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Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle (born 3 November 1973) is an English television presenter, adventurer and writer.

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Ooooh Ben Fogle would be a great asset. Do you think he can speak Lithuanian? French? Spani…
Love watching Ben Fogle - Escape to the wild. Id love to move away to an island with my little family.
'We should be a pioneering nation!' wants desperate action to be taken to reduce our plastic waste:
Ben Fogle wants to turn minimum wage workers into clean energy.
Have you been watching The Blue Planet? Have you seen the effects single use plastic is having on our oceans? This…
Has Ben Fogle been smoking crack this morning??
Brilliant to revisit all of the fascinating people and stories in Ben Fogle: Return to the Wild. Great show, great…
Ben Fogle: return to the wild. Great show on !
Never that busy at night mate. Watching Ben Fogle visiting people who have opted out of the rat race. C…
I think Ben Fogle is actually quite cool
Waiting for Ben Fogle at 9 i look up 🐶 .. Cat's .. 😯 .. !!
I am watching Ben Fogle is my back up plan. . Monica and Marcus declaiming is not a good start.
I love marmite as well as Ben Fogle! 😂
Continued - 5PRIME will showcase a selection of high quality content ranging from factual programmes like Ben Fogle…
Ben Fogle says he found Ed Stone at upmarket restaurant in London
Tune in tonight at 9pm as we see and revisit an old host of his in Austra…
Left to the Supermarkets the planet would be covered in plastic. Ben Fogle is righ…
Hi Paul - I worked/filmed with you in The Azores back in 2012 - Ben Fogle still hasn't swam the Atlant…
- Ben Fogle puts his Christmas tree up in November, TV adventurer Ben Fogle , 44...
Former British Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton and TV presenter Ben Fogle have announced they will attempt to cl…
Years and years ago I had a Ben Fogle (Castaway) on my computer desktop. You could build him shelter from…
Great that broadcaster, adventurer, UN Patron of Wilderness, corporate host, and speaker Ben Fogle has announced la…
An early Christmas present here for all my 'followers' with this stock photo of Ben Fogle! 🎅
Victoria Pendleton will attempt to climb Everest with Ben Fogle
TV adventurer Ben Fogle and former Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton joke about having a 'midlife crisis' as they…
Exclusive: Victoria Pendleton and Ben Fogle on why they have joined forces to conquer Mount Everest
Ben Fogle and Victoria Pendleton plan to conquer Everest
Children are mollycoddled, says Ben Fogle as he prepares to climb Everest -
My name is Ben Fogle. And I'll do literally ANYTHING to sell books.
This article by my wife moved me to tears
Being married to an explorer like Ben Fogle is fun, but frightening  via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
This, by my wife, moved me a lot, on so many levels. Thinking of Benedict Allen and his family
The Chester Lit Fest is currently on, including a sold-out Pam Ayres event and a not quite sold out Ben Fogle one. See mo…
Watch Alan and Lorna's on Channel 5's show, New Lives in the Wild with Ben Fogle. 9pm, Channel 5.
did you watch Ben Fogle' s tv show last night? Alpaca farming! I saw this trend 18 month ago. Get on board Mr Khan.
Our students have just had a really inspiring evening at the Octagon Theatre with famous adventurer and writer Ben Fog…
If you want to follow one of the good guys then you can’t do better than A Plastic-Free Aisle In Superma…
A plastic-free aisle in supermarkets could help save our oceans - blogs
UN Patron of the Wilderness backs in the .
I’m sure we worked on this together. Wasn’t there a judging panel of Ben Fogle, Chris Packham and randomly Rusty Lee?
Ben Fogle & Jeremy Corbyn take aim at Arsenal owner over new hunting channel showing killing of lions and elephants
Ben Fogle's eye infection - and the other hidden uses of breast milk
ok but a day of Ricky Gervais, David Baddiel, Fern Britten, David Walliams, er Ben Fogle is pretty good
Watching Ben fogle and Katie price on lip sync battle is truly something
This will work, I did it for my babies when they had sticky eyes. (My milk, not Ben Fogle's sister in laws)!
I did not know Ben Fogle had a spaceship.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Ben Fogle looks like he smell of horse manure, old furniture and new money
Been a busy but wonderful day, so lovely to finally meet Ben Fogle and his dad. But it's time for bed. Night night Cx
i'm pretty sure Progres just brought a guy on called Ben Fogle.. takin the *** now
Ben Vogel on for Niederkorn. I'd take Ben Fogle for Rangers just now
Could bring on Ben Fogle and they'd still beat us
Especially if you've been photobombed by Ben Fogle !
Where wild man are with Ben fogle makes me
Should we make all kids do a voluntary service year when they are 17 years old?
Is adventurer Ben Fogle your TV Presenter You've got until 9am Tuesday to get him through to Round 2…
Ben Fogle lives on Castlenau and drives a Prius pass it on
I'd like to Fogle your Ben if you know what I mean
I thought Ben Fogle was already married.
TV presenter Ben Fogle is among thousands of people on the Isle of Wight for the race today…
NEWS: TV star and adventurer is looking forward to the Isle of Wight's tomorrow!…
So great to have talking trees and summer adventures for nature detectives blog :D…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
If Tennis was a celebrity it would be Ben Fogle.
Great to see SES Honorary Advisory Board member 'One with Nature' feature in Calibre magazine
3 of 5 stars to Labrador by Ben Fogle
Ben Fogle: New Lives in The Wild is such a fascinating show🦁🐍🐘
Ben Replace school at 17 with 'conscription-type' work
Ben Fogle to attempt world powerboat record.
Ben Fogle says pupils should be allowed to take breaks in school term
Because they don't understand the incalculable long term damage wrought by Ben and Janet, distract…
Fort is a harmless posh lad, like Ben Fogle
Do you think Ben Fogle has been near it?
The only famous person I've seen there is Ben Fogle. But I know Tilda Swinton doesn't live far away.
Young people should undertake a conscription-type year instead of staying on at school says in
I tried to leap out of the window after my drink was spiked with LSD, says Ben Fogle: Castaway ... via
I liked a video Ben Fogle's Great British Adventure - Isle of Man
The gov't is holding a review of this right now - which the doesn't seem to know!
Golden Grahams were the Ben Fogle of cereals
I can't be the only one who remembers Ben Fogle saying "this lioness is 120 kilos; that's the same as a 19 stone ma…
Thank you Yachting and Boating World for their article on SOR, Spectre and our Round British Isles Record attempt.
It was 2 years when I did it, then it got really popular because of Ben…
Ben Fogle aims to break the world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the British Isles by sea
I see. I wish you luck with that! Maybe you'll end up on that Ben Fogle programme about lives in the wild
I feel like they make up Ben Rothlisberger injuries so when they win it's amazing and when they lose they have an excuse
Am rewatching On Thin Ice with Ben Fogle, James Cracknell and Ben Coates. It's the story of their race to The...
Ben Fogle where the wild men are is quite fascinating, slowly falling in love with comfortable off the grid living .
"The light had gone and we could film no more."
was that the same dingo Dave had when Ben Fogle met him.used to howl when Dave played his piano
Where the wild men are with Ben Fogle
I review a book. I didn't like it. Sorry Ben Fogle.
hi,just watched the tv show with Ben fogle, what an amazing story. Good luck hope you succeed in stopping the hunters.
My mums been laughing under her breath for 5 minutes because someone said "feeling the wood" on a Ben Fogle program
Watching Ben Fogle in Mongolia is much preferable to the drivel that is supposedly a 'talent' show
Finding this programme interesting, sometimes inspiring but still proves its hard to escape capitalism.
I've just woke up and thought that said "I've shagged Ben Fogle" thoughts.
Yeah but remember when Ben Fogle got spiked with acid in a pub? I honestly thought that was as bad as the world got.
Joel Golby is watching Ben Fogle pretend to be Dizzee Rascal in the middle of the afternoon
If you love Labradors. You can get a copy of my bestselling book Labrador
This made us chuckle in last night's 💩😂 If you missed it, catch up on
Ben Fogle once opened a train door for me, he can do no wrong in my eyes 😍
I completely agree with the Ben Fogle thing
No. it's weathered leather of the type Nigel Havers or Ben Fogle might carry
So my 2 celebrity crushes Jacob Rees-Mogg you all know that one and Ben Fogle people look at me funny when I say hi…
The hottest celebrity homes of the year: from George and Amal Clooney’s Oxfordshire retreat to Ben Fogle’s exotic Lo
didn't even watch that I was watching Ben Fogle until 2am
and then get on TV show with Ben Fogle? :-)
More importantly, which side will Ben Fogle's Labrador be on?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Charles Foster prefers being a badger to an urban fox, Ben Fogle prefers labradors Alan Titchmarsh is on a Grand Tour in quest of??
Wanna join Ben Fogle on his adventures 🐊🐘☃️
well only been here a day and you've seen Ben Fogle and that other guy on the tube 😉xx
Love that Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild is back on TV! Another fantastic episode! ❄🏕🌎
TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT: BEN FOGLE JOINS SUNUS OCEAN RACING:. We are proud to announce a special edition to our race...
Ben Fogle's A New Life in the Wild should appeal to us all in Brexit Britain.
Watched Ben Fogle.New Lives in the Wild. I don't think I would like to live as Lynx does. just a bit too much snow! x
The world of New Lives in the Wild. An example of Interesting TV
watching Ben Fogle new lives in the wild
A tour de force a must read for Ben Fogle and Bear Grylls tips from the Master of adventure
What an Amazing lifestyle & what an amazing woman is Ben Fogle proper enjoyed that journey 👍🏻
Ben Fogle gets some cracking holidays
It must be incredible to be a TV researcher and be given like, a Ben Fogle or Michael Palin show to prepare. 😮
Ben Fogle lives in the wild, that lynx has an awesome life. Don't think I could do it but it looks like an amazing way to live
This Ben Fogle thing is giving me wanderlust again. What a life. :)
Little Giant Ladders
Ben Fogle goes into the wilderness, snow on ground where temperatures are below freezing and he's in jeans ***
So happy is back. I love you Ben Fogle 🍃🏞
Forget modern life, head into the wild and live like a Stone Age person. Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild on…
Almost time for Ben fogle new lives in the wild
Cheeky, lovable, pill-popping Ben Fogle has a new series tonight...
Read how Land Rover's greatest started with a simple drawing in the sand:
Ben Fogle: We need fewer exams and more wilderness in education
The peculiar world of Ben Fogle's brand New Lives in the Wild: The wild bunch! The pe...
What to review tonight: Ordinary Lies, Ben Fogle: New Lives in The Wild, Married at First Sight
In this week's New Lives, tries a stone-age lifestyle on for size. And quite taken .
Fancy some pinecone juice? The weird world of Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild
How fun. I just had a chat with Ben Fogle over the phone. Average Tuesday really.
TV presenter, all-round action man and speaker Ben Fogle
(The Northern Echo):goes even wilder in the woods : Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild (Channel 5,..
Castaway star talks new TV show and admits he longs to escape to the Hebrides with his family
Ben Affleck could play Jared Fogle in a biopic. Someone had to say it. Would be a weird movie though. I wouldn't watch.
As if I'm watching Ben fogle bite some goat balls out
& Follow a copy of Land Rover by b4 1/11 & support disabled awareness.UK only .
Ben Fogle in the buff (excuse; wild swimming) on Countrywise on Friday. How about it Matt Baker?
"Ben Fogle and Kate Humble celebrate the moment 50 lions were unleashed onto the British public." Well, you would, wouldn't you?
Prisoners spend more time outdoors than many children do - Ben Fogle.
Ben Fogle's perfect family holiday: wild and full of adventure
You look like Ben Fogle with a wig on.
I'm only sorry I'm not a Ben Fogle's
Marina Fogle reveals the importance of marriage MOTs
Ben Fogle says he can do it better.Is there still a chance for an outsider? Why has it got to be an MP running the show?
Marriage MOT? Marina Fogle on why ALL couples need |
going to put a load of ket in Ben Fogle's house water then hook up a pair of speakers down his chimney and play the X file…
Ben Fogle meets El Chapo oh my god imagine that
Ben Fogle calling El Chapo out to DM him might just be the best thing ever
Just for a moment appreciate how amazing it would be if Ben Fogle got an interview with El Chapo.
Ben Fogle asking El Chapo to drop a nifty off on strap to the nags head in Somerset.
In amongst all the madness it appears to have slipped by unnoticed that Ben Fogle is asking El Chapo to DM him
Ben Fogle is lowkey a fabulously attractive man
Bumped into Ben Fogle in Pz train station yesterday! Nice man, I handed to him his sunglasses, which he forgot at the ticket office
Marina Fogle tells This Morning all couples would benefit from
We are losing the conservation battle in Tanzania
sounds a bit similar too Castaway, and from that we got Posh Ben Fogle
Tickets now on sale for Ben Fogle (Arts Centre, 19 Nov). To book, call 01298 72190 or buy online
Does your marriage need an MOT? Marina Fogle on why ALL couples need therapy via
Marina Fogle: Why my marriage to Ben needs an MOT via
I saw Ben fogle in Manchester once and I am very surprised he has a wife! Just saying
Our first guest says we shouldn't be afraid to give our marriages MOTs 💍
TV's Ben Fogle backs our 'Off The Grid' challenge. Could you go 24 hours without power?
Almost tripping up in front of Ben Fogle today was probably one of the most embarrassing things I have done
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Our friends at Aquacity Freediving here in Cornwall have been teaching Ben Fogle to freedive for ITV Country...
You know it's bad when Nicest Man In The World Ben Fogle is going in.
Spent the day out on the boat with the ITV Countrywise film crew and Ben Fogle. Over 100 miles covered on...
what was that other one called, the even more middle one that gave us Ben bloody Fogle
My friend was interviewed by Ben Fogle today about her wild swimming (she's basically made a career out of it). I'm on a train. Again.
We completely agree with family trips can be as adventurous as you like
Ben Fogle shares his holiday essentials he can't travel without
And I discover you got to meet Ben Fogle too. When is that special episode airing?
Ben Fogle's 'The Accidental Adventurer' was a fave of mine
'Our family trips can be just as adventurous' -
If travelling broadens the mind thhen why is Ben Fogle still stupid?
Ben Fogle: send bosses into the wild with a tent
hey Ben fogle, how did you get into media help me out
On the train home from London after an amazing time seeing Beyoncé last night. On the same train as Ben Fogle 🙎
Land Rover 'love song' is YouTube hit thanks to fans of iconic brand...and Ben Fogle
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Cruising into Abu Dhabi - An awfully big adventure with Ben Fogle
Ch5 In this new series, adventurer travels 2 the Serengeti 9pm 22 April
State schools are ruining their pupils' future success by failing to help them build confidence, according to adventurer B…
imagine if Ben Fogle got scranned by some lions that'd be well deep
gino's getting on my *** a bit "OTT" last week with ben fogle. And all this from a "cook"
Apols - make that 6 I missed the Ben Fogle adventure
This marvel at the spectacle of the Serengeti. Don't miss Great African Migration
Will be watching, but disappointed re stance on trophy hunting.
Anything good on tv tonight Ben Fogle? 🐆🐯🌴
Tonight is the night! 'Ben Fogle's The Great Migration' tonight 9pm…
SDI excited that Animal Park is coming back. Ben Fogle and Kate Humble were one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Longleat 😊🐯🐒
he goes exploring. He's a heady mix of David Attenborough and Bear Grylls meet Ben Fogle.
Planning a night of TV ahead of the weekend? and are amongst our highlights
Can someone find Ben Fogle please and keep him safe.
did you play don't show Keith ur teeth last Thursday with Ben fogle and gang as really need to settle debate with other half chz
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The Ben Fogle in the looks rather like Michael Portillo.
Thank you for standing against cruelty & patriarchy. is a cruel relic not "conservation"
Watch Ben Fogle get totally freaked out when some angry lions steal his camera
Ben Fogle : The Great African Migration begins April 22nd at 9pm on C5
International will not be only intrepid explorer to visit county & hope he enjoyed his visit.
Ben Fogle: What it's like to take your father on a safari | via
I can't watch tv shows involving Ben Fogle without remembering bow gorgeous he was at Cheltenham lit and Jasmine's mum…
TV Pick of the Day:Ben Fogle: New lives in the wild UK, Channel 5, December 3 | Western Morning News via
Check out International adventurer taking on the in https:…
Looks like the is making a waves for in
Mum: 'What would you like for dinner? I have some lovely burgers I could put in the Ben Fogle grill.'. I think she means 'G…
TV viewers back Piers Morgan as he tackles Ben Fogle trophy hunting debate via
After extensive research, I can confirm that theory from year 9 is correct - Ben Fogle is the only nice hot man on earth
Jack Nicholson in the streets, Ben Fogle in the sheets. My celeb spotting is going great today.
Without a solution to the poaching crisis, the death of conservationists will continue | Ben Fogle
I really rather enjoyed it! Prince William has ditched the Buzz Lightyear look and gone all Ben Fogle hasn't he?
i liked the Ben Fogle bit I had a Labrador which I had to make the sad decision on his life bless him his name was Fred.
some animal programme presented by Ben Fogle, if you don't know who he is. He is a TV presenter
Looks like a failed Ben Fogle clone experiment. .
I've moved onto Ben Fogle in Alaska, a bit more light hearted
Switched Record on Couple in Alaska Ben Fogle Ch 5 whilst I visit some girlie pals across Green in PH
Mini Avenger pointing at the telly and asks "Is that Ben Fogle?". Sadly it was Adolph Hitler.
Ben Fogle is calling for fewer exams and more 'wilderness' in education. Do you agree?
The Ben Fogle thing is repeated at 7pm tonight on C5
On not meeting Ben Fogle in a Travelodge . I am in a Travelodge via
That Ben Fogle parody account is quality
Amazon has it. Have u been able to find the Ben fogle interview here?
Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild UK trailer -
Hi Julie, Ben Fogle is an Ambassador for HD & wears coats trimmed with real dog fur
Spending today watching as many of these back-to-back as possible (Y)
Ben Fogle - New Lifes in the Wild, UK. Meet the American who left behind rat race to make fresh start on Fair Isle https:…
Finally watched your Ben Fogle New Lives - fabulous insight & very touching. You have an amazing family, …
Really enjoy watching New lives in the wild with Ben fogle so interesting & amazing people 😊
Aye. Cracknell pleads temporary insanity due to that head injury he got cycling with Ben Fogle and gets off with it.
It would be very hard not to like Ben Fogle
Ben Fogle is the personification of everything that's wrong about about this country.
Watching Ben fogle on nye can't get no more hardcore than that.happy new year peeps
Ben fogle his pater is pish give me elocution lessons and I'm in
Thank you Amanda and Family for a Fantastic TV Episode with Ben Fogle.
the whole of tv is rubbish. I'm watching Ben Fogle ffs. So stuff her :D
Amanda and Family, We are now following you from New Zealand. Thanks for Great TV Episode with Ben Fogle shown here This week.
ben fogle wants to learn new ways on Get here lad I have some new ways for u to learn.
Cannot apologise for or express how much I am attracted to Ben Fogle. Every man I'm with is always a poor imitation.
New home, home alone, cup of tea, chocolate cake and Ben Fogle on Tv... Nye sorted
Can someone explain why Ben Fogle and Piers Morgan are choices on TV tonight? I'd prefer to put my bits in a blender.
Can't believe Ben Fogle's been made a Dame - Makes a mockery of the honours system, matez
We'll start you off with Ben Fogle: "Feeling comfortable in the wild gave me the confidence to be who I am, not who others want me to be"
Ch5 'New Lives In The Snow' would be quite good ... If it wasn't for the constantly whinging fanny that is Ben Fogle.
If you haven't seen visit with & family, you can still watch it here..
I'd like to dislike Ben Fogle, but he always comes across as a bloody nice chap.
Ben fogle seems like such a nice man
can't watch tv with that Ben fogle bellend
what happened to the benidorm holiday program you advertised for 8pm? Got Ben Fogle instead?
Sandwiched between Ben Fogle and Pierce Brosnan - there are worse places to be.
Fancy and evening of adventure with Ben Fogle?!.
I think Ben Fogle would present any T.V. Show as long as it was A. Funded and B. Contributed to his air miles.
Hello Could you help us spread the word about this upcoming Labrador Flash Mob with Ben Fogle? Thanks! h…
Calling all labrador fans! Are you free to take part in a labrador flash mob with Ben Fogle & his dog Storm?
Listened to Ben Fogle give a talk, got wished happy birthday by Cerys Matthews and heard the official harpist to the Prince of Wales play
NEW DATE CONFIRMED. We are delighted to confirm that Ben Fogle will be launching his new book ‘Labrador’ at St...
Ben Fogle's TV career was launched in Scotland 15 years ago - he returns in two weeks (on 28 Sept to 1 Oct) with...
I think you'll find that Ben Fogle a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family's security.
Adventurer Ben Fogle discusses his life in brand new theatre show:
Fogle: my encounter with grey seal off coastline i ss there last week
Ben Fogle: my encounter with a grey seal off Devon's coastline: One nibbled on my scuba diving fins, while ano...
Can anyone help me with this ,I need to know that this guy is not hunting to kill the Shark, I presume it's...
stick Ben Fogle or Dan Snow up in a harness telling the story of warfare in the Asiago and its commercial... How to share tho?
Philip Petrou’s stunning shot of a water vole, last year’s overall winner
Weekend!! Remember Call of the Wild tour starts 2wks Monday... book tickets now:
Amigas & Amigos, It is here - the August Edition of My Bad Tequila with photos at the end of the stories! enjo...
Ben Fogle to seek Great White Sharks in UK waters with a dead whale as bait
Ben Fogle being chased out of town by a gang of angry, punk Goats
Ben Fogle opens up about stillborn son via
I truly hate Ben Fogle, I'd rather drag my ballsack through 10 miles of broken glass and rusty razor blades than spend 10 mins with him
brings Call of the Wild UK theatre tour to Reading Concert Hall
Charity Ball, Silent Auction, Lot 14 - Ben Fogle: Call of the Wild, 2 tickets with Meet & Greet! In 'Call of the...
Heading out for coffee and I'm asked for an autograph by a charming young lady. Pitty I'm not Ben Fogle.
Could you be britain’s best amateur wildlife photographer_ launching our fabulous competition judge ben fogle ...
Want to see Ben Fogle at Leeds University? It's your lucky day...
Loving the new online-only artwork for Ben Fogle's tour...
Coming to Wales 'Call of the Wild' October 23rd - tickets available here
Tickets still available for my tour, Call of the Wild
Ben Fogle&perfect family holiday: wild and full of adventure -
Exactly one month until Ben Fogle comes Beyond excited!
LIVE on Ben Fogle LIVE on his tips for sleep
Ben Fogle to drag dead whale through British waters in the hope of attracting great w
TV celebrity Ben Fogle has set off from on a hunt to find a Great White Shark...
Ben Fogle hunts for a Great White Shark off the Irish coast using dead whale as bait (via
Apparently the Gulfstream has had engine failure, but *** Law has roped in Ben Fogle and James Cracknell to row Benzema over to England
Ben Fogle sets off from Clovelly on Great White Shark hunt
Hands up if your working day has involved media queries about Ben Fogle hunting for Great White Sharks in Devon?! 🙌
Watching Ben Fogle in the woods... been a good series this...
I’ve just watched Ben Fogle in a “woods” for a week with a right nutter 👀. I would’ve feared for my life in that teepee.
I should've known never to trust ITV to make good travel shows. ✋ Where's Ben Fogle when you need him?!
did you watch Ben Fogle show on channel 5? Someone doing it on there
thanks Lee - just watching the beginning of the Ben Fogle documentary on Ch.5, can see your paintings in there
Ben Fogle is spending a week with some sea gipsies next week on his TV show. Jealous!
This is the best Ben Fogle episode yet. Road kill deer as a gift. Brilliant
Ben Fogle's New Lives In The Wild is so eye opening
Watching Ben Fogle mash a brain up just gave me an instant headache.
This guy on the Ben Fogle programme is insane
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