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Ben Wheatley

Ben Wheatley (born 1972) Animator, Director of internet viral ads, TV idents, TV adverts, TV comedy shows and feature films.

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I only know about this one because of can't wait!
Ben Wheatley's Free Fire to close this year's London Film Festival...
Excited for Free Fire in many ways, not least that Ben Wheatley managed to film a whole movie set in 70s Boston in my home town of Brighton.
Watching Ben Wheatley's A Field in's like a British Aguirre, The Wrath of God.
Ben Wheatley's to close 60th Film Festival -
.is locked and loaded in new photo from Ben Wheatley's crime drama
I think its interesting that two directors w films on my list, Ben Wheatley & Yorgos Lanthimos,went on to direct stuff for Radiohead in 2016
Closing this year's BFI London Film Festival will be Ben Wheatley's Free Fire. Fingers crossed for a press pass!
I contributed a new essay on SIGHTSEERS to the Ben Wheatley/J. G. Ballard special issue of Critical Quarterly:
Glad to see Ben Wheatley's Free Fire getting the closing slot at - amazing progress over last few years. I expect good things
Ben Wheatley's will close the BFI London Film Festival next month
Ben Wheatley's 'Free Fire,' starring will close the London Film Festival on October 16th.
Very excited that is set to close the BFI London Film Festival.
Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire to close the 2016 London Film Festival:
Brie Larson, Jack Reynor and Sam Riley set to star in Ben Wheatley’s new Action-Thriller. On
.will be closing this year's London Film Festival:
Aww sweet memories! 😘 And yay Ben Wheatley + Cillian Murphy can't wait to see this movie!
interesting interview with Ben Wheatley - got me curious to see "High-Rise"
Back to the future: Ben Wheatley INTERVIEW! British director Ben Wheatley discusses his adaptation of J.G.…
Tom Hiddleston and Ben Wheatley dissect class tensions in their state-of-the-art HIGH-RISE.
Ben Wheatley's 1970s look more like Ken Russell than J. G. Ballard.
Ken Russell is like Ben Wheatley circa 1970s or vice versa. It's to say that both are madman genius Brits with a punk rock attitude I like.
. preview screening and masterclass w/ Ben Wheatley at VIFF
ICYMI here's my interview with Ben Wheatley and Jim O'Rourke on the late British director, Alan Clarke -
Christopher Nolan, Duncan Jones, Ben Wheatley, Alex Garland, Leo, Tom Hardy, loads more that have decades to offer
Sienna Miller and director Ben Wheatley on new film High-Rise
Ben Wheatley: "John Carpenter is like Herman Melville liquidised into Hawks & Hitchcock."
Tom Hiddleston further cements his "next Bond" status in Ben Wheatley's brilliant https…
sounds so good especially since Ben Wheatley wrote the part specifically for Cillian Murphy .
Little Penthouse of Horrors - Ed Murphy talks to Ben Wheatley about his upcoming film High-Rise | Music |...
Cinema is the worst I have ever known it in all my years. Only Jonathan Glazer & Ben Wheatley are doing anything brave & interesting.
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Here's what Ben Wheatley thinks about film critics: - Mark Kermode said this last year:
Ben Wheatley appeared at Glasgow Film Festival 2016 for the Scottish premiere of 'High-Rise'. .
From the upcoming Ben Wheatley sci-fi thriller. Composer Clint Mansell has a tight CV when ... via factmag
plus Q+A with director Ben Wheatley is now available for member's priority booking https…
Members' Priority Booking is open for Ben Wheatley's + Q&A!
Also, Ben Wheatley wants to do a romcom! Maybe he'll cast Tom???! Eheheheh
Bought J. G Ballard's 'High Rise' book in prep for the Ben Wheatley film with Tom Hiddleston in. Very interested in what it's actually about
The music in this High Rise trailer is glorious! Reminds me of Risky Business. First Ben Wheatley film I'm up for.
Tom Hiddleston and Ben Wheatley discuss their new and brutal drama, High-Rise
Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire. “Cillian Murphy and Michael Smiley have arranged to buy guns from mobsters Armie Hammer and Sha…
Size matters in the new poster for Ben Wheatley’s
Check out this poster for Ben Wheatley's High Rise
Next staff recommendation for 2016, wants to see Ben Wheatley's High Rise
Hi Ben, Toby here (Bobby in High-Rise.) Wanted to waft this short under your nose. Hope you don't mind?
BEN wheatley directed deep breath and into the dalek wow cool also this classic who eps similar !
.High-Rise gets a brand new teaser poster:
"Ben Wheatley has made me rethink Zardos. Now that's something I don't say every day." - Mark Kermode on htt…
Penthouse and Pavement: Tim Hayes reviews Ben Wheatley's "High Rise," with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Irons.
If, say, Ben Wheatley were to come out with such ridiculous statements, I'd be like 'well, that's disappointing, but I'm...
High-Rise (directed by Ben Wheatley, from the Ballard novel) reviewed by Mark Bould
Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Elizabeth Moss, Ben Wheatley and Jeremy Thomas at the press conference
A vivid and thrilling dream last night. Like something scripted by the Coens and co-directed by Ben Wheatley and Shane Meadows
Sienna Guillory told us of the unspoken language and understanding between Ben Wheatley & Amy Jump.
We love Balfron Tower, J.G. Ballard & Ben Wheatley. We can't wait to see
Caught in the act: My panel for with Ben Wheatley, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss http…
Ben Wheatley, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans at the mirror, via:
Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller & Ben Wheatley at the premiere during the Via Torrilla
Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller and Ben Wheatley at photocall during via: torrilla
Casually bumped into the director, Ben Wheatley after walking out of the…
Ben Wheatley's High-Rise was quite literally insane, don't know what to make of it at this point, have to let the boiling water cool
Tom Hiddleston, Ben Wheatley and Jeremy Thomas confirmed so far to attend the UK premiere of
Dreamt that Ben Wheatley did a WORZEL GUMMIDGE reboot with Michael Smiley.
HIGH-RISE by Ben Wheatley and MON ROI by Maïwenn and the biopic thriller THE PROGRAM by Stephen Frears.
Daniel Wolfe for Catch Me Daddy, Alex Garland for transitioning from writer to auteur, and Ben Wheatley (still).
It's like Ben Wheatley & Lars Von Trier's love child. You'd cry watching it. Amazing.
British director Ben Wheatley presents his last work, based on J.G. Ballard’s novel of the same name. Dr. Robert...
read High Rise recently - great if a little unsubtle. Ben Wheatley is making a movie with Tom Hiddleston.
Ben Wheatley's latest project, rounds out cast with top British talent including winner Sam Riley:
just signed on for my next film... FREE FIRE. directed by Ben Wheatley and exe produced my Martin Scorsese.
I can't believe the world is generous enough to deliver Ben Wheatley directing Jeremy Irons in a JG Ballard adaptation.
This and Ben Wheatley on Ballard's High-Rise is almost too much.
I'm still really hung up on Black River. I want to say Ben Wheatley should make it into a movie, but TBH *I* want to make it into a movie.
I thought it was it's by ben Wheatley isn't it? He did Kill List as well right?
Damnit I can't wait for Ben Wheatley's movie of High Rise!
Best thing about Ben Wheatley films is how they show boring Britain and homicidal crazy are next door to each other.
A film list you can sink your teeth into... Top two films...yep.
Here is a list you can sink your teeth into...
Ben Wheatley is directing High Rise. And I haven't seen one of his films (save for GIFs on Tumblr). Is he cool or what?
As it's Ben Wheatley I'd say anything is possible. O.o
Watching 1985 Russian film Come & See after Ben Wheatley named it in his top 10
Top 10 Horrific Films. I totally agree with his
Ben Wheatley, of whom I have enormous respect for the masterpiece that is Kill List, shares his top ten horror...
A Field in England - Ben Wheatley | | Drama top action movies of all time
A Field in England - mesmerising tent scene . and Ben Wheatley in combination
hey Ben was doing some research on UK occult history - have you any relation to writer Dennis Wheatley?
Never seen a Ben Wheatley film and I'm dying to. What should I start with?
Majorly psyched for Tom Hiddleston as Dr Robert Laing in Ben Wheatley's adaptation of J.G Ballards
For those of you unfamiliar with Canvey Island, it looks like a Ben Wheatley film. It is the Innsmouth of Essex
Think Ballard wasn't far off... Just read High Rise - v excited for the Ben Wheatley movie later this year!
Just watched Ben Wheatley's 'A field in England' & now my brain hurts. Time for bed I think.
All purpose parts banner
My brain can't decide which pipe dream it enjoys more: Ben Wheatley directing the Boba Fett movie, or Nicolas Winding Refn.
If we're looking at replacements for Josh Trank, might I suggest Alex Garland, Jeff Nichols, Ben Wheatley, or Jennifer Kent?
Ben Wheatley swaps a field in England for a warehouse in Boston.
Tom Hiddleston on arrival cam at attending with Luke Evans, Ben Wheatley & Jeremy Thomas
Watch the High-Rise gang live on the red carpet: Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Ben Wheatley & Jeremy Thomas
Great piece on Jim Williams and his scoring of Ben Wheatley's films. Some of the best film music out there.
Not to mention new films by Spielberg, Michael Mann, Ben Wheatley, Brad Bird, Robert Zemeckis, Cameron Crowe, the Coens... to name a few!
Jeremy Thomas talks about the London Film Festival & working with Ben Wheatley & Tom Hiddleston on HIGH-RISE
Trimdon United Juniors FC vs Darlington RA U10’s match report for Sunday 5th October 2014 Final Score : Trimdon United Juniors FC 4 Darlington RA 1 Scorers: Hennessey (2), Carr and Grant Trimdon Man of the Match: Naz Ismail Trimdon Squad: Matthew Toshach, Charlie Herron, Jamie Raynor, Luke Carr, Ash Grant, Naz Ismail, Joe Hennessey, Owen Shaw, Connor Noades, Jonty Ford, Ben Wheatley, Jack Carter, Jake Bradley, Jacob Bowron, Ryan Easton Trimdon won their 1st ever Challenge Cup tie with an excellent footballing performance against a strong Darlington RA side. Trimdon again started the game in determined mood attacking from the off with the team looking to pass and move every time they had control of the ball. The deadlock was broken when a flowing move saw Herron feed Raynor who in turn passed to Hennessey who’s cross was slotted home by Grant. The second came from a similar move down the right wing when Herron again fed the winger, Carr, who slipped the ball through for Hennessey to finish well. With . ...
91: Deep Breath. Writer: Steven Moffat. Director: Ben Wheatley. (cast) Peter Capaldi - The Doctor. Jenna-Louise Coleman - Clara Oswald. Catrin Stewart - Jenny. Neve McIntosh - Madame Vastra. Dan Starkey - Strax. Matt Smith - The Eleventh Doctor. STORY: When a dinosaur materialises in Victorian London, the Doctor's old friends the Paternoster Gang are relieved when he arrives, seemingly to deal with the creature. However, they soon realize that the Doctor is the one in need of help; newly regenerated, extremely volatile and questioning his self-worth, this is a very different man from the one they last saw. REVIEW: I liked this story, i like Capaldi a lot, the interplay between The Doctor & Clara in the restaurant was superb. As a new Doctor story this feels reminiscent of Robot and The Christmas Invasion. an issue for me, I would have liked to see The Doctor actually choose his clothes, we have only had a new Doctor eleven times in 50 years, I enjoy seeing the way he chooses his new clothes. Som ...
Was about to say Ben Wheatley but beat me to it! So, Andrea Arnold to direct Jack O'Connell in 5yrs' time
The director of the first Peter Capaldi helmed Doctor Who "Deep Breath" is Ben Wheatley, the British film-maker behind Kill List. Jeez - have you seen the last scene in this...? :)
Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller join Hiddleston and James Purefoy in Ben Wheatley's High Rise:
Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller will move into Ben Wheatley's High Rise
The J.G. Ballard adaptation High Rise has been kicking around for some time, but got fresh momentum last summer when Sightseers helmer Ben Wheatley signed on to direct. He cast the first star, Tom Hiddleston, a few months ago, and now he’s gone and added two more. Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller...
Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller have joined Tom Hiddleston in Ben Wheatley's High-Rise via:
Also, the art we are making is good. Richard Ayoade, Ben Wheatley, Andrea Arnold, all doing impressive work right now.
Ben Wheatley talks A Field in England & updates us on High Rise & casting Tom Hiddleston
Ben Wheatley talks High Rise, casting Tom Hiddleston, A Field in England, and the state of...
Ben Wheatley to direct Tom Hiddleston in Ballard's High Rise. Fantastic news!
Update on what we know on confirmed knowledge, rumours and possible spoilers for Series 8. Moffat has currently written episodes 1, 2 and 5 of Capaldi's first run. Episode 3 has been written by Phil Ford. Episode 4 will be written by Chris Thompson. Episodes 1 and 2 have been directed by Ben Wheatley. Episodes 3 and 6 have been directed by Paul Murphy. Episodes 4 and 5 have been directed by Douglas Mackinnon. One or two stories will be directed by Da Vincis Demons and Strike Back plus new to the who scene Paul Wilmshurst. The Doctor will be meeting new and old faces this series including The Inspector who is back again by Paul Hickey who was last seen in Vastra Investigates as part of the prequel to The Snowmen. Neil Gaiman, Chris Chinball and Mark Gatiss are currently not confirmed to be back. The Paternoster Gang - Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax are back. We are still waiting on conformation if Peter Jackson has directed for series 8. Gallifrey will be the focus on this series but the doctor will ...
“Ben Wheatley's A FIELD IN ENGLAND tonight at 9pm! Bar-Art at the bar starts at 8!
Watched the first episode of UTOPIA. It's like Wes Anderson and Ben Wheatley had a baby together and then sold it to Alan Moore.
Watching Kill List. Man what an effectively creepy thriller this is. Brutal, dark and strangely emotional. Ben Wheatley is one talented MF.
Series 8 may broadcast earlier than was previously thought. Ben Wheatley suggests July.
Casting Net: Tom Hiddleston (Thor: The Dark World) is attached to star in High-Rise, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard‘s 1975 novel about a luxury residential unit. Hiddleston would play Robert Laing, a doctor who loves the idea of the tower, becomes obsessed with the architect, and gets embroiled in the complex mess surrounding the building. In the book, the building isolates the residents from the outside world and societal niceties soon devolve as residents segregate themselves by class and eventually regress to a primitive hunter/gatherer culture. Ben Wheatley (Doctor Who) is set to direct. Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly is reportedly in early talks to take on the female lead in Marvel’s Ant-Man. Edgar Wright is directing the new Marvel tentpole starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas as Scott Lang and Hank Pym. No specifics were available regarding Lilly’s potential role — especially since it looks like Wright’s Ant-Man will deviate from the source material — but according to Variety, she might pla ...
Steve Oram to direct his first feature Steve Oram, the co-writer and star of Ben Wheatley's Sightseers, is to direct his first feature, a comedy called Aah! The film, produced through Lincoln Film Studios. will star Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing, Rush), Tom Meeten and Hannah Hoekstra. Producer is Andy Starke. Oram describes the world of Aah! as "barbaric but recognisable." Set in South London and with dialogue joined by animal noises, the characters express themselves in a very physical way. The off-the-wall comedy is self-financed and is scheduled to start filming April.
Dreamt I was cast in a new Ben Wheatley film. Then I got stabbed to death by Leonardo DiCaprio and so Paddy Considine gave me a cuddle. Fin.
Ben Wheatley to direct two episodes of Doctor Who -
Ben Wheatley (Sightseers, A Field In England) is shooting DOCTOR RUDDY WHO right now with Peter Capaldi. First image:
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Just realized that Ben Wheatley is directing the first couple Peter Capaldi episodes of DOCTOR WHO. Interest elevated accordingly.
'First-day nerves' for new Doctor'. 'New Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has admitted to first-day nerves after stepping on to the show's set today'. 'The actor, who has replaced Matt Smith as the TV Time Lord, joined co-star Jenna Coleman in Cardiff. He said: "New job, first day, slightly nervous. Just like the Doctor, I'm emerging from the Tardis into a whole other world." Viewers got their first glimpse of Capaldi at the end of the Christmas Day episode of the long-running science fiction show. Show supremo Steven Moffat said: "First the eyebrows! Then, at Christmas, the face! Coming soon, the whole Doctor. In the Cardiff studios, the Capaldi era begins." Filming on the eighth series of the show will go on until August with director Ben Wheatley coming on board. Figures released by the BBC today showed that Doctor Who was the most viewed programme on the iPlayer over the festive period, with almost two million requests to view the Christmas Day edition. The show - seen through the catch-up player 1.96 mi ...
We should expect more out of Ben Wheatley.
Ben Wheatley is going to direct two episodes of Doctor Who?!
Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Ben Wheatley. . That's a *** lot of talent contributing to one episode.
I still can't believe Ben Wheatley is directing two episodes of Doctor Who. I mean he made Kill List, Sightseers and U in The ABCs of Death.
Photo: SIGHTSEERS - Dir. Ben Wheatley. One o’ the best films I saw in 2013. Check it out.
Coo! Capaldi directed by Ben Wheatley, eh? That's good news.
Here is the first picture of Peter Capaldi's twelfth Doctor, as filming begins on the first two episodes of series 34/8 of Doctor Who. The twelfth Doctor is still clothed in The eleventh Doctor's costume. His garb has not yet been revealed. The first episode is written by Steven Moffat, while the second is written by Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Dreamland). Both are directed by Ben Wheatley.
Yup, episode 2, directed by Ben Wheatley! And rumoured to feature the Daleks.
If Ben Wheatley is involved as director, I genuinely don't know what to expect.
Let's hope Ben Wheatley's 2 Doctor Who episodes are no where near as poor as the over-hyped Sightseers was.
Interesting that Ben Wheatley will direct the first two Doctor Who's episodes. "The Killing List" is one of my top five freak out movies.
They're filming episode one first? Oh yeah, because Ben Wheatley said so.. well.. sort-of..
"These are the first episodes that Peter will shoot and are directed by Ben Wheatley." YAY!   10% Off
Peter Capaldi starts filming as the Doctor today and Ben Wheatley is directing. It's possible I'm hallucinating
Watched Sightseers, directed by Ben Wheatley, who is also directing some of series 8 of It's like he knew
Best she not watch any of your others then, Ben. I'd say that one is your most upbeat : ).
Watched 2012's 'Sightseers' last-night/this morning, by Ben Wheatley. Loved it! A great film, highly recommended :)
Ben Wheatley is one that uses this method very well as does Shane Meadows. You feel that you have been ...
Ben Wheatley is a very good director. Kill List, Down Terrace, A Field In England, and Sightseers all consistently good.
ARRRGH an Ideal film by ben Wheatley
Yeah, Ben Wheatley's definitely one of our best living directors. Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England.
agreed. I thought the opener was a Dalek two parter by Steven Moffat and directed by Ben Wheatley. So much confusion!
true I need to see Ben Wheatley new film fields of England.
And here is where you can read our interview with director
I missed 8 minutes of Sightseers. D'oh! Why am I always missing the beginning of Ben Wheatley films?:-/
HA! Just saw a Police Box in the background of Sightseers, foreshadowing Ben Wheatley's future Doctor Who gig.
SIGHTSEERS, the wonderful dark-comedy from Kill List director Ben Wheatley, is about to start on Film4
Ooh, Sightseers is on Film4 in five minutes, directed by Ben 'Soon I'll Be Directing Capaldi In Doctor Who' Wheatley.
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Kill List and Sightseers director Ben Wheatley will direct Peter Capaldi's first two episodes as Doctor Who.
Really impressed with the trailer for "House of Him" from and Got a nice Ben Wheatley vibe.
Dalek two-part series opener with the Paternoster Gang, set in WWI, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and directed by Ben Wheatley?
That sounds like a good idea, all of these programmes sound terrible. Far more horrific than Ben Wheatley films.
Nuts in May (1976) - companion piece to Ben Wheatley's Sightseers
Sightseers (2012) - Ben Wheatley's gem on Film4 10.55pm. Can't wait for his version of JG Ballard's High Rise
'Sightseers' on Film 4 at 10.55 this evening: ''he wasn't a human being he was a Daily Mail reader'' (and that's why I killed him when he made a fuss about a dog turd in the Avebury stone circle) . seems a perfectly reasonable point of view to me .. a Ben Wheatley film .
Can highly recommend watching/recording Sightseers on Film4 tonight. Very funny & original. 2nd best Ben Wheatley film imo.
Ben Wheatley has been commuting to Cardiff all week so it's a safe bet...
Check out Ben Wheatley's 'Sightseers' on tonight at 10:45pm as part of their season
SERIES 8 FILMING RUMOUR Rumours are saying that filming today was for Series 8 Episode 2! This is confirmed to be directed by Ben Wheatley and rumoured to be part of a 2 Part episode featuring the Daleks with the Paternoster Gang!! -Jordan
Sightseers is on tonight, here's why you should watch it
Finally caught Ben Wheatley's SIGHTSEERS. Really dug it. It's no Kill List, but it's hilarious in a pitch black way, much like DOWN TERRACE.
Watched the British film "Sightseers", in a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism. It was good to see all the local scenery - and, yes, it was very dark, but sorry Steve Oram, Alice Lowe and Ben Wheatley, I found it lacking. The caravan road trip was humorous in places, the tainted love was credible - just: but overall not a film I would recommend. The word which springs immediately to mind is "lacking" ... and it had such potential. Did anyone else watch it? I would love to see other comments/differing opinions on this - anyone?
Ha, yes, loved it. Ben Wheatley is someone to follow for sure. His films often feature actors from 'Spaced' too, which is cool.
Ben Wheatley begins shooting an adaptation of J.G.Ballard's HighRise this year. Perfect director for this dark novel. h…
I dunno if my guy has sold the tickets thoughvif you can find someone to drive that wouldn't be too much £ il ask
Oh, if we could get like 4/5 of us, and chip petrol I reckon I could find someone, shall I try or not?
Finally managed to catch up and see Sightseers. Amazing film - seriously screwed up. Convinces me that Ben Wheatley is the most exciting director to come out of the UK since Danny Boyle.
Watching sightseers on lovefilm instant. Should be good. Don't think ben Wheatley has made a bad film.
Just heard there's going to be an "Ideal" film, directed by Ben Wheatley. Can't wait!
Writing Top 10 lists is something I'm a little loathe doing, because it's comparing apples against oranges against pears. But I understand the appeal: Top 10 lists make it easy for people to scan and quickly identify what they (dis)agree with. I've also approached this with great trepidation/hesitation because I think there's a good chance I've seen more movies in this past year than the last 10 combined. Another thing to note is I've deliberately tried to see movies that were: a) previewed by top critics (e.g. A.O. Scott, Manohla Dargis, Peter Howell, etc.) as being "good"; b) not part of a series (e.g. Iron Man, Scary Movie); and c) not part of a comic book/action/chick flick/Hollywood/blockbuster genre. It's just a personal preference of mine to see quirky, art house, and "different" movies, so this list reflects that.  But watch for my Oscar predictions coming soon! 10. The F Word (dir. Michael Dowse) One of the toughest hurdles to overcome for an actor is being pigeon-holed. But when the dust has s ...
DW filming on Monday; starring Peter Capaldi, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce, directed by Ben Wheatley. A higher standard.
Doctor Who news!!! Airdate Late August/Early September 2014 Filming begins 6 January 2014. Format 13 episodes Other notes: One episode may end up being the Christmas special. Moffat stated he wants Capaldi’s debut series to be a continuous run and not split. Main Cast Peter Capaldi – The Doctor Jenna Coleman - Clara Oswald Other notes: It is rumoured that a new male companion will join the TARDIS with Clara’s fellow Coal Hill School teacher Tom (Tristan Beint) a potential candidate. Returning Cast Neve McIntosh – Madame Vastra Catrin Stewart – Jenny Flint Dan Starkey – Strax Other notes: Alex Kingston possibly hinted at a return for River Song. Guest Stars No guest cast have been announced at the time of writing. Monsters & Villains No confirmed villains at the time of writing Rumours: Mark Gatiss is reportedly writing another story with the Ice Warriors. Daleks are rumoured to appear in the opener. The Master is also heavily rumoured as the major series villain, although John Simm may only re ...
For Pamela McConathy Schied, Ben Wheatley, Stephen Rassenfoss, Susan Farb Morris, and whomever else might be joining us this morning.
I'm finally back on line and was sent this, from MJ M. J. Simpson (co-founder of SFX magazine) which was a nice surprise. Apparently I'm better than Ben Wheatley (in some respects anyway). Quite a nice way to start the new year.
Watch the trailer for the new film from Kill List director Ben Wheatley
Dear film/video students, while I cannot technically assign homework, it goes without saying that the winter break is an excellent time to catch up on your cinema. Here are 10 excellent films by excellent directors, all available on nettflicks streaming, in no particular order: 1. Kagemusha - Akira Kurusawa 2. The Sacrifice - Andrei Tarkovsky 3. Sightseers - Ben Wheatley 4. Morvern Callar - Lynn Ramsey 5. Tabloid - Erol Morris 6. Enter the Void - Gaspar Noe 7. Sonatine - Takeshi Kitano 8. Slacker - Richard Linklater 9. Upstream Color - Shane Carruth 10. Dark Horse - Todd Solondz Drop me a line if you follow through and have something to say about one of these. (Even if you hated it!) If anyone manages to watch all ten, I will take that person to a fancy restaurant. (no dessert)
Bloody *** Ben Wheatley's directing the first 2 episodes of Capaldi's Doctor Who.
Ben Wheatley is a rising young star in the British Indie Movie scene and I was quite excited about finally getting to see some of his work. Kill List was interesting enough in parts but it was way too enigmatic for me to get a firm handle on. The pocket quotes on the DVD cover invoke comparisons with The Shining and The Wicker Man but it was more Apocalypse Now by way of Lars Von Trier. British Indie Auteur Shane Meadow's revenge flick Dead Man's Shoes covers similar ground. The cast were the highlight for me.
MY MOVIES OF THE YEAR 2013 - Ok folks, here is my roundup of films that i loved in the year 2013, let me know if you agree or disagree on any and if so which films should have been in there instead!! in reverse order of favouritism!! 3. VHS 2 enjoyed the first vhs due to the short, sharp shock nature of its short videos and was looking forward to the sequel and more of the same, and it doesnt dissapoint!! All 4 of the short films are good, varying only slightly in quality, but its SAFE HAVEN that makes this film. A gut-wrenching 40 mins of documentary style footage of a bizarre asian cult this short movie is amazing and worth a watch for any fans of horror or just shock film making 2. THE CONJURING James Wan is a genius in my eyes. Up there with the Carpenters and Argentos of the world. He has revolutionised horror films and made them scary again and they dont come much scarier than this!! This is the best haunted house movie since the original The Amityville Horror and also gives an insight into the amaz ...
On the twenty-eighth episode of THE THIRD ACT PODCAST, the crew collaborate with The Flicksation Podcast on a segment called "Merry Flixmas", review the Michel Gondry doodle-fest "Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?", the Alexander Payne-directed father/son road trip flick "Nebraska", and Ben Wheatley's dark comedy "Sightseers." There's also a palpable sense of dread hanging over the studio as the gang tip toe toward an upcoming 'Perry Purgatory' episode! You can stream or download Episode 28 here:
Just in case anyone may have forgot, episode 331 of Dread Media is available today! The episode is a spotlight on hot new British filmmaker Ben Wheatley, with a review of Kill List by Desmond and Duane, not one but two Stay Scary segments on A Field in England and Sightseers respectively, as well as a review of 5 Souls, a non-Wheatley flick about having a list of people to kill by Des, Adam and Luke!
Looking forward to bowling, Akbars and drinks tonight with Ben Wheatley, Adam Wheatley and heather 󾦇󾦈󾌵
Just watched Sightseers. Ben Wheatley can do no wrong.
Ben Wheatley: 15 years after I first saw it, my visceral reaction to Nicolas Roeg's classic thriller surprised even me
I thought that Matt Smith's exit episode from Doctor Who was fantastic, although I know that that's not exactly the consensus. However, I REALLY loved that brief glimpse of Capaldi. Between his Scottish accent, his added gravitas, and the fact that Ben Wheatley (who directed two of the most disturbing films I've seen in ages, 'Kill List' and 'A Field in England) is directing the first two episodes of Capaldi's first season, I have high hopes that we're going to see a darker, scarier Doctor Who. The show has always excelled when it embraced Horror conventions, and I look forward to the Capaldi era making me laugh and kinda freaking me out at the same time.
Ben Wheatley, Director: Kill List. Ben Wheatley is a director and writer, known for Kill List (2011), Sightseers (2012) and Down Terrace (2009).
Ben Wheatley's dark comedy 'Sightseers' on Film4 at 9pm tonight. Great stuff.
2 great films on tonight film4 at 9pm Ben Wheatley's brilliant black comedy 'Sightseers' then BBC2 at 12.10am Hammer's 1958 version of 'Dracula' with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I've almost got a grin on me boat.
Ben Wheatley's Sightseers is on Film4 tonight at 9pm. Perfect Boxing Day viewing! Hope to see you later on...
A Field in England.An absolutely bizarre film. Ben Wheatley's films never cease to amaze me.
British filmmaker Ben Wheatley knows a thing or two about jolting audiences - he directed grisly Film4 productions Kill List and Sightseers. He shares his top 10 most horrific - though not necessarily horror genre - films with us.
Steven Moffat has stated at an event that Doctor Who season 38 will be shown in one continuous run for the first time since season 35 but it is expected to consist of 12 episodes instead of the usual 13. As expected Moffat will write the season opener which will the first formal story for Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi. The first two episodes will be directed by Ben Wheatley while Paul Murphy will direct episodes 3 and 6.
I'm pleased to tell you all we have a visiting speaker next Tuesday at 6pm, in the School of Film & TV Cinema. Alice Lowe is an actress who has appeared in The World's End, Hot Fuzz, and on TV in The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Little Britain and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Lowe co-wrote and starred in the short film Stiffy, directed by Jacqueline Wright, which premiered at Cannes in 2005 as part of the Kodak Straight 8 competition. Her self-penned short film Sticks and Balls was screened at Cannes in 2007. She is on the Warp Films slate to direct her own first feature. She appeared in the action comedy film Hot Fuzz, and took a lead role in the 2012 film Sightseers, the third production from director (and friend of Film at Falmouth) Ben Wheatley. Sightseers was written by Alice with Steve Oram, with additional material by Amy Jump. Her talk will focus on comedy, improv, screenwriting, short film, the TV and the film industry. The on stage talk will follow by a Q&A and be interspersed with c ...
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Steve Coogan, Richard Ayoade & Ben Wheatley all pick up nominations in this year's British Independent Film Awards:
In your weekly Bulletin: Superman turns 75; Ben Wheatley to direct Doctor Who; new music from Prince, Atoms For Peace, James Blake, Snoop Dogg and Eminem; Nigel Godrich and David Byrne slam Spotify; and CHVRCHES play The Boiler Room
If the news of Ben Wheatley directing two episodes of Doctor Who wasn't enough, Danny Boyle is set to direct two Midsomer Murders episodes.
He - fancy coming to live at with me next month? Zizek, Stuart Hall, Wicker Man, Ben Wheatley, Witchfinder General etc
BTW I'm watching Ben Wheatley's Kill List and I'm really digging it.
Just watched Sightseers, has restored my faith in Ben Wheatley
What's the verdict on Ben Wheatley's A Field In England? My take - it's quirky, genre-defying, original, nicely shot, imaginative, very English - all those things - it just isn't very good. Ultimately I found it tedious and lacking in any substance. A panto that thinks it's Beckett. Didn't really engage on a narrative, psychological, historical, philosophical or comedy level - so what are you left with? Everybody else seems to like it, so maybe it's just me. But compared to other very English independent filmmakers like Andrew Kotting and Shane Meadows, I find Wheatley very shallow.
A Field in England is Ben Wheatley's most bizarre and surprising feature yet. And it might be his best. Read our review below. Are you planning on seeing the film in one of its many forms?
Stuart from Mogwai, comedy genius Steve Carell and director Ben Wheatley join Edith.
Not sure about 'hot and young' but the ones I'm interesting in...Andrea Arnold, Ben Wheatley, Lynne Ramsay, Richard Ayoade.
It's that time of the month again. No, not THAT time of the month, it's time for the GGTMC Flick Pick of the Month! This time we review a film from 1973 that takes place in Boston called The Friends of Eddie Coyle! That's not all though! If you order now, we will also throw in a review of the film Kill List for free! You want more, well how about a sing-a-long about The Muppets and discussions about Dave Grusin, Batman, Ben Wheatley, Bobby Orr, Robert Mitchum, Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, and Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon. Awesome Right? Right... Don't make us kill you, you greedy ***
Ben Wheatley is "now working on his fifth feature film, Freak Shift, a monsters vs cops sci-fi movie, set in America"
Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace, Kill List) is making some of the best, smartest, and weirdest genre films going right now. His terrific black comedy Sightseers opens in some US theaters and on VOD this week, and now his follow-up effort has a distributor. Drafthouse Films has just announced the acquisit...
We're big fans of Ben Wheatley's work, as you may have gleamed over the years, so whenever he has a film in production it's invariably one we're very keen to see. His next project, the psychedelic English civil war movie A Field In England is certainly no exception, boasting a tantalising premise, a...
Wheatley film set for wide release: Sightseers director Ben Wheatley's new movie will be the first UK film to ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I really like that both Derek Cianfrance and Ben Wheatley are bringing new series' to HBO. What a great network.
.I have to say Britain hasn't done badly lately with the likes of Martin McDonagh, Ben Wheatley, Paddy Considine, etc.
I see Linda and take the leads in the new Ben Wheatley movie
The excellent Sightseers is out on DVD & blu tomorrow. Great interview with Ben Wheatley, Alice Lowe & Steve Oram
The Blog of a Dog - Part One THE BLOG OF A DOG INTRODUCTION British dog scoops the 'Comedy Canine' at the International Fido Awards 2012, the dog equivalent of the Oscars, held at the London Cinema Museum on 9th December 2012. The Awards are held to celebrate the cinema talents of the canine contribution to film. The jury members were a team of top film critics. 'Smurf loves to be the centre of attention and in his mind that is just what he became when he landed the role of 'Banjo', the Canine Co-Star of the Sightseers Movie - written by and starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, directed by Ben Wheatley. Smurf's amazing journey into the film was as a result of Kay Weston of Animal Ambassadors. Kay put Smurf forward for the part and accompanied him on the whole journey. Words cannot express how grateful we are to all of the above and the other team members behind the scenes who gave Smurf the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfazed by camera, lights, sound booms, actors and crew, Smurf's fully committed performan ...
Ben Wheatley's 'Kill List' just gets better and better each time you watch it. So watch it.
Review for Ben Wheatley's hilarious black comedy If the caravan's rockin' don't come knocking!
Dustin Durant, Shane Young, Ben Wheatley and Alex Jacobs win the 2013 ISAF North America and Caribbean Nations Cup -
It's clear Ben Wheatley is an ambitious director. I'd like to see more from him. But Kill List bored me. Final "twist" very predictable.
David Michod's Animal Kingdom would make a perfect double bill with Ben Wheatley's Down Terrace. Highly recommended.
The Kill List - 3 genres in one film. Well done Ben Wheatley.
Wheatley and Hosking join forces for 'Whitaker'
More news is coming out of the European Film Market as Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers) has added another...
Ben Wheatley producing British Gothic Horror film 'WHITAKER' to shoot in June Looks ace - check out the shorts too
Ben Wheatley And Jim Hosking team up for a Gothic Horror film titled WHITAKER
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Saw a screener of Sightseers, and between that and Kill List, Ben Wheatley sits firmly in my Top 5 personal favorite working directors.
Have seen it. Brilliant. Ben Wheatley directed IDEAL. Just fancy watching it again and before deciding to get restraining order
And the Peter Sellars for comedy goes to... Ben Wheatley for Sightseers! A simple tale of caravanning folk as Brydon describes it
Just saw Ben Wheatley again, managed to get a few jumbled words out of my mouth again then basically ran off, today has been a good day!
Julian Barratt is in Ben Wheatley's (Kill List) psychedelic English civil war film and I want it NOW via
The ABC's of Death looks bloody insane. 26 directors including Ben Wheatley and a claymation chainsaw massacre. This I have to see.
Surprise Ben Wheatley doesn't come to the gym now his girlfriends back. What are ya lad? Nothing. You don't belong in a gym.
Big Talk Blogged: Ben Wheatley’s wins the Peter Sellers Award for Comedy at The Evening Standard Awards
Interesting interview with Ben Wheatley (director of Sightseers):...
would've loved to see Berbarian on there or a bit of Ben Wheatley - but lack of Wicker Man is a disgrace!
Bond movie Skyfall was named best film, while Sightseers, directed by Ben Wheatley, won the Pet...
People are talking about a Ben Wheatley between SIGHTSEERS and FIELD IN ENGLAND? But, but, I haven't even had the chance to see the former.
Today, tomorrow and on Sunday I'll be at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. On this first day I have an excellent, though somewhat anglocentric programme: The Master (the long, long, LONG-awaited new film by my favourite director, Paul Thomas Anderson), Call Girl (debut film by the DoP of the Swedish director of Let The Right One In and Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), Berberian Sound Studio (hallucinatory thriller set in the world of Italian giallo cinema), Sightseers (serial killer comedy by the extremely talented young British director Ben Wheatley) and Wasteland (another British film, this time a noirish take on the heist-genre). I'll keep you guys posted!
Coming up at Light House this week is the quirky British comedy Sightseers, directed by Ben Wheatley
Ben Wheatley's Sightseers (2012), a pitch black British serial killer comedy with a pair of psychotic lovers
Caravanners are a bloody menace, we know. Or we thought we knew. Sightseers, the brilliantly funny and perturbing new film from Ben Wheatley, the director of Down Terrace and Kill List, shows us just how bloody and menacing caravanners can really be.
Reviews of Ben Wheatley's new film Sightseers, referencing Mike Leigh's Nuts in May. Here's the original, a must-see
"New British Directors" continues with Shane Meadows & Ben Wheatley. Tim Burton marathon has hit the wall, at water station, 3 miles to go.
Ben Wheatley for Sightseers, John Madden for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Bart Layton for The Imposter
Some of My favorite movies of 2012... 1. "Polisse" (Maïwenn, French movie about a Child crime unit) 2. "Kill List" (Ben Wheatley, UK movie about some hit men) 3. "Killer Joe" (William Friedkin, 'Merican movie where Gina Gerson blows Matthew McConaughey's drumstick) 4. "4:44 Last Day on Earth" (Abel Ferrara, another US movie about the end of the world) 5. "Neon Flesh" (Paco Cabezas, Spanish movie about gangsters working in the sex trade)
Highlights from TIFF12 - Frances Ha - Sightseers & the Ben Wheatley short. Biggest waste of time goes to Byzanthium. Still nowhere near as good as 2011
9-11-12: The Kill List (2011) Directed by: Ben Wheatley. 1st time watch. ☆☆☆½/5
'Ave a butchers at STUDIOCANAL's page and nab yourself Golden Preview Tickets to all their upcoming titles including pitch black comedy Sightseers (Ben Wheatley, Kill List) End of Watch, Rust and Bone and Beasts of the Southern Wild
Paul Heywood shared the following link and had this to say about it: Trailer Jet-black comedy from Ben Wheatley - writer-director of Kill List - about a dark and bloody journey through the British Isles in a caravan...
The hilarious new black comedy from acclaimed British director Ben Wheatley and the comic masterminds behind of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Chris (Steve ...
A spotlight on Ben Wheatley and nights given over to Jan Kounen and Kenneth Anger to curate are a...
Up-and-coming directors Gareth Evans and Ben Wheatley release festival favorites "The Raid: Redemption" and "Kill List" this week as well.
It's the new movie from Ben Wheatley who did Down Terrace and Kill List. Definitely check out Kill List!
It's a good day to be Ben Wheatley. The director, who's become one of the most talked-about new directors around thanks to
It's kind of unfair positioning Ben Wheatley and Chris O'Dowd the closest to Chace Crawford and Matthew Morrison in the photo
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Cannes 2012: Michel Gondry and Ben Wheatley premiere new films in Director's Fortnight | movieScope Magazine
Pleased to find that new films from Michel Gondry and Ben Wheatley are playing Director's Fortnight in Cannes. Also excited for Room 237.
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