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Bernie Sanders

Bernard Bernie Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is the junior United States Senator from Vermont. He previously represented Vermont's at-large district in the United States House of Representatives.

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Bernie Sanders: National Democrats should have done more to help Thompson campaign in Kansas.
Actually the Democratic Party has a very deep and exciting bench. The problem is that Bernie Sanders is sucking the oxygen…
Bernie Sanders' 1979 documentary on Eugene Debs & US Bernie have you forg…
NEW POLL: Bernie Sanders is the country’s most popular active politician
Bernie Sanders just launched a new national campaign
"the American people are sick and tired about hearing about your *** tax returns" - Bernie Sanders, if he wer…
Bernie Sanders and DNC chair Perez to begin cross-country tour in Maine - Portland Press Herald
People are already comparing to Bernie Sanders! Hope he wins and then keeps his promise! Rootin…
Bernie Sanders gets the scoop from Ben & Jerry’s employees
Hardly! Her and Her Supporters are why we have President Donald J Trump instead…
Hey and guess how you're not getting my money? By shoving Bernie Sanders down my throat…
someone should mod metal gear rising to replace senator Armstrong with Bernie Sanders
Ben & Jerry's unveils new Bernie Sanders ice cream. Can be left out in the cold at any party.
this is how Bernie sanders can still win:
reminder: days after election Bernie Sanders said he wanted to work w/ Trump;
Anonymous - Google manipulating Hillary Clinton to Concede the Democratic Nomination to Bernie Sanders.
Sanders wants to use violence, disrupt govt. During campaign he said, "Don't blame us for violence. .
America's coolest senator is Berning up the internet airwaves with a self-titled talk show.
FUN FACT: Trump paid a higher tax rate than Obama, Comcast and Bernie Sanders. .
Disagree. The most embarrassing thing was cheating Bernie Sanders. Trump is payback to all the self centered SOBs that f…
This is how each Bernie Sanders die-hards ended up with a saintly conscience and President Trump. Ne faites pas l *** …
Must-listen: Hero explains big money as root of political polarization.
"U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is not the independent left politician many progressives claim he is." cc
I hope Bernie Sanders had a good day
For the guys who INSIST that Sanders conceded on this date, post-primary. No. He. Did. Not. .
Can't tell if Bernie Sanders is helping Tom Perez and DNC's Credibility or if Tom Perez and DNC are hurting Bernie San…
me, leaving corner store: "Ah, stoked to enjoy this Ben & Jerry's!". *opens lid, Bernie Sanders pops out *. "POWERFUL SPECIAL…
Kristi Turnquist with David Guintoli, Sasha Roiz and Sasha's dog "Bernie the Poo" named for Bernie Sanders.
.will be in Maine, Utah and Kentucky next week! . Thank you, Bernie, for connecting w/working people. htt…
The cool thing about the tax march is that it could also be an event about Bernie Sanders and you wouldn't have to chang…
Liberals are demanding Trump release his taxes but forgot to mention he paid a higher tax rate than Bernie Sanders, Obama & B…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
One year ago today, Bernie Sanders spoke at the Vatican about 'The Urgency of a Moral Economy.' Here's what he said:.
The Dem. party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates.This is why we need a new Party
Bernie Sanders' brother Larry to run for David Cameron's seat in Witney
right wingers: George Soros is Karl Marx is Joseph Stalin is Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders: "These are hard working folks, who feel let down, frankly, by the Democratic Party establishment and ba…
Democrat Party 2020 presidential candidates:. Northrop-Grumman logo in Bernie Sanders font. The very first all female SEAL team. George Takei
April 21 date set for Sen. Bernie Sanders rally in Utah - Deseret News
Without would Democrats know how Bernie Sanders was cheated out of nomination by 🤥
The Democratic Party is undermining Bernie Sanders-style candidates
Bernie Sanders: Trump will be a one-term president
Pundits In A Bar 8 - Starts A Bar Fight with Trump & hits Bernie Sanders by accident in sketch
It Doesn't Take Mikhail Gorbachev The Former Pres. of The Soviet Union or Sen. Bernie Sanders to Warn Us that We are on the Precipice of War
Leaked video reveals George W. Bush in long-term affair with Bernie Sanders
Poll: Bernie Sanders is the most popular senator in the US
Mitch McConnell is the least popular senator is the US. Bernie Sanders is the most popular.
In 2018. Defeat. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Angus King of Maine. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusett…
Democratic Nat'l Cmte says Bernie Sanders is "tentatively scheduled" to visit Ky and other red states at some point…
Bernie Sanders sounds an awful lot like Larry David's George Steinbrenner
Symone D Sanders, spox for Bernie's campaign stated that they lost fair and square. And anyone that buys int…
Why Donald Trump won the 2016 election, according to Bernie Sanders
"Bernie Sanders isn’t saying anything about feminist politics." ~ bell hooks in (cc:
Bernie Sanders quietly launched his own podcast via
Some of our amazing Green Party members! Larry Sanders (Bernie's brother) & ! 💚
The revolution might not be televised, but now you can download it to your phone.
You supported Bernie Sanders who nickname was Bernie The Bomber, you agreed with Susan, Trump would be better, grading whit…
Yet the gleefully parrot that nonsense within spitting distance of claims that Bernie Sanders is a racist.
Bernie Sanders doing a podcast is a beta move. If he wanted to impress me he'd twitchstream Dark Souls while he talked…
Alyssa, hang it up😜Seth Rich the DNC Staffer Whistleblower who leaked the Rigged Nomination of Berni…
Remember when it was racist & sexist to be for Bernie Sanders bcuz the narrative was that he'd lose the trump and poc& womyn can't risk that
Hip dude Bernie Sanders has a podcast now
Bernie Sanders is no Bernie Bro. He says "we have to get rid of Assad" just not unilaterally.
Stand with Bernie Sanders: Tell Congress to expand Social Security by taxing wealthy Americans. Sign the petition:
Did you miss my conversation with Listen to it now on The Bernie Sanders Show podcast.
I've had my critiques of Bernie Sanders' racism. However they're less ridiculous than blaming him for losing Hillary the election.
Bernie Sanders wants to expand Medicare to everybody — exactly what its architects wanted by
Bernie Sanders just wanted to legalize weed and make life easier and y'all elected a cheeto who bombed a country to make mon…
The revolution will be podcast. The Bernie Sanders Show is on iTunes. Subscribe now:
Bernie Sanders backing down from single payer healthcare. Man... that is a kick in the teeth.
Bernie Sanders thinks some Trump voters can be swayed to the progressive side – here's how
And Bernie Sanders spent 200M on attacking Hillary Clinton while losing by 4M, Bernie Sanders wasn't touched by the media.…
Maxine Waters has been far more effective at galvanizing the Trump opposition than Bernie Sanders. Democrats, give Maxin…
You still don't get it. Both parties are corrupt to the core. Bernie Sanders told all of you but you didn't listen
Senate Democrats heard your frustrations about the GOP gutting Internet privacy and are working to protect it. 💻 . https:…
…super powers. Henry Kissinger may have powers (but may keep them a secret). Bernie Sanders has super powers. Amy Irving has grown up...
Bernie Sanders is right to suggest a united Medicare for all - The Laconia Daily Sun
I was so sad when I told senator Bernie Sanders that I was his parent and he said that isn't possible and jumped off my spaceship
John McCain and Hillary Clinton are pushing for intervention while Bernie Sanders and Senator Paul warn of the dangers of war
So I believe Bernie Sanders just won New Hampshire, are you feeling the bern? yes or no? and why?
Gorsuch feels the bern Opposes The Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch | Bernie Sanders
"Ideologist". "Revolutionary". LOL. This from the paper that is loath to describe Bernie Sanders as a socia…
Bernie Sanders has blamed the Pepsi ad on Hillary Clinton and "the failed policies of the Democratic Party."
Sheldon Whitehouse this morning on MSNBC said Wall Street supported Bernie Sanders to stop Hillary Clinton. 🤔
Bernie Sanders and Graham Norton on the line up for this year's Hay Festival
New post (Bernie Sanders and Graham Norton to appear at Hay) has been published on -…
Bernie Sanders comes to Wales next month - joining Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, Sandi Toksvig + more at
Stellar line up at Wales' this year. Bernie Sanders and Graham Norton among line-up -
⚡️ “Bernie Sanders introduces 'College for All' Act to make higher ed more accessible”.
Bernie Sanders and other Senate Democrats propose free public college for nearly everyone at Wall Street’s expense. . ht…
'Trump lies all the time': Bernie Sanders indicts president's assault on
Bernie Sanders to appoint Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to supreme court
.announces Bernie Sanders as keynote Florida Blue speaker via
According to this PPP polling, 86% of Hillary Clinton's 2016 voters have a favourable view of Bernie Sanders:
Bingo and please tell that to Bernie Sanders, Chris Hayes and Susan Sarand…
Ben Nelson - 75. Brad Ashford - 67. Bernie Sanders - 75. "Join us in building the Omaha of the future"
Yep. BERNIE is dirty too.only I don't think he knows he was played. Sanders thinks the were real…
Bernie Sanders was truly America's last hope.
I've said before there is a REASON I call out Sanders and not Jim Webb. Webb's hopeless. But Bernie's own team need to hold him accountable.
Trump voters still approve of Trump at almost 90% and that's why Bernie Sanders can kiss my entire black *** !!
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Rally the Revolution In Boston and Prepare for Next Big Fight
Remember this? - Bill Clinton revs up attacks against Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders, the Jewish Senator from Vermont who has fought for civil rights all his life, called a racist, sexi…
Sen. Bernie Sanders criticizes the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrats at a Boston rally https:…
This thread perfectly highlights my issues with Bernie Sanders. . TL;DR: He has some good big ideas, but he lacks in i…
HRC did, Sanders voters didn't listen. Bernie poisoned them. He'll do it aga…
Bernie Sanders says the Koch brothers want to undo every major piece of legislation passed since the 1930s
Bernie Sanders defends Trump voters but thought Obama should have been primaried in 2012. We see you bro.
i am shocked Bernie Sanders isn't using the "deplorable" strategy that worked out so swimmingly for Hillary
. Bernie Sanders: Silent partner of American militarism via
"It wasn't that [Trump] WON the election; it's that the Democratic Party LOST the election.".
Clearly not on Bernie Sanders' reading list
How about a reverse version, using Bernie Sanders?
And yet they wanted unity? GTFO! - Hillary: 'I'm not even sure' Sanders is a Democrat -
Why does Elizabeth Warren hang out with Bernie Sanders?
Sorry Bernie but your wrong! Sanders defends Trump voters: I don't think they're racists, sexists or homophobes
So like the real Bernie Sanders just walked by us while we were fursuiting at Anime Boston. So cool!
Between Joe Biden, Bill Maher, and Bernie Sanders, white men on the Left have been EXTRA exhausting this week.
Nothing wrong with liking Bernie Sanders. The problem is if that gets in the way of holding him accountable when he…
Trump is getting battered. Flynn wants immunity. Rights are being taken away. This is your message?. HARD PASS.
Between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Bill Maher, yesterday was a banner day in White Men Know What's Best for You So Sh…
No one has ever worked as hard to just completely demolish my opinion of them as Bernie Sanders.
I feel and have felt incidental to Bernie Sanders. As a Black person and as a woman.
Sanders criticizes Clinton campaign, Democrats at Boston rally -
just expand medicare and work with Bernie sanders. their will always be people who get it for free so no need to fight it
The Push for Single-Payer Healthcare Is On. Democrats Should Get on Board or Get Out of the Way. - In These Times:
Bernie Sanders is defending Trump supporters but he's bashing Democrats supporters!? Pay attention, this man is plant who's…
I love Bernie Sanders but he's got to stop apologizing for the racism sexism & bigotry of Trump supporters. Enough.
WaPo: Bernie Sanders saying Senate Democrats are not filibustering Gorsuch is pretty much a lie
I'm probably going to lose a bunch of followers after *this* thread, but Imma go for it anyway. So let's talk: Bernie S…
How many misogynist slurs has Bernie Sanders been called by Trump voters? I've been called somewhere between 12 and a mil…
Honestly now it should've been: Bill Clinton > Al Gore > Barack Obama then Bernie Sanders. That's how it should have been...
You are obnoxious. I hope the Dems send only Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Alcee Hastings and Liz Warren with one demand
The man who should be our President:. Bernie Sanders to push single-payer heatlh care option -
All Senate Democrats plus Bernie Sanders and Angus King voted to protect your privacy. Republicans voted to sell it to the h…
I would have voted for Martin O'Malley over Hillary Clinton but not over Bernie Sanders
Hey Jimmy, Bernie Sanders is the only member of the Senate in the Progressive Caucus. "But he's not even a Democrat!!"
Bernie Sanders: Dems should get credit for killing AHCA: - CNN
Bernie Sanders: "We need to improve the Affordable Care Act and that means a public option available in every state"
Bernie Sanders: The American people understood this wasn't a health care bill, but a huge tax cut for the rich
Who wants to see Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore? Not me. Bring on more kick *** Congresswomen like Karen Bass.
- Most of the Priae around here have "Bernie Sanders" stickers. Except mine. Couldn't find a "Pat Paulsen" sticker, so blank.
Krystal Ball, fired by MSNBC over a year ago, said things about Hillary Clinton that would make Bernie Sanders proud
we recieved Jane Mutha effing Elliot and Bernie Sanders so we good
Didnt matter if Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin OMalley was the Democratic Presidential Nominee, the Democrat had m…
The Ashkenazi Jews descend from 350 people, Bernie Sanders is an Ashkenazi Jew and so am I. Our ancestors were apart of the…
Bernie Sanders showed you how to win back America but you are to beholden to your corporate donors & not the American people.Choose
I support Howard Dean for DNC chair & I hope ropes in his friends Jerry Brown & Bernie Sanders for wise counsel! Keith El…
Hypothetically in 2020, who would win the U.S. race? Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?
"Bernie Sanders and Thomas Jefferson are the same!" Is a political constituency I didn't know actually existed.
I mean I think it's okay, as long as we're not pretending Thomas Jefferson was basically Bernie Sanders.
Town Hall in West Virginia with Bernie Sanders facilitated by Chris Hayes, 2017.Mar.13 via MSNBC.
In a FOX NEWS poll Bernie Sanders ranked the most favorable politician in America. That's how you crush bigotry. Progressiv…
Bernie Sanders, is the Stone Cold Steve Austin of American Politics. This generation's best. But entertainment nonetheless. *Wastes beer
Everyone loves Bernie Sanders. Except, it seems, the Democratic Party | Trevor Timm
The great Mike Davis on Trump, the white working class, the continued relevance of Bernie Sanders, and a bunch more:
Please don't tell me Papa Pope killed fake Bernie Sanders and his education bill
In one evening, Bernie Sanders resisted trump more than the entire Democratic Party combined did in the previous 52 da…
I would propose Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, *** I would go with an open minded republican.
If the petition receives 500,000 signatures, it will be delivered to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Bernie Sanders...
Bernie Sanders and Planned Parenthood are the most popular things in America, Fox News finds via
Ironically, this is me after every single thing I read about Ruffalo's boy Bernie Sanders and all his Bros, male and femal…
Why Bernie Sanders says he won't read the 28 pages, even though he can
Bernie Sanders has won the election of 2020 and will become the 46th President of the U.S.
Hey, remember that time Bernie Sanders paid a lower tax rate than Donald Trump while complaining that Trump doesn't pay…
If Democrats listened to and BERNIE SANDERS WOULD BE PRESIDENT, no Trump NO WALL OR BAN…
.We must reinvest in communities devastated by changes in energy
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
"I can’t give you a definitive answer." -- Bernie Sanders on what the Democratic Party stands for.
You can't take over a party you've never been part of, a party that you've hated for yrs.
Taking and remaking the Democratic Party isn't only possible -- it's already begun. .
Trump, a multi-billionaire, pays a higher rate in federal income taxes than Bernie Sanders. And he's proud of that!…
With friends like who needs enemies? Enjoy Trump after cheating Bernie Sanders and kis…
Bernie '13% tax' Sanders you are the reason society hates politicians
. The Democratic Party appointed him as Chair of Outreach 11/16. Pick another battle.
lol Bernie Sanders is such a crazy old man.
What Was the Moral of Last Night's Trump Tax Return Story? Bernie Sanders is a Hypocrite
Trump paid a higher percentage of income tax than Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney and Obama. Thank you Rachel Maddow for providing…
Remember when DEMOCRATS called Bernie Sanders racist & sexist?. Or when DEMOCRATS called him a panderer promising "free s…
Bernie Sanders on Wallaper and the resistance: 'Despair is absolutely not an option' | US news | The Guardian
Note: In Wisconsin, Hillary overperformed Russ Feingold who ran for Senate on Bernie Sanders' economic platform.
Ben and jerry's is made in Vermont. Bernie Sanders lives in Vermont. This is no coincidence.
Bernie Sanders hates rich people, yet has 3 homes. It's almost like he's got self-hating internalized capitalismphobia.…
and where does Bernie Sanders belong? Your show promoted the worst the West had to offer..not the best. Enjoy the money Jerry
Bernie Sanders calls new health care bill “a tax break for the top 2 percent”
-why Bernie Sanders all the time? He isn't the leader of the Democrat Party -so I don't get it.
Bernie Sanders is the person that should be in the White House. He is the only one with sane doable plans for the p…
Bernie Sanders turned in his U.S. Senate March Madness Bracket today. All 68 teams made the Final Four.
Watch Alex Jones do impressions of Bernie Sanders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rachel Maddow
Bernie Sanders would have been nice. Elizabeth Warren would make a righteous leader. Luis Gutierrez is another.
Dude. I'm drunk at 2:47 and Brian and I just realized something. Donald Trump is Pantera and Bernie Sanders is Earth Crisis.
Opinion: President Trump "is on the brink of making a bad deal," Bernie Sanders writes
Chelsea Clinton offers high praise for Bernie Sanders
“Your new West Virginia Democrat is going to be aligned with a Bernie Sanders type, and not a Joe Manchin type.”
I don't wanna hear this from Bernie Sanders because he's a Zionist.
"In moments of crisis ... people have stood up & fought back. So despair is absolutely not an…
we're not alienating anyone. But Bernie Sanders has to GO
Inside look into Bernie Sanders' economics research process
domain names
Oh look, going to take Bernie Sanders to kiss some racist *** by telling them that Democrats didn't kiss t…
The old man from the e harmony commercial looks like Bernie sanders
I absolutely cannot stand Bernie Sanders, he is in no way shape or form fit enough to run a country.
Bernie Sanders is popular and Democrats are hated. Bernie would've won.
The Guardian view on a voice worth hearing | Editorial
Bernie uses the Zika story line to make a point on the ridiculousness of drug prices
From President Trump should avoid a bad deal for Americans on a Zika vaccine.
Bernie Sanders, closed-door meeting with the Native American community, 3/9/2017:
Bernie Sanders just issued a scathing takedown of everyone who won’t call Trump a liar
Sanders: Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal can u believe healthcare is so complex? Bernie gets it!! https:…
I liked a video Campaign Calls on Bernie Sanders to Lead a New Party
The Guardian view on Bernie Sanders: a voice worth hearing - the guardian
Bernie Sanders on the resistance movement in Trump's America – video
.Bernie Sanders will be in McDowell Cty, Welch at Mt. View High School at 2:30 pm this Sunday.
Bernie Sanders has shown to be willing and able to listen to people this is a valuable asset whether or not he…
"He lies in order to undermine the foundations of American democracy.” . .
Bernie Sanders can talk smack about the Democratic Party but don't you dare say anything about Saint Bernard.
Bernie Sanders on Trump and the resistance: 'Despair is not an option'.
.has a plan to win back Trump voters - Dems have shown “enormous neglect":
"[Sanders] is clear that Democrats should become a bottom-up party again." Help build it at http…
Bernie Sanders: "How can anyone not conclude that the Democratic agenda and approach has been a failure?”
.having a little fun with my favorite thing: charts and props. (Also happened to Bernie Sanders).
John F Kennedy and Bernie Sanders both called for breaking up the CIA
Excellent stuff from Bernie - fighting for health care and against monopolies
Bernie Sanders at the March on Mississippi, 3/4/2017: Sanders delivers a 9-minute speech in Canton, MS
Bernie Sanders has to get back to the year 1237 to save Marty.
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders should put their heads together and figure out a way to give everyone free...
Lessons for Australia's centre-left & the Hansonistas? 'Bernie Sanders has a plan to win back Trump voters'
Bernie Sanders & Brian Schatz behind new bill to eliminate tax breaks that they say encourages corporations to shif…
Bernie Sanders: Remove free healthcare for politicians and their families - Sign the Petition! via
Bernie Sanders is calling out The Fix which automatically makes him the best politician in America
Video of Bernie Sanders being confronted by Black man for being Zionist Jew Taken down.
if Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Manning & George W Bush were drowning, how long would you hesitate before saving B…
Stop promoting Bernie Sanders on Weekend Update. Sanders lost by MILLIONS OF VOTES TO Hillary Clinton. And she beat Trump by 3M.
Bernie Sanders' THIRD home... well, sort of:.
Islamic Terrorists & Democrats stand UNITED!. Muslim Juan Thompson is a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter but, in 2003 he loved Hil…
Juan Thompson was a Bernie Sanders supporter. When will Bernie disavow?
Can we make Bernie Sanders the Speaker of the House? That might be the fastest way for him to become President.
Donald Trump didn't talk about one major issue during his speech — and Bernie Sanders is calling him out.
I liked a YouTube video from tytnation Watch: Bernie Sanders laughs at Trump for just realizing that
Sen. Bernie Sanders mocks President Trump saying nobody knew health care is "so complicated"
Tonight we saw how it lasts. He'll be president of war. Bernie Sanders applauds, Van Jones fawns. In a year criticism will…
Bernie Sanders: I'm very nervous that this President is "trying to divide us up by going after undocumented people"
Tr**p speech criticised by Bernie Sanders for 'stirring up fear and hatred' | The Independent
We need to realize that we are all going 2 have 2 donate money Bernie Sanders style . $1,2,5,10,20 what ev…
Website Builder 728x90
*** FREEZES OVER: Bernie Sanders standing up and applauding Trump speech line. . It was on paid family leave.
Watch Bernie Sanders bust out laughing at Trump’s daft claim that ‘nobody knew health care’ is complicated
Can we just make sure that Bernie Sanders is always the designated survivor?
So... all the military guys are sitting with Bernie Sanders and not applauding. Hmm.
only our party is allowed to stir up hate and fear, stop trying to act like us. -Bernie Sanders
Senator Joe Manchin (D) openly invites Bernie Sanders backers to challenge him in the primary. They should!
Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye talked about how fighting climate change can bring jobs to America
but you know who didn't succumb to that delusion? Bernie sanders himself
Face of the Day: Bernie Sanders hearing Trump say "no one knew" health care is complicated. ht…
Why is it so hard to believe the Democrats aren't fighting dirty against Trump? Didn't Dems smear Bernie Sanders and Keit…
Dems don't get it yet. Bernie Sanders movement will be costly to the party. Disruption!
Democratic Party's war over Israel is far from over
I like it best when John McCain and Bernie Sanders are up in the balcony yelling at the other muppets.
Yo uncle got jumped at a Bernie Sanders rally...
Corporate Democrats are appeasing millionaire donors. Justice Democrats are building a party of the people. .
Former KY Gov. Steve Beshear is 72. Young feel insulted because Dems chose on "old man" to respond to Trump. Bernie S…
Bernie Sanders rips Trump’s speech: He’ll gut Obamacare and give the money to his ‘billionaire friends’
I can't imagine how riveting Bernie Sanders' address to Congress would have been 🙄
President Trump: "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated". Bernie Sanders: ROTFL!
Bernie Sanders just tore Donald Trump's speech apart
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is actually Anderson Cooper without makeup.
Bernie Sanders on Trump's newfound discovery that health care is "so complicated": LOL.
Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye (the science guy) Join Forces to Send a Message to Donald Trump via
"Bill Nye was the reason I fell in love with science, Bernie Sanders is why I fell in love with politics. - Beth Hughes
Bernie Sanders calls for 'total transformation' of Democratic Party
Progressive vision "is the future of America," Bernie Sanders tells Kansas Democrats:
Hillary Clinton pulled a Ralph Nader and instead of Bernie Sanders as President of the United States, we got Trump, the…
Democrats will now do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to cheat Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner in 2020. Neocons and…
Bernie Sanders would be the best president we've ever had since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
This is very smart to start harping on this message now by the GOP. How effective will it be? Unsure, but this...
My point too! It happens all the time!!! Doesn't mean you call the law itself FRAUD like Bernie Sanders did!
We've spent 15 minutes talking about Bernie Sanders. He's still not a Democrat.
Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump administration is ‘totalitarian'
How Bernie Sanders avoided disclosing his personal finances via FACTS for the PURISTS
Sierra Blanca activists drove from TX to meet with Sanders, he refused to listen to them, when they engaged he fled.
Bernie Sanders tells Republican opponents to have the guts to face their constituents..
Not childish when there is truth to it. Their coverage of the democrat primaries was very slanted against Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders is now far more popular at CPAC than George Will. . .
DNC unpopular opinion but here it is: Hillary Clinton should not run again, but neither should Bernie Sanders.
"I like Bernie" - Donald Trump says Bernie Sanders was right about trade
Sen. Bernie Sanders: Town hall protests are just the beginning
I *was* a Bernie Sanders supporter until the economic side of things didn't quite add up but I still am a a veiwer of your conten
If you can't face your constituents at a town hall meeting, get out of Congress. Senator Bernie San…
Bernie Sanders is not helping Trump. The Democrats are helping Trump by refusing to take Bernie's agenda seriously. https:…
is a washed up anti-Bernie Sanders big pharma boy. is the way to go. Thank you
Let's hope this outrage translates into waking papers come election day.
Former Bernie Sanders staffers trying a new approach to politics: Listening instead of lecturing. via https:/…
The DNC made me choose between Trump and Clinton. I will probably never forgive them for that. I still love Bernie Sander…
Thread. Here's a list of times Bernie Sanders didn't have the guts to face his constituents.
Would Bernie Sanders have won without superdelegates, as says? Nope.
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