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Ben Howland

Ben Howland (born May 28, 1957) is an American college head coach of men's basketball.

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OLESINSKI, who are you?. The freshman with some Ben Howland-era basketball right there.
Ben Howland would be the biggest beneficiary.
I'm starting to doubt Mora. He's a better recruiter than he is a coach. He's not Ben Howland but I'm just saying.
exactly. It's the college football version of Ben Howland.
MSU head basketball coach Ben Howland talks about his team's 76-51 win over UT-Martin - Mississippi State - Scout
VIDEO: MSU coach Ben Howland reacts to win over UT Martin
Ben Howland says Gavin Ware shot 25-of-26 in MSU's last three practices. Joked that he was disappointed Ware missed three shots today.
LIVE on recaps his team's win over UT Martin.
To this point, no one has benefitted more from Ben Howland than Gavin Ware. Averaging 20 ppg is shooting 70%. Has 22 points tonight.
It’s gameday from The Hump! We’ll see you here at noon as the Bulldogs take on UT Martin!
Was going to try out if Rick Ray hadn't been fired. Dang it Ben Howland.
I would hope LSU football fans are watching UCLA-Wake Forest. It was clearly a great idea to fire Ben Howland, that worked out well.
I will point out that Ben Howland didn't need private planes and a practice facility to go to three straight Final Fours.
Ben howland teams at UCLA use to hedge the ball screen hard these new rules make it impossible to do that
Ben Howland said today he hasn't spoken with Elijah
.on Beniquez Brown: “He’ll be a hero here forever at State.”
Talking to Ben Howland who begins talking about. MSU football and the blocked FG on Saturday.
Ben Howland talking football now, caught the last 20 minutes of MSU-Ark Saturday. "That was incredible ... What a great game.
Ben Howland apologizes that none of us got to join the team in Puerto Rico.
Ben Howland press conference at 1 p.m. I bet he talks about his favorite Black Friday deals.
"Malik Newman hasn't been a factor for Ben Howland, and one wonders how much Newman can do on a team this bad"
UCLA would make anybody shriek. Steve Lavin laughs. Along with Ben Howland
"Ben Howland at Mississippi State" = "Nothing makes sense in the world anymore."
didn't Ben Howland always have a great next class coming in?
Ben Howland trashed them, then they hired the ungodly overrated Steve Alford. That about sums it up.
UCLA fired Ben Howland for less than this...
this never would have happened when Ben Howland was still alive.
I choice was Ben Howland, who wanted the Mizzou job.
or that somehow Ben Howland and Rick Barnes are going to be better coaching at lesser schools than their previous stops
Remember when Missouri passed on Ben Howland? Yea, great call, guys.
...still can't defend against the 3. Ben Howland couldn't do, Alford can't, either.
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Dave Rice coaching against this zone like he just came back from a Ben Howland workshop.
The number one thing on offense is shot selection...Ben Howland
That being said they did botch on hiring Ben Howland for basketball. Not that I have anything against Kim Anderson.
ACC Roundup - Miami Raising Cane: The Hurricanes knocked off Ben Howland's Mississippi State team ... City man...
3 Double-digit wins in four days against two ranked teams and the other coached by Ben Howland. As legit as it gets.
So Jeff, is Gavin Ware saving Ben Howland from getting swirly's from his AD from their putrid start to tje season??
Are you kidding me with this Ben Howland garbage! I want to see the game!!!
They are forcing us to watch Ben Howland
Tuned in to watch Carolina. Jonny Rothstein is interviewing Ben Howland. So this is ***
I wonder if when Ben Howland took that job he knew he would have to use words like grinding. ..
It's a cardigan but thanks for noticing!
Do you think Nick Nolte will come back to play the role of Ben Howland in Blue Chips 2?
That's it for Ben Howland. Full recap on the blog here. Injuries, offense, starting five(?) and more
Anderson: "Ben Howland, Rick Barnes, Avery Johnson, Michael White... new coaches in this league. Big names. Five years in & I'm a veteran."
Glad you made it to Starkville - we're excited to see what impact has his first year!
I voted Harrick and Howland. Although I wish Ben could've figured out his troubles I loved his style of defensive basketball.
Just ordered season tickets. See you soon, 😘😘
Greetings from Starkville. Here for Mississippi State practice. Year one for the Bulldogs under Ben Howland.
Lights, camera, action with and Head Coach Ben Howland on Look out this fall for his one2…
good stuff here. looking forward to what God has in store for you
Ben Howland doing an interview with Jon Rothstein of CBS. by hailstatembk
hoops fans should be excited with the additions of Avery Johnson, Michael White, Ben Howland, and Rick Barnes.
that would imply he was a slime ball. He has a little dirt on him let's agree on Ben Howland
12 hours and 19 min until I get to pick my season tickets !
Howland, Bulldogs talk opening day of practice via
Howland holds first official practice: New men’s basketball coach Ben Howland held his first official practice...
Today was Malk Newman's last first practice at MSU, according to his coach, "He is a one-and-done player."
Ben Howland on 5 star PG Malik Newman: "He’ll be in and out of here in one year.” 🐶
In cool news, former Baldwyn star Reggie Patterson has officially walked on for Ben Howland at Miss. State. His road is i…
With 1 trophy (08 league cup) since the creation of the Premiership Tottenham is the Ben Howland of the EPL: no one does less with more.
Thanks to for speaking at WFCA's sponsors banquet last night!
Ben Howland agrees to become new head basketball coach. -3 straight Final Fours. -Coached Westbrook/Love/etc. …
ICYMI yesterday, here's a quick glance at the 2016 SEC schedule.
Just met Ben howland for the first time
Updated with quote from head coach Ben Howland: Stapleton suffers knee injuries, out 6 months
Coming up on sports: why Ben Howland thinks SEC will have 7-9 NCAA tournament teams soon. A look at MSU and Ole Miss SEC slates too
So Ben Howland's first SEC game is the return of Rick Stansbury. Interesting.
Ben Howland says he has a 'great staff' and is excited to be working with and Coach Brooks
never have to worry that you're not going to steal the show when sitting down with Rick Barnes Ben Howland and UF coach
Former Kentucky target Malik Newman and Mississippi State with new coach Ben Howland come to Rupp Arena Jan. 12.
Each new SEC head coach (Michael White, Rick Barnes, Ben Howland, Avery Johnson) will visit Colonial Life this season.
I'm so excited about our schedule. Can't wait to see a packed Hump.
Looks like Ole Miss beats Ben Howland on January 23 and March 2
SEC basketball schedule being released. opens and closes the conference slate with home games in Ben Howland's first season.
Check out on TONIGHT at 6 p.m. CT on the
How will Year 1 of the Era play out?
I'm unreal at trivial pursuit man, so good at the science questions
Instant Replay: Another big commitment for has the details on the newest Bulldog.
Ben Howland has landed four-star guard Eli Wright out of IMG Academy. He committed on his visit today.
so is Hugh freeze. Don't hear you taking about that?
Eli Wright just verbally committed to Ben Howland and Mississippi State, he tells Scout. "Everything is just perfect."
Apollo (KY) 2016 three-star shooting guard Eli Wright (has committed to Ben Howland and Mississippi Stat…
We got that UCLA connection with and
Ben Howland could have chilled in Santa Barbara forever. Instead, he moved to Stark Vegas. Why? Today's feature:
claims he isn't obsessed with State. One quick look at who he follows: Ben Howland, Tyler Russell, Dak Prescott.
Congratulations to Quentin Jackson Jr. (of Carlisle/ SEBL 17U on receiving his 26th offer from HC Ben Howland and Mississippi State.
Greg Marshall, Mike Anderson, Ben Howland would be my list
Slight schedule change today: Barry Switzer now set to join us at 3:33 CT. Ben Howland hops on the show at 5:33.
Skylar ranks the new hires : 1. Ben Howland, Michael White, Barnes, Avery Johnson in terms of fit and upside.
congrats on new job Coach, hopefully I can catch a game with Brian Burns when you come west. Rick Simmons UCSB pine 1986-88
bro somebody paid them a good check fam lol cuz exactly u saying Ben howland that good of a coach n Miss St a good team smh
Wonder if Andy Kennedy will send Ben Howland a thank you note for raising basketball salaries in Mississippi?
Great night of fellowship with and at the stop sponsored by
looking forward to meeting you on the 11th in Desoto County .
Enjoyed meeting some great Bulldogs tonight in Meridian!
.tips off the Road Dawgs Tour tonight. reports from Meridian
.has filed his report from Meridian. You'll hear thoughts on at 9pm & 10pm
Head Coach Ben Howland talks to Meridian-area Bulldogs about the magic of the Hump!
In Meridian as Ben Howland opens the Road Dawgs Tour. Our 1st comments from Howland on Malik Newman tonight at 9 & 10
Great crowd in Meridian tonight to see and kick off
Met tonight at Cold Stone and couldn't be more excited for basketball season already! It was so nice to meet you!
Another reason why I'm thanks to and
u inspired me, here's my new avi, me and a buddy with 's new bball coach, u know, Ben Howland.
Listen to MSU Gameday at 1:30 today on WFCA 107.9 FM & as & join the show.
Is that Ben Howland sitting 2 the right of Mannion. Lol
Help welcome Coach to the Bulldog family tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. in the Hump for his introductory press confer…
A conversation with Ben Howland that ranges from unfrozen bacon to Bill Walton to an SEC hoops revival.
& will be on MSU Gameday on WFCA 107.9 FM & tomorrow afternoon. The show airs at 1:30 pm
Hear our talk with coach today at 5:15 on ESPN 105.9 FM & listen online here
Mississippi State. Ben Howland hired as coach, then signs Malik Newman, projected No. 7 pick, as his first recruit.
Can't wait to watch you, and across the street this fall!
The folks in Tupelo have their event May 18. & myself will be there. Join us!
Pay attention! SEC has added Avery Johnson, Bruce Pearl, Ben Howland, & Rick Barnes. Fla will get a good coach too
Calipari's just a different breed. Pearl leads the rest of the pack. Avery Johnson & Ben Howland have to prove their SEC chops.
Ben Howland should have waited for the Florida job
Florida has a good basketball brand in an SEC that is getting stronger with the resurgence of Arkansas and addition of Ben Howland.
Somewhere, Ben Howland is alone weeping…. “I coulda had FLORIDA…."
Ben Howland sick. If he waited, he might coulda had Texas or Florida
Let's make the HUMP JUMP next season!! &
Ben Howland got hired at Miss St. On Mar 24th and sealed up Malik Newman Can't wait for Mullin to get NYC kid Diallo done this…
Mississippi State's Ben Howland now 2nd or 3rd best coach in the SEC.
Been here 30 minutes and have already seen Roy Williams, Tony Bennett, Kevin Ollie, and Ben Howland.
Ben Howland landed a game changer recruit today. Here's his thoughts on Miss St., UCLA, bacon and Starkville
Gotta wonder if Ben Howland is gonna instill Rick Stansbury-type fear on the recruiting trail at Mississippi State.
So on the day Ben Howland got a commitment from a McDonald's HS All-American, Jamie Dixon got one from a Coppin State G, 2d team All-MEAC
about what Rick Stansbury did with top talent. Not what Ben Howland did. It was a far fetched attempt 2/3
Ben Howland didn't waste time reeling in an elite talent. Malik Newman to MSU | Story:
Based on my opinion that Anderson, Pearl, Andy Kennedy, Jones, and Ben Howland are better coaches. Pure opinion.
Bill Donovan, Ben Howland, Rick Barnes, Bruce Pearl, John Calipari all in one conference? That's big time!
Rick Barnes to Tennessee, Ben Howland to Miss St, Bruce Pearl at Auburn, Billy D at Florida, and possibly Greg Marshall at Alabama...
bigger change in culture for a basketball coach, Ben Howland or Norman Dale?
"The best conference in America: THE Southeastern Conference" -Ben Howland, to raucous applause
SEC just added Ben Howland, and already have John Calipari, Billy Donovan, Frank Martin, Bruce Pearl, Mike Anderson, and Mark Fox
Ben Howland on cusp of joining SEC at Miss State. Grinding, defense-first coach. Billy D 3-0 against him, w all 3 wins in NCAA Tourney.
Former UCLA head coach Ben Howland is finalizing agreement to become Mississippi State head coach. (via htt…
Ben Howland at Mississippi State would be a nice addition to the Southeastern Conference.
Honestly I really hope the rumors aren't true about being "Ben Howland's to lose." Would be big mistake, again.
Source: DePaul job is Ben Howland's to turn down. Bryce Drew, John Giannini, Steve Masiello and Bobby Hurley are a…
Source: DePaul job is 'Ben Howland's to turn down.' Also in mix (or trying to be): Bryce Drew, John Giannini, Steve Masiello, Bobby Hurley.
I guess right now my dream hire would be Archie Miller. Most realistic would be Michael White. Dark horse would be Ben Howland.
I like idea of getting Ben Howland or Jamie Dixon. The latter being a long shot.
Minnesota fired Tubby Smith when they won a tournament game two years ago. UCLA fired Ben Howland for making the tournament.
Ben Howland left Jamie Dixon a nearly restored '67 Corvette, and Jamie smashed on it with a hammer, then traded it for a '97 Celica.
Pitt should fire Jamie Dixon and hire Ben Howland. The man already loves Pittsburgh
Ben Howland on Fox Sports 1 just called T.J McConnel the player of the year in college basketball.He played for DUQUESNE.Did Pitt offer him?
Interested UCLA observers may want to give look at Ben Howland a read.
Very interesting coaching tidbit from Ben Howland here in story.
Ben Howland wants to coach, but will he ever again?
Will Seth Greenberg Fran Fraschilla or Ben Howland return to coaching???
Currently, John Wooden is turning in his grave, Ben Howland is smiling, and Didi Reese is on fire.
but he did bring Ben Howland and Jamie Dixon to PITT the first go round... They built a pretty good program there
I could see them hiring Rudolph and then Chryst is remembered 10 years from now he way Ben Howland is, he brought us Jamie Dixon
Johnny Majors did. Ben Howland had west coast ties. If you're good you're good.
2 times a shout out to Ben Howland and NAU in today's USA/New Zealand game!
Ben Howland 'optimistic' Shabazz Muhammad will be cleared to play for UCLA - Perhaps it’s only wishful thinking,...
Hi All, We have finally left Acapulco after gaining clearance froth Port Captain after he grounded all maritime traffic due to TC Amanda. Now that this storm is dissipating we are able to make our way to Cabo San Lucas where we will clear out of Mexico and head on to San Diego to catch up with crew members Ben Howland and Peta Bell before going to San Francisco.
Ben Howland is not going to be the next coach “Not the right fit,” source said." Terry Porter?
I hope people realize that Darren Collison & Russell Westbrook are products of 'boring' Ben Howland basketball..
That game also serves as a reminder that Ben Howland chose to play slow with Darren Collison and Russell Westbrook as his backcourt.
Russell Westbrook and Darren Collison used to do this as scrawny teenagers in an empty gym with Ben Howland yelling at them.
By my calculations just 5 days, 18 hours until Ben Howland is announced head coach at Oregon State next Thursday!
The only single person that could stop Russell Westbrook was Ben Howland.
College hoops insider of says Ben Howland is the "clear front runner" for Beavers job:
Money and length of contract still hang-ups on Ben Howland becoming Oregon State bb coach, alternate candidates dropping like …
Ben Howland to Oregon State talks heat up. Pick your horse:
Little Giant Ladders
Oregon State and Ben Howland feel like a match made in… patience. Source says sides have recently talked.
Lots of names being floated out there, but head coach from Boise State & former UCLA coach Ben Howland among others.
Any realistic predictions out there if Coach Anderson is not selected? If not Coach, I personally would like to see Ben Howland, formerly of Pitt and UCLA, or really step up and get the Wichita State fella.
Silence in search indicates to me the hire is either internal (Tim Fuller), or it's external free agent (Ben Howland). BoC mtg Mon.
A source tells me Kim Anderson turned down the job because Alden wants to keep Tim Fuller. Monday's vote will be for Ben Howland.
Ben Howland, Seth Greenberg & Jeff Capel should be on radar. Hubert Davis & Reggie Theus are my 2nd tier picks
Dayton’s Archie Miller makes a ton of sense for Mizzou. Also, Ben Howland, Gregg Marshall, and Kim Anderson. That’s my list.
Gregg Marshall, Ben Howland, or Kim Anderson let's make it happen
or Ben Howland. I really think Anderson will enjoy giving the middle finger to a certain person while going on to more champs.
You know Kim Anderson's name will be tossed around. Ben Howland, Gregg Marshall, Shaka Smart are a few longshots that I like
fans remember you're not a Destination job. Kim Anderson is way more likely than a Ben Howland or Shakka Smart
Vols fans, Cuonzo Martin is who do you want?? Richard Pitino, Gregg Marshall, Shaka Smart, Rick Byrd, Ben Howland - feel free to add to the list. -Z Bingham
No, its cool, we'd rather have Frank Haith as our coach when a guy like Ben Howland is available.
The UCLA Bruins men's basketball program, established in 1920, owns a record 11 Division I NCAA championships. UCLA teams coached by John Wooden won 10 national titles in 12 seasons from 1964 to 1975, including 7 straight from 1967 to 1973. UCLA went undefeated a record 4 times, in 1964, 1967, 1972, and 1973. Coach Jim Harrick led the team to another NCAA title in 1995. Former coach Ben Howland led UCLA to three consecutive Final Four appearances from 2006–2008. On March 30, 2013, Steve Alford was named the school's 13th head men's basketball coach and led the Bruins to the Sweet 16 ! Way to Play Bruins!!! Practice makes perfect for next year!
Shake Smart out of the mix at Marquette. I'd be happy with Ben Howland
All purpose parts banner
I must be stupid because I am blaming USF for what happened with Steve Masiello. The school paid over 60,000 dollars for a committee to come up with Steve Masiello as the best candidate for the head coaching job. Masiello was only at Manhattan for 3 years, and had a losing record for one of them. Manhattan was suppose to win the MAAC's regular season title this year but didn't. The major reason for the success that Manhattan had this year was based around three players that were at Manhattan before Masiello arrived. For a school that is in a major conference, USF did not aim very high in getting a new basketball coach. If Marquette and Wake Forest are interested in Shaka Smart, why isn't USF. Obviously, Mark Harlan has a relationship with Ben Howland, so why wasn't Howland a candidate. USF isn't a big time school for football and basketball because they are unable or unwilling to hire big time names for those jobs.
If Bruce Pearl has to much baggage for MU then Ben Howland will never be the coach either. Is anyone 100% clean?
Hope coach Alford does what Ben Howland failed to do, use a zone defense to beat Florida! John Wooden used a zone press.
Ben Howland, Gregg Marshall, Tommy Amaker come to mind right away.
So who will it be Marquette Shaka Smart or Ben Howland? I vote for Shaka, gotta get those Chicago recruits!!
Billy Donovan praising Kyle Anderson, who he badly wanted and nearly landed as a recruit in 2012 until Ben Howland swooped in.
Really hope Marquette gets a big name. Ben Howland, Shaka Smart or Gregg Marshall would be wonderful.
I want Wake to get either Ben Howland or Shaka Smart.
Wow, Buzz Williams to Virginia Tech? Not a head scratcher to me that he left. But to Virginia Tech? I think he was really disappointed about the season and the configuration of the new Big East. But he had a bad year, so he gets Virginia Tech instead of Texas. I was sure he was leaving last year. Oh well, I love the idea of Ben Howland! A guy that's hungry, wants to prove himself again...and can keep recruits from leaving and recruit himself. Hire him this week! He said he'd only go somewhere that can win now, and Marquette is loaded with new blood, Let's Go Warriors! Good Luck Buzz, you always gave it 100 percent, but we all new you weren't gonna stick around
Leon Rice, Dan Monson and Ben Howland are my first three. Big no to Ernie Kent. Is *** Bennet available? LOL.
Really hope Ben Howland doesn't become our next basketball coach. Gonna pull a Dennis Erickson just to get his reputation back.
if I were them I take a long look at Seth Greenberg who has ACC experience as a HC and can recruit to a point and Ben Howland
Just had former UCLA basketball coach Ben Howland lecture in my sports management class today It was pretty awesome talking to him about how Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook were like as freshman and what is was like going to three straight Final Fours Joe Pasco Brett Anderson Chris Dreim
Jamie Dixon didn't turn around Pitt basketball, Ben Howland did, and in 10 years since Dixon took over the program hasn't progressed
Must we all be reminded that Jamie Dixon comes from the Ben Howland coaching tree?
Phil Jackson said Ben Howland is the best BBall mind in the game. and we got gonzo.
I'm drooling already. Btw, if a move needs to be made, my top 2 candidates are Ben Howland and Richard Pitino, favoring
Ben Howland was toxic but at least the dude could coach. Steve Alford makes Vinny Del *** look downright cerebral.
Bill Walton needs to shut up about Ben Howland, and whats with giving Steve Alford a pass?
UCLA legend Bill Walton publicly campaigned last season for Ben Howland to lose his job, and it worked. Walton won. So why can't he move on?
when are wolves announcing Ben Howland as player development role?
not your dad's ben howland team. Seriously skilled team
Ben Howland is totally going to be named as a "special adviser" in the next 4-6 months, isn’t he?
when was the last time a Ben Howland team got the fans free chalupas? Don't score 100 often.
Why thank you Ben Howland - wedding photographer extraordinaire!
There is only one coach. It's Ben Howland. He'll be able to run his style here and not have to please the masses getting 5 star recruits.
“I don't think any school gets as happy as not having school as howland does” tell us more please
thats why im waiting, I want the blackberry to see me being happy with the new phone, and then Ill kill it
It would be quite embarrassing if you didn't get that new phone and you killed you battery
I really want to smash it up with a hammer tho
The horror The horror...unfortunately Mora's UCLA squad did not face a Ben Howland schedule.. Still think Mora is a great coach
Arizona State out of timeouts with 7 minutes left in the game . Ladies and gentleman, Ben Howland has come out of hiding.
UCLA has allowed ASU 35 first half points. Bruins miss Ben Howland.
Not that many actual entries in our costume comp yet. Great prizes to be won!
Ben Howland's water bottle is somewhere near the Earth's core now, and is still traveling.
coach Geno Ford has the Todd Graham/Ben Howland approach to timeouts. He has just one left with 9 minutes to go.
I'm sitting In his class right now, I'm gonna show him!
Read Alan Shipnuck's SI article on UCLA/USC. More Howland criticism. When I've spoken to coaches about Ben, they can't believe he was let go
Smiling or scowling, Coach Ben Howland is a man of many faces - The UCLA basketball team is on a roll,...
Ben Howland went to back-to-back Final Fours, and he's canned. Time for a regime change.
Bill Moos is hopefully having California Pizza Kitchen with Ben Howland at this very moment
Ben howland somewhere watching Kendall Williams shaking his head
The *** who robbed the BP in Howland was wearing a Lakeview Band hoodie...
he's doing his best Ben Howland imitation
Ben Howland would be proud of all this clock-eating Sac State is doing.
- to show Ben Howland that he is rather larger around the belly that he thinks?
Gotta say thank you to Meachelle Johnson, Sharday Rose (wha gwan cuz got some pics for u) Bilal Kalifa Islam, Monisha-Guyanese Singer, Ben Howland (yes bruv) and last but not least Nicole Rina (I want my cakes wid da logo on) your likes are appreciated.. where just beginning!!
What the *** was Ben Howland doing.the past 2-3 years I've seen a number of kids who were at UCLA sitting on the bench, transfer and ball out at their new schools. Sitting watching another one tonite...Matt Carlino of BYU. *** shame!!!
Ben Howland speaks about Jamie Dixon on the Seth Davis Show, here is the clip:
more nominees, Fly By Contesting by Gary Williams, The art of the premedia break post fg timeout by Ben Howland
Super cool of UCLA coach Ben Howland to pop a collar and play beer pong with underaged Shabazz Muhammad last night
Can we discuss your sport? John Calipari, Scott Drew, Jim Calhoun and Ben Howland
Ben Howland was not doing well @ UCLA. He should've been fired. That said, it appears that Alford is already worse. Thanks, Dan Guerrero.
It's a "Terrific Tuesday" at Chateau Brando. Timmy B is still out on assignment(he will be back tomorrow) & Jon Rothstein is guest hosting. Here is the lineup: Steve Kyler at 8:15 CT, Ed Cooley - Providence HC at 8:34, Bill Self - Kansas HC at 9:03, Tony Benford - North Texas HC at 9:34, Tom Crean - Indiana HC at 9:45, Ben Howland - former UCLA HC at 10:03, John Ourand - SBJ / SBD at 10:34 & Dave Rice - UNLV HC at 10:45.Tune in 8-11am CT on CBS Sports Network & SiriusXM College Sports Nation, channel 91.
Who would be the male coach equivalent to Jim Foster? How about Ben Howland?
Eerily similar to what Bill Walton had for Ben Howland lol
Pretty sure Kyle Anderson would have left if Ben Howland was still coaching. Not to pile on Ben here, but Parker & Powell almost left, too.
Showing Tubby Smith & Ben Howland while Luther sang "The time is short" is 1 of the cruelest bits of editing ever
Steve Alford will be better than Ben Howland at UCLA but something tells me Andy Enfield will soon be the talk of the town at USC.
they'll be badass next year Ben howland was a fudu
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
honest question here: will they take a look at Ben Howland?
fires Ben Howland as basketball coach
Two names Norwood needs to consider Ben Howland & Ernie Kent. Ernie from Illinois and has always recruited well in Chicago , Detroit & s ...
UCLA fires Ben Howland as basketball coach - Yahoo! News
is Dicky V about to cry over Ben Howland's firing?
Join me and the gang on in a few minutes. and Ben Howland.
Let me zip em up. Steve Alford will get what's comin cause UCLA won't be nothin in the next 4-5 years. Ben Howland will do better.
How is firing Ben Howland who been too three straight Final Fours and hiring Steve Alford, who has been to none as a coach a better option!
I wonder if would be interested in coaching some
Top10 comments Recruits will have on Steve Alford. The Stats show you run less than Ben Howland. Is this tru. Busted
Happy Easter! Is Ben Howland the coach of Saint Joe's yet?
Ben Howland was NOT unfairly fired. This Daily Bruin article can explain better then me.
Rush The Court: Steve Alford To UCLA: More Of The Same?: Less than a week after he removed Ben Howland from hi...
Parting Shot: Not Winning Enough: John Saunders talks about the merits of Tubby Smith and Ben Howland, ...
Tubby Smith out at Minn. Ben Howland out at UCLA. Both had winning records. Jeff Bzdelik stays at Wake Forest (losing record)
Bill Plaschke: UCLA wants more than Ben Howland could deliver—and it's entitled to
Why not go after Ben Howland? His style will fit in perfectly with the B1G
Next step in UCLA's coaching search: "We want to try and bring someone here who excites the fan base and can w...
Have to admit I was skeptical when they axed Ben Howland but really like the Steve Alfred hire.
They complained about Ben Howland not taking them pass the Final Four as much as they wanted too, but then again they get a coach with no
.BK, "someone" foolishly gave coach rob an extention (won't name names).. can't afford now.
I hope the Ben Howland firing wasn't Alford nothing!! That said sky is the limit!
please no, TP. My hope is Ben Howland.
Wait, did UCLA really fire Ben Howland to hire Steve Alford? What are they doing to John Wooden's program out there?
UCLA hire Steve Alford can stand the pressure, but can he make a difference?
Can't Ben Howland go to New Mexico? I guess Kendall Marshall would transfer
Who goes to UCLA to play for ben howland?
Congrats to Steve Alford on UCLA job (know that will mean a lot to him). But I keep thinking: Ben Howland was 25-10 and got fired. Say what?
That was the word before the Ben Howland firing and Steve Alford hiring at UCLA. We will know for sure on Wednesday.
UCLA Hires Alford: After firing head coach Ben Howland in the wake of a lopsided loss in the NCAA basketball t...
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If Ben Howland and Tubby Smith got fired then Thad Matta and John Thompson 3 should be fired
You know what's stupid? UCLA firing Ben Howland and hiring the coach from New Mexico
Ben howland had no disciplinary rules in place, his player did whatever they wanted.
Thought the firing of Ben Howland was good, colour me skeptical on the hiring of Steve Alford though.
You fire ben howland and hire Steve Alford. Lol
Ben Howland brought in the BEST RECRUIT Shabazz Muhhamad AND Kyle Anderson. But yeah the program was probably heading in the wrong direction
Minnesota still looking for a coach... As long as larry eustachy or ben howland dont end up there hawks should be ok.
.and Ben Howland discuss what it takes from the players and coaches to reach the
Replacing Ben Howland for Steve Alford is like changing a Lil Wayne song on the radio to listen to Drake. Oh, the bitter humanity.
He doesn't like that UCLA fired Steve Lavin (5 Sweet Sixteens) and Ben Howland (3 FF's and a P12 championship this year).
You should be comparing Alford to Howland pre-UCLA. Better recruiting available in LA. Ben's resume still more impressive. LOL
fans.would you trade Brad Brownell for Ben Howland or Tubby Smith?
Looking back on it, UCLA shouldn't have fired Ben Howland.
If Ron Wellman had any sense whatsoever he would be on the phone with Tubby Smith or Ben Howland right now. How is that guy still employed?
UCLA downgraded from Ben Howland to Steve Alford. My thoughts on the hiring:
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If Vitale wants Ben Howland and Tubby Smith coaching somewhere who does he want to fire?
Steve Alford is a huge downgrade for UCLA from Ben Howland Alford can't beat Harvard.
I think Ben Howland should coach Minnesota and Tubby Smith should've been hired at UCLA.
*** vitale is a *** Ben howland was fired because he doesn't know how to rotate the minutes.
Vitale is unhappy. "Ben Howland and Tubby Smith should be coaching somewhere."
Here's an idea: New Mexico should hire Ben Howland. Say want you want, he never lost to Harvard.
Ben Howland & Tubby Smith are both out there. Go get Shaka Smart. Mark Few might be on hot seat. Wichita State coach
You think Bruce Pearl would be a perfect fit at UCLA? If UCLA wanted someone w/ baggage, Ben Howland would still be at UCLA
Former UCLA basketball coach Ben Howland walks through Pauley Pavilion to meet with media after the announcement ...
I told if I had my way, Ben Howland and Tom Izzo are coaching in NY. Howland at Rutgers and Izzo with Nets.
Bill Self giving his take on the firings of Ben Howland and Tubby Smith: "From the outside looking in, it shouldn't happen."
Good read here by George Dohrmann on Ben Howland's fall which, locally, is good context for Bill Self's absurd run:
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