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Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Humphrey Hopkins Jr, known as The Executioner (born January 15, 1965, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American boxer and former Ring Magazine and WBC light heavyweight champion.

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Oscar De La Hoya has hailed 51-year-old Bernard Hopkins as a "genius" ahead of his final fight on Saturday against…
Sergio Martinez and Bernard Hopkins actually sparred very little in their training camps to keep their minds fresh
Should I trade away Hopkins and Bernard for BMarsh and Jamaal? Standard scoring
Bernard Hopkins is the best that ever did it not because he knew how to fight and pull strings. Check out my latest…
RING MAGAZINE article quoted me yesterday on why BERNARD HOPKINS (is the greatest champion of his era.
what are your thoughts on Bernard Hopkins coming out of retirement for a final fight?
it's gorgeous to look at. Hopkins is totally sinister in it. I'm only hanging in to find out Bernard IS a bot. I'm SURE he is.
Should I do this trade (PPR):. Trade: DeAndre Hopkins. Receive: Gio Bernard and Jimmy Graham. Need RB and TE, My WR is strong
Bernard Hopkins talking, me listening. Rinse, wash and repeat for a few hours...
Will Bernard Hopkins lose to a 3rd white boy or will he bamboozle the powerful but green Joe Smith ?? Not a majorly compelling bout but ok
.turned pro before Joe Smith Jr. was born. . Now he's preparing for the final bout of his career.
"Give me an opportunity or give me a door and I'll open it myself." - -->
Bernard Hopkins 55(32KO)-7-2-2 was the first man to simultaneously hold WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO titles. The Final One…
this day 2013 - Bernard Hopkins decisioned Karo Murat in 12 rds to retain a World Light-Heavyweight title.
I was tryna ball like Kyle Watson but the system knocked me down like Bernard Hopkins
In announcing his last fight, has no time for nostalgia. My column:
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I added a video to a playlist Bernard Hopkins-Joe Smith Jr at press conference. Video: Golden Boy
looking forward to doing a load of boxing stuff in Philly, home of Rocky, Joe Fraizer and Bernard Hopkins
BoxingNewsED: VIDEO Bernard Hopkins faces his final fight:
VIDEO Bernard Hopkins faces his final fight:
via / VIDEO Bernard Hopkins faces his final fight
During bad times Bernard Hopkins stuck with and fans love his loyalty. Read:…
Deal in place for Joe Smith Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins for Dec. 17 on HBO with Miura vs. Salido co-feature - The Ring https:…
I don't think it has sunk in yet that Bernard Hopkins will be fighting again as a 51 year old against Joe Smith Jr! Wh…
Bernard Hopkins on HBO "I asked Naseem Hamed how he got so big".
Bernard Hopkins on Gennady Golovkin vs. Kell Brook fight: "Anything is p... via
Andre Ward says he's a combination of Roy Jones Jr, Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather.
Andre Ward says he is a combination of Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins, and Floyd Mayweather!
Meeting a couple of great fighters, Fernando Vargas and Bernard Hopkins.
I was Tryna ball like Rysheed Jordan but the system like me down like Bernard Hopkins ‼️
Tiger Flowers at middleweight would not have gotten knocked out by James Tony, Bernard Hopkins, Jermain Taylor, Kelly Pavilik, Martinez.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Bernard Hopkins & Jesse Hart has Just Arrived at for Tonight's Fights
Bernard Hopkins is far too intelligent in terms of boxing IQ to be mixing with the likes of Jim Lampley.
Learn what Wawa is...Valley Forge, King of Prussia Mall, Reading Terminal Market, and Bernard Hopkins
New podcast! Lennox Lewis, Bernard Hopkins, Oscar De La Hoya and Jim Lampley! On Trump, boxing, accents and girls.
Prince Naseem, Muhammad Ali, Chris Eubank, Mike Tyson & Bernard Hopkins (last 4 converted to Islam) all seemed to be popular
Boxing greats Bernard Hopkins..Oscar De La Hoya..Lennox Lewis..Roberto Duran and Evander Holyfield were all on...
ICYMI: Bernard Hopkins compares Amir Khan to Joe Calzaghe - and more news at
Bernard Hopkins to with & "Damon Allen has DNA to have something great to come out of Philly"
my faves rigondeaux, Andre Ward, lomachenko, Bernard Hopkins and tommy hearns 👊🏼
Kitten Hayward, Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson, Iran Barkley, Harold Lederman & Bernard Hopkins are in attendance with us tonight.
in 2013 Bernard Hopkins outpointed Tavoris Cloud to win the IBF 175lb strap at the record age of 48.
Abel Sanchez: Golovkin likely to surpass Bernard Hopkins' record at 160
I respect the *** outta Oscar De La Hoya for going all the way up to 160 to fight Bernard Hopkins still in his prime. That took balls
Same goes to Bernard Hopkins. No other boxer would consider achieving what he has. He has been the oldest light heavyweight champion aged 49
This is a ridiculous thing to say about a person who is 51 odd, but I saw this video of Bernard Hopkins working out today on instagram...
The Patrons of the Harold Hopkins Society are: Kelvin Peter Hopkins MP and Lord Bernard Ribeiro CBE DSc MB FRCS
Throwback to Vegas with Bernard Hopkins let's go!
Please dont fight Bernard Hopkins please lol smh
At least someone signed a contract with . It was either this dominic wade guy or bernard hopkins
Gennady Golovkin vs Bernard Hopkins ? GGG Doesnt want to fight the best ... via
Happy Birthday to the last of the great boxers, Bernard Hopkins, AKA The Immortal B-Hop. htt…
He should of fought Bernard Hopkins three times instead of fighting tin cans for most of his career
Maybe it's time for Shannon Briggs to hang up the gloves? Bar Bernard Hopkins, old fighters must need that check.
Bernard Hopkins should think about his health he should focus on managing like Oscar De La Hoya. Triple G is a young hungry fighter
Bernard Hopkins is too old to fight Triple G.. Nonsense
Don't do that to Bernard. Leave that man alone!
Could really be considered for next?
According to rumours we could have Gennady Golovkin vs Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins. What do you think about this?...
Boxing: Bernard Hopkins should steer clear of Gennady Golovkin: Gennady Golovkin's opponent for...
Bernard Hopkins should steer clear of Gennady Golovkin: Hopkins is 51, but Golovkin is frustrated because Cane...
Proudly named him after Bernard Hopkins. Will never forget when he beat Tito. What a fight. I believed.
I am 31 young man from the Bronx looking to start my career in boxing Bernard Mr Hopkins hope you have any pointers
Bernard Hopkins wants a shot at the pound for pound GGG. Bernard Hopkins is 52 years old.
GGG v HOPKINS | Both fighters want the fight to happen, Hopkins wants one last fight before he looks to retire.
I liked a video from Bernard Hopkins VS Gennady Golovkin NO THANKS IM GOOD!!
I respect Bernard Hopkins interest in wanting to fight golovkin... But come on, at his age now of 51...and both sides want to make it happen
Bernard Hopkins is going to fight GGG 👊🏼😬
Middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin could provide the opposition for Bernard Hopkins' final bout.
I'm saying it now, put in the bank, Bernard Hopkins will beat kovalev
Bernard Hopkins fighting GGG isn't that dangerous if he was able to go the distance vs Kovalev
Rumours this week of GGG and Bernard Hopkins potentially fighting. Would you want to see this fight?
Bernard Hopkins trying to die in the ring.
I thought Bernard Hopkins was light heavyweight ?
😂 I'm sure I've read some where today he's gonna fight Bernard Hopkins 😳
Bernard Hopkins: One Last Fight for the 51 yr old – Interested in ‘GGG’ Gennady Golovkin
Happy Birthday to Bernard Hopkins who celebrates been 51 today. Hopkins holds the record for oldest ever Champ at 46
Diego Corrales my favorite fighter after Floyd Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins.
Tough guy Bernard Hopkins talks like he's Tyson and runs like he's Willie Pep. How can a fighter talk so tough but run like they're scared?
this day 2005 - Jermain Taylor decisioned Bernard Hopkins in 12 rds. to retain the World Middleweight title.
David Haye, 2010: "I won't be like Bernard Hopkins and keep pushing the deadline back or just forget it altogether."
jeez !! 35 is old? somebody ought to tell Bernard Hopkins!
So is Bernard Hopkins the only man to have held the WBC, WBA, IBF & WBO World Titles at the same time in one weight class?
Bernard Hopkins bout to start claiming Scranton.
When I used to be down north I gave Bernard Hopkins these hands.. Dont be next lil ***
Me too. But, past a certain point, fighters can only head in one direction (with apologies to Bernard Hopkins).
I love Bernard Hopkins! Off to the O2 on the 12th to see Joshua! Campbell ! Eubank ! Mitchell & more I'm so excited!
if it was "old man"Bernard Hopkins instead of ,everybody would say what a great defence he displayed lol
Oscar De La Hoya got hit in the liver by a guy who went to jail for 5 years, in Bernard Hopkins. My biggest upset of all time.
Bernard Hopkins was realy trying to get Canelo attention after the fight
Bernard Hopkins is the new chicken George ... Ole yes boss type
Bernard Hopkins standing there acting like he know what Canelo saying.
Does Bernard Hopkins speak spanish? He keeps agreeing with what Canelo says
Why is Bernard Hopkins on the tv screen.. ..
Why Bernard Hopkins shaking his head like he know what canelo saying
What is Bernard Hopkins doing all up in his ***
The only people I listen to without fail is me Julie and Bernard Hopkins.
Bernard Hopkins looks hella old now lol
Words can not express how much I hate Bernard Hopkins
just saw you talking with Bernard Hopkins. Lol. Greetings from Connecticut.
, I went from Tyson to Roy Jones Jr/Bernard Hopkins to Del La Hoya to Money Team...
are you chatting it up with Bernard Hopkins?
yeah I think Bernard will fight him. Hopkins will win aswell..
I see you next to Bernard Hopkins at the fight boss. Enjoy, your literally watching history being made live !
When he went to fight Bernard Hopkins, Coach Nazeem Richardson inspected the process. He deemed the right hand wrap to be fit for action
Bernard Hopkins wants his last fight to be against arthur abraham. Then he retires
Gilberto Ramirez is the mandatory challenger to Arthur Abraham, despite insistence that Bernard Hopkins gets next (barring a step-aside fee)
Bernard Hopkins wants to face the winner of Abraham v Murray next - See more at:
Bernard Hopkins wants Ronda Rousey to ‘correct mistakes’ and ‘get revenge’ via
Dude what in the world is Bernard Hopkins speaking about when he goes off on his rants?
Bernard Hopkins on planning his farewell fight: "It has to be somebody that people can recognize."
I don't remember boxing fans getting this aggy about Bernard Hopkins' style of fighting.
Bob Arum wants Ramirez to fight Abraham if he beats Murray. But so does Bernard Hopkins. and so does James DeGale.
//We did our first one a few weeks ago with Bernard Hopkins and Brian Viloria, and last week with Top Rank's Carl Moretti
Bernard Hopkins fighting at 49 last yr - ridiculous.
A Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch?. Let's hope not, says Bernard Hopkins. Here's why:
I need for Gio Bernard and Hopkins to get going, hurting me in fantasy today
The most Underrated Boxer of any era ...Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins for sur have better carrer, best boxer at his prim for Sur Roy Jones Jr
Newly added: Bernard Hopkins: "Don't be a fool, watch Golovkin v Lemieux!"
Mayweather v Pacquiao: Bernard Hopkins gives his predictions -
Not a costume Bernard Hopkins is an .
Bernard hopkins is a all time great
Watched the CHAMPS documentary about Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield & Bernard Hopkins. Excellent and enlightening.
How about Bernard Hopkins of recent history. Come on man!
Toughest debut? How about light heavy Clinton Mitchell - fought future great Bernard Hopkins and left with the win.
he is Bernard Hopkins and Floyd May weather in one. Do the math..
Bernard Hopkins: A lot of people lost their house because they bet against me: via
ICYMI Lili Bernard and want to revoke Bill Cosby's honorary degree
Bernard has been relevant his whole career, Roy has not. Hopkins
Roy Jones Jr Bernard Hopkins. Who do you have have ranked higher as a ATG?. Who had better career?
Wheels is right. Amnat Ruenroeng is the Bernard Hopkins of 112. Even been to prison like B-Hop
Bernard Hopkins loses his debut fight against Clinton Mitchell in 1988. Only one person beats him from than to 2005...Roy Jones.
Would you trade Hopkins and Murray for Jeremy hill, gio Bernard, and Allen Robinson?
In more serious news, students at JHU are working with a survivor to try & get JHU to revoke Cosby's honorary degree
VIDEO: This was how Rafa Martínez beat Bernard Hopkins as the top taronja European scorer. >
D Hopkins/Gio Bernard trade away for GurleyRueben Randle? Should I consider for my 3-4 redraft team? My other RBs are bad...
People act like they put Cathal Pendred on the cover of a boxing rag. Rousey's no Bernard Hopkins but she can box.
So Bernard Hopkins coming to y'all homecoming or somethin' 🙃🙃😂
Rashad Evans Meet Bernard Hopkins some good tips on boxing!
Sifting through boxes and found tons of RCS if anyone is looking for Dalton/AJ Green/LeVeon Bell/Deandre Hopkins/Giovanni Bernard & more lmk
It was great seeing this guy this AM, B-Hop(Bernard Hopkins). Ha, he…
The knowledge Bernard Hopkins has is on another level
Remember when Oscar De La Hoya had Bernard Hopkins in his corner while boxing Shaq.
Bernard Hopkins, Future Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Promotions Partner:. . "We made a…
Oscar De La Hoya & Bernard Hopkins give tips to David Lemieux in quest to beat Gennady Golovkin via
Had James Toney and Bernard Hopkins fought in their respective primes, who would win?
David Lemieux with boxing legends and Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins.…
I liked a video from Bernard Hopkins says David Lemiuex will make Golovkin uncomfortable
Dog - "Bernard Hopkins" (Shelter) was found tonight on the West side. He has no form of ID but is very well...
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[Wowing husband with my sports chops]. “So, Bernard Hopkins. Now where did he do his college boxing?”
Bernard Hopkins "teaches" Rashad Evans how to throw a right hand.
Sept. 18 wasn't a good day for in Vegas. Lost 1st fight as pro vs. Felix Trinidad, and Lost to Bernard Hopkins also.
this day 2004 - Bernard Hopkins KO'd Oscar DeLaHoya in 9 rds to retain the World Middleweight title.
Where you rank this guy? The Bronx Bull is on our list of the greatest at 160:
yeah and Bernard Hopkins is still waiting on his contract for the James DeGale fight. Oh wait.
Hey Jim I'd like to see Katie Hopkins marrying Bernard Manning on a Caribbean Beach with Divine as vicar. How do I do that?
TheFightCity: First in a series, the Top 12 All-Time Best at 160. Check it out:
Bernard Hopkins just said what's up lol
went with graham and garçon for Hopkins and Bernard. I like Hopkins as the number one and gio could be an ok flex sometimes
Where you rank this guy? We got Mr. Marvelous at on our list of the all-time best: http…
Bernard hopkins wants to see Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman via
Don't think Rach quite knows just how much boxing memorabilia I have. Gunna wallpaper the flat in Bernard Hopkins posters.
i thought it was ok. i offered another guy graham/garcon for Gio Bernard/Deandre Hopkins. if he doesnt take it i might
Check out this awesome list of Best Boxers of all time via.
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What do you think Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins were thinking?.
Marciano, Dempsey, Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles, Bernard Hopkins shirts and hoodies in a similar style would be excellent!
I think Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins stayed in boxing too long
lol in this day and age, age jus a number. Look at Randy Couture and Bernard Hopkins, Taker needs more G.H
"the poor man's sport," as told by Mike Tyson , Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins outstanding and moving docu
Bernard Hopkins wants to face Golovkin? Please don't, B-Hop. I love you, dawg.
Really... Hopkins wants Golovkin at 175! Leave it out Bernard, don't see canelo asking Terrence Crawford to jump up to fight him!
2001-09-29 Felix Trinidad lost to Bernard Hopkins by TKO in round 12 Round 10 was named Round of the Year for 2001. htt…
One thing about Bernard Hopkins is he will fight anyone. Whether he wins is a different story.
"Image gets you into the building. What comes out of your mouth keeps you there." - Bernard Hopkins
😂😂😂😂 he said he younger than Bernard Hopkins. LMAO
Bernard Hopkins dares Golovkin to be great "Do what I did w/Tarver! 160 to 175"
I liked a video from EXCLUSIVE: Bernard Hopkins Calls Out GGG Gennady Golovkin!
I'll watch your fight, always entertaining. But you sir are no Bernard Hopkins
All action all the time on this one. I plan to surprise a few people. I'm younger than Bernard Hopkins & more deadly👊 htt…
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Strong rumours of James DeGale fighting Bernard Hopkins at the O2 London on September 12th. I Like that fight!
Bernard Hopkins & Chad Dawson’s promoter Gary Shaw go at it at the Rematch Presser
And if Janes DeGale whoops Bernard Hopkins (which he will) he won't get the credit for it
You ready for James DeGale vs Bernard Hopkins. In the UK!
Bernard Hopkins has stated he wants to fight James DeGale in London and land another title before he retires
Bernard Hopkins wants James DeGale in October in farewell fight
The fight between Bernard Hopkins and James DeGale has not been signed yet. If all goes well the Aliens last fight will be in London in Oct
Bernard Hopkins says he wants to beat up newly IBF Champ James DeGale!
Bernard Hopkins says he wants one more fight and is gunning for newly crowned IBF super middleweight champ James DeGale, willing to go to UK
Champs is a 2014 documentary film focusing on boxers Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Bernard Hopkins.
Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ray Emery w/potraits of Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins & Rocky Balboa on his mask.
Bernard Hopkins fighting James DeGale? Please... no. it's time to hang it up Hopkins.
James Harden is like the Bernard Hopkins of basketball, in the sense that his best traits are his craftiness and willingness to play in a
Oscar De La Hoya started at 130, moved up and fought Bernard Hopkins, an all time great but TBE cant move up to fight GGG? LMAO GTFOH
Y'all would have hated Bernard Hopkins, Willie Pep and James Toney back in the day if you think Mayweather "ran" earlier
film study on how jermain Taylor beat Bernard Hopkins not once but TWICE to take the undisputed middleweight championship
just like Sugar Ray Leonard, and Pernell Whitaker, and Bernard Hopkins, and Muhammad Ali, and Willie Pep, and Sugar Ray Robinson
Bernard Hopkins has been on camera for 3 minutes and hasn't called Donovan McNabb an Uncle Tom yet, gotta be a personal best.
PR - Champs on DVD May 12 Filmmaker Bert Marcus careers of boxers Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins and Teddy Atlas are having too much fun on ESPN2 right now
They need to make a new fight night game pronto! I miss bazzing everyone with Bernard Hopkins. Fix up
pound for pound he was the best. Beat both Bernard Hopkins & James Toney. The only thing Roy couldn't do in his prime was rap
On this day in Bernard Hopkins vs. John David Jackson 4/19/97
Artie Pellulo, Oscar De La Hoya, and Bernard Hopkins meeting the media after this amazing war…
The BWAA is honored to feature Roy Jones, Bernard Hopkins and superstar Gennady Golovkin at the 90th Annual BWAA Gala at Capitale, which...
I meant like it ain't may weather packio or Bernard Hopkins or Mike Tyson
from a boxer or trainer I think. Possibly Teddy Atlas but maybe Bernard Hopkins?
sign of a true dedicated athlete and the new British version of Bernard Hopkins for sure.
I added a video to a playlist Bernard Hopkins' Perfect Execution: The heavy bag
Ion see how Bernard Hopkins 49 years old and still boxing.
So Bernard Hopkins jus won his fight
Bernard Hopkins fighting like someone took his parking spot at Whole Foods.
Watching Bernard Hopkins beat some dudes *** on showtime 😭
Excited to watch Bernard Hopkins fight...then he wore an alien costume...what?
Bernard Hopkins vs. Beibut Shumenov: Preview and Prediction for Title Fight via
Bernard Hopkins look like a old *** wrinkle *** dinosaur in this ring lls i crack myself up
Can't believe Bernard Hopkins still holding it down at 50??! Who is this young whipper Snapper he's fighting tho..
My latest on Bernard Hopkins on why he stuck with Oscar and GBP:
Bernard Hopkins placed a $100,000 bet on himself when he beat Felix Trinidad, no one said a word, people pick n choose
I liked a video Bernard Hopkins: "Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao by controversial decision" -
Good insight from on why he elected to stay with last year: vi…
Bernard Hopkins: Mayweather beats Pacquiao by 'controversial' decision
Bernard Hopkins says Floyd will get hit by "a tornado" 1st 6 or so rounds. Can he survive it? Nope. Pacq-nado will kno…
Bernard Hopkins should replace Roy Jones Jr and Andre Ward as a full time broadcaster on HBO. He was tremendous last night.
Today in 2013, Bernard Hopkins won the IBF 175 lb belt by UD12 over Tavoris Cloud (video)
On this day in Bernard Hopkins vs. Tavoris Cloud 3/9/13
Bernard Hopkins knocks out Joe Lipsey to retain his IBF World middleweight title
Ask Bernard Hopkins, George Foreman. Think they will answer that.
Bernard Hopkins has more titles than than he Eagles Phillies sixers and flyers
Three top fighters I enjoy watching at the moment are... Anthony Fowler, Gennady Golovkin and Bernard Hopkins
how bout Mike Tyson or Bernard Hopkins?
i was gonna say bernard hopkins uno. Haven't watched the steve stout but im going to now
"Whats your favourite breakfast club interview?" • Either Kanyes 1st, Steve Stoute or Bernard Hopkins. Cant pick one
Actually got the chance to touch Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins boxing gloves today
nice knockout bro,you should fight Bernard Hopkins,thata be a good
Listen to Bernard Hopkins speak and tell me there isn't a concussion problem inherent in boxing that no one seems to mind.
- One week from now: Bernard Hopkins to call Kovalev vs. Pascal On HBO -
In ten years he will look like Bernard Hopkins if he don't
Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr. Would be a good fight.
Bernard Hopkins breaks dwn Mayweather vs Pacquiao the best in my opinion. First 6 rds should be even last 6 rds is target practice for Floyd
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So what he dominated from start to finish...I like Sergey Kovalev okay, but he beat a 49 year old bernard Hopkins. 49 years old!
Wait a minute..kovalev was the first fighter to ever knock down Bernard Hopkins.
If you don't know your own value, somebody will tell you your value, and it will be less than you're worth. -Bernard Hopkins
Other than Bernard Hopkins/Sergey Kovalev I haven't been too excited by many boxing matches over the past few years.
This is like a Bernard Hopkins fight on speed.
Then after that he was just too old for it to matter. He wasn't an alien like Bernard Hopkins.
Come on man,  Eagles fans are used to rooting for losers. I mean their Super Bowl is winning the division. So who...
Bernard Hopkins can get Social Security..him and Roy Jones Jr
Bernard Hopkins “Carl Froch is looking for an easy way out.” - I wouldn't say Ward was An Easy Way Out
ICYMI: Boxer & fan Bernard Hopkins isn't happy about the trading for McCoy
I wish Tyson was in shape like Bernard Hopkins cuz I want to see him in the ring
Boxer Bernard Hopkins believes the TKO'd the in the McCoy/Alonso trade
Bernard Hopkins is Not Happy with McCoy Trade - Bernard Hopkins believes that the Buffalo Bills won the LeS...
Bernard Hopkins (believes the defeated the by TKO in the McCoy/Alonso Trade:
he like the bernard hopkins of lurkers.. Goin on into his 50's😂
Bernard Tomic gives Australia a 2-0 lead at the end of Day 1 with a 64 63 76(5) win over Jiri Vesely!
AOL | Roy Jones Jr on why he wants to win a world title at the age of 46
Bernard Hopkins Breaks Down Kovalev-Pascal: The great Bernard Hopkins gives his thoughts on Kovalev-Pascal. *** ..
I've been thinking about stylistic fights that would compare to "The Fight" and I think "stylistically" - Joe Calzaghe vs. Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins to call Kovalev vs. Pascal Saturday, March 14 on HBO.
- Floyd is certainly up there and so is Pacquiao, also you can consider RJJ, Bernard Hopkins and perhaps Oscar De La Hoya
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: "Carl Froch as an opponent better than Gennady Golovkin and Bernard Hopkins."
In what universe is beating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr more important than beating Bernard Hopkins? Y'all let me know. I need a …
by rich__in_faith "Our Supreme Captain Mustapha With Boxer Bernard Hopkins". One of the best to ever…
VIDEO - A fight between Carl Froch and Bernard Hopkins?
Bernard Hopkins. Because of his mental game, his throwback personality, & and willingness to fight the best.
Bernard Hopkins talking somebody head off that work at honey grow.
If Joe Calzaghe said to Bernard Hopkins "I'll never lose to a black boy" I'd be mortified.
Ain't Bernard Hopkins saying to Joe Calzaghe "I'll never lose to a white boy" a teeny weeny bit racist?
Mike Tyson Bernard Hopkins who had a world title not long ago but he beat nobody's 👏👏✊✊
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Bernard Hopkins, philly spirit, longevity, heart, and astounding the masses for decades
Bernard Hopkins wants to fight Triple G? He must be interested in dying.
nailed it there. I like Bernard Hopkins as well but he isn't as good as Oscar
At the age of 50 Bernard Hopkins aims to be the promoter who unified every ... - The Independent
Yet back in '08 you slated and said B-Hop was an old man and past his best!
If was to fight Bernard Hopkins could the media interviews be done by ! LoL !
Tried to be the Bernard Hopkins of nah bruh.
That sneaky right hand of Bernard Hopkins seen here on Trinidad
As much as I have loved watching Bernard Hopkins over the years I would much prefer to see fight Chavez Jr in Vegas.
CCPD officers, FOP Lodge 218 and Bernard "The Executioner " Hopkins at PriceRite today gave out 500 free turkeys. http:…
Froch set for world dream dates against Hopkins and Chavez via
Carl Froch vacates IBF title. Carl has told me he does not feel . motivated by a fight with Bernard Hopkins. I can...
Froch vs hoping at City Ground be mint
Froch v Bernard Hopkins in nottingham would be incredible
Eddie Hearn believes Carl Froch could be in line for a clash with Bernard Hopkins in the summer at the City Ground.
Carl Froch set for world dream dates against Bernard Hopkins and Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr: The other loss was ag...
Nottingham boxer now hopes to fight Bernard Hopkins at the City Ground in June.
Eddie Hearn has revealed Carl Froch could fight Bernard Hopkins in Nottingham if bout with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr does not ha…
What a pointless fight Bernard Hopkins Carl Froch would be
Watchin Michael Judge in action at the AI snooker in Killarney! Where's Gordon Durie and Bernard Hopkins when u need them?
I liked a video Thoughts on a Carl Froch Vs Bernard Hopkins matchup
I love Philly 2 bro..shout out to Freeway, ECW, & cheese steaks. We gonna turn up when I come to town like Bernard Hopkins
I liked a video Bernard Hopkins joins Jim Rome
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