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Ben Carson

Benjamin Solomon Ben Carson, Sr., M.D., (born September 18, 1951) is an American neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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Why does this photo look like Ben Carson read the quote and is about to roast himself?
lol Ben Carson must be shy😅 Poor guy that clip was funny it's OK👌Ben project🔬 girls are shy too that's why The American People come n handy💈
if U deny that, then U'd tell ally. But that is factual look at how Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, any conservative woman R
Southern Poverty Law Center put Ben Carson & Ayaan Hirsi Ali on "extremist" watch lists.has no credibility. Pleas…
Breaking News: The U.S. Senate confirms Dr. Ben Carson as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
We now live in a world where Ben Carson runs a major portion of the federal government:
I think Ben Carson once watched the James Bond film From Russia with Love. This must be investigated!!!
Congratulations to our new Secretary of Dr. Ben Carson!
Dr. Ben Carson Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Confirmed! Congrats! I hope you never treated a Russian child…
Congrats to Dr. Ben Carson as our new HUD Secretary. I am sure you will do a wonderful job sir.
Thank God! Congrats to Dr. Ben Carson for getting confirmed. Now the work begins! We will finally see actual improvements…
Both HUD sec Ben Carson and Energy sec Rick Perry will be sworn in tonight, Sean Spicer says in gaggle aboar…
At the White House for the swearing in of Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD and Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy.
JUST IN: Dr. Ben Carson confirmed as Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development in 58-41 vote
Ben Carson is now running a federal agency.
Ben Carson was JUST confirmed as the United States Secretary of Housing & Urban Development! . Can he get a...
Ben Carson confirmed as head of Housing and Urban Development head by a 58-41 Senate vote
Congrats Ben Carson on becoming the 1st brain surgeon to run housing the same day the 1st Dancing w/the Stars reject get…
Senate confirms Ben Carson for HUD: The Senate on Thursday confirmed Dr. Ben Carson to become secretary via for Android
JUST IN: VP Mike Pence swears in Ben Carson as HUD secretary.
💥 Ben Carson confirmed as secretary of HUD. Congratulations, 💥
Things are so frightening w the Trump regime and their ties to Russia that there's barely a peep as Rick Perry and Ben Car…
Ben Carson confirmed as HUD Secretary. How can that be? I thought Donald Trump was racist? . Or leftists lied...again.…
VP Pence administers oath of office to Dr Ben Carson as 17th HUD Secretary. Granddaughter helps hold bible.
WE LOVE Ben Carson !! . "I already won the lottery. I was born in America and know the Lord. ". -Ben Carson
Congratulations to Dr. Ben Carson on being confirmed as HUD Secretary!
Amy, you're talking a lot about Sessions. I want to know if you voted FOR Ben Carson or if you were a racist and voted AGAINST
Congratulations to Dr. Ben Carson on his confirmation.
JUST IN: Ben Carson confirmed as HUD secretary despite no government or housing policy experience
Watch LIVE as Pence participates in the swearing-in ceremony for Secretary Dr. Ben Carson:
Remember when Ben Carson ran for POTUS, lost, then was put in charge of Housing & Urban Development despite admitting he w…
Liberty Writers - Ben Carson is our new Secretary of Housing and... | Ben Carson is our...
Has anyone woken up Ben Carson to tell him?
BREAKING: Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson sworn in as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Earlier today I voted NO on the nomination of Ben Carson for Sec. of Housing and Urban Development. To put it simply,…
CNN reporting that Democrats asking Dr. Ben Carson to resign because he used Russian dressing on his sal…
YES! Ben Carson has been confirmed as HUD secretary and Rick Perry has been confirmed as energy secretary! Make America Great…
Ben Carson has Justice Thomas coke can is the next scandal. General Kelly is a cannibal. Chuck Schumer is human. All worthy lies
Ben Carson, now Rick Perry: dumb and dumber! President laundered Russian oligarchs' money: out of Russia, onto 5th Ave & Florida.
Ben Carson, outsider with no government experience, confirmed to lead HUD - The Washington Post
So senate confirm Rick Perry and Ben Carson basically dumb and dumber
Ben Carson is new HUD secretary. Confirmed with 58-41 vote. Vote to limit debate on Rick Perry for Energy Department i…
Ben Carson calls for a Convention of States to propose term limits.
Ben Carson named Secretary of Housing & Urban Development. Immediately demands new buildings built as pyramids for adequate…
Somebody please tell me Dr. Ben Carson isn't the Designated Survivor tonight.
Ben Carson: I'm wildly unqualified to head a Government agency. Betsy DeVos: Hold my white wine spritzer.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Well I like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Justice Thomas, Charles Payne.. don't like Obama b/c he's a Marxist Liberal
no, black Democrats trivialize successful blacks like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Charles Payne,etc
I would give pretty much anything to see a Ben Carson v. Alan Keyes debate right now.
.Ben Carson is the American Dream personified. He's attacked by liberals when he should be embrac…
Trump visits African-American History Musuem in D.C.:. *admires photograph of Civil Rights activist*. *turns to Ben Carson*. "Do you know him?"
I hate it when ignorant people try to act like they know what they're talking about. Ben Carson is a role model for all America
Can't wait for xmas and the original 'Ben Carson & the True Meaning of HUD' starring Ernie Hudson.
President Trump at the National African American History Museum checking out the Ben Carson display with. Ben Carson.…
I liked a video from President Trump and Ben Carson at the National Museum of African
President Trump's visit to the Ben Carson exhibit at the National Museum of African American History was really, really aw…
what do you guys think about the special advisor to Ben Carson, HUD Sec being fired for comments he made in October about Trump?
Ben Carson didn't know that his TOP AIDE was fired by the until after the fact. Because of a critical op-ed. A h…
Ben Carson, Omarosa, Stacey Dash, Paris Dennard et al, have been kicked out of the Black Caucus & invites to any cookouts have been revoked🚫
Black folks have clearly offered up Omarosa, Ben Carson, Stacey Dash, & Chrisette Michelle for the black delegation
Donald Trump calling Jim Acosta and CNN *very* fake news is like Ben Carson calling Stacey Dash a super uncle Tom.
No one, not even Dr. Ben Carson, can get a swift approval from the obstructionist Democrats on Congress. Hope...
I don't think she's that far gone as a Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell or Sheriff Clark but who's to say she
today I learned: Cuba Gooding Jr played Ben Carson in a tv movie version of "Gifted Hands"
We love Dr. Alveda King. She has a good conscience. She is like Dr. Ben Carson; U can always count on both of them…
you're about as relevant as a cotton gin, the scary part is you and Ben Carson made it through medical school .
Jill Stein and Ben Carson are useful reminders that the title "Dr." does not guarantee intelligence.
Rosie as Bannon, Sasheer Zamata as Ben Carson. Let's reboot the entire cabinet with women; Trump will LOVE it!
I'm sorry, all jokes must be submitted to Ben Carson for humor. Good luck!
If Ben Carson wasn't enough, here's more evidence that not all doctors have brains
Interesting how Ben Carson's a "sell-out," but Snoop Doog can do a T-Mobile commercial with Martha Stewart--not a problem.…
I bet you never thought you'd be thanking Ben Carson for anything other than providing comic relief
When are they going to vote on Ben Carson???
I really want to let me play the role of Ben Carson. I've got this.
Between Jill Stein and Ben Carson, I'm coming to realize that medical school is WAY easier than I ever imagined it to be.
Win big money, then get to do whateverTH you want…RTThat's OK. Ben Carson has never lived in HUD hous…
that's ridiculous I'm supposed to support Ben Carson and ward connerly because they are black and not
DeVos What do Devos and Ben Carson have in common? They both believe/want to teach our children the pyramids were built to store wheat!
She and Ben Carson should run on the same ticket in 2020 - they can form a new Dumb Doctor party.
That's OK. Ben Carson has never lived in HUD housing.
Leslie Jones would make a great Ben Carson
Between Ben Carson & DeVos I'm starting to think thoughts that any1 can perform surgery might be spot on
Ben Carson looking like he bout to drop the hardest separation of conjoined twins in history.
That's 'PRESIDENT Ben Carson'... if you think about it.
Especially if she wants Ben Carson to do it. He's still sound asleep.
we also have Dr. Ben Carson here in America
so what if Trump had the law changed? What if instead Gorusch he had nominated Ben Carson?
Wonder what a conversation between Jill and Ben Carson would read like???
EX-GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson reverses stance, says he'll serve in Trump cabinet. Expected to head up housing, ur…
Hey Georgia -- kind of curious about how you feel about Ben Carson. Merit or quota?
Kanye: nice to meet you. Trump: I just made you head of HUD. Kanye: I'm not Ben Carson. Trump: my bad, Mr. Obama
The two theories that I believe in are Ben Carson is actually blind and Stevie Wonder is not.
Dr. Ben Carson is exactly right. The USA is exceptional. et al Muslims support Jihad..End of story. G…
You and Ben Carson make it seem like being a doctor is a degree people get at DeVry or Trump U.
I am starting to think an MD is not an actual guarantee of intelligence. cf. Carson, Ben.
Ben Carson found a way into a job. He actually has to work for his money now. Stein seems smarter.
I wonder how those twins, Church and State, are doing after Ben Carson separated them?
I'm trying to figure out how you and Ben Carson got medical degrees. I guess they didn't offer a class in "Common S…
thus far all votes are for either stein or toss up which...BEN CARSON THOUGHT THE PYRAMIDS WERE FILLED WITH CORN
Jill Stein and Ben Carson are living proof that stupid people can be doctors.
And Ben Carson, and Rex Tillerson, and Nikki Haley... this is a common theme folks opposing Trump nominees have been using.
...SNL should go with Meryl Streep as Trump, Rosie as Bannon, and Kanye West as Ben Carson. NextDraft: Lady Parts —
Do you think he gets an opportunity to start? Like the Browns? Or backups an older qb e.i. Big Ben, Carson Palmer? Or maybe Jets, Broncos?
Having seen that the US congress is also a rubber stamp for I have hope for Nigeria. How was Ben…
Dr. Ben Carson overcame a difficult past to become head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children’s Cente…
Jill Stein is the 2nd dumbest doctor in America, but only because Ben Carson still has the slot.
Touché. U clever *** To be clear, there's so few things that I would actually want Ben Carson performing on me.
Only slightly less scary than Trump making it all the way to the White House: Jill Stein & Ben Carson got all the way through medical school
Ben Carson "qualified" for HUD cause he lived in a poor neighborhood. Devos qualified for Sec Ed but didn't go to public school?? LOGIC
Man, Jill Stein and Ben Carson have REALLY done a number on the intellectual reputation of doctors everywhere.
Between Jill Stein and Ben Carson my respect for the the intellectual capacity of physicians has plummeted.
Dr. Ben Carson: "Everybody has to screen so carefully everything they say because somebody's going to be offended.".
Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson getting confirmed is a pink slip for anybody who voted to confirm them! The American are their employers!
I guess on the upside, Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson can now sit next to each other and discuss how Noah fit all those dinosaurs on the Ark.
It's identical to how Trump thinks of Ben Carson.
Between her and Ben Carson, I am profoundly concerned about what the *** happens to people in medical school.
[ Ben Carson, trying to open bag of chips, crashes real estate market ]
Well, Ben Carson was actually a world class neurosurgeon.
No reason to Impute intelligence to an MD degree. *** Ben Carson has one.
Not one Democrat voted in favor of Betsy DeVos. You and Ben Carson are proof that you can be stupid and still be a MD!
Why were Democrats and Republicans alike so swift in confirming Ben Carson? Why did they drag Betsy Devos?
This is where Trump sends Ben Carson, Darryl Scott, Steve Harvey and Martin III into Chicago and other inner cities to do what?
we honor Desk. Daniel Hale Williams & Ben Carson for medical accomplishments
Trump: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the  first successful American open-heart surgery. He and Ben Carson will get along fantastically.
What happened to the Binder twins, who were separated by Dr. Ben Carson et al in 1987? .
Mehmet Oz and Ben Carson are each other's mirror universe counterparts.
Senate Banking Committee unanimously votes to approve Ben Carson as HUD Secretary
Ben Carson absolutely needs to be working on his mind!
How much time do Omarosa, Ben Carson and Don King have to spare?
Trump said he would hire the "best people" to help him govern. Rick Perry, Michael Flynn, and Ben Carson are not the b…
Shame on her. Ben Carson it's have performed a spinectomy on both May and and Paul Ryan.
Elizabeth Warren Can’t Win for Losing When It Comes to Her Vote for Ben Carson via
Trump also hired Ben Carson to be be head of Housing and Urban Development. He has NO experience. Marc Lamont Hill speaks…
Betsy DeVos's ideas are no less dangerous to the American project than Ben Carson and Jeff Session's.…
You voted to approve Ben Carson for HUD? I work in housing and he's going to devastate HUD. Did Trump threate…
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she will vote for Ben Carson for HUD Secretary. 😶 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown indicate they'll vote to confirm Ben Carson. Will they face the same backlash as Cory Booker did?
Ben Carson openly said that he was against constitutional rights for Muslims - and Dems are voting him in.
I liked a video Ben Carson raises alarm about CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood with Mark Levin
Ben Carson equated marriage equality with bestiality. So yeah, people have the right to ask Warren and Dems wyd??
Elizabeth Warren statement on her support of Ben Carson's nomination to HUD
Trump promotes diversity with Omarosa and Ben Carson. That's like promoting patriotism with Benedict Arnold.
Vote no: Betsy Devos, Steve Mnuchin, Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo,Rex Tillerson. Leave the ACA alone. Do not support Trump's disregard of facts
1) Mark Lamont Hill is a racist; 2) Ben Carson cannot really be black because he's a republican; 3) anyon…
Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is an embarrassment just like Ben Carson is. They don't represent excellence in Detroiters. Total embarrassment.
I hate when ppl imply we love Obama because he's Black, Ben Carson was running for president, and he wasn't getting my vo…
Ben Carson should be the Designated Survivor for this ceremony
Ben Carson, a physician, is head of housing and Urban Development/planning. So I, an IT professional, should be head a…
Ben Carson on the other hand was the youngest head of pediatric neurosurgery, director of Johns Hopkins, and has over 60 honorary degrees.
I met Ben Carson at the W hotel this afternoon. I got a moment to shake his hand and thank him for his service to our count…
WATCH: Trump spokesman points to Ben Carson when asked about lack of Hispanics in cabinet
WATCH: Senator Crapo discusses why Dr. Ben Carson is the right leader as Secretary for Housing & Urban Development
"No one could be more unqualified than Ben Carson". DeVos: "hold my beer". Me: "that's a Tonka trunk". DeVos: "I don't know…
they view all conservative minorities as token and uncle Tom's. look at the attacks on Tim Scott and Ben Carson
we Lise good people like this for Ben Carson, Betsy DeVis, Rick Perry, Scott Pruit?? God help us
Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Yeezus, MLKIII, Ben Carson, and Darrell Scott: all "mediocre *** in the eye of racists & dividers.
and their Designated Survivor would be Ben Carson
Ben Carson should approach HUD the way he did medicine: First do no harm
Ok. . Given:. 1. You don't like Trump. 2. You think Steve Harvey is "WASTING TIME" to try to work with Ben Carson...
But look at Dr. Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Charles Payne...all exceptional thinkers/all black.
Death threats have been made to JFK, Trey Gowdy, Ben Carson..etc etc. Any1 who goes against the Sa…
At his Senate confirmation hearing, Ben Carson says he may not be an expert, but he knows how to hire experts.
Make no mistake. Greg Howard is calling Ben Carson an Uncle Tom. There's nothing new or original about Howard's pitiful attack.
Dr. Ben Carson explaining anything is basically Billy Madison answering the question at the Academic Decathlon.
ICYMI My Take on the qualifications of Ben Carson. Making Money w/ Charles Payne. .
The perfect example is Ben Carson. Man has no clue about Urban Development...he's a brain surgeon. How can he run housing?
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Ben Carson as head of Urban Development.That's it. That's the set up and punchline in one sentence.
Ben Carson wouldn't know an Urban Development if it bit him in the a$$
Why not show the photos for Elaine Chao Betsy DeVos and Ben Carson? LOL
Let's give some love for Steve Harvey, who is working with Ben Carson and our next POTUS to clean up the in…
Ben Carson in Housing & Urban Development and Elaine Chao in Transportation
Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, & Paul Ryan have taught me that having a college degree doesn't mean you smart
HUD nominee Ben Carson just found a friend in Hollywood
The confirmation hearing for Dr. Ben Carson to lead is underway. Read his prepared opening remarks:
So obviously Ms. Schwartz must be upset when the left criticizes Kelly Anne Conway and Ben Carson (u know from woma…
I like that Steve Harvey is going to work with Ben Carson, very cool but good lord, even though his comedy isn't...
Comedian Steve Harvey says he'll work with Ben Carson to bring "positive change to inner cities" at Trump Tower
Steve Harvey announces he'll team up with Ben Carson at HUD to "see if we can bring about some positive change in the in…
Ben Carson will give BILLIONS to the Trump Family and Ben will get a nice kickback. THE SWAMP CREATURE!!
I'm deeply concerned about any "inner city initiative" that is formed with those two. Ben Carson and Steve Harvey BOTH love re…
Ben Carson could support his assertion that the pyramids were used to store grain the same way.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Four years from now, how 'bout Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Sheriff David C…
Ben Carson's vision for a "Judeo-Christian Nation" would undermine housing equality for LGBTQ and Muslim communities http…
School districts run by Ben Carson are vaginally evil but I will make Bill Gates join a militia to destroy Kevin Feige.
Dr. Ben Carson told the Senate Banking Committee his plans today for running HUD.
I asked Ben Carson a simple q: Can you assure us no money will help business empire?
Ben Carson defends record, tangles with Warren at confirmation hearing
Carson defends his qualifications to be housing chief: Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson defended…
Elizabeth Warren attacking Ben Carson cause he is on Trump team this lady has the class of a toilet can I flush it.
Preach 🙌🏻 Ben Carson explains why NO Muslim should ever be President of the United States!
RECAP of Ben Carson's confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee:
Dr. Ben Carson testified today before the Senate Banking Committee about his nomination as HUD Secretary.…
"Ben Carson's nomination is an offense to America"
“It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American” - Ben Carson
Elizabeth Warren is a disgrace, she is literally accusing a black man (Ben Carson) of committing future crimes as if she's Sylvia Browne ***
Ben Carson is just like us; not qualified for a cabinet position.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency." - Ben Carson statement,, 2 months a…
Ben Carson said *** marriage could lead to bestiality; which actually only proves that Ben Carson thinks a little too mu…
Being from Detroit makes Ben Carson imminently qualified to head HUD. Inner cities are hard to understand.
/ Thats why Ben Carson will be an outstanding HUD leader . He will help Pres. Trump improve life in our inner-cities.
Who's excited for Elizabeth Warren questioning Ben Carson today, at his confirmation hearing w/Banking, Housing & Urban Aff…
Ben Carson responds to concerns about his lack of experience 4 HUD job: "A good CEO doesn't necessarily know everything ab…
Fun fact: Ben Carson's skull contains no brain cells and was built by the ancient Egyptians to store grain.
Ben Carson for HUD | Nomination Hearing - Hearings - U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
In response to questions from Elizabeth Warren, Ben Carson refuses to assure that the Trump won't personally benefit from HUD d…
Ben Carson promises that his HUD will not kick veterans in their pants.
Ben Carson is about to be questioned about why he should run a federal agency without experience https…
How can Ben Carson be real if our eyes aren't real
Housing secretary nominee Ben Carson: what you need to know
Did not Ben Carson Donate his brain to science some years back? what the *** is he using now? sinclair zx connected to…
What Ben Carson should learn about housing segregation
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Ben Carson is embarrassing himself, and by extension our nation, more with every word. Just stop
HUD nominee Dr. Ben Carson refuses to assure HUD money will not go to Trump empire
Read the letter hundreds of architects, urban planners, and housing experts sent in opposition to Ben Carson:
Considering that there's nothing fair about these hearings since they are GOP controlled, Ben Carson will be a disastro…
.asks Dr. Ben Carson: "Can you just assure us that not one dollar will go to benefit either the President-elect or hi…
This exchange. Senator Tom Tillis: What's the best thing we can do for someone on public assistance?. Dr. Ben Carson: Get the…
Ben Carson seems to be saying housing protections for LGBT people are "extra rights." As I said, protect us
Dr. Ben Carson will be a great Leader for our Country. He has the Courage to call out Obama for his anti American…
"It is not my intention to benefit any American" Ben Carson, candidate for HUD secretary. God help us.
Before Ben Carson is allowed anywhere near the Department of HUD he needs to read the book Everyone does.
Ben Carson, what a joke, is this one of the best the GOP has to offer,god help us all
Dr. Ben Carson is an honorable man. His story and life are inspiring. .
Donald Trump’s HUD pick Ben is an outspoken opponent of equality. His positions should disqualify him from consider…
It's a bit funny that Ben Carson once said he wasn't qualified for any position, but just complained about people sayin…
Sen. Tillis wanted to hear commitments from Carson that he would cut programs at HUD if they aren't working
Why is Ben Carson so breathy during his hearing? He sounds sedated...again.
Makes sense no? I'm obviously missing the meaning behind Ben Carson and how people are interpreting it or something.🤔
Ben Carson, shaped by is likely to implement policies that deepen and exacerbate growing inequality.
"There's a lot of people who kinda scratched their head when you were nominated," Heitkamp tells Ben Carson.
When the Right opposed Barack Obama, for any reason, we were called "racist." The Left rips Ben Carson to shreds, they'r…
Ben Carson refuses to assure Elizabeth Warren that HUD money will not end up in Trump's pocket at his nomination heari…
Huh? LGBT Caucus demands Senate reject Ben Carson because some homeless people are ***
Ben Carson is totally embarrassing himself in this hearing. Unqualified to run a department that controls billions & helps vets!!!
Ben Carson senate confirmation hearing Brilliant and no script! One of the appointments I am so excited about!
Ben Carson is going to help people get off government dependence and some are mad about it because they're lazy losers.
Wait... what? Did Ben Carson just admit that he would not refrain from implementing programs beneficiary to Trump and his…
Ben Carson confirmation hearing for secretary of housing: the key points.
Elizabeth Warren shows why Ben Carson can't assure us that HUD money won't end up in Trump's own pocket (or his company's)…
The left is criticizing Ben Carson for HUD Secretary hearing, yet half of these people didn't know the position existed…
Republicans want to confirm Ben Carson w/no experience. Tells you how far off they are. They want to confirm a brain surgeon for HUD.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dr. Ben Carson is sworn in at confirmation hearing to be Secretary of – LIVE online here: https:…
Ben Carson is not fit for public office. Even Trump knows this. He just doesn't care about HUD other then to end it.
School districts run by Ben Carson will be not hungry but I succeed through sheer force of Phoenix Wright slashfic.
Sen. Kennedy up next. Repub. questioned Ben Carson. Carson just goes back 2 our need to strengthen the economy create classes
Senator Shelby is saying Ben Carson is the future HUD secretary. Everyone ask about the discrimination in gerrymandering & housing
Oh my. I just turned on the Ben Carson hearing and he's talking about the capability of the human brain. He's up for HUD Sec…
Eve, there are MANY great Americans of color, Allen West, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, etc, etc. True…
yes. The GOP is racist, with members like Pastor Mark Burns, Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Tim Scott. Racists…
Howard said he was at a party and Ben Carson was there? Was he at Trumps New Years Eve party?
A "government" aircraft has diverted us. It's in his flying saucer! Look, there's Ben Carson with his face pressed against the glass.
It makes me sick, people comparing Obama to Kennedy, what a joke. What a waste of the first black president. Could of been a Ben Carson.
He was Indonesian! But Allen West or Ben Carson even Herman Cain would have done a better job.
Explains why Herman Cain and Ben Carson were so successful with their campaigns right? 🙄
10. Ben Carson causing a traffic jam. Ben Carson reminds us of the kid who got left in aisle 4 at Walmart. "Are you my mot…
Personal preference, but I'm not a fan of the Jim Ross/Josh Barnett NJPW commentating team. Ross has the enthusiasm of Ben Carson.
I was going to vote for Ben Carson. I voted for Alan Keyes. You don't have an intelligent argument so you call name
Again, his choice of Ben Carson for HUD is a key to understanding so much
Merry Christmas Secretary of HUD, Dr. Ben Carson, & all who celebrate Christmas! If I offend an…
Maybe they can get Ben Carson and Allan West on to defend Oldreilly's position on this. That's how they sell this crap to the WWC.
You will see! That is why he put Ben Carson in charge. It was Ben Carson and Rev. Darrell Scott helped to set up meetings.
Answer to "Ben Carson says poverty is really more of a choice, what do you think about it?" by David Greene
David Friedman to Israel=Ben Carson to HUD. Totally unqualified but looks the part. Too bad Pat Morita isn't available fo…
Trump: Do u know anything about HUD?. Dr. Ben Carson: its... Paul... Newman. Trump *lips on mic*: Wrong. 👉🏼 You're…
Why isn't Ben Carson acknowledged by those whining about Trump's "all white" cabinet? Because to them black conservatives a…
Ben Carson would be just the 7th cabinet pick in 120 yrs to be chosen after being a rival for the presidential nominat…
Eh the Libtarded Moron forgot that he picked Ben Carson, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Katrina Pearson.,,,
Rand Paul: "Ben Carson is great for HUD. But I'll block John Bolton."
Ben Carson doesn't know crap about running an agency. Trump's token African American.
Senate GOP sees fresh perspective in Ben Carson's pick for Housing - Baltimore Sun
Ben Carson facing battle as pick to lead HUD.. Related Articles:
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Trump names Ben Carson as Housing Secretary. Trump says Carson has experience because he regularly watches The Property…
Bernie: "can I have the aux I'll play some ben Carson". Me: "who the heck is ben Carson? You mean Ben Rector?. Bernie : *jumps out of car*
Let's all take a moment and remember what Trump said about his new HUD secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, on 11-12-15 in Iowa. Read.…
Ben Carson was nominated to run the Dept of Housing and Urban Development. He's a retired neurosurgeon.
.played Secretary of HUD for 5 minutes in and I have more faith in him than I do in Ben Carson
BEN CARSON to liberals doubting if he can handle his new cabinet appointment:. "I should do just fine. It's not like it's b…
Big Ben at buffalo or Carson at Mia?
Ben Carson is a problem solver. If he can fig out the brain, he can figure anything.
I think Ben Carson will study the situation and consult with the ppl/experts and come up w/solution
"Ben Carson is a Neurosurgeon. If he can make it, so can you!" 2 sentences and all faith in myself was restored.
. 'Excuses are for people who don't want to do anything' --Dr. Ben Carson
I can't believe Trump is remaining an EP on The Apprentice when that's the only job Ben Carson is qualified to take over.
"Because I'm utterly craven, without integrity and never met an actual POC except Ben Carson, so I don't care about civil right…
I notice liberals are allowed to endlessly criticize Dr. Ben Carson but when conservatives criticized Obama they were a b…
Why Ben Carson's HUD confirmation hearing should probe his tie to a felonious dentist via
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Can you show me an instance where I've done that? I know Ben Carson I've attacked for other reasons, like denying evolution.
Ben Carson didn't live in public housing
Everyone loves Ben Carson. Doesn't get any better! What does Ben think. I'm sure he is honored?
What will be the future of the Housing Fair Act under Ben Carson?
Does Ben Carson have any qualifications for HUD Secretary other than the fact that he is black and "urban" is in the job ***
People should be outraged by the idea of Ben Carson as HUD Secretary.
Ben Carson need to stop drink the Cool-aid, dismantle to prevent housing discrimination, has he lost his mind?
Carson doesn't have experience HUD. So What: "common sense Passion and informed worldview will do it a lot of good"
Memo to Ben Carson: Push for a Repeal of the Community Reinvestment Act via
.Ben Carson "wants to dismantle everything put in place to prevent housing discrimination"
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