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Bengali Calendar

The Bengali Calendar (Bônggabdô or Bangla Sôn) is the sidereal solar calendar officially used by the Bengali people in Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.

Emperor Akbar Bengali New Year

Today is the New Year according to the Bengali calendar. Wishing you Shubho Nabobarsho.
Google Celebrates Pohela Boishakh, the 1st day of the Bengali Calendar -
I added a video to a playlist Doodle di Google per il First Day of Bengali Calendar Pohela Boishakh -
French, Mandarin, Bengali, Japanese, Spanish, Urdu: these are just some of the Storytimes we host! Full list here:
Calendar Digitization (Bengali) by prox76 We would need a person who knows more about their own native language. …
Pohela Falgun - Spring just begun in the Bengali calendar and today is the celebration of love. Wishing love and...
Today marks 1st Falgun in Bengali calendar which means start of hot season
Happy first day of spring according to Bengali calendar ;)
Celebrating the first day of Spring - Pohela Falgun - on the Bengali calendar! Shuvo boshonto :) ht…
Mrs. Roy's birthyear was recorded according to the Bengali calendar as 1343, instead of 1937
Birth[edit] Lokenath was born on 31 August 1730 (according to Bengali calendar 18th Bhadra, 1137) on the holy day of Krishna Janmashtami in Chakla village also known as Chaurashi Chakla in North 24 Parganas. His father was Ramnarayan Ghoshal and his mother was Kamala Devi. Both his parents were devotional. Later years[edit] Baba Lokenath finished his meditations as he had attained Samadhi (highest meditation), and went to eastern part of India, and settled at a small town village called Barodi, near Dhaka in Bangladesh and started living at Dangu Kormokar’s house. Dangu Kormokar's was a poor family, but after Baba Lokenath's stay with them, the family became quite affluent. When Baba Lokenath was new to the village, he was taunted by the villagers; though not long time after they found out his spiritual mastery and became his devotees. From this time on, his name went to many parts of India. His followers believe, at the age of 160, on June 1, 1890 C.E., Baba Lokenath took his mahasamādhi (intentional ...
. "Highly acclaimed scientist and Indian almanac reformer Dr Meghnad Saha while identifying the...
*pohela boishakh--. nothing new today. but the calendar. * 1st day of Bengali New Year. Greetings to you all /\ "namoskar"
According to the bengali calendar, its the start of a new year. So happy new year 1421 to all Bengalis.
I noticed some thing just now . yesterday the year in the Bengali calendar was 1420 . and in the English Calendar was 2014 ! Interesting :D
Today is New year as per Bengali calendar so wishing u all ,,, happy new year 1/13s, f/4.2, FL: 60.0mm, ISO: 100, Edited Nikon D5100
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It was the 1st day the calendar yesterday, otherwise known as I welcomed…
Shubho Nababorsho, Bongo-shontans! May the New Year be a happy one. And may I one day learn why the Bengali calendar is still. in the 1400s.
‘Subho Naboborsho’ to all my dear friends and family members. The pain of being 'out of Bengal' is felt on these special days when all I want is to see the loving face of my dear ones. I wanna go back to those days when ‘naboborsho’ meant a new dress from dad, a special lunch menu prepared by mom, a bottle of ‘Gold Spot (the only cold drink we had in those days) from the local jewellery shop, informal visits by relatives with small, square packets of sweets and round clay pots of rasogollas, a chance to chat more with friends and enjoy the glances from the passing boys riding their bikes n scooters, some extra time to watch TV in the evening, some extra minutes to read the ‘recent novel’ after dinner!! On the first day of Bengali calendar year, I wish you all Some Extra… some extra time with your family, some extra smile on your face, some extra hours of happiness, some extra sweetness to your dreams.!! Let’s all stay happy and healthy…show some extra deeds of kindness, say some extra ...
Spent da last day of da Bengali calendar by jumping off a mountain cliff.I just bungyed.
Wish all my friends . SHUBHO NABABARSHO (HAPPY NEW YEAR according to BENGALI calendar ) .
Subho Naboborsho 2 u ma'm. wonderful wishes on the first day of Bengali calendar
Today is first day of bengali calendar, so SUBHO NABOBARSHO to everyone.
Shubho Noboborsho to all ! The year is 1421 ,Bengali Calendar .
My heartiest congratulation goes to everyone. I feel charm to hankering everybody. Today we stepped into 1421 (Bengali calendar). Financially and politically we are in crisis, but in this mayhem we are to live a better life than yester-year. Some has opportunity to earn handsome money, some dose not attain to their destination. It has been dwelling in here since the time of human progression. But we have to work of our own volition attained to our goal. Have a good day.
I dont know that's why just liked to ask you guys: Just as Boisaakh is the first month of Bengali calendar it is the first month of Hindi Calendar as well, if I am not wrong. Then why first of Boisaakh is called a Bengali New Year? I dont know. So, Happy Poila Boisaakh (Baisaakh) to all!
Happy Polila Baishakh 1421. Being of Non bengali origin, I was not aware of the history of 'Poila Baishakh'. I found it really surprising that Bengali calendar year or 'Bangabdo' was introduced by Akbar. "Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, the renowned grandson of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, the 3rd Mughal Emperor, introduced the Bengali Calendar. For relatively easier tax collection, Akbar changed the practice of agricultural tax collection according to the Hijri calendar. He ordered an improvement because the Hijri calendar, being lunar, did not agree with the harvest sessions and eventually the farmers faced severe difficulties in paying taxes out of season. The regal astrologer of Emperor Akbar's reign, Aamir Fatehullah Siraji, developed this calendar, after researching the lunar Hijri and solar calendars. The distinctive characteristic of the Bengali year was that, rather than being a lunar calendar, it was based on a union of the solar and lunar year. This was essentially a great promotion, as ...
Every one go to pohela boushakh mela any one can tell how old is Bengali calendar years?
Team wishes everyone Shubho Noboborsho. Read how the Bengali calendar evolved over time:
Millions of Bangladeshi / Bengali enjoyed their 1st day of calendar, Bangla new year on 14th April 2014 # All over world, Bangladesh.
Poila Baisakh morning. Stepping into year 1421 according to the Bengali calendar. Wishes to all!
Sobai ke navovarsho hardik shubhecha janai Wishing all a very happy new year(Bengali calendar) May new yr turnout to be healthy n very fruitful for all
If I'm not mistaken its year 1421 in the Bengali calendar.
Subho Nababarsho, This is the only day I Know what is today's Date in Bengali Calendar.
Photo: Pohela Boishakh – the first day of the new year according to the Bengali calendar. A colorful...
The first month of the Bengali Calendar is the month of Baishakh and the first day or the 'poila' of the month...
So another year is over(according to Bengali calendar)...Wishing all a happy Bengali New Year.."shubho nabo borsho"..
As the sun sets here at the end of the first day of the Bengali Calendar - "Shubho Nobo Borsho" (Happy…
Today is new year as per our Bengali calendar.hope u all are blessed with health, wealth and prosperity in this new year.subho naboborsho to all..
Happy new (Bengali) year to every one. I am proud that Bengali calendar is the most scientific and logical...
Today is the first day of Bengali Calendar.
Very Good Morning in the first day of the Bengali Calendar. Suva Nababarsa...1421. May this NEW YEAR bring lots of success & prosperity in the life of you & your family.
Bengali New Year is not about changing the Dates but Direction;. It's not about changing the Calendar but...
Shubho Noboborsho! Happy Bangla New Year to everyone :) It's the year 1421 in the Bengali calendar for anyone that is curious!!
When I visited Bangladesh to observe Poila Baishakh, I have been told that Poila Baishakh in Bangladesh is a SECULAR FESTIVAL . but reality is different ... I saw that on 14 APRIL there is a National Holiday for Poila Baishakh . & the major portion of Bangladeshi observe Poila Baishakh on 14 APRIL ... but according to Bengali Calendar 15 APRIL is Poila Baishakh ... I saw Hindu Community met in Dhakeswari Mandir (old Dhaka) on 15 APRIL to worship Goddess Dhakeswari and the entire day they enjoy Poila Baishakh with Arati, songs , adda , Prasad etc. . a small fair is also organised Mandir Premises . Then How does it remain a SECULAR FESTIVAL ??? !
Bengali calendar, d forgotten one.Shuvo nababarsho 2 all.
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So everybody.gear up for d new year in Bengali calendar.happy new year bengali.2 all from i miss park street
It might be weird and foolish to ask,but why is the Bengali Calendar on 1421 while the English Calendar is on 2014.. ? :-/ Anyway,Shubho Nabo Barsho to one and all. :-)
Challenge to my dear friends . answer within 1 minute today`s date,month,year in Bengali calendar and tomorrow`s date,month and year also :D Come on ``Bongo sontan`` :p
Ei re..just before it gets too late...shubho nababorsho. Conveying my Pronam to elders and blessings to the younger lot. Trivia - It is the year-1421 in the Bengali calendar.
Dear Poila Boishakh, Our long association goes back to my childhood days, remember? You gave us a break from the usual daily activities - you were wrapped in the colored foils of 'choitrer kaathfata gorom.' It was a day off for Ma and Baba and so it was for my sister and me. The aroma of 'pithey payesh' would waft through our flat, my cousin would arrive and excitedly we would do careful examination of our new acquisitions - usually some new clothes. I loved the smell of my mom's new sari and the 'khaskhas' when she first wore it. We would wear our brand spanking new clothes to hail you into our lives. Baba would ceremoniously take down the one Bengali calendar from the wall to make space for the new one. Music would be an integral part of the day, radio, cassettes, concerts in the 'para' and perhaps Abanmahal in the evening. We hailed you with Tagore and only Tagore - 'Esho hey Boisakh.botshorer aborjona/Dur hoye jak.' In the evening, my father's childhood friend 'Guinyakaku' who owned a huge sari shop w ...
Photoset: In Poila stands for ‘first’ and is first month of the Bengali calendar.[1]...
Just like last 10 or 15 Pohela Boishakhs(1st Boishakh , 1st day of Bengali calendar) this time too I ultimately made the decision to go for a hang out at this hour of the night.!! But don't really know where to go... And the refreshing summer storm is also not likely greet me tonight with it's cool and strong wind blows.
BOISHAKH, you are welcome, Bestow fresh air, like the breath of a sage, to make an ill spring out. Clean all drivel that has accumulated over the past year. Take away all nostalgia, songs that are put behind. Let all sorrows be swept away. Erase all disappointments, old age problems, Let the earth be blazed and sanctified once again. Dry out the sap that inoxicates. Bring out your havoc-conch. Let the magical net of mist be driven far away. YouTube Link: : The first month of the Bengali calendar.
Charak Puja 2014 Charak Puja is a very enchanting folk festival of the Southern Belt of Bangladesh and West Bengal. It is also known as "Nil Puja". The believers of the Hindu religion celebrate this on the last day ...of month Chaitra (in Bengali calendars called Choitro). People believe that the festival will carry prosperity by eliminating the sorrow and sufferings of the previous year. The festival is actually a festival to satisfy "Lord Shiva", the great "Debadideb" of Hindu Religion. Though the festival takes place on the mid night of Chaitra Songkranti, the preparation phase usually starts before one month of the day. The arrangement team of the festival go from village to village to procure the necessary components like paddy, oil, sugar, salt, honey, money and other items with the arranged cosmetics such as Shiva, Parvati and Narod. The cosmetic Shiva is locally called "Nil Pagol" or "Jal Katha". On midnight of the Songkranti, the worshippers are gathered together to worship the God and after puja ...
Last few hours of this century when the year says 14-20 according to the Bengali calendar and 20-14 according to Christian calendar..
Today marks the beginning of the year 1421 in the Bengali calendar. Happy new year!
Oh! Look at that! It's already 1421 in the Bengali calendar! :D
the western storm that happens during the bengali month of Boishakh, the first month in the calendar.
The only date in the Bengali calendar dat I remember :D Shuvo noboborsho!!!
none of u cover our Bengali New Year. :( u r always interested abt negative news!
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Dhaka: People in hundreds in welcomed the first day of calendar 'this (cont)
With fragrance of raw sweetness in the air and romantic scenes of flaming blooms of krishnachura upon sprawling branches of huge trees alongside Dhaka streets, the pleasing atmosphere of spring is knocking on our door-steps with the advent of Baishakh, the first month of the Bengali calendar.
hm anyway Happy Bengali New Year to you all :) it's first day of our calendar so :) :* wish me
Subho Noboborsho to all my friends -- for those who don't understand Bengali -- it's our New Year in Bengali calendar. With this, we bid farewell to spring and welcome summer. Today also marks the Tamil New Year -- Puthandu, the Assamese New Year -- Bihu and the Punjabi harvesting festival -- Baisakhi.
Its only on Bengali New Years day that we celebrate , on the rest of the days the calendar remains almost ignored .
Oh that makes sense now :D Happy Bengali New Year :D but i never heard that there is bengali calendar tho O.o
Mughals ruled India from 16th to 18th century. Emperor Akbar created Bengali calendar to tax farmers. Boisakh is 1st and mth of harvestation
because 1421 years ago king at that period has decided to start the Bengali calendar system :)
HAPPY BOISHAKH | Bengali New Year. Boishakh (Bengali: বৈশাখ) is the first month in the Bengali Calendar. The name...
Traditionally, Bengali calendar day is marked at sunrise. I'd prefer next morning to greet someone :)
It's only the 15th century by the Bengali calendar, and Bengalis are fast forgetting the traditional ways to celebrate the 'Naba Barsho' (Beng. naba = new, barsho = year). However, people still wear new clothes, exchange sweets and pleasantries among friends and acquaintances. Younger people touch the feet of elders and seek their blessings for the coming year. There's also a custom of wearing gem-studded rings to appease the stars and planets! Near and dear ones send gifts and greeting cards to each other. These are often handmade, and based on local theme, or they may be costly ones from international brands, like Hallmark or Archies Greetings. Free Bengali New Year greetings e-cards are also
Pohela Boishakh 1421 start tomorrow. The first day of the Bengali calendar.
Our events calendar for 2014-15 is now available on our website: . A PDF version of the...
14th April is the starting of the New Year of Bengali Calendar..:) so it is Holiday here too :)
OutScar presents The Bong Calendar. A Complete Bengali calendar for your Android phone. Our Application comes with a nice re-sizable widget for your home screen, to ...
Shashanka is often attributed with creating the first separate political entity in a unified Bengal called Gauda and as such is a major figure in Bengali history. He reigned in 7th century AD, and some historians place his rule approximately between 590 AD and 625 AD. He is the contemporary of Harshavardana and Bhaskar Varman of Kamarupa. His capital was called Karnasuvarna and is located in modern Murshidabad. The development of the Bengali calendar is also often attributed to Shashanka as the starting date falls squarely within his reign. While Shashanka was known and referred to as the Lord of Gauda, his kingdom included more than just the region of Gauda. By the end of his reign, his domain stretched from Vanga to Bhuvanesha while in the east, his kingdom bordered Kamarupa. Shashanka and his allies fought a major war with the then Emperor of Thanesar, Harshavardhana, and his allies. The result of the battle was inconclusive as Shashanka is documented to have retained dominion over his lands. Following ...
Nothing apart from Satchitananda 27 June, 1954 (13-3-61− Bengali Calendar) Sitaram! World is transformational. It is mutable. Your present is also not enduring. Understand this fact and chant ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’. Listen to ‘Guru’ ‘Guru’ and the transcendental sound of Megh (Self-created Thunder within) and keep chanting ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’. Sitaram! If you delve into your origin you will find that nothing apart from Satchitananda (Existence Consciousness Bliss compact) is your core. There’s no difference between you and He who abides as Satchitananda. Supreme Soul has donned your body in order to conduct His divine play. You are not, only He is. Just chant ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’. Sitaram! Until you stabilise in your true nature, you will not find abiding peace. Dvaitaat va bhayam (fear is born of duality). As long as there is duality, there will be fear. You have recourse to chanting ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’ and drown yourself into Eka (One). Just chant ‘Ram’ ‘Ram’. Sitaram! The fundamental pu ...
                                             The Bengali Calendar: A proud possession                                                                  M. Arshad Ali Of so many gifts of the Muslim civilization the Bengali Calendar is the one that has survived the test of time. Time is inexorable, immeasurable and indivisible. Yet to identify the progress not only of the individual's works and achievements but of the humanity as a whole, units like second, minute, hours, day, week, month and year have been conceived of for convenience and practical purposes. The progress of civilization has witnessed the innovation and introduction of calendars of different denominations suiting the particular purposes of the innovators and most of them have not withstood the onslaught of the destructive forces of time. The Bengali Calendar, we know, was introduced by Akbar the great Mughal emperor of Delhi in order particularly to suit the purpose of collecting rent ( ...
Agaroyi Magh -- How Did You Celebrate? Agaroyi Magh or 11th day of Magh (in Bengali Calendar) is a landmark day especially among the dwindling Brahmos. It’s a heritage day. Did you know “Flowers, spices, burnt offerings, candles and other natural accompaniments of worship shall never be used” was a part of the declaration made before entering for the first time the august prayer hall of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj at 211 Cornwallis Street, renamed as Bidhan Sarani in an irony of sorts? How did Agaroyi Magh start? When was the first one? When we celebrate Agaroyi Magh what in effect do we celebrate? It had all started with Ram Mohun Roy and his reform movement to cleanse and update Hindu religion and which was found essential in the face of changing times. Two streams of West winds had started to sweep India: at the lower level it was Christianity; the upper plane was dominated by Reason. Often these two would collide. Ram Mohun was once so involved with the Unitarian Church in England that a strong rumour ...
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