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Berkeley College

Berkeley College is a proprietary higher education institution founded in 1931, specializing in business and professional studies.

New Jersey Yale University Darryl Robinson Woodland Park Batavia High School New York

Send your kids 2 college 2 B Brainwashed by 'educators' & turned into useful *** terrorist…
This might be a great fit for you: Assistant Women's Basketball Coach - NY
Ha, ha! Oh, Of Course. . How Long have you been a member of ANTIFA?. Do…
Except those conservatives were invited by the Berkeley College Republicans to come and…
College Gameday finally at Berkeley next week for Cal v USC?.
Berkeley's Memorial Stadium -- top 10 spot in college football. If fans packed the place, would be top 5.
And now nearly an entire 2nd half left to play in Berkeley. Two 2-0's w/ Ole Miss @ Cal. 2-point game! Thank you college football
If there are 2 more diametrically opposite college towns than Oxford and Berkeley, I'd like to know.
In today’s news: London explosion, North Korea, Berkeley, Harvard, the Cleveland Indians, and college football. Subscribe bel…
Why are the lines ALWAYS so long at your store on College in Berkeley/Oakland? I know other Safeways to be far better run.
Shea Patterson in Berkeley to end the night. I love college football.
STOP THE BABYING!! These college students WILL have to live in the cold cruel world!! Teachers too!!
Berkeley's playing Ole Miss today. Is there any major college matchup with a bigger disparity in political ideology of…
The Berkeley College Republicans are pretty whiny ("venue fees are too expensive!") but this is a whole another level of lazy entitlement.
COMING UP: is in Berkeley to take on
The absurdity of Berkeley goes w/out saying. But I'm sick of college Rs inviting Milo, et al. They want this mess.
ALL FEMALE Panel of Deplorables today on The Michael Knowles Show!. WATCH=>
Naweed Tahmas: Graffiti at Berkeley reads ‘kill the Berkeley College Republicans’ I've been spit on, had drinks thrown at me…
Berkeley would not make a good day care center. And in no way sh…
Berkeley High students are often more political than college students. .
It's not just Berkeley. Things are insane on college campuses these days.
My college freshman nephew getting assaulted by the right at Berkeley. So proud of my nephew for taking
Well, it turns out that her "hosts," the Berkeley College Republicans, never bothered to book her a room.
Berkeley is not a college, it's an indoctrination program for liberal hypocrisy.
Trevor are truly an inspiration. Your words were on point, keep inspiring!!! Elizabeth Davis-Berkeley College
We were glad to have you! The true definition of a Berkeley College success story. 👍👍
My greatest test of adulthood since going to college has been holding my pee until the end of the day cause Berkeley has 0 public bathrooms
Disabled vehicle in on I 26 WB at College Pk Rd
Everybody want some!! (aka Dazed & confused goes to college) is fun and natural and oh the music!!
UC Berkeley is my dream college yes 😍😍
What's going on? Berkeley College speaker series prepares students for entrepreneurship -…
Join for a LIVE Virtual to India, TUE 8/2 at 9:30 AM EST!
Vigil held for Berkeley student killed in Nice via USAToday
Vigil held for Berkeley student killed in Nice
USA Today > Vigil held for Berkeley student killed in Nice - The vigil comes just 13 days after another student...
New post: "Vigil held for Berkeley student killed in Nice"
Berkeley College speaker series prepares students for ... -
Berkeley College speaker series prepares students for entrepreneurship
Berkeley College speaker series prepares students for entrepreneurship - MyCentra...
Berkeley College speaker series prepares students for entrepreneurship -
Up on the 5th floor; hopefully (@ Berkeley City College in Berkeley, CA)
Congratulations to our clients The Francis E. Parker Memorial Home and Berkeley College for their Awards for...
although when I was (admittedly a while ago) one of the largest student groups was Berkeley College Republicans.
Dontashia , 20, Berkeley city college , transfer studies.. Fake *** major lol
Ucla , Berkeley , SC , and all southern college games look turnt asf
A UC-Berkeley student has been identified as among the 84 people killed in Thursday’s terrorist attack
I got an A on my first college paper at UC Berkeley 😢
Aww. The girl in this Berkeley College ad is cute as a button and the ad is stupidly dumb. Positive and negative, living together as one!
Interesting ranking: Schools w/the most patents: Berkeley is Many more than Stanford...
Study 4 theoretical areas in development to put into practice:
UC Berkeley reverses trend, admits more Californians, finally.
Disabled vehicle in on I 26 EB after College Pk Rd
We adopted Berkeley as a class college and actually researched hence she she shared your interview with me.
earn your degree! You can to a better with Berkeley College.
shares his thoughts on our workshop at Berkeley College next Saturday! Link…
One of my college friends is from Berkeley & he agrees that a lot of Bay Area people have hopped on in recent years
.launches accelerated program for Licensed Practical Nurses
Disabled vehicle, caution in on I 26 WB between College Pk Rd and US-17-Alt
I just checked in at Berkeley College with Download today!
My college apps are gonna be me talking about my banana suit. Berkeley here I come
I went to Berkeley City College's graduation and I was reminded of how proud I am to be a former CC student:
Appreciation post to my handsome graduate! Good luck in college Berkeley Bear! 🐻✨💙💛
This is why I'm PROUD to be a community college transfer. So much of my college exp was Solano Community College, not only UC Berkeley.
Congratulations to the graduating class of Berkeley City College
I'm at the Berkeley City Community College grad and I can't help but wonder why Cal didn't also have an interpreter.
I just checked in at Berkeley City College with Download today!
Becca and I probably spend the same amount of time in target as we do Berkeley college
La Palma college grad Angeline Bernabe heads to Berkeley for further study -
Today is the day i graduate from Berkeley City College 😎👌🏽
Checkout our gallery from Wed's Berkeley Middle College graduation in Moncks:
I went to a bar in an unnamed college town in Northern California (Berkeley) and shouted about the Warriors and was told to keep it down
I don't have Cliche college pictures 😕 as a Berkeley student, I am hella disappointed
I added a video to a playlist Green River Community College-Berkeley Transfer Students
What a great day for the Berkeley Middle College graduation!
my hairdresser asked me where I'm going for college and I said UC Berkeley and she said 'oh so do u go to iolani or punahou rn?' 'campbell'
graduating Berkeley College is my main goal and priority right now
Princeton, Vandy, Dartmouth, Berkeley, and Northwestern college reps all in one place Thurs., 7pm. Don't forget
Should I go see in Berkeley on Friday??? I like them but it's a college venue tho
I went to college in at UC Berkeley, but am now in Louisville KY now pro teams this is a college town
Lots of your tuition money is going to college sports:
Energise Your Future is in full swing at the Berkeley Green, inspiring young people & raising awareness of STEM.
Don't forget the 'Energise Your Future' event today, 4-7, at the SGS Berkeley Green campus GL13 9FB. Check it out:.
Overheard a college kid say "wanna go to Cream? That's classic I mean I guess its classic in that its like 5 yrs old
Student looks to movies to help her transition to college life
A sharply spot on conversation of the Veronica Mars show & sexual assault on college campus'- | via
I am very proud of my brother Michael J. Smith and his vision for Berkeley College.
Congratulations to Michael J. Smith the new President of Berkeley College!
Meet the Ace!! ♠️Hermano Alfredo Arroyo is a freshmen in Berkeley College from La Puente, California. He plan…
Great job by the School of Business: Logistic students today. They presented to FedEx, NJDOE, & Berkeley College.
New opening at Berkeley College in -
wanna go to Berkeley College but I slacked all through high school so I don't think I have a chance in getting in
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so I went to UC Berkeley this morning & all the parents are dropping off their children for college
Sorry bout tha college campis rts, its just i was researching where i wanna go and UC Berkeley and LA are one of my tops
Yup! Community college really helped me work on this and so when I got to Berkeley it was much easier.
We've got nine of our Area and prints on show @ Collectors, 2950 College Ave in Berkeley.
Three Reasons to Worry About 2015: Cal DBs - BERKELEY -- For the past two seasons, Cal has had...
I took Astronomy and Chemistry as my grad requirements in college, then I took basic Physics from UC Berkeley online.
Actually idk if it was "Jessie Spano" necessarily but it was Elizabeth Berkeley! 😉 So y did people call u that in college lol
Spending some quality time with our two boys this weekend!!! Our oldest is home on break from Berkeley College of...
I loved my community college transfer students when I was at Berkeley.
Berkeley hands down has the BEST college town
A beauty made for by thatflowerguyry at G&G. .
Looking for a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - College of Chemistry
Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach at Berkeley College (Woodland Park, NJ): Soccer Coach for its New Jersey-based va...
Who's down to go to Berkeley later and just eat some good food from a college town
UC BERKELEY MINI VISIT... Enjoying a day at UC Berkeley visiting Brittany who starts college here next week!! We...
Grandpa on visiting me at college: "Oh honey no you'll never see me in Berkeley. They're crazy there."
We thought you'd like our article a Cal alum wrote: a survival guide for Cal students!
We are all arrived at UC Berkeley and we realize that my brother fORGOT TO LOAD HIS SUITCASE IN THE CAR. He is going to college, folks.
Grand opening for Jacobs Hall, the new hub for all things design: UC Berkeley's College of Engineering threw open…
UC Berkeley is now accepting two letters of recommendation with student applications.
Are you a UC alum? Want your kid to follow in your footsteps? UC Berkeley
Dreamt VIVIDLY last night about jogging around a college campus like in a film (Berkeley?). Now feeling burning desire to hit up USC or UCLA
We are about to get filming at Berkeley College video shoot!
Harvard when we were in college together. He'll tell you about it as he told me. My *** cousin went to Berkeley in California, and
Cal Fall Camp Day 13: Release the Kragen - BERKELEY -- Kyle Kragen was a presence in the backf...
Berkeley College is looking for a in apply now!
Instead of binge-watching GOT this summer, UC-Berkeley students get to take a class about it.
Got to meet some alumni and tech fanatics at in Interesting hour for a college freshman.
Let's say college and career — Dream college is Yale but my soul is with Berkeley.
$100K competition to stimulate innovative clean technology
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Dropped my little sister off at UC Berkeley today for her first day of college. She's not so little anymore. ☺️🐻💝
University of California, Berkeley makes the University of Alberta look like a community college.
Wow! If I went to UC Berkeley, I would not only enjoy this course but also pass the exams with flying colours!
Also going to a college like Berkeley to me would be too risky of an investment. Input is unlikely to guarantee a return
Donations to the Berkeley Benefit Challenge can be made here: PLEASE SUPPORT AND SHARE...
Can you recommend anyone for this SAT Tutor - East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland, CA) - CA
.Consequences: What if Supremes ban race preferences in college admission?
Welcome back students! College reps visiting the Transfer Center in Fall: UC Berkeley, CSU East Bay, St Mary's, more!
Berkeley College is still calling me 😡
The high school left a voicemail telling me they're "sending Andrea Lindsay's final transcripts to Berkeley College." I'm going to Felician.
Team Berkeley Director of College Coaching all turnt up on Day 1!
Keep up with College Summit Team Berkeley ! csummitnorcal follow us!
Bay Area peeps. My college friend is doing her thing in Berkeley this Sunday.
College credit for playing League? Check out what these UC Berkeley students pulled off:
I did four J-1s in the US during college. I met my fiance while there and figured out the rest of my life. Brokenhearted over
Hella loving and hating Berkeley city college
College credit for learning League of Legends? Check out what these UC Berkeley students did!
Don't miss out on your chance to be a College Committee Representative! Deadline to apply is tomorrow, Friday,...
Here's a nice article about my upcoming College World Series of Omaha, Inc. national anthem performance tomorrow...
Taking a quick tour of the Scout algebra II courses hosted by Berkeley City College
No Berkeley I don't want to go to community college and transfer after YOU SHOULD HAVE ACCEPTED ME THE 1ST TIME
Some lad who went to college with one of the lads who tragically lost his life in Berkeley.
The five killed in the balcony collapse in Berkeley, California, were Irish citizens, young people of college age visiting…
At Mass and vigil, hundreds grieve Irish college students killed in Berkeley balcony collapse.
Hundreds grieve college students killed in balcony collapse [AP
... or maybe that was Sammiches, another pizza joint on College Ave near Claremont. This woulda been jr high age for me, mid 80s.
Check out this at Berkeley College in
Hundreds grieve college students killed in balcony collapse: Mass held for victims of Berkeley balcony tragedy;…
It is dedicated to Lady Gaga Hundreds Grieve College Students Killed in Balcony Collapse
Berkeley resident to perform at 2015 Men's College World Series
Paul O'Sullivan, Director of the college of Business at DIT says, "We are very distressed by what's happened".
The support from regarding the loss of the Berkeley students is incredible. So proud to be part of such a great college.
Friends and family united in grief at special mass for victims in St Mary's College
Berkeley resident to perform at 2015 Men’s College World Series: For the past sixty-five summers, the Men’s college…
Apply now to work for Berkeley College as in
Trinity College flies national flag at half-mast in memory of those who lost their lives in the tragedy
Berkeley College is hiring a apply now!
Mourners gather at Dublin college for students who died in Berkeley balcony collapse
The Trinity College Dublin flag is flown at half-mast today as a mark of respect for the students killed in http:/…
Berkeley College to hold career expo for veterans on April 17th in Woodland Park, New Jersey.
Berkeley College & Monmouth University are visiting today!
Simba Chikore and Bona Mugabe wedding vows in Zvekupenga hit song Published on 14 August 2014 SIMBA Chikore's personalised vows to Bona Mugabe in March this year have inspired two musicians to pen a song. Given a chance to pour his heart out to his beloved Bona, Simba said: "I love you past my mind. I love you beyond my heart. I love you so much." Tinashe Makura and United States-based Chashe Musarurwa have collaborated to record a song titled Zvekupenga. "The song was inspired by Bona and Simba's vows and anyone who knows those vows will easily discern the connection, if they listen closely," Makura said. Interestingly, the song has made heads spin as it is also laced with a great measure of charm to express unconditional love. Barely a month since its release, Zvekupenga is doing extremely well on local airwaves and has sent Zimbabweans locally and in the Diaspora into a frenzy with some sending in pictures of themselves holding placards written, while others are sending in footage of themselves singing ...
//sighs//. My boo crush is sadly going away for college to Berkeley but he promised to facetime. /cries/
can't wait for my full ride to Berkeley Community College !!
Lucky! And Berkeley City College. Spring admits at CAL hve the choice of either doing FPF, CC or nothing lol I chose CC Lol
Visiting my parents college tomorrow! Berkeley
Not always. One of my brothers graduated from Berkeley & the other one didn't go to college & they're both equally successful.
Malia Obama takes college tour of UC Berkeley
Gonna tour Berkeley in October😳 the fact that I might go there for college makes me happy👌
If i dont get into my top school choice, i wanna go to college in seattle, texas, or berkeley
8/12/14 with Dario A. Cortes, Meeting the president of Berkeley College
Professional-ed trainings focus on critical environmental issues: The College of Natural…
lol ok , I live by the cc college though , im just in Berkeley rn 
Mike Brown was to start Vatterott College - Berkeley 10 mins away for Cooling/Heating Tech program. Not "going away to college"
Thanks! We love rugby in Berkeley. 28 College National Championships since 1980.
don't understand why I have to go on a UC Berkeley tour today considering I know what college I'm going to but hay is what it isss
Just got off the phone with Berkeley College (my original school for ball 🏀🏀🏀🏀 where I lost my…
Had such a wonderful time with the President of Berkeley College
Berkeley was my dream college but I think UCSC was the best place for me
Vanessa: "Are you gonna go to Berkeley like your brother?". Me: "Yeah probably Berkeley Community College"
Maybe Berkeley's University just appeal to California's outsider kids when they go to college
whos trying to watch some classic futebol this friday, Berkeley college vs union county community college scrimmage
Weird how berkeley is a college town.. Trips me out that college kids look at ya boy like im a local..I mean I am..but I'm college 2 feel me
everyone leaving for college and I'm like, bye Berkeley county hello jefferson..20 minutes down the road😅😅😅
.When I left for college (UC Berkeley) all my mom said: "I don't want to see you on the news in a protest getting arrested."
Wandering around sorta makes me miss my college days. But not enough to go back.
and if this day couldn't get any better I GOT A LETTER IN THE MAIL FROM BERKELEY COLLEGE OF MUSIC
not some big colleges but uc Davis , Berkeley city college,usf I forgot the rest
Same lady keeps calling me from Berkeley College. I can't cause I ain't good enough for that school xD
As everyone sees Rebelution this Saturday in Berkeley I'll be crying of jealousy as I move into college
It is because the field I am getting into is very competitive and berkeley college what about you
One evening my college gf and I caught 'Aladdin' in Berkeley. It was one of our most magical dates.
got a letter from Berkeley College of Music today😌
Prospective Transfer Information sessions for the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley for Fall 2014,...
The logic doesn't follow for me in Berkeley; why would you panhandle in a college town where everyone young is broke anyways?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Cal looks to rebound in *** 2nd season: BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) The difference in attitude at California is ...
because I'm going to Berkeley college and that's where the campus is
Yet another college educator saying is for the birds.
yesterday my new baby cousin Kayden was born & today my older cousin graduated from Berkeley college 🙏. I love my little family so much 💕
Berkeley girls don't go to college, they go on vacation.
Here in Berkeley, thinking about the time when me and were gonna go to college here and everything.
Rapper LIL B has a college degree in Womens Studies from UC Berkeley.
JOB-Berkeley-CA-94710-College Biology Tutors are needed for upcoming assignments this summer as well as the 2...
I can't wait for next year. A year from now I'll be starting my college applications for UCLA and Berkeley!
“Quote this with the 152 photo on your phone.” College yas Berkeley slay 😎😎😎
I'm lucky to have Berkeley graduates help me with my college apps 😭🙏🙏
Saturday, August 16 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Teresa Giudice, from Bravo’s the Real Housewives of New Jersey, will host a meet and greet at the Social, located on Revel’s casino level. Teresa is a true Jersey Girl born and raised. A graduate of Berkeley College with a degree in Fashion Marketing an…
Dover's Berkeley College sends medical mission to Ecuador
Law Enforcement Career Development Workshop had a great week. Professional exam prep instructor and retired Rockaway Township Police Chief John Sisto taught an exam and interview prep class. Sheila Hobson of NJ Cop 2 Cop gave students a look at the psychological stress factors in law enforcement. Students also heard a riveting presentation from Irvington Police Sgt. Ken Hogan who was critically wounded and shot four times in the line of duty. His tale of survival and strength was a highlight of the program for these students. Leaving one week early for active military service, student Jazz Nixon of Berkeley College received his graduation certificate. Job well done!
Wanna give a big shout out to my niece Kara Gregory on her graduation from Berkeley College. I'm so proud of her. Auntie loves u
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Update: Penn State York 95, Berkeley College (NJ) 89 - FINAL. A full recap of the game will be available later on today.
Update: Penn State York 77, Berkeley College (NJ) 71 with 5:45 remaining in the quarterfinal round game of the 2014 USCAA National Basketball Tournament. Keep it posted for updates throughout the afternoon, and feel free to follow along via live stats by clicking the link below!
Meet International Students Name: Ana Paegler Grassa Country of Origin: Spain Ana: "I am from Tenerife in The Canary Islands, Spain. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, different cuisines and art as well as fashion and music. Growing up in an island with warm temperatures and sun year around, has made love the beach and the ocean as well as water sports and nature. I have been living in the city for four and a half years, when I first moved to the city my plan was to stay for one year, improve my English and then move back to Spain and continue with my Advertising and Communication degree in Madrid. However, I ended up falling in love with New York and decided to stay and study Fashion Marketing and Management. My roommate was attending Berkeley College and told me wonderful things about its great campus locations as well as its Fashion Marketing and Management program and flexible schedules, that would allow me to do internships while getting my degree in fashion. Today, I can't be more ha ...
12:14 remaining in the first half, and the Berkeley College men's basketball team leads the University of Maine Fort Kent by a score of 18-13. Jovan Bovell has accounted for eight of his team's points thus far, and Elijah Craig has contributed with six points as well..
Berkeley College basement computer lab, on the good Mac at the very back.
Today’s post is a Question and Answer with José Navarro, a business student from Spain studying at Berkeley College in New York City. This isn’t his first experience studying abroad, as he spent some time attending university in Tallinn, Estonia. José authors the blog JoseNavarroNYC, where he shares...
Title: Fashion Instructor - Description: Berkeley College is dedicated to excellence in teaching and to preparing students for successful careers. The New York and New Jersey locations are seeking applicants to fill a part-time faculty position in the Fashion Department. A... - Company: Berkeley College
Lincoln Alumnus Appointed to Berkeley College Board of Trustees Reggie Smith III, a 1992 graduate of Lincoln University, has been appointed to the Board of Trustees at Berkeley College in New Jersey. Smith serves as Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors for the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), where he provides leadership and strategic planning in the area of distance education. He recently was inducted into the USDLA Hall of Fame and previously was named Black Engineer of the Year for Community Service. In December, Smith served as Keynote Speaker during the Berkeley College observance of USDLA National Distance Learning Week. “Mr. Smith is dedicated to the advancement of online learning,” said Kevin L. Luing, Berkeley College Board Chairman. “His experience with the USDLA in engaging global and online communities will be an asset to the Board of Trustees as it continues to promote the mission and values of Berkeley College.” Smith previously worked for Booz Allen Hamilt ...
I still want to go to Berkeley College
DId you work at Steuben after Berkeley College? If so, I used to work with you and am an alum of Berkeley as well!
Cal Dems and Berkeley College Republicans are the same size .. who would've thought?
Life in the political closet: A glimpse into the Berkeley College Republicans - Daily Californian
High skool team...Berkeley. College team...Carolina. NFL team...49ers
The Berkeley College Men's Basketball team is in the house and ready to train!
SHout out to Sherin Thakeb for making Dean's List, Berkeley College
Fashion Instructor at Berkeley College (New York, NY): The New York and New Jersey locations are seekin... pls RT
But Berkeley College just offered me tho
Got accepted into Berkeley College ! Thank you 3.2 high school GPA :)
London is my second choice xD I got a letter from Berkeley College Of Music so.
So I'm in my second week of college right now but I'm still getting emails from Berkeley college
story of me and Corrin in Berkeley college lmao 😭😩
Time runs out on the Privateer Men's Soccer Team, as they fall to Berkeley College, 3-2. Thanks for following along.
yeah and Berkeley college in Brooklyn whtt college in fl you going to
It's a beautiful day for a soccer game! The Maritime men's squad hosts Berkeley College in the 2013 season opener...
New York Fashion Week starts with the help of Berkeley College students.
Did Berkeley college rly call me while I was in clasd lol.
Lmfao, this girl really thinks I'm at UCBerkeley instead of Berkeley college
U.S. Market Size Estimate by Fung Institute for Leadership at UC Berkeley College of Engineering
New Program in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance . Launched by UC Berkeley College of Engineering.
lol ok we can be study buddies ctfu. Berkeley College
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Turned on the radio and heard on the berkeley college radio station. Pretty cool.
Murder ~ at the Berkeley College of Magical Arts and Crafts ~ THE GARDEN OF ABRACADABRA by
My boyfriend just said "Hey Buddy, didn't you go to Berkeley college? Oh wait, BARKeley college" to his puppy 😂🐶
realm in berkeley. college prep. you know Kerry?
Clambake for our last night in Berkeley! @ Yale University - Berkeley College
This is the view from my window :D // @ Yale University - Berkeley College
Breakfast at Yale. I love scrambled eggs!! @ Yale University - Berkeley College
The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs would like to say farewell to Professor Peter Fjeld who is retiring from Berkeley College. Professor Fjeld is a Vietnam Veteran who has served Berkeley College for twenty years. Here is his message: "After twenty years as a faculty member I have decided to close my books and submit my grades for the last time. As of Friday I am retired. I just want to say what a rewarding experience it has been to have taught at this great institution. During my time here I have made many lasting friends and shared many wonderful moments that will contribute to a lifetime of memories. I want to thank all of you who have made these years exciting and memorable. I realize I could go on for pages sharing my thoughts, but l'll be brief and say that the Berkeley people and the college have changed my life and I will always remember how you took me in and allowed me to be myself. Best wishes to all of you and thanks again for everything." God Bless you Professor and best of luck i ...
Volunteers from Berkeley College, Deloitte LLC help Brooklyn food pantry after Superstorm Sandy
People that Work at Berkeley College don't know who the Vice President is these are the People Obama is counting on !
PBD’s Doug Clark Named Dean of UC Berkeley College of Chemistry: Doug Clark of the Lab’s Physical Biosciences ...
Tbh I stopped using the UC Berkeley City College thing, I just tell people I go to CAL and pray we don't have an everlasting relationship.
Berkeley City College has a transfer arrangement with Cal, I think, Laney College might too
Techiest college commencement speakers of 2013
American Sign Language popularity surges at US colleges Now in 4th place, after German; recently added at UC Berkeley
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
*berkeley "[DailyPost] Tinubu’s youngest daughter graduates from Berklee College of Music in USA
Pretty rad a college FB writes this.
Want insiders look at Berkeley College? Take a look at our Student’s blogs
I'm sure you wouldn't mind a little drive over to Berkeley to help out the cause of a starving college student right?
Harvard's new hecatomb the envy of college campuses; UVa, Michigan, and UC Berkeley to construct hecatombs by 2016:
Wait why is the University of Virginia a partner college for QuestBridge but not Berkeley?
But I'm stuck with Berkeley college for my music
Also I thought UC Berkeley was an Ivy League college wow I was wrong
Momma chillin in college at CAL Berkeley
College kids are the dumbest, I'm never going back to Berkeley, until I get another gig there...
My only options for college are Berkeley and NYU tbh.
to go to college at USD or Berkeley is my dream.
oh college of Alameda and Laney for 2 years then transferring to Berkeley hopefully
this is what UC Berkeley students do before finals week!
I applied for early admissions to Berkeley college this morning and just realized they don't have softball 🔫🔫
Same here 🙋 RT“I'm still determined to go to Berkeley college!”
I'm still determined to go to Berkeley college!
Screening this week at Berkeley City College followed by Q&A, noon to 1:00 pm in auditorium., 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, Ca.
Berkeley College, is accepting applications now! Click here for more information
Just got back from a college visit at Berkeley, really nice school.
Done with Berkeley College tour . . . Its time to start looking into colleges :D
Berkeley college tour and interview was great 😁 and also talked to the head soccer coach .
college visit is over with Berkeley is good school
Berkeley accelerating access to course materials for disabled students
I was suppose to go to the Berkeley College open house but I decided to get my hair done instead.
My mom would wake me up this early to go visit Berkeley College😑
Rapper 'LIL B' has a college degree in 'Women's Studies' from UC Berkeley.
Tomorrow at Nieman Marcus Last Call in the Bergen Town Center, Paramus, NJ Route 4 ; Berkeley College will be Hosting there Spring Fashion
LRHS Guidance is sponsoring 2 college tours in April. Berkeley College on April 18th and Kean University on April 19th. Sign up in Guidance.
Was just recognized at Berkeley College dinner for my school accomplishments, my business ventures, and my ambitions
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The Berkeley College New York women's basketball team defeated Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for the first time in their brief history by a score of 59-56 to improve to 11-8 overall and 4-1 in the Hudson Valley Women's Athletic Conference. The Knights started the game poised as both teams were exchanging baskets for the first five minutes of play. Berkeley College then went on a mini 6-0 run to take a 14-7 lead, sparked by an Olivia Byfield and-one off an offensive rebound. The Panthers would come back to within one point, 16-15, on a free throw by Alexa Schooley, however, the Knights quickly turned in an 8-0 run to go up, 24-15, with 3:34 remaining in the first half. The Knights would extend to an 11 point lead twice before going into the locker up, 31-20. Milan Germany led the Knights with 10 points, while Schooley led the Panthers with 10 points as well. The Knights would extend their lead to 14 points in the opening three minutes of the second half but the Panthers were not fazed as t ...
Just wanted to share for anyone who hasn't seen this in the paper Ryan Edmonds Obituary Ryan Edmonds, of Brighton, Mass., died Jan. 14, 2013, at age 30 after courageously struggling with ovarian cancer since September 2010. She leaves behind her loving partner, Benjamin Carr; her parents, Robert and Kimberly (Brenkus) McCutcheon of East Bethany, NY; brother, Ian; and sister, Allison McCutcheon; her grandfather, Donald Brenkus; her grandmother, Eileen McCutcheon; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. Ryan attended Batavia’s public schools, and graduated as the valedictorian from Batavia High School in 2000. She then went to Yale University, where she was a member of Berkeley College, receiving her bachelor of arts degree in Literature in 2004. During Ryan’s time at Yale she worked tirelessly and happily at the Sterling Memorial Library and was a member of the Yale Glee Club, for whom she also served as social chair, a position and group that brought her much joy. With the Glee Club she went on four ...
Yesterday's delayed opening at Woodland Park is a great reminder to sign-up for Berk-Alert. Berk-Alert is Berkeley College's mass notification system to alert you of campus closings or emergency situations. As long as your personal information is up to date on Blackboard under “Student Self Service” you will automatically be notified via text message and e-mail. If you are not receiving Berk-Alert messages by both email and text, please update your information. 1. Log-in to Blackboard here: Click on "Student Self-Service" 3. Click on “access self-services" 4. Click on “Self-Service” link 5. Click on “campus personal information” 6. Click on "update phone numbers" and "update email" 7. The phone number and email you indicate as "primary" will automatically receive the Berk-Alert
Lehigh 46, NJIT 45, final in women's basketball in Newark. Slow-paced game, lots of 20- and 25-second possessions, and four ties down the stretch, including 45-45 with 1:24 to go. Mountain Hawks got the ball on a rebound with :28 to play and worked it down until Katie O'Reilly (no relation to me that I know of, but she's from Colts Neck and played for the state championship St. John Vianney team a few years ago) drove the lane and got fouled at :04.1. She made the first, missed the second, and NJIT couldn't get another shot off. Kerry Kinek led all scorers with 17; Rayven Johnson had 16 for the Highlanders. Berkeley College (NJ) 90, Vaughn 56, final in men's basketball in Newark. This one was over in a hurry, as the Knights opened a 30-5 lead 10½ minutes into the game. The visiting Warriors turned the ball over 36 times. Darryl Robinson led the scoring with 27.
Are you interested in helping your fellow classmate’s success? Are you looking for opportunities to add to your resumes? Do you want a chance to meet with Berkeley College key employers that hire our students? The Career Services Office at Berkeley College is looking for volunteers to become a Career Peer Mentor. A Career Peer Mentor is a student who volunteers their time to work in the Career Services department. ·Career Peer Mentors must be available to work at least 10-15 hours a week. ·Volunteer for four quarters starting in Winter 2013. ·Student must be with the college for two consecutive quarters and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 ·Strong organizational skills and attention to detail ·A team player and the ability to work independently on certain projects ·Capability of maintaining confidentiality with students, career services team and employers If you are interested applying for this opportunity please send a copy of your resume to Iessa J. Sutton, Director of Career Services at imsand y ...
The New Jersey men’s basketball team picked up a 67-60 home win against Pennsylvania College of Technology to improve their record to 5-7 overall. In the first half it was all Berkeley College as they jumped out to a 23-9 lead in the first 10 minutes of play; sparked by Isaac Robinson’s and Darryl Robinson’s defensive intensity and offensive prowess. The Knights would go up by as many as twenty one, 34-13, with six minutes left in the half before Penn College of Tech turned on the defense and only allowed two field goals in the final six minutes. The Knights would go into the locker room up, 37-21. The second half was mostly Penn College as they cut the Knights lead down to seven, 59-52 with 3:46 remaining. The Knights responded with a fast break three ball to put them back up by ten, 62-52, with 3:36 remaining in the game. Scott Fenton of Penn College would cut the lead to seven again with a lay-up at the 2:22 mark; however, Darryl Robinson converted on a fast break lay-up after stealing the ball t ...
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