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Ben Shepherd

Ben Shepherd (born Hunter Benedict Shepherd, on September 20, 1968) is an American musician, two-time Grammy Award Winner best known for playing bass in the grunge band Soundgarden from 1990 until the band's 1997 break-up.

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Ben Harris, director for Sea Shepherd Panama has an important article on sharks in the current issue of Howler...
Hi. Ben. Shepherd (not from the TV). Maybe you getted beeped as you're sexy as?
.reached an amazing milestone this weekend, passing 20 million copies sold!. I know a lot of you are fr…
🤢Nope. Nope. Nopity-nope. Real German Shepherd allowed to be who he is👉
ATM: Cambodia stands to benefit from a Brexit? Ben Shepherd on the impacts of the Brexit and a US exit from NAFTA…
Ben's dog definitely isn't an Akita 😊 Looks more like a german shepherd to me
Ushers and parishioners should have concealed carry. A shepherd protects his flock when the wolves are at bay.
Ben Shepherd has a *** easy script. 2 things and only things he says.'Ooh, nearly' or 'Need a bit o…
Always find it slightly bizarre how Ben Shepherd presents both Goals on Sunday and Tipping Point
Africa's forgotten revolutions? Ben Shepherd explores decolonisation in Tanzania and Uganda on
And yup, pies are sweet except for pot pies, although shepherd's pie isn't unheard of around here,
I added a video to a playlist Congratulations on your new Hyundai - Ben Shepherd
I added a video to a playlist Ben Shepherd - Stillwell Hyundai Ingle Farm
Congratulations on your new Hyundai - Ben Shepherd: via
My Dad told me Ben Shepherd was interviewing him the other morning. Nearly spat coffee everywhere 😂
I'm on a kick today. Rig Rundown - Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, and Ben Shepherd
Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway in the lego ninjago movie! How the *** did that happen?!!
if you had to start either Will Fuller or Sterling Shepherd this week, which one would you go with? (1/2 point PPR)
DRIVING WITH: BEN GERRANS!. watch here: such a crazy video! thanks for giving me a panic attack
Tipping Point? Actually I’d probably take Ben Shepherd right now to be fair
Ben Shepherd saying ‘Sky Sources’ are usually reliable with a straight face has already made my Sunday
Alan Curbishley needs to be on this poll. And Ben Shepherd for the banter.
I thought Ben Shepherd was the bassist in Sound Garden .
Someone tell Ben Shepherd he is not a competent TV presenter. No personality, trying too hard to be a 'household name'
YES PLEASE DO THIS DOC. We need to witness this.
donated! hub said I could notget photo on ur show. before/after photo (with Ben shepherd) doing marathon 4 children…
Genuinely dont know if you know this,but Ben shepherd is a massive West Ham fan, so I think it may‘…
Ben shepherd just cuddled a woman contestant on tipping point. Is he going to resign?
Because Ben Shepherd is a West Ham fan, and im pretty sure was making a silly joke?
Great programme on Radio 4 today by Ben Shepherd 'What Happened to Africa's Revolutions?" - rightly today's Times Radio Choice.
Blessed to receive my first offer from Shepherd University!
Doing some live stream coding for Come and watch me hopefully not breaking everything! 😁.
Jason Peters challenged by Ben Shepherd in Roanoke County's only contested board race
I read this before the image loaded. Thought you meant Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden. Doh! 🙈
Ben Shepherd marking out over Triple H is wonderful
Ben Shepherd still makes me moist tbh
I'm going to unfollow you now, just to really drive you mad
That's it. No more followers and I could die happy.
Would like to see Ben shepherd Danny dyer or even Russell brand!
Boring, bland, Ben Shepherd fronting GMB today. Turned striaght over to BBC Breakfast.
Is Pierce Morgan every come back love my Ben Shepherd
Dont let Ben Shepherd near your knees, they seem to have an adverse effect on men.
Ep 41 of online at Featuring songs by Shep the Shepherd, Ben Knight, and Rap…
In 3 months:. I have lost 7.5 inches around my waistline. Bmi went from 74.1 to 63.8. Weight from 540 to 430.
Its Eamonn or Piers Morgan or Ben Shepherd equal 💕 to all of them xxx
I’ll get to have a word with his mate Ben Shepherd!
Website Builder 728x90
nice, it can be good fun. I do like creating new stuff, i find it very satisfying
FOUND: A Shepherd on Nov 01, 2017 at Ben Day Murrin Rd. & 377. Please contact us for more information.
I'm only after starting this year so we're just doing html & css at the minute just basics but we're…
I used to see Ms Susanna Reid on the sofa with Ben Shepherd but noticed that she's on a three day week now like Piers Morgan.
Pierce Morgan off on his hols', Come back soon. Can not watch GMB with the boring, dull, uninteresting, Ben Shepherd.
It is so good to have Ben Shepherd back, rather than that arrogant oaf, Morgan.
I wonder how many would come if Ben Shepherd was interviewing & not Piers Morgan? Questions need to be answere…
Ben Shepherd. He was a general contractor at the time too and part of another terrible band with the F word in it.
Ben Shepherd: "Over to Glasgow to speak to Rangers legend Neil McCann". Cammy: "😂Andy Walker is a Celtic legend too…
Today, we received a HUGE donation from Millie & Ben Shepherd, two youngsters who have put in...
Ben Sherrington AKA Ben Shepherd has got to be the poshest West Ham "fan" ever.Pimms o'clock with Hugh grant at Fulham seems more fitting.
Good Morning Britain: The best bits Ben Shepherd is really good at what he presents, always a joy to watch,
Jonathan Moss once sent Ben Shepherd off in but didn't send off Neil Taylor for kicking in…
Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd, Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil at Mtv Rock the Vote '95 in Los Angeles.
Boycott GMB till piers gets the push!! Lol..your so much more relaxed with Ben Shepherd...piers is patronising!!!
Update your maps at Navteq
please can we have Ben shepherd and Kate Garraway on a daily basis
did fake Ben Shepherd really do that? Who got him onto council tax :/
Reporter Can't Speak English thought you might like this after listening to Ben Shepherd
Big Ben had the same number of TDs as he did incompletions: 5 👀
Was down by 50 now only down 3 plenty of time left in this one and have S. Shepherd tomorrow Thank you Big Ben
I was up like 30pts and Ben just went off first half . I have Sterling Shepherd and Min Kicker left so I should be good
"The quality of the sheep depends entirely on their proximity to the Shepherd."
Mike I have no good matchups this week...anyway need a QB Big Ben or Dak? And flex M.Forte, L. Miller, or S. Shepherd?
"Sheep that are too busy to be near the shepherd don't last long." - Ben Stuart
Just started fuming at the tele because I thought Chris Coleman was Ben Shepherd
When people say how do you get so much done in the day?. Well I'm not tied up with people or have a herd of offspring to shepherd.
I'm good! I got to make shepherd's pie today, which is one of my favorite things to make. How about you? ;)
Uhh, how about something more substantial? Like...shepherd's pie?
Vieo of the Day: Ben Shepherd interviewed Madonna for GMTV (December 07 2009)
Dan thats one *** of a tashe going on there fella Hannah is tiny, she'll never be able to fight off Ben "The Groper" Shepherd
I love tippin point... but...theres always a but. The way Ben shepherd says two hunter fitty pands instead of £250 gets right on my *** !!
Never thought I would have to look out for clowns. Guess I'll train my German Shepherd by using ppl in clown masks as decoys
Oh gawd, doing a piece on Brexit. Kate Garraway and Ben Shepherd make terrible hatchet men.
I'll be there to hold your hand through the storm!
Ooh what fun! I want to put so many people on it. Ben Shepherd first, I want to throw a stuffed bear at him.
Has drunk been taking lessons from Ben Shepherd or vice versa
Good morning Britain is sooo boring without Ben shepherd sends me to sleep!
Ben said we'll prob have to be in that league at shepherd together
"My dream was not to be a president. My dream was to be a shepherd or a poet of the stars" -
Got a kitten this weekend & our German shepherd pup, Huey, thinks it's his. I'm not going to tell him any different. https…
It's been a whole Year already?!? Happy Anniversary to our amazing Director of Software Engineering, Ben Shepherd!
I can't bear him - wish Ben Shepherd was on all the time!
Please share. Ben is on the State Superintendents Student Advisory Board and chose to invest in our kids!!! This...
Ben and I just got offered a free 4 year old German Shepherd should we do it
Hanging out with Ben Shepherd has to be a highlight of today!
Hey Ben...We're DGital Media. Glad you found some of our shows.👍
managed Ben Shepherd and Paddy McGuinness more times than Wayne Rooney and Joe Hart.
"Your quality as a sheep is entirely dependent upon your proximity to the Shepherd."
Trump is being aggressive. She can't defend her record. This is actually amazing.
Hillary: I grew up a poor black child in Alabama.
When my teacher says Ben Carson is the best neurosurgeon and I'm just like nah that's actually Derek Shepherd.
Big Ben let me down yesterday but let me get shepherd
Big Sam done a couple of Soccer Aid's. Christ, imagine how much he's creamed off UNICEF just for Ben Shepherd to foul Nicky from Westlife.
Sunday Sermon: The Great Divide - Pastor Ben Sheets. Have you ever watched a movie and the ending left you...
750, and now for NYE. What a great year for Onta…
Listening to the teaching of this morning. Never heard Psalm 23 taught in such a way. SO GOOD.
is just a pompous man. Give more airtime to Ben Shepherd, at least he's a more professional presenter.
still loving online presence with Ben shepherd xx
*Hitler’s Soldiers*: The author is Ben H. Shepherd and the subtitle is The German Army in the Third Reich.  T...
it was on TV earlier - the show that Kammy and Ben Shepherd do!
When's Ben Shepherd going to come out and do us all a favour?
How many times does Ben shepherd say it's interesting
Any chance of getting rid of Ben Shepherd ?
Ben Shepherd sniggering at the word 'cox' just made me laugh out loud.
Both these sides would beat the current Villa team. . Ben Shepherd would be a better option than Richards or Lescott.
Ben Shepherd, Peyton McKnatt and Parker Allen each had two goals for Houston today. Looks like the Mustangs are ready to go!
Who can we choose from? :) Off the top of my head, Dave Franco, Jordan Davies, Chris Mears, Dougie Poynter, Ben Shepherd lol
June actually! And that Michael Aspel had fathered loads of love children including Ben Shepherd and Mel B!
Ben Shepherd and Chris Kamara say 'Return of the Mack' in Ninja Warrior: via
Gotta love how Chris Kamara was such a bad manager, he's now presenting TV gameshows with Ben Shepherd.
Bradley Walsh sounds a bit like Ben Shepherd now??
Bet Ben Shepherd's had a *** over that big machine from Tipping Point on at least one occasion. He loves it.
The impact happened. Then he hopped into the air. It was a very unnatural movement. But he was still fouled.
Studs in his shin and if he had kept his foot planted he would have been injured.
perfect example of what Gary Neville talked about: it was a foul *and* he dived. Definite penalty.
Top banter from Ben Shepherd and Kammy on 😂
Imagine sitting through 90 minutes of this and leaving before the goal.
Ben Shepherd delivering gags in his wooden manner falls flatter than most of the early contestant fails. Get Keith Lemon! :)
she also has a nicer butt than Ben shepherd too so that 2-0 to the make up lady!!! 😉
And as pointed out to you, Jarvis didn't stand as Dep Leader...were you thinking of Ben Bradshaw?
I think you're thinking of Ben Bradshaw, not Dan Jarvis
Strong storm with possible large hail will be moving towards Shepherd in the next 20-30 minutes.
End first: North Central 23, Ben Davis 12. Wilkes has 9 for NC. via
Boys basketball: North Central 9, Ben Davis 8 4:04 first. Giants managing to hang in despite 4 turnovers against press. via
The snow in Flagstaff reminds me of skiing with my favorite German Shepherd there 30 years ago, Amazing dog she was. htt…
that Ben Shepherd one was the tipping point for me
I am aware Ben Shepherd isn't that old but he'd get my vote :)
So much more watchable with the A Team back in control - Kate looking geat, West Ham's Ben Shepherd just being normal and Ranvir calm.
My 51 year old Dad Garry Wilkinson just beaten GMB's Ben Shepherd at the Plank Challenge with a 5min24sec.
loved watching Ben Shepherd doing the plank! Especially the behind shots 😚
Woah well done Ben Shepherd top plank. Bet couldn't do that ! 💪🏼👏🏻
Ben Shepherd doing a plank on GMB. 🤓
Is there any programme ben shepherd isnt on !
- "I did learn how to cook a shepherd's pie, but I've forgot". - "Awesome". What a crack up!
Love that Ben Shepherd is back on GMB
Good to see Ben Shepherd back.on the sofa!
missing Piers. Show boring without him. Wish Ben Shepherd would stop pulling silly faces.
Meet Ben Henry! He's an Australian Shepherd I met today at Downeast. He was hangin' out there…
Coloring ornamented chart of Psalms 23 “The LORD is my shepherd” …
17 times from was adorable on Instagram
Ben Carson confused about size of country he seeks to run. WATCH:
Knowing I'm not seeing Ben for another 3 weeks is so Soo annoying 😞
Why is Piers Morgan still hosting in a morning? Bring back Ben Shepherd now!
have you ever seen a show hosted by Ben shepherd called tipping point? They've made a show about slots. That's TWE
all of above and Antony cotton , Lucy fallon , Ben price and jack p shepherd
Ben Shepherd looks like with each coin tipped over the edge he is one step closer to being tipped over the edge himself. Poor man.
I don’t think ‘I esp’ written on an iced espresso is that impenetrable a code.
he is 3 quarters German shepherd and a quarter English bulldog.
Someone needs to start a campaign to bring back Ben Shepherd and get rid of .
Why oh why is Piers Morgan hosting GMB?. Come back Ben Shepherd.
well try telling Georgie Thompson she's only eye candy. Sky also employ Simon Thomas/Ben Shepherd. Or is that different?
"One of these days we'll get this rock star thing down pat." - Ben Shepherd, 1992. Photo by Chris Cuffaro
I love but I wish Ben Shepherd would annunciate his words!!! Drives me nuts!! He swallows syllables!
point -Ben Shepherd -"in which century did Henry VIII die?" -contestant -"I think I'm gonna play ...the 19th". The future's safe
I wish Ben Shepherd didn't answer the questions like he knows everything. Very tedious
Bravo to Ben Shepherd on for sneaking in "Kane *** is going at quite a lick".
He really brings out the worst in Ben Shepherd as well.
{ITV meeting}. -How can we make this show really low rent?. -Chris Kamara?. -lower than that!. -Ben Shepherd?. -perfect!.
Has Ben Shepherd ever managed to look like he isn't either on his way to a wedding, or at a wedding currently?
Is there a way of just muting Ben Shepherd's commentary?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Reading the Scripture publicly today? Read it well, as shown by Ben Rogers from the Nov 3 SBTS blog
Ben Shepherd is the most mediocre human 😂
Um. The ‘it’ that I love is the fact that you made me a Totoro.
Hi Ben. Working up a yarn for Nine News on MCG security today. Can you follow me so we can DM? Cheers. Andrew.
We are 5th on MOTD. Every pundits hate us. Goals on Sunday is better with Ben Shepherd (WHU fan) and Chris Kamara. Watch that instead
Am I a bit odd for a) REALLY wanting a go on Ninja Warrior UK, and b) a continued man-crush on Ben Shepherd??
Alain Johannes, Ben Shepherd, Matt Cameron, and Dimitri Coats are releasing an album this year as Ten Commandos.
Peter Frampton working with Soundgarden's Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd on a new album. Article features more of...
I don't know which is worse, Ben Shepherd and his constant undertones of 1970s sexism or smug, energy thief Piers Morgan back on
it's the Amanda Lamb bit that clinches it. Should really be Ben Shepherd as well!
just seen Ben Shepherd interview mate
I have no idea why Gazza needed to be on this morning and as for Ben Shepherd, god sake get him off!!!
There isn’t a valley the sheep go through that the Shepherd hasn’t gone through first. Psalm 23:1-3
A brill new episode of the music and history show I produce for Dr Ben Shepherd!
Cornwall duo get tries for England: Cornwall's Matt Shepherd scores 13 points and Ben Hilton gets a try as Eng...
Cornwall's Shepherd and Hilton impress as England Counties win in Romania: Cornwall pair Matt Shepherd and Ben...
Cornwall pair among the try scorers in England Counties win over Romania A: Cornwall's Matt Shepherd and Ben H...
Follow a Short film with Ben, Jack P Shepherd and Ian Puleston-Davies!
Big congratulations to Ben Simpson and Tom Shepherd for qualifying for their first National championships
Also I've always dreamt of hearing Ben Gibbard sing Shepherd's Bush Lullaby at the Empire. I know it was a stretch at a gig but... :(
Baths, Stories, and Bed Time In The Shepherd House - drmshepherd: That’s good.  Ben is learning the...
Rooney gets unnecessary stick. But that was hopeless.
Sun out, windows open, England playing soporific football. It feels like summer.
Neymar’s effort right disallowed for being too rubbish for a Champion’s League final.
It didn't work out with Ben. (adoption Shepherd) He kept trying to bite chunks out of Kalinka's head... :(
Good goal,but let’s not pretend it was unstoppable. No one tracked Iniesta’s run.
Rummer has it Michelle Shepherd is going to be our new principle.
Ben Hilton and Matt Shepherd on tour with England counties. Read their first match report
Team Shepherd at the Big I golf outing yesterday. Left to right: Quinn Shepherd, John Long, Derek Rogers, Ben...
Sadly, yes. Good natured throughout, until the final over when it spilled over. Have to say Notts stewards were great tho. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Me too! He is great though. His keeping may not be the best at the mo, but you can see his improvement.
love him. I’ll be honest though, I was a tiny bit nervous at the the end there.
Jos Buttler is an absolute superstar. That was pretty special.
Sticking with it now cos my boy Jos is in.
I’m nervously glued to the Roses match. Oh dammit, wicket. Close game but fear Lancs not favourites...
Flicking between the 2. Am a sad case.
the trio of Craig Williams, Matt Shepherd and Ben Hilton in side for England Counties tour opener against CSM Bu…
Dog spelled backwards is god, Let me find out the lord is my shepherd
ohh, I did not know that! I move on Sunday so this will probably never be useful information again…
Manor House is zone 2 and 3. Sorry you’re having what seems to be a terrible time.
Happy B day Ben, I wish you a great day bro 🎉🎈
Ben Shepherd loved tipping point far too much
Ben Shepherd should be the new James Bond
I've been wanting a German shepherd😭
One boy and his dog Ben my youngest lad with Pepper our German Shepherd who's little over 6 months old by...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
i forgot you had a sister and I was like Ms shepherd why did you put your son in a dress .. & then I saw you
Novak always turns up for a GS and he hasn't won the RG yet so expect him to be on top form
it will. On this firm is he second favourite? Wouldn’t want to bet against Novak though.
alright mate, thanks for the report. gonna be very interesting to see him in the French now!
... confidence. Made unforced errors you’d never expect. But shouldn’t take away from quality of Murray’s performance.
Murray played very well - was calm, hit ball well, put Nadal under relentless pressure. Nadal not at his best, looked short of..
Are... Ben shepherd and Chris Kamara having it off?
Being ridiculed because I don't know who Ben Shepherd is.
From A Shepherd in France Ch. 01: Ben and friends visit Paris.
How lovely... nice to have playmate.. met Ben's girlfriend in the park & new 6mth old German/Belgian shepherd cross.. all played!
Headed to for party w Ben Shepherd & many more!
I think Ben Shepherd wanted a high 5 there and she left him hanging
Ben shepherd has done it it was shown just before the first episode 😀
I love but I get really annoyed by the fake laughing and jokes of Ben Shepherd and Cami. It's irritating.
We wanted to dedicate these 3 points to Coach Ben Shepherd, his wife Amy and little Leo! Congrats!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
An example of a player exaggerating so much it looked like a dive.
given workload/travel involved, I’d have split coaches. Farbrace for the ODIs.
correct. I find myself hating him more than Thompson when I'm with her. She hates Ben Shepherd too because he's, "a show off"
Don't buy into this. She's got the anti english streak that all SNP activists have, they just hide it when they get older.
This is way too much fun. Ben Shepherd Tyler Hammond
Wanna know an almost surefire way to tell if someone got into an Ivy League (or any other) School as an...
Rubin/Ben is now available for adoption! This male Shepherd is 2yrs 5mths old. Learn more at
sorry, you’re absolutely right. I’m a disappointed supporter worried about that sort of response. But no excuse for rudeness.
that was the office gossip earlier but apparently she’s staying as Home Sec.
who does something like this? The opposite of magnanimity or grace.
my disabled boy thinks it's too boring and Ben shepherd is better on tipping point😆
Is ben shepherd wearing that blue tie in celebration?
I wish Ben Shepherd would take his blue tie off
Ben Shepherd is not a man equipped with the skills to discuss electoral reform. I'm surprised he didn't take the morning off.
even Ben Shepherd isn't there too ease the pain!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
.proves why state affirmative action is evil by insulting Ben Carson
Interesting choice of tie there Ben Shepherd. I wonder whose box got your cross yesterday!
Houston goals tonight from Peyton McKnatt, Stefano Della Rosa, Ben Shepherd and Oshi Amro. Mustangs are now 14-1-2.
I was told elsewhere none in the last three, so those 16 were all four elections ago?
Racist liberals outraged at uppity black man who didn't need their "help." HT
SERIOUSLY, Nothing to do with his being intelligent, gifted, hardworking?! Wow.
Ben Shepherd on GMB: The Emmerdale theme tune has "been on an organic journey". Thank goodness for the election media blackout.
Ben Shepherd has clearly visited the Recreation Ground/EBB Stadium then...
Fortunately for her chosen career isn't exactly brain surgery.
.proves there's a "War on Black [Men]" by declaring her own on Dr. Carson. …
question for Ben,,watching tipping point yesterday and u said tin tins dog was a German shepherd when it's clearly a Fox terrier,exp?
The fact that would suggest this is proof of how uninformed she is. is the real deal.
JaCorey Shepherd should get drafted — but he won't be watcing when he does:
A "bogus stat" has helped fuel Ben Heeney before the NFL Draft:
only applying for tipping point so that I can meet ben shepherd tbh, screw the £10,000
I wonder if Ben Shepherd has ever had a lie in?
If Ben Heeney wasn’t motivated enough to play in the NFL, he certainly is now:
Why do ITV think Amanda Holden & Ben Shepherd make a 'Super Saturday'? These people aren't talented entertainers.
Is it me or is Ben Shepherd on telly too much?
Wow, Id have to agree. Ben Shepherd looked completely enraptured!
thanx Ben.. *** came across like that this morning really enjoyed listening to him..
up 4-0. First baseman Mackline Ciesinski up. pitching coach Ben Shepherd to the mound. Still only one out.
Just blocked Ben cos he was rude about Derek Shepherd
tipping point. Ben Shepherd at his very best. A triumph.
Ben Shepherd's face looking at Jet from Gladiators on the Paul O'Grady show. You can't blame him
well I supported him from his days playing footie for Brentford bet you weren't even born kiddo😴 Ben Shepherd is my dogs bestie🐶
and Pistol could pass for Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden. Warney could pass for Fred Durst.
We are delighted to have Vicky Shepherd Founder & Director of Cologne & Cotton on the panel of judges for a...
Ben Shepherd having a go at some guy for promoting skinny beach bodies on GMB, ER Ben, you did men's health remember??
Watching Good Morning Britain on - Susannah Reid and Ben Shepherd presenting it today
Watch Fr. Ben's Sermon - April 26, 2015. "The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep."
Quit thinkin so much tonight. Go to bed. Quit countin sheep, talk to the Shepherd. He's with you always. Sleep easy fam!
Reunited ~Nala the Labrador Retriever/Shepherd Mix from in Ashland County. We have ben notified that Nala...
Ben Heeney at 75th. JaCorey Shepherd at 143rd.
I hear he's just more of a Ben Shepherd fan.
Congratulations to our UK Sales Manager Ben Shepherd who ran the and raised £1600 for
Church workers hold ecumenical service for Fr. Ben Alforque says she embodies qualities of a good shepherd.
Fr. Ben Alforque says embodies qualities of a good shepherd.
April 26nd: On this Day. 2005 , Hater, with ex-Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd, releases "The 2nd." As the title...
Ben Shepherd just made a smashing people around the ring banter
Catching up on Ninja Warrior .Ben Shepherd loves a waistcoat! 😂😂
It’s a strange unwritten rule that says you can borderline decapitate a player as long as he shoots first.
love the programme but Ben shepherd is boring get some one new Kammy
Why is ben shepherd on goals on sunday? Hes awful.
Ben Shepherd is on SkySports talking about Lord Of The Mics...I remember when was almost like a secret. Amazing!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
If a neurosurgeon had to die this week why the *** did it have to be Derek Shepherd? Are you listening Ben Carson?
about 2009, it was revived with Ben Shepherd
. I'm still coming to terms watching you chase after Ben Shepherd!! . A very surreal night mate!! 😉
Ben shepherd and rochelle just aren't right for presenting this
Man presenting Ninja Warriors w/ Ben Shepherd has a moustache that looks like he's been drinking chocolate milk.
I want to thank Ninja Warrior for putting Ben shepherd back on my telly 😍
The more things I see Ben shepherd on, the more I hate him.
I still don't get why Rochelle is presenting this show. Or Ben Shepherd. Or Chris Kamara. Three very odd choices.
Ninja Warrior UK hosted by Ben Shepherd and is this for real? LOL what were those wrestlers about?
“I am the shepherd of the sheep …”. Another Mag and Ben antiphon for Easter 4, from Gethsemani Abbey
Like to see Ben Shepherd and Kami do the assault course
Ben shepherd has done it 😀 completed the course it was shown on breakfast TV a few weeks ago
Ben Shepherd says "Right you can Walk Away from The Money You've Got or Gamble". He's got about 20 quid. What to do? No idea.
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