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Ben Carson

Benjamin Solomon Ben Carson, Sr., M.D., (born September 18, 1951) is an American neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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Okay, let's “take everything” from Ben Carson, put him on the street, and see how long it takes for him to get “rig…
Ben Carson stands idly by while Trump budget proposes cuts to housing impacting poor people and vets
Cornel West is nutting up in old age like Ben Carson
Half White."--- THAT Rommate: is Black. Yup.--and Have Zero Idea on Who Clarke or Ben Carson is before I Taught. yu…
Obama, Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, Allen West... all are proof that the only…
Not the same. I'm a black guy and I think Sheriff David Clarke's evil, Ben Carson's a smart, dumb guy and Omarosa is an opportunist.
Thread of the day. I thought Ben Carson set black people back...Until I learned who David Clarke was.
Ain't it funny how the government is hiring the blacks we banned from the cookout? Omarosa. Ben Carson. David Clark…
Even if the POC is Ben Carson or David Clarke. Just let other POC have the conversation and listen.
That's why Sheriff Clarke is now at DHS,& Dr. Ben Carson is head of HUD, u know racism.
do you think Sheriff Clarke and the previous versions of him (Herman Cain, Ben Carson, etc) were bodysnatched?
Sherrif David Clarke & Ben Carson though!Sell outs! I would say Thomas Sowell as well but no, his ideologies are well articulated.
Clarke is that one slave Ben Carson spoke of about immigration
I feel like Ben Carson is an emotionless *** savant. Clarke actually encourages murder of black people...
Clarke is the epitome of an Uncle Tom, right next to Ben Carson.
Every time Sheriff Clarke, Ben Carson, Omarosa, or Jason Whitlock speak a tiny part of me weighs the su…
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Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom. David Clarke is an Uncle Ruckus.
I hope David Clarke doesn't think he'll be the head *** of this administration with Ben Carson running in these streets
DID YOU KNOW: If you average Sheriff Clarke and Ben Carson, you get a person with normal human emotions?
And joins Ben Carson riding the racist wave to the top. Meanwhile, has to work for a living ht…
Ben Carson, Omarosa and now David Clarke. Trump is giving affirmative action a really bad name by hiring these fool…
I like it when Tucker Carlson does his best urban Ben Carson impersonation.
At a funeral, Darrell Issa calmly tells Ben Carson that coal miners are real. Dennis Miller gets an ulcer.
That’s like inviting Dr. Ben Carson to speak at…well, anything. Palm Beach Atlantic University did that last year. I’m still embarrassed.
Don't worry, I liked Ben Carson after the first debate. It subsidies. 😂
Don where is your buddy DON King huh *** straighten them out fire Ben Carson he out there in the housing paln rapin
"Betsy DeVos". Even people like Condi Rice or Dr. Ben Carson would not be accepted. They don't fit the narrative that leftist want to convey.
hey Don when's the last time you talked Don King u should give him that hud job an fire Ben Carson he's doing a terrible job
Don't forget Ben Carson. Is he still stuck in that elevator ?
Actually I'm wide awake. 45 hated and bashed Ben Carson and Paul Ryan but then hir…
Ben Carson's main concern about low-income housing: It can't be too comfortable — Daily Kos (dailykos) May 5, 2017
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Fact check: Ben Carson is not a pastor
Trump ad-libs that Ben Carson never let the Johnson Amendment stop him. Does Trump know Carson is not a pastor?
What just happened to Ben Carson makes me SICK - Allen B. West -
Don’t make housing for the poor too cozy, Ben Carson warns
A$AP just activated his membership for the He joins the likes of Ben Carson, Stacey Dash, Bow wow a…
Yes, a Ben Carson, Condi Rice, Armstrong Williams, Stacey Dash or David Clarke would totally change the dynamic.
Surprised Brianna Wu hasn't been mentioned. But I'll stick with Ben Carson.
Housing secretary Ben Carson is concerned that housing for the poor, including poor veterans, is too comfortable
Even if we included Ben Carson, Paris Denard, Omarosa, Pastor Scott, it would still round up to about 40 million pp…
I went to Trump University with Ben Carson. Now let's cut into your brain.
Was anyone else aware that Ben Carson was in the Farrelly Brothers movie about special needs folks; Stuck on You?
At Mar-a-Lago, Roger Stone proclaims to Ben Carson that the IT guys are selling land in National Parks. Sean Hannity gets tangled in cords.
Old dodo bird Ben Carson forgot he ran for president talking about he knows…
Good god, he's the Ben Carson of spies.
wow..your right. The righteous Ben Carson made the "Race Baiting" Rev. Jesse Jackson sound like an alter boy.
Ben Carson getting trapped in an elevator at one of the public facilities he is now in charge of is all the proof we need…
Ben Carson might be better at his job if his name were Ben Hudson or Ben Housing
Kelly Conway says she is not the darkness; Ben Carson is stuck in an elevator; and Sean Spicer says Hitler did not use gas to kill. Insane!
1st HUD initiative from Ben Carson:. Have fold-up beds installed in elevators in the projects. Yep, he's stuck.
BREAKING NEWS:. United Airlines personnel re-accomodates Ben Carson from elevator.
Can you IMAGINE being stuck in an elevator with Ben Carson?
In light of Ben Carson's Trump endorsement, here's a look back at the time he refused to come out on stage.
It's racist to talk about Maxine Waters' wig, bc she's a Democrat. . But totally ok to make fun of Ben Carson bc he's a…
Ben Carson trends on for being stuck in an elevator & NOT for finding $500 Billion in wasted money under Obamas H…
So, Ben Carson was stuck in a public housing development elevator today further reminding us that God will always have…
Ah. just saw that Ben Carson was trending on the 4th floor
Ben Carson finds Obamas errors... more than 500BIL. MSM foucuses on Spicer gaffe. That's called selective liberal news…
Sec. Ben Carson is stuck in an public housing elevator in Miami, right now. I am not making this up.
Ben Carson gets stuck in elevator on Miami housing tour - Washington Post
While Ben Carson was stuck in an elevator this morning, Alonzo Mourning learned that what goes HUD, must come down. htt…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ben Carson being trapped in an elevator in public housing building, proves that God still sits high on her throne:
Tillerson: I don't know what Syria is. Sean Spicer: I don't know what the Holocaust is. Ben Carson: I'm stuck in an elevato…
"I'm not saying Ben Carson *deserved* to get stuck in an elevator, but...". – Ancient African-American Proverb
Ben Carson being stuck in a elevator in Overton is likely the longest time he has spent in the hood in bout 40 years.
So is Ben Carson still on that elevator, or
This feels like a metaphor for something...
Ben Carson stuck in an elevator with a former NBA player at an affordable housing project is the greatest SNL skit never wri…
Ben Carson getting stuck in an elevator on his first official public outing as HUD Sec pretty much sums up the entire Trump A…
I see a lot of jokes about Ben Carson from lefties. . I was called racist for making fun of Obama. Funny how that works.
The media cares more about Ben Carson stuck in an elevator than the hordes of Obama deep state stuck in the US government
Soon as I saw "she" I knew the replies would have absolutely nothing to do with Ben Carson
Firefighters just freed Sec. Ben Carson and his wife from a stuck elevator in
Ben Carson: *whispers into the elevator circuitry* "Joseph built the pyramids.". Elevator: *screeching to a halt* "I liter…
Ben Carson trends for being stuck in elevator & not for his finding $500 BILLION in an Obama HUD audit.
Nothing like waking up to hear Ben Carson is stuck in an elevator and wondering if he's whimpering to himself like Winnie…
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Ben Carson gets stuck in a public housing elevator:
Can't imagine how a guy like Ben Carson could get stuck in an elevator.
What if Ben Carson wasn't really stuck on the elevator and he just forgot to press the down button.
Ben Carson found 500Bil stolen by Obama and you're talking about a Sean Spicer gaffe. Some in America have no interest in m…
Ben Carson got stuck in an elevator in the projects. Sadly, he was unable to pull himself up by his bootstraps.
Ben Carson stuck in an elevator isn't even a metaphor anymore.
The people who helped Ben Carson out of that elevator are creating a culture of dependency. Let him pull himself up out of…
Did Ben Carson really get stuck in an elevator or was that just Sean Spicers way of explaining to the press how slavery h…
WATCH: Ben Carson gets stuck in elevator in Miami public housing
Ben Carson has been stuck in the evolutionary elevator for decades... nothing new here
Ben Carson is trending. I'd think he was the GM if the draft Trubisky
Sean Spicer goes nuts. Carter Page was busted all along. Trump disses Steve Bannon. Somebody wake up Ben Carson, he's mis…
Alonzo Mourning and police wait for fire dept to arrive . Sec. Ben Carson is stuck in the elevator iat the Courtside F…
This isn't a joke. TV reports say Ben Carson is currently stuck in an elevator at a housing complex in Miami's Overtown…
Wrath of Ben Carson – Housing and Urban Development in Big Trouble Over What Carson has…
As the former PBC coordinator for Ben Carson for President this makes me so proud. Go Ben.
Ovens? Seriously? Maybe go after HUD Sec. Dr. Ben Carson with noose images or shackles? Wha…
And VP Pence, Dr. Ben Carson .Pres. Trump has lots of good people around him.
A dose of logic from Dr. Ben Carson 😊
This is in addition to the Obama administration's $520 Billion fraud at HUD that Ben Carson has discovered‼. (
Dr. Ben Carson, labeled unqualified by many opponents, noted over $500 bil in '15-'16 HUD accounting errors
A Black History class co-taught by Dr. Ben Carson and Stacey Dash
Just as Dr. Ben Carson said, they don't want to come to the U.S. they want to be in their own country!
Dr. Ben Carson discovered more than $500 billion in errors in his audit of the Obama administration's HUD budget.
Wow, Trevor Noah just called out Ben Carson: “What makes you the arbiter of black?”
"'s a good example of public/private partnership...a win-win." Dr. Ben Carson
I wonder what Du Bois would have to say about Ben Carson. . Bckdhajciwbsix
My point stands...Clarence Thomas & Ben Carson not my people, therefore racist and or ignorant white wo…
Nah...That's like you claiming Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson is "My People" Tina Fey has always been c…
In my weak defense that was comparing him to Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Betsy Devos. etc.
Pops was looking like a young Ben Carson out there. Lol Then Dad saw me, waved, and was like "What's up Attah!" and kep…
If i could be anyone in the world its a solid tie between ben carson & dwight schrute
still trying to picture Ben Carson in that role.
.and Dr. Ben Carson star in a riveting new medical drama.
Ben Carson, every time I think you can't be any more of a sellout, you outdo yourself. Slaves ≠ immigrants. How do you…
MT Ben Carson has come out in favor of an Article V Convention of States.
WATCH: This Bonnet Chronicles video about Ben Carson has me laughing so hard I'm crying. So good!! http…
Re housing settlement: 'Have U put in a call to Ben Carson?' 'Yes' (no more details)
I swear Ben Carson is disguised as a junior in my psych class
Why don't we try letting someone like Dr. Ben Carson look at this problem? Prohibition simply doesn't work.
Ben carson-neuroscientist,3 others in the cabinet are biologists,and engineers,they don't deny climate change is real.
community development +more all on chopping block under Sec. &
Ben Carson is tragically unqualified for his job. All former patients should have their heads examined!
Funniest thing I've ever heard has to be when my guy was like "Hold up, my laptop's acting like Ben Carson" 😂😂😂
.is a PoC right? Him, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Ben Carson & Stacey Dash perplex me. Who taught you to hate yourselves?
at least @ Ben Carson when you drop stuff like that
Maybe it's time for Ben Carson to study Tom Prices brain to advance the science of frontal lobe repair & development.
Here’s the prescription that Ben Carson needs to write for HUD via
Whenever I need a good chuckle I just think about how Ben Carson is in charge of housing and Urban Development.
Ben Carson said Obamacare was "the worst thing that happened in this country since slavery?"
Ben Carson's outlined policies would cost far less than conventional HUD programs:
"Wait, my bigotry can inspire the Klan but Ben carson will still support me if I can advance his career?"
Ben Carson is the slave whom Harriet Tubman when says she couldve freed more if they knew they were…
Dr. Ben Carson visited our campus several years ago and gave a newsmaker interview! Check it out here:…
If anyone can fix the corrupt hud dept its Ben Carson.
Ben Carson's confirmed as HUDSec despite having no experience 3/2/2017
Same applies to Ben Carson. Ask him about brains, AND NOTHING ELSE.
yet if you had half a brain you'd realize taxpayers don't do that. At all. It must go over your head.
She's the far left's energetic, Putin-paid Ben Carson. You won't be missing anything.
Ben Carson should switch places with Christie. But I guess Trump thinks he knows who is better served where.
has nothing to do with your skin color Ben Carson is a fine black man and he supports Trump
Trump sitting between Christie & Session on OP drug epidemic, Medical person,Ben Carson on housing and attorneys on drugs, WH big jake
Ben Carson be proof say you fit be brilliant doctor and brilliant kwasia simultaneously.
In case you weren't already fond of Dr. Ben Carson .
Use every penny taken from $4.1 BILLION dollars,give it to Dr. Ben Carson at HUD, & give a home/h…
Accept for Ben Carson's books, that one Nigerians get advance copies. I didn't even realize he had so many books out till I got here
Ben Carson is black... He loves Jesus... And he's the first doctor to separate twins conjoined at the head.
they use their race and heritage to get minorities but never do anything for them a good example is Ben Cars…
In Case You Missed It: White Guilt and the Obsequious *** - Musings on Dr. Ben Carson
Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams. Ben Carson.
worst yet u support Ben Carson the believer of the pyramids the guy who saids slaves were immigrants lmbo ur really special
Bannon let Nunes in, took him to the secured facility on the WH grounds & Ben Carson implanted the chip in…
I vote to trade him to the black community in exchange whites get Ben Carson
is insane but I feel we, the black community, would gladly take her & trade out Stacy dash & Ben Carson
Ben Carson is uniquely unqualified to head Housing and Urban Development (or any cabinet post, for that matter).
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The same can be said for Sheriff Clarke , Ben Carson , Paul Ryan etc, etc.
And sage Steele, Sgt slapdick or whatever his name is, and don't forget Ben Carson too
Ben Carson is still waiting for his call back.
I am torn between Ben Carson and Chancellor Palpatine.
Hey Richard Steele, Robert Traynham & Dr. Ben Carson, Bannon may assigned u next since you're part of the Alt Right…
Sage Steele really thinks racism can be solved if black people stop using the n word..her and Ben Carson needa get out the sunken place ASAP
I'm looking at you, Tom Price and Ben Carson, for screwing LGBTQ people out of housing and health-care considerations.
Stacy Dash, Ben Carson and Allen West all in one
Tonight on Hannity's America - Are Muppets better than real people teaching children? Ben Carson has the story
Didn't Ben Carson get rather torn apart for calling enslaved, trafficked people "immigrants"...
Ben Carson presumably took the Hippocratic Oath. How can he condone Trump's budget proposal and the Trump/Ryan AHCA?
could you do a poll. Sarah Palin is clearly a close contender, as is Ben Carson or Jenny McCarthy.
Ben Carson has just about had it with all this negative revisionist history by liberals & the media about the Fugitive S…
Which one is Ben Carson and which one is the general from Undercover Brother?
It took someone else pointing out to me that Ben Carson is the runaway baby!
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I cannot believe I just watched a movie where Ben Carson performs surgery on Matt Damon and Greg Kannier
I've never read Ben Carson or Stacey Dash's names so many times in 2 minutes
Workin on unwoke blk ppl scale.current one is lil Wayne, Ben Carson, Samel L Jackson to Morgan Freeman. Open to input.
Who wants to bet that Ben Carson will say that Harriet Tubman was a tour guide and the Underground Railroad was a commu…
Why does the left glorify malcontents like Snoop Dogg and mock successful MEN like Ben Carson. This is why the regressive l…
White, white, white, white, white, white, Ben Carson, white, white, Elaine Chao, white times infinity
Ben Carson's Not white, Elaine Chao is not a man or white. Betsy DeVos, Nikki Haley, Linda McMahon. WRONG AGAIN!
Trump likes Ben Carson because he's a simpleton acting fool and Uncle Tom, he has no idea what it is to be a proud black man.
Ben Carson would have been that brother in the masters hous keeping tabs on the slaves. no wait that was Sam L jackson in Dj…
"Roots" according to Ben Carson: Kunta Kinte came to America for the job opportunities and freedom.
Everyone talks about Ben Carson but who remembers Hank Johnson?.
Redfin chief economist on how Ben Carson can solve affordability crisis
Congratulations, Ben Carson; You’ve Surgically Removed Yourself from the Black Community via
This lying,fake news,suspected white supremacists website Daily Wire said I apologized for pointing out Ben Carson's comm…
Between Kellie Leitch and Ben Carson, it's been a bad year for surgeons.
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Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg and more criticize Ben Carson for calling slaves "immigrants" h…
Keifer Sutherland is more qualified as HUD secretary than Ben Carson
remember when you were trying to tell me Ben Carson was better than Sanjay Gupta? How bow now 😂
Mark Walker, did you get probed by Ben Carson? Read the *** bill and think about your voters! YOU ARE DONE!
I think she knows Ben Carson, the Dir of Housing Urban Devlpment in USA, he said Slaves came here as immigrants.…
Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and the Misuse of American History via
Isn't Ben Carson in charge of HUD? 🤔 So Trump has given unqualified Carson a job to work with even less.
Can you guys believe Ben Carson said that thing that Barack Obama also said?
Whoopi Goldberg loses it over Ben Carson: ‘How does he miss what slavery is?’
You need a LOT more input. I'd like to hear what Rand Paul and Ben Carson say... why are illegals covered?
the Rapper donates $1 million to Chicago Public Schools; Samuel L. Jackson, Ava DuVernay, more react to Ben Carson
Reverend Al, do you think Ben Carson reminds you of Roy Innis?
Trevor gives Ben Carson a lesson in semantics after he refers to slaves as immigrants.
I heard Ben Carson was upset that Trump's travel ban might hamper slaves immigrating to American to chase their dreams…
Ben Carson just compared arriving slaves to immigrants at Ellis Island, saying they were immigrants who came here w/ a dream…
it's crazy that Ben Carson identifies more with people that came here through Ellis Island.smh
Ben Carson reminds me of Roy Innis. They say and do anything to get a bone!
I suspect the mothers of Trump, Chaffetz, Miller, Spicer and Ben Carson dropped them on their heads when they were babies.
Ben Carson needs to just stick to medicine like Trump should have stuck to being a "business man" (barely). Politics aren'…
Does Stephen Miller write Ben Carson's speeches now? jfc these people are beyond belief
Falling in love with the person who held you captive Ben Carson. Crystal Wright. Stacey Dash. David Clarke. OJ Simpson
Ben Carson is the poster boy for repealing Affirmative Action - A.A. is the only way to explain how he was a surgeon
Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson oppose affirmative action as unnecessary b/c they want to be viewed as having in no…
Depends on who's telling the story else we end up with Ben Carson, sage Steele, Stacey Dash, OJSimpson, Clarence Th…
Ben Carson just referred to *slaves* as "immigrants". "There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave sh…
Ben Carson passed medical school how?
Chuck, doesn't Ben Carson remind you of Roy Innis?
Ben Carson is flat out stupid. He was kicked out of The Mystic Knights of the Sea for being a dimbulb.
Piece of 💩💩..Ben Carson you aren't African American!! You are irrelevant
The National Apartment Association and the National Multifamily Housing Council agree that Dr. Ben Carson's...
Ben Carson was asked if he saw Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation and replied, "I prefer the original..."
Plus I watched "Get Out" yesterday... so yeah. I'm not in the mood for Ben Carson's madness today... or tomorrow.. or yesterday. Ever. Lol
I heard Disney cruise lines is partnering with HUD for a Ben Carson "Hopes and Dreams" cruise from Angola to Savana…
Somebody's gonna take Ben Carson's picture with the flash on and he's gonna turn out to be a Democrat
ON Ben Carson defends comments about 'other immigrants' arriving on slave ships:
On Armstrong Williams' radio show, HUD secretary Ben Carson defends describing slaves as immigrants. "You can be an involunt…
All goofs & spoofs aside, has anyone ever seen Ben Carson and Mel Gibson in the same room at the same time?? 👀
MUSLIM slave traders are the MAIN reason black people are in America today. . Ben Carson ht…
Let me explain in terms Ben Carson understands: If slavery was immigration, then Jeffrey Dahmer was a brain surgeon.
Ben Carson is a brain surgeon, who just lost his *** mind.
Ben Carson continues to get hammered for deeming slaves as “immigrants” during HUD speech today
Ben Carson really doesn't wanna see Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction pull out his, "Bad Mothaf***a Wallet!".
Wonder who is the worst Uncle Tom between Samuel L Jackson 's character on Django,Uncle Ruckus or Ben Carson
Ben Carson calling slaves immigrants is like calling Jeffrey Dahmer's victims dinner guests!
It kinda *** that Black folks were kidnapped and brought to the U.S. doesn't it? . Ben Carson:
I'm all set with Ben Carson. I really am.
A moment of the day: Slaves Were Immigrants Who Came Here And Worked Really Hard 'For Less'
Ben Carson has me convinced I could perform neurosurgery drunk with no problems
Fortunately immigrants have very large belt buckles and thus Ben Carson will be unable to stab them.
Now here comes Ben Carson with an even more assertion that Africans brought over on slave ships were 'involuntary immigrants'...
Ben Carson is, clearly, an *** savant who saved all his 'savant' for surgery. That said, only person I'd allow him to op…
[White House strategy gathering]. "We need a diversion from Russia and corruption stories". Ben Carson: "I got this". https…
WATCH: Angela Rye slams Ben Carson’s ‘severe misunderstanding of what American slavery really was’
So apparently Ben Carson thinks slaves should be considered immigrants(?!)
Ben Carson thinks slaves who were forcefully removed from their land and immigrants escaping for freedom are comparable. B…
And pretty much existed in a live-action morgue for about 6-13 weeks..but our ancestors were hopeful immigrants. Ben Car…
"I apologize for referring to slaves as 'immigrants.' I meant to say 'interns.'" -- Ben Carson, tomorrow
Ben Carson Just Got a Whole Lot Wrong About the Brain Oh, if only your brain remembered everything you ever…
"If only Donald Trump were president during slavery, he would have heroically shipped them out due to being immigrants.…
Ben Carson..please read or watch Roots, most immigrants come here VOLUNTARILY,cant't really say the same about the slav…
There is something seriously wrong with Ben Carson.,
omg no way ben carson: i was JUST thinking being kidnapped, shipped away & forced into slavery would be the perf opp to pursue my…
Carson says 'other immigrants' arrived on slave ships, dreamt of happiness for future generations via
Ben Carson said aint none of yall gone run up tho
Ben Carson got his history lesson at trump university
I mean, he's secretary of HUD, not a brain surgeon.
Ben Carson never said slaves were immigrants. His message was of hope & prospering. Why distort it & pervert it with h…
Terror Group 👉CAIR & Democrats are having a Meltdown that Dr. Ben Carson speaks the TRUTH about Islam! .
Our *** of the day: Ben Carson said slaves were immigrants who worked harder for less.
Fake news media takes Ben Carson's quote out of context when he simply stated the fact that slaves immigrated here. That's a…
Ben Carson: "There were other immigrants who came in the bottom of slave ships"
Ben Carson said obamacare and abortion were both slavery, yet he just said that slavery wasn't slavery, just immigration. I…
The abducted PEOPLE inhumanely crammed in the hull of slave ships were immigrants looking for a better life- - Brain Surgeon:…
I read what Ben Carson said & then the 1st song to come on Spotify shuffle was No Scrubs & im just saying I dont think i…
Ben Carson saying slaves are immigrants is like saying chickens are employees at KFC.
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Ben Carson just stated that slaves were immigrants who came to America with a dream: ht…
Ben Carson under fire for referring to slaves as 'immigrants' and join
All Ben Carson had to do was be like "my bad. Poor choice of words.". Instead he made it SO MUCH WORSE.
According to Ben Carson this was a Carnival Cruise
...ya'll even made ICE T comment on this...Ben Carson as the head of Department of Housing & Urban Development... already…
Cannot with Ben Carson. To undermine the suffering of so many. No words.
Dr. Ben Carson says 'immigrants' arrived on slave ships, dreamed of 'happiness in this land' for future generations.
There's a place in Heaven where they graph the worthiness of people on Earth over time and no one can believe what's h…
Samuel L. Jackson leads outrage after Ben Carson refers to slaves taken to US as 'immigrants'
Ben Carson needs to invite Frederick Douglass over to give Ben some history lessons. He can get Fred's contact info from Pr…
Slaves are immigrants? This is why snowflakes preach education. Without it our children grow up to be Ben Carson
At White House right now: "Schedule more Ben Carson speeches stat!"
..Y'all better check Ben Carson degree...he "Stayed at a Holiday Inn Select last nite"😮
In first HUD remarks, Ben Carson refers to slaves as "immigrants"
Dr. Ben Carson compared slaves to immigrants in a speech to HUD employees on Monday:
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Ben Carson in hot water after saying slaves were "immigrants"
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson sworn in as members of Trump cabinet.
[Eugene Volokh] Slaves as immigrants, from Ben Carson and the academy
Ben Carson have lost his *** mind... Hey Ben! A Slave is a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
Ben Carson: Slaves were immigrants who came to America to reach their dreams. Ben Carson's great-grandmother:
Rick Perry and Ben Carson and Betsy DeVos = Dumb and Dumber and Dumbest
It's ironic how Ben Carson is a great neurosurgeon but when it comes to politics & social issues he sounds like someone…
If you need surgery on your brain don't let Ben Carson touch your *** Cause at this point he may give you a alligator brain
You know Doofus Rick? With the Eric Stoltz Mask Morty who's mocked by all the other Ricks? That's you, Ben Carson.…
Ben Carson says: When the first slaves boarded the Pacific Princess, Captain Stubing & crew made them feel right at…
Why does this photo look like Ben Carson read the quote and is about to roast himself?
lol Ben Carson must be shy😅 Poor guy that clip was funny it's OK👌Ben project🔬 girls are shy too that's why The American People come n handy💈
if U deny that, then U'd tell ally. But that is factual look at how Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, any conservative woman R
Southern Poverty Law Center put Ben Carson & Ayaan Hirsi Ali on "extremist" watch lists.has no credibility. Pleas…
Did you really just confuse Ben Carson with Herman Cain? On purpose?
Breaking News: The U.S. Senate confirms Dr. Ben Carson as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
We now live in a world where Ben Carson runs a major portion of the federal government:
I think Ben Carson once watched the James Bond film From Russia with Love. This must be investigated!!!
Congratulations to our new Secretary of Dr. Ben Carson!
Dr. Ben Carson Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Confirmed! Congrats! I hope you never treated a Russian child…
Congrats to Dr. Ben Carson as our new HUD Secretary. I am sure you will do a wonderful job sir.
Thank God! Congrats to Dr. Ben Carson for getting confirmed. Now the work begins! We will finally see actual improvements…
Both HUD sec Ben Carson and Energy sec Rick Perry will be sworn in tonight, Sean Spicer says in gaggle aboar…
At the White House for the swearing in of Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD and Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy.
JUST IN: Dr. Ben Carson confirmed as Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development in 58-41 vote
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