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Bering Strait

[[Image:dateliner cam.jpg|thumb|200px|right|[ A US-based webcam] providing a view across the Bering Strait]]

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Across the Bering Strait, Robert Soolook can easily see the looming hulk of the neighboring Russian island whe...
As idiotic as the AK ex-Gov, whose Russian foreign policy experience consisted of her view across the Bering Strait!
If you want to get really technical, Native Americans are technically Asian since they came over over the Bering strait from Mongolia
looks like Bering Strait. Imagine what that former land bridge might be
Stream another track from the Bering Strait Archives label sampler over at SoundCloud:
The Bering Strait is a Rosicrucian lie - the American indigenes were there for millennia - they are NOT ASIAN
In the ice captivity ... @ Bering Strait, Siberia by Eduard Gordeev rt
Mexicans are from Asia, genetically. They crossed the bering strait.
Sorry, Native Americans crossed the bering strait so they are really Asians that immigrated.
Bering strait theory, all corn is maize, how we have such a brief history.shaman ...just a few topics that rub me funny
the first Americans came thru the Bering strait they didn't build civilization there
still waiting to see if americas oldest civilizations are near the Bering Strait.
the Bering strait into North America and land masses predate humans by several million years
The Chinese are planning a rail line through Russia, under the Bering Strait to N America. St Pancras to New York by train a possibility.
do you even history bro? They arrived on this land after crossing the Bering strait - they are not natives
> increase interest in a tunnel connecting Russia and the U.S. across the Bering Strait.
Act now: Support strong protections from ships in the Bering Strait
Here's a fascinating report on and Norton Sound/Bering Strait salmon.
Finishing college feels like someone handing you a road map of Iowa and telling you to navigate the Bering Strait with it
According to Alaska State Troopers, if you try crossing the Bering Strait, the Russian Government has the authority to shoot and kill you 😬
What would you all say to a proposed super highway over the Bering Sea connecting Alaska and Russia?
A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait: “It should be an alternative to the current [neo-liberal] model, whic...
Russia wants to build a superhighway across the Bering Strait.
let's see you eat a fresh one strait from a crab pot in the Bering Sea
is across the river and for the next 6,000 miles, till the Bering Strait.
Some Alaskans can see Russia from their house—and soon they could drive there too
If you decide to road trip to Paris, you better a) love the company you're with and b) have an awesome soundtrack.
My new piece on dreams of bridging the East & West via superhighway across the Bering Strait |
A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait: A Russian-flagged tanker carrying more than 1.3 millio...
A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait: At a Russian Academy of Science meeting in March, Vladimir Yak...
we crossed the Bering Strait today. @ Crab Meadow Beach Park
superhighway would cross Russia's isolated eastern regions, cross the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska.
“Anger is a very natural reaction to numbers like this. Anger is a very natural reaction to the behaviors. But in...
More than half of Bering Strait women report experiencing violence in their lifetime.
The world's longest train ride: plans to connect and by highway and rail via the Bering Strait.
To whoever thinks we will see someone build a bridge connecting the Bering strait in this decade.
Plans for a highway across the Bering Strait linking Alaska and Russia are as intriguing as they are unlikely by
*** no! Its the last thing we (US) needs! MT Would u drive all the way 2 the Bering Strait? 71% of voters
Could the Bering Strait Tunnel Be the Right Project for the Hyperloop?
Sometimes we survive by forgetting.
Would you drive all the way to the Bering Strait? Yes please. 71% of voters agree with me.
Of course very unlikely based on the military nature of that region around the Bering strait
I have seen that, but they didn't get to Bering Strait
Study reveals that 51% of women in the Census area have experienced partner violence, sexual violence:
PO: Coupled wind-forced controls of the Bering–Chukchi shelf circulation and the Bering Strait throu…
horses started in America then passed over the bering land strait then died out in America then came back on boats i think
Study says 51% of women in Nome census area have experienced partner or sexual violence.
There have been plans to build the crossing over the Bering strait for centuries. Technology is not there yet
So the Russians want to build a road that connects London and New York via the Bering Strait.
Many shows have done similar. This would be a train that takes the journey across Europe and Asia and over the Bering Strait.
Imagine the possibilities if a link was built across the Bering Strait linking to
Is a high-speed rail project being proposed by Putin too close for comfort?
The Bering Strait is just 55 miles wide at its narrowest point, so the train line's last stop could
Then they bring up the Bering Strait "white people be like.. Native Americans need to go back where th…
Record Setting Meteorological Bomb Expected in the Bering Strait via Remnants of Typhoon Nuri: via
Even Native American were immigrant who came via the Bering Strait actually their ancestors are Russian Indians.
refuses to acknowledge came to America 1000s of years ago across the Bering Strait so they counter with
Not really amused to have to walk across the Bering Strait every *** morning just to get to my office building 😒
(AFG) Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the following areas: St Lawrence Island and Bering Strait Coast-AK.
Bering Strait. huhu I knew it was somewhere there on the north. ASDFGHJK
My ancestors did not hike all the way down to Mexico from the Bering Strait for me to have to deal with cold weather like this.
Join Russia and USA by Rail Tunnels under the Bering Strait? via
We do not plan on crossing large expanses of water, the best place to cross is the Bering Strait between Alaska...
Daniamant sponsors on their BERING STRAIT CHALLENGE 2016 and supplies Odeo Flare as part of the survival kit
Going south on a woman's taint is like early man crossing the Bering Strait: Leaving home behind for an area you hope was wiped properly.
yea look at your history nothing but Mongolians who crossed the Bering have nothing to be proud of !
I just saw a titty gap as wide as the Bering strait. You gals should stop while you're ahead.
The bering strait between russia and alaska is never more than 55 meters deep.
Geo's were made to help cross the Bering Strait
in history yes, it was a land bridge across the Bering strait it's how the Native Americans got to the Americas think 1/2
In other news, the Hudson River no longer resembles the Bering Strait
There was ice all the way to Kentucky, while people walked across the Bering Strait and south across ice-free Alaska
We know where we are from and there is no debate
Delusion. Swastikas and ingenious people put Hindu / Mormon wash Nazi in revisionist history, Jesus migrated via the Bering Strait. Lunacy!
I can see Jews from the Bering Strait
"In 1892, when the geologist George Frederick Wright published his massive study, Man and the Glacial Period,...
Russia Green Lights $65 Billion Siberia-Alaska Rail and Tunnel to Bridge the Bering via
The Bering Strait is less choppy than this
Sarah Palin thinks the Bering Strait is Alaskan slang for marriage between a man and woman.
The cooperation in the Barents region continues to be a positive model. What would it look like in the Bering Strait?
Strait shooter -- CEO Constantin Bisanz and his Bering Strait kite-surfing adventure
Use to watch them when I lived on the Bering Strait, Alaska - 76 - USAF Site - Beautiful and Mysterious
Everyone is an immigrant, even those who crossed the Bering strait 😁
When SUDDENLY Hannibal's army crossed the Bering strait on the backs of pandas to fight General Custer.
Researchers mayan ancestors crossed the Bering Strait at least 25,000 years ago.
No mention of tigers in America, w/ present Siberian Tiger just on other side Bering Strait why never here ?
High Seas Forecast. Pacific N of 30N and S of 67N. E of a line from Bering Strait to 50N 160E
Doug George-Kanentiio: Bering Strait migration theory a big lie: Imagine you are part of a sma...
Quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon swims between islands in the icy Bering Strait to cross from America to Asia.
The Bering Strait freezes all the time, Antarctica, the Arctic are all frozen ocean areas.
Crazy talk from The indigenous people of the Americas were from Mongolia. They travelled over the Bering Strait
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How Linguists Are Pulling Apart The Bering Strait Theory. To understand just one of the many…
This week in my course we're talking "origins"--bering strait debates, tribal origin stories, kennewick man, an hr.
30. Dall saw it in Alaska, Jacobsen at Ignitok in the vicinity of the Bering Strait.
Coast Guard seeks comments on new shipping routes, including through Bering Strait
. While in Alaska I talked to some tribes there and they have the same belief about the crossing of the Bering Strait
Have you actually cruised the Bering Strait? That's pretty much the only place in the world I want to go.
The two remaining cars reach the Bering Strait and park side-by-side in a blinding snowstorm.
Bering Strait Theory, Pt. 2: Racism, Eugenics and When Natives Came to America: Page 4 of 6 - via
crossing the Bering Strait from Alaska into Russia!
Many believe that prehistoric people migrated from Siberia across the Bering Strait to Alaska.
I can smell Planned Parenthood from the Bering Strait. *wink*
I love that the time when they start crossing the Bering Strait is so unsure. NMH2
. One foot in Dallas, the other in St Petersburg. Impressive. Straddling the Bering Strait like a colossus.
Page 2: Millionaire's Attempt to Cross the Bering Strait - ABC News via
Actually genuinely excited to risk my life driving on the bering strait in order to get to school
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Ocean what are you doing you shouldn't freeze, what do you think you are, the Bering Strait? Go home you're drunk. …
My favorite Google search term that got someone onto my website today: "How Bering Strait theorists ruin careers."
New scientific discoveries have rekindled the debate over the Bering Strait Theory.
If one more person dares tell me that I'm "an immigrant, too" and/or that I'm really Asian because of this stupid...
The Continental Divide extends from the Bering Strait to the Strait of Magellan. Hence, mountains.
1000- 800 B.C. Western Arctic Moving from the Bering Strait region and eventually spreading into the Eastern Arctic, the Norton Tradition appears, introducing clay vessels and oil burning lamp technologies. To learn more, please follow this link:
The Diomede Islands are located in the middle of the Bering Strait between mainland Alaska and Siberia, with the,,,
that's where they migrated from. From the Asian steppes across the Bering strait
right now in the north pacific& Bering strait there are 2 large lows ripping every thing up as far as anything organized goes.
proposes that a bridge for automobiles and trains is built between China and Alaska in the Bering Strait. The...
migrations over the Bering Strait 12000 years ago. That is the part of my Can history..
crooked teeth, lazy eye,and a Bering strait of acne between your eyebrows.Need I say more?
Management of the Bering Strait Region: Advocating for a U.S.-Russian Bilateral Agreement.
I knows it. She has form- once stating she could see Putin rearing his head across the Bering strait
Hard Stop at 38,000 feet over the Bering Strait on
Not feeling walking in 0 degree weather. My ancestors that crossed the Bering Strait can feel me on this one.
"The theory that Indians first crossed into the Americas through the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago, although...
Mitochondrial genome diversity at the Bering Strait area highlights prehistoric human migrations from Siberia ...
Bundle Up - Weather bomb' for the Bering Strait? Snow for the Prairies and ? Blame Typhoon Nuri!
Undercutting the Bering Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar:
I hope I'm still around when this happens
There was a plan to build rail across the Bering Strait, but getting the US to say yes was impossible.
NATO has always had a border with Russia – Norway and on the other side of the continent, separated only by the Bering Strait
Charting a new course: “First Ship Routes Recommended for Bering Strait”
I dressed up as Beringia woman and told about my walk across the Bering Strait for my 4th grade soc class yrs ago. Hooked 'em.
Both alone in the dark, we longed to see the sun rise over the Bering Strait~
Australian's arrived here via the Bering Strait didn't they. Oh that's not how the want school curriculum to reflect it.
Reese just said the Bering Strait is between Australia & Alaska. just think about that for a second
Gonna try book a show near the Bering Strait next year. Roll out with us!
If I start walking to reach the nearest chimi truck. I need to walk north, cross the bering strait,and hitchhike all the way to Was. Heights
BREAKING NEWS: On a test run over the Bering Strait, Santa's sleigh drifted into Soviet airspace and was shot down by a MiG. No survivors.
she lost 58% of her clientele in Alaska when the Bering Strait melted.
Question - With which geographical feature can you associate Bering,Palk, Gibraltar and Magellan ?. Answer is - Strait.
OMG guys the bering strait is a body of water. Humans cannot walk on water! At least, I can't.
I'm curious why FNs would reject Bering Strait theory. Nobody of substance denies FNs were here first
"I just need to get my bearings straight". "Like the Bering Strait... it's a body of water in the North Atlantic..."
W/Arctic activity on the rise, there are steps we can take to be proactive, like the proposed plan: http…
and like his counterpart across the Bering Strait does in Chechnya and Ukraine.
My *** is so big, it filled up the Bering Strait so good that it turned it into the Bering Questioning Its Sexuality.
World Geography. The Bering Strait that connects the Arctic Ocean with the Bering Sea and separates the continents of Asia and North America
For those who dont know, Asia is across the bering strait...
The gap between hazel E's boobs is the Bering strait
boi. I'll walk across the Bering Strait, fight the whole Russian army, and conquer Russia all for her. 😍😍😩😩
Construction of the Arctic Marine Corridor kicking off at Bering Str. USCG proposes Bering Strait shipping route
MAP: Bering Strait shipping routes announced. 4 ways to keep people & wildlife safe:
China-Russia-Canada-US rail line to run 13,000km & cross the Bering Strait in a 200km tunnel
First Ship Routes Recommended for the Bering Strait Bad news for the environment.
Looking forward to a tunnel under the Bering Strait, and trains running from Miami to Madrid... via
"An oil spill up there would be really devastating," Rufe said. Rufe is Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral Roger...
A guy once asked if I knew how to get from Alaska to Siberia. I said sure let me get my Bering Strait.
Lynne Cox is credited with easing cold war tensions by swimming across the Bering Strait- 2.3 miles in 39 degree water!
Well, the Bering Strait theory is being disputed somewhat, but it is telling that humans share fundamental beliefs
New DNA Study Reveals Lost History Of The Paleo-Eskimo People Paleo-Eskimo people that lived in the Arctic from roughly 5,000 years ago to about 700 years ago, were the first humans to live in the region and survived there without outside contact for more than 4,000 years, researchers reported Friday in the journal Science. In addition, lead investigator Eske Willerslev of the Centre for GeoGenetics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and her colleagues report that the Paleo-Eskimos represented a distinct wave of migration that was separate from both the Native Americans (who crossed the Bering Strait far earlier than the Paleo-Eskimos) and the Inuit (which traveled from Siberia to the Arctic several thousand years later). “The North American Arctic was one of the last major regions to be settled by modern humans,” the museum explained in a recent statement. “This happened when people crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia and wandered into a new world. While the area has long been well researc ...
Paper 61 The Mammalian Era on Urantia (693.1) 61:0.1 THE era of mammals extends from the times of the origin of placental mammals to the end of the ice age, covering a little less than fifty million years. (693.2) 61:0.2 During this Cenozoic age the world’s landscape presented an attractive appearance — rolling hills, broad valleys, wide rivers, and great forests. Twice during this sector of time the Panama Isthmus went up and down; three times the Bering Strait land bridge did the same. The animal types were both many and varied. The trees swarmed with birds, and the whole world was an animal paradise, notwithstanding the incessant struggle of the evolving animal species for supremacy.* (693.3) 61:0.3 The accumulated deposits of the five periods of this fifty-million-year era contain the fossil records of the successive mammalian dynasties and lead right up through the times of the actual appearance of man himself. 1. The New Continental Land Stage The Age of Early Mammals (693.4) 61:1.1 50,000,000 y ...
On August 3rd in 1492, Christopher Columbus began his famed journey in which he discovered America: only 500 years after the Norse had already created a settlement at L'Anse Meadows in Newfoundland; and several thousands of years after the First Nations crossed the Bering Strait by land bridge to settle in North America. Oh well, better late than never. :)
Every year on July 4 from our Earth's position, our Sun is in conjunction with Sirius. Esoterically this star is our Spiritual Sun and is associated with liberation. According to ancient teachings, the concept of freedom resides in human consciousness because of the influence of this star system. In Chinese and Japanese astronomy, Sirius is known as the “star of the celestial wolf”. Several aboriginal tribes of North America referred to the star in canine terms: the Seri and Tohono O’odham tribes of the southwest describe the Sirius as a “dog that follows mountain sheep”, while the Blackfoot call it “Dog-face”. The Cherokee paired Sirius with Antares as a dog-star guardian of the “Path of Souls”. The Wolf (Skidi) tribe of Nebraska knew it as the “Wolf Star”, while other branches of knew it as the “Coyote Star”. Further north, the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait called it “Moon Dog”. I assume you all know of the Dog Star and the Malian connection. I hope you all enjoyed the ...
Sea level has been rising for 20,000 yrs, is now 400 feet higher than when the first humans walked to NA from Asia across the Bering Strait
The respective land masses of India and Sri Lanka are connected by which of the following Straits ? (A) Bass Strait (B) Bering Strait (C) Malacca Strait (D) Palk Strait
1-Strait of Gbraltar--it is known as the key to Mediterranean.It separates Europe from Africa and joins Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean. 2-Strait of Malacca- Separates Malaysia and Indonesia and joins Andaman sea and South China Sea. 3-Bass Strait- Separates Australia and Tasmania and joins Tasman sea and Southern sea. 4-Formosa strait- Separates China and Taiwan and joins south china sea and East China sea,. 5-Sunda Strait-separates java and Sumatra and joins Java sea and Indian Ocean. 6-Palk Strait -separates India and Sri Lanka and joins Palk way and Way of Bengal. 7-Bering Strait--Separates Alaska and Russia and joins Bering Sea and Arctic Sea.
UNM team plays a major role in establishing link between Ancient and Modern Native Americans Her name is Naia, and for thousands and thousands of years, the skeleton of this young woman was buried underwater in an elaborate cave system in the Yucatan Peninsula after she had apparently fallen into what was then a dry deep pit. Now, a team of researchers, including Professor Yemane Asmerom and Research Scientist Victor Polyak at the University of New Mexico's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, have accurately determined the age of the oldest-known, well-preserved human skeleton. - Bones From a Watery 'Black Hole' Confirm First American Origins researchers agree that the earliest Americans came over from Asia via the Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska, beginning at least 15,000 years ago. But many have long puzzled over findings that some of the earliest known skeletons—with long skulls and prominent foreheads—do not resemble today's Native Americans, who tend to have rounder skulls and fl ...
Is China planning a high-speed rail line to Canada? (NE China to Siberia, under Bering Strait to Alaska and Canada)
Recently newspapers have trumpeted new scientific discoveries that lead some scientists to conclude that early American Indians lived in the area of the Bering Strait, known as Beringia, for more than 10,000 years before colonizing the Americas around about 15,000 years ago. Headlines such as “First…
Since now we know that Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait on foot 12000 years ago, does that mean their traditions are oldest known?
. Until you can prove TO ME that YOU stood on the Alaskan shoreline and WATCHED Our People crossing the Bering Strait , you will NEVER convince me of YOUR "FACTS" , and I will ALWAYS BELIEVE the Grandfathers put us here on these two continents just as surely as YOU believe you are from Somewhere in Europe . . Tell yourself what you must to justify all the wrongs committed upon Our People after 1492, but please stop dreaming up THEORIES and passing them off as FACT, because WHITE doesn't make it right .
My seamen will voyage across the Bering strait into your america if you get my drift
China has developed some of the world’s largest architecture and most advanced technology but the country’s next project would be its biggest accomplishment yet. The Chinese government is in the planning stages of building an 8000+ mile long high speed underwater railway from China to America, according to Chinese media reports. The overall trip would begin on the north side of China in Beijing, run through Siberia and travel 125 miles underwater spanning the Bering Strait, then through Alaska and Canada before ending its route in New York City. The trip from one end to the other would take about 2 days, the official report states. The real question here is, will China even attempt to build it after planning and estimating the cost? Most engineers are skeptical that it can be done since the underwater strait is supposed to be four times longer than the current longest underwater railway, the Euro channel, connecting Great Britain and France. “The Beijing Times listed the China-US line as one of four ...
Ocean Conservancy will be publishing a blog series exploring the wonder of the Bering Strait and highlighting threats and solutions to this region. The Bering Strait—located between Alaska’s Seward...
Our youth saves our own theory as to being the first peoples of this land of North America. Aren't our youth...
Photo taken in Winter, 2007, in Wales, Alaska on the Bering Strait, 40 miles west of Siberia.
High-speed rail from China via Bering Strait tunnel to Alaska?
Bering Strait School District (BSSD) is a school district in northwestern Alaska, United States, serving approximately 1,700 students in grades K-12 in fifteen isolated villages. All schools in the district serve students of all ages, and most classrooms are multi-age.
Need the Bering Strait tunnel. It will connect &
The massive undertaking would transverse the Bering Strait requiring a tunnel twice the length of the Chunnel between England and France.
On the insane Chinese plan to build an undersea rail tunnel from Russia to Alaska, passing under the Bering Strait:
somebody put me in a box like Houdini and drop me in the Bering Strait please.
Last time I heard of this debate/theory was that instead of crossing over Bering Strait, the indeginous people...
This group has the best stories and great story tellers. Better than Bering Straits or YK Delta. :-)
Moving on from readings about the Nahuas, Mixtecs, and Maya from Mexico to the Eskimos of the Bering Strait.
The answer to Friday's TRIVIA GAME was: the land mass which is now the Bering Strait. It is believed that the original inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere crossed over this land bridge from Siberia to Alaska and spread from there throughout North, Central and South America. My former colleague Nancy Warner McGrady phrased her answer as saying that it was where Sarah Palin could see Russia from her deck. Close enough! Hoo Raah and an imaginary lollipop! Next game goes off tomorrow.
Icebergs from my flight across the Bering Strait this morning.
you are the galaxies and I am the bering strait.
Finding a brass horse bridle in Bering Strait is an indicator of Genghis Kahn first campaign which he came with 12,000 strong and went home with 5,000 defeated. His plan was to corner the fur trade with the Chinese...powerful warriors our Iñupiat. Our version of this war is Pissiktaagvik.
We think probably a plane, as a boat would take too long and the walk over the Bering Strait is cold. N&N
"wants to an underwater across the Bering Strait to via
She's one to talk. Her idea of diplomacy is yelling at the commies from her backyard across the Bering Strait.
Photo taken in Spring 2007, on the Bering Strait, in Wales, Alaska.
Mexico: Oldest human remains found in Americas. 12,000yrs old. Descended from Asian Siberia - Alaska - Bering Strait.
wants to build high-speed railway to US through Siberia and Bering Strait
You can download the conservation plan for the Russian far-east at this link: .
The idea of traveling between the United States and China without flying might seem ridiculous to virtually...
International teleconference open to the public today at 2:30 p.m. (Alaska Time) . . . join ION's Bering Strait...
D1846.6 - Man killed and restored as invulnerable [ Bering Strait ]
China wants to build an underwater train across the Bering Strait to Alaska via
First Americans were Asian? A skeleton was found dating back to 15,000 yrs. ago from the Bering Strait.
Genetic sequencing on a 12,000-year-old skeleton suggests that all native North and South Americans are related
People trying to use it to prove that all Americans before Comlumbus only got to the Americas across the Bering Strait. The usual.
Is the Bering Strait theory confirmed? Do we Americans come from Asia? Interesting remains found in Quintana Roo:
Proof Americans came from Siberia. But were they first? In
This sounds ridiculously awesome! CHINA BUILDING TUNNEL TO U.S.? A number of news sources claim that the Chinese government hopes to construct a bullet train that would run from northeastern China to the United States. The train would have to travel 8,000 miles through China, Russia and Canada to reach the U.S., and would require a tunnel running 125 miles under the Bering Strait. AOL News reports that there are many skeptics, especially when it comes to that tunnel running 124 miles under icy water. Possible, the skeptics say, but very, very expensive. - D. & J.
WESTERN JOURNALISM The Reasons Russia May Try To Take Alaska Back The Russians are feeling somewhat giddy these days as they reclaim by force former parts of the Soviet Union and the imperial Russian Empire. It is a little known fact in America that two current U.S. states used to be controlled from Moscow, Alaska and parts of California. In my frequent trips to Russia, I quite often hear the tall tale that the U.S. stole Alaska from Russia and that they want it back. Of course, these accusations are made in jest, but not entirely. Have you ever heard the term Freudian slip? Although Putin has said he does not take these claims seriously, I think there is a deep longing among the Russian people that the Alaskan territory really belongs to the Russian Federation. In the eighteenth century, imperial Russia was on the move, expanding in all directions (and especially to the east.) Siberia had long been under the control of the tsar in Moscow, but the Russian traders crossed the Bering Strait and developed a ...
I am getting a bit tired of people bashing Sarah Palin. They claim that she said, "I can see Russia from my house." That was Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. What Sarah actually said was, "You can see a part of Russia from a part of Alaska." Referring to Big Diomede (Russian) and Little Diomede (Alaska) which are a mere 5 miles apart in the Bering Strait. Go to Google Maps and see for yourself, please.
Another nice memory just digged out from my smartphone. Kiyoko performing their amazing 'Track 3' Live @ VPX07, Cross Club, Prague few weeks ago. Such wonderful and powerful music! One of the best musical experiences to the date. Thanks and big shouts to Volnej Průběh, SYNKRO, Bering Strait.
Tlingit Peoples: The Tlingit people, whose name means "People of the Tides", have a vast history; many speculate its origins dating as early as 11,000 years ago. Two major theories exist as to where the Tlingit people originate from, the largest being a coastal migration across the Bering Strait land mass from north Asia. Others, however, believe that the Tlingit people may have migrated from Polynesia by island-hopping. However, it is not disputed that the Tlingit settled along Southeast Alaska thousands of years ago. For these many years, they lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, subsisting off of the abundant Alaskan wildlife in a fashion few still continue today. The Tlingit people shared relations with the neighboring Haida and Tsimshian tribes, as they do in the modern era. These peoples traversed the area with large canoes of red cedar, often averaging sixty feet in length. Trading their prized Chiklat robes, shells, and jewelry, they received well-crafted canoes and sturdy cedar trees from the Haida ...
Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact is interaction between indigenous peoples of the Americas who settled the Americas before 10,000 BC, and peoples of other continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania), which occurred before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean in 1492.For practical purposes, travel across the Bering Straits, or the former land bridge in the same region are excluded. Only one instance of pre-Columbian European contact – the Norse settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, Canada c. 1000 AD – is established beyond reasonable doubt. Many further forms of pre-Columbian contact have been proposed, based on historical accounts, archaeological finds, and cultural comparisons. However, most claims of such contact are controversial and debated, due in part to much ambiguous or circumstantial evidence cited by proponents. The scientific responses to pre-Columbian contact claims range from serious consideration in peer-reviewed publications to dismissal as fringe scie ...
Get a new from Bering Strait School District in Unalakleet, AK.
On the Bering Strait theory "Learning that I did not believe in the Bering Strait Theory, the Anthropology Department at Colorado University, in a series of secretive e-mails, decided I was a racist reactionary trying to destroy their fictional enterprise and agreed not to invite me to speak to them. . Around the country, the reception has pleased me to no end. Instead of defending me, many Indian students called my bluff and went to the libraries and found I was right - no good evidence except the mental illness of the academy exists supporting this theory." 1977 Vine Deloria Jr. "Red Earth White Lies" pref p xi
The Rubber Ducky As researchers, we often spend thousands, sometimes millions of dollars on sophisticated equipment to help us gather data. So who would have guessed that one of the pieces of equipment that has taught us the most about ocean surface currents would be the little rubber duck; or shall I say thousands of little rubber duckies. Let me explain… …in January of 1992 a freighter on route from China to the United States was in a fierce storm a few hundred miles north west of Hawaii. A container holding 29,000 rubber ducks fell overboard and everyone at the time thought the story ended there. However, later that year thousands of rubber ducks began washing up in Australia, the East Indies and the southern coast of Alaska. There were also a few that washed up in Hawaii, but not near as many as other locations. Over the next four years little yellow ducks continued to wash up in Chile, north west Russia and the state of Washington. As reports of the toy ducks came in, scientist mapped their locat ...
history also tells us that your people came across the Bering Strait
Halito! If Buju Banton's prayer was about original "Black" People of the West Bank, then it would be somewhat surprising to find that they were also here in the America's, especially since it's been drilled into our brains that the tribes developed in isolation. We should find no traces of similarities between cultures, right? We should not find Shamal, Shamel, Shamrocks or Shams--Attached to Black Cultures, Right? Shamel Bazar Iran (Sistan va Baluchestan) Shamel Dherai Pakistan (North-West Frontier) Shamel Creek Washington (Stream) Shamel County Park California (Park) Shamel Park California (Park) What the word “Shamel” in the Americas proves is that we were lied to. American Indian tribes did not develop in isolation in the Americas. Not only was there contact, but actual immigration, settlement and development of aboriginal lands by Black Aboriginals throughout the continent, including North America. Black Aboriginals from the tip of Argentina to the Bering Strait in Alaska were related to each oth ...
Geography facts India:- Name the seas joined by Suez Canal? - Red sea and Mediterranean sea Where is the Caspian sea, the largest inland sea or lake in the world located? - Partly in Europe and partly in Asia Where is Elephant Pass located? - Sri Lanka What was the old name of Indonesia? - Dutch East Indies Name the strait which separates Africa from Europe? - Strait of Gibraltar Mc. Mohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries? - India and China Where is the World's largest ship canal? - Gota in Sweden Name the Strait which separates Asia from North America? - The Bering Strait Durand line is the border common to which two countries? - Pakistan and Afghanistan Name the country which has longest international boundary with India? - China Radcliffe line is the boundary line between which countries? - India and Pakistan Name the Strait connecting Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal? - Palk Strait
A long pause on the Bering Strait bridge plus Native American languages tied to mostly extinct language in Siberia,
Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) is headquartered in Nome Alaska, and is owned by Alaska Native shareholders, BSNC actively pursues responsible development of our resources and other business opportunities. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our people through economic developm...
not sure what you have in mind, but AFTER NATURE extremly relevant (esp. parts 1 (Grunewald) & 2 (voyage to Bering Strait))
Howee i just left the [not going to say]-mart (unless they pay for product placement). They got some serious el-cheaparino bargains on every collsarn food item you can eat, chew, drink, and probably barf on up. Some stuff is so off off label I don't even think it's made on earth. The rest of the "deeply discounted" stuff's got labels in Chinese, except the Chinese Food products that are in some squiggle scrawl that sure ain't from this side of the Bering Straits. Nonetheless I found a hearty box of wine from Winnipeg, veggie burgers from Vietnam, Soy cheese from Siam, and went to the check out line. I know these folks are paid something like below minimum wage, so there's no reason to be remotely polite, but gimme a break. They talk on the phone, chewin' gum, yap to each other, and look at you like some vermin. All to save a few bucks. I say bleh. Make that double bleh. I'd rather be stopped at the door, frisked, and get the shake down for shoppin' and lookin' suspicious than be in some dehumanized zone. ...
I urge everyone to read the following words in order to better understand and navigate the undercurrent of the current cold war that threatens to kill many more innocent people in the East and in the West! Behind the Russian Rage: As the old saying goes, you cannot truly understand a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.Perhaps Americans, a fortunate tribe, should try to see the world from the vantage point of the Russian people and Vladimir Putin, and, as the poet Robert Burns said, “see ourselves as others see us.”At 35, Putin was a rising star in the elite secret police, the KGB, of a superpower with a worldwide empire.The USSR was almost three times as large as the United States. Its European quadrant was half of the Old Continent. The Soviet Empire extended from the Elbe River in Central Germany to the Bering Strait across from Alaska. It encompassed thirteen time zones.North to south, the USSR reached from above the Arctic Circle down to the Middle East. Beyond the contiguous empire wer ...
spaniards? English? Or the peoples that crossed the Bering Strait? Just the white skinned, right
Got to deliver some straight talk to our neighbor, the tyrant across the Bering Strait. Tune in to the Tonight... http:/…
All these God damned shootings are stage people..
'Native' Americans who immigrated here from the west via the Bering Strait. Physiology.
it's all good, 3rd base aka the Bering Strait has to be bad too
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Humans May Have Been Stuck on Bering Strait for 10,000 Years. The ancestors of Native Americans may have lived on...
Ancient travellers to America: settlement may be submerged under the Bering Straits
Focus on northern Kamchatka/the region to the east - leading to the Bering Strait and Alaska again.
actually "Native Americans" migrated from Eurasia 15,000 years ago when the Bering Strait was frozen over
k, thanks for not answering, throw your phone across the Bering Strait or what?
Remember when your social studies teacher told you the natives came here from Asia and the Bering strait? Noe that's some primate thinking.
Karl Bushby - Crossing the Bering Strait on foot
SUDDENLY! Inscription on the poster from top to bottom: He guarded the borders of his country; he protects its citizens abroad; he banned in schools *** propaganda. he pursues financial criminals; he puts in jail those who blaspheme in the churches; he puts the country's interests above his own. Putin for President! Kevin Barrett, 11.03.2014, Fed up with the corruption at the state level, deceitful, barren leadership, a group of Americans had requested that the accession of the Russian Federation. «We collected signatures for holding a referendum on the question: whether to remain state-bankruptcy - managed criminal oligarchs country with a broken economy - or join the Russian Federation under the authority of the President with successful experience in the breaking of the horns, the oligarchs,» says bill Blatsky, head of the Committee “Join Russia - Putin's presidency”. Supporters of the referendum indicates that the U.S. has a deep historical ties with Russia. «Almost 20% of the United States is ...
The islands are separated by an international border, which is also part of the International Date Line, approximately 2 km (1 mi) from each island, at 168°58'37"W. At their closest points, the two islands are about 3.8 km (2.4 mi) apart. The small habitation on Little Diomede Island is centered on the west side of the island at the village of Diomede. The Big Diomede Island is considered the easternmost point of Russia. The Diomede Islands are often mentioned as likely intermediate stops for a bridge or tunnel (Bering Strait crossing) spanning the Bering Strait.[1] During winter, an ice bridge usually spans the distance between these two islands; therefore during such times it is possible to walk between the United States and Russia.
GU study featured in the offers a new view of language ties & ancient migration across the Bering Strait:
Though they're spoken on opposite sides of the oceans, the languages of North America and Siberia are related
The other night I had to argue that the Bering Strait separates Russia & Alaska, not China & Alaska. Seriously. He even made me Google it.
Ice sheets trapped ancient Americans in refuges on land now under the Bering Strait
Native Americans along the Pacific Coast and aboriginal Siberians may have both originated from populations living on the land bridge now submerged under the Bering Strait, a new language analysis suggests. The language analysis, detailed today (March 12) in the journal PLOS ONE, is consistent with…
Very interesting! A lost ancient language in the Bering Strait area via
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A biased reading of the Anzick boy results and an flailing attempt to subvert the evolving narrative of...
Q. The cool temperate grasslands of South America are known as : ans. pampas Q.The greater himalayas is otherwise called as : ans. Himadri Q. Asia and North America are seprated by : ans. Bering strait Q. The cup shaped mouth of the volcano is : ans. Crater
Diminishing sea ice in Arctic waters has opened up new lanes of aquatic traffic and new research from the University of Washington has found that when it comes to the Bering Strait – whales and commercial ships are on a collision course.
Excerpt: "... it would mean that the Mayan DNA was at least 25,000 years old and imply that the Mayans had left...
Linguistic Light on a Continent’s Peopling New thoughts on crossing the Bering Strait. Absolutely fascinating.
all good hes about to cross the Bering Strait
New Clues to How Native Americans Colonized Americas: Languages spoken along the Pacific Coast and in Siberia ...
Katy standing on the frozen Bering Strait
Pickaxe? A stone and stick was good enough for your forebearers who crossed the ice tunnel on the Bering Strait.
. The Bering Strait bridge will be an engineering marvel.
today’s indigenous groups across the America's are genetically related to the early peoples who roamed this continent
In 10th grade Elle & I were saying that we wished there was a bridge between NA & Europe & mark said "there is its called the Bering strait"
I feel like I'm navigating the Bering Strait .
Someday soon, it might be possible to drive from LA to Beijing.
Once again this shows how labeling is used as a form of oppression:. Read more at
“The power to name reflected an underlying power to control the land, its indigenous people and its history.”...
More Reasons to Doubt the Bering Strait Migration Theory - via
It will to be hard to tell in LA traffic if you're out during rush hour or if she actually made it to the Bering Strait.
Ships vs in Bering Strait. Climate change at work (again).
Learn something new every day. Horse breed I didn't know about. The akhalteke is an ancient breed descended from one of the four horse types that crossed the Bering Strait from the Americas in prehistoric times. Approximately 10,000 years ago, as desertification took hold of Central Asia, the stocky horses indigenous to its steppe grasslands began to evolve into the lean and graceful but hardy horses that inhabit Turkmenistan today. As food and water became more scarce the heavy frame of the horse gave way to a lighter one. Longer necks, a higher head carriage, larger eyes and longer ears evolved to better the horse’s ability to see, smell, and hear predators over the increasingly open plains. The golden coloring predominant among the akhalteke provided the necessary camouflage against the desert landscape. Through natural selection a breed was created which would become the pride of Turkmenistan. In appearance the akhalteke horse is similar to its descendent, the Persian Arab, though in size it is mor ...
Native Americans lived in Bering Strait for millennia – GlobalPost
Native Americans lived in Bering Strait for millennia: study - Business Standard
Whales, ships more common through Bering Strait
Bering Strait crossing! Yes that's right while looking for info on a contract for buying alaska I came across a lot of info on Russia trying to build a road to nome! Saying they would spend 65bill. 65 billion on a bridge or tunnel to nome what is alaska doing? Well for a untold reason we are making a road to nome form manly hotsprings. "Because there's resources in that part of alaska". Well that's very interesting imma post a link to read more.
Shan Nee shares... “First…. Many Indigenous Nations have calendars which have been counting the years for a very long time. I am aware that the calendar of the Mohawk Indian Nation has been counting the winters for over 33,120 years. This pre-dates the so-called ‘land-bridge’ of the Bering Strait theory, unless, of course, the Bering Strait scientists decide to move their interestingly illusive time period for “early migration” of Indians back to 40,000 years! Many American Indian early histories tell of events that took place on this Turtle continent (North America) long before any so-called ice age. But, for political reasons, these histories have been mostly ignored. You see, the Bering Strait, in truth, is a theory that was born of the politics and propaganda of early America. In the midst of the American ‘Manifest Destiny’ social climate, the Bering Strait theory provided a ‘scientific’ means to justify the taking of ancestral Indian lands. In short, the mythical theory eased the ...
Even Small Trees Bear Fruit Roger Lee Koehler A Eulogy by Johnny Carsin Nogenic Born- back around 1933, I think… died- January 11th, 2014 (near-about) Roger Lee Koehler was born into a large family, in that his brothers grew to be nearly 7 ft tall. Like his older brother, Dale, Roger wasn’t cursed with excessive stature, his man height was 5’ 4’’. What he lacked in height, he made up for in a much more important category- The lil’ fella had game. Yes, diminutive as he was, Roger was adept with the fairer sex, often juggling multiple relationships at the same time. He came of age in the ‘50’s, and was a man of his era. Leather jacket, blue jeans, white t-shirt and a pompadour with enough grease in it to lube a Cadillac. Roger served with distinction in the United States Air Force as a machine gunner on a helicopter during the Korean Conflict. He never set foot in Korea, being sent to patrol the Bering Strait in Alaska instead. His orders were shoot to kill anything coming from the west, fea ...
I am definitely going to get myself into trouble for this one, but if you are one of people who were upset by the Coke commercial, 1) you should not be that emotionally impacted by a soda commercial (take two chill pills and call me in the morning) 2) You could probably use a quick refresher on the linguistic history of "America". 1. The name "America" is the feminized LATIN version of Amerigo, as in Amerigo Vespucci, an ITALIAN explorer. 2. The first inhabitants of America traveled here from Asia, over 12,000 years ago. they migrated across the Bering Strait. These "Native Americans" did not speak English, however learned it thousands of years later, around the time they were being systematically wiped off the continent by the forefathers of this nation. 3. The second visitors were from I believe were Norse ("Vikings") (did not speak English) 4. Spain and Portugal were pretty heavy in the next wave of folks; Columbus and the Conquistadors. (not English) 5. The French were heavy in the America explora ...
American Indians - Native Americans The features of American Indians are very similar to the Mongols who live in Asia , and this is because the current Bering Strait did not exist and Asia and America, being attached to each other, so to allow these populations transit staring at their first home in Canada and later in the United States . Their first contact with the rest of the world date back to about 1100 years AD, the Vikings are having the honor of meeting for the first this new breed. But the turning point in their existence , takes place in 1492, when Christopher Columbus, who had to reach the Indies , landed on their shores and so calls these new peoples "Indians" . A few years later , starting the first European expeditions to the discovery of the new continent , and then the colonization of the eastern United States and Canada, resulting in the beginning of the clashes with the tribes threatened in those lands . In 1755 the British and the French begin a war to possess the Ohio Valley . Even the ...
Who wants to play in the straw?. Bering Strait Newfoundlands, Part 2. :)
Going to go to website of Bering Straits School District and watch the live State Volleyball Championship game at 5:00 P.M. Unalakleet versus Golovin. Tia Wilson and Larry's granddaughter Jonisha (who is a Senior in High School this year) is playing.
Coast Guard Approved. Featuring an incredible litter from Bering Strait Newfoundlands. Thank you Kelly, Katelyn,...
Bering Straits Foundation Annual Native Art Auction tonight at Nome, Alaska. Plan to attend and please support the BSF, trying to raise funds to help the scholarship, fellowship and other programs. Thanks! :)
II A History of American Indian Pottery There is evidence of early human settlement on this continent dating from at least 25,000 B.C., long before recorded history began. Most scholars believe that Indians entered the continental United States from Asia, traveling across the Bering Strait and through Canada, between 25,000 to 8,000 B.C., when the land bridge existed. Others believe that Indians may have come north from Central or South America. (Or did they spring from the earth, as their own legends have it?) Surely there was movement back and forth between North and South America. Dr. Carl Dentzel, the late director of the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, told me that he had carbon-dated Indian pots from 30,000 B.C. in North America. Most of our knowledge of the first American Indians is based on their claywork alone; fired clay is the only material on earth that does not change with time. North America provided a wide range of territory for these early people, from Arctic to subtropical climes. What i ...
It's State Championship Day for Mixed 6 and 2A Girls Volleyball. What a treat today! Two state championships being decided by conference rivals. Leading up to it you can follow webcasts of all the consolation action at Our state championship webcasts/broadcasts on begin at 5 pm with the Mixed 6 2012 Champion Unalakleet Wolfpack squaring off with their conference rival, the Golovin Lynx At 7 pm will be the 2A Girls State Championship match between the Su Valley Lady Rams and the Lady Raiders from Unalaska. This match will also be broadcast on Good luck to all our teams, coaches and fans! And a huge thank you to the staff and students of Bering Straits School District for their coverage of these tournaments!
David Babb: Sea ice export through the Bering Strait -> great data suggesting it could be a new export pathway in a warming climate
Wish the mail service was a lot faster,didnt get my check from bering straits yet.
Wish there was a land bridge on the Bering Strait.
Poem from Quentin (Eight Tiny Sticks) Eight Tiny Sticks From nearby mountains, from bird song and butterflies came each morning my Mayan carpenter - serious, black mustache and eyes, to work beside me, the rich American, at my Mexican home. I pondered his humanity, no dialogue, smiles lost, maybe, generations ago crossing the Bering Strait - lost that is, until after the incident with the sticks. It was the time he brought his family with him. A boy, strong father-like, mixed concrete in the front yard, two little girls, wide awake, live wires, hunted for seashells in gravel by the road. Suddenly the girls decided that it would be a good idea to mimic everything I did. So I scratched my head, walked funny, limped, made bizarre noises, a little rumba mixed in my work, then, stood on one leg - all of which they mirrored perfectly. I picked up four nails their father had dropped, put them on the scaffolding. Then hands on my hips I smiled at them. It was check - no more nails. Anxious looks. One, the one wit ...
Bering Strait. For Rachel. We’ve been crossing this frozen ocean, snowblind in a perpetual storm. Our tribe has endured this trial so long ...
Bering Strait - Apart taken from the 'Apart EP' released 18/02/13
AW YEAH. Now that I listen to it, the EP version is better than I remember. BERING STRAIT IS MY FAV THO.
I know it's old news but I'm pretty excited about the US$65 billion Siberia-Alaska rail and tunnel across the Bering Strait
In 1956 Soviets proposed a joint project to build a dam across Bering Strait in order to warm the Arctic Ocean but it wasn’t found practicable by the US.
how i'm making the most from my recovery: Bering strait crossing
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