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Ben Shapiro

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro (born January 15, 1984) is an American conservative political commentator, radio talk show host, attorney, and media consultant.

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The coming west coast irma: will Berkeley be able to withstand a Ben Shapiro speech on UC campus?
Berkeley police request use of pepper spray days before Ben Shapiro event – GOPUSA
UC Berkeley gears up for Ben Shapiro speech as test run ahead of Milo Yiannopoulos talk
I have more in common with Walter Williams,Clarence Thomas, Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin the…
Also man, these Mike Cernovichs, jack, Ben Shapiro, they are all clowns who take testo…
They didn't. Often referred to as the "Big Switch." Dinesh has addressed this topic at length as well as Ben Shapiro.
Ben Shapiro, mate. I don't see the concrete; a rose oolie in Spanish Harlem. Chick t…
Ben Shapiro may not be my favorite person, but dang Piers Morgan is really stupid! 😂😂😂
In the battle between Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro, there's no side to choose.
are you kidding me now we have Leslie Marshall and Ben Shapiro these two left hacks what is happening to FoxRt if you think so too
Tired of Ben Shapiro and Leslie Marshall and their whine. No room for any other point of view at all.
Trump-hater Ben Shapiro again on Anti-Trump Leslie Marshall? FNC getting more contemptuous of average Americans weekly.
Ben Shapiro is the Stacey Peralta of young conservative opinion. Milo is Jay Adams.
Sam, get Ben Shapiro on to debate since Rubin is too much of a snowflake to do it!
See what happens when you have brave smart people like Ben Shapiro who are not afraid to go into t…
Ive asked Chelsea Clinton, Bob Inglis, Ben Shapiro, Mike Cernovich about it to their fa…
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I hope you meet Ben Shapiro and have a good convo with him
For those of you who don't know...this is the guy who threaten Ben Shapiro who is Katy Tur father or mother? .
Milo, Ben Shapiro, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson just a few of the new conservative rebels drawing in younger people.
I.E. Ben Howe, Ben Shapiro, and all the neocon hacks.
Most of the Alt Right people trolling Ben Shapiro et al. in 2015 had no familiarity wi…
Jews are not univocal - Ezra Levant, Gad Saad, Ben Shapiro oppose S…
Peterson makes the argument that religion gives you morals, just like Ben Shapiro. It's a t…
When you remember that in a week you'll be in the same room as Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson talks with Ben Shapiro in the green room before the start of the
Fun Fact: Never Trumpers Megyn Kelly, Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields, Bill Kristol and Eric Erickson all became irrelevant in the same week.
A great night it was, - Cernovich gave Ben Shapiro mental fits by mentioning The…
Ben Shapiro is one of the few who i would like to meet. But i live in Israel though.
People say don't meet your heroes. Those people are *** I just met Ben Shapiro- the Hebrew…
People sometimes ask "Why do you think Ben Shapiro is awesome.". Besides his general excellence as a legal client, this…
Every word of this by Ben Shapiro is gold, but here's the most compelling re: Western youths' affection for Marxism https…
if you are not familiar with who Ben Shapiro is don't vote
Hi .. Who's Ben Shapiro? Used to listen to Helen Shapiro back in the tulips. 🤨
I liked a video Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro - The Big Lie
He laughed about how they were going after Ben Shapiro when Ben broke off from Breitbart over Michelle Fields treatment.
if any1 wants to kno, my favorite people rn are Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Ben Shapiro, Milton Friedman, Stephen Crowder, & Dave Rubin.
DEMOCRAT City: Ben Shapiro and James Woods BOTH slam mayor of LA, say no to 2024 Olympics via
SPOILER ALERT: Ben Shapiro predicts ending of the new Bill Clinton-James Patterson novel
can you pls speak at Fall 2017? Ben Shapiro & Rick Santorum have tried to break the fabric of our diverse community.
Can't afford health insurance? Ben Shapiro suggests asking a neighbor or your pastor for help with DIY heart surger…
Ben Shapiro roasting people is the highlight of my day.
Ben Shapiro is trash. Trade him in for for Ari Shapiro instead y'all
Germaine Greer, a feminist, Ben Shapiro a conservative, Richard Dawins a biologist all of them no platformed. Why?
Richard Dawkins, Ayan Hisri Ali, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Germaine Greer, .. ALL of them are proponents of hate speech?
I prefer independent media. I enjoy Tommy Sotomayor, Ben Shapiro, Liz Wheeler, etc. Used to watch TYT but had to stop
My three favorite people of the year so far (not in any particular order)-. Ben Shapiro, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Trey Gowdy.
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it will cost more and be worse than Obamacare. See Dana loesch and Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro.
my votes for a sub host would be Ben Shapiro, Dan Bonino or Gavin McInnes depending how you want the direction to go or Courtney!
*** Ben Shapiro gives Bernie Sanders a lesson on fascism, and it ain’t pretty
ACU 1709 Ben Shapiro on America is still a Great Place Buck Sexton on Today's Heros who gave it al: via
Strangers that riot in street over election, yell down Milo at UC, disrupt Ben Shapiro, anarchists peddlers of fake news scare me.
Ben Shapiro is five foot four inches.
Breitbart had Jewish writers like Ben Shapiro and Milo is also half Jewish. Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner, also Jewish.
Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House by Ben Shapiro
What ever happened to Ben Shapiro, Eric Erickson, Michelle Fields, Jeb Bush and the rest of the Never Trumpers? Are they working now?
Ben Shapiro We re all being brainwashed via
I think the one most people would wanna see is you vs Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro We re all being brainwashed: qua
CNN won't have Ben Shapiro on any of their shows because they know, WHOEVER they trot out to debate, will be obliterated...
That is the reason I like you Ben Shapiro. I may not always agree with you but you are usually right. The problem with Liberals is they
The gulf between MLK Jr. and today's civil rights "leaders" is vast.
17 WHATS?! Buzzfeed fails to improve schlonged image with this ‘piece’ (bonus Ben Shapiro truth-bomb)
Headed to DC with my bros for the inauguration whole laitening to Ben Shapiro show what could be better than this? Nothing 💜🕍🇺🇸
I liked a video HighSchool Teacher Confronts Ben Shapiro and INSTANTLY Regrets it
America would certainly be great again if Ben Shapiro became president. Unfortunately, isn't a natura…
Right-wing Conservative, Ben Shapiro, mocks Bernie Sanders on the topic of healthcare in an incorrect and...
Ben Shapiro Thug Life - Marc Lamont Hill these never get old
Ben Shapiro for president for 2020 and 2024 (if he meets the age requirement) I think you have to be 35 to run for…
The Left can't help overplaying its hand
I liked a video from Ben Shapiro vs. MTV's Resolutions for White Guys
I liked a video from Ben Shapiro Thug Life Compilation
Time to get back to work on my Ben Shapiro fanfic
If you like Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, or Gavin McInnes then you are awesome and I want to be best friends rn.
Mic'd Up—Ben Shapiro and the Gods of the Copybook -
lol Ben Shapiro soft blocked me bc I said he was 5'4"
I'm trying to remember the entire drama. Ben Shapiro and Milo aren't friends anymore, are they?
there is literally NOTHING edgy about Ben Shapiro...
Bless characters like Ben Shapiro for demonstrating the complete soullessness of capitalist ideology.
Ben Shapiro's hobbies include dressing up in thug life aparrel, triggering college students, and trolling Bernie Sanders o…
I liked a video Ben Shapiro utterly demolishes Black Lives Matter once and for all.
Ben Shapiro shreds the UN resolution on Israeli settlements.
I liked a video Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro on resigning from Breitbart
BEYOND IRONIC that Ben Shapiro is putting this out. Same guy that played up the Michelle Fields hoax. (Also a…
Seems like we have our own Canadian version of the Michelle Fields/Lewandowski assault. And here's playing Ben Shapiro
But Rick, Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro said Trump wasn't a conservative. Were they full of matzo?
thats it! Ben Shapiro has deductive reasoning!
The Rick Wilson wannabes such as Ben Shapiro have no morals or ethics.
Ben Shapiro banned from talking about free speech on campus
I mostly listen to political ones, lol. Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro. Also I really like Sword and the Scale
The only thing remotely entertaining from Feldman was his video mocking Ben Shapiro. That's it.
The press panics when Trump gets dinner without consulting them. Ben Shapiro gets kicked out of a free-speech talk. This is why…
Give 'Em *** Ben Shapiro and Teresa Sullivan from UVA you're right Megyn you can't make this stuff up !!!
Ben Shapiro is a cool *** Jew. 👌 Pumped to go back to DePaul and hopefully not re-live what happened in May.
do they still call governors that? Is that relevant t9 Ben Shapiro? Civics class, common sense... etc.
Soon it will only be a small handful of GOP Hillary supporters of Glenn Beck, Bill Kristol and Erick Erickson, Ben Shapiro.
Spoiler Alert: Erick Erickson and Ben Shapiro are still voting for Hillary.
Mark Levin interviews Ben Shapiro about his book "True Allegiance" (October 27 2016)
True. Mark Levin, Dennis Prager & Ben Shapiro come to mind. I pray for a Christian Israel. Jewish-Christian relations is in the way
Ppl like David French and Ben Shapiro spew the same white supremacist rhetoric they accuse Trump supporters of doing http…
Ben Shapiro: The Astounding Hypocrisy of Hollywood, the Media and the Democrats on the Trump Tape — The Patriot Post
Very true. Someone might want to tell Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, Erick Erickson and Red State. Doesn't seem…
I guess you could call Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, Erick Erickson, Ben Howe, Red State and Rich Lowry "good Hillary lap dogs" too.
our candidate? Seriously, look at the feeds from Ben Shapiro, Erick Erickson, Rick Wilson, Bill Kristol and others. Why the silence
Forget CNN, why won't you call out Ben Shapiro or Erick Erickson?
We know Jake Tapper's a scumbag, that's expected. How about putting this pressure on guys like Ben Shapiro, Erick Erickson, Rich
According to Michelle Fields, Jamie Weinstein, Megyn Kelly, Ben Shapiro et al, about 11 felonies are committed in this Vine…
Ed Morrissey and Ben Shapiro complaining about leftism in the NFL is the sound of howling moral vacuum we deserve
I thought Ben Shapiro was actually a conservative Christian who converted from Judaism!
My friend Ben Shapiro called me in tears when Breitbart news broke. How is making nice young men cry supposed to win an e…
Trump camp CEO Steve Bannon turned Breitbart into "cesspool for white supremacists"- ex-Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro http…
I have watched every video ever having to do with Thomas Sowell and Ben Shapiro what am I to do with my life now
though I recommend checking out Ben Shapiro on some matters for anyone reading. Really good
My day includes Glenn Beck, Steve Deace, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh now.
“I can confirm that we denied a request to bring Ben Shapiro to campus at this time...,” DePaul's Carol Hughes
I liked a video Ben Shapiro tears into the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Ben Shapiro clinging on to his conservative credentials -but it's clear he's voting Gary Johnson!
... and says he'll vote for right-wing extremist Gary Johnson. And pals around with Milo, Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro.
How'd you like Star Parker, Ben Shapiro, and all the Armstrong Fellows, Dr. Carson, etc. to name few? We come in all stripes!
Ben Shapiro on Obama's Inauguration Speech: He Hates The Constitution - Lou Dobbs - YouTube 0 still calling us names
watch his video go on YouTube and type in "Ben Shapiro Muslim 1%"
Ben Shapiro made a great video on Islam. About 60% of Muslims support things like honor killings
SCOTUS conservatives say to prepare thyselves for anti-religious freedom attacks
Ben Shapiro destroys the myth of white privilege
SC Justices warn; they're coming for ur religious freedom "Prepare yourselves. The conflict is c…
Ben Shapiro is inspiring in his ability to debate and reason. He debates at the level of his opponent. (e.g. emotionally, reasonably, etc.).
he needs to do like when Khalessi stole Varys and Tyrion. Ben Shapiro as Sec Def (Varys) and Rachel Maddow as VP (Tyrion)
We’re minutes away from the Supreme Court simply deciding that religious OB/GYNs must perform abortions, too.
Hey, Ben Shapiro, I got you a dozen dogs!. What? How could you not want them? They're a gift, you ungrateful jerk! htt…
Ben Shapiro lists the crimes of the Obama Administration
they don't even let conservative speakers in, but liberal activists are welcomed. Check out Ben Shapiro.
Hey Sally remember when you got destroyed in the debate against Ben Shapiro? I do.
Trumponomics is garbage stacked on other garbage stacked on flaming piles of dog crap
Mitch McConnell is a Ben Shapiro type of conservative, so is John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Why can't Trump be more like them?
Ben Shapiro is the same height as Josip Broz Tito
Ben Shapiro is unhinged! . The white European got have left the Plantation!
Congrats to for making me feel empathy and concern for Ben Shapiro.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ben Shapiro is truly the millennial Bill Kristol.
Two things we should never forget:. 1. 9/11. 2. Ben Shapiro is an orthodox jew.
The worst ppl in the world hate Trump: Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro.
Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin: Conservatism vs Leftism and Free Speech (Full Interview) -
if you're not already, you gotta get tuned into Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder, Dave Rubin & Cristina Hoff Sommers. I'm hooked
Ben Shapiro decided to play “White Knight” to the Michelle Fields non-incident, he ensured his career would stay in the gutter forever.
It would be like getting beat up by Sam stein and Ben Shapiro. *** Jamie Weinstein could help too. Real humiliation
Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Rick Wilson, and the whole list of GOP cucks aint millenials
The Lord allows to leave the GOP before annihilation, but Ben Shapiro looks back and is turned to salt https:/…
Ben Shapiro at the Nixon Library and Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved -
Go migrate to Israel. You hate America take your buddy Eli Lake and Ben Shapiro.
Will Bobby Knight throw a chair at Ben Shapiro?. Or better yet, will he throw Ben Shapiro like he would a chair?
in a perfect world.Ben Shapiro will b keith olbermann for the next 8 yrs, complaining nightly bout Trump
She resigned from Breitbart. Ben Shapiro resigned with her. It's called principle. Something you clearly know nothing about.
Not entirely convinced Ben Shapiro isn't voiced by Tara Strong. Anyone seen the 2 of them in a room together?
Dean is doing to be the next Ben Shapiro. How tall are you Dean?
Erick Erickson getting paid. Ben Shapiro is being paid, Mark Levin is being paid, Glenn Beck is being paid.
I just find it hilarious that this GG/Nazi-organised hit list includes *Ben Shapiro* but Julie Bindel is out of bounds according to some.
Ben Shapiro needs 2 B Cruz Press Sec if elected! How great 4 honesty with the media!
I love my freedom of speech because I get to call Ben Shapiro a *** and boy is he a ***
this makes me sad cause I love Ben Shapiro and this just makes him look terrible for backing her.
Ben Shapiro is speaking to George Washington University thanks to
I liked a video Ben Shapiro at George Washington University
IMHO It's very good of U 2 defend Ben Shapiro just as U would UR fellow liberal Alan Colmes. U R a good guy.
I added a video to a playlist Ben Shapiro discusses Chris Rock and Modern Day White Guilt
David Books, Ben Shapiro, Ross Douthat, Matt Walsh, etc., essays, shorter:. "Why aren't you doing what we're saying!???"
.Note: Ben Shapiro dosen't understand security and thinks a one second grab is abuse.
Ben Shapiro is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. . Not even Obama made him this crazy.
Ben Shapiro and Michelle Fields have quit Breitbart instead of admitting that they lied about Corey Lewandowski. https:/…
ur in a bubble all u new atheist fascist are. Ben Shapiro and Dave crowder are your friends now? What's next? Pat Robertson?
Ben Shapiro to Megyn Kelly: Breitbart Would Call for Lewandowski's Firing if He Were on Hillary Campaign - Breitbart
What a little weasel scummer that Ben Shapiro turned into. A hateful little man. Jealousy is a sickness
Ben Shapiro is a disgruntled old man. Milo Yianoppolous needs to be promoted. Much more appealing and interesting.
I am not a guy but this article by Ben Shapiro explains exactly while I am currently only
Looks like Ben Shapiro is the next Rick Wilson! Jesus, this man's shattered psyche is really something to behold.
Yep. And no one named Rick Wilson or Ben Shapiro is coming to doxx you and get you fired.
If you are listening to Ann Coulter over Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, Mark Levine, and Rush Limbaugh, it's best you conduct a self re-assessment
Ben Shapiro attendee seeks dialogue with Cal State LA students who assau... via
White Zinfandel and videos from conservatives like Ben Shapiro and Larry Elder. The right is a beautiful place.
Ben Shapiro: why evangelical Christians and conservatives should
I'm no Ben Shapiro fan but calling an Orthodox Jew a white supremacist is all kinds of stupid
Ben Shapiro: The True Story of Ferguson and the Gentle Giant via
Wishful thinking and confirmation bias. I heard Ben Shapiro is a secret progressive. See how easy that is to claim
Spirited, funny, yet on-point 17-minute video. Steven Crowder interviews Ben Shapiro about (some "language")
Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro on the candidates.
PLEASE COME TO UNC CHAPEL HILL! Ben Shapiro is March 30. Also, I've never been more turned on by a man saying "Taco Bell
Americans like to watch him get run over by Alex Jones & jujitsu'd by Ben Shapiro.
Will be on giving post analysis u can trust w/ Ben Shapiro at Noon ET.
Will be on w/ Ben Shapiro, and Veterans 360 founder Rick Collins at Noon ET.
Richard Baris, Ben Shapiro, and Veterans 360 founder Rick Collins join me at Noon ET.
Glenn Beck. Rush Limbaugh. Mark Levin. Steven Crowder. Ben Shapiro. . What do these 5 men have in common? They all support TED CRUZ.
Ben Shapiro is giving an Andrew Breitbart-like smackdown to these leftist punks and it is really fun to watch
Ben Shapiro really shouldn't be speaking for any political party😂 that guy is whacked.
😂😂whoever Ben Shapiro is, this debate has his panties so bunched he's flinging illogical sound bite insults like a manic madman.
How did I not block Ben shapiro yet oops
Following the right twit's has salvaged this thing. Ben Shapiro has gotten the most LOL's from me. You're good too
Cubs are going all the way this year Ben Shapiro! Back to the future movie predicted it!
really surprised Ben Shapiro talked to you... my view of Breitbart as a site has soured a bit in the last months...
just threw up a little in my mouth... Mental images I can live without by Ben Shapiro. LOL
Dr. Ben Carson's recent remarks no muslim n the white house. Shapiro breaks DOWN the numbers.
Ben Shapiro here is to charitable to David Brooks
It is disgusting how much establishment Republicans hate conservatives. My take on David Brooks' despicable column.
Hey where is the tape? Obama pal Rashid Khalidi(D) says Jews should be stabbed and US should cut off Israel
The liar in chief once again fails to pull his head out of his *** .
GREAT STUFF: I (b:1946) Norwegian love intelligent con Brits. Keep it up, say to hello Ben S. which also love
A pro-life group hammered Mitch McConnell with a billboard in his hometown for not defunding Planned Parenthood:
Remember Rashid Khalidi? PLO spokesman who hung with Obama? The one whose tape the LA Times concealed? He's back.
Hey You pride yourself as a wordsmith. Read something by a proud conservative, not a gutless token.
Mitch McConnell just got slammed with this billboard in Louisville.
Welcome to ATLAS prof Ben Shapiro leads a hands-on workshop on computing + music.
So do I, Illana Mercer, Ben Shapiro, Gilad Atzmon (to some extent Freedman, but not entirely.)
What about the divisive politics that self-proclaimed victim & killer Bryce Williams bathed in? Ben Shapiro column
Black Americans need to come to terms with their privilege. Ben Shapiro penned an important article here.
If you aren't listening to Mark Levin, Jeff Kuhner or Ben Shapiro, these are MUST adds. Absolutely brilliant talk radio show hosts.
Sarah Silverman calling something “insane” is a badge of honor. Fortunately, Ben Shapiro wouldn’t let her logic...
Sarah Silverman: We *should* use fetal tissue for science. . Ben Shapiro: Like Nazis using skin for lamps.
Breitbart's Ben Shapiro: Plunder and Deceit is "Levin's elegant and moving new book"
I liked a video Ben Shapiro Blasts CNN for Anti-Israel Bias
Ben Shapiro on anti-Christian bully extreme Dan Savage - via
Trans reporter threatens Shapiro during interview for not conforming to "her" way of living.
Zoey Tur accused of battery after she violently put hands on Ben (Shapiro)
Ben Shapiro Comments on Transgender HLN Fiasco via if you are fair you . will listen to this to the end
Transgender Reporter Tells Ben Shapiro : ‘You cut that out or you're going home in an ambulance!’
I feel like I'm Ben Shapiro with the quarter of his intellect.
I liked a video Ben Shapiro, Zoey Tur, Caitlyn Jenner and
Adam Carolla on Zoey Tur's Threats Against Ben Shapiro: Tolerance a 'One-Way Street' to the Left via
Adam Carolla on Zoey Tur&Threats Against Ben Shapiro: Tolerance a &Street&to the Left
Watch "Ben Shapiro Comments on Transgender HLN Fiasco" on YouTube. is brilliant!
Ben Shapiro Comments on Transgender HLN Fiasco. this is what I was getting at re Jenner & saying 'she'.
The left and their agression:- Ben Shapiro Comments on Transgender HLN Fiasco via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Ben Shapiro says most of them aren't Jewish, practicing Jews are 80% conservatives.
Leftists are not so tolerant as they want to claim: when Ben Shapiro files complaint against transgender reporter Tur
Hey let's all take political cues from Ben Shapiro, I'm sure he's lookin out for us!!
"Hilary Clinton is Obamacare as a human: we're not gonna know what's in it until we pass it into the presidency." - Ben Shapiro
Evil In America: The left's willingness to participate in Planned Parenthood... Via
"Transgender reporter threatened Ben Shapiro after he made THIS comment  … via
Ben Shapiro shares some tips on dealing with "liberals" .
Truth: Ben Shapiro is a nice guy. I would've punched Zoey Tur right in the jaw
Yep, it's a shell game. Just like Ben Shapiro claiming it's not Jews, just liberal Jews, lol!
For all you feebs who 'don't believe in politics:Ben Shapiro - Evil In America
I guess the Ben Shapiro was reaching for the edgy with that extra "screw you" naughty talk.
Old vid but always fun to watch! Piers Morgan Gets OWNED By Ben Shapiro via
Video: Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews   President Obama does not stand up for Jews murdered by...
Loved your analysis on Ben Shapiro attack. Thank you for spike lee memory! Dear I hope you protect conserv guests
Has anyone ever seen Ben Shapiro and Alex P Keaton in the same room?
Website Builder 728x90
Still to declare for the GOP 2016 nomination: The Zodiac killer, a limbless and headless Ken doll, Ben Shapiro's diaper genie
yes, the "Ben Shapiro" model. how it doesnt say "our opinions are so bad a child can express them just as well as us" eludes me
Id hang out with Ben Shapiro just to tell people he's my adopted child then watch them wonder why I brought a 10 year old into the bar.
Ah so Ben Shapiro would probably win the debate but Dan Savage is too high and mighty to take the time. I understand
it means that A-lister Dan Savage is not going on Z-lister Ben Shapiro's irrelevant little boy show
Ben Shapiro said this is the end of America is we know it, which is 100% entirely the point of what we're trying to do here.
I love that Ben Shapiro types think they are white enough for the confederate flag bros.
Eager to meet more leaders like Ben Shapiro (Harvard Law School grad/ Breitbart Columnist) @ my next YAF Conference
Ben Shapiro was constantly making things up. Chuck C. Johnson continues to make things up. This is the RW media business model.
I liked a video Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority
anything by Milton Friedman, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, or David Limbaugh. Depends what topic your friend is open minded on.
My friend Ben Shapiro is spot-on in this analysis of Republican Establishment hatred for their own base:
Ben Shapiro (Truth Revolt) released a “true story” of the Michael Brown tragedy before the anticipated grand jury announcement in Ferguson, Missouri that will determine if there is enough proof for the gunfire officer Darren Wilson to face trial for homicide. What are you thoughts on this endless st…
Ben Shapiro breaks down the witness testimony from the St. Louis County Police Investigative Report of the shooting of Michael Brown and demonstrates that, c...
Some new info to me. Awesome. Ben Shapiro: Katy Perry, Cher and Macklemore All Lie About Ferguson | Truth Revolt:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
.WALKING WHILE BLACK? Ben Shapiro exposes the myth of Michael Brown the "Gentle Giant"
Ben Shapiro exposes the truth behind the media-created myth of Gentle Giant Michael Brown, the unarmed teen gunned down in cold blood by a white racist cop f...
Ben Shapiro: The True Story of and the Gentle Giant: . via
The conservative movement today is defined by complete *** like Ben Shapiro and Chuck C. Johnson and Louie Gohmert and Rick Perry.
"It's me, tcot, I was head of the New Black Panther Party to whole time!" Eric Holder said before hitting Ben Shapiro with a …
President Barack Obama lives in an "absurd" world of blind trust, according to Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of Truth Revolt and editor-at-large at
how come when you had Shapiro on your show, and he call Obama a administration, you didn't double check his ***
Malzberg | Ben Shapiro to discuss his column, "Why Vladimir Putin is Kic...: via
look at me, look at me. I'm Ben Shapiro and I have something idiotic to say.
listen to Ben Shapiro. Don't argue with liberals, just name and shame them. Rational liberals don't exist.
I hope someone recognizes Ben Shapiro at the sounders game and dumps beer on him.
Ben Shapiro can Stand up for himself better than most ppl on the planet. It is a joy to hear him speak.
Ben Shapiro explains why Obama's administration is anti Jewish.
This guy Ben Shapiro is a total Nut Job. He fears Tyranny. He is the one instigating it!!!
people vs BO when will we see Ben Shapiro on The Factor? It's time.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Ben Shapiro tips on talking to liberals
69 Years ago today, a plane flew into the Empire State Building. to our story:
I am having a moment of heartbreak. NPR's Margot Adler has died. She is one of the reasons I went into radio. RIP Margot.u wer…
Quick vid Ben Shapiro at UCLA divestment meeting
Eric Holder is the lead criminal in the Obama administration
Ben Shapiro quote on CSpan.. "If u don't feel good abt being a Conservative u need to feel really bad abt being Liberal?
The words coming out of Ben Shapiro's mouth on CSPAN2 are kinda funny
Movie's over, finished my manga, so now I'm watching Ben Shapiro on CSPAN2 ranting hysterically about Obama.
Obama's entire foreign policy was predicated on the notion that by existing, he would bridge all gaps and bury all hatchets. -Ben Shapiro
Dennis Miller interviews Ben Shapiro about his new book, "Bullies" via
. Mr.shapiro. I have read the conversation link you posted. There are two issues you chose not to address. (1)
Ben Shapiro shares some tips on dealing with a Liberal.: via
Ben Shapiro Puts Piers Morgan in His Place - Full Interview: via -This is Why P. Morgan is no longer on TV
Ben Shapiro; Obama sabotages recognition of Israel as a Jewish State: via
Last night I got a text from my sister that said "I think I broke Ben" and my mom that said "Amanda broke Ben". Poor Ben… happy 21st🎂
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I'd include Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields, Dana Loesch, & Buck Sexton in that category too
have you read any of Ben Shapiro's books?
Great analysis of Obama admin criminality on Megan Kelly show by Ben Shapiro tonight!
Ben Shapiro, the author of The People Vs. Barack Obama, will be on next!
The Top 8 Consequences of Cantor's Defeat by Ben Shapiro 10 Jun 2014 post a comment On Tuesday night, one of the most stunning upsets in Congressional primary history took place, with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) losing his primary to economics professor Dave Brat. Brat campaigned on the platform that Cantor was a backer of amnesty legislation; heavy conservative media coverage of the thousands of illegal immigrant youths pouring across our inundated southern border contributed to a sense of urgency. So Cantor is out. And the landscape has radically shifted, both for the Republican Party, and for the 2014 election. Here are the biggest ramifications of Cantor’s defeat. Boehner Is Likely Done. The writing has been on the wall for Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) ever since a failed House insurgency in the aftermath of a coup attempt against his speakership in January 2013. Boehner had been under fire ever since his sequestration deal with President Obama in 2011; his “fiscal cliff” deal wit .. ...
Don't forget Ben Shapiro: Barry Soetoro is guilty of fraud, wire fraud, impersonating the president, perjury, using a stolen social security number, birth certificate and forged selective service registration card which is a felony. There are a lot of very intelligent lawyers in this country who could get this going. Of course, they would have to 'forum shop' which means the lawsuits would not be filed where the judge was appointed by a Democrat president or known activist judges sympathetic to Barry.
Ben Shapiro &Andrew McCarthy have written books about it. Need to vote Reid out of Majority Leadership in November.
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