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Bernard Herrmann

Bernard Herrmann (June 29, 1911 – December 24, 1975) was an American composer noted for his work in motion pictures.

Twisted Nerve Taxi Driver John Williams Alfred Hitchcock Ennio Morricone Mrs Muir Brian De Palma Citizen Kane Charles Ives Elmer Bernstein Kill Bill Earth Stood Still Twilight Zone Wuthering Heights Royal Albert Hall Jerry Goldsmith

listening to the Fahrenheit 451 Suite for string, harps and percussion etc. by Bernard Herrmann - also a good film
Bernard Herrmann's music for Beath The Twelve-Mile Reef is scored for nine harps. Discuss.
Just found an animated score for Bernard Herrmann - psycho. and now I havd an urge to somehow conduct the score live with the movie!
The film, though: One of my many guilty pleasures. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Great score by Ber…
Yesterday at the bus stop this dude was whistling “Twisted Nerve” by Bernard Herrmann – the creepy “Ki…
💀💀💀"I get psycho killer Norman Bates" 💀💀💀 Picked up this super limited press of Bernard Herrmann's theme for H……
Me too, I used to study to his early Branagh film scores in school! Big/pomp but brooding. Dead Again ch…
Everybody knows Bernard Herrmann did the best soundtracks but what of Mulholland Drive?
Dude singin Bernard Herrmann "Twisted Nerve" in the hotel lobby creepin me out...
Bernard Herrmann's credit at the end of 7th episode, "The Lonely," which aired Nov. 13, 1959.
Be whisked away to a world of passion with Bernard Herrmann's cinematic score for Here 11 - 15 July:
Also seems to be trashing Bernard Herrmann's score just for the sake of it. Simon's rants were kno…
Great Bernard Herrmann score and Robert Ryan is perfect as always.
I added a video to a playlist In Action: Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit
A new favorite: Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit by SPITFIRE AUDIO on
But now you're going to stay up and watch it? Listen to that Bernard Herrmann music. It's too late now. You're stuck watching!
A Hatful of Rain...and A Forgotten Film.certainly a neglected score by Bernard Herrmann.
Tabloid cover of PRINCE OF PLAYERS (that Bernard Herrmann scored).
My favorite all-time film TV scorer Bernard Herrmann but my 2 runner-ups Quincy Jones Lalo schifrin
GREAT interview of reminiscences of Bernard Herrmann from his wife Norma and Howard Blake. Ta : https:/…
Whenever I walk around I want Bernard Herrmann's score playing in the background-- especially in an airport!
Legendary movie maestro Bernard Herrmann, who could compose a brilliant score in his sleep.
I sona Bernard Herrmann tot esperant als Foster the people 😱.
The streets are a blaze and we're cruising to Bernard Herrmann's 'Taxi Driver' theme...
300 copies only. 10" vinyl pressing of Bernard Herrmann's score for
Bernard Herrmann on a camping trip in 1939 with his wife Lucille Fletcher
Bernard Herrmann making sure Michael Rennie and Gort are as powerful as possible in THE…
Now someone's whistling Bernard Herrmann's "Twisted Nerve" down on the street.
Bernard Herrmann, Citizen Kane, on vinyl. "It's terrific, " as was said.
"Outer Space Suite (Remastered)" by Bernard Herrmann in Marvelous TZ score, style belongs in the late-50s
Why is it that every time me and go out in public SOMEONE is ALWAYS whistling Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann (aka AHS song)
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Personally, I'm partial towards the film scores of Bernard Herrmann, but here are 10 viable alternatives:
.I know a lot of was Bernard Herrmann pickup. I saw a Hitchcock hour w/ very similar
As you probably know, the orchestra conductor is Bernard Herrmann making a cameo.
The ending of "The Night Digger" (1971) isn't funny ... but it really is. . But it's scored by Bernard Herrmann .
I never realized until tonight that the conductor was played by Bernard Herrmann
If you ever wondered what Bernard Herrmann looks like, keep your eye on the conductor ;) ^PG
This is Bernard Herrmann's only acting credit.
Tonight on at 8 pm ET: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) —where you can hear Bernard Herrmann's score and see h…
The cello section of takes Bernard Herrmann's "Vertigo" to even greater heights on at 4pm…
He's so great I can even spell his name right. Ugh. Bernard Herrmann. Can't even blame autocorrect
Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo score, all morning. Watched the film again last night... cinema perfected.
Jerry Goldsmith had an amusing episode with Bernard Herrmann while working on that movie.
Taxi Driver (1976) premiered on Feb. 8, 1976, in the United States. Scored by Bernard Herrmann
Kim Novak, born Feb. 13, 1933, pictured in "Vertigo" (1958), scored by Bernard Herrmann
"The Terrible Deed of Doctor Webster" cue I by Bernard Herrmann that I expanded upon. Midi by Aleksandar Popović.
Check out new blog on the iconic Bernard Herrmann! RT! h…
On the Board: Frantic, frenetic, and fantastic ... the overture from Bernard Herrmann's NORTH BY NORTHWEST.…
Time to listen to more Bernard Herrmann scores and to re-read Ian Brady's The Gates of Janus (2001), some very caustic philosophy.
Brian De Palma always kept his Mickey Mouse braces hidden under his jacket because Bernard Herrmann pinged them all the time
Those Birds should have won the oscar for best original score in THE BIRDS. Seriously though the movie needed some Bernard Herrmann.
Charles Laughton, Norman Corwin and Bernard Herrmann performing the "Whitman" radio play w/ Laughton as Walt Whitman
For Walt Whitman's birthday, listen to "Whitman" (1944) w/ music by Bernard Herrmann & Charles Laughton as Whitman
Untitled (1944), starring Fredric March, playing a solider who died in WW2. Music by Bernard Herrmann
Teacher: James where do you think Babies come from?. Me: *Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann plays*
Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann (AKA that whistling song from Kill Bill) is so *** beautiful, but it also never fails to creep me out.
Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrmann this really scares me, I wish the loud and eery part of this didn't exist lol
True. But wouldn't be a patch on Bernard Herrmann or John Barry.
Monday morning listen: Bernard Herrmann's score to "Anna and the King of Siam." Just as Orientalist as Richard Rodgers'!
Chuckling thinking about Dorothy, Bernard Herrmann's daughter, telling the story about seeing this with her father
It's important to note that Bernard Herrmann demanded his name be removed from the "Ambersons" credits when RKO tampered with his score
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Overture from "Citizen Kane". Composed & conducted by Bernard Herrmann. Performed by 1970.
One for fans of Bernard Hermann and top-drawer soundtrack music: 'Twisted Nerve' reissued
This film marked the first time its noted director worked w/ composer Bernard Herrmann - https:…
This marked the 4th collaboration between Bernard Herrmann and Ray -
NEW: An illuminating portrait of one of Hitchcock's most important collaborators, film composer Bernard Herrmann. https:…
Reissue CDs Weekly: Bernard Herrmann: This new release of all the music recorded for Twisted Nerve – released...
Vertigo (1958) Bernard Herrmann! The greatest. One of the best film scores. Ever. Never mind the Hitchcock. Also the greatest.
what if I did a Bernard Herrmann DJ set and people turned up on the dance floor to the Vertigo soundtrack
Playing the 3rd movement of Bernard Herrmann's 1st Symphony. Love it.
Day 135: Prelude, Rooftop (Vertigo) by Bernard Herrmann. . Hate film, love s/t.
Encouraging update re the Bernard Herrmann Blue Plaque! We might see it in place this time next year... Brilliant brilliant news!
Dorothy says Ghost & Mrs Muir was Bernard Herrmann's favorite film. A film she could "watch again and again"
Bernard Herrmann was a genius, a great, great composer.
Michel Hazanavicius' statement on his use of Bernard Herrmann's theme from VERTIGO (1958) in THE ARTIST
This just landed - Bernard Herrmann's wonderfully creepy score for 1969's Twisted Nerve - on blood-spattered vinyl!
.hooked us up with a few Bernard Herrmann 'Twisted Nerve' 7"s. They will not hang about!
best whistle song right here. Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrmann.
I highly recommend A Heart at Fire's Center: The Life and Music of Bernard Herrmann by Steven C. Smith
Bernard Herrmann's excellent theme to Twisted Nerve! He also did the music for Psycho, BTW.
I now know an awful lot about Max Steiner, Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Alan Silvestri and Henry Mancini.
Samuel Barber, Bernard Herrmann & bagpipes. Friday's concert in had all this, and more! Listen
Bernard Herrmann approves, and he passed away in 1975!
British composers on Lyrita 6: William Hurlstone, Cyril Scott & Gerald Finzi & conductor the great Bernard Herrmann! htt…
I added a video to a playlist Bernard Herrmann - Psycho (theme)
*Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann starts to play*
I added a video to a playlist North By Northwest | Soundtrack Suite (Bernard Herrmann)
(Orchard Park / USA) 30.10.2015 - Fall Concert on the program:. Bernard Herrmann - Psycho. more details …
Writing news about 's and find this is the best working BGM ... Psycho Suite - Bernard Herrmann
. has two Bernard Herrmann scores coming on one CD including an expanded version of a classic thriller:
to this promo for a September 2009 Bernard Herrmann month long spotlight .
Ever wondered what Bernard Herrmann's themes for Hitchcock would sound like with more Moog? (Answer comes early)
I liked a video Bernard Herrmann: Psycho - Prelude
Contract from June 1957 signed by composer Bernard Herrmann (Citizen Kane, PSYCHO) to write music for
Cast members of "We Hold These Truths" broadcast including Bernard Herrmann on the back row, who composed the score
The Ghost&Mrs.Muir has one of the best scores ever written,hands down. Haunting,curious,sentimental. *** you Bernard Herrmann & your music!
Just uploaded on my YouTube site: Americana Sketch Music of Bernard Herrmann
Works in progress. To stay in the same mood I always listen to the sound of Bernard Herrmann:.
It has a Bernard Herrmann score with frightening harmonica, if memory serves.
Dear I was listening to an old episode of the Pod F. Tompkast, and was delighted to hear your take on Bernard Herrmann. (1/2)
I'm looking forward to Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo and Psycho! Remind me not to sit too close to the string section...
Also, the Bernard Herrmann interview CD that comes with "Bride" is a real treat. Such a cranky old man, and I love him.
IS it just Me...or does Bernard Herrmann...use Many of the Same musical styles in Lots of his films ??
CD Fun!, Bernard Herrmann, Journey to the Center of the Earth Soundtrack
Cool tribute to Bernard Herrmann and his "Psycho" score:
A tribute to Bernard Herrmann. Every note I write from now on needs to go through this arm..
Advertisement for Bernard Herrmann record: "We dare you to take a shower while listening to this record"
Bernard Herrmann's theramin plays, Helen gathers her courage: "Gort, Klaatu barada nikto." It's one of most riveting scenes in film.
Bernard Herrmann used two Theremins to create his creepy score, one pitched higher, the other lower.
Its much harder to write a letter listening to Bernard Herrmann than i thought...
Fact: Bernard Herrmann considered his musical score for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) to have been his best.
No. Elmer Bernstein, Bernard Herrmann, Ennio Morricone, they da best. Williams is great, though.
"Early on and I still do have a great admiration for Bernard Herrmann. It’s music I love to conduct" - John Williams
some classical music types seemed to regard Bernard Herrmann's embrace of film music as a descent into musical prostitution.
Happy Friday with Bernard Herrmann and his dog Twilight. Herrmann found the stray dog at Goldwyn Studios while...
Could never shake the humming of Bernard Herrmann’s ‘Twisted Nerve’ or Nancy Sinatra's ‘Bang Bang’.
It's hard to go past Bernard Herrmann's score for Psycho. Classic.
Not to seem boastful, but I'm wicked proud of this. .
All about Bernard Herrmann : height, biography, quotes - see at
Listening to Bernard Herrmann's Wuthering Heights on the way to work. Beautiful, underrated work.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Hitchcock was so impressed with Bernard Herrmann's legendary PSYCHO score that he doubled the composer's salary.
Hitchcocks Vertigo only because of the good Quality work by Bernard Herrmann.
Orson Welles & Bernard Herrmann working on the score to 'Citizen Kane' (1941).
HITCHCOCK to MANCINI: If I had wanted Bernard Herrmann, I would have hired him!. FRENZI (1972) rejectedScore
Those three are certainly on my list. I studied Bernard Herrmann extensively in college. Also T. Newman and Christophe Beck.
Watching Vertigo struck by how much one of my favourite songs must have been inspired by Bernard Herrmann's score.
My 18-year-old self would be thinking of John Williams or Bernard Herrmann.
Using Bernard Herrmann's score for Psycho in Big Brother is on a par with using Edith Piaf to advertise Specsavers.
I wanna connect to the muse that used to help Bernard Herrmann write his cues.
from the very beginning, unmistakably, MUSIC BY BERNARD HERRMANN
Film composer Bernard Herrmann preferred OBSESSION (1976) to VERTIGO (1958) feeling Genevieve Bujold was a better actress t…
Films On Wax has reviewed Tadlow Music's re-recording of Bernard Herrmann's OBSESSION. . "Obsession really is a...
Just in! A new recording of the complete film score of Bernard Herrmann's 'Obsession' Hear it Sat 1-4pm
Cinematographer Krasner and Bernard Herrmann each had an Oscar to his credit. Noice work here from both!
Kritzerland Records is releasing Bernard Herrmann's score for WHITE WITCH DOCTOR from 1953! CDs will ship by the...
Bernard Herrmann is my favorite composer of all time. I have nearly every score he's ever done on CD or digital format.
herrmann theme from Taxi Driver Bernard
Oh I do love a bit Bernard Herrmann on a Sunday evening - Vertigo (theme) ..
Next up @ - Hangover Square w/Sanders, Darnell, Cregar. Bernard Herrmann biographer Steven Smith is the guest.
Bernard Herrmann's work is brillant in this film, but as usual..
Beautiful photo! Thought of you as a Bernard Herrmann biographer will be at Arthur Lyons Noir Festival Sun.!
Beneath the 12 Mile Reef (1953) ROBERT WAGNER via Relevant just for great score by Bernard Herrmann
MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann? Wait. What? Says George Miller, director of MAD...
The Bernard Herrmann music on in the background seems rather appropriate for the football matches taking place today.
John Williams is our greatest living film composer. Prior to him, it was Bernard Herrmann. I don't think there was one before Herrmann.
Not to mention also disregarding the intense and brilliant score of Bernard Herrmann which caused a huge quarrel between the two
Kritzerland will release on June 'White Witch Doctor' composed by Bernard Herrmann
I have seen the 1947 film of the same title, which inspired the series. Great movie, lovely score by Bernard Herrmann.
New Kritzerland CD: White Witch Doctor by Bernard Herrmann! Amazing score. Hear audio samples and purchase at
Meanwhile I'm sitting here listening to a 1980s podcast on the compositional techniques of Bernard Herrmann 😀
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Bernard Herrmann's score from Vertigo is not helping.
Bernard Herrmann did a lot of science fiction movie scores back in the 50s and 60s:.
As a friend and colleague of Bernard Herrmann, who wrote the music for Psycho, John Williams included this particular cue as an homage
indeed it gives it a different interpretation, also want to watch the film now for the Bernard Herrmann score
Then at 5PM, Bernard Herrmann's monster film score inundates our surround sound
This film marked the first collaboration between its noted director and composer Bernard Herrmann -
HOT: Honda CR-V Endless Road TV ad with music by Bernard Herrmann, watch/download:
Has one of Bernard Herrmann’s best scores and some of the best onscreen salty sea captain-ness ever.
ElaineLiner: Bernard Herrmann's jazz theme for "Taxi Driver" reminds me of score of "Chinatown." Haunting.
Easy to forget that the Psycho soundtrack is incredible in its own right. Bernard Herrmann was a genius
I'm really only in line for Brand New's Deja Entendu, and Bernard Herrmann's score for Hitchcock's Psycho.
Best Thing Today: "I get by with a little help from Bernard Herrmann..."
Red socks for Psycho… Georges Lentz & Emily Long Music by Bernard Herrmann
Ah! North by Northwest. Wonderful Bernard Herrmann score, and the fabulously suave but evil James Mason
This theremin performance of Bernard Herrmann's "Scene d'Amour" is incredible.
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Found it, the bugger! It is from Kill Bill too. It's by Bernard Herrmann called Twisted Nerve
Bernard Herrmann's music played a big part in getting me interested in classic movies.
Ghost and Mrs. Muir unquestionably Bernard Herrmann's most romantic score, so gorgeous
Not a very good movie. Plus, the score made me want to call the Bernard Herrmann family lawyers.
Dear early warning—the 40th anniversary of Bernard Herrmann's death is December 11 of this year.
Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann, found with Listen now:
I love ALL of Bernard Herrmann's scores for Hitch. He's my favorite composer in film history.
Still have last night's Bernard Herrmann score on my mind
If I lived in San Francisco, I'd spend my time driving up & down hills listening to Bernard Herrmann. Alternatively:
"Twisted Nerve" by Bernard Herrmann from Kill Bill, try having this stuck in your head ♫ Twisted Nerve
Happy Monday!. Here is a portion of Bernard Herrmann's score from "North by Northwest" (1959) to help get you...
Cataloged today: 1st public performance of Bernard Herrmann's orchestration of Charles Ives' Charlie Rutlage
'Psycho'. Psycho Suite | by Bernard Herrmann. . Played by the BBC Concert Orchestra. Conducted by Keith Lockhart.
Three words about the film "It's Alive!": Scary. Mutant. Baby. The picture was composed by Bernard Herrmann. It's his next-to-last project.
What is psycho or Taxi Driver without Bernard Herrmann's score?
Yeah, they use a bunch of remixed Bernard Herrmann stuff throughout it. Also a bunch of stuff from Hitchcock's Rebecca
I only really know of him throught his connection with Bernard Herrmann, one of my favourite film composers
Some more Halloween-ish based music with Bernard Herrmann's massed string dissonances in his score for the 1960...
I'm thinking that Bernard Herrmann did the score of
Playing Surface Image album now. It feels like Ravel via Bernard Herrmann through a toaster oven in a space ship. In the best way possible.
I want to give Bernard Herrmann MVP for
Suspense Theater: "Fugue in C Minor" - Starring Vincent Price, with music by Bernard Herrmann:
I didn't know there exists an opera of Moby *** And by Bernard Herrmann? I will try to get hold of it. Thanks for the tip. :)
Listening to the heart rending suite of music Bernard Herrmann composed for Twilight Zone's 'Walking Distance'.
Elfman acknowledges it. Bernard Herrmann's influence is everywhere. He was a super genius.
An awesome thing happened. Daughter said she liked to listen to movie scores while studying. I mentioned Bernard Herrmann. Her "I love him!"
Elfman ripped The Batman theme from a cue from Bernard Herrmann's score for Journey To The Center of the Earth.
That awkward moment when you listen to Bernard Herrmann's Psycho Suite and it immediately reminds you of someone.
All black attire, slight drizzle and Bernard herrmann playing in the background, how much more noir can my life get
Track 5: "The Storm Cloud Cantata" by Arthur Benjamin (Arr. Bernard Herrmann). It reminds me the best footage at the Royal Albert Hall.
"Alfred Hitchcock, and His Music". After all, Bernard Herrmann's score is the best.
Let's finish strong with jarring Bernard Herrmann and minimalist Saul Bass:
Bernard Herrmann - Prelude and Rooftop Beautiful piece of music!
Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver lemme make a nice slo mo video to this
Spent a few minutes today contemplating changing my name to “Elijah Davvidsonn” in honor of Bernard Herrmann.
Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve . if u whistle this song around me, I'll kill u before u kill me
"Concerto Macabre" by Bernard Herrmann from the film "Hangover Square"..a piece lost but needs finding again.
Bernard Herrmann was of the opinion that every film composer who didn't orchestrate their entire film "was a *** " Can't argue with that.
Bernard Herrmann's score for Psycho was entirely in strings. Unique, distinctive, and terrifying! A great one.
Follow the progress of my Bernard Herrmann documentary on
Instrumental of the day: The Toys by Bernard Herrmann from Psycho Motion Picture Soundtrack (1960)
Also features one of the greatest scores of all time (along with VERTIGO). Bernard Herrmann was a genius!
Got Bernard Herrmann but struggling with the other..
No one used a theremin better than Bernard Herrmann.
Lalala, constantly listening to this spotify playlist of Sleep No More music. Scrobbling so much Bernard Herrmann, lol.
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Bernard Herrmann's OBSESSION will be re-recorded and released by Tadlow Music. Amazing news!
Listening to gort / the visor / the telescope by Bernard Herrmann via
I know all art is plagiarism but Carrie really could've been more imaginative with its sound.(every1 needs to stop copying Bernard herrmann)
It must be lovely to have a gift at something, let alone be a musical genius like Bernard Herrmann ( 1911 - 1975 ).
Bernard Herrmann scored Taxi Driver, of course. Excuse my sloppiness.
What's your fav Cary Grant associated music? Bernard Herrmann's score to North by Northwest, Quincy Jones' soundtrack to Walk Don't Run?
Charles Ives and Bernard Herrmann were friends. Ives influenced Bernie. There are strains of Ives in Herrmann's scores to Vertigo, Psycho,
Walking through Warrington town centre listening to this 'Thank God for the Rain by Bernard Herrmann'
Listening to Theme From Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann vía
Thanks to those who voted for my Bernard Herrmann documentary pitch. There's still time to vote!
Bernard Herrmann used to do the composing. Classic scene here!
For my debut film, I want Angelo Badalamenti to do a cover of a John Carpenter cover of a Bernard Herrmann score.
THE COLLECTOR (1965): creepy, interesting psycho-kidnaps-girl drama. Crying out for Bernard Herrmann, it's bollocksed up by Maurice Jarre.
Going for a walk accompanied by the Taxi Driver theme. Bernard Herrmann was a genius composer.
That "Bernard Herrmann" gets on my "Twisted Nerve" Tarantino Hour almost over if you missed it...hard cheese! *I'm gonna pay for that*
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A documentary on composer Bernard Herrmann would be pretty great, right?
If you have a moment, please vote for my Bernard Herrmann documentary film proposal! Thanks!:
Your views are as narrow as your tie, - Bernard Herrmann
I thought Bernard Herrmann wrote the Suspense theme? Compare his Vertigo theme.
Bernard Herrmann is a musical genius
Bernard Herrmann's theme from PSYCHO done Acapella: We all go a little mad sometimes.
This is a 'behind the scenes' photograph featuring Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann that was taken during...
The Torn Curtain soundtrack is a little corny. Bring back Bernard Herrmann !
Bernard Herrmann's Taxi Driver score playing in the ODEON. Absolute classic.
Sucker for those Ray Harryhausen special effects flicks on tonight. Jason and the Argonauts still holds up, Bernard Herrmann score.
Theme from 'The Ghost & Mrs Muir" (1947) composed by Bernard Herrmann, conducted by Elmer Bernstein
This movie marked the 4th collaboration between composer Bernard Herrmann and animator Ray -
Score for The Twilight Zone season one episode "The Lonely." Music composed by Bernard Herrmann and conducted by Joel McNeely. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTE...
As excruciatingly wonderful as David Lynch's Elephant Man is, it rends my soul that Bernard Herrmann wasn't alive to score it.
Here is a picture of the New York Lewisohn Stadium! This is where Clara Rockmore played the Fuleihan Theremin concerto in 1947, accompanied by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Bernard Herrmann. Today the stadium doesn't exist anymore, it was demolished in 1973.
HATFUL OF RAIN, the Michael V. Gazzo play made into a movie, on TCM tonight at 10:00. "A Hatful of Rain is a 1957 dramatic film. The movie was a rarity for its time, in its frank depiction of the effects of morphine addiction. It is a medically and sociologically accurate account of the effects of morphine on an addict and his family. It stars Eva Marie Saint, Don Murray, Anthony Franciosa, Lloyd Nolan, and Henry Silva. The movie was adapted by Michael V. Gazzo, Alfred Hayes, and Carl Foreman from the play by Gazzo. Foreman was blacklisted at the time of the film's release. The Writers Guild of America added his name to the film's credits in 1998, 14 years after his death. It was directed by Fred Zinnemann and features a strong musical score by Bernard Herrmann. Herrmann was asked by Fox to rescore his prelude for the film as the original was considered "too terrifying". Franciosa was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role."
Replace Kim Novak and "Vertigo" still works; replace Bernard Herrmann and it's a far worse movie.
DVR Pick of the Day—Fox Movie Channel, 8:40am-10am, John Brahm's fantastic Hangover Square, a horror thriller of unusual dramatic intensity, told inventively and vividly both visually and with particular emphasis on sound. Like Frankenstein, it manages to evoke sympathy for its murdering monster, a tormented composer. Brahm gets a lot of the credit, as do Bernard Herrmann's extraordinary score and Joseph La Shelle's evocative cinematography, but equally important is Laird Cregar's soulful performance, which in lesser hands would have been pure hokum. All three of the film's leads met with tragic ends: Cregar suffered a heart attack after a desperate crash diet that he hoped would make him a viable leading man; George Sanders famously took his own life; and Linda Darnell, a voluptuous beauty who appeared in films by Preston Sturges, Joseph Mankiewicz, and John Ford, perished in a fire, a fate eerily foreshadowed by a truly horrific scene in Hangover Square. If you don't know this one, jump on it—it's . ...
With the 2014 Academy Awards airing tomorrow night, it is a race to the finish for all 5 'Best Original Score' nominees: veteran John Williams (The Book Thief), newcomers Steven Price (Gravity), William Butler/Owen Pallett (Spike Jonze's Her) and serial previous contenders who have yet to win: Thomas Newman ( Saving Mr. Banks) and Alexandre Desplat (Philomena). With the Hans Zimmer sound dominating big budget spectacles (GRAVITY) and the alternative music scene deeply entrenched into the indie film market (HER), a win for either THE BOOK THIEF, PHILOMENA or SAVING MR. BANKS would bring visibility to a "classic" approach that is progressively disappearing from the Hollywood scene. While the baby boomers had the chance of growing up alongside Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Elmer Bernstein, Alex North and Bernard Herrmann (who themselves reflected their previous influences such as Erich Wolfgang Korngold or the Impressionists like Ravel and Debussy), why not afford Generations X/Y a comparable luxury? Below ...
Great film, making its TCM premiere tonight. Rex Harrison and a luminous Gene Tierney shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. But perhaps best of all is Bernard Herrmann's lush, ultra-romantic score. How about an entire concert of Herrmann some time, Chris Confessore?
Producer John Houseman wanted his pal Bernard Herrmann to score JULIUS CAESAR but MGM insisted on using a composer they had under contract. Years later Herrmann recorded a suite from Miklos Rozsa's score for an album of Shakespeare music.
"John Williams deserves to be heard in the concert hall" - Bernard Herrmann would provide more variety & depth :)
Big Furious appearances this weekend: Friday at Locust Moon Comics; Saturday at Effin Comics! Yet as Sweeney Todd sang, "But the WORK continues" and "Musical Muse" is on the case... CHARIOTS OF FIRE original soundtrack score composed by Vangelis; CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: LION, WITCH & THE WARDROBE and PRINCE CASPIAN by Harry Gregson-Williams; CoN III: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER by David Arnold; and Citizen Kane and other classic film scores by Bernard Herrmann!
ooh! I've been listening to lots of Bernard Herrmann by way of prep. Double Indemnity, Taxi Driver etc.
Just watched the opening credits to North by Northwest and discovered that Philip Glass practically ripped off Bernard Herrmann. =O
“Bernard Herrmann photos and documentary. Watch online
Bernard Herrmann photos and documentary. Watch online
The great film composer & Hitchcock collaborator Bernard Herrmann picks up his baton to conduct some Charles Ives.
That was one of the coolest things ever! Derrick and I just left Benaroya Hall in Seattle where we watched Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho while the Seattle Symphony played the soundtrack music live! AND the daughter of Bernard Herrmann ( the man who composed the music for Psycho) was there to watch and she got on stage and told us fun facts about her Dad and Hitchcock. And the theater had real butter for their popcorn!
Lights! Camera! Join the San Francisco Symphony, with one of the most iconic film scores ever created. The partnership between filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and composer Bernard Herrmann resulted in some of cinema’s greatest musical moments—none more memorable than the famous shower scene in Psycho. Hi...
Ah a quiet Sunday. Feeling much better now. Getting ready for another theatre marathon this week starting with the ACT production of "Underneath the Lintel" starring David Strathairn on Tuesday, Berkeley Rep production of Hershey Felder's "The Pianist of Willesden Lane" on Wednesday, brief rest period on Thursday and then on Friday going to Davis Hall to see "Vertigo" with the magnificent San Francisco Symphony playing Bernard Herrmann score and then ending up on Saturday seeing Rodgers and Hart's "I Married an Angel" with the great 42nd Street Moon cast at the Eureka Theatre.
great blog, I love the drunk Carry Grant car sequence, very entertaining & Bernard Herrmann's music
LIKE SCHINDLER, I'M ALWAYS MAKING LISTS Perfect Autumn Albums Daylight's getting scarcer, trees are dropping their raiment, and the wind is just starting to hint at the chill to come. The perfect companion to your hat and jacket? An elegiac soundtrack. Here are five suggestions from our ears to yours. 1. Elliott Smith "XO" (Dreamworks Records, 1998)--the descending acoustic guitar figure that opens "Sweet Adeline" and the album is the audio equivalent of watching leaves fall off trees. 2. The Jesus & Mary Chain "Stoned & Dethroned" (Blanco Y *** 1994)--trading howling feedback for a relatively traditional format based around strummed acoustics, the JMC's fifth (and last decent) album finds them channeling pensive Rolling Stones cuts when they're not drafting in Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval for a Nancy & Lee-style duet. 3. Kevin Coyne "Marjory Razorblade" (Virgin Records, 1973)--from Coyne's ruminative songwriting to the slide guitar that rustles through the album like a brisk wind, this one, besides bein .. ...
Win tickets today to see Hitchcock's Vertigo with Bernard Herrmann's brilliant score played live ..a Hallowe'en treat!
I like that he says that the theme of Smaug is inspired by Bernard Herrmann's score for Psycho. This will be interesting!!
Giving AMERICAN HORROR STORY a try. It would be more original if it didn't rely on jacking Bernard Herrmann's most famous scores.
A look at weekend shows to look forward to: Picture Perfect presents music from the films of director Brian De Palma, including Obsession (Bernard Herrmann), The Fury (John Williams), Carrie (Pino Donaggio) and The Untouchables (Ennio Morricone) at 6 pm; Distant Mirror brings you music from the court of Henry VIII at 10 pm; Marjorie Herman joins Israel Herman on On the Wind for a special look at music written for choir and winds, including music by Bruckner, Stravinsky and Penderecki, Sat at 5 pm; A Tempo looks at the online digital archives at Carnegie Hall at 7 pm; and Strictly Vinyl celebrates an early Wagner work - his Faust Overture - and Brahms' Symphony No. 1 at 10 pm. Tell us your favorite LP in your collection.
It's a and inspired day on with Bernard Herrmann penned scores. First up: "Psycho" soundtrack.
Review by Ted Mills You couldn't do much better for a soundtrack to David Cronenberg's adaptation of William S. Burroughs' beat classic than have Ornette Coleman team up with Howard Shore, a film composer who keeps within the strictures of classic film score ideals and colorations, but explores them with the intelligence of Bernard Herrmann. Coleman's free jazz complements the schizophrenia of the film and pays homage to the generation that preceded (and gave birth to) him, while Shore maintains the melancholic dread that powers most Cronenberg films. Like the film -- where the Algiers of the story might only be Bill Lee's imagination -- Shore uses Arabian elements sparingly, and in the context of the cool New York sound. Wondrous strange.
Raven sighs as she sits there in her little spot looking out the window as the moon shined up brightly in the sky. Thinking of many things at the moment, her ears lowered as she pulls off her sealed eyepatch, eventually whistling Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann while she lightly rubbed the eye that was covered. she soon looked at the moon with her indifferent hues as they glowed darkly, eventually twirling her fingers as she whistled on, in her lap, she pets a small little puppy that had a black furr coat, and was sound asleep despite her whistling.
PSYCHO Original 1960 Still Most likely you'll find PSYCHO Original 1960 Still here - luck! Other products that are interesting for me: Outer space suite: bernard herrmann; Mark of the devil 1950 original 1960 still still 8 x 10 fine - very fine; Psycho original 1960 still; Psycho: the complete original motion picture score; Still be happy (original version); Psycho original 1960 still. Tags: christmas deals, cybermonday, market price, hot, online, deals, offers, tv deals, where to buy, discount, best.
Listening to Bernard Herrmann's wonderfully over the top score to Brian De Palma's Obsession whilst literally drawing curtains (yes more)
Last minute preparations for todays string session...we will be mainly raising the ghost of Bernard herrmann
After one week seeing PSYCHO Bernard Herrmann's score still haunts my mind.
Kudos to whoever decided to name drop composer Bernard Herrmann.
Sitting on a rooftop she whistled out a tune as she looked at the dark sky and grinned behind her docs mask. Whistling out, she kicked her legs out as she sits there relax in the dark night while whistling Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann.
THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH Hitchcock`s remake is quite good--James Stewart and Doris Day are a believable, imperfect couple, and the story moves along. But the whole thing is really an excuse for the Royal Albert Hall sequence. Day sees the assassin and the target, but can`t say or do anything without risking her son`s life. As `The Storm Clouds` cantata is performed [conducted by Bernard Herrmann], Stewart frantically tries to get to the shooter, until Day does the only thing she can--she screams. [An ironic response from a singer, whose singing fits into the resolution of the plot.] This sequence should be taught at film schools to show how to build suspense. I hate that damned `Que Sera Sera` though.
As Adelaide indulges in screen worshiping at the Adelaide Film Festival Zephyr Quartet pays homage to some of the star composers of film music in 'Beyond The Screen' - an intimate concert of rarely performed concert works for string quartet by Nino Rota, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Bernard Herrmann and the world premiere of 'Fragments' by Alies Sluiter - with Emily Tulloch, Belinda Gehlert and Jason Peter Thomas.
I can imagine. Bernard Herrmann was the same.
The main theme from Bernard Herrmann's music for The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Beguilingly beautiful.
Lhota should have just gone ahead and used the Bernard Herrmann 'Taxi Driver' theme as the soundtrack here:
"Psycho (Original Movie Soundtrack)" by Bernard Herrmann on Great motion picture soundtrack.
One of the interesting things about PSYCHO is how it starts out as a crime thriller without ANY foreshadowing of anything else. When Janet Leigh`s character is killed, she isn`t just stabbed, she`s ERADICATED from the movie--Bernard Herrmann`s score is like an aural wiping-away. The whole movie is unbalanced from that point on; it takes 27 minutes to reach the Bates Motel, and it`s 30 minutes from Martin Balsam getting it on the stairs to the end, where we focus on Vera Miles and John Gavin--it`s like once Marion Crane is gone, the movie can`t decide whose story to follow. Of course, all along from minute 27 on, it`s following Norman`s story.
Been doing that a lot lately, Bernard Herrmann a fave. Need to do 'jobs' then I can sit and make a score for an imaginary film.
Infamous Oscar Non-Nomination The score to PSYCHO by Bernard Herrmann not only didn`t win an Oscar, it wasn`t even nominated!
They don't make TV themes like this anymore. Thank you, Bernard Herrmann:
Prologue from Bernard Herrmann's only opera: Wuthering Heights (1943/1951) Prologo: via
I can always work/write to Bernard Herrmann: TV/movie scores, symphonies, cantatas, sinfoniettas, I'll take them all! …
The Day the Earth Stood Still was directed by Robert Wise. Bernard Herrmann score
Prelude from Vertigo, handwritten by composer Bernard Herrmann.
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I'm listening to Bernard Herrmann's score to Psycho on Cinemagic at via
this is possibly my favourite film score from Bernard Herrmann. maybe Taxi Driver?
(at least that means looking at Bernard Herrmann scores)
Now I have to revisit Ennio Morricone, along with Bernard Herrmann.the emotion they evoke in their soundtracks. Perfection
One of my favorite soundtracks ever. ♫ "Taxi Driver (Main Title)" by Bernard Herrmann
I'm thinking, what does Mike think about Bernard Herrmann's score for The Day the Earth Stood Still?
Whizzing past this dramatic Northumberland coastline-only one thing to listen to 'The Sea' by Bernard Herrmann
I can listen to Bernard Herrmann's soundtrack for 'Beneath the 12 Mile Reef' over & over and never get bored.
Why I love horror films (From my list of flicks to watch up to Halloween): "a highly unorthodox tale about the seductiveness of the idea of immortality. Kindly antiques dealer Jesús Gris happens upon an ancient golden device in the shape of a scarab, and soon finds himself the possessor and victim of its sinister, addictive powers" -Cronos "After a young theology student flees a hit-and-run accident, he is plagued by both his own guilt-ridden conscience and a mysterious, diabolical doppelgänger. But all possible escape routes lead straight to *** literally. In the gloriously gory final third of the film, Nakagawa offers up his vision of the underworld in a tour de force of torture and degradation." -Jigoku "Set during the final week of the Spanish Civil War, it tells the tale of a twelve-year-old boy who, after his freedom-fighting father is killed, is sent to a haunted rural orphanage full of terrible secrets. Del Toro expertly combines gothic ghost story, murder mystery, and historical melodrama in ...
The music in Taxi Driver is phenomenal - Brilliant by Bernard Herrmann
It's a magnificent film on a number of levels, including the score by Bernard Herrmann. But don't watch before bed.
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