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Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez (born February 19, 1967) is a Puerto Rican actor and film producer.

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Benicio del Toro is such a good actor. Takes a small supporting role and turns it into one of the most memorable pa…
me: *is watching TLJ with my boyfriend*. benicio del toro: *appears*. me: *starts hitting my boyfriend in the chest a…
Benicio del Toro is the Latin Brad Pitt she said, and I agreed
Tonight on the show: Benicio Del Toro, & music from Michael McDonald! Happy
Benicio del Toro is excellent. If only George Lucas wouldn’t have screwed up The Phantom Menace situation. He would…
Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro stole the show. I'll even go as far as actually naming Josh, when someone asks of great actors
Benicio Del Toro in this movie about drugs and the Mexican border just makes me think about Traffic(I know. I know)
Benicio Del Toro in a movie about a drug cartel is something I'll always be in love with tbh
I would like to remind everyone of this Benicio Del Toro Star Wars photo.
Hope when I see Benicio del Toro in I don't start to laugh, thinking of this:. via
ANDREA - I don't see the world completely in black and white. Sometimes I do. (Benicio Del Toro)
She really misspelled Benicio del Toro this dumb bitcg 😭😭😭
I don't understand how a movie with Anthony Hopkins and Benicio del Toro can be so dull, but I'm committed now
A young Benicio Del Toro can get it
I was on a train with Benicio del Toro this morning.
Worth a go one day your bored, I'm gonna rewa…
We have entered the "submerging Benicio Del Toro in ice water while he hallucinates" portion of the film. It's deliciously weird.
All I can hear is Benicio del Toro speaking Jawa... (na…
Denis Villeneuve is fast becoming 1 of my favorite directors. Psyched for Watching Sicario with Emily Blunt & Benicio Del Toro
"Stop telling me to think!" (Benicio del Toro, "Savages") I'd rather be happier than a hog in slop, like those fool…
Watching The Wolfman and Benicio del Toro transforms into a werewolf. My goddaughter to me: That's Scooby Doo?
They should bring back the Benicio Del Toro Wolfman for the Monster Avengers with Tom Cruise they're planning to do. His character can't die
"Time to meet God" Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro from Sicario. Excellent gritty movie from Denis…
The wolfman remake with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins is fckin sick
lol! Benicio del Toro is foreverbae to me though
This still gets me. Why does Brad Pitt look like a much happier Benicio Del Toro?
I just got Ben Stiller and Benicio del Toro!
Young Leo was cute but everyone's sleeping on young Benicio Del Toro
A promotional picture of Benicio del Toro as Dario for Licence To Kill (1989)
Watching Sicario, it's so good! . 1 (2015) - Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro Movie HD
How do people manage to run into people i want benicio del toro to hit me with all of your own ***
You mean Excess Baggage? The one with later Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro.
Benicio del toro and Antonio Banderas are both white. . .
The childish sniggering during The Usual Suspects line-up scene was genuine, caused by Benicio Del Toro’s persistent flatulence & kept in.
Today I realized. Benicio Del Toro is the love child of Chino Moreno and Leo Dicaprio.
Sicario. Shots are bad, plot is meh, Benicio Del Toro is the only good part of the film
When did Brad Pitt start looking like some bizarro cross between Benicio Del Toro and Robert Redford?
Then there's those of us wondering what Song to Song with Benicio Del Toro, Christian Bale and a lot more Val Kilmer woulda looked like.
2 — Marlon Brando, Tom Hardy, and Benicio Del Toro are my Hollywood Trio and are essentially irreplaceable in my heart.
81. Celebrities that can get it from me any time: Benicio Del Toro, Keanu Reeves, Sydney Poitier, Lucy Liu, Chino Moreno, & Eddie Vedder idc
First images of Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro in Star Wars.
Wow...Benicio Del Toro in . His character is called "DJ" and his city is Canto Bight (song loop). Wors…
. (great film with great music and Dave Batista, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin were th…
Council Could Benicio Del Toro character be Ducain, who stole the Falcon (mentioned in TFA)
could Benicio del Toro be Eli Vanto in the last Jedi?? Could he be a Chiss leader
We all think Benicio Del Toro would be a great Admiral Thrawn...but what about Benedict Cumberbatch? thoughts?
One of my fav performances in last few yrs is Benicio Del Toro in SICARIO. Just rewatched. Stellar filmmaking & ten…
Love Benicio Del Toro in 'Way Of The Gun', he's so cheeky!
Also, I highly recommend this two part series:. Soderbergh's "Che" - Benicio del Toro knocks it out as Guevara. Bu…
The lead cast Naomi Watts, Sean Penn & Benicio del Toro gave spectacular performances and those are one just enough to watch this film.
there's only 3 things in his tag but it doesn't even matter bc *** BO Y
i shouldn't be surprised but like.young benicio del toro is My Brand
i keep coming back to my blog to stare at this gifset of Benicio del Toro
Could benicio del toro be playing an old Boba Fett and this would help setup an sping off movie?
That commercial with Benicio Del Toro is funny as *** 😂
omg is the Usual Suspects movie yebin is referring to the one with kevin spacey and benicio del toro?? lolol
Benicio del Toro to Star in Showtime Networks Limited Series ‘Escape at Clinton Correctional’
do you think Benicio Del Toro would be a good wrestler?
Benicio Del Toro has gracefully danced on the line between ruggedly handsome and just ugly better than any actor since Bogart.
It must be true, I heard Benicio Del Toro's voice whisper it at the end of The Last Jedi trailer
Watch the 'Actors on Actors' interview with + on OWNZONES! Stream now:…
I'm extremely honored and humbled to be a part of this DOPE project! w Benicio del Toro…
I just saw a man who looks exactly like benicio del toro, I am sweating
I am so watching this: Dannemora breakout TV take in works w/ some inventive casting. Also:
The UEA SU have boycotted Real Time with Bill Maher in case they draw attention to Benicio Del Toro.
Watch the movie "Sicario" with Benicio Del Toro. The Mexicans are uncontrollable compared to the Colombians
The Icthyocentaur attacked Benicio Del Toro , because they ate the last piece of pizza topped with tomatoes !
Benicio Del Toro and Patricia Arquette to star in Ben Stiller’s Showtime prison drama
If we're being honest Benicio Del Toro could have taken Brad Pitts spot in Fight Club and I'd be happy
How much heroin did Benicio del Toro do in that Heineken commercial?
I really just want to be Heineken commercial Benicio Del Toro when I grow up.
Benicio Del Toro, to star in Ben Stiller's Showtime prison escape drama
Did it REALLY take Benicio del Toro 15 yrs 2 master the drugged-out, semi-comatose "I've had 15 Heinekens" look?
"beer is good, I like to drink a lot of it in dark places all the time," said Benicio del Toro, super-convincingly
These Heineken commercials with Benicio Del Toro are epic
📹 Totally forgot about this scene in Sin City with Benicio Del Toro doing his best proto-Heath Ledger...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
me: "i don't care for Star Wars". Star Wars: *hires Riz Ahmed, Donald Glover, Diego Luna, Benicio Del Toro*. me: "I love Star Wars so muc-"
I'd have chosen benicio del toro too, but also these two. Lutz cause I'm unlucky
On a new Awesometacular with Jeremy Jahns, we're talkin' Benicio Del Toro's character in 'The Last Jedi'.
I look at actors like Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, and Benicio Del Toro,...
Just finished watching Benicio Del Toro is a Mexican Sam fisher, Jack Bauer ,Solid Snake all in one great movie
Benicio Del Toro. The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy and a henchman in Licence To Kill.
Benicio Del Toro reading Famous Monsters of Filmland while in the makeup chair to become The Wolfman.
Watching Sicario reminds me how much I love Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin.
Andy Garcia was full on Benicio Del Toro from THE USUAL SUSPECTS--in that, he was both incoherent and amusing.
Benicio Del Toro is too fine, watching Things We Lost In The Fire,and it's a grief movie and I'm like bruh you fine,lemme lick your tears
The movie 'Che' with Benicio Del Toro is absolutely fantastic, 10/10 must-watch.
Why can't they just always be together in movies? But the talented Benicio Del Toro is in it too so that helps!
Benicio del Toro was Oscar material in Was. Too bad he wasn't even nominated.
I used to play basketball and I was pretty competitive, but I was neve...
Sicario was excellent. Review: Emily Blunt sits around being clueless and useless for 2 hours while Benicio del Toro takes care of business.
All purpose parts banner
I love Benicio del Toro too. Really good actor.
When you do a movie the clock is ticking. It's like a sport.
Benicio Del Toro - To me the thing with 'Grea...: via
I'm having a difficult time picturing Leo for some reason. What about Benicio del Toro?
Young benicio del toro is a babe idc what anyone says
finally saw sicario and my benicio del toro feelings are still intense. he is my OG actor crush.
do they pay you also for that Heineken commercial where the people think Benicio del Toro is you
.I hope suave Benicio Del Toro wins today
Benicio Del Toro & Tommy Lee Jones in William Friedkin's THE HUNTED. See it in 35mm midnight tonight
I used to have a huuuge crush on Benicio Del toro and I'm not ashamed to say because he's an amazing actor.
I'm watching Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas I'll just... Blur J*hnny D*pp's nasty face and focus on Benicio Del Toro
Celebrities who should do a voice acting role: Benicio Del Toro
I've seen every movie and I can't even think of them. Benicio Del Toro had one... And uh, StarLord maybe?
Just watched Great movie! And if you didn't know already Benicio Del Toro is a bad ***
Jesus save me from young benicio del toro. He causes my heart gr8 pain
Well gets a maximum score of 10 Bennies. Del Toro goes full Benicio in this one 😍❤️
Gosh I just adore Benicio del Toro...he's literally a sexy beast
I've liked most of the films that I've been in and those are the kinds...
"You're asking me how a watch works. For now just keep an eye on the time." Benicio Del Toro,
It's funny, but when I arrived in California to start college I was mu...
U watch & see for urself. It was a big hit. u know Benicio Del Toro right ?. Alejandro from Sicario, hes lead
Benicio Del Toro about to flip this movie
What if Benicio Del Toro or Javier Bardem had played Khan in into darkness. Smh.
I have proof of missing link: video footage of Benicio Del Toro turning into wolf like creature.
I mean I like most of the films that I've seen that I've been in.
Benicio Del Toro is so attractive it hurts my soul
When you forget that Benicio Del Toro is gonna be in and then you REMEMBER.
Luis Scola is gonna look like Benicio Del Toro with a wig in twenty years.
I am totes carrying a torch for Benicio Del Toro right now. He's been in a lot of dramas I've been watching recently. So good!
Victor Hedman looks like Leo DiCaprio and Benicio Del Toro's love child...and I'd kill to have him on the Red Wings.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I can't wait for Jeff Goldblum and Benicio del Toro to have a quirk-off
Yo even though Benicio Del Toro is terrifying now, he was 🔥🔥 when he was young 😍
I wish Benicio Del Toro was my best friend.
Also Benicio del Toro. Thats a bomb *** dude right there
When some people get parts, they feel they can now relax, but for me i...
Could Benicio Del Toro and/or Laura Dern's roles in Episode 8 be like Max Von Sydow's in TFA? A small yet crucial role?
. Benicio Del Toro . Edris Elba . Ghost from Power . All the white guys on those male striper movies.
I actually think Benicio Del Toro would do a really convincing Morbius
Walk the Line, starring Amanda Bynes and Benicio Del Toro. Directed by Richard Kelly, music by Good Charlotte. Budget: $10m
Congrats and You 've managed to make me sick of Benicio Del Toro, one of the coolest guys out there.
I bet Benicio Del Toro is low-key super grateful for the existence of Cartels.
In The Usual Suspects, Benicio Del Toro has waxed eyebrows and it's honestly too much for me to handle.
I just realized Benicio Del Toro looks like an older and drunk Brad Pitt.
to that time when I spotted BENICIO del TORO and I totally blew the opportunity to say…
Benicio Del Toro is daddy. I love his face
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Benicio Del Toro is going to be in Episode VIII. BENICIO DEL TORO IS GOING TO BE IN EPISODE VIII!
The iPod has changed all that because sometimes I listen to an album from b...
I liked the Benicio Del Toro version, and even the weird Jack Nicholson variant, and I think the basic story can...
Dark Castle was an amazing game worthy of Benicio del Toro as Dr Gonzo - beware of the bats!
Watched Benicio Del Toro in The Living Daylights when I was a kid and was convinced then that men can't look better than that. Truth.
I'm at my most Mexican when I'm talking about movies and I suddenly pronounce Benicio Del Toro like a Telemundo newscaster.
updates Benicio Del Toro for rank 421 to 442
Benicio Del Toro is NORML. Why not control marijuana and have the government tax it and use that
The cambodian desert frog is the only living creature that can understand benicio del toro.
Wait I'm being told that Benicio Del Toro just came out with a Heineken ad. There ya go.
Benicio Del Toro should probably have a tequila commercial but I don't think Benicio Del Toro has a tequila commercial.
I liked a video Lifetime's OVERSHARING: Jillian Bell is Bad at Meeting Benicio Del Toro
My gf saw Benicio Del Toro and said "why does Brad Pitt look so tired?" . Lol I'm gonna shoot her in her sleep.
You have to kill to survive. People have been doing it forever. I eat meat,...
Man I really hope Benicio Del Toro being in Star Wars episode 8 as a villain is true
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Hello? Three words: Benicio Del Toro, which, incidentally, is Spanish for '...
Benicio Del Toro in Star Wars 8! If u didn't know he was suppose to be Darth maul but left the role
To me the thing with 'Grease' was that it was the first movie that as a kid...
Anyone else think that Benicio Del Toro's character in Sin City looks a lot like PPG's creator Craig McCracken?
Hope never runs into any Benicio Del Toro haters….
I get more choices of things, projects, which is a blessing and a curse. I ...
Benicio del Toro will star in a film about Cuban mafia leader Jose Miguel Battle, Jr. but it won't be out soon --
Oscar Isaac, my small latino boyfriend . Benicio del toro, my huge latino husband
Sicario was great. Everything technical was great ,but Benicio Del Toro's acting and Dennis Villeneuve's directing were am…
Benicio Del Toro is at the end of his rope in 'A Perfect Day'
Currently watching Where the Buffalo Roam. A great idea. But desperately needs Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp.
EXCLUSIVE: TJ English’s Cuban mob book The Corporation to be turned into film starring Benicio Del Toro
Well, when I came to Hollywood, there were three names really of Latin acto...
Just saw Benicio Del Toro and I'm like.. Why can't he be the new Dos XX guy!?
Are you trying to intimate that Benicio Del Toro is not cool?
I do think the Benicio Del Toro angle is pretty likely though. They've been exploring a lot of the politics in the EU.
Pfft I just saw Benicio del Toro in a beer commercial =T
you know there is this theory about Benicio del Toro's character being older!Ezra (gone dark)? this part got me thinking :|
Benicio Del Toro set to play Kingpin of the Cuban-American Mafia in ‘The Corporation’!
Good conversation being had here right now. Benicio Del Toro. …
I am now going to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I'm now in Love with Benicio Del Toro. Please recommend ACTION/Spy movies...
I certainly can - Christopher Maloni,James Purefoy,Eric Bana,Benicio Del Toro, and wierdly enough Armie Hammer if he dyed his hair
Benicio Del Toro and Tim Robbins star in A PERFECT DAY. Opens Friday exclusively
Benicio Del Toro, Star Wars Episode VIII, and why today is A Very Good Day for EU (Expanded Universe) Fans...
Benicio Del Toro does look like a poor man's Brad Pitt.
If Stallone was truly cast in the MCU, he'll probably get the same treatment Idris Elba & Benicio Del Toro got. I don't want that
Hehe, Benicio Del Toro. How can those silly people confuse him with Antonio Banderas?
Benicio del Toro is a gangster with a heart of gold who moonlights as a call center attendant in the suburbs of Bangalore.
In the 90s Mike Figgis wanted to do a Dolce Vita sequel in LA w/ Benicio del Toro as Marcello's son, but th…
I think Benicio Del Toro secretly is Brad Pitt trying to expand into the Latin market.
Benicio Del Toro was really great but everything else didn't grab me too much. Elijah Wood was used well but he didn't actually do anything?
Tom Hardy in The Drop, Locke, as Bane. Brad Pitt in *** Jason Statham in *** and Crank. Benicio Del Toro (?) in Sicario. Tom Cruise in MI
OK Mag - Celebrities Spotted Out and About – Week of March 4: Benicio Del Toro behind the scenes of his new Th...
That Benicio Del Toro commercial for Heineken is really good.
and we're all in agreement that Benicio Del Toro circa Fear and Loathing woul'dve been a terrific Agent Garrett
Till my dying day I will secretly believe that Benicio Del Toro and Brad Pitt are the same guy
Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro shone in 🙌🏾. I recommend you see it if you haven't. It had my attention from start to finish.
Benicio Del Toro shares a soundbite or two about new project:
Originally cast as Maul in Ep. 1, & assuming Maul survives Rebels; any chance Benicio Del Toro is Maul in Ep8?
Benicio del Toro's performances are so silently intense. From The Usual Suspects to The Fan to Traffic to Sicario. His characters stand out.
w/ & Benicio Del Toro Enjoyed in 192 countries yet same great taste
oh, you're right we can just send a revenge-driven, bloodthirsty Benicio del Toro to take out the boss.
plays Kim Barker in hear her on House of Crouse + Benicio Del Toro on
I'm not saying I'm a writer, but I've been in movies for a long time, and I...
Benicio Del Toro, presenter at the 88th Academy Awards, in
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The talk of King Prana made me wonder if Benicio del Toro might play him! What if he is a Jabba-like character but royalty?
Benicio del Toro looks like high Brad Pitt
Benicio Del Toro in 'Sicario' was such a pleasure to watch sure he was a hitman but he was a hitman with heart
.biggest global campaign to date stars Benicio Del Toro
I hope benicio del toro knows that there's a whole group of young women on the internet who would literally take a bullet for him 😘😘😘
Benicio Del Toro is not Antonio Banderas in this new Heineken ad
Ezra is a Knight of Ren played by Benicio Del Toro :D :D :D or not. I don't know.
LOLOL The ad where people call Benicio del Toro, Antonio Banderas! Better than the NPH ads.
It is a crime the Benicio Del Toro Wolfman didn't launch a Universal Monster franchise with Hugo as the connective tissue
Is Brad Pitt turning into Benicio del Toro or is Benicio turning into Brad? Either way, both are winning.
Benicio Del Toro looks like a Puerto Rican Brad Pitt who just woke up.
Benicio Del Toro looks more tired than most of humanity.
The Benicio Del Toro commercial of him getting mistaken for Antonio Banderas is gold.
White people in a Heineken commercial confusing Benicio Del Toro for Antonio Banderas is very upsetting to me
Behind the Scenes with Benicio Del Toro As the New Global Face of Heineken!
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Why would you ruin benicio del toro's face with prosthetics?
I think Benicio Del Toro's character in 8 will be Ezra tbh
There is something so specific about Benicio Del Toro.
Tbt to Cuba when I was annoyed that man wouldn't move out of my shot of the little boy. That man = Benicio del Toro http…
At least Latinos have dope actors. Michael Peña, Benicio Del Toro. Who we got? Ken Jeong...
Can’t think of a single role Benicio Del Toro didn’t rock, not one
.AND Benicio Del Toro are joining leaving us like:
Benicio Del Toro and are officially joining Episode VIII
Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro have joined the cast of &Wars: Episode VIII,&Disney confirmed on Monday.
Variety: Episode VIII adds Benicio Del Toro and LauraDern to the cast
Teaser clip turns up for “Star Wars: Episode VIII”; Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern join cast
Episode VIII adds Benicio Del Toro and to the cast
2/19/16. Smokey Robinson is 76. Jeff Daniels is 61. Dave Stewart is 59. Roger Goodell is 57. Seal is 53. Benicio Del Toro is 49
+ Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman and Benicio Del Toro (the movie has no confirmed d…
'Star Wars: Episode VIII' reveals new cast members Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro
Yeah, you told me you finally saw it. It's such a great movie. Benicio Del Toro steals the movie.
Benicio Del Toro in China Moon is my dream guy looks wise
I'm not Jack Nicholson. I'm not Brando. But I do mumble.
and Benicio Del Toro on the set of '21 Grams' (2003)
Good memories! Madrid, premiere Benicio del Toro & Who is who?
The rate Universal is going they could get Benicio Del Toro to play Wolf Man!
Benicio Del Toro was The Wolfman, Tom Cruise will be The Mummy now Johnny Depp for Invisible Man
"I should have everyone design their dream man. Mine would be Benicio del Toro, Corina's would be Oscar Isaac. We'll make collages" -my prof
There is one scene in Sicario, in the end of the film that is absolutely brilliant. Benicio del Toro stars in it.
Just rewatched Sicario again an was even better the second time. Benicio Del Toro is phenomenal.
Saw a YouTube describing Benicio del Toro as Ezra turned dark side in E8? Age is correct, thoughts?
I'm rethinking Sicario, and I'm about 80% sure Benicio Del Toro's junk was in that guys mouth in the torture scene.
he kinda looks like a washed Benicio Del Toro there
The bizzy in this is a pancake and Benicio Del Toro is talking to him about me
chances Benicio del toro is Ezra Bridger in episode 8?
What is the probability that "Snoke" is a Sith Lord n that Benicio Del Toro will be Snokes apprentice hidden from Kylo
Crimson Peak - Charlie Hunnam and Jessica Chastain in a horror love story from Benicio del Toro.
Just found this picture of Benicio del Toro eating a Solero. You’re welcome.
Emily Blunt was fantastic. Benicio Del Toro, though. Beni is as Beni does, and I love it forever and always.
Hmm, they marketed Sicario as Emily Blunt's film. But she spends a lot of time looking pained while Benicio Del Toro gets down to business.
Matchy matchy with Benicio del Toro's Tevas! Ripper movie,
'License to Kill' is not one of the great Bond movies. Benicio Del Toro.
Benicio del toro just proved how much more of a badass he is by this role
Just found out Mexican pronounce Texas as "Teh-has". 😅. Sicario feat. Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin & Emily Blunt
Benicio Del Toro is my father don't get it twisted
Benicio del Toro dabbed in The Usual Suspects, check the tape.
I always enjoyed the gritty hand to hand combat and knife fights between Tommy Lee jones and Benicio del Toro — watching The Hunted (2003)
Benicio del Toro has been announced as a presenter at this year's 88th on February 28th.
~Auto correct keeps trying 2 change Benicio del Toro...in2 *del Toronto*. I don't believe that man is Canadian.
Oh my gosh, Benicio del Toro sigue siendo uno de mis actor crushes, no matter how much time goes on.
Benicio Del Toro heads to the dark side for Star Wars: Episode 8
Click to see my opinion of last year's movie featuring Benicio Del Toro!
baby Benicio del Toro in Madonna's “La Isla Bonita” may be my fave music video flashback
I'm watching *** and benicio del toro is just not real
Where's Benicio Del Toro's nomination? Oh wait he's.never mind.
No problem, plus Benicio del Toro is great in the movie too.
Benicio del Toro is such a badass name
was a pretty dark, yet decent watch. Got me further hyped for Benicio del Toro in SW8 too.
I just saw Sicario, why isn't Benicio del Toro nominated? why isn't Sicario nominated for everything?
Benicio Del Toro stars in this “beautifully shot...action thriller."
You think African Americans have bad in the Oscar Race.. I had to create an extra box for Benicio Del Toro in "SECARIO". …
Bite your tongue. Dalton went up against badasses Robert Davi and Benicio Del Toro in the same movie.
Bloodlines new character Ransolm Casterfo is who I think Benicio Del Toro will play in Episode VIII. Thoughts?
Benicio Del Toro is either Grand Admiral Thrawn or Ezra Bridger in Star Wars VIII. INTENSE
Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt are some of my favorite actors currently working.
Hamilton Collection
Will Smith, Michael B Jordan, Benicio Del Toro and Straight Outta Compton, please tell how the noms were fair
Micheal B Jordan, Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba, Benicio Del Toro, Shameik Moore off the top of my head. Probably missing some.
Today I saw a movie called Traffic. Acted by Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Benicio Del Toro
A picture from 2002-Traffic, with Benicio Del Toro and Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
The major reason I am checking out "Sicario" is Benicio Del Toro. And probably another perspective on the Ciudad Juarez situation.
I wonder what Benicio Del Toro gets more.offers to play a Mexican Federal Drug Agent or Mexican Drug Cartel Boss
what a Movie!!! Hats off to Denis Villeneuve, and off course to Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.
I love Benicio Del Toro in the Bond movie he was in he was great very creepy villain
I love Benicio del Toro. I love Sicario. I don't need to say more.
I really wonder where Benicio Del Toro fits into the Star Wars universe in Episode 8
http:/bid on my magazines to help me raise money for an ad campaign for One Love this Valentine's Day! More...
I haven't seen a movie this good in a long time. The cinematography. Denis Villeneuve. Benicio Del Toro.
Benicio Del Toro in Sicario is basically as smooth as this:
'THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE' (2007). A heartbreaking film with an incredible Benicio del Toro. Thanks again,
3 nominations for at the Austin FIlm Critics Awards, including Benicio del Toro as Best Supporting Actor !
His arc should be good to follow. Also Benicio Del Toro should play another villain in EVIII, guess he's another Ren.
Best thing about Very Murray Christmas is David Johansen looking like an emaciated Benicio Del Toro in detox singing Fairy Tale Of New York
Just saw Benicio Del Toro is in the next episode. Gonna be LEGIT.
Benicio Del Toro telling Kylo Ren to throw the light saber in the bathtub when "White Rabbit" peaks
Benicio Del Toro once again proves that he is one of the best actors alive. His range is astounding. Brutal and sympathetic.
I think Benicio Del Toro is playing a dark side character who apposes Snoke and the first order.
Si final for I give it 2 stars (out of 5) Benicio Del Toro was great in it but I could pick apart the film.Blunts character ect ect
Hopefully Benicio Del Toro plays the same type of character in Episode VIII as he did in "Sicario".
can't wait for Benicio Del Toro's Character in the next film
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