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Ben Zobrist

Benjamin Thomas Ben Zobrist (born May 26, 1981) is an American baseball player currently with Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays.

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Ben Zobrist: "We’re in postseason mode right now. And we intend to continue that for the next month.”
Southern Illinois native Ben Zobrist, on potentially clinching the division in St. Louis this week: "It would be... https:…
“It’s the playoffs already for this team. We’re already thinking that way.". - Ben Zobrist
Watch Ben Zobrist discuss the Cubs 5-0 win over Milwaukee on Sunday. He homered to help... https:/…
Ben Zobrist before head to St. Louis: "We intend to clinch there."
I have never loved Ben Zobrist more*. *since a particular 10th inning double
1) No one on the Cubs chooses his word more carefully then Ben Zobrist. More on clinching in St. Louis:
Ben Zobrist: "And I think for a lot of the guys that have been around here for a long time, it’s going to be very satisfying…
at Top 5. singles on a ground ball to second baseman Ben Zobrist.
Saturday the Cubs gave up 12 runs. Jon Lester + Justin Wilson allowed 7, Kris Bryant + Ben Zobrist went 0-8 and the Cubs still won the game!
Sports news: For struggling Ben Zobrist, it ain't over 'til it's over
I'm still grinning from all my heroes last night! Anthony Rizzo! John Lackey! Ben Zobrist! Joe Maddon! What is not to love about these guys!
Carlos Peña, my first luv. Ben Zobrist, all-around guy. Kevin Kiermaier, heart & hustle. Derek Jeter, career. Rocco Bal…
unconditionally release 2B Ben Zobrist, SP Daniel Gossett, and SP Julio Urias to make room for new additions.
Ben Zobrist, World Series MVP and DBU grad, is today's cover story in Parade magazine. Wonderful Christian witness!
4-3 Generals after 3. Ben Zobrist got the big triple in the World Series last year, and can also go 2 for 2 in a AA game now.
are taking it slow with injuries to Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and Addison Russell. |
And somehow, Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist are ahead of Ozuna in All-Star voting. Laughable, really.
.is joined by and they discuss how Ben Zobrist might be the most underrated player.
Ben Zobrist will start at 2B and bat 1st vs San Francisco Giants on Thursday.
Javier Baez out Monday, Cubs starting Ben Zobrist at second
People I never want to see again: Tyler Clippard, Geno Smith, Ben Zobrist
Ben Zobrist, drafted by the Astros and traded to Tampa Bay for Aubrey Huff.
Why does Ben Zobrist have to make an error with one out left in the game to blow a perfect game for me in MLB 17
I just figure out that Jason Heyward has more hits this year than Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist COM…
Julianna Zobrist. No disrespect intended. But if your have see Ben's wife I think you woild agree he's a very lucky man.
nah. Kris Bryant and Ben Zobrist are done and Heyward is a stud.
Well-earned W for big John Lackey, who shrugged off Ben Zobrist's defensive incompetence.
Ben Zobrist, he of the 38.5 WAR in the AL and TWO seasons over 8.5 WAR, "wouldn't be as useful in the AL" per Tim McCarver. That's the stuff
Tim McCarver just said Ben Zobrist wouldn't be as useful in the AL. I can't make this stuff up. I love this man.
Hey Tim, the Tampa Bay version of Ben Zobrist says hi, you actually can use Zobrist to the best of his ability in the AL
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Ben zobrist's hands are more quiet while batting here in the 7th. Do you know why?
Ben Zobrist deserves the Roberto Clemente Award for supporting his wife's music career in the face of just how awful her music is.
Listening to Shannon call Zobrist, Ben Zobreth is cracking me up!
If Kris Bryant or Ben Zobrist got a hit this year, that would be good.
Ben Zobrist is still an MVP guys. calm down people
2016 WS MVP Ben Zobrist made an error that cost the 2017 three runs, let's reexamine something I wrote this week.…
In 735 G at 2B, Ben Zobrist has a .987 Fielding % with 35 errors. In 104 G at 2B, Javy Baez has a .963 Fielding % with 14 errors.
Uh, Pat...Ben Zobrist is from Eureka, IL. 143 miles from Chicago and 179 miles from St. Louis.
Ben Zobrist grounds out to Jedd Gyorko @ 3rd as the go down 1-2-3 in the top half of the 4th
Pat said Ben Zobrist grew up much closer to STL than Chicago. Eureka to Chicago: 140 miles. Eureka to St. Louis: 180 miles. Hmm...
Ben Zobrist is not a 2B and any game he starts at 2B over Baez is horrible mismanagement by the master mismanager Joe Maddon.
One game means plenty. This one game has been lost by Ben Zobrist starting at 2B for no good reason.
Maybe Ben Zobrist should have done the same.
Ben Zobrist has no business starting at 2B.
Games it took for Cubs fans to turn on Ben Zobrist, the World Series MVP in the team's first World Series victory in 108 years:. 2+
I'm glad Don Rickles didn't live to see Joe Maddon and Ben Zobrist completely blow this game for the Cubs.
Agreed, there was no chance Ben Zobrist was throwing that guy out. Baez made that pl…
Someone tell Joe Maddon that Ben Zobrist is a major downgrade at second base when you have Javy Baez on the bench...
Ben Zobrist drops the ball on a sure double play
Let's talk about Ben Zobrist. The defensive degradation has hit a *** of a lot sooner and a *** of a lot quicker than…
: Zobrist likely back from injury in next day or two
'Unmanageable' neck improves, so Ben eyes return via
God Ben Zobrist Jesse Tyler Ferguson, if he's been feeding off of the moment.
World Series MVP Ben Zobrist (will join on 'The Pitch' at 11:10 a.m. EST. Listen:
expect Ben Zobrist and Addison Russell to be ready for Opening Night: (
Zobrist likely back from stiff neck in next day or 2
Wire: Zobrist likely to return in next day or 2
Since Jason Heyward's swing is still not good, I'd like to see the use Ben Zobrist in RF to get Javy Baez more playing time.
Today I learned Ben Zobrist is not a mortal
he makes the team better, in a Ben Zobrist way. The fact is he isnt a first baseman. Only makes sense if more moves are made.
I would love a Christmas card from Ben Zobrist. Just saying.
I'm either going to be the next Ben Zobrist or Theo Epstein. Not going to settle for less so we will see. Trust in God.🙏🏼
Ben Zobrist named World Series MVP after go-ahead double in Game 7 | Filed In…
isn't it easier to just DM me a picture of Ben Zobrist with "FU" over it?
- Ben Zobrist. Just look at his clutch postseason hitting with both &
Ben zobrist. I don't have to explain
Ben Zobrist is the definition of clutch
when you got your first Ben Zobrist card
Best Sports Play of 2016: Round of 64. Ben Zobrist's RBI double in Game 7 OR Josh Hagins' game-tying 3 vs Purdue in the NCAA Tournament
they moved Castro to sign Ben Zobrist.
Never say die...Ben Zobrist is an inspiration to players at every level. Dreams do come true. Keep grinding.
Pretty cool article on the connection between Steve foster and Ben Zobrist
Ben Zobrist - the best thing to happen to since the Chicago Bears.
love to remeber famous young Cubs Dexter Fowler, Jon Lester, Miguel Montero, Ben Zobrist, and John Lackey.
Joe Maddon now reunited with Wade Davis and Ben Zobrist. Time for Carl Crawford and James Shields to suit up and head to Wrigley.
Last Winter Meetings, Cubs signed Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist and won the World Series
Ben Zobrist: "It's a beautiful place to live," Watch video of World Series MVP talk about his home in .
Ben Zobrist: 'It's a beautiful place to live'
World Series MVP Ben Zobrist to be Franklin Christmas parade grand marshal via
Yall. Ben Zobrist better not be pulling a Gavin DeGraw circa 2012 on me with his "postponement" of his hoemtown even. I will lose my *** mind
Why World Series MVP Ben Zobrist had one of the biggest hits in baseball history
They bought a championship! John Lackey, Jon Lester, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, no way the Reds can afford ALL of them!
This is awesome. World Series MVP Zobrist signs autographs outside his home.
Ben Zobrist, they call him the old wolf. They say he rides into battle with a bat made of Valyrian steel.
Ben Zobrist is in high demand after World Series MVP honors. So he set up an autograph “booth" … outside his house:
Ben Zobrist - From an NAIA Small College baseball player to starting and playing a significant role on two...
Chicago Cubs outfielder Ben Zobrist signs autographs outside his home
what you think about Joe Maddon and Ben Zobrist winning the World Series?
Watch World Series MVP share his testimony and tell how the cross gives him perspective on success.
Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell and Javier Baez will take part in a parade tomorrow on the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A, in Disney World.
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Ben Zobrist just said that Chicago is a city full of MVP's... And I live in Chicago... That means I'm an MVP!! Thanks Ben!…
Following high school, Ben Zobrist had no offers to play college baseball. Do the work, believe, patience.
The has concluded, so read about the faith of MVP Ben Zobrist & from
not to be outdone, Trump will campaign in Cleveland on Monday with Draymond Green, Ben Roethlisberger, and Ben Zobrist
Holy cow Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo, and David Ross's speeches today were simply amazing in front of a crowd of 5 million people.
No wonder Ben Zobrist won another World Series and an MVP. He wears pf flyers to the game. Just another cool Ben mo…
“I still have a lot to learn about what the love of Christ is like—that it’s not just knowledge … but it’s...
Me:"Congrats!". Ben Zobrist:"Thanks bro!". Me:"Remember that time I struck you out?". Ben Zobrist:"Can't hear you, my MVP t…
Before he was winning World Series MVPs--. Ben Zobrist was rounding 3rd and celebrating a walk off win for Eureka High!. Love h…
Most Valuable Neighbor: Chicago Cub Ben Zobrist signs autographs outside his home via
Congratulations to Tennessee 7th District resident on winning the World Series and being named MVP! http…
MVP discusses his previous offseason, the comeback & more.
Ben Zobrist and his wife are goals tbh
So Addy, Javy, and Ben Zobrist are about to be in the parade tomorrow in Magic Kingdom and I think I'd have no reason to live if I can't go
.of the is using baseball to share his faith! Read about it here:
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Do you have a drought that needs ending, curse that needs breaking or maybe you just need some water turned into wine? C…
Can u imagine if Ben Zobrist would have rode his bike from Chicago to Cleveland http…
Ben Zobrist: 1st player to win World Series MVP in first season with team since Jermaine Dye, 2005 White Sox (was with A…
If you're an uncommitted ballplayer with hopes of playing the future, read this.
World Series MVP Ben Zobrist thanks fans and signs autographs outside his home in Chicago. Video by
Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, and Javier Baez are going to be at Disney World tomorrow I'm freakin going by myself
ICYMI: How Ben Zobrist and his family celebrated an epic victory and MVP honor .
On Monday, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and Ben Zobrist will be on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon at 10:35 p.m. on NBC.
Ben Zobrist, Cubs mates Baez and Russell going to Disney World via
I live by Ben Zobrist. Here he is signing autographs for fans outside his home.
Bill Murray is having some fun with Ben Zobrist's car!
World Series MVP Ben Zobrist explains how his Christian faith is the cornerstone of everything he does:
I love how Ben Zobrist uses his platform to point eyes off himself and forward to Someone greater. Some things are bigge…
He knocked in the game-winning run for the Chicago Cubs. . Click below to watch Ben Zobrist share his faith! http…
Yes, everyone looks like a genius who hires Ben Zobrist!
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I can see Neil Walker getting more than Daniel Murphy (3 years, $37.5). Ben Zobrist deal (4 years, $56M) probably c…
I'm sorry for and Dan Otero, but I'm happy for former A's John Lester and Ben Zobrist. Congrats!
I’d hire Ben Zobrist to take over for Bill Snyder as K-State’s football coach without hesitation. He would get it done.
Guess this answers that question, Neil Walker or Ben Zobrist?
Ben Zobrist is the 4th player to win back-to-back world series titles in different leagues. (Via:
Brookfield Zoo doesn't have a cage big enough for the monkey Ben Zobrist just (maybe) took off Maddon's back.
Ben Zobrist is a top 5 Royal all time and he played for 4 months. Don't @ me.
Looks like Ben Zobrist will have a new middle name in & if you don't know ask a fan about Bucky Dent
Cubs jump out to a 3-run lead!. Anthony Rizzo & Ben Zobrist score on double by Addison Russell to give Chicago an early l…
shoutouts to Ben Zobrist running over Cleveland's catcher like Jack Parkman did to Rube Baker
I might've missed a Ben Zobrist relay but I think a fan just threw Jose Ramirez's home run ball all the way back to Addison Rus…
Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist and Kyle Schwarber have already seen 34 pitches against Trevor Bauer. Incredible to watch them gri…
Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist are a combined 6-for-60 this postseason, and that’s going to have to change-Al
NLCS Video: Ben Zobrist calls Miguel Montero's grand slam "incredible," adds he knew Montero's hit was a HR off the bat (…
Hey remember when we tried to sign Ben Zobrist and Brandon Phillips before we signed Murphy? Thank god
Ben Zobrist and other Cubs are truly at home at Wrigley Field.. Related Articles:
"Whit Merrifield is a younger Ben Zobrist." Whit has 15 walks this year. Zobrist walked 17 times in August last year.
Ben Zobrist was an 8.7 WAR player at his peak. Whit Merrifield can be better than that???
An RBI double for Anthony Rizzo off Marc Rzepczynski, who then walks Ben Zobrist, at which point turn to Liam Hendriks
"...a triple to Ben Zobrist that Leonys Martin read as if he were cosplaying as Raul Ibañez." That's beautiful.
Javy Baez is turning into Ben Zobrist, and more fantasy stocks on the rise, from
Today was a success. Got David Ross, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist's signatures. Hopefully I'll get more tomorrow
Ben Zobrist is doing good this year but Daniel Murphy should have started over him last night js
Yes, Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist really carried their weight.
Exactly! I don't see how Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist started over Corey Seager and Daniel Murphy 🤔
that's cause Cubs fans voted Ben Zobrist in over Daniel Murphy
Not a single reason Ben Zobrist should have started over Daniel Murphy.
Daniel Murphy replacing Ben Zobrist has to be Terry Collins' (and my) worst nightmare.
There's no way Ben Zobrist should be starting over Daniel Murphy
Ben Zobrist is a terrific player but it's pretty ridiculous Daniel Murphy isn't starting this game.
Little Giant Ladders
Ben Zobrist starting at 2B and not Daniel Murphy is prime example why you have to take the fan voting out of the
I still think that Daniel Murphy should be starting the over Ben Zobrist.
Pause: how is Ben Zobrist starting over Daniel Murphy?
No disrespect to Ben Zobrist but Daniel Murphy should be starting the tonight.
Ben Zobrist staying over Daniel Murphy is a joke
Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist should not be in front of Trevor Story and Daniel Murphy.
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Dexter Fowler, Jake Arrieta, and John Lester all going to the All Star game!
Ben Zobrist topped Daniel Murphy by 88 votes to win starting 2B spot.
Looks just like Marty Foster's call against Ben Zobrist to end the game in Texas.
Familia in to lock down the save. He'll face Miguel Montero, Ben Zobrist and Kris Bryant.
A reminder that the Royals received Ben Zobrist AND money. So, it's not like they're gonna just eat $15M to drop Omar Infanre
Ben Zobrist / Jurickson Profar proving to be indispensable for rolling Rangers
would you advocate Ben Zobrist in the 2-slot?? I say it can't hurt to try it.
Ben Zobrist who? have a premiere super utility player in Jose Ramirez. Get him more work in the OF.
Braves broadcasters just messed up the Beckham Zobrist story. They said he's no relation to Ben. In reality he's a second cousin. 😣
Whit Merrifield is not ben zobrist royals fans
Addison Russell strikes out swinging stranding Ben Zobrist 90 feet away to end the top half of the 2nd in Atlanta with no score
No. 125: Ben Zobrist singled leading off the second for the Cubs. . The Baby Streak lives!
GAME 3552 • Bud Norris' no hitter has been ended by a Ben Zobrist single (T2).
Ben Zobrist is a huge part of the Cubs' success this season, tallying 42 runs for the team.
RotoRadar LIVE: Ben Zobrist hits a ball through the hole in the left side of the infield for the first Cubs hit. **RT for shot at $2,500**
Ben Zobrist may be my favorite baseball player of all time. No joke.
My top 5 2nd baseman in no order are: Matt Carpenter, Jose Altuve, Daniel Murphy, Robinson Cano, and Ben Zobrist. Who are yours?
Update: Ben Zobrist will start at 2B and bat 4th vs Atlanta Braves on Friday.
Exactly (and that includes me). And Ben Zobrist and Joe Maddon grew up Cardinals fans. Cut him some slack.
Reporting on the weather now, you're the Ben Zobrist of journalism!
I had a dream last night that I was friends with J.J. Watt and Ben Zobrist. Obviously means today's gonna be a great day!
Paul Goldschmidt (.425) does NOT leads the MLB in OBP. He's second behind Ben Zobrist (.436).
Nolan Jones got a Ben Zobrist comparison for all the possible positions he could play but scouts think he'll profile best at 3B
On the Cohglan deal, it's fair to look at it like Ben Zobrist was dealt for Alacantara and Manaea
Cubs # playing the Atanta Braves. to meet Rizzo, Bryant, Arrieta, Ben Zobrist and. John Madden Section 208 and Harold
Elk Grove kid reminds me of Ben Zobrist back in his Rays days. Average-Above Average skills, but switch hitting utility kid.
I find it so cool that Ben Zobrist's walk up song is his wife's new single
question was actually to Ben, he thought you said too many men was dangerous. Not sure he got the joke.
Sure is. That's a Zobrist for you. They're good people. (I'm in Rays territory, know Ben very well.)
that's what we like to see here in Buff.
Nice story about Ben Zobrist's little cousin.
Now the Cubs have two Ben Zobrist types
Coghlan is back! We now have a Ben Zobrist and a mini Ben Zobrist!
Wrote about him as a potential bat that could help although he's been dreadful this year.
Ray, I'm close to trade my Ben Zobrist for Matt Carpenter str8 up, thoughts?
Jurickson Profar gonna be the next Ben Zobrist, I guess.
PLZ! Can I get a signed Ben Zobrist ball?!?
In last 2 years he's been on .. it's a Ben Zobrist day
Royals should have kept Ben Zobrist *** of a player.
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Ben Zobrist with a homer; on pace to reach base 282 times this season.
Speaking of Ben Zobrist, Zobrist blasts one for a SOLO HR.
nice job yesterday Ben Zobrist, thanks for scoring me the points, if the Cubs win the series this year,you're a big part.
Second Base has been a problem since Royals last had Jay Bell in 1997 minus Ben Zobrist last year
Anthony Rizzo leads all currently, with Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Kris Bryant and Dexter Fowler all penciled in as starters as well.
second baseman Ben Zobrist is talented no doubt, but his wife might have him beat.
foxsports​.com >> Ben Zobrist's wife belts out stirring rendition of national anthem at Wrigley Field
Ben Zobrist: Kansas City Royals World Series champ. (I fixed it for you.)
Kris Bryant, Ben Zobrist and Anthony Rizzo have more RBI combined then Jose Abreu, Avi Garcia, Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie combined
Ben Zobrist enters today hitting .444 during his current 14-game hitting streak (Longest active streak in NL).
Ben Zobrist is striking out the least and Jorge Soler is striking out the most this season.
Jorge Soler drives in Ben Zobrist from 2nd with a 2 out single to lefr field take an early 1-0 lead over the Phillies bottom 1st
Cubs strike first. Jorge Soler scores Ben Zobrist with an RBI single in the bottom of the 1st. It's 1-0 Cubs.
uncalled error on today's show. Ben Zobrist aged for Joe Maddon in St. Petersburg, not Tampa. Different city, county, and area code.
After a Ben Zobrist leadoff double Jorge Soler launches a 2 run shot to center & it's 8-0 top of the 5th in St. Louis
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And I don't think there's a better personification, at this moment, of this than Ben Zobrist and Jorge Soler. Back to back!
I said that about Ben Zobrist and Wil Myers...
Denard Span with a bobbling one handed catch robbing Ben Zobrist of a dinger
Gray bearded Denard Span just robbed old man Ben Zobrist of extra bases. That's senior citizen on senior citizen crime.
Ben Zobrist, Jorge Soler & Addison Russell due up for the in the top of the 9th trailing the Giants 1-r
Royals rave about former teammate Ben Zobrist, now a key asset to Cubs, via
Only 38 opposing HRs have been hit into SF's McCovey Cove. The Cubs have 2 of those - Corey Patterson and Ben Zobrist.
Ben Zobrist joins Corey Patterson as the only Cub batters to hit a "Spalsh HR" at AT&T. Patterson hit his on 8/7/2004
Listen: Ron Coomer on chemistry, Ben Zobrist and more
Fernando Rodney's bow and arrow routine is all fun and games until he shoots Ben Zobrist.
I got offered josh Harrison and Nelson Cruz for Eduardo Rodriguez and Ben Zobrist. Thoughts? I'm loaded at pitching.
Ben Zobrist homers twice, Anthony Rizzo & Tommy La Stella homer too, defeat the Nats 8-6 to improve to 22-6.
If you have a kid who plays baseball, tell him to watch old tapes of Derrek Lee do everything and Ben Zobrist do everything…
Eric Hosmer looks like a demented Ben Zobrist on Playstation's new The Show 2016.
I've always been a Ben Zobrist fan dating back to when he & Joe Maddon were in TB together. 2B is his best position.
Ben Zobrist and Joe Maddon going to the Cubs has made the transition back to Cubs fandom so easy for me. Love this team.
Ben Zobrist discusses John Lester getting out of a bases loaded jam after Ben just finished an AWESOME bender
RBIs by Javy Baez, Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant, Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo and tonight's starter Jake Arrieta who...
offered Michael Brantley for Ben Zobrist. Should I make the trade?
Traded Neil Walker, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jason Heyward for Mike Trout, Ben Zobrist, and Scott Kazmir in OBP lg
Who needs Dan Murphy or Ben Zobrist when you've got Neil Walker?!.
"Does that happen a lot?" - on Dayton Moore driving to STL to present the WS ring to Ben Zobrist. "It happens h…
Jake McGee is facing Ben Zobrist in the 9th inning. Weird to watch.
Ben Zobrist (84^90) was one of the silvers. gold was Jake McGee CP (87^88).
[Japan Times]In the eighth, Cingrani (0-1) walked Ben Zobrist with one out and hit Jorge …
4/4/2016 Ben Zobrist singles on a ground ball to right fielder Kole Calhoun. Dexter Fowler to 3rd.
Tom Caron is the Ben Zobrist of TV, capable any role, any sport. His Red Sox play-by-play has been nothing short of terrific.
see Trevor Cahill as their bullpen Ben Zobrist, a job description that means he could close out some games:
Cubs see Trevor Cahill as the Ben Zobrist in their bullpen
Mar 22, AB 2: Kris Bryant singles on a line drive to right fielder Jay Bruce. Jason Heyward scores. Ben Zobrist to 3rd. Kris Bryant to 2nd
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Latos turned down offer of Adam Warren and Rob Refsnyder for Ben Zobrist.
Ben Zobrist is taking good care of the Trophy:
Kluber strikes out out Dexter Fowler, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist in order in the third. Tribe up, 2-0.
Ben Zobrist pregame talk and hug with former teammates Alex Gordon and Ned Yost.
nah the Cubs sign Ben Zobrist a veteran while the Sox sign Jimmy Rollins a washed up old guy
A's got Ben Zobrist ➡️ Sean Manaea; Boog was flipped to Seattle where he can flourish in CF.
shh I've convinced fans that Chris Coghlan is an upgrade over Ben Zobrist. Hilarity.
Ben Zobrist for Sean Manaea and diet Ben Zobrist is a very good trade.
Daniel Murphy (ADP 166), Ben Zobrist (ADP 200) -- a couple of veteran, value MI who could score 100 runs for first time in their careers.
The Latest-- Top Prospect JaCoby Jones. Somewhat similar to Ben Zobrist, big-time potential.
great column. Ian Eagle is the Ben Zobrist of broadcasters: good at everything, very underrated, & finally getting his due
I have a brand new, with tags Ben Zobrist jersey for sale. It's large. Message me if interested.
Also..."ten teams in mix" is almost always a lie. Unless it's a Ben Zobrist/Andrew Miller who fits all teams...that's an agent exaggerating
Analysis: Flurry of MLB trades change landscape
Listen to Chicago Cubs Ben Zobrist share the Gospel message and his personal story about how God took a small...
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newcomers are already World Series dreaming, writes
.gets to put Ben Zobrist on his lineup card again. Wherever he wants.
Since this football game is a blowout, here's a story on Ben Zobrist's lasting effect on baseball today:
Just finished a piece that will be up shortly on Ben Zobrist and the influx of a new generation of versatile players.
nice. Get Ben Zobrist and Jason Hayward yet. Or Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber ?
Because Brad Miller is more of a Ben Zobrist type
newcomers are already World Series dreaming, wrote:
I've loved Ben Zobrist since he was with but just found out how talented his wifey is! love your music!!!
Good read on Zobrist. Ben Zobrist's journey to Cubs a family homecoming
Watching FERRELL TAKES THE FIELD. Weird to see Ben Zobrist as part of the
Great to see Ben Zobrist take pics with fans at the social media station!
From newcomers are already World Series dreaming:
getting some valuable tips from 2015 World Series champion Ben Zobrist.
thought they had us by putting in Reid Brignac as being 'bad' but he worked at hospital nearby here w/ Ben Zobrist who is Joe Kelly in same
NASHVILLE — A day after losing out on Ben Zobrist, their top free-agent target, the Mets refashioned their infield https:/…
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Forget Alex Gordon and Ben Zobrist. This is the biggest news of the Royals off-season.
Cubs have boosted their lineup for next season, signing Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist in Free Agency...
The Chicago Cubs made a big splash by signing second baseman Ben Zobrist on Tuesday night, but another shoe has fallen as well as Starlin
I may or may not have just whispered "I miss you, Ben Zobrist" at my desk at work. . ...No, YOU'RE a werido.
A day after failing to land Ben Zobrist, the Mets traded Jon Niese to the Pirates for Walker, a second baseman, and added Cabrera, a
Ben Zobrist you are a ball player! I love the way you go to work everyday!
Ben Zobrist cites location in explaining spurn of Mets for ..
Ben Zobrist on Cubs: 'We've got to win a championship'
"Ben Zobrist, Chicago Cubs agree to terms on 4-year, $56 million deal"
Neil Walker is probably a better fit for the Mets than Ben Zobrist. Nice to see that they managed to pivot.
Ben Zobrist to the Cubs. Zobrist has 39.3 Wins Above Replacement since 2009, 5th among position players in that span
Ben Zobrist did not sign with the Mets. That's a big loss as he goes to Cubs.
Terry Collins via text message to top priority, Ben Zobrist. "We want you."
Cubs reach deal with Ben Zobrist, trade Starlin Castro
Ben Zobrist, welcome to Chicago! Starlin Castro, you will be missed! Jayson Heyward, your table is waiting!
Dang it! I liked Ben Zobrist. Why'd he have to go there? Now he'll be ruined like Kenny Lofton
Washington Nationals Rumors: Nats miss out on Ben Zobrist too... so now what?
The Chicago Cubs and Ben Zobrist have agreed to terms on a 4-year/$56M deal. (via ESPN sources & multiple reports) https:…
Ben Zobrist agrees to terms with the Cubs on a four-year, $56 million deal. (ESPN sources & multiple reports)
Terry Collins texted back and forth with Ben Zobrist today. Message: "We want you."
unbelievable... Never fails. Robby Cano, elsbury, now Ben Zobrist. Teams always overpay now and regret later.
can't we pass on Ben Zobrist? Pay him the same as Curtis granderson? I'll pass.
Hm, you must be referring to Top 10 Position Player since 2009 Ben Zobrist.
Joel Sherman just said on that the "feeling is" Ben Zobrist will sign somewhere by Thursday.
There is no world where Wilmer Flores and Daniel Murphy are better defenders than Ben Zobrist.
The REAL truth about Ben Zobrist appears to be that that guy really likes Daniel Murphy. Shyamalan twist ending.
Joe Beningo would rather have Murphy than Ben Zobrist...that tells you all you need to know
Are 4 years of Ben Zobrist at 34 really better than 4 years of Daniel Murphy at 30? Could be a stupid move by the Mets.
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