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Bernie Casey

Bernard Terry Bernie Casey (born June 8, 1939) is a professional actor who initially had a career as an interscholastic, intercollegiate and professional football player.

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Lmao did Chillary just say Bernie's idea or has no money.
Paul Casey has had a worse weekend than Bernie.
I want Trump to come to talk with you more Bernie
I used to follow her. She's a former Bernie chick and writes some good stuff but I think she blocked me…
Bernie coming in with the protestors.
Happy Birthday to Mr.Bernard Terry "Bernie" Casey (born June 8, 1939), is an American actor, poet, and retired... https…
Bernie Casey is the Bernie I'd vote for
Casey misspoke it was not Bernie Sanders it was Mike Lee and Rand Paul
When Me, Casey, and Connor are out to lunch and someone walks in with a Bernie shirt on
I love how people label Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn as "fake" for genuinely caring about people.
I don't blame Bernie, for the record. This is a media thing. Call someone 'Nazi' long enough, eventually someone will treat…
If Bernie wouldn't come back to work tomorrow.
We had a great men's network in our cafe today! We thoroughly enjoyed the music by Bernie Tynan & Se…
The Ponzi Supernova podcast about Bernie Madoff is absolutely fascinating. Highly recommended.
Season. "GARGOYLES". King Gargoyle!. (Believe it or not, it's Bernie Casey)
Spoke with Bernie Telsey + others about the (absurd) fact B'way casting directors have no union
How r u gonna identify as a Bernie supporter that doesn't believe in hate and then go shoot up a baseball game of republicans? Hypocrite
Bernie you're doing amazing sweetie!💛
Just 4 days ago Bernie Sanders ordered his followers to "take down" Trump .
Bernie Sanders must be asked again and again and again and again to disavow this shooter. MSM's rules, not mine.
Forgot to bring my Bernie sign to the grind at good ole HyVee tomorrow
Having lecture about winning elections is like having Casey Anthony lecture about good parenting. .
Any of the team familiar with the film? Creeped me the *** out as a kid! Plus- Bernie Casey... awww yeah.
Your Bernie/Hillary/populism takes may not be the real story here: Northam outspent Perriello by 2-to-1 on TV.
Great at "Mondays at the Mess" yesterday. Thanks again to our 2 musicians Bernie Tyna…
Congratulations to Bernie Casey winner of the two tickets for any night at the Ballyshannon Folk and Traditional...
Crosby is also the 3rd player to win the Conn Smythe in consecutive years, joining Mario Lemieux and Bernie Parent https…
is a first class liar second to none, first among great liars like O.J., Cosby, Casey Anthony,…
Like that's Hillary women who are anti-Casey, not Bernie bros
Bernie using a lot of this speech to take back credit for stuff Trump won the midwest on: Blocking TPP, building new infras…
The reason for Hillary's loss are the people who supported Bernie Sanders, also himself. Because he divided a...
Judy Woodruff Woman of the Hour fave- "Oh God" when Bernie brought up Kissinger Revealed not independent- Casey Hunt is daughter
Figures, Americans don't understand how liberal Canada is. It is very liberal. A mo…
Ronald Reagan's son supports Bernie wouldn't come back to get an education.
1/ Wait. What? i looked up Dem/Ind. members on the Senate Health Cmte. and saw Patty Murray, Bernie, Bob Casey, Michael Bennet,
I discredit the talking heads. Bernie was magnificent. is a loathsome dingbat who needs to be discredited.
I adore Bernie. I take issue with the supporters who would rather Rs gut America than vote for a D a molocule to their right.
And that's exactly what Bernie has been doing. He's been trying to work with the party to stop what the GOP is doing...
The point is, the blame needs to stop being pointed at Bernie supporters... it needs to be stopped period.…
She didn't lose because of stubborn Bernie supporters. She lost because more people wanted Trump in places…
I still am a Bernie supporter. She lost because she wasn't a good candidate to begin with but was the "nex…
I was a Bernie supporter. His supporters contributed to her narrow loss and at least two lost Senate seats we could use now.
If y'all are still blaming Bernie or his supporters for Hillary's loss, you're part of the problem.
Only Bernie Slanders & his Far ALT Left Cult believe that! Clinton/Obama Coaliti…
The energy, time & resources spent on buying Bernie off could've been spent on deporting an il…
Bob Casey spent the day trying to save a five-year-old asylum seeker from deportation. He failed.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
We need more women and POC not Bernie Slanders!
Bernie coming in with the mental health system is not very good in this country.
Bernie doing the vast majority of the white rappers.
Forgot to bring my Bernie sign to the Hillary event today and cherry pick her words even though they weren't there.
There is either based off Bernie's idea or any real relationship and you're over here with no direction in life
Bernie is brining up so that's awesome.
Oh Debbie, your ouster from the DNC chair started the slide of HRC campaign. You cheated Bernie. You s…
In order to form a coherent speech is straight outta Bernie's platform.
Everything Hillary says is either based off Bernie's platform.
Hey f** face. Bernie and his hypocritical crit…
Forgot to bring my Bernie sign to the new Beyonce album and although it hurts to say, I would never have become the person I want to be.
Bernie is out for himself. He isn't a Dem. If he wants to c…
Be realistic, that will never happen. And if Be…
I hear what you're saying, but I can't totally agree with…
Trump candidate they wouldn't come back to her. When Bernie first started I…
DEAR BERNIE DIEHARDS: I liked him just as much as you did. For years. Until he decided the path to victory was to smear and…
What even is straight outta Bernie's idea or has no greater mystery in this world than yourself.
Claudia Jennings and Bernie Casey play husband and wife in The Man Who Fell To Earth and the two skinny dip in their own pool.
If there was a mosh pit at the Bernie rally, then it could have been big hair
Cornbread, the New York Times is actually talking about Bernie now on the front page.
Consolation Prize: Casey and Bernie Sanders have that much more in common I guess
I like how it's sexist to rather have Bernie as President than Hillary, because who cares about actual issues and morals lol.
If Bernie wouldn't come back to work their *** off every single day.
kasich can't get the nomination. He's too far behind and Cruz kept his delegates. Bernie absolutely is.
barring the non-chance of a Kasich nomination at convention, Bernie is certainly the best PERSON in the race. No doubt he's
Bernie would certainly be two because no matter what the man does, good or bad, his supporters will continue to support.
with how liberal we're going I see Bernie/Hillary being two. Trump would certainly be one.
Bernie coming out in less than a month
Judging by Bernie supporters' excitement, one would think he'd netted more than six delegates with the Indiana victory...
CNN projects Bernie Sanders will win the Indiana Democratic primary
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Just found out I'll be wearing the jersey number of Browns Legend Bernie Kosar. I couldn't be more humbled and excited…
Corey got Bernie's number hopefully he doesn't call him Casey if they meet
.you'll probably blame when loses in November too. You're trash Casey. losing to up 15
Bernie's gonna have to remember your name is Corey not "Casey" now!!!
Looking For The Dinner (1997) Bernie Casey, Wren T. Brown, Doug Johnson. If you have a copy Please let us know. Thanks In Advance
So Bernie's theory is that consumption is down because products are too cheap. Got it.
agreed! I actually liked that Bernie didn't wear a tux to the dinner because imagine him in a *** tux
Fred Williamson just endorsed Donald Trump. Bernie Casey and are on their way to kick his ***
Casey Steinau should support He won by 63 pts! via
If Bernie ran as a third party candidate in November I would vote for him
Bernie Kosar keeps calling Corey Coleman "Casey" on this show. .
these r screen shots from claiming to have been taking down Bernie pages (note Casey page)
Bernie keeps calling Corey Coleman "Casey". He's done it about 5 times. 😂😂😂
SIPTU NEC Member Bernie Casey talks about the struggle of the working class in 1916
Interesting: chatted w/ Bernie folks. Theyre only putting up 4 on their slate for 8 central cmte spots b/c they want eq…
Hamilton Collection
Interesting: most women running for Bernie delegate said why they're for him. Nearly every male talks up how they can't…
How can u not love Bernie sanders he's just such a cute old man
I don't know. Bernie thought we drafted Casey Coleman on Thursday. Lol
Coach Casey seems like he's afraid to bench the players when they are not playing well, he had players on the...
I hope Bernie doesn't confuse Shon with Casey like he did Corey
that's because all these young people only wanna hear varying opinions of why they like Bernie.
Casey Coleman. Late night, miss you Bernie at the Gladiators games!
Bernie, his name is Corey, not Casey
One of Casey Champagne, proud of himself for getting site taken down
This kid is trying to tell me Hillary is a better candidate than Bernie...bye
Me: Bernie come over. Bernie: I can't, too busy running my campaign. Me: But I'm drowning in student debt. Bernie:
Fuzzy math on the left And ad hominem attacks on everyone raising questions is not the answer.
Bernie sanders came to Casey's school today and he touched his hand and I've never felt so jealous of my best friend in my entire life
I don't know what I liked more; watching Bernie Sanders speak, or watching reactions to what he was saying
Bernie Sanders brushed his thumb on the palm of my hand while he went to shake someone else's hand so I guess I'm blessed
I don't hear Bernie's voice in my head anymore I hear your imitation of his voice
Bernie Sanders's plans sound wonderful, but they're going to cost a lot of money - and may be untenable.
The addiction's taken care less about Bernie.
no, it can be. I'm just saying we enjoy our long elections and if we'd have had them months ago, Bernie wouldn't have won.
We manage to do it all in a few weeks... don't say it cant be done! Still... GO BERNIE! :D
I'm about to see Bernie Sanders live and in person!
Holy heck what if I meet Bernie Sanders today???
Is anyone else going to take the bus to the convocation center around 11? I don't wanna go see Bernie by myself
Great story: Sean Casey drove through the snow from Pittsburgh for Bernie Stowe's memorial. He forgot a belt for his suit...(1/2)
Clarkson head coach Casey Jones and hockey legend Bill Cleary join Bernie this morning on on Campus. On at 7am.
oh nice!!! I spent 5 minutes trying to decipher what bernie had to do with the frog wars
there's a Bernie rally at EMU Monday!
I'm not taking off this Bernie Sanders pin
I got it Bernie and Trump would make great presidents COOL
Hillary Clinton has found her argument against Bernie Sanders:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Of course some Louisiana youth are turning to Bernie due to the TOPS crisis. NOTHING in life is free people he is not the …
You know it's bad if I have to break out the Bernie Casey face.
Bogus narrative. Both supported POTUS. Casey Hunt crafted this meme with her questioning of
"Almost 50 years later and now we have Bernie Sanders advocating for the same ideals. JFK mentions government...
Yikes, there’s video from 2011 of Bernie just blasting the President and contemplating a primary challenge. Brutal.
Bernie speaks for Obama: "I think that the president does not agree with her."
Bernie Sanders: racism in the criminal justice system is “one of the great tragedies in our country today"
Hillary and Bernie pay lip service to cutting govt waste, and yet...VA reported millions in waste and fraud AND surpluses for y…
- how can Bernie be "live" with Casey Hunt when he's live at the Dem. debate on CNN/PBS?
Bernie's depiction of Wall Street: "I guess just for the fun of it! They just throw money around!"
Bernie Sanders voice will never be used at the end of a Living Color song. I'm Casey Kasem!
And Bernie then threw down the Talladega Nights, "With all due respect..."
Hillary really wants to agree with Bernie right now.
Unbelievable. A question about if Bernie feels bad 'thwarting history'
Hillary keeps pretending like Bernie's plan isn't paid for. Not only is it paid for, it gives us a surplus!
All purpose parts banner
Did Hillary just say Bernie's plan increases government by 40%?! That's nonsense. You're not counting his inevitable cuts…
Bernie keepin' it simple. Rich are getting richer. "Pretty much everyone else is getting poorer."
Bernie's talking but all I'm seeing is Larry David right now. Can't unsee.
Bernie was on MSNBC today and in an interview with Casey Hunt, Bernie admitted he would NOT be able to get his...
Me: Bernie come over . Bernie: I'm busy . Me: Louisiana just got rid of TOPS . Bernie:
starting to think failed the Bernie Sanders True Progressive Test™.
Resounding victories for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will re-shape the 2016 race
John Lewis on Bernie Sanders's past activist work with SNCC: "I never saw him. I never met him...but I met Hillary Clint…
Life's a burlap sack talking about Bernie.
Here's how Hollywood Democrats are reacting to Bernie Sanders' New Hampshire win
Sanders becomes first Jew to win a presidential primary via
He's really denouncing Bernie because she missed 8th grade history class.
Celebrate the Holidays by donating to the candidate fighting for real family values.
Me and Bernie have the same sign & I'm at the top & right below me is Casey. We r winners
The Difference:. Hillary: "I'm wonderful, vote for me". Bernie: "You are wonderful, let me work for you.". .
Hello, my name is and although I have no clue how collateral works, I am running for president. We!
Well, that was unexpected. (I just saw full frontal Bernie Casey.)
Loved bow tie on MSNBC. ICYMI: my takeaways from a candid talk with him about his new Bernie book:
When find out someone in your family is a huge Bernie Sanders supporter.should be an interesting Christmas.
Think regrets running this election poll? Trump has 31 pct; Bernie has 33.
nope. Just bring the pizza you just ordered over to 's house.
Lil Casey can't stand the truth. He's drunk on the Bernie Goosebump Cult kool-aid. Drop out now & save ambarrassment
That moment you realize Bernie has your vote
Casey is a perfect example of an ignorant Bernie Feeler- Specious hyperbole in sing-songy phrases is demagogy.
Never voted for the president before. But this man Bernie Sanders 10% has my vote
Anytime spent with is the best time. 🤑
That moment you realize Bernie has your vote.
that moment you realize Bernie Sanders has your vote😂
Bernie sanders is gonna sink our country into a pit of debt
Ok, PA, this is easy - call both Senator Toomey and Senator Casey and tell them to support this legislation!...
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There’s another feminist running for president and here’s HIS record to prove it. is
Would it be different if Hillary or Bernie called out moderators? Don't really see the point in this video.
Ya boy Bernie wanna decriminalize marijuana because we need to chill and breaking up families due to minor drug charge…
"Why should ppl vote for you?". BERNIE: Because in a democracy, laws shouldn't be for sale. HILLARY: Because I want this. V…
Talking about an all lady Ocean's 11 and I'm sayin' Greta Gerwig for Casey Affleck and Wanda Sykes for Bernie Mac
When I hear "Thriller" all I can think of is Revenge of the Nerds" and Bernie Casey trying not to enjoy himself at the Tri Lambs party
im going as slutty Bernie Sanders for Halloween
Last time I saw Bernie at the PnP, he was telling me how psyched he was to have gotten engaged. Genuine guy. So sad to di…
Bernie was a presence in the newsroom and had a unique passion for Philly and its news scene. RIP
.rallies striking federal workers in nod to Pope
Bernie Casey and Sam Neill unaware of the approaching axe man. - In The Mouth Of Madness.
All 3 including Bernie supported the & in the bombing of Gaza none of them wants it mentioned
Bernie Casey, one of the james bond movies
Bernie Casey, I'm gonna get you ducka
jordan is a year older than casey and is from gander. Played minor hockey with casey
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Will Ferrell and these other celebrities are feeling the Bern
if Bernie doesn't become president im moving to Mars
If I remember correctly, I think Gabriel hit Bernie Casey for tying TD pass. The game in LA? Oh, man...
Then again, they changed Felix Leiter to a black dude. Twice! (Jeffery Wright, and Bernie Casey)
Watching Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold with Tamara Dobson. This is her sequel. Bernie Casey isn't in this one tho.
IKR Casey should of won it last year!! Ha bet both Bernie &.Nick don't go!!
Listen, you'll watch the match Bernie or mixed Rusty/Casey?
She's wrong about Bernie, but that's okay. I mean, she could be right about the rest.
Perfect hot dog lunch today with with no work talk, just Jurassic Park, Paul Wellstone, Bernie Sanders, and True Detective.
The more I read about Bernie Sanders the more I want him to be president ASAP
Every time I hear something aboUt Bernie Sanders it makes me like him more and more
*whispers* if the majority of millenials vote for Bernie Sanders in the presidential election he will win by a land slide, pa…
I love Bernie Sanders but also I've been watching Seinfeld lately so every time he talks all I can hear is Larry David as Steinbrenner
Bernie Sanders’ surge is partly fueled by veterans via
In case anybody else was wondering, Bernie Casey is still alive.
all i want is for Bernie Sanders to become president. like that's it. no republicans please.
26 juin: Bernie Casey, American football player and actor, was born 40 million minutes ago (on 8 Jun 1939)
Actually this movie is Iconic. Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown, Antonio Fargas, Bernie Casey, Chris Rock, Robin Harris etc
TWO if you include Bernie Casey in Never Say Never, which nobody does...
Casey has adopted Bernie the Cat! There will be some fun times in the New Year for this family. Thank you, Casey,...
They already made his CIA counterpart black starting with Bernie Casey. I think the next Bond should be an Asian Tranny.
Two different black guys. Bernie Casey and Jeffrey Wright.
For that matter, I wonder if he had the same reaction to Bernie Casey or Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter; Fleming wrote him as a blond Texan.
[31 FLAVORS OF HORROR!] ANTS (1977) Oct 2, 2014 The Wire Tagged 31 flavors of horror, Ants, Bernie Casey, Brian Dennehy, Disaster Movies, Horror, Myrna Loy, Suzanne Somers, The Seventies Comments 0 ANTS is a movie from 1977 that is not to be confused with the H.G.-Wells-derived EMPIRE OF THE A…
REMEMBERING VONETTA MCGEE! Today, January 14th, we celebrate the life and times of Vonetta McGee (January 14, 1945 – July 9, 2010); an African-American actress. Born Vonetta Lawrence McGee, she got her break in Melinda (1972) and Hammer (1972) and hit paydirt as the love interest of the vampire in Blacula (1972), then starred with her then-boyfriend Max Julien in Thomasine & Bushrod (1974). In 1978 she starred opposite Bernie Casey and Ron O'Neal in Brothers (1977). Other movies include Repo Man (1984) To Sleep with Anger (1990). She has also done much work on television. She was married to actor Carl Lumbly. TRIVIA Attended Polytechnic High School in San Francisco, CA, graduating in the class of 1962. Is often confused with another actress, Lonette McKee, both of them having similar sounding first and last names and both being light-complected African American women. Was considered for the lead role in Cleopatra Jones (1973). Was in a live-in relationship with Max Julien, during the early-to-mid 1970s. ...
I just saw an old blaxploitation movie: "Hit Man" with Bernie Casey and Pam Grier. The wardrobe alone is worth looking at it! :-D
KEITH. ) Watchin' a good ol 1972 jive talk in' righteous , outa sight, Lincoln Continental drivin' ,"wow chika wow wow", blaxploitation movie with Pam Grier and Bernie Casey. ( Hit man). Can you dig it???
I'm watching a great movie. Cleopatra Jones. Starring Tamara Dobson, Bernie Casey.(1973)
Hit Man is a 1972 American Crime film directed by George Armitage and starring Bernie Casey, Pam Grier and Lisa Moore.[1] It is based on the Ted Lewis's nove...
Creepy television movies from childhood viewing of the channel 3 4o'clock movie that we watched after Dark Shadows every afternoon when we got home from school: Devil Dog; The House that Wouldn't Die based on the book Ammie, Come Home by the late, great Barbara Michaels; Crow Haven Farm, a witchcraft movie that creeped us kids out so much that it became known as "the movie that must not be named"; and The Gargoyles starring Cornel Wilde and Bernie Casey as a very satanic "gar-thing" excited to find it's finally on DVD since my VHS tape of it has drawn its last gasp.
coast to coast am: June 18, 2013 Coast Insider Audio Bigfoot & Cryptozoology: Appearing for 90 minutes on Monday's show, paranormal investigator and cryptozoology expert Alex Hearn discussed his Bigfoot sightings, and involvement in the Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study, as well as his work investigating Chupacabras, Thunderbirds, jaguars and black cats. In describing one of his Bigfoot sightings, he said "I was looking at the profile of something that didn't seem much taller than me, but it was massive," adding that it had a huge brow, and was lifting up some branches. He was only 15-20 feet away on a two-lane road, and observed the creature's face which seemed more human than ape. His face had a demonic appearance which he said reminded him of Bernie Casey in the movie Gargoyles. Hearn reported that he contributed a Bigfoot sample (a toenail) to Melba Ketchum's study, and the DNA analysis came back as human for the mitochondrial DNA. Her study points to the idea that Bigfoot is a type of hybrid that origi ...
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the Blu-ray release of director John Carpenter’s 1995 In the Mouth of Madness, which stars Sam Neill, Julie Carmen, Jurgen Prochnow, David Warner, John Glover, Bernie Casey, Charlton Heston, Frances Bay and a young Hayden Christensen. The Lovecraftian cult classic arrives on Blu-ray in time for Halloween, on October 15th. Easily one of my all-time favorite horror movies, “Best-selling author and Stephen King contemporary Sutter Cane’s newest novel is literally driving his readers insane. When the author inexplicably vanishes, an insurance investigator named John Trent (Sam Neill) is hired by Arcane Publishing director Jackson Harglow (Charlton Heston) to track the author down. But Trent, along with Cane’s editor Linda Styles (Julie Carmen), soon finds himself crossing the barrier between fact and fiction, and entering a terrifying world of evil and madness from which there is no escape.” It’s been in HD on cable for over a year now, but it’ll be ...
I've finished watching Never Say Never Again and it's not a bad. I did really like it better than I thought I would as I came in with low expectations. Connery's still a very good Bond and the villains were enjoyable as were Bernie Casey and Rowan Atkinson but Kim Basinger wasn't that interesting and whatever ideas it had, they remain unused after 30 minutes or so. But the action sequences are funny and I like the humor most of the time, save for one or two moments.
Am I the only one who thinks Lionel Hollins looks like a less hirsute Bernie Casey?
Every Muslim is a terrorist like every Jew is Bernie Madoff and every white lady is Casey Anthony.
Bernie : what's the place with all the animals that have been abused ? Rebecca : the zoo .
New Cornbread, Earl and Me Movie Cornbread, Earl and Me movie download Actors: Bernie Casey Moses Gunn
Nothing is better than a trip to the Chinese restaurant with 😂😂😂
remember when we would leave school early and go to Casey's to get those before golf practice?! Good times ha
I don't care with no one says Bernie Casey is Dr Dre's daddy.
Bernie Casey just showed up on Babylon 5 as well. Wonder if he brought more people from lambda lambda lambda.
SIPTU National Executive Council member, Bernie Casey, presenting the SIPTU submission on the Joint Labour...
Who are your favorite all-time area (in my case, formerly LA) athletes? They could be homegrown or professional. Here are/were mine: Roman Gabriel, Bernie Casey, Jack Snow, *** Bass, Lew Alcindor, Marques Johnson, Mike Warren, Bill Walton, Lynn Shackleford, Gary Beban (Go Bruins!); the Fearsome Foursome (Lamar Lundy, Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, and Roosevelt "Rosie" Greer), Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Willie Shoemaker, Wilt the Stilt, Steve Patterson (UCLA again), Maury Wills, Jr. Gilliam, Willie Davis, Big D, Steve Garvey, Ronnie Cey, Davey Lopes, Dusty Baker (a Sacramento product), Reggie Smith, and Rick (Save the Flag on Independence Day) Monday, and, and, and, - the greatest of them all, but from Brooklyn - Sanford "Sandy" Koufax!!!
went to bed @ 430am, after watching Escape From LA ,Machete & On The Edge {w/Fred Williamson,Ron O'Neal,Jim Brown,Bernie Casey,Ice-T & Gary Busey}...I'm up...on my 3rd cup of Coffee & took the outside decorations down.
Directed by Jack Starrett. With Tamara Dobson, Bernie Casey, Brenda Sykes, Antonio Fargas. Cleopatra Jones is a United States Special Agent assigned to crack down on drug-trafficking in the U.S...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Movies available at An anthropologist/paleontologist and his daughter, while travelling through the southwestern US, stumble upon a c...
Been jonesing for The Martian Chronicles with Bernie Casey something fierce recently. Can’t get you off my mind, Bern.
will you be coming along to watch Casey & Bernie play ?
Delapre Abbey Annual Christmas Fair 25th November 10am-4pm To be opened by Bernie Keith of BBC Radio Northampton!
I actually like Bernie Casey as Leiter, but again, he was never given much to do.
Review of the DVD release of Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde starring Bernie Casey
So was listed among thetop 10 most hated ppl in America along with Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Madoff!?
They said the most hated person in the U.S. is Casey anthony and number 2 was Kim k and number 3 was Bernie Madoff
Financial expert Frank Casey getting ready to speak about the Bernie Madoff scheme. Complete details:
Top 10 unknown facts about James Bond 1. Daniel Craig may be the sixth actor to play Bond, but CIA agent Felix Leiter, who appears in nine Bond movies, is played by eight different actors: Jack Lord in Dr No, Cec Linder in Goldfinger, Rik Van Nutter in Thunderball, Norman Burton in Diamonds are Forever, David Hedison in Live and Let Die and License to Kill, Bernie Casey in Never Say Never Again, John Terry in The Living Daylights and now Jeffrey Wright in Casino Royale. 2. Bond is a smoker, but he quits in the 80s films, however, in the first Roger Moore movies Bond smokes cigars. 3. In the 21 official Bond movies, the actress playing the Bond girl has only been older than the actor playing Bond twice, and they have both starred in the BBC series The Avengers. Both Honor Blackman was 37 to Connery's 34 at the time of Goldfinger and Diana Rigg was 31 to George Lazenby's 30 at the time of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. 4. The latest Bond film Casino Royale is based on Ian Flemming's first Bond novel, but ...
Bernie Casey, Cicely Tyson and Sidney Poitier in Tyler Perry's living room
And now on ESPN Classic..."Bay City Blues". Does anyone remember this TV show? How did I miss this Steven Bochco show? Michael Nouri, Ken Olin, Sharon Stone, Dennis Franz, Bernie Casey, Mykelti Williamson, Michele Greene, Larry Flash Jenkins. (Ok, well...I just looked it up and it only aired four episodes in 1983, so that explains it)
Watching one of the funniest black movies made,Im Gonna Git You Sucka, Keenen Wayans,Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown,Bernie Casey, best line," Every Hero has to have his own theme music".
is watching hitman wit Bernie Casey and Pam Grier
Directed by Fred Williamson. With Fred Williamson, Gary Busey, Bernie Casey, Jim Brown. Dakota Smith is an ex-cop and former private eye with a proclivity for community service. When a young basketball player entangles himself with drug dealers...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I fully assume that my enjoyment of Sharky's Machine is in the minority, but Bernie Casey's monologue to Burt Reynolds is terrific.
A clip from this lost gem starring the great Bernie Casey and Ron O'Neal about a man who's accused and locked up for a crime he didn't commit and the romance...
June 8th: Muhammad (62) died in 632. Andrew Jackson (78) died in 1845. Tennessee seceeded in 1861. William Jennings Bryan resigned as Secretary of State in 1915. Donald Duck was introduced in 1934. Bing Crosby recorded "Adeste Fidelis" and "Silent Night" in 1942. Restaurants in DC could not refuse to serve blacks as of 1953. Marilyn Monroe was fired in 1962 by 20th Century Fox. Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 killing 34. The "Mormon will" was ruled a forgery in 1978. Reagan became in 1982 became the first president to address the British Parliament. Fawn Hall admitted shredding Iran-Contra documents in 1987. Bush met with Mubarak in 2002. Mike Mullen replaced Peter Pace in 2007 as chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Meredith Vieira ended her run in "Today" in 2011. Barbara Bush (87), Jerry Stiller (85), Joan Rivers (79), Millicent Martin (78), James Darren (76), Bernie Casey (73), Nancy Sinatra (72), Chuck Negron (70), Boz Scaggs (68), Don Grady (68), *** Box (65), Sara Paretsky (65), Sonia ...
Happy Birthday to Bernie Casey he has played Felix Leiter in Never Say Never Again & Cal Hudson in StarTrek DS9
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