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Ben Nelson

Earl Benjamin Ben Nelson (born May 17, 1941) is the senior United States Senator from Nebraska, serving since 2001. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

Joe Lieberman Blanche Lincoln Joe Manchin Evan Bayh Max Baucus

Angels agree to one-year, $4 million deal with outfielder Ben Revere
Four youngsters called up to Arsenal first team training. By Lee Hurley Reiss Nelson, Ben Sheaf, Jeff Reine-Ad...
Do you think Sam Elliott's wife ever says "Oh Ben, the cow from barnyard, kiss me on the mouth" when she is kissing his moustache mouth?
How should be the future of Watch founder of Ben Nelson views at this interview:
We interviewed founder of Ben Nelson at Watch his views about the future of
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"Deutsche Bank to Settle Mortgage Inquiry for $7.2 Billion" by BEN PROTESS and LANDON THOMAS Jr. via NYT The New Y…
nelson agholor will be out of the NFL in a few years
Hear Sean Nelson, Kimya Dawson, Ben Gibbard, and more pay tribute to Leonard Cohen tonight at
In all Fairness All others WR's especially AB Catch Bomb passes from Big Ben those Yards don't get counted , Also Nelson too
So why would D's from those states pass legislation that's even more left-wing. Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman health the ACA...
liberals in Joe Manchin's or Ben Nelson's seat. Good luck with that!
Someone explain to me why Jordy Nelson didn't make the pro bowl
Check out Ben Nelson's unconventional Minerva University and how it might change education in technology.
A democratic and stable Iraq and Afghanistan are essential to our broade...
>Joe Lieberman lol He's not even a Democrat, seriously. And Ben Nelson was conservative not centrist
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Nope, it was killed by centrist Dems Joe Lieberman & Ben Nelson in 2009 when they still had 60 votes
We can take full comfort in realizing the continuing strength of our ...
Replace Amari/Fitz with Jordy Nelson. Replace Big Ben with Andrew Luck. Replace Dak/Rodgers with Drew Brees (Leads league in TD's and Yards)
same world where Fitzgerald got in over Jordy Nelson. And Big Ben over Andrew luck . Pro bowl voting is ridiculous yet again
That's right, he was governor before. I confused him with Ben Nelson, another useless bad haircut.
"Nielsen Acquires Gracenote, Highlighting the Value of Data" by BEN SISARIO via NYT The New York Times
no, Obama got rid of that early. Look at the dems side, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus other corporates..
Big Ben or Cousins? And do I keep DHopkins on the bench for JJ Nelson?
When it comes to making decisions, I will come down on the side of Neb...
We cannot erase what has been done. We can apologize for it. We can e...
The security of our nation depends on the men and women who are willi...
Ben Casey or Marcus Nelson might have made dent.
Anytime the president visits Nebraska its good for Nebraska.
heh. ben nelson hair. I call that the '$27 snap-on hairdo'
Talked Hunter Thompson, Frank Mankiewicz, Ben Nelson's hair and the guy from the Walking Dead with the bat. Listen…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Any time the president talks, you listen.
Nelson Rodriguez is tinpot, but I don't think I have ever seen a 2-pole. Hey women are always comfortable around you Ben!.
Hey Nebraska viewers! Wonder what former Sen. Ben Nelson is up to? I caught up with him in DC.
Ben Sasse from Nebraska will go down like Ben Nelson and his cornhusker kick back!
And even that supermajority was more theoretical than actual reality, depending on conservatives like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson.
When partisans start praising the idea of Democratic party control of the presidency and congress I think of Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson
What the *** are you talking about? We didn't have enough DEM votes. We had Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson. Jesus.
McGinn gives shoutout to Zach Brandt and Ben Nelson for being big supporters of the team. Loves those guys
Nelson with another unforced turnover, takes a hooking penalty with 11.7 seconds left in 2nd. Another lost night for him …
Finish line in sight for Bonita's venerable mayor Ben Nelson via
tells us a yarn about outgoing mayor Ben Nelson.
Sunshine or snow, the season is a sly one! Thanks to Nelson M. in ON for this one ht…
Ben, for the first time ever, is jealous of me.
Spring Equinox had ben a complete failure! Nelson Q had come out in hives, even though our Hares weren't real!
Thad Nelson Ben Nelson remember seeing his Home Improvement set at Disney and Thad got to be Tim Allen on his set?
Congrats to our students of the week: . Ben Massey- Fr. Tori Frazier- Soph. Alyssa Clevenger- Jr. Shane Nelson- Sr.
THIS JUST IN: LSU freshman Ben Simmons tells ESPN he will hire an agent & declare for NBA draft. (via https…
Giving Ben Nelson a special Nebraska Exemption for his vote on Obamacare.
Congratulations to Ben Nelson, Matt Chorlian, Alex Marceau & Bradley Murphy on being selected to NH All-State Teams.
To me, Mangala at Man City was simply not up to it. Listen: his dad, Nelson, is a hero of mine but that does not give t…
Ben Nelson never answered a nomination with mindless obstruction no matter party of and
s1e10 (nelson v. murdock) of DD, Ben has 2 news covers framed. "Battle of NY" is most def Avengers; but what's "Harlem Terror" referring to?
Amending the U.S. Constitution, the document most sacred to those who love ...
Thanks Brittany Sunderman & Ben Nelson of KGM & WSDOT 4 letting me DJ . 520 celebration today
Alec and Claudia at Trafalgar Square; Nelson, and Ben in the background. @ Trafalgar Square
After Herman Cain and Ben Carson endorsed Trump they announced plans to hit the campaign trail as a surrogate team call…
The comedian is running more than 700 miles across South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela.
Omaha was home of ex-Gov.Ben Nelson, but Nelson's hometown was McCook (also home of 2 other governors, Frank Morrison and George Norris)
Todays posts: Ben Nelson Creed's You're Gonna Hurt a book all about indie wrestling and what to…
Lieberman or Ben Nelson: pain-in-the *** problem causing moderates lose their seats, quiet moderates like Jon Tester soldier on   10% Off
Or, like Ben Nelson voting against Kagan in 2010, this sort of thing won't be enough to save him.
You can shove your Ben Osborn and Nelson Oliviera up your *** we'll ALWAYS have this
I have deep pockets and I will make sure you are finished come election time Say hi to exiled Ben Nelson
Happy St Pattys Day (& tbt) from my favorite little leprechaun,
Brandom ingram lowkey better than ben simmons too
If conservatives don’t say “no” to Nelson Rockefeller in 1964, there is no Ronald Reagan. If conservatives don’t...
.runs marathon 2️⃣3️⃣ on where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned:
Karen and Ben went to see Fisk's mother, people, including Vanessa, were poisoned, and FOGGY THREW THE NELSON & MURDOCK SIGN AWAY
Ben and Jackie's travel blog update: Nelson, wine and the best lemon tart in the world
Hello for dinner. is treating us well :) @ Nelson, New Zealand
I'm not averse to helping Wall Street when it helps Main Street.
John Lucas three to beat that Jameer Nelson/Delonte West St Joe's team is probably my favorite single shot ever. Left wing. Cold as ice.
Ben friends m Band of Horses playing now at Willie Nelson's Arlyn Studios.
By Jeff Nelson, "Both Ben and Jen seem very focused about what's good with their family," a source...
I haven't been a guest on another podcast for a while but I really enjoyed recording this with Michelle Nelson -
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Ben Nelson is good at frontside flips...
Nelson Creed: You’re gonna hurt yourself (Book review): Ben Nelson Creed is a local mainstay in the indie wres...
Nelson couldn't be a more beautiful place to visit. Make sure to have sauvign bomb when there
"You get the best efforts from others xot by lighting a fire ben.ath them, but by building a fire within." - Bob Nelson
With 8 of 11 precincts in and trailing by 700 votes, Steve McIntosh receives an embrace from outgoing Mayor Ben Nelson
Ben Carson told NewsMax his endorsement of Trump came in exchange for a promise of Trump Admin position, which violates…
"To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."…
Capuano: Berube in goal. Strait, Bernier and Grabovski in. Prince, Nelson and Pulock out.
I have some bad news for you Ben...
I strongly disagree my friend. He is more of a dem than Joe Liberman ever was,or Blanche Lincoln.Landrieu,Ben Nelson,etc..
Rubio for Florida Governor 2018? Maybe tries for Ben Nelson's seat in 2018 if he retires?
Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln have no idea what you're talking about.
09-10, not that Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Max Baucus, Evan Bayh, or Byron Dorgan were especially helpful.
. My former senator from Nebraska, Ben Nelson was one that was final defecting vote to allow Obamacare, VIP seats!
The Marcus Peters and Reggie Nelson led the NFL with 8 Int.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I have a couple of busy weeks but I will let you know, but worry babes.
That works for me, we shall make plans accordingly!
well well still in the country until June so, we have until then?
All jokes aside I feel like we need to have a pint at some point, haven't seen you or any Reepham peeps in years!
We clearly have 100s of women after us but we choose this life
I don't I have a choice, but, might as well own it, so yeah, I'm a strong independent man!
We don't need woman lad. Independent men!
Nelson picks off Ben every time they play and he has the most picks
I think I might be in love with Courtney Barnett and I'm not really sure why?
My friends seem to think it's the only question they can ask me these days, it's awful.
Jason Nelson on the spicy hanging sickle finish in the Bingo Cave at Hyalite Canyon, Montana…
a makeshift OL, and a bunch of no name WR's. Ben is still great of course. Rodgers needs Nelson. It's the multi skill set he has
Pretty dope that ben and I have played with former Capital Nelson Burton and he scored on me. We had no idea who he was till recently
Rodgers with Nelson, Brady, Wilson, Ben, Romo no specific order.
Jordy Nelson gets my vote for NFL MVP. Cam Newton is a close second.
stop talking about Nelson he's been out all year.
I dont. Ben playing awful..Reggie nelson gonna make life *** for him
eiffert AJ scare me. And ben apparently thinks Reggie nelson is one of his WR
i've been listening to Lonesome Town by Ricky Nelson all day thanks to ben it's soso relaxing i love itititit
Ben, 3 games in a row with 2+ INT's!?!? This is crazy. Hopefully it's out of his system IF we make the playoffs
Join us for a Keynote and Master Class w/ Ben Nelson, CEO of the Minerva Project
Seems the Selectors picked a team for the cricket impaired yet again. Ben Stokes writing Nelson Mandela's prison...
lol Mike>Nelson. Sorry bro but he has the reputation. Ingram to LA over Ben any day. Phillt will take a 1 imo
still can't get over the fact Ben Afleck is the new Batman 😔
😂😂😂 I'm sure you wouldn't. I got pied twice by and Ashley and I'm still alive lol
120: Perham's Ben Nelson picks up the fall win on Riley Eidsmoe at 1:09 of the first period to win the championship.
120: Ben Nelson cruises into the finals for Perham. He defeated New London-Spicer's Sam Stageberg. He earned the fall win at 3:01.
Ben Nelson, CEO on Rethinking the Wheel of Academics to Impact US Higher - ETR
Superb reminder from Nelson about why etc is wrong to try whitewashing history
It's supposed to be "BNel" but it's very...swooshy so it doesn't really work.
Electronic Device Insurance
looks like you've signed this with 'Bae' 😂
I doodled my face to test out my new Scanner, seems to work out pretty well.
Thanks to all the people that made our first years a success! Devin Harper,Ryan Nelson,David Burlock, Ben Biggley.
no better way to start the new year 😍🎉🍾 @ Ben @ Nelson
Have a safe and happy New Year from Ben Nelson Golf and Utility Vehicles! Thank you for making 2015 a special year!
What does it mean to be an American? While each of us may have our own specific ...
Happy Birthday that guy (Ben 10) you made homecoming fun and science bearable!
Post by ruth4290: Nelson and my trainer Ben today 😍😍😍 too happy I've got him riding him this week!
Eurotrip is the premium of early 2000's film, it is, dynamite.
Tide goalie Ben Nelson with the save of the period, gloving a shot to the far post by Jacob Rioux.
Bar Exam Toolbox's Ben Nelson talks about how to write a complete and succinct analysis.
Has anyone signed up Willy Nelson for the relief concert yet?
Join us as we host Ben Nelson, CEO of the Minerva Project for a Keynote speaking event & a Master Class
Liverpool are considering making a £4m bid for Leicester left-back Ben Chilwell. (Source: Daily Telegraph)
How is Ben Simmons losing to Wake Forest at home? Horrible team effort.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Nelson Bay. Could be Norfolk Island. Different image to end a great Christmas holiday.…
Congrats to Matt Burke, Leo Sudieh, Ben Nelson and George Tarwo on making the First team of the…
Ben Nelson to leave top NAIC post: The former senator says he wants to return to private law pra...
Great reporting by . SNL EXCLUSIVE: Why (former Neb. senator) Ben Nelson is OUT at NAIC
dogs balked. Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson and that group threatened to pull votes so public option was cut. Single payer
It's what's coming from above that you can't see that hurts you! Protect your eyes with 󾓯Ben Nelson...
Can we talk about how Ben Henderson submitted Thatch awhile back and Gunnar Nelson is probably a way better grappler?
Exciting news.Rehearsals for Water palace startTuesday with Paula Sides,Elizabeth Cragg,Ben Nelson,Joanna Foote, Sam Brown
If you enjoy seeing a terrified animal ripped apart you a
My cat is sad because Friday night it is, and partying with several female cats he is not.
Texture is really starting to get there, trying to make clothing look believable is hard though.
'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'. -Nelson Mandela
B'fast in front of Big ben following a night with Trevor Nelson mixing some tunes, roll on the weekend...
All the girls want a superman but they walk past Clark Kent everyday -Ben Nelson
I always tell the group I'm with who you are. I go "that's Ben Lennon, I love him and he's amazing". Straight truth
New edition of SaberCats Weekly airs tonight 8pm on with and WR Ben Nelson
At Bush library event, W brings up Ben Nelson and his tax plan: "A Democratic senator in Nebraska, who was frankly an endangered species."
Don't miss a new SaberCats Weekly tonight 8pm on as has 1-on-1 w/ WR Ben Nelson
I have to keep reminding ben that nelson mandella is dead.
With news of Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's divorce, we ask "Are pre-nups necessary?" Georgina Nelson discusses:
Nice visit with Jenny Jacobs from Sen. Ben Nelson's office
I put them in the Ben Nelson of Nebraska camp.Republicans masquerading as Dems
anyone else rooting for Ben Affleck and J. Lo to reunite
I'll say it again.You can't subtract Nelson Cruz,Andrew Miller, & Markakis then add Travis Snider & think that you'll repeat …
How to Make Worry Your Friend!: The idea of worry as being anything even remotely "friendly" may seem absurd, ...
Sen. Bill Nelson: The stock exchange glitch "has all the appearances of a cyber attack"
im pretty sure I'm shadowing my friend Ben next year so you might get your wish
Hopefully you were well backed if anybody had any info on Ben's swing changes you would have...
Thanks Ben, it's been a hard few days but we look after mum and each other xx
Had a great time over the weekend with my beautiful Lisa-Marie in Nelson British Columbia. Home now…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Common, CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers, Robin Thicke, Jonathan Butler and Miri Ben-Ari to perform Legacy of Hope...
Ben Urich’s collaborating with Nelson and... Nelson - Marvel's Daredevil now streaming on Netflix
.on conflicts between protected by ESA & protected by MMPA
Thru 3 rounds, Ott's team: Bell, Nelson, Forsett. Willette's team : Foster, Julio, and Big Ben.
Look in politicians bank accounts, like Ben Nelson of Nebraska.
Fuel for Dr. Nelson, Fuel for Nathalie: "Have things gotten better?" International visitors often ask me, a Ha...
Tea Party Express names Sen. Ben Nelson a "top target" in 2012 elections
Obamacare is a cluster - - - - of a law. When you see Ben Nelson, tell him I said to shove it where the son doesn't shine
At least Nelson had the excuse of only one eye. Osborne can't see the distress signals because he doesn't want to. http:…
Then there is this bad boy in slow mo.
2/3rd's of new Griffins staff, Head Coach Todd Nelson & Asst. Ben Simon at Wings Development Camp
I haven't read the Clancy books I own, to be honest. I also like Ben Coes, and have Nelson's newest book on my reading list!
After two days I finally held the Cat, my life is complete
Nelson Boys Headmaster hits the nail on the head with this one
Hung out at the beach in with my gorgeous and our little buddy Ivan today. Sad to be leaving…
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He usually puts me in a full nelson when I tickle him.
I like those odds. Nelson can take him down. Thatch disappoint me against Ben who isn't the grappler Nelson is
ben and nelson, my main men @ Trafalgar Square Westminster London, England
of course -e.g. Ben Nelson, 2 term governor and 2 term Senator
Interesting, San Jose claims Will Hunt of Reassignment from Spokane, While Spokane claims Ben Nelson and Brandon Collins of Reas. from SJ.
My name is Ben Nelson, I'm a senior at Grayson County High School and I
Adam Green of the PCCC pointed out when Landrieu was handily defeated by some hack GOP nonentity Saturday that the last of the Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party who prevented the public option in the Affordable Care Act-- the others being Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln-- had all been driven from office within 4 years; I think he left out Mark Pryor-- but he also lost his Senate seat last month. Good riddance to all of them. Take a look at the ProgressivePunch lifetime crucial vote scores of the half dozen Democratic Senators who have voted the most frequently against progressive values in the current session: • Tom Carper (DE)- 72.30 • Claire McCaskill (MO)- 72.13 • Kay Hagan (NC)- 70.67 defeated • Mark Pryor (AR)- 66.50 defeated • Mary Landrieu (LA)- 65.42 defeated • Joe Manchin (WV)- 61.75 - See more at:
. 3 min Ben Nelson explains how we are reinventing higher ed
Free frozen yoghurt in Soho Square where the Ben & Jerry's team make our day by mistaking a pic of Nelson Mandela for Alan Sugar
grad student, Ben Nelson, writes from Cowichan Bay, BC about his research.
On the way out of town, we bumped into Ben Nelson of Mud. We're hoping to have some of Ben's work in…
We'll just call this the full Nelson.
Telly's better than Davey Nelson at least.
So, coming into a Scottish restaurant, that specializes in malt whisky and asking for a traditional English meal makes you a complete ***
Fence 29 contributor is/was reading Sina Queyras's M x T and Maggie Nelson's Bluets. Visit Ben at
Great win for us tonight. Delighted too get my 1st and 2nd goals of the season for Nelson. On to the FA Cup Saturday now
31 - A left footed strike on the half volley from 20 yards. 2-0 to Nelson.
30 - GOAL FOR NELSON. Hoskin bullets an header past the keeper from Mahoney's corner.
In Nelson riding along out pulls a guy which makes me do a front flip over my handle bars cheers
Ben Nelson came through all the way from to grab some gear at the ✖️
Laters NZ ! Samoa here we come. — at Auckland International Departure Lounge
The secret to ending a sports news conference and more: Q&As w/and conducted by
Fun read from who takes a peak behind the ath. comm. scenes with and
Apparently OU has the 3rd hottest girls in the country. . 8 days, 20 hours. 🐯💚
.with this simply romantic photo of Jeff Nelson.
Question has always been "What would happen if your cell phone went off during a press conference?" I got an answer:
if we get another bat in the OS, the Ms could be October bound not only this, but next year 2
even though I want a World Series, I think it's more likely for the Hawks. Russ is too great
now that hawks have won they could win the next 5 and id still want Ms World Series more.
Ben Nelson literally just venmo'd me one thousand dollars
Ya, that's too easy. New question: M's World Series win this year or Hawks Super Bowl next 2 yrs?
Can only have one: a Ms World Series win or the Hawks win another Super Bowl. Which do you pick?
I really want some Ben & Jerry's Willie Nelson's Country Peach Cobbler ice cream!!!
Also remember they had to bribe Ben Nelson to even vote for ACA (tho it was later rescinded)
On the field for BP in search of autographs. Ben just scored big time w/HOFer Jim Palmer and Nelson Cruz
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend, I would understand
Did really just offer me Ben roethlisberger and Reggie wayne for tony romo and jordyn nelson 😂😂😂
Paul George changing his number to 13. PG-13!
Optimus Prime made from old car parts in Thailand.
As time goes on Im less concerned with being a great man, and more concerned about simply being a happy man
Ben Howard's new song is just bliss
Kanye West said he's the next Nelson Mandela.lets lock him up for 27 years just to make sure...
man, I really think David Nelson is going to have a superb year
Ben Nelson & Blue-Dogs led sellout on single-payer…Obama didn't write ACA bill, but even as is it's an improvement
Check out the great weather shot Ben Nelson captured as Jump For The Rose raised funds for mammograms
Feels like I've watched a whole movie just from Yvonne Nelson's insta 😂
Ben Nelson is acting super brand new this yr & Idk how I feel about it
The fact that Chris Jackson & Ben Nelson are playing this game is infuriating. 5 combined yrs of retirement but here they are for playoffs.
.on his Nelson Algren Award-winning story and influences, story by
.What if they wanted Ben Nelson to believe that only plans obtained on state exchanges would get a subsidy?
Democrats who voted to confirm Samuel Alito: Robert Byrd, Tim Jonson, Kent Conrad and Ben Nelson.
Appreciate & Ben Nelson's conviction about Experiential Learning (we're 100 yrs into it - & it's the future)
Ben Nelson is Building a Virtual Harvard. It's Ambitious -- Just Don't Call it Disruptive. now real...
Day two of kicks off with Denise Brennan - Nelson, Ben Mikaelsen, and
I'll have them if you still got them?
My ACs fine, Im pretty my room was in the 130s yesterday though
Speaking this morning at the Global Ed Conference at Harvard. On panel with Bob Mendenhall, Tan Chorh Chuan, and Ben Nelson.
Think I've only got spare Grampa, Nelson, and Scratchy at the moment. Happy to buy Marge off you for whatever you paid.
The internet is for the feint of heart
You and your girl breakup and she go wild out then you know what kind of female you was really dating
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I wish I could fall asleep. This room has had an AC on for 3.5 hours and its still gotta be 90
“Idk how people can be in a relationship right after they get out of one” cuz they fake 👌
Congratulations on the launch of 'Why Sport Matters'. "Sport has the power to change the World" Nelson …
so do I, but I still cleaned my car the last 3 hours...
more like old woman I work everyday!
Babe Ruth baseball BRATTLEBORO — DMI edged the Eagles, 6-5, in an eight inning contest on June 11. DMI's Leif Bigelow was 2-for-4 and scored three times, including the go-ahead run on a squeeze bunt by Tanner Bell, who was 2-for-3. Matt Cutter walked four times at the plate and struck out five in five innings on the mound. Tyler Germain pitched a perfect eighth for the save. For the Eagles, Ian Fulton-Black fanned 12 in 5 1/3 innings and stroked a booming double to left. Ben Nelson-Betz struck out five in 2 2/3 of relief work. Matt Dulmaine was on base three times with a single, a walk and a hit by pitch. Dan Petrie was 2-for-3, and Logan Morton lined a double to right center and scored. On Saturday, the Eagles defeated Pepsi, 7-3. Dan Petrie went 2-for-3 and pitched five innings for the win, in a game that was tied at 3-3 heading into the sixth inning. Jeremy Rounds singled and doubled for the winners, while Joe Rafus walked three times and scored twice. For Pepsi, Kyle Murray (2 K’s) pitched well in ...
yeah but I'm telling you it's gonna be between them 3 teams LA Clippers, Heat, or Cavs that's what I think
I don't like that at all and mark jackson just left
yes he has Ben... Yes he has, welcome to the table Kawhi
Outfielder Hayes Nelson and DH Ben Schmidt of Hidden Valley have made first team on the VHSCA Group 3A baseball squad.
"Yeah he was getting so annoyed because Seth gets really sarcastic and I'm sassy so together were sarcassy." . -Ben Nelson
How can we build a better university? Ben Nelson will speak at Next-Gen Education on Tuesday
The Sean Nelson solo album is pretty good. The years have only refined his bitter wit. Got to love upbeat music with depressing lyrics.
Nice to have to run with during tonight's track session.
she actually has her own Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Prospect starters with best SO-to-baserunner differential: Ben Lively +21, Jimmy Nelson +14, Daniel Norris +8 and Christian Binford +7.
Founder Ben Nelson speaks tomorrow at 9:30 ET on a panel at Harvard Global Edu Conference:
So far in my adventures on PS4, I've killed more Nazis than I can count...aint no better feelin'.
In other news, I got a post card today from that completely made my day. ☺️💕
Congrats to the 2014 8th grade graduating class! Ben, Matthew, Zoe, Nicole, Omer, and Nelson! We are so proud of you all and wish you luck!!
Ben Nelson is home from the hospital. They did MRIs of brain and neck. No stroke and nothing SURGICAL they can do for his neck. He has radial nerve palsy in his right hand which is basically a "drop hand." He has no feeling in his right hand and cannot grip or do anything with it. Next stop is the neurologist.again. Thank you for the continued prayers. His chronic neck pain is very debilitating without adding this to it.
Ben Ainsley described as Britain's best ever sailor? What about Sir Francis Drake, Admiral Nelson and Captain Cook?
.as a gift for me. Oh Ben you're too kind
do you or Ben have portable speakers to bring down??
Here's a leaked photo of the opening day matches. Leicester City at White Hart Lane wouldn't be too shabby.
Our founder Ben Nelson to speak on building the best university Next-Gen Education on 6/24:
Ben Nelson just got licked with a malteaser 😂
.Chuck is a pro Obama care Democrat. Nebraskans won't vote this guy in. A vote for him is a vote for Ben Nelson
The orders have arrived and the following people need to come and pick up their orders. Andy Hajdu Ben Nelson Peter Skene COME DOWN AND COLLECT YOUR ORDERS! -Brittain-
Cafe breakfast this morning I think,
Idk why you started tellin me all these details about where you been, I just wanna be where youre headed
More Music Breakfast What did Finnish businesses give Sibelius on his 55th birthday. And what links Ben Britten to Horatio Nelson
Unbelievable first round excitement hasn't quite carried over into round 2 yet.
Two Nike Zoom HyperRev PEs are on their way to House of Hoops this weekend:
He had best overall stats. he earned it this year
Ben & Jerry's willy Nelson peach cobbler ice cream was the best ice cream ever, then they stopped making it.
THE VOTES ARE IN! On this past Sunday, District Superintendent Rev. Steve Goodier led the congregation in discussing and voting on going forward with a financial campaign to proceed with the Building Renovation. Included with that building renovation is an affirmation to use 10% of the campaign proceeds to do ministry beyond AUMC's doors. The vote total was 92.6% affirmative out of 256 adult votes. The next step of the project will be to meet with our financial consultant, Allen Walworth of Generis, who will assist as we move forward. Thank you to all the people who did the hard work of getting us to this point, especially Chair of the Building Committee, Ben Nelson; AdCom Chair, Robin Kupernik; and the members of the Building Committee. We will keep the congregation updated through email blasts, newsletter articles, and letters on the process. "But blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose confidence is in God. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It ...
Spurs will play in 30 help me with the New Music Challenge! Ben Rue or Jon Pardi? Who you liking? -Nelson
My back is not keeping it 100 today
I wish I could see a good game of 1996 Jordan and Lebron now in a game of one on one.
add in ben "cornhusker kickback" nelson, scott kleeb...she endorsed a GREAT candidate. but some r's questioning her...SMH.
Most important thing a McCook native has done since Ben Nelson's vote for ACA is less controversial though
The Air Jordan 1 '94 are available in 3 colors for $89.99 via
The girl next to me in the Library just rocked up in her onesie, I don't know if this is clever or lazy.
Can wit chicago blackhawks play aging for tonight and my couz Ben Nelson sleepover at my condo go to ask my aunt Cindy Nelson drop of
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Ben Nelson, Connor Sorge, Nathan Hunter, and Andrew Heuss tell all about their personal experience with the Never Say Can't Foundation baseball showcase.
Why you hatin bruh? It was your independence day yesterday
I see Jordan is still trying to be sexual with me
This dude keeps my name in his mouth, *** ***
Whatever you like will be one of my wedding songs.
The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake. - Nelson Boswell
I dont flex on y'all I break family ties
lol I bet. there would be hella aggression being released on that
I have 4 channel 49's, 3 of them are spanish channels from cities i've never been in?
I'm so mad right now. I went to sleep at like midnight, got woken up at 4, now im just live. no part of me wants sleep
I wish they played on my street anymore
Quick Junior Report! Apologies For the delayed Junior Report, Just a quick update for you all regarding our juniors! As you well know our Junior Season has started and things are looking positive all round, This past weekend our 18&U Girls in Chloe Hobbs and Ellie Symons managed to overcome the threat of Tunbridge Wells winning 2-1 in matches overall! Well played girls, especially in the doubles!! Our 14&U Boys B Team also overcome Old Wilsonians with the same scoreline as above, managing to take the tie on the doubles tiebreak! Congratulations Thomas Scott and Harry Mayhew. Our 10 &U B Team were unable to match up to an excellent Bromley LTC side but within the tie well done to Bernie Holt on managing to claim his first victory in an external match. Also our 9&U Team travelled to Gravesham and lost overall 8-2 on matches however great tennis was played by both teams and alot I'm sure was learned. Regarding our recent matchplays Ben Nelson was able to take home his 7th (I think) Orange Matchplay title aft ...
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