Bernie Sanders & Constitutional Amendment

Bernard Bernie Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is the junior United States Senator from Vermont. He previously represented Vermont's at-large district in the United States House of Representatives. A constitutional amendment is a formal change to the text of the written constitution of a nation or state. 0.7/5

Bernie Sanders Constitutional Amendment Citizens United Supreme Court

Sen. Bernie Sanders: "My hope is to make Vermont a model for what a progressive grass-roots campaign can be." "Please donate today to support our progressive grass-roots campaign! Let me say a word about the national campaign. In the midst of all of the campaign hoopla, media superficiality, negativity and downright lies, it’s important for progressives not to forget what this election is all about. Today we are confronted with a Republican Party which, in the last few years, has become a right-wing extremist party. This is a party which, as a result of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, is significantly financed by a small number of extremely wealthy individuals. Billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson have pledged to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat President Obama -- and Senate and House candidates throughout the country who are fighting to protect middle-class and working families. These billionaires own coal companies, oil companies, gambling casi ...
Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court decision in a case called Citizens United vs. FEC.  
The democratic foundations of our country are now facing the most severe attacks. Bernie Sanders, RSN
Among his many achievements, Bernie Sanders has authored the only proposed constitutional amendment that might actually work.
Join with Bernie Sanders in calling for a constitutional amendment of CU! at
via Petition by Bernie Sanders for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United!
Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed a constitutional amendment today that would overturn Citizens United and make it clear that corporations are not people.
Please help Bernie Sanders efforts to get a constitutional amendment prohibiting corporations from spending corporate money in all elections.
Bernie Sanders offers constitutional amendment to strip corporations of First A...
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