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Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor is a city in Berrien County in the U.S. state of Michigan which is located west of Kalamazoo.

Benton Harbor High School American Inn Joique Bell Unity Christian Berrien Springs John Daly Bobo Brazil Highland Park Battle Creek Comfort Suites Al Capone Bernhard Langer

Anyone who wants to attend miss.Benton Harbor 2017 fashion show please come. 💝 tickets are $10
An island of Benton Twp. in Benton Harbor. Friday's "What's Up with That."
Good luck to the JV team as they travel to play Class B Benton Harbor. In the month of December the JV team has played 3 Class A teams.
I'm from Benton Harbor, Michigan and I produce. I really do this. Watch out.
who willing to bring me to Benton Harbor for baby game tomorrow? 🤔😂
Celebration! Cinema in Benton Harbor is featuring the COAST SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE! This Sunday, it's "Collateral...
2016 in review! In September, we moved the LOGAN Autism Learning Center - SW Michigan to its new home in Benton Har…
Benton Harbor always the underdog and we win anyways
We're Read about our latest opening here: Restaurant General Manager - Benton Harbor -
Can you recommend anyone for this Assistant Manager - Benton Harbor - MI
There really is beauty in downtown Benton Harbor. 😌
When MI wrote "Emergency Manager" laws, had in Benton Harbor in mind .
I'm letting people know Benton Harbor is gifted, when they didn't even know Benton Harbor existed.
Some really good underclassmen and upperclassmen making All Tournament Team these past two day at Benton Harbor tou…
Free Rev. Pickney!! Whirlrpool owns Benton Harbor anyway so it's "essy-beezy." to do. No Whirlpools for me.
Benton Harbor 19, Paw Paw 15 after one quarter. Shawn Hopkins (BH) and Trey Brennan (PP) with 8 points each.
Benton Harbor over a good Paw Paw team 81 to 57. 2020 MI Carlos Johnson was two asst off a Triple-Double 13pts 15rebs 8asst.
Paw paw falls to Benton harbor 81-57. Jai Johnson lead with 18 points for paw paw. Trey Brennan with 15
"No charges will be filed in the fatal shooting of a Benton Harbor man by a police officer. Berrien County...
Y'all love tee grizzley new hit single right ! He will be live in Benton harbor michigan dec,23rd get with…
Don't miss the Holly Hop this Friday from 6-9PM in the Benton Harbor Arts District!
A GREAT NUMBER for Benton Harbor native Joique Bell as he returns to the Lions.
LOST DOG! If you see little puppy walking around Benton Harbor, please let these folks know! Thanks! --Matt Malone
Parent Pat Kyle says former principal Tripplett is "not perfect but has done a lot for kids," in Benton Harbor.…
UFCU is hiring a teller in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Learn details about this and other UFCU employment opportunitie…
Benton Harbor High School Principal Rodger Tripplett was fired by the district's board of education last night:…
It's the end of the road for a suspended Benton Harbor High School principal.
Learn more about the on our Benton Harbor campus! TODAY 11 AM - 1:30 PM in (F117). Refreshments provided…
BLUE BEACON TRUCK WASH in Benton Harbor, MI was just found at on 07th Dec 9am
Benton Harbor High School officials confirm Principal Rodger Tripplett has been fired. Details are up next on on the
Miss. Benton Harbor raffle tickets $1 . If you can purchase please do, I need your support ❤️ contestant
- Benton Harbor's principal fired. Details NEXT on First in the Morning.
Breaking: Benton Harbor HS principal Roger Tripplet has been fired. Details on First in the Morning
MedExpress urgent care center opens in Benton Harbor
Benton Harbor over Dowagiac 57-36 2020 MI Carlos Johnson will his first double double 14 &10 rebs. 2017 Roy Anderson with 12 & 7 asst.
Dowagiac falls to Benton Harbor 57-36 in its boys season opener. Chieftains host Otsego in Wolverine Conference action Friday night.
This lake is your lake,. This lake is my lake,. from Benton Harbor,. to the Mackinac Island... .
Put and Benton Harbor in the Michigan boys win column tonight
Boys basketball trails Benton Harbor 23-44 at the end of the 3rd qtr
Freshman Carlos Johnson leads Benton Harbor with 8 first-half points.
Boys Basketball trails Benton Harbor 10-26 at half.
Benton Harbor 26, Dowagiac 6 with 3:01 left first half.
Benton Harbor 13, Dowagiac 2 after one quarter. Tigers bringing the defensive intensity to start the season.
Benton Harbor out to a 9-0 lead over Dowagiac. Four different players have scored and they've forced 4 turnovers.
Benton Harbor and Dowagiac just under way at Coloma.
Follow from the big tilt between Benton Harbor and Dowagiac - game at Coloma due to ongoing roof work at Farnum
Benton Harbor RB Joique Bell has been signed by the Detroit Lions!
Benton Harbor remembers cult destroyed by sex scandal via
Here are our game times for today. . 10:45am vs Muskegon Big Reds. 1:00pm vs Benton Harbor. 3:15pm vs Oak Park .
UFCU is hiring a consumer underwriter in Benton Harbor. Learn details here:
{Benton Harbor, Michigan}. TONIGHT! will be performing LIVE at the Mendel Center for…
Benton Harbor gets the ball back with 16 seconds left unitys 46 yard line.
Unity Christian opens the 2nd half with a 58-yard TD drive to tie Benton Harbor at 20.
Jeremy Burrell with a 5-yard TD run for Benton Harbor. Dennie Brown 2-Pt pass to Adrien Alexander ties it at 14 with Unity Christian.
Dennie Brown 22-Yard TD pass to Adrien Alexander. 2-point try no good, but Benton Harbor cuts the Unity Christian lead to 8-6.
Call Ripley . . . Benton Harbor is ranked! The Tigers are No. 10 in Division 4. Elliot Uzelac is coaching them up. https:/…
To all my people back home in Benton Harbor. Please go show some love and support to my lil cousin Young Monk as...
I'm still confused as to why they used the love guru for a billboard in Benton harbor about energy ?
congrats Joique! Happy to see a Benton Harbor guy representing the bears!!!
Welcome to Da Bears! Great seeing a Benton Harbor guy on my favorite team!
Can you recommend anyone for this Part Time Sales Associate - Benton Harbor, MI - MI
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Welcome to Chicago can't wait to see a kid from Benton Harbor in that Bears Blue!!!
CMA WATCH PARTY happening on Wednesday, November 2nd at Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor! I've got more free...
Al Capone first came to Benton Harbor, MI in August 1920, to meet heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey.
It's great to see Benton Harbor's Joique Bell get another shot in the NFL, this time with the Bears. Go get 'em Joique.
Reports indicate that Benton Harbor native Joique Bell is signing with the Bears. They face his old team the Lions this week.
Former and Benton Harbor native headed to
If you have the dream of owning a restaurant, SCORE has a workshop for you in Benton Harbor next month. Click the...
According to reports, former Benton Harbor Tiger and Detroit Lion Joique Bell has been signed by the Chicago Bears.
A.J. Ali and Errol Webber traveled to Benton Harbor, MI last week to film interviews w...
Fred Killer Burke subscribed to Benton Harbor's News-Palladium while he was in prison.
as soon as I leave the gym my dad called saying he was in Benton Harbor and wanted to get lunch... couldn't have worked out any better
La Perla in Benton Harbor makes the best authentic Mexican food.
Walked in to the bathrooms at Walmart in Benton Harbor and a man was brushing his teeth.. Only at Walmart
Last week, the Berrien Community Foundation awarded the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor with The Golden Acorn...
Two shootings on the same day within a few hundred feet of each other in Benton Harbor. .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Rocco Mediate ties course and Senior PGA Championship record at Harbor Shore in Benton Harbor.
Two non-fatal shootings occurred on Saturday in Benton Harbor. The first occurred in the 400 block of E. High at...
6'5 2020 Benton Harbor/Mac Irvin Fire SF Carlos Johnson earlier this year. Was one of the top players at the PHM
Three people injured in Saturday's Benton Harbor shootings
Love you, Magic! Even if Lansing Everett beat my Benton Harbor Tigers!
Three people injured in Saturday's Benton Harbor shootings: Two shootings in Benton Harbor happened on Saturd...
BIG lake influence tonight. 65 in Benton Harbor -> 53 in
You kept up with Benton Harbor football and Coach Uzelac this year?
I'm not sure Flint, Benton Harbor, Gary, IN and most of non-hipster Detroit, would agree with you.
I've seen towns like Benton Harbor that were destroyed by Whirlpool sending manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Globalist death blow
Al Capone threw himself a lavish "going away" party at the Hotel Vincent in Benton Harbor, MI on July 25, 1931, months before prison.
Scott Pfeiffer, MS/HS Principal at Countryside Academy in Benton Harbor. Looking forward to tonight's chat!
Benton Harbor police search for suspect in two Saturday shootings
At 6:30 want to hear from neighbors in Benton Harbor
C'mon, MI! Stop w/ "emergency management" referring to economic woes. It's killing my news feed!
This Friday attend a fundraiser to raise money for operating costs for the Benton Harbor Girls Academy. . This...
Emergency management doesn’t work for schools, says former Benton Harbor EM: One of the state of Michigan’s former…
Our Job Fair has moved to November 3rd in Benton Harbor. If you're a business and want to be an exhibitor, click...
Benton Harbor police search for suspects in two Saturday shootings
Three injured in two shootings in Benton Harbor
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse, RN - Full Time - Benton Harbor, MI *Will Train* -
Just purchased by Philip Bassett about quest for Benton Harbor, https:…
Attention St. Joseph & Benton Harbor sustainable business professionals! Take a look at this great opportunity to...
Another public park has been privatized. Few complained when it happened in Benton Harbor. This is what happens...
No wonder mofos from Benton Harbor be tryna rep chi bc they get that good radio station
Me and my beautiful wife! @ The Blue Dress Barn, Benton Harbor
I ordered some used books from a tiny bookstore in Benton Harbor, MI. It's taking so long to get here. Can't wait to leave a review.
its people from all over Michigan tho...Benton harbor, Muskegon, Rap, Detroit..
everyone from Benton harbor is moving there though.
Benton harbor is the only place with a nasty sonic's.
STATE CHAMPS! VAULT: Our IN FOCUS Feature on Elliot Uzelac and the Benton Harbor Football Program in 2015
Driving to Benton Harbor, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 1:03 PM using - Drive Social.
Benton Harbor for the rest of summer 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Born today in 1963 Julie Krone, Benton Harbor Mich, jockey (1st female to win Belmont-93)
Yes benton harbor MI I would love some
I'm at Celebration! Cinema - for Star Trek Beyond in Benton Harbor, MI
Lazy Saturday just became a Pokemon hunting working holiday in Benton Harbor.
Benton Harbor Baseball coach Danny Jennings is stepping down to relocate to Memphis. Best of luck Danny, you'll be missed here in BH!
I'm Fighting to be the voice of Benton Harbor 󾭻
Can you imagine what it would have been like if we had smartphones in Benton Harbor in the 80's? Would have been some ugly truth.
In October of 1993, I needed a job. I was married to a sports columnist whose travel schedule was crazy, and I...
She was admiring me, not the sandwich... @ Benton Harbor, Michigan
Used 2012 Chevrolet Cruze 1LT in Benton Harbor, MI 49022 for sale at Louie Dominion's Deals on Wheels
When in Benton harbor you have to fill up your tank at the hood gas stations cause it's always so much cheaper ol
Now we not even going to Benton harbor ! Wow
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Gonna get done Henry's when I get to Benton Harbor. Hope the air on
Want to work at Fresenius Medical Care? We're in MI! Click for details:
[VIDEO] Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor Offers Free Meals to Students -
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor is proud to announce the Summer Food Service Program for children, free...
Authorities to discuss courthouse shooting investigation. BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (AP) ? Authorities are expected to
DAWG did i ever tell yall how me and went to Benton Harbor fa a 2 man and we was kikin it wid da plugs daughter.
Getting set up for press conference in Benton Harbor regarding the shooting. Update @ noon
This might be a great fit for you: Store Sales Associate - Benton Harbor, MI - IA
Former teacher creates a new super hero to drive home family values from ground zero: Benton HarbOr, Mich.…
I get calls from the Knights of Columbus in Benton harbor a few times a year
Be first to apply - SAP Security Manager in Benton Harbor, MI
For the record, when you order 2 eggs at Sophia's House of Pancakes in Benton Harbor, MI, that actually means 4 eggs.
Layoffs are coming to Benton Harbor schools. It includes 13 teachers.
I drove from soha to lakeshore back to soha now to Benton harbor then back to soha. 🙄
Man I had sooo much fun with my Benton Harbor fam. Introducing them to my soon to be new life. Just getting a recharge
BREAKING NEWS: Benton Harbor Board of Education voted to approve of the layoffs. More details coming.
The Benton Harbor School Board is asking the state of Michigan for a 4.4M dollar loan - and laying off 44 workers.
Cincinnati, Benton Harbor and Oakland riots also occurred during his time as president, and somali piracy took off in 2005
Benton Harbor school trustees vote to lay off 44 staff; ask for a $4.4 million emergency loan from state.
Berrien RESA would have provided human resource personnel for Benton Harbor in that agreement
Great two days with 24 godly men in South Haven and Benton Harbor, MI. Greg Kelley the CEO of World Mission was...
This meeting has had more public participation than any other Benton Harbor School Board meeting I have been to
Huge turn out for tonight's school board meeting in Benton Harbor
Great to see continued investment and growth in
We are an & Development Manager in Benton Harbor, MI.
Family, friends remember Benton Harbor teen as a friend and leader. He died while pier jumping Saturday.
i missed u in benton harbor but im getting in whn u come to St. Louis. Smooches!
DPB has a show on 06/16/2016 at 09:00 AM @ DPB Tour Benton H... in Benton Harbor Michigan, MI
Ready to start the day and fly home toniggt (@ Comfort Suites in Benton Harbor, MI)
oml that's a court outfit "pray for me y'all" face *** 😂😂😂& im from Benton harbor so I have to 😂😂😂
Website Builder 728x90
Concerns raised for Benton Harbor Area Schools' future: The fights to fix the many problems looming over the ...
I will be in Benton Harbor Saturday for my cousin Kimora Anderson wedding 󾠪. .
Store dedicated to water paddle sports opens in Benton Harbor
Home for the night (@ Comfort Suites in Benton Harbor, MI)
Yo what's the best place to eat in Benton Harbor? Here till Friday, need some good eats.
Dream Academy, a charter high school in Benton Harbor, is fighting for its life.
University of Michigan researchers will help Benton Harbor officials come up with ideas to improve the city’s...
Outstanding on Elliot Uzelac and Benton Harbor, MI high school football.
Michigan State Police unit. Learn more: as seen in Benton Harbor, MI
High School Student Attends Prom in Coming to America Gown - . Jawana Young, of Benton Harbor, Mich., has to be...
John Daly in the field for Senior PGA Championship at Benton Harbor - WXYZ
and preview the 2016 PGA Senior Championship from Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor.
SPORTS: Daly in Senior PGA Champ. field at Benton Harbor from ABC7
John Daly, Bernhard Langer prepare to tee it up for Senior PGA Championship in Benton Harbor: Langer will play with…
Perfect day in Benton Harbor for the 77th Senior PGA Championship hosting players John Daly and Colin Montgomery
domain names
confirmed that Fred Couples is out for this week's Senior PGA Championship. He joins tom Watson as big names not competing in Benton Harbor
Video: Benton Harbor football team caps off dream season with trip to Disney World. via
The begins next week in Benton Harbor. Harbor Shores is about ready to go:
Meet an greet in Benton Harbor at DThangs all white Bday party
Benton Harbor / Wayne State RB Joique Bell here talking at the expo. Received a warm welcome from participants.
MICHIGAN NATURALS!! Serenity's Hair is the proud host for Benton Harbor, Michigan. Our local…
Benton Harbor pair form bond from betrayal via
A dirty cop and an innocent man: Benton Harbor pair form bond from betrayal
.sold to co that owns Mich City, LaPorte & Benton Harbor papers.
Benton Harbor pair bond after betrayal. An inspiring redemption story from
Benton Harbor pair form bond from betrayal: Years after cop frames man, they become friends, work s...
I always get Benton Harbor, Michigan, and Ben Harper mixed up. Which one does that awesome soulful cover of "Sexual Healing"?
Benton Harbor pair form bond from betrayal
T'storm icon is ON in Benton Harbor. Strong t'storms moving NE over Lake Michigan at 10:30 p.m.
"Benton Harbor, the first city in Michigan to fall under the control of an emergency financial manager in 2010"
FLASHBACK!. Stop the ethnic cleansing of Benton Harbor and Detroit,
"I falsified the report," former Benton Harbor police officer Andrew Collins admitted. "Basically, at the start...
& Democrats in Gary IN, Benton Harbor MI, have been seen busing "voters" from one precinct to the next. all rumors no charges.
are you golfing at the one in Benton harbor ever
'Benton Harbor: Whirlpool seeks balance in southwest Michigan homes' from
Per my Benton Harbor contacts, has decided to go to Sorry and
Visit the Benton Harbor Public Library tomorrow night see their transformation!
Benton Harbor: Whirlpool seeks balance in southwest Michigan homes
For what it's worth, Josh Jacksons girlfriend goes to Benton Harbor and committed to Michigan for bball. Pushes the needle towards MSU.
Cool story on the history between Benton Harbor and Whirlpool
Join Benton Harbor AKA Chickenman as he strikes terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere! After 8:30 reports.
Monday April 25 we will be at Rays On The Green in Benton Harbor and the painting of the evening will be "April...
Planet Fitness of Benton Harbor to Host Danni Allen, Winner of Season 14 of NBC's The Biggest Loser
There's not much to be happy about in Benton Harbor in the first place.
The Cities of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph will be hosting the 2016 Grand Floral Parade on Saturday May 7th. The...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The off Exit 29 in Benton Harbor is advertised as 24 hours, lights were on, but nobody waited on us in drive thru. Not happy.
The coffee from Dunkin Donuts have kept me alert so far this evening with what I have to do at work here in Benton Harbor, MI.
I'm 38 miles from Benton Harbor! It's okay. I miss you too, just calm your ***
You may have driven by many times not even realizing what's inside. The best kept secret of Benton Harbor can be...
Hey Sinbad! I don't know if you know this but both of my parents are from Benton Harbor and you are kinda a big deal here.
Job Opportunity: Senior Internal Auditor (A1DL3). Are you a fit? in Benton Harbor, MI
company towns: Whirlpool seeks socioeconomic balance in the divide between Benton Harbor, St. Joseph
"Water Warriors" = people who have been doing all of the major organizing in Detroit, Flint including those in Highland Park & Benton Harbor
It is also necessary to uplift that the is connected to The Water Crises in Detroit, Highland Park, & Benton Harbor.
Judge orders Benton Harbor school district to pay company for services:
Now hiring for Sr. Business Analyst - eCommerce (A1DHB) in Benton Harbor, MI
Benton Harbor Schools could soon plunge into even more debt:
It's off to Benton Harbor, MI this morning. Will be quite a drive.
We're Click to apply: Sales and Service Assistant Store Manager - Benton Harbor, MI -
watching some on YouTube. One of my favorite comedians of all time. Even if he is from Benton Harbor. (Battle Creek represent!)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Kinnard helping church to start its own community garden: “Benton Harbor is a food desert. ... volunteer is co...
Beats the heck out of a lawn gnome. Piedt & Sons Feed. @ Benton Harbor, Michigan
Steak 'n Shake in Benton harbor is so *** slow.
58 year old Bernhard Langer on fire at the Masters. Will be coming to Benton Harbor next month.
Earn cash fast: Earn cash fast home depot jobs benton harbor mi what jobs would you do at an animal centre the...
Love your message! Ever since I met you in Benton Harbor your books have been my go-to grad gifts & always on my book reco list!
According to National Geographic this is what the average American will look like by 2050.
In today's vernacular, "phobic" means "not sufficiently enthusiastic about."
En route to Benton Harbor! Thanks to everyone that jammed and did karate with us at…
4 adults and 6 kids safely escaped a house fire in Benton Harbor that investigators are calling "suspicious"
Benton Harbor house fire investigated as 'suspicious' --
Meanwhile in Michigan won Districts 57-35 over Benton Harbor. illustrious high school career comes to an end.
thanks Mr. Benton Harbor. I'll be bumping E40 all day in honor of my 40th! Have a happy one tomorrow yourself!
Packed house to hear Bishop Bradley at St Bernard Church in Benton Harbor talk about priest shortage
You can help a Benton Harbor church win $10K this week with a simple vote. Find out how when you click the link.
Update your maps at Navteq
Due to weather, Celebration! Lansing and Benton Harbor are closing for the night - be safe out there!
St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church,a non-profit located in Benton Harbor, is in its nineth year of...
Benton Harbor gets more state troopers assigned to the city in Gov. Snyder's budget proposal.
Boosting Benton Harbor: Surf and kayak shop opens downtown: The city of Benton Harbor has been trying to revit...
Benton Harbor, Michigan, we are coming your way Friday night! We will be at Lake Michigan College Mendel Center!...
Bobo Brazil was from my area. There was a community center in Benton Harbor named after him for a long time.
I live in the city nextdoor to Benton Harbor
Ordering in for lunch. No time to eat it. (@ Lake Michigan College Mendel Center in Benton Harbor, MI)
Bobo Brazil was from Benton Harbor. I shook his hand once at an event and it nearly covered my whole arm!
Benton Harbor!!!. I'll see you at church tomorrow !! Come out and let's turn up in the name of Jesus!!. 󾮄
The final (2) Benton Harbor superintendent candidates are being interviewed tonight at the high school.
Benton Harbor church celebrates MLK Day with call to action
For My brother Sherman , from Richman Brothers in the mall in Benton Harbor. He left one night going on vacation,...
Benton Harbor shuts the door on Battle Creek Central via
Benton Harbor made the journey through the snow and ice to B.C. on Wednesday and took down the Bearcats, 66-49.
it has the main Berrien County Courthouse and a huge chunk of shoreline. Benton Harbor is on the north side of the SJ river
Michigan is straight up awful a lot of the time. It's very divided racially, even in my county. St. Joseph/Benton Harbor especially
Cold air is penetrating northwestern zones, while Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, & Battle Creek cling to the 40s. http…
Benton Harbor leads Berrien Springs 22-8 after 1Q. Shamrocks have 12 turnovers
Benton Harbor vs. Berrien Springs boys hoops will tip off 15 minutes from now.
Boys bball - Berrien Springs at Benton Harbor at 6:45 on Sports Radio 1400 WSJM.
This year over 135 children in the Benton Harbor area will have a present to open thanks to these great volunteers! http…
My name is Joel Johnson. I am a second year teacher at Dream Academy in Benton Harbor. I teach PE and Health. 9-12!
Police say the man killed during shootout with police this morning at the American Inn was Marcus Meridy, 44, of Benton Harbor.
Abduction suspect killed in Benton Harbor police standoff via
WHFB AM 1060 Newsroom confirming Police Activity at the American Inn in Berrien County/Benton Harbor this...
An abduction suspect was killed during a standoff with police at a Benton Harbor hotel this morning.
BREAKING: WSBT Correspondent Mark Parren sends us this picture of standoff at American Inn in Benton Harbor
Police involved in standoff at American Inn in Benton Harbor. Possible kidnapping of woman involved.
BREAKING: There is reportedly a police standoff happening right now at the American Inn in Benton Harbor. We are...
Reportedly standoff happening right now at American Inn in Benton Harbor. Updates to come
The game is slipping away, but look at the Benton Harbor crowd that made the drive. Zeeland West up 56-8.
Honestly wanna go watch Benton Harbor play tonight
March Madness Classics music. In early of A Coldwater year November, the Benton Harbor Tigers Captain Jamal led his team in a 6 win start.
Thankful for all of the life lessons I learned growing up in Benton Harbor.
.is founder of BANCO, the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization in Benton Harbor, MI
VIDEO: A special message to the Benton Harbor football team before their big playoff game tonight -->
Benton Harbor energized by football team's storybook season
St. Philip grad Fred Smith is in his first year as Benton Harbor's Athletic Director as the school's football...
Dudes in Benton Harbor don't even know me. They're always pronouncing my name wrong in public. Yup, you tried it! 😭
.on Benton Harbor High School football: "If they upset them, the movie will premier next month!"
I am willing to sit down and meet with anyone who is willing to help rebuild Benton Harbor. Please contact me. The bes…
Congrats to my High School Basketball Coach on becoming Mayor of The City Of Benton Harbor.
Benton Harbor I'm putting your love on top... Thanks Again!
AUDIO: The man making news headlines for leading a team to their first playoff appearance in school history -
Sometimes it's hard for me to believe I'm 19 I mean just the other day I was 9 yrs old running around Benton harbor like a lil hoodrat lol
we trying to get you to perform in Benton Harbor
Game 2 of the Benton Harbor High School playoffs tomorrow . Here are a few screen grabs from Game 1
Amen: After the Tigers won their first game in three seasons, a Week 2 victory over Central High of Battle Creek,...
Inspiring! Football coach comes out of retirement to rescue High School team:
No, not a movie...better. This 74-year-old coach left retirement to lead the Benton Harbor Tigers, who made history. http…
great story on Benton Harbor, MI. Wonderful inspirational story of needing each other.
Thx 4 ur movie "Facing the Giants",I gave it 2 Benton Harbor HS,where a real life David vs.Goliath is unfolding
ICYMI: a 74 year old coach & players who were ready to be led. Way to go Benton Harbor!
Directions to West Zeeland High School... If you're planning on going to cheer on the Benton Harbor Tigers!
Did you see give kudos to Benton Harbor football last night/this morning?
From no wins to the playoffs: Benton Harbor's incredible football story
Retired coach returns to restore Benton Harbor's hope
If you didn't see story on the Benton Harbor football team at 6 last night, check it out here
Water Woes: Benton Harbor residents struggle to stay on top of w - ABC57 News - See the Difference Michiana
I'm ready to start my career and move away from Benton harbor .
Finance Director Jody Lundquist is a hot piece of *** but that's not going to save her from our wrath. GO BACK TO BENTON HARBOR
Benton Harbor mayor will face Marcus Muhammad in Nov. info
Her name is Jody Lundquist. She comes to Flint from the city of Benton Harbor
Rested and ready, tonight is going to be life changing! If you're near Benton Harbor, MI get to The Journey Church for service tonight @ 7pm
REVIVAL EXTENDED! Spread the word, if you're anywhere near Benton Harbor get to The Journey Church tomorrow at 7pm. Tonight was CRAZY!
I grew up in St Joe, across the river, but Benton Harbor is also home. Where my mother grew up, where family is, and my childhood church.
1 arrested, 2 more sought by police after a teen boy was shot to death in Benton Harbor
Watch Joshawn Wilson Jr. in Portage Northern High School and Benton Harbor's' match-up on
FINAL: Benton Harbor sneaks by Portage Northern in OT, 29-23
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