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Benghazi Four

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"becomes 6th country to break diplomatic ties with But *which* Libya? Grand Hotel Benghazi, or Four…
Obama's criminal regime left four Americans to die in Benghazi and viciously tried to deny health care to year old Sarah Murnaghan.
Uh...not even the slightest bit. Four casualties. That's all Benghazi will ever be. White supremacists have killed…
Still don't know where Obama was during Which resulted in four dead Americans and the. Jade was lied abo…
Stand Up 4 the 4 murdered, can't 4gotten Add the ->
What did you wear for the four soldiers who died in Benghazi who died at the hands of you pal
It was unspeakable and cruel to leave those four men in Benghazi
Yep...sure...that's the same attitude you had with the four Americans in not…
E-Mails/Benghazi 2020...hey, it's better than four more years of
The Benghazi Four liar,she says it so it must be true?I don't think so.
Doesn't mean much coming from the person that lied and four Americans died in Benghazi.
POTUS was not responsible for four deaths in Benghazi and people dying in Haiti and many others who are the murdere…
John Kerry compares Trump to OJ Simpson give me a description of Hillary Mr. Kerry when…
Susan Rice lied repeatedly about a video causing Benghazi, Libya attacks that killed four, including…
It's Most Important 2day 4ward 2 show That We know is a Deal! Add the ->
Shocked to see Susan Rice talking about the terror ban this am. She lied to four different news shows about Be…
Where was when was under attack and four (4) Americans were killed during a thirtee…
Disturbing that your mom remembers running from sniper fire in Bosnia but forgot about those four Americans in Benghazi…
Four dead in Benghazi, Libya a disaster, 5 billion dollars missing from the State Department she was Secretary of State, deleting emails Ect
No more lies haven't 4gotten Add the ->
. Too bad you weren't as interested in the REALITY of an unsecured SD server and four people KILLED in Benghazi.
.The Benghazi Four have no blessings left to be thankful for. . Think on your sins.
BREAKING: The Benghazi panel comes to an end since exploiting four dead Americans can no longer help the GOP.
Is anybody buying this *** story that he needs to SAVE Trump??? Not sure who Benghazi Four is but he's full of himself
bad taste to assign a grade such as F,0.0,plainly four Americans died in Benghazi.The only people with good judgmenthad to disobey
She & O we're responsible four for deathxbat thrbEmbassy in Benghazi - so nickname Killary fits.
Carney - Happened a long time ago. Add the -> 2 remind him Remember!
Calling all haven't 4gotten Add the ->
Looking in mirror, isn't it great it's not you; Benghazi, refugees, Obamamess, private servers or lost election for next four years?
Four people died. That is boring according to Whoopie Goldberg. (And a guy got sent to jail to cover up why). .
Benghazi Four is the reason this Democrat became a Republican again. That evil woman would kill us all. God Bless t…
Hillary allowed for four men to be slaughtered in Lied. Not asinine to campare their decision making.
Going "full Benghazi" for four years didn't seem to hurt Republicans, did it?
Americans you must go on now. Nonetheless, we talked about Benghazi attack for. Four years. We have Russia spies in…
I woke up this morning, and whether the Russians hacked us or not still has nothing to do with four dead Americans in Benghazi
Let's make a deal with GOP. We only want half the number of Benghazi investigations. Four should do it. . Deal?
I will never forget and the four American lives we lost on 9/11/12. ❤️🇺🇸 .
Oh no Benghazi! Four people died. How many people do you think Trump's diplomatic idiocy will kill?
*** are you smoking??? Hillary OWNS Benghazi and the lives of four brave men who didn't stand a chance. Period.
Let's see.. > Obama lied about a video causing Benghazi, and was worth killing four Americans over. . > Obama lied...
and your lack of effort in Benghazi killed four heroes, then you lied to the families of those fallen heroes.
Hillary Clilnton belong lock up for using government computer and four dead Benghazi
You did nothing in Benghazi and four Americans died. Why do you feel you have the high ground on this?
Four men in Benghazi, and their families, would wholeheartedly agree.
Giuliani: If HRC had been "a halfway decent Secretary of State [...] those four men [Benghazi] would still be alive today."
Giuliani on Benghazi: "If she had been paying attention, those four men would be alive today!"
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you should know. Four heros died in Benghazi on your watch...completely unforgivable!
we lost four of our Finest in Benghazi bc you ignored them then lied to their families that it was bc of a vid. Worst SOS
The media has talked about e-mails every day for two years but it could be worse they talked about Benghazi for four years.
That's what the four dead Americans at Benghazi thought. Thanks for admitting you aren't up to the task. Hillary.
Four men in Benghazi found out the hard way. God rest their souls.
Each of us should keep in mind that Obama's criminal regime callously left four Americans to die in Benghazi.
The four dead in know exactly what you mean.
I agree. The four Americans in Benghazi would too if they were still alive.
No "human being" could look the families of the Benghazi Four in the eye and lie to them about how they died.
I bet you can name all four Benghazi victims but not one of the 60 prior to them.
Not making a move at all can lead to people dying. During you sat on your fat *** and four Americans died
as they later attacked our Benghazi compound and killed four Americans with the weapons Hillary supplied them!
Or when you are secretary of state and let four Americans die in have no shame.
So it's too late to say sorry?. Like for lying to families of FOUR who DIED in
As the Benghazi Four know only too well.
Hillary is a massive failure at foreign policy. Four "less safe" Americans right here⬇️. http…
also when you're the Sec of State. Just ask the Benghazi Four.
true! your wrong moves were the difference between four lives and four deaths in Benghazi
Support the 4, haven't 4gotten Add the ->
Stand Up 4 the murdered, haven't 4gotten Add the ->
Stand Up 4 the murdered, can't 4gotten Add the ->
SofS Kerry said he has other things more import that 2 do! Add the ->
Remind he said haven't 4gotten Add the ->
Her lies and corruption got four Americans killed in Benghazi that's corruption at an all time high
Rep. have been beating the Email Scandal and Benghazi to death for four years and wasting taxpayer money to do it. Net Result? Rep Down 9%
Please feel free 2 use this jpg or the -> 4. will not 4get!
I can name Four reasons to not vote for HRC
No more silence haven't 4gotten Add the ->
. Did Killary send him to keep Vince Foster & the Benghazi Four company?
Four died and she lied . Benghazi Family: Hillary lied about us to George Stephanopoulos via
Leaving four men behind in benghazi is against constitution, she should be in jail
Add the NOW! -> /Don't let it B said that when U'r support was needed, U were absent!
Maybe every conservatives four first loves all died at Benghazi? Though widows have gotten over husbands quicker than neocons get over Ghazi
There ya have it. Four lives could've been *saved* in Benghazi. Cathy Barry Willinger
. Benghazi did not fit the Obama re-election narrative. Thus, four people had to die. Its all about the coll…
haven't 4gotten 4 the Brave 4. Add the ->
but Hillary said they all deserve a second chance. I guess four dead Americans at Benghazi isn't enough for her.
Benghazi whitewater gun runner and now we know abandoned the four in Benghazi to die!! Greed is great clintons have
Republicans continue to play politics with the four dead patriotic Americans killed in attack.
Please expose Hillary for calling the four's families liars... outrageous!
Air traffic to Benghazi suspended for security reasons this morning, four days after US ambassador & 3 of his staff killed…
I will never forget the four brave men in Benghazi !
PARENTS (plural) of the Benghazi Four say specifically that Hillary said the raid was caused by the video..AND NOW SHE IS DENYING IT !!
Hillary Clinton had the audacity to claim she never talked to the grieving families of our four fallen diplomats in Benghazi.
Clinton and Obama Killed four men in Benghazi with their negligence and incompetence. continue to lie about potential rescue!
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what is the difference between the four you left behind in Benghazi how about explaining that first
It's not me that's lying. It's the Four Families of the Men I let Die at that are lying! I am Not a Liar!
Can we learn from a picture why you let four Americans die in Benghazi?
thinks more about the Final Four than the Four
she went to Benghazi and four MEN DIED. They could have been saved.
.had 5 hours to save the Benghazi Four. What did she do? She say on her FAT *** & did nothing. .had to be elected
must withdraw! She's clearly responsible for four dead!
Seal Team Six was Silenced so they could not talk. Benghazi Four was Silenced so they could not talk
"I did not murder him" -Hillary Clinton re: Vince Foster and the Benghazi Four
Any successes AGAINST the Islamic Extremists of the "Arab Spring", who slaughtered the Benghazi Four and are...
Justice for the Benghazi Four. Every American "makes a difference" to a patriot Ms. Clinton.
Justice for the Benghazi Four. Some day the truth will be known and a black page will be written in the history of this…
Justice for the Benghazi Four. Even the antics of Vladimir Putin won't make this one go away Mr. President,
Justice for the Benghazi Four. The battle raged,the president slept and the State Department started propagating fairy …
Justice for the Benghazi Four. Ms. Clinton your legacy at the State Department will be forever marred by betrayal and l…
The Benghazi Four interrupted a fake hostage rescue designed to make Obama a hero and win the election.
Paul Walker dies and the whole country mourns. Four Americans are murdered in Benghazi and the whole country yawns.
Benghazi is a big deal for Right Wingers, I mean over four thousand soldire than your body,
Please help support Benghazi Four, add a now!
Thank you for speaking up for the Benghazi Four day after day. Millions if us haven't forgotten.
Please help support Benghazi Four, add a now! Easy to adjust & move ribbon where you want it. JUST DO IT
and on sept. 11 2012 you let four Americans die in when you knew there was an attack happening and…
When the truth on is out Obama will be impeached. Keep Obamagate allive with a Twibbon on your avatar
Remind he said haven't 4gotten Add the ☛
Justice for the ?Benghazi Four. They waited for help that never came and died knowing they had been betrayed by their l…
Justice for the Benghazi Four. Ms. Clinton you've got some unfinished business to take care of before U even think of …
Justice for the Benghazi Four. Ms. Clinton,this betrayal will follow you and one day you'll find out what difference it…
Support the 4, haven't 4gotten Add the ☛
Show support for investigating Benghazi. Get a yellow ribbon on your pic
Calling all haven't 4gotten Add the ☛
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Justice for the Benghazi Four!. One day your stone wall will crumble Mr. Obama and all the deception will be recognized for what it is.
I dare the Rolling Stone to put the four on their cover down ~ be brave Rolling Stone
why won't the Rolling Stone put a real Hero on the cover such as a Military Hero or the four
Justice for the Benghazi Four! . This is more than just politics Mr. Obama,families have been destroyed and you owe them…
haven't 4gotten 4 the Brave 4. Add the ☛
If Civil Rights charges are placed on Zimmerman then Criminal Changes should be placed for Brian Terry and the Benghazi Four.
"During the campaign and throughout the past four years, President Obama has told the American people that he would run the most transparent administration in history. From Benghazi to the IRS to the latest news on the NSA it is quite clear that Obama’s administration is failing to keep their word on this issue." Forbes, Doug Schoen
People in countries around the world have to be laughing their *** off at us right now. Our current administration has no morals, integrity or intelligence about them. Everyone in this country has to know this unless they have been living under a rock. Here is a short list of a few things that have happened. The CIA spent our hard earned tax dollars on expensive hookers and lavish hotel rooms. The IRS launched a campaign to deny non-profit status to any Republican groups and to audit many tax payers that do not belong to the Democrat Party. Refused to help the four Americans in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of all four. Sent 2,000 assault weapons to Mexico for the mafia which resulted in hundreds of deaths of innocent people down there and at least one American CBP protecting our boarders in the USA. Obama thinks it's okay for the FBI to conduct surveillance on all social media networks and wire tapping our phones. Eric Holder ordered the Department of Injustice to dig up some dirt on Fox New ...
Gun running to drug cartels, Benghazi where four Americans died, DOJ tapping phone lines, IRS targeting people based on political affiliation, NSA collecting data from millions of innocent Americans, auto bailout of GM that lost 10 billion dollars, an Attorney General that lies under oath and people still support Obama!!! Why?? Not to mention more people on food stamps than ever in our country, a 16 trillion dollar deficit, a disaster of a healthcare bill getting ready to assault America!! Come on people wake up, this man is not good for this country we must stop his agenda!!!
If Obama the wannabe dictator is not stopped from finishing the job the Muslim Brotherhood sent him todo then America will be destroyed Obama has already financially crippled the US with the spending and lack of job growth, he has started a war of the classes with his divide and conquer plan, he has made America a liar with Iran and Syria , he has coward down to Russia and went on a apology tour four America causing are dead veterans to flip in their graves. He has attacked are constitution by not enforcing the laws like DOMA and Imagration plus he's attacked religion ,freedom of Speech and are right to bare arms and attacked freedom of the press and now the whole American public has been attacked by wiretapping and data mining. Last but not least as for now he's used his goon squads to attack us like the IRS and don't forget the DOJ ,DEA, and ATF with the Fast &Furious gun running that has caused many deaths on both sides of the border, then there's 4 dead in Benghazi and the coverup plus now promoting R ...
Obama loses the left Politicians and mainstream media turn against the president It’s become so bad, even Obama may be giving up on Obama. From moderates to radicals, the left is abandoning Obama in droves, and a statement from the president might suggest even he has already given up on himself. While commenting Friday on his latest scandal, the NSA’s spying on the phone records of millions of Americans, the president seemed to predict his own impeachment, saying he “will leave office sometime in the next three and half years.” It may be sooner than later, the way he’s going. Virtually everyone on the left is howling over the Obama administration, from the New York Times to Al Gore. The Times may have delivered the most serious blow to Obama, given the enormous credibility it has with the left. Its Thursday editorial condemned his administration for collecting phone call data from millions of Americans and starkly stated, “the administration had lost all credibility.” That was a dramatic bre ...
What a bunch of morons! Even if you don't like having your phone records looked into...This is a law created by George BUSH!! It's been re-upted 3 or four times by all these same *** who are now screaming about it. If you don't like the law you voted for then change the thing you simpering, childish, *** sucking whiny-babies.
Samantha Power, who is facing some resistance from pro-Israel groups, gets praise from the Israeli ambassador to Washington.
Amid investigations into the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, a majority of Americans - includ...
Adam John Walsh (November 14, 1974 – July 27, 1981) was an American boy who was abducted from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida, on July 27, 1981, and later found murdered and decapitated. Walsh's death earned national publicity. His story was made into the 1983 te...
Obama: If you can't trust us, we're going to have some problems
Yesterday we updated you about Susan Rice being appointed National Security Advisor to President Obama. By appointing Susan Rice to the National Security Council, President Obama can claim EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE and stop her from being called to testify on who ordered her to lie to the American people…
The Decline of the Obama Presidency - FRED BARNES (wall street journal) - His second term is coming undone not because of scandal but because of decisions made in the previous four years.
From The Tea Party: Dear Patriot, We are in the fight of our lives and the future of America is at stake. There is no time to waste because the enemy within is attacking us on multiple levels and from many directions. Help us win this fight. Black Panther voter intimidation. RESULT - DOJ looked the other way, no charges filed, no prosecution. Failing to label the Fort Hood shootings as a terrorist event. RESULT: Victims are denied Purple Heart benefits and many are hurting for money while the terrorist shooter Nidal Malik Hasan receives over $278,000 from the government in salary. Running untracked guns into Mexico to gangs and drug cartels in the botched Fast & Furious gun running operation in an attempt to attack the Second Amendment. RESULT: Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican citizens. Denying help to Ambassador Stevens and his team at Benghazi. Choosing to fall asleep while they were under attack. RESULT: FOUR dead Americans America will either survive this thrashing by B ...
TO: All you Progressives --- Do you still trust Obama? IRS, Benghazi, NSA, AP, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, etc. What a guy and fabulous,trustworthy, awe-inspiring administation. Four more years of this and we will be a banana republic. Read the NYT and Wash. Post and Huff. Post. Then try the Wall Street Journal.
Below is a sample letter, that you can modify, print, sign, and mail, e-mail or fax it to your representative and two senators. Personalize it and make it yours. This is a link where you can obtain...
On Wednesday, military veterans and retired special operations officers demanded, in an open letter released by OPSEC, that former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen be deposed by C...
  First, the purpose of this post is to put a lot of the recent political events into one basket, to not look at each one in a vacuum, but to see the totality of them and what that collective says about the state of our government.  Trying to see the forest instead of all the individual trees, if you will.  I will not be discussing any of them in detail, but rather, present them as more of a list. Second, this is not by any means a definitive list.  Some of the items here are on a national level and have far-reaching implications while others are small in comparison and impact only a very small few.  They all belong here, as the purpose is show the current political climate on not only the federal level, but also in state and local government. Third, this may anger some of my Democrat friends out there.  That is fine with me.  I just ask that you do research, in depth research going beyond the superficial claims of elected officials and look into what has really taken place, not what one side or th ...
ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? Has it actually started to sink in on you yet? Over the course of the last several weeks we have learned that the IRS began a program in 2010 to suppress political dissent from the Tea Party and conservatives. The IRS Commissioner made over 150 trips to the Whitehouse and it is clear that the agency was acting on highly placed orders. This was done to hinder political efforts by conservatives thus denying them their 1st Amendment rights. This was Chicago style ‘payback’ to the people for rejecting the Marxist style ‘Change’ our government had so generously offered. Couple this with the Fast and Furious fiasco where our Government trafficked thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels resulting in thousands of Mexican civilians killed as well as two U.S. Federal Officers. Then the cover-up of that scandal which persists to this day. Then there is the Benghazi disaster where our embassy was attacked and four patriots died over an eight hour period when our government decided ...
The Sky Is Falling !! The Sky Is Falling !! Seems like each and every day a New Scandal falls on Obama like hard hail from the Heavens. The poor boy just Can't catch a break. He misled and deceived this nation for his first four years and Now the chickens have come home to roost. If he had any sense at all, instead of playing dirty tricks on the Tea Party and committing Voter Fraud to get re-elected, he should have just cut his losses and withdrew his name from candidacy. But, this *** is too stupid to know when to toss in the towel. Now, I betcha his butt-hole is doing button-hooks. His ardent admirers are, as we speak, beginning to distance themselves from him. It's just a question of time until the doo-doo hits the fan and he will be left on his own, all doo-doo faced, as his reign of ineptness and incompetence comes to an End.
From The Obama Timeline: On June 5 the Associated Press reports that Susan Rice will be Obama’s new national security advisor, replacing persistent information leaker Tom Donilon. (Rice has been the target of considerable criticism for her five Sunday talk show appearances after the Benghazi attack, in which she absurdly blamed a YouTube video for the killings of four Americans. Fortunately for Rice—but unfortunately for Americans—her new job does not require Senate approval.) Obama names Samantha Power to replace Rice as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Obama calls Rice “passionate and pragmatic. I think everybody understands Susan is a fierce champion for justice and human dignity, but she’s also mindful that we have to exercise our power wisely and deliberately.” (As noted previously in this Timeline, both Rice and Powers are strongly anti-Semitic, and have frequently spoken out against Israel. Rice, assistant secretary of state under Bill Clinton, and Richard Clark, persuaded Cli ...
It took 7hours to kill four people at Benghazi the protection -so they say- Did not have time to get there and help. How did they know how long the fight would go on ??It could have taken days they still would not have sent help " COVER UP FOR OBUMA "
Dear Congress,     It is the duty of the Congress to prosecute this country’s most renegade President it is your duty to protect our Constitutional rights and to see that no one ever destroys our freedoms or rights.  These past five years, Obama has trampled on the Constitution and carried out multiple  Treasonous Acts against the citizens and our constitutional rights granted to us as American Citizens.   • He wages illegal wars, as in Libya, without the approval of Congress, as the Constitution requires. Yet you allow him to continue to dismantle every constitutional safe guard that was ever written to protect us and our freedoms.   • He has intentionally assassinated American citizens abroad without due process in his illegal drone war. Mysterious anyone connected to him from his past or anyone that can bring evidence of wrong doing against him suddenly die’s more Clinton tricks. But yet you our Congress men and woman remain blatantly blind to all fact s surrounding this blight on our Whi ...
This is my most humble observation on the entire debacle. There are many things that went wrong, and plenty of people saw them coming because they ordered all of *their* staff's to clear the area before it happened. So what intelligence existed that caused them to make such a move, and certainly we also had that intel. Then we move on to the 5 questions nobody wants the answers to, and I know that because nobody is even asking the questions. 1. What was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi that night in the first place. He would normally have been in Tripoli, and that is *especially* true given that everyone else had left. 2. Who would have had access to the itinerary of the Ambassador that allowed them to plan an extended and coordinated attack on his exact location and at the exact time he was there. 3. What caused Navy Seal Tyrone Woods to paint the mortar's with his laser. This is a Navy friggin Seal, and he certainly knew *exactly* what he was doing, and what it meant to do it. Obviously he had been ...
WOWW now obamas is tapping my phone and yours..
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So Scandal four is NSA? Worse than a scandal, in fact the only scandal I see is Benghazi the rest are white collar crimes and each and every single person that was involved should tried by jury of their peers.
The statement I'm about to make may offend a few. In my heart I know the majority of you will understand and agree. I have lived a private life, I usually don't go public with my opinions. However, in light of the current situation we are faced with, I cannot in good faith remain silent. Being in a senior appointed position or an elected official, it is your duty to honor that office in which you hold. When one dishonors or disgraces the office/position it is a direct violation of oath in which you should resign or be removed from office/position.not a transfer, and certanly promoted to a higher office. This has nothing to do with being democrat or republican. It has everything to do as being American. Most of us Americans believe in HONOR, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT. This Administration in Washington is beyond anything I've ever known, experienced, or read about in history. Not only have offices been dishonored and disgraced. They have acted blatant in their actions to decieve the public. The worst part of .. ...
What Difference Does it Make? Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s now famous outburst, made during her testimony before congress, will do more to end her political career than all her lies and blunders as ou...
ACT NOW to be a citizen co-sponsor of H.R. 36 – to investigate the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in BENGHAZI. Click this link to immediately become a citizen co-sponsor and demand an investigation into the attack that killed four brave Americans:
Wounded . . . and dangerous - By Caroline B. Glick - be lured into complacency by Kerry's buffoonery or Obama's apparent political weakness US Secretary of State John Kerry looks like a bit of an *** these days. On Monday he announced that he will be returning to Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Jordan for the fifth time since he was sworn into office on February 1. That is an average of more than one visit a month. And aside from frequent flier miles, the only thing he has to show for it is a big black eye from PLO chief and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. When Kerry was here last month he unveiled a stunning plan to bring $4 billion in investment funds to the Palestinian Authority. If his plan actually pans out, its champions claim it will increase the PA's GDP by a mind-numbing 50 percent in three year and drop Palestinian unemployment from 21 to eight percent. Standing before world and regional leaders on May 26, Kerry said plaintively, "This will help build the future. Is this . ...
"You can't have 100% security" and "100% privacy, and also zero inconvenience."
Speaking on condition of anonymity, and appearing in a Fox News Channel interview with his face and voice disguised, the special operator contradicted claims by the Obama administration and a State Department review that said there wasn’t enough time for U.S. military forces to have intervened in the Sept. 11 attack… “I know for a fact that C-110, the EUCOM CIF, was doing a training exercise in … not in the region of North Africa, but in Europe,” the operator told Fox News' Adam Housley. “And they had the ability to act and to respond.” “We had the ability to load out, get on birds and fly there, at a minimum stage,” the operator told Fox News. “C-110 had the ability to be there, in my opinion, in a matter of about four hours…four to six hours.” Being so close, C-110s would have been able to respond had there been a second attack, the source added. The source says many people connected to the Benghazi bombing feel threatened and are afraid to talk. “The problem is, you got guys i ...
Currently the Obama administration is facing four big scandals —The NSA, the IRS targeting, the bugging of AP and Fox, and Benghazi. Now we have scandal Number Four, just as large in scope. WHERE IS OBAMA AND WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO SAY
Obama Has Lost All Credibility - Scandal after scandal, lie after lie, Four dead Americans in Benghazi. Have any of you Obama supporters realized yet how dangerous this current administration is? Who knows what this president is up to? You can be sure it is no good!
Why doesn't he share-who said NO to security for the Benghazi consulate; who said STAND DOWN to the request for armed support for the four who died in Benghazi; who CHANGED THE TALKING POINTS for Ambassador Rice so she lied about the video; who gave the IRS orders to single out conservative groups to prevent getting their tax exempt status; who gave IRS permission to spend over $50 million on luxurious conferences; who decided to was appropriate for NSA to collect data on all Americans' cell phones and emails, instead of suspected foreign terrorists? Transparency my _ _ _!!
My older sister, Ann, is having a birthday this month and as a present to herself she's doubling down on her infatuation for President Obozo. Forget the fact that the wealth of American families has decreased 55%; forget that the IRS is a scandal that keeps on giving; forget that her telephone calls are probably monitored; forget that four Americans died in Benghazi without the slightest effort to save them; forget that Obozocare will bankrupt families and eventually the nation. She will, but I won't forget...Happy Birthday Ann.
From our friends at NumbersUSA... please join/follow them if you don't already!
Well, the Justice Dept is under fire, Benghazi won't go away, and now the IRS scandal where one of the head agents visited the White House 153 times according to Newt Gingrich. Theres enough here to last at least four years.
Some good news today, on POLITICO - Federal prosecutors are seeking a four-year prison term for former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.) following his guilty plea on illegally diverting campaign funds to personal use, according to newly filed court documents. Jackson would have to forfeit $750,000, and repay his campaign another $750,000. Jackson is set to be sentenced early next month.
Silicon Valley worked for years to persuade the public to live their lives online, to trust websites with credit card numbers, clouds with business documents and phones with intimate emails and photos. Now, thanks in part to Washington, D.C., those confidences are at risk of unraveling — and t...
Did anyone else notice the strange comment the president made at today's press briefing, that he would be leaving office sometime in the next 3 1/2 years? What does that mean?
It's been more than seven months and we still don't have answers about what happened in Benghazi, Libya when four brave Americans were killed on September 11...
Those defending Obama as innocent in light of recent IRS and NSA scandals, keep in mind that had this happened to Bush, we'd be screaming for W's head on a pike. We've always demanded our president as leader take responsibility for the misactions of his administration from Truman to Bush. This has never changed and never should.
The Director of the National Security Agency (DIRNSA) is the highest-ranking official in the National Security Agency, which is a Defense Agency within the U.S. Department of Defense. The Director of the NSA also concurrently serves as Chief of the Central Security Service (CHCSS) and as Commander o...
Time for a rant...something I haven't done in quite some time. Here we go...what is wrong with our government? If it was not so sad, it would be funny. First of all, there is Benghazi where four Americans die. The administration lies and says it was the result of an inflammatory video when it was a terrorist act. Then, the woman who went out and lied five times to the American public was promoted as the President's national security advisor. There should be some penalty for purposely misleading the American public like this. Then, there is the IRS targeting conservative groups. Thus, it is a violation of the first Amendment and the right of expression. Whether you are a conservative or liberal, you must admit this act is damaging to American democracy. Then, while people are losing their jobs and going hungry, this same agency spends hundreds of thousands on training videos. Then, to make matters worse, they get warrants and name reporter's as co-conspirators in leak investigations. What effect will this ...
Put that in your Benghazi pipe and smoke on it.
President Nixon said, “I am not a crook.” Well, maybe not, but whiz-kid reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, due to their relentless search for the truth, caused the president to ultimately resign. Their secret source, a person known only as “Deep Throat,” became legend. The media and the publ...
Can't argue the facts man     Just the facts.   To us these  are patterns that are very obvious... When things like this are so self  evident to you and I you can almost certainly consider the fact that those  making decisions on our behalf have been bought & sold & sold  again     FACTS DON'T LIE These are the facts...Draw your own  conclusions!     A lot of Americans and Canadians have become so insulated from reality that they imagine that America/Canada can suffer  defeat without any inconvenience to themselves.   Pause a moment,  reflect back.   These events are actual events from history.   They  really happened!   Do You Remember?   1. In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was  shot and killed...By a Muslim male.   2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics,  athletes were kidnapped and massacred...By Muslim males.   3. In 1972 a  Pan Am 747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to an Arab country where a  fuse was lit on final approach and it was blown up shortly after  landing...By Muslim male ...
Jobs Friday 2.7 million private jobs created since Obama took office 0.7 million private jobs destroyed during W Bush in office (ps only President to have fewer jobs then when he started) Which party better for business ? Reagan created 197,000 additional Federal jobs W Bush added 36,000 Fed jobs Clinton laid off 339,000 Federal workers over 8 years Obama has laid off 41,000 federal workers so far which is the party of big government again ?
Has anyone noticed that we are losing our liberties, to commie liberals or are you afraid your last vote may have been the last vote. Message being stored for future government reference. Arrogance of the so called leadership deserves The Tar Party. Tar and feather like we did lying politicos of old.
Earlier this week people were touting three scandals, now four, I count several more. First and foremost is Benghazi. Why it happened in the first place and the stand down order was given is the most important questions to me. Was it a failed kid napping Blind Sheik exchange or an arms deal gone bad? I know those were just rumors in the beginning, but as we all know, some of these wild rumors have a way of coming true. It is clear why the talking points were scrubbed 12 times, there was an election to be won and obama couldn't win if there had been an actual terrorist attack on his watch. Second scandal; IRS targeting conservative groups. We were all right wing nut jobs for even suggesting such a thing a couple of years back, a rumor with no feet. But hey look at it now. Third scandal; AP phone taps. I'm actually a bit giddy about this one, it actually woke the MSM up about the duplicity of this administration. Fourth scandal; NSA Spying on us via our phone and internet use. Well well well. Obama sure hat ...
The NSA story is bad. The developing PRISM story looks even worse. I have a few "big picture" observations about both of them. Government is always looking for ways to get more information -- more surveillance, more data collection, more data mining, more snooping and spying. Government "experts" will always opine that more information enables government to do a better job of law enforcement and national security. And, from a strictly national security viewpoint, they are often right. But that's not the issue. That's European thinking, not American thinking. That's why surveillance and snooping is more prevalent in Europe than America. Here, we are constitutionally protected from UNREASONABLE searches and seizures (which is what all this is). So, the issue here is whether what the government is doing is reasonable in light of real domestic and foreign national security threats. In other words, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. It looks like the NSA and PRISM programs are unreasonably overbroad ...
Imagine yourself trapped. A vicious gang of Islamist terrorists have already breached the main gate. If captured, you know what they do to infidels – you've seen video of beheadings, sodomy and etc. Despite the smell of petroleum becoming overwhelming due to the terrorists setting the building on fire in an effort to force you out, you force yourself to remain calm and hopeful. You tell yourself, “Everything is going to be OK. I'm an American. We never leave Americans behind”. But the Calvary never arrives to save you – not because they were not ready. The expected help never arrived because someone high in the Obama Administration, for political reasons, ordered our military to “stand down”. Such was the horrific nightmare, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens suffered in our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Stevens was killed by Islamist terrorists. Though not confirmed, it has been reported that our Ambassador Stevens was raped. Ambassador Stevens' rescuers were ordered to “stand down” ...
You've lost public trust, regardless of issue...
Pot eased his Siberian husky’s pain during her final weeks, after she had surgery to remove tumors. Not only did Nikita stop whimpering while using cannabis, but she started eating, gaining weight and meeting him at the door again.
Hamilton Collection
Anyone taking bets on whether or not we find out that DC has been pulling our credit card and banking info too ?
I was just looking on the fuel price map in Evansville, it seems that gas is much higher in the parts of town where where the real estate and incomes are higher. Is it because the upper class will pay more for it? Something seems really wrong here. And while our fearless butthead leaders seem more content being huge liars telling us that we are better off now than when they were elected. How about lets do this. Anyone that has a government job gets charged four times what something should cost. Then we should send all of our senators, governers, and congressmen an itemized bill for how much everything that has gone up dramatically. And give them net 30 days. If they don't pay, we sue them.
PLEASE READ!!! - According to Google analytics, very few of the people who "Liked" the full length interview with Nate Wessler went one step further and actu...
Why don't Conservative talk show hosts start looking at who fired 4-star General Carter Ham for wanting to send aid to Benghazi Four? Obama?
Copied & pasted from Martin Keene: "It's not a question of who ordered the Benghazi stand-down. It's a question of cross-border authority. There is only one person on the planet who can authorize the U.S. military to cross an international border on an armed mission, and that man is the POTUS, in this case, Obama. For the OBL raid, he had no problem granting CBA. For Benghazi, all he had to do to scuttle any rescue attempt was to disappear for the night. Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta or GEN Martin Dempsey could not grant CBA. Only the POTUS could grant CBA, and he knew it, and that's why he disappeared for the night, insulated and shielded by his personal assistants and advisors. This while his own ambassador was known to be missing and presumed to have been kidnapped by jihadists. (BTW, an ambassador is equal in rank to a four-star general.) Obama broke the faith, and left his warriors and diplomats to die, calculating that he could blame their deaths on the bogus video. This was the likely topic of disc ...
By Ghaith Shennib TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libya said on Wednesday the headquarters of three more state firms as well as the state energy corporation would move from Tripoli to the eastern city of Benghazi, in a measure intended to devolve more authority to the oil-rich region. A decree published on the…
Susan Rice as National Security Advisor? Really? Is this some sick joke?
whats new in the health care law. This is from a major health insurance providor 1. What's up in Washington, D.C. Many Capitol commentators and bloggers have been focused on the IRS, Benghazi and Justice Department scandals. Headlines tell the story of the ideological battle being fought: for example, "The decline of the Obama presidency" (Wall Street Journal) and "Tea Party brewing trouble for the GOP" (Los Angeles Times). Meanwhile, the business of implementing the biggest parts of the health reform law continues – it's another issue where the country remains split. Will the reforms work? Will health plan costs go up or down? Studies and policy wonks predict very different outcomes. In fact, even when actual data comes in – as it did in California last week, when the first rates for exchange health plans were announced – there's no agreement on what the numbers mean, or whether they're positive or negative. Here are some of the health-care related things that have been going on in Washington duri ...
The start of President Obama’s second term has been a difficult one. To be sure, the conflict in Syria, debt ceiling battles with House Republicans and failures on gun control legislation have been major setbacks, but the rash of scandals that have come to light over the last few months [...]
I find it odd that all of a sudden the media is throwing Obama under the bus. I wonder wth changed.
This is an excellent post from a friend...This puts things in perspective for those who choose to put the blinders on. " Just so I'm clear: Nixon stepped down for wiretapping an office and covering up a robbery...Obama wiretapped the entire country, sought a warrant to prosecute an enemy in the press for espionage, left four Americans to die in Libya and lied about it, gave guns to Mexican Drug cartels and tried to take away guns from law abiding citizens, had the IRS target conservative groups and conservative donors in an election year, paid out over a $1B to agriculture loan discrimination plaintiffs that were actually committing fraud, increased our healthcare premiums by at least 46%, was in charge of the Afghanistan war for only 4 of 12 years and yet responsible for 70% of the deaths and 80% of the casualties, promised to close gitmo and didn't, promised to cut the deficit in half and didn't (added $7T to the debt in the meantime), has killed four Americans in drone strikes overseas with out due pro ...
A new CBS News/New York Times poll also reveals most Americans think the GOP is playing politics on the issue
Why aren't more young people signing up, why aren't more parents advising or teaching their children it is their duty to do so?
Republicans wanted a do-over on Benghazi. They got it, but lost the second time around. Now President Obama is making Susan Rice his national security adviser, even though what she said on five Sunday talk shows about the cause of the attack on an American diplomatic outpost in Libya has been the fo...
The Obama administration has a familiar refrain on the surveillance of Americans’ telephone records: the president and his team are eager to have the debate. Eager, that is, only after others have brought the tactics to light and the administration has spent years employing them. On Guantanamo...
More abuses of a President that thinks he can do what he wants and shreds our Constitutional Rights and Protections! They can say they have not and will not listen in. How can we trust them? They send the IRS to audit anyone speaking badly of this administration, they go after reporters, and when the reporters still write and speak out, they go after the reporters families, they kill Americans without DUE PROCESS with Drone Strikes, they fly Drones over our cities and airways, they provide guns to drug cartels in Mexico and no high administration member loses a position over it, four Americans lose their lives in Benghazi and no one is accountable, and there is more yet to be uncovered! We are ALL GUILTY until they decide we have not done anything! Web based email can be read without a warrant. And he does it all under National Security. I remember when he attacked another president for just this thing, that president was George W., but George W. did not go this far!
Julie Grace Foster: There is no "there" there claimed Barack Obama on May 13, 2013. But there is. And the media is not even close. The coverup is way deeper than lying about the attack, calling it a spontaneous demonstration. In the videos of Benghazi, which most likely everyone saw in real time because of the drone footage, the attackers wore the uniforms of the Martyr's Brigade. The White House, without Congressional approval, sent arms to the Libyan Revolutionary Council to depose Quadaffi. Then that same group was guarding the Counsulate the night the Benghazi Four were killed. Finding out who killed our men will lead right to the White House. He helped to arm Al Queda. Congress needs to subpoena Walid Shoebat, and demand the document where President Obama sent 100,000 missiles to the head of the Answar Al Sharia, an Al Queda aligned group in Benghazi. This is what they are covering up. That is why they let Ambassador Stevens die. He was illegally trying to move the weapons to Turkey, in a Fast and Fu ...
KUDOS for Judicial Watch for seeking out the truth behind Benghazi. Justice for the Benghazi Four!!
President failed to mention the Benghazi Four and Hero Sniper Chris Kyle in his remarks! Chris was not honored!
Why doesn't anyone ask Obama, and hold his feet to the fire, why he fired 4-star Gen. Carter Ham who was ready to help Benghazi Four?
Tell it to General Ham, and the families of the Benghazi Four !!! # p2
Why are the infidelities of General David Petraeus and General John Allen front page news? Why are the tawdry affairs that the two married military officers carried on with women, who were also married, important to the point of pushing the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, John Dogherty, and Sean Smith from the front pages? How does salacious infidelity which reads like a script for an afternoon soap opera, take precedence over the real time viewing that Obama and his staff had of the Benghazi murders? Petraeus and Allen falling subject to the sin that so easily besets men of great authority should not be our primary focus. Our primary interest should be cemented to finding out why Obama allowed the "Benghazi Four" to die. Anything that doesn't address that subject is a distraction. The Benghazi hearings should not be held in private -- they should be public and televised. We should demand leadership stand up and behave in ways that demonstrate the welfare of the nation is wh ...
Reagan vs Obama ~ Who do you think would have won at handling a crisis? Hint: It wasn't the Benghazi Four!
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