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Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) starting on 13 August 1961, that completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin.

East Side Gallery Brandenburg Gate Soviet Union Checkpoint Charlie West Berlin Mikhail Gorbachev Cold War East Germans East Germany Ronald Reagan David Bowie West Germans Potsdamer Platz Simi Valley Mstislav Rostropovich West Germany

The Wall of Bush-Hilary-Netanyahu and Trumpupet MEXICO-USA will fall like the Berlin Wall.
I was in Berlin when the DDR celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Wall... "10 Years of Security!"
Uh you mean the Soviet Union? Russia didn't officially become a country until 1991(fall of the Berlin Wall)…
HISTORICAL:. Traffic Jam near the Brandenburg Gate as East Germans move into West Berlin after the fall of the Berl…
The Democrats won't be happy until the Berlin Wall gets built and Russia pays for it
I think about this incident everyday.
USA, 1989: I'm so glad the Berlin Wall has come down, those commies are dividing the world!. USA, 2017: I must revise my pre…
I hate when lecturers get creative with assignments, there's nothing I'd rather do less tomorrow than a news report on the Berlin wall
A piece of the Berlin Wall. West side and East side of the walls. .
Similar requirement of the Berlin Wall, but reversed to make East's life appear great to the West. .
I strongly suspect it will look very similar to the west side of the Berlin Wall.
West Berliners peer through the Berlin Wall into the Eastern sector near Checkpoint Charlie on Octob
USA sold cheap. Stood at the Brandenburg Gate, and on top of Berlin Wall. Reagan; a time had come when it was not required
I'm listening to an interview with a woman who's dating the Berlin Wall, but she previously dated the Eiffel Tower!
Haruki Murakami: Racing to Checkpoint Charlie – my memories of the Berlin Wall
One of the many infamous murals in Berlin. Use the travelstoke app to navigate the many murals on the Berlin Wall.
East Side Gallery Berlin, amazing art on what's left of the Berlin Wall
West German compagnies supplied a lot of the material to build the Berlin Wall
I added a video to a playlist Pieces of the original Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
Berlin Wall. PLP chair. Law. Poverty alleviation is a person's interaction with Unite union barons which all of honour the flagship news.
The Cold War: The Movie ends with jubilant German crowds celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall. Unfortunately...
_Statue of Liberty, symbol of welcome to immigrants & freedom. Trump Tower , Mexican Wall resemble Iron Curtain, Berlin Wall.
Fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 opened the door to globalization and subsequent discontent says
Dw Sam I'll meet you at the Berlin Wall tomorrow
heaven gate was a suicide pack The wall was in Berlin/have vetting already..notice who goes to cpac
The Berlin Wall helped keep immigration to the west at a minimum via
The first thing that strikes me is the point in time at which the moderate centre started shrinking - soon after fa…
New post on my blog of wall walking .
Apparently some MPs believe Canada should build a Berlin Wall on our southern border and have our own version of the GDR Grenzpolitzei.
Back in Berlin for our game tomorrow afternoon! Gotta keep it going! @ Berlin Wall
God, Obama used to do the same thing. It was always all about him. Berlin Wall, Rosa Parks, national monuments. Bleh. Stop.
When the writing is on the wall ... you know it's time for ;-).
the famous card out and about in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building and the Berlin Wall
Since here on earth, China's Great Wall and the Berlin Wall were such abject failures. 🙄
Idc what anyone says, Rocky IV is a great classic that boosted the American morale enough to take down the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War.
Bibi, no. 1 border is huge, it cannot be sealed like the Berlin wall. No. 2 The attackers don't wear terrorist uniform they sneak in quietly
they would tell you the Great Wall of China and the Berlin Wall didn't work either, because, you k…
fall of the Berlin Wall certainly was; financial crisis was. But immigration? What has broken?
A brief history of famous walls and their effectiveness:. Great Wall of China - nope. Hadrian's - nope. Berlin - nope. US/Mexico - lol nope
Couldn't read the writing cuz it was so small but according 2 the document she got on the wall. She gets down like the wall of Berlin.
German Berlin Wall shooter trials drew on the Int'l Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. US also a signatory.
Comparing the Berlin Wall to Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico, is like comparing a prison cell to the fence around your home.
The Berlin Wall set a strong example of how futile such walls ultimately are.
Didn't we see something similar when East German guards shot escaping Germans on no-mans-land/west side of the Berlin wall?
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin! Fall of the wall is my first ever political memory
9/11, the Berlin Wall, presidential elections/races, etc.
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1990 Cindy Lauper & Pink Floyd in Berlin performing the Wall in front of 350k ppl. I'm somewhere up front. ;) \m/.
The Berlin wall separated the same nation the same country. Is Iran going to open its borders or is a hypoc…
I'm the new Berlin wall... try and tear me down!
Hard to realize there's still a place divided like this. I remember when the Berlin wall came down.
Diego Luna and Sienna Miller in front of the Wall in Berlin to promote peace and unity instead of wal…
. Report: Kremlin declares NATO built the Berlin Wall, and they tore it down to further human rights
Find more interesting facts & stories about the Berlin Wall in yours truly´s book, "Notmsparker´s Berlin Companion"…
- how did the Berlin Wall work for fellow Jews in Germany? Or walls around Jewish slums before the train to death chambers
First as tragedy. Then as farce. Then as seen on . and I talk Berlin Wall. ht…
the great Wall of China, Berlin Wall, Israeli wall, they don't work. People get around them.
Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. Two years later, deliriously happy East and West Germans did
Springsteen Plays at the Berlin Wall in 1988. Back when the US stood for bringing walls down, not putting them up
In demonstrating along another wall that didn't work.
Protesters hold signs at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Great to have been back in a city where a wall came down
rebuilding of its country & after Berlin wall came down billions given for reconstruction of east & now Berlin-centric EU today
"Mr. President, Walls Divide. Build Bridges" Greenpeace protest at site of Berlin Wall
Neither was the Berlin Wall torn down by sitting around. March on!
Omg how ignorant. We're not talking about a Berlin Wall. We're talking about a border, where you're still allowed t…
In essence, what May's did today was announce the construction of a political, cultural and economic Berlin Wa…
Fall of the Berlin Wall. Later, I saw a piece of it & liked the graffiti pictures on it, & didn't understand why it was bad.
I think it was possibly 9/11 though I was born the year the Berlin Wall came down so... :)
Of course they are. Berlin folks weren't asked before THEIR wall was built, either.
You have 10 days to visit us before we move again behind the wall 🤣 Honestly, don't miss this awesome
that woman reminds me of communist Germanywhen the Berlin wall. She will tell anything on you to get ahead.
When the Berlin Wall came down it represented an embarrassment to those who put it up. We are NOT going back.
❤️💛💚 This is from the last segment of the Berlin Wall still standing! The whole world is watching!
Pink floyd the wall with cyndi lauper in berlin.:
the continuing protests have no meaning. The ordinance has been passed. I am reminded of Berlin…
One of Reagan's most famous speeches came in Berlin in which he asked Gorbachev to "tear down this wall". Trump campaigned…
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1989: lighting a cigarette through the Berlin Wall
Get the remains of Berlin Wall. This will save you money
probably the Berlin Wall coming down
Man on front page wants to build a wall; here in a museum about a nightmare wall
Berlin Wall too, not because it was on the news but because my dad was working there, brought a piece home
The fall of the Berlin Wall, aged 10 later the death of Princess Diana, two weeks before my debs.
Mr. Gorbacev, tear down this wall! (Ronald Reagan in Berlin am 12.6.1987)
Bridges not walls - 100m from where the Berlin Wall once stood
Great moments in broadcasting.the Berlin Wall coming down, Richard Nixon leaving the White House.and me...
pay a visit to the East Side Gallery, a mile long stretch of the Berlin Wall still intact. And definitely try a currywurst 😍😍
.I remember Prague Spring, Gdansk, fall of the Berlin Wall... Never dreamed this could happen in my hometown. 😢
This is the official date, but unofficially I still kinda think the USSR fell with the Berlin Wall & Reagan. God Bless him.
This time it will be Russia that goes bankrupt. The last time this happened the Soviet Union fell, and the Berlin Wall tumbled.
unfortunately must stop at end of early war. US winning by 10VP on Euro/Asia dom. Writing on the Berlin Wall! 🇺🇸
Fall and demolition of the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie (1990)
We have seen the Berlin Wall collapsing, . And with it Freedom’s Bell ringing LT . Will see free!…
Reminder— Monica Crowley, reportedly in Trump's Nat'l Sec. Council, once used the Berlin Wall as an effective argument fo…
I don't even get it. Why are Republicans lining up behind the Berlin Wall and Pearl Harbor as good things? Just edgelord…
GERMANY - 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at the Berlin Wall Memorial. By
27 years ago today the Berlin Wall was torn down. Walls are separation and division. Let's move forward not backwards. http…
Yesterday the Berlin Wall started to come down. Yesterday the US elected a man who wants to build one. .
CNN just said the irony in today being the anniversary in tearing down the BERLIN Wall now talkng about building one
27 years ago the Berlin Wall fell. I was lucky enough to visit the remainders of the wall on Monday. Heres some pic…
27 years ago today the Berlin Wall fell. Families were united and the world became a little more free. Let's keep working towards freedom.
On 27th anniversary of fall of Wall, US has elected president who wants to build a new one
On this day 27 years ago, in a victory for freedom, the Berlin Wall came down—marking a turning point for millions around the…
Today in german we talked about the irony that the Berlin Wall fell on this date however many years ago and today we elect a president who
The Berlin wall was destroyed on 9 November 1989... and today 27 years to the day a leader of the free world wants to buil…
I share this loud and proud. . Today is the 27th anniversary of the FALL of the Berlin Wall creating a city that ins…
27 years to the day since the Berlin Wall came down, America elects someone who ran on building a wall.
27 years ago today, the Berlin Wall fell, opening a new era of freedom. Today we elect a man who will build more walls.
9 years ago Berlin wall was destroyed today someone who wants to build a wall so Immigrants can't get in became president,where are we going
On November 9 1989 the Berlin Wall was demolished & on November 9th 2016 America woke up to president promising a NEW wall…
Today's the anniversary of Kristallnacht. It's also the anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall. We can still choose which to echo.
November 9 The day the Berlin Wall came down
Today in 1989, the Berlin Wall comes down. The infamous barrier between East and West stood for exactly 10,315 days. https:…
9th of November 1989: the Berlin wall fell. 9th of November 2016: America has voted for a man who wants to build anoth…
World Freedom Day observes the fall of the Berlin Wall and commemorates the end of communism in Eastern and...
observes the fall of the Berlin Wall.
27 anniversary of wall today. Timely reminder it is better to break down walls than build new ones.
he's building a wall? I could go for days. Recall the Berlin Wall and let me know how that worked
Today marks 27 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Interesting.
In 1989 the Berlin Wall was swept away by German Citizens from both sides of East and West Berlin 25 years after it had been constructed
Today in 1989: Citizens of East and West Germany begin to demolish the Berlin Wall. Pieces of the wall:
It's kind of ironic that today is the anniversary of the berlin wall coming down
as the Berlin Wall falls, the border wall grows
It's 27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and everyone is pointin...
Today in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Who knows if we'll ever all come together, but we can all certainly work toward the g…
. How ironic. Instead of freedom for all, America chooses what the Berlin Wall represented.
Traffic jam in Berlin as thousands of East Germans move into West Berlin on Saturday after the fall of the Wall, 1989 h…
So how long did it take you, if you were politically aware, to accept and process that the Soviet Union had collapsed, the Berlin Wall
November 9: 27 years after fall of pledges to build another
Today in history: The fall of the Berlin wall. Try our lesson on Berlin Wall graffiti
Barack Obama is the Democrats' Mikhail Gorbachev. Oh, and today is the anniversary if the Berlin Wall coming down.
On the 27th anniv of the Berlin Wall coming down, someone wants to build another. Top: East Side Gallery, Berlin. B…
I never wanted to see a wall put up again after seeing the Berlin Wall fall down. My eight year old self is crushed…
9 November 1989 fall of Berlin Wall, age of centrism begins. 9 November 2016 Trump wins, age of polarisation begins. History never ends.
Today marks 27 yrs since the fall of the Berlin Wall- the same day Donald Trump wins on the promise of building a new wall. We never learn.
1989: the Berlin Wall fell. Photo, East and West Germans celebrating. See sections of the Berlin Wall at &…
This song always takes me back to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. Being an Iron Duke was...
Berlin Wall falls, Cubs Win...So why not National unity, world peace & a Stanley Cup for Leafs ?
Spent a day in a museum about the Berlin Wall and reading this is beyond alarming
It's like the bleeding Starzi back in the days of East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. gets more rotten by the week
If you missed: That time Bruce Springsteen helped bring down the Berlin Wall
Chris from Bloomington, IN. Teach world history for online private HS. Tiananmen Square, fall of Berlin Wall, Mandela freed, & 9/11.
One is Piccadilly Gardens 25 yrs ago. One the Berlin Wall. One the gardens now. Spot the difference.
Piece of Berlin Wall @ Eureka College Shows walls don't work Then there's Frost
Angela Davis supported the Berlin Wall & Jim "Jonestown Massacre" Jones, but shes humble enough for
Peter Fechter,18 year old bricklayer, lies dying at the foot of the Berlin Wall, after he was shot, 1962
Boots, Berlin Wall and beans -- buy a piece of Reagan. From cowboy boots to a chunk of the Berlin Wall and a jar of jelly beans: an auction…
Amy Mek is one of those Putin apologists, Square Massacre, Berlin Wall lovers. Luckily America🇺🇸>
Democracy review – Blair-era drama as colourless as a section of the Berlin Wall
drinking beer with my family, standing between east & West Berlin, germany's "white house", and the Berlin Wall.
Berlin Wall construction began 13/8/61. 31/8/16, Tronald Dump visits Mexico to talk about building a wall. I see what They did there.
I imagine Pearl Harbour, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the fall of the Berlin Wall might be three?
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it was JFK that reinstigated The Cold War or actually created it w/The Missile Gap, Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Wall etc
The National Institute of California Republic History has acquired a fragment of the Berlin Wall from the eastern side!!
Leonard Cohen:. "Give me back the Berlin Wall. Give me Stalin and St Paul. I've seen the future, brother. It is murder".
Mstislav Rostropovich playing Bach as the Berlin Wall falls 1989
remember when the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended? My how times have changed.
Says the man who had compared destruction of Babri Masjid to the fall of Berlin Wall and storming of the Bastille https…
I was born in 84. For me it was Berlin Wall. My wife in 82 and it was baby Jessica and hurricane Hugo
Walked around and saw the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, and memorials to where the Berlin Wall was.
Why Canada? Bcuz Canada has previously extended bilateral assistance after the fall of the Berlin Wall & break of the Soviet Union
Waiting for our Berlin Wall moment: Archie MacPherson backs indy
May be the dawn of the walls of isolationism, protectionism & individualism - that are as drastic & sinful as the Berlin Wall
Battery Park City has a piece of the Berlin Wall, apparently. @ Battery Park City Esplanade
Among 30,000 articles at local museum, a piece of the Berlin Wall and a cell door from the Bunker Block at Dachau. -
An East German border guard offers a flower through a gap in the Berlin Wall on the morning it fell, 1989.
That's the reason the Communists built the Berlin Wall. In the United States if you wish to leave, goodbye.
Baseball, Monuments Men, Berlin Wall, and EU Open House - 2015 has been quite a year at the Embassy! https…
32.Would you admit that NATO has been trying to outflank Russia ever since the Berlin Wall came down?
Welcome to Sacramento, Georgia. Your travel companion is Drizzy. You see the Berlin Wall.
ya while we were standing in the snow guarding the Berlin Wall. Sanders is a traitor and a monster.
while Americans were guarding the Berlin Wall - Sanders was in USSR making deals with the Bolshaviks.
no they're not the same place. Mine is Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany. After the wall came down
One needs to be able to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall as comfortably as possible of course.
Jumping the Berlin Wall. See you in a while.
Paul Blart v.s the Berlin Wall. Who will win? Coming 2018!!
do you remember the Berlin Wall? Do you remember Hitler? Apparently you skipped history classes in addition to English.
Stoke raised him. Same as the Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall was to keep ppl IN not OUT! Get educated in World History children!
I preferred living history when I was watching television in college and seeing the Berlin Wall coming down.
boy you look like nadeshot with the *** 5head looking like the *** Berlin wall!
Launching in May: Five new trips in Bordeaux, Berlin Wall, the Baltic, Kvarner Bay and Macedonia
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bring back the Berlin Wall at least we knew where we stood them & us now we are being sold out by our own MPs VOTE NO TO EU
I've heard there's an eBay shop where you can buy genuine pieces of the Ed Stone and you get a piece of the Berlin wall for free
PUTIN knows WH does not want to ruin legacy of Obama so PUTIN will take back countries lost after Berlin Wall tore down.
Trump’s plan for a wall has one fatal flaw. David Hasselhoff. He brought down the Berlin wall, remember. Trump will have to take him out.
Here's a great article about the 1988 concert in East Berlin
Why does he wants to build a wall?? For the border doing like the Nazi's in Berlin. Separating Countries aren't we neighbors Why?
When one is reminded of events of 1989 and subsequent "EU enlargement" one cannot help shedding a tear for the fallen Berlin Wall
This was the "wall" of my bathroom in my Berlin hotel which looked onto a rather large window. Spot the oversight?
Oh yes, yet these people are attacking the Trump Wall while defending the Berlin Wall. Doesn't that strike you as odd?
The intellectual corruption of people who defend the Berlin Wall & have the nerve to condemn Trump's wall is infinite.
Jim Harbaugh would've set up a satellite camp on the other side of the Berlin Wall! His work ethic is unmatched! 〽️🏈〽️
In fairness to the commies, the purpose of the Berlin Wall was to keep people in, not out.
Trump Re-ups Berlin Wall: . President Trump announced that he has accepted a bid on a wall that would run alon...
The Wall of Berlin that split it into a divide city lasted 28 years from August 13 1961 to 1989 noob noob noob >>>>>>;¬]
Commies say Trump's wall is racist: . But think the Berlin Wall was really really cool:
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Trump has earthy hands. Makes him a strong builder. But really, Donald, no "Berlin" type wall.
Tear "down these walls of Cannabis prohibition" compares legalization to Berlin Wall fall https…
Traffic coming from each side of Berlin the Saturday after the Berlin Wall fell, 1989
Happen to be in Berlin? Check out East Side Gallery, a former section of the Berlin Wall!
Really Ann? Better than the Evil Empire Speech or Reagan's Berlin Wall speech? Come on.
A piece of the Berlin Wall at Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. @ Ronald Reagan
Part of the remaining Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery. Mon the Jews
a cool alt-reality is one where the Berlin Wall still fell but West Germany became more like East Germany instead of the other way around
I definetly agree.Failure equal success but the Soviet Union was still a failure.C'mon the Berlin Wall?
So at last the communists who piled out of the Berlin Wall and into the environmental movement and took over Greenpeace so that m
The U.S. used crises such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Persian Gulf War as opportunities to shape the emerging order.
Rather beautiful setting for a pice of the Berlin Wall @ Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Im watching the Mary Whitehouse Experience. They are doing sketches about the Chunnel opening & Berlin Wall coming down. It's quite dated.
Student asked to hear some Reagan speeches about the Berlin Wall. Instead, I played some Reagan Youth songs in class. He will thank me later
I wonder how many fans of a bigger EU cheered the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Warsaw Pact and USSR?
The largest chunk of the Berlin Wall in the U.S. is on the front lawn of a Wilshire Boulevard skyscraper. Six...
This is my new favourite thing. "18 new crossing points are being made in the Berlin Wall" 😂😂😂
>25 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and people are standing in line to pre-order cars years in advance again
A little girl chisels away at the Berlin Wall from the east side . Photo by Steve Eason
As the Berlin Wall fell, checks on capitalism crumbled | Larry Elliott | Business | The Guardian
Just a bit off the East Side Gallery section of the Berlin Wall. . . . . .
Everything you need to know about the Berlin Wall
ELI5: Berlin Wall - Why did the Soviets care if people left East Berlin?
Cuba is a police state and Che was its co-founder. Cubans “love” him the same way East Germans “loved” Berlin Wall architect Erich Honecker.
A father and son are reunited for the first time in 52 years after being seperated when the Berlin Wall was built https:…
East Side Gallery on the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Peace and love, nothing about making things great again.
have you walked the East Side Gallery wall?It was the pre-wall in front of Berlin Wall & panels have been painted with murals.
East Side Gallery. The remaining part of the Berlin Wall.
I remember when the Berlin Wall fell and suddenly intractable problems get ...
Amerigo-Vespucci in New World, Great Day for Freedom - Floyd's post Berlin Wall
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Visiting museum about the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.
Berlin is a beautiful, beautiful city. Definitely check out the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.
PHOTO OF THE DAY: The Brandenburg Gate, pictured from the western side of the Berlin Wall (1980).
The East Germans said the Berlin Wall was built to keep people from sneaking in from the West. Do you believe that one?
”Week after the fall of the Berlin wall, main Soviet Politburo agenda item was farming policy. Berlin Wall was listed under AOB.”
Berlin: Potsdamer Platz... a piece of the Berlin Wall.
Are you into historical things? If so, Plotzensee Prison, Topography of Terror. If not Alexanderplatz and Berlin Wall x
Fact: Mikhail Gorbachev tore down the Berlin Wall so he cld get better radio reception to hear in Russia
The last person who died at the Berlin Wall attempted to escape in a hot air balloon but fell to his death.
East Side Gallery, remains of the Berlin Wall. The largest and longest-lasting open air gallery…
2. More importantly, East and West Germans broke through and tore down the Berlin Wall, with a big push from Mikhail Gorbachev.
. >The Berlin Wall was knocked down when hitler and Obama had a game of CS GO
Are we talking the Berlin Wall coming down or some guy dropping a ball into a round net? You kid right?
The Berlin Wall, the fences in Hungary, the Israeli wall(one of the largest in the world) the wall(s) we have on our souther…
People say Berlin Wall coming down was a big moment in history in fact it was the Tadcaster foot bridge going up and reuniting the town!
It's 2x the height of the Berlin Wall and illegal according to . Separation barrier or Apartheid wall?.
I know it's progress, but I'm against closing any McDonald's...anywhere...ever. It's like rebuilding the Berlin Wall.
to when Sam wrote an essay about the Berlin Wall in India
. Yes and don't you are anyone else try and build a Berlin Wall around thies United States of America!
. He D T wants us to build the Berlin Wall!
See 'ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN' press photos now! Berlin Wall film by UK director
But unlike the Berlin Wall, said Emanuele Ottolenghi, a lecturer on the Middle East has twice doubled.
Day 27. Question 4. How many people successfully escaped over the Berlin Wall? How many died in the process?
And of course we all remember the day Bernie tore down the Berlin Wall:
Details of the Chapel of Reconciliation on the site of Berlin wall memorial. ⛪️
Next will be reinstalling the Berlin Wall.EU to restrict passport-free travel in the Schengen zone for up to 2 years.
"this moment" 😂😂😂 it's a new CD, not the falling of the Berlin Wall 😂😂😂😂
Hello, is anybody out there? These scientists made the Wall talk.
That's what the Berlin Wall was for - to prevent people the communist state had spent money training from leaving.
The Berlin Wall listens to an entire storybook. Makes you think, what other things can we do?. ht…
He tore down that pesky Berlin Wall, too!
Get 25% off 'ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN', awardwinning Berlin Wall film by UK Director
For years I assumed West End Girls is about the Berlin Wall fall; then a whiles back figured it's 'bout London: boring; but GREAT song
The East Side Gallery, a remnant of the Berlin Wall - or 'die Mauer' as it's known locally - in Berlin, Germany
Steve Sanders get to be elected he will make the Berlin Wall
I'd rather see David Hasslehoff sing Heroes on a mock up the Berlin Wall than endure what the Brits reportedly have planned.
Horses, representing spirit of freedom, leap over a piece of Berlin Wall in sculpture at Bush41Library … … …
Swedish Main Tabloid Aftonbladet has a Senior Journalist, Åsa Linderborg, for Cultur who Cried when Berlin Wall fell.
Germany thanks David Bowie for helping bring down the Berlin Wall
David Bowie talks about performing Heroes at the Berlin Wall
Germany has thanked David Bowie for helping to bring down the Berlin Wall
Oh, double down on Red Scare stuff too. People born after the bloody Berlin Wall came down really relate to that kind of messaging.
In this movie, Robert Duval says "Ronald Reagan oversaw the fall of the Berlin Wall." Umm, no he didn't. George Bush did.
Escape to the West-border guard escapes from East Germany through a gap in the Berlin Wall by Peter Leibing (13 Aug
Piece of the Berlin Wall at the Ronald Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, CA
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Tomorrow we'll be going to the Ronald Reagan museum. Gonna buy myself a piece of the Berlin Wall (it's on sale @ the gift shop lol)
Poppy Bush said he was surprised at fall of Berlin Wall. Lie. USSR paid. Jim Baker told Iraq to invade Kuwait. Gulf War 1 was a hoax.
In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, U.S. president George H. W. Bush through his secretary of state James...
If we tried preserving history, the Berlin Wall would still be standing. Look past the present, and into the future
Photo: The queue of cars at the west since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Brandenburg Gate, …
Communist East Germany built the Berlin Wall, how many escaped to the West after?
Brandenburger Tor! The Berlin Wall stood on either side of the Gate. This fact must not be forgotten.
📷 misanthrope1993: Wings at the Berlin Wall promoting Silly Love Songs.
Britain leaving the EU would be like fall of Berlin Wall, says le Pen via
Stunned West Berliners watch the Berlin Wall being built, August 13, 1961
He's so wrong about rocky iv. Rocky and Regan took down the Berlin Wall.
Thinking about what world events define different parts of my life. My childhood should be the Berlin Wall, but it's the Loma Prieta Quake
"I am the Berlin Wall, and at this wall we play funky jams!" -Jamie, sleep deprived & delirious
Never say never. Berlin Wall fell. Soviet Union collapsed. Neither of which I expected to see in my lifetime.
West German girls chat w their grandparents in East Germany, separated from them by an early version of Berlin Wall ht…
Glasnost, Perestroika and the fall of the Berlin Wall!
Nov 9 marks the fall of the Berlin Wall. Here's a free lesson about it:
📷 Smiling in front of the East Side Gallery (former Berlin Wall) as they really have done their best...
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