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Benny Parsons

Benjamin Stewart Parsons (July 12, 1941 – January 16, 2007) was an American NASCAR driver, and later an announcer/analyst/pit reporter on SETN, TBS, ABC, ESPN, NBC and TNT.

Buddy Baker Rick Hendrick Bob Jenkins Fireball Roberts Richard Petty Rusty Wallace Wendell Scott Jack Ingram Bruton Smith David Pearson Ned Jarrett Terry Labonte Bill Elliott Richard Childress Barney Hall Curtis Turner Joe Weatherly

Hey, Tony, my dad was Benny Parsons. He sure thought a lot of Ted, we always rooted for him. I still have o…
remember when Benny Parsons used to pay money for pit stops under 14 seconds and he'd call them out live on TV Benny was the man
remember when Benny Parsons used to pay money to the pit crew that got under a 14-second pit stop what a guy he was the best
Sweet. He's gonna be in the Hall of Fame. And he actually won an Emmy for his work on TNN in 1996.
On this day in 1986, Benny Parsons won the Atlanta Invitational at
31 years ago today, Benny Parsons won the 1986 Atlanta Invitational.
Check out Racing Champions NASCAR Classics Benny Parsons auction is just about up, hurry!!!
36 years ago today, Bud Moore & Benny Parsons after winning the 1981 Melling Tool 420 @ Nashville.
They died from Stage 2 cancer, How many race fans will too, if Congress bans pre-existing conditio…
Benny Parsons draws tornados on Heaven's TV screen watching this.
On this day in 1977, Benny Parsons scored his 6th career NASCAR Winston Cup Series win at
I grew up with Benny Parsons, Ned Jarret and Bob Jenkins. With Dr Jerry Punch in the…
I'll always love the Bob Jenkins, Ned Jarrett and Benny Parsons espn days. Great chemistry.
Best announcer, no contest. Barney Hall. Best booth, again, no contest. Bob Jenkins, Benny Parsons a…
Benny Parsons forever remembered as hea s inducted into NASCAR Hall of Fame(topix)
Benny Parsons forever remembered as he\'s inducted into NASCAR Hall(topix)
They are. Mine is meeting Benny Parsons and Bob Jenkins when they did Winter Heat in Tucson. Benny knew no strangers
2 race announcers I miss the most Benny Parsons and Barney Hall!
I remember the days of Bob Jenkins, Ned Jarret and Benny Parsons with Dr. Jerry in the pits. What is Bob doing now?
Appreciating why Benny Parsons received 85% of the 2017 vote and other takeaways https…
news - Benny Parsons, Rick Hendrick lead NASCAR Hall of Fame voting: Rick Hendrick and Richard Childr...
Benny Parsons, not Hill, was inducted into the Hall of Fame via
Benny Parsons would be very proud of you. He was a hauler drivers best friend. I would say you are representing him well.
Benny Parsons looks for his racecar (Talladega 1984)
saw trucks at evergreen met lots of drivers and favorite Benny parsons so nice
The answer to today's trivia question is.Benny Parsons won by 1.9 seconds.
Benny Parsons & battle during the 1982 Winston 500
Holy Cow!?! Shut up once in awhile. Be more like Benny Parsons. Learn from the master.
When you grow up watching and learning from Ned Jarrett, Benny Parsons and Buddy Baker, it's easy to learn from them.
1982. Benny Parsons won the pole @ Talladega, The 1st driver to qualify over 200 mph. 200.176 mph
If you missed my fantasy race, search "to recap today's race at Rockingham. Congrats to Benny Parsons! We all miss you!
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Benny Parsons is the winner of the second Dale Earnhardt finishes second. David Reutimann finishes third.
Don't look in the mirror, Reutimann! Here comes Benny Parsons and David Pearson! They pitted under the last caution.
Benny Parsons and David Pearson pitted even though the field pitted less than 10 laps before the caution. They'll be in the back.
Chad Little starts sixth. Shawna Robinson is seventh. Ricky Rudd is eighth. *** Trickle is ninth. Benny Parsons will start 10th.
Can you tell a good Benny Parsons story? He had a fun sense of humor. Listening in today for a few.
I found it hilarious when Benny Parsons said 'shot out of a canyon"
Real Superman is Mark Martin, given to him by Benny Parsons. "don't tug on Superman's cape".
Pitstop under 11 seconds. WOW!! Remember when Benny Parsons would give any team $100 for a pitstop under 13 seconds?.
IMO the 2017 class should be Benny Parsons, Davey Allison, Red Byron and Allen Kulwicki
So, my five for the this year would be, in order Ken Squier, Rick Hendrick, Waddell Wilson, Benny Parsons and Richard Childress
Sadly lost in shuffle today...but my early 2017 ballot has Rick Hendrick, and Benny Parsons. Need two more.
If I had a vote in the I would vote for Benny Parsons, Champion that won the with 21 wins, a great …
Benny Parsons was a great Champion. Do you remember how he got his seat in the L.G. DeWitt car he won his championship in?
The late great Benny Parsons offers some sage advice. From 1992
how come no Neil bonnett or davey Allison these guys should already be there oh forgot Benny parsons
Hopefully this is the year for Benny Parsons to get into the
I hope so too. Benny Parsons deserves to be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
I'd like to see Ken Squire & in the but Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, & Alan Kulwicki HAVE to make it in this year.
Ah, OK. Benny Parsons as a driver and a broadcaster. Squire as a broadcaster.
what's your feeling on Benny Parsons?
I agree - it's definitely time to elect the late Benny Parsons to the NASCAR HOF.
would like to see Red Byron, Benny Parsons and Buddy Baker get in
The nominees are out. Who ya got? I think it'll be Byron, Parks and Benny Parsons.
If Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker & Larry Phillips don't get in before some new nominees then what's the point? & Parks overdue too.
The NASCAR Hall of Fame has announced the 2017 nominees today. Since 2010 hometown Benny Parsons has been on the...
I'm already going to tell who I am voting for for 2017 NASCAR HOF: Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, Red Byron, Raymond Parks, Herschel McGriff.
Benny Parsons MUST get in this year!
Buddy Baker and Benny Parsons for sure need to be inducted.
If Benny Parsons doesn't get in this year, shut the place down.
Look at these names.Martin, Waddell Wilson, Benny Parsons, Harry Hyde, Ken Squier, the Cat in the Hat.
I got to see you race at Atlanta & Charlotte in 2000. You & Benny Parsons are the TV voice of NASCAR for my generation
Flashback to 1973 when apparently Benny Parsons turned into a bird and coached Alabama in the Cotton Bowl...
I hope Benny Parsons gets in this time. He deserves it.
Please tell me that the NASCAR Hall of Fame voters know that Benny Parsons should already be in !
47 years ago today Benny Parsons won the 1969 Daytona 300.
I really miss Benny Parsons and Allen Bestwick. They were the best in the early 2000s. Darrel doesn't understand the new cars.
The record for most consecutive top-three finishes in the remains at four. Benny Parsons, 1975-1978. Earnhardt Jr., 2012-2015.
In Heaven, Benny Parsons is putting little tornado icons on the screen
An homage to Benny Parsons, who could never turn down food at the track?
Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 3rd at last year, his 4th straight top-3 finish. 2nd driver to do so at Daytona …
41 years ago today Benny Parsons won the 1975 Daytona 500. Winston Cup Race
The cars of Bobby Allison, Benny Parsons, David Pearson and Cale Yarborough sit outside of the White House in 1978.
I say it's time broadcasters like Ken Squier, Barney Hall, Bob Jenkins and Benny Parsons were in the hall.
The late Benny Parsons opens the show from the flagstand with Harold Kinder and Doyle Ford.
In 1997 Benny Parsons held off Richard Petty by .45 seconds to win the at Pocono Raceway.
When Jerry Punch and Benny Parsons downloaded info to the new racing people..Buddy Baker made more than a few stories.
Buddy Baker and Benny Parsons were those two really warm voices I liked hearing talk about NASCAR. :(
R.I.P. Buddy Baker. Baker, like fellow winner and commentator Benny Parsons in 2007, has succumbed to lung cancer.
Buddy was one of the best commentators in the business. Always enjoyed hearing him and Benny Parsons call races.
Just think of the discussion Steve Byrnes, Benny Parsons & others are having!
you and Jeff are the best team i have heard since Wally and Benny Parsons
you lucky dog!!! recordando al maestro Benny Parsons
Hey! I love your show on XM Radio. Can you tell us a funny Benny Parsons story? I met him in Convord/Kannapolis area.
Love hearing the great Benny Parsons' voice!
From the words of Benny Parsons.. IE when he messed up. Logano was shot out of a canyon on the start
Benny Parsons was no doubt the funniest and the warmest person God ever created. I was so proud to call him friend.
- Benny Parsons picks up NASCAR's first 200 mph Busch Pole Award
actually from Warren, MI. Got his start where Benny Parsons did, Figure 8
25 wins, now tied with Joe Weatherly. One more than Benny Parsons.
I miss the Robert Yates Racing team...and Benny Parsons.
Gah... Rusty Wallace, Bill Elliot, Mark Martin and Benny Parsons. This race hitting you right in the feels.
fan vote for Hall of Fame (alph. order): Buddy Baker, Alan Kulwicki, Terry Labonte, Mark Martin and Benny Parsons.
Bruton Smith, the man that paid Jeff Byrd to ruin Bristol Motor Speedway, is in the HoF before Benny Parsons...I call BS.
Since all the cool kids are doing it - my HoF:. Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, Bruton Smith, Curtis Turner, Bobby Isaac. Landmark: Raymond Parks
The Bandit Wins after Benny Parsons tells espn viewers that he was out of it.
Benny Parsons was invited to race in the in 1976 & won...where else...Daytona!
Was that the one he spun once and Benny Parsons counted him out until he made his way back to the front?
05:15 Wake Up to Money: The big boss of Tesco Bank, Benny Higgins, joins Adam Parsons and Mickey Clarke.
if I played, I would for sure be chandler parsons😎
Benny Parsons few years ago offered any crew $100 ea if pit stop was under 14 sec, now crew is under 11.
I used to love NASCAR but not much anymore. Darrel was an awesome driver, but he's a terrible commentator. I miss Benny Parsons!
What I wouldn't give to have a Benny Parsons t-shirt like the I had when I was five! (1976)
was Benny Parsons who drove the 25 folgers car when Tim Richmond couldn't anymore? If so,I didn't know that. Thx for the tip
I think Wally Dallenbach was tolerable when Benny Parsons was in the booth. Kyle Petty and Adam Alexander aren't the best.
I agree. I understand Rex White being on the ballet, but beating out Benny Parsons and Mr. H?
Benny Parsons, Bruton Smith, Wheeler, Terry Labonte are some names.specially BP. Wendell Scott going in before BP is shameful.
NASCAR Hall of Fame announcement forthcoming. I think Bill Elliott, Joe Weatherly, Wendell Scott, Benny Parsons + Terry Labonte get the nod.
Okay, new nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame will be announced today. Any guesses? I'm going with Rick Hendrick, Larry Phillips, Curtis Turner, Ray Fox, and Wendell Scott. I'm kind of taking a chance with a couple of those, but what the heck. I also think Bruton Smith should be in the Hall of Fame. I realize he can be polarizing, but since 1959 he's done quite a lot to grow the sport, and not just at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Wendell Scott should be in and it should be soon. I realize he only has one win, but he overcame odds no one else had to face, and he persevered through it all. I really like Buddy Baker, but I'm not sure if he'll make it this time, same for Benny Parsons. Fast Freddie Fred Lorenzen, Terry Labonte, Bobby Isaac also among those who could get voted in today, and all are deserving. We'll see what Doug Rice and the rest decide!
Fast Friday has Elmo Langley in the low groove as Lennie Pond and Benny Parsons go by. The '75 Daytona 500 photo by Larry Harrell
Taking in consideration some of these gentleman have left us, but if they where still here who do you feel would make the top 6 with 2 alternates. Benny Parsons, Dave DeSpain, Buddy Baker, Winston Kelley, Joe Moore, Barney Hall , Dale Jarrett, Chris Economaki, Larry McReynolds, *** Berggren, Ned Jarrett, Bob Jenkins, Mike Joy, Ken Squier, Allen Bestwick, Kyle Petty, Jack Arute, Chris Berman, Jeff Hammond, Dr. Jerry Punch,
i wish Benny Parsons had never caught the AIDS from Tim Richmond
Benny Parsons and Darrell Waltrip were hired to drive Hendrick's second and third cars at this time.
Apparently Jimmie Johnson won his 6th SPRINT Cup championship yesterday. I am reading and hearing people comparing him to Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Benny Parsons, etc. *** NO!!! Johnson isn't worthy to change their lug nuts! NASCAR died with the end of the Winston Cup.
Wally Dallenbach, Jr., is the best part of TNT's telecast. You just wait for him to name-drop Benny Parsons in a story from yesteryear.
are you becoming the new Benny Parsons??? "Race Food by The Postman"
June 7th, 1981 - Benny Parsons wins the 400 at Texas World Speedway. - Winston Cup
I miss Benny Parsons, Wally Dallenbach and Allen Bestwick in the booth. Always thought they were a great team to call a race
…in his underwear so everyone can see his I 💜 Benny Parsons tramp stamp.
My would be and the late great Benny Parsons. :)
I'm watching Talladega Nights, just saw Benny Parsons. Miss his voice in the booth!
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Also on this day in history, Benny Parsons won the final ARCA race ever held at the grove. 1969
Results for the Fan Vote,alphabetical order,were Richard Childress,Rick Hendrick,Dale Jarrett,Benny Parsons and Fireball Roberts.
My picks for the in 2014 are Rick Hendrick, Jack Ingram, Benny Parsons, H. Clay Earles, and Red Byron.
Around the Track..what a race at Airborne over the’s the 2nd time the outcome has been decided by less then a 10th of a second in the first 4 American Canadian Tour events..that gives you an indication of the quality of racing and the parity of the competition! The car counts continue to build at Wiscasset Speedway..great news for the new owners, Richard & Vanessa Jordon..and more and more fans are coming and enjoying the rotating divisions! Voting takes place tomorrow for the Nascar Hall of Fame Class of 2013..there are 25 nominees made up of 14 drivers including familiar names like Benny Parsons & Dale Jarrett, both former Cup Champions & Fireball Roberts along with Team owners Richard Childress & Rick Hendrick..track owners Bruton Smith & Clay Earles and engine builders like Maurice Petty who oversaw the reign of the “King’, winning 7 Cup titles with 198 wins as the head engine builder for Richard Petty! John
May 5, 1974 ... * President Nixon knows he's in trouble when even his fellow Republicans are breaking ranks. Just before speaking today at Virginia Union University's commencement ... Massachusetts Sen. Edward Brooke says Mr. Nixon's turning over of edited transcripts of White House conversations won't satisfy the House Judiciary Committee looking into Watergate. Brooke calls it an "obvious play to the public"... * In Dublin, Ireland ... police have found the 19 paintings stolen a week ago in the world's largest art theft. They've also arrested a suprise suspect ... Dr. Bridget Rose Dugdale ... the daughter of an English millionaire insurance executive. Then again ... maybe it shouldn't be such a surprise ... Dugdale was convicted last year of stealing art from her father's home... * Racin' ... David Pearson wins his third straight Winston 500 race at Talledega, Alabama ... two car lengths ahead of runnerup Benny Parsons... * Movies in this May of '74 ... Robert Redford and Mia Farrow star in F. Scott Fit ...
I left guys like Rick Hendrick off of my ballot. Fred Lorenzen, Benny Parsons, and Maurice Petty a few others as well.
IMO, the five Hall of Fame inductees should be Richard Childress, Dale Jarrett, Benny Parsons, Fireball Roberts, and Jack Ingram.
My Hall of Fame nominees are Jack Ingram, Benny Parsons, Maurice Petty, Wendell Scott and Dale Garrett.
I just voted for the Class of 2014. I picked Rick Hendrick, Fireball Roberts, Jack Ingram, Benny Parsons, and Raymond Parks. yeah
Benny Parsons, Curtis Turner, Jack Ingram, Joe Weatherly those names to choose from but you choose Jarrett
Off the top of my head (and I don't have a vote): Fireball Roberts, Benny Parsons, Fred Lorenzen, Tim Flock, Dale Jarrett HoF class of '14
Poor Bo’s Almanac for 2.16.13: 1937: 4-year-old Johnny Cash & family return to their home in Dyess, Ark. The place had been damaged in January by severe flooding from the Tyonza River. This would inspire the song ‘Five Feet High And Rising. 1955: Elvis opened for Hank Snow in Odessa, TX. A then unknown Roy Orbison was in the audience. 1964: The Beatles appeared for the 2nd week in a row on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ 1975: Marty Robbins wrecked his Dodge in the Daytona 500. Benny Parsons won the race. 1995: The Mavericks earned their 1st platinum album for ‘What A Crying Shame.’ Good day to paint, mow, put up preserves.
200 mph tape: Also known as "racer's tape." Duct tape so strong it will hold a banged up race car together long enough to finish a race. In Heritage Speedway, in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, guests can see artificats of NASCAR's great families including the Allison family, the France family, and the Petty family. Benny Parsons was the first driver to qualify a stock car at more than 200 mph. Cubic-inch displacement: The size of the engine measured in cubic inches. The Petty family has accomplished the ultimate family tradition by being the first to have four generatations of athletes in any sport.
6 years ago today NASCAR lost a legendary driver and race broadcaster Benny Parsons aka BP. He died from 6-7 months after he was told that he has lung cancer the summer of 2006. He was the age of 65 at the time. He was a smoker but quit in 1978. He started racing in 1964 at Asheville-Weaverville Speedway in North Carolina near the town of Weaverville. But he didn't got into the car full time till the year 1970 when he race 45 out of 48 NASCAR sprint cup races and finished 8th in the standings. He recorded his 1st win in 1971 at South Boston. He won the 1973 NASCAR championship and he won the Daytona 500 once in 1975. He retired from racing in 1988 and became a analyst for the NASCAR races on ESPN, ABC, NBC and TNT from 1989 to 2006 before he died in 2007. Benny Parsons should be 71 years old today if he was alive today. He was born on 7/12/1941.
Best announcers of all time: Benny Parsons, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Darrell Waltrip
Today in NASCAR History: August 3 1975: David Pearson drives a Wood Brothers Mercury to a dominant victory in the Purolator 500 at Pocono Raceway, leading 107 of the 200 laps. Richard Petty took second, 4.8 seconds behind. Buddy Baker was third and Benny Parsons fourth. They were the only four drivers on the lead lap at the finish.
Today in History: July 31: 1977: Benny Parsons holds off Richard Petty by .45 seconds to win...
Happy birthday to Rick Hendrick and to the late Benny Parsons!
Benny Parsons said he was the funniest man he ever met that knew nothing about racing.
Happy Birthday to the always awesome owner, Rick Hendrick. And the awesome Benny Parsons - we miss ya bro!
Ambrose becomes the 4th driver to win the pole with a lap over 200 mph. The others: Benny Parsons, Cale Yarborough & Bill Elliott.
Marcos Ambrose is the fourth driver to win a pole at more than 200 mph, joining Benny Parsons, Cale Yarborough and Bill Elliott.
only the fourth driver in history to win a pole with a lap over 200mph - Benny Parsons, Cale Yarborough, Bill Elliott
NASCAR … Fan vote for Hall of Fame was: Benny Parsons, Fireball Roberts, Wendell Scott, Rusty Wallac
Today in NASCAR History: June 15 1980: Benny Parsons drives from the pole position at Michigan International Speedway to win the Gabriel 400. Parsons, who led 75 of the 200 laps, finished one car length ahead of Cale Yarborough. Buddy Baker finished third as Neil Bonnett and Richard Petty rounded out the top five. It was the only career win at the Brooklyn, Mich., oval for Parsons, who once called nearby Detroit home.
Landon Cassill's career earnings greater than Alan Kulwicki, Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, just shy of Cale Yarborough.
Cmon NASCAR!! While I am ecstatic that Glenn Wood is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, the other four nominees are pretty lame. Cmon guys!! Rusty Wallace?.and you havent even mentioned Fireball Roberts, Joe Weatherly , Benny Parsons or Tim Flock?
Oy vey, really NASCAR HofF voters? Rusty Wallace already? I don't mind your other 4 choices but Fireball Roberts and/or Benny Parsons have more right to that spot than Wallace does.
How does Rusty Wallace make the NASCAR Hall of Fame before Red Byron, Tim Flock, Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly, Benny Parsons, Bobby Isaac, and Fred Lorenzen? I mean granted he deserves to be there, there are others who should be put through first!! Without Tim and Fonty Flock and Curtis Turner (despite the union stuff back in the day), NASCAR wouldn't be what it is today.
Rusty Wallace is going to the NASCAR Hall Of Fame before Benny Parsons, time to cut out the free bar at the voting. They must have felt sorry for him after his team flopped. Rusty your kid is not a Cup quality driver!
Matt Kenseth surpassed Benny Parsons for the most career laps led at Talladega without a victory, with 261.
Rusty's worst crash of his career, as seen live. Benny Parsons, Ned Jarrett and Bob Jenkins with the call.
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