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Ben Sasse

Benjamin E. Sasse (born 1972; pronounced sass ) is an American administrator, politician and member of the Republican Party who has served as the 15th President of Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska since December 10, 2010. He is running for the U.S.

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Ben Sasse: A McCain Republican. Another RINO who needs to be primaried. Nebraska MAGAs start lining up.
Elizabeth Warren and Ben Sasse want an explanation from the IRS as to why Equifax was awarded a $7.25MIL contract to hand…
Ben Sasse's quietism on athlete protest is particularly rich given how much of his book is dedicated to the danger of saf…
Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is far closer to the 🖤 of darkness than Sen.Ben Sasse. Know your enemy.
Reading the Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse, not a bad way to get over the Buckeyes losing
re: Ben Sasse: I think there was a phrase preceding this quote: "Because we Republicans have been indolent…
What abt Ben Sasse's book tour, "How to raise adults," yet whines when he doesn't get his way?
Sorry, Nancy Thayer, but Ben Sasse wrote the best pool book of all time.
I imagine a goofy frat kid in over his head at a sorority mixer everytime I see Ben Sasse.
You're a comic? Oh that's right. I forgot about your hilarious interview with Ben Sasse.
The other amendment was from Ben Sasse and he wanted it to be a standalone Bill those were…
Did you? I know Rand Paul and Ben Sasse made amendments to it one was to use foreign aid m…
Ditto! They and their elitist cronies such as Charles Crankyhammer, Jonah Goldberg and Ben Sasse-hole are so irrele…
Yes...that means you Deb Fischer and BEN SASSE...and your Iowa GOP cohorts who did the same!
Thank you, Sen. Ben Sasse, for actually stepping up to her aid! . ‘The dogma lives loudly within you’ – TheBlaze
Senator Sasse is a beacon of light in a dark place // Senator Ben Sasse and Russell Moore | ERLC
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Ben Sissy n Ryan should go their safe places and have a sasse sissy fit party and invite
I don't expect you to know who Kevin Williamson, Ben Sasse, Ju…
Ben Sasse is an *** From voting against Harvey relief to staying silent when people use the "N" word. A moral coward
Ben Sasse just admitted Republicans are inept and led by a bumbling ***
Don't be fooled in the 2020 GOP primary Ben Sasse and trump will agree on almost everything other than the…
I like Ben Sasse. I think he's a good guy. I also know he's a human in power, and power is easily abused. I keep that in min…
So did saintly mavericky John McCain. And reasonable nice white guy hope Ben Sasse.
Sasse Questions FEMA's Denial of Relief to Churches - Press Releases - Senator Ben Sasse -
Ben Sasse: Trump-Schumer-Pelosi bill leaves Democrats with most of the cards
Oh??? Now Ben Sasse wants to do something other than attack Pres. Trump. Shouldn't you just get back to tearing…
You backstab Trump then agast when he dates someone else you ***
Oh look Laura Ingraham trashing Ben Sasse, because he's, you know, actually a conservative.
The curriculum of St. John's College, Senator Ben Sasse one of their alums
Ben Sasse: 'It feels like violence is coming' and it's doubtful Trump will be able to comfort the nation…
Ben Sasse is a rare example of a thoughtful Republican senator. I so wish he and others stand up more for their pri… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ben Sasse should shut his freaking piehole when many people are about to die and others will need FEMA funding, including…
Two things.first, I do not trust most politicians but I do trust Ben Sasse. If he says it is a good thing, I believe him.
That's nice. I was asking Ben Sasse. Ill wait for his answer.
Little Ben Sasse whining is hilarious. IT'S AMERICA FIRST ben..& not first.. can you say OUT OF TOUCH? .
This is unbelievable. Republican Senator Ben Sasse said the experience of watching Trump empower Democrats had...
Ben Sasse laughing at "house nigg*r" with Hollywood atheist god hater Bill Maher is a bad deal
So do I, and I'm still a Republican (Ben Sasse & Nikki Haley keep me hanging on, barely)
Senator Dean Heller, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Justin Amash, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, Clair McCaskill and Lindsay Graham all need to go.
Ben Sasse votes with Trump. Big talk, no action.
Why is Sen. Ben Sasse the only politician in America who even attempts to communicate to voters this way?
Take THAT, Ben Sasse. And btw us, you sound more Missouri Synod than ELCA. My cousin Carl was president of Fremont. St. Olaf's weeps.
After more than 5,000 votes, Lindsey Graham is the clear winner. (My vote was Ben Sasse.)
Who's that behind Ted Cruz? Why none other than that chameleon, Ben Sasse.
Ben Sasse is that dude that let Maher cook-
Ben Sasse is a preening moralizing Laughed when Maher used "n" word. What a loser. Should be primaried out!
Ben Sasse the only white Republican I've even seen to get away with laughing at the "N" wor…
Have you been following the Senator since spring 2016? Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse,…
Ben Sasse trying to make neo-conservativism new economy approved? Nah. Not about it.
Ben Sasse is a Koch flunkie. He is just as bad as all the others.
Ben Sasse should worry more about laughing while right next to him ungodly liberals say racist things…
Sasse warns of 'weaponizing distrust'
Sen. Ben Sasse wants to cancel the August congressional recess to work to repeal and replace Obamacare
Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican senator: Trump trying to 'weaponize distrust' in the media
Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican senator: Trump trying to ‘weaponize distrust’ in the media - -
After spoon-feeding Ben Sasse on his idea just repealing Obamacare, Tapper now arguing with Bernie Sanders about healthcare for all.
Watching Ben Sasse right now. I like what he says and how he says it. Smart man.🇺🇸
Ben Sasse laughs at bad n-word jokes told by old white guys like Bill Maher. He isn't a serious person.
As of today, Ben Sasse is a modern day Jefferson Smith.
I think you should start by teaching Trump about the 1st Amendment!
"We’re drifting into a place where almost all of our kids are... drifting into perpetual adolescence" —
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When Kid Rock beats Ben Sasse and Niki Haley in the 2024 primary, it will be your cue to leave
Ben Sasse is a massive cuck who loves nothing more than surrendering to the left at every opportunity. We need to cleanse the GOP of his ilk
U.S. Senator.Ben Sasse' take on perpetual adolescence could apply to India too Adolescence is a gift. Permanantly staying…
Sasse warns of 'weaponizing distrust' after Trump's media
Hope 1 day we'll have a POTUS able to articulate issues the way does. Someone 2 unite, inspire all of us.
Have to look up how he votes on policy, but I like a lot of what this guy says. Smart guy. Senator Ben Sasse.
Sasse must end his yuking it up with so called funny men like Bill Maher using the N word, then just laughing about…
Here is my full interview with Sen.
Sasse: If there is no agreement. we need to "repeal with a delay," then replace Obamacare
There are some trying to give Ben Sasse credit for the "repeal then replace" idea. This was Rand Paul's idea, not Sasse's.
Ben Sasse, are you suggesting we REPEAL and replace is with NOTHING?. Dude, that's not a dream, it's…
I did not hear a "no" when asked if there's any chance he'd challenge Trump
Let's hope this puts to rest the whole "Gee that Ben Sasse seems like a reasonable Republican" line of thought.
"[Let's] work on something that works better than ObamaCare — we pledged that and American people deserve that"
who cares what Ben Sasse says. Hope he is voted out of office
I've had mixed feelings ab Ben Sasse & have been avoiding reading his book. I feel like I may break my iPad in the process.
"Politics are subordinate to the things that are supposed to unite Americans". Senator Ben Sasse
Sen. Ben Sasse warns of "weaponizing distrust" after President Trump's attacks on the media https:…
Triggers. These are people like Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and every other disgusting progressive globalis…
Ben Sasse admits he silk be in Iowa next weekend because he lost a bet in the Iowa-Nebraska game last year.
The media took Bill Maher dropping an N-bomb in Ben Sasse's lap & made the story about how Sasse went alon…
He read Ben Sasse's university dissertation as part of preparing for that interview. Losing steam in my PP101 prep and that just fired me up
Patiently waiting for Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Shelley Moore Capito, Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake to be true "moderates" and come out as a "no"
Ben Sasse fought all of 2016 for Merrick Garland to be seated on SCOTUS. Nothing Conservativ…
Head of Iowa Republican Party criticizes Sen. Ben Sasse during warm up to President Trump speech in Cedar Rapids.
I think there's plenty on both sides (see Ben Sasse, Jason Kander, Stephanie Murphy). But division is th…
Pubs/Dems who are part of the Resistance Never Trumpers:. John McCain. Jeff Flake. Ben Sasse. Lindsey Graham. Susan Coll…
Ben Sasse (R-NE), in a statement supporting HR 72, claimed GAO “is supposed to hunt down waste and expose abuses”
Ben Sasse is a thinking man. Nice little bit here on "The Benedict Option" with Prof. Robby George. H/t Ryan T.
REPUBLICAN Sen. Ben Sasse agrees with EVERY Democrat that restricting press access is a bad idea. FREEDOM OF THE PR…
Ben Sasse, Justin Amash, Mitt Romney. There aren't too many left with any integrity.
Two things I've learned from Kathy Griffin isn't responsible for her own actions, and Ben Sasse is responsible for Bill…
So, today, it seems I've learned all I need to know about Ben Sasse.
Ben Sasse is a coward, a Judas who refuses to stand with our President, but will sit and laugh as Bill Maher
Bill Maher should not be fired, but he should apologize. Ben Sasse needs to say something as a leader, but he doesn't need to a…
Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake (though I want more from him), Jon Huntsman (but it'll be a g…
John McCain, Ben Sasse, Paul Ryan and other rhinos need to be gone from D.C
Sen. Ben Sasse says he finds report that Pres. Trump asked Comey to end investigation into Michael Flynn "troubling"
Sen. Ben Sasse Gives Parents a Plan for ‘Removing the Training Wheels’ in His New Book
"Many young Americans today are locked in perpetual adolescence. Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse on how he and his wife...
Sen. Sasse spoke at GCTS' graduation. If you're looking for one, (any) politician to respect- I suggest this dude:
"Sen. Ben Sasse picking them up as an Uber driver." . Your move
Sen. Ben Sasse's lecture on adulting is oddly timed given Congress' current maturity level, but a very good read…
.writes The Teddy Roosevelt Option: Ben Sasse’s Plan to Save the Country via
Sen. Ben Sasse's 'The Vanishing American Adult' is oddly timed but quite good. Read more:…
would be a good time for all to come clean, disavow these pedos...Ben Sasse…
At least they can laugh at themselves.
Whatever they say, Kristol and Ben Sasse are no longer mainstream Republicans or conservatives. That also…
Always great conversation w/Sen this time on his important new book THE VANISHING AMERICAN ADULT. Audio:
Sen. Ben Sasse's 'The Vanishing American Adult' is oddly timed but quite goodA lecture on adulting — from a US ...…
Ladies and gentleman: man of honor, Ben Sasse. Doing gov the Reagan way.
You know, I haven't paid much attention to his politics until recently, but I kinda dig Ben Sasse, you guys. Thanks, N…
I certainly wouldn't base anything truthful on what Ben Sasse has to say. Imo, he is a traitor to President…
Like most useless cuckservatives, the only thing Ben Sasse would ever take a stand on is Israel. Sad!
I really hate how funny I find Ben Sasse
Many of the jobs we need our teens to do for maturity are filled by immigrant adults. Bad for all.
Interesting short Bookmonger interview with Senator Ben Sasse on his new book The Vanishing American Adult:
calls for parents to take back control of their child's education. Remember education goes beyond school. https:…
Nothing to do with politics. Everything about restoring America.
Senators can't even with the relentless bombshells, anymore
Ben Sasse is a good example of how acting like a normal human being can distinguish you in this day and age of politics
2/Disapproving of Trump is not just another tribe, because if a Ben Sasse or Bill Kristol went off the rails we'd stop de…
I heard an interview on NPR with Ben Sasse about his book. He claims one of the worst things we do to o…
the more I read about and watch Ben Sasse he's starting to become despicable.
Moron Ben Sasse complains that others "sprint to the cameras" without knowledge, yet he is doing the same thing.
Shorter NYT review of The Vanishing American Adult: "This book is bad because Ben Sasse wrote it. Trump is bad, too."https:/…
Saturday smiles:. 1. Tucker Carlson is very much alive (contrary to 2. Ben Sasse is very astute (and clev…
Sen. Ben Sasse condemns Comey's firing: "The timing of this firing is very troubling. Jim Comey is an honorable public…
Ben Sasse: Let’s face it, Joe Biden would have beaten Trump in a landslide
My thanks also. I sent to Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse.
Nebraska senators sold us out for $53850. Big F U from Nebraska senators, Deb Fischer & Ben Sasse
Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer Choose Profits over Privacy. - shared from the Reddit app (
Ben Sasse rubs me the wrong way. Then again most upper Midwest politicians do.
Sen. Ben Sasse says he's been experiencing hacking attempts after being critical of Wikileaks/Assange 👇
It's a shame that liberal Ben Sasse was able to con the good Conserv people of Nebraska out of their senate seat. Nobody helps the left more
Please call Republican Sens like Ben Sasse today; Senators who are Republicans but willing to call out Trump. Time for act…
While disavowing Richard Spencer, R's should take time to disavow the Dennis Hastert / Ben Sasse / Evan McMullin wing of the party
Sasse forms advisory committee for Nebraska federal offices: U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse has formed an advisory commission…
So I've never met Sen. Ben Sasse but did the people of Nebraska elect a golden retriever? That would explain this
You are a fine man but why are you not supportive of Don Bacon, Ben Sasse or Jeff Fortenberry?
Ben Sasse: Neil Gorsuch lamented 'attack' on 'brothers or sisters of the robe' to me: Sen. Ben Sasse, Nebraska…
I hope deb Fisher and Ben Sasse did also
Exclusive - Sen. Ben Sasse on Judge Neil Gorsuch: 'Great Pick by the President' via
"Exclusive – Sen. Ben Sasse on Judge Neil Gorsuch: ‘It Is Obviously a Great Pick by the Presi…
I also think John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham ,and Ben Sasse need to shut up and let President Trump do his job.
Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse: Stop the privatization of Medicare. - Sign the Petition! via
Y'all know moderates like Collins lack the spine, right? You need hardliners like Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse to block Sessions.
Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse are also part of
I like Ben Sasse, seems like a solid guy & he's doing his job. Not real familiar w/ Sullivan: senator from Alaska right?
What do you think of Dan Sullivan and Ben Sasse? If you guys would run someone like them, you may get some respect back.
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Senators Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins - the country needs you now, more than ever. Stay strong.
Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are not going to confirm whoever…
I'm sick of all this leftwing propaganda from David Frum, Ross Douthat, Bill Weld, Ben Sasse, Erick Erickson, and Mitt Romne…
Also solid Conservatives like Ben Sasse, Mike Lee, and libertarian Justin Amash.
Top Rs who spurned Trump before it was safe: Charlie Baker, Larry Hogan, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Susan Col…
If we could put Ben Sasse, Tim Scott, and Marco Rubio in charge we could get some real governing done in Washington
Compare Trump surrogates to those who would've been Rubio's, like Tim Scott, Ben Sasse & Nikki Haley. Sigh.
Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins & Ayotte should be excommunicated!
When Newt Gingrich first ran for office in 1974, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were three years old. Ben Sasse was 2. Tom Cotton…
My vibes tell me Ashton Carter,Dennis Hastert, Lyndsey Graham and Ben Sasse all have similar dark secrets!
"Kirk & Graham join Sens. Jeff Flake & Ben Sasse in the group of Republican U.S. senators who openly oppose Trump."
Bill Kristol threatened to run 3rd party with Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney and even Kasich. Every couple of weeks.. He just wants n…
Ben Sasse is an establishment, Club For Growth McKinsey consultant who posed as a Tea Party outsider. He's a cuckservat…
Husband Gary worked with Ben Sasse at the Justice Dept under USAG John Ashcroft.
someone like Susana Martinez, Cory Gardner, or Ben Sasse, I will be inclined to support his non-Trump supporting opponent.
Couldn't get any worse--knock on wood. If not Bob Gates or Ben Sasse then yes, even Mitt. And down ballot focus.
Looking for Arthur Brooks connection to Renegade Party & Ben Sasse & found it.
Does this mean you're cool with Gary Johnson or Ben Sasse running in the General, as well?
Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake and Dean Heller are the only Senators I can believe in. Though Cruz not endorsing Trump yet is pretty heat.
Can we not kick this Bacha Boy,Ben Sasse out of Congress? Please don't tell me that he was endorsed by Tea Party
Mike Lee, Ben Sasse and Ted Cruz have made it clear how they feel about him. So has Mitt Romney.
Ben Sasse, unlike some professional "Christian" activists, actually knows Bible and theology. He's the antithesis of hacks and…
That it will. America needs more patriots like Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee & Marco Rubio.
He will have support from Mike Lee and Ben Sasse, at least
Ben Sasse had no political pull in Nebraska. Too little, too late Ben.
As far as I can tell, Ben Sasse is about as Christian as the Branch Davidians.
What's going on with the Ben Sasse pedo scandal today? Any new developments?.  
Donald Trump winning over Republicans as Ben Sasse’s third-party pitch falls flat
Ben Sasse doesn't seem to understand that the only guy who's actually capable of preserving his vaunted ideals is Trump.
Trump needs to give Ben Sasse a nickname. How about Sasse the ***
LOL! Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck and Ben Sasse all hoped Cruz's Zombie Campaign would still win Nebraska. WASN'T EVEN CLOSE h…
Ben Sasse in senate for about 15 min. Only reason we know his name is Trump opposition. In other words...who cares?
Ted Cruz was the paragon of a constitutional conservative. Insert Ben Sasse or Mike Lee and it's the same.
Ben Sasse has a *** in his armor, but one easily remedied.
Is full of chumps. They are devoid of wit. Each time Trump wins they throw a fit. When they push Ben Sasse.
Ben Sasse claimed to be a principled outsider, but the truth came out when someone started digging
Looks like the Trumpster took a corn cob and shoved it right up Ben Sasse's ***
Is he connected to the other GOPe perverts?.  
I know a true conservative. He spits on voters while taking money & excuses his criminal pals
How many writers can claim they ended a United States Senator's presidential run? I can.
Hey How's that POTSU campaign going for you? .
Give me Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, Paul Ryan, Pat Toomey (if he wins reelection), Ben Sasse & maybe Cory Gardner to choose from.
Moron Erik Erickson today saying he will never vote for Trump,exploring 3rd party ticket, possibly Ben Sasse ***
Ben Sasse from Nebraska will go down like Ben Nelson and his cornhusker kick back!
Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Tom Delay, Paul Ryan are all entangled in the pedo-web
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Neocon is about to sponsor pedophile non-disavower Ben Sasse to run against Trump
Lindsey Graham is the third GOP senator who won't support Trump in November, joining Ben Sasse and Dean Heller.
I would mock Peter Beinart's incompetent partisan attack on Ben Sasse (he's too *** Hillary, an honest woman!) but srsly why bother?
I'm not a big fan of Ben Sasse, he couldn't bring himself to endorse Ted, but this is another national enquirer type
I have a newfound respect today for a few members of the GOP Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney(yikes), Lindsey Graham(yikes), Ben Sasse and Larry Logan
Tom Davis, Paul Ryan, Christine Todd Whitman, Ben Sasse, Evan Siegfried, these people are what's wrong with Republican Party! Throw them out
He's just looking for an excuse I hope he is gone, along with Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse
I loved it, touched on everything, Trumps instability Ben Sasse needing to step up and if not Austin Peterson possibility.
Ben Sasse has his conscience intact.
Look who's pushing Ben Sasse & 3rd Party: Rick Wilson, Bill Kristol...the scum of the scum
Ben Sasse oversaw the House page program where boys were prey for Mark Foley and others. He also ha…
Ben Sasse wants to be the senator who can unite the Cruz & McConnell wings, but sooner or later he’ll have to choose http:/…
Remember this awesome Weekly Standard cartoon from 2 years ago of Ben Sasse educating a pig.
Via "establishment conservatives". -Ben Sasse. -Scott Walker. -Ted Cruz. -Mike Lee. Do you even know what conservative means bro?
Austin Peterson or Ben Sasse seem like great third party candidates.
There are plenty of Nebraskans that are able, eager, most importantly willing to do the job Ben Sasse isn't willing to do.
I'm excited to see what the future holds for Ben Sasse. And I like the comparisons to Paul Ryan.
Walking home today I ran into Eric Holder and Ben Sasse, both headed to the same group of restaurants.
Ben Sasse casts primary vote for Ted Cruz; 'Time for conservatives to unite' in Nebraska
Ben Sasse won the Nebraska Senate race. Was the 1st one to come out and state that he would never support...
Senator Ben Sasse has all of my respect, he has done so much for Sarah's case.
If GOP blocks Trump/Cruz you vote 3rd party. Ben Sasse says same thing if Trump gets nom. Both elect HRC. You'll have '92 again
Between this & shots at the 1997 NATIONAL CHAMPION Michigan Wolverines, I’m completely disgusted by Ben Sasse today.
Cruz is good friends with Mike Lee and Ben Sasse among others, two senators I would take over any of the rest of them.
My fave three at the moment are Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Jeb is 4th, then Kasich
GOP senator: 'Weird' that Trump brags about affairs
Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse: Reading statement from Sen. Ben Sasse - new facility will care for vets in the right way with great care.
GOP's Ben Sasse of Nebraska said he will not vote for Donald Trump, and many Republican loyalists say the same thing
Really. Why does a supporter of a guy who brags about affairs even care what Ted does?
Well there's a surprise. Illegal immigrant street races, hits, kills white girl, posts bail, runs off.
What is it called when Senators ( i.e Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse and Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo ) thwart the will of the people?
Justin Amash, Ben Sasse, Rand Paul, and more
Ben Sasse: 'We're going to hold their feet to the fire'
"The Constitution is the best political document that’s ever been written." - Ben Sasse at
I spoke w/U-S Sen Ben Sasse today abt case of suspected drunk driver Eswin Mejia of Honduras,who was in crash that killed Sarah Root & fled
So who will be the 2020 front runner? Ben Sasse? Paul Ryan? Rubio? Cruz? Charlie Baker? Haley? Cotton? Gardner?
Ben Sasse is growing on me by the day as a rising political heavyweight in the not too distant future. And he has...
The same reason you'll see Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska endorse Cruz right before the Nebraska primary later in April.
BREAKING: Ben Sasse Becomes the First Elected Republican to Declare He’ll Never Vote for Trump.
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse says ICE fails to provide explanation by deadline in Eswin Mejia case.
Ben sasse is from Nebraska. Sorry friend
Trump brags about his affairs w married women in his books.
Trump brags about his illicit affairs w married women in his own books.
Sen. Ben Sasse: Obamacare has fewer insurer options in 2016 |
ObamaCare may force employers to pull the plug on millions of health plans, CBO report finds. Sen. Ben Sasse:...
Little Giant Ladders
"Ben Sasse: has fewer options in 2016"
US Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Trump: "...everyone with a sister or wife or daughter or mom should reconsider supporting th…
Sen. Ben Sasse: 'Weird' that Trump brags about affairs
I don't care if talk radio hates him for not endorsing. There's a reason Ben Sasse hasn't endorsed anyone.
Where are all the other Republicans who are sitting by, rather than speaking out? Good for you, Ben Sasse.
Now u see why we support DJT. I know u r against him. But u can't blame me for Being for him. Lol Ben Sasse out helping McCon
I just called on Ben Sasse, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker to endorse Ted Cruz. Join me:
I liked that O'Reilly called out Sen. Ben Sasse, 4 not answering questions, just like Sasse accused Trump of doing.
O'Reilly told Ben Sasse: you complain would not answer your questions. but you are refusing to answer mine re: voting for T
Lindsey Graham of all people stands up to save the country. Mike Lee too. Where are you Ben Sasse? Rand Paul?
Ben Sasse crashing and burning on O'Reilly.
FU Sasse, not 'gal' f'g O'REILLY features this *** Ben Sasse, *** him!
Tell me a third party run of Condoleezza Rice/Ben Sasse wouldn't win. I don't even think it'd be close.
Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.), who recently made news by saying he “cannot support Donald Trump.”
Ohh, Ben Sasse. Him and Gov Ricketts, proof the state of Nebraska was entirely for sale in the midterms
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They are trying to drafts Ben Sasse and or Paul Ryan into the Presidential race.. They already have Rubio. There is litera…
Ben Sasse, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson are all in movement. Christie is not w conservative
You can thank anti-American cowards Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham & the rest of the lowly GOP cronies highjacking our election!
Can we please keep Ben Sasse in our corner. Pragmatic conservatives like him, his colleague Deb Fischer, Joni Ernst, John Thune...
Ben Sasse: "Donald Trump is waging war against the platform of the Republican Party."
Ben Sasse sure likes attention. He is starting to remind me of Chuck Hagel in that way.
Ben Sasse is a modern American patriot who knows what made America great in the 1st place.
Ben Sasse represents the best of the Republican Party. Donald Trump is a fascist, vulgarian, neo-Confederate.
Ben Sasse is one good reason to be a Republican. Jeff Flake is another.
I don't but there are a bunch of guys like Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse out there.
The Daily 202: Nebraska freshman Ben Sasse emerges as a leader of the Stop Trump movement - Washington Post
. Ben Sasse attacks Trump-Trump has huge win in New Hampshire-Deb Fischer endorses Rubio-he tanks in New Hampshire
Wow. If you missed defining conservatism in under 90 seconds, you have to watch it now. Perfectly said.
Great seeing GOP talk about how policy effects the poor - on over-regulation edition
I liked a video Sen. Ben Sasse on How to Fix Washington | The Daily Signal
Tea Party darlings Rubio, Ernst, Tim Scott, and Ben Sasse all votes for TPP fast-track. Shameful. They're controlled by…
This is interesting: NE Sen. Ben Sasse heading to IA to campaign for BOTH Rubio and Cruz in a show to stop Trump.
Already excited for when Ben Sasse and Mike Lee restore the republic after Trump's dictatorship:
Sen. Ben Sasse. If only more candidates spoke with such resolve, honesty, respect, & commitment to the Constitution.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan? Margaret Chase Smith? Robert Byrd? Sounds like NE Sen. Ben Sasse is begging for a primary
The 8 Republicans that voted not to defund Planned Parenthood. Rand Paul, Tom Cotton & Ben Sasse: highly disappointed
Ben Sasse focusing on national security: via
The number one topic in our Nebraska listening sessions: the
WEDS 9/2 BILL BENNETT SHOW 6-9aET: Guests are Ryan Anderson,. Chris Long, and Sen. Ben Sasse. Hear it online at
Ben Sasse focusing on national security
Washington doesn't do the most important things first. National security should be priority number one.
In which Andrew McCarthy has no idea what he's talking about, & blames the Corker bill for the Iran deal.
Yes, the situation is so bad, Wired has published a Republican on the subject.
Reps Have Needlessly Undermined their Ability to Resist the didn't support the Corker Bill
Iran Deal: Ben Sasse Is Right that It's a Disaster, but He Made It Harder to Kill
surrended Constitutional authority over treaties:. Republicans Have Undermined their Ability to Resist Iran Deal
Excuse me, Senator Sasse, you were warned & you & most of your colleagues voted against the Constitution anyway
.right: bad to shift burden of proof on violations - but then why support CorkerBill? My col …
Unfortunately, the GOP has already 'bought' the Iran deal with the Corker bill: https:/…
White supremacist leader donated to Ben Sasse, Joni Ernst
Ben Sasse should one up Deb Fischer and hold a roast of himself at UNL
Bloomberg wonders if right-wing extremists like Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer just signed a treasonous letter
Republican Ben Sasse Calls ObamaCare Users ‘Hostages’: . Republican senator Ben Sasse has come up with a creati...
Sen. Ben Sasse has proposed a plan in case the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare subsidies:
Sen. Ben Sasse proposes bill to replace Obamacare subsidies for 18 months -
Hey, was that making a cameo in this intvw at 3:35?
MUST READ: .Stay focused on Full Repeal & provide a temporary tax credit for the transition.
Real wisdom here! Conservatives must offer solid alternatives to if/when it's struck down. .
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