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Ben Needham

Ben Needham (born 29 October 1989 in Sheffield) disappeared on 24 July 1991 at the age of 21 months from the Greek island of Kos.

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Ben Needham mystery: Police probe new leads - Yahoo7 via
BEN NEEDHAM WILL NEVER NEVER BE FORGOTTEN always still hoping for Kerry Leigh Ann and family X
New appeal for help to find missing Ben Needham on anniversary
Ben Needham’s mum makes fresh plea for information ahead of 26th anniversary of…
Ben Needham's mum speaks out ahead of 26th anniversary of disappearance
I don't think it's a matter of organisation. It's about your big players firing. Britt, Howson, Bamf…
Exactly pal. Think we are better organised behind the scenes than most championship clubs tho
This is what happen if you don't go up within 2 years of being relegated. Let's home we don't do the same.
BaseBallet is back! Tune in on July 22 at 5pm to NBC Sports Bay Area to catch Smuin dancers Ben Needham-Wood, Eric……
1yr old Ben Needham since 24 July 1991 in
Dogs. Letting Corrie McKeague down just as they did Ben Needham and Alice Gross. I wouldn't pay them in washers.
They show no emotion on TV, they don't do as much as Ben Needham's family do and it makes me sad
Had they used the Hotel's Baby Sitting Service. would not have happened. Ben Needham😥💕
Madeline Mcann's parents will do anything to get some attention.. Absolutely disgusting that Ben Needham's family get absolutely nothing !!!
Ben Needham is a missing child, no surprise his mum does not figure in Kate s choir!
Madeleine McCann, Jack the Ripper & flight MH370: The world's biggest unsolved crimes 🤔
Ben Needham's mum begs for more information about his disappearance
Latest: Officers travel to Kos in Ben Needham investigation
Please keep sharing our appeals for the Needham family as Ben is our today. Thank you…
If you have information regarding Ben Needham
Ben Needham's sister still hopes missing toddler will be found alive
Please visit the official Ben Needham site for all the latest news HelpFindBen
Greek television show appeals again for information over Ben Needham
Visit our FB page to read full feature for Ben Needham
can be linked with who ever but he's signed 2 from that list! And one is a loan.
Help find Ben, missing from since 24 July 1991
James Tyler Cody , Jacob Needham and Ben Trexel, I had an absolute blast hanging out with you guys tonight. Welcome to Nashville!
I don't see the debate. Big Ben Roethlisberger is a hall of famer. Not sure why people are asking , they should be stating.
Ben Needham should've been my father
Sally Simpson reports as lawyer representing family of Ben Needham says he is not aware of legal proceedings aga…
Ben Needham excavation work concludes in Kos: 800 tonnes of soil were excavated in the…
Dig is over: Ben Needham cops end search for missing toddler in Kos
Ben Needham dig probe 'at a closing stage' via
Police end excavation work in Ben Needham hunt, but searches at second site to continue for a few days:…
Ben Needham excavation work concludes in Kos via
Ben Needham excavation work concludes in Kos
Sunday 16th October 2016 ITV Calendar. The excavation on Kos is over. . 󾬓
Search for missing Sheffield toddler Ben Needham in Kos is over.
Ben Needham search day 21, by in Kos, Greece
Dismal news for Ben Needham's tireless family and campaigners. They're now awaiting analysis of objects unearthed during s…
Police searching for Ben Needham formally end search for clues on Greek island as mum hails them 'heroes'
Police formally end dig for Ben Needham on Kos.
South Yorkshire Police search ends in failure.
I feel so sorry for Ben Needham's family, it must be devastating never being able to get any closure. .
8) Ben Needham search officially comes to an end in Kos
Police have formally ended the search for Ben Needham after a three-week hunt   10% Off
Police halt search for missing toddler Ben Needham
The dig for clues on the Greek island of Kos for British toddler Ben Needham, missing for 25 years - has ended
Search for Ben Needham officially comes to an end
Police investigating disappearance of toddler Ben Needham in Kos in 1991 conclude 3-week search for information.
The physical search for missing Sheffield toddler Ben has come to a close today, according to
Ben Needham search: finish excavating Greek holiday home site -
Ben Needham search: Police halt dig in hunt for toddler who vanished in 1991.
Search for Ben Needham ends in Greece with no proof he is dead
Police investigating the disappearance of Ben Needham in Kos end their 3-week long search for information
Ben Needham disappearance: Police excavation work ends on Kos
Ben Needham: Police end latest search for missing boy in Kos
British detectives halt dig in search of missing toddler Ben Needham on Greek island of Kos 
Last day for the search of Ben Needham by in Kos, Greece.
New post: ". 'The worst thing imaginable': Kate McCann says her 'heart goes out' to Ben Needham's mother as Kerry …
Signs of decomposition found on land close to where Ben Needham was last seen...
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A police team investigating Ben Needham's disappearance begin the meticulous search of a small olive grove on Kos.
Pictures of farmland where police believe missing Ben Needham may be buried
Sky News Latest: Ben Needham 'may have been crushed by digger'
Ben Needham's terrified mum fears she will die of heartbreak.
(Sky news):'may have been crushed by digger' : The mother of missing..
Ben Needham investigation breakthrough as cops probe new witness claims
# Needham: Toddler 'may have been crushed by digger': . mother of missi...
(Daily Star):Needham breakthrough: Cops believe they how tragic tot died :..
Ben Needham 'may have been crushed by digger'
Needham breakthrough: tell boy's to prepare for the worst as - Sep 15 @ 10:09 PM ET
Ben Needham 'may have been crushed by digger' ^SkyNews
Ben Needham: Toddler 'may have been crushed by digger'
Ben Needham investigation breakthrough as cops probe witness claims missing tot was killed: via
Ben Needham breakthrough Cops believe they know how tragic tot died
Police tell missing Ben Needham's mother they believe he died in 1991 via
▶ ←← Missing toddler ben needham may have been killed by a digger, police fear
Ben Needham breakthrough: Cops believe they KNOW how tragic tot died: DETECTIVES investigating the disappeara...
Ben Needham breakthrough: Cops prepare hunt for tot's body as witness claims he was crushed to death by digger ...…
Missing toddler Ben Needham 'could have been crushed by a digger' on Kos, new...
Ben Needham breakthrough: Police tell missing boy's mother to prepare for the worst as new hunt for his b...
Ben Needham's mum wakes to recurring nightmare of 'alive and well son rejecting her'
UK's little Ben Needham has been missing a long time in Greece. Keep searching, please http…
Ben Needham & Maddie McCann, the two missing children- does the novel 'Those Stolen Years' by Ernest Barrett have the answer?
Ben Needham case: Police recalled over 'eight-hour drinking session' in Kos
Watch Katie Hopkins on why it’s time to give up hunt for Ben Needham and Madeleine McCann:
Yay! At last they are launching an appeal to find Ben Needham. about time. So fed up with hearing about Kate n...
Hunt for missing Ben Needham: police given extra £450k to chase new leads.
Fresh hope in hunt for missing Ben Needham.
Fresh hope in hunt for missing Ben Needham
I am not a guy but this article by Ben Shapiro explains exactly while I am currently only
Heartache for Ben Needham's family as DNA results finally revealed
please no one ever give up on trying to finding Ben Needham, thing of the family, my thoughts are always with you xx
Ben Needham DNA test proves Bangor man is not missing English boy: A DNA test has proved that a Bangor man is not…
Belfast: Dad ISN'T Ben Needham as DNA tests conclusively rule out any connection with missing boy
Heartache for Ben Needham's family as DNA test results on father-of-two are revealed: . Ben Gle...
DNA tests have confirmed Bangor man is NOT missing Ben Needham
Watching the full Oscar footage finally, cannot articulate how pleased I am for to win. Matthew Needham is superb
Because Ben is so friendly in his speech towards those he doesn't like, right?
"For years now, this big God theology has proven to be an antidote for despair." Needham on precious sovereignty.
Nick Needham from Andrew Hess memorial kills Alex core from ishkurs bults
mercy, that was an obscure reference Ben
and the other two are Ben Needham and Warwick Davies
Ben Needham's parents never got the funding or publicity though. Difference being they weren't neglectful
Where's Ben Needham? His parents never had the contacts to have a taxpayer-funded campaign Nd waged PR staff😡
There's only one person that deserves an award like this and that is Ben Needham's parents !!!
Congratulations to my son Jack Needham, Ben O'Reilly, Matthew Fulton, Jay McGrath and Charlie Proctor for getting into ERDPP
'Police told me my son was Ben Needham - it was a living nightmare'
I wouldn't rule out Ben Needham either.
does your spite extend to the family of Ben Needham & others who have missing loved ones. Or is it reserved for K&G ?
didn't know that! Never seen one in Needham! My only record was 2 over Stowupland A14 2009
Congratulations to Year 8's Jack Needham, Ben O'Reilly Jay McGrath and Matthew Fulton on their selection for
yeah I was always amazed how they got an audience with the pope so quickly. Ben Needham's family was never afforded that
the daily mail sponsor them but i do get what you're saying.Poor Ben Needham's mum died last year(i think).
Help keep conservative voices on our campuses. Email Ben Shapiro (below) to join in.
How can parents stop looking for their child if they still might be alive ? Kerry Needham has never stopped…
maybe police can do some more investigating Ben Needham & other lost children ,have failed
What about other missing children like Ben Needham?
New leads on 26th birthday of Ben Needham
I wish the family of Ben Needham could get some sort of closure, they've fought for 24 years now!
New leads revealed on 26th birthday of missing Ben Needham
Ben Needham is still missing, but hope is not!
We've reached £185 on our short GoGetFunding page ! Only 9 days to go as we set this up to run alongside Ben's...
Kerry Needham speaks to as the family marks Ben's 26th birthday
'New leads' in search for Ben Needham .
To donate to help Kerry in her search for Ben please follow this link. Thank you so much .
*Video* . ITV Calendar coverage of Ben's 26th Birthday , the thunderclap and most importantly the latest in the... https…
Missing Ben Needham: 'New leads' in missing toddler case -
'New leads' in search for Ben Needham on 26th birthday anniversary
Hope for Ben Needham as new leads turning up 'all the time' in search for missing tot
New leads have been revealed in the Ben Needham case today, his 26th birthday. Ben was born on 2…
Home Office: We will never close book on missing children like Madeline McCann and Ben Needham -
Probe to find missing Ben Needham turning up new leads, say UK police
Cops searching for Ben Needham hail new leads on missing boy’s 26th birthday
VIDEO: Police following ‘new and interesting’ leads in the hunt for Sheffield’s missing Ben Needham: Detective... https:/…
Ben Needham: British police question Roma gypsy family in Greece over toddler's disappearance
Pls FOLLOW this link Raise awareness 4 Ben Needham abducted age 21months. Missing 24yrs on the 24th
Ben Needham's mother dropped by ITV's This Morning via GMB has become so shallow. Kate Garraway worst
Ben Needham's mother to make TV plea 24 years after toddler vanished in Greece via
If someone took my child I would not rest until they were found. Ben Needham has never been found and his mother... http:…
Fresh search for missing Ben Needham with British police set to return to Greek isle.
Looking for Ben Needham, please share, help him discover how much he's missed:
Ben Needham mother in direct appeal to son who went missing in Greece 20 years ago
Ben Needham missing: Detectives returning2Greek island in new search4 tot Wow11 what speed kidnapped in 1990 NOW 2015
Family of missing Ben Needham remain hopeful new funding will help police provide answers
Imagine living with that for more than 20 years, not knowing...
missing: Detectives returning to in new search for tot...
Ben Needham: Detectives returning to Greek island in new search for tot who vanished in 1990s http:…
We are raising awareness for missing Ben Needham. Abducted 1991 age 21months Please RT.
Ben Needham is a findable missing person Kerry needs funding to find her son Shame on Theresa May http…
Hey can you ask your work colleague David Cameron why the family are not getting a penny towards funding?.
We're all very supportive of Ben Needham's family here and always promote petitions for him.
Ben Needham’s family prepares to sue Home Office in an attempt to secure funds for British police to pursue suspects
everytime I hear Ben Haenow being introduced, I think of this epic moment
Give Kerry Needham the support she needs to trace Ben.It's another Xmas she's apart..
Updated article from on Ben's lack of funding, support and investigation
Government bias for McCanns but what about Ben Needham - TEK Journalism UK
Family of Ben Needham to sue Home Office for funding of police operation: Disappear...
Ben Needham disappeared on July 24th 1991 whilst playing outside a farmhouse in the village of Iraklis on the Island of Kos. He was only 21months old. We are asking David Cameron WHY there is no "ACTIVE" investigation into his disappearance and WHY the Government will only follow up leads as and whe…
Fantastic news for Ben Needham's mum Barrister takng on case to get funding.Service is FREE What a lovely man.Teresa M…
This is Ben Needham, then - and how he may look now. Have you seen him? Ben will be 25 this month. htt…
summer is here!!Pls Sign/RT Wondering is Ben Needham is travelling somewhere abroad??
Which team is Ben Needham supporting,USA,Greece, Germany,England? Are you Ben? RThttp:…
What's the difference between Ben Needham, April Jones, Holly & Jessica, Sarah Payne and the I will let you figure it out.
There are approximately 250,000 people missing in the UK at any one time. Police resources for searching for them are almost non-existent and/or very very stretched; searching for them tends to fall on voluntary organisations/family members or it simply doesn't happen after the initial report that they are missing. come there is so much Police activity in searching for one missing person, namely Madeleine McCann? In the news yet again. What about Ben Needham, from Nottinghamshire? I don't see any news reports about police still actively involved in searching for him. Or the other 250,000 people missing in the UK. I don't know any of their names or the circumstances in which they disappeared.
Ben Needham's mum Kerry accuses David Cameron of not giving family same support as Madeleine McCann's parents
Yet again Ben Needham has ruined me. I just hope Jacob butterfield realises just how lucky he is!
McCann's disappearance is now being blamed on "gypsies". As is Ben Needham's. "Gypsies are everywhere"!!
Ben Needham was abducted from Kos back in 1991. His Mum Kerry has funded the search and followed every lead since his disappearance. Following the recent overhaul by Scotland Yard & The Government we ask for David Camerons help to give the same recources and fundings given to Madeleine McCann to be…
I'm convinced Maddie McCann, Ben Needham & most of the missing kids will be found in Roma gypsy camps...
A day of raising awareness for Ben Needham missing since 1991. Organised by the Official Campaign |
Searching for Ben Needham It looks like the Greek Police are really starting to take things more seriously in finding Ben. Police are taking action.
Petition for the family of Ben Needham to get as much Gov help as the McCanns -
Have you seen the petition for Ben Needham?
Detectives hunting for Ben Needham who found bl...
false widow is new McCann suspect! . False Widow in 'I know where Ben Needham is' claim!
Why do Anti numpties insist that the Roma children story is all about the s and never mention Ben Needham's family's hope too?
What does this mean for Madeline and little Ben Needham?
62 signatures needed for our first 10,000 Ben needham
Sign the petition for Ben Needham , need the funding now more than ever
Ben Needham needs more backing by UK government.100 more signature needed to get us to our first 10,000
Ben Needham disappearance: Six reasons to have renewed hope
Please share this post to try and help find Ben Needham
Sad to see the Ben Needham charity asking for a donation for a PC for office. Meanwhile swimming in money.
Detectives hunting for who found blonde boy in Greek gypsy camp say he was 'like a fly in... .
and why not, if it stops Madeleine McCann and Ben needham from being lost.
Recently watched the Prisoner film & now the finding of little girl with Roma family in Greece brings back memories of Ben Needham years ago
Ben Needham , he got no assistance like the £5 million taxpayers on mccann
Detectives in Greece who found a blonde, pale-skinned child in a Greek Roma camp in 1995 - as part of the hunt for missing toddler Ben Needham - have told how they immediately noticed the child
I rather think WA Winters saying Ben Needham is old enough to help himself is worse&typifies u people.
Av I just heard rite, another little girl found @ gypsy camp, we knew for yrs there was speculation that gypsys were takin children from wen Ben needham went missing but the police didn't want to no I think all gypsy camps should b checked b surpriseing how many lost kids will b found
"Every time a child is found it keeps families like mine going" Ben Needham's mum on little girl found in Roma settlement in …
Lets try and help find Ben Needham by sharing this
People keep going on about the missing Madeline McCann,prob cos her parents are professional people,but what about Ben Needham?
i seen it today that you might be going on radio station ?? Ben needham is the wee boy went missing 1991 in greece
Ben Needham police ‘aware’ of gypsy case: Detectives in South Yorkshire say there ‘appears to be no direct cor...
Why have the family of Ben Needham not had the support the family of Madeline McCann have
Ben Needham's family need people to be proactive not reactive.
Ben Needham Needs more backing by British Government - e-petitions
My Dream - Finding Maddie & Ben needham - praying for closure for the parents!
Ben Needham wrote: Keep spreading the news Ben has been on the paper lets gets the publicity going for Ben !
Just want to say my prays and thoughts go out to Ben Needham and his family I hope Ben is found and comes home one day I really feel for the mother and her missing son
I took the afternoon off on the sour of the moment. Did an interview early this morning so tired and weary :-/ comes with the territory :-/ the Daily Express 'should' run this on Thursday but been bumped before, so will believe it when I see it :-) I got a plug in for Ben Needham for Kerry Needham as the focus was about Madeline so hope it goes to press!!
Help Find Ben Needham shared the following link and had this to say about it: Currently No.1 trending Government petition! Keep going! - Scott
With the two young blonde girls recently found in Roma gypsy camps, one in Greece and the other in Ireland there is still hope for Maddie McCann and Ben Needham to be found. It proves that there are children stolen all over the world especially blonde children, in some countries they are thought to bring good luck to the clan. So still stay vigilant and pray that Maddie and Ben are found as are the parents to the two little girls who have just been rescued.
he Sunday World can exclusively reveal that the child, who is living with a Roma gypsy family in Tallaght in south Dublin, was taken away by gardai following a major investigation on Monday afternoon. Gardai received a tip-off from a member of the public that a six or seven year-old girl was living with a large Roma family but looked nothing like any of her supposed siblings. Officers from the child protection unit attached to Tallaght station called to the home on Monday afternoon and spoke with two Roma adults. There were a number of children in the house and one was a young girl who had blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She looked nothing like anybody else in the house but the adults maintained that the girl was their daughter. They were asked to produce a birth certificate but could not find one. In the meantime gardai made contact with a hospital consultant in and asked if it was possible for Romas to give birth to blonde children, considering their natural dark complexions. The consultant said tha ...
amazing since they found the kid in Greece with the gypsys they are saying there is hope for Maddie McCann. at last though one FORGOTTEN child has finally got a mention because of the news reports AFTER BEING MISSING FOR 22 YEARS BEN NEEDHAM HAS NOW GOT PUBLICITY. If you don't know the story of Ben go online and read what happened. Unfortunately his parents were not as high profile and rich as the Mcanns LETS hope the authorities put as much effort into finding Ben as they have in finding Maddie and lets hope they find them both and all of the other kids that go missing every year. How can governments and the press define what kids they make high profile some missing kids don't even make the news!!!
Please share may help find Ben Needham. His family have never, nor will they, ever give up hope!
""This case has reinforced our suspicions of Roma involvement in child trafficking. We have discovered how easy it is for anyone to register children as their own," Giannopoulos told the Observer. "Blond, blue-eyed children are clearly being targeted." The parents of Madeleine McCann, the toddler who went missing in Portugal in 2007, said the case gave them "great hope". It could also help crack the mystery of Ben Needham, the Sheffield boy who went missing on the island of Kos in 1991."
girl Maria: Gypsy couple accused of abduction 'bought blonde child for £900' A Greek gypsy couple charged with abducting a blonde girl paid £900 for her when she was two weeks old, a man has claimed. Maria, who is believed to be about five years old, was allegedly sold to Hristos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, by a Bulgarian couple at their settlement. Babis Dimitriou, president of the Gypsies of Northern Greece, said yesterday Maria’s natural parents offered him the child for 1,000 euros when she was 15 days old in 2009. Mr Dimitriou, who is also based at the settlement, said: “The child was sold to its present mother... and I presume the price was similar to the relatively low price requested of me.” He added: “They were here last week when the couple were arrested and Maria taken to a home. Since the outbreak of the commotion they vanished from here.” Authorities are now searching gypsy camps in central and southern Greece for them. Interpol has launched a global investigation af ...
The mother of Ben Needham urges the Greek authorities to look into the case of a four-year-old girl recovered from a Roma camp to see if there are any connections to the disappearance of her son 22 years ago.
really do think its about time that the government or somebody pumped a bit of money into the search for ben needham , I know its been a long time, but if that was my child , I would never give up the search and never rest no matter how long they had been missing until I found out what had happened to my child x amen x
LARISSA, Greece (Reuters) - A Roma couple accused of abducting a mystery four-year-old girl dubbed the "blonde angel" by Greek media told a court on Monday that her biological mother willingly gave her to them as a baby because she could not look after her. The discovery of the girl, known as Maria, has riveted Greece and prompted thousands of calls with leads from across the world as authorities try to track down her real parents, as DNA tests have shown she was not born to the Romas. The case has raised questions about whether children are being stolen to order and whether the couple were part of a wider child trafficking ring - in addition to deepening mistrust between the Roma community and the Greeks. They were arrested after police, who raided a Roma camp in central Greece last week in search of drugs and weapons, found the girl with pale skin and blue eyes who did not resemble the family she was living with. The couple deny they snatched the girl and say they took her under their care after her mot ...
With Little White Angel girl having been discovered in Athens this is a good time to remember Ben Needham.
So now another child is found with people that claim to be her parents but DNA prove otherwise .hope they find her real parents and if they did give her away they should get done for it .and what's all this ..the government using it to highlight Madeleine mcanns case ? Of course we want her found safe but what about the family of Ben Needham ...taken from the beach .where is their government help and money?? Where is their police enquiry and investigation ? Hmmm nothing to do with fact they both doctors and the other family normal working class eh ? It's just SO wrong on so many levels .
Start sharing to reunite ben needham with his family.
Let's not pretend now! So called 'Romany Gypsies' have been stealing kids for years in Greece & other European holiday resorts.. Maybe our OB will now investigate the case of 'missing' Ben Needham now? Don't hold your breath though!
I pray that this little girl is reunited with her family! And I pray that the authorities do more for Ben Needham and his family and Madeleine McCann and her family and all the missing children and their families! I cry instantly at the thought of this ever happening to me and find people that judge the parents so cold hearted!!! Everybody share, let's find these missing children! xxx
Maria Mystery: Roma Couple In Greek Court - A Roma couple are charged with abducting the mystery girl as police say there is no link with the disappearance of Ben Needham.
Missing Ben Needham’s mother said she is “delighted” at the news that a blonde girl with blue eyes has been recovered from in a gypsy camp in Greece, the country where her own son was last seen.
Jake Mod Scott-Lacy - see pic 2 on the grown up pics, are you Ben Needham?
Discovery of girl in Greece "gives hope" to mother of Ben Needham, who vanished in 1991
Does Ben Needham qualify to play for Greece?
BEN NEEDHAM'S sister last night demanded to know if the girl rescued from gypsies could be his...
Thinks its very possible that this little girl found in the gypsy camp could well be the child off Ben Needham himself! Lets hope I have a strong feeling about this! If her patents have still not been found or there still no link on the missing persons list??? Maybe she isn't an abducted child but that off Ben ??? She has been found in the very same camp that people over the yrs have come forward to say they saw a boy fitting bens description! I'm praying x
berita hari ini : Maria mystery deepens as neighbours claim her father came to visit - "The family raised the child as if it was their own, although her father would come back every now and then to see her. The last time he visited was only five days ago, after the arrests had been made. "All the other Roma here were telling the Bulgarian man to explain to the police that the girl was his, but he has now disappeared." While Mr Dimitriou's account was backed by other residents, Greek police are continuing to investigate the possibility that the blonde, blue-eyed child had been taken without her parents' consent. Several other theories are emerging as to the origins of the girl. A couple from Thessaloniki have gone to the police and said that Maria could be their daughter, after their child was reported to have died at birth. The couple claim that they exhumed the coffin and found the body was missing. "We suspected that our child had fallen victim to traffickers, and was not dead as initial ...
Maria Mystery: No DNA Link With Ben Needham - A Roma couple are due in court as police say the discovery of a girl in their care is not linked to the missing British boy.
Hope we can reunite what about Ben Needham ??? I think they should be looking here !
South Yorkshire Police say they’re not investigating any links between missing S Yorks toddler Ben Needham and a 4 year old found in Greece
Ben Needham: police say no new investigation after girl found in Greece. South Yorkshire Police say there is no...
SHEFFIELD: South Yorkshire Police sees ‘no correlation’ between Ben Needham and gypsy girl
Today I signed up to an excellent web page help find Ben Needham,I cannot believe that his mum Kerry has had to self fund this since 1991 I find this shocking considering what the police and government are doing to help the mc canns surely it should be the same for all .please help the cause and sign the on line petition .thanks
Family of missing toddler Ben Needham seek DNA tests on mystery Greek girl
Whilst I don't think I am Ben Needham.because I am too old, it's worth sharing this. I remember when he went missing
Just read Ben Needham stuff how come they don't get the same publicity as mccanns
A 'SNATCHED' four-year-old girl found in Greece was discovered in the same place as investigators searched for missing British child Ben Needham.
OMG I've just looked at pictures of Ben Needham, his Mum and the little girl girl they found on the Gypsy site - There is a bit of a resemblance, whatever the case I do hope this leads to them finding him and maybe even Madalaine.
Hey Kate, The Wells & Chapmans searched for their missings kids, Ben Needham's Mum did, James Bulger's Mum - why didn't you?
The distraught dad of missing toddler Ben Needham has travelled back in time with police to 1991 when his boy vanished on the Greek isle of Kos. Simon Ward, 43, spent days with two specially-trained officers who used in-depth regression techniques in an effort to solve the long-running missing person case. He said: “Obviously it was emotional, and upsetting to go back there again. "As an adult looking back, you get a different perspective of what you went through.” Mr Ward – who recalled in detail the last time he saw his son alive – said he has been given a boost by the cases of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who were found alive in Ohio after 10 years. He added: “The recent case in America gave me hope – it shows that missing persons can turn up. "Those women were just streets away from where they had disappeared.” The regression technique officers have previously spoken to Ben’s mum Kerry, her parents Eddie and Christine and brother Stephen, who were on the island when ...
Ben Needham: Missing boy's dad undergoes regression in bid for clues to mystery: Simon Ward said he has been g...
"you WOULD have CATS file if your child was missing" OK let's have links for these for Ben Needham's mum and April jones' parents!
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If dogs so bad why did police use for Ben Needham &April Jones searches?
Read the latest Calendar stories, New leads in missing Ben Needham case following Greek television appeal on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Calendar news
TO ALL PARENTS... When you kiss your children goodnight & tuck them in safely, spare a thought for the parents of April Jones, Maddie McCann & Ben Needham as I'm sure they would love to be in your shoes.
So South Yorkshire Police are helping with the search for Ben Needham. They'll soon be accusing her family of murder and changing the statements then.
April jones and Ben Needham. Accidental death. Tho I think Police have got the right man I don't think MB correctly indictd
Ben Needham (missing boy in Kos) They've made him look like Chesney Hawkes in the photo of what he might look like now
New search for Ben Needham - makes the April Jones case even more agonising right now. No parent should have to go through this, be it an old or new case.
I sincerely hope Kay Burley apologises for saying Ben Needham is dead on Nobody knows what happened, many people believe he's alive
Any chance of sacking Kay Burley after those Ben Needham comments?
"Bearing in mind Ben Needham has been dead for 20 years, they'll be looking for remains won't they?" Kay Burley on
Sky News+Kay Burley+Ben Needham story. Dear God, I dread to think how she'll mess this story up
Is Kay 'Dr Death' Burley on a plane to Greece to cover the Ben Needham search?
Have Milly Dowler's or Ben Needham's parents ever resorted to using 'tender skinned' kids on social networks?
Justice is served in Michigan Members of AFSCME Council 25 in Detroit deliver petitions in February for a ballot initiative to repeal a law allowing unelected "emergency managers" to nullify collective bargaining agreements. (Photo: Ben Needham) The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled 4-3 in favor of putting the citizens' veto of Public Act 4, the state's 'local dictators' law, onto the November ballot. As a result of the ruling, the anti-democratic law that has given state-appointed emergency financial managers complete authority over municipal governments will be suspended until the public votes on it this fall. Earlier this year, the AFSCME-led Stand Up for Democracy coalition submitted more than 200,000 signatures to get a citizens' veto PA 4 on the November ballot. In what should have been a routine approval hearing, the state canvassing board initially blocked ballot access, citing a legal technicality regarding the font size printed on the petitions. Stand Up for Democracy attorney Herb Sanders argued ...
Thank you for my early birthday present Romayne Smithers, Lee Graves and Ben Needham. I haven't opened it yet as I don't want to spoil the surprise! See you on Friday in your chairs!
Breast Cancer Awareness
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