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Bering Strait

[[Image:dateliner cam.jpg|thumb|200px|right|[ A US-based webcam] providing a view across the Bering Strait]]

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Sunrise in western Alaska, as seen from the Bering Strait from the cockpit of an Alaska Air National Guard C130-J,…
Kind of odd seeing Diné and other Na-Dene groups embrace the idea of the bering strait theory. Same ones yelling, 'decolonize.'
Try to get Melania Trump to put Real Latinus Race into EEOC by bering strait DNA Testing and Ancient Chinese, in Ch…
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Bering Strait
Ironic considering Indians when they came here across the Bering St…
The quid pro quo is so close now we could walk across the Bering Strait to touch it.
That's ridiculous, there is no train to America and won't be until the completion of the Bering Strait crossing! Unbelievable
Oh plz give it a rest. "NA"s were nomads who migrated across the Bering s…
I think this is my favorite album so far and i love that did the album art for it... its so…
And BY THE WAY... the Bering Strait theory is just that.…
Native Americans came over the Bering Strait they are native either
So who were their ancestors that crossed over the Berin…
It's not your country son. The United States was not founded by Asian immigrants such…
Yes Jerry, Egypt is in Africa, not south of the USA. The continents where connected…
4/ the tanker recently sailed north of Wrangel Island and is now heading south in the direction of the Bering Strait
You don’t believe your people crossed the Bering strait?! Science says they did. If they…
Form an Alliance with and get EURASIAN RACE AND EURASIAN DNA into American Workforce to bri…
Actually, yes they are. There are no indigenous peoples to the Americas. Those…
some indigenous feel insulted by being taught their ancestors crossed the Bering strait. Should stude…
Today's high is 75 and mfers out here dressed like they're getting ready to cross the Bering strait.
Which, of course, I love as a possible Bering Strait land bridge remnant.
A superhighway across the Bering Strait would dramatically impact the United States.
This CLEARLY calls into question the old theory that humans first migrated into the Americas across the Bering…
“But didn’t your ancestors cross the Bering Strait.” Homie, ***
the Bering Strait. 【例】The first humans to inhabit North America are believed to have crossed the Bering Strait from Asia.
After they wandered over the Bering Strait land bridge.
Someone should draw that Superman story. I was actually looking for s…
In 1924 Mongolians that came from the Bering Strait to present…
The natives immigrated here accross the Bering strait Ice bridge. The arrival of euro…
bearing weight, taking fire, trading smokes,. in the war between us and our ghosts. (But I saw the Bering Strait and…
Relegated?How about decided!Warren is stupid but this is too.Lot of bad breaks his…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Exaggerated relief map of Chukotka, Alaska and the Bering Strait
would hav made the film as Syrian refugees decided to hide from the war. and th…
When my people came across the Bering Strait, the ice caps were horrible
Earlier this summer, scientists found an influx of warm, Pacific water near the Bering Strait about a month earlier than…
You need to do some reading. Not all came across the Bering Strait. There were ppl here before Clovis.
Help USA update USEEOC and FTC to include Eurasian Real Latinus Race and Bering Strait Metro to Canada to North Car…
I live in Portland, which is near the Bering Strait, I actually knew one of the guys on Deadliest Catch.
When and I questioned the Bering Strait theory in our 2015 book, one review calle…
Humans first arrived in the Americas not via the Bering Strait land bridge but the coastal "kelp highway"
Julie Raymond-Yakoubian is leading a project to collect stories of local traditions and mythologies, including stories o…
I’ll give them rabies and make them fear water. Then they won’t be able to sn…
I wonder what caused the Bering Strait Ice Bridge 2 melt?All of those *** Hunter Gatherers started the climate cha…
I hope they kept their bearings straight lest they found themselves bearing straight for the Bering Strait.
Most anthropologists now say humans came to North America by boat, before those who crossed Bering strait
the Bering strait narrative of recent immigration is belied by villag…
Little Giant Ladders
Beringia is A piece of land that form the bridge between present day Siberia and Alaska across the Bering Strait.
American Natives immigrated from Asia over the Bering strait when it was still a land…
Who killed the On the US landmass from France 16,000 yrs before any immigrants who crossed the Bering Strait.
Why is it called the bering strait and not the bering gai
The voyages to Wrangel Island look fantastic! But the Chukchi Sea and Bering Strait can be really rough, even in September?
Actually America was populated by Asians crossing the Bering Strait and did…
Well, I do live across the Bering Strait from it so. Yeah.
Hey Mr. President - how'd YOU get here? I don't think it was across the Bering Strait, or was it?
Scholars of the "long chronology" school claim that the first migration across the Bering Strait was between 21k and 41k years ago.
Who wiped out native horses & extirpated Indigenous camels in the reverse direction in…
Tribe is located near the former Bering Strait so my guess they settled in northern modern day Russia while others left for North America
Even Tracked . Back to the bering strait
as English is from Chinese. Tell me how that happened if we came over via "the…
I have seen them in other convos arguing for the Bering strait theory as well.
The Short Nosed Bear. Scientists speculate these delayed human migration into N.A. because they hunted us in the Bering…
This crazy Moscow weather! I never know whether to take out my Arctic Explorer Coat, or my Bering Strait fisherman exposure suit.
Or migrated across the Bering strait.
Native American crossed the Bering Strait from Asia. There was no…
Jennifer Lopez AIN'T Latinus, as that is Greco Roman Ancient Chinese that founded the Bering Strait via Ancient Ame…
Im playing in Leeds this evening for Café del Mar with my good friends Bering Strait & gelka! x
Than hot in the United States, the narrower and closer the Bering Strait of Alaska.
Did you know that 5,500,000 colonial seabirds nest on the Diomede Islands (in the Bering Strait)…
🎶(but I saw the Bering Strait and the Golden Gate. in silent suspension of their golden age 🎶
Beautiful sealskin map of Bering Strait from 1860s, collection
How to prove loss of arctic ice? . Sail a boat to the North Pole and take a photo. passing Bering Strait today.
Bagheera and now traversing the Bering Strait.
and Bagheera have made it to the Bering Strait, off Wales AK.
Day one: As we made our way towards the Bering Strait, we encountered bigger waves than we were…
Our class crossed a land bridge today holding ice while learning about the Bering Strait and Arctic region! ⛄️❄️…
The ol' Bering Strait stories have kept morphing along. May they rest in peace.
is there a fight to see who doesn't have to work for Army etc in August? Bering Strait has more action than NHL right now
When Russia Owned Part of America - The sea-otter trade brought adventurers across the Bering Strait to Alaska ...
A NOAA sailing vehicle captures a dawn photo cruising through Bering Straits to the
Me: Got any 7s?. Wife: Go fish. Me: *returns from Bering Strait a changed man* I watched the sea take my best friend to his gra…
You mean the Native Americans that crossed the Bering…
There were no "native" people in the Americas originally...they too came from abroa…
Russian Artic Infantry units to patrol Bering Strait coastline using all terrain vehicles in 2018
Did the Native Americans cross the Bering Strait from NE Asia?
Shishmaref AK, north of Bering Strait winds forecast tonight to drop to 30 knots, seas to 7 ft. Mr Toad's…
There is no such thing as 'Native Americans' they are asian migrants that crossed the bering strait. they should go…
There is no such thing as a 'Native American', they are Asian Migrants who crossed the Bering Strait. They are not…
The Death of the Bering Strait Theory: Alex Ewen . Even as diversity in linguistics and mitochondrial DNA seem to...
Yeah as if History started with the Native Americans. Peoples traveled from Asia, cros…
Fossil evidence tells us Native Americans crossed land mass(now The Bering Strait) from ancient Siberia,originating like us all,from Africa.
Can we put all the monuments & statues on an island somewhere near the Bering strait, preferably closer to Russia?
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Gales north of the Bering Strait may distribute the ice, though.
Trump is president also of St Lawrence Isl. in the Bering Strait,but he is hardly aware -and certainly does not care.
well I'm quite West of Bering strait :D
Interesting article. There is a new book out by Alex Ewen.
Everybody in America who didn't come over the Bering Strait ice bridge stole his land from somebody else. P J O'Rourke
McScarborough,. Tell your friend McAuliffe that EVEN "Native Americans" were IMMIGRANTS from Asia...that crossed the Bering Strait.
This map, drawn on seal skin, was collected in the Bering Strait in the 1860s or 1870s.
Evolution of the active storminess in the Arctic (5-day). Sea ice edge is the black bold line. Bering Strait is at…
Think he may be getting tips from his friends across the Bering Strait
Obama signs an executive order to protect 112,300 sq mi from the Bering Strait to north of Bristol Bay!👏🐋 READ MORE…
does he get together with the Bering Strait?
. Even they came over the Bering Strait, so the argument can just keep going on & on.
I once got lost trying to sail around the coast of Alaska. I just couldn't get the Bering strait.
I don't even know what you're doing here but the thought of some crazy reverse Bering Strait shenanigans is *hilarious*
But then again if you look at the history of the Bering strait then you can see that Indians are immigrants too.
It'd take a while, but the crossing of the Bering Strait would be remarkable reality TV.
Will you be jet skiing across the Bering Strait?
Philip Larkin swore too, in reference to people's parents. "Mayan neanderthals?" Only *** sapiens made it across Bering's strait
Watching the doc of these dudes crossing the Bering Strait on jet skis. Wow!
Is your language willfully dishonest? Part of being "a gladiator"?. No people are indigenous to the Americas. Bering…
russians are pouring across the bering strait to vote for trump, i can tell you Putin is not sending his best peopl…
Why did Ozil feel it necessary to stand on the Bering Strait all alone?
Bering Strait Intertie would be one great reason to not have the stupid war we're voting for.
you could drive all the way through Russia. Just about passing the Bering Strait and there you go
More crap it's an international sea lane like the Bering Strait that NATO is always exercising in.
Also worth mentioning that the Bering Strait Theory has been questioned by both scientists and indigenous folks.
it also says "8% misc central asian/native indian" so she was trying to figure out how a person would cross the Bering strait the other way
Bering Strait Inuit hunter in a baidarka, what we now call a Baidarka came from the…
Genetic testing, one can figure out that Anglo Saxon is Ancient Chinese Ancient American Bering Strait; I miss him
the only straight i am is Bering strait. . i am a body of water.
what a dummy. Yeah the climate has never changed before. *dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, the bering strait.*
Isn't the great migration when early man crossed the Bering Strait?.
look we're gonna build a bridge across the Bering strait and then put a wall on the road so no one can go over it
sea wall. Right down the Bering Strait
Nomeomics focuses on the peoples of the Bering Strait.
yeah, they migrated over the Bering Strait during the last ice age *** I am Native American... try aga…
Not missing the point at all. Did your ancestors get to North America on the Bering Strait land bridge?
We landed as far North East as one can go in Russia - Cape Dezhnev which juts into the Bering Strait. Read more...
Uelen in Chukotka in the Russian Far East. Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait,International date line on Bering strait.
it was all downhill once humans crossed the Bering strait
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Nonprofit tries to alert Bering Strait residents to toxic pollutant threat (ADN)
Should people stop eating traditional foods to avoid toxic chemicals?. Not an easy question.
A nonprofit is trying to alert Bering Strait residents to the threat of toxic pollutants
walking across the Bering Strait. Well a bridge, not the actual body of water
We are pleased to share the first Regional Education Decolonization Think Tank Report from the Bering Strait...
What do you know about the 'cancer crisis' & toxins in the Bering Strait Region?
How is the EU a buffer between the US and Russia? the Bering Strait is only 50 miles wide
A nonprofit is raising awareness of cancer risks in the Bering Strait region: (via
Nonprofit Raises Awareness of Cancer Risks and Contaminants in the Bering Strait Region
New Mexico's First Peoples . I think it's interesting how the Paleoindians traveled the Bering Strait about 12,000 years ago.
“The weather has changed a lot,” says Clyde Oxereok, a 9th-generation resident of the village that looks across the Bering Strait to Russia.
Your Mission: Getting to a Startup State of Mind: Stretching from the Bering Strait in Alaska to the Strait o...
There in the China sea, Bering strait, and now Persian gulf, like piles they get up everybody's ***
. It was called 'USA' when the Natives first arrived there after crossing Bering Strait?
The Eurasian race is not extinct and we are Ancient White by Bering strait displaced by the *** genocide on Anglo Saxons, etc
Except for the whole migration over the Bering Strait Land Bridge from Asia thing.
I feel like this is also the type of gateway convo that also leads to Bering strait theory erasure bs
This will never happen but it's still my DREAM. Being able to drive to/across the Bering Strait would be amazing.
Oo 👍 I know it's not a city or country but can I request The Bering Strait, please? 👀⭐️
Yes but even Native Americans immigrated to North America from Asia across the bering strait after the last Ice Age
Watching Dangerous Waters, featuring some dumbasses cross the Bering Strait on jet skis to Russia
Genetic history of P1-M45: Native American migration - R1 & Q people passing the Bering Strait | 2
via Horses & Camels originated in the Americas found their way to Asia. Lost evidence in Ice Age.
Bering Strait Theory, Pt. 6: DNA, Blood Types and Stereotypes had my genes done it was interesting
Day 30: Pal Rai Yuk. Bering Strait serpent with 6 limbs; attracted to noise. If only. If only.
This is Cold War BS. Back in 1985, my friend's carrier was buzzed by MiGs & Backfire Bombers in the Bering Strait.
Oh F U! Indians came from the Bering Strait! The land belongs to God! He will have the final say! And it won't be pretty!
"Take his coat first.". "You betcha!" says Sarah Palin, as she boots George Soros from the helicopter into the Bering Strait
Vitus Bering, the Discoverer of Bering Strait: Russian Explorations 1725-1743 by
After Kennewick man and the Bering Strait were debunked. Mining companies and politicians have to accept FN have been here all along.
Increasingly warmer summer temperatures are melting the ice of the Bering Strait and Northwest Passage, opening a...
Sarah Palin's science class teaches the Bering Strait is Alaskan slang for marriage between a man and woman.
My Spanish folks traveled thousands of miles across the sea, my Aztec folk traveled thousands of miles across the Bering strait
2day in 1778 left 4 the Bering Strait. Me as Mrs. Cook + as captain.
"Undaunted Courage" of anyone who fishes the Bering Strait.
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One day I wanna go to Alaska in the winter and ride a snowmobile across the bering strait 55 miles to Russia!
Those guys should built the Bering Strait tunnel from Wales Alaska to Uelen Chukotka now that's a market
I can see exercise from the Bering Strait
One time I broke my finger on a vacuum in the middle of the Bering Strait
The newest Takeover show from just hit our Mixcloud page so make sure to check it out here
Or a nice cool dip in the Bering Strait ought to do the trick
That's not surprising. Our indigenous ppl also crossed the Bering Strait, coming from Siberia and Asia. No natural human...
there still a chance to catch Bering Strait over at
Come listen in to Bering Strait now! over at
"Let's build a Bering Strait crossing railway.". "Boats will always be cheaper.". "***crying***"
coming up at 5pm Better Days with then + back at 7pm, a Bering Strait takeover 9pm, Endless Echo 11pm
India needs 2 let Nepal go free their people must stop coming over the bering strait or we'll build a wall
I will lead Siberian natives to cross the Bering strait, capture Alaskan military base and demand referendum under the threat to nuke Cali
they suggest a rail system that goes from asia, through the bering strait, down into America, then branches out across the USA
Cherokee/Irish/Swedish & your premise is false. "Native" Americans came frm across the Bering Strait
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I've seen supposedly educated people believe the Bering strait crossing was a myth.
It's possible if get lucky in winter to walk across the bering strait and eventually to the Vatican. But you need a passport.
We need a brigde across the bering strait
Bering Strait of ice that connected Russia to Canada n then they migrated south for warmth.
Neil Laughton and James Bingham were kayaking across the Bering Strait to the island of Little Diomede, between Alaska mai…
... That's more than long enough to call this land yours, from the Bering Strait to *** del Fuego.
so there are only 53 miles of Bering Strait between Russia and America. They should be talking transpacific love. 💖🎀
Everyone is from somewhere else even Native Americans. Those Neanderthals that crossed the Bering strait were the first.
Bering Strait black logo t-shirts are now available at the Bering Strait Archives Bandcamp in all sizes -
Coffin Ship, Slave Ship or walking across the Bering Strait, we all came from someplace else. Happy St Pat's Day!
In just 2 days, an ice chunk the size of Rhode Island breaks loose in the Bering Strait
Mikan: targeting bacterial community below 1 micron in size - Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea
No one is native to this continent. The "indians" migrated from Asia across the Bering Strait. We created America.
Subterrestrial an Accident During the Construction of a Tunnel Beneath the Bering Strait Leads to the Discovery of a
I can see Bob Dole from my house. He's just out there paddlin' around in the Bering Strait, all Robinson Carusoey
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Footsie is braving the Bering Strait in search of crabs. Be safe brother.
the govt has 1st rights, always. No such thing as "Native Americans".All came across the Bering Strait so not really native.
Winter storm brings strong winds and blowing snow to and the Region.
"To make me go wild and wait- Promise to never reach the Bering Strait. I hold this tight in my grasp~"
Can't wait for the tectonic plates to collide on the Bering Strait causing a series of tsunami waves that will ultimately end all mankind 😌
The Bering Strait is kind of dangerous though. And I've never been that far west.
They walked from Mitsrayim to the Americas through the Bering Strait. THAT is a 40years journey on foot
once the hyperloop to China by way of the Bering strait is up an running, it would work
Blizzard conditions are expected to develop tomorrow afternoon on St. Lawrence Island and the Bering Strait Coast.
(c) through the ice-bridge at the Bering Strait...and continued their cannibalism in N.A.
Alaska, the largest state in the USA! Russia is separated Bering Strait! Washed by the Arctic and Pacific oceans.😊🎉 https:/…
4 billion of us, from the Bosphorus to the Bering Strait and the Coral Sea. You'd think they'd recognise.
(inb4 someone points out you can drive onto a channel tunnel train to France and then wait for Bering Strait to …
Across the Bering Strait, Robert Soolook can easily see the looming hulk of the neighboring Russian island whe...
As idiotic as the AK ex-Gov, whose Russian foreign policy experience consisted of her view across the Bering Strait!
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If you want to get really technical, Native Americans are technically Asian since they came over over the Bering strait from Mongolia
looks like Bering Strait. Imagine what that former land bridge might be
Stream another track from the Bering Strait Archives label sampler over at SoundCloud:
The Bering Strait is a Rosicrucian lie - the American indigenes were there for millennia - they are NOT ASIAN
In the ice captivity ... @ Bering Strait, Siberia by Eduard Gordeev rt
Mexicans are from Asia, genetically. They crossed the bering strait.
Sorry, Native Americans crossed the bering strait so they are really Asians that immigrated.
Bering strait theory, all corn is maize, how we have such a brief history.shaman ...just a few topics that rub me funny
the first Americans came thru the Bering strait they didn't build civilization there
still waiting to see if americas oldest civilizations are near the Bering Strait.
the Bering strait into North America and land masses predate humans by several million years
The Chinese are planning a rail line through Russia, under the Bering Strait to N America. St Pancras to New York by train a possibility.
do you even history bro? They arrived on this land after crossing the Bering strait - they are not natives
> increase interest in a tunnel connecting Russia and the U.S. across the Bering Strait.
Act now: Support strong protections from ships in the Bering Strait
Here's a fascinating report on and Norton Sound/Bering Strait salmon.
Finishing college feels like someone handing you a road map of Iowa and telling you to navigate the Bering Strait with it
According to Alaska State Troopers, if you try crossing the Bering Strait, the Russian Government has the authority to shoot and kill you 😬
What would you all say to a proposed super highway over the Bering Sea connecting Alaska and Russia?
A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait: “It should be an alternative to the current [neo-liberal] model, whic...
Russia wants to build a superhighway across the Bering Strait.
let's see you eat a fresh one strait from a crab pot in the Bering sea
is across the river and for the next 6,000 miles, till the Bering Strait.
Some Alaskans can see Russia from their house—and soon they could drive there too
If you decide to road trip to Paris, you better a) love the company you're with and b) have an awesome soundtrack.
My new piece on dreams of bridging the East & West via superhighway across the Bering Strait |
A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait: A Russian-flagged tanker carrying more than 1.3 millio...
A Superhighway Across the Bering Strait: At a Russian Academy of Science meeting in March, Vladimir Yak...
we crossed the Bering Strait today. @ Crab Meadow Beach Park
superhighway would cross Russia's isolated eastern regions, cross the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska.
“Anger is a very natural reaction to numbers like this. Anger is a very natural reaction to the behaviors. But in...
More than half of Bering Strait women report experiencing violence in their lifetime.
The world's longest train ride: plans to connect and by highway and rail via the Bering Strait.
To whoever thinks we will see someone build a bridge connecting the Bering strait in this decade.
Plans for a highway across the Bering Strait linking Alaska and Russia are as intriguing as they are unlikely by
*** no! Its the last thing we (US) needs! MT Would u drive all the way 2 the Bering Strait? 71% of voters
Could the Bering Strait Tunnel Be the Right Project for the Hyperloop?
Sometimes we survive by forgetting.
Would you drive all the way to the Bering Strait? Yes please. 71% of voters agree with me.
Of course very unlikely based on the military nature of that region around the Bering strait
I have seen that, but they didn't get to Bering Strait
Study reveals that 51% of women in the Census area have experienced partner violence, sexual violence:
PO: Coupled wind-forced controls of the Bering–Chukchi shelf circulation and the Bering Strait throu…
horses started in America then passed over the bering land strait then died out in America then came back on boats i think
Study says 51% of women in Nome census area have experienced partner or sexual violence.
There have been plans to build the crossing over the Bering strait for centuries. Technology is not there yet
So the Russians want to build a road that connects London and New York via the Bering Strait.
Many shows have done similar. This would be a train that takes the journey across Europe and Asia and over the Bering Strait.
Imagine the possibilities if a link was built across the Bering Strait linking to
Is a high-speed rail project being proposed by Putin too close for comfort?
The Bering Strait is just 55 miles wide at its narrowest point, so the train line's last stop could
Then they bring up the Bering Strait "white people be like.. Native Americans need to go back where th…
Record Setting Meteorological Bomb Expected in the Bering Strait via Remnants of Typhoon Nuri: via
Even Native American were immigrant who came via the Bering Strait actually their ancestors are Russian Indians.
refuses to acknowledge came to America 1000s of years ago across the Bering Strait so they counter with
Not really amused to have to walk across the Bering Strait every *** morning just to get to my office building 😒
(AFG) Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the following areas: St Lawrence Island and Bering Strait Coast-AK.
Bering Strait. huhu I knew it was somewhere there on the north. ASDFGHJK
My ancestors did not hike all the way down to Mexico from the Bering Strait for me to have to deal with cold weather like this.
Join Russia and USA by Rail Tunnels under the Bering Strait? via
We do not plan on crossing large expanses of water, the best place to cross is the Bering Strait between Alaska...
Daniamant sponsors on their BERING STRAIT CHALLENGE 2016 and supplies Odeo Flare as part of the survival kit
Going south on a woman's taint is like early man crossing the Bering Strait: Leaving home behind for an area you hope was wiped properly.
yea look at your history nothing but Mongolians who crossed the Bering have nothing to be proud of !
I just saw a titty gap as wide as the Bering strait. You gals should stop while you're ahead.
The bering strait between russia and alaska is never more than 55 meters deep.
Geo's were made to help cross the Bering Strait
in history yes, it was a land bridge across the Bering strait it's how the Native Americans got to the Americas think 1/2
In other news, the Hudson River no longer resembles the Bering Strait
There was ice all the way to Kentucky, while people walked across the Bering Strait and south across ice-free Alaska
We know where we are from and there is no debate
Delusion. Swastikas and ingenious people put Hindu / Mormon wash Nazi in revisionist history, Jesus migrated via the Bering Strait. Lunacy!
I can see Jews from the Bering Strait
"In 1892, when the geologist George Frederick Wright published his massive study, Man and the Glacial Period,...
Russia Green Lights $65 Billion Siberia-Alaska Rail and Tunnel to Bridge the Bering via
The Bering Strait is less choppy than this
The cooperation in the Barents region continues to be a positive model. What would it look like in the Bering Strait?
Strait shooter -- CEO Constantin Bisanz and his Bering Strait kite-surfing adventure
Use to watch them when I lived on the Bering Strait, Alaska - 76 - USAF Site - Beautiful and Mysterious
Everyone is an immigrant, even those who crossed the Bering strait 😁
When SUDDENLY Hannibal's army crossed the Bering strait on the backs of pandas to fight General Custer.
Researchers mayan ancestors crossed the Bering Strait at least 25,000 years ago.
No mention of tigers in America, w/ present Siberian Tiger just on other side Bering Strait why never here ?
High Seas Forecast. Pacific N of 30N and S of 67N. E of a line from Bering Strait to 50N 160E
Doug George-Kanentiio: Bering Strait migration theory a big lie: Imagine you are part of a sma...
Quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon swims between islands in the icy Bering Strait to cross from America to Asia.
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