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Benson Idahosa

Benson Andrew Idahosa (September 11, 1938 - March 12, 1998) affectionately called PAPA or BA by his followers, was a Charismatic Pentecostal preacher, and founder of the Church of God Mission International with headquarters in Benin City, Nigeria (1).

Archbishop Benson Idahosa Benson Idahosa University Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa Benin City Igbinedion University Edo State Billy Graham Michael Jackson Bishop David Oyedepo Jesus Christ Happy New Year

Michael Jackson died few years ago they call him late Jackson; Mandela died last year they say late Mandela. Kenneth Hagin & Bishop Benson Idahosa died some years back; now they call them 'of the blessed memory late Kenneth Hagin & late Bishop Benson Idahosa. But since...
Benson idahosa a man who knew who and what he is in christ jesus, a great man of God who stood nd fought righteously 4 the gospel of heaven
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FIND. "The eye of faith will find something to do. when there...
Kingdom of the spirit 1 by Archbishop Benson Idahosa www aforen com: via
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FARTHER. "The farther you see the more you desire.". 1001 Divinely Inspired Sayings
You cannot play your role well unless you have a role model. . Archbishop Benson Idahosa said, "If you have nobody...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FAMOUS. "Don't be so famous that you don't want to. know more...
The Kingdom of God is not in words but in power. I saw in Benson Idahosa's book where he referred to himself as...
In the north there z bokoHaram n d west there is Ebola. Where are the healing evangelist? I with Arch Benson Idahosa was alive
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FOCUS. "Many Christians are losing their joy of. salvation:...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FEW. "It doesn't take a multitude to save a people,. it takes...
If you lack who to inspire you, you'll expire -- Archbishop Benson Idahosa (Isaiah 51:1-2 Jeremiah 6:16)
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FEELING. "No man should live a life of feelings;. strive to...
| The state is also home to three private universities: Igbinedion University, Okada; and Benson Idahosa University, Benin.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FIRE. "We do not kill people but we have a. God who is a...
Late Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa travelled to 198 countries while he was still alive, he was the most travelled man in the 20th century.
2014 Ranking: Top 100 Best Universities In Nigeria The latest Nigeria University Ranking is out with Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) still topping the list of best Universities in Nigeria. The Ranking was obtained from the 2014 webometrics World University Ranking results. The Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) is a rank of world universities web presence. And below is the Top 100 Best University in Nigeria from the 2014 edition of the webometrics results. Top 100 Best University in Nigeria for the first quater of 2014; 1 Obafemi Awolowo University 2 University of Ibadan 3 University of Lagos 4 University of Nigeria 5 University of Ilorin 6 University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 7 Ahmadu Bello University 8 University of Benin 9 Federal University of Technology Akure 10 Covenant University Ota 11 Auchi Polytechnic 12 Yaba College of Technology 13 Madonna University Nigeria 14 Bingham University New Karu 15 University of Port Harcourt 16 Landmark University 17 National Open University of Nigeria 18 Ame ...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa FRIEND. "Don't only be a friend to those who have the. means,...
"No matter the obstacle GOD will TAKE us to the PINNACLE." Archbishop Benson Idahosa(God’s General)
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa EFFORTS. "Add efforts to your endeavorurs and expect...
"Government is not the owner of everything, God is the owner of everything " Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa EMPIRE. "If you don't want to expire, create an empire."...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa EVENING. "The evening of your life is when you need the. Lord...
I liked a video speak the way God speaks by Archbishop Benson Idahosa www aforen com
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa EYE. "If you see with the eye of man, it will lead you to...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa ENDURANCE. "Many fall on the way for lack of patience and...
Benefit of death by Archbishop Benson Idahosa www aforen com
The late Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa was the first African Clergyman to become a US Dollar Millionaire.
thank GOD for his spirit was replicated by apostle suleman
Benson Idahosa University BIU, Benin City, automates her busary department with Sage Evolution ERP and reaped tremendous benefits. Installation and support by Micronet Technologies Limited
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa ERROR. "You don't move in error when you are led by...
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Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, was the founder of Church of God Mission Int. Inc (CGM), with headquarters at Upper Adesuwa Road, GRA, Benin City, Edo ...
* THINK, SOBER REFLECT ON IT * (1) The gap between life and death is the short time GOD has given you to life.- Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa (2) If you miss Heaven, you can't miss *** - Apostle Johnson Suleman. (3) Your flesh will take you to *** but your flesh will not follow you to *** That is why you must kill your flesh.- Okose God'spower (Int'l Prayer band President OFM worldwide) (4) The definition of Christianity is eternity at last, there is no point being in Church everyday if you are not going to be among the Just in the last day. That is why you must constantly, consciously and sincerely examine your life everyday.- Stafford Ikhide. Friend JESUS has paid the price for you to inherit that glorious home, don't let the devil make a fool of you, deceiving you with the pleasures of this world bcos the pleasure of sin is for a season. Heaven is where you belong, please don't miss it. Nothing in this world is worth losing GOD for!!! JESUS loves you and me, that is why He went as far as laying His ...
Benson Idahosa. Greatest Archibishop of all times. In my age l desire to be one. So help me God.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa ESTEEMED . "Nobody can demean what God has esteemed.". Divinely Inspired Sayings
Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo, HND, Ph.D, D.Litt, D.Sc.(Honoris Causa) David Olaniyi Oyedepo, born on September 27, 1954 is a renowned Nigerian preacher, christian author and the founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church World Wide, also known as Winners Chapel, and its affiliated international churches, known as Winners Chapel International, with headquarters in Ogun State, Nigeria. Affectionately called "Papa" by members of his church, Oyedepo is the Bishop/Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, a 50,000-seater church auditorium, reported to be the largest church auditorium in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. The Winners Chapel network of churches is located in over 300 cities, in all states of Nigeria, as well as, in over 63 cities in 32 African nations, Dubai, the United Kingdom and the United States. Oyedepo has been seen as one of the pioneers of the Christian charismatic movement in Africa and has been referred to as one of the most powerful preachers in Nigeria. In 2011, "papa" was ...
CHOSEN BY GOD, APPROVED BY THE WORD & ACKNOWLEDGED BY GOD'S PEOPLE- understanding the Pastoral leadership pattern of the Baptist Denomination: 1 Peter 5:2-4 For a couple of months now, I have sort the audience of truth seekers and those whose heart would be stirred for the truth in Christ and a "remnant" is rising. I have written some few notes on the decimation to the Baptist identity and heritage in Nigeria by people with "Irunmole" mentality (Primordial beings) which have turned the denomination into that which seeks to be "like other nations" and not according to the scriptures. I have shared by the scriptures the departure which initiated every other departure, which is the abandonment of the word of God(Bible) for man-made traditions and self glorifying pursuit of the leadership from times past even till now. At the center of all my discourse is that indisputable truth- THERE IS NO BAPTIST WITHOUT THE WORD OF GOD. It defines who we are in "faith" and also prescribes what we can be in grace. The Bap ...
God is not looking for sin pointers, He's looking for sin forgivers! Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa. God did not send u to point sin out He sent u to point the Lamb slain.
JAMB Cut Off Mark for Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria Below is a list of Nigerian Universities with their respective JAMB Cut off marks. The cutoff mark here is the minimum JAMB UTME score a candidate is expected to have before he or she could sit for Post Utme/screening exam or be admitted at the individual Universities and Polytechnics. NOTE: The listed JAMB Cut-off Marks are those used by the institutions in the 2013/2014 admission year. The Schools are yet to announce any change to the cut off marks for the 2014/2015 session. UNIVERSITIES CUT OFF MARK Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma (AAU)180 Adekunle Ajasin University Anyingba (AAUA)180 Abia state polytechnic (AbiaPoly)150 Abia State University Uturu (ABSU)180 Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria180 Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD)Not Specified. Akwa-Ibom State University (AKSU)180 Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education180 Anambra State University Uli (ANSU)180 Auchi Polytrchnic150 Benson Idahosa UniversityNot Specified. Bauchi Stat ...
Its better to live for posterity than to live for prosperity.Benson Idahosa
Papa Benson Idahosa says so you saw me in your vision??? Because I am a beneficiary of your vision. htt…
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa EAGLE . "Be life an eagle and not a chicken.". Divinely Inspired Sayings
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa ENEMIES . "Do not tell God not to give you enemies,. but he...
Backbitters are always behind you.So if you are afraid of them go to the back- Late Papa Benson Idahosa
If Benson Idahosa was still alive, boko haram will have vanished from nigeria.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa ERRAND . "Rejuvenate your faith, reactivate your. faith and...
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DONE AND DUSTED!. Mastering the Business of your Talent, Benson Idahosa University. Thank you for the privilege.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa Escape. "Every child of God who finds himself or. herself in...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa Endanger . "Don't endanger your life with mouth wasters."...
I'm in Benin speaking to the final year students of Benson Idahosa University on Mastering The Business Of Your Talent.
It was an honor 2 serve in Benson Idahosa University(BIU) Benin City, Edo State as my Place of Primary Assignment.Thank U BIU-Be The Change!
It is risky to live without taking risks- Benson Idahosa
" if you are lizard in Lagos, then don't expect to be a crocodile in London" Bishop Benson Idahosa
Benson Idahosa University was one of the few universities that identified with Prof. Dora's achievements
Her grace ,Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa ND the first lady of Rivers state Dame Judith Amaechi at…
Success without a successor is failure in disguise. ~Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Things have really changed. The more reason you need to see that an average believer in this generation has more to contend with than in some thirty to fifty years ago. The beauty of it all is that the word of God never fails and it never changes. The truth about is also that God has not adjusted His principles, nor changed His love and compassion, they remain the same and they are new every morning. Here are a few changes that have taken place, their implications and the wake up calls. 1. During the times of our spiritual fathers, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Rev. Amotsuka, Daddy Adeboye, Rev. Tunde Joda, Bishop Oyedepo, Bishop Wale Oke, Moses Aransiola, W.F Kumuyi, Pastor Olukoya, , Gbile Akanni, and so many others too numerous to mention all, we hear from them how passionate they were in the things of God. We hear numerous stories of how these people will often pay the price to stay in God’s presence. Worthy of note is how they used to enter into the forest to pray for days. And yes, these people, mos ...
I remember you on this day; Archbishop Benson Idahosa. A LEGEND, A FATHER & A FOUNDER.
Believe it or not,what the patriarchs,men of faith and God's generals did(Abraham, Moses, Elijah,Joshua,David,Daniel, Smith Wigglesworth, Benson Idahosa) etc,you can also do and much more. God never goes against His word and He is not man to lie.TRY THIS: WALK IN PURITY,PRAY WITHOUT CEASING,KEEP HIS STATUTES AND OBEY HIS COMMANDS,READ AND ACT THE WORD,GIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT PRE-EMINENCE IN YOUR LIFE!!
FIRE IN HIS BONES THE STORY OF BENSON IDAHOSA INTRODUCTION The mother thought he was dead. She carefully placed him among the pile of refuse at night. After about three hours, the bundle on the heap of refuse began to wriggle and the sound of a baby’s cry signaled back to life of Benson Idahosa whose father hated and branded as a curse because he was a “sickler” at a tender age. The story of a man who succeeded in his callings inspite of all odds that came against him. EARLY LIFE Benson Idahosa was born on 11th September, 1939, to Mr. John Idahosa, a timber merchant; and Mrs. Sarah Idahosa of Ewasso Village. His father was a high priest of juju for the Idahosa family and the mother, a believer in idol worship. He started school at the age of eight. After two years of schooling at the Anglican Mission School in his mother’s village, his father took him to Igbanke to be taught farming under the tutelage of his uncle Mr. Joseph Idahosa. Respite came the way of young Benson in January, 1952 when his f ...
BOWEN UNIVERSITY per semester, COVENANT UNIVERSITY per semester, BENSON IDAHOSA per semester, BABCOCK UNIVERSITY per semester, REDEEMERS UNIVERSITY per semester, MADONNA UNIVERSITY per semester, AJAYI CROWTHER UNIVERSITY per semester.All of there built from tithes and offerings of the common people who now can't afford to send their children there! There where is the morals of the church going?These school were all built with the sweats of their church members who kept sowing seed; special offering seeds, first fruit seeds, redemption seeds, thanksgiving seeds, harvest seeds, tithes , pastor's birthday seeds, church building seeds, evangelism seeds, father's day seeds, mother's day seeds, children's day seeds, pastor's cake seeds, olive oil seeds e.t.c. These schools are now elite school, only for the rich politician children.The gainers them use the profits to buy private planes and Jets to fly up high luxury. While warren Buffet who have a company that build jet, still fly around on public commercial je ...
Congrats to my school boys from Benson Idahosa University who won ten million Naira from NIGERIAS got talent
RFC .. Robots For Christ are the WINNERS of the NAIJA GOT TALENTS show.. Dats 10million Naira in da bank people! UP Benson Idahosa University! UP RFC! UP Efe and Etinosa! Luv u Guys!!
History The mythic origins of Benin state that the city was originally under the rule of Ogisos, meaning "Kings of the Sky". When the last Ogiso died, the nobles and chiefs disagreed over who would be the next Ogiso, so the Benin sent a message to Ife to the Oni of Ile-Ife. Oba Oduduwa, the mythic ancient first king of Ife. The Benin pleaded with him to send them a king; eventually Oduduwa sent to them his grandson, prince Oranmiyan. When Oranmiyan came to Benin, he struggled with the culture and customs of the Benin people. Because of his own difficulties acclimating to his new kingdom, Oba Oranmiyan changed the name of the city to Ile-Ibinu (1180-1897) which in the Yoruba language means the "Land of Vexation," and decided to leave the city. However, before leaving Benin, Oranmiyan had a son, Eweka, by princess Erewinde who could not talk. When Oranmiyan heard of this, he sent to him seven marbles for the child to play with. One day, as the prince was playing, one of the marbles broke. He immediately sai ...
Benson Idahosa University..we were born to lead d change.congrats robot for christ 2014 winner of nigeria Got talent...
Benson Idahosa University students, Robots for Christ, win 10m on Nigeria's Got Talent.
It is a risk not to take a risk. BENSON IDAHOSA
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Chastisement. "Chastisement are not designed to destroy you, but to bring you back to...
Fly,but if u can't fly,run;if u can't run,walk and if u can't walk, is better you move forward crawling than be stagnant.Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
.will announce Workshop for students in South-South Nigeria next week. March 21-22, 2014. Host: Benson Idahosa University
"If God gives you status/stature do not turn to a statue in God's house; If God makes you governor do not just live in a state house and forget God's house; Do not become big in the world and small in God; do no allow your job to overtake your relationship with God" Benson Idahosa.
There Is Nothing you can do well that God cannot do better. -Benson Idahosa
Knock Down for a Lifting up by Archbishop Benson Idahosa www aforen com: via
This is one of my favorite message from Rhapsody of Realities (2010).. I still read it over n over again. Don’t Push the Panic Button! (Rhapsody of Realities) – Tuesday June 8, 2010 – Pastor Chris Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you (Luke 10:19). As a Christian, rather than panic or be overwhelmed with fear when you face dire circumstances or opposition, use your authority in Christ. This reminds me of something that happened several years ago in Switzerland. I was standing at the road junction in Geneva with my wife and we were preparing to cross the road to the other side. Someone had flipped the switch for the light to stop the vehicles, so pedestrians could cross. For some reason, I wasn’t so attentive, so when everyone else had already gone to the other side was when I began to cross. By then, the lights had changed for the vehicles to come through. And there they were racing towards me ...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Consciousness. "Build yourself into a "never give up" spirit and a success...
By Alex Kola Folorunso & JOSEPHINE IGBINOVIA …Narrates how husband died after returning from crusade She looks so much younger! ‘A rare gem flying her husband’s flag even after his death’, that’s the description that best suits her. Fifteen years after the death of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Margaret Benson-Idahosa, the Archbishop of the Church of God International, who She turns 70 on July 29, has remained a symbol of grace and her strides have remained a proof of the power of faith. In this interview, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa who was in Lagos for her annual Christian Women Fellowship International- CWFI, shares memories of her husband and childhood amongst sundry issues. Excerpts: How does it feel to be seventy? You look younger than that to me… I feel the same on the inside of me. Although I cannot jump, dance and move like I used to, I know all of that come with age. One thing I know has been the secret of my peace is the fact that I do not hold grudges against anyone. When you offend m ...
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Any man on earth without a problem is a problem to the earth;Benson Idahosa
GOD IS NOT A RACIST. SO WHY SHOULD MEN DISCRIMINATE ON THE COLOUR OF SKIN ?.Archbishop Benson Idahosa SAID "IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL GOD IS, LOOK AT ME" We are all God"s creatures, created in His image and likeness.. The sooner we know this, the easier it is to accept and love one another... No race, nationality or colour of skin is better than the others... "This is beautiful" -Monica Cane
Messages come and go,Teachings come and go but Visions and Revelation will not depart...Arch. Bishop Benson Idahosa
Benson Idahosa making me go nuts
Forgiveness is not a loss of memory, but a memory without want of vengeance.Late Benson Idahosa.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Champion. "When you are a champion, you will not be tolerated, but celebrated.". 1001...
To all the short people out there, God loves you very much, he even said "Lo(w), i am with you till the end of days.", lol, Benson Idahosa, the great man of God, stay blessed guys. loving this message by Benson Idahosa'',KNOCK DOWN FOR A LIFTING UP''. -Salvation doesn't eliminate the Trials, -Holy Ghost filled does not send the Devil to *** -Holiness does not push Satan to *** -Holiness makes you a better person, -Holiness makes you live longer, -Holiness makes you a better instrument in God's hands, YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS DOES NOT KILL THE DEVIL!
@ the Benson Idahosa University,Ugbor G.R.A,Benin City,viewing centre for 11th CVL Annual lecture.
Only trials can bring u triumph, only obstacles will bring u miracles..Archbishop Benson Idahosa...
"Prosperity that isn't enough for you to give (to others) is poverty in disguise.". ~ Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Your priority "You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions."" (Hebrews 1:9). The late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa once made a statement" that intelligence can take you...
ABOVE ONLY DEVOTIONAL THURSDAY FEB. 2014. StRENGTHEN UR ARMOUR BY most Re,M.E BENSON IDAHOSA read Eph. 6: 11- 13. God doesn't want u to be afraid of d evil day. Instead God want us to be prepared to stand in d evil day.
Success without maintenance is worst than poverty inherited. Archbishop Benson Idahosa
"Faith in God is the most dynamic force in humanity." Archbishop Benson Idahosa
WORDS TO MY FUTURE KIDS IN TERMS OF CREATIVITY.Creativity is the star that leads a man or woman to his or her desired destination.The creative life of a man or a women depends on his or her reasoning ability.A man or woman witout vision will end up in total failure or half way.Exploiting ideals does not happen as u store them but they bcom real as u analyze them and make use of them.You can not show men the way when you ve not found the way.When u are spiritually blind u cannot show men the way.If men do not envy u,u ve no achievement.When u ve a big dream or vision,look for a big achiever as a mentor.When greatness is achieved without christ everything can be lost but when christ is got without greatness everything is gained by him.And finally,ruggelity is brutality,n brutality is vanity n vanity is vanishing vanishing without a goldmedal or silva nor any trofil but when u live a life like late bishop Benson Idahosa,u will b a legent in christ Jesus.
UTI NWACHUKWU Born August 3rd 1982, the last born to a family of six, Uti was raised in Ughelli and Sapele in Delta State, Nigeria. He went to Igbinedion Education Centre from 93-99 where he was a very popular and focused student as he was made Social Prefect in both Junior and senior Secondary school. He began his further education at the University of Nigeriawhere he received a diploma in Computer Science and Education before heading to Benson Idahosa University Benin City, to get a Bachelors in Compter Science AND Education while shuffling in and out of Lagos to join his siblings and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Whilst Uti was still at university and as luck would have it the much coveted entertainment jobs he was seeking started to trickle in and before he knew it, Uti was a regular in music videos,modelling in Billboard adverts and getting his first acting break, as a contestant in “The Next Movie Star” reality TV Contest in which he was the first runner up and which led to him ...
“If Pastor Ajanaku and Benson Idahosa had greeted me, they wouldn’t have died” – Guru Maharaj Ji
Benson Idahosa University joins the world in celebrating WORLD CANCER DAY. EDOTIDE: our research in cancer prevention and management.
EAT RIGHT...LIVE WELL: 5ft 3" inches banana produced by the faculty of agriculture, Benson Idahosa University.
Welcome to Olalekan Peter's Blog: Benson Idahosa, Prophet Ajanaku died because they ...
Benson Idahosa, Prophet Ajanaku died because they did not respect me – Guru Maharaj Ji
"Prophet Ajanaku died 'cause they didnt respect me –Guru Maharaj Ji Arrest him NOW!
Imagine if T.L Osborne had failed! If he had shrunk back after his first set back. Millions of souls would never have made it to Christ. Imagine if Kathryn Kuhlman had quit after that shameful adulterous marriage with Burroughs Waltrip! Millions would miss Jesus and literally hundreds of thousands would have missed their healing. Benny Hinn would never have emerged and Billy Burke too. Imagine if the Archbishop Benson Idahosa hadn't pursued divine calling! All the exploits of the Church in this country would have been a pipe dream. The list is endless. Bishop David Oyedepo, Pst. Adeboye, Pa. Josiah Akindayomi, T.D Jakes, Paul Yonngi Cho, Billy Graham, etc If only but one of these had shrunk back from their call a lot of things that has been accomplished would never have been accomplished. Today, pursue God's call on your life with all that is within you. I am NEVER shrink back. 600 million souls. Even the Devil believes in its veracity. Don't be a spectator, be a player. Come right on into the FIELD!
When your FAITH says YES, GOD can not say NO!!- Benson Idahosa
Any committee that is not committed will commit crime. Benson Idahosa.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Compliance. "In waiting for your due season, do not complain but comply.". 1001...
Current Job Opportunity for Bursar at Benson Idahosa University, Benin City in Nigeria 2014 It is hereby notified for general information that vacancy exist for the position of Bursar of Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. The Governing Council therefore, in accordance with the relevant sections
Benson Idahosa once said, “Your determines your altitude.” This philosophy is a mantra has a great influence on your graph. Maintain a business attitute
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Confidence. "If no man gives you hope, only God can give you confidence.". 1001...
Where you are is not as important as to where you are going (where He is taking you). Where you are coming from is not important compared to what God wants to do in your life now. -Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa (from the message: what to do when you don't know what to do)
HOW GOD SHOWED ME THE VISION OF *** AND RAPTURE (Part II) When I looked at the people who were going up with the Lord, they were very calm, at peace and full of joy. When I looked down at the people in destruction, I was surprised because some of them are supposed to be the people of God that I know (they are still alive). They were crying out in agony and pain. Yet the Lord said there was nothing He could do except they repent. At this point I had questions in my mind. Then the Lord told me to ask questions. Q. Where is the destination of these people who are going up with You? A. They are coming to be with Me where I prepared for them. Q. For those going down in destruction, where is their destination? A. They are going down to *** except they repent. Q. Why are these people in destruction? 1. Hypocrisy – what they are in their mouth is not what they are in their heart. Matt 15:7-9: “Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying: “These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor . ...
O God empower me to rain in u, like bishop festus, apostle johnson sule man, arc bishop benson idahosa, accordin to bishop festus the croups dat is watered grow well o God make me grow well in jesus name Amen.
you can never make advancement if you don't take chances Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Condemner. "A condemner of the condemned is a participator in the condemnation of a...
Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory once said, " Chanting 'Happy New Year!' does not make the year new. What makes the year new is the word you receive from God to guide you into doing things differently, a revelation from God." The archbishop was right. I wanna believe you have received a word from God's Spirit to guide you. If you have, then for you the year is really new. Happy New Year!
Upon the billions of life comes the proclamation of a misterious gingle echoing the arrival of a Son the flames of life existence went of 21 years ago once as a baby later it grew to a youngboy as time dwindled it became a teen how lovely it is now a Youth. Was sent to humanity as a simple Servant a loyal friend to all and called as a prophet to his Generation. Was brought back to life at age5 lost mother at age 9 wallod in Sin till age 14 got born again at age 15 backslidded at age 16 came back at age17 got baptized at age 18 Today marks 21 years ever since, and still in THE FAITH. KEEPING THE FAITH is the greatest gift. My journey in this life and the successes achieved wont have been possible without you Friends. I want to thank you all that has taken time off there busy schedule in this moment of celebration to celebrate with me on this special day. Thanks and God bless i also want to appreciate some persons who has been a source of Help in this Journey of my, people like Apostle&pastor(mrs) Gl ...
"A big head without a big brain is a big load to the neck" - Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
God never sends ƔoƱ on an errand that ƔoƱ will never arrive Bishop Benson Idahosa. Happy New Year beautiful people.
This takes me back! I love, miss, respect, adore, and thank God for ARCHI. Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Forever love.
A prosperous 2014 to all of you. Thank God we've made it to another new year. For us to achieve our priorities in 2014, let us be focus and start in earnest. This is 'cos the accumulation of undone jobs makes your work harder. Don't ever procrastinate. Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory once said; "procrastination leads to the death of expectation". The earliest, the better. Happy New Year!!!
Today marks the 14th year since Idahosa’s death on the 12th of March 1998. Benson Idahosa has been described by many as the Father of Nigerian Pentecostalism. Idahosa is also truly one of the pione...
At the Faith arena with Archbishop M.E Benson Idahosa for the count down to 2014. Lego!
Listened to Dr. Benson Idahosa (RIP) . That man is truly gifted. Gearing up for
One enemy is too much to have but a millon friends are not enough. Ach. Bishop Benson Idahosa. Free your heart of every grievance.
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Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Comprehend. "Be a wind that cannot be comprehended for apprehension by the enemy."...
"People who take care do not take charge and those who take charge do not take care." Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Amen like thunderings, fanx precious one
A lizard in Nigeria will never become a Crocodile in America__Benson Idahosa
But officially Bowen university(a baptist church founded university is recognized as d 1st private university in nigeria: and the 1st christian private university in nigeria 2: not Benson Idahosa University as google made us belief.
PONDER! Answer to the last Question: The Wealthiest Place on earth with numerous mineral resources is CEMETERY or GRAVEYARD!!! This place called Cemetery is full of many untapped resources. Many people who had died with unfulfilled potentials. Many presidents who never be! Many Governors who never be! Many Professors who never be! Many Doctors who never be! Many Investors who never be! Many Architects/Engrs who never be! The list goes on... You won't die a pauper and you won't die as a noise maker. You won't end up your journey on earth unfulfilled. You won't die uncelebrated The Year 2014 will unlock your hidden and great potentials. You shall be remembered for good like Mother Theresa, Oral Roberts, Benson Idahosa, Lester Sumrall, Billy Graham, Mahatma Gandi, Nelson Mandela, Awolowo, Martin Luther King Jnr... God of heaven will help us all in Jesus name. Amen. I welcome you all to 2014!
What you need to succeed is already there,just lean on God for your faiths sake.God can disappoint the Devil. Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
hehehehehe I have caught you bad gal
CHRISTIAN NETWORKING AND INFORMATION SERVICE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (CNISMI), GRACE BROADCASTING HOUSE, PLOT 3 & 4 BLOCK H, CHRIST THE KING AVENUE, OFF LIVING HOPE HOSPITAL STREET, PARAKIN, ILE-IFE, OSUN STATE NIGERIA. CNISMI CALLING! WHO ARE WE? We are an upcoming and formidable Christian television studio, strategically located in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, in Nigeria. Our present needs are volunteers and committed missionaries who has the mastery in video editing and a presenter of feature program and ready to work in Ile-Ife, Osun, Nigeria. THE MINISTRY The Christian Networking and Information Service Ministries International (CNISMI) started evangelising through the use of prerecorded video and audio tapes of anointed servants of God on 18th of November 1989. We have been found useful in our locality for Church planting, conferences and film crusades. By April 1994 the ministry was formally inaugurated and from the 3rd to 9th of April 1995 held a Christian film festival at Obafemi Awo ...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Cleverness. "Cleverness can take you up, but only integrity keeps you there.".
Live feed from Gospel Ambassadors Church ( Kumasi - Patasi ) Date : 29th Dec 2014 ( Morning Session 2) Speaker : Rev.Dr Victor Osei Theme : The kind of leaders any kind of leader needs 1. Men with vision No leader can move foward with leaders who dont know were they are going A vision cant be outside the vision of the church 2.Men who are influence and responsibility 3. Men of substance Anointing without money is annoyance- Benson Idahosa Nothing gets done without finances 4. Men who bring wisdom and stability Greatest problem in ministry is human being 5. Men who will stand by leaders 6. Men who will help u meet your needs 7. Men who will fight for u 8. Men who value them A deep word in season.
'A big head without a big brain is a heavy load to the neck' Benson Idahosa
God doesn't call the qualified, HE qualifies the called --Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Cheerful. "Add tearful prayer to your cheerful laughter.". Divinely Inspired...
Vice-Chancellor at Benson Idahosa University - "Benson Idahosa University, Benin invites applications from suitabl...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Nigeria and the Threnody of Corruption: Of late, there have been several calls pointing accusing fingers at President Goodluck Jonathan for paying lip-service to the battle against corruption in the country. In this piece by ROYALTIMES Sub-Editor, Funmilola Ajala, the genuineness, or otherwise, of such calls and their implications for the perception of the government of the day was analysed: Certainly, the last couple of days could not be regarded as the best in the reign of President Goodluck Jonathan. It has been tale of dramatic twists from one serious – though sometimes frivolous – allegation to another. It appears the present administration is at the lowest ebb, in terms of public rating since inception. And unfortunately, from the pulse of key social indices, one cannot be so sure the spiral would seize anytime soon. The shocking critique of Mr. President from not least a politician of the hierarchy of Aminu Tambuwal, the Speaker, House of Representatives – someone who is ordinarily expected t ...
Check out: Smith Wigglesworth William Booth E. W. Kenyon Keneth E. Hagin Jack Cole Lester Sumrall John G. Lake Benson Idahosa T. L. Osborn William Branham Alexander Dowie Charles Hunter John Wesley these guys makes me boil and scratch my head...drop more names of Generals that y'all know 1, 2, 3...go...
It is risky not to take risk. If you don't take risk, risk will take you. ~Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa - Nigeria~
Daddy Adeboye spoke of the day that he would die after a glorious sunday service where he will dance so well, when he gets home, after eating pounded yam, he said he will go home to be with God. He spoke of death so lightly that you wonder why a lot of other people are so scared at the mention of the word death. Archbishop Benson Idahosa on the day he will leave the world was reported to say 'have you ever seen a man walk into glory' after which he died. Pastor Folarin of CAC, Abiara's church in Ibadan spoke so warmly and sweetly about death and then he was no more after that evening. Death does not scare people who knows they are living for God, living for the purpose he created them, and those who knows what God has promised them. As this christmas is becoming a thing of the past, remember Simeon the old man that God promised that He won't see death until he sees the messiah and when Jesus was born he himself requested that it was time to go home to be with the Lord. My friend, the LORD said you shall . ...
Confess what you expect and what you expect will be respected by God.Bishop Benson Idahosa.
'If your faith says yes, even God cant say no' (Benson Idahosa)
Poor infrastructure in Universities - There are five Universities operating in Edo State. These are the University of Benin owned by the federal government, Edo State owned Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and Igbinedion University, Okada near Benin, Benson Idahosa University Benin and Samuel Adegboyega University Ogwa which are privately owned universities. In Uniben, decay is setting in Prof. Tony Afejuku, []The post Poor infrastructure in Universities appeared first o...
Nothing runs ones destiny like doubt and unbelief-Benson Idahosa.
you are very vital to God's dream and plan in this season.~Archbishop Benson Idahosa~~I choose to change
listening to a powerful message by Archbishop Benson Idahosa entitled HOW TO MAINTAIN SUCCESS.
Where there is No miracle,there is No Jesus Benson Idahosa
Why do you judge me when you don't know what my destiny is?l may do the things l do not because l want to do but because something in me cannot make me be like anyone.:Archbishop Benson Idahosa said the fire in his bone made him restless that he has to go out looking for dead bodies to raise.Was he showing off no but something was working in him that could not make act like any normal believer.Paul was another man .REMEMBER ABNORMAL PEOPLE ALWAYS DO ABNORMAL THINGS I don't want to be normal and do the same thing every normal believer does but to be abnormal and do what nobody will do.ASK great men and they will tell you something they did that in human understanding will be regarded as ABNORMAL SHALOM STAY BLESS
58 MINUTES IN HEAVEN AND *** My 23rd birthday was quite an extra ordinary one because I dedicated it solely to God. After my birthday an unusual anointing to Pray and Fast came upon me. Naturally, I have never liked to fast; this is the evidence that made me know I had received the anointing to Fast and Pray. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I decided to fast and pray for Seven (7) days. I began on Monday the 30th of April 2012 when I prayed for 3hours after which I took Communion. The second day was not easy; my visions were all evil. Using the word “evil” I mean I was seeing demons and been manipulated by them through excessive fear especially with things I feared the most. The devil whispering to me that there is no God and the feeling of death around me. This was difficult but I prayed and endured it till Thursday, when things became much worse. The Holy Spirit enabled me worship and praise GOD. After which He directed me to take a mantle I had received from a father, Rev. Eastwood Ana ...
My son,no man becomes a master without first being a servant.Today's ministers of the gospel they want the Joseph seat but not the pit;they want the double portion of Anointing but they don't want to pour water on the hands of Elijah;they want to have a congregation like Moses' but they are not ready to be called Moses' minister. My son servant hood is the greatest key I have known to greatness.Serve your spiritual father faithfully and God will promote you. "And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's who shall give you that which is your own"( Luke 16:12) The late Archbishop Dr Benson Idahosa made the following remarks to Bishop Dr David Oyedepo "Many people have come to seek association with me because of what they will gain.They also come to show me what they know.But you have come to serve and learn,and that is why you are greater than all of them." My son think about this.
Merry Xmas to you all. Come join us celebrate Jesus, the reason for the season at PERFECT LOVE BELIEVERS CENTRE- 1, PLBC way off V. Otabor street off omorodion street behind Benson Idahosa University (BIU) from 8am- 10am. See you there. Remember, its not Christ's Party but Christ " mass"- A service for Christ.
Rev. James Ademola Olutayo is the founder and spiritual leader of Olutayo Ministries. It is his calling and covenant with God that is the foundation of Olutayo Ministries and of the pragmatic form chosen by God in The Apostolic Mantle Outreach. Olutayo Ministries is a ministry following the apostolic doctrine as described in Acts 2:42-47.  Rev. James Olutayo is a humble man of God, who has been serving the body of Christ faithfully as a teacher and a pastor for more than 25 years. He is always teaching by his words and his personal attitude. He is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allows God to lead him in all he does.  People that are looking for discipleship always surround Rev. Olutayo as he is there to create a safe home base to teach and help them find freedom in Christ, grow in faith and fulfill their God given mandate. His original educational background is that of an agricultural aqua culturist, but he left this profession of growing of fish quickly to follow Gods calling to grow men, what h ...
Riches not maintain with Wisdom, is more dangerous than Poverty inherited. Benson Idahosa.
Me and I.K ISREAL EKHOR-OBAKPOLOR during his Matriculation Ceremony at Benson Idahosa University
BonaFideAdalis: Life may not give you what you deserve, but it can never deny you of what you demand. - Benson Idahosa
Don't you ever die, before leaving your mark on Earth! Otherwise your life was truly a vanity, a waste of time, space and energy. Death should be afraid of you, because of the Life you carry! It should run away from you, lest you bring it back to life! The God of Benson Idahosa, Aidini Abala, the God of T.B Joshua, the God of Charles Finney, the God of Simon Kimbamgu, the God who made the greats is still seeking for vessels to use. To experience what hasn't been seen or heard yet all you have to do is avail yourself and believe. If you can be crazy enough to believe the unconceivable, He shall surely take you to heights that you haven't even begin to imagine. Just dare to believe...
if your faith says yes ,God cannot say Archbishop Benson Idahosa
LETTER TO DR MADIBA NELSON MANDELA. please help deliver this message to the follow people. 1. Tell Abacha that looters has loot all his loots 2. Tell pst Binbo Odukoya that Nigeria ladies now wear pants and bra on the street in the name of fashion. 3. Tell Apostle Paul that pastors know longer preach sound sermon again. That they have turn churches to banks, Town hall meeting and political parties and that know one care about heaven again. 4. Tell Archbishop Benson Idahosa, that preachers know longer boast of their God with boldness as in the 80s, but that they now hold meeting with witch doctors and planning how to charm one another for the purpose of earty position. 5. Tell Don Fodio that moslem know longer preach peace but that they now kill human being like ckickens 6. Tell ken sarowiwa that millitant now fight for their pocet instead of fighting for the emancipation of the niger deltan. And the Asari dokubo has open a university in benin republic while children in the iger deltan still
A big head with no brain is a load to the neck. Rv benson idahosa
STRETCH YOUR FAITH 3 ...Jesus said to them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?" They said to him, "Yes, Lord." Matthew 9:28 (NET) I went for hospital ministration in one of the teaching hospitals, I met a pretty university undergraduate in her middle twenties in one of the wards about to be devoured by the demon of breast cancer. She was in tears as I walked up to her and was also moved as she was about to have a surgery the next day for the breast to be cut off. I started ministering to her but her faith was as good as dead because of the extent of damage on her skin. But i refuse to be intimidated by sight for i've refused to live by sight but by faith. It took me about thirty minutes of spirit-lifting message before she started responding. I asked her do you believe tha Jesus is bigger than cancer? She said ...eee yes. I told her you don't believe and I continued ministering and asking until she shouted Yes I believe! I grabbed her hands and prayed with her and to God be the glory, when I visit ...
''Nothing will ever be cheaper in this world till Jesus comes back. the reason is that we are preaching the second coming of the most High''.Benson Idahosa
Elijah said to Elisha, if you see me go u will get my mantle. Benson Idahosa mantle was shared to 5 proteges , 5th Dec a Mantle fell
And I hear 'I and the children the Lord has given me, we are made for signs and wonders'. Remembering Arch. Benson Idahosa.
If you know where you are going, you will not be afraid of where you are now. # Benson Idahosa :-)
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Builder. "A king is supposed to be a builder and not a killer.". Divinely...
instead of speaking bad about yourself jst kip quiet,instead of going backward jst stand stil and see d salvation of GOD!ARSHBISHOP BENSON IDAHOSA(BLESSED MEMORY)
Confidence in God can make the un-imaginables happen by your hands. Blessed be the God of my father, Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory, who at age 24 had confidence in God after hearing his pastor's sermon he went out to raise the dead and it happend by his hands. It cud also happen by your hands, confidence in God is the key.
letter to Madiba. Dear Dr. Nelson Mandela, pls when you get to d great world beyond, tell Herbert Malculay that the party he founded has been turned to People Destroying People. Tell Obafemi Awolowo that we now pay school fees without going †o school. Help me and tell Nnamdi Azikiwe that the long wall to democracy he built has fallen, whats standing is the cracked fenced. Tell Chief Anthony Enaharo that the independent nation he fought for dey shake o. Tell Alh. Shehu Shagari that boko haram has destroyed the reason he created NYSC cos no one goes to the north anymore. Pls tell Prof. Ola Rotimi that the constitution he wrote has been amended severally to protect our political th**fs. Tell Alh. Ahmadu Bello that our judicial system now favors only the rich. Pls tell Papa Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa that the church wealth revolution he championed has gone to another level,na 'ChurchPlus' some pastor's dey use now o. Also tell Baba Fela that Terry G is now the new afro beat king. Tell Muritala Mohammed that ...
D only person dat is bound 2 criticize u, is someone who has done twice,what u are trying 2 do once-BENSON IDAHOSA
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Behind. "If you don't move with time, time leaves you behind.". Divinely...
"Is outward beauty so paramount in ur agenda that u must look outside to marry the daughter of the devil?what will u do d day ur father in-law,d devil visits?if u marry his professed daughter only God can deliver u"-papa Benson idahosa of d blessed memory
nope benson idahosa. Yup been to kada. Already bored jare
Apostle Iyi Eweka,oh that men we understand our love for Jesus Christ, since our days in JSS 1, 1990 at Immaculate Conception College, Benin City. Oh perfect Lord, we have no other hope, prepare us for your coming! Sweet memory of Christian Student Fellowship Convention song 1990 with Thanksgiving at Church of God Mission Int'l where Arcbishop Benson Idahosa preached and gave his IWO buses free. I have invested my life in this Gospel and can afford to keep quiet when Merchants, Entertainers and Frausters parading as MOG without character transformation of members. The problem of Nigeria is root in the Church! The restoration of Nigeria is in the Church. A righteous people form a nation!
Bishop Benson Idahosa If you can say AMEN; on your MOBILE PHONES before 11:59pm TODAY, someone here will receive a surprise CALL that will change your life and give you everlasting JOY... Type "AMEN" to claim this now!!! Like this page if you haven't for more prayers
"Don't mind the back biters, they only bite from the back!" - Archbishop Benson Idahosa
It is more riskier not to take a risk Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Borrow. "Learn not to borrow gifts that will not last.". Divinely Inspired Sayings
The thought of late Archbishop Benson Idahosa is different from what is happening in his establishment
Don't be too Heavenly concious and Earthly useless,but be Heavenly bound and Earthly useful. Benson Idahosa
Bishop Benson Idahosa wrote: Twenty angels are in your world. Ten of them are sleeping, Nine are playing, One is reading this message. PLEASE READ... # NOT A JOKEGod has seen you struggling with something. God says it is over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God, SHARE this message, please don't ignore it, you are being tested. God is going to fix two BIG things tonight in your favor...
Happy Weekend peeps!   A lot has been happening in the world recently that really got me thinking. I decided to share this because it bothers me that prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes and yet many people do not understand what is going on. It reminds me of what Jesus said to the Pharisees,   "You are good at reading the weather signs of the skies – red sky tonight means fair weather tomorrow; red sky in the morning means foul weather all day – but you can't read the obvious signs of the times!” Matt 16:2-3. TLB   There are various signs that God uses to mark a change in times and seasons. One of them is the passing on of great men. They usually signal the next set of events to occur in the prophetic calendar. I personally observed that they usually go in pairs, a spiritual leader and a secular leader. And the deaths occur within a few days to a few months apart. I actually noticed they come from three major spheres: religious, political and entertainment spheres.   I ...
A BIG HEAD with an EMPTY BRAIN is a LOAD to the neck. Benson Idahosa.
Inspite of our differences, ethnic bickerings, n d centre refusing to hold, Mandela, ur love has almost succeded in pulling d entire world 2gether, almost only 2nd 2 JESUS. Mandiba, as u'r fondly called, almost d entire world loves u, bt we in our black world will love n cherish u 4eva. U've left a vacum in us dt GREED wil nt allow our present gate keepers 2 fill. Ur departure has broken my heart just like dt of Archbishop Benson Idahosa. U've left us in d COLD like ophans n in d hands of untrusted, ambicious GREEDY senior brother n sisters. Plz come back.
Martin Luther King, Micheal Jackson,Bimbo Odukoya, Bishop Benson Idahosa etc,these GENERALS never really lived that long,but yet they tremendous positive impact in there different areas of calling..
Martin Luther king, Arc bishop Benson Idahosa, Bimbo Odukoya, Michael Jackson,etc,this GENERALS never really lived that long,yet they made tremendous impact in there field of is but a vopour,which can melt away in less than a sec.use urs well
Sometimes i wish some people can be with us forever..paul crouch,benson idahosa, john .f. Kennedy,my mom,now iconic mandela
Life will not give U what U deserve_ instead_life will give U what U demand of it... (Real fact Benson idahosa
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Big. "You don't need a "long leg," all you need is "A Big God.". Divinely...
lizard in Nigeria will not become a crocodile in America# Benson Idahosa on Attitude
"Of what use is a head big for nothing, without wisdom. It's a burden to the body!" (Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa)
Benson Idahosa University convocation is coming up on the 13th of December. You are all invited.
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Birth. "Wealth is inside you, give birth to it.". Divinely Inspired Sayings
a church that is not busy cannot be stopped from dying. Don't fall into a slumber - Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
don't be too heavenly conscious that you become earthly useless, and don't be too earthly useful that you become heavenly useless... evangelism is our supreme task... word of papa Benson Idahosa.
Whether u believe it or not, signs & wonders cannot be traced in a laboratory. And no matter hw late you come to jesus, it will never be late. BENSON IDAHOSA.
Bishop Benson Idahosa, T.L. Osborne, and others.saw God heal masses of people without hands having to be laid on them. T.L. Osborne wrote a dynamic book "Healing In Mass" you can find the audio version of it on youtube.It is a must listen It is full of REVELATION. many times there are to many to lay hands on.and sometimes people have started to have faith in your hands and not THE HAND OF GOD T.L. Osborne learned these truths and shared them with many He saw results for many years. Dont limit the power of the HOLY GHOST to just laying on hands..
Late BENSON IDAHOSA once said unto one of his sons who was looking for a beloved...He said.."SON, HE THAT SHOULD NOT BE IN Jakes on the other hand said..."Have you ever wanted to or liked someone so much or had a strong feeling for a person or even went ahead and proposed to them, but somehow somehow, the never came to pass? And after sometimes or years, you see the same person and it looks like they are in some kind of way and you go like...""Archbishop went ahead and said."Take your for will you and give you for your it easy and DON'T SETTLE FOR, this is deep!!
Dr.K.C. Price and his wife had ministry outreach with him in Nigeria with Archbishop Benson Idahosa and had lunch together at a hotel.
'The most dangerous man on earth is a man who knows whom he is' --Pastor Chris O. 'You are born in the interior (your locality) by the inferior (your parents) and called by the superior (God) ' --Benson Idahosa - Your greatness is sure!
Watched a short clip of "late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa" n u jst realise the gospel is ever fresh,always dat presence 4m an anointed man,never fading,ever new...Am soo proud to be a christian!
' if you give the devil attention, he will give you direction '-Archbishop Benson Idahosa
OF MINDSET AND PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION A 27 year old man graduated from University of Benin with a second class upper degree in Economics. Five years after completing his national youth service, he is still in search of a job. He has attended several interviews but none materialized positively. He is bitter, frustrated and angry with the country for lack of opportunity to make a living. It never occurred to him that the interviews he had attended were opportunities. He craves to experience a new and better life. He contemplates all sorts of things including crime, but his late father’s advice keep re-echoing in his ear: “remember the son of whom you are. Don’t bring shame to this family”. His father was a man noted for strong integrity in his village, Ugbohan in Edo State Then, one day a little over a year ago the young man appeared in my office for a job interview. At the interview he was brilliant but he lacked some specific attributes we needed for the position. He was thus not selected, but I ...
Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa. Blessings. "Prosperity was part of creation. Blessings started after you were...
SHARING. In the spirit of selflessness! I think you see? I know it is fashionable to bash Christians these days. But I am not going to be a part of that. I am a Christian, but not a good one. Every other Christian around me is selfless, but I am not selfless. I want to commend Christians today for their selflessness. How do I know Christians are selfless (unlike me), please come with me on a small journey. Ministry: Rhema Bible Training College (RBTC) and Keneth Hagin Ministries Founder: Keneth E. Hagin Died: 2003 Successor: Keneth W. Hagin (son) Ministry: Crystal Cathedral Ministries Founder: Robert H. Schuller Retired: 2006 Successor: Robert A. Schuller (son). Later after disagreements, Sheila Schuller Coleman (daughter) Ministry: Oral Roberts University and Group Founder: Oral Roberts Retired: 1990s Successor: Richard Roberts (son) Ministry: Osborn Ministries International Founder: Dr. T. L. Osborn Died: 2013 Successor: Dr. LaDonna Osborn (daughter) Ministry: Church of God Mission Founder: Benson Idah ...
1000 good friends are not enough..but one bad friend is too much - Archbishop Benson Idahosa
4. The hand of the giver is always on top- Arch Benson Idahosa
...He sent two of his disciples,saying, GO YE INTO THE VILLAGE OVER AGAINST YOU; IN THE WHICH AT YOUR ENTERING YE SHALL FIND A COLT TIED,WHEREON YET NEVER MAN SAT :loose him and bring him hither." Luke 19:29-30 JESUS was never disdvantaged, he didnt have a sense of any need. In those days people travelled on camels and donkeys and JESUS wanted to prepare for his travelling and he told the disciples where to go and get the BRAND NEW RANGE-ROVER of that day. He didnt give them money to buy the vehicle, no. He just told them where it was parked. Ooooh Glory to God. Imagine your Pastor comes to you sunday morning and says, i want to travel to Mutare tomorrow so go to NISSAN CLOVER LEAF MOTORS and take the Latest Brand New Blue Navara at the far right, you will get the keys of the car attached at the view mirror,if anybody ask you,tell them Pastor needs it. Eeh! Just imagine, how many of you would dare go? Some of you might even rebuke the Pastor or pray that his insanity be healed but the disciples of JESUS h ...
Be careful for nothing but with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make you request be known unto God.People who take care don't take charge,and people who take charge don't take care-Archbishop Benson Idahosa
"“I prefer to be a bigger not a beggar”come again?"Is a saying from Pastor Benson Idahosa meaning
No price is too high to pay for your dreams...Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
Challenges are ladders for climbing to higher heights in the life of faith. Archbishop Benson Idahosa!!
I quote from the saying from Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa "If your faith say yes GOD will not say no" and prophet Habakuk said "Write the vision and make it plain..." With the help of GOD Global Focus University ll be a dream come true project.
If you are fatherless, you will be featherless and featherless birds don't fly. There are four men in my life and if you speak against them. I will use fasting and prayer to kill you one of them is the LATE Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa. APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN. PAPA AYO ORITSHEJAFOR AND BABA E.O ADEBOYE. If you want to get to the level of your father, you must do what they tell you. If you want to follow a father and get his blessings, take your eyes away from his nakedness. Before the devil attacks a man, he checks what is covering him. Esther knew she couldn't be the next queen just like that. She knew it won't get to her turn until she has a MORDECAI. Some people have covering when they are poor but the covering is no longer recognized when they are rich. "when u dont have cover, you cannot take over".
Wht commite cannot do commitment can by Pa Benson idahosa
God work through late Archbishop Benson Idahosa to bring liberation to benin kingdom.TOday God is want to pass through you to liberation your land.can you make yourself available for God to work through you?
Frs, welcome to our Month of UNLIMITED THANKSGIVINGS N TESTIMONIES as declared by our Mama. ARCH. M. E. BENSON IDAHOSA. CGMi
And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followed not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us. But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that lightly speak evil of me. For he is not against us on our part. ( Mark 9:38) I want to answer some questions that people have asked me about some other famous men of God. By this scripture it is clear that if someone casts out demons by the name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit he cannot be against God. Many pastors and spiritual leaders out of jealosy and pride have persecuted innocent men of God and churches that are making impact for Christ just because they are not linked with them. Just because you have a different spiritual father with someone doesn't give you the right to judge the man falsely. Many people and churches are making impact for God, even more than the ones people think they approve. People have asked me about who is a man of God and who is not ...
Benson Idahosa said "if you are not INSPIRED you will soon EXPIRE"
Why I fought Archbishop Idahosa, Anglicans – Archbishop Christian Aggrey Apena... Archbishop Christian Aggrey Ovwoma Apena of Bethseda Church International, close to tears, tells the story of how he parted ways with the late Archbishop of Church of God Mission, Benson Idahosa, and the Anglican Church. Apena’s father was the first pastor in Isoko land, having been ordained on December 31, 1931. Following in his father’s footsteps, he was close to being ordained an Anglican Church pastor before he was enmeshed in a crisis that led to his exit from the church. “I left the Anglican Church because I had the Pentecostal spirit that they didn’t have. I don’t blame them. I was the first Pentecostal reverend in Delta Province, I was the first Pentecostal bishop in Delta and I’m the first Pentecostal archbishop. I’m the one making bishops now,” said the retired school principal. How old are you? I was born May 16, 1931. That makes me 82 years. How did you come about the name Bethesda Gospel Missi ...
The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own... This short but powerful and timeless truth was made by, Benjamin Disraeli. I have some so called friends, who would rather put a few cash in my hand than show me the way of prosperity. In-fact, a Bishops wife told my wife once, "your husband is too open, he wants to show everybody the way he makes it, but my husband will never try it." My name is Bishop Chris Matthews and i believe in all of us eating. I don't believe anybody should live like a king and all the other people are poor like church rats around him. There are times i have asked my wife to give out cash and she would say, that is the lat cash in the house and I would tell her don't worry God will send us cash just give that out. God has never failed. I enjoy sharing, I want to give i want everybody happy around me and i will be so till i die and go to heaven. It is a shame that those whom Archbishop Benson Idahosa (of blessed memory) not on ...
D most awesome matric ever in Benson Idahosa University
Good evenings friends: Out of baloney I reason to counsel our leader on this; It is so Protagoras, when I think about the things done by the reckless influential leaders, who think about exemption,. The anomalous leaders are expected the share of embezzled wealth the state without accepted wisdom of helping. But I thank you God for your clemency and being patience and adjacent to our Leader. the desperate one live longer than those who are quit! nothing to do when the ecstasy of inhabitants acquaintances are being stolen away by the joysticks leader, so trust in truth and believe what you can do. nevertheless duplicity . angry no christian should ever base his doctrine on any dream & vision, but on the BIBLE. Last time someone said Benson Idahosa nearly went 2 *** but he is in heaven. Now this guy is saying he is in *** funny. Sadiq, go 2 a bible believing church & learn about salvation, Grace & the reason why Jesus Christ had to die. listen, we(believers) hv been made righteous & holy, not bcos of ou ...
Guda.m my good frnds, hop u all slept well with good dreams. It afford me a great pleasure to emphasize on the topic " YOU ARE SOMEBODY" cos my discoveries reveals there is passion to b found in who u are. It is however pathetic to know that many great n endowed people died a mediocre. Let's look at d life of somebody like Gideon in judges chapter 6:12-15, the angel of d lord spoke unto Gideon n said "U mighty man of valour, d lord is with u go in dis thy mighty n save d ppl of Israel from the hand of the medianites; oh lord my God how can i save d people of Israel? See my people z poor in manesseh n i'm d least in my father's house replied Gideon" With this i came to understand dat being mighty or greatness in life is not a function of age or how much u ve in ur bank account. Imaging a potential warrior like Gideon running away from battle, it is abnormal. So many ppl r just like Gideon. Potential great leaders ve died followers, potential great kings ve died servants, potential great authors who r afra ...
If you must succeed you must learn how to make your self out of conflict and put your self in confidence. Benson Idahosa
If you turn to Jesus as your last resort, he will become your result... Benson Idahosa
Division is selfishness; Unity is selflessness; True love is sacrifice It is not easy but we can try Whether selfishness or selflessness, we will all die one day. You will only be remembered for what you have done. Sani Abacha, Benson Idahosa, Fela Kuti, Ogbomwan, Chris ID were all legends. Each of these names reminds you of a legacy. What will you be remembered for? Selfishness or selflessness? ONE LOVE!
A Lizard in Nigeria, will not become an alligator in America. - Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Stop changing your location, rather change your location.
I want to say big congratulation to all matriculating students of Benson Idahosa University. Wishing them a happy stay n success in their various fields of their academic pursuit. Welcome!
Happy matriculation day to all the new students of Benson Idahosa University.
...toady at Benson Idahosa University, Benin-City with Edwards Adakole and Femi Babs, ooohhh can't wait for my own matriculation, lol...
I've Never heard of God using experts,i've never heard of God using perfect men neither have i heard of God Using The Strong but i've always heard of him using the weak,i've heard of him using the imperfect,i've also heard of him using the foolish to disappoint the wisdom of the wise.Ask Moses he can tell u more,ask David,ask Jabez,ask Bishop Benson Idahosa,ask Kirk Franklin they were all imperfect men but God Used them.Somebody the Lord Will use you in your generation IJN.
which role hv d church played in dix asuu strike? i hv been going to church since dat time nd til nw i hv never my priest remember asuu strike during prayer time, nd all this pastors wey wan turn Nigeria into a miracle center where are dea, orisesajor z busy shaking hands with president every time, uma ukpai z busy gvin mr president a befiting prophecy, d church z busy collecting offering nd tithes, dea are afraid to say it out so dat dea will not loose dea favour, i wish bishop benson idahosa z alive he could hv blaster both asuu nd federal government hmm God z watching us ooo no wonder d bible say d judgment say d judgment will start from d church.
Happy matriculation to all 100l students of Benson Idahosa University...wishin u success as u begin ur journey...
~¤~ Happy matriculation 2 all 100level student's of Benson Idahosa University ~¤~
Welcome to Benson Idahosa University You have made one of the most important choices in your life by joining Benson Idahosa University Your next four years will be valuable and memorable as you will have the opportunity to shape your own paths of intellectual discovery and acquire new skills for your future careers and other pursuits. What you are going to learn and the friendships you are going to form at Benson Idahosa University will remain an important part of your lives. Do treasure your time at the School... GREAT Benson Idahosa University... From sureboylito aka litotunes ask dem about me dem go tell U. And don't forget in my skul we don't kiss infact all d girls are virgin same with the boys... Welcome once MORE
Happy matriculation to the year 1 students of Benson Idahosa University
If you don't take risk, you are at risk.Benson Idahosa
Life is full of choices but faith in God will affect them all. .Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
The only man that when he criticise you and you listen to him is the one that did twice what you are trying to do once""Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Watching a video of the late Bishop Benson Idahosa. I tell you. Legacy.
I like Benson Idahosa a lot! I used to hate the idea before but recently I think about it a lot.
We need men lyk d LATE Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa who wuld stand and proclaim things in d nation and see dem established...many of us say we carry dat spirit but we lack FORCE in utterances we lack d pungent unction dat causes d heart of men 2 cry out thru dier mouth''wat sha we do 2 b saved''...lord giv us such voice again
Success without a successor is failure in disguise.Archbishop Benson Idahosa
One time I gave my HOUSE(3bedroom flat)wth all its furnitures 2 a STRANGER becos she BORE d name IDAHOSA(Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa)...
''Lazy people wit wisdom always replace Gaint that have no sense'' by Benson Idahosa.. Happy sunday my wonderful people.
# 24yrs IN THE LORD & STILL GOING On STRONG !!! DEAR FATHER GOD, ... Oct. 6th HEKAN CHURCH ( open field ) by Katsina Road in Kaduna State..Deeper Life Bible Church held a Crusade..there as a teenager..YOU reached down to me with YOUR ETERNAL LOVE and made me a BRAND NEW CREATION. Its exactly 24yrs today and it seem like yesterday..because everyday I get to know YOU in brand new ways. You have been FAITHFUL DEAR LORD. I thank you FATHER GOD for all the spiritual fathers and mentors you sent into my life: Pst W.F. Kumuyi (my spiritual father)..Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa..Pst E.A. Adeboye..Bishop David Oyedepo..Bishop David Abioye..Evang. Matthew Owojaiye..Bro. Kenneth E. Hagin..Bro. T.L Osborn..R.W. Shambach..Evang. Reinhard Bonkke..Pst Benny Hinn..Pst Creflo Dollar..E.W. Kenyon..Bro. Watchman Nee..Pst Chris Oyakhilome..Pst Andrew Osakwe..Rev. Tunde Bolanta..Rev. Matt Beemer..Rev. Tokunbo Adejuwon..Dr. Dave Beebe..Bro Segun Apata. These Generals..You sent into me life to shape me..I am eternally i ...
The Lord is turning my 'SCAR' into 'STAR'. Ameen. [Archbishop Benson Idahosa]
To be kept from evil, is better than to be kept from sickness. It is because sickness is evil [Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa]
Bolaji Olarewaju wrote: Tune in to turn it up this morning for some fesh songs just coming of the lines and word from The Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. 8am to 10am on Splash fm 105.5 or on line
Benin City is home to some of Nigeria's institutions of higher learning, namely, the University of Benin located at Ugbowo, the College of Education Ekiadolor, Igbinedion University, the Benson Idahosa University - renowned for its advancement in information technology, entrepreneurship and leadership development. Benin City also has some of the best secondary schools in Nigeria and these include, Edo College, Western Boys High School, Asoro Grammar School, Eghosa Grammar School, Edokpolor Grammar School, Niger College, Presentation National High School, Immaculate conception Collge, Idia College, University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School, University Preparatory Secondary School, Benin Technical College, Headquarters of Word of Faith Group of Schools,Lydia Group of schools, Nosakhare Model Education Centre and Igbinedion Educational Centre, Federal Government Girls College, Benin City Paragon Comprehensive College, Itohan Girls Grammar School. Some of the vocational schools in Benin City include ...
Growing to the fullness in christ by Archbishop Benson Idahosa www afore...: via
Unction that is not Action will be Auction (Benson Idahosa)
Our religious leaders have certainly established the fact that education is a solid building block for a stable and successful future in a child’s life; they have gone as far as building Universities to physically state their point. We applaud the congregation of these churches who offered their tithes, donations and weekly offering to see this vision come to light; in turn expecting that their widows might pay off when their children can acquire a decent education through these schools. Not an unreasonable assumption I must add. On the bright side, these universities have long been completed unlike most projects in Nigeria, the downside is you need to have bagged some cash to afford sending one child let alone two to the now termed ‘Nigerian Elite Universities‘. Here are a list of these universities and an approximate fee that you need to pay to attend. 1. BOWEN University owned and operated by a Baptist Convention, charges ₦650,000 as tuition fees per session. 2. COVENANT University established ...
Whatever committees cannot achieve,commitment can do it Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
A big head with an empty brain is a big load for the nech. Arc Bishop Benson Idahosa.
''it is not about howlong you live on earth but it is about howmuch you achieve on earth... If a person can achieve so much in his 30years on earth,howmuch more could he achieve 30years more? By careful calculations,he would achieve times 3 what he had achieved the 1st 30years on earth... Never say you dont want to die young because you want to live long but say you want to live long because you want to achieve more... After all,my Lord Jesus lived only 30years on earth,my mentor,Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa lived only 65years on earth...''
"Success without a successor is a failure in disguise"- Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Benson Idahosa University: Application for Admission to PG Programs for 2013/2014 closes 29 Nov. Details in PUNCH, 19 Sept, p. 46.
Gone r d days when we had grit men of God like bishop benson idahosa...this days we have people committed more 2 seed collecting,different offering collecting..4 christ sake salvation is not 4 sale..christ paid it all..y dnt we go back 2 d old tym religion am sure its gud enof 4 u
Irreplaceble Omah Akandu wrote: Friends,If Bishop Benson Idahosa went 2 *** fire,as d 14 years old boy says,are u sure if any 1 will make it 2 heaven @ d last day?
Location wont change who u are. Archbishop Benson Idahosa once said dat a lizard in nigeria will not bcom a crocodile in america
My mentor taught me by his life and character that life isn't welfare, but warfare. For more than two decades, I've lived by this reality. I celebrate the legacy of Arch Bishop/ Prof Benson Idahosa of blessed memory for raising up sons and I'm proud to be one among many. If you don't have a father you can't see farther. Dr.Etta
Talk of Naija shared the following link and had this to say about it: BEAUTY OF THE DAY: Chyna Osarugue Chyna Osarugue Innocent,Student Of Benson Idahosa University 100 level Mass Communication Student.Gorgeous!!!.More of her beautiful pics after the cut:
"I don't need to be in the Bible School before I can prophesy"- BENSON IDAHOSA.
SAPELE/DELTA STATE MUST BETTER. MR SOLOMON ABEKE!!! I believe say na wetin person get nai e take dey proud. Nobody go get pikin and e go happy say e pikin dey cell for wetin e pikin nor know. Na me dey address you so,as leader wen we get for Sapele and wen get e pipo for Heart. Na just yesterday nai i address yeye "Moses Ogodo" issue wen dey chop Community money and all unu dey look am,as e dey spoil Sapele for e future Children. Atik na now wen dem make am Sapele/Okpe Community Chairman nai e know say Benson Idahosa University dey exist for e pikin. Well make i leave dat issue as na me and Moses Ogodo thru out Next Week. I dey work on all e carry do,as i wan expose am finish now. As for you,make u know say i nor go open my eyes,see say ur name dey spoil,make i nor talk. Dem say na who like person nai dey correct d person. "I hear say 2 Truck load of Bitumen na wetin lost for ASCA, one truck them catch am for Road and the other one them hold am before he leave Ogorode, all this thing happen on Thursday at ...
When an antelope has the backing of a Lion it can face an elephant - Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
Riches without Maintenance is worst than inherited property-Archbishop Benson Idahosa
17. Archbishop Benson Idahosa: he is being regarded as d father of pentecostal faith in christendom in d country. He is d founder of Benson Idahosa University and also a spiritual father to many nigerians
LIFE LESSON There is a popular saying that experience is the best teacher, that is true to some extent. but a wise a man once remarked that through experience is a best teacher , it is better if it is not your own experience. This is the message: there are certain mistake you make in life that may put you in a shape where it is impossible to pick any lesson from them. In other word, the experience of another person is your best teacher. Pure widow. A visit to the orthopedic hospital might just give you all the life lesson you need .instead of learning from your own crashed business,learn from those who have been affected by broken homes and business bankruptcy. Life have taught me that temptation is for you to have something within your reach and not have the permission to take it. When i read the temptation of Adam and Eve, i see exactly that , that was what happen. they had somethings that were withing their reach but which God didn't give them the permission to take. this is the real temptation, that . ...
From the left, Rt. Rev FEB Idahosa, President of Benson Idahosa University, Mr. Uriel Palti, Ambassador of Israel...
for God so love the world that He did not call a committe but sent His only begotten Son. Archbishop Benson Idahosa
Archbishop Benson Idahosa was fire tho, ah an.
I wouldn't be in the ministry today, if not for "these two Papas" I was closely behind these Generals now in GLORY. Archbishop Benson Idahosa and Dr. T. L Osborn.
Wednesdsay morning... I didn't post anything last night, due to having company... a young Baptist minister here in Point Lay, whose church we attend here. We had a great time sharing in the Lord. We talked about God's goodness, and one of the things we discussed is the need for God to do the miraculous. We went back to scriptures, and looked at Matthew 5 and the Sermon on the Mount. Need an amphitheater? Just stand on a mountain and preach. God's design of mountains make them the perfect sound system to amplify your message. What about feeding 5,000 people? Five barley loaves and two fish fed a multitude with baskets left over. As well, when Jesus arrived to the place where the people where, it was a desert (KJV)... a remote place. Isreal in reality is a vast desert land. But when it came time to feed the 5,000, they sat on grass (also see John 6). God brought a multitude who followed Jesus into a remote desert to hear him speak and perform miracles, they were hungry, and the Lord gave them a place in th ...
The strength of your growth depends on who your leader is.,late ,Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Now over to you ? Who is your leader? Who are you listening and whose products are you?
"When you give the devil attention, It will give you direction." Benson Idahosa
"A thousand good friends are not enough but one bad one is too much."~Bishop Benson Idahosa
IN March 1998, Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the flambouyant founder of Church of God Mission International Incorporated died and left his wife, Margaret Idahosa and four children behind.
"The narrow thread of success and failure can only be cut with the scissors of your imagination" Papa Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
Benson Idahosa University is awesome tho.
As the nation of Nigeria celebrates, i would like to thank God for raising from Nigeria such men like Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, prophet TB Joshua, pastor Enoch adeboye, and pastor Chris oyalkhilome. These men have changed the lives of millions around the world.
Speaking to the men of God. They substituted their vision with their ambition, so they gain ambition and lost vision. .Archbishop Benson Idahosa.
Welder corect or nt,if truly d following figures are schools fees of missionary schools BOWEN UNIV- CONVENANT UNIV- BENSON IDAHOSA UNIV- BABCOCK UNIV- REDEEMER UNIV- AJAYI CROWDER UNIV- MADoNA UNIV-if missionary school are charging dis high den how can poorman afford dis fees in nigeria nd at 53rd celebration
is beta to b controvasial dan be inconsequential.daddy Benson Idahosa.Nigeria,we ar stil nt free!
Cc that Benson Idahosa University Edo BIU students on ur TL
NIGERIA @ 53: Lets start to become part of the solution not to be apart of complainers- Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa
Electronic Device Insurance
All roads lead to sip it garden and motels,beside Benson Idahosa University,GRA,benin where d party is gonna be hard.
My late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, said."a prayerful preparation prevent poor performance"if u re prayerful in d months of Jan-Sept,13 for God 2 keep u and He performed it.D month of Oct.13,God will keep u.wlcom 2 d mnth of Oct. Arise,shine. Read Jer29:11
A man that does not look for Tomorrow, but looking at the pain of Yesterday can never have the PEACE of Today. Benson Idahosa
Don't be everything to become nothing. Benson Idahosa
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