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Bernie Sanders

Bernard Bernie Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is the junior United States Senator from Vermont. He previously represented Vermont's at-large district in the United States House of Representatives.

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Bernie Sanders on Wallaper and the resistance: 'Despair is absolutely not an option' | US news | The Guardian
Note: In Wisconsin, Hillary overperformed Russ Feingold who ran for Senate on Bernie Sanders' economic platform.
Bernie Sanders hates rich people, yet has 3 homes. It's almost like he's got self-hating internalized capitalismphobia.…
Bernie Sanders calls new health care bill “a tax break for the top 2 percent”
-why Bernie Sanders all the time? He isn't the leader of the Democrat Party -so I don't get it.
Bernie Sanders turned in his U.S. Senate March Madness Bracket today. All 68 teams made the Final Four.
Watch Alex Jones do impressions of Bernie Sanders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rachel Maddow
Bernie Sanders would have been nice. Elizabeth Warren would make a righteous leader. Luis Gutierrez is another.
Dude. I'm drunk at 2:47 and Brian and I just realized something. Donald Trump is Pantera and Bernie Sanders is Earth Crisis.
Opinion: President Trump "is on the brink of making a bad deal," Bernie Sanders writes
Chelsea Clinton offers high praise for Bernie Sanders
“Your new West Virginia Democrat is going to be aligned with a Bernie Sanders type, and not a Joe Manchin type.”
'Trump lies all the time': Bernie Sanders indicts president's assault on democracy.
I don't wanna hear this from Bernie Sanders because he's a Zionist.
"In moments of crisis ... people have stood up & fought back. So despair is absolutely not an…
we're not alienating anyone. But Bernie Sanders has to GO
Inside look into Bernie Sanders' economics research process
Oh look, going to take Bernie Sanders to kiss some racist *** by telling them that Democrats didn't kiss t…
The old man from the e harmony commercial looks like Bernie sanders
I absolutely cannot stand Bernie Sanders, he is in no way shape or form fit enough to run a country.
Bernie Sanders is popular and Democrats are hated. Bernie would've won.
The Guardian view on a voice worth hearing | Editorial
Bernie uses the Zika story line to make a point on the ridiculousness of drug prices
From President Trump should avoid a bad deal for Americans on a Zika vaccine.
Bernie Sanders, closed-door meeting with the Native American community, 3/9/2017:
Bernie Sanders just issued a scathing takedown of everyone who won’t call Trump a liar
Sanders: Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal can u believe healthcare is so complex? Bernie gets it!! https:…
I liked a video Campaign Calls on Bernie Sanders to Lead a New Party
The Guardian view on Bernie Sanders: a voice worth hearing - the guardian
Bernie Sanders on the resistance movement in Trump's America – video
.Bernie Sanders will be in McDowell Cty, Welch at Mt. View High School at 2:30 pm this Sunday.
Bernie Sanders has shown to be willing and able to listen to people this is a valuable asset whether or not he…
"He lies in order to undermine the foundations of American democracy.” . .
Bernie Sanders can talk smack about the Democratic Party but don't you dare say anything about Saint Bernard.
Bernie Sanders on Trump and the resistance: 'Despair is not an option'.
.has a plan to win back Trump voters - Dems have shown “enormous neglect":
"[Sanders] is clear that Democrats should become a bottom-up party again." Help build it at http…
Bernie Sanders: "How can anyone not conclude that the Democratic agenda and approach has been a failure?”
.having a little fun with my favorite thing: charts and props. (Also happened to Bernie Sanders).
Bernie Sanders has a plan to win back Trump voters
John F Kennedy and Bernie Sanders both called for breaking up the CIA
Excellent stuff from Bernie - fighting for health care and against monopolies
Bernie Sanders at the March on Mississippi, 3/4/2017: Sanders delivers a 9-minute speech in Canton, MS
Bernie Sanders has to get back to the year 1237 to save Marty.
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders should put their heads together and figure out a way to give everyone free...
Lessons for Australia's centre-left & the Hansonistas? 'Bernie Sanders has a plan to win back Trump voters'
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Bernie Sanders & Brian Schatz behind new bill to eliminate tax breaks that they say encourages corporations to shif…
Bernie Sanders: Remove free healthcare for politicians and their families - Sign the Petition! via
Bernie Sanders is calling out The Fix which automatically makes him the best politician in America
Video of Bernie Sanders being confronted by Black man for being Zionist Jew Taken down.
if Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Manning & George W Bush were drowning, how long would you hesitate before saving B…
Stop promoting Bernie Sanders on Weekend Update. Sanders lost by MILLIONS OF VOTES TO Hillary Clinton. And she beat Trump by 3M.
Bernie Sanders' THIRD home... well, sort of:.
Islamic Terrorists & Democrats stand UNITED!. Muslim Juan Thompson is a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter but, in 2003 he loved Hil…
Juan Thompson was a Bernie Sanders supporter. When will Bernie disavow?
Can we make Bernie Sanders the Speaker of the House? That might be the fastest way for him to become President.
Donald Trump didn't talk about one major issue during his speech — and Bernie Sanders is calling him out.
I liked a YouTube video from tytnation Watch: Bernie Sanders laughs at Trump for just realizing that
Sen. Bernie Sanders mocks President Trump saying nobody knew health care is "so complicated"
Tonight we saw how it lasts. He'll be president of war. Bernie Sanders applauds, Van Jones fawns. In a year criticism will…
Bernie Sanders: I'm very nervous that this President is "trying to divide us up by going after undocumented people"
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Tr**p speech criticised by Bernie Sanders for 'stirring up fear and hatred' | The Independent
We need to realize that we are all going 2 have 2 donate money Bernie Sanders style . $1,2,5,10,20 what ev…
*** FREEZES OVER: Bernie Sanders standing up and applauding Trump speech line. . It was on paid family leave.
Watch Bernie Sanders bust out laughing at Trump’s daft claim that ‘nobody knew health care’ is complicated
Can we just make sure that Bernie Sanders is always the designated survivor?
So... all the military guys are sitting with Bernie Sanders and not applauding. Hmm.
only our party is allowed to stir up hate and fear, stop trying to act like us. -Bernie Sanders
Senator Joe Manchin (D) openly invites Bernie Sanders backers to challenge him in the primary. They should!
Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye talked about how fighting climate change can bring jobs to America
but you know who didn't succumb to that delusion? Bernie sanders himself
Face of the Day: Bernie Sanders hearing Trump say "no one knew" health care is complicated. ht…
Why is it so hard to believe the Democrats aren't fighting dirty against Trump? Didn't Dems smear Bernie Sanders and Keit…
Dems don't get it yet. Bernie Sanders movement will be costly to the party. Disruption!
Democratic Party's war over Israel is far from over
I like it best when John McCain and Bernie Sanders are up in the balcony yelling at the other muppets.
Yo uncle got jumped at a Bernie Sanders rally...
Corporate Democrats are appeasing millionaire donors. Justice Democrats are building a party of the people. .
Former KY Gov. Steve Beshear is 72. Young feel insulted because Dems chose on "old man" to respond to Trump. Bernie S…
Bernie Sanders rips Trump’s speech: He’ll gut Obamacare and give the money to his ‘billionaire friends’
I can't imagine how riveting Bernie Sanders' address to Congress would have been 🙄
President Trump: "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated". Bernie Sanders: ROTFL!
Bernie Sanders just tore Donald Trump's speech apart
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is actually Anderson Cooper without makeup.
Bernie Sanders on Trump's newfound discovery that health care is "so complicated": LOL.
Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye (the science guy) Join Forces to Send a Message to Donald Trump via
"Bill Nye was the reason I fell in love with science, Bernie Sanders is why I fell in love with politics. - Beth Hughes
Bernie Sanders calls for 'total transformation' of Democratic Party
Progressive vision "is the future of America," Bernie Sanders tells Kansas Democrats:
Hillary Clinton pulled a Ralph Nader and instead of Bernie Sanders as President of the United States, we got Trump, the…
Democrats will now do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to cheat Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner in 2020. Neocons and…
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Bernie Sanders would be the best president we've ever had since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
This is very smart to start harping on this message now by the GOP. How effective will it be? Unsure, but this...
My point too! It happens all the time!!! Doesn't mean you call the law itself FRAUD like Bernie Sanders did!
We've spent 15 minutes talking about Bernie Sanders. He's still not a Democrat.
Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump administration is ‘totalitarian'
How Bernie Sanders avoided disclosing his personal finances via FACTS for the PURISTS
Sierra Blanca activists drove from TX to meet with Sanders, he refused to listen to them, when they engaged he fled.
Bernie Sanders tells Republican opponents to have the guts to face their constituents..
Not childish when there is truth to it. Their coverage of the democrat primaries was very slanted against Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders is now far more popular at CPAC than George Will. . .
DNC unpopular opinion but here it is: Hillary Clinton should not run again, but neither should Bernie Sanders.
"I like Bernie" - Donald Trump says Bernie Sanders was right about trade
Sen. Bernie Sanders: Town hall protests are just the beginning
I *was* a Bernie Sanders supporter until the economic side of things didn't quite add up but I still am a a veiwer of your conten
If you can't face your constituents at a town hall meeting, get out of Congress. Senator Bernie San…
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Bernie Sanders is not helping Trump. The Democrats are helping Trump by refusing to take Bernie's agenda seriously. https:…
is a washed up anti-Bernie Sanders big pharma boy. is the way to go. Thank you
Let's hope this outrage translates into waking papers come election day.
Former Bernie Sanders staffers trying a new approach to politics: Listening instead of lecturing. via https:/…
The DNC made me choose between Trump and Clinton. I will probably never forgive them for that. I still love Bernie Sander…
Thread. Here's a list of times Bernie Sanders didn't have the guts to face his constituents.
Would Bernie Sanders have won without superdelegates, as says? Nope.
I liked a video from The Truth About Bernie Sanders
Bernie sanders and God have the same voice in my head
Used to think this, but mobbing of him was unplanned, instant, and w/ ppl letting guard down in lusting after him.
Bernie Sanders Shilling of Russia Fairytale is Shameful Protectionism of... via
Have you read this yet? I think it's more or less a bible for whenever this topic comes up
Congratulations, Middle America, you elected the evil Bernie Sanders.
. for a follower of Jesus sure has a potty mouth. now he seems focused…
These Bernie Sanders supporters have a novel approach to America's political problems: Listening to people
i would let them all disappear and hire Bernie Sanders and/or somebody not triggered by USD alone. rgds from westeurope
Trump and the Republicans are clearly threatened by Bernie Sanders. They keep bringing him up.
A year ago today, predicted a Trump victory unless Bernie was nominated. The evidence was there.
Sanders: GOP lawmakers dodging town hall events "shouldn't be in the United States Congress"
Betsy DeVos at CPAC: "Perhaps I’m the first person to tell Bernie Sanders to his face that there’s no such thing as a free lu…
How conservatives want to break Bernie Sanders’s spell over young Americans - Vox
"Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles — you have to take this message to your children, nieces, nephews"
Bernie Sanders: "If you don’t have the guts to face your constituents, then you shouldn’t be" in Congress
*** Ben Shapiro gives Bernie Sanders a lesson on fascism, and it ain’t pretty
Your wasting your time in the Democratic Party my brother. They will do to you what they did to Bernie Sanders.
I hope history books 30 years from now show the impact that Bernie Sanders had on the Democratic Party
Keith Ellison is Bernie Sanders. Tom Perez is Hillary Clinton. Pete Buttigieg is Martin O'Malley. Where is the lie? .
Jews Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Diane Feinstein are too busy defending terrorist Muslim refugees & don't ha…
Voted for Bernie Sanders then Jill Stein. Looking back would I have wanted Hillary to become president instead. . Answer: He…
Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles: 'We can defeat Trump and Trumpism'
Bernie Sanders in Los Angeles: 'We are looking at a totally new political world'
For how long the has been in office, one of the few with true integrity
I originally thought Corbyn might be some kind of Bernie Sanders figure. But he's just a lazy backbencher who never left the…
I liked a video from These Progressives Can DEFEAT Trump in 2020 (Bernie Sanders, you know what cannibalism is? And FYI, Bernie Sanders is all about Civil Rights...hence why he marched with MLK
You can tell how serious Bernie sanders is on an issue by looking how high he raises his arms while speaking
Better than Traitor Bernie Sanders selling us out to Trump and Vladimir Putin!!!
I interviewed Bernie Sanders tonight in front of a big, revved up crowd of his fans in downtown LA. The guy is a f…
Bernie Sanders thanks his California supporters and says Donald Trump has a 'mandate for nothing' - Los Angeles
how do you go through an entire interview with without mentioning Bernie Sanders? Enjoyed it nonetheless.
Look I'm tried if your wining if someone does not Agree with you! Your just Like Bernie Sanders you break when disagreed.
Bernie Sanders just compared Trump to a dictator
I want to hit Crazy Bernie Sanders allies coming over to me because I'm lowering taxes, while he will double & triple them, a disaster!
Doesn't "Bernie Sanders" sound like an alcoholic drink? . "I'll take a Bernie Sanders on the rocks".
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Then move Oh, that would be difficult now, with your pay for play beachfront digs & other two homes…
This dude saw him at el mercadito too, bernie sanders mad ethnic dawg
“Trump thinks people should ignore all news except what comes directly from him. That's what totalitarianism is all about.…
Spot on article by Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks on the prospects for
Bernie Sanders has always been part of the equation, Ed Shultz works for Russia controlled Media, Bernie was promoted often…
NBA star Kyrie Irving thinks the Earth is flat. Honestly, I prefer that level of skepticism to thinking Bernie Sanders has solutions.
Michael Moore. Bill Maher. Bernie Sanders. John McCain. Jill Stein. A good chunk of the left is just throwing darts at the how-to-lose board.
You know CNN is dead when Nicolas Maduro and Bernie Sanders accuse the network of spreading fake news, tyrannical cannib…
Jeffrey D. Sachs. Foreword by Bernie Sanders: Building the New American Economy - Smart, Fair, and Sustainable
Kids, once upon a time, it was unthinkable that Jeffrey Sachs would ask Bernie Sanders to contribute to his book.
aye there have been a few others missed out too; Dusty Springfield, Ronnie Spector and Bernie Sanders
I once told a Spart that the Bernie Sanders campaign lasted more than four times longer than the Paris Commune.
ICYMI: Joy Villa, that pro-Trump troll, is a hardcore Scientologist who backed Bernie Sanders:
Strong, crisp statement -- really, listen to it! -- by traditional national security hawk, Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders is Woodrow Wilson and King George III rolled into one. > KGIII was a tyrant. > WW was daft.
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Bernie Sanders calls for investigation into Trump team's Russia ties
It's possible Rahm Emmanuel & Bernie Sanders could BOTH be right about reinventing the Democratic Party:
Bernie Sanders' planned town hall in poorest county in West Virginia strangely canceled by officials' actions
Untrue. Sanders was *criticizing Trump* for calling CNN "fake news." You can see for yourself, all 11 minutes, here: http…
Bernie Sanders is my Valentine this year TBH.
(TECHNICALLY that wasn't me doing "liberal ranting". That was me RTing Bernie Sanders, so I'm still good, everyone.)
Why does Bernie Sanders always look like he needs a laxative?
.Protests on left aren't like the tea party
No, CNN didn't cut off Bernie Sanders for saying "fake news" CNN picked up the interview after fixi…
Can Bernie Sanders' secret weapon save the Democrats?
‘False’: CNN smacks down pig claim they cut off Bernie Sanders for calling them ‘fake news’
Donald Trump should keep Bernie Sanders name out of his mouth. He may rue the day in 2020.
This is fake news by the Orange man-baby:
What is the President doing meeting with such a pro-Muslim, BS ally as PM Trudeau? Trudeau is to t…
Bernie Sanders literally hates you and called you delusional ... stop trying to sit with him at the lunch table
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Bernie Sanders jokingly calls CNN fake news. The backstage producer freaks out, cuts off his microphone. Wow!
Remember that Sen. Bernie Sanders is still working for the people...
: Looks LIKE MSM and DemPty still afraid of Public support for Bernie Sanders=he is the leader the PPL look to…
Just so y'all are clear on why I am annoyed?. The pulled a Bernie Sanders/Jill Stein move.
Bernie Sanders was called a racist on just like while CNN was colluding with Did you forget…
Bernie Sanders to Charleston crowd: ‘stand up and fight’ via
Bernie Sanders called it “laughable” and President Obama promised to veto it. This time, it’s not a joke.
“If anyone in government thinks that I will be intimidated ...they are dead wrong,” - https:/…
Yes you are so right Sen.Bernie Sanders.And trump is trying to make America a dictator country also.
I think it's March 27, per Bernie Sanders.on today's Meet the Press.
MSNBC/Bernie Sanders say they were forced to cancel town hall in WV after National Guard reneged on use of armory
President Trump just told a massive lie about Bernie Sanders
While on FAKE NEWS Bernie Sanders was cut off for using the term fake news to describe the network. They said te…
Bernie Sanders is our Harry, fighting injustice with truth and sick burns.
If it wasn't for Bernie Sanders voting against the Progressive Lion Ted Kennedy Immigration reform bill, we would've had re…
Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren r solution. Cedars Sinai & Kindred Hospital-should be out of business.Killing people not curing them
Bernie Sanders can follow in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Van Buren. Both men became president a...
Rumored new White House press secretary Carl Higbie compared Bernie Sanders to Hitler. Sanders' ancestors were killed i…
Your buddies Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Assange "enabled" the Trump presidency, but have fun attacking u…
What you need to know about Obamacare before you watch CNN's town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Ted Cruz
I enjoyed how Debra Wasserman Shultz made a fool out of Bernie Sanders
So Cornel West picked by Bernie Sanders to dictate RULES to then CW endorses Green Party & Bernie stays an Indep…
Bernie Sanders sits down with Cornel West and Killer Mike to...
The Dan Rivers Show for Thursday February 9, 2016 - Listen to Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders debate Obama...
What if both Rahm Emanuel and Bernie Sanders are right about what ails the Democrats?
Bernie Sanders & Ted Cruz debate tonight on Who asked for this?
Bernie Sanders going against Ted Cruz on Obamacare is like Muhammad Ali going in the ring against a George Foreman Grill.
Not only Bernie Sanders also t rest of t Dem party. Enough of 8 yrs of identity unAmerican politics AM 1st MAGA
Can Bernie Sanders' secret weapon save the Democrats? via
Bernie Sanders to aides this morning:. "Next time I want to challenge a Harvard debate champ, remind me about last night"
If you think the same people who run the DMV should run your healthcare you probably think Bernie Sanders won this deba…
Bernie Sanders, in desperate bid for McConnell censure, will read complimentary letter about himself from Fidel Castro on Sen…
Bernie Sanders raised $20 million in donations from corporate America as a Senator
🇺🇸Left lives in Dystopian world of Corrupt Politicians who never had a job & prefer words over deeds🚩.
Bears repeating because the damage is ongoing: The Hillary hate Bernie Sanders CONSCIOUSLY UNLEASHED continues to fester.
Bernie Sanders v. Ted Cruz was extremely good.
Sen Bernie Sanders I-VT has just read the same Coretta Scott King quote that drew a Rule XIX rebuke to Warren
I've got a fever, Bernie Sanders, and the prescription is not more cowbell!
The MSM is out in full force with deceptive headlines on Warren breaking rules. But pretty silent on Bernie Sanders ObamaC…
19. His fellating acolytes following suit, and he never once condemned them, but hey…he “listens to us”:
This video shows the full Obamacare debate between Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.
And you Bernie Sanders was going to move us in an American and un-authoritarian direction, sore loser, too bad you…
Bernie Sanders received 309K from pharmaceutical companies, 18K from the NRA
Watching Bernie Sanders Talk makes me sad that this isn't the man who is the face of our nation. RET…
Supporting Bernie of the strongest advocates AGAINST the GOP😂Do you have something against the left-right?
domain names
13. Hard to defend the "similar positions" bit when he couldn't defend his position w/ a plan. Internet never forgets. https:…
My goal this year is to shake Bernie sanders delicate hand, release my mixtape, make a slick video and get a fire job let…
US Jewish group slams Bernie Sanders for misstatements on 2014...
📷 3 big takeaways from Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz’s CNN debate Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders held no...
Even if Trump stops the drugs from Mexico.Bernie Sanders admitted smuggling a bus load of old people to Canada to get drugs.
Farmaajo is like the Bernie sanders of Somalia except he beat the establishment 🇸🇴 May Allah be with him.
Sen. Bernie Sanders reads full Coretta Scott King letter on Senate floor that Sen. Warren was silenced while reading
I added a video to a playlist Ted Cruz vs Bernie Sanders Debate the Future of Obamacare - 2/7/17 -
Bernie Sanders condemns Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not allowing Elizabeth Warren to read Coretta Scott Kin…
Sanders to Cruz: Health care access "doesn't mean a *** thing" if you can't afford it
Ted Cruz is making Bernie Sanders look like a fool. . Go Ted!
Have you noticed how many times Dana Bash interrupts Ted Cruz but never Bernie Sanders? It's just like a Presidential debate.
Just woke up and Bernie Sanders is debating Ted Cruz. Thank God, it's only September. I had the worst dream about the…
Senator Ted Cruz is destroying the Democrats and Obama. Bernie Sanders completely out of touch with reality.
Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan is financially impossible, and Ted Cruz proved that tonight beyond a shadow of a doubt!…
Bernie Sanders debating Ted Cruz on healthcare is like Neil deGrasse Tyson debating Sarah Palin over quantum physics.
Ted Cruz sprinkling those facts over Bernie Sanders. .
if you are sure CNN already gave the questions to Bernie Sanders, but Ted Cruz will still win. .
I just finished watching the CNN hosted debate on the Affordable care act between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.
Ted Cruz came prepared with facts and stats. Bernie Sanders spews the same 3 lines.. .
Bernie Sanders said we need more doctors in the US. Well, with Betsy DeVos as Secretary Of won't happen.…
Bernie Sanders be like "Capitalism is Evil" but buys a $172k sports car with his gullible donors' money smh 😏
Hear that Bernie Sanders; Jill Stein, Greg Johnson and any others who want us to carry more than our share!
Hope you catch Ted Cruz debating Bernie Sanders on ACA 9pm EST on CNN tonight
Forreal tho why didn't we elect Bernie Sanders he's obviously the best candidate from both parties
Along with Larry David as Bernie Sanders, this is the most effective impersonation in many years.
Greg, your too funny. Bernie Sanders even Cleveland deserves a Lombardi Trophy
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Oh. My. God. Better than Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Better than hot cocoa in December.
📷 cumdealer: reaperkid: The year is 1995, congress member Bernie Sanders stands in opposition of a...
Hillary Clinton's answering machine won't even accept messages from Bernie Sanders now.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Leaked video reveals Bernie Sanders in long-term affair with Ted Kaczynski
club penguin wouldn't be shutting down if we had just voted for Bernie Sanders
This makes Shia Lebouf our Harry Potter, Bernie Sanders our Dumbledore, Elizabeth Warren is McGonagall. Mike Pence is clearly Lucius Malfoy.
You may be correct.Bernie Sanders was a formidable candidate but the dems stacked the deck. The primary was illegitimate
Al Franken is the next Bernie Sanders but with better hair and more years left to torture the GOP.
CNN to Host Debate Night with Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on Feb. 7
Imagine willingly listening to Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz arguing for an hour when the outcome of the debate is of zero…
Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz to debate Obamacare in CNN televised event
The national stage will have funded her the American political interests that “doesn’t pander.” In 2016, Bernie Sanders will
Remember when Joy Reid and Joan Walsh were absolutely bashing Bernie Sanders for making nearly the same suggestion?
Bernie Sanders should stick to what he's doing and let Bill Nye The Science Guy debate Ted Cruz
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., center, speaks with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, left, and ...
Sometimes I just think about Bernie Sanders and cry
and e can the kids Bernie Sanders for their rhetoric DT used it too
Bernie Sanders' message to Trump just now in front of the Supreme Court: "Your ban contradicts everything that this coun…
"So we say to President Trump: Rescind that ban!". —Sen. Bernie Sanders
Schmuck Schumer,John McCain,Patrick Leahy,Bernie Sanders,Lindsey Graham all prove why we need
all i got -> Bernie Sanders says he'll return to the Senate as an Independent, not a Dem: 'I was elected as an Ind.'
BRAVO! BIEN FAIT MON PEUPLE! He is the Bernie Sanders of FR! I want him as France's next president!.
Hey maybe this has something to do with less black people voting for Hilary Clinton.
Bernie sanders is at Pauls valley Arbys rn
i'm a working class but i don't support Trump.. Bernie Sanders for life!
Everytime I see Bernie Sanders going all out against Trump I just keep looking at the one who got away. How is this guy not our president. 😕
The same Democrats telling people to unite against Trump will DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO UNDERMINE BERNIE SANDERS AND T…
Bernie Sanders forgets that Americans as private moral individuals are rife with the virtue of compassion
Bernie Sanders avoids streets with walls, just to be safe
You don't know that woman was a part of Cornell West and Bernie Sanders team, ha, she wasn't a private citizens act…
Can we get someone to protect Bernie Sanders and Ruth Bader Ginsburg? I'll be heartbroken if anything happens to them in the next 4 years
Jean-Luc Mélenchon is France's Bernie Sanders. Hamon is just one of the last card in the game of his party.
We did vote for the only person who could have beat Trump. His name is Bernie Sanders.
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Yes, Mike "Cowboy Watts" Pence is not my number one replacement. In an ideal world it would be Bernie Sanders
If same amount of people, women's marches, immigrant protests, protested DNC cheating Bernie Sanders - you wouldn't have Trump as President.
Bernie Sanders out here taking shots on the TL at people daily
Let me be crystal clear, any so-called liberal who votes to confirm Jeff KKK Sessions gets primaries. Yes, that means you,…
Antisemitic white nationalist Steve Bannon is like Bernie Sanders, whose family were killed in the Holocaust
The Bernie Sanders version was dull and easy to break, this is a Big League upgrade
WHAT ? No No No, he is NOT the Bernie Sanders of France, that's complete non-sense !
*** that was good but the democrats aren't gonna listen. Bernie Sanders is a bit outmatched
That's why Bernie sanders in his 34 years of being a government official didn't hire not one black person until 2015, stop…
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