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Berkeley High

Berkeley High School is a high school in the Berkeley Unified School District, and the only public high school in the city of Berkeley, California.

Berkeley High School

Berkeley High students are often more political than college students. .
Working feverishly on all these league previews, stunned to discover that Keith Minor is now the OC at Berkeley High with CJ Johnson
WATCH LIVE: All the students not in class today at Berkeley High.
BC vs. ranked Berkeley High in high school baseball today on The Dove 1620 AM. Listen live at at 5:45 p.m.
Congresswoman Barbara Lee calls Berkeley High students "some of the most enlightened young people in the country."
I remember Matt Klopp at Berkeley High (W. Campus) telling me about his pops &
Photos: Berkeley High's Unity Week comes to a close with a vivid display of school spirit:
Today was fun. Thank you Berkeley High for celebrating your school in a positive manner. Go Jackets! ❤️💛
Gave a talk to a group of PoC high school students today about the UC Berkeley PoC experience We need more Black+Brown faces on this campus!
The High Voltage Band has a show on 07/24/2015 at 07:00 PM @ 924 GILMAN in Berkeley, CA
Makes total sense! Cost of living in Merced, Riverside, Davis is just as high as Berkeley, SF, Westwood, La Jolla. /sarc
Tips in lieu of staying by high berkeley mixed marriage yet tea: bumzEot
The high school left a voicemail telling me they're "sending Andrea Lindsay's final transcripts to Berkeley College." I'm going to Felician.
I want some chocolate chip cookies from Berkeley high 😩
My respect for which was already high, just skyrocketed, because he knows Berkeley Breathed.
There was a serious labor trafficking issue in Berkeley, CA about a decade ago. An Indian restaurant own who was high caste >
Update your maps at Navteq
"How many rap stars you know that went to Berkeley High?". Have a look at what the Bay's own G-Eazy has cooking in...
real bay factor went to Berkeley high, graduated but I still be at Berkeley high
Recent report via explores the high public cost of low wages - to the tune of $152.8 bil per year
Looking forward to afternoon round of golf at my home course at Berkeley High. Goal is 1-over after 3 tough, opening holes.
Ahw why not? then where r u 2 going? — We're transferring to Berkeley High for one year
A couple of spots open for high school next week at Kala.
I added a video to a playlist 1968 Ford Mustang High Performance in Berkeley Heights, NJ
My goddaughter is a sophomore in high school who did a summer college program at UC Berkeley and just finished her program 😭 I'm so proud
Tips all for staying behind high berkeley tier otherwise wiener roast: yHPOPA
Met Berkeley Breathed again this year at SDCC...He is a High Quality Human Being - calling him a Deity might...
A little wild fennel pollen foraged in Berkeley for this Friday's High Tea Party with…
The City of Berkeley Parking Permit Center is like the DMV got high & time suddenly moves like a Dali painting.
I should put Berkeley High back on soundcloud.
Remember being high off something, making out at some crusty Co-Op in Berkeley. *smiles .
I was hella mean when I first start going to Berkeley High😂 I didn't like anybody😭😭
Sanders biggest California campaign contributions came from SoCal, but Mill Valley, SF, Berkeley high on list.
Next year Berkeley high finna be BIG DRY
My beautiful view from atop the yellow jungle gym at Berkeley UU Church high up in the hills.…
Fee seeing as how staying for high berkeley ocean bottom only elevenses: hCoDoz
how many rap stars you know went to berkeley High?
I just want high school to go by fast so i can go to UC Berkeley
Berkeley rising Seniors Jacob Mathis and Bo Peek are among the Top 5 in the Tampa Bay area
My friend's tile at provo park . BHS had a project with kids from Berkeley High and from soviet union…
Spider web ceiling, Berkeley Castle,Gloucestershire.Built high up to avoid sparks from the large fireplaces.
let's get it baby!!! Wyd tomorrow im having a workout at Berkeley high tomorrow
Tip in order to staying on high berkeley cohabitation alias fish fry: rXJMEXQFw
CY-BEAR camp at helps prepare the future workforce.
Here's the original Berkeley labor paper
What It Takes To Get Into UC Berkeley: Here are the topical issues and tips that might help juniors and younger students in high scho...
Mitt's rug rats and I went to high school together. No joke. Belmont Hill School. Best all boys school in...
The NSA is hosting cybersecurity camps for high school students
No school Monday. I literally love Berkeley High we celebrate everything
Berkeley High students allege BUSD refused access to federal investigators over sexual harrassment
The Lonely Island is working on a project about their lives at Berkeley High:
Police arrested at least five Berkeley High students after breaking up a massive fight on campus Friday
December 13, 2014 Dear Family, Friends and “Family” The older I get, the faster the years go by! In this 3rd year of retirement, I’ve been working a full time job for a friend who is out being treated for cancer. I’ve been at Berkeley High since the beginning of the school year (and job shared the summer session) in the Special Ed department. This assignment will go to a bit past Winter Break. When it ends, I’ll feel like I did the right thing, but will I be glad to be retired again! The really good news is I’ve spent some of the money on a decent piano for my living room - a long time coming – and hope to take a trip to Bali with my friend Pat. I am amazed at how good my life is. I have wonderful friends, a great family, and enough money to live on. I am constantly appreciative of what I have. My year was full of SF Folk Club music camps (Harmony, SF 4th of July and Labor Day), festivals (Kate Wolf, Strawberry, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass), The Far West Conference, jams and gigs, Save the Ber ...
Police continue to assault peaceful demonstrators while corporate news media censors the violence. At 5PM on 12/6/14, hundreds of UC Berkeley students and Berkeley residents began a peaceful march from Sproul Plaza to the Berkeley Marina to protest the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and countless other brown and black youth at the hands of police. Along the way, police set up barricades and fired rubber bullets and smoke bombs, shattering one student's knee and causing another student to have a seizure. The injured were not allowed to seek medical attention and were instead corralled by riot police. The group eventually made its way back to Sproul Plaza, where students were once again kettled around the Bancroft/Telegraph area. This video begins with riot police forcing students south down Telegraph, which only caused more Cal, Berkeley High, and City College students to join the struggle. The demonstrators were pushed all the way down Telegraph by waves of tear gas until they reached t ...
Noose found hanging in Berkeley High tree
Noose found hanging in Berkeley High tree: A search continued Friday for whoever hung a noose from a tree on the…
How was Berkeley high football team last year
*woman rides a scooter by me in high heels*. Yep, I'm in Berkeley.
thanks - very kind of you to remember. Georgetown set the bar a little high :) Hope Berkeley's treating you well!
"He went back to the Fillmore and found that eleven other promoters had already put in bids for it. Graham got forty-one prominent citizens to write letters to the auditorium's owner, a haberdasher named Harry Shifs, and Shifs gave him a three-year lease at five hundred dollars a month ... [T]he hippie community ... has turned out to be something the man from Montgomery Street can point to with pride, in a left-handed way, and say 'these are our boys'", stated Jerry Garcia.[19] One of the early concerts Graham sponsored, with Chet Helms hired to promote it, featured the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The concert was an overwhelming success and Graham saw an opportunity with the band.[20] Early the next morning, Graham's secretary called the band's manager, Albert Grossman, and obtained exclusive rights to promote them. Shortly thereafter, Chet Helms arrived at Graham's office, asking how Graham could have cut him out of the deal. Graham pointed out that Helms would not have known about it unless he had trie ...
. 50-60 high school teachers who will be coming to learn about Beauty and Joy of Computing
all the pretty women went to Berkeley High... I google your name and seen it and was like wow. Congrats to all your success
presents the high price that is paid in exchange for the decadence of capitalism in OSAKA ELEGY tonight!
Need volunteers for our first fundraiser for Berkeley high class 05's June 21st 9 to 1pm @ Berkeley city hall ...its a carwash/barbeque.Please inbox me..we need help...
Waiting on momma to get here so we can go pick up Johnny Reb! This has been the longest week ever! So proud of all of the Berkeley High School AFJROTC Cadets for their accomplishments this week!
Hope to see Berkeley High Class of 05 and family come out tomorrow to support our car wash and barbque at berkeley city hall. 9 to 1
My brother graduates from Berkeley the same year I graduate high school... Praying that we don't have the same graduation dates omg 😅😭🙏
was just passed by a high speed chase. Flew by on the wrong side of the road on cedar in Berkeley
Is it Berkeley Prep's Brad Mayes' turn to lead Team Tampa to a 7v7 national championship? Why not?
Perquisite forasmuch as staying at high berkeley crib other wienie roast: vKEGwtuAk
Berkeley High School Class of 1964 reunion set for Sept. 13 at UC Berkeley's International House
Julia embarks on her high school adventure at Berkeley High in the fall, after Head Royce for Middle School thanks to Peter and Lisa. Many family members came to celebrate with her, with donuts after for the reception, since it also happened to national donut day that Friday, 6\6.
Pictures from everyday life [Sitting in Heathrow Terminal 5 on my way to a 3 weeks stay in Denmark. First a week in Jutland and going to 40 years anniversary for my High School, then my daughter gets her A-levels and then some weeks in Copenhagen. And it is fasting day so I can't have a doughnut in Starbucks.] A chain activity sent to me from Elisabeth Buhrkal , where I actually delivered: 5 pictures from daily life, but I found 6 and couldn't make up my mind so here are 8. Elisabeth chose pretty things and I considered some search for ugliness, but eventually I opted for nice things. I am supposed to write what happened in"1985" to Anne-Marie Dinesen and what I found most interesting result by Paul Erdos to Esben Agerbo. It would take me 2-3 days to write "1985" and I got hold of a 700 page book on Erdos, since I wanted to get an overview of what Erdos had done. He published 1400 papers and I still haven't got an overview. It would take a lifetime to read what it took him a lifetime to write. Eve ...
Nice view from my meeting room today. High in the hills above Berkeley with a view of San Francisco and the bridges
So far schools in lowcountry with OG are Trident Academy, Pinewood Prep and Berkeley High. Any others?
My mom betta let me Goto Berkeley high or *** ima bust my skull
Governor Livingston High celebrates the graduation of the Class of 2014: BERKELEY HEIGHTS — Governor Livingsto...
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I bet you it's some childish *** boys from Berkeley high prank calling me 😂😴
Great Mills High, internships and scholarship boost, propel student to Berkeley
Burst of color as the sun's setting thanks to the high clouds! Check it out & send me your sunset photos.
Berkeley people are already hella arrogant and I work in an organic restaurant so people are always on a high horse
Shout out to all the happy bums in Berkeley, California ... all they want is a smile & some weed . Get high then my niggahs lol
Lol Berkeley high BBQ club liked my pic on insta 😂
"And how about this humdinger??? "...[pertussis] circulates freely in the U.S. despite high levels of vaccination."
I think this 2017 Berkeley kid has too high of an evaluation rating. But, he pretty good. Let me look at my numbers again.
The Noshery now open in Berkeley, and ready for a long run: Hamlin's Cafe served the Berkeley neighborhood for...
and Berkeley High taught me that "WORLDSTAR is an unbiased, reliable news source."
my mom still isn't over the fact that Grandmommy didn't let her go to Berkeley high 😩😂
Once for a presentation in Berkeley, birthday lunch for my neighbor, and today lol
Flyy girls on their way to Berkeley High School next fall 🐝
Game time at Berkeley high really playing varsity
Wish I did better in high school bc MIT &Berkeley😩
CLASS 3 DISTRICT 5: Crump, McCluer South-Berkeley dominate in win over Duchesne:
Ricky, a senior at Estancia High, will attend UC Berkeley in the fall with the help of a SOY scholarship:
So glad you're all having fun! Take lots of pictures and be sure to give the team a high-five from us in Berkeley.
The Township of Berkeley Heights will be honoring the Governor Livingston High School, TREND EXECUTIVE BOARD, at...
I still got Berkeley High Buttons for anybody that wants one.
Bloomberg:BOE statement, won't change.Focus on Forecast.Berkeley gains 40%,GE to refine Alstom offer,China and UK in love.High Noon for Bumi
Somewhere out there…. a UC Berkeley student activist who will 1 day as Calif. Gov sign bills to name some of the 24 high-speed rail stations.
Berkeley high turned some good girls into ***
Theory: Troy Bolton graduated from high school and is now in his 6th year at Berkeley and is president of Delta Psi 😏👍
In a perfect world I would've been at Berkeley High School class of 2007
My parents expect me to apply to top schools like UCLA Berkeley etc because Ive worked hard throughout high school but its not what I want
"School segregation is illegal, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s obsolete." Sophie Varon
Henry Corbin came at me from so many directions. As a contemplative, he just came up everywhere. Thomas Merton initially led me to him. I had drifted out of the Shunryu Suzuki Zen scene of the 60s and 70s and back toward a grounding in contemplative prayer from the Catholicism of my childhood. St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross were and are constant companions. But Corbin's name kept coming up. But after a powerful encounter in Berkeley in 1987 I found him from another direction. It was back in the late eighties, the Winter of '87. I was working as a teacher at Berkeley High, and was very burned out and running on empty (as Jackson Browne would say), having recently taken a gun from a student, and I was pondering whether I even wanted to be a teacher anymore. It was a late Winter afternoon, red sun setting in a welter of clouds over the Golden Gate. I'd been buying my dinner groceries at the Berkeley Cheese Board and at a little chicken shop there, and vegetables at that great produce market on t ...
Important - Folks! You MUST talk with those you meet or thsoe who just happen to be around your vicinity! The world TRULY is smaller, than it appears. Six (or less!) degrees of separation! I'm cleaning out some stuff from my car here in my condo community. A woman I've seen maybe once at the Board meetings- comes to get in her car with little grandboy. We share names. She says she was from Berkeley. I say. So am I. I ask where she went to high school. She says, Berkeley High. I ask what year. She says 1970. I say 1968. She says "Joan Hannah, my sister, was in that class." She certainly was! Lived up where I lived and was in Spartans with me!! Dale (my neighbor) was just on her way to visit her Mom in Berkeley AND her sister, Joan, who lives in Oakland and is a retired librarian! Also, a muralist! Talk folks, talk and keep talking!
Hey yall, I hope everyone is not getting too stressed out about AP & IB testing! Tomorrow and next Monday are elections/voting day and so I hope you all will consider voting for me, Meaghan McCrane, as your Senior Class President. Next year class of 2015 will rule Berkeley High and I want to help our class have the best possible last year. What exactly is student leadership? Student leadership serves the purpose of carrying out the student’s desires and wants at Berkeley High. I believe that Leadership must be able to accurately represent the students by letting everyones voice be heard and asking for everyone’s opinion. I have been on Berkeley High leadership since freshmen year and each year I gain new experience and wisdom which allows me to improve as a leader and set new goals for the upcoming year. This year I am serving as the Junior Class president and it has been such a rewarding experience. I believe that I have the organization, fundraising and communication skills that allow me to be a su ...
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Spring cleaning & I must say I've been blessed with a small school withing Berkeley High. I was constanly reminded what I was capable of 🙏
Thanks Remus Glaude!! Like Jimmy Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Blood Sweat and Tears, Sly & The Family Stone, Pink Floyd dark side of the moon, Bette MIdler when Barry Manilow her pianist and musical director, Original Doobie Bros, Pablo Cruz, the Tubes, Original Tower of Power with Berkeley's own Lenny Picket, Santana was playing at Provo park and when our friend David Margen was playing bass. Duke Ellington came to Berkeley High to perform for the students and play that night at the Berkeley Community Theater. event at Day on the Green concert, Keystone, Fillmore West. List goes on!!
So the high for Berkeley tomorrow is 63°. Fuuun.
"High School Musical" had a great preview today. The kids from Gerrardstown Elementary, Berkeley Heights, and...
As of Wednesday afternoon, an online fundraising effort to help pay for the surgeries required to heal Berkeley High School senior Sasha Fleischman, who self-identifies using the term 'agender,' had...
Gender-nonconforming high school student SET ON FIRE on Oakland city bus, suffers 2nd and 3rd degree burns:
Support the Zoning Overlay-- WE MUST AGAIN PACK THE PLANNING COMMISSION PUBLIC HEARING WEDNESDAY, November 6th, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. NORTH BERKELEY SENIOR CENTER 1901 Hearst, Corner of MLK Zone for the Community, not the Developers We need you to speak or be a supportive audience member. SAVE THE BERKELEY POST OFFICE! Over 100 people came to the last Planning Commission meeting--60 spoke FOR the Zoning Overlay and only 3 spoke for the developers. At this next meeting, the Commission will finalize its recommendation to the City Council. It is possible that more will speak against rezoning, so we must be there! WE MUST AGAIN BE THERE TO SPEAK FOR THE ZONING OVERLAY! Berkeley’s Planning Commission and City Council propose to place a Zoning Overlay on Berkeley’s existing Historic District. This area includes Berkeley’s Old City Hall, New City Hall, Berkeley High School, Veteran’s Memorial Hall, and the Berkeley Main Post Office at 2000 Allston Way. The Zoning Overlay would limit the area’s use to co . ...
There's still time to order some fruit and help support Devin and the Berkeley High School Band!! The order goes in on Friday...please check it out and order! You can order online and have it shipped to your home--no matter where you live! Thank you!!
Berkeley High class reunion goin down right now @ San Pablo Park in
Berkeley High grad wins fellowship for work in East Africa Excellent demo of community engagement!
Everyone should go see Legally Blonde: The Musical at Berkeley High courtesy of Stage Door Conservatory August 16-18th!
Many of you have requested info on where/when Aidan will be performing with his Jazz Groups: _ Final Concert of the Year, Friday June 7:00 PM BHS Little Theatre (Entrance on Allston Way) Come listen to Combo A and other BHS Jazz combos, along with the BHS Jazz Ensemble and Lab Bands at the Final Concert. This event is free for BHS staff & students and all BUSD middle school students in the King, Willard or Longfellow jazz programs. Otherwise $10 for adults and $3 for seniors and youth. _ More info: Congratulations to Berkeley High 2013 Jazz Downbeat Student Music Award Winners! Downbeat Magazine announced its 36th annual Student Music Awards in its June issue. Award winners were: JAZZ GROUP High School Winner Berkeley High School Combo A JAZZ SOLOIST Outstanding Performance Elena Pinderhughes VOCAL JAZZ SOLOIST Outstanding Performance Elena Pinderhughes CLASSICAL SOLOIST Winner Elena Pinderhughes ORIGINATION COMPOSITION-LEAD SHEET Winner Michael Orenstein Outstanding Performance Sam Klein-Markman ORIGINAL ...
Mark your calendars for this important event to save the Gardening & Cooking programs alive at Berkeley Public Schools! Dine out on May 30th at local restaurants (choose from an evergrowing list, including a few right here in the Gourmet Ghetto!) and a portion of your check will help fund programs at Franklin Preschool, Hopkins Early Childhood, King CDC, Emerson Elementary, John Muir Elementary, Le Conte Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Thousand Oaks Elementary, Washington Elementary, Longfellow Middle, Willard Middle, Berkeley High, and Berkeley Technology Academy. The program also offers Family Nutrition Program Cooking Classes to BUSD parents. For more information, visit:
D1 final between Berkeley High and Oak Ridge-El Dorado Hills coming up next.
Since her graduation from Berkeley High several years back, Laurie has become a key figure in bluegrass, traditional, and folk music circles. Tom adds masterful mandolin, mandola, guitar, superb vocals, and his own particular brand of wry humor. The lineup of the Right Hands changes now and then, bu...
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the High school basketball polls came out today Berkeley High School girls are rated # 11 in the east bay , and the boys are not rated at all!!
Grad Amy Crawford received a Berkeley Education Fund classroom grant! She will use it to fund a speaker series at Berkeley High.
I woke up this morning and saw "The Patty Duke Show" on Channel 11 digital. Patty got Sammy Davis to perform at the high school. Peter Lawford called up later on. I don't remember her ever doing this. (Dumb, inside Berkeley High joke.)
Thank's Sara for helping regulate me in the halls of Berkeley High at back to school night :)
Congratulations to Colorado College Men's Basketball and my boy Juwan Rohan, Berkeley High c/o 2012 and East Bay HOYAS alum. They found a great match - Colorado got a great student-athlete and top notch point guard, and Juwan got a great opportunity for a paid college education and to be a leader of a solid hoop squad. Good luck this season!
Berkeley High School has more students than Spellman College had!!! It has more than Morehouse too!
When I was a freshman at Berkeley High, Mr. Watson tried to get me to read Things Fall Apart. I didn't want to
OMG Here is what Wikipedia says about my High School Berkeley High School is a high school in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Berkeley High School is located in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Berkeley High School won the state championship in 2009. Their mascot is a Stag. Berkeley High is a great school...really. It is.
Check out this amazing program if you can. I highly recommend it. (Though I'll be at Berkeley High the same evening for the AC Spring General Meeting.)
Berkeley High star has 34 points and 10 rebounds to pace win in inaugural Yay Area
All hands on decks for pig roast feast at Berkeley High: Photos: Andy Spear At the risk of alienating every vege...
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