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Bernard King

Bernard King (born December 4, 1956 in Brooklyn, New York) is a retired American professional basketball player at the small forward position in the NBA.

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Bernard King tho that's the best picture lol
On this day in 1984, New York Knicks forward/guard Bernard King (born 12/04/1956) scored a…
I've been a fan since the Bernard King days. I know.
next year when the Knicks are on Christmas Day, retire Bernard King's number!
Every player should watch this awesome display by Bernard King. All inside the arc. Limits his dribbles & scores big htt…
In honor of it back to when legend Bernard King scored 60 on the on Christmas Day! https…
Karl Anthony-Towns with 14 in the first quarter. 30 vs. C's at age 20?. Lebron, Kyrie, KG, Ricky Davis, Bernard King, Shareef & Cliff R
Bernard King prolly the greatest Knick besides Clyde...
Happy Birthday to the legend Bernard King! | Watch King score 60 on the Nets:
KNUST are you ready 4 the King👑 On Friday, this is a Warm Up Things For The https…
"1982" . 33 Years ago today Knicks land Bernard King via trade with Warriors.
I enjoyed that one as well. Loved Bernard King back in the day.
31st Annual Artios Award Honorees announced by See who’ll be recognized at this year’s gala
The best thing that has happend to the knicks since Bernard King
Patrick Ewing, Walt Frazier, Bernard King or Willis Reed—who is the greatest player in New York Knicks history?
Fast Break w/Gabe Kaplan & Bernard King was a zillion times better than this pap
Nick Anderson 50-point game on NBA TV right now. Scott Skiles has hair, Shaq is thin and Bernard King is on the Nets. I'm at a loss.
Women are the most relentlessly surveyed people in western society - Bernard King
actually might be about right. Bernard King /25 recently sold for $28.50 dlvd.
On page 269 of 448 of The Winter King, by Bernard Cornwell
Flipped on TV and '85 NBA all-star game on. Bird, Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Dr J, Moses Malone, Isaiah, Bernard King, G Gervin.
Daniel PadillaPogi Hot King Adorable In short he has everything
What do you get the little boy (with a big orange heart) who has Bernard King iPad wallpaper 😉
mutumbo Bernard king Shawn kemp and Patrick Ewing? I'm no one remembers them then every1 catch amnesia thinking about the Eagles
Old shooters on my team. Bernard King.
Wow great game. Bernard King a mid range killer. MJ missing the GW as well? Two players fouling out? Is this fake
Hard to believe that many players were more robbed of their potential than Grant Hill and (maybe) Bernard King
40 years of HORRIBLE luck. And bad decisions. I still remember reading the Sporting Green the morning of Bernard King trade.
Amongst others Bernard King, and wore 30 on before
I decided to go all on the gimmick. I got Bernard King and Billy Owens so far.
Bernard King toying with MJ. Dropped 44 , 8 boards and 6 dimes. Yet very people even know who he is. Pure scorer.
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Old shooter on the team my bernard king..
We discussed the injury matter w/ some historical context, too, from Bernard King to Rod Thorn, and Jerry West -
On 2K I'd like to see George Gervin, Bernard King, Alex English, Rick Barry, Elvin Hayes and that's Nets team w/Drazen, Coleman and Anderson
Congratulations to my boyfriend Brannon Bernard and Precious Young on winning Prom King and Queen! 🎉
aye id get the gold Mitch Richmond he's hella good for his price also Bernard King both hella good players had them from start
Many men may see the King in a Kid but it takes a true leader to nurture it Bernard Kelvin Clive
So I guess this Bernard King guy was kinda good. ehh …
Bernard King, Dr J, and Larry Bird are on mine. But all play same position I think
Guys like Nash and Pistol Pete and CP3 and Nique and Thurmond and CWeb and Bernard King never even made the finals. They're all great
And I just got a text of Bernard stealing purses at the mall now. Nah man the Trop changed you
Bernard Cornwell The Winter King. Arthur as a Celtic tribal warlord. Cornwell did a fair bit of rese
Bernard this time aggressive measures should be taken to make way for the rain.
he's not Bernard King, nore Magic Johnson, nore is he Jordan or Robert Horry. He is LeBron James. Thats all he can be !
2 Finals, but vs. LAL and SAS. Darien Petrovic. Bernard King's knee. Coach Cal. It goes on.
"The art of scoring is not understanding offense but understanding defense.” member Bernard King.
that's hurtful've changed,I prefer the old Bernard
but if you want to go old school . Pervis Ellison. Danny Manning. Grant Hill. Sam Bowie. Bernard King
Tonight is the Night. After All the years Of Pain, from Bernard King to Sleepy Floyd to Run TMC to…
Bernard King is in that discussion hands down. Could score at will
I like the obvious ones - Barry Wilkes Mullin Curry Bernard King Gus Williams - but I have to mention Larry Smith
Bernard King and Carmelo Anthony have since passed Guerin's scoring record. Chris Duhon(!) beat his assists record.
Preparing to fill the Bill Simmons void at ... My focus, Bernard King-era Knicks and "Square Pegs" references...
coming after school/work West Coast time to commemorate historic Bernard King vs. Isaiah Thomas game 31 yea…
I would have loved to see Ewing, Bernard King, Clyde Frasier, and Willis Reed get in a time machine and play.
Why fans must remember Bernard King when watching Matt Harvey:
Great running into old friends for weekend. Robert Parish and Bernard King.
“It's Bernard King. It's Penny Hardaway. There's always one per era.” Tracy McGrady too for the 2000s decade
OH Yes I remember that one now. Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld. Very good
Mitchell and Ness got the Bernard King throwback 😭😭😭🙌
I might be mad at Sir Charles, but King Bernard makes a *** good point too, with that said don't be mad at Bernie!!!
Of course, an all-time Brooklyn team of Hawkins, Bernard King, Mullin, Dolph Schayes, Pearl is hard to argue even tho Marbury was so great
regrann legends Walt Frazier and Bernard King representing on the…
as a high school player Albert King was recruited even more heavily than Bernard
Bernard Lama was a king of sweatpants.
History could repeat itself if Melo doesn't shut it down. Bernard King never got the chance to play with Ewing.
would hate for history to repeat itself. Bernard King never had the chance to play with Ewing. Knees prevented that.
I would compare JR to John Starks lol and for Melo I would compare him to either another Dominique Wilkins or Bernard King.
I had one song, but apparently some guy named Kurtis Blow wrote it. I was just trynna shoutout Bernard King
The more you ponder Grant Hill, Tyson, Juan Gonzalez, RG III, Tiger Woods, Bernard King, more you appreciate Ali's comeback after 3 1/2 yrs.
Yo, Bernard King's brother just gave me an assist and of course I missed the shot
I love the fact that randozzo king cakes are getting ordered all throughout the Country and it all started in St.Bernard
...And I think D Rose will soon get to MVP level like Bernard King did , he himself discards the hype and rather work
Catch NBA Legends Bernard King and Bruce Bowen at NBA House in Skylight at Moynihan Station on Thursday, Feb 12 from 2-5 pm!
Guess what? will be represented at Dunk Contest! Ok sort of. greats Chris Mullin and Bernard…
Bernard King & Chris Mullin take us back to where it all began for them, BK on 'The City Game' - 6pm/et Wed
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Da Interview at Abercrombie & Fitch up King Prussia Mall it went good
Judging Zach LaVine in the slam dunk contest will be Julius Erving, Walt Frazier, Nate Archibald, Bernard King and Chris Mu…
Among other things, did not know that Bernard King went to Fort Hamilton and Joakim Noah went to Poly Prep.
As a native New Yorker love this map, which includes likes of Bernard King, Ernie Grunfeld & .
A Hall of Famers would be awesome. I'd settle for Bernard King or Robert Parish again.
Man they got playing Martin Luther King in "Selma" look more like Bernard King in Madison Square Garden.
Listening to The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell on A novel of early Britain under Arthur
What a man. Captain of the ship in Titanic and King Of Rohan in The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers,Bernard Hill 👍
Bernard King for 9K cheapest on the market didn’t sell..? BK is amazing for his price!
Yantumye by King James: Favorite song for 2014,just love it!!!. is amazingly talent…
It doesn't need to be debated. It is an accepted fact that the bible has been rewritten. King James version finished 1611.
MyTeam for CHEAP Gold Legend Bernard King for 9K buy now!
Is Sunday n we hittn church with love n much worship our the King of Glory Jesus.
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." - George B…
Pulled a beast *** bernard king in legendary pack 86 overall good scorer
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Conversation with Anthony Pinn, Monica Miller and Bernard "Bun B" Freeman: "The Influence of Gandhi and King on…
Old shoota on my team my Bernard King
It's things like this that make you wish Bernard Manning was still on the go
The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell, first book of his epic Arthur and Merlin trilogy :)
Roberson has scored 2 straight buckets for A&M in OT 2. Has 10 points, 8 rebounds with his brother, Bernard King, in attendance.
Willis Reed rolling over in his grave, Clyde Frazier rolling over in his grave, Bernard King rolling over in his grave
Wonder if they can score more than Bernard King did on Christmas Day '84"?
Oh, heck yeah...A&M's all-time leading scorer Bernard King - Kourtney Roberson's brother - is also in the building tonight. That's cool.
Bernard King scored 45 on Randolph his senior year
Me with Civil Rights Icon Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Dr. Lafayette was one of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s...
154th at Kenilworth won by Brett Crawford trained Futura under Bernard Fayd'Herbe over SAF Triple Crown winner Louis the King.
Could you get Bernard King to show up again?
My all time favorite is Pat Ewing but I think Bernard King probably the best
true, but I'd be lying if chronic knee injury didn't scare me. Ewing, Houston, McDyess, Amare. Even back to Bernard King.
Old shooter on the team, I'm Bernard King
Good article in latest edition of on King George V Park in Stockbridge. Past life as the Gymmie, home to St Bernard's FC.
I'm making a concerted effort to learn the bass guitar. You, Mark King & Bernard Edwards are my inspiration.…
Ah Bernard is the master. He has a recent one about the dark ages I forget its name. The 'something' King
Patrick Ewing didn't get to play with Bernard King but Okafor/Towns (hopefully) could get to play with Melo.
AND; Bernard King was real good once. And Patrick Ewing something something.
Maybe Walt ' Clyde" Frazier, Earl " the Pearl" Monroe and Bernard King can suit up for my Knicks.
DeMarcus Cousins just dunked on Bernard King and Patrick Ewing. DeMarcus Cousins just dunked on the entire province of New Netherlands.
Old shooter on the team, I'm Bernard King. Started with a nickel rock and got a triple beam
Bernard King just exposed a SportsCenter host And ESPN to being biased to LeBron James, finally!
James Harden is the modern day Bernard King.
Last 30 years We had an old Bernard King, Moses Malone, too short of a run from 0 & injury prone Webber.
Happy birthday Bernard King obviously from Fox lol and Michael Beasley !!
King & Anthony Mason my all-time favorite basketball players. MT Happy 58th Bday to the great Bernard King.
"I didn't tell anyone about it, yuh know. I grew up in a household where there was no communication. So you just internalize it and you deal with it, as well as you can." Bernard King
BTH all time starting 5..Jordan, Kidd, LeBron, Duncan and Akeem..bench..Bird, Magic, Kobe, Kareem and Bernard King
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oh, you have. Henry from Brooklyn. Gave you stats saying how Bernard King deserves to be in the next 10 greatest
Do they even sell bernard king jerseys anymore use to see loads they just disappeared
Hey, this is my new product, do u love it?
he'll be first ballot. Remember: Jamaal Wilkes and Bernard King are HOF now. Bosh' career blows those
Bernard has been scouting our game, nervous
Folks think I be playing. I was a knockout king in Indianola 😂...13 year old Bernard Hopkins
lmfao the giants going to be Bernard Hopkins today just don't get knocked out
New track off of King Jules upcoming mixtape releasing soon on
wins Bernard Schwarz Award for brilliant Blood Telegram (& Return of a King gets an honourable mention.).
Bernard Hopkins is more than a boxer to me he's a role model how to turn bad into good.
Bernard King has the craziest most intense game face I've ever seen
Bernard Hopkins is one tough warrior, all credit to him for such a brave performance. Kovalev is King!
Man, how good would've Bernard King been without the knee injuries?
Bernard Hopkins lost but still a winner. Turning 50yrs old and held up against a 31yr old bricklayer...
Bernard Hopkins great career but time to retire champ
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Bernard Hopkins should win just for not being knocked out.
That's the first time I've ever watched Bernard Hopkins get whipped. He's lost some fights. But never like that.
This better be Bernard Hopkins last fight on me
yes but I double checked the Knicks fact. Wasn't sure if Bernard king was on that squad
I refuse to believe 49 year old Bernard Hopkins not sleepy.
Why Bernard got them grandpop socks on
Bernard Hopkins is that old dude at the gym with a sky hook that's unstoppable. Half court King.
King *** aka Bernard Hopkins comes out to X Files then YG
Old shooter on the team my Bernard King
yeh go on homes chuck a score in Bernard for me !
Bernard James...LeBron's younger brother that was given up for adoption bc his momma knew he wasnt the King
Bernard the bricklayer as Nat King Cole. This is Saturday night!.
Old shooter on my team, my Bernard king
Old shooter on the team, my Bernard King.
see you there to remember our RFC men: George Walford, Nimrod King, Bernard Gordon, Thomas Sillis, William Clark
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Who did you want to be as a kid growing up playing basketball?. I remember taping up my fingers wanting to be like Bernard K…
In the history of the NBA not many have been able to put the ball in the hole like Bernard King. He gave cats The Biznes!
Guys use to argue and fight in my neighborhood over who would be Bernard King after he dropped 50 in back 2 back games with…
It's official when you get a race bib😄. I will take the baton from Bernard King at approximately 11:25am. htt…
Like that one time Stephen King posted pictures of his rabid St Bernard and that killer clown he keeps in his basement?
I have a lot of love for them, especially for their accommodating Bernard King in his sunset years.
my dad went to highschool with Bernard King
Bernard wants to dress like Birdman when he gets older, god bless
Bernard King had 42 points his first game in college😱
Bernard King with the Utah Jazz is an all-timer in the "Only Mentioned in Hushed Voices" discussion
Hope everyone enjoyed whooper Wednesday at Bernard Burger King
is going to this event to hear my friends Vera Boldin, John King, Bernard Long Jr, Erika Johnson, Zelphia Otis...
Buhari executed Ojuolape (30), Bernard Ogedengbe (29) and Barth Owoh (26) for a crime that did not carry capital purn…
Bernard King was a great player, but he's not on the level of the "legends" we spoke about on the LAL
Bernard King was a great player winning back to back scoring titles at 33 plus points per game. Hurt knee and never same.
HENKIL BERNARD RZB20 Living with the King of Halloween: Halloween is a holiday for ALL ages. It is an opportunity to be anyone or any...
Oct 22, 1982: Bernard King was traded from the Warriors to the Knicks.
1 red to stroger 2 yellow to st. bernard. street light @ 7112 is oos and 30 bags of sand for oil and tranny fluid. from pin-in at 71/King
my mt rushmore of knicks in no definitive order . reed, fraizer, ewing, & Bernard king
Rapaport's doc should have been about Knicks fans pretending Bernard King was an all time great and not a volume shooter with no teammates.
I own a mansion, but live in a house. A king size bed, but I sleep on the couch.
Walt Frazier was Bernard King before there was Bernard King!
"the king of Zionists and the neocons new middle east project
I stole a couple of moves from Bernard King...that man had one of the quickest releases I have ever seen.
Cheat on me & I'm gone have you & your father on Maury tryna figure out who the daddy of lil Bernard
Saw the site. Liked the comedians from the 60s. Alan King's parents were my "grandma Minnie & poppa Bernard"!!
. Bernard King: Attorney who doesn't fact check
The Steelers are scoring at a rate of Bernard King + Isaiah Thomas
the league isn't named after Bernard King for nothing; I fully plan to sign him for his '85 scoring numbers.
Spanish *** at the gym teaching Bernard how to work out nh, don't want to hear the Spanish slander anymore
I know! I'd like one of those, a St Bernard and a Newfoundland. We've only had King Charlie's and Teacup Yorkies at home. Small!
A small peak into my moment of vulnerability. But a king falls only for but a second.
"Last name Ever, first name Greatest. Like a sprained ankle, boy I ain't nothing to play with". From that moment on, Drake was king,
Bernard Madoff, Master Swindler and King of the Ponzi Scheme — Had Close Ties To Top Politicians & Lots of Protection.
Leenane Village is have its annual Ram fair (at Gaynors&Hamilton's pubs)
VIDEO: Bengals RB Gio Bernard nearly gets broken in half on this devastating hit
Well done by name checking both Thurman Munson & Bernard King in this weeks episode ---> NYC legends
Danny Castellano is every NY man in his late 30's early 40's. Posters of Bernard King and Thurman Munson on his childhood bedroom wall.
What happens to injured NBA stars like Paul George? And Charles Barkley, Bernard King, Grant Hill & more.
I already watched the lose Bernard King. I don't want to now watch them lose a healthy Melo in his prime. life
c'mon , stay with Knicks & become a Knicks legend, just like your idol Bernard King!
Bernard hill is the only actor who have starred in two of the most acclaimed movies in history.
he grew up a Knicks fan. His fav player was Bernard king. He forced his way to come to NY bc this is where he wants to be.
rings don't define the player. Ewing, Barkley, Bernard King, Artis Gilmore, Nash, Maravich, AI, Stockton/Malone never won one
Check out legend Bernard King’s point of view on his back to back 50pt games TONIGHT!
It's good to be king. Goldman Sachs gets Google to unsend an email.
Love The Good Son and Namath. About to pickuo Pistol for the beach. Miss reading On The Mark in NY. Time for Bernard King book.
Bernard and Pieter are nephews of the Dutch King Willem Alexander :-)
“Soo they just compared melo to Larry Bird on espn smh” he's more Bernard king
He's the best player The Knicks have had since Bernard King and Patrick Ewing. I really think he can excel in The Triangle Offense.
just watched an 84/85 yr Bernard King Game that must a been a crazy year to be teammate the most under Rated player ever
Melo stayin in NY he dropped 62 and got a call from Bernard King👑🏀 the legend those moments stay with you forever
Melo’s just happy to be Bernard King 2.0. And that ain’t so bad, really.
So looks like Carmelo is wanting to go the Bernard King route, eh? Someone has a weak pimp hand.
M. Renaud Bernard asked me : "What do you thing about a king in France?"
like Mcgrady and Melo don't create opportunities for others. They are scorers. Like Bernard king. Like A Dantley, Gervin etc
I mean Melo only changed his number because Bernard King's number was retired.
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if melo isabout money then keeping him and will be known as 2nd Bernard king he shouldn't trust Phil can turn it around no exp
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Just had some of your cream cheese as part of my lunch, very tasty!
bro you're a Knicks fan you guys think you're gonna win a ring since the last time Bernard king played
Milk prices are unchanged this morning, Whole Milk Powder €3180 per metric tonne & Skimmed Milk Powder is trading at €2860 per…
Here's an interesting "coulda been" big three for you. Bernard King, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish in GS.
David Lee has a higher career PER than Bernard King and James Worthy. Uh.
DC Sports Bog: Dominique Wilkins on John Wall’s dunk and memorable matchups with Bernard King
Name the top ten pure shooters in all basketball 1. Bernard King 2.Aldul Kabar 3. Oscar Robinson 4. Jerry West 5. Ray Allen 6. Louie Dampier 7. Walt Frazier 8. Jerry Cousey 9. down town Freddie Brown and 10. George Bryant played for Burnside and Eastern when Eastern was much better than UK
Sam, I agree with that. Mitch, Mullin, Bernard King, Ralph Sampson, all very good players but none of them HOF
.Paul George right now is equal parts George "Iceman" Gervin and Bernard King.
Were you at Joe Louis Arena on this day in 1984 when Isiah Thomas scored 16 points in 91 seconds versus Bernard King and the New York Knicks? Black history is more than a month; it's a movement. This Day: African American Life in Detroit
Today is the 30th anniversary of Bernard King's and Isiah Thomas' crazy first-round duel.
Think about this. Give Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins, Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Bernard King, and Dikembe Mutombo each a ring. 10 great players who never won a championship ring. Give each of them a championship, and Bill Russell still has a championship leftover.
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I will always remember Bernard King for Bill Simmons' comparison of him to Phoebe Cates
Bernard King to Melo is an obvious one
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Bernard King and Larry Bird from '82-85? Scary. Bird and young Patrick from '86-'91? Add in Mark Jackson & Charles Oakley. Very interesting.
Earl Clark would join other noted Knicks nobility as Baron Davis, Walter Dukes, Bob Knight and Bernard King.
I fell in love with the Knicks through the Bernard King Knicks of the 80s. That team was fun to watch.
told a guy that Melo reminded me of Bernard King and dude looked at me like I figured out the meaning of life.
All I saw was jumper after jumper. Deserved the loss
Bernard King was really that bul. He one of them niggaz I just know he gotta get 1 DAYUM
he got was to go to be Dominique. He Bernard King out here. LbJ is the new goat
I think this is the first time I've seen seriously injured. Now come back in Bernard King mode and
Rose! Bernard! Yellow King! I see what you did there! (Maybe, I haven't seen True Detective.)
Bernard King delivers his speech upon being enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2013. To learn more about Bern...
Tonight will show there is only one King to compare Kevin Durant against...Bernard.
Some1 also thought it'd be a bad idea to pair Pat Ewing w Bernard King, lol.. I can't make this stuff up
And Friday already nearly. Al pop out Bernard's Watch tomorrow and let's have a week of Fridays.
Bk from the BK! Bernard King is my new throwback header.The King of New Yawk basketball.
Bernard King, Steve Nash, Chris Webber and whoever else you wanna name
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Ebron predicts he'll run a faster 40 than Giovani Bernard.
I know LeBron stirred some controversy with his Mt Rushmore of G.O.A.T. players, BUT who would you have on your favorite teams Mt Rushmore??? No wrong answer. My NY KNICKS Mt Rushmore -Clyde Frazier -Patrick Ewing -Willis Reed -Bernard King
My top ten (not in order) Barkley, shaq, mj, the dream, magic, bird, Lebron, Kobe, Bernard king and Bill Russell
Just enjoyed an interesting morning's work for Bernard Hill-'Lord of the Ring's' King Theoden. Nice chat, tea...
Bernard Gluckstein has been awarded the King Clancy Award
the King of Sweden or Bernard Cribins? Or both?
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Speaking of Bernard king did u guys happen to watch the 30 for 30 on him.?
Bernard King is the greatest basketball player to wear the orange and white. For many years, he felt shunned by the University of Tennessee. It was Bruce Pearl who made the right contacts to get Bernard King back to UT. He reached out to him and Bernard King was honored and Jersey retired. Several coaches have come through Tennessee, but it took Coach Pearl to really get the tradition. Bernard King is now becoming a part of the program again and feels the love he deserves. Bruce Pearl knows what the program needs. Let's help BRING BACK BRUCE Pearl!
.Just got around to watching Ent season 8. Love the Bernard King jersey in all the scenes. Good stuff.
The story of Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld is amazing.Definitely worth looking into
Check out a tribute to the great career of Bernard King as he is enshrined in the National Basketball Hall of Fame. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier pro...
Watching 30 for 30 on Bernard King one of the best players of his era !! Check his playoffs stats when he was a Knick ! VERY underrated in NBA history !
Bernard King doesn't get the RESPECT he deserves, the cat was a beast!!!
ESPN' 30 For 30 has told a lot of great stories, but "Bernie and Ernie" (about Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld's time at Tennessee) is just, well, chilling. Watching the great Bernard King recount the racism he faced as a young player back then is really affecting. So worth watching.
Sitting here watching 30 for 30 on Bernard King y he not on Nba 2k14 I know many men don't play games but I do because I have young kids I need every man or women lets find a way to get the them to Add Benard King to Nba 2k 15 coming up
Watching a special on Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld that I recorded this weekend. I remember them well from back in the 70's as the "Ernie and Bernie Show" at the University of Tennessee. They were fabulous basketball players.
Am I missing something on this mt Rushmore thing? Everyone pretty much has bird magic and Jordan. Seems like a safe answer, but I guess defense or longevity isn't a qualification. Cuz bird never played defense and only played about ten good years before his back. Now I know he was a great player , ok. But top 4 of all time. His championship teams in Boston were loaded with talent( Mchale , Dennis Johnson, parish , maxwell , who won a finals MVP by the way, and others). People will point to three MVP, but those of us in 80's knew that other players were robbed of MVP, for example Bernard king a couple of those years. Bird never got a finals MVP and his defense was, ur, lacking. Now you can slam me all you want, but I saw with my own eyes and he wasn't, and isn't the top four skilled and dominant player I have seen or heard of(Oscar, Baylor, west, wilt) cone to mind. Everyone likes to give generic answers, politically correct ones.
Hi, I'm the new admin, my all time starting five: PG: Allen Iverson SG:Clyde Drexler SF:Larry Bird PF: Bernard King C: Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon 6th Man: Rajon Rondo
My top ten scores in NBA from back in the day would give these cats the business 1.Ricky Pierce 2.Terry Catledge 3.Sedale Threatt 4.Andrew Toney 5.Vinnie Johnson 6.Bernard King 7.Michael Ray Richardson 8.Adrian Dantley 9.Sidney Moncrief 10.Terry Porter
Watching NBA Player Bernard King tell his story of his life from Brooklyn NY to Knoxville TENN to play college ball on ESPN. That time really changed and destroyed him as a person. Very touching & honest.
I love basketball... I love it all year round. I hate how people watch football and neglect the nba and then hop on a bandwagon the second half of the year yet somehow want to tell me about how I'm not a true fan. I rep the lakers when we're up or down. Yet I appreciate the game so much I watch all the teams and hate none. Its ok to like players that are not on your teams roster. How can you not like it when a guy scores 40 plus?? or has more than ten assists, more than 15 rebounds? Go look up Bernard King on youtube... I wish I was in an arena to watch him play back then.
When I was 8 I watched Bernard King and talked to my mother. I cooked amazing food compliments of Bernard King like Spanish Omlettes and made potatoe bird nests and pasties and pizza out of the wood stove jam tarts and apple turnovers with produce from the garden . I read books mostly from op shop Shakespeare and Rudyard Kipling and wrote plays
Watching 30 for 30 Bernard King was a beast didn't even know that .
Watching encore showing of 30 for 30 episode "Bernie and Ernie" on ABC. Had no idea Bernard King went through so much. Man...
Watch the Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld story on ABC. Awesome story of 2 men that were friends from high school, college in Knoxville Tenn & NBA pro. and Ernie. Awesome story! Ernie was a Jewish immigrant family that fled Europe because hatred of Jews. GOD ALMIGHTY knows how to make a statement to the world when a the men comes together as FRIENDS! A black men from Brooklyn and a Jewish immigrant that had to learn how to speak English. Wow! What a team & friendship! They was something to watch in the NBA!
Watching this 30/30 on Bernard King. This guy was THE man. I watched him play in the mid 80s when the Mavs came into existence. He could have been the greatest scorer in history.
Learning about Bernard King, basketball star in 80s, didn't know! Great story. Todd Crosby Burke Stansbury
Bernard King returns to the court after 2 years of absence due to knee injury. Enjoy!
Caught the last 20 mins of that Bernard King special , I needed that inspiration STAND UP!
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One of the most explosive scorers of his era, Bernard King had a fascinating career. King followed his rookie campaign with a 21.6 scoring average.
Just finished watching a great "30 for 30" called "Bernie and Ernie". I'd forgotten just how good Bernard King was and how good a friend and teamate Ernie Grunfeld was at Tenessee and the Nicks. It took 15 yrs to put King into the HOF - too long.
after watching the 30 by 30 on Bernard King and Ernie Grinders. my thoughts..great lesson of life and Wow I forgot just how great he was.
From Bernard king documentary to oscar robertson documentary
Who's your favorite NBA team? Pick 9 players from that teams history.who would you pick? ME: Knicks John Starks,Patrick Ewing,bernard king,carmelo anthony,derek harper,Walt Frazier,amare stoudemire,charlie ward, tim hardaway jr
Just watched a great documentary about Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld, "Bernie and Ernie", in spite of his Knicks pedigree, King is one if my all-time favorites, especially now that I know what he dealt with growing up.
Watching the Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld story. Wow!! Two basketball teammates from college at Tennessee State to the.! If you ever have an opportunity to watch the rerun of their story you should. Their journey started in the 70's. Bernard is AM and Ernie Caucasian. A powerful story.
Another great episode of 30/30 on abc , detailing the life and freindship of Bernard King /Ernie Grunfeld
Watching 30 for 30 Bernard King was dat work...
Why isn't Bernard king mentioned with the greats??
Watching Bernard King story dude got heart man some of the NBA players prob could learn a couple things from the old school
I'm not even close to being a sports fan.but just saw story of Bernard King.amazing!
Special on Bernard King on abc right now.
The best two players outta knick history Bernard king and Patrick Ewing
I have the upmost respect for Bernard King. His story is on TV right now and it has brought me to tears. ABC channel.
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I hate orange! On a happier note we won!!! If you haven't watched the 30/30 on Bernard King it is a sad and remarkable story!! He was an incredible basketball player but an even better person.
If you need insight as to why I speak up, watch ESPN 30/30 on Bernard King.
Any one watching the Bernie and Ernie story on ABC. For those that don't know Bernard King and Ernie Grunfeld
Watching 30 for 30 story on Bernard King ...truly touching what our ancestors had to deal with on a Daily basis.
Great story on ABC about Bernard King. Are you watching too?
Bernard King is a troubled man. I commend him for his strength and his bravery for battling demons as a result of... Life.
This episode also has Bill Russell getting strong-armed by.Harvey Fierstein? And Bernard King in a moral dilemma.
As a diehard knicks fan its really frustrating to watch them play they are very inconsistent and they lack heart! I have followed them ever since I was a kid. My fav player back than was Bernard King who im so glad that he made it in the Hall of fame!! Ive followed them through the ups and downs and still stuck by them!! Now is it just me or does anybody else thinks Dolan *** as an owner!! Also do u think that Mike Woodson should remain as headcoach!! I think he should I happen to like him!! Im just venting what are ur thoughts!!
...smh. Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Pat Riley and Bernard King is rolling over in their graves. Knicks suck.
Jabari reminds me of the Melo man with some Grant Hill & a splash of Bernard King.. He's special..
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