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Ben Cherington

Benjamin P. Ben Cherington (born July 14, 1974, Meriden, New Hampshire) is an American professional baseball executive, the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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Ben Cherington on stage at praised the intelligence Craig Breslow was able to translate to the clubhouse
Ben Cherington: interested in good teammates. Givers vs. Takers
In the midst of his speech we hear "Hi Daddy!" Ben Cherington breaks into a huge smile and waves to his little one and my ovaries explode.
Ben Cherington was fired in Boston because of irrational, reactionary m…
"Dustin Pedroia is an incredible teammate." Ben Cherington at .
Very cool of Ben Cherington to once again donate his time to the
Welcome back Ben Cherington, now with - today for the benefit of
Ben Cherington at SaberSeminar: 'I used to get an hour at this thing and now I get 30 minutes.'
DFA this cat and let's see what Travis has got.Poor Ben Cherington.Panda and HRam will be his legacy.Not his drafting success.
VP of Baseball Operations, Ben Cherington is onsite to watch the ballgame tonight.
I love Dave Dombrowski. And I love Ben Cherington still as well. Both have put together quite the teams and monetary situations for Boston
If the Red Sox didn't want their GM making deals at the deadline, they could have kept Ben Cherington.
. 1 in the last 17 years. 😉. Anyone else would have been dumped a long time ago . See: Ben Cherington in Boston.
Check with the Yankees exactly one year ago. They wanted Cashman gone. Ben Cherington did all the work at Boston and got fired.
John Henry: Please bring back Ben Cherington so he can cut a deal to rid the of David Price.
When did dombrowski start talking like ben cherington?
Former top Red Sox prospect that Ben Cherington failed to sell high on.
Agree to disagree. I was with Ben Cherington when they trade for and extended him, and he's one of the best in baseball.
Deven Marrero proving himself again tonight. Flashing leather showing why Ben Cherington thought so highly in '12. Scored go-ahead run too.
Dave Dombrowski is making Ben Cherington look like a genius.
A better solution would be a new vision under Ben Cherington
At least it's not a Theo Epstein/Ben Cherington situation. If Theo was a character in a Pixar movie Cherington coul…
Dear Boston, is this what you paid David Price over 200 million dollars for? Ben Cherington sure knows how to pick em
I did not expect to be staunchly defending the credit Ben Cherington should receive for signing Ryan Dempster, but here we are
Start with not looking at team record. That Ben Cherington was good at his job doesn't matter in comparing Mike Tro…
If Ben Cherington or Andrew Miller want to start to win over fans, leads on last minute playoff tickets would be a good start.
Dombrowski definitely deserves credit for the Red Sox this year. So too, does Ben Cherington, writes
Honestly I hope Ben Cherington is his own float in a post-season parade. That freaking guy and the work he did in the farm...
Former & current Red Sox architects Dan Duquette, Theo Epstein Ben Cherington and Dave Dombrowski will all have teams in the postseason
By mid-summer, Ben Cherington had told Columbia U. he wouldn’t teach in fall. He’s not impulsive. Sox owners though… http…
csnne​.com/ >> Tomase: Ben Cherington is most responsible for Red Sox success this year
. thinks the GM deserves the credit for this year's success--but he's not talking about the 2016 GM
So proud of Worst (and worst) to first. Great work by Farrell, Dombrowski, Hazen and...Ben Cherington.
Former Red Sox GM Ben Cherington deserves credit for AL East title. Mike Hazen spoke to his predecessor before...
Mike Hazen talked to Ben Cherington on Wednesday. Former Red Sox General Manager not forgotten as they take AL East…
Ben Cherington deserves a lot of credit
Ousted Red Sox GM Ben Cherington orchestrated a worst-to-first turnaround in 2013. He did it again this year:…
Prob should've kept the band in Boston. Ben Cherington on drums.
just thought of this wasn't it Ben Cherington's idea to convert Andrew Miller into a reliever. He was still starting in 2011
Ben Cherington finger prints all over this Red Sox roster. But ya canned him and ended up with Dombrowski who gave Price a ridiculous deal
However after this season, it looks like Red Sox fans will be thanking former GM Ben Cherington for years to come.
If you missed it over the weekend, Sam Kennedy on Ben Cherington, and Mike Hazen one year in as Red Sox GM:
UPDATE: announce hiring of former GM Ben Cherington as Vice President of Baseball Operations https…
setup by Ben Cherington who didn't trade away young talent
Maybe I'm crazy, but when I watch the Red Sox I just see a bunch of good decisions Ben Cherington made.
Wright Thompson's giant Theo Epstein story is fun and contains a story about how he almost killed Ben Cherington.…
Time to fire TR and go get Theo Epstein's right hand man Jed Hoyer from the Cubs or Ben Cherington, former Red Sox GM.
Thanks, Ben Cherington. Joe Kelley will be long gone while Lackey will still be pitching in 3 years.
Betts and Xander for two months of Mike leake? If you say so, Ben Cherington (7/17)
Have Hanley, Pablo or Ben Cherington been mentioned yet?
Cleaning out my storage closest at my in-laws. Totally forgot about this Ben Cherington signed 2013 WS ball
Ben Cherington was the worst at that. Allen Webster. Anthony Ranaudo. Will Middlebrooks. *twitches*
I'd like to thank former GM Ben Cherington for NOT trading Mookie, Xander and Blake Swihart. The future is bright.
Theo Epstein hires who went on to be GMs:josh Byrnes, Jed Hoyer, Ben Cherington, Jerry DiPoto, Mike Hazen, and Allard Baird was…
Red Sox hire Dave Dombrowski as president; Ben Cherington out as GM. Hollande. 572
If it were up to PECOTA, Ben Cherington would be headed for the Hall of Fame and Dan Duquette would be fired.
.name Dave Dombrowski pres. of baseball operations; GM Ben Cherington to step down.
Ben Cherington may be an unsuccessful GM but he's worth hiring at a lower level. This will be my last post with his name in it, hopefully.
Breaking: GM Ben Cherington is leaving the Sox. Dave Dombrowski will become the new president of baseball operations.
First, Peter Chiarelli. Now Ben Cherington. When the mob assembles with torches & pitchforks demanding the monster's head, it's a done deal.
Frank Wren is the leading contender to be GM under Dave Dombrowski with the now that Ben Cherington is leaving.
BREAKING: Red Sox announce that Dave Dombrowski is new president of baseball operations and Ben Cherington will step down…
Ben Cherington is taking the heat in stride - The Boston Globe
The trade deadline came and went yesterday and we're still waiting for Ben Cherington's big move
Ben Cherington is like Jason Siegel learning to surf from Paul Rudd in Sarah Marshall the guys just doing nothing at all
Ben Cherington, go & do what you gotta do to get us Sonny Gray!
If Ben Cherington doesn't get fired at the end of this season he better have a *** of a winter to give a reason why he should stay
I blame Ben Cherington for all of this! Hammer meet nail, nail meet eye...uuggghhh...
Embarrass them further. Force Ben Cherington to make some serious moves this offseason
Sox are having a miserable season thanks to Ben Cherington's descions. Bring back Theo Epstein
I suppose it's too much to hope for that it's Ben Cherington's car.
If I'm Ben Cherington, I'd have to be thinking "Gee, I wish we were more like the Mets" on a night like tonight
Ben Cherington you can trade my soul and my civil rights for Hamels please I'm begging you
When is the ax going fall on Ben Cherington reds0x
And Ben Cherington, while we're at it?
Something tells me whatever Ben Cherington built with his Tinker Toys as a child didn't amount to much either.
Ben Cherington. Make some moves or quit.
Ben Cherington ...get Cole Hamels tonight. You're gonna need him.
Fire Ben Cherington. Designate All pitchers except e-rod for assignment. More talent and less results. This is so frustrating.
How does Ben Cherington still have a job?
another great start by another great Cherington acquisition ….Ben is by far the worst GM in baseball. Miley, Kelly,
Ben Cherington is taking a seat on the field for the Pedro ceremony, so no trades for at least a half hour or so.
Sitting here wondering if Ben Cherington will do anything before the deadline to help improve the team.
The winner in all this? and Ben Cherington because now everybody around here can stop talking about them.
I was just thinking if Donald Trump owned the Red Sox, he'd have 2 choice words for Ben Cherington.
my prediction is that they will sell nap to the pirates and then do nothing else. Classic Ben cherington
Sorry to see Shane Victorino go. Could Ben Cherington be next?
Ben Cherington on outfielder Shane Victorino: ‘We wouldn’t have won the World Series without him’
Ben Cherington is the worst GM in baseball 2013 was all Theo's doing.
do you have Ben Cherington's phone number.
Ben Cherington "this Tyler guy is looking like a steal"
News Alarm: Jackie Bradley Jr. (RF - Bos) Boston General Manager Ben Cherington suggested Jackie Bradley will be returning to the majors.
the Red Sox have $357 million dollars tied up into pablo, hanley, porcello, castillo and miley. good job, ben cherington.
I hope to God John Henry comes to his senses and fires Ben Cherington. I wish fans would send message & boycott Fenway.
I hope "stuff" includes firing GM. MT Sox looking at "all kinds of stuff" on trade market, says GM Cherington
Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington on outfielder Shane Victorino after trade to Angels: ‘We wouldn...
It’s time for Ben Cherington and the Red Sox to wave the white flag
The Red Sox are looking at "all kinds of stuff" on the trade market, says GM Ben Cherington.
CJ Wilson is at best a mediocre pitcher, and his career stats show that. But against Ben Cherington's he looks like Sandy Koufax.
Danny Ainge, Don Sweeney/Cam Neely and Ben Cherington are all failing us miserably as of late. Been a while since weve felt like this.
I think the Allen Craig and Joe Kelly for John Lackey trade was Ben Cherington's worst. John, your thoughts?
Dear Sandy Alomar, you might want to hand your resume to Ben Cherington soon because John Farrell is on the hot seat in Boston.
Perhaps I'm confused. You're talking about managers, I'm referring to General Managers like Theo Epstein & Ben Cherington.
It's so creepy how similar Ben Cherington and Theo Epstein sound when they talk
AUDIO: Buster Olney, ESPN, talks about the hard decisions Ben Cherington has to make, 5-13-15
Buster Olney on MFB: Ben Cherington ‘going to have to make hard decisions’ soon
Mark my words: Wade Miley will be Ben Cherington's downfall
Ben Cherington should be fired for putting this pitching staff together...bring back Dan Duquette!!!
Will someone let me know when Ben Cherington has lost his job.
Why division's dynamic promises to test patience of Ben Cherington, Red Sox
Earlier at I wrote about the unique way the have built their bullpen under Ben Cherington:
Today at I wrote about the and Ben Cherington's unconventional bullpen construction:
Rick Porcello's contract extension by Ben Cherington & the front office is nothing more than a joke! he hasn't thrown a *** pitch in '15!
The Red Sox gave Rick Porcello a 4-year extension last night. Here's what he and Ben Cherington had to say about it
Are John Farrell and Ben Cherington the right men to lead the Sox? http…
I would've definitely trusted 3rd base with Brock Holt and used all that Panda money to keep Lester... Then again, I'm not Ben Cherington
Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington said Tuesday that David Ortiz will be with the club "as long as he wants to be." Per ESPNboston
John Farrell and Ben Cherington get contract extensions from Red Sox
If Red Sox offer for Hamels was "heavy on MLB side," what could that even be outside of Joe Kelly/Allen Craig? And is Ben Cherington drunk?
Ben Cherington: 'A motivated Shane Victorino out to prove...
Lester said the toughest phone call was to Pedroia. 2nd toughest to Ben Cherington. Lester very emotional about leaving P…
Luring prodigal pitcher Jon Lester back to Yawkey Way would have been the greatest comeback by the Red Sox since the 2004 American League Championship Series, when they rallied from a three games-to-none deficit to defeat the New York Yankees. But Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington isn’t Dave Ro…
Boston GM Ben Cherington said Wednesday that the Red Sox did "what we felt was the best we could do" in their final offer to free agent Jon Lester.
With all the trade assets the Red Sox have, Ben Cherington is going to be hella busy at the Winter Meetings.
A live look at the Red Sox GM Ben Cherington
Ben Cherington isn't bothered by glut in outfield and downplays idea of trading Yoenis Cespedes
Ben Cherington says the Red Sox will not part ways with Yoenis Cespedes
today signed RHP to a two-year contract through the 2016 season. EVP/GM Ben Cherington made the announcemen…
Memo to Ben Cherington: Should Billy Beane call on Sunday,Major League Baseball's waiver trade deadline day, wondering if the Red Sox can try with all their might to sneak a certain Cuban slugger through, there’s only one retort: “No, you can’t have him back.”
Let's be clear about this! Red Sox traded Miller, Lackey and Lester and put their Bull Pen in this state; thank Ben Cherington
The genius of Ben Cherington's move today to option Alex Wilson & recall Steven Wright
Lost. For major league pitchers. Last seen in the vicinity of Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. Wearing red jerseys abd looking like they have a lot of talent. Please call Ben Cherington if you see any of them
Your now belong to Ben Cherington. - The Wolf of Yawkey Way.
at least Ben Cherington admits that's the Sox are going to rebuild
Red Sox take major step in revamping offense: Ben Cherington is right to think that it will be easier t...
GM Ben Cherington on says that Allen Craig will likely play left field and will play Yoenis Cespedes in right.
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.GM Ben Cherington is live with and on right now.
I guess at they never taught GM Ben Cherington that a team needs a pitching staff to compete-
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington expects Bogaerts to play a lot of shortstop over the final two months of the season, The Providence Journal reports.Analysis:With Stephen Drew shipped off to the Yankees, Bogaerts figures to handle most of the playing time at shortstop, allowing Will Middlebrooks to start a…
Ben Cherington said the Red Sox targeted bats because the upcoming FA class is deeper in arms. A look at that class:
Heh. I love what they did, though. Ben Cherington was one of the GM stars from Thursday.
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington talks about all the trades he made at the deadline.
Ben Cherington made chicken cordon bleu out of chicken poop by trading Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes.
Im watching the Ben Cherington press conference with closed captioning on. This caught my eye --->
I can't be the only one who noticed that Ben Cherington followed the Theo Epstein model of trading pitching to add hitters.
check this out Jon Lester trade to A's benefits everyone involved - USA...
Jon Lester trade to A's benefits everyone involved -
I love what B Cherington did today and yesterday! Makes for a very exciting lineup and opp for so many young Sox! Way to go Ben!
yes, you read that trade count right. On most days I've got more lines open than Ben Cherington
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington Chose Present Roster over 'Attractive Prospect Packages' -- 'We wanted to add to MLB team'
| | Parting with Lester tough for Cherington: For General Manager Ben Cherington,...
Stephen Drew’s departure offers the Boston Red Sox an opportunity to start fresh. Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington acknowledged Thursday that re-signing Drew earlier this season was a move th...
"Boston Red Sox: So, this is how you overhaul a team in one day. Give GM Ben Cherington and his lieutenants this much: they got creative Thursday. First was acquiring Cespedes, whom they’ve got for next season before he hits free agency, and then flipping John Lackey and his league-minimum deal for 2015 to St. Louis for a pair of players the Cardinals were down on, Allen Craig and Joe Kelly. They got a pitching prospect in Eduardo Rodriguez from Baltimore for Andrew Miller and finished the day by sending Stephen Drew to the Bronx in a salary dump. And they’re not done, not by a long shot, not with all their young arms and surplus of usable bats. Winter is coming. It won’t be quiet." *** straight it won't be quiet.
What a dreadful, yet encouraging day for the Red Sox. I have been bemoaning the thought of trading Jon Lester and hoping that instead the two sides would work out a deal (while knowing that wasn't going to happen). While I am very disappointed and sad to see Lester go, I am happy that he might help the A's and Billy Beane "win the last game of the year." I do have to say I was more upset until I listened to some of Ben Cherington's press conference. Some might not like him, but his acceptance of responsibility for this season's failure, along with explaining the thought process and plans moving forward helped me come to terms with today's trades. Now, I hope the Sox at least make a serious attempt to bring Jon Lester back. Although I recognize it isn't likely to happen.
Ben Cherington did his best Michael Corleone impression today on the pitching staff
Ben Cherington is acting like Michael Corleone at the end of the first Godfather. Bodies everywhere.
Ben Cherington going full Michael Corleone style today.
Don't forget Neil Huntington and Ben Cherington went to Amherst College .connections
July 9, 2014 at 8:12 pm ET by Conor Ryan Ben Cherington: As trade deadline approached, Red Sox in ‘unusual … unique’ position After 90 games, it’s hard to *** the 2014 Red Sox season as anything but a failure. A Red Sox squad fresh off a 97-win campaign that resulted in a World Series title was expected to once again establish itself as the cream of the crop in the American League this season -- not slump to the status of cellar dweller. This is not the 1998 Marlins, who dropped from a 92-70 record (and a World Series title) in 1997 to a dreadful 55-108 season the following year due to a monumental fire sale. The 2014 Red Sox have a payroll of around $164 million and retained 17 of the 2013 team’s 25-man World Series roster. Simply put, no one expected the Red Sox to be 12 games under .500 at this point of the season. General Manager Ben Cherington is among those struggling to make sense of what has transpired. Now 10 1/2 games behind first-place Baltimore in the AL East, the Red Sox have bee .. ...
can't just blame him. Ben Cherington has more say than John.
Ben Cherington focused on the present - Boston Globe:
Ben Cherington is wise to hold off on making a trade until the improve their play:
BALTIMORE -- Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said that he did not regret signing shortstop Stephen Drew, and categorically denied that media pressures had pushed th
Ben Cherington has out thunk all other GM's and has signed Roger Clemens to a 1 year 39 million deal. Can't believe he was still available.
Ben Cherington explains why 'this was the time' to move Mookie Betts up to Pawtucket via
My latest for - John Farrell on Clay Buchholz, Ben Cherington traveling to Atlanta, and more news:
Struggling, 'lost,' benched, Jackie Bradley Jr. still has the support of Ben Cherington: 'Jackie is a unique guy' |
So, Theo is now in Chicago and not really doing as well as he was in Boston. Meanwhile, Boston has seen tremendous success with both Theo and Ben Cherington running the show. It begs the question: Was the job that Theo Epstein did in Boston really that impressive? And/or: Is the job that Ben Cherington is currently doing as impressive as it looks? I'd like to think the answer to each question is "yes!" But I do wonder sometimes just how important a GM is to the success of the Red Sox. Or any team, for that matter.
Ben Cherington hates the year 1985 - Red Sox 2014 roster is a blend of old, young and not much in between
Once again, the Boston Red Sox are confident of certain things -- for instance, the group of players they've assembled. "It's all about people selection," Red Sox manager John Farrell said. "You've got to do your homework and find the right people who fit what you're trying to establish." There may have been a time -- and not that long ago -- when people wondered if Boston had the right stuff. During a brutal 2012 season, everything from the Red Sox's attitude to their effort was questioned. And then, General Manager Ben Cherington remade the roster by signing seven free agents, most of them unheralded team-first guys who had plenty to prove. The Red Sox turned the 2013 season into a magical ride that ended with the hoisting of the Commissioner's Trophy at Fenway Park. Now, with today's 3:05 p.m. ET season opener, Boston begins the defense of its third championship in 10 seasons against the Orioles at Camden Yards. These two teams are dramatically different and coming off very different seasons. But they' ...
Sox hit pause button for now on Lester contract extension. The Red Sox and Jon Lester, who is scheduled to make his fourth consecutive Opening Day start on Monday and can become a free agent after the season, have "hit the pause button" on a contract extension, General Manager Ben Cherington said Saturday morning. Cherington didn't want to rule anything out, but he said the two sides may wait until the end of the year before resuming talks with agents Sam and Seth Levinson, allowing Lester and the team to focus on the season. "We've had a lot of good dialogue, sharing information," Cherington said. "Jon and Seth have made good arguments for their position. We understand their position. We feel like we have good arguments for our position. "Our desire remains to keep him here past 2014. We weren't able to find something that worked for everyone during this Spring Training. So in the interest of allowing him to get ready for Monday, let the team get ready for Monday, we'll kind of hit the pause button and h ...
The spring training flap between the Boston Red Sox and Miami Marlins appeared to reach a cordial conclusion when Boston General Manager Ben Cherington apologized for sending a predominantly minor league lineup to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, FL on … Continue reading →
VIDEO:'s Mike Petraglia and Alex Speier highlight a day when Tom Werner, Ben Cherington and John Farrell all spoke.
Read that GM Ben Cherington said to MLB radio that he doesn't expect Drew and the Red Sox to reach any kind of agreement before ST
Boston Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington has said multiple times this offseason that the team has maintained an open dialogue with shortstop Stephen Drew and his agent, Scott Boras. The detail...
Hosts Chuck Nilosek and Jon Meterparel take us to Boston College Baseball Night at Fenway Park to talk to Red Sox GM Ben Cherington as well as BC Athletic di...
Quick reminder to that GM Ben Cherington will be at Zen on S.Main for Hot Stove event at 5:30 p.m. today.
Breslow said Red Sox GM Ben Cherington is the smartest in baseball. "He's the only GM to acquire me twice."
Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington says he expected Japan's Tanaka to sign with the Yankees; Jonny Gomes says no matter what the Yankees did in the off-season, the Sox 'still have the belt.'
Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington on Grady Sizemore: No guarantees for ... -
We had a great turnout for the 22nd Annual Baseball Night in Boston at Fenway Park's State Street Pavilion, which featured special guest Red Sox GM Ben Cherington. Thank you to all those who support the BC Baseball Program! Photo Credit: John Quackenbos
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington got tired of answering questions about Stephen Drew at the Hot Stove Roundtable on Tuesday. Nobody got tired answering questions about Xander Bogaerts.
Boston Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington may well be interested in bringing shortstop Stephen Drew back to the team Go To Source! Source: AJ Mass [ 5 more words. ]
Boston Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington said Thursday that he has not talked to agent Scott Boras about free-agent shortstop Stephen Drew in at least a couple of weeks.
Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington, in an interview on WEEI’s Hot Stove Show on Thursday night, said that the Red Sox have been “in contact” with Casey Close, who represents right-hander Masahiro Tanaka, the Japanese pitcher who has been posted by the Rakuten Golden Eagles.
The Boston Red Sox are open to Stephen Drew returning in 2014. General Manager Ben Cherington appears willing to wait out the market, though. Cherington said on WEEI's The Hot Stove Show on Thursda...
[Mass Live] - GM Ben Cherington on WEEI: Boston Red Sox have talked to agent of Masahiro Tanaka, in..
Here's what Red Sox GM Ben Cherington had to say on WEEI about Masahiro Tanaka:
Ben Cherington on WEEI: Been in touch with Tanaka's agent, "we'll see if he has a meeting with us."
Getting ready to kick off this week's Hot Stove Show on with Ben Cherington will be coming on shortly. Listen!
Have a question for GM Ben Cherington? Use & we will ask him the top questions at Baseball Night and post.
No for tonight's Hot Stove Show. and I will, however, talk to Ben Cherington. Listen! 6pm on
Just more than two hours before and myself kick off another Hot Stove Show on Joining us will be Ben Cherington
Join Ben Cherington, John Farrell to talk baseball and raise $$ for families in need Details
Ben Cherington. Hm. I've heard of that guy. He works somewhere in the front office, I think. Right?
The Hot Stove Show momentum continues tonight on (6) with returning from assignment. Tonight's guest: Ben Cherington
Random January Musing: In ancient Rome, parades for victorious generals included a slave who whispered reminders of mortality in the General's ear; I propose we hire a man to follow Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington around this offseason, whispering reminders in his ear that there is -never- such a thing as too much pitching. To make the point more memorable, we'll dress him up in Bronson Arroyo's old Sox uniform.
There are no perfect offseasons, though Boston Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington came pretty close last offseason. Signing Ryan Dempster (4.57 ERA) to a two-year deal may not have been the best use of $26.5 million of ownership's money. And acquiring closer Joel Hanrahan backfired; he had...
Quite possibly my favorite gift of this holiday season, the Lego World Series Champion Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park has received a place of honor here in my office (complete with PRETTY accurate and personalized depictions of each and every beard). You may notice that has had his Jersey dishonorably retired and Wally is holding down center for the moment. (Drew is standing strong at SS for now, Ben Cherington) Huge thanks to Debbie Bruno Burrows and the Burrows family for the perfectly thoughtful gift!
25 in 25: Ryan Dempster: Player Profile: One of the most attractive parts of Ryan Dempster when Ben Cherington...
Handling Stephen Drew is a statement to Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington's ... -
Join & featured speaker GM Ben Cherington at Baseball Night at Fenway Park on Jan. 22. Tickets:
You should be. I'm a cross between Ben Cherington, Ted Williams, Greg Maddux Andrew Friedman and Earl Weaver.
you should though...but you will never have a gmail as good as Billy beane or Ben cherington or the nationals gm
Moneyball is such a good movie. Ben cherington is Billy beane 2.0 but with a bigger market.
I love the restraint GM Ben Cherington is showing this winter. Their deep farm system and overall flexibility is the envy of MLB.
Prabal Gurung Ben Cherington, Red Sox stick to plan while they can, T. Watch Hot Girls at
Influenza Symptoms Red Sox GM Ben Cherington's break is over, MLB Tra. Watch Hot Girls at
Ben Cherington, John Farrell and the Beards: Thanks for the early Christmas gift to RSN.
Love what Ben Cherington has done for the Sox over the winter -- going into 2014 with 6 legitimate starters plus depth in AAA plus 3 notable additions to a fairly strong and maturing bullpen (keep Uehara and Tazawa rested and not overworked). I'd like to see one more strong BAT, but realize that they might acquire that bat on July 31st.
The Turn around Ar­chi­tect Ben Cher­ing­ton —DougMost 'The Boston Globe' - 2013-12-22 It’s your second year running the company. Your first year was a disaster. You took charge of an organization you grew up idolizing in New Hampshire but that was reeling from an ugly scandal. With the stench of that mess still festering, you hired an outsider, a new leader who talked a good game but merely proceeded to turn the smell of horse manure into the smell of boiled cabbage. Desperate, you got rid of three stars who were grumpy and overpaid, and you fired the new manager after just one year. By now the fans who used to love this company, who used to cheer it through the summer and pay it more attention than they paid their own children, hate it. And they’re vowing to boycott it. Your job is on the line. So what do you do? You hire a group of less talented but hungrier and cheaper workers who promise to do whatever you want. You put your faith in team players, and you trust your proven performers to lea ...
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Ben Cherington, Boston Red Sox Executive Vice President and General Manager, talks to Power Alley about the impact of losing Jacoby Ellsbury and hi...
In the fantasy world inside my head, the Yankees signed Ellsbury, and probably will end up signing Drew (I see Drew at 2 years for 21 Mil), what with the weakness inherent in their infield. Meanwhile John Henry and Ben Cherington has teamed up with Scott Boras in a double secret probation style circumstance, where both of them still hold allegiance to the SOX and will quietly and inconspicuously tank at their respective positions.
Red Sox manager John Farrell called the departure of Jacoby Ellsbury to the Yankees a jolt after the thrill of winning the World Series. But it was not unexpected. Ellsbury had steadfastly refused all entreaties to sign an extension with the Red Sox and entered free agency at a time when baseball is awash in revenues. That Ellsbury went to New York was a bit of a surprise. But if not the Yankees, it would have been another team. “When you get into free agency with a player of Jacoby’s caliber, you know going in that there’s probably a handful of spots where he could end up,” General Manager Ben Cherington said Wednesday. “Certainly New York is always going to be one of those potential spots. “We wish Jacoby well. He was obviously a really good player here in Boston. During the time he was here, he was a big part of two World Series teams. We would have loved to keep him. But we felt like there was an area, a range, we were willing to go to and the market just got past that.” That range was a ...
Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington says it's 'not altogether surprising' Jacoby ...
*** you John Lackey for redeeming yourself. This is really hard for me to say. Very, very hard for me to say... You're still an overpaid *** But I like you now. Theo Epstein, you're still overrated, but thanks for building this core so Ben Cherington can now take the praise for the 2013 World Series. Now you know how Dan Duquette feels. I've been a fan of Koji since he came over with Baltimore, and hopefully he can come back for one more year. Boo all you Jon Lester haters. Told you he was an ace. Have fun out west Ellsbury, you're up again Jackie Bradley, possibly with Matt Garza and Curtis Granderson. The latter a possibility if there's a chance today was Ortiz's last game. But great year for the Sox. Let's get 'em next year.
If Ben Cherington doesn't show up on Napoli's doorstep, shirtless with a case of beer and a live turkey this weekend, I won't be a happy fan
Cherington: Sox can be 'choosy' at catcher
Expect Sox to trade their abundance of pitching (Comcast SportsNet New England): So far, Ben Cherington has sa...
Red Sox exploring trade options behind the plateOver The MonsterThe Red Sox are exploring all their options to find their catcher for 2014 which Ben Cherington says has included talks with multiple teams about potential trades, according to Jason…
Dexter Fowler is on the trade block? Cherington, paging Mr. Ben Cherington.
GM Cherington: hope to add power but at best in AL .446 SLG mark, that's preference rather than necessity -
Ben Cherington: We're going to be choosy at catcher: Conor Frederick (
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, at the Wang Theatre in Boston for the screening of MLB Productions’ World Series Film, discussed a few dimensions of how the offseason has taken shape to date.
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington’s break is over via My kind of holiday shopping.
GM Ben Cherington: Jarrod Saltalamacchia isn't the only catcher the Boston Red Sox are considering
Update your maps at Navteq
Red Sox Looking to Add Someone to Left Side of Infield, According to Ben Cherington
The break is over for Ben Cherington. GM is into his free agent shopping mode
.GM & Executive of the Year Ben Cherington will speak at Baseball Night at Fenway on 1/22. Get your tickets
Ben Cherington’s offseason update on catching market, search for power hitter, potential trades of starting pitchers
Ben Cherington updates Sox' pursuit of catching, power, IF on left side and willingness to deal pitching via
Ben Cherington said he expected the catching market to move quickly given the clarity of the teams with a need at that posit…
Ben Cherington said team had drawn a lot of interest in trade market regarding their starters. Have 6 SP's right now.
Red Sox gm Ben Cherington said there's been a lot of trade talk concerning his starting pitchers
The Yankees have a five-year, $85 million deal in place with catcher Brian McCann. The deal includes a vesting option for a sixth season worth $15 million and a full no-trade clause. The Rangers and Rockies were players for McCann until the Yankees wrapped him up. For the Yankees, McCann will be a significant upgrade over Chris Stewart and Austin Romine. McCann, who turns 30 in February, hit .256 with a .796 OPS last season. The Red Sox were involved with the negotiations for McCann but did not approach that level of commitment according to major league sources. With Carlos Ruiz and McCann off the market, the Sox still have plentiful options for a catcher. They remain engaged with Jarrod Saltalamacchia, their primary catcher last season and now a free agent. Saltalamacchia is seeking a three-year contract but the Red Sox would prefer two. A.J. Pierzynski and Dioner Navarro also are free agents. Or they could pursue a trade, something General Manager Ben Cherington has hinted at. That McCann had a deal wit ...
3 rows back from a Ben cherington guest lecture, the perks of umass sport management
Privite dinner tonight at the Uclub for Ben Cherington (blog)Most Boston Red Sox fans have been operating under the assumption that Jacoby Ellsbury, the team's prolific base-stealer, leadoff hitter and center fielder is as good as gone this winter. Under General Manager Ben Cherington, the Red…
Hope to see everyone tonight at "A League of their Own: A Discussion with Tyler Tumminia and Ben Cherington on the Business of Minor and Major League Baseball." If you don't have a ticket be sure to pick one up before 4:00 today in the sport management office
Dear Ben Cherington, please don't re-sign Ellsbury. That is all. Love, a realistic fan.
Don't forget to pick up your ticket to see Ben Cherington and Tyler Tumminia discuss their careers in the MLB and MiLB tomorrow night at 7:45 PM in Flavin Auditorium! Tickets are available today in the Sport Management Department office (Isenberg 236). You must have a ticket for entry so don't wait!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Daily Red Sox Links: Jacoby Ellsbury, Garin Cecchini, Ben CheringtonOver The MonsterToday's links look at what the MVP voting says about this Red Sox roster, how Boston's approach last winter can't be applied by every team, and new ticket pricing for…
"Red Sox GM Ben Cherington has acknowledged teams are inquiring about their rotation depth, but the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman notes there's an element missing from the starters' equation: a potential ace in his mid-20s. Silverman believes it will be close to impossible to acquire such a pitcher through trade or free agency, so the best bet is an internal option. Henry Owens, the 36th overall selection in the 2011 amateur draft, tops Silverman's list of future homegrown aces, as the 21-year-old left-hander posted a 2.67 ERA, 11.3 K/9, and 4.5 BB/9 in 135 innings (26 starts) across Boston's Class A Advanced and Double-A levels." source: MLBTradeRumors
Boston GlobeORLANDO — The General Managers meetings are always about information-gathering rather than actual deals. Toward that end, Red Sox GM Ben Cherington will come away from this year's meetings with the feeling that he can make himself one…
As the GM Meetings begin to wind down Ben Cherington is leaving with a good idea of what moves are likely to be on the horizon. It is becoming very evident that the Red Sox are likely to move on fr...
This is Ben Cherington's off-season and the rest of us are just living in it. Boston's Baseball Baby Einstein is playing it cooler than Mike Napoli strolling shirtless through the Back Bay with a heater in his mouth on a Saturday night.
C'mon, Red Sox fans, we're playing with house money here, championship-wise. Anyone who wants Ellsbury for over $20 million per year or wants to give him a six-year contract, you're welcome to the next coming of Carl Crawford. The Rangers want Napoli...Oh pleze take him...and maybe we'll go grab the better bargain, James Loney (who proved he can play in the AL East last year). And anyone who wants to give Stephen Drew more than 3-4 years for absurd money, sold! Now, I want to see Ben Cherington, who proved he can find bargain basement specials and unload ridiculous contracts, prove he's GM-Triple Threat and make the kind of Great Trade that brings a young, consistent slugger (a Giancarlo Stanton) to town.
Koji Bamba - You asked about what's going on in baseball during the off season. This week, the following awards were given out: Exec. of the yr - Ben Cherington from the Red Sox; Rookie of the Yr - Meyers (AL) and Martinez (NL); Cy Young - Scherzer (AL) and Kershaw (NL); Manager of the Yr - Terry Francona; MVP - Cabrera (AL) and McCutchen (NL). For more info on what's going on in baseball, visit :-)
Just posted... the "Quiet Man" article by WCVB's Mike Lynch. Lynch writes articles exclusively for the VHL every month. Check out his latest piece about Ben Cherington.
Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington disputed a report by ESPN Boston that shortstop Stephen Drew will not return to the Red Sox. “That’s not something I’ve been told,” Cherington said as he left the GM and Owners Meetings at the J.W. Marriott Grande Lakes. “We’re still talking with him and we’d like to have him back. We’ll see what happens.” On Wednesday, agent Scott Boras said that Drew “very much enjoyed” his time in Boston and would consider opportunities to stay. He, too, said no decision had been made. Drew is seeking a multiyear contract, something the Red Sox would prefer to avoid. But because Drew was tendered a qualifying offer by Boston, signing him could cost another team its first-round draft pick. That could dampen the market for Drew and perhaps lead to a return to Boston. Source:
GM Ben Cherington dealing from position of strength
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington is MLB Sporting News Executive of the Year. I'd like to think that I played a huge part in that.
Congrats to Ben Cherington on being named 2013 Executive of the Year! Thx for allowing me to wear uniform. http…
ALCS, again.(The Sox may have six competent starters under contract for next season -- Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Jake Peavy, John Lackey, Felix Doubront and Ryan Dempster -- but GM Ben Cherington told's Ian Browne that he doesn't envision trading one of them this winter.)
Ben Cherington laid out his blueprint for the Red Sox offseason
Congratulations to Ben Cherington and John Farrell for the jobs they did this year.
Yankees GM Brian Cashman says he will congratulate Red Sox GM Ben Cherington at the Winter Meetings in December, Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News reports. Cashman says he texted Cherington before the World Series, adding, "I was rooting for them and thought they were the team to beat." Cashman notes, however, that the stress of the offseason means that Cherington won't have much time to enjoy his organization's accomplishment. "As GM, you don’t have time to enjoy it long," says Cashman. "The work starts again right away." Source:
Thank you Ben Cherington for not making that Lester for Wil Myers deal.
INSIDE PITCH HIGH HEAT: Congratulations to the World Champion Boston Red Sox - Now get back to work, it's Hot Stove season! What does Ben Cherington need to do to get the Sox BACK to the World Series NEXT season? And what does Cardinals GM John Mozeliak need to do in the off-season to avenge this World Series loss in 2014?
What a year! Proud day being a Red Sox Fan! David with this 3rd, Pedroia, Lester, Buchholz, and Ellsbury with their 2nd, and another championship especially thanks to Napoli, Gomes, Uehara, Victorino, Lackey, and the entire 2013 Red Sox! Also to John Farrell, Ben Cherington and Larry Lucchino Ortiz and Lester are both worthy of the World Series MVP. Now after my Calc 2 test tomorrow, life can return to normal. GO Red Sox!
I know this probably isn't the time for reason, but I'm here to keep it REAL Red Sox fans. 1) St. Louis' pitcher tonight is ehhh...average. We will win tonight's game, so there's still a 50% chance we could win this series. 2) Stephen Drew, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Matt Thornton.3 wastes of space, will be ancient history next year. I know NO ONE wants to hear this right now, but simply playing Middlebrooks, Bogaerts & Lavarnway all year makes this team 25% better. It's important to remember...this team has way overachieved. 3) St Louis has shown Ben Cherington what he needs: A flame thrower for the pen, a flame throwing starter and a bopper that can hit for average too
John Mozeliak needs to call up Ben Cherington as soon as this season is over and try and swap Matt Carpenter for Dustin Pedroia. Just so I can hear Pedey walk up to Still Dre when I go to Busch...
I want to apologize to Ben Cherington. This past off season I was very upset that he didn't deal Jon Lester to KC for Will Myers and other top prospects. It seemed obvious to me that the Red Sox were rebuilding this year. Jon Lester just won game 1 of the World Series. That is why Ben is running the Red Sox and I run a store and events. I hope Ben runs the Red Sox for a long time.
Fact: Jon Lester beat cancer. Ben Cherington traded it to Los Angeles.
Great game last night as the Red Sox advance to the 2013 World Series.! Young Red Sox fans are spoiled. Good for them:)) 3 trips in 9 years! Steroids era baseball is now gone. Pitching and defense back! Tigers series decided on three swings of the bat: Big Popi, Napoli and Victorino! Manny Ramirez should be acknowledged for his greatest gift to the Red Sox:) He brought us David Ortiz, before he was Big Popi in Red Sox Nation, at Fenway, in Boston: "Our 'bleeping' city." Ben Cherington brought us the new players: Nice work!! The Tiger starters-in-waiting do make a great in-game interview:) Max Scherzer is great and deserves the Cy Young, and it had to be painful to be him, again, last night as his bullpen let him down. BostonStrong was simply not to be denied, of course:)) But, if you can beat the Tigers with their starting pitching, grinding them down and out of the game, you can beat anyone.including the Cardinals!! Go Red Sox:)))
Ok, we have to acknowledge that Ben Cherington is the best gm since Bill Dewitt. Hope he can one day trade Frank Robinson 2.0 to Baltimore.
Theo Epstein's endorsement of Ben Cherington in this ESPN article sounds like it was written for LinkedIn.
3 alums are MLB General Managers, 2 made the playoffs & 1's still standing-- Ben Cherington '96 of the Red Sox.
Ben Cherington has won the executive of the year in MLB and John Farrell has been named manager of the year
Just announced at Yaz statue unveiling: MLB Executive of the year is Ben Cherington & MLB Manager of the Year is John Farrell.
If Peter Gammons posts one more article mentioning the success of John Farrell and Ben Cherington, I'm done following him. We get it, dude.
Larry Lucchino, on about Red Sox prospects: "Ben Cherington guards them like his first-born child."
Said this in beginning of the season - Also said fire GM Ben Cherington last year. Most horrendous GM of Sox All-Time.
Do Sox owners and Ben Cherington share the same philosophy when it comes to deadline trades?
Anyway I can't stand talking about Ben Cherington-(He will be fired after this season) My logic is about John F
What if Ben Cherington is just watching us all freak out and is laughing. Then he announces on TV, “happy late April fools”
Ben Cherington on Middlebrooks today: "He's a talented player, we know we're going to need more talented players before the year's out."
“Sources: willing to listen on Ervin Santana, would move for right offer.”. COUGH BEN CHERINGTON COUGH
That would be a remarkably bad trade (don't care who we'd give up), even by Ben Cherington standards for reliever acquisitions.
Ben Cherington said an August return for Will Middlebrooks is possible. "I would think that opportunity exists"
Coming up on GM Ben Cherington joins us on the to talk about and the return of Clay Buchholz
Larry Lucchino, John Henry, Ben Cherington measure expectations of what Red Sox might do in ‘tricky’ trade market
Ben Cherington says young talent at premium: "Deals we've seen so far, teams have gotten a pretty good return"
With ownership in the front row and Jenny Dell behind them, GM Ben Cherington announces the extension…
Ben Cherington with Dustin Pedroia at today's presser
POSTED 9 MINUTES AGO! Tune in to NESN or click below to watch Dustin Pedroia, John Farrell and Ben Cherington...
Ben Cherington and Theo Epstein have the exact same voice. Close your eyes and listen to Ben. Do it!
I love Ben Cherington, trading Theo Epstein and letting him take over oast 2011 was genius by hes been sensational
"This is obviously a significant effort on the part of the club." - Ben Cherington on Dustin Pedroia
Ben Cherington on trading prospects: "It's important for us to really make sure we know what we have"
Really wish Ron Washington was as open to pamphlets about smart baseball as Gabe Kapler was when Ben Cherington decided to open his eyes.
Orioles got K-Rod, Yankees near deal for Soriano, and Ben Cherington doesn't seem close on anything. SMH he's failing.
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington says of Clay Buchholz injury: 'we've been able to factor it into our planning'
Ben Cherington eats out of a paper bowl...Just like us!
I wonder what Ben Cherington is doing?
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