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Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters (born Bernadette Lazzara on February 28, 1948) is an American actress, singer and children's book author from Ozone Park, Queens, New York.

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“You've got to be original, because if you're like someone else, what do they need you for?”. Bernadette Peters.
I just thought of a marginally worse decision than Bernadette Peters in Bernadette as Eliza Schuyler in
My cover letter reads: I'd really like this job because I need money to see Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber in Hello Dolly! this spring.
OHHH With Mandy Patinkin!? The man is a LEGIT LEGEND, I absolutely ADORE him- and he + Bernadette Peters = BRILLIANCE!
That "Hello Dolly" ad announcing Bernadette Peters has the wrong voiceover. It should have been 2 *** guys...
Broadway Flea Market announces special guests, including and more
Hi I've fallen down a YouTube hole of remembering Bernadette Peters was on Animaniacs and what did we ever do to deserve that, oh man.
Look back at in Song and Dance on Broadway, which opened on this day in 1985
Look Back at Bernadette Peters in Song and Dance on Broadway
😂 I need my *** Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters and I don't care who knows it
Should Bernadette Peters have a dog on stage with her in Hello, Dolly! ?
Today in history-"Song and Dance" starring Bernadette Peters opened in 1985 at the Royale Theatre for 474…
Bernadette Peters was getting into a car right in front of my apartment and I lied about already having bought my tickets to “Hello, Dolly!”
if I meet bernadette peters my actual hero
.& to honor Carol Burnett for CBS Carol Burnett Show special: https:/…
Someone go to New York with me over Spring break so I can see The Band's Visit, The Cursed Child, and Bernadette Peters in Hello, Dolly!
Here, of course, is the version you know from THE JERK with and Bernadette Peters.
the bernadette peters dolly commercial giving me LIFE
You are missed and loved Not A Day Goes By by Bernadette Peters via
Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin perform "Move On" . from Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George
I just remembered Bernadette Peters is gonna play Dolly Gallagher Levi and she's gonna sing Before the Parade Passes by on Broadway & I jUST
Love Mozart in the Jungle - binge watching - Bernadette Peters, Malcolm McDowell & Gael Garcia Bernal are great!.
What do YOU think about Bernadette Peters taking over for Bette Midler on Hello Dolly?!?
More than 70 theatre artists will take part in Broadway Flea Market & Grand Auction next weekend
I just published “Bernadette Peters, Victor Garber to Star in Broadway’s ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Revival”
OMG!! Bernadette Peters and Debra Monk having a karaoke face off !!!
John Slattery as Mike Pence, of course! (Also, Bernadette Peters as Debbie Wasserman Schultz in flashback sequences.)
Another photo I took at Condola Rashad, Bernadette Peters, Jayne Houdyshell, and Laurie Metcalf!
This was also my first introduction to Bernadette peters which changed my life.
All my problems would be solved if I was Bernadette Peters
I have a lot of problems that would be solved if I could sing like Bernadette Peters
What great show! Wish it had gone on all night. Bernadette Peters is just fantastic!
Seeing Bernadette Peters > anything else that ever happens in my life from now on
bernadette peters: eats a salad. me: I love salad
happy birthday !! wish we could be sitting in box seats at bernadette peters today 😉💘MISS YOU
Bernadette Peters will be here tonight! Are you as excited as we are?
Mozart in the Jungle is really good. And I'm not just saying that because of my lifelong crush on Bernadette Peters
1. Saturday waited 2 hrs for Bernadette Peters who never came out despite her manager saying she would
Bernadette peters and mandy patinkin version !! Makes me cry !
Patti Lupone is my all time favourite broadway star (Bernadette Peters right behind).exactly!
Johnny Carson: This is none of my business. . Bernadette Peters: then don't ask me. 😂🙌🏻
Catching up on Mozart in the Jungle. Bernadette Peters, am I right?
Bernadette Peters, 1948. — Mack and Mabel, Into the Woods, Annie Get Your Gun, Gypsy (and more)
Broadway legend tomorrow night at A show you do not want to miss! .
That second paragraph sounds like one of my assanine dreams when I sleep late. Bernadette Peters: undercover *** nun
I just went through the entire pre-check line with Bernadette Peters in front of me. I have never been so nervous to go through security.
Circe is Bernadette Peters. More perfect casting of a goddess never was.
Bernadette Peters in Annie Get Your Gun (sorry mike as jack kelly)
Bernadette Peters: you're leaving soon. I wanted to show you a little bit more. 🙃😏
was Barbara really Bernadette Peters calling in?
Bernadette Peters will showcase songs from musicals that she has starred in. Have you bought your tickets yet?
Show your love for your favorite Broadway divas this Sunday starting at 7 pm.
Attending the Bernadette Peters event this Sunday? Consider taking the Popejoy shuttle and avoid construction. Info…
My dream cast of Rent Live includes Bernadette Peters as Maureen and Tonya Pinkins as Joanne.
Bernadette Peters: I seem to be making the rounds.. okay. 😂🙃😏
I started crying in Human Bio cuz Megan Hiltys mom on Smash (Bernadette Peters) called her star and idk if there's anything more theatre kid
I was watching The Good Fight and they put Bernadette Peters in a strapless jumper and I was why
I can't believe bernadette peters and Julie Andrews invented small pillows
I just need enough money for Bernadette Peters to sing, not a day goes by, being Alive, send in the clowns, losing my mind & move on, to me.
Grande dame of Broadway: Bernadette Peters to perform 'songs that we all love' at Popejoy
When you have a wonderful evening with friends nypl and Bernadette Peters performs an intimate…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bernadette Peters to perform at Guthrie Theater's annual gala on June 23, 2017
Bernadette Peters is singing approx. 30 feet away from me and I think I can die now.
Bernadette Peters wearing this dress. Still shook.
Raúl Esparza, Bernadette Peters, & Richard Ridge talking about at the opening night of…
Oh. Bernadette Peters and Raúl Esparza would make a cute mother-son team pls coppola nobody asks u for much.…
Bernadette Peters at Wolf Trap?! Well, I wasn’t saving up for anything special like my eyes or a home or my future...
Christine Baranski and Bernadette Peters hugging these two girlfriends on is the best thing that's ha…
That time when Julie Andrews, Michael Jackson, and Bernadette Peters where jamming out to Kool & the Gang's
59th annual Tony awards opening with Bernadette Peters ✨🙌🏼. ( Full video link: )
Starting out - Bernadette Peters in the original production of Dames at Sea (1969)
Bernadette Peters and Tom wopat 1999 Tony Awards opening. Fjgklfhdjhfd!! 😱😍. I wasn't ready for this!
Meryl Streep is pretty overrated though. It’s ridiculous that she has more Oscars than Bernadette Peters and Phoebe Cates put together
I talked to Gael Garcia Bernal 😍 and also Lola Kirke and Bernadette Peters and Malcolm McDowell
The last time a replacement cast held this much sway was when Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch took over "A Little Night Music."
Bernadette Peters will host MERRILY doc Q&A:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Look Back at Bernadette Peters and Robert Preston in Mack & Mabel
I grew up in the 80s which means I had crushes on actresses like Colleen Camp, Lesley Ann Warren, & Bernadette Peters...awesome, right?
I liked a video Bernadette Peters (with Tom Wopat from Annie Get Your Gun) - Anything You Can Do
So Exicted to see Bernadette Peters tonight at Bayfront Park San Diego with San Diego Symphony!
It was right up there with seeing Julie Andrews, Bernadette Peters, Linda Eder, and other broadway divas live on stage for me... Just wow.
"Granny Get Your Gun" When Bernadette Peters morphs into Ethel Merman over 13 weeks.
Ethel Merman, Bernadette Peters, Patti Lupone (assuming that Merman can compete from beyond the grave)
In PENNIES FROM HEAVEN Steve Martin is trapped between Jessica Harper and Bernadette Peters, which is hard to empathize with a…
Judy Garland and Bernadette Peters adore you, Carol Channing wouldn't mind doing a tap number with you, Gwen Verdon says hi.
I liked a video Bernadette Peters as Tosca - The last Mile - Nathan Lane,Paul Sorvino 1992
Vicki Lawrence and Bernadette Peters as feisty Nurses lol . The Carol Burnett show . 9th season…
To be replaced by Donna Murphy and Bernadette Peters?
Bernadette Peters is amazing amazng again
Bernadette Peters needs a better photographer and like I have better things to do but I volunteer
This is still a real thing Bernadette Peters did
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Never go into the woods without a shotgun and Bernadette Peters.
When Bernadette Peters looks DC up & down, then says "I know" when he says who he is?
Can you believe this was 20 years ago? Bernadette Peters is ageless 💯…
that's it you guys cocktails and bernadette peters and helping animals I'm selling my kidneys and flying to NY
I liked a video Bernadette Peters on Sondheim - Follies at The Kennedy Center
Has Bernadette Peters ever worn a dress her *** aren't falling out of???
I forgot that Rita the cat from the Animaniacs is Bernadette Peters!! She should be in everything.
Feel the Bern. That's right, Bernadette Peters for president.
Might I suggest we recruit Bernadette Peters into our gang, too, please?
Still can't believe I was this close whilst watching Bernadette Peters tumble down the stairs
We spoke to Broadway and Hollywood star Bernadette Peters about her upcoming UK Tour
I just ate half a Kind bar, a snack forever to be know as The Bernadette Peters.
Stephen Sondheim told me that Oscar Hammerstein believed everything th...
Bernadette Peters performance @ Edinburgh playhouse was outstanding! Feel so privileged to be a part of that audience. She is EVERYTHING
New from the Mates: BERNADETTE PETERS in concert – Edinburgh
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
★★★★★ Bernadette Peters "gives a masterclass in singing for the stage"
spoofs Bernadette Peters and more with
Saw a legend tonight; Bernadette Peters at Royal Festival Hall Things to tell the grandkids about!
I liked a video Bernadette Peters speaks at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center press
Bernadette Peters and Mel Brooks in Silent Movie - 40 years ago. 😳
YAAAY! Lifetime achievement for Bernadette Peters at Tony Awards on the 23rd!!! :)
The redhead in the front row at Streetcar Named Desire is Bernadette Peters. @ St. Ann's Warehouse
It's Tim Curry's Birthday! Pictured here as Rooster with Bernadette Peters as Lily St. Regis in
We’re going to be with talking about his new book & probs Bernadette Peters! https:/…
Bernadette Peters and Matthew Broderick will star in DELAYED: A New Musical. If it doesn't get DELAYED. Maybe.
Carol Burnett in Annie is so freaking great. And Tim Curry. And Bernadette Peters. And Albert Finney. And whoever is Grace (sorry, Grace).
An audience member compliments Andrea Martin and Cole Escola on their Bernadette Peters impressions.
On a completely unrelated topic... Bernadette Peters is the only Bernie I care about right now.
So proud of author and his book BERNADETTE PETERS HATES ME lighting up …
Move On by Bernadette Peters via enjoy everyone its gonna take a lot of peace to piece together
With So Little To Be Sure Of by Bernadette Peters via as soon as I put the band together. all this wll be
Bernadette Peters is a goddess. Just to remind you all.
I haven't seen any of Mozart yet, I need to give that a shot soon. Looks great and Bernadette Peters, so...
the transition from Bernadette Peters singing and dancing and being so sexy to Orson Welles is jarring.
Oh dear. You might want to be alone when you watch Bernadette Peters.
It's not a hard & fast rule. Any accent can be sexy if u own it. Like I love Rosie Perez & Bernadette Peters voices-many don't
Tickets to see Bernadette Peters now on sale:
AHS: Murder House has completely ruined the song that Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters sing in The Jerk for me
It's St. Patrick's Day so Bernadette Peters is DEFINITELY going ham on a potato that she boiled for her dog rn.
My prayer is that one day Bernadette Peters will be healthy enough to eat an entire grapefruit face :)
I went to a paul taylor show, which was AMAZING, and i saw Bernadette Peters and Alan Cumming !
So I guess Bernadette Peters just like DOESN'T age.
Seriously though. Bernadette Peters is my mom. Such a goddess. 😍😍
was Bernadette Peters getting into a cab nearby
My parents saw Bernadette Peters without me and I'm still so incredibly bitter
tfw you exit your therapy appointment and immediately see Bernadette Peters in a velvet jacket.
Bernadette Peters, Hugh Jackman and Alfred Molina. Jackman looks more like Huge *** here at…
It Might As Well Be Spring... I used to sing that as a young girl in my voi...
Think I spotted Bernadette Peters in Columbus Circle but never mind that— I got to hang out with (Minus Captain America getup.)
I got the lovely diva Bernadette Peters, from your snapchat today
Bernadette Peters ain't got nothing on me' I say right before I cry listening to not a day goes by
I got Bernadette Peters. I'm more than okay with that. 💯💯
she looks more like a young bernadette peters and she is avg. The only thing that makes her special is her parents
Official launch for Bernadette Peters Hates Me: rue Tales from a Delusional Man by is 3/21 but...
Remember when Bernadette Peters was on The View & Barbara Walters & like "In Buddy's Eyes is beautiful" & BP was like "it's really...not"
If I die tell Bernadette Peters she's queen of the fairies
No One Is Alone by Stephen Sondheim is all about thinking for yourself and ...
I spent a minute trying to figure out what Bernie had to do with Bernadette Peters if you wanted to know about me
Bernadette Peters was a guest star on a show on Netflix and literally my first thought was look it's roommate!
Bernadette Peters as the Witch singing "Stay With Me" from the 1991 production of Into the Woods
Get your iPhone insurance today!
you're welcome! Keep unleashing that Bernadette Peters.
I hope that one day I love something as much as Bernadette Peters loves dogs
I swear I'm gonna perfect my Bernadette Peters and Patti Lupone
Hello, I'm Bernadette Peters and I'm auditioning for the roll of Dolly Levi
Now that you bring it up I do see the resemblance. Bernadette Peters and Jojo.
isn't great. But this episode does have, inexplicably, Bernadette Peters, Jason Schwartzman and Wallace Shawn. So good.
So ready for the show that made me fall in love with Bernadette Peters 😊 @ Detroit Opera House -…
Train, Tears for Fears, The B52s, Bernadette Peters, Tommy James and the Shondells, Wild Cherry, The Rolling Stones
I grew up listening to Bernadette Peters, Patti Lupone, and Angela Lansbury...
Here is Broadway favorite Bernadette Peters singing four classic Harold Arlen songs that were made famous by Judy...
Mozart in the Jungle gets a 3rd season! A great show starring Gael García Bernal, Bernadette Peters, and Malcolm...
Is that...Bernadette Peters and Richard Dawson with a perm? I must know more! (Loved the show!)
News: Bernadette Peters announces first UK solo concerts
Am enjoying the luscious absurdity of season 2, but please don't ask me to accept Bernadette Peters at an open mic night.
That was the night I stood in the bathroom line w/ Bernadette Peters and LITERALLY DIED!
Electronic Device Insurance
Started 'Mozart in The Jungle'. How does Bernadette Peters look the exact same age as when I saw her in Broadway commercials when I was 8?!
... Like a really good book you don't want to put down. Gael García Bernal, Lola Kirke, Bernadette Peters all fantastic.
Virgin Mary or Bernadette Peters ? Feminine divine either way you slice it (rimshot). 😇
I propose that from now on all male robots are Andy Kaufman, and all female robots are Bernadette Peters
Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming & More Set for 2016 Crown and Anchor Broadway Series in Provincetown... .
Some of my favourite Mama Roses from Gypsy . 🙋👒🌹. Angela Lansbury, Bette Midler, Imelda Staunton and Bernadette Peters
The first Broadway show I ever heard was the recording of Carousel, and it was a...
I just found out bernadette peters is 67 y/o *** how
So Bernadette Peters is some kind of vampire, right?
quick: who has the good hair: Bernadette Peters or Patti Lupone?
Sunday in the park with George, Children and Art, Bernadette Peters... "I'm just quoting mama"."see how she shimmers I mean from the heart"
I started watching Mozart In The Jungle for Bernadette Peters and I like it a lot, but also, the more I watch the more I think BP is my root
I'm about 5 episodes in and still waffling. Love GGB and Lola Kirke tho. Keep waiting for Bernadette Peters to sing!!
we're watching west side story ! we watch YouTube vids of Bernadette peters ! this class was made in a lab 4 me !!
&& I love how this show has used the beautiful and amazingly talented Bernadette Peters. I love it. I love it. I love it.
Highly debating if I should go to a Bernadette Peters concert lol
Finally getting into second season and Bernadette Peters if finally singing.
Bernadette peters is honestly just everything to me.
Sondheim gets me in my FEELS. Every time. Bernadette Peters in into the woods is everything to me
I am in love with Bernadette Peters
I guess maybe for people who have never heard of Bernadette Peters?
Scene in "Mozart in the Jungle" where Bernadette Peters sings in the shower annotated with this fun fact.
Bernadette Peters is a national treasure
I love pasta with the homemade marinara sauce I had as a kid.
I really love his interactions with Bernadette Peters too. And...basically everyone, lol
Greatest skill: flawless cover of 'Send in the Clowns' as Glenn Close, Bernadette Peters, Ruthie Henshall, Judy Dench, and Cat Zeta-Jones
Why was I not told that Bernadette Peters was in Mozart in the Jungle?
s2g Bernadette Peters hasn't aged one bit since playing the stepmom in Brandy's Cinderella
Should I get. - a dog named Bernadette Puppers. or. - a cat named Purrnadette Peters?
Also, Bernadette Peters of The Jerk is on the cast. So co-sign.
Hamilton Collection
Had a dream last night that I met Bernadette Peters, backstage at a play. Was sad to wake up and realize it was a dream.
Bernadette Peters is an amazing perfect goddess.
Right!! Who did it? Who took Bernadette Peters' rendition of Look What Happened To Mabel down off YouTube? 😭
A surprise winner at the Golden Globes, the Amazon series starring Gael García Bernal and Bernadette Peters has been dividing New York’s
I really need to know what hair products Bernadette Peters uses
Bernadette Peters has random singing spots in SMASH and Mozart in the Jungle for basically no reason and I don't actually like them at all
Bernadette peters has actually stopped the aging process, how the fuk is she 67?
I want to go to the theatre and just happen to bump in to Bernadette Peters. That never happens to me!
Elizabeth Taylor, Keith Richards, Bernadette Peters, Christie Brinkley: Maury Hopson lists them as his friends because he doesn’t snip and
I liked a video Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters first meeting at Herbert Marshall's Pennies from
We can't even imagine the endless LOLZ Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin must have had.
Sondheim, Patinkin, Bernadette Peters & James Lapine in rehearsal for "Sunday in the Park w/ George," via
Okay you can't fool me, that Little Big Town woman is actually Bernadette Peters as Lily St. Regis in Annie, yes? --S
To celebrate today's 2nd table read, here is Andrea Martin doing her genius Bernadette Peters- https:/…
saw it with Bernadette Peters & Jan Maxwell in 2011. Total knockout.
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Austin just compared Laurie's daughter to Bernadette Peters
I have GOT to turn off the Bernadette Peters YouTube videos or I will never get anything done
I'm Inlove with Bernadette Peters gosh. Her voice makes me melt
Bernadette Peters discusses her newest book, charity work, Broadway and more!. via
Bernadette Peters is singing your praises!. via
check out what Bernadette Peters has to say about today's and more!.
check out what the incomparable Bernadette Peters has to say about the current state of
check out what Bernadette Peters says about the state of song selection and more!
check out who's singing your praises! Not too shabby ;). via
My interview with the incomparable Bernadette Peters. She talks more ahead of NJ trip -->
Pia and Bernadette Peters are tied for best teeny blonde in my book.
I will never not cry. So beautiful. In Buddy's Eyes/Losing My Mind {Broadway Barks, 2009} - Bernadette Peters
October is here and we’ve got great shows on sale and Broadway legend Bernadette Peters...
Bernadette Peters will play her in the movie.
Congratulations to legend who will be honored by the on Nov. 2
REMINDER! will perform at in Newark, NJ on Friday, October 16, 2015 at 8:00 PM! More info:
How to honor a legend? & more join the cast of the Gala for
Because anytime is a good time to hear Bernadette Peters:
yes Bernadette peters is a legend I love her in into the wood and Cinderella
Bernadette Peters singing Not A Day Goes By is the saddest thing goodbye world i'm out
.performs next Friday at My preview for
You really have to be prepared for Bernadette Peters to come up on iTunes. 😩
You got to meet THE Bernadette Peters? Seriously so jealous... would love to hear her perform live someday. Love her voice
I love Bernadette Peters super hard, so of course I love The Jerk.
I could wake up tomorrow magically looking like anyone else, it would be Bernadette Peters in The Jerk.
When Bernadette Peters is filming a scene outside your dorm.
Still celebrating the 30th? You'll love Bernadette Peters singing Thank You For Being a Friend
I got to write my paper on Bernadette Peters today!!
It's like the cancelled Bernadette Peters concert all over again.
Little George loves reading Bernadette Peters' new book!! Book copies will be available at…
Update your maps at Navteq
Days when I am sad because I have to skip a yarn festival because I need to see Bernadette Peters & be at a craft show are good days
I liked the Bernadette Peters's live stage version better
Disney's biggest regret should be not casting Bernadette Peters as Mother Gothel in Tangled
honestly, we're all just hoping for bernadette peters hair and get Jen Aniston, that's a shame
Com for more information. Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters at Broadway…: diamonds online yellow diamonds...
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of here's Ms. Bernadette Peters singing the show's theme.
Into the Woods wasn't that bad but it wasn't that great either. I prefer the cast video w/ Bernadette Peters
. You just disrespected Bernadette Peters. "You're ruining it for everybody".
My choir director saw Bernadette Peters in Into the Woods on Broadway & I'm so upset
Bernadette Peters is a god among men
Dance majors are busy rehearsing for Arts By George! Bernadette Peters will be performing as the featured guest...
lmfao Bernadette peters and they sing a duet and we just see her oggle at Darren for 5 minutes
a bit repetitive toward the end, but dang I really do like her voice. She also has Bernadette Peters hair! 😜
To put my Celine Dion and Bernadette Peters and other impressions on my resume or not...
THE GOODBYE GIRL played Broadway in 1993 - here is Bernadette Peters and Martin Short in the roles they created...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I always wanted to be a witch, growing up. After I saw this performance I wanted to be Bernadette Peters.
My 2016 platform is that Bernadette Peters MUST play Kimmy Schmidt's mom in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2
It still annoys me they cast Meryl Streep in the movie when Bernadette Peters is still alive and wonderful in this world.
When something isn't done, you want to do something about it. - Bernadette Peters (Actress).
I died laughing at the Bernadette Peters/grilled cheese one
I wanted to be Bernadette Peters, darn!
There was 1 filmed/half-set in my hometown Bray, with Bernadette Peters/Rachel Ward as *** Ireland looks like UK tho.
I paid homage to Bernadette Peters yesterday. Must be why my curls are rockin today!
Me and Bernadette Peters. Yep got on my Marimekko! .
Bernadette Peters is coming to our performing arts center.
*watching Anastasia*. Hmm the voice of Sophie sounds familiar. *looks it up*. Of course it's Bernadette Peters
Bernadette Peters singing those might help you decide. :)
I have always liked Send in the Clowns. I seen on YouTube where Bernadette Peters is singing the other two I mentioned.
Without the beard, it looks like I'm doing my best Bernadette Peters impression.
and narrated by Bernadette Peters as Cousin Sophie
I am always amazed with Bernadette Peters' performance in Into the Woods
waiting for Bernadette Peters to retroactively win her Tony for Gypsy.
STAY WITH ME from INTO THE WOODS originally performed by the lovely BERNADETTE PETERS…
My hobbies include putting on Bernadette Peters' concert albums and trying to harmonize with her and questioning my talent wbu
All about Bernadette ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Now back to musical fun. . (Meryl Streep is no Bernadette Peters.)
Me when asked if I'm still mad that Bernadette Peters lost the Tony Award in 2003:.
Bernadette Peters will sing her heart out in
When this picture was taken, all I wanted in the whole world was to grow up and be Bernadette Peters.
if Bernadette Peters is Leigh Conroy, who is Bernadette Peters and other questions I ask myself about SMASH late at night
I'm never going to get over Bernadette Peters perfect diction. 😍😭
I just realized my lady reminds me of bernadette Peters and that explains some things
you know I named my cat Bernadette Peters after impression of her, right?
I'm kinda hoping for a rendition of "Watch me Whip/Nae-nae" by singing "Watch me kick/Chaine" in the voice of Bernadette Peters
I remember when Armand Assante was Odysseus and Bernadette Peters was Circe and that was perfect.
Tumblr is weird. There's this one that's just Bernadette Peters photoshopped onto frozen yogurt.
3 of 5 stars to Stella and Charlie, Friends Forever by Bernadette Peters
Is that the recap show with quaalude Bernadette Peters, or the one with Susan Sarandon?
Watching Jeunet's Cassanova. Miranda Richardson is playing some delightfully crazy mix of Madeline Khan, Carol Kane, and Bernadette Peters.
I want to see Bernadette Peters and Helena Bonham Carter play sisters!!!
Witch off: Vanessa Williams vs Bernadette Peters vs Meryl Streep vs Donna Murphy. Continuing to your Musical Smash Out!
Penn & Teller guest on The View. Ryan Reynolds & Bernadette Peters guest on Live with Kelly & Michael
Just turned on Kelly & Michael after my DVR viewing of Raw; Bernadette Peters doesn't age. I mean, really...
great show,had Andy Garcia on there once & Bernadette Peters in a super tight sweater. B Arthur showed her junk 2
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