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Ben Harper

Benjamin Chase Ben Harper (born October 28, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and musician.

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"Motown was America's introduction to soul music" -Ben Harper
Ben Harper Ashes, this song reminds me of my Crunchy. 😭
Laura Dern has an impressive Catfax. Common, Jeff Goldblum, Idris Elba, Ben Harper, and Billy Bob Thornton.
"So before you knock it try it first, you'll see it's a blessing and its not a curse." -Ben Harper
🤔🤔 I don't mind angry girl music. . You can listen to Jack Johnson, The Weeknd maybe some Ben Harper
That second one is something out of the Harper and Hedges textbook
Honorable mention to the 07 Bonnaroo Superjam with Ben Harper, John Paul Jones, and Questlove. That Dazed and Confused cover was epic.
This month marks 150 years of Harper's Bazaar. Here, we ask what coming of age in 2017 looks like. CC: Sonia Ben...
Love gonna Walk Out on Me w/ Ben Harper by Toots and The Maytals on Shore Life Radio. Are you listening…
All that we can't say is all we need to hear ~ Ben Harper
Strangled. Poor Kayla. Survives Harper to go out via Ben.
Go see Blythe Spirit at Roosevelt this weekend, and enjoy City Voices students Ben Harper, Heaven Booker, Emily Boehm an…
Babe, starring Javier Bardem and Mandy Patinkin. Directed by Ron Howard, music by Ben Harper. Budget: $150m
My fave thing about Laura Dern is her divorcing fine *** Ben Harper and releasing that beautiful black man into the…
Just heard a bit of Ben Harper live XRT broadcast from Taste of Chicago and he gave a shout out to Louis & Dave Myers. Right on Mr. Harper
Owl John (solo album from singer of Frightened Rabbit) and Ben Harper album (with Ellen Har…
Who wore it best: Jason Isbell or Ben Harper?
Ben Harper and Estero in the house . Total blackout tour Palm Springs. Next stop Vegas.
2:13pm Blood Side Out by Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite from Get Up!
Ben Harper and Jack Johnson both NHL defensemen. What about Dave Mathews and phish?
Bob Cole just referred to Ben Harper as Ben Hur. Please bring back Dean Brown. Save us.
you might like this version of Sexual Healing by Ben Harper, I love it
I saw Ben Harper play Sexual Healing and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't some motion in my pants.
To celebrate Jesus getting up on the cross, I loudly sang Ben Harper's version of Sexual Healing in the shower…
[Ben Harper apparates onto the platform]. "Always have to steal my kisses from you hoo hoo...".
Just announced! Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals will play on Sat, July 22! See below for detai…
Ben Harper really got me to appreciate slide guitar. Now I kind of listen to songs hoping to hear it.
"She had almonds on the inside." -- Ben Harper. Really. No, it was diamonds.
"When the people speak, the leaders will have to follow." - Ben Harper 🎶 . What a time to be alive! ✌. Keep being...
Ben Harper laying down jams with Mark Ronson in a American rock style, produced by Jim Steinman
Smoking hot, Harper...and such fabulous heels 😍😍
Insightful article on the changes in corporate accommodation, specifically relocation.
Much appreciated but to answer both of your questions, me and my guy enjoy ben harper:)
How about Ben Harper? Most people don't even know who he is.
I'm really looking forward to, not more of the same, but a continual growth. Ben Harper
Check out new shop full of interesting for sale!
Press play on this one! written with Marker over Ben Harper by on
Ben Simmons has grown 2 inches since the Draft, making him now a 7 footer
written with Marker over Ben Harper via
Ben Forsythe has been infected by Chase Harper
Nice to share a few with longtime & Vancouver personality The Ara Show!
I introduced them to my very knowledgeable husband to have an argument with...yep, the Big Ben bot. 😂😂😂😂
Yeah in Alberta, I would say Notley and her wrecking crew. Federally before, JT's Dad was…
Dynamo-P 'written with Marker over Ben Harper' via
Descançoo hehee . — ouvindo Pressure Drop (with Toots and the Maytals and Ben Harper)
I added a video to a playlist Eddie Vedder - Rise & Under Pressure with Ben Harper and the
Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Ben Harper, Gavin DeGraw and listen to Josh Kelley's "Home" just once and you'll be hooked.
The best show I've ever seen. Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama with an Encore with Eddie Vedder.
Ben Harper's music makes me want to punch babies if I hear more than three songs in a row. I guess I'm just sensitive...
I added a video to a playlist G Love - Let the music play (Feat. Ben Harper & Marc Broussard)
We need Kevin O'leary, Ben Mulroney, Ben Harper. Justin, go back to teaching high schooler worthless idealism
What an epic day. , Ben Harper, Liz Stringer & Sweet Jean at and then on the telly. Happy Cat.
Wearing a wristband and listening to Ben Harper at some bar on 3rd Ave so I'm back in college and it's also 1993, I guess.
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals deliver confident, powerful set at ‘Austin City Limits’ taping
Ben Harper with Dedra Lynn Harper. Dedra and I will be preaching a revival at The Church of God in Tulsa,...
Want to win a pair of tickets to the Ben Harper. & the Innocent Criminals show at The Festival at Sandpoint?. The...
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals - Call it What it is
Join us by the beach in Queenscliff this November. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Paul Kelly & Charlie... https:…
Jason Kenney is the experienced leader we need to rule Alberta until Ben Harper finishes university and takes over.
Great.eveni get with Ben Harper redbutte in saltlakecity @ Red Butte…
I have an extra ticket for the rainy Ben Harper show at Red Butte tonight. I'm already up here.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ben Harper, Band of Horses, Young the Giant and More To Play Live on the Green: This August, the venerable…
Here are some suggestions as write in for this years upcoming presidential elections. Eddie Vedder/Ben Harper . Michael Jordan/David Letterman
hello beautiful. I hear that Ben Harper& Innocent Criminals have new stuff. Any chance you can play some?
Standing ovation at to thank Stephen, Laureen, Rachel & Ben Harper for their decades of public service.
Ben Harper’s trademark guitar artfully frames songs that call things just as they are
Luke Harper makes meatballs. That could be an interesting episode for Kayfabe Kitchen
.So as a person of color Ben, how does it feel to support blatant
I liked a video Ben Harper with Asher lap steel at the Machine Shop Dec 2012
Finally—after 21 years—the Raptors have made the NBA conference finals. Via https:/…
a touch of 'world where you live' but with Ben Harper, live...?!
.& The Innocent Criminals have their moment in the sun, playing “Shine”
tbf I had to look twice 😂😂 sounds like something some of the fans would do, can't see the club doing that 😂😂
Ben Harper takes on police shootings
Thank you. I know that Harper went to Kingston to visit Ben. Is that an official parliamentary function?
Ben Harper: age 9. already has the worse case of senioritis
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Love that still moves June 3 powered guest :
[Poem] | Cut With the Kitchen Knife, by Rosmarie Waldrop, introduction by Ben Lerner |Harper's Magazine via
.powered Todd's Trolls: in the spotlight:
Joining me on stage at the Hotel Cafe Friday May 20th is a good friend of mine--Michael Ward (Ben Harper) on guitar
How tf u not know Ben Harper or this song
Listen to Ben Harper & Jack Johnson - High Tide Or Low Tide by crossgroup on
Beautiful interview with one of my favorite writers, Ben Harper, and Charlie Rose via
Don't like blues? Try THIS: 148. Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite – I Ride at Dawn
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals with The Jack Moves at McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater on...
I always get Benton Harbor, Michigan, and Ben Harper mixed up. Which one does that awesome soulful cover of "Sexual Healing"?
Ben Harper isn't old. Neither is Gary Clark Jr. And how about Lajon Witherspoon from sevendust (metal)
A&C: Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals put on a spectacular show at the Tennessee Theater.
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals - Juan Nelson bass solo -
Great 2 be back "home" in after a Gr8 2 weeks around the country: for Ben Harper for Dave Attell and for my film.
The Wall Street Journal disagrees with Ben Harper and his buddy from Econ 101
playlist April 14, 2016 featuring Barns Courtney, Ben Harper, Greg Holden, and more.
But if the hate is warranted, I don't have a problem with it, folk like Jeff Ament and Ben Harper are praised
Reminds me of Ben Harper . Greg in Good Company - Save Me via
Ben Harper and Christopher Paul Steeling are performing at College Street Music Hall on April 06 - click the link...
This summer, Austin and I get to see Edward Sharpe, Dead & Company, Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, Sarah Jarosz, Ben Harper!¡ WHAT?!?
Clinton will also headline an event next week emceed by Russell Simmons & w/ performances by Ben Harper and Estelle. http…
Ryan Adams, death cab, Ray lamontagne,Ben Harper. Grouplove. Shovels and Rope. Fitz and the tantrums. Washed out. Dr dog.
Little-known fact: Harper Lee and Ben Harper are 3rd cousins.
I LOVE Bon Iver and Elliott Smith.. Do you listen to Whitley, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, Jose Gonzales or Radical Face??
Ben Harper (is coming back this summer to the Santa Barbara Bowl (Info http…
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals up at Red Rocks, row 4. Good enough. Let's hope for warmer June weather this summer for the jam.
You heard it from US REPRESENTATIVE- Congressman Gregg Harper supports WOOD4PRES & you should too 🇺🇸 https:/…
Lauren: New music from Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals coming up during The EHM Cafe at noon. You choose the...
Ben Harper Don't give up on me now via
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals will return to the on August 20th tix on-sale Friday the 29…
Haven't had a chance to listen but Ben there really a question?!
Curious for your or thoughts on the new Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals song, Pink Balloon
The less you expect, the more you'll be pleased - Ben Harper
Love this version - Ben harper Sexual healing Live from mars
TRIPLE J TEXT LINE: "Wooo!!! I have followed Ben Harper now for 17 years and he has finally come through!"
Designed some tees for Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals album release package:
.& The Innocent Criminals to release first LP in 9yrs in April: http…
I added a video to a playlist Ben Harper | documentaire francais HD
It's nonstop Ben Harper in my apartment.
I love this song but it always makes me cry...Ben Harper with Natalie Maines - Vein In Vain .
Your choice is who you choose to be and if your causin' no harm then you're alright with me. ~ Ben Harper, Burn One Down
A Jack Johnson, Michael Franti, Nahko, Ben Harper and Ziggy Marley concert would be the best thing in existence
non so se mi spiego. Ben Harper, Stanley Clarke, Stewart Copeland at the Sacred Grove -- So F... via
Ben Harper was fine. If Koji Kondo played 1-1 I would have cried.
Relaxing night listening to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Dave Gilmour, Van Morrison and Ben Harper. Fantastic music by all of these people
Hamilton Collection
Our beautiful soul Brotha is hitting Aotearoa again soon... Check it out!
tried, now we have boxes of Ben Harper and Hole in our spare room.
The only player in purple & gold that Laker fans need to be watching this season is Ben Simmons at LSU.
"How many miles much we march?" Ben Harper. From Mpls to Trump, to hateful ignorance around migration and its root causes.
Heres an idea, labels at the gas station of where the oil was extracted. I'd buy Canada everytime.
Josh wait n see ...wait n see the way did u vote for Kathleen Wynne?
Then what does that tell you about our Country?
Apparently many more wondered what they did voting for Harper...Where did all your seats go?
70% voted left wing & against Harper...and what percentage got Harper his majority?
Oh ya? Seems we managed to unite to defeat Harper
country sure is not united behind Justin ...never will be ..he is more a divider
Shouldn't a strong leader unite the Country they lead?
Me watching Ben Harper live was the high point of my year, actually, of my entire life
Add that to your scrap-book: yet another idea that only Harper's brain-robbers thought of. Them alone.
Reminds me of a Ben Harper cover art.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
oh yeah can I please come to the windows up party you planned with Ben Harper? Imagine the post yarns
Sour grapes aren't very becoming...Canadians want compassion, tolerance and understanding...not like our ex-PM
Why Harper's appointments matter. B.C. city loses TM court battle, ordered to pay company's costs
is hitting the road in 2016 with the Innocent Criminals. Ticket and dates available here:
So we have our first broken election promise. 25,000 Syrian refugees will not be here by year-end but by end of Feb. Good. S…
Translation: we made a rash election promise no sentient being thought we could hit responsibly
Ben Harper - Picture of Jesus on Spellbound Radio - Your Blues Connection
Nicholas Koy Santillo, John Mclear and Ben Harper in Discover the real
I'm very happy with who I am. It's who everyone else is that depresses me - Ben Harper
got my first Ben Harper album ten years ago. Excellent. Hope you are well
Ben Harper kicks off his New Zealand tour in February
On my Ryan Adams and Ben Harper kick. Listen to Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams on
Mount Shasta's Chris Morzenti passes Trinity's Ben Harper on the final stretch to take 1st in SCL championships
Who's the best Black Jewish Muscian? Lenny Kravitz, Sammy Davis Jr, Drake, Ben Harper, Shyne or Craig David? Throw in Sean Paul...
As we open our final chapter of today's Live Blog, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite...on 'The Gospel'. Chapter...
Listen to: 'Diamonds on the inside' by 'BEN HARPER'
Ora online Ben Harper and Relentless7 - up to you now
everyone needs to listen to waiting on an angel by Ben Harper 😢
Me: oh no, change it. Her: why, it's Ben Harper. Me: I only like Diamonds in the inside. that's what it is!!. Me: ohhh
I can't say I've ever been a fan of Ben Harper but that he made a folk/country/gospel album with his mother pleases me immensely.
that's awesome. This was the setlist from MSG. Ben Harper opened and joined PJ for a few songs.
Harper wishes Mets the best. Says he hopes they win the World Series.
Don't Give Up On Me Now - Ben Harper Click to launch the player:
Why wldn't you vote for Ben Harper in ten years? it's just as much his birthright as it is Justin's! Can't one & not the other.
Ben Harper - Waiting For You. ..keep hoping for you..
Ben Harper - Better Way. I believe in a better way.
he thinks he looks like Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck when he looks like a crackhead Luke Harper
Listening to ...In the Colors. Dance with Me. Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals. Gigi is looking up into my...
Jack Johnson & Ben Harper - High Tide or Low Tide (Live) on Surf Shack Radio, The Best Mix of Music on the Beach
Ben Harper is on. JACK ROCKS LIVE. The Live music radio
And I don't like Ben Harper holding booze parties at Sussex Drive for minors and the Media & Police covering it up
is this not a democracy anymore? Has Harper succeeded in ruining that too?
"I can resist anything but temptation from you." -Ben Harper
Federal public servants warned not to be critical of Harper gov't in social media during the election
Stephen Harper's Conservatives, offering Cdns a clear choice for more arrogance and insolence.
I added a video to a playlist ben harper- burn one down lyrics
Stephen Harper launched his re-election campaign from the Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre in Mount Royal
Come on over to the blog and meet Harper and Ben. They really are living Life Outside!!
Evidently Harper's Conservative fellows figure they know more than criminal court judges. Legislate sentences?!
Photo: wowsoclassy: Daiane Conterato by Ben Hassett for Harper’s Bazaar September 2015
Bayne notes, Ben Perrin was dealing with Payne on the side ( snip Ben Perrin is former special counsel to Stephen Harper)So what
.fmr. PMO lawyer Ben Perrin told the RCMP that Harper’s current chief of staff, Ray Novak, knew about the $90K cheque
Have seen and read more about Ben Harper in the past week than in the past 10 years.
Email by Ben Perrin is *very clear*, shows ignored advice didn't qualify,…
Anyone explain why Ben Perrin, Harper's lawyer, Ray Novak, his Sec, Nigel Wright, his chief of staff would not tell him about $90K?
The wheels are off the Harper bus. Either Ben Perrin lied to the RCMP or is lying.
“No doubts. Ben Perrin told police Ray Novak was in the room/on the call when Wright said he'd pay expenses.” So
Nothing like some Ben Harper to bring back the memories 😊
A vote no party should want! supporter loses it on media over refusal to answer questions!
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals Live in Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Sep 15. ► Find Tickets:
Skateparks for at- risk youth thanks to Tony Hawk and Ben Harper.
Tony Hawk, Ben Harper raise money to build skate parks for at-risk kids: Skateboard legend Tony Ha...
Video: Tony Hawk and Ben Harper team up to raise funds for skate parks
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals in Concert at Red Butte Garden - Sep 16. ► More:
I'm at Piazza Grande for Moon, Bob Dylan and Ben Harper in Locarno, TI
Continua:4)Green on Red, The Drifter.5)Hothouse flower, Feet on the ground. 6)Ben Harper, Faded.7)Alejandro Escovedo, Everybody Loves me.
Jim Wright, "Ben Harper", 18x24 watercolor, 2nd from my Blues series on
Smooth and soothing tunes last night. — listening to Ben Harper at Mulberry Mountain Lodging & Events
Playing now on 92 Blues Take My Hand (feat Ben Harper) by The Blind Boys of Alabama
I just realised that Ben Harper is like a suburban Severus Snape
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Ben Harper - The Blind Boys Of Alabama - Wicked man. Listen it now to Concept Radio!.
Whoa. Ben Harper is married to Laura Dern? I did not know that.
Ben Harper and his Wife Laura Dern at Roger Steffens Reggae Archives. Ben Harper Video "With My Own 2 Hands" was...
3-way tie between Ben Harper, Eric Cartman & John Becker. "4. Who is the best tv character of all time?"
Why Tidal??? Mr. Harper just gave us 4 nights and nearly 100 live tracks for FREE! Kudos once again, Ben.
Anyone have the 2nd & 3rd recordings from the Ben Harper shows in San Fran last week? I got the 1st and 4th, but am looking for the others
Anybody got the download of night 3 from Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals' Fillmore shows? I've got 1, 2 & 4. Let's trade!
Tough news for Ben Henry, another torn anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee. Season over. A very good player and …
Night 4 of last week's Ben Harper shows at is a Free Download Today only
A photo from this Friday's winner! She took this one waiting for Ben Harper and The Innocent...
Someone please pay for me to see Ben Harper @ Crossroads.
If you ever run out of songs to cover, I hope you'll consider doing this one by Ben Harper.
One hour left to download & Innocent Criminals' Friday show for free
Free download: Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals live at The Fillmore, only available for another couple of hours.
Leigh Alexander and Randy Harper both broke and begging for handouts. Ben Kuchera likely jobless. A good start.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Seven years ago today: Ratdog live at Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania -
Ben Harper - Say You Will. Listen it now to Concept Radio!.
Ben Harper Plays "My Own Two Hands" Live for KCRW one of my Ben Harper's song❤️
I might go to at Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA - Sep 18
Ben Harper - Hellen Harper - A House Is A Home. Listen it now to Concept Radio!.
A recording of work the other night. Enjoy!
I'm listening to Another Lonely Day by on
also, I feel like Ben Harper's With My Own Two Hands is your jam.
Free Download & Innocent Criminals share recording of recent show for limited time
Hey check it >> Free Download: & the Innocent Criminals' Fillmore Reunion
ICYMI: you can download /Innocent Criminals show from SAturday night for free. link expires today:
Listen to Get Up! (Live from the Granada Theater: Dallas, Texas September 10, 2013) by Ben Harper on
What would all the world's indie coffee shops do for background music if Jack Johnson, Ben Harper & John Butler got proper jobs?
"Waiting on the World to Change - featuring Ben Harper" by John Mayer from The Village Sessions inte så …
David Letterman just thanked Ben Howard as Ben Harper. I love him.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Ben Howard was on David Letterman and he called him Ben Harper then called his song I ForGOT Where We ARE this is why I do…
"Ben Howard: I Forget Where We Were - David Letterman" ..he called him Ben Harper, no mate 🙈
David Letterman getting Ben Howard's name wrong and calling him Ben Harper.
beg steal borrow from Ray Lamontagne...Consequence and Glory from Ben Harper...Billie Jean (cover)...The Civil Wars
to Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper And The I on LIPSapp Smooth Hits in Fort Lauderdale
Awkward when David Letterman calls Ben Howard 'Ben Harper' and then calls his album "I Forgot Where We Are'
I'm listening to Picture Of Jesus by on
I don't know how Ben felt when he was called Ben Harper
Andy Harper would be best sitting with the fanatics
They called him 'Ben Harper' on the David Letterman show and the album 'I Forgot Where We Are' Somebody didn't do their research oops
The Script, Oscar and the Wolf, Róisín Murphy, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals and Jungle join us at
Listening to Ben Harper with my son Benjamin
Ben are you coming to our next London gig?
On air now:. Ben Harper - Fool For A Lonesome Train. Listen to Concept Radio!
On air now:. Ben Harper - Both Sides Of The Gun. Listen to Concept Radio!
Need to get Boston Calling tickets for the spring asap. Gotta see The Pixies and Ben Harper
Released in January, 2013, "Get Up!" by Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper TODAY in LA COLLECTION on RVJ >>
On air now:. Ben Harper - In The Colors. Listen to Concept Radio!
David Letterman called Ben Howard, Ben Harper, and also called his song "I forget where we are" when it is clearly "I forget where we were"😑
Letterman really just called Ben Harper? Well then.
My face when David Letterman calls bhwrd "Ben Harper.". Then calls his album I forget where we are.…
David Letterman are you drunk?. it's Ben Howard, not Ben Harper. AND it's "I forget where we were" not "I forget who you are"
He called you Ben Harper, and said your album was "I Forgot Where We Are". Nice.
Years later I spent like 45 minutes trying to wake you up for Ben Harper. That debt is paid homie.
Instead of drawing Lana Del Rey, I suggested my daughter draw Ben Harper...I hope that kid listens to me..
lol I did mine some were accurate (Ben Harper, Drake, Stephen Bishop) then I got Dane Cook, Tommy Lee Jones and Carson Daly smh
I actually had some accurate ones (Ben Harper, Stephen Bishop, Drake), but then I got Dane Cook, Carson Daly
I just did it and I got back Ben Harper, Dane Cook, Xzibit, Cam'Ron, Stephen Bishop, and Carson Daly O_o
.2015 lineup includes Ben Harper, The Roots, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazer, and more:
Peppers Old Towne in Bluffton, SC. Place has great atmosphere. Ben Harper, Bob Marley and Citizen Cope…
I want to go to a fest with Taking Back Sunday, Ben Harper, G Love, Citizen Cope, 311, Corey Smith, Pepper, OAR, Damien Ric…
bonnaroo lineup with Gregory Alan Isakov, Royal Blood, Hozier, TBT and Ben Harper. this can't be real. 😭 why.
I liked a video Ben Harper and Jackson Browne "Steal My Kisses" Live at The Mint
Jack Johnson and Ben Harper can make any night better
enduring a vicious sexual assault from Ben Harper and Dr. Raymond E. Watts, and Jordan Greenwald (as my Christian father of Pope's Greatest
Apparently I'm a cross of Elder Price, Lawrence Jameison, Ben Harper, Mrs Bucket and Victor Meldrew with majority of Elder Price
Thank you, everyone who was able to come to Stonedeck Pizza Pub tonight to get a recap, have some questions answered and to talk about the visit to the city council on Wednesday morning. ON WEDNESDAY MORNING: if you are going to park at the Dallas Police Association and walk with everyone to city hall, you need to be at the Dallas Police Association at 8:00 AM. There were some crafty signs made by Ben Harper and his brother that they'll bring. Wear your tee shirt and be ready. If you are going straight to city hall, be there by 8:30 because we all still have to get through security before they start the meeting SHARPLY at 9:00 AM The main room will hold 250 and they have an overflow room, too. I know that there were 5 public spots to speak and I grabbed one of them. We'll see who took the rest. Our plan is to come, watch the speakers then all of us will leave. That way our presence and our absence are both felt. We will play nicely in their sandbox so no hollering out, chanting or any of that. We are ther ...
Ben Harper asked me if I'd like to film a couple of tricks for Gracias L.A. a few weeks ago, and of all people, I wanted to give him a trick that had something to it and meant a lot to me. I haven't been in front of a camera or even really skated with anyone for years, but I finally felt like I had something worthwhile to give. While the first few tricks just show normal stuff in my regular stance, the last one has been on my mind for a while. I made it for the first time, only the day before, and it looked ROTTEN-- so sketchy and uneasy. All I wanted was to get a clean one for Ben that night. While it's still not what it could be, it represents a starting point of something new I can work with-- which came at a pretty high price. Funny, though Tony has been such a close friend for all these years, I still get kinda shy about reaching out to see what he thinks when I've got something going on-- he IS Tony Hawk, ya know-- so I sent it to him, genuinely hoping he'd give me some input. Right away, he asked i ...
A little Jack Johnson and Ben Harper is exactly what the doctor ordered this morning.
It still boggles my mind that Ben Harper was married to Laura Dern.
Jack Johnson and Ben Harper always come in clutch around bedtime
"Old friends become old strangers between darkness and the dawn." - "Amen Omen" by Ben Harper
Paolo Nutini, David Gray and Ben Harper back with the Innocent Criminals added to Bluesfest bill. Fingers crossed for interstate sideshows
Looking for a place to have a drink n get ur live music fix? Come out tonite to see us at Prime Cigar and Wine Bar. Original tunes and some great covers by Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Donavon F, Hendrix, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Sublime, and some acoustic blues as well!! See ya there!!
Peoria and Bloomington/Normal!!! We have terrific shows booked in both your cities next Thursday, Oct 16th and you need to know about them and tell all your peeps. In Peoria at the brand new, state of the art Limelight Eventplex, we host one of the sickest bands in all the land, The Nth Power, featuring Nickie Glaspie ( Dumpstaphunk/ Beyoncé) and Nigel Hall ( Lettuce). Not to mention, the Local Dr.s of Funk themselves, Art of Ill Fusion and Steady Flow, one of the rising stars of Central,IL. In Bloomington/Normal at the beautiful The Castle Theatre, we welcome Marc Ford former guitar master w. The Black Crowes), member of the grammy winning, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals as well as produced many albums, including Ryan Bingham and THE STEEPWATER BAND. a nut shell, this dude is super talented and wants to share his brand new solo record (Holy Ghost) with YOU!! Opening this show will be his son, Elijah Ford Music and the one and only, Miles Nielsen. We are trying our best here at NTL Produ ...
Thanks Bobby Vaughan-Jones for the nomination. Your list will be difficult to beat. This was really hard but here are my top ten albums of all time.or ten that I really like! I nominate Becky Fowles Dylan Jones and Rowan Clifford 1. Metallica - ...and Justice for All 2. Gipsy Kings - The Greatest Hits 3. Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac 4. Neil Young - Harvest 5. Notorious B.I.G - Greatest Hits 6. The Offspring - Ignition 7. 3 Doors Down - The Better Life 8. Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall 9. Michael Jackson - Bad 10. Ben Harper - Burn to Shine
I don't believe a word you say de ben harper!
we 've got blues, we've got Prince, we've got pop, even a lil hip hop: check dis: "BEN HARPER WELCOME TO THE CRU"
First read this as "Ben Harper." Ben Heppner 'totally pumped' to return in Mirvish's musical Titanic
OMG these guys are so good: Burn One Down - Assembly Required (Ben Harper cover) via
I listen to "Oats on the Water"~Ben Harper from TWD season episode 10-12ish? Called Hershel's song.
There are so many especial people in the world. Ben Harper e Vanessa da Mata
In early October 2004, joined forces with artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Ben Harper and REM on the “Vote for Change” Tour.
ugh I wanna go to a ben harper concert
"Sometimes you just have to walk away, walk away" - Ben Harper . 🎼🚄👋🏃
Bryce Harper now has 4 postseason HR before age 22, tying Mickey Mantle, Miguel Cabrera & Andruw Jones for MLB record. (v…
On air now:. Ben Harper - Relentless7 - Shimmer And Shine. Listen to Concept Radio!.
Fed Chairman Ben said he did see the housing crisis coming... Stephen Harper should not make the same mistake!
On air now:. Ben Harper - Vanessa Da Mata - Boa Sorte. Listen to Concept Radio!.
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