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Bernie Ecclestone

Bernard Charles Bernie Ecclestone (born 28 October 1930) is an English business magnate, as president and CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration and through his part-ownership of Alpha Prema, the parent company of the Formula One Group of companies.

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: Here’s how Formula 1 will change, now that Bernie Ecclestone is out the door
Five ways F1 will change: Bernie Ecclestone called the shots in Formula One for more than 40 years -- but now…
Bernie Ecclestone vows to scrap new qualifying system after
Bernie Ecclestone has been offered role to STAY in Formula One, claims Toto Wolff
The trio appeared in high spirits as they enjoyed a catch-up with Tamara's sister Petra and F1 boss father Bernie……
Here's our look at sacking Bernie Ecclestone and how the sport can now improve! 🏎.
After acquisition of our own S. Hading shares his thoughts on the future of F1 in America
Bernie Ecclestone’s Step Down as F1 CEO Marks the End of an Era.
Bernie Ecclestone: New era for F1 as his 40-year reign ends
Max Mosley: I would have left Bernie Ecclestone in charge
Spoke to Max Mosley at last night. His thoughts on Bernie, Liberty & "questionable" new rules . https:/…
Former FIA President Max Mosley believes new owners Liberty Media should have retained Bernie Ecclestone…
The Sky report of Bernie leaving previous role said he was to be an advisor and "chairman emeritus"
& ponder as to what's next for former boss Bernie Ecclestone?…
Bernie Ecclestone told me the same thing decades ago. And there used to be three USGPs.
Mosley: Liberty should have kept Ecclestone in top role via App
Liberty Media will require skills every bit as varied as Bernie Ecclestone's to keep F1 on track
Max Mosley: Liberty should have kept Bernie Ecclestone in charge of F1
Max Mosley would have kept Bernie Ecclestone for longer to manage Formula One
Max Mosley tells ITV News: Liberty Media should have kept Bernie Ecclestone on as Formula 1 boss
F1 risks 'loss of knowledge' by pushing Bernie Ecclestone out, says Mercedes chief Toto Wolff
Behra's Maserati 250F streamliner, Monza 1955. Now owned, in some form, by Bernie Ecclestone?…
Chased out: Formula One’s new American owner gives Bernie Ecclestone the heave *** | The Economist…
Will miss Bernie, part of the F1 furniture along with Murray Walker.
: Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff sends message to F1's new owners over Bernie Ecclestone exit . BERNIE ECC…
What is Bernie Ecclestone's legacy?. Toto Wolff and Ross Brawn pay tribute.
Formula One news: Bernie Ecclestone replaced as boss while Ross Brawn returns. All the latest here
Bernie Ecclestone stands down as F1 chief via
A new era for Bernie Ecclestone has been removed from his position amid Liberty Media's takeover
End of an era: 86-year-old Bernie Ecclestone replaced as Formula One chief by Chase Carey - -
Bernie Ecclestone replaced as F1 chief as Liberty Media takeover completed
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bernie Ecclestone's final race in charge of F1.
Glad to see the back of the poison dwarf Bernie Ecclestone, hopefully we'll get common sense back into again
Bernie Ecclestone is no longer the CEO after four decades in charge. Kudos to the man who open up the sport to the world!
American Chase Carey takes over at Formula One after Bernie Ecclestone's 40 year leadership.
Bernie Ecclestone has lost his position as Formula 1 CEO to Chase Carey...
: . Bernie Ecclestone's time as Formula One CEO over; Liberty Media removes him after takeover. . . Chase…
End of the road for Bernie Ecclestone as Formula One takeover is completed
BBC Sport - Bernie Ecclestone: F1 chief executive 'forced out' of role, says report
Bernie Ecclestone loses position as Formula 1 CEO to Chase Carey after Liberty Media takeover. Ross Brawn returns in o…
Bernie Ecclestone's time as Formula 1 boss ends
BREAKING NEWS: Bernie Ecclestone announces he is no longer chief executive of More on
.Well this is the first piece of good news I've heard over the past 4 days.
Bernie Ecclestone: "I'm proud of the business that I built over the last 40 years and all that I have achieved with Formula 1."…
Bernie Ecclestone, 86, is out as Formula One's chief executive after nearly 40 years.
After almost four decades at the helm of Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced as chief executive.
Bernie Ecclestone says he has been "deposed" as CEO of Formula One.
Ecclestone removed as Formula 1 boss: Bernie Ecclestone is removed from his position running F1 ..
Bernie Ecclestone is no longer boss of after Libery Media nought the sport for $8bn Ecclestone will now serve as an ad…
Liberty confirms that Bernie Ecclestone will be "Chairman Emeritus" and "will be available as a source of advice for the…
Bernie Ecclestone and F1, I remember that pretty well...
The story of From used motorcycle parts salesman to billionaire
How Bernie Ecclestone saved F1 and made everyone hate him in the process
F1's Bernie Ecclestone says new owners are replacing him
Bernie Ecclestone is no longer the boss of Formula 1. Any excuse to watch this again...
Bernie ecclestone deposed as head of Formula 1. Aged 86 he can spend more time with his wife, 39. Bet she's thrilled
Bernie Ecclestone: Why F1's titanic leader was loved and loathed
Breaking: Ecclestone confirmed he was forced to leave position as F1 CEO on Monday. We talked to him. AMuS exclusive
Liberty Media has announced its takeover of Formula One is complete & Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced as chief execut…
Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced by Chase Carey as Chief Executive of Formula 1 following Liberty Media’s $8b takeo…
End of an era. Bernie Ecclestone's remarkable 40-year rule of F1 is officially over.
.on Bernie Ecclestone: "Today we should all pay tribute to a remarkable entrepreneur. He will be a very hard act…
Liberty Media has completed its $8bn (£6.4bn) takeover of Formula 1 and removed Bernie Ecclestone from his position.
So Bernie Ecclestone has finally left Formula 1. Mugabe and M8-1 do you copy??
Bernie Ecclestone loses position as CEO to Chase Carey. . This is a huge change in the sport. Lets see how power dynamics work now.
Bernie Ecclestone reaches end of the road as Formula One chief executive 'forced out' by Chase Carey
Liberty Media demotes Bernie Ecclestone to advisory role
Formula One acquired by Liberty Media, Bernie Ecclestone replaced as CEO -
Bernie Ecclestone replaced as Formula One boss via
Bernie Ecclestone's 40-year reign as head of F1 comes to an end after Liberty complete takeover. MORE ➡️
Bernie Ecclestone replaced as Formula One chief as Liberty takeover goes through:
Bernie Ecclestone has announced he is no longer chief executive of Formula One
Bernie Ecclestone's long reign as Formula One chief is officially over
Longtime impresario Bernie Ecclestone is officially out at F1 (updated)
FULL STORY: Bernie Ecclestone announces he is 'no longer boss of Formula One' htt... by via
Bernie Ecclestone replaced by Chase Carey at F1 amid Liberty takeover
IT'S OFFICIAL: Bernie Ecclestone is no longer the CEO of – Chase Carey takes over as Liberty confirms takeover. https:…
Bernie Ecclestone replaced as CEO by Chase Carey of Liberty Media and is now an Honorary President
OFFICIAL: Liberty Media completes takeover of F1; Chase Carey succeeds Bernie Ecclestone as CEO
Bernie Ecclestone has been replaced as CEO by Liberty Media's Chase Carey. Ross Brawn is likely to be appointed with new ro…
Bernie Ecclestone confirms he has been replaced by Chase Carey as Group CEO:.
BREAKING NEWS: Liberty Media complete takeover of and Chase Carey replaces Bernie Ecclestone as chief executive.
had no idea Bernie Ecclestone was his grandad.
Bernie Ecclestone vows to scrap new Formula One qualifying system after
How can Bernie Ecclestone be the most powerful man in Motorsport?. He cant even operate a revolving door
There's a lady in here who, at a short glance, looks double-takingly like Bernie Ecclestone... :/
I suppose it ought to be a good balance between Ross Brawn and Bernie Ecclestone. 70% planning, 30% winging it.
New post (Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-in-Law Kidnapped in Brazil) has been published on Auto Tuning Expert. A ... NE…
Bernie Ecclestone understands Nico Rosberg's decision to quit
Bernie Ecclestone's daughter decides to make handbags rather than buy them. Loses £4.2m in five years.
They say Formula One is a market which it can't be, obviously...
The 2017 season will see a number of rule changes with the focus shifting to aerodynamics.…
F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone vows to bin disastrous new qualifying format
Ferrari is to blame for Sebastian Vettel's frustrating 2016, and needs fresh blood, Bernie Ecclestone believes.
Bernie Ecclestone says he understands why Nico Rosberg retired | GiveMeS.. Related Articles:
Ecclestone says F1 aero changes won't be enough to stop Mercedes
Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone aren't my favourite people to see on tv but I miss them. 😪
Lewis Hamilton 'revenge' hopes shattered after Nico Rosberg retirement
Lewis Hamilton's lack of chance for 'revenge' is not Nico Rosberg's problem, says Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone: This is who should replace Nico Rosberg and rival Lewis Hamilton
F1 Bernie Ecclestone - "I don't think anybody is going to beat Lewis Hamilton" In 2017: via
Bernie Ecclestone's Brazilian Ranch - Talking Coffee as well as other things with Martin Brundle.
: F1’s SE Asia future bleak as Singapore on Malaysia path . Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has c…
I appreciate marathon aspect of racing but this is intriguing: Formula One's Bernie Ecclestone reveals radical plan
Bernie Ecclestone hints that S'pore no longer wants to hold an race
More American F1 races difficult Ecclestone: Bernie Ecclestone dampens hopes of more United...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Red Bull's Christian Horner talks Bernie Ecclestone, life with Geri Halliwell &
Liberty Media agrees $8bn deal to buy F1 with Bernie Ecclestone set to stay on
"They want me to be here for three years". It may not be bye-bye Bernie Ecclestone after all
Statements by Liberty Media, new F1 chairman Chase Carey, Bernie Ecclestone & CVC here
Liberty Media agrees Formula 1 takeover, Bernie Ecclestone to remain as CEO -
"I'd like to welcome Liberty Media & Chase Carey to I look forward to working with them." – Bernie Ecclestone. http…
It’s a deal: John Malone’s Liberty Media buys and keeps Bernie on as CEO
Talking Ecclestone and that deal on in a mo - seems like Bernie will stay on regardless of takeover.
Spoken to Bernie Ecclestone about the sale of F1 & how prospective can transform the sport in the US
Bernie Ecclestone says he's been asked to stay for three years once takeover is done
Italian Grand Prix: Goooat agreed but not signeed, syas Bernie Ecclestone
"The profits for the owner are in contrast to the financial struggles of some of the teams and the tracks."
85-year-old Bernie Ecclestone sells his remaining 65% ownership in Formula One to U.S. company Liberty Media for $… ht…
Bernie Ecclestone is a lucky man 1st the mother in law is kidnapped then $5b slips into his account. Some blokes have all the luck!
Bernie Ecclestone sells Formula One to Liberty Media in $8 billion deal
Takeover could break F1 into US market, hasten exit of Bernie
Bernie set to stay at the helm of :
"Liberty Media has completed the acquisition of Bernie will remain CEO." – Liberty Media. htt…
Confirmed! Liberty Media has taken over F1. Chase Carey now chairman, Bernie Ecclestone retains position as CEO
Bernie Ecclestone offered role in Formula One after £6bn sale via
Pic of "Unca" Bernie Ecclestone with this article is a particularly fine distillation of his famous warmth and charm.
F1 sale: Bernie Ecclestone's daughters Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Stunt set to split £500million if sport is sold…
BREAKING: Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone expects sale of sport to Liberty Media of US to go ahead, plans to stay in job.
Sorry! Bernie Ecclestone Is Sticking Around After All - If you hoped that the sale of Formula One would mean th...
Brazilian police free Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law -
Interesting how sports journalists can be so critical of FIFA & IOC corruption yet so timid about Bernie Ecclestone ht…
BBC | Bernie Ecclestone: Formula 1 boss says 'to stay for three more years' after takeover: Formula 1 bos...
Car racing billionaire Bernie Ecclestone paid $100m and ended his own bribery trial. Cool how that works.
Official: Bernie Ecclestone remains as CEO as Liberty Media take over
So, they can fire Bernie Ecclestone now?
Bernie Ecclestone vows to stay on as Formula One chief and battle Rupert Murdoch's ally for control
You pick the weirdest stuff to reply to. Also, they can't possibly be worse than Bernie Ecclestone.
US media firm Liberty Media to buy Formula 1: US firm Liberty Media is buying the racing business Formula 1, with Bernie Ecclestone t...
What do Toto Wolff and Bernie Ecclestone disagree on? We asked >>
Bernie Ecclestone to stay in Formula One despite sale. [
Kidnappers in Brazil release F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law after more than a week, officials say.
Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is 82 yrs old.,Worth about 3.1 billion dollars and his "Brazilian"wife is 38 years old.what is life indeed?
Inside the flat where gangsters held Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law for NINE days
Bernie Ecclestone's pilot 'arrested over kidnapping of F1 supremo's mother-in-law'
Bernie Ecclestone's pilot has been arrested over the kidnapping of his mother-in-law.
Published a new blog entry Bernie Ecclestone’s Pilot a Suspect in Mother-in-Law Kidnapping in Auto Appraisers ...
.boss Ecclestone's pilot arrested in kidnapping plot
2 people arrested after Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law was kidnapped in Sao Paulo in
My story this mornin : Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law freed by Sao Paulo's 'kidnap squad' after 10 days held hostage.
Mother-in-law of Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone freed after being kidnapped in Brazil by
Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law freed after dramatic rescue by cops. via
The mother-in-law of Formula One boss, Bernie Ecclestone has been freed following her abduction in Sao Paulo 10 days ago.
Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law is KIDNAPPED in Brazil
So Bernie Ecclestone mother-in-law has been kidnapped. Some people have all the luck.
Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law Aparecida Schunck kidnapped in Sao Paulo: reports
Notable Kidnappings in Brazil Back in the Headlines As Olympics Near: Bernie Ecclestone is the head of Formul...
Kidnappers are demanding £28m for the release of Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law.
Mother-in-law of boss Bernie Ecclestone kidnapped in Brazil. via
Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law reportedly kidnapped in Brazil
Has Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law been kidnapped for a second time?
Mother-in-law of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone kidnapped in Brazil with criminals demanding a $36.5m ransom...
Magazine claims Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law kidnapped in Brazil
F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone's mother in law has been kidnapped by gangsters in Brazil demanding a ransom of $36.5 million. Holy crap.
Charlie Whiting as stage manager with script written by & directed by Bernie Ecclestone. Bribes still welcome.
Should Bernie Ecclestone pay the ransom for his kidnapped Mum in law?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
F1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law kidnapped in The should go just fine.
The mother-in-law of Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone was kidnapped in São Paulo for a ransom of $36 million https:…
So *** Jagger and Bernie Ecclestone are around 20 yrs older than their Mother in Laws=Not Judging but an interesting fact
Money in the air . F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law 'kidnapped in Sao Paulo' -
F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law 'kidnapped for £36.5m ransom' in Brazil
£28m. Kidnappers make demand after reportedly taking Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law.
What we know about the $37 million kidnapping of Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law
Bernie Ecclestone predicts Lewis Hamilton will win the F1 title...
Bernie Ecclestone confused by human rights protesters ahead of Azerbaijan races
Bernie Ecclestone tips Lewis Hamilton for 2016's world title: Mercedes have only been defeated once ...
Bernie Ecclestone's punk phase a reply to F1's failure to get things done
Bernie Ecclestone is suited and booted as he enjoys dinner with wife Fabiana Flosi
Yes; disciplinary action on LH would've harmed his chances of competing and Bernie Ecclestone would have lost financially
Bernie Ecclestone has always said he doesn't like Rosberg becoz he doesn't sell his commercial rights; F1 stewards have pandered to that
Yeah but Bernie Ecclestone has already publicly said he doesn't like Rosberg and prefers LH because he sells his commercial rights
Update your maps at Navteq
Watching and OMG what a start but at least Bernie Ecclestone got his wish.
Bernie Ecclestone rewards F1 in Schools world champs
Bernie Ecclestone thinks Putin should be "running Europe"? He should go back to painting soup cans!
Exactly what Bernie C Ecclestone is thinking. That or who will spend millions and build a new circuit in Holland.
Grate day for Max and for the total Motorsport in the world and very happy for Bernie Ecclestone to have a new Genious in F1 !
Bernie Ecclestone won't be happy that Football was promoted on the Formula 1 podium!
Bernie got his wish. Maybe Mr. Ecclestone should be investigated by the stewards after the race for foul play
Feel for Lewis Hamilton but this is turning into one heck of a season. Please don't change this format, Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone must have told Christian Horner yesterday in quali that the 2 Mercedes will be taking each other out today.
I'm sure Bernie Ecclestone will be glad to see Merc domination nation ceased for this race
Somewhere, Bernie Ecclestone is sat in a big chair, stroking a white cat, laughing maniacally
If Verstappen wins I think we can definitely say this is a Bernie Ecclestone constructed conspiracy 👺 What next? F1 at Zandvoort? 😂
Looks like those 'bombs' in Bernie Ecclestone's pocket worked. Both Mercedes out of the race!
No one will replace Bernie Ecclestone . They'll design a horse by committee, which is a camel.
What was that about Bernie Ecclestone saying he had bombs in his pocket to stop the Mercedes dominance? Oops.
Little Giant Ladders
I've come to the conclusion Bernie ecclestone is nuts
Bernie Ecclestone looks like a dead body that just fell out of a wardrobe
Bernie ecclestone plz postpone race start for 15mins, stuck in traffic!!!
don't you just Love Bernie Ecclestone, the ultimate conspiracy theorist, gives away just enough info to be intriguing
so does Bernie Ecclestone ever think before opening his mouth making jokes about bombs,
Why is Bernie Ecclestone one in stop dominating when dominate for four years and no one cared?
Whoa Bernie Ecclestone that was most certainly not the best of things to say you were carrying in your pocket.poor taste 😡
Did Bernie Ecclestone just make a bomb joke on live TV at a major European sporting event? Oh yes he did
"I've got some bombs in my pocket" - Bernie Ecclestone, on the grid in Spain. Not the smartest thing to say at a major event
Did Bernie Ecclestone just say he had bombs in his pocket on live television?
how inappropriate Bernie ecclestone saying he has a bomb in his pocket and he's off to see Mercedes with it 😳🙈
In 20+ years when Bernie Ecclestone hangs up his paddock shoes, there is only one person to run that's
Bernie Ecclestone chatting with Niki Lauda in the paddock
Insane Bernie Ecclestone lives there... nuf said
I understand Bernie Ecclestone organized the new voting system
The new voting system. Bernie Ecclestone will somehow try to use it for qualifying in Monte Carlo.
Bernie Ecclestone was watching that voting system with interest.
Let's hope Bernie Ecclestone wasn't watching that scoring system
Big Lynne has just confused Alain Prost with Bernie Ecclestone. Is it too late to get myself emancipated?
So says the pro at hiding money from the taxman .
Formula One owners CVC insist theywillnot be forced to offload F1 as BernieEcclestone eyes quicksale| via
If you vote leave you'll be agreeing with Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Michael Gove & Bernie Ecclestone That clinches it, doesn’t it?
Bernie Ecclestone has seen his fortune dwindle over the past year (Sport)
Bernie Eccleston does something similar too
Ecclestone's comments about female drivers not all true:
. Vladimir Putin should be in charge of Europe, says F1’s Bernie Ecclestone
Susie Wolff, F1's most successful female driver of recent times, has defended Bernie Ecclestone...
Bernie Ecclestone: "Women can't compete in F1". Susie Wolff: "My failure to qualify proves they can". ...mkay.
Lewis Hamilton has made it onto the Sunday Times Rich List for the first time while F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone…
Can someone just pay some money to get Richard Branson and Bernie Ecclestone a haircut ?
Not that we're crying for him but Bernie Ecclestone has seen his fortune dwindle |
BBC Sport - Bernie Ecclestone wrong about women in Formula 1 - Susie Wolff
F1 baron’s $860 million hit: F1 SUPREMO Bernie Ecclestone had some extremely bad news confirmed, and it’s his wallet…
Bernie Ecclestone vows to help female drivers break into Formula 1
F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone explains why Putin should run Europe
Did Putin's celebrity pals just gain a new member?
NI won't tie-up 15 scroungers after March , should 'get in the sea', Bernie Ecclestone
That means I've been following F1 for 34 years, today. So, next year I get a gold Rolex from Bernie Ecclestone? :oP
1978 champion Mario Andretti reportedly backs Bernie Ecclestone up on female race driver comments
Bernie Ecclestone eyeing new partners for Canadian Grand Prix...
Bernie Ecclestone is your stereotypical mad scientist
Bernie Ecclestone open to idea of race on Saturday to decide F1 grid instead of qualifying https…
Bernie Ecclestone blatantly owns the bulk of global offshore firms. Why else would he have that much power?
Formula 1 2017! Share this VIDEO!!! It has to get to FIA and Bernie Ecclestone! via
Meeting with many of his fellow drivers in Shanghai, Nico Rosberg had a little dig at Bernie Ecclestone’s...
Hamilton Collection
Rosberg hits back at windbags jibe: Championship leader Nico Rosberg has hit back at Bernie Ecclestone's claim...
.had a little dig at Bernie recent comments>>
My dad just compared Bernie Ecclestone to Vladimir Putin. And I'm dying.
Bernie Ecclestone must be working with tonight. Datsyuk and Mike Green blowing tires in quick succession.
Bernie Ecclestone sides with drivers over criticism of F1?s governance
Bernie Ecclestone: angry F1 drivers ‘only saying what teams have told them’
F1: Nico Rosberg takes a crack at Bernie Ecclestone for calling some drivers ‘windbags’
Rosberg pokes fun at Bernie's 'windbags' jibe
Rosberg pokes fun at Bernie's 'windbags' jibe via
Formula One championship leader Nico Rosberg enjoyed dinner and a dig at the sport's commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone on Wednesday as d…
ESPN.:- Rosberg pokes fun at Bernie's 'windbags' jibe
Sebastian Vettel as a candidate to replace Bernie Ecclestone?. Not really got much of an opinion on it as yet to be honest
Bernie Ecclestone with Jochen Rindt when he was his manager. It’s quite hard to find pics of these two together!. http…
Bernie Ecclestone has kept hopes alive that Monza might retain the Italian Grand Prix beyond...
Bernie Ecclestone: "I don't think we have to have an Italian Grand Prix." It feels like a 🔪 in the ❤️ of
F1 doesn't need Italy, claims Ecclestone: Bernie Ecclestone heaps pressure on talks to ...
Mercedes-Benz (1954) formally owned by Bernie Ecclestone and Vern Schuppan. Via: h
the brother with the beard! Bernie Ecclestone married someone far younger still.
"Ecclestone: We don't need an Italian Grand . / NO, we don't need Bernie...Anymore!
Formula 1 is revving up for a sale as two bidders 'have agreed the price', says Ecclestone: Bernie Ecclestone,...
F1: Ecclestone: We don't need an Italian Grand Prix: Bernie Ecclestone insists that F1 would survive the loss ...
If it was up to Bernie Ecclestone, he'd want BACK in as his partner>>
Ecclestone; "There are people who want to buy.Actually,two of the people have agreed the price" via
Ecclestone "a funny thing that you couldn’t have F1 without a race in France. But we do" via 2/2
Ecclestone: "‘I don’t think we have to have an Italian GP. Somebody once told me" via 1/2
Ecclestone backs plans to revise live elimination qualifying format for Bahrain
Bernie Ecclestone calls Haas F1 'a Ferrari second team'
Bernie has sided with the drivers who declared the governance of the sport "obsolete" and "ill-structured".
Bernie Ecclestone claims that promoters for a race in Las Vegas “have a contract. Vegas would be super”
Bernie Ecclestone: F1 drivers right that sport is in jeopardy /per BBC Sport /
"We must urge the owners & all stakeholders of to consider restructuring its governance." – Bernie Ecclestone. http…
Bernie Ecclestone wouldn't buy back F1, wants Flavio on board
Bernie Ecclestone takes charge of daughter Tamara’s divorce
Bernie Ecclestone says 21 F1 races is enough, but Monza on the brink
Formula One’s chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he doesn’t ... ®
Bernie Ecclestone believes Formula 1 will retain the new qualifying format when it races...
F1=85 Year Old Bernie Ecclestone is still boss of Formula 1-Time to test him for illegal substances or maybe its his wife who is 38 yrs old
Bernie Ecclestone sides with drivers -
Bernie will never own controlling stake in
Because of F1 boss Ecclestone, name of Bernie Sanders sounds familiar to me. . The thought was nagging at me for MONTHS!
F1 2016: Bernie Ecclestone accepts drivers' claim that motorsport is in jeopardy He is right!!!
EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Ecclestone makes sensational revelation over F1...
Bernie Ecclestone,CEO Formula One Group,“Sky’s commitment to the Sport and standard of coverage is second to none.”
Bernie Ecclestone says he wouldn't pay to see now? Well, thanks for lumping us with at least half the live races on subscription TV then
Bernie Ecclestone is Emperor Palpatine and Christian Horner is Darth Vader. "What is thy bidding my master." - Christian Horner
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