernie Williams, Pudge Rodriguez, Juan Gonzalez were a huge part of me becoming a baseball fan
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Listening to Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte (Feat. Mike Stern) by Bernie Williams, on the album: Moving Forward
I liked a video from Bernie Williams | Career Highlights
I have a ball signed by Jeter, Clemens, Bernie Williams.and Chuck Knoblauch.
Thanks pal. Potential is a curse word. Gerald Williams retired with it. Bernie Williams never had it
Brett Gardner: 1st Yankee OF to win Gold Glove since Bernie Williams in 2000
ICYMI: Brett Gardner becomes first OF since Bernie Williams to win the AL Gold Glove Award:
Must be a Rays Yankee game. I see random Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte Jerseys.
Jacoby Ellsbury: 1st Yankee with go-ahead hit in extras in Kansas City since Bernie Williams on Aug. 14, 2002.
Bernie Williams was the centerpiece of the late 90s Yankees, not somebody who "faded into a secondary role"
"Altuve would fade into a secondary role in the completed Astros product, like Bernie Williams for the late-’90s Yankees"
As the honor the 1996 World Series team, feel the Bern' with 5 Facts on Bernie Williams.
the Yankees have treated Alex Rodriguez better than they treated Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams. Sad truth
on a real side note though I know Bernie Williams from the Yankees and I'm related to Woodie Allen tried to tell ya yesterday
Carlos Beltran Charity Gala so chock full of power switch hitting Bernie Williams is in the band.
Hey did you ever think you'd see Theo Epstein playing rhythm guitar on a Bernie Williams solo?
A highly skilled jazz guitarist, that Bernie Williams. We gotta make him jam with us like he did in Boston!
Walk in to a random bar find bernie williams playing a guitar
In which WaPo says what most of us are thinking: Enough with Bernie Sanders ☕️ https:…
petty, jealous of those with accomplishments: Egotist
I think he plays with a calmer temperament than Pedroia. Could be Zobrist, Bernie Williams, Pat Mears, JT Snow or Beltran?
Could end up a Bobby Abreu/Bernie Williams level player or could develop 30HR power, start drawing walks and be a bit more.
Is Bernie Williams available to pinch hit? Or Reggie Jackson? Or Ricky Ledee? Because this Yankee team can't score at all.
Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada got on the job training. Yanks should just play all the young guys at once
Bernie Sanders only candidate who will fight for real gun reform in the States.
people at the Korean airlines have to know they're calling out fake names I've heard mr. Ice t, mrs. Labatt blue and mr. Bernie Williams...
Bernie Williams is working to end the epidemic of violence against First Nations women.
ya but she's like Bernie Williams never officially retired
Lmao Shout Katt Williams,, my only wish as a stoner is to never run out of weed, food n to resurrect Bernie Mac RIP
It's Wednesday morning, which means Bernie Sanders campaign has less than a week left. ✌🏾️
endorsing her because she is beating Bernie??? How much did she 'donate' to this clown Williams?
"Let me offer you my definition of Social Justice" ~Walter E. Williams ... NOT Supporting Bernie Sanders
I thought Polanco went Bernie Williams on us
that's awesome. I remember Bernie Williams telling me to get away from him as a 13 year old kid.
Yankee legend Bernie Williams receives his Bachelor of Music from Manhattan School of Music:
people actually excusing Bernie taking a nap at the memorial, but wide awake at Warriors game😳
Barney Frank on just now: Bernie lost bc "Bernie forgot that black votes matter."
Carlos Beltran: "There wasn't anything on the field Bernie [Williams] couldn't do."
Bernie Williams is a bona fide musician now. He has a bachelor's degree to prove it.
Bernie Williams adds music degree to list of achievements via
YES network doing a show right now on ur boy Bernie Williams
Bernie Williams shared the stage w/ Todd when announcing SOHF at NAMM. He learned guitar & used tools from music when he turned to baseball.
he was the best player every year.. with A-rod, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera & Bernie Williams. you're drunk go home
Brett Gardner is first Yankees outfielder with 4 walks in a game since Bernie Williams on April 2, 1997.
Catching up on politics: skimmed the Internet and still torn between Bernie Williams and Donald Duck.
Paul O'neill. C'mon. Who does Bernie Williams support? This could break up the band.
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We better find out who Tino Martinez and Bernie Williams support before Nana loses all her favorite 90s Yankees.
Paul O'Neill was the man..Tino Martinez, Briscious, Bernie Williams, Knoblach, Jeter..great Yankees teams
Aaron Hicks looks like if Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera had a baby. I like him already
Players who got a HBP off Rightnowar:. Dave Winfield. Jim Thome. Gary Disarcina. Albert Belle. Bernie Williams
My dad's playing at open mic night at Sam Ash in White Plains tonight. He's following a band whose guitarist happens to be Bernie Williams.
We got Gil Parris and Yankee great Bernie Williams and Dan Cipriano oh yea aRon Blacks in White plains
any chance of adding Bernie Williams, Cecil Fielder, Jeff Nelson or Mariano Duncan?
I would make sweet sweet love to Bernie Williams swing
Disappointed Jim Edmonds missed the 5% cutoff. He now joins Kenny Lofton and Bernie Williams as top-flight CFs who somehow were 1-and-done.
"Down the right field line... good bye!". - Joe calling Bernie Williams's home run in game 3 of the 1996 World Series
Bernie Williams and Prince Royce in da building! What up!!! htt…
15 years ago today: "Piazza gets into one to center, back is Bernie Williams... A 3-PEAT!" http…
Bernie Williams & His All Star Band at the Wolf Den: Richie Cannata returns to the stage with the Bernie...
I think Bernie Williams was the most attractive member of the dynasty Yankees and find Derek Jeter overrated.
So 10 years later, who's career is better, Bernie Williams or Carlos Beltran?
whoa whoa. Bernie Williams , Paul O'Neil, and posada
who is your fav Bernie: Bernie Sanders or Bernie Williams?
Doesn't matter. Even if he gets the GOP nomination he's stilling coming in 2nd behind Hillary or Bernie in the General.
As much as I adore Obama, he didn't go far enough. Bernie Sanders=all substance. History will not forgive the U.S. for failing to elect him.
I'm not American. 1 minute into this man's interview and it's already clear. Bernie Sanders FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!!
Got a Bernie Williams foul ball on June 11th, 1997 and I was the happiest boy in the world! (I was 16)
Bernie Williams: Yogi welcomed me into Yankees’ brotherhood (via News)
SportsCenter: Mike Trout, Bernie Williams and many others pay tribute to Yankees legend on social media.
I wish I had a million dollars to help Bernie Sanders campaign.
Become a sponsor and get a photo with Bernie Williams pre Gala (5:30 10/5).
Bernie Williams: Yogi welcomed me into Yankees' brotherhood
Bernie Williams: Yogi Berra welcomed me into Yankees' brotherhood
Bernie Williams: Yogi welcomed me into Yankees’ brotherhood
2. During the '99 ALCS, Yogi Berra noticed Bernie Williams looked nervous and told him, "Relax, we've been beating these g…
that's not Bernie Williams in photo. That's Gerald Williams.
that is not Bernie Williams. It's Gerald Williams in the picture!
Austin Jackson was once looked at as the heir to Bernie Williams' throne in center field. Still wonder how he would've done in New York.
I cant believe Bernie Williams is opening up for Gregg Allman tonight at Jones beach and I'm not going :(
Did you know Bernie Williams is a Latin Grammy nominated artist?
boils down to individual. Cano is lazy. Bernie Williams hustled more than anyone. Both from Caribbean.
Can't even compare Bernie Williams to Rob Refsnyder. Apples and oranges.
New set of cards includes Malcolm Gladwell characters & pick from Bernie Williams' guitar
"We trade Jim Leyritz & Bernie Williams, for Barry Bonds, huh? Whadda ya think? That way you have Griffey and Bonds, in the same outfield!"
Okay so I have a Bernie Marc, Chris Rock & Katt Williams stand up comedy to watch tonight, thanks to my *** for life!
Kat Williams, Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac, and DL Hughley are pound for pound comedy kings 🔥
Please share and help me come home. My name is Bernie and I went missing on Saturday in St. Williams (between...
"From the time I picked up a baseball, I did not want to put it down. -Bernie Williams"
I was at the '05 CHWseries mentioned on the podcast. Not only did Rowand go bonkers but Bernie Williams was imploding hard.
guess again. I'd rather vote for Bernie Williams
It's scary how many people like Bernie Sanders who are my age. I like Bernie Williams better.
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Bernie Williams may have a more memorable career as a jazz musician than a baseball player.
Amen. These people are like George on Seinfeld, trying to trade Bernie Williams for Barry Bonds.
Bernie Williams is right behind only Derek Jeter as far as remotely recent Yankee players.
Booing Bernie Williams during the introductions. I still hate you, Bernie
representatives were Jordin Sparks, Bernie Williams, and Paul O'Neil. Don't think the had anyone.
AL with bases loaded in top of 6th up 22-20. And goes overhand to former great Bernie Williams.
Bernie Williams' shot over the wall makes it 19-8 AL, top of the 4th.
Bernie Williams is having a catch with Paul O'Neill!
My job is to play to the best of my ability. Mentally, I've got to stay ready to play every day. -Bernie Williams
great with Bernie Williams in softball game
I was at the "Jeffrey Maier" game: Yankees vs Orioles...Bernie Williams walkoff!
Great read by I thought Ruben Rivera, Gerald Williams & Bernie Williams would man Yanks OF for years:
f'n tyler & John giving Russell *** ha, when til the Bernie Williams voice is clearer, dope
Bernie Williams, with his guitar, not his bat, heading for Schenectady's SummerNights: (thanks
I assume that Bernie Sanders is a combination of Bernie Williams and Reggie Sanders, which makes him highly touted outfield prospect.
Brett Gardner has the Bernie Williams syndrome, fast runner, terrible base runner/stealer.
Post-game concert by - 1st 4 songs about box scores, Pete Rose, Bernie Williams and A-Rod
Steinbrenner tried to trade Bernie Williams & Andy Pettite for Chuck Knoblach.. GM quit over it, never happened. Wow
Rex Ryan, Chris Christie, Bernie Williams, Willie Randolph, and John Franco all on the same team here
*** Bernie Williams is Slick Rick at the guitar. Sneaky Pete with the post baseball music career over here. *** BernBern.
Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and other former Yankees teammates gather to celebrate Bernie Williams.
Bern, baby, Bern. Celebrate by bidding on a signed Bernie Williams baseball:
Congrats to Bernie Williams as he will be honored tonight at Yankee Stadium. This article is from last year,...
Bernie Williams added to Snoozefest at Jones Beach line-up. Now six tickets have been sold.
no Tony Lazzeri plaque, but Bernie Williams and other recent players, why?
Bernie Williams was the coolest & most interesting of 90's Wasn't a natural player. Survived Mel Hall's nastiness & became great.
Bernie Williams put some weight on .. Damm loll Where is Mel Hall now loll
A look at the career of Bernie Williams. PHOTOS:
9 years after his last game, Bernie Williams will officially retire as a Yankee on Friday. -->
The New York Yankees have announced that Bernie Williams will sign a contract and retire Friday. Seriously.
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I'm pretty sure this means Derek Jeter retired before Bernie Williams did. Alright then.
So if Bernie Williams hasnt signed his retirement papers who else hasnt?..Rusty Greer? Raul Mondesi? Richard Hidalgo?
Bernie Williams hasn't played for Yankees in 8 years? How is that possible?? Seems like 3 max
Nine years after his last major-league game, Bernie Williams is finally giving in. He'll sign his retirement papers on A…
Williams urges more fan research to develop F1 (and Bernie needs to go)
On the Jeremy Vine Show at 12 noon today Station Manager Mark Williams will be talking about deliberatly set grass fires
was that Bernie Williams at The Prime last night? guess so!
Bernie Williams is signing autographs on 5/26. For details click on via
The Yankees cf look like Bernie Williams inside the park baby
ICYMI: to retire uniform numbers of Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte
Bernie Williams at the plate “8. Do you fap with the left or right?”
Just chillen at the bar with Bernie Williams no big deal
who do you find funniest . (least to favorite)kevin hart, katt williams... — Martin, Eddie, Monique, and Bernie.
Bernie Williams was a great physicist???
Related, Bernie Williams is getting his number retired on May 24th cc
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I had a section where students had to tell which famous scientists did certain things. Someone chose my joke answer of Bernie Williams
Yankees legend Bernie Williams my father and I tonight
Yankees also to retire Nos. of Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams
The more I think about it, Claire Williams would be a cracking replacement to Bernie. Her or Niki Lauda anyway.
If Bernie loved F1 as much as he should, he'd throw himself under the bus to save it.
really hoping Bernie Williams makes the list today for New York Sport Icons. Jeter and Reggie will be in finals
how about Mrs Doubtfire gone wrong. I feel bad comparing that to a legend like Robin Williams. Xxx
is Bernie Williams even officially retired?
I remember at a YANKEES game, I got a SALUTE from Bernie Baseball HIMSELF!!! Yes, I SWEAR it was Bernie Williams!!!
Def heading to this game "The Yankees will retire the numbers of Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams, and Jorge Posada in ‘15”
Why would the Yankees retire Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, and Andy Pettites numbers there gonna run out of numbers
UPDATE: In addition to Andy Pettitte, Yankees announce they will also retire numbers of Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada.
According to a source, plans are also in the works to honor Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada this season, with 51 & 20 li…
Random Hall of Fame thought: I wonder why Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, and Andy Pettitte don’t get the John Smoltz treatment.
Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez, David Cone, Andy Pettitte, and Eli Manning... that's my team
Re2pect shirts are *** Now some Bernie Williams, Paul O'niel, Tino Martinez gear would be cool.
We celebrate the 14 year south-paw and 16 seasons coach/manager, Mike Caldwell. Caldwell turns 66 today was born in Tarboro North Carolina and played his high school sports for the Vikings of Tarboro High. Plays his college baseball at North Carolina State. He is drafted by the Padres in 1971 in the 12th round. He breaks in with those Padres that same season, pitching 6 games. Plays 2 more seasons for the Padres, when on October 25, 1973: Traded by the San Diego Padres to the San Francisco Giants for Willie McCovey and Bernie Williams. Caldwell who was 5-14 with the Padres in 1973, is 14-5 in his 1st season with the Giants. He throws 2 more seasons for the Giants in 1975 and 1976. On October 20, 1976: Traded by the San Francisco Giants with John D'Acquisto and Dave Rader to the St. Louis Cardinals for Willie Crawford, John Curtis and Vic Harris. He never pitches for the Cardinals, he is traded again on March 29, 1977: Traded by the St. Louis Cardinals to the Cincinnati Reds for Pat Darcy. He pitches in 1 ...
RIP - Bernie Williams, producer on 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Ragtime,' among many others dies way too young at 72
Paul oneill and Bernie Williams. Vintage yanks in late 90s
Coldplay have acquired Bernie Williams for cash considerations
yeah, probably no chance of him graduating in 3 years a la Jay Williams or Bernie Kosar, right? *** ain't playing school.
Bernie Williams was associate producer on Stanley Kubrick's A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and BARRY LYNDON.
Some people aint hip to comedy. Kevin hart is funny but hes not even close to Bernie mac. martin Lawrence. kat Williams etc.
Bernie mac and kat Williams will toast *** Lmfao
Schoenfield says Bernie Williams was the second most underrated centerfielder in history. Underrated, sure, but what about Jimmy Wynn?
I'd definitely want Bernie. My second pick would be either Martin or Kat Williams. If I need someone to intellectually kill you give me Rock
Dellin Betances and Bernie Williams will be among the honorees at the 35th annual Thurman Munson Awards Feb. 3 at the Grand Hyatt in NYC.
Can anyone honestly tell me Mike Piazza was better than Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, Paul O'Neill and others? I am serious.
Bill James says Larry Doby is comparable to guys like Johnny Damon and Bernie Williams re: HOF. I think he's missing the point entirely.
band of MLB musicians. Bronson Arroyo, Bernie Williams, who else featured in NBC s Science of Love
Juan Gonzalez and Bernie Williams weren't 5%'d. Gary Sheffield probably will be.
Sandoval is new Bernie Williams in postseason. Pence is Giants version of Chad Curtis.
Bernie Williams playing at Dominican College on October 24! Spread the word:
Not to brag, but today I rode the subway with someone closely resembling Yankee legend Bernie Williams.
Bernie Williams will perform at the Jay and Linda Grunin Center for the Arts on October 11, 2014!
Also...Bernie Williams and Paul ONeill had more to do with those first few WS rings than Jeter did. But people don't remember that
“Our blog post on Bernie Singleton giving
This guy is downstairs yelling about how he would turn *** for Bernie Williams. Uhh calm down sir.
Impressed with Bernie Williams' musical talent? Well check out the Wayman Tisdale Story currently on NBA TV
Special guest Bernie Williams is on hand at Fenway to play Take Me Out to the Ball Game on his guitar!
gardner never could bunt, and he's more bernie Williams than Vince Coleman on the bases.
And just when I had finally pulled myself together ... *** you Bernie Williams.
I didn't touch my Phone since 11pm Thursday!!! I dvr Derek Jeter last Yankee game and thought I would fast forward thru innings to c jeter at bat and there was so many special guests bob costas called the game for Goodness sake!!! This game was not fixed I grew up in Brentwood Long Island and remember watching all the games with my mom And dad in that house the 2000 World Series Joe Torre as coach girardi was the catcher Bernie Williams , Paul onell, Mariano , Tito Martinez , etc. I she'd tears so incredible what a glorious story Derek Jeter left behind so awesome ! I can't beleive it ended that way I feel like I an a teenager again watching this game and I'm 31 years old so incredible ! I'm Done speechless!!! absolutely amazing ! Goodbye captain !!! I loved bob shepards voice as well u know it Yankee fans ... One word . EPIC! Goodbye uhhh awesome !
I hated the Reggie Jackson Yankees but became a fan when Bernie Williams joined them. Jeter just solidified them as my team.
But why does Bernie Williams look like Hines Ward??
and in the words of Bernie Williams looks like Hines Ward
Thinking about Scott Berghorn and friends his age who are baseball fans. Too young to remember a time that Jeter wasn't the SS of the Yankees but. In their 20's now. When Don Mattingly retired, he was my last " favorite player I had pre-adult. I remember thinking " I guess I'm an adult now". Difference being, as a kid I went from Munson to Chambliss to Mattingly. People that are 18-24 only had to have Jeter ( with a little Bernie Williams thrown in there)
Any reason that Tino Martinez has a plaque in monument park and Bernie Williams has nothing? Hopefully it's because 51 will be retired soon
About a month after 9/11 I was at Yankee Stadium ... this is what I wrote. Wednesday, October 24, 2001 NEW YORK -- The manager with the tears welling in his eyes climbed up the dugout steps to watch the celebration, a celebration that the New York Yankees are getting pretty darn good at these days, taking place on the pitcher's mound. Mariano Rivera was square in the middle of it, just like he always seems to be this time of year. But before he got there, Joe Torre stopped. He turned and jogged back toward the box seats and motioned for the mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to join him on the field. As much as this was a celebration for the Yankees, it was also a celebration for the city, a chance to let out a little more of the pain and the heartache and feel good about themselves. About everything. Torre and Giuliani walked together, the manager's arm around the mayor's shoulder. The mayor shook hands with Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez. He got a hug from Bernie Williams. He patted Mike Mussina on the back. The polic ...
from ESPN: The YES network will also go on the air early, with coverage of the Jeter Ceremony.. Jeter might not know what to expect, but here's what you can expect if you plan to attend the game, courtesy of the Yankees: 11:00 a.m.: Gates open to ticket holders 12:30 to 1:15 p.m.: Derek Jeter Day ceremonies (featuring Joe Torre, Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neill, Hideki Matsui and others) 1:28 p.m.: Umpires and managers to home plate 1:31 p.m.: Yankees take the field; national anthem is played 1:35 p.m.: First pitch
I was raised not to speak ill about the dead & have exercised caution. RIP Bernie Mac,... Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.
“Yall think kevin hart is funny and Katt Williams ? Yall *** Dave Chappell and Bernie Mac!!
Bernie Mac 1,000,000 times funier than Robin Williams.stop gassing celebrities when they die. Its corny.
Can u imagine how funny it must be wherever the great comedians ended up after they died? Robin Williams, Bernie...
Reminds me when Bernie Williams and David Justice went back to back to win the game against the Oakland Athletics in 2000.
No disrespect to Robin Williams but uh Bernie Mac is the King of Comedy...
The only 2 celebrity deaths that affected me were Bernie Mac's, and Robin Williams
Bernie & OReilly have no idea why Brian Williams would want to prop up Obama?
reminds me of Bernie Williams with all tht speed but no base stealing instincts
i thought Bernie Mac was the "King of Comedy" now it's Robin Williams... you don't get respect until u die, I swear 💯
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Furballs are grooving to: Bernie Williams - Ritmo De Otoño on Smooth Jazz Florida The Smoothest Jazz on the Planet!
“Bernie Williams performs in the on 9/20! we should bring Bernie to see Bernie
Bernie Mack was funnier then robin Williams. Just saying
I mean..Robin Williams did bring us Mrs. Doubtfire...but Bernie Mac brought us the Bernie Mac Show...
Robin Williams wasnt the King of Comedy... Bernie Max was better than him..and he didnt off
All but one of my comic heroes are dead - Bernie Mac, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers. Hang on, Mr. Cosby. Hang on.
Still can't believe Bernie Mac or Robin Williams died man 😔
Enjoyed this Sir Frank Williams interview: "Bernie [has] a double degree in everything except going to university".
And So It Goes by Bernie Williams. Apparently the Yankee great is a fan of He's not alone...
Call me weird hut I never saw Jetter as a Yankee, since Poul Oneil and Bernie Williams, there has been no Yankees. Who am I tough?
I do know that much. That's y I voted for Perot, Nader, and would vote Bernie Williams from Vermont.
nah there's also Bernie Williams Day and Old Timers' Day. 3 sellouts.
There was a woman with a Bernie Williams shirt on my train home and I came like this close to proposing
Do you think they will retire Bernie Williams number?
Ellsbury doing his Bernie Williams impression with losing his helmet while running
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One of my favorite players growing up, Bernie Williams came in to show love to everyone in the suite.…
Jeter, who made me fall in love with baseball and the Yankees. Bernie Williams a close second, and then Ted and Jackie
Brett Gardner is the worst base runner. He's like Bernie Williams!!
Impressed Garrett Montgomery worked Bernie's lifetime avg into his review of the Peekskill show, ever so subtley
At least we have Bernie Williams Day next year to look forward to. They'll retire his number
"Wheah have you gawn, Bernie Williams?" - Francesa Lol
"Where have you gone, Bernie Williams?" - Mike Francesa
Former Yankee, Bernie Williams will attend the Foundation Recognition Gala. http:/…
I just want Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams and Hideki Matsui back
Yogi Berra, Bernie Williams, Hideki Matsui, Paul O'Neill, and Andy Pettitte. What a day to be at Yankee Stadium.
The Yankees don't have any "heart" guys anymore, like Paul O'Neill, Tino Martinez, Jim Leyritz, or Bernie Williams.
Link to our interview with former Expos GM Kevin Malone where he admits he was close to Walker/Bernie Williams trade.
MLB-flavored Seinfeld on TBS -- when Costanza wants to deal Jim Leyritz and Bernie Williams for Barry Bonds
Bernie Williams could have been swinging his guitar and would have had the same chance at contact.
The got Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada and two guys named Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter for sucking for a while. It's not all bad.
Derek Jeter just passed my all time favorite player Bernie Williams in walks 1,070
Minor milestone: Derek Jeter passes Bernie Williams for 4th on the franchise walks list with 1,070.
Even as a mets fan watching Yankee old timer day is great cause I love Tino, John Flaherty and Bernie Williams
I don't get it, how do the Yankees have Johnny Damon in their old timers game but not Bernie Williams?
Wish i was there for Would be nice to see Damon, Matsui, & Bernie Williams
I miss the Yankee squad that had Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams, Gary Sheffield, Randy Johnson, Jason Giambi, and Jorge Posada
So its taken awhile, but my stomach just sank and nerves and excitement just kicked in...tomorrow is my first big, out of state Jeep event. Last minute packing and cleaning of the Jeep has commenced, We will be leaving around 10AM to Ocean City New Jersey Jeep Invasion. Prayers for safe traveling would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to everyone who's supported me through all of this, but I wouldn't be here without my mom and dad! Love you guys! Thank you!!! Best sponsors ever lol 😘 Annie Williams and Bernie Williams
Yankee great and Latin Grammy Award winner Bernie Williams joins me today at 5pm EST.
June 15th! Yankee great center fielder Bernie Williams will be performing at the Landmark Theater! Tickets have been going fast and can be purchased at Peace.
The legendary New York Yankees star turned jazz artist Bernie Williams Official visited my office yesterday on behalf of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) advocating for access to music education for ALL children. It is proven that children who have access to music education stay in school, are more successful in school, and are more likely to graduate. So we have to support a well-rounded education for all of our children, and I'm happy to see people like Bernie Williams and the NAMM advocating for such a great cause.
For the second year in a row, the San Francisco Giants honored their hometown heroes with a “Metallica Night.” James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett played the national anthem, and Hetfield announced the starting lineups. Each of the 41,819 fans in attendance at AT&T Park received an inflatable guitar –modeled on Hetfield’s signature ESP Snakebyte and featuring the Giants’ and Metallica’s logos — and a set of guitar picks with drawings of the band members on one side and Giants stars Buster Posey, Sergio Romo, Hunter Pence and Tim Lincecum on the other. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Bay Area chapter of Little Kids Rock. The organization provides instruments and music classes to children in under-served communities across the country, and features such luminaries as Bonnie Raitt, Steven van Zandt, Gene Simmons and New York Yankees legend Bernie Williams on its Honorary Board of Directors.
Still pumped following yesterday's Preakness Stakes? California Chrome's Triple Crown bid isn't the only reason to make plans to come to the Belmont Stakes! LL Cool J, Frank Sinatra, Jr., New York Yankees great Bernie Williams, West Point - The U.S. Military Academy, WICKED The Musical, and the best card in racing. It's New York's biggest day and California's biggest star.
A young man, a great person, a tremendous athlete and baseball player, Kelly Williams, died today. I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I had the privilege of coaching him, along with his twin brother Kyle, with the Bonnies junior 17-18 year old team, back in the early 2000's. Kelly was so natural as a player, and so easy going and kind as a person. He reminded me of Bernie Williams in demeanor. He was a pro prospect from the moment I laid eyes on him. He could do it all. Kelly was so cool. He never had a frown on his face. He was everybody's friend. I admired him for his grace, both on and off the field. Arty and Betty, you raised two wonderful boys. Kyle has all of those attributes as well. Kelly, you will be missed. Your poise in living, your style and easy flair, and your goodness and kind soul, may rest in peace. -Coach Paller
Just some of the Items we at Helping Humans will be donating - 1981 NY Mets team signed baseball -25 Signatures including Joe Torre, 1991 NY Yankees team signed baseball - 26 Signatures including Bernie Williams rookie,& Don Mattingly), Bobby Hull B&W signed Photo, Darryl Strawberry signed baseball.
Been to 1 Yankee game my whole life & Bernie Williams had a walk off hr 😎
Bernie Williams formerly of the NY taking the stage tonight at
I added a video to a playlist Cheap MLB Jerseys NY Yankees 51 Bernie Williams Jersey Blue 2014 new
My dad just mixed up Robin Williams and Bernie Mac
Bernie Williams was the MLBs version of Tim Duncan
Bristolls tryna get laid in a Bernie Williams tshirt jersey
Bernie Williams once took a meeting with the Red Sox..admitted later on NO INTEREST! Just needed to get Yankees serious again. Poor Jets fans
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